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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 14, 2016 4:00am-6:01am EDT

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worked together to find common ground on this important issue. that's been the trend as we work on justice reform, provocative, innovative bills that will change the lives of many of those incarcerated for many, many years. we're going to turn mass incarceration upside down and on its ears and cause it to be extinct. this new approach to opioids is part of that. this bill has no mandatory minimums. as we take the steps today which will allow us to engage in discussions with the senate so we may soon end -- send a bill to the president for his signature, i'm pleased with the progress that is made. i can only hope that you are owork on sentencing reduction, prison reform and juvenile justice will have the same kind of impetus and wind up on the president's desk. that's the vision, i believe, of many republicans and democrats in and out of this house and as well it is the vision of the president but more importantly it is the vision of suffering
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families who do not have their loved ones with them. the reason we must work together is that a leading killer of americans today is drug overdose, started first by prescription use in many instances. between 2014 -- in 2014 almost half a million people died of drug overdoses. in 2014 alone, more than 27,000 people died of drug overdoses. the largest percentage of overdose deaths in 2014 was attributed to opioids like prescription painkillers, methadone,more phone and heroin. specifically -- morphine and heroin. specifically, 26,000 died because of opioid in 2014. this is an emergency and it is a combination of prescription painkillers and heroin. prescription painkiller abuse is the strongest risk for future levels of use of heroin. that's athletes or those who have had surgery, everyday americans who find themselves caught in the trap of addiction. approximately three out of four new heroin users report their
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use began with abuse of prescription drugs. heroin use becomes appealing to those addicted to prescription drugs because it's cheaper and easier to obtain. due to its po tency, it heroin use tends to lead to addiction. we know that from the 1980's and 1990's from crack cocaine, crack was a more potent extraction of cocaine and we saw many of those individuals not get treatment, they actually, and only got, incarceration. heroin addiction is often deadly, just as crack cocaine was. leading to overdose or other chronic diseases. the rate at which the occurrence of heroin overdose deaths increase is cause for alarm. in the four years between 010 and 2014, heroin overdoses more than tripled. in 2013, 11 million people admitted to the improper use of prescription painkillers and therefore were at heightened risk of becoming addicted. that's why we worked together this week on legislation to put together something like an omnibus to reduce the risk of
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addiction and to fund appropriate treatment responses to shows who -- to those who abuse these drug. the bill passed yesterday reflect this is strategy by proposing a grant program to be administered by the department of justice to assist states and local governments. it is important to note, these statistic the rate of deaths fromheroin overdoses count the white population, 267% increase between 2010 and 2014. in african-americans, increase of 213%, 2010 to 2014. hispanic, 137% increase from 2010 to 2014. native americans, 236%. no aspect of american life has been uninfluenced by the devastation of heroin overdoses and deaths, many of them impacting families whose young, bright, talented, athletic and otherwise young people have
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fallen victim to this. so this grant program is extremely helpful, which i'm very pleased. it deals with monitoring the prescription drug, deals with matching those who are committed to working with police officers and it is truly an important bill. let me close, mr. chairman, or mr. speaker -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. ms. jackson lee: we must have money to support all of this and i'm hoping this won't be think last stop we will make. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. the gentleman is recognized.
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>> these bills are doing a variety of things. but i can limit description so you are not filling up for prescription and appeal it. they're looking at forming best practices. they're looking at how to make an advisory panel to the fda to review these. they're doing a lot of things, a lot of different things across the opioid epidemic which is affecting people across the country. take,t they would do is some legislation will say you past that, he was what we have to offer. at some point, the two bodies will get together. that is amended not in a whole lot of this conference --
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congress which is a conference committee meeting. >> the house and the combining these bills into the legislation making emotion. the senate passed the bill in march. it also passed with little bipartisan support in the senate. seeing a lot of bipartisan support. there are differences in these bills in the two chambers. the left to work to reconcile for the next few weeks. i know leaders are hoping to settle this before congress breaks for their recesses in july. one thing present in march and this past week is funding. democrats in particular calling for more funding from what we understand there is not a whole lot of funding attached to these measures. correct. it measures the house passed this week authorized the funding and shifted it with an objective to new initiatives. there is no new funding allocated to that. >> the white house in favor, but
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noting that lack of funding. when this once upon the president's desk, with that ideally be the white house giving a final measure? >> ideally, the white house would like to see funding. far and goodt so wishes and efforts aren't doing much without funding. democrats have been pushing for funding on these issues. >> your with the morning consult coming can follow her reporting -- >> on american history and c-span3 -- >> there's never been a full public accounting of fbi's mastic operations. therefore, this committee has undertaken such an investigation. on railamerica, the 1975 church committee hearing investigate the
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dealing of the fbi, irs, and nsa, and cia. the questions committee staffers abuses including attempted intimidation of martin luther king, junior >> there's only one thing left for you to do, you'll just 34 days in which to do it. this exact number has been collected for specific region. it has practical significance. you are done. >> then associate fbi director to some of the excesses while defending a number of other fbi practices. then at 8:00, -- >> the rest of us may see a death, or two in life. they see hundreds. ande is a pattern, or ships how people are going out of the world. they are the ones who sound the alarm. of georgiaty
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professor on the role of the coroner and how they show the death inpatterns of society and can spot threats to public health. then secretary of state john kerry who served in the vietnam war and began vocal opponent of the war shares his views on vietnam at the lyndon b. johnson presidential library in austin, texas. to theveterans the door welcome home or the benefits or treatment that they not only deserved, but needed. betweenamental contract soldier and government simply was not honored. at homeer he is sitting watching tv watched reagan delivered his speech, it was dwight eisenhower. he immediately called is a former attorney general and said what i find speech moderately in -- ronald reagan had just delivered. he also said what an excellent speech he had delivered.
