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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 30, 2016 4:01am-4:17am EDT

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you something about the afghan hospital? mike pence will vote for ted cruz in the states primary election next tuesday. during interview with debbie ibc radio, he had praise for donald trump. here's a portion of the interview. >> i like and respect all of the candidates in the field. given voice to the frustration of millions of working americans with the lack of progress in washington, d.c. and i am grateful that donald trump has taken a strong stance against
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drugs. we have seen it in brooklyn and now in indiana -- not for mexico. ungrateful. say, i am supporting him. i'm not against anybody but i will be voting for ted cruz in the upcoming republican primary. you know his education, his strengths and his constitutional rights. looking in his direction -- well, a great question. i am abrading conservative. ands active and democrat when i started hearing the voice of the former california governor who are church related his agenda, principles of less taxes, traditional values and a
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strong military, on to the republican party. throughout my career, those have been my principles and animated by service. i support them at every turn in a look for opportunities to sport men and women who have encourage to stand up for these principles. i see ted cruz as a principal of conservatives who has dedicated his career to advocating the reagan agenda. for my career, i know a little bit about spending a bit. ago. imore than a decade really admire ted cruz. andtand up to taxpayers opposing deficits and debt. calling for repealing obamacare. impressed the way ted
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cruz's devotion and knowledge of the constitution. freedoms that are enshrined in our bill of rights, second amendment. i appreciate his strong unwavering stance. reasons, andse just as much for the principles, i have always animated my public service. i am voting for ted cruz. coming to that in the first place. your mention of these principles is what drives you. a lot of people say they like him. a lot of people forgot about it. what about senator cruz says the
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you i believe in him? >> his convictions. it is not a popular thing in washington. i know that firsthand. i did it. that let mulling to do respectry clear -- i everyone and their determination in the upcoming primary. i hope they make up their own mind. for me, i thought to lead is to choose. when time of choosing people all across america are looking to indiana to make a decision. i just wanted to make my decision known. -- me be very, very clear
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whoever wins, republican nomination, i will work my heart out to get elected. indiana needs a partner in the white house for prosperity. weare at record employment, have a balanced budget, but how much can we do it we had a republican administration working in a republican congress? about ourexcited bicentennial year. we have some of the working in washington for our site -- instead of against us. toncourage every hoosier listen carefully. make clear decisions come exercise your right to vote this coming tuesday if not before. at the end of the day, is your country.
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whoever that might be, we will have a great victory. editorial -- and president trump would be a danger to the united states and the world. ted cruz is ill-suited to serve. matthew tully is for the indianapolis star and joins us now. how does the newspaper really feel about these republican candidates? newspaper that was pretty disappointed with john kasiche >> donald trump has this thing lead.
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matt: we have not had up: several days but the writing on the wall service the indicate yet a steady week here. cruz made a lot of news and he more dramatic with the alliance with john kasich and carly fiorina. not, aselieve it or been a steady, noncontroversial candidate in this week's race. it will be interesting to see what happens. it has been aike national race for so long i don't care about undecided voters. that sayste an essay even at a ted cruz event, it is all about donald trump. >> yes, yes. i was in a diner in the south
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side of indianapolis and these two diners, not unusual, they started talking on donald trump. one was a donald trump supporter and a ted cruz importer. they were all talking about donald trump. giving a sort of informal appearance to the press and only talked about was donald trump. even at a ted cruz rally, you know, the front runner. >> every four years, people often say is is the best we can choose? 20 millionhat in people this is a disappointing field of candidates not competing in the democratic and republican primaries. is this any different than we saw six, 14 years ago? >> yes. for a lot of us, particularly especiallycan side,
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john kasich who is a nonfactor in indiana and not running, i think our belief is just that donald trump is in no way suited for the presidency and ted cruz has done nothing to show he is up for the job in any way to put the country -- to put the country together. the last opinion is primary matter had hillary clinton and barack obama and they were strong feelings on both sides but you did not have this idea that wish i could start with new candidates. if anything, people had a -- had a tough time choosing because they liked them the most. >> based on your column today which is online right now, is donald trump a bully? >> absolutely, absolutely. i use that word several times in my column over the month but that was written after the most
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highly respected pediatric professors and doctors in the talking to me and they said you need to make this point we are not just saying this as rhetoric, this is a clinical diagnosis. of if you look at how we treat people, how we toss about women, protesters, people for some reason who have severe -- it is a textbook case of bullying behavior and her point was we sayt 20 years trying to this is an appropriate, you cannot do this and here we are having an electorate that is embracing this. >> yet, he keeps winning. >> yes, he does. by is it been struck is not racially diverse crowd but beyond that it is just very mixed crowd, men, women --
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people from the suburbs, rural areas, struggling parts of indianapolis, you know, manufacturing workers --d it has been a more diverse crowd then i would have expected based on everything i have seen and read leading up to this. hasanyone who ruled him out shown he can connect with people and he has connect with people in indiana. there are a lot of diehard supporters why think even the folks it told me i don't agree -- i don't agree with everything , i think he is the one that can change what we need.
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i don't think they will back away from that. >> you have your pulse on the indiana electorate. what will happen tuesday and what role will indiana play in the role to the nomination? >> sure. i'm usually wrong about my predictions but it seems like it is going to be donald trump night. in my not when because there are some congressional districts were made for ted cruz. it appears donald trump will win pretty solidly. on the democrat side, it is hard to predict because hillary clinton despite a lead in the polls -- they have not done much. the have been a few appearances but not much. i haven't surprised about how hard she worked eight years ago
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indiana. a small win against barack obama. i thought they would play harder but they shown that is wrapped up on this side or they just are focusing more on the general. i think that means bernie sanders has a pretty good chance to compete well here and here is drawing massive crowds especially in the college crowd. that is harder to predict. as far as the convention in cleveland, this is interesting. a week ago, the voters would tell him what to do. on the second ballot, it is invention which is very pro-john kasich. delegate convention would not vote for john kasich if he gets 10% and amendments the state.
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that would be a very difficult thing for him to do. >> matthew tully is joining us. thank you for being with us. >> it was a pleasure. newsmakers, the 2016 presidential campaign. immigration, put a rico's debt and other issues. on c-span. at >> independent media is the oxygen of the democracy. it is essential. even those in power accountable. we are not there to serve some kind of corporate agenda. when we cover warranties we are not brought to you by the weapons manufacturer. host andodman
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executive producer of the daily news program democracy now and toss about the book she co-authored. 20 years covering the movements and changing america which looks back at the stories and people the show covered. >> it really has not changed. bringing out the voices of the people in the grassroots in the united states and around the representative of the majority of people. i think people who are concerned deeply about war and peace, about growing inequality in the country, about climate change, the face of the planet are not a fringe minority. but the silent majority. silent by the corporate media which is why we have to take advantage. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern.


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