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tv   U.S. Holocaust Museum Marks Days of Remembrance  CSPAN  May 6, 2016 1:54am-2:59am EDT

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[booing] mr. trump: and we really affectionately call her crooked hillary. right? crooked hillary. it was between me and crooked hillary. and you know how long i said they were in the room? about like 20 seconds. that is how long it took. but i would like to ask a couple of the guys to come up because they are fantastic people. and if i can had chris come up, and bill. chris is going to represent bill. bill is back there. getting up on the stage is not so easy for him right now. but chris, come on up if you would, please. thank you very much. i love this. see, i come here, i get an award. it is probably a hat. or it is probably a hard hat. i like hardhats. let's see if it is a hard hat.
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it is a hardhat. it is a hardhat. [applause] >> thank you, thank you. mr. president, on behalf of the best coal miners, on behalf of the best coal miners in the world, who mine the cleanest and safest and most environmentally sound coal in the world, we are so pleased to introduce and ann endorse you today, and wish you the best of luck. we'll support you the best we can. thank you. mr. trump: thank you. that is so nice. [applause] >> [indiscernible] [applause]
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mr. trump: nice. nice. got to put it on, right? thank you, everybody. that is great. my hair look ok? give me a little spray. you know, you are not allowed to use hairspray anymore because it affects the ozone. you know that, right? i said you me to tell me, because you know hairspray is not like it used to be. it used to be real good. what i put on it helmet. it really is mine, right? look at this, right? my hair. give me a mirror. no, in the old days he put the hairspray on, it was good. today you put the hairspray on, it is good for 12 minutes, right? you know they say you cannot -- i said wait a minute, so i take hairspray and if i spray it in my apartment which is all sealed, you're telling me that affects the ozone layer?
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yes. i say no way, folks. no way. no way. that is like a lot of the rules and regulations you people have in the mines. right? the same kind of stuff. so, i want to thank you folks. it is an honor. believe me it is an honor. i get elected, you are going to see what happens. it is going to happen fast, and you are going to be back to better than ever before. and honestly, that means all kinds of energy. it means all kinds of energy. we never want to be an a position like we were in before , where we were literally controlled by people, opec and others, but we were literally, in the hands of these people. not going to happen again, folks. not going to happen again. so, congratulations. now i want -- what i want you to do is save your vote. you do not have to vote anymore. save your vote for the general
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election, ok? forget this one. the primary is gone. save your vote for the general election in november and we are going to show you something and then you will show me something, ok? look at that. ok, thank you. so, we'll talk a little bit about trade and jobs. we will talk a little bit about the borders. are you big border people? are you big borders? the wall. everybody wants the wall. we will have the wall. we will have the wall. that's very nice. we will build that wall. >> build that wall. build that wall. build that wall . build that wall. mr. trump: we will build a wall. do not worry about it. who's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! mr. trump: not even a doubt, ok? although, i must tell you, vincente fox was on television
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last night, and he apologized and i accept his apology. i thought it was very nice. did you see it? honestly? i thought it was very, very nice, because i was giving him a little hard time about something. and he apologized. he was the former president of mexico, and i thought it was very nice he apologized, ok? that's good. that's good. because we are going to have great relationships with mexico , but we need a border. you know, we need the border, just like i got from west virginia coal association, the endorsement, last week i got the endorsement from 16,500 border patrol agents. first time in the history they -- first time in the history they have ever endorsed a presidential candidate. so, that was an honor. i will tell you. it is very important. the country is in trouble. ot only the miners not only
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nonsense iners but in regulations but i think your industry has been hit harder that maybe anybody. but many industries have. the overregulation of our businesses is destroying families. it's destroying jobs, businesses and it's really hurting our country. and we're going to change that. we're going to change it fast. when i came down the elevator wife, on june 16, i said come on, you have to see the press. you have never seen -- you have never seen anything like it. it looked like the academy awards. and they were all over trump tower. and it's not something i really wanted to do. i mean, doing this takes guts like you have.