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he looked back and multi step political plan to arrive no -- ronald reagan to follow. you would up following his advice to the letter. >> examining dwight d. eisenhower's behind-the-scenes mentoring of ronald reagan, and the pivotal role before president paid in reagan's political revolution. for the complete american history tv we can schedule, go to >> the senate that come on q&a, his book spain and our hearts on the american involvement in the spanish civil war in the late 1930's. >> all over the country, the right-wing army officers tried to seize power. in parts of the country succeeded in seizing power in 1936. allent a shockwave of alarm
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over the world. he was a major country in europe , quickly backed by mussolini who sent arms, airplanes, pilots, tanks, he officially sent 80,000 ground troops. he was the spanish right making a grab for power. people all over the world thought it odd to be resisted. if not here, where? >> said that, at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> the campaign 2016 bus continues its travel to honor winners from this year student cam competition. it made a stop at new jersey to recognize a six-time student cam winner for a second prize video on a house becomes a home. she was honored in front of her classmates, family, and committee members. the bus then traveled to west scranton intermediate school to honor eight graders.
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for their second prize video, national immigration issues. during the ceremony, there was $500 donated of the winnings to the local charity. following this event, they drove to new jersey to celebrate the second prize-winning video the next big problem over 250 classmates and teachers and elected officials including congressman joined the ceremony. a special thanks to our cable partner, comcast for putting together these community visits. you can view all of the winning documentaries at >> president obama and the first lady welcomed leaders from five nordic countries to the white house.
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this is half an hour. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the .resident of the united states the prime minister of norway, the prime minister of sweden, the prime minister of denmark, and the prime minister of the republic of iceland. ♪
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♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, to the color. ♪
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president obama: good morning, everybody. due to the possibility of thunderstorms, we decided to move our arrival ceremony indoors. course, our nordic friends are used to tough weather. ou should note that here in washington we have not seen the sun for about three weeks. , you experience for months on end. despite that fact, we want you to know that we are deeply happy
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to have all of you here. , not honored to welcome one nation, but five. our great nordic friends and partners. , of finland, prime of norway, prime minister of sweden, and of denmark, and prime minister johanssen of iceland. and your delegations, welcome to the united states. i will try this as best as i can. [applause]
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prison obama: -- president sure: those i'm not delivered perfectly, but i think the spirit was understood. today is an opportunity for michelle and me to return to move the warmth and hospitality we received on our visit to copenhagen, and oslo, and i my visit to stockholm. and to american to cannot visit themselves, don't worry, i anderson that sweden has a phone ander we can call a swede learn about all think swedish. iceland and mighty to send your -- tions to has a lothat iceland of people named that enable answer. they are extraordinary countries.
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most importantly, for our purposes here today they are extraordinarily friendly. special day for the millions of americans who probably traced their ancestry to nordic countries, particularly in the midwest. including my home state, of illinois. they will remind you that leif erickson reached this continent more than 1000 years ago. the honor their parent and grandparent to crossed oceans and carved out sin helps to build our country. -- and helps to build our country. displayed their horses, the is the history and heritage and the ties of family and friendship that bring us together here today. world, america's closest partners are democracies. and we only need to look at our
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nordic friends to see why. we share the same interests, and we share the same values. we believe that our citizens have the right to live in freedom, and security. ine from terrorism, and europe where small nations are not bullied by larger nations. we believe in free markets, and trade that supports jobs and protections for workers and the environment. this is a sitting at the provides a measure of security in life. that provide a certain measure of security and life. we believe in future generations to confront the problem of climate change that confront our planet. it's a side effect right opportunity for all people, for education, health care, and equal opportunity. a worldg for women, in of growing economic disparities, nordic countries have some of
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the least income inequality in the world. which may explain where the recent that they are some of the happiest people in the world. despite not getting much sun. the inherente in dignity of every human being. we believe in pluralism. speech and for free freedom of religion. that is why we welcome the refugee who seeks a better life, and stand up for human rights around the world. are is why our nations leading contributors of humanitarian and development aid to spare a child even on the other side of the world a preventable disease. to give girls even on the other side of the world the chance at an education. outrage ofthe
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extreme poverty. nordice world, the countries are a model of cooperation. aboveonsistently punch their weight in meeting the challenges of our time. the nordic partners are not large countries. most no issues al that we deal with, whether they are in terms of security, or economics, or humanitarian assistance, where the nordic countries are not some of our most reliable and effective partners. why i wanted to invite them here today. sometimes we have a tendency to take our best friends for granted. it is important that we not do so. they have been insured never the shaping, and us in maintaining and international
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order that is rule-based, fair, and it just. so,i really do believe the world andd be more secure prosperous we had more partners like our nordic countries. there have been times was a vital just put the small countries in charge for a while, then they could clean things up. that to ouradmit to american years, nordic languages and expressions can sometimes be a little confusing. have a television program here called a game of thrones, that is what it sounds like sometimes. [laughter] jonathan: but, the truth: is, we're grateful for anything that our nordic friends have contributed to us not just in terms of partnership but also our culture. -- read our children on's christian anderson -- hans
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livesien andersen. our are infused with scandinavian furniture, and design. some of us dance and sing to abba, i do want to point out that finland has perhaps the most heavy metal bands in the capita, and also ranks high on good governance. i don't know if there's any correlation there. innovators weic share our music on spotify, and skype, and millions spend what be productivee hours on minecraft, angry birds, and candy crush. be prepared toto
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take the helm. wedemocratic societies, believe our ship is stronger whatever has the opportunity to succeed. ourree nations, we believe world is safer when all of us contribute to security, and peace. to my fellow leaders, this is one of the forward to working with you want today. it will can you alter the united states of america. now, given the unique nature of this visit we have unusual arrangements to our program. throughout the day, we will hear from all five nordic leaders but won't have them speak consecutively in each occasion. otherwise, we would be here all day. so, because the nordic countries there's been an allocation of time we will begin this morning with nsa on finland and prime , they will norway
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provide us with some brief remarks and you will hear from the other leaders later on. [applause] >> mr. president, and mrs. obama, we leaders me for nordic countries are grateful to you for the second u.s.-nordic summit. thank you for the wonderful weather. arrival, the flight to pennsylvania avenue give a heartening feeling to us. apologize that we
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forgot to take the sun with us. [laughter] a lot of sunshine recently. it is spring. family with ae a profound commonality of values, and history. with strong ties of cooperation. with you, mr. president, we feel we have a kindred spirit. equality, equal opportunities, and human rights for all, democracy, and respect of international law -- these are themarks of our society and agenda that we share. together, the nordics are a not militarily, but when it comes to innovation and education and competitiveness and sustainable development. the world's are
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12th largest economy. also claim superpower status as far as culture and sports are concerned. as you see, we are champions in modesty, too. [laughter] mr. president, we are grateful of the leadership united states has shown in collecting the most existential threat in the world, that is climate change. and focusing that to the arctic, where we are practically neighbors. the arctic council can be used also as an instrumental confidence building. countries countris -- give high value to multilateral cooperation which you have stressed during your tenure. it is vitally important.
