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tv   [untitled]    May 5, 2016 7:01pm-8:35pm EDT

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donald trump one the indiana primary earlier this weekend. coverage continues saturday with the democratic followed byguam, nebraska holding its republican primary tuesday and both parties go to the polls in west virginia. we will hear from donald trump they are tonight speaking at a rally in charleston, west virginia. we're here at the charleston civic center waiting for him to arrive at the podium. >> this is a peaceful rally -- >> a look at some of the tweets. "i'm very ecstatic on. my way to trump rally in charleston" a look at some of the shots. courtney writes "a few protesters tonight outside the trump rally." news radio, waiting for things to get underway. coal."obs "trump digs in trusting, west virginia. ♪ -- in charleston, west virginia.
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just waiting for donald trump here. the, charleston west virginia. civic center. we are going to take a look at our conversation from early with political reporter about his article "trump's moment of triumph." we'll bring you back here as soon as donald trump arrives. governor john kasich announcement earlier and senator campaign,ing his donald trump assumes the mantle of the presumptive nominee. in the last 24 hours, a lot of movement within the trump campaign. what has been going on? ben: they are now moving's full eneralahead to contest a g election against tori clinton. this is a campaign that has been
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a skeleton operation most of the way through. they're fielding phone calls from all sorts of operatives, leaders and the republican party. in many cases people who opposed trump early on, who are now ready to join, they're preparing step up. just yesterday, card-carrying members of the republican establishment joined a trump super pac. now it is time for the campaign to try to unify as much of the party as it can as quickly as it can. host: donald trump is calling at the trump train.n stop cleveland and the republican national convention. i want to share -- quoting kelly ayotte. she said she was going to support but not endorse donald trump. what does that mean and what
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does that tell you about the so-called republican mismanagement -- establishment? ben: it is not clear exactly what that means. although rudy giuliani struck a similar announcement. what it tells us about the rest of the party is that they are caught between a rock and a hard place. a candidateey have who is very popular with republican voters, very popular with the rank-and-file but very unpopular with the electorate at large. so, they have to tiptoe around this candidacy. harry reid told another one of my colleagues today that donald trump is the number one issue in the general election. the chairman of the nevada democratic party wrote mr. trump a letter, inviting him to come back to nevada as quickly as possible. in the early stages, it is looking like trump is a boon to democrats in down ticket races
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and causing some consternation, a sticky situation for many republican officeholders who were going to run underneath him. host: you were at trump tower last night in new york. what was the mood? ben: it was jubilant. this is the third tuesday in a row where trump has come to trump tower and celebrated with his family. with supporters. striking moment was when ted cruz's concession speech was playing on a big screen tv that was right up to the side of where the press was sitting. a lot of senior staffers, including the campaign manager, the deputy campaign manager michael glassner and stephen miller, were gathered around standing in a line, watching cruz concede. saider went up when cruz he would be suspending his campaign. and then after that speech ended, those guys all embrace
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very warmly. for them, it has been a little bit of a game of misfits. these are not your political operatives and many who join his campaign when it was considered a joke. for them, last night was a great moment of indication and quite emotional. host: less like governor kasich campaign issuing a statement saying he was going to stay in the race as long as the map made sense. clearly after thinking about it overnight, his announcement he is suspending officially ending his own campaign. so, this really changes the dynamics moving ahead to cleveland. no more talk of a contested convention. the republican national committee infrastructure now coalescing around donald trump. ben: that's right. and i think that one of the things that informed john kasich decision was a tweet from the saying thatt night trump was the perceptive nominee and it was time for the party to rally around him.
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obviously, for a party that has been so torn apart by this process where the level of rhetoric in a presidential primary's probably unprecedented in modern times, very personal, the attacks, especially from trump made against other candidates, down to the level of pundits and republican operatives, they need as much time to heal as possible. the task ahead for the campaign and the rnc is to present a unified front by the time they actually nominate trump in cleveland in july. kasichs governor mentioned so often on the campaign trail, if you look at the national polls, he is the one candidate that defeats hillary clinton right now, the national polls showing donald trump losing to hillary clinton. ben: that's right. and again, unprecedented in memory to have a major party nominee as disliked by the general electric aorate as trump
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is. while there has been movement, you know, this is early days. has beenycles there significant movement in polling numbers for general election matchups. both hillary clinton and donald trump are very well known to the entire electorate, which limits the ability of each of them to inlly go too far up or down terms of how they are viewed by voters. the one caveat to that is that trump has defied president i-- cedent, including going from a very unfavorable view for republicans in a matter of months to a stable of you. -- stable view. in a cycle like this, you cannot rule anything out. within 24 hours, senator cruz and governor kasich out of the race. the headline "trumps moment of
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triumph." workchreckingers' available online at thank you for being with us. >> voters will be going to the polls in west virginia on tuesday. voting in the primary in both contests. ahead of that contest, donald trump holding a rally tonight here in charleston, west virginia, at the charleston civic center. early today, we took a look at the influence of money in politics. from our program "washington journal". we will take a look at that conversation while we wait for donald trump in charleston, west virginia. can he unite the republican party like the rnc chairman
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asked the republicans to do and get behind donald trump? guest: i think he will. it is more imperative for every republican in the country. whether you supported donald trump or not in the primary process. there were many who did not but they will come around. i go back to 2012, 2008 and 2000 when i was on the receiving end of the phone calls that said, you did not support mitt romney in the primary process, you did not support john mccain in the primary process, which i did not. i then came around and supported him. i was not for donald trump in this primary process. i was not against him but i did not endorse him. i would put my full support behind him because i know the alternative. for america, i believe it is imperative that donald trump win in november instead of hillary clinton. i think the clinton presidency is another four years of a disaster for america. host: from the new paper -- from the newspaper, can donald trump
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scramble the map of reliable states? can he did this? guest: everybody has their own way of thinking of presidential politics. what donald trump has done is looked the table that the map was on over and arrested it up with an ax because he really puts states in play that have traditionally been in the democrat locked box. pennsylvania, michigan, ohio, which has gone back and forth, and there are a lot of blue-collar workers. reagan's reelected in 1984, my point is this, i do not believe that donald trump and ronald reagan are exactly alike, but in this area, the union leadership across the country came out in
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droves, in lockstep against ronald reagan and they happen and they will against donald trump. the union membership overwhelmingly supported ronald reagan in 1980. the blue-collar workers supported him and that is where they get into this reagan coalition talk. that is an important element because if you look at baltimore or in pittsburgh, these people are looking at donald trump and he is saying, we are going to make america great again. he is saying we are going to bring jobs back. we're going to get the steel industry working again. the average man and woman in america, who was trying to feed their family, union member or nonunion member, whether democrat or independent, are going to be looking at donald trump in a way that i think changes the perspective of the american voter. host: is there enough of them?
