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tv   British Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  May 15, 2016 11:59pm-12:46am EDT

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european union, including transportation issues in the u.s. -- the u.k.. this is 40 minutes. honorable gentleman will touch on this. it's good for britain. it's good for trade unions in future working relationships. >> order. questions to the prime minister. thank you, mr. speaker. this morning i had meetings with minister collett mothers in addition to my duties in the south i shall have further such meetings today. >> mike cane. >> even fantastically corrupt nigeria is asking britain to clean up and introduce beneficial ownership in the overseas territory appeared for the prime minister she's this tomorrow? >> first of all, check the microphone fun before speaking.
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the answer to the question and yes. we have asked three things that the overseas territories and crown dependencies. we ask for automatic exchange of tax information,, condon report a standard and we asked for central beneficial ownership registry so you can enforcement can know who wants companies based there. he delivered on the first two and they will be an following a delivering on the third. that's what they asked for that's exactly what it getting. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, in we have unprecedented housing growth. does the prime minister agree that we must build sufficient stocks, the dream of homeownership becomes some think that everybody really can aspire to? [shouting] >> i want to thank my constituency neighbor and honorable friend for raising that question. the fact is we are building more houses right across england.
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we are building more affordable homes in the legislation going through this house and the other place will make sure we deliver a manifesto pledge of 200,000 starter homes. those are the homes you want to see, affordable for people to buy. i hope it in the late stage the labor party will stop blocking the spill. [shouting] >> thank you. thank you very much, mr. speaker. we often celebrate great national events in this house. but the prime minister join me in wishing a very happy 90th earth day and thank him for all the ways he is presented major programs on television and awaken the idea is that so many people to the fragility of the ecosystem and educate a whole
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generation. >> mr. speaker, on the side of the house, we are fully aware -- i have been asked the question yet. it's okay. [shouting] we are fully aware that the european union has strengthened workers rights in many ways. in march, while the prime minister was trying to undermine workers rights with this trade union bill, the european commission put forward proposals to close the loopholes in the posting of workers direct it, which would stop employers exploiting foreign workers and undercutting national right to pay. for the prime minister can earn that his government will protect workers and will back these reforms to stop this undercutting and protest exploitation of the workers across this continent? >> first of all, during the
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honorable gentleman in wishing a happy birthday. many in this house bill growth within his or her the natural world and the environment in his remarkable man. i am proud to say the raw survey ship in the arctic ship is going to be named after david. there is strong favor. i think the life raft on the boat -- the submarine on the boat is going to be quite rightly on the posted workers rights, we're looking at this closely, working with partners. i can tell him today that the yellow card procedure has been invoked by national parliament over this, demonstrating the importance of the social safeguards come even more which i achieved in every negotiation. the best thing we can do is celebrate the national living
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wage. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, national minimum wage but the labor introduction. the living wage proposed is frankly a corruption of the very idea of it. it is not in reality about the living wage. mr. speaker, my question was about the posting of workers directive, which would prevent the grotesque exploitation by unscrupulous employers of workers being moved from one nation to another in order to undercut the wages of the second nation. for the prime minister be absolutely clear? what the british government support this very, very important reform to stop the exploitation? >> as i said, we think this marriage and proposals, but we want to make sure we get the details right. let me put them up on something. he's just described a national living wage is a corruption.
