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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 30, 2016 12:11am-12:27am EDT

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announcer: indiana governor announced he will vote for republican presidential candidate ted cruz in his states primary election. he also had praise for candidate donald trump. here is a portion of the interview. pence: i have met with all of the candidates. as of tuesday, i want to say clearly, i respect all three candidates in the field. trump, who i think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working americans, on the lack of progress in washington, d.c. and i and particularly grateful that donald trump has taken a osierg stand for ho
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jobs. state, i'mving the grateful for his voice and the national debate. but let me say, i have come to say who i am supporting. and i am not against anybody. but i will be voting for ted cruz in the upcoming republican primary. >> you know him personally. you know his education, experience, constitutionalist. what can you make as a recommendation? gov. pence: it is a great question. as you know, i am a reagan conservative. iliterally, as a teenager, was active in democratic politics. i started hearing the voice of the former california governor, articulating an agenda of principles -- less government, traditional values from a strong military. i was drawn to the republican party.
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and throughout my career, in washington and as governor of indiana, those have been the principles of really animated my service. i sought to support those at every turn. but also, i look for opportunities to support men and women who have the courage to stand on reagan principles. i see ted cruz as a principale conservative. advocating the rag reagan can agenda -- >> i know little bit about taking on the big spenders. more than a decade ago, spending on both parties, i really admire what ted cruz has been able to stand up for taxpayers. debt,ng deficits and calling for repealing obamacare. and i have to tell you, i am very impressed with ted cruz's
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devotion not only to the constitution of the united states, but freedoms that are enshrined there in our bill of rights, from our liberties to our second amendment. and i appreciate the strong and unwavering stance on the sanctity of life. those reasons, and his life in support of those principles, they have always animated my public service. so i am voting for ted cruz. see that in your gut and the first place, i know you are grateful to meet with the neighboring governor this week, but your mention of his principles as what drive you, they are fine. but a lot of people said they liked him. but they forgot about that when he got to washington. what is it about senator cruz that says you, that what he will do when he gets up there?
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gov. pence: the courage of his convictions. it is not a popular thing in washington, d.c. i know that firsthand. i get it. i was there. spending,federal whether it be a republican administration and congress or a democrat, he is willing to do that. but let me be very clear. i respect the right of every hoosier and making their determination in the upcoming primary election. i urge every hoosier to make up their mind. but for me, i always thought that the leaders here in this time of choosing, when people all across america are looking to indiana to make a decision, i just wanted to make my decision kow. now. let me be very very clear on this. whoever wins the
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republican nomination of the u.s., i will work my heart out. indiana needs a partner in the white house for prosperity. we mentioned all of the good news, record employment, more working than ever before, balanced budget, record investment in education and infrastructure, but how much more we could do with a republican administration working with a republican congress. i have been very excited about indiana here in our bicentennial year, that if we have someone workintg in washington for us rather than against us. i encourage every hoosier to examine all the candidates, as i have. make the decision, exercise the right to vote that is coming tuesday, if not before. and at the end of the day, i am very confident that our party will come together around our nominee, whoever that might be,
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and we are going to have a great victory for all the people of indiana. >> this editorial in the indianapolis star would be a danger to the u.s. ted cruz is ill suited to serve. joining us on the phone is matthew tully, columnist for the indianapolis star. thank you for being with us. how does the newspaper really feel? [laughter] i think what you're really saw here was a newspaper editorial decision that was pretty disappointed with john kasich pulling up of indiana. they would have had a different decision if he decided to campaign in the state next to his. it is hard to endorse someone who kinds of throws in the towel before the voters get a chance. >> and yet the polls right now showed donald trump maintaining at least a slim lead in the primary. matthew: we haven't had a poll in several days, but the writing
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on the wall sure seems indicate he will do well next week. he has had kind of a steady weekend. cruz has made a lot of news, the more dramatic candidate with some of his decisions, but the alliance with john kasich and the carly announcement and a couple of other plug here and donald trump has been a steady and nonconfrontational candidate. we just have not had a poll in several days. but it does seem that it has been a national race for so long, i don't think there were too many undecided voters a week ago. probably even less today. >> two days ago you wrote an essay that said even a ted cruz event, it is all about donald trump. matthew: i was at a ted cruz event on the south side diner in indianapolis, this was not unusual, but they started