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guest: definitely. host: an editorial says, trump reboot, impossible. they say the number of americans who have voted for him so far is only a percentage of eligible voters. guest: i don't know what that number is in relation, i would have to look at it in relation for this day per mitt romney and john mccain, so i do not know necessarily the answer to that or two that statistic, but i can tell you that he is bringing people out in droves. as we have seen in the primary process, and winning by big margins, so this is historically always a transition. whether it is a difficult transition to get behind mitt romney or john mccain, it happens every four years. i have watched it, lived it, and i am usually on the losing end. [laughter]
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as a conservative movement leader, i am always on the end of the stick and is being told, suck it up and get behind the nominee. this year, look, is donald trump the perfect conservative vessel? no. where most of the other candidates, the 17 that were running originally, perfect conservative's? no, so there was always going to be an odds are that we will not have a perfect vessel, so i will take the vessel we have. what donald trump as done in moving the needle on illegal immigration, on border security, on building the wall, on important issues that conservatives have been really trumpeting for years and years with no traction. we had been talking about immigration, illegal immigration, what border security, al qaeda, isis get into the borders, and taking it seriously without really getting the needle to move, and donald
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trump comes on the scene and he has been a service for the conservative movement on the position. host: "usa today" said that as a trump is bad for the republican party is saying a flood is bad for your basement. there is resentment when the party needs to attract minority voters. he demeans women when they are vital to the party's future. his intolerance turns off millennials and he labors under the opinion that he is in deep infatuation with himself is shared with by majority of his voters. how does he overcome his unfavorable rating? guest: to be honest, primaries, when the end, there is always a pivot to the general election. historically. by the way, i will get back to your specific question, but it is interesting that no one in america, i think, thought that the anointed one, hillary clinton and the democratic
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nomination process would go past the republican process. this is a world that is a little upside down on both sides, so she has her own problems. my point is that donald trump will have some blemishes when it goes toward the general election and the national election, but so does hillary clinton. when you see what you see, what donald trump did to his 17, 16 other opponents, and when you see what he did to run a very unconventional campaign, what you see about how he is able to personally deal with them, the opposition research that they dumped on him, and he turns it around. he is a guy who is unconventional, and hillary clinton has fought with peril and when you decide to engage donald trump, i see some things she is doing and try to marginalize him immediately and ignore him immediately and say,
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oh, i am going to win because of his negatives but her negatives are just as high. host: 56% compared to his 65%. let's look at what the clinton campaign put together yesterday after the results in indiana. senator ted cruz drops out, john kasich drops out and here is what they said. [video clip] donald trump: i am the unifier. we will be a unified party. ted cruz: he is a con artist. >> donald is a know nothing candidate. >> donald is a bully. >> i do not remember. >> blood coming out of that were of her. >> the man who seems to only feel a big review tries to make other people feel small. >> the man is utterly abbas. >> the sign-up -- the sign of greed, showing off, misogyny,
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third grade theatrics. >> count to 10, donald. >> he is a narcissist at a level i don't think this country has ever seen. >> he would not be the commander-in-chief we need. >> this guy is so unfit to be commander-in-chief. >> his domestic policies would lead to recession. >> his foreign policies would make the world less safe. >> i bring people together. everybody loves me. he needs therapy. ♪ host: according to the poll looking at november, hillary clinton is leading donald trump by 13%. what do you make of those republicans, their own words being used against him? guest: if you are hillary clinton, that is a powerful tool and that is what she will hang her hat on today. hillary clinton has her own
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problems, select talk about her for a second. she is currently under investigation. it is not a partisan investigation, a political tool, a congressional investigation. it is an investigation being conducted by career law enforcement, fbi, department of justice and it has to do with her illegal setting up of the server and whether or not there were violations on the national security act and dealing with her e-mails. that investigation has now really rolled into a public corruption case, as we all know, and it has to do with the family foundation. so the culture of corruption, the curly capitalism that the american people are tired of. to be quite honest with you, when donald trump over the last couple of weeks has said, i have not even begun to deal with hillary clinton yet, i think that is really where people should begin the conversation
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because we saw what he did to jeb bush. we saw what he did to marco rubio. we saw what he did to all the other opponents, and i just think that she will be in for a fight. she is not necessarily prepared for it. if you look at what she has gone on with bernie sanders, she is not the best candidate. she is not herself comfortable as a candidate. she does not evoke confidence in her stanw. -- stance. she is a little uncomfortable in her own skin. when you put that weakness up against a personality like donald trump, there will be some problems. i think she should come -- she could come out on the short end. it is game on.
