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tv   Hillary Clinton to Address Supporters in Louisville Kentucky  CSPAN  May 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:16am EDT

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nominee i am looking forward to debating donald trump come the fall. [cheers and applause] sec. clinton: and you know, finally, we have got to unify america. amean, a house divided up -- house divided against itself, as abraham lincoln said, cannot stand. we cannot be skate coding, finger-pointing, blaming, insulting our fellow americans. do we have disagreements? yes. that is in our dna. that is healthy. differenta lot of ways to achieve our goals and have a back and was about how we achieve goals. you do not do that by denigrating people. demeaning people. that is not what we are. we said "enough." we are willing to have good political debates but enough with the hate rhetoric and the insults.
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[applause] let's look for ways that we can work together. when did makee our country great. because, i think we are great. but i think we can be greater if we do what we must do. and so many of the targets that donald trump and so many of the other republicans a mat, it is part of how we became great. effort to undermine worker rights and union rights is undermining the middle class. who wening the core of are and how our economy operates and how we can get stronger and more prosperous. attacking immigrants? we are a nation of immigrants, right! attacking muslims? well, muslims have to be on the frontlines to protect us against
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terrorists. they have got to tell us what they hear and what they see. what we learned in new york after 9/11. i have lived this. and when of the ways we picked up information was by making sure that american muslims understood that they were welcome to pick up the phone and to call the police and to report what they saw and what they heard. it helped to keep us safe and it will again. that is why we cannot be dividing ourselves. we need to be united against terrorism. and demeaning and denigrating people with disabilities? that is not who we are. insulting women? i don't care what he says about me but i do resent when he says about other people. other successful women. women who have worked hard. women who have done the part. we are, after all, 51% of the country.
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applause] seenclinton: i have never us have such a divisive campaign and i am going to do my best to keep talking about with the issues are. see as our future. the kind of positive vision i have for america. i am going to build on the good work that has gone before. i am going to do everything i can to bring people together. i will go anywhere, anytime, meet with anyone to find common ground. absolute. as firsthat i did lady, that is what i did as a senator, that is what i did as secretary of state. mrs. clinton: i am all about getting results for america. the way i look at it is, our people want to be better off
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than when i started? or more families going to have better jobs with rising incomes? are more kids going to have better educations and better health care restaurant are we going to come together as a nation and that of falling apart? i think that is our big challenge of the 21st century because i will tell you, there is no other country, not. i went to 112 countries as your secretary of state for you. there is no other country that holds a candle to us when we are led, and nobody is better. us to roll up our sleeves and get to work. and i feel especially strongly about that because i have a granddaughter now and those of us -- those of you have grandchildren, you know. you are just obsessed with them. it is really kind of weird. you just sit there and stare at them.
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and you do it because you are so overwhelmed by love and use your child or your son or daughter who is now a parent. but it is also because you are thinking about the future and and you are saying to yourself, i don't want anything ever to go wrong for this precious child. i do not want her to ever face hard times. although they come in everyone's life. that it is not enough that my grandchild has opportunities. i want every child and every grandchild here in this city, this day, i want every child to have the same opportunity to grow up and fulfill his or her god-given potential. will work oni every single day and this campaign and in the white house. please come out and vote on tuesday. thank you!
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>> madam secretary, we proudly gives of a need to have our delegate vote to the next president of the united states. [applause] [firework] ♪ announcer: the acting administrator for the centers for medicare and medicaid services testifies wednesday at a house ways and means subcommittee committee meeting. 2:00 p.m.dnesday at eastern on c-span3. earlier today, we spoke with the council on foreign relations
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about foreign-policy positions. here is a look. host: donald trump gave a speech on foreign policy on which -- during which he outlined his philosophy. here is that speech. trump: my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. it has to be first. has to be. foundation ofhe every single decision i will make. host: joining us to talk about a potential foreign policy , he is the senior fellow in national security studies. , good morning. you recently said he would be a big mess -- the biggest national security threat the united states whatever face.