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but it's a different kind of guts. i don't think i have your guts. i don't think i have that to be honest. at doing that, you know, took lot of courage. i have a great business. i have a great family. it's been hard work. you go away from a week and you make three, four, five speeches a day. so the stress will never >> that were here. it's 28,000 people including outside folks. but they won't -- they won't -- cheers and applause] we didn't have to be here. you didn't want to be here but you wanted to be here and i wanted to be here. but i came down and i talked about basically two things, trade and illegal immigration. and you know what, it was a pot
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of gold. that that i'm proud of. e country knew how totally illegal immigration was. -- it en talking about i for years. they know very strongly from me how bad our trade deals were. we have the worst trade deals negotiated in mankind. other than that, they're wonderful deals, right? let me tell you something. the clinton administration of which hillary was definitely a part, she was a part of almost everything, almost i say. not everything. lmost. [cheers and applause] terrible. terrible.
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i didn't think the people of west virginia thought like that. that's terrible. you should be ashamed of yourselves. terrible. terrible. people. but the clinton administration approved a thing called nafta which has single handedly taken vast amounts of our businesses and in particular manufacture business and brought them into other countries, brought them into mexico. i want to tell you i live in new york. and i know new york state and it's a great state with great people. i went to syracuse and i went to rome, new york. the real rome. rome, new york. we were getting crowds like you wouldn't believe. andi went to suffolk county i would see building after buildings and some of these
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buildings were really big. empty, empty. businesses were left years ago. same thing that you're having. not as bad. but the businesses left years ago and they moved to mexico and they moved to other places and frankly china took businesses and everything else. i get the statistical chart. i rather by a cole miner -- coal miner than a statistician. after about 10 speeches, i realized they're all the same. i didn't even need my statisticians because it would say manufacturing damage 50% from 10 years ago or 15 years ago. and all the same. population down. median income way down. you know, many people in this room haven't had a pay increase in 18 years, 18 years. and you're working harder.
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you're working in some cases two jobs and you're making less money. it's not going to be that way anymore, folks. it's not going to be that way anymore. it's not going to be. [cheers and applause] harder, you'reing making less money. it's not going to happen. what's happening is that nafta was -- again, i think it's probably the worst piece of economic development of mexico not of this country. these are people that make these deals that are either taken care of by their tributors or their they're r or -- or stupid. or they either have no common sense or incompetent. my friend, very successful. he said donald, how stupid can the politicians be? they took care of one of their
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donors by allowing this particular deal to happen. he said what you do mean? i said do you think anybody would allow a thing like that to happen? and they took care of their donors. you look at the clinton with the foundations, it's a disgusting situation, ok? hey, you know what, i gave money to the foundation. i figured you know, maybe they'll use it properly. i didn't know they were going to use it to fly around on private jets. a lot of people gave money to the foundation. but some of the money given, i men you take a look. what was given for the money? the whole thing is a scam. our whole system. let me tell you, our system is broken. it's badly badly broken. and if we don't fix it, we're not going to have a country left, folks, i'll tell you. we're not going to have a country. and crooked hillary, whether you look at the e-mails, remember
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this -- bernie sanders and i'm no fan of bernie sanders, although he does have one right. he knows what it is being ripped off on trade. now, he can't do anything about it. he knows one thing. he knows what's being ripped off on treafment i know what's being ripped off long before he did and i know how to fix it, ok? we'll fix it. we'll fix it so that we get the benefits. [applause] but when you look at what's going on and, you know, a case when i left indiana, a big thing out there and i've been talking about for months. i think that helped me. saw or four months ago i that 300 or 400 people were being laid off. they announced they were being fired. every place i went, they had carrier people. i fell in love with them.
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they fell in love with me. they said, essentially you're fired. you're fired! the guy wasn't nice about it. he wasn't nice about it. and he looked like an upper middle management guy. and they had a cell phone going. one of the people that got fired. and it was all over the news. and without the cell phone, i wouldn't have known about it. it would be another statistics that's happening to you. so carrier is going to move to mexico. sell them back to the country, no tax, no nothing. so all we get is unemployment. that's all we get. all we get is the destruction of families and people's lives. we get nothing. and believe me. i'm like a really smart guy. i went to the warden school of finance. and you don't have to go to
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warden. you could not -- you don't have to go to high school. we get nothing. and everybody in this room knows it. so i watched these conservative people and they don't like what i'm saying. they don't like what i'm saying because they want free trade. but free trade only works if we have smart people on our side and honest people on our side and we don't have that. we're getting beaten by every single country in the world that does business with us beats us on trade. we're losing over $500 billion a year, trade deficit with china. we're losing $58 billion a year with mexico. not going to happen anymore, ok? we're going to balance things out. we're going to make it fair. we've rebuilt china. when i talk about the wall, these guys that were on the stage and now i like them all. i love them.