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seven pounds 20 an hour. a 20-pound a week pay rise for the poorest people in our country. i really think before you get up and say he supports a national living wage and thank the government for introducing it. >> i support the wage obviously. the point i'm making is it's not a living wage. at this generally understood. >> mr. speaker, saying yes must be one of the hardest words for the prime minister prefer third time, could he say whether he does or does not support the worker direct it? he might be aware that patrick mitford, a former economic adviser to margaret thatcher said the european union has a negative effect on the city of london and he would want the shackles of european regulation
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removed. does the prime minister believed that membership hurts the city of london or does he believe that european union regulation of the finance that are in britain and british minister attacks they then let help expose the panama papers or underlined by my friend in his earlier question today. >> this is an area where we basically agree with each other about the european union. i'll try to identify a question. first of all, i completely disagree with the economist patrick mitford. you mitford. he wants at the manufacturing industry of glitter rated kind of would be a disastrous step if we followed the advice that he gives. in terms of the city of london, we need the right regulation for the city of london to continue
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its massive rate of job creation and our country, boylston need to remain members of the single market that is absolutely vital for this important sector of our economy. i hope i'm not as the issue of the national minimum wage we can find agreements between each other. >> the question i was than perhaps was mean to -- perhaps he wasn't listening to it was what he was trying to do -- what i asked was what he going to do about the u.k. administered tax haven, which received large sums of money from dodgy sources which show that must be closed down as should any tax evasion in the city of london. we need a british government is prepared to take down this level of corruption. >> this government has done more than any previous government to
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deal with the issue of making sure that her overseas territories are not tax havens that behave in a responsible way. as i said earlier they are taking part in the automatic exchange of tax information. to sign up to it, and reporting standard. that didn't happen before. they are getting central registry so we can find out who wants the companies in each territory. all of these things are real progress. of course you would like to go further in how public registries of beneficial ownership like we are introducing in this country. not because of anything labour government did a decision by conservative prime minister. but where i would urge him to be fair and its territories since many have now gone much further even than many developed countries. indeed you get more information now silver crown dependencies than you would get out of the united states in terms of
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dinnerware. let's be fair on names for which we have an obligation in response ability of making them improve the record initiative knowledge that. >> mr. speaker, a month ago the prime minister informed the house that he welcomed the european union proposals on country by country tracks transparency report. we also agreed to die. get on the 26th of april, conservative mvps voted against these proposals. did they not receive the memo or what? people expect treated this country -- people expect people pay their taxes in this country. tomorrow the european parliament will be focusing again on country by country reporting. can he assure the house the conservative member of the european parliament will support these measures as they would months ago. >> the most important thing is we support these measures. indeed these measures how boldly
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come forward because of been a conservative government here in the united kingdom proposing them. the only area of disagreement i would suspect between himself and myself inside out vanquishes setting minimum tax rate for these countries. that's always been a position of labor government and conservative government. what we want to make sure all these territories behave, we don't actually make them setting minimum tax rate to back the difference between us. he wants to swap voting records, this is the whole session because they've got plenty of material here. >> mr. speaker, that was a very long and there. tree until when he could've quite simply said --
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mr. speaker, he could've quite simply said whether or not he supports these proposals and if his conservatives are going to vote for them. >> mr. speaker, the prime minister is very well aware of the concern across the whole country about the question of any company child refugees across europe. they are in the are in the desperate plight, a very dangerous situation. everyone reaches out to them. but we have to do more than that to be practical in a help for them. i got elected the got elected this week from a voluntary work with child refugees by the name of canada. she wrote about these children, some of whom have family members in this country. can the prime minister confirm in respect response to the amendment there will be no delay whatsoever in accepting 3000 unaccompanied child refugees into this country to give them support they need and allow them
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to enjoy their childhood and our children deserve. >> what i say to the right honorable gentleman is we will follow the amendment that is now the law of the land. of course the amendment says we have to consult carefully with local authorities to make sure as we take these children and, we were able to house them, clothe, feed them, make sure they're properly looked after. look at the capacity of our care system. some councils in southern england are already struggling because of the large numbers of unaccompanied children who come in. just he figures to put this in context or faster 3000 unaccompanied children arrived in the u.k. even before the schemas are introduced to second figure under dublin, children with a connection to the u.k. can already claim asylum in france had come to the u.k. with dirty some transfers since
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february. they won't be any today. we'll get over this as fast as we can. in order to follow to optimize got to talk to local authorities first. thank you, mr. speaker. during president obama's recent visit, to talk about the issue of chinese action, the robust action in the united states to address them, including introducing 280%. if so, increase the tariffs and tell the chinese to go to the back of the line. >> i did discuss this issue with president obama in both the u.s. and european union have taken action against chinese dub in. the excess steel capacity is around 25times higher than the uk's entire production. but we have produced in the e.u. has been affect them in some categories have reduced chinese exports by as much as 98%.
