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tv   House Democrats Discuss Legislative Agenda and Campaign 2016  CSPAN  May 11, 2016 8:02pm-8:41pm EDT

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in person than through the media. no offense. reporter: [inaudible] >> house democrats discussed donald trump and the divide in the republican leadership. at their weekly press briefing. we'll hear from minority leader nancy pelosi and minority whip steny hoyer. this is a half hour. ms. pelosi: i know there's great excitement on the hill because of a visitor who's coming tomorrow to meet with the republican leadership. some republicans, including members of their leadership, have said that they cannot support the rhetoric and radical proposals of the
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republican frontrunner. today we have gathered to ask, since when? since when have the house republicans been so concerned about intolerant statements and discriminatory ideas? they appear to be shocked by their candidate. runner, the ront presumptive nominee, but all of their candidates, think appear to be shocked by their rhetoric on the campaign trail. but year after year republicans have enthusiastically turned their intolerance and their discrimination into legislation. there's not a dime's worth of difference between what donald trump says and what the house republicans have been saying
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all along. >> need to go back to surveillance of mosques? >> absolutely, absolutely. [inaudible] >> what we are talking about is a bill that will withhold funds from planned parenthood. for a period of a year. hile we have an investigation. >>
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first, recall people saying haters and evil. ♪ x for everyone who is a valedictorian, there are others [inaudible] >> the sponsor of the bill that would require birth certificates. >> no economy? ♪
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>> republicans, in their own words, with a present to today is what they have said in official something. in another setting off campus, we will show you what they have said on the campaign trail. there is not a dime's worth of difference between donald trump -- i said there is not a dime's worth of difference between donald trump at the house republicans for what they say, a tax of women in the congress, a dime a dozen. taxpayer funds to attack women's health and advance a plan of blatant intimidation. you saw the chairwoman -- they are taking names. does that sound familiar? on his accessack
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to comprehensive health care, as he thinks rate can't cause health care -- can't cause pregnancy. marsha blackburn says women don't want equal pay and speaker familiess leave for and unfunded mandate, he says people shouldn't have time to spend with their families but personally, he does not supported officially. republicans have voted 12 times to reject women's health care. they have threatened to shut down the entire government just to defund planned parenthood. they still are on that. this committee. taking names. they are still on that. so it is again, we can only show you some of the statements in this setting. we will show you more in other
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settings. in the meantime, i want you to yield to the distinguished democratic with this reporter. x thank you very much. created an have environment of radicalism, fear and inclusion -- and exclusion. the presumptive nominee is the result of their work. and what they have sowed, they are now reaping. tomorrow, donald trump will be welcome to capitol hill. legislationsupports to allow businesses to refuse services to lgbt people and their families. segregation, revisited. but this is nothing new. been supporting policies that expressly discriminate against americans based on who they are or who they love. spent $2.5licans
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million in taxpayer funds to defend the discriminatory defense of marriage act in federal court, losing every single case. including, finally, the supreme court. they will lose their case with the american people in just a few months. representative louie gohmert, who you saw on the television, and defended north carolina's cemetery law, saying that when young, he would not have been able to resist "the temptation to enter a girl's bathroom." paul ryan sponsored a resolution year'swake of last historic supreme court ruling on marriage equality that would have condemned the decision as "unconstitutionally and in defensively perverting the definition of marriage."
