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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  May 7, 2016 6:19pm-6:31pm EDT

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earp. he basically left his family temporarily. they were living in illinois. he came back to the midwest and ventured down to southern california, passing through the san bernardino valley. >> we will visit the san bernardino history and railroad museum and talk about the importance with alan bone, san bernard a no historical society vice president, located in the depot. >> construction was completed in 1918 and replaced a wooden structure that was approximately 100 yards east here. why it was built a lot larger than it was needed, because they decided to house the division headquarters at this location at that time.
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>> the c-span cities to her throughout the day on book tv. and sunday afternoon on c-span3. working with cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. >> president obama talks about equal pay for women. steve shabbat has the republican response, he talks about small businesses. obama: in our house every that he knows president is only the family. this weekend i'm going to take extra time to say thank you to michelle for them -- for the remarkable way she does the most important job, being a mom. we are going to give special extra thanks to my mother-in-law for the role model she has been to michelle and the countless selfless way she has helped me and michelle raise our
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children. i am lucky to have these helpful raise, love, and look after our girls. i hope you will say thank you to the women in your life. biological moms, adoptive moms, and foster moms. godmothers, aunts, mentors, whomever you think of when you think of mother's day. or take a moment to remember the moms that will rate -- moms that raised us and whom we miss every day, no matter how old we get. on this mother's day we will recommit ourselves to doing more than flowers. two seats that match our words, let's give mothers the respect they deserve. give all women the quality they deserve, give all parents the support they need in their most important roles. paid maternity and
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paternity leave. good health care, affordable childcare, flexibility of work, equal pay, and a decent minimum wage. we ask our mom's to do more than their fair share of everything, making sure they are treated fairly is the least we can do. the idea of setting aside a sunday in may became an idl -- the did it on the eighth, same day we will celebrate mother's day this year. withy they can back it up the things that give it meaning. that is what my mother taught me. i wouldn't just say i agreed with it on principle. this mother's day, say thank you. say i love you. let's make sure we show that appreciation through acts of
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respect throughout the year. knowing deserves that more than our moms. happy mother's day, and have a great weekend. >> every day, about one in three americans gets up and goes to work in a small business. it is just them. maybe they have been lucky enough to build a lifelong career in the place they started. that is why will talked about supporting our small businesses, we are not talking about buildings on main street or bottom lines on spreadsheets. we are talking about millions of people, families, and futures. since 1963 democrats and republicans alike can recognize this week as a time to celebrate the contributions of small businesses to every community in america. business models have changed, but the enduring spirit of american innovation continues to breathe life into our economy and creates jobs no government
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program can. there is a lot that divides us. in my time i have not met one person who believes our small bit -- our small businesses should carry the burden of regulations and complicated taxes. small businesses have to pay more than $11,000 for each employee in federal regulatory costs alone. that is before these new higher health care premiums are due. these are realities that we want to change. are nocans know there efforts to big or too small. that is why we have done things like making the research and tax credit development permanent. fees for veterans that want to be entrepreneurs. and we're just getting started.
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we know every business and product and job big or small started with an idea. that's why entrepreneurs everywhere should be energized by our agenda for the future. we bring bold new ideas to the table, and that will change the way washington does business. we know the biggest obstacles we face won't just go away overnight. instead of accepting these are challenges we have to live with, we are building long-term solutions to fix them. congress is learning to do what america not for nurse to best, take care of today and plan for tomorrow. if we want a confident america, we need confident americans. job creation, innovation, and the courage to try and fail until you succeed, those are the building blocks of a future we can all get excited about.
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i get to hear small business stories from all over the country every day. ideasare looking for bold for building the future, look no further than america small businesses. c-span3, -- >> we are here to review the major findings of our investigation into the fbi domestic intelligence. including programs aimed at the domestic target. fbi surveillance of law-abiding abuses, andlitical several specific cases of unjustified intelligence operations. >> to investigate the intelligence activities of the cia come fbi, irs, and nsa. the commission question former associate counsel and staff to toon on a plan he presented
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president nixon to collect information about antiwar and radical groups using burglary, electronic surveillance, and opening of mail. >> it had been successful and valuable again, particularly in espionage. revolutionary climate they thought they needed to have the authority to do it. >> just before 7 p.m. eastern. >> she came and said you were chosen. she spoke on gary and also. her, what is happening to us? -- we asked what is happening to us? where are our parents? she said,
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you see that smoke? there are your parents. >> forced hard labor. this event was part of the united states holocaust memorial museum's first-person series. then on lectures in history -- >> and anarchist broke into the pittsburgh,arby shot him twice, and repeatedly stabbed him. this is one of the great failures in assassination history. kill, hedid he fail to also undermined the strikers for whom he is professing sympathy. public opinion does a discredit to the union movement. >> the university of maryland's robert child on social unrest at the turn of the 20th century. and then the 1968 presidential
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campaign, a former democratic governor of alabama. for the complete weekend schedule, go to >> the communicators is next with michael o'rielly. then veterans affairs secretary robert mcdonald talks about v.a. operations and improving veteran access to health care. later georgia congressman john lewis receives the 2016 award from the u.s. holocaust memorial museum. >> this weekend, the c-span city two are by charter and time warner cable partners takes you to san bernardino california to explore the history and literary culture of this city, located east of los angeles. on december 2 20 15, 14 people were killed and more were
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seriously injured in an attack. we will talk with the congressman pete aguilar about the attack. his district includes the regional center. it's something that across this country means something, because this is a big city that was attacked. this could happen. >> we will speak with the city councilman about establishing a permanent memorial. >> it provides a sense of remembrance. it highlights their lives and what they contributed to our local community and certainly always will be near and dear place for us to provide a place for serenity. we are thinking a garden in and


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