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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2016 7:01pm-8:01pm EDT

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william mcchesney martin who he his man, who disappointed him and truman traitor andas a that's more to the point, i think. >> but at that point the term almost up. >> we've got time for a few more questions. we've got somebody in the back. i've got somebody over here and then i've got a lady in front and a person in the back. two, three and then four, you'll get the last question, in the back left back there. get the last question. you're the fourth. >> peter, congratulations on a great book. service to a real us. , a prettyentioned trump, andrewo jackson, the war on the second the united states and bickel. theented himself as anti-elite candidate, the candidate of the hinterlands, great forgotten people in
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the wilderness and jackson played that role adeptly and took on elite financial power centered in the second bank of the united states which was our central bank. do you see a potential battle similar to that? peter: i see echoes of jackson and thomas jefferson, too, and frankly, abraham lincoln. i'm choking as i say this, in trump, in the sense that he's seeking to say, i'm a frontiersman, a man of the people. there's nothing about his authenticates that claim. the difference, and the reason i don't think we can see in trump ishoroughbred populace, there's no governing principle that motivates. week ago i had no idea at all what his views were on something as important as the bank and i couldn't say
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-- same thing about request of any of the other republican candidates. that's what's so interesting, about populism against the interests with donald trump because there's so many different frequently contradictory veins within what trump has articulated. >> question number two, i think, over here and we are running please make late so the question brief. >> simple question. what role should financial settingy play in monetary policy? hogging thee been good questions. allan: i believe the fed should be in the financial stability business. fdic and ie have the think that should be sufficient we should strengthen the fdic
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the fed out and the reason is it creates conflicts for them. multipurpose agencies generally don't do a good job, the best job gets done if you concentrate their mind on the task that to carry outsed clearlythe fed, that's monetary policy. alex?ck point from alex: the original purpose of the fed in creating so-called was financialcy stability and in fact at the time of the foundation of the were forecasts that there would no longer be any cycles onceises or we had the fed. forecast. a very poor >> but the best forecast we've ever had, it turns out. they're all so bad. of regulation, when i wrote about your book in the iall street journal,"
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mentioned, that it seems to me, thatng your history, economists who think about independence are thinking about to get theary policy economy humming in an election year and they don't want that to looks to me like men haveeserve chair traded regulation and greenspan gramlichexchange with saying the housing lending was out of control and it looks like didn't want to step up and regulate to stop it because they might lose the independence they care about so i concluded that your book says separate regulation from monetary policy completely was no the regulation political. do you agree? peter: i don't go quite that far. love to see that institutional question come to a debate. there's no question that governance is muddled the more to a single institution
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which is why i'm surprised to inr professor meltzer is not favor in separating out consumer protection. >> he would eliminate it. question number three right here. >> thank you. thank you for all your presentations. just try to think about fed, the purpose for improving economy, reason theyhatever say. why don't they regulate? we want to have economic good, to regulate financial institution, all kind of trouble doing some nowhere theice for community and interest rate, so much gap between charging to the consumer or the student loan. doesn't make sense, if it's the
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fair market.f and so against common sense the financial institution, coming the consumers or account holders. but they are earning revenue that didn't really distribute to the consumer. actually, they penalize the consumers. >> could you come to your question? >> can we really ask the fed to really do their responsibility do something to promote economy and reduce inflation than doing the opposite direction? place this highlights a where allan and i agree very strongly and a place where we disagree. i don't think rule making is unconstitutional. and so i think that it is appropriate for the fed to have
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regulatory authority over the missions that the congress has its feet. that's the place where we disagree. is thate where we agree to the extent that we can keep those regulations as dumb and simple as possible -- and here from the financial theility perspective, example here is just jacking up equityuired levels of for very large banks, is a simple mitch -- mechanism that has bipartisan enthusiasm. from that equation is the banks themselves. inlet's move to the question the back. >> thank you very much, very interesting discussion. my question is just about finance in general and it's my understanding that since the charter of the federal reserve finance has changed and
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grown dramatically in terms of size andy and the probably in the last 30 years. i was wondering if you could discuss that, obviously briefly, but have we reached some sort of finance? has it been exponential for the downlittle while and slow to maybe the role of the fed will also slow down and changes there? just about the interaction growth, the finance and the fed. >> the financial theory on this is pretty clear on this in that an efficient financial system, you need to have the same number of assets as you have possible future states of the world so therefore the financial markets are always be innovating new -- in our lifetimes, they'll be innovating new products because have very incomplete financial markets. math point in the at the end. thank you all very much for oning and for watching television if you've been doing
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that. i think when we look back on be a veryt will interesting and historic moment great historian of the fed who will be known, i think, ever, maybe doesn't maybe fitsrch but for the first of many times on the stage with the next great fed historian. thank you so much for coming. [applause] [captions performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national 2016]satellite corp.