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fabulous. after you win, you like everybody, right? i like them. somebody said, do you like this one, this one, this one because you spoke so harshly? i said i love them. they're my best friend. they would come up to me. they said donald, you know you can't build a wall. explain to me why? because i'm a really good builder. you get a president that can rebuild our unr infrastructure without having the cost 10 times what it was supposed to cost. have you ever seen these jobs where they were going to cost $100 million and they end up costing $1237b9 billion. do you think somebody made a couple of dollars on these jobs and then you see the contactors who are smart people and then they're moving into mansions and they move to palm beach, florida. the good life. only in america, folks. we're going to stop it. we're going to stoipt. all right? we have to rebuild our
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infrastructure. but we're not going to let that happen. so here's what i'm going to do. i've been watching for six years now. now it's actually turned -- for six years i've been watching our government talking about how they're not depoipping to let businesses move. they're going to give them insenities. they don't need money. they're rich. they don't need money. they want to do all sorts of things. i mean, in a couple of cases they made them low interest loans and then they moved. they took the low interest money and then they moved anyway. so for six years i've been watching. you don't want to do that too complicated. doesn't work. you explain the head of carrier naabisco. ford is building a $2.5 million. you know what that does to the automobile industry? now, it's working out for them. nobody talked to them from our
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country. there has has to be consequences when you do that. it was announced that now they're doubling down. they're going to build it much bigger. are we stupid people? so here's how your solve the problem. you solve the problem by informing the country but we'll that rrier as an example, every air-conditioning unit that you make to be sold to the united states and now the border is a strong border not a weak one. it's a strong one. every air-conditioning unit that you make that comes across the bored, you're going pay a 35% tax on that. that's all. that's all. [applause] now, if you inform them before they leave, they're not leaving because boy, can that change numbers rapid will. if they decide to leave anyway
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which is possible. you know what's going to happen? we're going to make a lot of money for the country and every business. why should ford leave this country, go to mexico, build cars, trucks and parts in one of the biggest plants in the world, ell the cars, parts to the united states, pay no tax and leave all these places empty in michigan and other places? not going to happen anymore. we're not the stupid people anymore. [cheers and applause] when they sell a car and that car crosses the border, you know in the old days they just have it driven in by an illegal immigrant. why not? nobody stops them. just take that car and drive it over the border. what's happening with that is a disaster, illegal immigration.
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but why should ford make these products, sell them to us, having let go of thousands and thousands great workers and why should they be able to sell it without a tax? now, i'm a conservative. but the conservatives hate me for suggesting that you would dare tax somebody. >> we love you, trump! >> i love you too. i love you too. but this is so easy. this is so easy. and i tell people what i tell. i want to do it so badly. but they keep talking presidential. it's not presidential when the president calls the head of a damn air-conditioning company but it's so much fun for me. i love this stuff. i don't take vacations. i'm not like obama where he takes air force one in hawaii, theys there for two or three weeks. plays golf. comes back. right, air force one. a boeing 747.
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and then he has a news conference and then he talks about the carbon footprint must be saved. give me a break. give me a break! [cheers and applause] crazy. crazzy -- crazy. so i want to call myself. and i guarantee you will what will happen is the following. he'll say mr. president, i'll call you back. he'll then call a lobbyist. but they can't get to me. they'll hire a special interest, but they can't get to me. if it's hillary they'll hire the one that says hillary. i'm the lobbyist for hillary. pay me millions of dollars i'll take care of anything. i've given her millions of dollars. give me anything. they will call me the next day. i said listen, don't talk to me. give me a yes or a no. the next day they'll say, mr.