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times are turbulent in many respects. therity problems a bound, situation has become more tense and the baltic sea and in northern europe, our neck of the woods. andngthening security, stability is clalled for. this includes appropriate dialogue with russia to enhance transparency and reduce risks. the nordic countries are, in many ways, security providers and our own region and europe, but also globally. responsibilities . we seek solutions instead of problems. we are willing and able to continue to cooperate with you in promoting security and stability. the u.s.highly commitments to europe, and to our security.
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we are probably long-standing friendship with the u.s., -- powered of the long-standing friendship at the u.s. it is based on growth contracts between our people and economically and socially. we are committed to strengthening this partnership even further. i am honored to say to you, on behalf of the nordic us, nordicin countries, mr. president, the united states has a solid friend and partner. we are willing to work together with the united states to look towards the future. [applause]
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>> president, first lady, nor to colleagues distinguished guests, thank every much it was our annual exercise. i will be honest, and confessed, one of the highlights is you watching u.s. marines learn how to cross country ski. just as our navy probably patrols the waters of hawaii.
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just as we stood together after 9/11, and just as we now have joined forces in the fight isis.t this is the nature of our alliance and our mission. we have history that we share. i in thee marines exercise in norway was cage. those of norwegian descent in the united states. there are more here than there are in norway. crosseds of norwegians the atlantic ocean in the mid-1990's to pursue new opportunities for themselves and their children. they carried the dream of a better life in the united states. uniteshe atlantic ocean us more that it separates us. foras made norway a seed
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-- traden opened with open with the world. we have a close eye on the develop it -- development of the high arctic. what happens in our own region benefits the entire alliance. as close allies we share common values. that is no coincidence. fathersour founding looked to america for inspiration in drafting the norwegian constitution. our common values remain freedom, democracy, equality, and human rights. our values reflect the nature of our friendship, and the partnerships that we hold dear parent today u.s. -- dear.
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today, we know that there is more to be done. the united states is a great power, and the five nordic countries have different roles to play in the international arena. but we can achieve great things and pursue the same good. mr. president i would like to commend you on your leadership. achievingtment to real progress in climate change was essential for the paris agreement. american leadership is key to ensuring the future of the planet. toshare your dedication nonproliferation, international security. we support your request for bold to make the world safer.
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mr. president, in new york last year the international community established a roadmap for the future by agreeing on sustainable development. if we make the right choices, over the next 15 years we can eradicate extreme poverty, and we can have a more peaceful future and we can do this all this they way that safeguards the planet. bold partnerships and innovative new partnerships will be needed to do this goal. better returns, but not so much as education. this is a cause we share. as women and as mothers and as leaders. today's assignment is an important opportunity to advance the u.s. nordic cooperation and to reiterate the values that we share of the truths that we hold
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being self-evident. we are stronger and more effective together. our countries will remain as powerful as they are today. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, everybody. we will go get to work. grateful for the presence of our leaders here. ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the ceremony. ♪
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>> as i set this morning over the united states is grateful for the partnership we have with all of the countries represented around this table. they are individually not large countries in terms of population, but in terms of effectiveness, contributions, energy, they are enormously important players on the international stage, and the fact that our values and our interest align make that one of our most important partners.
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we very much want to thank them for their presence. given the threats of terrorism, our orders are making significant contributions to the fight against isil, including more special operations forces and aircraft and traders. horses stabilize areas that have been liberated. we discussed our counterterrorism cooperation, and that includes the need to share more information. denmark for new commitments to the nato mission in afghanistan. beyond our military campaign we agreed that we need to work together in support of a settlement to end the syrian civil war. continue to work together to counter violent extremism and prevent people from being radicalized in the first place.
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i want to commend the contributions that these countries have made in absorbing refugees. we had a significant discussion around migrants and refugees. it is useful for the american press to understand that although some of the absolute numbers that are going into these respective countries may not seem that large when you look at it on a per capita basis, they are making an enormous generous effort to help but it's briefly in important for the world to carry alongside them and not allow anyone to the world to carry it alone. that is why are you glad to get strong cooperation and participation in the summit on refugees that i intend to post in september and march at the
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u.s. general assembly. to your teen security. as we head into the nato summit in warsaw, i please denmark and norway will be joining the contributing to an enhanced presence to bolster our collective defense in europe. agreed to nations increase cooperation between nato and the eu. we agreed on the need to continue to support ukraine and maintain sanctions against russia until we can get a resolution, as was outlined in the minsk agreements. those need to be fully implemented. concernnited in our about russia's growing aggressive military presence and posture in the nordic region. we will be maintaining ongoing dialogue and seek cooperation with russia.