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can you expand on that? guest: absolutely. the foreign policies and economic policies he advocates are the same that got us into the great depression and world war ii. they would be an economic and foreign-policy disaster for the country. he wants to abandon our nearest and dearest allies in europe himself withating america's enemies like vladimir putin. he wants to ban muslims from coming to the united, which would be a gift to isis because it would hand them a propaganda victory by seemingly demonstrating to them what they claim to their followers, that the united states is an enemy of islam. beyond the fact that trump's policies are incredibly dangerous, it is the underlying fact, and this is why i think it would be a disaster of trump were elected, he is utterly
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unprepared and unfit for the office of the presidency of the united states. as norm ornstein has recently pointed out, donald trump is easily the most ignorant presidential candidate we have had in the last 50 years and that includes the comedian. knows justat he ain't so. even as he was wrapping up the republican nomination for president, he was espousing a crazy conspiracy theory about how ted cruz's father was supposedly involved in the kennedy assassination, which reminds us donald trump has also espouse crazy conspiracy theories about barack obama supposedly not being born in the united states, or vaccines causing autism, or george w. about massedly lying destruction. all these things suggest he is immune to facts. he is irrational, erratic, he changes his positions on a daily basis. last week, he was suggesting he would not pay the full debt of the united states, which would
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as argentinaeat and greece, and a few days later, he said maybe i will, but i will spend a lot of money, a recipe for hyperinflation like we had in the 1970's, and a day later he backed off of that and tomorrow, i am sure he will be back into it again. he changes positions on an hourly basis. it is not somebody who can be trusted with the office of commander-in-chief. not somebody to whom we should be turning over the nuclear codes. host: how do you think donald trump use the world? nativist, xena phobic, and racist worldview. he tries to skate goat people not like him. he suggests he will send the federal authorities and the police state roundup to round up 11 million undocumented immigrants and to expel them from the country to her he wants
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to stop muslims from coming here, he wants to start trade wars with mexico and china, two of our largest trade partners. he is hostile to other countries except those hostile to us, -- us. when it comes to russia, trump has nothing but kind words he cosi admires the kind of authoritarianism that putin has created in russia and no doubt trump probably seeks to emulate the example in the united states. it is a dangerous worldview for anyone who could potentially become the united states president to have. with max discussion boot. -- host: there was a story recently about bob corker saying he would not mind advising donald trump on foreign affairs issues.
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he said what i am hearing and what he is saying is more of a george h.w. bush deal of the world. i him embracing more of a james baker view of the world and a larger degree of realism is making its way and i very much appreciate that. how do you respond? nonsense --is nonsense on stilts. now that he is the republican nominee, the washington establishment is trying to kiss up to him and forgetting all of made inicisms they recent months. georgesty to suggest -- h.w. bush, one of the most thoughtful when it came to foreign policy. donald trump is a complete ignoramus. he has never heard of the nuclear triad. he cannot even tell you what the difference is between the kurds -- those are issues where george h.w. bush would have known. donald trump is not at all like bush.
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the president he most resembles his herbert hoover, the guy who got us into the great depression. donald trump's policies would cause a global recession and destroy our security by shattering our alliances with democracies that builds up more than half a century. to suggest he has anything in common with a president like merge h.w. bush suggests to that some republican insiders in washington are losing touch with reality. advised onuest has foreign policy for the mitt romney campaign in 2011, marco pressin 2015, john mccain presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008. as far as those you work for, how would they approach or differ from trump's foreign policy? policies are radically different and i grew up in the 1980's as a ronald reagan republican.
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pro-free-tradeas and pro-immigration. he was hopeful and optimistic and a gentleman and did not go around insulting his opponents or flinging childish abuse. i would say all the presidential candidate -- candidates, marco rubio, who i work for, were very much in the reagan mold. donald trump is the anti-reagan. the opposite of reagan. he is full of hatred and inouses policies directly contrast to those of ronald reagan and other candidates who have come after ronald reagan. republican,real someone who only join in 2012. he does not espouse the principles that i and so many republicans believe in. it is said to me to see a demagogue like this, a racist, image -- ignorant demagogue hijacking the party of reagan. the first call for you is from paul, independent line.