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president, we're not leaving the united states. we're not leaving. we can't let them leave. we are losing all of our jobs. i'm not talking about mining jobs i'm talking about every kind of job there is. you have a different predict yfment you know the one place where we're selling coal is china! so china could use the coal but we can't. you explain that one. china can use it. so here's what we're going to do. we're going to be the smart people again. we're going to be the really smart people again. we have rebuilt china. we have a country with the roads, the hospitals the transportation, the airports. they're third-world. you go to places in the middle east. you go to china, you go to japan, you see planes that go -- trains that go 250 miles an hour. chug, our trains and go
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chug, chug. we're like a third-world country. so we're going to change it, folks. we're going to change it. now, just to end up, first of all, you know, i usually say you're going to leave here and you're going to go home and you're going to say the country started but you're going to go out and you're going to vote. i'll come back. but in november you're going go out and you're going vote. that's going to be the greatest vote you ever cast, ok? [cheers and applause] the vote was supposed to be on tuesday. i can say stay home but get twice as many people in november, right? because we have to win -- we have to win the general election. question not take hillary clinton anymore. we've had enough of clinton, you know, again, nafta was given to us by clinton. that was a clinton deal signed
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by clinton and it's been the most destructive thing. we can't take anymore of the clinton stuff which is another stuff of barack obama. you can't take it, folks. you want to have your mind at 100%. and when she said, recently, two weeks ago, i watched her. i said did she make a mistake? but when she said she's going to close the miners and close the mines. i've got think, do you think she was kidding? do you really think? and then she comes here and she's begging for your vote. i didn't really mean that. i didn't really mean that. that's her true feeling, ok? she didn't have a teleprompter when she said that. that's why she use as teleprompter. she uses the teleprompter because she can't make that kind of mistake, ok? i don't have a teleprompter.
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isn't it better? it's better. [cheers and applause] so here's the story. we all had a good time tonight. because during the subject matter is no good. you know, the subject matter stinks. i mean, our country is in trouble. because the subject matter is bad but the subject matter will be good because we are going the make america great again. it's going to be good. not bad. good. [cheers and applause] so i'll be here again before november. i'll be here again. we've got to take care of the other people outside. will you let some of those people inside? let them in. but and i want to thank them for being here. they probably think it's a recording. but here's the story, look. we're going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. we don't win -- i love you too, darling.
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[cheers and applause] you people are wild! west virginia. cheers and applause] and john denver, by the way was a friend of mine. john denver. . at is a great song so we don't win anymore. but we're going to start winning again. and we're going to win with our military. you know, our military has just been so far behind. and remember this -- west rginia has a massive number, disproportionate to almost every other state of veterans. and we're going take care of our veterans. we're going to take care of our veterans. [cheers and applause] we are going to take care of our
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vets. our vets are our great people and we're going to take care of our vets. because they have not been taken care ofment in many cases illegal immigrants have been better taken care of than our vets. and that's not going to happen. not going to happen. so we're going to start winning with our military. we're going to knock the hell out of isis, by the way. [cheers and applause] we're going to take care of our vets, our educational system is going to get so much better, it is a disaster right now. we're getting rid of common corps. we're bringing education local. we're going to repeal and replace obamacare, which is a disaster. cheers and applause] we're going to protect and cherish our second amendment, so important.
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[cheers and applause] we're going to have strong, powerful voters. we're going to have the wall. mexico will pay for the wall. it will happen. believe me. [cheers and applause] and we're going to let people come into our country. we're going to let a lot of people come into our country. but they're coming into our country legally, legally. cheers and applause] we have the greatest business minds in the world. we're going use our business people to make our trade deals. they're dying to do it. they don't want money. they want to play -- they want to do it. they love the country in their own name. vom nice. some aren't so nice. but i have the backing of some of the greatest people in the world. they want to do it. they want to see america be
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great again. so we're going to take these horrible, horrible trade deals that are made by people that have absolutely no right to be dealing with the top people of china, the top the people of japan. these are political hacks and we're taking it away. and we are going to make instead of these horrible deals, we're going to make unbelievable trade deals that bring jobs and money and economics back to our country, all right? back to our country. [cheers and applause] so you've get to remember, in november, eems a long time away but it's not far at all. and i'll be back. and i'll be back one or twice even because this is a very important state to win. but you, your family, your friends you're all going to get time-out vote. and i will tell you, you will look back and say it was the
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single greatest vote you will cast. america will be great again. will be america first. we'll start winning, winning, winning. and you are going to be very proud and for those mipers get ready because you're going to be working your asses off, all right? thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. cheers and applause] thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. hank you, folks.
