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tv   Primary Election Results and Reaction  CSPAN  May 10, 2016 8:52pm-11:31pm EDT

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from any one of our districts. i along with representatives esty and costello are working to establish educate programs for consumer awareness and practitioner training to get at the root of most of these addictions. as a police officer for 18 years with the lapd, i've seen a lot of drug addiction and drug addiction problems in our streets. we saw rock hit our streets many, many years ago and is still infiltrating many of our urban areas in the country and then we moved on to drugs like meth and heroin. heroin was always a taboo drug, but today it is not. we've seen a lot of kids that get addicted because they got a sports injury or some other issue they've gotten a prescription drug and they've moved on from the oxy when they've ron out, and moved onto heroin. so it's not become a taboo drug, it's actually a new drug that
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they can continue on their addiction. and they don't understand what it's doing to their body and they don't understand the addictions that are hurting them and in some instances killing them. fentanyl not nd only taking over maine but -- not only taking over our neighborhood but taking over the country. my wife is a nicu nurse. she's seen the effects of little babies who have come in who are now addicted to these drugs and addicted to heroin. seing what this does to a baby that is born premature and now addicted to this drug make yours heart go out but also understand, you also understand the problems that these babies are geng to have probably for a very long time in their young lives. if we don't do something, this will continue to ravage our kids
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and continue to kill our kids on our streets. if congressman guinta and congresswoman kuster had not brought this forward, then somebody would have had to, but who? so i say thank you to both of you for doing this. i know that it ravages your state of new hampshire but it also affects our statesed on our cities across the country. so without leadership, this would have continued to go on. these bills we are voting on will do something. they will have an effect. the local administrations have to have an effect. our counties and states have to have an effect or this will continue on. so i say thank you and i encourage everyone to vote on these and i yield back the alance of my time. mr. guinta: i thank the gentleman from california, mr. knight, for his service on the task forcing your service for the last 18 years in uniform and your continueder is vess here in the congress. your depth and understanding of
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the issue is critical to the passage of the legislation that we're bringing to the floor this week and i look forward to continuing our work with you. thank you, sir. i now want to yield for as much time as the may consume my esteemed colleague from new hampshire and co-chair of the bipartisan task force, ms. kuster from our great state of new hampshire. ms. kuster: thank you very much, mr. guinta and thank you for your leadership and to everyone who participated tonight. the idea behind a special order to put a face on this terrible heroin epidemic and addiction generally is to create compassion and empathy both among our colleagues but for those of you who may be watching at home, we need a societal change in the way we approach substance use disorder. we need to understand that this is a disease, i say at home frequently, every time you hear
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the word addict, think of the word diabetic. we don't say to someone, we can't treat you because you've just eaten cake. essentially we say that's a really hard disease for you to live with and we want to help you. and that's the message that we want to convey tonight, to families in new hampshire and all across this country. we want to be a part of the solution. and that's going to include prevention, education, treatment, access to treatment and expanding access to treatment and then lifelong recovery. we know that the brain changes under the use of -- misuse of prescription drugs or opiates or heroin. and we need to have the patience to help people get through not just the treatment itself but the recovery period. we need homes where people can live in a substance-free environment. and we need support and mental health support. we've learned that four out of ive of the heroin users have a
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co-occurring mental health issue, typically untreated and typically not getting any kind of help with that. so in a sense what you have is people that are self-medicating. we also know that four out of five of the heroin users are coming to this through prescription med case. so we need to reach out and work with our health care providers and i'm very proud that both the american medical association and the american hospital association are supporting many of the bills that we have coming forward on the floor this week. so this is the beginning, our work is not done but the message tonight is that congress is coming together in a bipartisan way to tackle this head on, to help these families, to help people get treatment, and to let's put an end to this terrible, terrible disease. thank you and i yield back to the gentleman from new hampshire. mr. guinta: i want to thank the
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gentlelady my colleague from our state of new hampshire. where unfortunately last year 430 people perished due to opioid abuse and addiction. one out of every 3,000 of our residents. it's a significant challenge in our state and in the neevet, in new england, but all across the country. almost 50,000 people last year died. of this ep democrat ex. and it is not just an epidemic but an emergency. one that i believe this congress is firmly standing strong in a bipartisan way to find solutions. to do our part at the federal level to make sure that we have every opportunity not just to help those who seek treatment and recovery but also to strengthen law enforcement. to focus on those individuals who are selling these drugs across the country from california to new hampshire. but also being proactive in prevention and education.
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we often speak of our friends and constituents in new hampshire that continue to suffer. but we also talk about our children. i have a 12 and 11-year-old that , hope will live a life without and free from, drugs. i want to make sure that every seventh and eighth grader in the state of new hampshire understands the severity of the problem and understands that this is something that is deadly. that we cannot even take once. as you mentioned, the challenge of fentanyl, lacing a pill of heroin with as many as three fentanyl the size of a grain of sand can kill a person. most people don't realize that.
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this is a deadly, deadly ep democratting. this week the house of representatives takes up a whole host of bills after the senate passed their cara act 94-1, we have had four committees of jurisdiction work and try to improve that piece of legislation and i look forward to sharing a very strong bipartisan vote this week on a whole host of bills going to conference with the senate and getting this bill to the president's desk. it's a mark of bipartisanship and it's a mark of leadership. something that the country needs to see, from this institution and from i want to thank all of my participated in this special order tonight. we have heard stories of success and difficulty, in equal measure come from every part of the country. they commend the house for vulnerables for the
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and the distressed. in my district and your district and across the nation. burdeng to alleviate the can make the difference between fatal despair. the house is scheduled to take -- measures this week. it will begin to form a solution to this national crisis. we will continue to work for faith communities and accepted treatments. i want to end this evening on a favorable now. i want to share the story of my she knows all too well. she had been addicted to heroin for an extended. of time. she had nowhere left to turn. her family would not help her.
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even the people she bought drugs from did not help her. she was eight months pregnant. nurse that called a it helped her earlier in the year. she asked for assistance. waswent to the hospital and thankfully able to seek help. they cold her she was days from dying. she was able to start the process of recovery. he has testified of the experience. clean withsix months
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an eight month son. it is a story of success. daycontinues each and every to strive for that success for others. she actually goes to schools in new hampshire and speaks about her experience so that others will not fall to the same experience. i tell this as a friend but i focused our work in her name int as you focus your work the name of his stepdaughter amber. these are people we know. they are people that we want to try to say. see oury happy to leadership, the bipartisanship
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in the legislation. t we start to see a decline. regardless, this is just the beginning of this process. we will continue to fight for every life, to fight for every person who is dealing with the disease of addiction. and will continue -- we'll continue to work in a bipartisan way because the people of our nation deserve it. so i want to thank my colleague, again, ms. kuster from new hampshire, my co-chair of the bipartisan task force, for your leadership. i thank the speakers this evening. and look forward to a productive week and a productive year and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2015, the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. gohmert, for 30 minutes.
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mr. gohmert: thank you, mr. speaker. we're back in session and things have continued to proceed on. i appreciate so much my colleagues calling the attention to this national disaster, really. seem to re being used, be at unprecedented levels. i know since i've been here there was basically a war, hence the use of methamphetamines. so we restricted law-abiding citizens' access to sudafed, the one decongest contaminant that works on me, has since it was discovered. drugs we've had more
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pouring across our southern border, according to what diarra agents and local law enforce -- d.e.a. agents and local law enforcement agents have been telling me in texas be and border patrol down at our border, d.p.s. at our border. drugs pouring in. seems to have more purity and be more devastating to people that get hooked on it. obviously we've had doctors and nurses, i've sentenced many professionals, a number of them at least, for the crimes committed in their getting access to opioids. the a problem. what concerns me also is that it appears this administration is saying, we'll help you clean p the criminal justice
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inadequacies, as long as you'll pass bills that will get a lot of people thousands and thousands of -- a lot of people, thousands and thousands of people, released from prison early. we've seen from the figures that were provided to senator jeff sessions, pursuant to his request, that of the -- all the people in federal prison, for possession of illegal not ances, 77% of them are citizens of the united states. 77% of those in federal prison for possession are not u.s. citizens. so obviously this president's been giving illegal, unconstitutional amnesties out, like they were water at a arathon.