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he shouldn't believe some of the figures put around at the e.u. action doesn't work. it does work and if we were outside the e.u. we might be subject to those tariffs ourselves. >> the prime minister's government was elected with 37% of the vote. i'm sure you would acknowledge the success of nicola sturgeon in the s&p has he returns it very safe for a third claim -- the highest of any political party in national elections anywhere currently in western europe. on the anticorruption summit, as the prime minister read the appeals from nigerian campaigners who say our efforts are sadly undermined in countries such as iran are welcoming our corrupt to hide their ill-gotten gains in luxury homes, department stores, car
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dealerships, private schools and anywhere else that will accept their cash at no questions asked. the well-funded market is settled to conceal stolen wealth has been exposed in documents, reports, documentaries and more. what is the prime minister going to do about this? >> first of all, i'm delighted to congratulate the victor in the scottish elections as i'm sure he wants to congratulate ruth davidson. [cheers and applause] [shouting] we have something in common because the majority to minority, while conservatives are maturity. get up and asked me how we are getting on with orderings to more pandas. a very positive development. the question he asks about the corruption summit is absolutely
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right. the whole point is to say the action is necessary by developed countries as well as developing countries. one of the steps we take to make sure foreign companies that own the u.k. property have to declare the beneficial owner is will be one of the ways we make sure the money from african countries can be hidden in london. [shouting] it would be helpful if you could confirm the list be public available and not just accessible for the police. the prime minister is prepared to lecture other countries on property. could be explained by police forces in the u.k. have launched criminal investigations and the conservative mps? mr. speaker, it's very serious. so how was it that a conservative crime on policing commissioner can serve in such a role under police investigation? >> first of all, let's be clear
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about the anticorruption summit. no one is lecturing everybody. one of the reasons the issue doesn't get addressed is because countries and politicians are too worried about addressing the noted that no country is perfect nor is any politician. it's right for britain take the lead because you need our contribution i made. we are entitled to raise this incredibly important issue. what he says about the electoral commission, when it comes to operational decisions by police force, they are independent, too. that's the hallmark of a non-corrupt country. >> ministers recur, i want you to join me in congratulating 84 reelected as a commissioner last week. significantly for her work in helping the big guns. in that respect, will the prime
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minister committed to introducing the british bill of rights? >> i'm happy to make that commitment and the a congratulate him and all the panelists who are successful. what we saw -- wait a minute. what we saw in the elections is a very large increase in turnout. sometimes as much as 25% increase in making this new role in a countries setting up well. i'm very happy to congratulate arlene foster who will be first minister of northern ireland. indeed i spoke to her the deputy first minister yesterday and congratulate them we'll look forward to working with him for the benefit of london. >> when --
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[inaudible] businesses got together and produced privately financed schemes to do the work for 2017. it's been with the department now for two years. does the prime minister think that attitude shows incompetence or indifference to this theme that's been put forward? >> i think the honorable lady is being slightly unfair not least because passengers will benefit from 500 brand-new carriages in the removal of 1.4 million pounds of investment going into all stations to be delivered before it becomes the u.k. city of culture and the department of transferable compete the negotiation. we make these investments because we have a strong economy investing in structure. thank you, mr. speaker. i recently visited selenite.
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whether prime minister join me in congratulating the success with the help of the company expand in the lab recently to abort all of that out and employees with an additional 250-pound bonus. >> i'm happy to join the honorable friend in congratulating. i remember visiting with them in 2014. back then they employed 800 people. they now play 1100 people. that is a good business expanding under the government. the big backers of the radishes in our target is 3 million apprentices in this parliament. thank you, mr. speaker. already in 2016, at least 46 women have been ordered in the u.k. this number would be much harder not her specialist refugees. i understand to thank the prime minister from the changes to
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housing beyond 2017. i don't want to hear the next 40 years. he knows and i know that won't stop refugee shifting. will he extend refugees? will you choose to save lives? please. [shouting] >> the honor of our lady big important point to look at all of the possible consequences and make sure we get it right. thank you, mr. speaker. hiv infection rate in the u.k. are on the rise. my right honorable friend will be aware that preexposure from treatments. but my right honorable friend agreed to meet with me in leading charges so we can review this unacceptable decision?