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but we also want to make sure that we are prepared and strong. we want to encourage russia to keep its military activities in full compliance with international operations. our sixrs of the eu, nations remain strong partners and climate change, including the implementation of the paris agreement and transition to a low carbon economy. tomarket nations we continue do conservation and sustainable development that prioritize combating climate change. we hope to celebrate the first ever ministerial this fall,
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little value were working on .hat the united states does not fall meetingcategory of goals that have been set to foreign aid in humanitarian resistance. i would like us to do even more, they are doing a great job. the coordination in terms of global health security, in terms educationging women's and inclusion in economies developing sustainable development in poor countries and eradicating extreme poverty as was outlined in the 2030 agenda, all of these countries
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have been outstanding leaders. , i thoughtthings and was very useful important conversation. although there was probably too much agreement to make for as exciting a multilateral leaving as sometimes i participate in. with that, i would like to turn it over to the prime minister groupe sharing for the perspective on how the meeting went. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. you know the united states loves
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scandinavians have richard -- heritage. we share many values, and that was here today. let me give you two examples. first, we agree on the need for global response to common challenges. the transatlantic link is more important than ever, it is key to preserving european and global security. times, international -- werds, our contestant
4:44 am
will require actions and responsibility. we welcome the military progress made by the coalition, while seeking to complement these .ffort .e agreed to work together
4:45 am
in the gladly cooperate race to reduce the mission. -- we share the
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belief that the powerful women in the workplace are necessary andhain real development when fundamental matter of human rights. our five countries have developed what is known as the nordic welfare models to enable increasele to work an list and create a socially inclusive society. we are proud to see that those ideas are also discussed and developed here in the united states with president obama strong efforts or affordable health care. social saving notes, and higher education systems for all. seeing the u.s. advance on these issues will
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create new ripples of hope for all of us who believe the social justice and individual freedoms. ,s we have read in the atlantic if only everyone could be like the scandinavians, this would all be easy. know about that, but let me add that we scandinavians truly enjoy cooperated united to me like not only easier, but better and for your 40. thank you very much. >> the leaders of five nordic countries, iceland, norway, sweden, denmark and finland are in washington dc for meetings with president obama. here's the scene as they arrived at the white house earlier this evening for a state dinner. we will bring you more from the dinner later tonight on c-span.
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the leaders of norway.
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[applause] prime minister and mrs. lohman of sweden. mrs. rasputin and of denmark. [applause] and prime minister johanson and mrs. england of iceland. [applause] now, we know they share a pride in their biking and hiking heritage. that think we can all it the makings would be a little rough.
4:59 am
the best't always have mentors at the dining table. [laughter] their outfits were not always appropriate. the times have changed. tonight our nordic friends are much better behaved. [laughter] to have you here as you can see from our decor, winter is coming. [laughter] this evening we have three toes, so i will be brief. i do not want things to get out of hand. one of the great old norse iceland offered advice on how to welcome a desk. it was a miss manners for vikings. good being the drinking
5:00 am
often avail. the more they drink, the less they can think and keep a watch over their wits. good advice. [laughter] perhaps easier said than done. it is true that our nordic friends have a repeat today, unlike the past, for modesty and for propriety. don't let them fool you, in these nordic countries, things can get a little while. i understand that in norway, one of the big on tv is national firewood night. [laughter] this is true. is a video of logs burning four hours, and hours, and hours. that is crazy. [laughter] show involves a view
5:01 am
camera being strapped to the front of a train, so viewers could watch the rails. for seven hours. this sounds like riveting entertainment. we will not do anything that crazy tonight. [laughter] but we are grateful for our friendship with the nordic peoples. if we do sometimes get a little jealous about how perfect they seem to be. if you have visited any of these nordic country, everything is orderly, everything is clean, everybody is well behaved. and even prompted a best-selling book called the almost nearly perfect people. but there were some shockers. nordic countries can get into heated arguments about which country is happiest. [laughter]
5:02 am
the also get into arguments about who has the better hockey players. until america steal them away. and they also have arguments about who has the honor of being the true hometown of santa claus. these are fierce debates that take place. but our work today actually does ournd us of why we so value nordic partners so much. in each other we find those who we work with and pursue common values. those we cherish the most. we stand together so the citizens can live in security and peace. our economy can create opportunity and prosperity. it goes not just to the top, but to the many.
5:03 am
ofether we are on the front dignity and equality for all people. many of our nordic friends are familiar with the great danish asterisk philosopher. among other causes he championed the idea of the school. just madethat was not available to the elite, but to the many. training that prepared a person for active citizenship, and improving society. .ver time
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5:05 am
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to the friendship between us and values that we share. we are nations continue to stand together and then for the moral preaching just the presidential axis. cheers. with that, i want to welcome the prime minister from iceland, followed by the recipe of denmark. [applause]
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we are based on solidarity in cooperation with some of today's most complex problems. building on our friends authority anything in the
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>> dear colleagues from our neighbor countries, and the distinguished guests, these will
5:12 am
. foremost, you have a fantastic and dated wife, but we will need to do so,
5:13 am
and i, we will continue to stay files into a whole new weight loss. [applause] the ties between the united states and iraq are strong and back.ver we discovered amazing images of since, wed ever have," looking for new starts in america. many of them settled in minnesota. [applause] madess the weather there them feel right at home. part of right. -- scarlettsson
5:14 am
johansson is living proof of that. [laughter] and they did their part as well. contributing to the gene pool that gave you judy roberts, matt damon, and uma thurman. norwegians, well they gave you karl rove. [laughter] [applause] among many other things. so i guess it is true to say that we have had a certain impact on america. in many different ways. is, can we still contribute to america? answer is simple and famous. yes we can. [laughter]
5:15 am
[applause] nordic architects contribute to transforming america's cities with projects like the new york try line and the redesign of the smithsonian in washington. based on a condition of making areas for livable, smart and sustainable. lead in these things. it is important to see the value of your leadership. so without interfering in american politics, i can truly and without a doubt say that you have been the best precedent you have never had. [applause]
5:16 am
now your presidency has come to an end. but i have something to admit. i'm very fond of donald. i support him as a president. he is very smart. and i am talking about the president of the european council. [laughter] which is the best facilities can have in your absence. being a role model has not always been easy, but you have come to represent the dreams of millions. we had a a common vision of sharing health care to all.