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♪ country road take me home to the place i belong west virginia take me home country road all my memory gather around here
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s ♪ take me home country road i hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me the radio remind me of my home far away and driving down the road i get a feeling that i should have been home yesterday yesterday country road take me home o the place i belong mountain momma
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take me home country roads country roads take me home to the place i belong ♪ >> if according to the chair of the national committee says that unity is the only path for victory for the g.o.p. how does the party get there? zeke miller has been looking into this. his piece available at the thank you for being with us. first of all, what did you sense spending time om with him? he's adopted something of a zen-like attitude. he was -- he made peace one way or the other with the outcome. in his mind talking to him and talking to people close to him. he seems have the feeling that there's little that he can or can't do, you know, that to be -- he is going to be blamed regardless of the outcome. he'll get the credit or the blame but not probably a lot of
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the former or the latter so he's piece with what happens. >> there's been a lot of monday morning quarterbacking. should the republican party have done something sooner to bring down donald sflump and if that's the case what would the role be of the party chair? >> they've heard a lot about that at the r.n.c. you hear from republican pundits and the like. so the answer is going to be neutral and leave it up to the voters to decide. he puts the stupid opinions in the stupid bucket. that indicates how that they're not open to that. >> george w. bush will not be in attendance. mitt romney will not be there. the republican party doing a lot of soul searching.
2:29 am
yet, donald trump seems be the polar opposite of what the party was recommending just a few short years ago. >> yeah, we called that report the autopsy. it's something that they ristled about it at the r.n.c. it's how they lost and what they needed to do to fix it. it was a stark realization of where they need to go reaching out to younger voters, latinos and african americans voters and reaching out to women. the technical changing turning it to, you know, a cycle round party. they're done a good job of that at the r.n.c. but where they struggled at has been these policy prescriptions which they identified pretty early on. and that meant like embracing comprehensive immigration reform and the republican party after this report was issued didn't
2:30 am
get involved after the gang of eight bill failed. they're seeing their base move very far away from that bill and it.ct but certainly donald trump isn't taking that report to heart either. >> in 2008, you had the merger of the mccain campaign apparatus. we saw it again in 2012 with the romney campaign and the r.n.c. so what can we expect with the trump organization and that republican party chair and his r.n.c. staff? >> well, certainly the first bit of work they're working on immediately is getting a joint fundraising agreement negotiated out between the campaign and the r.n.c. and that will allow them to start raising coordinated funds and that's something the r.n.c. has been nervous about because they need to fund this massive operation year round they've built up.
2:31 am
that's one thing they're looking forward to. for the trump campaign they're going to try to exert their influence over what that convention looks like. this will not be the republican party's convention. it will be the donald trump coronation. they want to be clear, they want to have more show biz in cleveland. they want to make it fun and entertaining and to rye to make i reflect their candidate, donald trump. they haven't looked like that in a long time. they're not fun affairs. it's a lot of business going on. they want to maket for fun. >> but no drammeh. we were talking about the strong possibility of a contested open convention that now is out the door. > certainly. that won't mean there will not be any fights. they are pledging to fight on
2:32 am
things like the platform. donald trump is out of -- sort of out of sync where the existing republican platform is. certainly ted cruz is very successful in getting some of the e hard supporters on floor. they can still put up a fight particularly trying to force donald trump to stay to the con serbity side of the party. if they want to they can cause some troubles for him. it won't be a contested bitter fight like we were talking about over the last few months. but it won't necessarily be smooth sailing either. >> and zeke miller, based on his very harsh words just tuesday before dropping out of the race, does he support donald trump? does he come out and endorse him? >> you know, talking to people close to him over the last few days, they've been very clear, he's not anywhere close to being able to make that determination.
2:33 am
and it was certainly more of a possibility before the attacks on the -- on mrs. cruz and the attacks and his father in the closing days of the campaign. but it's going to be a long ways before ted cruz is in that position of being able to endorse donald trump. he's obviously looking at his own apply cal future even in his withdraw speech. he seems to indicate that the fight won't die comparing himself to ronald reagan. and he came back four years later. so he has his eye on that. maybe the more -- maybe the more beneficial political play. >> final question, does the party come together or does it remain splintered? >> certainly some of the voters in the party will come together. but the question will be will it be enough? donald trump told me yesterday when i spoke to him on the phone. he said 99% of the party will get behind him.
2:34 am
it won't be enough. >> is 85% enough? that will be the key test certainly of the folks in washington certainly of the "republican establishment." a lot of them are going to fall in line certainly because of the hillary clinton sort of the the boogy man effect that's very real within the republican party base. but he's going to lose some voters about he'll have to find a way to make up for that. >> the state state of the republican party. zeke miller of "time magazine." thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. proudly ecretary, we give 72 of our delegate votes to the next president of the united states. ♪
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[cheers and applause] >> coming up on c-span, the u.s. holocaust museum hosting the annual holocaust remembrance ceremony. then a discussion about efforts to combat anti-semitism around the world. and a look at the life of syrian efugees now living in the u.s. >> can c-span's 2016 campaign coverage continues when reince prieb you s silts down with politico's mike allen. he'll discuss donald trump and the g.o.p.'s future agenda. live coverage at 8:00 a.m.
