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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 11, 2016 12:59am-1:59am EDT

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country. in terms of opiate addiction and in terms of heroin addiction and drug abuse, substance abuse. to my mind, the most effective way to treat that crisis and it is a crisis because people are overdosing every single day and dying. what we have got to do is understand that addiction is a health issue, not a criminal issue. [cheers and applause] and that is why we need a revolution in mental health treatment to in this country.
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if you are addicted, you should be able to get the help you need it today. not six months from today. we are also facing a very serious crisis in suicide in this country. and when people are suicidal or -- and i are homicidal do not have to tell the people of oregon about mass killings. we need to make sure the people who have mental crises get the help they need when they need it. [applause]
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sen. sanders: this campaign is going to win because we are listening to the american people and not just the wealthy campaign contributors. [applause] sen. sanders: we are listening to workers who tell me they cannot take it on eight or nine bucks an hour. we need to raise the minimum wage nationally to $15 an hour. [applause] sen. sanders: and when we talk about equitable wages, we are going to make sure that women do not continue to earn $.79 on the dollar. [applause] sen. sanders: hand i know that every man here will stand with the women in the fight for pay equity. [applause]
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sen. sanders: this campaign is listening to seniors and disabled veterans and the veterans community in general and what they are telling me is that no senior, no disabled veteran can make it on 10,000 dollars or $11,000 per year social security. republicans want to cut social security benefits. [booing] sen. sanders: well, we have some bad news for them. we not going to cut for the disabled. we are going to expand. we are going to expand social security benefits. this campaign is listening to young people.
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[applause] and when we think outside of the box and outside of the status quo, we have to ask ourselves a very some -- simple question. happened that when young people do exactly the right thing and go out and get the best education they can, why do they end up with 30,000, 50,000, $70,000 of debt? [applause] sen. sanders: think about it for one second and you conclude that is nuts. it's nuts.
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encourage -- we want to encourage our people to get the best education they can all stop -- they can. we should not be punishing people for getting an education, we should be rewarding them. [applause] n.we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. [applause] sanders: for the millions of people -- and how many people here tonight are dealing with student debt? -- what we are going to do is allow people with student debt to refinance their loans at the lowest interest rate they can find. [applause] and we are going to pay for that through a tax on
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wall street speculation. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: this country bailed out wall street and illegaleed behavior drove this nation into the worst economic downturn since the great depression. now it is wall street's time to help the middle class of this country. [applause] sen. sanders: this campaign is listening to our african-american brothers and sisters. [cheers and applause]
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sen. sanders: and they are asking me, how does it happen that we have trillions of dollars to spend on a war in iraq we should have never gotten into? but supposedly we do not have the money to rebuild crumbling inner cities in this country. if elected president, together we are going to be changing our national priorities. we are not going to be rebuilding infrastructure in iraq, we are going to be rebuilding inner cities in america. this campaign is listening to
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our latino brothers and sisters. we need comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship. [applause] sanders: this campaign is listening to a people whose pain is almost never heard. and that is the native american community. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: everyone here knows that from before the time this country became a country, the native american people were lied to. they were cheated and treaties they negotiated were broken.
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and yet, the native american people have provided us with so much. we have a debt to them we can never ever repay and one of the most important things that they have taught us is that as human beings, we are part of nature. we must co-exist with nature. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: and that if we continue as we are doing today, if we continue to destroy nature, we are ultimately destroying the human species. [applause] and yet today, on
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reservations and in native american communities, poverty and unemployment and suicide rates are sky high. if elected president, we are going to profoundly change our relationship to the native american people. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: when we think big and not small -- when we think outside of the status well, we ask ourselves a very simple question. how does it happen that the united states is the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people as a right? the affordable care act has got
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some very important things, but we [no audio] -- [chanting "bernie!"] sen. sanders: ahhh! the sound system has reappeared. see, that is thinking big. you don't have it and is suddenly it is in right of you. but, the affordable care act has done some good things but we have got to do more. and what this campaign is about in all respects is making the american people understand what
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we have and should have as americans. every day, the media and establishment tells us, think small. well, you know what? if people innk germany, scandinavia, holland, canada can have health care as a right, you know what? i do think that the people of america can have health care. i want you to think big and the about this. when we pass a medicare for all means --re, what it anybody goes to the doctor when they have to go to the doctor. not worry about a deductible or a copayment.
