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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 30, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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words alone it me no justice. so, mr. president, i am going to say, yo barry., my it.did thank you very much. thank you. [applause] >> thank you all for coming tonight. i hoped you enjoyed it. president of the association will now escort them out.
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please stay in your seats until they have accident. thank you and have a good night, everybody. [crowd murmuring]
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unknowns or: c-span. by america's cable companies and brought to you by your cable or satellite divider. announcer: in the white house
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correspondents dinner is one of the big events held at the washington hilton. a mixture oft is politicians, celebrities, and entertainers. this year, president barack obama gave his final presentations beach as president. they also heard from the nightly host, larry wilmore. we will show you the event beginning with the red carpet arrivals. host: welcome to the white house correspondents dinner. nearly 2700 white house correspondents into their guests, including president and mrs. obama, will gather in the ballroom tonight for speeches, jokes, and networking. with thatl be live
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all beginning with the arrivals. if you would like to make a comment as you are watching, though to\c-span. follow-up on twitter using the hashtag wh cd for white house correspondents dinner. now let's watch the early sponsored by different media organizations. the dinner itself begins at 8:00 eastern time.
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announcer: live coverage. heyman, who have you seen how arrives so far? j.d.: everyone from a kardashian host, and aion wreath was one of the first arrivals. host: she was one of the first arrivals. .d.: she got an enormous
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reception standing next to jeff goldblum. people think it has always been this way, but it has only been since the late 1980's. it started with michael kelly. and then and subsequent years you had gary hart bringing donna rice and other people who were media figures, not just political figures. the media organization been started to bring a host of very, very big stars. in fact, we get lobbied very intensely by big stars. host: so people magazine has tables at this dinner? j.d.: correct. we have tables a hand we have
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been going to the white house correspondents dinner for many years. host: who do you have? d.: the president of gallaudet university. jenna fischer from a "the office." and people who are working with hillary clinton on her campaign. it is pretty glamorous. a lot of celebrities are ascinated by washington and lot of washington is fascinated by hollywood. we do not have any trouble attracting guests. it is an enormous event. there are thousands of people in this room. it is an intimate cocktail party. you go from the carpet. the actress who plays
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the first lady in "scandal." posts: the dinner is set to start at 8:30. let's watch the more arrivals. -- let's watch some more arrivals.
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>> as we continue to watch the arrivals. >> loretta lynch. but we have more hollywood then washington, d.c. and if you look, you see one of the most famous people in hollywood you might not recognize. a big agent. and that is ari a manual.
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is the brother. ezekiel. a very high-up achieving family. >> mr. haven, and have you attended this dinner in the past? >> i have. i have seen it really evil over the last seven years. it has become one of the high points on the red carpet calendar for a lots of folks. it really has. >> in case people do not know, only accredited white house correspondents get tickets to this dinner but they can invite
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guests. the president hass to be invited. >> you really see an array of stars. hollywood, but journalism. some of the most famous people in our industry are at this dinner. >> i understand bernie sanders is going to be here. >> that is correct. people are very excited to see him and see how he does with the monologuein the tonight. >> bernie sanders was invited by cbs. donald trump is not here. he came a couple years ago courtesy of the washington post. this is a dinner where people tend to go for the jokes. trump, thisdonald
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is a woman who is a supporter of be bestrump and may known as a contestant on his show, the apprentice." i do not know she won but she did make quite a splash. she is a big supporter of trump. >> 2700 people in total will be attending his dinner. veryis is a woman who is a hot star in hollywood right now. she was a beauty queen and india -- in india and has taken the town by storm. a beautiful and very talented actors. >> as some of the people told me they will be wearing tennis shoes under their dresses. the women. of walking atlot the dinner.
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it is a subterranean complex. so not only do you go to the main dinner but when you enter you may be going to several cocktail party reception and it is crowded quarters. these people are coming down from the lobby on and escalator and moving through a series of rooms. it is like the port authority terminal. more it becoming more and common for women to wear comfortable shoes? t-rex i do not think it is ever -- i mean, women like to wear the high heels to this event but they will often try to. with a teamcoming of people there may be a pr more comfortable shoes in a bag. sometimes there are slippers at some parties where you can slip them on. at the goldenhine gloves that dispenses them and people are grateful at the end
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of the night to have something to slip into a handout of those heels. >> there is newt gingrich and gingrich. christopher dodd is a big attender of these events because he represents hollywood to washington. >> former senator from connecticut. ask if you would like to make comments throughout this dinner hashtagyou can use the whcd.tter there is the senator who endorsed marco rubio.
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>> that is ashley young filled on the right. from canada. a spectacular journalism career here in the united states. msnbc. ashley danfield again. >> how often does washington pop up in people magazine? >> quite often. we cover politics in the news
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rob the year but certainly and a presidential year we cover them. from a popular perspective. we are seeing another star on the "scandal" walk in. very welln represented. .amien lewis >> you mentioned "scandal" and it seems like most of the cast is here. >> thing for deserve.
