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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. today tony cook will join us to discuss the primary taking place in indiana. 52 delegates are up for republicans and 92 for democrats. the campaignreview and the road ahead. will joinunder of mic whichdiscuss the content is for millennials. at 7:00p this morning eastern. join the discussion. >> and ahead of the primaries, we will have campaign stops with the democratic candidates. atlary clinton speaks athens, ohio. live at 1:45 p.m. eastern on c-span.
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later, senator bernie sanders at a campaign rally in louisville, kentucky. we will be live from waterfront park at 7:30 p.m. in eastern also on c-span. following will be live coverage of the indiana primary results. >> i helped both countries with their constitutions helping with key issuesnt on between iraqis and afghans. the government was very anxious to meet. q&a,ncer: sunday night on the author discusses his memoir. kabul to theom white house.
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the.e end of i was there, by the search, by reaching out to the sunnis, by reaching out to iraqi forces. security.bout left andtely, when we the vacuum was filled by a regional power pulling a rock apart, the violence escalated and we have isis now. q& is sunday night on tonext, donald trump speaks an audience in south bend, indiana. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next president of the united states, mr. donald j. trump. >> ♪ you can start me up
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you can start me up i never stop ♪ [cheers and applause closed racket mr. trump: wow. this is so amazing. i just want to thank you all. you know, we have three rooms like this. i like this guy, he is a professional. but the press, they do not get it, folks. so i am listening to fox on the way over and i heard greta, she said, they have thousands and thousands of people there. and you know, i do not know if you know it, but we have two other rooms like this outside. you people have the best location. you have the best location. but we love the people in the other two rooms, right? there are supposed to be 3000-4000 people in this room.
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2000 and 2000 and in the other two rooms. so we have anywhere between 6000 and it 8000. they don't even know. says, andvan susteren the other one, he says, no, they only have 1500 people here. let me tell you. let me tell you. start counting them up, carl. because we have a lot of people here, carl. and i am not referring people to carl. i am just saying the press is so n dishonest. they are unbelievably dishonest. so we have two rooms like this and i have a guy saying, 2000. by the way, outside there are thousands of people who could not get into any of the three rooms. so that is the story. what can i tell you? i like to set it straight, right? i want to thank you all for
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coming. this has been an amazing experience. i know so many people in indiana. that does not mean you don't have to go vote. you have to go vote tomorrow. but i think we are doing well. we have caught ted cruz and so many lies. we call him lying ted. this guy lies. he is lying. he is lying ted. he is lying ted. he is lying ted. he is almost worse in the press. almost. i don't know if you heard because the press will not tell you but a new poll came out a few hours ago, the rasmussen poll. and i am beating hillary clinton. and that is good. that is good. we are beating her. [cheers and applause closed racket mr. trump: and i have not even started yet. you know, we started with 17 people and they are all senators and accomplished people. senators, governors, tremendous people like dr. ben carson who really did well. h amend this.
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and, he endorsed me. he is a great guy. chris christie, great guy who endorsed me. a lot of people. a lot of people are endorsing. a lot of people. jerry falwell, junior, just came in. jerry falwell from liberty university endorsed me. and pastors,ters and that is why we are winning the evangelical vote and we have been very consistently. we are winning everything. i don't know if you saw but in new york they did exit polls. we won with women. we won with men. but especially the women made me feel good. the women. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we did not only win with women, we really won with women. we won with highly educated, less than highly educated, rich,
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poor, everything. we won and then we went to new york where we got almost every delegate. 95. then we went to five great states. connecticut, maryland, pennsylvania, delaware, rhode island. we won every single one of them in a landslide. we won every group. it has been amazing. and now the biggie is going to be indiana, because if we win in indiana it is over with, folks. it is over with. and then we focus on hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we then focus on hillary, and that is going to be fun. remember, we started with 17 and they went off one by one. a senator, a governor, a senator, a governor. they did not know what the hell happened. they went out. now we're down to two with near hanging by their fingernails. they are up there like this. they are hanging.
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their hanging. it has been unbelievable. i have been here a lot. i have many friends here. they are amazing. i've met so many amazing people and we have had such incredible crowds. that is why had to call him. but we had such incredible crowds right up to the end. look at this room. as an example, right up to the corners of this big room. people. and all over. all over. hello, corner. so, it has been an incredible experience. we're going to make america great again. it is going to be america first. america first. but we are going to make america -- look at all those hats. whites, reds, everything. but we love. you know, the truth is, at the trump rallies it is the safest place you can be. because we look out for each other. and we look out for everybody. we had one in costa mesa recently.