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host: updates on the clinton server. catherine herridge with fox news has this story where a famous romanian hacker says he breached the clinton server and it was easy. also on the front page of "the washington times," into an aids will be deposed on the e-mail system that was set up and the judge leaves it open ended that hillary clinton herself could also be questioned. guest: to that exact point, i was the chief investigator for congress and the committee on government reform. before that, i worked on the whitewater committee. there is an entire generation, 18-30-year-old voters who have flocked to bernie sanders, but those very voters, hillary clinton will need them in november, they do not know hillary clinton. they do not know her background because they were not voting for
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her. some of them are not even alive, so the clinton campaign is going to say, oh, the server issue is old news. their first thing is that that is the first thing in the playbook, at the new here. they will say the same thing about things and deny it, whether it be the madison guaranty, whether it was her job at the law firm, the host of things that were the corruption of the 1990's, which many people went to prison, many were indicted, there were grand jury's and panels. we do not know if there is a grand jury today. we do not know, and that is why these stories about the upcoming depositions, a potential dead lift, a piece of the park for pie deadly piece of the for her, because if there is a
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grand jury, and you have clinton staff going in and out of a grand jury, and may be herself, that is a game changer. host: let's get the calls. david bossie, president of citizens united, a conservative advocacy group with over 500,000 members and they seek to reassert the traditional these in america -- traditional [indiscernible] you are up first. caller: you're probably tired of hearing about this, but sanders is a joke. he got voted -- host: snyder is a joke? caller: yes, snyder is a joke. when he was voted in the office, we did not want him to tax the senior citizens pensions and what he did was supersede all of that.
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host: david, that was a topic at the beginning this morning. we will move on to joe in florida, independent. we are talking with david bossie of citizens united. caller: we need to remove money out of politics on both parties, democrat and republican, because it destroys this country with corrupting the politicians. i agree with what he said about donald trump. donald trump is doing very well because he once to do away with that and he has 12 million reasons. according to the republicans, donald trump as 28 million. the question is, is donald trump going to deliver? he has a bad record in some other countries. he said he would bring thousands of jobs and the only brought like 150 or 250. host: so will he be able to
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follow through on his promises? guest: donald trump has built a big business. in doing so, you higher and let go a lot's of people over the years. i think those stories will be fully vetted. i think his company is probably a topic of discussion across the country. i think he will stand up very well on the trump corporation. during his primary process, if they were real big issues that come out, they would have because that is the vetting process. there were 16 other candidates working to make sure it goes stories came out and they were there and i did not see them. he really is asking i think the underlying question of corruption and public corruption. it is easy to say that money corrupts a political system and it is horrible for americans and it makes you feel good to say
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it, but there is no evidence to say that good people on both sides, democrats and republicans, would get besmirched, who come to washington to try to do the right they, whether i agree with them ideologically or not is unfair because there is no evidence, there is still evident to say these people are bought and paid for. we do not have tammany hall here, we don't have public corruption trials with members of congress, the senate and governor's going on all the time. host: there is a perception that it does. guest: it feels good to say it but does not mean it is true. host: what to make of the appeal of donald trump because he is saying, no one owns me, i am not
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bought. guest: let me go to your question. you just said he does not take corporate money. the law is still that you cannot take corporate money. i do not mean to correct in a negative way that i mean to say that it is a perception. corporations participate in politics. corporations cannot do certain things and it is this closable those things they do. -- it is disclose about those things that they do. that will be disclosed and we are not seen a lot of it. on both sides, we were seeing both individuals participate in the process and that has been going on since the dawn of time. there are certain limits that have been put on the process for wealthy individuals, but the one thing i know about ceos of the corporations, they are conservative. they're not conservative politically but conservative with their job security, and you will not see -- i will not even named corporations -- these the corporations come up with you drink from the soda can thereby
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the newspapers or whatever, those ceos do not want to get fired over a donation because when you do that, you are irritating half of your marketplace, so these people are doing it individually, but that is different from corporations or dissipating. -- participating. if you see corporation abc, they are usually writing a $10,000 check or $25,000 check to both parties on the same day because they are saying, we want to support the process. that is what it is. host: kelly next, georgia, republican. caller: hi, greta. thank you for taking my call. one of the things that i keep calling in to c-span about, and i thank you for taking my call about, is about the wall. i appreciate donald trump about taking this issue about
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immigration. one of the things the republican party and i think a lot of people get concerned about it. why is donald trump considered that? -- considered a bigot? i think it is disingenuous. i do not think what it says in the constitution, it says one of the things provided by the federal government is that we should be allowed security, and i don't think if we are allowed security at our security asked americans to be allowed security. if we are given central america and mexico, if we are giving them federal aid to stop there
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cartels, to stop them from all the things they are doing, which i think we should do on certain levels, why should we not allow us as american citizens, why should they keep giving them federal aid and not give us at the border? host: ok, i think we hear your point. guest: i think it is one of the reasons why donald trump is the apparent nominee. ♪ >> mr. donald j trump. denver's "country road" playing]
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♪ >> take me home to the place i belong west virginia mountain mama take me home country roads ♪ country road take me home to the place i belong
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west virginia ♪ mr. trump: oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. >> take me home country roads ♪ [cheering] mr. trump: beautiful, west virginia. oh, this is beautiful. thank you very much, everybody. i wish the primaries were not over. so fun this way. i want the primaries to keep going but everyone is out. i am the only one thaleft that's ok, right? right? [cheering]
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mr. trump: yeah, it ended two days ago. and we just kept going 1, 2, 3, 4, one after another and we had a great time. i've never done this stuff before. am i doing a good job? [applause] i'll tell you what, folks. you heard me the other night. i was not thinking even about you. i was thinking about the miners all over this country. we're going to put the miners back to work. we are going to get those mines open. oh, coal country. what they have done. how about hillary clinton? i was watching her three or four weeks ago. see, i'm going to put the miners back to work and she said i'm going to put the miners and the mines out of business
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and then she comes over and she tried to explain her statement. that is a tough one to explain. her sitting at the table with a very good group of people and one of the mierns, he was not affected -- one of the miners, was not exactly happy with her. who do we have, who is a miner in this group? who is the stand up? they are all standing up anyway. i will to you what, folks. you are amazing people. we'l point to take i care of a lot of years affordable abusere, ok? and you can caps on it. --- can count on it 100%. that because i just had a poll, it is irrelevant now icause -- but i was li,ke, think it was the highest poll i've ever had. and there were three people. so, i could have waited. maybe they would have waited another week i would've been happy.
