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tv   RNC Chair Reince Priebus Discusses Campaign 2016  CSPAN  May 8, 2016 10:34am-11:31am EDT

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at eight ago at 8:00 eastern on c-span's "q&a." of the week that saw the last of donald trump's republican primary opponents chairut of the race, rnc was interviewed by politico's my gallon for just over 45 minutes. [applause] >> thank you for coming out this morning. we have reince priebus with us, looking forward to a conversation with him looking ahead, talking about the convention and about november. i would like to thank bank of america for continuing to support these great conversations. bank of america is here. we really appreciate our
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partnership with bank of america that has taken us all of the country to talk about the most important issues in politics and policies. thank you to bank of america for being a great partner for many years now. we appreciate your support. welcome all of you. we will be taking your questions. i have the twitter machine up here. just hashtag your questions and they will pop up for me. now without further ado, chairman priebus. [applause] mr. chairman, thank you for doing this. mr. priebus: this is off the record, right? [laughter] >> mr. chairman, we are going to start with a gift to the guest which we have never done before. in your profile with cnn, which was done before tuesday, they asked you how you were feeling
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about how the primaries were going. and you said i am not exactly pouring baileys in my cereal. thanks to my colleagues, a little present for you, mr. chairman. mr. priebus: excellent. now where is the lucky charms and bowl? >> there you go. [applause] >> daniel points out there are two, one for you and one for your nominee. who is the one person in washington who has a harder job than you? mr. priebus: maybe my chief of staff. >> your job is to elect donald trump president of the united states. that makes you feel how? mr. priebus: look, we have said all along whoever our nominee is, we are obviously here to support the nominee. i think we are as prepared as we
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have ever been. if we had the r.n.c. of today four years ago, i think mitt romney would be president. data, field staff, we have gone from a committee that was in disarray to a committee that has raised over 75 million more dollars than d.n.c. just the cycle. hundreds of thousands of people in the field. 5000 people going through six weeks of training. and $100 million makeover in our data operations. we are prepared to keep the senate, keep the house, and win the white house. i would rather take a few elbows being thrown than the director of the f.b.i. interviewing your top aides and potentially the democrat nominee. mr. allen: take us behind the scenes. tuesday night, you were in milwaukee. the spent the night in your bed,
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which you rarely do. tell us what happened when you decided and tweeted donald trump what is the presumptive nominee. mr. priebus: i said he would be. obviously, kasich was still in the race. presumptive nominee, you still need to be at 1237 to be the presumptive nominee. no one else is running, so obviously i think it is safe to say at some point, he is going to be the presumptive nominee. let me tell you where we were. we had planned a fundraiser in milwaukee. obviously, those are kind of family members to me. they have been helping me since i have been chairman of the wisconsin party. we had gone into the pfister, which you have been to. i had heard rumors about the potential of ted cruz dropping out in the afternoon. i did not go out of my way to confirm any of it or make any phone calls because sometimes there are times you don't want to be in the information loop on things like that, because once
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you are in the loop, if something leaks, you're one of the people in the loop. we will find out soon enough. i did call my chief of staff and say, what if ted cruz actually drops out tonight? what do you think of that? we talked a little bit about it. i don't think it is going to happen. went to the fundraiser. and sure enough, when the cellphone starts buzzing. a few buzzes is one thing. when you get like 15 in a row and you don't want to look down at your phone when you're talking to people but you pick it up and realize i guess the rumor was true. went back to the house in kenosha, which i had not been to in a very long time, which was nice. and that was it. i made some phone calls. obviously talked to donald trump
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a couple of times. i think he did a nice job and was very gracious in his speech that night. i think we need more of that. being presidential, 30,000 feet, gracious. i'm hoping we will see more of that. mr. allen: does crooked hillary count as presidential? mr. priebus: i think he has done an effective job of labeling. i think she does have a history of being crooked. she has a lot to answer for. she has families of dead heroes in benghazi to answer for. she has a tenure as secretary of state to answer for. i think she has a lot of material for us to cling on to and use. mr. allen: what is he like behind the scenes? mr. priebus: far more gracious and personable than i think you see at rallies. i have never had a problem behind the scenes. i have never had a situation where something was said by him that was not followed through.