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we had one in california recently. 31,000 people. unbelievable. you don't read about that. you read about, they had some problems outside. people were burning the american flag. i don't want them burning the american flag. not the people inside, the people outside. they are agitators. many are professionals. they are bad people. you don't see it at all. no, look at this place. you don't see it. we have gone through days, it is unbelievable. california was unbelievable. a new poll just came out in california where i am leading 55 to like 20. ok? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: but i do love that clinton poll. the other one had me tied up. clinton, inhillary a state called indiana, which we love, that just came out, too. that is the wall street journal nbc poll. honda's leading hillary 48-41.
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-- trump is leading hillary 48-41. and the only thing ted cruz could say with his shakespearean -- oh. i cannot watch. i love these guys. they are online. did you see them a over the news? we want trap. trump.ant lying ted. that's right. he lies like nobody else can lie. he was lying. and they had these guys debating and they were just -- they know. they get it. they said, you are lying. you are lying. someone said online they were supporting trump. then all the sudden i heard i was supporting with him as my vice president. and you had ted cruz saying, who would you rather have, himself and carly or donald trump and mike tyson. where did that come from? i said, where did that come? first of all, he and doors me. but where did that come from?
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and then he said, donald trump wants to raise your taxes 40 present. -- 40%. just so you understand, i have a tax policy and we have a tax land put in and i am given by far the biggest tax reduction of anybody running. by far. especially for the middle class and especially for business. with the highest taxed nation in the world. the fact is the one criticism of my tax plan is that i am giving so much. in other words, my tax plan is much higher. yet you listen to this lying guy who says i want to raise your taxes 40%. these politicians are really bad. i have only done this nine months. i think i am doing a good job. do you agree? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and all my life i have the business started off with a $1 million loan and then i built a net worth over $10
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billion with the greatest assets. very low debt. tremendous cash flow. and i only say it for one reason because i don't care. i am not saying it braggadocio is. is whatt saying, this we need to bring our country back will stop we have to bring our country back. we need to bring our country back. the world is ripping us off. whether it be china or vietnam or japan. i could name any country. i can name any country, they are us.ting -- they are beating we do not win any more. we are going to start winning. big-league. big-league. i just went to texas, so i'm giving you the biggest and i hear this guy and i think, oh i wish i were standing next to him so i can tell the truth. now, you have been watching me for a long time. repeal and replace obamacare, right? so lying ted cruz gets up and says, donald trump loves, you know with a big flares.
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a big floors. you know honestly, i do not even think he is a good debater. according to every single online poll at every single online debate, i have beaten him. i mean, i do not debate him. my whole life is a debate. but this guy, so i talk about obamacare. we're going to repeal it and replace it with something great. i don't know if you've seen it, but premiums are going up so much, right? ,remiums are going up 25%, 45% 55%. your deductibles are so high that you are never going to be able to use it unless you are like close to death. so i hear this guy today, lying ted cruz. he says, donald trump loves
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obamacare. he wants to take it to the next level. he loves it. i am saying, he is such a liar. you know, i was given a little bit of shelter when during one of the debates, marco rubio called him a liar. so now here is a senator calling a senator a liar. i have never seen a guy light like that. he even said, donald trump will not build a wall. he said he is not going to build the wall. not build the wall? ok. we're going to build the wall. can you imagine? no, no, can you imagine? we are going to build the wall. do not even worry about. we'll talk about the wall. don't worry about. and i tell you, we are going to build the wall, we are going to stop drugs from pouring in and poisoning our youth and other people. we are building the wall. and i've got this guy, ted cruz. lying ted. donald trump is not going to build the wall. i think he is crazy.
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honestly, i think he is crazy. lying ted does not have the temperament to be doing this. he is choking like a dog because he is losing so badly we have to him -- we have to put him away tomorrow. folks, we have to get out and vote. we have to get out and vote. [applause] mr. trump: we have got to get out and vote. so -- thank you, darling. ohh! i love her too. ready? so this is very depressing. it happens all the time. every place i go to new york state landslides. but i go to different communities and i say to my statisticians, not the most exciting job, but they love it. right? it's their job but i say give me the statistics on certain areas albany new york, poughkeepsie. i go to new york and it's horrible. what's happening? the jobs are down 50% in manufacturing, it's horrible what's happening in new york state. i go to pennsylvania.