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[applause] sanders: and when we pass a we will for all system, not continue to be ripped off by the drug companies who charge us the highest prices in the world. [applause] and when we pass a medicare for all system, it will mean that millions of people no longer have to stay on jobs they do not like simply because they are getting good health insurance. [applause] sen. sanders: think for a moment what it will mean to our economy when we unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of millions of people who can leave their jobs now and go out and start new businesses.
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[applause] sen. sanders: and not have to worry about whether they are going to have health insurance or not. i want to, for a moment, talk about a few of the differences that exist between sec. clinton and myself. sec. clinton thinks we should raise the minimum wage to 12 bucks an hour. not good enough! we need to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: i am a member of
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the u.s. senate committee on the environment. let me tell you, climate change is real. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: and for the sake of our children and future generations, we are going to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel. and one way to do that, maybe the most important way, is to have a tax on carbon. that is my view, that is not sec. clinton's view. in fact, when she was secretary of state, she pushed fracking technology on countries throughout the world. [booing] sen. sanders: i believe the
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issue of clean water is going to become one of the most significant global issues we face. in our country and throughout the world. and that is why i believe we to end fracking. that is not secretary clinton's viewpoint. [booing] sen. sanders: foreign policy, as you know, and military policy is a very important part of what a president does. the most important foreign-policy debate in the modern history of this country was over the war in iraq. i voted against the war in iraq.
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[applause] sen. sanders: sec. clinton supported the war in iraq. [booing] sen. sanders: if we are going to rebuild the declining middle class, we need to revamp our trade policies. i voted against virtually all -- i voted against every one of these disastrous trade agreements. sec. clinton supported virtually all of them. and on it goes. at this moment in american history we need a president who has the history and the courage to take on the billionaire class.
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and i do not think there is any debate over who that candidate is. [chanting "bernie"] senator sanders: everyone who has studied history knows that real change always takes place from the bottom on up. never from the top on down. [applause] sanders: and that is the history of workers struggle and the trade unions. it is the history of the civil rights movement. it is the history of the women's movement. let us not forget, 100 years ago
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women did not have the right to vote, to get the education or the jobs they wanted. women stood up and fought back. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: and they and their male allies said, women will not be second-class citizens in the united states. and that is the history of the gay movement and gay rights in this country. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: against incredible bigotry and hatred, the gay community and their straight allies said that in america people should have the right to love whoever they want regardless of their gender. [applause]
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sen. sanders: and here we are today. today in a nation faced by enormous crises, and once again millions of people are going to have to come together, stand up and fight back and create a government which works for all of us not just the 1%. [applause] sen. sanders: and that is what this campaign is about. no president, not bernie sanders or anyone else can do it alone. we have got to do it together. [applause] sen. sanders: in that regard, i
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want to thank your senator. there are 100 people in the u.s. senate. jeff is the only member of the u.s. senate to support our campaign and i thank him for that. [applause] sen. sanders: next tuesday, there is going to be an enormously important democratic primary here in oregon. what i have found out throughout this campaign is that when the voter turnout is high we do well. we win. [applause] sen. sanders: next tuesday here in oregon, let us have the highest voter turnout in oregon democratic primary history. [applause]
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sen. sanders: and let the great state of oregon, the progressive state of oregon, go on saying on record yes, we want a , political revolution! thank you all very much. [cheers and applause] ♪ bysic playing, "starman" david bowie]
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announcer: bernie sanders one knee primary tonight, making it the 19th i marry caucus he has one. next week, kentucky host its democratic primary and delegates from both parties cast their ballots in oregon's primary. q&a,is sunday night on historian on the american involvement in the spanish civil war 1930's. >> this to attempt happened in spain where all over the country, rick link officers -- tried to seize power. it sent a shockwave of alarm throughout the world because here was a major country in europe, the right-wing military andkly backed by hitler musa leaning who sent arms, airplanes, pilots, tanks, tank