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all of my interaction has been extremely positive, which made the system rigged stuff so out of place for me compared to what was being said personally behind the scenes. mr. allen: does that bother you that there is one donald trump behind the scenes and one different on camera? mr. priebus: i think he said it himself. there is going to be a time to shift to general election mode. i think that is the way he sees it. i think that is the way he feels about it. now the general election is starting. and what you saw on tuesday night i think is going to be more of what you see in the future. and really, the person you saw on tuesday night was the person i got used to dealing with on the telephone and in-person. so that general election approach is the type of approach i had been dealing with for six
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years. mr. allen: the recidivism issue, the next morning he is on television -- mr. priebus: i'm sure it is going to take some time to get into general election mode and out of primary mode. mr. allen: is there anyway in cleveland, the rules could be used to nominate someone other than donald trump? mr. priebus: i see we have some rules experts in the crowd. my personal view is it is highly, highly doubtful. as i said before, the rules committee of 2016 writes the rules for the convention. i don't write the rules. the r.n.c.'s role at the convention is fairly limited. the r.n.c. is basically a caretaker, an administrator of
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the convention. mr. allen: you are saying is unlikely but not impossible? mr. priebus: nothing is impossible. like i said, i have said this many times. highly -- and i will add another one -- highly unlikely. mr. allen: ben sasse had a facebook post a few nights ago calling for a draft of an adult conservative challenger to trump. he predated it with hashtags "we can do better" and "give us more choices." mr. priebus: i think the amount of time, energy, money, and also it is a guarantee to elect hillary clinton. i think when people start to take a breath and let some of this stuff calm down people will understand the supreme court is too important to let differences of opinions and choices in the primary get in the way.
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mr. allen: republicans say there is no way to guarantee donald trump will nominate conservatives to the court. mr. priebus: i think the smart thing for donald trump to do would be to release five to 10 names of people he would say here are 10 folks i think would make great supreme court justices and work with people to come up with that list. i think things like that would be helpful in kind of recalibrating some people's minds as far as, what is this about, why do we need to support the republican nominee? i think we are going to get there. i don't think -- maybe some of you did. but i don't think too many people thought that tuesday and wednesday would be the end of ted cruz and john kasich. and so, for some people, and i
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would say in paul ryan's case, he thought he had 30 more days. there was this meeting planned next week, by the way, something the media is not really talking about. there was a plan to start having meetings on capitol hill. paul ryan and leadership were planning that meeting with donald trump. in their minds, they are thinking we have another month to talk about this, to get comfortable. and all of a sudden, you have cameras in your face saying, "what do you think?" i think paul is just being honest with how he feels. i think he's going to get there. he wants to get there. he just wants some time to go through it. mr. allen: politico is reporting this morning the meeting on capitol hill next week is expected to go ahead. do you expect speaker ryan to be there? mr. priebus: i do. i talked to him multiple times yesterday. he wants it to go forward.
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he was being honest. he says he is not there yet, but he wants to get there. so yes, he will meet. mr. allen: after speaker ryan made his comments he was not ready to jake tapper, how quickly did donald trump call you? mr. priebus: well, i had talked to him already once that day. but i talked to donald trump and paul ryan multiple times yesterday afternoon. mr. allen: donald trump called you within minutes. mr. priebus: uh -- [laughter] mr. priebus: you are pretty good. [laughter] mr. priebus: i can't lie. i would not lie anyway. he was not furious or anything. he was just like, what do i need to do? and so, i said listen. my view is just relax and be gracious.