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talking about donald trump. one happen to be a trump supporter, the other was sort of a ted cruz supported. they were talking about trump. that came after ted cruz giving a 10-minute sort of informal appearance to the press. and all the talk about was donald trump. cruz rally, the focus is on the front runner. >> let me go back to the editorial, every four years, people often say is the best we can choose? you write that in a nation of 320 million people, this is a disappointing field of candidates now competing in the democratic and republican field. is this any different than what we saw 4, 8, 12, 16 years ago? matthew: i think this is particularly distressing field for a lot of us. particularly the republican side, taking out john kasich was a non-factor here in indiana and not running, i think our belief
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that just donald trump is in no way suited for the presidency. and the ted cruz as the nothing to show that he is up for the job to bring the country together. you know, going back eight years, the last time indiana's primary mattered on the democratic side, you had hillary clinton and barack obama, strong feelings on both side. what you did not have was this idea that, boy, i wish we do start over with two more candidates. if anything, people had a tough time choosing between them because they like them both. >> based on your column today matthew, which is available online, is donald trump a bully? matthew: absolutely. absolutely. and you know, i have used that word several times in my columns over the months. but that column was written after one of the most highly respected pediatric doctors in
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the state and said to me, you really need to make this point that we are not just saying this as rhetoric, this is like a clinical diagnosis. if you look at how he treats people, how he talks about women, protesters, how he talks about people that for some reason have irritated him, this is a textbook case, as she said, of bullying behavior. showingspent 20 years this is an appropriate. you cannot do this. and here we are having an electorate that is embracing someone exhibiting these behaviors. >> and yet, he keeps winning. matthew: he gives winning. and i tell you, go to his rallies, what i have been struck by, is not a racially diverse crowd. veryeyond that, it is a mixed crowd. men, women, people from the upscale suburbs, from rural
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areas, from rough parts or struggling parts of indianapolis. you know, manufacturing workers also businesspeople, it has been a more diverse crowd then i would have expected. you know, based on everything i've seen and read heading up to this. rules them out does so at their own peril. i think yet show he can connect with people. he has definitely connected with people here in indiana. there are a lot of diehard supporters who i think, even the folks who told me listen, i do not agree with what he says. i think they are saying i wish he would not say certain things about certain groups or people. even though i do not agree with everything he says, i think he is the one that can give us the change we need. once someone believes that, there is no going back. >> bottom line, you have your pulse on the indiana electorate,
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what role will indiana play in the road to nomination in cleveland for the ultimate gop nominee? matthew: sure, i should preface it by saying i'm usually wrong about my protection. but this will be donald trump's night. i will be likely very surprised if he does not carry the state. he might not win all of the delegates because there are some republicans in districts that are tailor-made for ted cruz and his evangelical message. but it appears that donald trump is going to win pretty solidly. on the democrat side, i will tell you, it is hard to predict because hillary clinton had a slight lead in the polls. but the clintons really have not done much year. there have been a few appearances, but not a lot else. i have been very surprised after how hard she worked eight years ago for indiana, and she got a small win against barack obama,
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i thought they would play harder here. either they are looking at the polls and showing that it is wrapped up on their side, or they just are focusing more on the general. but i think that means that bernie sanders has a pretty good chance to compete well here. he is drawing massive crowds, especially in the college towns with young voters. so i think that is a little bit harder to predict. as far as the convention in cleveland, this is interesting. a week ago, i was told that on the first ballot, obviously they have to do what the voters tell them. on the second ballot, of brokered convention, which is a very pro-john kasich delegate selection, they have lined up behind him. i do not know how they will vote for john kasich in a brokered convention if he abandons the state before the campaign started. >> matthew tully is joining us
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from indianapolis, political columnist for the indianapolis star. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. matthew: thanks a lot. it was a pleasure. newsmakers,n arizona voting, immigration, puerto rico's debt, and other issues. sunday at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on c-span. >> independent media is the oxygen of a democracy. essentially holding those in power accountable. you know, we are not there to serve some kind of corporate agenda. thatwe cover warranties are not brought you by the weapon manufactured -- >> amy goodman, host of democracy now, talks about the
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books she has co-authored, 20 years covering the moments changing america. which looks back on some of the shows they have covered. amy: democracy now as opposed to 20 years ago, it really has not changed. bringing out the voices of the grassroots around the world, they are very much representing i think the majority of people. i mean, i think people who are concerned deeply about war and peace, about the growing inequality in this country, about climate change, the state of the climate, they are not a finge minority, not even a silent majority. but silenced by the corporate media. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span. >> a former nuclear regulatory commission or was among the witnesses


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