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so, i was not going to come today. they all said you do not have to come, because the contest is over. and you're the nominee of the republican party. congratulations. [applause] mr. trump: you're going to be so happy. you are going to be so happy. but you're now the nominee and you do not have to come west virginia. do they know i'm coming? yes. how many tickets have you sold? we have 32,000 but the arena holds 15,000. i said, does that mean a place is going to be packed? yes. does that mean people are standing outside right now speakers? you have more outside. --aginagine we love the people outside but your location is better. do we agree, right? wait a minute,
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you have 50,000 people in here and you have thousands outside and we are going to notice the people of west virginia i'm not coming because i do not have to come. i don't have to do anything. there is no way i don't go to west virginia. we are going to have fun, ok? right? there's always been something about west virginia. i'll tell you a little secret. i've always been fascinated by the mines. i don't know why. i love construction. i can tell you more about caterpillar tractors than the people that work there. i just know, i love that business. i love construction and i love, i'll tell you, i've just always been fascinated by the mines and the courage of the miners. love whaty the miners
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they do. they love what they do, you know? i was talking to some of the people and i said, why don't they move, why don't they go some place else? in this country cannot go any world because you cannot get a job, because our jobs are going to everyone else but us. we're sending our jobs to mexico, china is taking our jobs, japan. they're all taking our jobs. that's all going to change very rapidly, i promise. [applause] miners do not the want to leave anyway. you want to stay here. you want to open the mines. we are going to open a mines. i see over here, trump digs b coal. that's true, i do. so, i've always been fascinated by it. i have been fascinated by the whole sequence of doing it. it is incredible the engineering now that is involved and the safety and all that has taken place over the last number of
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years, especially over the last 10 years. and all of it's getting safe and they're taking, it away from you in a different way. and i just think you are amazing people. and you watch what happens if i win, we are going to bring those back, you're going to be so proud of your president here you are going to be so proud of your country. you watch -- and the other night, we had a big night. we won indiana. that was a great night. i had so much help. bobby knight. boy, did he help me. wow, bobby knight. and we had the great coach from purdue. but i'll tell you bobby called me like a year ago and 900 games, won three championships, won the elliptic's.
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-- the olympics. a year ago, before i made up my mind, i get a call from bobby knight, w ho i've never met but i have known bobby knight. he's tough any smart and he knows how to win. by the way, that is what the country needs. i recognizedp, and his voice immediately, because -- goes, mr. trump. this is bobby knight. i hope you run. i said, bobbby, run for what? i hope you run, mr. trump. you run for president you're going to make this country great and. i've been following. you know what he has? -- he is? he's an expert on talent. he said, i hope you run. i said, i have not made up my mind yet, but i'd love your number and let me call you back if i decide to run. he said, you have my support.
7:40 pm
a lot of time goes by. the races i'm winning and doing really great but you've been hearing me say it is a rate system. -- a rigged system. now i do not say it anymore because i won. now i don't care. by only way i won is i won such big margins because it is a rigged system. like a boxer, you have to knock them out and then you cannot worry about the judges. i tell that story. you knock them out and you do not have to worry about the judges, right? i won by so much, and what happened with bobby is a friend of mine from indiana, i said, who would be a good endorsement? this was so long ago that bobby called. well, bobby knight would be the greatest endorsement you can get but i doubt you could get bobby knight. i said, i think i can. so, i'm sitting at my desk and i'm looking through all the
7:41 pm
stuff. i did not put it on iphone. i like the notes. the old-fashioned, put it under a pile of stuff, i'm sitting at my desk and i is, robbieere it night. and i call them up and he takes up the phone and we are just about ready to go to indiana and he goes, i've been waiting for you to call. i said, that's right. you going to endorsement? he said, i'll see you next week. and we went into an arena like this and i will tell you the place went crazy. month and a half before i was 10 points down. and then i went once without bobby. we had tremendous receptivity. just for one day. and i left. and we were two points up. then i went for the final four, fieve days.
7:42 pm
and all i did was watch bad ads. watch these horrible, phony ads, done by people who in my opinion are not honest people. some of there weren't so wrong. for the most part. but bad ads. one of them was club for growth. they asked me for $1 million. i said i'm not interested. and then they advertised against me. welcome to the world politics. one ad after another. i said to my people, there is no we can win. they had spent $9 million. they had thousands of these ads. i said, there is no way. i just watch a program and it information that had four ads, all negative ads. my guys said, no, you are going to win. we won indiana in a landslide. it was amazing. amazing. it was amazing. and bobby and all of the guys,
7:43 pm
they were incredible. that endorsement was an amazing endorsement because he is revered in indiana. and outside of indiana, they know who bobby knight is because he is generally speaking, be your basketball teams. that was great. a couple weeks before that i won new york in a landslide. and new york is good. and the nice part about new york is they know me well. the same thing with the ads, negative ads. you know that thing, never trump. do you know why it's never trump? because i am going to stop the gravy train for all these consultants and all these people ripping off our country, the gravy train. so, never trump. by the way, a lot of these are calling up, mr. trump, i admire you greatly. we would love the join a campaign. horrible ad?ou do a
7:44 pm
how do you pivot from that is saying you think i am a wonderful person. he said, no problem, sir. politicians. they can do that. so, now it's really caught on and everyone is happening. then we had, as you know, two weeks ago we had five -- we had maryland, which was unbelievable. all victories, by landslides. we had maryland, pennsylvania where the miners there are just absolutely, they are dying to work. they're dying for work. they're great people. they're great people. i do not know if they are as good as the west virginia miners. what do you think? i don't nkow wknow who's better. i don't know. good, but they are great people and dying for work i was in pittsburgh and i was around pennsylvania. so we won pennsylvania. we won connecticut. in connecticut in won everything
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from greenwich of the poorest areas. he won greenwich, very wealthy people. and he won the poorest areas. i won with men, i won with women. very important. these people, you know, the media is the most dishonest group of people. but boy, they're killing me with the women. i think i am doing great. every state i've won with women, big -- i've won with men and women, rich and poor, highly educated, less than highly educated. white, african-american, we have won with every category. so i won the five states. then i won indiana. so we won all of the stuff, and then it was all of a sudden like they just had enough. the could not stand trump winning.