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i will talk to paul, and we will try to work on this. i kind of like don't get overly hot either quickly. i know paul really well. i know he's being honest. i know how he feels. i am comfortable with the idea it is going to take some time in some cases for people to work through differences. and so, we talked about it. we talked about it multiple times. they are very comfortable with sitting down with donald trump. it may be at my office. it may be somewhere else, but we are going to have that meeting and start the process of unifying. mr. allen: jake scarborough said yesterday for him to vote for donald trump, trump would have to change some of his positions or emphasis including the idea of restricting the entry of
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muslims or forced deportation. do you sense with speaker ryan that it also will take some change in position? mr. priebus: first of all, i am in agreement on the ban coming in. i put a statement out on that already. it is not something i believe in or our party believes in. i believe our party is the open door. our party is the party of freedom and equality and will remain such. mr. allen: are you going to be able to convince donald trump? mr. priebus: it has been like three days, so not quite there yet. when we get the speaker on board, we both get into some of those details later. mr. allen: do you hope to persuade donald trump that the republican party should be the
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party of the open door? mr. priebus: yeah, and i think he believes that. i'm going to work very hard on making sure some of these issues are discussed and talked about and understood. and i am confident given my experience so far with him, that he is going to have an open mind to some of these issues. mr. allen: mitt romney said last night when he announced he would not support donald trump, he said i see way too much demagoguery and populism on both sides of the aisle. do you agree? mr. priebus: well, i guess everyone has their opinion. one thing i have learned quickly, every person -- mr. allen: do you think there is too much demagoguery? mr. priebus: there is plenty of it. i certainly believe -- listen. i think there is plenty of it. whether there is too much of it
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is a result of what people have been served up in this country. people feel cheated. they feel like they are not bringing enough money home. they feel government has not been doing its job or has been too big in many cases. you sometimes get the result you build. that is sort of what has happened across the country. mr. allen: in the primaries, what is the biggest thing learned about republican-base primary voters? mr. priebus: something people don't report on a lot, which is their incredible enthusiasm in the party. we have record turnouts, 70% higher among republicans, 30% lower among democrats. we have an advantage over voter registration in battleground states we have not seen in 25 years. in the first quarter of this year at the r.n.c., we raised more money than in any first quarter in the history of the r.n.c. we were raising more money in
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the first quarter than we raised in 2012. it is ok. you do what you have to do. it is only to focus on the drama, which i get because people are interested in the drama. they are not interested in the mechanics. but mechanically and because of the enthusiasm in our party and a 17 serious candidates, you have a result that i think has built us into a machine that is going to be able to compete very well in november. mr. allen: what is the biggest thing you learned about the press during the primaries? mr. priebus: i think there is so much of it and there are so many people, a lot of talented people, online, traditional, that almost nothing breaks through. if you have a really good story that you are really proud of and think you have done a great job, very difficult to break through because there is so much.
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i also believe in too many cases, it is all about click bait. it is all about the headline. in many cases, i'm not worried about the copy. i am worried about the headline because the headline does not match the reality. you take the group of articles about the r.n.c. meeting in april. all of you that wrote articles about how there is going to be a rules fight that erupts, not you all, but the people watching this, i think you owe everyone an apology because it is ridiculous. there is no rules fight. it is 54-2. it is that kind of stuff where you bog down organizations with click bait and give an answer for things that are inaccurate. it was inaccurate. there was no rules fight.
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it was smooth sailing. mr. allen: some of the stories said you were prepared for a rules fight. we want to welcome our c-span viewers and thank c-span for carrying this live. please shoot us your questions. do you agree with donald trump that beating hillary would be easy? mr. priebus: i don't know he said that. [laughter] mr. allen: he said in indiana 48 hours ago i have not even started yet. now i will start focusing on hillary, and it is going to be so easy, so great. [laughter] mr. priebus: you know, look, i don't think anyone would have predicted trump in this fashion would have taken out 16 other candidates. he has certainly defied the odds. and i would say -- i personally don't think it will be easy
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because i think raising the money, building the ground game, having the data, targeting voters. the truth is our party is a great midterm party, but we have a hard time winning presidential elections. it is nothing new. it is not like this just happened. in 2004, it was 1:30 in the morning and our still fairly popular president had a tough time putting away a horrible candidate as far as salability in john kerry. we know what happened in 2000. 1996 was not good. 1992, clinton lost six primaries initially or something like that. obviously, there was ross perot. bush 41 was a very popular president. last time, we won with relative ease was 1988. i think it is a difficult task but we are up to it. we have a big upside.