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drivers. groundni eventually sent troops. your was the spanish right making a grab for power. over the world got it on to be resisted. if not here, where? otherwise, we are not. the acting administrator for the centers for medicare and will testifyices wednesday before a house ways and subcommittee on health for that is wednesday at 2:00 p.m. eastern. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton louisville,n kentucky. she called it a must-win in november for this is about 30 minutes. ♪
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[applause] mrs. clinton: hello, louisville! it is great to be here with all of you. i want to thank your absolutely amazing secretary of state, my friend alison lundergren grimes. thank you, allison. i want to also thank mayor greg fisher, who is here somewhere. thank you mayor! but mostly i want to thank all of you for being here with us on this rainy afternoon. we are excited about the primary next tuesday. [applause]
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mrs. clinton: you know, these elections are always important. that is how we govern ourselves. i believe that. but boy do i think this presidential election has about the highest stakes we have seen in a really long time. you could not imagine a more different vision for our country between our side of democrats for progress, for prosperity, for fairness and opportunity then the presumptive nominee on the republican side and -- [booing] mrs. clinton: that is why it is important we have a big boat on next tuesday because we have to go all the way to november to win the general election! you know, the way i see this, we
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have got to break down all of the barriers that stand in the way of any american getting ahead and staying ahead and i have been talking about this now for about a year as i have crisscrossed the country talking to thousands of people. because yes, we have to knock down the economic barriers but there are other barriers that prevent people from fulfilling their god-given potential and i want you with need to be absolutely on the front of lines of making sure that the american dream is within reach of every single person in this country. [applause] mrs. clinton: number one, we have got to have more good jobs with rising income and i will tell you with historical fact that the economy does better
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when we have a democrat in the white house. i know our republican friends hate it when i say that. but all you have to do is look at the record of the last two democratic presidents to get that. all the evidence you need. as i vaguely remember, i know it was a long time ago, but as i vaguely remember, when my husband was president we ended up with 23 million new jobs. that is an important fact because we do not want income just to rise for some. we want them to rise for everybody, not just people at the top. and when bill was president, that is what happened. more people lifted out of poverty. median family income of 17%. median african-american emily -- median african american family income up 33%. everybody did better.
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that is the way it is supposed to be in america. that is how i was raised. you do your part, you work hard, you get ahead. your kids will have a better life they and you did. that is what i want people to believe a hand that is what i want to make sure happens. so you might ask yourself, ok. if that is what happened in the 1990's, why did it fall apart? there is kind of an easy answer for that. we had a republican president. and i will tell you, this is serious because i think we had a balanced budget surplus. we had new jobs. rising income. and now we can look back and see that we have not had a raise for most americans in about 16 years. family income is about $4000
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less than it was when my husband left office. there was a recent survey done of with republicans and democrats and they said, when was the best or you can remember? and they said, 2000. why was that? because we were on the right track. but the republicans came back with their failed position. trickle-down economics. and then of course they took their eyes off the financial markets and the mortgage markets and we know what happened. the worst financial crisis since the great depression. this is not ancient history. and i remind us of it because the republicans are going to run the same campaign. they are going to run the same economic policies. you can already see it. we cannot let that happen. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month when president obama was
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elected and i will tell you, i do not think he gets the credit he deserves for making sure we did not fall into a great depression. [applause] mrs. clinton: and, you know what the republicans also a, they said it in their debates, you'll hear from their presumptive nominee, they will say, while this is the slowest recovery in history. my friend, that takes a lot of nerve. we would not have needed a recovery of the republicans had not driven us off the cliff in the first place. [applause] mrs. clinton: so here's what i want to do. i have a program to create more good jobs with rising incomes. rebuild the middle class. moree going to invest in
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infrastructure. roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports. i think it is about time that a bridge you have got right here should be fixed. these are good jobs. these pay good money. but they also make us more competitive. why should we allow all of these investments that our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents made, go to waste? it makes no sense whatsoever. let's put america to work. these are jobs you cannot export. they have got to be done right here in kentucky. and then we are going to bring advanced manufacturing. there are a lot of people who say to me, we cannot do that. i do not buy that. i believe we can make it an america again. we've got to have a plan. we have got to invest in tax incentives for countries that will actually produce manufacturing jobs here instead of shipping those jobs overseas.