5:17 am
inreatly respect to achieve this regard. your leadership was also key to the paris agreement on climate change last year. [applause] we worked hard, and finally in paris and we succeeded. let the whiteyou house and the rainbow colors. nevertheless, your presidency is slowing coming to an end. so congress will try to lock your initiatives in time to come.
5:18 am
i guess that can be frustrating. believe me, being leader of a very small government i know from personal experience. may, let me give you a piece of advice. when i get too frustrated, i let off steam by cooking. i can recommend that. advice, itake my think you could be inspired by the new nordic cuisine. loss, bark,nvolved and living in. maybe you could be helpful in our research into a recipe for lame-duck. [laughter] we will be happy to welcome you to copenhagen. denmark, as all the nordic countries can be honored to
5:19 am
receive one of the most inspirational and charming figures in america, along with her husband, of course. [laughter] so michelle, mr. president, ladies and gentlemen let me propose a toast for the strong relations between our nations. have.ecial friendship we to friendship. chairs. -- cheers. [applause] >> dinner is now served, but i think we're just identified the
5:20 am
next comic for the white house correspondents dinner. [laughter] [applause] in july, everybody. thank you. ♪ >> in this week's session of prime minister's questions, david cameron announced the election of the first muslim mayor. this is 40 minutes. ntleman will touch on this. it's good for britain. it's good for trade unions in future working relationships. >> order. questions to the prime minister. thank you, mr. speaker. this morning i had meetings with minister collett mothers in addition to my duties in the south i shall have further such meetings today. >> mike cane. >> even fantastically corrupt
5:21 am
nigeria is asking britain to clean up and introduce beneficial ownership in the overseas territory appeared for the prime minister she's this tomorrow? >> first of all, check the microphone fun before speaking. the answer to the question and yes. we have asked three things that the overseas territories and crown dependencies. we ask for automatic exchange of tax information,, condon report a standard and we asked for central beneficial ownership registry so you can enforcement can know who wants companies based there. he delivered on the first two and they will be an following a delivering on the third. that's what they asked for that's exactly what it getting. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, in we have unprecedented housing growth.
5:22 am
does the prime minister agree that we must build sufficient stocks, the dream of homeownership becomes some think that everybody really can aspire to? [shouting] >> i want to thank my constituency neighbor and honorable friend for raising that question. the fact is we are building more houses right across england. we are building more affordable homes in the legislation going through this house and the other place will make sure we deliver a manifesto pledge of 200,000 starter homes. those are the homes you want to see, affordable for people to buy. i hope it in the late stage the labor party will stop blocking the spill. [shouting] >> thank you. thank you very much,
5:23 am
mr. speaker. we often celebrate great national events in this house. but the prime minister join me in wishing a very happy 90th earth day and thank him for all the ways he is presented major programs on television and awaken the idea is that so many people to the fragility of the ecosystem and educate a whole generation. >> mr. speaker, on the side of the house, we are fully aware -- i have been asked the question yet. it's okay. [shouting] we are fully aware that the european union has strengthened workers rights in many ways. in march, while the prime minister was trying to undermine workers rights with this trade union bill, the european commission put forward proposals to close the loopholes in the posting of workers direct it, which would stop employers
5:24 am
exploiting foreign workers and undercutting national right to pay. for the prime minister can earn that his government will protect workers and will back these reforms to stop this undercutting and protest exploitation of the workers across this continent? >> first of all, during the honorable gentleman in wishing a happy birthday. many in this house bill growth within his or her the natural world and the environment in his remarkable man. i am proud to say the raw survey ship in the arctic ship is going to be named after david. there is strong favor. i think the life raft on the boat -- the submarine on the boat is going to be quite
5:25 am
rightly on the posted workers rights, we're looking at this closely, working with partners. i can tell him today that the yellow card procedure has been invoked by national parliament over this, demonstrating the importance of the social safeguards come even more which i achieved in every negotiation. the best thing we can do is celebrate the national living wage. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, national minimum wage but the labor introduction. the living wage proposed is frankly a corruption of the very idea of it. it is not in reality about the living wage. mr. speaker, my question was about the posting of workers directive, which would prevent the grotesque exploitation by unscrupulous employers of workers being moved from one nation to another in order to undercut the wages of the second
5:26 am
nation. for the prime minister be absolutely clear? what the british government support this very, very important reform to stop the exploitation? >> as i said, we think this marriage and proposals, but we want to make sure we get the details right. let me put them up on something. he's just described a national living wage is a corruption. seven pounds 20 an hour. a 20-pound a week pay rise for the poorest people in our country. i really think before you get up and say he supports a national living wage and thank the government for introducing it. >> i support the wage obviously. the point i'm making is it's not a living wage. at this generally understood.
5:27 am
>> mr. speaker, saying yes must be one of the hardest words for the prime minister prefer third time, could he say whether he does or does not support the worker direct it? he might be aware that patrick mitford, a former economic adviser to margaret thatcher said the european union has a negative effect on the city of london and he would want the shackles of european regulation removed. does the prime minister believed that membership hurts the city of london or does he believe that european union regulation of the finance that are in britain and british minister attacks they then let help expose the panama papers or underlined by my friend in his earlier question today. >> this is an area where we basically agree with each other about the european union. i'll try to identify a question.
5:28 am
first of all, i completely disagree with the economist patrick mitford. you mitford. he wants at the manufacturing industry of glitter rated kind of would be a disastrous step if we followed the advice that he gives. in terms of the city of london, we need the right regulation for the city of london to continue its massive rate of job creation and our country, boylston need to remain members of the single market that is absolutely vital for this important sector of our economy. i hope i'm not as the issue of the national minimum wage we can find agreements between each other. >> the question i was than perhaps was mean to -- perhaps he wasn't listening to it was what he was trying to do -- what i asked was what he going to do
5:29 am
about the u.k. administered tax haven, which received large sums of money from dodgy sources which show that must be closed down as should any tax evasion in the city of london. we need a british government is prepared to take down this level of corruption. >> this government has done more than any previous government to deal with the issue of making sure that her overseas territories are not tax havens that behave in a responsible way. as i said earlier they are taking part in the automatic exchange of tax information. to sign up to it, and reporting standard. that didn't happen before. they are getting central registry so we can find out who wants the companies in each territory. all of these things are real progress. of course you would like to go further in how public registries of beneficial ownership like we are introducing in this country.