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i know there are perils, but i also know there is an upside. mr. allen: how does having a soon-to-be presumptive nominee effect the formal r.n.c.? mr. priebus: i think clarity has been helpful. there is no one else running, so therefore there is not this daily unknown which i think has been helpful. in i think it has been helpful on the money side, too. mr. allen: will trump bring some of his own people into the r.n.c.? mr. priebus: there is no mechanism for it other than me agreeing to it. that is the only mechanism for such a thing. i don't know what the myth is about. someone has to issue a key card. someone has to get out the keys. in mr. allen: would you do that? mr. priebus: sure, but there is not going to be any layering that would be different from what happened when i was chairman under the mitt romney nomination timeframe.
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in the case of mitt romney, brian jones was in our building and ward baker were in the building. but they were not saying what to do or not to do or sitting in on our meetings. there was a lot of trust that we knew what we were doing. i would say so far, we see that same approach with some of the folks on the trump campaign. they have no intention of taking over anything. mr. allen: you will remain in charge? mr. priebus: 100%. there was never any doubt. mr. allen: the night of the indiana primary, he posted a headline that said, "donald trump completes the takeover of the republican party." do you agree this is donald trump's party? >> no, it is the party's party. he will remain the republican party of the open door freedom, and opportunity, a quality. our platform remains -- i believe our platform will remain the same as it is right now.
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we will remain continuously. i don't buy into that. >> here is the chief strategist of the rnc tweeting that this was 100% not true. a company story in the new york times says six members were told they should leave by the end of the week. sharon says he asked for correction. what have you told your staff? >> nothing. i have been gone but i talked to katie, our chief of staff. this is what i know. what sean says every other year to the staff in the columns department is we are entering the general election face. weekends are workdays. if you have any family vacations, if you have something coming up you need to tell us
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about and now is the time to do it. that is 100% false as far as telling people to leave they're not 100% on board. the test is are you doing a good job and are you greater what you are doing. if you are great at what you are doing, there is no problem. >> is there anyone that has left? >> not that i know of. >> you expect anyone to? >> i don't think so. it is than 48 hours. >> donald trump repeatedly said that the gop nominating process is rigged. i guess it worked out for him. >> i don't know if he thinks that anymore. maybe he does. can you needle him up a little bit about that? >> do there need to be changes to the gop nominating process?
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>> i think it are some things that can be looked at but it's not that easy. we tend to respect states and their rights to conduct a distribution and delicate process as they wish. -- delegate process as they wish. i have my preferences but it really does not matter. what matter is the states themselves adopt their own delegate rules. the rules committee at the convention will look at all of this and make recommendations as to how to be better. you always want to be better. and the changes we made to the rules over the two-year period at the rnc, they were historic changes. the idea of making states that have caucuses or beauty contests tie their allocation to those contests is a big change.
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candidates were going to ames and getting nothing out of it but they had to go. we said if he have to do the things, you better tie delegates to it in the debate process. there are things we need to do to improve the debate process. but people also thought we were in st. louis said we're not insaneere in saindon -- when we said we're not going to have 23 debates. we had 12 candidates. we are not going to have a calendar that no one can count on. when we goes by and we have an >> and we are going to have some say on who the moderators are. we are not going to have chris matthews conducting the republican debate. -- david you guys
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fluff treated out that this is a folly and it is a big joke. it turned out that all the sun, -- all of a sudden, we became in charge of the process. now the party is going to have even more control in the future. i would like to see one day if tois possible for the party actually own the right of the nomination process. one day that is going to happen. both parties are going to own have --t and they will >> so you will have exclusive -- >> i don't know. i just know that will be did was historic and we are going to get to a point where we are going to move into a place where there will be more control over the process. >> you said it was like the nfl
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so you would charge for access? the point is, should media outlets be making tens of product of dollars on a that the party should own? that is the question. i think both parties should get together and figure out what the answer to that question is. saying we are at the beginning of a long process that i think the parties should explore. and i use the nfl as an example because the nomination process i think should go to the benefit of both parties. not the benefit of the media. >> what about charging for rights to the convention? >> well be kind of have to do that now. we have to do that now.