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[applause] mrs. clinton: but there are a lot of things we have got to invent and build and we should do it here in america. my husband was at war had state the other dayate and he cannot stop talking about it, because he was meeting with students who are doing research building tiny satellites for nasa. right there at morehead state. i am telling you, the young people of america, if we give them a chance, they will invent the future and to create the jobs that are there. and you know how we're going to combat climate change? not by denying it. i love it when the republicans asked, what do you say about climate change and they say something like, i do not know i am not a scientist.
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and i have been saying for months now, well go talk to a scientist. you can go to the university of louisville, the university of kentucky, there are a lot of scientists there who will explain it to you. but i am also excited because some country is going to be the 21st century superpower when it comes to clean renewable energy. either germany, china, or us. i want it to be us. the jobs, the technology, the businesses, the exports. you see i have this idea that , our future can be even brighter than our past. that the best years can be ahead of us if we start acting like americans again. roll up our sleeves and get to work. we are going to do more for small business because that is where most jobs come from. clear away the obstacles. my dad was a small businessman and i love small businesses
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because you never know what can be made from a small business and i want to do more to help you get ahead if you have a small business. and i do believe we should raise the federal minimum wage. now, i got to tell you it is really painful when you look at people who are working hard full-time and they are still in poverty. i mean, you should feel like you have got a ladder of opportunity up if you're doing what we want you and expect you to do. two thirds of minimum wage workers are women. a lot of them single-parent supporting their children. i want to raise the federal minimum wage. if states want to go above it, that is their business. but we have got to get the floor
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up so that people have a chance to make it in america by the debt of their hard work. and i tell you, it is way past time to guarantee equal pay for women's work. [applause] mrs. clinton: this is not just a women's issue, this is a family issue. if you have a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister who is shortchanged, you are being shortchanged. and it is not only the family income being shortchanged, the women who is getting less than one interpretation being is getting shortchanged in retirement. getting shortchanged and social security. it is not just a one day, one
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week, one pay, one year phenomenon. and i do not know about you but i can tell you -- [chanting "hillary"] mrs. clinton: well, i could tell you that as a woman who has shopped most of her life, i have never gotten a discount when i got to the cashier. i have never had anyone say, you are a woman you only have to pay $.78 on the dollar. or an african-american, you will have to pay $.68. or latina woman, $.58. but we have to be fair and people who work hard need to be rewarded. that is how we build this country. we believe in hard work and opportunity. i will tell you something else, i started out in lexington today and -- [applause]
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mrs. clinton: -- and i was talking to young mom and dads. we making it so difficult for young families. the stresses on young families today seem to be much greater in lots of ways because between the fact that you are not getting raises like people used to expect and you are not getting equal pay for your work and childcare can cost as much as sending a child to a university and you got all kinds of challenges if you have a new baby or a sick spouse or a sick parent, you cannot get time off. we are really making it hard and i think it is time to bring family policy into the 21st century. it is not the way it used to be. we have got to support these young parents.
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i have been doing this work my entire adult life. first job i had out of law school was with the children's defense fund. and i know how important it is that we give people hope. that we give people a real sense that we're all in this together and that they do not feel like game is rigged against them and the deck is stacked. so i'm going to keep advocating for good jobs, rising income, and good work emily balance so that people can feel like they are being fair to their families while they do their work in their workplace. every time i advocate for this, you know, the republicans all say -- there she goes. playing the women's card. and i always say, you know what
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-- if talking about equal pay paidomen's health and family leave is playing the women's card, then deal me in! you are a great audience. [cheers and applause] : ok, you know what else? we have got to do more on education and we have to start at the beginning and go all the way through. we need early childhood education so every kid is prepared and we need to work with our teachers. we need to be supporting our teachers not scapegoating our teachers. giving them what they need to do with their jobs. and i have a plan for that-free
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-- debt free college. if you go to a public college. and the reason we can afford to do this is because we can invest in the education of young people from middle-class working poor families. not the wealthy. i do not believe in free college for the wealthy. i do not support that. my opponent, senator sanders does. we just have a difference. but he also requires that one third of the cost for free college be paid by the state. i do not know about you, but i do not think your new governor is very friendly to higher education. so my plan of voids that, and we on the it directly. we find -- we fund it
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directly. another thing we are going to do is pay down student debt by letting you refinance your student debt like a mortgage or a car payment. i am excited about this because there is so much student debt out there and it is holding people back and holding them down. $1.2 trillion in student debt. let's get the student interest rate down. let's give people a chance to pay back as a percentage of their income. let us put a date certain when it ends and let's keep that government from making money by lending money to students and their families. [applause] clinton: now, i also will tell you i will defend the affordable care act and i am saddened what i hear me come out of the governor's office in kentucky. [booing] mrs. clinton: i am especially
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saddened because i think you all know this, but kentucky under governor bashear was widely praised for running the test -- best affordable care transition in the whole of country. your state exchange called "connect" was bigger, richard. -- richer. you guys did it right and it is working. you had the second-biggest drop in the uninsured and the country, nearly 9% it is down to. and i was visiting the family health centers here in louisville and talking to doctors and nurse practitioners and patients and i have to tell you, it brought tears to my eyes. people who are getting health care for the first time in years. people dealing with problems that they had to ignore.