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hopefully the supreme court is once and for all going to assure that that stops. but it makes sense, when you look at this as being election year, and the democratic governor of virginia makes thousands of felons eligible to vote, all they need is to get out of prison and then this president wants thousands and thousands more released from prison. the old saying is true here in washington, no matter how cynical you get, it's never nough to catch up. we should do criminal justice reform. i've been pushing for it for the years i've been here. i guess for the last eight years.
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but if it is only going to get signed into law, if it's scrapping the sentences that were arrived at by judges agonizing other an appropriate sentence, then i hope and pray it will not happen until january of next year, when a new president is in office. so that it does not get linked -- i mean, the cynicism for an administration to say, yeah, we'll do the criminal justice reform that's necessary, but only if you'll allow us to release thousands and thousands from prison, which there is no question, people will be murdered, people will be
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robbed, people will be , saulted, shot, burglarized in crimes that never would have happened if the president hadn't pushed the early release of so many criminals. so, i hope and pray that we will be the guardians here in the house of those american citizens that would be killed, assaulted, larized, if the president gets his way and releases people early. we can't allow that to happen. if we're going to keep our oath. to the american people. we've heard so often in this room, goodness, we've heard right here across the street, in front of the supreme court, people that claim to be
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illegally in this country, the only reason i'm saying claim to be illegally in this country is we've heard that all the people in this country are in the shadows and we need to bring them out of the shadows, and these people that were claiming to be illegally here, protesting in front of the supreme court recently, they were not in the shadows. they were in full sunlight, out in front of the united states supreme court. and in fact blocking traffic here right in front of the supreme court building. ultimately the police just shut off the streets because so many eople were in the streets. well, this story from yesterday, from the "washington cashing in, tled $1,261 immigrants get
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more in welfare than american families. story says, illegal immigrant households receive an average $5,692 in federal welfare benefits every year, far more than the average native american household at $4,431, according to a new report on the cost of immigration released money. the center for immigration studies, in an analysis of federal cost figures, found that all immigrant-headed households, legal and illegal, in ive an average of $6,241 welfare. i'll point out, that is an average. obviously not everybody gets elfare that's here legally and
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illegaly. obviously there are lots of households that don't get welfare. but this is an average and the article says, 41% more than in native households. as with americans receiving benefits such as food stamps and cash, much of the welfare their rant supplements low wage jobs. the total cost is over $103 llion in welfare benefits to households headed by immigrants. a majority, or 51%, of immigrant households receive some type of welfare compared to 30% of native households, said the analysis of census data. i'd like to insert, mr. speaker, when steve king and i , in london, land
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with social security office equivalent there, they pointed out that in order to receive social security-type benefits in england, the law requires proof that you've been in the country for five years before you're eligible. we were told, i didn't see them, but we were told that in applying to come to the country or being in the country, you had to agree not to apply for benefits for five years. they're just if an immigrant magnet for people who want to come get welfare, they would go broke. that was their reasoning. actually, the quite good reasoning -- it's quite good reasoning. as one of the leaders there in
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the office said, she made clear , look, we want to make sure that people coming into england or go and not takers from our society. i don't know if she has been successful. there are take terse there. but this idea is interesting. it puts to the test whether someone is getting welfare benefits that they never participated in and paid for or coming in to help make america a bert country. and they are paying me benefits and me getting welfare makes it i hope theyntry and
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would not. 3 ee the tote a.m. cost is as much as ibly anything else the indicate our immigration policies and our policy need dramatic changes. frappes it would be good to putal pause owe imgracious until we get this worked out because damage.oing great this goes on. to say, immigrants receiving the
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most in the stud of 012 if and ing rs from mexico sental america ca. 8 % hire 51, will than the benefits said the rrt. ll, mr. speaker, that is staggering . thinks are 2012 figures. mexico and central american, immigrants are receiving on perge thundershowers 8,25 year. it's pretty clear, you continue ave to be a math and i was
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reat in math to make it. don't have to be good in math to know no nation can sustain itself wlen it's giving people, the rush and-end of the count riday over crrs are fer $800 without contributing a dime. the in report found president obama seeking new 00 316 for every new get. more than the that's just minaldbogming in
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word ment that's mind bogilling. 13 of 18,000 that president obama sought to provide to every illegal imgravent minor, person into the ey've come country to get here and i have een here all hours, no one comes cross that board una kpped. you can't get across the rio reand four-year-old, six yeered, eighth-year-old
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children. i have seen them come up from the bank and at the are being helped and you see a woman helping this child and the child is looking to her for answers nd and she up there and says, who r oh, this your child? i don't know her all. ut we call it unkpped. ap the president wants for iffer new illegal immigrant under 18 hich the article point is is more than he would seek out for retirees.
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from the "washington examiner" i will d that illegal grants but instead knee get it via their legal children. > they are barred from accessing most, but not all welfare program. but they can get it from their children. legal immigrant who households arizona.378 doll the average howls hold, headed by an imgrarnt costs the axpayer in federal welfare benefits. 33%. erage consumes
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more medicaid dollars than the native house household. and they have the highest costs than any region. > it can be explained in large art by their lower relative of education. households immigrant 8%. eaded by compared to household mmigrant have three or more children. do the math as some
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people have, our nation is not long for the world unless we get on a lawful track. u i've seen and signs shoved a front of face, jesus was refugee. and this thing i know from everything we have taught, everything that has been in the bible, jesus was never an illegal immigrant. jesus made clear that which is caesars, you followed the law. broke the law. ough those who crucified
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clearly vial of scroilted the law. and article here from washington free beacon. loam grown planting roots foiled isis attacks . . t least 75 home grown were coose the united states and the large effort portions pledgening aliegesance. and preparedness. the largest number of home grown xtremists to various terrorist
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organizations and planning attacks in the united states, according to the figures. other 10%, successful little creard out attacks accord toing the data that the new york city area was home to the largest combreemists.lent administration so they don't use the term. her today, administration censorship remarks.s the islamist confessiones
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identicalbly the white house and speaking the words islam isist terrorism exposed. and reported on monday that the state department edited an admission on 20123 that it is the molsi to lie to the american was a d the iran nuclear time it did. e they used the tactics when audio and the white use and the whougs has sense
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crored saying that the terrorism is at the roots of terrorism. it pulled umh and when it re silent d and the goes going with the words and begins again tend of the sentence. and follows the same pattern. edited t objectable was out on a government web soit. it was discovered because the transcript had not been edited. it was found and restored after difficult virgs irtad been exposed and once
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ad bren made public. mere the the question. this a an is laretted incident or he had todd omments? >> preventing people free hearing the fremple president point out the truth that islamic terrorism is at the root of all terrorism, most terrorism, it certainly is, here's the front page story. title terrorists and it
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don't erican lives matter. >> and were lining up for a lunch. 17 of them died. and outside the gallery. two women. they had a young child of the they struggled a working deep. sleeping on the deck and surrounding on the terrorist attack. and written on the side of the slotion that tore thire their ship . the president of the united states that justice would be date of
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birth. safey, you will not save a harbor. the article says despite clienton's word. the article goes to point all the injustice what president obama has done in freeing this bomber involved in the ump unferump u everyone is coal. dozen or so oree military ship. n the united states cannot lock exist if this is the way we treat these who are trying to destroy us.
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the weekly standard wrote, on account of a story, obama's foreign policy guru boasts of how the administration lied to sell the iran deal. mr. speaker, might i ask how uch time is remaining. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman has four minutes remaining. mr. gohmert: this is from may 5 . says, it's hardly any wobbedser that deputy national -- wonder that deputy national security advisor rhodes has a mind meld with his boss, the president. according to a david samuel "new york times" article, rhodes, like the president, is con temp white house of the american foreign policy establishment. what obama calls, quote, the washington playbook, unquote, dictating the source of responses available to the american policymakers, rhodes calls the blob.