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>> i think it's right he raises this. my understanding is they are considering the responsibility. i want them to reach a decision quickly in this month is possible because there is no doubt there is the rising rate of infection that these treatments can help them make a difference. we are planning trial sites already underway. they're investing 2 million pounds to support these of the next two years but i'll make sure you get the meetings he needs to make progress. thank you, mr. speaker. in my first year s&p, every other constituency has been an anxious count to 10 in, hugely bob into two or three children living in a one-bedroom flat. they cannot afford to buy their counsel. the absolute cannot afford a home. can the prime minister explained in practical and meaningful terms when i go on friday by
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housing will not make their intolerable situation worse. >> what i would say to his can issue ... there's a series of things i believe will help them. it's about coming making sure the right to die if housing associated tenants with the full discounts makes the difference. and because he's got help to die, which means people need a smaller amount of equity to buy the house, that helps, too. further to that, it will make a difference because they will be more affordable. add to that shared accommodation homes means that where you previously need is a deposit of 30,000 pounds to buy a house. you may be able to buy a house now for just a bee thousand pounds deposit. all of those things make a difference in the generation we are backing that never happened under a labor government. thank you, mr. speaker.
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i'm proud to government unemployment levels of the record low 1.6%. i am proud this government delivered the city deal in the infrastructure. it's a prime minister rate i share my eagerness now to see the electrocution of the city delivered in wales. >> well, my honorable friend is right to raise these issues because the money is fair enough frank lee with a new welsh government in place in the win of the action, particularly on the title transferred. we've given the welsh government is under million and increase borrowing powers. the delay is damaging business and southwestern france it's high time the welsh government got on with it. >> mr. speaker, it claims money
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rather than religious attacks for days. while the army has about $100 per month, danish has $300 a month due to its funding and sophistication. does the prime minister agree much more needs to be done for the economic avenues for close the funding and undermining. >> i agree with what he says about the importance of economic development and that is why we have a generous state budget. right now it's difficult to get a support and development group. right take issue issue is simply purely see this because they are paying them, we would miss the point that the counselor of islamist extremist violence is damaging our world and our country not just in area, but other places, too. we have to understand the nature if we are going to defeat it.
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thank you, mr. speaker. we will create around 300,000 new jobs below the prime minister join me in congratulating his first new analysis of our job creation? >> i join him in congratulating his constituents be. the constituency is followed by stanford 52% since 2010 and we need to keep out of keep out of this been a future weeks the trading but help people get the jobs created. >> mr. speaker, the prime minister is said or the opposition said the u.k. is fast becoming a surveillance state in the most regimes and promised the whole investigative power by anyone in the u.k. by the prime minister changed opposition and an effective surveillance in government.
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>> i just completely disagree with the honorable gentleman. i hope you will follow this into the debates that take place on this vital bill. the fact is if you want to make sure that we can keep our country safe, just as we have been able to see the communication data when people talk to each other in a mobile phone, the conversation is taking place by people visiting an internet site. they see happy you are caught to the hatch terrorism to be planned, murders to be arranged because people are using an internet site rather than a telephone. we've got to modernize the capabilities to keep our country safe. that is what this bill is about. [shouting] >> my right honorable friend dated november 2015 that access to the internet should not be a luxury. it should be right. the accompanying press release went on to say every home in
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this miss could have access by the end of its parliament. could my right honorable friend said they unequivocally know the commitment will be all of it. >> i'm afraid my honorable friend the way for the speech and thought the next steps of how we make sure at this is absolutely vital. >> train thank you, mr. speaker. for the prime minister give me a personal commitment to deliver funding for the surrounding area? >> i'm very happy to give that commitment. i think the details are working in scotland and i was very proud to be there with the aberdeen city deal. the deal between the scottish government in the scottish government in u.k. government in city concern can only work if we are all one happy united kingdom. thank you, mr. speaker.