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i think there are certain things, obviously, that might be hands up. all i'm saying is, i believe that this is the beginning of a of exploration that both parties should do. would you encourage requiring delegates close primaries in 2020? onlybelieve that republicans should vote in republican primaries and contest. i believe in closed primaries and contest, yes. that is my answer. nothing controversial about it. i favor whatever needs to be done to make that a reality. in the summer 2012, you
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commissioned the growth and opportunity project. what is the biggest recommendation of that report that has been achieved? >> i think the data peace and the targeting piece. that is the piece that is hard to see because it is in the findingut getting data, consumer data, consensus data, and then putting an application that is easy for feels after use. central location has been the biggest change at the rnc. we have been doing it. we have been out raising the dnc
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and out raising the -- outworking the dnc for four years straight. it is undeniable. been the biggest -- the other big changes, it sounds important, but it is is that we are a year-round party now. we used to be a party that would accumulate cash in a bucket. so you would have $50 million cash on hand, and then the nominee would lock in and they say will here's the money let's go spend it all. cash in hand is not as high as it was four years ago. the problem is is that instead of having one full-time employee in ohio now, i think we have 38. 29 we are working up to
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we have the republican leadership with thousands of people involved. we have engagement in black and has any committees. we are spending the kind of money to. that is the difference deciding that we are not going to be a party that shows up for three months before november. it is a top business model two. because you have to keep raising revenue. >> republican leaders give you credit for bringing the party back. still it will be nowhere near a match for the infrastructure of the clintons and the obama administration. not been the case. as i said earlier, we have our crazy democrats every year for the last four years. you will have a state
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apparatus that matches with hillary been? >> yes, we are already ahead of her. we are ahead right now. infrastructure around the rnc. what the democrats do, is they actually build their operation around the nominee or the candidate. it was barack obama that built the $100 million data system in chicago. it was barack obama that never let the field staff off the ground in ohio and florida. what hillary clinton has now going is something they never expected. she does not want to spend millions in new york and millions of indiana and now millions of dollars in california. sunsetted whirring about voting registration and sort of, they are worrying about how in the world are we going to put this thing away. >> welcome our c-span viewers.
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to c-span forur c-span showing us live. that is a part of being in the community. i think people can write all of the books in the world they want about how to communicate, but if you're not in a community, you are going to learn. how do you square that perception with what donald trump has been saying? >> ok, so there are two parts to this. if someone is not there, nothing is going to change. you also need to have the town at the top -- the tone at the thate the kind of tone
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people like. if people don't think you like them, they are not going to vote for you. i think there is work to do. tohink there is work on tone do. i have been clear about that. i've said this many times. this is not breaking news. i've said this recently. this is not like i'm telling you one thing, it is very possible. i think he gets it. i think you're going to see a. i think you are going to see the change in tone. so you added to that the fact that we are in hispanic and black communities everyday. you saw the numbers in 2014, granted that as a mentor. midterm.
11:10 am
we are talking about long-term and black to hispanic communities, asian communities, every community in between. and a full-time, year-round party that understands that it is important for us to do that work. >> we saw yesterday that donald trump yesterday treated a picture of himself digging into a turkey of all. tortilla bowl. happy cinco de mayo, the best talk of balls are grill. trump tower i love hispanics. >> he is trying. [laughter] honestly. he is trying. i honestly think he understands that building and unifying and growing the party is the only
11:11 am
way we're going to win. and i think he gets that. >> what did you think when they told you about the two? tweet? >> honestly i had other pressing matters. >> what are your plans for the convention? things a going to make little bit simpler. we don't have to worry about three separate headquarter hotels. programming is something we are going to be working for you. and a lot of things or are already down. the stage is done. there is things that just have to happen to move the convention of seven weeks to july. certainly when we are talking mind open convention, it seemed like i was a genius for doing that. cruisingst have to get and get going. >> you feel like a genius? no, i don't. i think we have done a great job
11:12 am
at the rnc. i think that when it comes to a competent national party i don't think anyone in this room can say that this national committee is it the best mechanically rounded competent committee that we have ever had. >> what do you make about cleveland the city? what you make about the setting for the convention? wisconsin, so milwaukie to me as i get big with jobless. so cleveland is a lot like milwaukee. i love the late. -- the lake. i think having the invention and cleveland is going to pay big dividends and winning ohio. i think people there even if they are independent and democrats, i think they understand that we have done for the city of cleveland by going to cleveland and putting them in the spotlight. i think it is going to pay off and we are excited about. >> who controls the program lineup and cleveland? you are donald trump? >> a little bit of both.