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this article points out what's in the news right now. that the obama administration, and i'm being careful, my friend, mr. speaker, and ms. parliamentarian, the obama administration was responsible for a lie perpetuated against the american people. they claimed they were dealing with moderates in iran, they knew they were dealing with radicals. and ben rhodes is lying, he brags about all the lying they did to get -- keep the senate from standing up and having the courage to say, this is a treaty, it's being done with radical islamists in iran, it hurts all our friends, helps our enemies, we will not allow that to happen. we're taking a vote on the iran treaty as a treaty, and then when they did, if the democrats
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tried to block it, then this more than anything else they've ever taken up would be something they should say, as harry reid did, we may not have 60, but this is critical, we vote on the iran treaty and vote it down, so 51 votes sets aside cloture and they drive forward. it doesn't get the 2/3 vote and we stop the radicals in iran from getting the hundreds of billions that will flow not just in one year, but over a period of time. the with people today, leaders of the southern part of iran, southern, southwest part of pakistan, those are indigenous areas. the most productive oil fields of iran. bluche areas. they have been so unfairly terrorized and mistreated. and they know what terrorists, the leaders of iran, are.
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we have friends in those areas of iran and pakistan and this administration chose to lie to the american people, to get the senate to do nothing to stop them, and people around the world will die as a result of the lies that ben rhodes has now admitted to. god help us all. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. does the gentleman have a motion. mr. gohmert: i move we do now hereby adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to ageorge bush. -- adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly, the house stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m.
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>> that is the theme with the house considering more bills , treatment, and prevention. practices for pain management and prescribing medication. members come back in at 10:00 for morning speeches and work. night in westry virginia. sanders has on the republican side, donald trump has won both. fromg up, we will hear bernie sanders. there is a live rally going on and we will bring that to you. in the meantime, an update from the washington post.
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fix.p blogs for the he is joining us from new york will stop thank you for being with us -- from new york will stop thank you for being with us -- from new york. thank you for being with us. and i took a look at who -- you know, part of making the estimate of how people will vote is estimating who will come out. was that things done
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the percentage of whites was larger than who came out to vote in 2012 and that explains why donald trump does better. >> this is a broad generalization and you summarize -- menn like hillary like donald trump and women do not. non-white voters like hillary. >> that is the case. white voters enjoy donald trump to clinton. men purchase for -- men prefer trump. if you have more white people in the sample who or talking as part of this process, you are going to see white people do better. explains a lot of the difference.
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sense of aave any bump in the turnout this november? >> a great question. we have seen anecdotal reports that the registration is up with the hispanics and it has increased in georgia and north carolina. demographics and the hispanic population tends to be younger. evidence that people are coming out to vote against donald trump. cycle,ink, this election we will not have barack obama. it has tendedhat to be less white as the time passes. non-whiterate was as
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.s in 2008 in 2014 >> trump and clinton have high negatives. >> exactly right. these are pretty close. negativehem with high numbers and trumps are worse. are worse. i think that is white people in the poll. clintonrs outperforms in a general. why watch a >> we have seen this as a trend for a wild and it is something that the sanders campaign puts emphasis on, because they are hoping to sway the superdelegates. people know hillary clinton and
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they have seen her getting hammered with negative stories and there are all sorts of perceptions of what the clintons are like. bernie sanders came on the scene a year ago. and a lot of people do not know much about him and they are not terribly familiar. i think this place to the advantage. a you have to choose between candidate you don't like and one that you are sort of familiar with, people will choose the one you are sort of familiar with. >> you made a comment that there was a poll for years ago that -- ed >> essentially, it looked at battleground states and it showed slightly eads for obama ann romney. romney. and
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so, for all of the cop aveats, it would be foolish to totally dismiss this as an outlier by virtue of the fact that, for years ago, it was dead on. >> we will look for your reporting online. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> in 20 minutes, we will take you live to oregon for bernie sanders. as soon as it starts, we will have it. in the meantime, and look at donald trump's foreign-policy platform from washington journal. host: donald trump gave a speech on foreign policy on which -- during which he outlined his philosophy. here is that speech. trump: my foreign policy
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will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. it has to be first. has to be. foundation ofhe every single decision i will make. host: joining us to talk about a potential foreign policy , he is the senior fellow in national security studies. , good morning. you recently said he would be a big mess -- the biggest national security threat the united states whatever face. can you expand on that? guest: absolutely. the foreign policies and economic policies he advocates are the same that got us into the great depression and world war ii. they would be an economic and foreign-policy disaster for the country.
9:43 pm
he wants to abandon our nearest and dearest allies in europe himself withating america's enemies like vladimir putin. he wants to ban muslims from coming to the united, which would be a gift to isis because it would hand them a propaganda victory by seemingly demonstrating to them what they claim to their followers, that the united states is an enemy of islam. beyond the fact that trump's policies are incredibly dangerous, it is the underlying fact, and this is why i think it would be a disaster of trump were elected, he is utterly unprepared and unfit for the office of the presidency of the united states. as norm ornstein has recently pointed out, donald trump is easily the most ignorant presidential candidate we have had in the last 50 years and that includes the comedian. knows justat he ain't so.
9:44 pm
even as he was wrapping up the republican nomination for president, he was espousing a crazy conspiracy theory about how ted cruz's father was supposedly involved in the kennedy assassination, which reminds us donald trump has also espouse crazy conspiracy theories about barack obama supposedly not being born in the united states, or vaccines causing autism, or george w. about massedly lying destruction. all these things suggest he is immune to facts. he is irrational, erratic, he changes his positions on a daily basis. last week, he was suggesting he would not pay the full debt of the united states, which would as argentinaeat and greece, and a few days later, he said maybe i will, but i will spend a lot of money, a recipe for hyperinflation like we had in the 1970's, and a day later he backed off of that and tomorrow, i am sure he will be back into it again. he changes positions on an
9:45 pm
hourly basis. it is not somebody who can be trusted with the office of commander-in-chief. not somebody to whom we should be turning over the nuclear codes. host: how do you think donald trump use the world? nativist, xena phobic, and racist worldview. he tries to skate goat people not like him. he suggests he will send the federal authorities and the police state roundup to round up 11 million undocumented immigrants and to expel them from the country to her he wants to stop muslims from coming here, he wants to start trade wars with mexico and china, two of our largest trade partners. he is hostile to other countries except those hostile to us, -- us. when it comes to russia, trump has nothing but kind words he
9:46 pm
cosi admires the kind of authoritarianism that putin has created in russia and no doubt trump probably seeks to emulate the example in the united states. it is a dangerous worldview for anyone who could potentially become the united states president to have. with max discussion boot. -- host: there was a story recently about bob corker saying he would not mind advising donald trump on foreign affairs issues. he said what i am hearing and what he is saying is more of a george h.w. bush deal of the world. i him embracing more of a james baker view of the world and a larger degree of realism is making its way and i very much appreciate that. how do you respond? nonsense --is
9:47 pm
nonsense on stilts. now that he is the republican nominee, the washington establishment is trying to kiss up to him and forgetting all of made inicisms they recent months. georgesty to suggest -- h.w. bush, one of the most thoughtful when it came to foreign policy. donald trump is a complete ignoramus. he has never heard of the nuclear triad. he cannot even tell you what the difference is between the kurds -- those are issues where george h.w. bush would have known. donald trump is not at all like bush. the president he most resembles his herbert hoover, the guy who got us into the great depression. donald trump's policies would cause a global recession and destroy our security by shattering our alliances with democracies that builds up more than half a century. to suggest he has anything in common with a president like
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merge h.w. bush suggests to that some republican insiders in washington are losing touch with reality. advised onuest has foreign policy for the mitt romney campaign in 2011, marco pressin 2015, john mccain presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008. as far as those you work for, how would they approach or differ from trump's foreign policy? policies are radically different and i grew up in the 1980's as a ronald reagan republican. pro-free-tradeas and pro-immigration. he was hopeful and optimistic and a gentleman and did not go around insulting his opponents or flinging childish abuse. i would say all the presidential candidate -- candidates, marco rubio, who i work for, were very much in the reagan mold.