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meetingd trump will be with house and senate republican leaders on thursday. ahead of that today, former candidate, senator from florida,
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quashing any talk about him becoming a vice presidential candidate, writing on facebook, statedviously reservations about his campaign and concerns with many of his unchanged.main he will be best served by a running mate and surrogates who his campaign. as such, i have never sought, not seek and do not want to be considered for vice president." what marco rubio posted today on facebook. communicators,he republican f.c.c. commissioner o'reilly on several key issues facing the f.c.c. like spectrum options and set top boxes. he comments on the political f.c.c., joinedhe by howard buskirk. the discretion from f.c.c. leadership including the chairman to take the most
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aggressive approach to policy making leaves little ground when that becomes first primary goal the item, when the policy, the direction they want to go, becomes the first goal, rather than any consideration of any collegiality or any kind of bring or develop consensus, you wind up with the scenario we have today, when there's little interest on board,g my opinions on you'll find i'm less likely to be supportive of and i'm going express my views. >> watch "the communicators" on espn at 8:00 eastern c-span2. >> earlier today, attorney general loretta lynch announced a lawsuit against the state of aboutcarolina on its law restroom access for transgender people. are filing a lawsuit against the state of north mccrory, governor pat
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the north carolina department of public safety and the university of north carolina. order seeking a court restroom h.b.2's discrimination discriminatory. we retain the option of curtailing federal funding to carolina department of public safety and the university caserth carolina as this proceeds. this action is about a great deal more than bathrooms. the dignity and the respect that we accord our fellow citizens and the laws that we as a people and as a country have enacted to protect them. indeed, to protect all of us. and it's about the founding that have led this country, haltingly, but ofxorably, in the direction fairness, inclusion and equality for all americans. >> you can see the attorney general's entire briefing tonight at 8:10 p.m. eastern on that at 8:00fore
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we'll show you comments from north carolina governor pat mccrory. c-span2, nasan on administrator charles bolden discusses the state of science, technology and math education in the u.s. and at 8:00 eastern on house commerce subcommittee holds a hearing on the pet medication industry. >> c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, david getman, political reporter for charleston gazette mail, talks about the primary taking virginia.est democratic congressman don beyer eighth district, on his that congress blocks the power of the a.t.f., the forral agency responsible
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investigating firearm sales. max boot talks about donald trump's approach to foreign policy. c-span's "washington journal" begins live at 7:00 a.m. eastern tuesday morning. discussion. briefings white house with press secretary josh earnest. topics include north carolina's transgender law, the iran virusr deal and zika funding. >> good afternoon. happy monday. i want to bring to your attention a statement issued today by the national governor's association. n.g.a. is a bipartisan organization that represents
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governors from across the country. they issued a statement and i'll take the liberty of reading it to you. a direct quote from the n.g.a. "the nation is on the threshold health emergency as it faces the likely spread of the zika virus. emergencies,uch advance planning and preparation is essential to prevent injury and death. a key component to averting infectious disease outbreaks is to prevent incidence levels from reaching a critical tipping aint, after which there is rapid increase in the number of infections. the is particularly true of zika virus. the most important way we can protect people is to minimize infections and prevent a concentration of cases which can lead to outbreak and children life-long birth defects such as microencephaly. as congress returns from recess today, they are urged to work together to reach agreement on
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appropriate funding needed to and combat the zika virus. we ask they act as expeditiously ensure funds are available to states, territories and public at large. the is consistent with argument that the administration has been making for more than two months now, that given the thatc health emergency exists around the zika virus, it's critical that congress act provide the necessary funding to our public health professionals and to states to ensure we can protect the american people. that's what the president has for quiteating for some time and we're hopeful that republicans will drop their withition and work democrats to get this done. with that, kevin, you want to today?started >> thank you. now that north carolina has sued place the bathroom affectw will that agencies that reviews federal
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dollars to the state? will the administration hold off on those reviews? of any changere in the posture of that review. the position of the north carolina government has not changed. they're asserting asserting thas mean-spirited law is somehow consistent with the civil rights with our values. the department of justice has spoken to its compliance with the law given their enforcement role so for questions about that i'd refer you to the department of justice. i think the president has spoken that what to the idea the state of north carolina has passed in a one-day special session is inconsistent with the equality fairness and and justice that we hold dear in country and i think it should be evident from the the business community that what the north