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did journalists has been subject to an online hate campaign -- [inaudible] increasingly, this is used against deeply public life by those who have taken opposing views. will my right honorable friend can ban this kind of harassment and will he work with media and social media platforms to reserve the right to speak freely without intimidation or hate? train to >> we want to speak freely and we must have a robust and lively democracy. some of the things people say on twitter that when the air in some way anonymous surfing the appalling and people should be ashamed of assertive sax is pulling the takes place. >> last week when intellect did a new mayor. overwhelming mandates to capture the projects and the housing bill will make it work.
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in april the prime minister launches manifesto promising affordable homes in the same area. why then is the opposing amendment to the housing bill this afternoon which effectively implements last year's manifesto commitment. >> but he began congratulating how much we how much we're looking forward to working with him on the issues as well as housing are keeping mum than safe. i put the question back to the honorable lady. our housing bill needs at every high-value properties sold will mean to new affordable homes in london. so why is that the labour party in the other place i've opposing the wanted more houses, more affordable housing and homeownership is at the truth. they talk a good game, but at the end of the day they are the enemies of aspiration. [shouting] >> thank you.
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thank you, mr. speaker. joining military aspirations in afghanistan can the british forces have live inside a server does who constantly put themselves in harm i had i saw just how brave these interpreters wear. does the prime minister the prime minister agreed the disdain in our country is honored our country's honor that we've abandoned a large number of them to be threatened by the taliban. some have been murdered, others have had to flee homes in fear of their life. we owe a huge debt of gratitude to my must provide safety here. >> what i say to my honorable friend as we debated and discussed in the coalition government and announced in this house of commons a scheme to make sure that those people who help our forces in terms of translation and other services were given the opportunity of coming to the u.k. we set up to schemes. want to encourage that, but another to encourage those
12:34 am
people that either wanted to say or have been translators for a long enough. she's in afghanistan and rebuild the country. that's important to have both in place rather than simply say everyone in any way about can become a leader. let's back afghans rebuild their own country. >> the prime minister has been turned to me they should we leave the e.u. it would of course cease. but he now confirm in such a case the u.k. government would make up the difference? >> the pointer would make to the honorable gentleman that they would to anyone asking a question about what happens were we to live is i don't think you can give a guarantee. i'm a profound believer in the united kingdom. i want to go on making sure that regions in our country properly supported it. but if it's the case we would find our economy would be hit by leaving an tax or cease to hit by leaving. though obviously impact the
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amount of funding we put into agriculture or research. that is why i think the right option is to vote to remain in a reformed european union. thank you, mr. speaker. can i support the prime minister's comments about nigeria and afghanistan and ask him if he will stop the millions of pounds of taxpayers money to those other corrupt companies until dave cleaned up their act. tree into >> and i think is ever my honorable friend for his help and support and his pitch on diplomacy as well. also useful given the last 24 hours. countries like nigeria and afghanistan, their leaders are battling hard against corrupt systems in countries. they made some remarkable steps
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forward and that's why welcome them to the anticorruption contest in london. i don't think it would be right to withdraw the aid that we gave because frankly the problem in those countries come back with wrist problems of migration, terrorism and all the rest of it. we're a country of alternate dangerous global world. alongside our defense budget, 2% of gdp as we could keep you safe and prosperous in a dangerous world as well as the important moral responsibilities. device in the chamber makes it necessary to out do the premier league matches in terms of the provision of injury time. it's a pleasure to call jill burnham. [cheers and applause] >> seven years ago in my constituency with other countries biggest disaster. it is clear that we won't have the full truth until we have the
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full truth. will the prime minister expect the truth and justice campaign in initiate an inquiry? >> i say to the honorable lady has met with that group and is considering the point they have put forward and will come to that conclusion in the right time. >> mr. speaker, around the country awaiting news of progress on the position of airport inspection in the southeast. following this morning's announcement, they are now accepting all of that commission recommendations. can the prime minister let us know when we can expect a decision and does he agree with me at dirt runway is the best opportunity for growth, jobs of the future prosperity of our country. >> and my first of all, with my many unforced areas in the last 24 hours, apologize to the
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honorable lady. assured of open her to the house of commons and say that she's already made time in speaking up for her constituency in a very accomplished way. but they say to my honorable friend behind me as we announced earlier this year, there issues of air quality that nietzsche be resolved on our way to come back to the house and announced what happens next. >> my constituents mother was killed in the committee went at the time is covered up as a suicide attacks. 18 years later murdered by a constituents father and mistress. i don't think anyone imagines the pain and suffering that her and her family has had to endure. date now have to visit the pain because they are traumatizing their completely against her wishes, you see not only the real names of her family, but also her room.