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caller: thank you. i was with the department of defense for over 25 years. i saw the inside of nato from the money point of view. one thing mr. trump is accurate about is that the europeans pay very little for their own defense. year, the past nations, canada, the united states, and the u.k. contributed over 90% of the dollars spent on actual -- four nato. sort of obvious that putting the united states interests first does not mean abandoning all of our allies. it simply means that our allies should be doing something for the alliance. why should the united states risk a nuclear exchange for the russia for the sake of the baltic states unless there is
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also portuguese -- standing on the line in the baltic states? the portuguese and the french and the spanish also commit themselves, then the united states can feel guilty about being tough on our allies. until that time, i think we need to at least listen to that much of what the man said. in the first place, the european union collectively has the second-largest defense budget in the world after the united states. they have a substantial ground force which protects europe and american interests as well. the key point i want to make is the reason we have troops in europe and troops in south korea and japan, it is not a favor for those countries. that is what donald trump seems to imagine, that we are doing this out of the goodness of our hearts, that this is a favor for our allies. that is not the case are the reason we have troops abroad is they are defending american
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interests and american security. our security is served by having a peaceful and secure europe and east asia. we have been the biggest since 1945.s if you tinker with that, you create an opening for a global predators like putin or isis. barack obama has done that to some extent. president obama has pulled back from some of our commitments in the middle east, with consequences. trump, those consequences would be magnified times 100. the big losers, there is no european nations would lose if the american security umbrella pullback, but the biggest losers would be the united states of america. the biggest beneficiaries of the free and liberal world order that we have to edit and underwritten since 1945. donald trump does not understand that and the caller does not, but american presidents of both parties have understood that.
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michigan, republican line. brad is next. i would like to know what is wrong with negotiating trade agreements. it takes care of the american worker first and stops on countries from manipulating currency. simple enough 20 two through a security check to know who you are allowing it to your country? he is not talking about taking them out, he wants to slow it down. apart from hitting hispanics, i saw what was done. they are talking about the bad side of immigration and the left has -- people are smarter than that. to me like you work for a democratic party. your turn. the caller does not know what he is talking about it i have never been a democrat in my life and i still have not. what he is espousing sounds reasonable but it is not reasonable.
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open our borders and let every single person from the outside into the united states. worse we have to order security. everyone agrees or that is not what donald trump is saying your he is coming up with xena phobic proposals for example to ban all muslims fortis committing on the basis of religion. the new mayor of luck -- of london is a muslim. will donald trump not allow the mayor of london to come to the united states? that will not enhance security. he will alienate peaceful and moderate muslims we need to fight terrorists. he will make us less safe. he claims he will build a law along -- a wall along the mexico border and get mexico to pay for it or he is dreaming. he has never once explained how he could achieve that. are 11 million undocumented immigrants in the united states, even more, most of whom are holding down jobs and trimming to society. donald trump will end his police into american homes to root out 11 million people.
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it is without precedent in the them american history. and is a on fascism very dangerous thing to do. it is not a reasonable way to protect our borders. what trump is proposing will make us less safe and not more safe, by alienating the entire world and turning the entire million --d, 1.6 billion muslims around the world against us. from georgia, democrats line. caller: thank you for letting me speak. . enjoy your vision i'm an elderly woman now, in my and when the republican party back a long trying towallace was run, i saw where they had sent him down -- set him down at a roundtable and told him the vision of the republican party and they said his individual
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good fors were not america. they more or less said, we suggest you stop running and he stopped running. i felt better. a republicanis on ticket, saying he is republican and he has a lot of viewpoints. but there is no way in the world we can have a commander-in-chief that cannot even give proper viewpoints in america and now, we are going to trust you with pushing the button for nuclear? this man has problems with his own psyche. he is all about trump, all about the things he wants. those are the things that can get this country in such a bad state where we will actually be appearing like a third world country. it is not what america needs. america needs more sitting down to the table, discussing things as a team, all of the congress have excellent minds.