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has done isernment inconsistent with the best interests of the people of north and the economy of north carolina. obviously, will be something that north carolina officials will have to deal with. been a reluctance on the part of businesses that had toviously committed expanding the amount of business they do in north carolina from engaging with a government that just makes it easier to discriminate against their employees and potential customers. >> what are the ramifications of firing another ballistic missile and has the deal and subsequent lifting of certain sanctions emboldened iran? >> we are aware of iranian claims of additional -- we're
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of anof iranian claims additional ballistic missile launch. i would note we're also aware of defensets from the minister indicating that such a launch did not take place. still trying to get to the bottom of what exactly transpired. impact ofe clearest the successful completion of the international agreement to obtaining a from nuclear weapon is we can now verify that iran has not a nuclear weapon and in fact we have verified that iran steps to significant actually roll back their nuclear program and the worst case dire the deal's of critics did not at all come to pass. pass is exactly what this administration indicated our objectives were, which were to curtail iran's guaranteeogram, access for international inspectors who could verify that
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iran's nuclear program only exists for peaceful purposes. last week, you talked about criticism of the administration selling the iranian deal in the wake of. [indiscernible] sour grapes. he's written a follow-up. i wanted to ask, if that's the case, why did he feel the need to explain himself more? i haven't spoken to the president about the story. this was not written at the request of the president. motivated ben to discuss this further is that and therean attempt has been an attempt by opponents iran deal to suggest that somehow the effort to protect based solely on
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spin. as i justs, mentioned, we can evaluate the now in terms of the impact that it has had on our iran'sl security and on nuclear program so we don't -- we're no longer in a situation to argue aboute what the impact of this agreement will be. we actually now can verify what the impact of the agreement is and what is clear is that iran has eliminated 98% of its highly uranium stockpile, disconnected thousands of centrifuges. iran has essentially rendered harmless its heavy water reactor and iran has commitment toits give international inspectors the countryccess to to verify its compliance with the agreement. and opponents of this deal had suggested that iran would never go along with
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iran would never implement the terms of the agreement. they were wrong about that. our critics often suggested tore would never be a way verify iran's claims they had gone along with the agreement. too.were wrong about that, the international inspectors at accessa have gotten the they've needed to verify iran's compliance with the agreement. have also suggested is that the agreement would open door to hundreds of billions dollars in cash for the iranian economy. occurred, either. infact, we actually see some iran suggesting that they that they haven't gotten as much funding out of the deal as they expected. so the truth is, it's hard to
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or a singlecenario fact that our -- that critics of this agreement predicted that actually came to pass. in fact, time and time and time again, almost regardless of factor you consider, the critics of the deal have been wrong and i think this is an that our efforts to protect the agreement were firmly in fact. benthat's the point that wanted to reiterate in the of his online post today. roberta? to know whether the white house has any reaction to allcandidate who appears but certain to have won. he said that he wants to resolve --alks the unitedjapan, states and china and i'm wondering what the white house
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whetherf that idea and the white house has a general his campaign. >> i don't have a reaction to the election at this point. bell let all the votes talied before we weigh in with a response to any of the statements that were made by the candidates. can just tell you in general that when it comes to resolving claims in the south china sea, united states is not claimant to any of these land features but we've urged all the to resolvehat are their issues through diplomacy and international procedures for doing so. we are in support of that effort because we benefit from the rule-based order that allows the free flow of commerce in that region of the world and it's obviously in our economic and strategic interest for that flow to continue uninterrupted. any sort of destabilizing activities there would not be in
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our interest so while we are not a claimant to any of those land we have an interest in those issues being resolved through diplomacy, without disrupting international order. >> would that include the possibility of having multilateral talks? i haven't seen the specific oneosal that this particular filipino candidate for president has put forward wait for theiously results to come in and then we'll have more of a reaction to his elections of and any proposals that may put on the table. the new oil minister, i'm wondering what his reaction to key appointment and whether the white house is expecting a of transparency because this oil minister is younger, talks about this significant change. >> i don't have any specific