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people feel healthier, more productive, like thinking and -- like they can put in a good they now haveause the treat meant they deserve and need to have. and it is so distressing to me when anybody in public life who has all the health care he or she needs wants to take it away from poor people, working poor people, small business people, and others who do not have the health care they need. [applause] clinton: i do not understand it. i really do believe we're all in this together. we are stronger together. how does it help me or help our economy if you have hundreds of thousands of people in this date
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-- state who cannot afford the health care they need? that does not seem like a productive outcome at all. so i am hoping maybe you're governor will come out with a plan that does not strip away the health insurance that hundreds of thousands of kentuckians now have. i sure hope that is the case because that is the kind of country we should be striving. where we do take care of each other. [applause] mrs. clinton: and there are two issues, i want to get the cost of prescription drugs down and i think we can do it now. and i want to do more on mental health and addiction. both of those issues, we are just not doing enough. there is still too much stigma about mental health, right? if you have diabetes, you tell your family and friends you have diagnosed with that, right? if you have depression, you're
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not sure you want them to know. and you may not even go get the help you need because you are embarrassed. it is time to end the stigma. we are learning so much about the body, about our genomes, about how we work. and we are all one body. whether it is mental health or physical health, need to do more to help people who are suffering. [applause] mrs. clinton: and i know kentucky is facing a big opioid crisis. and we have got to do more because we are losing thousands of people a year to overdoses and i was very pleased to see family health centers today to learn they are starting opioid treatment but we need that everywhere because people need help and they need to be
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saved from overdoses. a lot of them do not know they are overdosing. my husband and i have lost children of dear friends of ours. adult children. who had no intention to die, but they took a pill after they had a beer or two. and they never woke up. this is the single most heartbreaking story i hear as i across america and as your president i assure you we are going to do everything we can to save lives. diaper -- diaper
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divert people from the criminal justice system. give them treatment. help them into recovery and let them get on a better track. we are also going to reform the criminal justice system and and the era of mass incarceration with more diversions and more second chance programs. i think it is one of our biggest challenges and i want us to lead the way at the local and state levels supported by the federal government. you know, there is a lot of great work for us to do in our country right now and i think everybody running for president should have to meet the test of whether or not they are telling you about how they are going to improve the lives of americans. what are the positive results that we are seeking? i also think they should level with you about where they stand on all of the hot button issues. the issues about rights. because there is a big difference between us. i will defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: and i will defend
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marriage equality. and i will defend voting rights. and i will work to end it citizens united and read our -- and i will work to end the citizens united and rid our political system of unaccountable money. i talked a lot about that in this campaign. i take it personally that citizens united case was another right wing attack on me. the right wing never gives up on attacking me, have you noticed that? honest to goodness, i think they are really going to throw and everything including the kitchen sink this time. but i have a little message for them. they have done it for 25 years and i am still standing. [cheers and applause]
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[chanting "hillary"] mrs. clinton: it is also really important when you go to vote on tuesday to remember your voting not just for president but for a commander-in-chief. and the highest obligation of a president is to protect america. i take that as a solemn obligation and it is why i have been so concerned about the reckless talk coming from donald trump. i have to tell you, it is a long list now that he just sort of throws things out and people say, maybe he does not really mean it.