5:30 am
not because of anything labour government did a decision by conservative prime minister. but where i would urge him to be fair and its territories since many have now gone much further even than many developed countries. indeed you get more information now silver crown dependencies than you would get out of the united states in terms of dinnerware. let's be fair on names for which we have an obligation in response ability of making them improve the record initiative knowledge that. >> mr. speaker, a month ago the prime minister informed the house that he welcomed the european union proposals on country by country tracks transparency report. we also agreed to die. get on the 26th of april, conservative mvps voted against these proposals. did they not receive the memo or what? people expect treated this
5:31 am
country -- people expect people pay their taxes in this country. tomorrow the european parliament will be focusing again on country by country reporting. can he assure the house the conservative member of the european parliament will support these measures as they would months ago. >> the most important thing is we support these measures. indeed these measures how boldly come forward because of been a conservative government here in the united kingdom proposing them. the only area of disagreement i would suspect between himself and myself inside out vanquishes setting minimum tax rate for these countries. that's always been a position of labor government and conservative government. what we want to make sure all these territories behave, we don't actually make them setting minimum tax rate to back the difference between us. he wants to swap voting records,
5:32 am
this is the whole session because they've got plenty of material here. >> mr. speaker, that was a very long and there. tree until when he could've quite simply said -- mr. speaker, he could've quite simply said whether or not he supports these proposals and if his conservatives are going to vote for them. >> mr. speaker, the prime minister is very well aware of the concern across the whole country about the question of any company child refugees across europe. they are in the are in the desperate plight, a very dangerous situation. everyone reaches out to them. but we have to do more than that to be practical in a help for them. i got elected the got elected
5:33 am
this week from a voluntary work with child refugees by the name of canada. she wrote about these children, some of whom have family members in this country. can the prime minister confirm in respect response to the amendment there will be no delay whatsoever in accepting 3000 unaccompanied child refugees into this country to give them support they need and allow them to enjoy their childhood and our children deserve. >> what i say to the right honorable gentleman is we will follow the amendment that is now the law of the land. of course the amendment says we have to consult carefully with local authorities to make sure as we take these children and, we were able to house them, clothe, feed them, make sure they're properly looked after. look at the capacity of our care system. some councils in southern england are already struggling because of the large numbers of unaccompanied children who come
5:34 am
in. just he figures to put this in context or faster 3000 unaccompanied children arrived in the u.k. even before the schemas are introduced to second figure under dublin, children with a connection to the u.k. can already claim asylum in france had come to the u.k. with dirty some transfers since february. they won't be any today. we'll get over this as fast as we can. in order to follow to optimize got to talk to local authorities first. thank you, mr. speaker. during president obama's recent visit, to talk about the issue of chinese action, the robust action in the united states to address them, including introducing 280%. if so, increase the tariffs and tell the chinese to go to the back of the line.
5:35 am
>> i did discuss this issue with president obama in both the u.s. and european union have taken action against chinese dub in. the excess steel capacity is around 25times higher than the uk's entire production. but we have produced in the e.u. has been affect them in some categories have reduced chinese exports by as much as 98%. he shouldn't believe some of the figures put around at the e.u. action doesn't work. it does work and if we were outside the e.u. we might be subject to those tariffs ourselves. >> the prime minister's government was elected with 37% of the vote. i'm sure you would acknowledge the success of nicola sturgeon in the s&p has he returns it very safe for a third claim --
5:36 am
the highest of any political party in national elections anywhere currently in western europe. on the anticorruption summit, as the prime minister read the appeals from nigerian campaigners who say our efforts are sadly undermined in countries such as iran are welcoming our corrupt to hide their ill-gotten gains in luxury homes, department stores, car dealerships, private schools and anywhere else that will accept their cash at no questions asked. the well-funded market is settled to conceal stolen wealth has been exposed in documents, reports, documentaries and more. what is the prime minister going to do about this? >> first of all, i'm delighted to congratulate the victor in the scottish elections as i'm sure he wants to congratulate ruth davidson. [cheers and applause]
5:37 am
[shouting] we have something in common because the majority to minority, while conservatives are maturity. get up and asked me how we are getting on with orderings to more pandas. a very positive development. the question he asks about the corruption summit is absolutely right. the whole point is to say the action is necessary by developed countries as well as developing countries. one of the steps we take to make sure foreign companies that own the u.k. property have to declare the beneficial owner is will be one of the ways we make sure the money from african countries can be hidden in london. [shouting] it would be helpful if you could confirm the list be public available and not just accessible for the police. the prime minister is prepared to lecture other countries on property. could be explained by police
5:38 am
forces in the u.k. have launched criminal investigations and the conservative mps? mr. speaker, it's very serious. so how was it that a conservative crime on policing commissioner can serve in such a role under police investigation? >> first of all, let's be clear about the anticorruption summit. no one is lecturing everybody. one of the reasons the issue doesn't get addressed is because countries and politicians are too worried about addressing the noted that no country is perfect nor is any politician. it's right for britain take the lead because you need our contribution i made. we are entitled to raise this incredibly important issue. what he says about the electoral commission, when it comes to operational decisions by police force, they are independent,
5:39 am
too. that's the hallmark of a non-corrupt country. >> ministers recur, i want you to join me in congratulating 84 reelected as a commissioner last week. significantly for her work in helping the big guns. in that respect, will the prime minister committed to introducing the british bill of rights? >> i'm happy to make that commitment and the a congratulate him and all the panelists who are successful. what we saw -- wait a minute. what we saw in the elections is a very large increase in turnout. sometimes as much as 25% increase in making this new role in a countries setting up well. i'm very happy to congratulate
5:40 am
arlene foster who will be first minister of northern ireland. indeed i spoke to her the deputy first minister yesterday and congratulate them we'll look forward to working with him for the benefit of london. >> when -- [inaudible] businesses got together and produced privately financed schemes to do the work for 2017. it's been with the department now for two years. does the prime minister think that attitude shows incompetence or indifference to this theme that's been put forward? >> i think the honorable lady is being slightly unfair not least because passengers will benefit from 500 brand-new carriages in the removal of
5:41 am
1.4 million pounds of investment going into all stations to be delivered before it becomes the u.k. city of culture and the department of transferable compete the negotiation. we make these investments because we have a strong economy investing in structure. thank you, mr. speaker. i recently visited selenite. whether prime minister join me in congratulating the success with the help of the company expand in the lab recently to abort all of that out and employees with an additional 250-pound bonus. >> i'm happy to join the honorable friend in congratulating. i remember visiting with them in 2014. back then they employed 800 people. they now play 1100 people. that is a good business expanding under the government. the big backers of the radishes
5:42 am
in our target is 3 million apprentices in this parliament. thank you, mr. speaker. already in 2016, at least 46 women have been ordered in the u.k. this number would be much harder not her specialist refugees. i understand to thank the prime minister from the changes to housing beyond 2017. i don't want to hear the next 40 years. he knows and i know that won't stop refugee shifting. will he extend refugees? will you choose to save lives? please. [shouting] >> the honor of our lady big important point to look at all of the possible consequences and make sure we get it right. thank you, mr. speaker.