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reaction to political changes inside of saudi arabia. obviously, the king and the government there are making decisions consistent with their own interests. would point out that the -- the new energy minister did make clear that the political changes not signal any significant short-term changes in their policy but for any developments on that front i'd andr you to his statement any additional statements they choose to put out but obviously the united states continues to be -- continues to consider saudi arabia as an important partner in that region of the world and that's certainly is part of the reason that president obama traveled to saudi arabia just a couple of and engaged in serious consultations with the saudi government while he .as there >> any statement you may have, the president's thoughts on the
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muslimn of the first mayor of the city of london? reportsw those news over the weekend. this is obviously an historic development for an historic city. debately, the political inside of the u.k. and in london is obviously charged with a lot issues and this theome reflects the will of people of london and i certainly wouldn't second guess them from there's no denying that historical significance of election. >> some say the strong get-out-the-vote effort by pakistani brits who were very, strongly together to dissuade or discourage some
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racism that has come up over the last few months in great britain and some of the that may exist even in this country, some were using a there.l >> i don't know enough about the election or about my own analysis about what may have motivated the voters of london an obviously this is historic election. april? want to go back to zika. has this administration gotten tests oron the what'snts or status on next for those who have it? and also efforts to prevent. the status. >> i have an updated status in atms of the work being done the c.d.c. and n.i.h. on a range of diagnostic or vaccine development. do know, as public health
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professionals have indicated, if given additional resources, there's more they could do to development of andical diagnostic tools speed up the development of a vaccine. one of the limiting factors is capacity and additional resources could be devoted to expanding lab capacity that allow for the more use of diagnostic tests both in terms of using them more broadly but also in terms of getting a more prompt response to the tests. the other thing that public health professionals have we're going toat be relying on the private sector to do a lot of the work around vaccine development particularly when it comes to widespread testing and eventually the manufacturing of a vaccine. we're going to rely on the private sector that has can devote to that effort but we know that would
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require a multi-year commitment the part of the private vaccine inroduce a that largethat are so that's why we've made a strong case to the united states congress that they don't just to provide funding expeditiously as a bipartisan group of governs as indicated but we also need them to make a longer term commitment to those private sectorhe can be confident about making their own long-term commitment be necessary to complete testing and manufacture protectcine that could the american people from zika so this is an urgent effort that long-term commitment and those are two things that good at.isn't very they aren't very good about aren'tquickly and they very good about making long-term quiments to things but for the american people and the safety of our public health, we need congress to act quickly
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a long-term commitment to the resources that our public health officials need to keep us the zika >> what are the republicans to you or to the legislators as to the reason why they're not this an urgent issue right now? >> i don't know what good there could be. >> what is the explanation they've given? >> i'll leave it to the their owns to make case about the explanation they have for ignoring the advice of health professionals, ignoring the urging of public professionals and not providing much needed resources to combat zekea. there are resources that could be used to expand the use tests andtic accelerate the development of a vaccine. we also know there are resources
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be used tod should fight mosquitoes. this is a mosquito-borne illness if we can provide additional resources to authorities trying to fight mosquito populations, we can have a positive impact on spread ofhe potential this virus so there are common-sense things congress can to fundld be doing effort to protect the american people from the zika virus and for the life of me i don't think offer abody can legitimate explanation for why they haven't taken these we know wouldteps enhance the safety and security of the american people. what do you say about the democratic congressional leader fear of there's a g.o.p. looking like they're spending money without making relates that [indiscernible] >> i don't think the american a verywill think that's good excuse, when faced with a emergency, i don't think the american people will have much sympathy for
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republicans who are concerned political criticism from wingrvative right ideologues. i don't think that's a legitimate excuse and i don't will thinkcan people it's a legitimate excuse if republican members of congress to make >> over the weekend, very powerful, how much did the president have input in the speech? it was a strong race speech, i would say. he have onput did the speech and when did he decide it was going to be more race speech? as you said it was moving spot andre with all the issues opportunities and obstacles in a hugef him but also race. >> the president spent a lot of his own time drafting and revising that speech. i know he was working on it as