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you look at the steel industry and by the way look at the steel industry here, it's being killed. the steel industry here is being killed. the coal industries being killed. your industry, you're manufacturing. so i go up to sell then will stop what school do i love? i have so many friends that love me there are that would like to be there with me right now in south bend. for a certain reason. ready? so south bend of reason. listen to this. and don't be depressed, because we going to fix it. no politician can fix it because they are all bought and controlled by special interests. remember that. so a friend of mine who is very smart, a very smart guy, he said to me, you know donald i don't understand these politicians are really.use he is losing so badly we have to put them away tomorrow. they are all given so much money by their super pac's and their special contributors. some of these guys have negotiated with china and mexico and all these big countries
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where we just die with these horrible trade deals. some of them are not good. you know, they are political hacks. but i tell you what. they are not actually stupid. they are making deals because they are special-interest groups, libraries, donors, tell them. when i see carrier air-conditioning leaving indiana to go to mexico, there are people who want that to happen. i have been talking about it since they first had that speech i've been talking about. i said i know i'd be in indiana. the coach was great to endorse me and we have had so many great endorsements. and bobby knight just called and bobby knight is going to be here tomorrow all day and i will tell you bobby knight was so cool because a year ago before it was going to run i announced nine or 10 months ago on june 16, a big day.
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not easy to do this. it takes guts to do this stuff, believe me folks. i sort of had a nice life. i had a nice company and a nice family and now i call back and say we'll be home in four days but i will tell you what, bobby knight called me and he heard i was thinking about running. i had never met bobby knight. i knew bobby knight, winner, smart and tough which is what we need in our country. and bobby called up and first i had to make sure it was him. they call back and they do all sorts of things but bobby called up and he said i hope you are going to run. i said you know what coach, thinking about it seriously. it's a big commitment. we have got to make america great again. i watch what's happening and he said donald you've got to run. i said coach i'll tell you what
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do me a favor, give me your number, let me see what i do and i will call you. what happens a couple of months later announced i'm running and i come down and we are talking about trade and talking up the border and all these things that literally these things would have never even been brought up if i didn't talk about them. when i talk about illegal immigration and was like for weeks i was getting absolutely killed and oppressed by the dishonest media, but the media that said we have 1500 people here tonight and we have 6000. so dishonest. carl, don't be ashamed of yourself. but you know what? you know what? i had to do it. we talked about illegal immigration and we brought up trade and then you had paris and i started talking about the muslim problem which is a
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problem whether you like it or you don't and nobody else is talking about it. we talked about radical islamic terrorism and we have a president that doesn't want to use the term because he doesn't know what the hell he is doing or maybe he does know what he's doing, one or the other. maybe he does know what he's doing but in so many ways he doesn't. bobby called and i put in this number and now all of a sudden indiana, because usually it is late, but now indiana is becoming very important. and i say it's so important. in terms of the race. usually by this time it's over and it doesn't matter but this time you folks belong where you belong. it is called importantville. i have so many friends here. i love it. we have a huge victory in new york. cruz got almost no votes in new york. he would be beaten so badly by hillary clinton. he can't win so these guys do terribly and then the following week i get rid of all five in a landslide. we are going to win the whole thing. we're going to beat her in a landslide. [applause] mr. trump: all right? we are going to beat her. so, one of my political guys said you know we are going to
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indiana and i have spent a lot of time over there in the last two weeks. and they said, we are going to indiana. if you could get bobby knight, would that be possible? i said, possible? i have his phone number on my desk. i said what a great idea so i called them up and here is how smart he is. he goes i've been waiting for your call. can you believe that? then he said when can we meet? he's been so incredible and he said some things that were really true. he said, for the people of indiana, donald trump is going to be such a great president. and i am. i'm going to work so hard for you to be great. we are going to bring jobs back. we are not going to let carrier go to mexico. there've got to be consequences. when people want to lay off 1400 people go to mexico and sell their product back to us with no tax or consequence is not going to happen and that's not only carrier. that is many others. because we are losing our manufacturers. we are losing our country between what is happening there,
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what's happening with china, 500 million-dollar trade deficit with china, $58 billion with -- $500 billion trade deficit with china. $58 billion with mexico, a trade deficit a tremendous trade deficit, astronomical trade deficit with japan. everybody. we have a trade deficit with everybody. you could call out a country. and now they want to make a new deal, transpacific partnership, which will be as bad as nafta. or worse. anti-nafta was terrible. and who approved nafta? kasich approved nafta. approved nafta when he was a congressman. one of the deciding votes. so here's what happened. when bobby went into that arena, and it was a big arena, it was incredible. people are screaming, crying. they love bobby. he won 900 games. he won three world championships. college championships.