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donald trump is the anti-reagan. the opposite of reagan. he is full of hatred and inouses policies directly contrast to those of ronald reagan and other candidates who have come after ronald reagan. republican,real someone who only join in 2012. he does not espouse the principles that i and so many republicans believe in. it is said to me to see a demagogue like this, a racist, image -- ignorant demagogue hijacking the party of reagan. the first call for you is from paul, independent line. caller: thank you. i was with the department of defense for over 25 years. i saw the inside of nato from the money point of view. one thing mr. trump is accurate about is that the europeans pay
9:50 pm
very little for their own defense. year, the past nations, canada, the united states, and the u.k. contributed over 90% of the dollars spent on actual -- four nato. sort of obvious that putting the united states interests first does not mean abandoning all of our allies. it simply means that our allies should be doing something for the alliance. why should the united states risk a nuclear exchange for the russia for the sake of the baltic states unless there is also portuguese -- standing on the line in the baltic states? the portuguese and the french and the spanish also commit themselves, then the united states can feel guilty about being tough on our allies. until that time, i think we need to at least listen to that much of what the man said.
9:51 pm
in the first place, the european union collectively has the second-largest defense budget in the world after the united states. they have a substantial ground force which protects europe and american interests as well. the key point i want to make is the reason we have troops in europe and troops in south korea and japan, it is not a favor for those countries. that is what donald trump seems to imagine, that we are doing this out of the goodness of our hearts, that this is a favor for our allies. that is not the case are the reason we have troops abroad is they are defending american interests and american security. our security is served by having a peaceful and secure europe and east asia. we have been the biggest since 1945.s if you tinker with that, you create an opening for a global predators like putin or isis.
9:52 pm
barack obama has done that to some extent. president obama has pulled back from some of our commitments in the middle east, with consequences. trump, those consequences would be magnified times 100. the big losers, there is no european nations would lose if the american security umbrella pullback, but the biggest losers would be the united states of america. the biggest beneficiaries of the free and liberal world order that we have to edit and underwritten since 1945. donald trump does not understand that and the caller does not, but american presidents of both parties have understood that. michigan, republican line. brad is next. i would like to know what is wrong with negotiating trade agreements. it takes care of the american worker first and stops on countries from manipulating currency. simple enough 20 two
9:53 pm
through a security check to know who you are allowing it to your country? he is not talking about taking them out, he wants to slow it down. apart from hitting hispanics, i saw what was done. they are talking about the bad side of immigration and the left has -- people are smarter than that. to me like you work for a democratic party. your turn. the caller does not know what he is talking about it i have never been a democrat in my life and i still have not. what he is espousing sounds reasonable but it is not reasonable. open our borders and let every single person from the outside into the united states. worse we have to order security. everyone agrees or that is not what donald trump is saying your he is coming up with xena phobic proposals for example to ban all muslims fortis committing on the basis of religion. the new mayor of luck -- of
9:54 pm
london is a muslim. will donald trump not allow the mayor of london to come to the united states? that will not enhance security. he will alienate peaceful and moderate muslims we need to fight terrorists. he will make us less safe. he claims he will build a law along -- a wall along the mexico border and get mexico to pay for it or he is dreaming. he has never once explained how he could achieve that. are 11 million undocumented immigrants in the united states, even more, most of whom are holding down jobs and trimming to society. donald trump will end his police into american homes to root out 11 million people. it is without precedent in the them american history. and is a on fascism very dangerous thing to do. it is not a reasonable way to protect our borders. what trump is proposing will make us less safe and not more safe, by alienating the entire world and turning the entire million --d, 1.6
9:55 pm
billion muslims around the world against us. from georgia, democrats line. caller: thank you for letting me speak. . enjoy your vision i'm an elderly woman now, in my and when the republican party back a long trying towallace was run, i saw where they had sent him down -- set him down at a roundtable and told him the vision of the republican party and they said his individual good fors were not america. they more or less said, we suggest you stop running and he stopped running. i felt better. a republicanis on ticket, saying he is republican and he has a lot of viewpoints. but there is no way in the world
9:56 pm
we can have a commander-in-chief that cannot even give proper viewpoints in america and now, we are going to trust you with pushing the button for nuclear? this man has problems with his own psyche. he is all about trump, all about the things he wants. those are the things that can get this country in such a bad state where we will actually be appearing like a third world country. it is not what america needs. america needs more sitting down to the table, discussing things as a team, all of the congress have excellent minds. the laws andy with thatw yo is homake changes. guest: i agree with the caller that donald trump gives egomaniacs a bad name. all politicians are egotistical to some extent but he is off the charts. self-involvement,
9:57 pm
it is not somebody would want to trust with the highest responsibility in the land. i think the caller is also right to invoke the comparison with george wallace. that is who donald trump reminds me of. demagogues of the past by george wallace. he talks about an america first whatgn policy, which was the nazi sympathizers in the 1930's talked about. we have had extremist in the past. none of those is have ever won the nomination of one of the great political parties. none of those have ever been this close to the presidency. that is why donald trump is more dangerous than those. he is actually on the cusp of real power and if he were to get it, he would be the least qualified and most dangerous , leastntial candidate qualified and most dangerous president we have ever had in our history. contrast donald trump's foreign policy with hillary clinton. is that something you could
9:58 pm
support? i think hillary clinton would be a far more responsible our nuclear arsenal and donald trump would bp read i have my disagreements with hillary clinton. i was a foreign policy to marco rubio in this campaign. the best line on hillary clinton i have heard came from overwork, the conservative writer, where he said hillary clinton is wrong on everything but she is wrong within the normal parameters. i agree with that. disagreements, but they are within the normal parameters. trump is off the charts, erratic and unstable and unfit to be president. with hillary clinton, i agree with a lot of the things she stands for with health -- foreign policy. i think she would be more moderate and reasonable when it comes to foreign policy than president obama has been. i think she understands the need
9:59 pm
for american leadership in the world, something that donald trump does not get it i my disagreements with hillary clinton. i think the ideal scenario would win the white to house and for republicans to keep at least one house of congress to act as a moderating influence on clinton the way should -- they did with her husband in the 1990's p ref think that would produce a sensible middle-of-the-road foreign policy, whereas if donald trump wins, it is inconceivable to me because we have never had a man like him in the oval office. ,ost: our guest is max boot senior fellow in national security studies. independent line, mary, you're next. caller: hello. the original premise of the republican party was to uphold our constitution to ensure that slavery was never again imposed on the american people. of the matter is you are a neoconservative. neoconservatives call original premise republicans paleo cons
10:00 pm
as though we are some, andessive part of the pack like mr. levin, who wants the constitution exposed under barack obama so it can be taken with an denigrated and weakened. ronald reagan stated his biggest ronald reagan stated his biggest regret was the amnesty in the 1980's. i find nothing wrong with donald trump, who has never said a ban on muslims. he said a temporary moratorium on muslim immigration until we find out what is going on in our country. you, mr. boot, support open borders. and very little border security. you attack mr. trump because he is a threat to your personal profit. mr. boot, you were born in russia and you never served in our military. our soldiers overwhelmingly support mr. trump because they see what is going on. they have had the rules of
10:01 pm
engagement, their hands tied behind their backs. they cannot shoot back and defend themselves. our soldiers are having their benefits stripped from them, so foreign nationals, many of whom work from the people you profit from, can keep being subsidized from u.s. taxpayers while 95 million citizens are no longer counted, so foreign labor that is cheap for the people who pay you, but expensive for the u.s. taxpayer, our debt is skyrocketing. host: mary, we are going to let him respond. go ahead. hatredt: i hear a lot of coming from that caller just like for donald trump fear the caller is castigating me for something i do not do.
10:02 pm
he is the one who benefits from the poor labor. she thinks he is going to save us from the poor labor? too throws out a blizzard of a correct assertions and claims they are actual -- factual. for example, the woman saying our soldiers cannot shoot back to that is ridiculous. donald trump does not know anything about our soldiers. they do shoot back and are allowed to and do it all the time. it is funny to me also to hear donald trump being held up as a champion of our military. this was a guy who avoided the draft in 1960's and later in the 1970's said that avoiding a venereal disease was his personal vietnam. he has denigrated combat heroes held in prison in north vietnam. he said they were not heroes because they were captured and he does not like people who are captured.
10:03 pm
denigrating the courage of people like john mccain who incurred more than five years of torture while donald trump was back home having a grand old time living the high life in new york. to me that is discussing. -- disgusting. announcer: we're going to break and take you live to salem, oregon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [applause] sen. sanders: woah! thank you! thank you salem!