5:43 am
hiv infection rate in the u.k. are on the rise. my right honorable friend will be aware that preexposure from treatments. but my right honorable friend agreed to meet with me in leading charges so we can review this unacceptable decision? >> i think it's right he raises this. my understanding is they are considering the responsibility. i want them to reach a decision quickly in this month is possible because there is no doubt there is the rising rate of infection that these treatments can help them make a difference. we are planning trial sites already underway. they're investing 2 million pounds to support these of the next two years but i'll make sure you get the meetings he needs to make progress. thank you, mr. speaker. in my first year s&p, every
5:44 am
other constituency has been an anxious count to 10 in, hugely bob into two or three children living in a one-bedroom flat. they cannot afford to buy their counsel. the absolute cannot afford a home. can the prime minister explained in practical and meaningful terms when i go on friday by housing will not make their intolerable situation worse. >> what i would say to his can issue ... there's a series of things i believe will help them. it's about coming making sure the right to die if housing associated tenants with the full discounts makes the difference. and because he's got help to die, which means people need a smaller amount of equity to buy the house, that helps, too. further to that, it will make a difference because they will be more affordable.
5:45 am
add to that shared accommodation homes means that where you previously need is a deposit of 30,000 pounds to buy a house. you may be able to buy a house now for just a bee thousand pounds deposit. all of those things make a difference in the generation we are backing that never happened under a labor government. thank you, mr. speaker. i'm proud to government unemployment levels of the record low 1.6%. i am proud this government delivered the city deal in the infrastructure. it's a prime minister rate i share my eagerness now to see the electrocution of the city delivered in wales. >> well, my honorable friend is right to raise these issues because the money is fair enough frank lee with a new welsh government in place in the win
5:46 am
of the action, particularly on the title transferred. we've given the welsh government is under million and increase borrowing powers. the delay is damaging business and southwestern france it's high time the welsh government got on with it. >> mr. speaker, it claims money rather than religious attacks for days. while the army has about $100 per month, danish has $300 a month due to its funding and sophistication. does the prime minister agree much more needs to be done for the economic avenues for close the funding and undermining. >> i agree with what he says about the importance of economic development and that is why we
5:47 am
have a generous state budget. right now it's difficult to get a support and development group. right take issue issue is simply purely see this because they are paying them, we would miss the point that the counselor of islamist extremist violence is damaging our world and our country not just in area, but other places, too. we have to understand the nature if we are going to defeat it. thank you, mr. speaker. we will create around 300,000 new jobs below the prime minister join me in congratulating his first new analysis of our job creation? >> i join him in congratulating his constituents be. the constituency is followed by stanford 52% since 2010 and we need to keep out of keep out of this been a future weeks the trading but help people get the jobs created.
5:48 am
>> mr. speaker, the prime minister is said or the opposition said the u.k. is fast becoming a surveillance state in the most regimes and promised the whole investigative power by anyone in the u.k. by the prime minister changed opposition and an effective surveillance in government. >> i just completely disagree with the honorable gentleman. i hope you will follow this into the debates that take place on this vital bill. the fact is if you want to make sure that we can keep our country safe, just as we have been able to see the communication data when people talk to each other in a mobile phone, the conversation is taking place by people visiting an internet site. they see happy you are caught to the hatch terrorism to be planned, murders to be arranged because people are using an
5:49 am
internet site rather than a telephone. we've got to modernize the capabilities to keep our country safe. that is what this bill is about. [shouting] >> my right honorable friend dated november 2015 that access to the internet should not be a luxury. it should be right. the accompanying press release went on to say every home in this miss could have access by the end of its parliament. could my right honorable friend said they unequivocally know the commitment will be all of it. >> i'm afraid my honorable friend the way for the speech and thought the next steps of how we make sure at this is absolutely vital. >> train thank you, mr. speaker. for the prime minister give me a personal commitment to deliver funding for the surrounding area?