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he won the olympics. he won the pan am games. i don't even know if you realize this, i said how come it has not been broken yet? but he is the last undefeated season. and he almost had to in a row, he had won almost before. i mean, there is a guy that is a winner. he said, for the people of indiana it is an important week. if we win, it is over and then i can focus -- [applause] mr. trump: then i not have to worry about lying ted cruz. he endorses me, i could care less. i don't have to worry about john kasich, who was one in 44. and that is because i did not go that i don't two days, i stayed in florida because i wanted to win florida and they gave me what is called a dirty poll. somebody came out with a dirty poll in florida. if i would've spent two more days in ohio, we would have one. but i did not stop it is ok. but he is one for 45, 40 4, 46,
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for 44, 45, 46. something. now, in the popular vote i am millions ahead of ted cruz. but it is a rate system. delegates, it is dishonest. it is meant for the bosses to be able to keep the special interests happy and the people who give them money said that mexico and other places where you have big interests, i tell you what, the system is so sick. in louisiana, i win louisiana. i was not supposed to. i went there and campaigned for three days, massive speeches. we had an airplane hangar bigger than this room that was packed and we win louisiana. and then two or three weeks later, they are going over the numbers. and i got like hardly any delegates. they said, trump one in louisiana.
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it's only been nine months. i am ignoring that out or a fast. you mean i can win and the guy who comes in third place or four place comes in with more delegates than me. no, think of it. it's a dirty system. i will tell you what i'm proud of. for 40 or 50 years how long has this been going on on with this crazy delegate system? nobody has ever complained. nobody ever talks about it. i always heard, delegate, delegate. i always heard of it. then you had in colorado where they did a poll and they said we don't want to go with floats so let's take the votes away from the people and the bosses are is going to pick it. and the bosses are always going to pick a senator who is under control who takes all these --paign contributions and to and to borrows money from goldman sachs. cruz borrowed money from goldman sachs and citibank. $1 million at a rate you would be proud to have. nobody in this room would be able to get the loan rate and he forgot to disclose it on his financial disclosure form. he forgot, lyin' ted. he said, i forgot. he was until 18 months ago he
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was a citizen of canada. he forgot to tell you that. oh i didn't know that. oh. this guy, i mean give me a break. bobby said, and it was so incredible. bobby knight said to the people at one of the speeches because the one around with me, he said it will be so great because donald trump is going to be a great president and i appreciate him saying that. and the people of indiana if they vote for him they are going to put him over the top and we can focus on hillary clinton. so good. [applause] mr. trump: nobody could say it, nobody could say it. so i appreciate lou holtz just called and an lou holtz just endorsed me. [applause] mr. trump: a really good guy, just put it out. it's all over the internet. lou holtz is a really good guy so we have everybody. i mean we have so many great , endorsements. you know who's very important to
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me? 16,500 border patrol people endorsed me last week. they have never done it before. joe, youurse, sheriff talk about borders, sheriff joe from arizona, but the 60,500 people had never endorsed a presidential candidate before and they endorsed me so that was a great honor. because we need borders. we need to have our country back. we can't have people walking across our borders and we have to either have a country or we don't have a country and you can't have a country if you don't have borders and on top of that we have drugs pouring across. you know, when i won new hampshire that was the first state that i won. and when you win something of a special feeling. i won new hampshire in a landslide. i wasn't supposed to. jeb bush was supposed to. he raised $168 million in a super pac.
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$168 million. he was favored to win new hampshire and i wanted in a landslide. i have a much higher level of energy. what can i say? and i wouldn't say that because once the race is over, i love all these people. when you defeat somebody, you are supposed to love them. never lose. and i wouldn't say, the other day he was on television saying bad stuff. although he did say it was a phenomenon. and he did say, he's a gifted politician. i don't understand that. when he said i was a gifted politician, i think he said that and it was not meant as a compliment. being a politician itself is not so great but i beat jeb bush and think of this, i spent the least amount of money. he spent the most. i came in first. he came in last or close. other people have spent far more money than me and so far i spent of the major candidates the least amount of money by far and i'm number one in a landslide.