10:04 pm
[cheers and applause] sen. sanders: thank you. it -- salem, thank you! and it sure sounds like salem, oregon is ready for the political revolution. [applause] this is a great turnout and i want to thank all of you for being here. let me begin by giving you all some pretty good news.
10:05 pm
[applause] last week, last week we won a really great victory in indiana. haveonight, it appears we won a big, big victory in west virginia. [applause] sen. sanders: and with your help, would are going to win in oregon next week -- we are going to win in oregon next week. [applause] and i want to take a moment to thank the people of west virginia for the tremendous
10:06 pm
victory, i think it ends up being a double-digit victory tonight. [applause] and this is a state, west virginia, where hillary clinton won by over 40 points against barack obama in 2008. [applause] sen. sanders: west virginia is a working-class state and like many other states in this country, including oregon, working people are hurting. and what the people of west virginia said tonight, and i believe the people of oregon and , isucky will say next week that we need an economy that
10:07 pm
works for all of us, not just the 1%. [applause] sen. sanders: the people of this country are sick and tired of jobs.g two or three they are tired of working longer hours for lower wages. death aboutried to the future of their kids. seethey do not want to almost all new wealth and income going to the top 1%. [applause]
10:08 pm
sen. sanders: the people of west virginia, of kentucky, of oregon, want an economy that works for all of us. [applause] sen. sanders: they want to have the united states join every other major country and a guarantee health care for all people as a right. [applause] sen. sanders: want to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create 13 million jobs. [applause] and the people of west virginia and the people of
10:09 pm
kentucky and the people of oregon understand that in the make2016, we have got to public colleges and universities tuition-free. [applause] sen. sanders: and at a time of massive income and wealth 0.1 oflity where the top 1% almost always as much as the the people of oregon and kentucky and west virginia know that it is high time for the wealthy and large corporations to start paying their fair share of taxes.
10:10 pm
[applause] sen. sanders: with our victory tonight in west virginia, we have now won primaries and caucuses in 19 states. [applause] sen. sanders: and let me be as clear as i can be. we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination! [applause] sen. sanders: and we are going to fight for every last vote in ,regon, kentucky, california the dakotas.
10:11 pm
[applause] now, we fully acknowledge we are good at arithmetic, that we have an uphill climb ahead of us. to fightingsed uphill climbs. [applause] sen. sanders: we have been fighting uphill from the first day of this campaign when people considered us a fringe candidacy. [applause] sen. sanders: and our message to the democratic delegates who will be assembling in philadelphia, as while -- is wh
10:12 pm
ile we may have many disagreements with secretary clinton, there is one area where that wed, and that has must defeat donald trump. -- and that is that we must defeat donald trump. [applause] sen. sanders: and i am very happy to tell you, we will defeat donald trump. [applause] and if you look over the last month or six weeks berniey national poll, sanders defeat donald trump by big numbers. [applause]
10:13 pm
sen. sanders: but it is not only national polls where we defeat trump my bigger numbers of the secretary clinton, it is state poll after state poll after state poll. day, just inast national pollswo have us beating trump my bigger margins than secretary clinton, four statewide polls. floridaylvania, ohio, and new hampshire. in everyone of those polls we be trump or do better against trump does secretaryan
10:14 pm
clinton. [applause] sen. sanders: but the reason that our campaign is the strongest campaign against trump is not just the polls, it is that our campaign is generating the energy and the enthusiasm that we need to have a large voter turnout in november. [applause] sen. sanders: democrats and nationalves win elections when the voter turnout high, when- is millions of people are prepared to stand up and fight back, that is what our campaign is all about. [applause] sen. sanders: i am very proud to
10:15 pm
tell you that taking on virtually the entire democratic , andlishment, senators governors, and members of congress and mayors -- despite all that opposition, we have now received well over 45% of the pledged delegates. [applause] sen. sanders: and if we do well in the coming weeks in oregon, and california, a new jersey, in kentucky and the other states, we still have that road to victory in winning the majority of pledged delegates. [applause]
10:16 pm
let me mention something else that does not get a lot of attention, but that i am very, very proud of. in virtually every primary and caucus, we win the significant majority of people 45 years of age and younger. [applause] sen. sanders: now, the truth is we are going to work on this, we have to do better with older voters. we are going to do better with older voters, but when we state, aate after significant majority of younger , what that tells me and i think it tells the american
10:17 pm
economics, vision of social, racial and environmental americain the future of . [applause] [chanting "bernie"] is thenders: our vision future of america and the future of the democratic party. [applause] now, donald trump --donald trump is not going to become president for a number of reasons.
10:18 pm
[applause] and the major reason is that the american people understand that we cannot have a president who has insulted latinos and mexicans. [applause] sen. sanders: who has insulted muslims. [applause] who, every day, is insulting women in one way or another. [applause] who has insulted veterans like john mccain and others. [applause] who has insulted
10:19 pm
african-americans in a very profound way. people sometimes forget that before mr. trump was running for president, he was one of the leaders of the so-called "birt her" movement. and that movement was a very ugly effort to de legitimize the presidency of the first african-american president in our history. mr. trump will not become president because the american people understand that our strength is an hour diversity -- is in our diversity. [applause]
10:20 pm
sen. sanders: that we are a great nation because we are and white and latino and asian american and native american. [applause] sen. sanders: we are a great nation because we are gay and we are straight. [applause] we are a great nation because we are women and men. [applause] and our greatness and our strength is when we come together as one proud people. [applause]
10:21 pm
and the american people understand that bringing us together always trumps dividing us on -- us up. [applause] sen. sanders: and the american people understand that we are great when we support each other. [applause] when your family is hurting, my family has got to be there for you. [applause] and when my family hurts, you have got to help us. america is about not tolerating
10:22 pm
a situation in which children go hungry or veterans sleep out on the street. [applause] sen. sanders: and the american people understand that supporting each other always trumps selfishness. [applause] sen. sanders: and the american a veryalso understand us bynd lesson taught to every major religion on earth, whether it is christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, whatever, and that profound message is that at the end of the day, love always trumps
10:23 pm
hatred. [applause] [chanting "bernie"] sen. sanders: our campaign has now won primaries and caucuses in 19 states because we are doing something very unusual in american politics. we are treating the american people like intelligent human beings. [applause] sen. sanders: and we are telling them the truth, even when the
10:24 pm
truth is unpleasant. i have always believed that it is far more important to deal s than toeasant truth just sweep them under the rug. [applause] and let me discuss with you some of the truths that we have got to address as americans. women foughten and and died to help preserve american democracy. our veterans a debt of gratitude that we can never repay. [applause] sen. sanders: and that is why i
10:25 pm
it as it as a polling -- appalling with we have a campaign system which is corrupt and undermining american democracy. [applause] democracy is not a complicated idea. it means one person, one vote. vote, you get a vote, and you get a vote. [applause] democracy does not mean billionaires buying elections. not mean wall street and the wealthiest people in this country contributing
10:26 pm
massive amounts of money into super pac's. democracy does not mean republican governors suppressing the vote. and that is why, together, we are going to overturn this disaster is supreme court decision on citizens united. [applause] and why we are going to move towards public funding of elections. i believe passionately in democracy, and what that means a progressive, a
10:27 pm
moderate, a conservative, i do not care what your ideology is -- you should have the right to run for office without begging millionaires for campaign contributions. [applause] sen. sanders: i want this country to have the highest rate of voter turnout of any country on earth, not one of the lowest voter turnouts. [applause] but it is not just a corrupt campaign-finance , and the super pacs that we have got to deal with. it is the fact that we live in a rigged economy.