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friday afternoon. so this, obviously -- this is a reflected his o efforts to write and edit and speech in the days leading up to delivering it. be one more or two more or however many more of before he leaves because he is historically the first black president of the states and he offered explanations in a way we've never heard them presented. months to stay tuned. the article describes ben as the single most influential shaping american foreign policy aside from the president himself. a characterization you
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would say is accurate? >> there's no denying that ben's presidentip with the and his close work with the president on a range of foreign since president obama was merely a candidate for the president means that the relies on ben for a lot of advice but what's also the president is fortunate to have a team of security officials that have a lot of experience working on these issues that the relies on soo certainly somebody like secretary of state john kerry wields a lot of influence when it comes to this administration's policy and the president's own thinking. the president has worked closely with susan rice, national adviser, on a range of issues. she served at the united nations representing the united states in the united nations for a number of years during the first had bothhe's influential positions as well as the kind of relationship with
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her tosident that allows influence his kneeing. thinking. somebody like ash carter who has years of experience working at of pentagon, the department defense, and he can use that experience to help the president make difficult policy decisions. so there are many people that that play an influential role in guiding the president's when it comes to a range of foreign policy issues accounts, iby all think, an influential figure. talks of the things he about in this article is the foreign policy blob, something the president is thought to stand against. says the blob includes hillary clinton, robert iraq war other promoters from both parties incessantly about
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american security. it foreign policy blob, is the white house view that thatry clinton is part of foreign policy blob? >> i've spent a lot of time with ben over the years and on a trips withoreign long flights in the last a couple of months. the termheard him use "blob." i'm not suggesting he's misquoted. saying i don't know the direct frame of reference. >> do you think hillary clinton is part of the foreign policy blob? i'm not even sure what that means but obviously secretary is somebody i think i would also put in the category president'sng the thinking and influencing this administration's policy. somebodyr profile of who in your words is an formingial voice in american foreign policy describing hillary clinton as something that would be a part of where the president stands on
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policy? a derogatory description here. from thatg back specific term, i think what is is that one of the things incoming president of the united states vowed to do in change too bring washington, d.c. and that was ways,reted in a lot of first, in terms of his commitment to try to fight the of special interests in washington, certainly pursuing a different kind of policy than the one pursued by the previous administration. but we've also spent a lot of yearsver the last seven and you've certainly covered a good chunk of this, sort of back against the foreign policy establishment in d.c., that did support what in hindsight were
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really bad foreign policy decisions. one of them was to invade iraq in 2003, something that then senator barack obama strongly opposed. this, isk the point is that president obama has worked implement a foreign policy that he believes strongly interests of the united states around the globe rely on thejust wisdom of the foreign policy establishment in washington, d.c. certainly the president has tremendously from the advice of experienced foreign policy hands inside the administration. vice president biden, secretary state john kerry, former secretary of state hillary defense secretary of ash carter, these are all people that have a lot of experience in
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the national security in washington but what the president has sought to that adviceorporate he'slso to make sure that thinking smartly about the most effective way to use u.s. to use the united states military, to advance our interests around the globe and tendency, it's undeniable, on the part of the foreign policy establishment in to turn to the. military option in the view, often prematurely. thinking that kind of that contributed to -- you're including ash carter and clinton in that foreign policy establishment? >> i'm including them in the category of people who have an enormous amount of foreign policy experience that has been the president excellent advice when it comes to advancing our national andrity interests formulating a foreign policy that has made the american
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people safer. true iswhat is also there is a tendency, generally, when it comes to the debate in d.c., about the foreign policy establishment in that makes -- that use of the the united states military often in they to sort of protect strength of the united states. president obama strongly believes and i think many members of his national security team agree that there are other ofs that the united states america can project our strengths in a way that better national security interests around the globe. >> one more question. this is a quote from ben in the story if you could interpret for me. "the average reporter we talk to is 27 years old and their only experience consists of being around political campaigns. sea change. they literally know nothing."