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when you are running for and serving as president, you had better mean what you say. so when he casually says he does not care if more countries get nuclear weapons, i shudder. the last thing we need are more countries with nuclear weapons, i am trying to reduce the number of nuclear weapons. that is why negotiated a treaty with russia to do just that. we do not need more countries, we need fewer countries with nuclear weapons. when he says he wants to withdraw from nato, the most successful military alliance in history, i say -- what are we going to substitute for it and how are we going to work with our friends and allies against all of the threats we face? and when he says, let the iranians or russians go after isis, well, hello, the last thing we need is a rant taking
1:51 am
-- is iran taking over syria, taking over lebanon, and threatening israel and europe and everybody else. so i have got to tell you, if i am so fortunate to be the nominee i am looking forward to debating donald trump come the fall. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: and you know, finally, we have got to unify america. i mean, a house divided against itself, as abraham lincoln said, cannot stand. we cannot be scapegoating, finger-pointing, blaming, and demeaning and degrading and insulting our fellow americans. do we have disagreements? yes. that is in our dna. that is healthy. there are a lot of different ways to achieve our goals and we have a good back and forth about how we achieve them. you do not do that by denigrating people. demeaning people. that is not what we are. and it is time we said "enough."
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we are willing to have good political debates but enough with the hate rhetoric and the insults. [applause] mrs. clinton: let's look for ways that we can work together. let's recognize when did make -- what did make our country great. because you see, i think we are great. but i think we can be greater if we do what we must do. and so many of the targets that donald trump and so many of the other republicans aim at, it is part of how we became great. this effort to undermine worker rights and union rights is undermining the middle class. undermining the core of who we are and how our economy operates and how we can get stronger and more prosperous. attacking immigrants? we are a nation of immigrants, right!
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attacking muslims? well, muslims have to be on the frontlines to protect us against terrorists. they have got to tell us what they hear and what they see. that is what we learned in new york after 9/11. i have lived this. and one of the ways we picked up information was by making sure that american muslims understood that they were welcome to pick up the phone and to call the police and to report what they saw and what they heard. it helped to keep us safe and it will again. that is why we cannot be dividing ourselves. we need to be united against terrorism. [applause] clinton: and demeaning and denigrating people with disabilities? that is not who we are. insulting women? i don't care what he says about me but i do resent what he says
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about other people. other successful women. women who have worked hard. women who have done their part. we are, after all, 51% of the country. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: i have never seen us have such a divisive campaign and i am going to do my best to keep talking about what the issues are. what i see as our future. the kind of positive vision i have for america. i am going to build on the good work that has gone before. i am going to do everything i can to bring people together. i will go anywhere, anytime, meet with anyone to find common ground. absolutely. that is what i did as first lady, that is what i did as a senator, that is what i did as secretary of state. [applause]
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i am all about getting results for america. the way i look at it is, our people want to be better off than when i started? our more families going to have better jobs with rising incomes? are more kids going to have better educations and better health care restaurant are we going to come together as a nation and that of falling apart? i think that is our big challenge of the 21st century because i will tell you, there there is no other country, none. i went to 112 countries as your secretary of state for you. there is no other country that holds a candle to us when we are good, nobody is better. i want us to roll up our sleeves and get to work. and i feel especially strongly about that because i have a granddaughter now and those of you who have grandchildren, you know. you are just obsessed with them.
1:56 am
it is really kind of weird. you just sit there and stare at them. and you do it because you are so overwhelmed by love and you see your child or your son or daughter, who is now a parent. but it is also because you are thinking about the future and and you are saying to yourself, i don't want anything ever to go wrong for this precious child. i do not want her to ever face hard times. although they come in everyone's life. but you see, it is not enough that my grandchild has opportunities. i want every child and every grandchild here in this city, this state, i want every child to have the same opportunity to grow up and fulfill his or her god-given potential. that is what i will work on every single day and this campaign and in the white house.
1:57 am
please come out and vote on tuesday. thank you! [applause] ♪ [playing "fight song"] ♪
1:58 am
♪ ♪


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