10:28 pm
for fairly obvious reasons, you will not see much of this discussion on television. but here are some unpleasant realities that we as a nation are going to have to address. and that is we have more income and wealth inequality than almost any major country on today,and it is worse that inequality, then at any time since 1928. in america today -- and i wanted to hear this because you are not going to see it on tv, you might as well here here, that is the 1% now ownsh of almost as much wealth as the
10:29 pm
bottom 90%. today, the 20 wealthiest people own more wealth than the bottom half of americans.0 million today, one family, -- walton family of walmart than the bottom 40% of the american people. one family! riggede is what a economy really means. the waltons owner walmart but
10:30 pm
pay their workers wages that are so low that many employees are forced to go on food stamps and medicaid. and you know who pays for those food stamps and medicaid? you do! it seems to me to be a little bit absurd for working families to have to subsidize the wealthiest family in this country. applause] nd sen. sanders: and i say to the walton family, and by the way one of the waltons made a campaign contribution to sec. clinton of hundreds of thousands , i say to that family
10:31 pm
-- maybe instead of making large campaign contributions to sec. , pay your workers a living wage! [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: but we have got to deal with not just a declining and disappearing middle class, we have the fact that over 20% of our children living wepoverty, not just that have a corrupt campaign finance system, we also have a broken criminal justice system. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: there is something very wrong in this country when
10:32 pm
we have more people in jail they end any other country on earth. we are spending $80 billion a 2.2 billion up americans. that has got to change. and one of the reasons we have so many people in jail is that in many of our inner cities and many of our rural communities, unemployment of 30%, 40%, 50%. kids, latino kids, african-americans kids to have no jobs and no education. and when you hang out on street corners, had things happen. -- bad things happen.
10:33 pm
and that is why i believe it if i am elect a president we will implement investing in our young and education. not jailsd education, or incarceration. know, we have been criticized, our campaign has been criticized in cars we think too big -- has been criticized because we think too big. we are too radical. maybe it is a radical idea, maybe it is not. but i want this country to have the best educated population, not more people in jail they and any other country. thant more people in jail any other country.
10:34 pm
[applause] sen. sanders: when we talk about reforming criminal justice, it is also important to deal with local police departments all across this country. mayor ofs a burlington, vermont, and we want all of you to come visit us in vermont. like oregon, it is a beautiful state. you will enjoy it. i was the mayor there for eight years and i worked with our inartment not only burlington but throughout our state. i worked with police officers throughout this country. the vast majority of police are honest and hard-working and have a very called job. [applause] sanders: when a police officer, like any other public
10:35 pm
official, breaks the law -- that officer must be held accountable. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: we have got to demilitarize local police departments. [applause] sen. sanders: we have got to make police departments reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. corporatet to end ownership of prisons and detention centers. applause] sen. sanders: we have got to create a culture in this country which says to departments, lethal force -- killing people -- is the last resort.
10:36 pm
not the first resort. rethink theto so-called "war on drugs." years, millions of americans have received police records for possession of marijuana. booing] sen. sanders: and if you are a young person with that these record, trying to get a job as a problem. marijuana is a drug alongside heroin. that is crazy.
10:37 pm
closed and applause reckitt senator sanders -- [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: and that is why we will take medical marijuana out bra talk about drugs, let me tell you we have a major crisis in this country in terms of opiate addiction and in terms heroinone addiction -- addiction and substance abuse. to my mind, the most effective way to treat that crisis because people are over dicing and dying every single day, whatdiction is a health issue and not a
10:38 pm
criminal issue. overdosing every single day. we have do understand addiction is a health issue not a criminal issue. that is why we need a revolution in mental health treatment in this country. [applause] sanders: if you are addicted, you should be able to get the help you need today. not six months from today. we are also facing a very serious crisis and suicide in this country and when people are areidal or when they
10:39 pm
homicidal -- and i do not have to tell the people of america about mass killing -- we have to have these people be able to get the help they need when they need it. [applause] sanders: this campaign is going to win because we are listening to the american people and not just the wealthy campaign contributors. [applause] sen. sanders: we are listening to workers who tell me they cannot take it on eight or nine dollars an hour. we need to raise the minimum wage nationally to $15 an hour. [applause] sanders: and when we talk about equitable wages, we are going to make sure that women do
10:40 pm
on continue to learn -- $.79 the dollar. [applause] sanders: hand i know that to every man here will stand with the women in the fight for pay equity. [applause] sanders: this campaign is listening to seniors and disabled veterans and the veterans community in general and what they are telling me is that no senior, no disabled 10,000 can make it on dollars or $11,000 per year social security. republicans want to cut social security benefits.
10:41 pm
[booing] sanders: well, we have some we notnews for them. going to cut for the disabled. we are going to expand. this campaign is listening to young people. when we think outside of the outside of the status quo, we have to ask ourselves a very some question. that whent happen young people do exactly the right to paying and allowed to and get the best and situation they can -- education they can, why did they end up so far in
10:42 pm
debt? [applause] sanders: think about it for one second and you conclude that is nuts. it is not. we want to encourage our old to get the most and best education that they can. we should not be punishing an education,ting we should be rewarding them. [applause] sen. sanders: and that is why we are going to do two things. we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition-free.
10:43 pm
we are going to, for the millions of people -- and how many people here tonight are dealing with student debt? -- what we are going to do is allow people with student debt to refinance their loans at the lowest interest rate they can find. [applause] and we are going to pay for that through a tax on wall street speculation. [cheers and applause] this country bailed out wall street wintergreen a hand in illegal behavior drove this nation into the worst economic downturn since the great depression. now it is wall street's time to help the middle class of this country.
10:44 pm
[applause] sen. sanders: this campaign is listening to our african-american brothers and sisters. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: in thereafter me, how does it happen that we have trillions of dollars to spend on a war in iraq we should have never gotten into? but supposedly we do not have the money to rebuild crumbling and her cities in this country. , andected president together we are going to be changing our national priorities. we are not going to be rebuilding infrastructure in
10:45 pm
iraq, we are going to be rebuilding inner duties and america -- in america. -- rebuilding inner cities in america. this campaign is listening to our latino brothers and the thiss will stop -- campaign is listening to our latino brothers and sisters. we need comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship. this campaign is listening to a people whose pain is almost never heard. and that is the native american community. applause]
10:46 pm
sen. sanders: everyone here the timet from before this country became a country, the maid of the native american people were lied to. they were cheated entreaties. treaties they negotiated were broken. yet, the native american people have provided us with so much. debt to them we can one of therepay and most important things that they is that as human beings, we are part of nature. we must co-exist with nature. [cheers and applause]
10:47 pm
sen. sanders: and that if we continue as we are doing today, if we continue to destroy nature , we are ultimately destroying the human species. [applause] and yet today, on reservation and in native american communities, poverty and unemployment and suicide rates are sky high. if elected president, we are going to profoundly change our relationship to the native american people. [cheers and applause] sanders: when we think big
10:48 pm
and not small. when we think outside of the status well, we ask ourselves a very simple question. thedoes it happened that united states is the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people as a right? the affordable care act has got some -- done some very important [no audio] we -- [chanting "bernie! ']
10:49 pm
sanders: the sound system has reappeared. see, that is thinking big. we have got to do more about health care. what this campaign is about in all respects is making the american people understand what we have a hand should have as americans. every day, the media and establishment tells us, inc. small. -- tells us, think small. will you know what?
10:50 pm
canther countries -- canada , i think we can. i want you to think about this. all we pass a medicare for health care system, what it goes to thebody doctor when they have to go to the doctor. not worry about a deductible or copayment. and when we pass a medicare -four-all system, we will not continue to be ripped off i the drug companies who charge is the highest prices in the world. and when we pass a medicare for all system, it will mean that millions of people no longer
10:51 pm
have to stay on jobs they do not like simply because they are getting good health insurance. [applause] it willr a moment what mean to our economy when we unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of millions of people who can leave their jobs now and go out and start new businesses. [applause] and not have to worry about whether they are going to have health insurance or not. i want to, for a moment, talk about a few of the different is that exist between sec. clinton and myself.