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and two weeks ago, all but two house republicans in the armed services committee, voted for an amendment to the defense authorization bill that would overturn president obama's executive order, extending antidiscrimination protections of all lgbt employees federal contractors. it lets federal contractors discriminate. whatis not a reflection of america stands for. but what we fought against time and time again. the american people don't support policies that discriminate. each is why we are here today. to make sure that they know exactly what donald trump and house republicans stand for and have stood for. i now yield to my dear friend,
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the assistant leader, jim clyburn of south carolina. >> thank you very much. mr. whip and madam leader. leaders one, republican and operatives have orchestrated a program of unprecedented disrespect of president barack obama. on the evening of his inauguration, they met at a restaurant to plot their program of undercutting and undermining his authority as president of the united states. trump if on cue, donald leadd up his efforts to
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the movement. but he didn't stop with just the birth certificate. he began to raise issues about the president's college transcripts. to delegitimize him as a president, but also to devalue him as a human being. seennk that what we have in recent weeks has been the relation of activity that started way back in the 1970's. when this country was trying to recover from the great depression. were programs that developed to bring us out of the roosevelt, franklin
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had to succumb to republican onosition by hanging tags worked toan -- progress act administration, work programs administration. put a kite on them of point only. country, thatthe continued until the 1940's. -- to formt from the the states rights party on the issue of integrating the armed services. thethey were well into 1950's until we saw the resistance of school segregation. when the supreme court handed out the brown versus or of education.
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when congress passed, strom party in response to his opposition to the civil rights act. the we went forward into 1970's with the school integration. this has been building for a long time. and the american people should take a look at what has been going on in this country and reflect a little bit on our history. and ask ourselves, do we want to revisit those days? do we want to see the see the pm swing so far to the right to take us back to relive those days? i don't think so. i think the american people will
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treat this campaign as we have been treating campaigns -- that is, a move towards the future. will makepe that we mr. trump and everybody else understand that this is a forward,hat is moving and hopefully, learning from the past. with that. i would like to introduce the chair. >> thank you. i am the proud offspring of hard-working immigrants. --re is a saying in spanish roughly translated, as is the stick, so is the sliver. donald trump is the offspring of republicans in congress. when you have republicans who will describe immigrants as having cast the size of
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cantaloupes because they bring across the border, or when you rudely interrupt the president of the united states in the house chamber when he is giving his state of the union lie"ss, and shout out "you when he was telling the truth. when you try to undo a policy that has helped hundreds of thousands young men and women come out of the shadows and go to school and work, and you vote in favor of that, you are no different than the guy who yells out that immigrants are rapists and they bring crimes and strokes to the country. so, you can't try to separate yourself from the stick you come from. no one should try to distance donald trump from the republicans in congress. they are one and the same.
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he is just an offspring of what we have seen over the years coming from republicans in congress. so, it is time to change. if you are a bystander, you are allowing things to happen. for many people, including me, it becomes very personal. because donald trump and republicans in congress are talking about my parents and about me. of republicans. thank you. in the wake of the san bernardino attack, we saw a disturbing pattern of violence
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and outrage against our country's muslim american unity. when i visited a local mosque in my district to show support, i was called a traitor on twitter. i was called un-american. i was told that i should resign. and that is only the stuff that i can reveal publicly and feel comfortable repeating. there was much worse that was said. but that is nothing compared to the student who was bullied on the schooland that is only the t bus because of his religion. or the shop owner of my district in queens who was savagely attacked by someone who said he hated muslims. or the child who asked me at that mosque, why does my country hate my religion? why does my country hate my religion?
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republicans hold the house floor, to ban syrian and iraqi refugees to enter the country, refugees fleeing unspeakable violence and persecution because of their misguided fear and blatant hate, that is what happens. when congressman steve king, a united states congressman said that members of congress refused or"renounced sharia law" when louie gohmert said "islam is evil" that is what happens. yorkpeter king from new
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hold hearings about islam and says "there are too many mosques in this country," that is what happens. when the candidate for president can stand up there and call for a ban on an entire religion from our pump up the tests and repeat the word freedom, over and over again. in fact, they named a york hold hearings about islam and says "there are too many mosques in this country," that is what happens. when the candidate for president can stand up there and call for a ban on an entire religion from our country, that is what happens. children asked the united states of america. my colleagues on the other side and to it makes you wonder who they are fighting for. sty.have to wallow in the with that, i yield back. >> thank you very much. i think the distinguished members of the leadership for the statements today and on all of these issues.