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of stuff is he talking about? >> i guess at some point you'll get an opportunity to talk to about that quote. i think what is clear is -- >> the average reporter you talk to? i guess looking around this room, unfortunately -- not many meet that 27-year-old threshold. confidentlyn speak on behalf of -- not just young heart but also young in age here. i -- we're the ones talking to the 27-year-old spokesman. >> what i would say to you is i confidently on behalf of the president and on behalf of the white house that we obviously work hard to engage respectfully with the white house press corps, that is quite serious about understanding happening in the white house and describing that your readers and
7:45 pm
listeners and i think that everybody in this white house has worked hard to engage in that kind of respectful dialogue not just because it advances the country's interests for our -- for the citizens to understand isctly what president obama doing, but also because it's to ourlly important democracy. the president spoke at the white house correspondents dinner just over a week ago where he talked is forow important it professional independent journalists to hold people in power accountable. critical to the success of our democracy and it is why the president and the rest of us haveat the white house worked hard to engage in that debate in a respectful way that reflects the need for the american public and our citizens issuesnformed about the of the day. ok. think given the active
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on the island of puerto rico and strong ties between and island and many cities states on the mainland, intelligence is that the couldial situation contribute to a situation that could affect the mainland and if allocates this money, some would go to puerto rico, i would think, right? that question a couple of different ways. some of the financial turmoil in a negative is having impact on the public healthcare system inside of puerto rico and given the fact that the there are reported cases of the zika rico, this seems like a pretty bad time for investments in puerto rico's public health system to be cut, yet that's exactly what the rican government is having to do because they have not been given the restructuring that they need by republicans in congress. about hows a concern
7:47 pm
the interplay between these two orues could have a broad negative impact not just on the three million americans who live potentiallyco but on the u.s. mainland, as well. that's why the administration has prioritized both of these issues, both our efforts to try to address the financial in puerto rico but also to make sure that we are providing the necessary resources to state and local officials across the country to fight the zika virus in their yes, that would include providing resources to ricoovernment in puerto to, for example, more effectively concentrate efforts fight the mosquito population there. the president talked about -- activism and being a change agent. he talked about how america and world in most ways is much
7:48 pm
better than when he graduated and said he's had issues. [indiscernible] that sounds like an implicit review of the "make america great again" slogan. can we expect this to be a large part of the message he delivers trail in thegn coming month, particularly to young, more diverse crowds? think -- i can assure you that president obama delivered a commencement address at howard university this weekend with the of howard university ofhis mind, with the class 2016, at universities across the country thinking about entering force.k he didn't have the presidential campaign on his mind. these focused on graduates and he was focusing on the graduates not just at
7:49 pm
harvard -- i'm sorry, at howard -- but also at colleges theuniversities all across country and i recognize that coverage is omnipresent these days but this is a speech that was really a message to those graduates and it does provide a lot of insight the president thinks about a range of these issues and the consequences it for graduates of howard and other esteemed universities the country, but it was not -- there will be ample time president to make his election argument to young the country and there may be common themes but was focusedsident on here is delivering what i message to powerful the graduates of howard university. >> when can we expect a decision
7:50 pm
and what's being weighed? logistics, public policy, desire? president made an observation in 2009 when he traveled to japan about his toerests in traveling hiroshima, given that the president is scheduled to depart in about a week and a half here, our work to plan that trip is something we need to complete relatively soon and so we'll have more information about the president's itinerary when he's traveling in asia relatively soon. ok? the commencement speech, a photograph of the west point with clenched fists. what is the president's thought about that as commander-in-chief? i didn't talk to him about it. obviously, the officials at west responsible for enforcing the rules of that institution consistent with the
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accomplished.en at this point i wouldn't weigh in with a view on behalf of the commander-in-chief because i haven't talked to him about it. >> it happened around the same the commencement speech at howard and a lot of black forth, andn and so that seems to be what some of wascadets are saying that an expression of. president hasthe not expressed thoughts about this. >> i haven't talked to him about today. >> in north carolina, there was an agency review going on about and now you have the -- threat. where does the process stand as to cutting funding if north carolina. >> first, there's a policy question to be answered about what impact this north carolina have on the way in which the federal government programs in the state of north carolina and there are arenge of agencies that
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considering the policy hb-2.ations of there's a separate question that the departmenty of justice independent of any white house judgment about hb-2 isor not consistent with the civil rights law. 1964, to rights act of be specifically. and the department of justice issued a letter expressions their concerns about the fact that, in their view, hb-2 is inconsistent with the civil right act. it does appears this a question courts so i to the don't want wade into this too policy review is being conducted at the agency level. it's still ongoing. but the department of defense -- sorry, the department of justice question about whether or not this is consistent with act isil rights something that will apparently