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and they could not stand the fact that a person that has never done this politically before, and a person that is self funding his campaign -- i don't take the contributions -- [applause] and by the way for the general election, i am going to help raise money for the work with usy'll but we are going to need -- the democrats are going to raise $2 billion. this is politics. i'm also going to put in a lot of money in the general. but we're helping to raise money. we have a great group and we are raising money for the party. we're going to get a lot of other people elected with us, i will tell you. so, so, it's been amazing, folks. it has been amazing. and that's when, this was going to be next. i really wanted to com ehere. i just did not have a hard to say, thanks a lot, west virginia. i have, by the way, i have a team of people that were so great and they were so
7:47 pm
disappointed that i won early. they wanted to win like now, so they get a little of the credit. i said, we just picked up all to delegates, we do not have do anything. i'm glad to be here because i love you people. real. the real people. you're the real, real people. you made this country great, remember that. you made this country great. they did not have ridiculous regulations that put you out of business, they did not have these ridiculous rules and regulations that make it impossible for you to compete. all ofare going to take that off the table and you had better do well and you had better compete and make me proud of you, ok? you will be proud of me. make me proud of you. a fantastic endorsement a little while ago. coalou know your association, west virginia coal
7:48 pm
association just endorsed me. [applause] mr. trump: well, let's put it this way. it was between me and hillary. really affectionately call her cricket hil -- crooked hillary. it was between me and crooked hillary. you know how long i said they were in the room? about 20 seconds. took.s how long it i would like to ask a couple of the guys to come up because they are fantastic people. if i can had chris come up, and bill. chris is going to represent bill. bill -- getting up on the stage is not so easy for him right now. chris, come on up if you would, please. i love this.
7:49 pm
i come here, i get an award. it is probably a hat. i like hardhat. let's see if it is a hard hat. it is a hardhat. it is a hardhat. [applause] >> thank you, thank you. mr. president, on behalf of the best coal miners, on behalf of the best coal miners in the cleanest ande the safest and most environmentally sound coal in the world, we are so pleased to introduce and ann dorsey today, and wish you the best of luck. we'll support you the best we can. thank you. mr. trump: thank you. [applause] >> [indiscernible]
7:50 pm
mr. trump: nice. nice. got to put it on, right? thank you, everybody. that is great. my hair look ok? give me a little spray. your are not allowed to use hairspray anymore because it affects the ozone. you me to tell me, because you know hairspray is not like it used to be. it used to be real good. what i put on it helmet. it really is mine, right? look at this, right? my hair. give me a mirror. in the old days he put the
7:51 pm
hairspray on, it was good. today you put the hairspray on, it is good for 12 minutes, right? you know they say you cannot -- wait a minute, so i take hairspray and if i spray it in my apartment which is all sealed, you're telling me that affects the ozone player? -- ozone layer? no way, folks. no way. that is like a lot of the rules and regulations you people have in the mines. so, i want to thank you folks. believe me it is an honor. i get elected you are going to see what happens. it is going to happen fast, and you are going to be back to better than ever before. meansonestly that beat -- all kinds of energy. we never want to be an a position like we were in before where we were literally controlled by people, opec and others, but we were literally, in the hands of these people.
7:52 pm
not going to happen again, folks. not going to happen again. so, congratulations. to i want -- what i want you do is save your vote. you do not have to vote anymore. save your vote for the general election could forget this one. the primary is gone. save your vote for the general election in november and we are going to show you something and then you will show me something, ok? look at that. ok, thank you. so, we'll talk a little bit about trade and jobs. we will talk a little bit about the borders. are you big border people? the wall. everybody wants the wall. we will have to wall. we will have the wall. that's very nice. we will build that wall. >> build that wall. bill that wall -- build that wall. build that wall
7:53 pm
build that wall. mr. trump: we will build a wall. who's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! mr. trump: not even a doubt, ok? although i must tell you, vincente fox was on television last night and he apologized and accept his apology. i thought it was very nice. did you see it? honestly? i thought it was very, very nice, because i was giving them a little hard time about something. he apologized. he was the former president of mexico and i thought it was very nice he apologize, ok? that's good. because we are going to have great relationships with mexico but we need a border. the border, just like i got from association, coal the endorsement, last week i got borendorsement from 16500 -der patrol agents.