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thank you for calling our attention to the issue and the tradition that accompanies it. storyyou for sharing the of the contribution they make to america. thank you for sharing the sad tale of what is happening in your district when you spoke out and you demonstrated your support for the muslims. what you saidto about peter king, the chairman of the homeland security committee, who said that this is the enemy living among us. he referenced the islamic community and our community. have another day with other members, including leadership, in another political setting. it would be political to show
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down trump. if -- donald trump. you would see his remarks and their remarks. walls," muslims, immigrants, you know it. you can put this piece together for yourself. we want to extend some facts to you. some of the nighttime comedy shows have done a good job doing side by sides. hopefully, the traditional press will do so. any questions? aside, hardlyples a universal embrace of trump on capitol hill. paul ryan made a remarkable step in not endorsing him.
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of the housepeaker calling for a softening of the tone? pelosi: since when are the republican leadership appalled by anti-muslim, anti-barack made, anti-women comments by their members and officials? donald trump is a candidate. these people have power. the bring the tree all to legislation, to the floor, blocking immigrants, muslims. , all of a sudden, is this same rhetoric appalling to the leadership and the establishment, when this happens every day on the floor, in the committees, and on the campaign trail?
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do the trumpn campaign trail here. we will do that in another setting. any comments on feeling better about them having a meeting questio? >> you said his position was political. >> i don't know what his position is. our position is, "why?" some of the things have been said is that this is great because this is a rejection of l ontree all of -- of vitrio the campaign trail. ."ey never said, "boo donald trump has pulled back the veil. people can see the connection.
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unless republican leadership is going to be critical of their ,wn members and what they say as they are of donald trump, it is all a show. will noting tomorrow change the environment that has been created over the decades, as mr. clyburn pointed out. we will see what mr. ryan does. nice words are nice. rejecting exclusion, prejudice, and radicalism is what the country needs. >> i think the obsession for this messy created
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and they have to wallow in it. they are responsible for the fundamentalist lean in their caucus and it is coming home to roost. are they surprise that their standard error has been saying the same thing they have been saying consistently since being in the majority and before? going back to 1948, are they really that shocked? is mr. ryan really that shocked on mr. trump? what he is seeing is the mirror image of what they have been saying to the american people over and over about muslims, mexicans, and women in this country. it is not new. it is on the campaign trails. that inwe will expose the future.
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>> let me say this. i do not want to prolong this. let me take you back to the beat getting of the 1960's. theack to the beginning of 1960's. withepublicans kicked off goldwater. rightsion to the civil act was the foundation on which he built the campaign. nixon builtrichard they campaign on what he called "a southern strategy." he rode that into the presidency. reagan1980's, ronald left his convention, nominated to be the presidential standardbearer for the
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republicans and his first speech was in philadelphia -- mississippi. threeknown for those civil rights workers who were murdered. his first speech was in philadelphia, mississippi in 1980. i am not surprised to see that donald trump has decided that this is the way to become the president of the united states. >> it may be the way to be the nominee. it is not the way to be the president of the united states. we hope to take this to a place where we can review the past, witness what has happened, and understand that the country has moved on.
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a percentage won of a percentage. i believe that the american people have moved on from this age of discrimination. yes. poll resultsen the that show that donald trump and hillary clinton are in a dead he at in florida, pennsylvania, and ohio, are you concerned that donald trump appeals to democratic voters? how would you explain that? out, we the polls came saw there were too many white voters. i am not a big fan of the polling. it is tilted towards a person like me, white and older, rather than the actual electorate.
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oath of ourproud of candidates, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. peopleas attracted the to the campaigns and i have no doubt that we will have a democratic president. i take nothing for granted. i want the public to know what is at stake in the election and i hope it can be elevated to a debate that is worthy of our unders. l, character assassination, and issues that are irrelevant. i think that some of these things are distractions from the ct that the "ryan budget" is a road to ruin. ruin that it to
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is, it cannot get votes in its own party. to show you a split screen of ronald mcdonald -- donald. trump.nald andon't you wonder why since when the republican establishment is appalled by the comments of what trump is saying? it is what we hear here every day. the house said they would release a bill today at it seems that it has been delayed. are you optimistic that something can be done?