11:13 am
party'se republican convention, but i think obviously you work together in order to put a program together that we think is going to be effective. verynald trump said it is to put some showbiz and the convention elsewise people will falsely. do you agree with that? >> i think that having a more i like thaton -- idea. but every suggestion comes with millions of dollars in money. this adjusters are great, but there has to be a big influx of cash to do something like that. >> donald trump said in an interview that the cap a convention four years ago was the single most boring convention i have ever seen. >> well, i don't agree with that. [laughter] is he going to put up the
11:14 am
money to change that? >> i don't know. we have to talk about that. >> he says we don't have the people who know how to put showbiz into a convention. what are you going to do about finding people who can do that? >> again, it's only been a few days. are you worried about money for the convention? >> we are good for money for the convention. if the dnc that has the problems. you guys realize that the checkout money has ended. i think we are about 80% raise, and the dnc is about maybe 10% raise. bush, jebesident
11:15 am
and othersey graham, say they are not coming to the convention. do you worry about so many of the team leaders sitting out? no. many of these people did not come to the last few conventions. i think you have to look at it that way. just off the top of my head, it i don't think that claire mccaskill went to the convention for years ago. did she? their own there was a report that quietly some officials in the highest realm of republican leadership are devising their rank-and-file members to avoid cleveland.
11:16 am
do you worry there is going to be a fever among your leaders that cleveland is going to be perhaps toxic? >> not really. because i know they are claiming for hotels and suites. i need 100 more rooms. i know they're asking for. if we only had another thousand rooms for a lot of the different groups that are representing elected officials, we would be in good shape. >> cnn reports that bob dole is coming. >> great. >> democrats are licking their chops about the possibility of a blowout. one republican said to me, donald trump is either going to win 38 states or lose 44 state. do you sometimes feel that way? >> i don't.
11:17 am
i think it is going to be a really close election. i think people are divided. i've seen the last couple of elections have been close even though the electoral college asked different. i think it is going to be tight and we are going to do anything we can to make sure we win. >> what you think the percentage chance that donald trump will be hillary clinton? >> oh, come on. i don't know. i can't put a percentage on it, but i think he will win. and i think you have to look at hillary clinton, and i think she has a lot to answer for. if there is one person that knows how to bring all that out in a way that people can understand, it is donald trump. i think he's going to do it too. he's going to bring it all out. unfortunately for hilly clinton, it is not going to be very comfortable because she has a lot to answer for. times --rk
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>> can i add one thing to that? because sometimes in our party we don't -- we get criticized because we don't hit hard enough. we then talk about some of the things that had happened in during 2008.s life i don't think donald jumblatt have a hard time bringing out some of the things that are not going to be good for hillary clinton. >> what is your specifics in iowa donald trump wins your home state of wisconsin? wisconsinnson -- could -- can be a populist place. i think donald trump does pretty well. i think hillary clinton is someone that people and wisconsin just don't buy. bill clinton was different.
11:19 am
and wisconsin. of that little bit more i would like to have a beer with this guy kind of feel. but, that is not hillary clinton. that is a scenario that people are not giving enough credit to. >> donald trump doesn't joint -- drink. do you predict that donald trump will win wisconsin? >> i think he will. i think you also have to look at a guy like ron johnson. like hillary clinton, if they're in the same old -- mold. i think ron johnson is a part of this that people are talking about either. what other states besides wisconsin do you predict that
11:20 am
donald trump will win or could win? trumptate could win -- when that mitt romney didn't? >> i think he can win ohio. i think he can win florida. i think he can win pennsylvania. i think he can win iowa. minnesota is a state that is hard to predict sometimes. i know obviously they went for andero -- walter mondale 84. every once in a while minnesota flips. i think that donald trump could play in states like that. inyou were elected rnc chair 2011. you were reelected in 2013. reelected 2015. are you going for a four p? peat? afterill figure that out
11:21 am
november. absolutely certain that i wouldn't rule out a fourth term, but i think -- probably not, but i haven't decided. >> speaker ryan has talked about this, what is a notable feature of your office? >> mike wearing them. my aquarium. it is a peaceful view during the day. tanks and theter challenge of them. if anyone out there is a saltwater tank person, you know it gets to be an addictive habit. it is an the next -- expensive hobby. but i just really enjoy.