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the courts. in president's view with regard to funding issues? is he pressing agencies to look matter? >> i think it's the agencies themselves shortly after the law passed. >> it seemed inconceivable about how this happened to north alllina and independently, these agencies, without direction or motivation, just issuendently look at this without the president's involvement or the white house? indicationthis is an at that agencies take their jobs pretty seriously and they're going to coordinate with one another and coordinate with the and coordinate with the department of justice as they make policy decisions. sureviously want to make whatever policy consequences are realized, that they are consistent across agencies but that's a process that is ongoing so yes, the white house is policy reviewat process but primarily to the activity of the agencies involved. if you can teach if the law
7:54 pm
defies civil rights law yet still be consistent with any particular agency's policies? agencies are reviewing right now is what impact the law has on their policies. how aggressively is the administration going to go after the funding of north carolina clearly believes the law is violating the civil withs -- is not consistent the civil rights law? >> i don't think this is an issue of going after north carolina's funding. is simply aquestion policy one. in terms of evaluating what on policys law has questions related to funding that north carolina uses for a inside theirograms state. that --is something that officials at a variety of wencies will consider but will be working to try to those decisions so that there can be a pretty
7:55 pm
consistent interpretation of this policy across agencies. >> follow-up on the 27-year-old reporter question. is it fair to say it's clearly accurate comment. is it fair to say it was an unfortunate comment? is he going to have more to say about that? it seems like quite a put-down, frankly, of the press corps. >> based on the conversations i've had with ben over the last of days, i assure you that's not how it was intended. on that reaction, i'm confident he would say it differently if given the chance. you have had of multiple opportunities to talk to ben on a range of foreign issues and i think all of you appreciate the commitment he's demonstrated to working with all of you to help and readersviewers and i think that's an indication of how seriously ben takes this
7:56 pm
process. reflective of the approach that the white house in general has taken to working reporters to engaging in a public debate about the wisdom of the policy that is administration has put forward and ben has been a persuasive the president's policies but also an eager participant in the debate. >> not to make this personal about him. it raises a larger issue of how views thestration press corps generally and the relationship -- i haven't been years --whole eight has been at times, and should be contentious. and i guess to what extent is this some indication that the president's thinking about the press corps is not perhaps as likeimentary as we would it to be or as positive as we think it should be? you tould encourage consider the president's own words on this. whether you want to consider the statements that the president the correspondent's theer or the statements
7:57 pm
president delivered to journalists in this room a before theays dinner, he paid tribute to the critically important role journalists have in the success of our democracy and i think out, there'spoint built-in friction between the white house press corps and the white house. that is always going to be there and the day that it's not, the day that there is not friction the white house press corps and the white house is the day that you guys stop doing your jobs, the day you walk in here and sit in the front row and say, josh, i think you just answered all my questions, there's not another single thing i could possibly ask about -- haven't taken you seriously your responsibilities to push and prod and hold the presidenttion and the accountable for the decisions he's making and the consequences of those decisions and i think fact that i come out here and stand here for an hour, hour and a half every day to answer questions is an indication that we take that process quite
7:58 pm
seriously. that in theink coming months or weeks that the president might increase his engagement with the press? remember that day he took many questions from the students but his interactions with us are more limited, perhaps not over course of the whole -- there are a lot of ways to parse it theree question is, can be or given some of what's been the here, do you think president might rethink the level of access, engagement he press corps, that he feels is appropriate? >> last friday the president sat at this podium and delivered an opening statement and took four questions from people in this anm and i think that's indication of the president's commitment to engaging with all of you and answering your and being accountable you to and the american public he's making.ions if there's ever a day you walk
7:59 pm
think room and say i we've heard enough from the president today or we've gotten all kind of questions we have been able to ask the question, it's the day you've stopped doing your job. supposed to ask, why can't we have more access to the president. that's your job. supposed toyou're advocate for and that's the nature of our arrangement here. really is, question not whether or not the white house press corps will be ofisfied with the number questions the president has taken from the press corps -- you shouldn't be -- i think the aestion is, is there commitment institutionally on the part of the white house that to answering top as many questions as possible and spending the time necessary people and american the journalists who cover the white house the most understand here.y what's happening >> the u.s. government filed a lawsuit against north carolina transgender bathroom law. governorit comes after pat mccrory sued the justice department, asking a federal
8:00 pm
court to rule whether the state's so-called bathroom rule violated u.s. law. we'll hear from governor mccrory followed talks about government mistrust and civic participation. and later, secretary of a john kerry delivers the commencement address at northeastern university. secretary, we proudly give 72 of our delegates to the next president of the united states. [cheering] ♪


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