7:54 pm
first time in the history they have ever endorsed a presidential candidate. so, that was an honor. it is very important. the country is in trouble. not only the minres, not only -- the miners not only coal -- although because of nonsense regulations, i think your industry has probably been hit harder than maybe anybody. but many industries have. the over regulation of our businesses is destroying families, it is destroying jobs, destroying businesses. and is really hurting our country and in a sense it is destroying our country. and we are going to change that. we are going to change it fast. when i came down the escalator with my wife on june 16. on, we have toe do it. if you want to see the press, see those prospect there? you have never seen -- see those
7:55 pm
press back there? you have never seen anything like it. it looks like the academy awards. there were over and trump tower. is that something i really wanted to do? doing this takes guts, like you have. but it is a different kind of got. -- kind of guts. i do not think i have your guts, to be honest. but doing that, a lot of courage. i did not want to. i had this great company, this great business, a great family. this is hard work. you go away for a week and you five speechesur, a day sometimes in front of crowds like this. the press will never report how many people are here. it is 28,000 people including outside folks. but they won't -- [applause] mr. trump: and we did not really have to be here. you did not have to be here
7:56 pm
either because of the race being over but you wanted to be here and i wanted to be here. but i came down and i talked about basically two things. trade and illegal immigration. and you know what? it was a pot of gold. i don't say that is something i'm proud of from the standpoint of winning. i hit a nerve because the country knew how out of control illegal immigration was. they knew how totally out of control. , and mostly for me because i have been talking about it for years on different shows and television, they knew from me very strongly from me, they knew how bad our trade deals are. we have the worst trade deals may be ever negotiated and history of mankind. other than that, they're wonderful deals, right? these are the worst deals. let me tell you something, the clinton administration of which hillary was definitely a part, she was a part of almost
7:57 pm
everything. almost, not everything. almost. [indiscernible shouting] mr. trump: terrible. i did not think the people of west virginia thought like that. that's terrible. you should be ashamed of yourselves. terrible, terrible people. clinton administration approved the thing called nafta. which has single-handedly taken vast amounts of our businesses in particular of manufacturing business and brought them into mexico. inant to tell you, i live new york and i know new york state well then it is a great place with great people but i toward upper new york state and i went to syracuse and i went to rome, new york. i went to albany and we were
7:58 pm
getting crowds like you would not believe. the island,ut to suffolk county and different places, and i would see building after building and some of these buildings were really big. empty, epmtmpty. businesses left years ago. the same thing you are having, businesses but the left years ago and they moved to mexico and they moved to other places. frankly, china took businesses and everything else. i get these statistical charts. i have the statisticians that love stats. i would rather be a coal miner than a statistician. but they're good. about 10 different speeches in different states, because i go to pennsylvania and maryland, new york -- i realized they are all the same. did not even really need my statisticians, because they were saying manufacturing daonw 15% from 10 or 15 years ago p all
7:59 pm
the same, population down. median income way down. in this, many people room have not had a pay increase in 18 years. and you are working harder. you're working in some cases to jobs. and you are making less money. -- you are working in some cases two jobs. it is not going to be that way anymore. 18 years, you're working harder, two job making less money. i think it was probably the worst piece of economic development. development ofc mexico, not of this country. these are people that make these their taken care of by contribute and donors or they are stupid. for they have no common sense. they are incompetent. but i think they are not in
8:00 pm
competent. i think they are smart. a friend of mine saw a deal that was made, smart guy, very successful. id could thestup politicians be? i said, they are not stupid. they are smart. they took care of the donors by allowing this deal to happen. i said, do you think anyone would allow a thing like that to happen? they took care of their donors. you look at the clintons with their foundation. it is a discussion -- a disgusting situation. i gave money to the foundation. i figured maybe they would use it properly. i did not know they would use it to fly around in private jets. a lot of people give money to the foundation. what was given for the money? .he whole thing is a scam our whole system -- let me tell you, our system is broken. it is badly broken. if we do not fix it, we are not
8:01 pm
going to have a country left, folks. i will tell you. we are not going to have a country. [applause] and crookedllary -- hillary, when you look at the e-mails -- remember this, bernie sanders -- and i am no fan of bernie sanders, although he does have one thing right. he knows what being ripped off is. he knows we are being ripped off. i know we -- i knew we were being ripped off long before he did and i know how to fix it, ok? we will fix it. we will fix it. [applause] but when you look at what is case on -- you know, a when i left indiana, a big thing out there, and i have been talking about it for months and i think that helped me.
8:02 pm
i saw that 1400 people were laid off i carrier air-conditioning. you know the story. they announced, we are firing these people. great people. every place i went, they had carrier people. i fell in love with them and they fell in love with me. i said, where are my carrier people? they said, essentially, you're fired, like "the apprentice." the guy was not nice about it. he looked like an upper middle management guy. they had a cell phone going, one of the people that got fired. it was all over the news. without the cell phone, i would not know about it. no one would know about it. it would just be another statistic, like what is happening to you and all over. so carrier is going to move to mexico and make their air-conditioning units, of which i buy a lot. i am a carrier person and i buy a lot of different things. they are going to sell them back to the country, no tax and no
8:03 pm
nothing. all we get is unemployment. all we get is the destruction of families and people's lives. we get nothing. believe me. i am a really start -- smart guy. i went to the wharton school of finance. you do not have to go to wharton . you do not have to go to high school. we get nothing and everybody in this room knows it. watched these conservative people and they do not like what i am saying because they want free-trade. but free-trade only works if we have smart people on our side and honest people on our side and we don't have that. we are getting beat by every single country. every single country in the world that does business with us beats us on trade. we are losing over $500 billion a year, trade deficit with china. we are losing $58 billion a year with mexico. not going to happen anymore, ok?
8:04 pm
we are going to balance things out. we are going to make it fair. we have rebuilt china. when i talk about the wall, these guys are on the stage and i like them all. they are fabulous people. after you win, you like everybody. somebody said, do you like this one? you spoke so harshly. i said, i love them. they are my best friends. but they would, to me and say, donald, you know you are not going to build a wall. you cannot build a wall. i save why not? i am a really good builder. which is good. you get a president that can rebuild our infrastructure without having it cost 10 times what it is supposed to cost. you ever see these jobs where they were going to cost $100 million and then they are costing $1.2 billion? do you think somebody made a couple of dollars on these jobs?