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the laws andy with that is how you make changes. guest: i agree with the caller that donald trump gives egomaniacs a bad name. all politicians are egotistical to some extent but he is off the charts. self-involvement, it is not somebody would want to trust with the highest responsibility in the land. i think the caller is also right to invoke the comparison with george wallace. that is who donald trump reminds me of. demagogues of the past by george wallace. he talks about an america first whatgn policy, which was the nazi sympathizers in the 1930's talked about. we have had extremist in the past. none of those is have ever won the nomination of one of the great political parties. none of those have ever been this close to the presidency. that is why donald trump is more dangerous than those.
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he is actually on the cusp of real power and if he were to get it, he would be the least qualified and most dangerous , leastntial candidate qualified and most dangerous president we have ever had in our history. contrast donald trump's foreign policy with hillary clinton. is that something you could support? i think hillary clinton would be a far more responsible our nuclear arsenal and donald trump would bp read i have my disagreements with hillary clinton. i was a foreign policy to marco rubio in this campaign. the best line on hillary clinton i have heard came from overwork, the conservative writer, where he said hillary clinton is wrong on everything but she is wrong within the normal parameters. i agree with that. disagreements, but they are within the normal parameters. trump is off the charts, erratic and unstable and unfit to be
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president. with hillary clinton, i agree with a lot of the things she stands for with health -- foreign policy. i think she would be more moderate and reasonable when it comes to foreign policy than president obama has been. i think she understands the need for american leadership in the world, something that donald trump does not get it i my disagreements with hillary clinton. i think the ideal scenario would win the white to house and for republicans to keep at least one house of congress to act as a moderating influence on clinton the way should -- they did with her husband in the 1990's p ref think that would produce a sensible middle-of-the-road foreign policy, whereas if donald trump wins, it is inconceivable to me because we have never had a man like him in the oval office. ,ost: our guest is max boot senior fellow in national security studies. independent line, mary, you're next. caller: hello.
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the original premise of the republican party was to uphold our constitution to ensure that slavery was never again imposed on the american people. of the matter is you are a neoconservative. neoconservatives call original premise republicans paleo cons as though we are some, andessive part of the pack like mr. levin, who wants the constitution exposed under barack obama so it can be taken with an denigrated and weakened. ronald reagan stated his biggest regret was the amnesty in the 1980's. wrong with donald trump, who has never set a ban on muslims. he said temporary on muslim immigration until we find out what is going on in our country. you, mr. boot, support open borders.
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and very little border security. because hemr. trump is a threat to your personal profit. russia and youn never served in our military. our soldiers overwhelmingly support mr. trump because they see what is going on. they have had the rules of engagement, their hands tied behind their backs. they cannot defend themselves. our soldiers are having their benefits stripped from them, foreign men -- foreign nationals, many of whom work from the people you profit from, are keeping subsidize from u.s. taxpayers while 95 million citizens are no longer counted, so foreign labor cheap for the people who pay you, but expensive for the u.s. taxpayer, our debt is skyrocketing host:. we are going to let him respond. go ahead. guest: a lot of hatred coming
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from that caller just like for donald trump fear the caller is castigating me for something i do not know -- do not do and donald trump ashley makes trump brand clothes overseas in countries like bangladesh and mexico from extremely poor label. -- poor labor. he is the one who benefits from it. what she said is very much like trump says. he throws out a blizzard of incorrect assertions and claims they are factual. for example, the woman saying that they cannot -- soldiers cannot shoot back to that is ridiculous. donald trump does not know anything about our soldiers. they do shoot back and are allowed to and do it all the time. to me also to hear donald trump being held up as a champion of the military. this was a guy who avoided the draft in 19 steep's and later in it was0's said avoiding
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his personal vietnam to more recently, he has denigrated combat heroes held in prison in north vietnam. he said they were not heroes because they were captured and he does not like people who are captured. denigrating the purge of people like john mccain who incurred more than five years of torture while donald trump was back home having a grand old time living the high life in new york. i think that is discussing. just disgusting. the caller buys into these lies, which suggests to me what i already know. donald trump is a good salesman, a good con man. he makes people think he cares about foreign labor and our soldiers. the only thing he actually cares hist is himself and personal desire to acquire power for himself. host: talking about a recent tovey preferring trump