10:52 pm
thinks we should raise the minimum wage to 12 bucks an hour. not good enough! we need to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. the u.s. senate committee on the environment. let me tell you, climate change is real. [cheers and applause] the sakeers: and for of our children and future generations, we are going to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel. and one way to do that, maybe
10:53 pm
the most important way, is to on view, that is not sec. clinton's view. in fact, when she was secretary of a she pushed fracking technology on countries throughout the world. [booing] sen. sanders: i believe the issue of clean water is going to become one of the most significant global issues we face. in our country and throughout the world. that is why a believe we have got to and fracking. -- end fracking. clinton'st secretary
10:54 pm
viewpoint. [booing] sen. sanders: foreign policy, as you know, and military policy is a very important part of what a president does. debatet important policy in the modern history of this country was over the war in iraq. against thevoted war in iraq. [applause] sen. sanders: sec. clinton supported the war in iraq will stop -- in iraq. if we are going to rebuild the declining middle class, we need to revamp our trade policies. all -- against virtually
10:55 pm
i voted against every one of these disastrous trade agreements. sec. clinton supported virtually all of them. on it goes. at this moment in american history we need a president who has the history and the courage -- and i do not a there is any debate over who that candidate is. "bernie"] : everyone whos
10:56 pm
has studied history knows that real change always takes place from the bottom on up. never from the top on down. the history of workers struggle and the trade unions. it is the history of the civil rights movement. it is the history of the women's movement. let us not forget, 100 years ago women did not have the right to vote, to get the education or the jobs they wanted. women stood up and fought back. [cheers and applause] end theirrs: and they male allies said, women will not be second-class citizens in the united states. and that is the history of the gay movement and gay rights in
10:57 pm
this country. [cheers and applause] against incredible bigotry and hatred, the gay community and their straight allies said that in america people should have the right love whoever they want regardless of their gender. [applause] sen. sanders: and here we are today. faced bya nation enormous crises, and once again millions of people are going to have to come together, stand up and fight back and create a government which works for all of us not just the 1%. [applause]
10:58 pm
sen. sanders: and that is what this campaign is about. no president, not bernie sanders or anyone else can do it alone. we have got to do it together. [applause] sen. sanders: in that regard, i want to thank your senator jeff merkley will stop -- your senator, jeff her claim. i want to thank your senator. jeff is the only member of the united states senate to support our campaign and i thank him for that. [applause] tuesday,ers: next there is going to be an enormously important democratic primary here in oregon.
10:59 pm
what i have found out throughout this campaign is that when the voter turnout is high we do well. we win. [applause] next tuesday here in oregon, let us have the oregon voter turnout in democratic voter turnout history. [applause] sen. sanders: and let the great state of oregon, the progressive on sayingregon, go yes, we want a political revolution! thank you all very much. [cheers and applause]
11:00 pm
♪ [music, david bowie's "starman"] ♪
11:01 pm
announcer: bernie sanders want me democratic primary in west theinia tonight, making it caucus he has one. donald trump has won both riemer is in west virginia and nebraska. next week, west virginia holds its primary and those cast votes in oregon's primary. >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and all of the issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, oklahoma republican congressman themeets with us to discuss meeting between paul ryan and donald trump. you will also talk about disaster relief in the wake of deadly storms in his state. then, gregory meeks will be on to talk about issues he tween foreign affairs committee. he sits on two committees.
11:02 pm
he will also discuss the upcoming election and the latest edition of m.i.t. technology review explores new genetic technology that could eradicate the mosquitoes that cause bearia will stop we will joined by the senior editor, and tammy oh read a lot of. senior editor antonio rigoletto. hillary clinton campaigned in kentucky in advance of next week's primary and to a campaign rally in louisville, she called it a must-winning in november. this is about 30 minutes. ♪ [applause]
11:03 pm
sec. clinton: hello, louisville! it is great to be here with all of you. your absolutely amazing secretary of day, my friend alison grimes. thank you, allison. mayor greglso thank fisher who is here somewhere. thank you mayor! but mostly i want to thank all of you for being here with us on this rainy afternoon. we are excited about the primary next tuesday. [applause] sec. clinton: you know, these election are always important.
11:04 pm
that is how we govern ourselves. i believe that. but boy do i think this presidential election has about the highest stakes we have seen in a really long time. you could not imagine a more different vision for our country thing and the one between our for progress,ats for prosperity, for fairness and opportunity then the presumptive nominee on the republican side and -- [booing] sec. clinton: that is why it is a we have a big turnout on tuesday because we have to go all the way to november to win the general election! this, we the way i see have got to break down all of the barriers that stand in the way of any american getting ahead and staying ahead and i
11:05 pm
have been talking about this now for about a year as i crisscrossed the country talking to thousands of people. because yes, we have to knock down the economic area is there are other barriers that prevent people from fulfilling their on god-given potential and i want you with need to be absolutely on the front of lines of making sure that the american dream is within reach of every single person in this country. [applause] number one, we have got to have more good jobs with rising income and i will tell you with historical fact that the economy does better when we have a a democrat in the white house. i know our republican friends hated when i say that will stop but all you have to do is look at the record of the last two
11:06 pm
democratic resident to get it. all the evidence you need. as i vaguely remember, i know it was a long time ago, but as i vaguely remember, when my husband was president we ended .p with 23 million new jobs an important fact because we do not want income just to rise for some. we wanted to rise for everybody not just those at the top. when bill was president, that is what happened. more people lifted out of poverty. median family income of 17%. median african-american emily income already 3% up. median african- american family income up 33%. you work hard,t,
11:07 pm
you get ahead. your kids will have a better life than you do. that is what i believe at hand that is what i want to make sure happens. you might ask, ok, if that is what happened in the 1990's, why did it all apart? there is kind of an easy answer for that. president.publican and i will tell you, this is serious because i think we had a balanced budget surplus. we had new jobs. rising income. and now we can look back and see that we have not had a raise for 16t americans in about years. family income is about $4000 less than it was when my husband left off is. there was a recent survey done of with republicans and
11:08 pm
democrats and they said, when was the best or you can remember? and they said, 2000. why was that? we were on the right track. but the republicans came back with their failed position. trickle-down economics. tookhen of course they their eyes of the financial markets and mortgage markets and we know what happened will stop the worst financial crisis since the great depression. history.ot ancient i remind us of a because the republicans are going to run the same campaign. they are going to run the same economic policies. you can already see it. we cannot let that happen. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month when president obama was elected and i will tell you, i do not think he gets the credit he deserves for making sure we did not fall into a great
11:09 pm
depression. [applause] sec. clinton: and, you know what the republicans also a, they said it in their debates, you'll hear from their presumptive nominee, they will say, while this is the slowest recovery in history. my friend, that takes a lot of nerve. we would not have needed a recovery of the republicans had not driven us off the cliff in the first place will stop [applause] sec. clinton: so here's what i want to do. witht to create a program more good jobs, rising incomes, rebuild the middle class, invest in more infrastructure. roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports. athink it is about time that bridge you have got right here should be fixed. these are good jobs. these pay good money.
11:10 pm
but they also make us more competitive. why should we allow all of these investments that our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents made, go to waste? it makes no sense whatsoever. let's put america to work. these are jobs you cannot export. they have got to be done right here in kentucky. and then we are going to bring back advanced menu factory. there are a lot of people use it may, we cannot do that will stop i do not buy that. i believe we can make it an america again. we've got to have a plan. we have got to invest in tax incentives for countries that will actually produce manufacturing jobs here and set of shipping those jobs overseas. -- instead of shipping those jobs overseas. but there are a lot of things we have got to invent and build and we should do it here in america.
11:11 pm
my husband was at war had state the other day and cannot up talking about it because he was meeting with students who are doing research building tiny satellites for nasa. state. ire at war had am telling you, the young people of america, if we give them a chance, they will invent the future and to create the jobs that are there. and you know how we're going to combat climate change? not by denying it will stop i love it when the -- not by denying it. it when they say, i am not going to deny it i am not a scientist. and i say, well go talk to a scientist. you can go to a university, there are a lot of scientist's who will explain it to you.