12:39 am
as far as i can see, no rules have been broken, but this prime minister not agree they should have a far greater role in discussing their tragedy and will he meet with me in my constituency does s. what more could have been done the situation and how we can strengthen regulations in the future to protect with guns. >> i wasn't aware of the case the lady rightly raises. and remember my time working the television industry that there are occasions where decisions are made that caused a huge amount of upset to families. i will discuss this case of the culture secretary and bring it to his attention and see if there's anything else other than the conversation who are powerful regulator and anything more that can be done. >> he spoke up its way on cigarette. so why are we bringing in a --
12:40 am
[inaudible] >> i'm happy to look at this issue closely. i think it is necessary to differentiate between smoking and fabian because they are very different health effects. i think that is what has been achieved. other carefully into this and my right honorable friend. >> lastly, mr. tim fallon. [shouting] >> border. however irritating the honorable gentleman -- [laughter] may be, the government must feign interest. he has a right to be heard and he will be heard. >> i'm fantastically grateful to you, mr. speaker. [laughter] i heard the prime minister on
12:41 am
two occasions this afternoon congratulated the new mayor of london and i would like to speak myself. it does not however apologize to those spaces campaign the conservative party chose to run my campaign. will he take the opportunity to apologize for winning cheap votes. >> a great way to end the session getting the election campaign for the democrats. [shouting] >> order
12:42 am
president obama is awarding the medal of valor to 13 individuals. sit showed exceptional courage. at can watch that ceremony 11:35 a.m. on monday on c-span three. >> congratulations to the class of 2016. today is your day of celebration. your choices will make all the difference to you as to all of us. >> don't be afraid to take on
12:43 am
new issues that stretch your boundaries. throughout this month watch commencement speeches to the class of 2016 in their entirety from colleges and universities around the country. by business leaders politicians and white house officials. the foreign intelligence surveillance amendments act is scheduled to expire at the end of 2017 it allows for mass surveillance of overseas electronic surveillance and communications including surveillance of american citizens. the senate judiciary committee held a hearing on the law and whether it should be ready. civil liberties advocates testified at this two-hour
12:44 am
hearing. berties advocate testified at this to our hearing. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> today i'm going to introduce some witnesses first and then i will make my opening statement. i think senator leahy is on his way and i would like him to make his opening statement before he received testimony from the witnesses. our first witness is kenneth wayne steen, he is up partner. [inaudible]
12:45 am
where he serves as chair of the firm's white-collar defense and investigative group. before that he worked for the 19 years at the department of justice including serving as u.s. attorney for d.c. in the first citizen attorney general for national security. he concluded concluded his government service in 2008 serving as a homeland security advisor to george w. in that capacity he coordinated the nation's counterterrorism infrastructure and disaster response and recovery efforts. he has an undergraduate degree from the university of virginia and his law degree from berkeley. the second witness, matthew olson, olson, president of consulting at iron net cyber security


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