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right? [applause] mr. trump: now, if you look at education, 30 countries, we are last. we are like 30th. we are last. so we are last in education. if you look at cost per pupil, we are first. so we -- and by the way there is no second because we spend so much more per pupil that they don't even talk about number two. it is ridiculous. so, wouldn't you like, i mean think of this. and by the way, it's norway, denmark sweden, china, japan. the five. we are 30th but we are first in terms of spending per pupil. that is bad. that is bad. that is real bad. now with me i spent the least amount of the best results. isn't that what you want for your president? and here's the other thing, i'm self-funding so i'm not controlled by all these people that controlled cruz, they control hillary, crooked,
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crooked, crooked hillary. you know the other day they were talking about crooked hillary and myself. right? and they said one of her people and one of obama's people and they said who do you think hillary wants to run against? and the guy said, let me tell you. the one she doesn't want to run against, donald trump. she does not know where it is coming. he said, a guy like cruz is cookie-cutter. it will make barry goldwater looks like he has a successful campaign. with trump they don't know what's going to happen. they don't know where he is going to come from and i'm going to win states like new york, good chance. a state which no republican would ever even campaign because he had no chance. you saw it two weeks ago i won by a landslide. against two people and the dishonest media when they say
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like about, four or five weeks ago, or 10 weeks ago, we would have 12 people and i would want to stay. i won south carolina, i won nevada, i won the south. alabama, kentucky, i won them all. i won missouri. i won them all and then i won florida in a landslide and they are saying, you did not have 50%. i have 12 people against me. you cannot win 50%. i mean, if i am abraham lincoln i can get it the percent. 17 people. it is the biggest number of people ever to run that anybody can ever remember, ever. and yet i will get like 36, 38, 42. and i have these characters on television that don't have the brains they were born with. ok? and they are dishonest and they are dishonest. ok? i have thisl say victory were indeed everybody by a lot traded 50%, 14 people even now i have three people so we have three people. it's hard to break 50% when you
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have three people and yet in new york, i got almost 62%. right? in pennsylvania -- in pennsylvania, i won every single one. nobody remembers that happening before. in delaware the same thing, in maryland if everyone every one of them. in connecticut. i won greenwich connecticut, nobody has ever seen it before. i won the rich areas, i won the poor areas. and you hear, or have she should have gotten more. actually, they did not say that. they always say pharma the always say, we had all these people running and they say, he did not get 50%. and jeb would say, oh, he is not conservative. we have the dummies representing us. they would say i am not conservative because of trade.
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in terms of trade, i believe in free market. but you can only go with free trade when you have smart people representing you. but we have dummies. we have the dummies representing us. we have real dummies. we have people controlled by special interests so when you have that you can throw in the free trade out the window. you see what free trade has gotten, you see what globalization would we go all over the world because our politicians are corrupt and crooked and they are totally -- by campaign contributions and by the way who would know better than me? do i know the system better than anybody in the world? ok? anybody in the world. so we have a rigged deal and here's what's going to happen, it's so important that samargya -- that tomorrow you get out and you vote. tomorrow you have got to get out and vote. because we have a movement going on. bill o'reilly from fox is a tough cookie and i always say man, that was tough. these interviews with him. but i like him. bill o'reilly says in his entire life, his entire life this is
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the single biggest political phenomenon he has ever witnessed. you, what has happened? the biggest, the biggest. and then i stand here and is packed halls with thousands and thousands and i have to listen to carl cameron gives a phony count, ok? think of it. bill o'reilly says the single biggest political event, i think that was the word he used, event. of his lifetime. that's a big statement. that's a big statement. that's a guy who's been around and he is a smart guy but that's a big statement. many people have said it to us. but i am a messenger. if you are tired of making less money than he did 18 years ago, you are tired of it, i understand it. i understand it. you are tired of seeing carrier leave your state go to mexico, build a plant, put their equipment and sell it like nothing happened and by the way the air-conditioners cost the
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same because they have to compete with crane and all the other companies. i buy from all of them. i am not buying from carrier anymore, by the way. i am not buying. but they have to compete with all the other companies. it is going to be the same. they have to make more. and you know what what does it do for us? so i'm a free trader but free trade isn't working and we don't have the people that can do free trade because we don't have the smart people. now nafta destroyed our country, destroyed large sections of our country and by the way you take a look at your manufacturing here. look at the numbers, nafta has been a disaster. what it's done to new england and new york state, what it's done here and what it's done everywhere. bill clinton signed it. bill clinton signed it. that was a clinton deal. it's been horrible. now they want to pass transpacific partnership. ok? that will be worse than nafta and we will suffer. and we're going to stop them from doing it. we are not going to let them continue.