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astern on c-span2. c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning, jim tankersly, washington post economic correspondent and monalt director erin courier. they talk about fiscal america. they'll analyze job security, economic mobility and savings practices. be sure to watch at 7:00 a.m. eastern on friday morning. join the discussion. >> on american history tv on c-span 3 -- >> we are here to review our findings of the f.b.i. domestic o telligence including the c and tell program.
2:37 am
political abuses of f.b.i. intelligence and several specific case of unjustified intelligent operation. >> the 1975 church committee hearings convened to investigate the activities of the c.i.a., f.b.i., and the n.s.a. tom charles huston on a plan he presented to president nixon. using burglary, electronic surveillance and o it's opening of mail. >> you have taken black bag jobs for a number of years up until 1966, it has been successful and valuable again particularly in matters involving espionage. ey felt that again given the revolutionary climate, they needed to have the authority to do. >> just before 7:00 p.m.
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eastern. >> and she said, you were chosen -- she was iraqi. she was there for four years attend of the concentration camp. she spoke hungarian also. they asked her what's happening? that said, you see smoke? >> holocaust survivor anna gross recalled her experiences at a a chu wits memorial. then at 8:00 on lectures and history. >> an an arc kist named alexander berkman broke into frick's office in nearby pittsburgh, shot him twice and repeated stabbed hip.
2:39 am
berkman is one of the great failures in assassination history. not only did he fail to kill frick, he also unders can fine mined the strikers for whom he was expressing sympathy. they saw it as a discredit to the movement. >> >> and sunday morning at 10:00 on "road to the white house" ewind, the 1968 a former democratic governor of alabama, george wallace. for the complete weekend chedule go to c-span,.org. > next u.s. holocaust museum memorial ceremony. israeli ambassador the u.s. ron dermer and penny spoke at the hour-long event. ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, tom bernstein, chairman of the united states holocaust memorial council. ,om: good morning and welcome distinguished guests, friends of the museum, and especially
2:41 am
holocaust survivors. in a few minutes, we will welcome the flags of the u.s. army divisions that liberated -- the nazi --azi concentration camps. this stirring ceremony fills us our the pride and awe of security forces then and now 75 years ago, as late as the spring of 1941, our nation overwhelmingly opposed fighting the nazis. the election campaign the previous year, president franklin roosevelt was up against powerful isolationists such as charles lindbergh, one of the most revered men in america. in response of being accused of plotting to enter the war, fdr made a campaign pledge to the mothers and fathers of america and said, "your boys are not
2:42 am
going to be sent into any foreign wars. after being reelected, fdr pushed his legislation through congress. his critics called it a dictatorship bill. he called it the creation of the arsenal of democracy, reflecting broad public sentiment at the time. senator taft of ohio said war is worse than a german victory. while part of our country was busy keeping america out of the war, others were busy keeping refugees out of america. it was reported that the not nazis were bribing jewish immigrants. this outlandish claim made reducing immigration an important national security measure. the state department imposed even harsher restrictions on those trying to escalate persecution and violence. in that pivotal year, 40% of all
2:43 am
immigration applications were rejected and less than half of the quota was filled even though hundreds of thousands of jews desperately sought to escape. a trickle of a few thousand was admitted to a nation of 133 million. year fora pivotal another reason. on the other side of the world, began tonted events unfold that barely penetrated american consciousness or public concern. our doors were shutting as the systematic murder of jews was beginning with the invasion of the soviet union. that the time, it did not seem like we were consigning the jews to sure death, but that is indeed what happened. overcome by our fears and a failure of imagination, we allowed xenophobia and anti-semitism to shape our policies.
2:44 am
of course, 1941 would end with another pivotal event, the attack on pearl harbor. even after america's entry into the war, it would take most 3.5 years to defeat not theism -- n aziism. that was an eternity for the doomed jews of europe. by the time they reached the camps, they found a tiny remnant of what had been. so today, as we watch these flags, we are reminded of our profound gratitude to those 16 million americans who served in world war ii. a few of whom are here today. we are losing 430 veterans every day, but our gratitude is an during -- enduring. we remind ourselves that the very freedom they fought to preserve is always fragile. every one of us has a responsibility to protect it. thank you. [applause]
2:45 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the presentation of the flags of the united states army liberating divisions, followed by the national colors. ? ? >> first infantry division. ? >> the 101st airborne division. ? >> second infantry division. ? >> 82nd airborne division. ? >> fourth infantry division. ? >> 20th armored division. ?