11:12 pm
i am also excited because some country is going to be the 21st century superpower when it comes to clean renewable energy. either germany, china, or us. i wanted to be asked. the jobs, the technology, the businesses, the exports. i have this idea that our future can be even brighter than our past. be aheadbest years can of us if we start acting like americans again. roll up our sleeves and get to work. we are going to do more for small business because that is where most jobs come from. clear away the obstacles. my dad was a small businessman look at small businesses because you never know what can be made from a small business and i want to do more to up you get ahead if you have a small business. i believe we should raise the
11:13 pm
federal minimum wage. now, i got to tell you it really -- it is really painful when you look at people who are working hard full-time and they are still in poverty. i mean, you should feel like you have got a ladder of opportunity up if you're doing what we want you and expect you to do. two thirds of the wage workers are women. a lot of them single-parent supporting their children. i want to raise the federal minimum wage. if states want to go about it, that is their business. but we have got to get the floor up so that people have a chance to make it in america by the debt of their hard work. and i tell you, it is way past time to guarantee equal pay for
11:14 pm
women's work. [applause] this is not just a women's issue, this is a family issue. if you have a mother, a white, a daughter, a sister who is shortchanged, you are being shortchanged. the familyot only income being shortchanged, the than who is getting less one interpretation being is getting shortchanged and retirement. getting shortchanged and social security. it is not just a one day, one week, one pay, one year phenomenon. and i do not know about you but i can tell you -- "hillary"]
11:15 pm
sec. clinton: well, i could tell you that as a woman who has shopped most of her life, i have never gotten a discount when i got to the cashier. i have never had anyone say, you are a woman you only have to pay 78 tons on the dollar. or an african-american, you will have to pay $.68. woman, $.58. but we need to be flaring and people who work hard need to be rewarded. we build this country. we believe in hard work and opportunity. else, tell you something i started out in lexington today and -- [applause] sec. clinton: he and i was
11:16 pm
talking to young mom and dads. we making it so difficult for young emily's. the stresses on young families today seem to be much greater in lots of ways because between the fact that you are not getting raises like people used to expect and you are not getting maybe it will pay for your work and childcare can cost as much as sending a child to a all kinds and you got of challenges if you have a new baby or a sick spouse or a sick parent you cannot get time off. we are really making it hard and i think it is time to bring family policy into the 21st century. it is not the way it used to be. we have got to support these young parents. i have been doing this work my entire adult life.
11:17 pm
first job i had out of law school was with the children's defense fund. and i know how important it is that we give people hope. that we give people a real sense that we're all in this together and that they do not feel like .ame is rated fm at the fact so i'm going to keep advocating for good jobs, family values, good balance work policies that can help people feel like they are being fair to their families while they do their work in their workplace. i advocate for this, you know, the republicans all say -- there she goes. playing get the women scarred. what always say, you know -- if talking about it will pay family leave is playing
11:18 pm
at the women scarred then deal me in! is playing at the women's , then deal me in! you are a great audience. you know what else? we have to also look at education. start at the beginning and go all the way through. we need early childhood education and we need to work with our teachers. we need to be supporting our teachers not scapegoating our teachers. giving them what they need to do with their jobs. and i have a plan for that-free
11:19 pm
college. if you go to a public college -- and the reason we can afford to do this is because we can invest in the education of young people poormiddle-class working families. not the wealthy. i do not believe in free college for the wealthy. i do not support that. my opponent, senator sanders does. we just have a difference. but he also requires that one third of the cost for free college be paid by the state. but iot know about you, do not think your new governor [indiscernible] -- so my plan avoids that and we funded directly. another thing we are going to do is pay down student debt by letting you refinance your student debt like a mortgage or a car payment. i am excited about this because there is so much student debt out there and it is holding people back and holding them down.
11:20 pm
student let's get the student interest rate down. let's give people a chance to pay back as a percentage of their income. let us put a date certain when it ends and let's keep that government from making money by lending money to students and their families. now, i also will tell you i will defend the affordable care act i am saddened what i hear me come out of the governor's office in kentucky. becauseecially saddened i think you all know this, but kentucky under governor bush year was widely praised for running the test affordable care
11:21 pm
transition in the whole of country. calledate exchange was bigger, richard. you guys did it right and it is working. you had the second-biggest drop in the uninsured and the country, nearly 9% it is down to. and i was visiting the family health centers here in louisville and talking to doctors nurse practitioners and to tell you,i have it brought tears to my eyes. we're getting health care for the first time in years. people dealing with problems that they had to ignore. healthier, more productive, like thinking and put in a good day's work because they now have the treatment they
11:22 pm
deserve and need to have. it is so distressing to me when anybody in public life who has all the health care he or she needs wants to take it away from working poor people, small business people, and others who do not have the health care they need. i do not understand it. i really do believe we're all in this together. we are stronger together. ourdoes it help me or help economy if you have hundreds of dozens of people in this date who cannot afford the health care they need? that does not seem like a productive outcome at all. so i am hoping maybe you're governor will come out with a plan that does not strip away that hundredsance
11:23 pm
of thousands of kentuckians now have. i sure hope that is the case because that is the kind of country we should be striving. where we do take care of each other. [applause] issues, i wantwo to get the cost of prescription drugs down and i think we can do it now. and i want to do more on mental health and addiction. issues, we are just not doing enough. there is still too much stigma about mental health, right? if you have diabetes, you tell your family and friends you have diagnosed with that, right? if you have depression, you're not sure you want them to know. and you might not go get the help you need because you are embarrassed.
11:24 pm
end the stigma. we are learning so much mother body, about how we work. and we are all one body. mental health or physical health, need to do more to help people who are suffering. [applause] sec. clinton: and i know kentucky is facing a big opioid crisis. and we have got to do more because we are losing thousands overdosesa year to and i was very pleased to see family health centers today starting and opioid treatment but we need that everywhere because people need help and they need to be saved from overdoses. a lot of them do not know they are overdosing. my husband and i have lost
11:25 pm
children of dear friends of ours. i don't children. die, buto intention to they took a pill after they had a beer or two. and they never will come -- and .hey never woke up this is the single most heartbreaking story i hear as i work across america and as your president i assure you we are going to do everything we can to save lives. criminalople from the justice system. give them treatment. help them into recovery and let them get on a better track. we are also going to reform the criminal justice system and and the era of mass incarceration moremore diversions and second chance programs. i think it is one of our biggest challenges and i want us to lead
11:26 pm
the way at the local and state levels supported by the federal government. you know, there is a lot of ourt work for us to do in country right now in and i think everybody running for president to meet the test of whether or not they are telling you about how they are going to improve the lives of americans. what are the positive results that we are seeking? also think they should level with you about where they stand on all of the hot button issues. the issues about right. is a bighere difference between us. i will defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. [cheers and applause] sec. clinton: and i will defend marriage equality. it voting defend
11:27 pm
rights. and i will work to end it citizens united and read our political system of unaccountable money. talked a lot about that in this campaign. i take it personally that citizens united has another right wing attack on me. the right wing never gives up on attacking me, have you noticed that? honest to goodness, i think they are really going to throw and everything including the kitchen sink this time. but i have a little message for them. they have done it for 25 years and i am still standing. [cheers and applause] [chanting "hillary"]
11:28 pm
sec. clinton: it is also really important when you go to vote on tuesday to remember your voting not just for president but for a commander-in-chief. the highest obligation of a president is to protect at america. i take that as a solemn obligation and it is why i have been so concerned about the reckless talk coming from donald trump. i have to tell you, it is a long sort of that he just throws things out and people say, maybe he does not really mean it. serving are running for as president, you had better mean what you say. so when he casually says he does not care of war countries get nuclear weapons, i shudder.
11:29 pm
need are more we countries with nuclear weapons, i am trying to reduce the number of nuclear weapons. that is why negotiated a treaty with russia to do just that. countries,eed more we need fewer countries with nuclear weapons. to withdraw he once from nato, the most successful military alliance in history, i say -- what are we going to substitute for it and how were we want to work with our friends and allies against all of the threats we face? thewhen he says, let iranians are russians go after hello, the last thing we need is a rant taking over syria, taking over lebanon, and threatening israel and europe and everybody else. you, if igot to tell am so fortunate to be the
11:30 pm
nominee i am looking forward to debating donald trump come the fall. [cheers and applause] sec. clinton: and you know, finally, we have got to unify america. amean, a house divided up -- house divided against itself, as abraham lincoln said, cannot stand. we cannot be skate coding, finger-pointing, blaming, insulting our fellow americans. do we have disagreements? yes. that is in our dna. that is healthy. differenta lot of ways to achieve our goals and have a back and was about how we achieve goals. you do not do that by denigrating people. demeaning people. that is not what we are. we said "enough." we are willing to have good political debates but enough with the hate rhetoric and the insults.


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