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you know the document, the document is 6000 pages long and i guarantee you every one of those countries that are involved, every single one of them have read every word, every comma every paragraph and our guys have never even read it i guarantee you. 6000 pages folks. and all it is is another way for other countries to the blood out -- to suck the blood out of the united states. and we are not going to let it happen. [applause] mr. trump: and lyin' ted cruz is in favor of it and the single biggest advantage these companies have his monetary manipulation where they make it impossible for our companies to compete with them so our companies and the bleeding. -- so our companies end up leaving.
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so it's devaluation of the , currency, especially china which isn't in the tpp but they will be because if it works out as well as people think when they rip us off china will join later on through the back door and they are watching and i guarantee you they have taught people studying that. they are going to come in through the back door at a later date. but ted cruz actually was responsible for making sure that there was no language having to do with evaluation, and and -- to do with devaluation and that's the biggest thing they do to business. and cruz, and he won't talk about it but he's the one responsible and the senators on the list. i mean, if you look at jeff sessions his all-time most respected senator, senator jeff sessions and they talk about him at the beginning. jeff sessions is from alabama. a fantastic guy. he endorsed donald trump. he endorsed trump. that was a great endorsement. we have had so many. we have had so many, but jeff sessions, he doesn't want to do
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anything about transpacific partnership. he doesn't want to do anything about the manipulation and devaluation of currency and without that focus we are going to -- this will make nafta look like a baby. so we have to get in there fast. we have to knock it out and i don't mind making agreements but we should not make agreements with countries altogether, we should make them one-on-one, one on one and you know what, if they don't treat us right we pulled the agreement. we are all bound up and you ought to see the chart. it's a chart from hell. nobody even knows it and i'm telling you those guys are studying it and nobody from our group has even read the dm -- has even read the damn agreement. and it goes on for many years. one-on-one, if somebody treats us well to make a trade agreement and i will have the best negotiators in the world make a fair agreement. i don't want to be tied up. if country a does this and
6:39 am
that, then -- nobody knows what the hell is going on. the bad countries that have not treated as well benefit because they get the benefit of what the good countries are getting so everybody is taking advantage. it's a disaster. we go one-on-one with countries and if they treat us well we take care of them and if they treat us badly we can't get out of it. it's like a spider's web such as remember it and cruz wants that and so does kasich by the way. cruz wants it so we are not going to let it happen. ok? so when i came down the escalator with my wife on june 16, not long ago and i brought up all of these things and i thought at the time it was going to be trade and illegal immigration. i gave a speech in from the beginning we went up from, they weren't polling me because they never thought i was going to run. the press. they never thought i was going to run.
6:40 am
so we went up almost from the beginning and within a few weeks we were number one. people agreed with what i was saying and we have been number one ever since. we have been number one ever since. [applause] mr. trump: and importantly, i never debated before. i was at center stage for every single debate and according to every poll and drudge and "time" magazine, every single one had me number one and i won every debate. and cruz i heard he was a good debater. i think he's a terrible debater unless you want to hear shakespeare. i don't want to hear shakespeare. when he was debating in high school and college, nobody interrupted him. with me, i interrupted him and he got all lost. it's called the real world, right? it's called the real world.
6:41 am
debate, importantly, right from the beginning just about, i went to number one -- out of all these characters out there. now he has reached the ceiling. i started out at six or five or something. and they said, he has got five and that is hired than most but now he has a toad. the next week i went to, like 11. they said, he has 11 and that is as far as he will go. you has 11 who love them. to 14, then i went to 18, then 24. and they kept saying, he has plateaued. i know he has a toad you know, these morons like carl rove. the guy is a more run. he still thinks -- no, no. karl rove. he still thinks romney won. romney got wiped out. he should've won that election.