2:46 am
>> eight infantry division. ? >> 14th armored division. ? >> 26th infantry division. ? >> 12 armored division. ? >> 29th infantry division. ? >> 11th armored division. ? >> 30th infantry division. ? >> 10th armored division. ? >> 36th infantry division. ? >> ninth armored division. ? >> 42nd infantry division. ?
2:47 am
>> eighth armored division. ? >> 45th infantry division. ? >> sixth armored division. ? >> 63rd infantry division. ? >> fourth armored division. ? >> 65th infantry division. ? >> third armored division. ? >> 69th infantry division. ? >> 101st infantry division. ? >> 71st infantry division. ? >> 103 infantry division. ?
2:48 am
>> 93 infantry division. ? >> 83rd infantry division. ? >> 85th infantry division. ? >> 84th infantry division. ? >> 90th infantry division. ? >> 86th infantry division. ? >> 89th infantry division. ?
2:49 am
>> please remain standing for the presentation of the national colors. ?
2:50 am
♪ [playing national anthem] ♪
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2:52 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. ladies and gentlemen, ambassador ron dermer of the state of israel. >> chairman bernstein, senators, members of congress, fellow
2:53 am
ambassadors, world war ii veterans and above all, the survivors and their families who are here today, we are the gathered here to remember the murder of 6 million jews and the murder of 1.5 million jewish children. to remember a civilization capable of producing a gutenberg and a beethoven was also capable of producing a goebbels and hitler. to remember the leaders who sent brave soldiers also turned away refugees on the st. louis. to remember the righteous -- 70 years after the holocaust, the task of remembering should not
2:54 am
be difficult. seven decades is not long enough for ghettos and rail cards, let alone death camps and crematoriums, to fade from our collective memory. what has largely been forgotten is the powder keg of hatred that preceded the violence against the jews of europe. a powder cake that has been filled to the brim by the vilification and slandering of the jews throughout the ages. for more than two millennia, the jew was typecast as the enemy of mankind. we were depicted as the poisoners of wells, the spreaders of plague, the murderers of children. even the murderers of god. no doubt come a combustible mix
2:55 am
of national, economic and social factors in 1930's germany helped light the fuse. without the powder keg of hatred, such a lethal explosion would never have been possible. while this horrific explosion has been seared into our collective consciousness, the powder keg of hatred has been largely forgotten. we have forgotten that anti-semitism did not begin in nazi germany. we have forgotten that this hatred has transcended time and space, faith and cultures. we have forgotten the names -- we have forgotten what happened over 2000 years ago in alexandria or what happened 1000 years ago in -- the irony is that the holocaust is the main
2:56 am
reason we have forgotten. because of its unprecedented scale and scope, because of its unfathomable premeditation and unimaginable cruelty, the holocaust has been a blinding sun linking -- blanking out the stars of anti-semitism. just as the hatred of jews do not begin with the holocaust, -- did not begin with the holocaust, hatred of the jews did not end with the holocaust. for a time, this was not fully understood. for a half-century after auschwitz, it was politically incorrect to openly hate jews. but those days are over. hating jews is fashionable once again. you can see it in the fbi
2:57 am
statistics which show that of all the anti-religious hate crimes in america, 57% are perpetrated against jews. you can also see it in how the old hatred of the jewish people has become a new hatred of the jewish faith. the slanderer's depiction of israel as a perpetrator of genocide once again casts the jews as the enemy of mine kind -- mankind. these lies are believed not just by the ignorant, but also by the educated. as statements by the swedish foreign minister and facebook posts of british parliamentarian s can attest -- a former mayor of london even declared hitler supporter of zionists. only in the thickest of minds
2:58 am
can a monster who was committed to the strangers -- the return of anti-semitism as a force in the world should surprise no one. sadly, the aberration just a few decades after the holocaust when anti-semitism was taboo. while this age old hatred has returned, this time, things are different. this time, the jewish people are no longer a stateless and powerless people. the founders of zionism hoped that the establishment of israel would end anti-semitism. they believe that the semitism persisted


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