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and is the third or fourth time we are going back to the drawing board. pelosi: everybody is operating in good faith to get a bill done. it was not something we could get support for. so, i think another few days will give us something to take to the floor. it has to happen and we have to have it in a bipartisan way. a board that follows through and helps grow the economy in puerto rico and helps the economy there. what is today? wednesday. hopefully, by friday. all very look for the split screen.
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or, maybe you will create it! theean spicer is munication's director and chief strategist for the republican national committee. -- is the communications director and chief strategist for the republican national committee. >> walk us through this morning and who donald trump will be meeting with. >> three meetings occur tomorrow. the first meeting is at 9:00 at the republican national committee, steps off from the cannon house office building on the side of the capital. ights previous -- reince priebus said it will be between himself, donald trump, and paul ryan. it will be half an hour. it will give paul ryan a chance to talk to donald trump about the issues that he has been
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advocating for. expected thes meeting concludes and paul ryan and trump go across the hall to the reagan room, a conference room, to meet with house leadership, speaker ryan, mccarthy, and others. 10:15, trump heads to meet mitch mcconnell and others. i am not aware of what happens on that side. and, in the end, he heads back to new york. >> will we hear from the chairman of the party? >> i do not anticipate that. i know that he hosts a weekly press conference at 11:30 in the visitor center that is mostly about the legislative agenda for
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the week. my understanding is that it is still on. it will focus on the speaker's agenda and priority. s or trumpxpect priebu to make remarks tomorrow. >> why meeting at the rnc? >> it is just across the way and it is a political matter. i know that they like to keep political matters out of the capital building. this is a "party business" matter. and itcalled by priebus is appropriate to occur there. >> are there talks between the republican national committee and the trump organization before the convention in cleveland? >> we met with the leadership team here and it was an opportunity to brief them on
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various aspects of the national committee. is datahave been doing and digital upgrades. much aboutknow as voters, voting patterns, and where they are going to be. the opposition research on hillary clinton, we spent several hours updating the trump campaign. they will get a similar briefing from the team in cleveland bench and, as far as updates and preparation. >> the nomination has been settled and there is still a contest on the democratic side of the aisle. sanders wins significantly. sean spicer: it is interesting that hillary clinton won west virginia in 2008. she was the clear favorite over obama.
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this time, it was a role reversal, getting just north of 30%. there were counties where she placed third. i think the superdelegate count gives her a major cushion. bernie sanders, when you take those out, is giving her a good run for the money. he is winning in 20 states. if i were clinton, i would think that she would take some of the ,elegates to add to her total which is not as secure as she would like to see. the individuals are not committed. if bernie sanders continues to get wins, they could flip over and it would be a tied race going into philadelphia. >> sean spicer serves as the chief strategist for the republican national committee.
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thank you for your time. >> washington journal is live every day with policy issues that impact you. coming up on thursday, robert will join us to preview meetings between donald trump and congressional leadership. discuss civilill asset forfeiture law, which allows the police to steal -- seized property. and, the opioid crisis and a bill he sponsored. on -- talk about a piece tom will talk about a piece on w. bush andush.
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george w. bush. >> the campaign 2016 bus made a stop in new jersey to recognize deline, who was honored in front of her classmates and community members. the bus travel to pennsylvania for the second prize video on national immigration issues. a localated $500 to charity. busowing this event, the celebrate a video, "the next big problem." our cablethanks to
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partner for helping to coordinate these community visits. >> the u.s. postal service reported a loss for the first three months, 500 million more same time last year. aboutbrennan testified the financial shortfall at a hearing at the financial oversight committee. this is 2.5 hours.


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