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clinton, they preferred donald trump as far as those in the military are concerned, just to show you that. let's hear from powell in ohio. your next, republican line. you for stopping this guy when he rambles on. a few questions. not have to answer. are you republican or democrat? guest: i have been a republican my whole life and i have never voted for a democratic candidate my whole life. a lot longer than donald trump has been. caller: you sound like a democrat. you republicans, none of you have learned anything in the last seven years. people are fed up with it, fed up with what is going on here you have not paid attention. you think we are going to support the republicans in four years after you guys that hillary in? we will stop a lot of this garbage you guys are putting on us. you think in four years -- >> what garbage? caller: all let's vote for
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republicans -- >> which garbage are you talking to? host: al? i don't like mitt romney now. i do not like george bush and what a crybaby. host: thank you. anything from that? guest: it is utterly substance free. it is like trump's claims are utterly substance free. no facts. host: what would you attribute to donald trump? guest: part of it is he was a celebrity and he was on tv for a long time. we have seen that for arnold schwarzenegger and others. he has got that celebrity a lore. he masquerades as a straight talk or even though his positions change every day. he is actually a pathological liar but that is the aura he presents himself as your he also presents an aura of being a successful businessman though he has actually bankrupted company
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after company and if he hadter mpany and if he had simply taken the inheritance he received from his rich father in the 1970's and put it in a fund, he would have more money than he has today. a fraud and a phony but a good salesman and con artists and i believe he has pulled the wool over a lot of people's eyes. host: from west virginia, democrats line, carol, hello. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i agree with the previous caller from georgia about how dangerous trump is for this country. he is going to make it utter chaos. on the other hand, people like the lady from massachusetts that agree with trump, i think it is actually the anger from democrats and republicans.
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to say that people who agree with trump are liars or whatever, they're angry, i am angry, but i'm not so angry that i want this country torn up. i thank you for c-span and thank you for listening to me. guest: i think the caller makes a good point here there is no question that a lot of people are angry about the wrong responses to back muddy like donald trump who will make the situation worse. a lackcan be angry about of economic growth and in particular, angry about our insufficient security and angry the lack of progress in the campaign against isis. i agree with all of that. not going toump is make the situation better. he will in fact make it worse. by slapping tariffs on our closest trading partners, getting into trade wars, he will create a recession which will kill jobs in the country.
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by demonizing muslims, banning them for the united states, he will feed in the isis propaganda and create more recruits. he will not solve the problems he talks about her he has no idea how to solve the problems. all he ever says is trust me. is his planim what for isis, he says trust me, it is a secret and you have to have been born yesterday to believe something like that. he is twisting it, he is offering slogans instead of solutions, and he is doing all of that because he doesn't care about people. he is all about himself, he is all about donald trump. it was during that speech a couple weeks ago on foreign policy that donald trump talked about the condition of the middle east and attributed u.s. policy. i want to play what he had to say. >> it began with the dangerous idea that we could make western
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democracies out of countries that had no experience or interest in becoming a western democracy. we tore up what institutions they had and then we are surprised at what we unleashed. civil war, religious fanaticism, thousands of americans lives wasted. many trillions of dollars were lost as a result. the vacuum was created that isis would fill. iran to would also fill that void with their unjust enrichment. they have benefited so much. our foreign policy is a complete and total disaster. host: what do you think about his assessment? guest: it is important to point out that while donald trump masquerades as an opponent of the iraq war, he was for the war
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before he was against it. he is basically just engaging in after-the-fact second-guessing. some of what he said is accurate. but why is the middle east a mess? the large part is because we pulled out under president obama. by 2010, iraq was fairly stable and secure. said it wasnt biden going to be one of the shining success stories of the obama administration but that didn't happen because president obama pulled our troops out of iraq. he didn't do anything in syria and as a result, we have the chaos that grips the region today. but trump solution of further greaterback, isolationism, that would be obama on steroids. he would take the policy and multiply it times 100. he would make the situation far worse. host: from california,