8:05 pm
and then you see the contractors, who are smart people, and they are moving into mansions and they moved to palm beach, florida. it is a good life. only in america, folks. we are going to stop it. we have to rebuild our infrastructure. but we are not going to let that happen. i have been watching for six years now. for six years, i have been watching our government talking about how they are not going to let businesses move. they are going to give them incentives and give them low-interest loans. they do not want to make money. they are rich. themple of cases, made low-interest loans and then they moved. they took the low-interest money and then they moved anyway. for six years, i have been watching. you do not want to do that. does not work. i will tell you what works. you explain to the head of carrier or foreign -- or ford or
8:06 pm
isisco -- you know, ford building a $2.5 billion plant to -- in mexico. do you know what that does to michigan and the automobile industry? now it is working out for them. nobody talked to them from our country and said, you cannot do it. or have to be consequences. thousands of jobs. it was announced two weeks ago that they are going to build it much bigger. they are going to build it much bigger. are we stupid people? here is how you solve the problem. you solve the problem by informing any of these companies -- we will use carrier as an example. every air-conditioning unit that you make that comes across the border to be sold in the united states -- and now the border is a strong border, not a week every -- weak border -- air-conditioning unit that you make that comes across the border, you are going to pay a
8:07 pm
35% tax on it. that is all. [applause] them beforeinform they leave, they are not leaving. boy, can that change those numbers rapidly. if they have left or decide to leave anyway, which is possible, you know what is going to happen? we are going to make a lot of money for the country. and every business. why should ford leave this country, go to mexico, build cars, trucks, and parts in one of the biggest plants in the world, sell the cars, trucks, and parts to the united states, pay no tax, and leave all these places empty in michigan and other places? not going to happen anymore. we are not the stupid people. [applause] when they sell a car and that car crosses the border, in the old days, they would just have
8:08 pm
it driven by illegal immigrants. drive right over the border. why not? nobody stops them. just take that car and drive it right over the border. what is happening with that is a disaster, illegal immigration. but why should ford make these products, sell them to us, having let go of thousands and thousands of great workers, and why should they be able to sell it without tax? i am a conservative, but the conservatives hate me for suggesting that you would dare tax somebody. >> we love you! mr. trump: i love you, too. [applause] but this is so easy. -- i want toople do it so badly, but they keep talking about presidential. it is not presidential. when the president called the head of an air-conditioning company -- but it is so much fun
8:09 pm
for me. i love this stuff. i do not take occasions. i am not like obama, where he takes air force one to hawaii, stays there for two or three weeks, plays golf, comes back. , andorce one, a boeing 747 that he has a news conference and talks about the carbon footprint. give me a break. give me a break. [applause] crazy. crazy. myself ando call on i guarantee you what will happen will say,lowing -- he mr. president, i will call you back. he will then hire lobbyists, but they cannot get to me. he will hire special interests, but they cannot get to me. if it is hillary, they will hire the one that is the lobbyist for hillary, they will take care of
8:10 pm
everything. is they willns call back the following day. i said, listen, do not talk to me. just give me a yes or a no. the next day, they will call me and say, mr. president, we are not leaving the united states. we cannot let them leave. we are losing all of our jobs. i am not talking about mining jobs. i am talking about every kind of job there is. you have a different predicament. we are selling coal is china. china can use the coal, but we can't. explain that one. here is what we are going to do. we are going to be the smart people again. we are going to be the really smart people again. we have rebuilt china. roads, a country with hospitals, transportation, , third world. you go to places in the middle
8:11 pm
, uc seeina, japan trains that go 250 miles per hour. chugrains go chug, chug, on tracks that are 100 years old. we are like a third world country. we are going to change it, folks. we are going to change it. we are going to change it. now just to end up, first of all, i usually say you are going to these here and go home and say the country started winning, but you are going to go out and vote. i do not have to say that anymore. but in november, you are going to be vote. that is going to be the greatest vote you ever cast. the vote was supposed to be on tuesday, now i can say stay home , but get twice as many people in november, right? because we have to win. we have to win the general
8:12 pm
election. we cannot take hillary clinton anymore. we have had enough of clinton. again, nafta was given to us by clinton. that was a clinton deal signed by clinton and it has been the most destructive thing. we cannot take anymore of the clinton stuff, which is another four years of barack obama. you cannot take it, folks. you want to have your minds blown 100%. when she says recently, two weeks ago, and i watched her and said, did she make a mistake? when she said she was going to es, do you think she was kidding? and then she comes here two days ago and she is begging for your vote. i didn't really mean that. i did not really mean that. but that is her true feelings. teleprompterave a when she said that.
8:13 pm
that is why she uses a teleprompter. she uses a teleprompter because she cannot make that kind of mistake. i do not have teleprompters, folks. isn't that better? that is better, folks. it is better. [applause] so here is the story. we all had a good time tonight. considering the subject matter is no good. the subject matter stinks. our country is in trouble. the subject matter is bad, but the subject matter will be good because we are going to make america great again. it is going to be good, not bad. good. [applause] so i will be here again before november. i will be here again. we have got to take care of the other people outside. will you let some of those people in next time? let them in. i want to thank them for being
8:14 pm
here. they are hearing me on a speaker. they probably think it is a recording. -- look,is the story we are going to start winning again. we do not win anymore. i love you too, darling. these people are wild. west virginia. [applause] and john denver, by the way, was a friend of mine. he was a good guy, john denver. that is a great song. so we do not win anymore, but we are going to start winning again . and we are going to win with our military. you know, our military has been so far behind. virginiathis -- west has a massive number, disproportionate to almost every other state, of veterans.
8:15 pm
and we are going to take care of our veterans. we are going to take care of our veterans. [applause] we are going to take care of our vets. our vets are great people and we are going to take care of our vets because they have not been taken care of. in many cases, illegal immigrants are taking better care of and our vets -- taken vets. care of than our happent is not going to anymore. we're going to start winning the battle with our military. we are going to knock the hell out of isis, by the way. [applause] our education system is a disaster. we are getting rid of common core and brooding -- and bringing education local. [applause] we are going to repeal and
8:16 pm
replace obamacare, which is a disaster. [applause] we're going to protect and cherish our second amendment, which is under siege. [applause] strong,oing to have powerful borders. we are going to have the wall. mexico will pay for the wall. it will happen. believe me. and we are going to let people come into our country. we are going to let a lot of people come into our country, but they are coming into our country legally. legally. [applause] great are going to make trade deals. we have the greatest business people and the greatest business minds in the world. we are going to use our great business people to make our trade deals. they don't want money.