6:42 am
that is an election that should've been one. i backed him. and i backed john mccain. but i backed mccain. he did not win. i backed romney, should've won. did not win. i said, this time i am going to do it myself, folks. we are going to win. we're going to win. we're going to win. so a lot of things happen. i talked about trade, talked about illegal immigration. then you had the killing of kate in san francisco. shot in the back by someone who should've never been allowed in this country. then you had jamil in california. a young boy. his father became a good friend of mine. san francisco. los angeles area, california. he was killed. his father is a great guy. his son was taken for it and illegal immigrant. -- throughh the base the face three or four times for
6:43 am
doing nothing. we are going to build a wall. and then you had, and then you had the incredible veteran, 65-year-old woman raped, sodomized, a and killed in california. this is all over the country. we are not going to take it anymore. not going to take it anymore. we're not taking it anymore. and then, the polls a start coming out word tribe is definitely the best on the border and best on everything. best on everything except they did not like my personality. who cares about my personality? i think i am a nicer person than most of them. the only thing i did not do well on was personality. and by the way, the women. no one respects women more than i do. i will tell you that. and women are looking for security in our country and they know i am going to do the best job. look at hillary. with her call. remember that ad? who is going to be awake at 3:00 in the morning? when they called from benghazi she was sleeping. she was sleeping.
6:44 am
she was sleeping. who is going to be awake? she was not awake. so all of the polls are doing great. and we have been doing amazing. but then you had a thing called paris. paris. 130 people were killed, hundreds of people lying in the hospital right now injured so badly their lives are destroyed. you have people that went in and boom, boom. boom, boom, boom. the toughest gun laws in the world paris, france, shooting people, killing people, hurting people. people are so badly injured, hundreds of them. then you had san bernardino. you had a radicalized couple come out. they were given a baby shower by the same people they killed a short while later. boom, boom, boom. no guns on the other side. me tell you. if you had guns on the other side, whether it's paris, san
6:45 am
bernardino, some of the military people that were killed. it would've been a whole different story if those people had guns. a whole different story, folks. and, in fact, it may have never even happen because of these people found out, if they found out there were guns in the room, they would probably have never even gone out. ok? it would've been a completely different story. so we will protect our second amendment. and we are really going to protect our second amendment, ok? we're going to take care of it and cherish it because they are chipping away, chipping away at the second amendment will stop chipping away at the second amendment and we are not going to let it happen. the story is we're going to take care of our people. we're going to negotiate deals. we want other countries to do well. but it is going to be america first. when we have 19 trillion in debt going to 21 trillion because of the horrible budget, the omnibus budget.
6:46 am
the omnibus. which by the way, finds obamacare. funds syrians coming in where we have no idea where they are coming in. they are coming here. it is funding illegal immigrants coming in. and lots of other things. you know, i always say that obama is a horrible negotiator except when it comes to negotiating with the republicans in congress. he gets everything he wants. and what happens? and we send these people off, and i am a fan of the tea party which has been maligned over the years. ok? it has just been maligned. but i am a fan. gosend these people and they , we're going to get rid of obamacare. they get elected, right? then they go and they look at the beautiful homes gone the beautiful ceilings, the marble, the statues, and something happens. they become lost. he looks at his wife and he goes, alice we have finally arrived.
6:47 am
and then they vote for everything. that is not happening with me. it is not happening with the, folks. not going to happen. so, so, it has been such an honor and i am going to try to see the other two rooms. maybe i will bring carl cameron with me. but i'm going to try to stop by but let me just tell you. it has been just an honor. and hopefully tomorrow, in and get every friend you have that can vote. every friend you can have. everybody. because here's what is going to happen, you are going to remember this evening. thank you. i love you. i love you. i love you. thank you. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: thank you. you got to remember this evening. we had a good time. with a bad subject. bad subject, our country is doing terribly. you know, the real job number is 20% or more. not 5%.
6:48 am
that was put in to make politicians look good. if you stop looking for a job, looking, looking, looking, if you stop looking they consider you statistically employed. we're going to bring jobs back to our country and we're not going to let people leave so easily anymore. so you are going to remember this night, but more importantly, you're going to remember the vote you cast tomorrow. and you are going to say, when -- back in five years, 20 years, 50 years, we have somebody young people. i think i have younger people then bernie. by the way, bernie sanders, his system is rigged also. only the republicans rake it in -- rigging it in a much more sophisticated way without the superdelegate thing. but bernie, he wins, he wins, he wins. and then you watch these guys, he can't win. but here's what you've got to do. you have got to vote.