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independent line, michael. obama has advisers, trump would have advisers, there are all kinds of advisors. you have got congress, the house , and things in the constitution to protect us from -- nobody can be worse than hillary clinton. if this don't change, isis is going to be the least of america's worries because america is going to start shooting. that is how it is going to be. host: mr. booth? guest: i see the caller is repeating the call to violence you often hear from called -- from donald trump, which is one of the most disturbing things. the way he calls on his followers to attack peaceful protesters, the way he smears anybody who dares to criticize him. unfortunately, some of his
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followers seem to be fine with that. that is a troubling development. he is the least democratic, small d, candidate in our presidential candidate. he could possibly win the presidency. host: did the caller make a point on whether he would have advisers? you mentioned resistant -- resistance from the house and the senate. fortunately, the presidency is a powerful institution and especially in foreign policy, it is hard for congress to act as an effective check on the president. as for the notion of trump having advisers, i am sure he will. he has a c team of advisers because none of the major republican foreign-policy thinkers, including me, would have anything to do with them. more than 100 thinkers signed a
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petition saying they would never support trump. it is not about the advisers. it is about the person in the oval office. the president will always have advisers who will always give him conflicting advice and the president has to sort it out. my concern is that trump does not begin to have the knowledge to sort out these complex issues that we face and he doesn't have the judgment to do it. look at all these loony conspiracy theories he has embraced. anyone who looks at the evidence will understand that ted cruz's father was not involved in the kennedy assassination. barack obama was actually born in hawaii. but trump does not believe these things. he does not believe the basic facts that are they are -- that are verifiable. what it suggests to me is that even if he is presented with overwhelming facts and evidence, he will ignore it because he is driven by irrationality, his
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moods. he is not somebody who is a person with a deep knowledge or a history of making good judgments. host:the president is set to trl to hiroshima this month during his visit to japan. what do you think about the decision to go there? guest: i think it is fine. i think president obama will be smart enough not to apologize for the decision to drop the atomic, which was a very made underecision wartime circumstances and one that the country overwhelmingly supported because they knew the alternative was going to be the deaths of hundreds of thousands of american servicemen in an invasion of japan. commemorateriate to
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what happened but to do it in a sober and summer way. host: there was a recent story in the new york times magazine that look that the national -- they advisor, this aspiring novelists who became the foreign-policy guru. in spring last year, legions of arms control experts began popping up on social media. he goes on to say "we created an echo chamber." the things they were saying -- they were saying things that evaluated what we gave them to say. your reaction to the story and when it comes to the iran deal? guest: it is troubling to hear a white house aide say he deceived the country about the iran deal. that is inappropriate and raises deeply troubling issues about how that deal was sold to the
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american people. my larger reaction was i was gob smacked by the arrogance and lackrhodes and to some extent president obama as well because ben rhodes has nothing but contempt for people like bob gates and hillary clinton and others who have been around washington longer than he has and have real-world experience. denigrates people in the former bush administration as being morons. that suggests a lack of self-awareness because the obama administration has been in office for seven years and the world is a mess. crimea, syriaxed is in a horrible civil war with half a million people killed. yemen and libya are in chaos. china is acting more aggressively. these are all things that have happened under president obama's watch.
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i see no tendency to think the obama administration needs to do a course correction and needs to do something else. i see arrogance displayed by 32-year-old ben rhodes who looks at others -- he is older than but benr something -- rhodes, who suggests that others are basically idiots and that everybody in washington is part of this blob and only he and the president know what is going on. they need to show more self-awareness and question the decisions they have made. guest: steve, texas, republican line. caller: thank you sir. a gentleman who called from california touched base on a couple of things i disagree with. -- already said he is going to bring somebody who is more politically correct into the party with them.
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because he is not politically correct and that is something that america has been needing for a long time. to act like he is a republican or he wants to come across as a republican but he backs a lot of things the is behindarty -- he most of the things the democrat party is putting out there and it seems like he is lost. donald trump made billions of dollars. he doesn't have to be his head against the wall with these numbnuts on tv right now. he wants to make america great again. had this iran we knew that john kerry never got to read the thing. i cannot believe they are just now exposing it. guest: that's steve from texas. host:


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