8:17 pm
they want to play. they want to do it. they love the country in their own way. some are nice and some are not so nice. but i have the backing of some of the greatest business people in the world. they want to do it. they want to see america be great again and we are going to do it. we are going to take these horrible trade deals that are made by people who have absolutely no right to be dealing with the top people in china, the top people of japan -- these are political hacks and we are taking it away. , instead of to make these horrible deals, we are going to make unbelievable trade deals that bring jobs and money and economics back to our country. back to our country. [applause] remember, inot to november -- it seems a long time away, but it is not far at all. i will be back. , will be back once or twice
8:18 pm
even. this is a very important state to win. but you, your family, your friends, you are all going to get out to vote. you will look back and you will say it was the single greatest .ote you ever cast america will be great again. we will be america first. we will start winning and you will be very proud. get ready,se miners, because you are going to be your asses thank you, everybody. thank you. [applause] thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you, folks. ♪ >> west virginia, the rich
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, you make a dead man come make a dead man come ♪ ♪ today w her you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want
8:26 pm
you can't always get what you sometime,if you try you find you get what you need ♪ >> i saw her today at the reception wine in her hand ♪ >> it is according to the chairman of the republican national committee that unity is .he only path for the gop how did the party get there? zeke miller has been looking into it.
8:27 pm
thank you for being with us. what did you sense from rinse pre-this -- reince pribus? how is he doing with the trumpet nomination? attitude adopted the that he seems to have the feeling there is little that he can or cannot do. he will be blamed regardless of the outcome. he has made peace with whatever happens. >> there has been a lot of monday morning quarterbacking. should the republican party have done something sooner to bring down donald trump? that is something they have heard a lot about a lot .rom republicans and the like
8:28 pm
they are supposed to be neutral in the process and leave it up to the voters to decide. what chairman pribus has told me is that he puts the stupid opinions in the stupid bucket. they are not open to a whole lot of second-guessing on that. >> we now know that former president george herbert walker bush and george w. bush will not be an attendant. mitt romney will not attend the convention in cleveland. after the 2012 loss, the republican party did a lot of soul-searching. the gop reported growth in opportunity projects. donald trump seems to be the polar opposite of what the party was recommending a few short years ago. the reports of the autopsy, they bristled at it. it was what it was. it started with a friend diagnosis about where the party needed to go.
8:29 pm
that meant reaching out to latinos, african voters, younger voters, women. a whole slew of technical changes to the party. turning the party into a year-round party. they have done a good job of that at the rnc. what they have struggled that has been these policy descriptions, which they identified early on. things like embracing comprehensive immigration reform . after it was issued, they did not get involved in those discussions. they see their base as very far away from that report. you could argue that ted cruz would have been the stronger rejection of the policy focus on that report. certainly, donald trump is not taking that report to heart either. >> in 2008, you had the merger of the mccain campaign apparatus
8:30 pm
. we saw it again in 2012 with the romney campaign and the rnc so what can we expect from the truck -- the trump organization? zeke: the first work they are working on is getting a joint fundraising agreement negotiated between the campaign and the rnc . that would allow them to start raising coordinated funds. that is something the rnc is nervous about because they need to fund this massive operation year-round that they built up in anticipation of having a nominee . that is the one thing the party is looking for. those are the two big priorities in the next couple of days. the trump campaign are going to try to exert their influence over what it should look like. this will not just be the rnc convention. it will be the donald trump coronation. they have been clear they want more showbiz in cleveland. they want to make it more fun
8:31 pm
and entertaining to make it reflect the candidate, donald trump. that is something that any party convention has not looked like in a long time. they want to make it a little bit more fun. >> certainly no drama. just a week ago, we were talking about the strong possibility of a contested convention. that is now out the door. zeke: certainly. that will not mean that there will not be some serious fights. delegateselicates -- at the convention, some are in the outright never trump camp. donald trump is out of sync where -- with where the existing republican party foundation is. ted cruz has been successful in .etting his diehard supporters they can still put up a fight trying to force donald trump to
8:32 pm
stay on the conservative side of the party. contested, be that bitter fight. >> speaking of senator ted cruz, based on his harsh words tuesday before dropping out of the race, does he support donald trump? does he endorsed him? people have been very clear that he is not anywhere close to being able to make that determination. it was more of a possibility before the attacks on mrs. and senatoruz cruz's father in the closing days of the campaign. it will be a long way before ted cruz is in the kit -- the position of being able to .ndorse donald trump he is looking at his own political future.
8:33 pm
he seemed to indicate that the fight will not die. of course, ronald reagan came back as the republican nominee. if he has his eye on that, not endorsing donald trump may be the more beneficial play. >> does the party come together or remain splintered? some members of the party will come together. will it be enough? donald trump told me yesterday when i spoke to him on the phone, 99% of republicans will get behind him. it will not be that high. is 85% enough? that will be the key test. there are voters out in the rest of the country and a lot of them will fall in line because of the hillary clinton stuff, the bogeyman stuff that is real within the republican party base. he will have to try to find a way to make up for that.
8:34 pm
>> the state of the republican party and its chairman. zeke miller, time magazine is available today starting on newsstands. >> c-span's campaign 2016 coverage continues when republican national committee priebus sits down with mike allen. he will discuss the race, donald trump, and the gop future agenda. >> madam secretary, we probably give 72 of our delegates to the next president of the united states.


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