11:22 am
it. piano as a hobby that some of you now know about. it is good for relaxing. i've been getting better because i have been practicing a lot more lately. [laughter] >> what do you enjoy playing? >> i like goofing around. i take anything. classical, jazz, blues, anything. off the sheet music. >> will we see you play in cleveland? >> doubtful, but possible. [laughter] >> what job would you have if you were not rnc chairman? for 14e i was a lawyer years in milwaukee so either that. or i always wanted to be a pilot. my dad is a pilot and he built a plane in the garage. and they lived in a place for half the year in texas for they have a hangar and a grass runway with other folks that did the
11:23 am
same thing on the lake. or if all else fails, i would like to be just like a catcher in the milwaukee brewers bullpen. not a real catcher, just catching balls in the bullpen. that would be a great job. at the white house correspondents dinner, the president said gop chairman writes freeman is here as well, why this evening you' feel you'e earned the right for the night off. that one dayought the president would not to say my name, but know how to pronounce it. i got off easy. was ok, here we go. this is going to get bad. i think i came out pretty good. >> what is your favorite
11:24 am
restaurant in d.c.? kaaba.ove going to >> when you are done with this will youever it is, stay in d.c. or go home? >> my ideal scenario would be to go home and make sure the kids have a normal life. is your favorite vacation destination? you may not think we then. -- may not say cleveland. there is a resort in jamaica but i like called goldeneye. it is cool. what is your prediction for the world champion green bay packers? >> i predict that this is their year.
11:25 am
draft.their obviously there is no one better than eric rogers and if we can discuss defense straight. and they actually did pretty well in the last couple of games. i'm feeling good. for us, it's not good enough to be good, you have to win the super bowl. >> thanks c-span for carrying us live. thank our c-span viewers. you bank of america for making conversations possible. we appreciate our longtime partnership. thankk the chairman -- you chairman staff. thank all my hard-working colleagues at clinical event staff. -- politico event staff. thank all of you for coming out on an early morning. mr. chairman, thanks for great conversation. see you in cleveland. >> you bet. thank you might. see you everyone.
11:26 am
>> thanks for being a good sport. chair writes was asked about donald trump. talk has been plenty vice presidential candidate sarah palin said that the house speaker disrespected the american people by withholding support for trump. do also said she would whatever she could. waswhile, donald trump directly asked about speaker ryan on meet the press today. here's what he had to say. ofi'm going to get millions millions of votes more than the
11:27 am
republicans would have got. if you look at the numbers, i think right now or i will be this week or next week, in the history of the republican party nobody has ever gotten so me both as i have. i've been eisenhower and nixon and reagan and everybody. we have a tremendous group of people that it's voting. remember i have a lot of states that. if you look at the percentages on winning, i've 62% in new york. i have these massive numbers all over and i had three candidates. i was having to be three candidates. no one ever mentions that. your take to pau >> your take you far right was headed voters have decided, get on board. >> i like paul ryan. >> you feel blindsided by him? >> know i would say stunned -- i've never stunned by anything that happens in politics. yes i was blindsided a little
11:28 am
bit, because he spoke to me three weeks ago and is a very nice call. a very encouraging call. i was doing well. and i think he called me to grab -- congratulate my win in new york. then the next week i won the five states in a row by all the inside numbers and he calls me to congratulate me. couldn't have been nicer. again, i have a nice relationship with them. i don't know them well. he gets on a sudden and he does this number. so i'm not exactly sure what he has in mind. >> if he can't endorse you, do you think he should be chair of the convention? don't want to mention now. i will see after. i will give you a very solid answer that happens about one minute after that happened. s.
11:29 am
[laughter] [applause] >> this past week the u.s. holocaust memorial museum honored georgia congressman john lewis with the 2016 as a result award.- elie weisel the ceremony is 35 minutes.
11:30 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, please the museum chair. [applause] good evening everyone. it is an honor to be here. i want to express my thanks to all of you for being here. i want to especially thank this evening's chairs. and the washington community. my home community for this fantastic shows or, the museum, and its campaign. i and the sun of holocaust survivor. and i'm also bless. i just celebrated with my pa


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