5:50 am
>> i'm very happy to give that commitment. i think the details are working in scotland and i was very proud to be there with the aberdeen city deal. the deal between the scottish government in the scottish government in u.k. government in city concern can only work if we are all one happy united kingdom. thank you, mr. speaker. did journalists has been subject to an online hate campaign -- [inaudible] increasingly, this is used against deeply public life by those who have taken opposing views. will my right honorable friend can ban this kind of harassment and will he work with media and social media platforms to reserve the right to speak freely without intimidation or hate? train to >> we want to speak freely and we must have a robust and lively democracy. some of the things people say on twitter that when the air in
5:51 am
some way anonymous surfing the appalling and people should be ashamed of assertive sax is pulling the takes place. >> last week when intellect did a new mayor. overwhelming mandates to capture the projects and the housing bill will make it work. in april the prime minister launches manifesto promising affordable homes in the same area. why then is the opposing amendment to the housing bill this afternoon which effectively implements last year's manifesto commitment. >> but he began congratulating how much we how much we're looking forward to working with him on the issues as well as housing are keeping mum than safe. i put the question back to the honorable lady. our housing bill needs at every high-value properties sold will
5:52 am
mean to new affordable homes in london. so why is that the labour party in the other place i've opposing the wanted more houses, more affordable housing and homeownership is at the truth. they talk a good game, but at the end of the day they are the enemies of aspiration. [shouting] >> thank you. thank you, mr. speaker. joining military aspirations in afghanistan can the british forces have live inside a server does who constantly put themselves in harm i had i saw just how brave these interpreters wear. does the prime minister the prime minister agreed the disdain in our country is honored our country's honor that we've abandoned a large number of them to be threatened by the taliban. some have been murdered, others have had to flee homes in fear of their life. we owe a huge debt of gratitude to my must provide safety here.
5:53 am
>> what i say to my honorable friend as we debated and discussed in the coalition government and announced in this house of commons a scheme to make sure that those people who help our forces in terms of translation and other services were given the opportunity of coming to the u.k. we set up to schemes. want to encourage that, but another to encourage those people that either wanted to say or have been translators for a long enough. she's in afghanistan and rebuild the country. that's important to have both in place rather than simply say everyone in any way about can become a leader. let's back afghans rebuild their own country. >> the prime minister has been turned to me they should we leave the e.u. it would of course cease. but he now confirm in such a case the u.k. government would make up the difference? >> the pointer would make to the
5:54 am
honorable gentleman that they would to anyone asking a question about what happens were we to live is i don't think you can give a guarantee. i'm a profound believer in the united kingdom. i want to go on making sure that regions in our country properly supported it. but if it's the case we would find our economy would be hit by leaving an tax or cease to hit by leaving. though obviously impact the amount of funding we put into agriculture or research. that is why i think the right option is to vote to remain in a reformed european union. thank you, mr. speaker. can i support the prime minister's comments about nigeria and afghanistan and ask him if he will stop the millions of pounds of taxpayers money to those other corrupt companies until dave cleaned up their act.
5:55 am
tree into >> and i think is ever my honorable friend for his help and support and his pitch on diplomacy as well. also useful given the last 24 hours. countries like nigeria and afghanistan, their leaders are battling hard against corrupt systems in countries. they made some remarkable steps forward and that's why welcome them to the anticorruption contest in london. i don't think it would be right to withdraw the aid that we gave because frankly the problem in those countries come back with wrist problems of migration, terrorism and all the rest of it. we're a country of alternate dangerous global world. alongside our defense budget, 2% of gdp as we could keep you safe and prosperous in a dangerous world as well as the important moral responsibilities.
5:56 am
device in the chamber makes it necessary to out do the premier league matches in terms of the provision of injury time. it's a pleasure to call jill burnham. [cheers and applause] >> seven years ago in my constituency with other countries biggest disaster. it is clear that we won't have the full truth until we have the full truth. will the prime minister expect the truth and justice campaign in initiate an inquiry? >> i say to the honorable lady has met with that group and is considering the point they have put forward and will come to that conclusion in the right time. >> mr. speaker, around the country awaiting news of progress on the position of airport inspection in the
5:57 am
southeast. following this morning's announcement, they are now accepting all of that commission recommendations. can the prime minister let us know when we can expect a decision and does he agree with me at dirt runway is the best opportunity for growth, jobs of the future prosperity of our country. >> and my first of all, with my many unforced areas in the last 24 hours, apologize to the honorable lady. assured of open her to the house of commons and say that she's already made time in speaking up for her constituency in a very accomplished way. but they say to my honorable friend behind me as we announced earlier this year, there issues of air quality that nietzsche be resolved on our way to come back to the house and announced what happens next. >> my constituents mother was killed in the committee went at the time is covered up as a
5:58 am
suicide attacks. 18 years later murdered by a constituents father and mistress. i don't think anyone imagines the pain and suffering that her and her family has had to endure. date now have to visit the pain because they are traumatizing their completely against her wishes, you see not only the real names of her family, but also her room. as far as i can see, no rules have been broken, but this prime minister not agree they should have a far greater role in discussing their tragedy and will he meet with me in my constituency does s. what more could have been done the situation and how we can strengthen regulations in the future to protect with guns. >> i wasn't aware of the case the lady rightly raises. and remember my time working the television industry that there are occasions where decisions are made that caused a huge amount of upset to families.
5:59 am
i will discuss this case of the culture secretary and bring it to his attention and see if there's anything else other than the conversation who are powerful regulator and anything more that can be done. >> he spoke up its way on cigarette. so why are we bringing in a -- [inaudible] >> i'm happy to look at this issue closely. i think it is necessary to differentiate between smoking and fabian because they are very different health effects. i think that is what has been achieved. other carefully into this and my right honorable friend. >> lastly, mr. tim fallon. [shouting] >> border. however irritating the honorable gentleman --
6:00 am
[laughter] may be, the government must feign interest. he has a right to be heard and he will be heard. >> i'm fantastically grateful to you, mr. speaker. [laughter] i heard the prime minister on two occasions this afternoon congratulated the new mayor of london and i would like to speak myself. it does not however apologize to those spaces campaign the conservative party chose to run my campaign. will he take the opportunity to apologize for winning cheap votes. >> a great way to end the session getting the election campaign for the democrats. [shouting]


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