6:49 am
and, we have to keep this movement going. we will make america so great, may be greater than ever before. but we might have to suffer and ted cruz will lose the biggest landslide in history. and john kasich, when he gets it with a negative ad. i have had 60,000 negative ad. ted cruz has had none. john kasich has had none. when they get hit with their first negative ad, they are over. with me, i think we are immune to that. and the ads were wrong. the ads are totally phony ads. but here's the story. you are going to look back years from now and say, it was the single greatest vote you've ever cast. and here's why. because our country, our country is going to start winning again. we are going to win with our military. it is being depleted. we're going to build up our military. make it stronger, bigger, better than ever before.
6:50 am
[cheers and applause] mr. trump: and we are going to knock the hell out of isis, just so you understand. we have no choice. we have no choice. as part of that, we're going to take care of our great veterans. our veterans have been left behind. very unfair. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we are going to win on education. we're getting rid of common core. we're bringing education local. we're going to win on education. we are going to repeal obamacare and it we are going to come up with something that is so much better and less expensive. we are going to save and protect and cherish our second amendment. [cheers and applause close racket -- cheers and
6:51 am
e}plause close bracket mr. trump: we are going to build a wall. we're going to mexico pay for the wall. and we're going to our strong borders and we're going to have people come into our country, but they're going to come and legally. legally. and we are going to make unbelievably good trade deals. no more stupid deals where our businesses and money gets sucked out of our country. we're going to make great, great deals made by the greatest people. we have the greatest negotiators in the world right here in this country and we are going to use them, not political hacks that do not know what they're doing and probably, who the hell knows, they are bought off and they're making such bad deals. we're going to make the best trade deals. and you're going to look back and you are going to say, you know what? that is when we started winning again. when trump took over.
6:52 am
we're going to win and when, and you're going to say, please mr. trump i cannot take it. but i don't care, we're going to win and we're going to make america great again. i love you. thank you, indiana. i love you. i love you. thank you, indiana. i love you. i love you. [applause] >> ♪ you can start me up you can start me up i never stop you can start me up you can start me up i never stop i've been running hot you got me ticking gonna blow my top yes you start me up you start me up never stop
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>> here is a look ahead of the primaries. bythat trade deal supported ted cruz has hurt indiana. ted cruz voted 4-1. supporteds ted cruz illegals and would welcome more. upy donald trump will stand to china, japan, and mexico and renegotiate bad trade deals. he will keep us safe. donald trump: i am donald trump and i approve this message. sen. cruz: i am ted cruz and i approve this message. announcer: ted cruz stop to the gang of eight amnesty bill while donald trump funded the gang of
6:57 am
eight. millionso had a $1 judgment against him for hiring illegals. what a phony. ♪ >> madam secretary, we probably 72 of our delegate votes to the next president of the united states. [fireworks] applause] ♪ >> today, a discussion on the
6:58 am
challenges of transporting energy and hazardous materials. pipeline and hazardous materials speaks at ther center for strategic and international studies live today at 1:30 p.m. eastern on c-span3. and looking at international tax policy. makes remarks followed by a panel with government officials and tax scholars. live coverage starts at 3 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >> recently, our 2016 bus made a stop in pennsylvania stopping at grove city college, slippery park university, and harrisburg area community college. local officials learned about our road to the white house coverage and interactive
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coverage found that visitors also shared their thoughts with us about the upcoming election. and we stopped at middle schools to honor students. partners,ur cable comcast and armstrong cable for helping with this. you can see the winners at student on c-span. at noon eastern, a look at the challenges of implementing chip technology. at one: 40 5 p.m. eastern, hillary clinton speaks at an event in athens, ohio. and at 3:30 p.m., a discussion on political developments in north korea. minutes, in 45 national journal political editor discusses the primary and what is ahead for 2016.
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and that a: 30 a.m., j core ic, whoounder of m ♪ttempts host: indiana will be the focus of presidential politics today as donald trump and hillary clinton attempt to increase their lead. for full results of the indiana primary, go to secretary of state john kerry is worshiping -- working with russian counterparts on a cease-fire in the syrian city of aleppo. that city has been the center of violent attacks. the white house was put in the position of defending a comedian who used to the n word in


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