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>> that is right. -- the producer. >> that is right. the obama years and this dinner, is that big in the magazine? >> of obama is incredibly popular in ohio so from -- in hollywood so from the beginning he has brought a lot of them out. years, there was a difference in terms of the turnout. >> and there is van jones of cnn. housetalking with white press secretary. damien lewis,s best known for the show and now starring as a
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billionaire on a another show. he is a guest of cps. -- cbs. [indiscernible conversation] clear, the white house press secretary could not
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come to this dinner without an invitation from the white house correspondents. >> this is the time when the white house insiders need be accessed. it is reversed. [indiscernible] >> in the sense it makes a people uncomfortable, these celebrities and politicians mixing? there is never come fox. verypeople feel uncomfortable. some journalists feel very uncomfortable. the new york times does not participate anymore and this event. i think it is a valid question to ask if it is appropriate for celebrities and politicians to mingle with the press.
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on the other hand, it gives people a chance to see both power centers with their hair down a little bit. a different window. >> and that is a rising star. by the way, is this a hand invitation that folks and hollywood angle for? >> oh, yeah. this is incredibly important in hollywood hand people really do and enjoy coming to the show. >> that is jamie alexander. jamie alexander, one of the hottest new stars in television. career as a rising star.
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>> i apologize, i keep telling you we are not on camera but studios and in keep seeing people i recognize. >> the mix makes it interesting. jamienewt gingrich and alexander in the same room as kind of one. fun. kind of >> jamie alexander's shell is a critical success. there is damien lewis again. media squirmuite a in the entrance where the red carpet is. wags it gets backed up. there is a celebrity traffic jam.
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>> this dinner began in 1914. all white. all mail. all male. aspects of that have been retained in sort of the lose monologues and poking fun at people. been very tolerant. famously, donald trump was not very happy with some of the jokes made about him. here is helen mirren. looks like she has the prince symbol. helen mirren, again, her star has only gotten bigger. tammy
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she was with nbc for a long time. she is the one who host the breakfasts. held this morning. briggs and quite a few celebrities. there is a charity aspect as well. and there is helen mirren's husband. a very famous director. >> is that kennedy from fox? it does look like kennedy, doesn't it. >> from mtv? >> it does look like kennedy. book the way, our c-span tv a couple years ago in las kennedy books and freedom
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interviewtch that look it up. >> a dress on the rent carpet has to be shown off in the proper way. read -- red carpet. >> not too many of us in washington know how to do that. like the fox crew. >> it you are watching live coverage of the 102nd annual white house correspondents' dinner. these are the red carpet arrivals.
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we are going to try to shut up and let you watch. [indiscernible crowd mingling]
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announcer: you're are watching c-span live coverage of the white house correspondents dinner arrivals. the twitter followers have called me. ashley banfield of cnn, she was wet nbc during 9/11. , thank you very much for cameron halle was very close to prince. there was some talk that she might not come tonight. she was very upset about his death.
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>> there is valerie jarrett. senior adviser to the president. >> a hand there is gallery -- -- and there is oprah winfrey's friend, best friend, talking to valerie jarrett. gayle king. >> scanning this --
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>> there is a model. >> john kerry and his wife. >> teresa. >> a hand there is his daughter. his elder daughter. a doctor. and his younger daughter on the left. they are both john kerry's daughters. >> one is a filmmaker and one is a doctor. valerie jarrett is a guest of cbs.
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valerie jarrett, aretha franklin, ash carter -- defense secretary. bernie sanders. >> a good table. a good couple tables. >> cameron hall again. >> chris wallace just walked through. >> is some of the fox guests include jeff goldblum and then become fox. and cheryl ladd, formerly of charlie's angels. tony romo. greta van susteren. speaking of fox. read a van susteren just walked in. >> is sometimes when you watch people walk in you can tell what is on their mind. >> a shot here of gayle king and valerie jarrett.
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valerie jarrett has known the president since his days in chicago. the ultimate washington insider. >> i do not think she is from washington. exit no. [chuckling] is in the house here. sort of interesting juxtaposition bear with damien lewis. you do wonder what people talk about at this dinner sometimes. what is a conversation you have had at this dinner? talked to a lot of interesting people at this dinner. the jonas brothers. >> the international monetary fund. >> we saw the jonas others.
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we saw mick jagger. staying. miranda lambert. them to a senator from new york. >> what is meant jagger like? >> terrific. charming. >> scanning to find out to him she belongs. which media organization. >> i believe that she is a guest of the wall street journal, which makes sense. a good guest for them.
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>> is speaking of the wall street journal, they also invited christie turlington burns and carly klos. donald trump, junior, as well. both of his sons are there. no signs of his daughters. >> there is one protester out front.
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we are trying to get the just of why they are protesting. [indiscernible] >> larry wilmore is probably -- >> have you attended the private reception for the president? >> i have. to do that inucky the past years. on occasion, we have had a chance to go, which is quite an honor.
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>> they have been with them for years. [indiscernible] >> senator rand paul and his wife.


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