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  Donald Trump Addresses Supporters in Lawrenceville New Jersey  CSPAN  May 20, 2016 2:19am-3:01am EDT

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walter cronkite is giving his papers. andy rooney has. many of the giants of journalism have given their papers there. >> a quote from our interview 22 years ago -- you said, writing the book you had written in 1989 was very satisfying. then he said, i would like to do it again, perhaps in a year or two. what happened? > you know what happens. that is something i have been thinking about a lot, and what keeps me from doing at, i have been asked i cannot tell you how many times to write a memoir, which i have no interest in. there are one or two subjects i
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would like to expand on, but i hink what people don't quite understand is the physical strain of writing a book. it's hard work. it's hard physical work. and it's very draining. there's something about a book and the permanence of a book and the hard covers of a book. -- that you really want to make it at every step of the way, the best it can possibly be. not that i phone in anything i do for television. but there's extra pressure. there's something about the permanence of book. i like to tell you about thment there's something about the permanence of that book. looking at the book shelf, your
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name on the spine and you want to be proud of it at all times. >> we're past time. we're out of time. thank you so much for spending an hour with us. >> well, thank you. it's always such a pleasure to talk to you. >> morley safer. thank you. >> that was our 2012 interview with morley safer of cbs news on c-span's q&a. his home on d at thursday. he was 84. >> this sunday night on q&a, anity fair columnist and slade writer talks about living with parkinson's disease. >> parkinson's is a brain disease. so that was a nonsensical question. but what i really meant obviously was thinking is it
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going to affect my thinking? thinking is how i earn a living. so that became pretty important. and i asked this neurologist what's going to happen. and he says -- he was trying to tell me it wasn't such a big deal. he said, you may lose your edge as if that was just nothing. and i thought, gee, my edge is how i earn a living. it's why i have my friends, maybe why i have my wife. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific on c-span's q&a. coming up friday morning, fawn johnson will talk the
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overtime rule issued on wednesday. and john will be on to talk about the deal between the r.n.c. and the trump campaign to generally fund raise for the general election. he will also discuss sources to discuss that mr. trump is aiming to raise more than $2 billion. and leo shane congressional reporter for "military times" will break down the authorization act that was passed by the house on wednesday night. be sure to watch washington journal beginning live at 7:00 eastern friday morning. join the discussion. >> next, republican presidential candidate donald trump talks about the presidential race and the crash of egypt air flight 804. e spoke at a campaign event in lawrenceville, new jersey with governor chris christie. governor christie endorsed mr. trump and has campaigned with him at several events.
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>> all right. good evening, new jersey. i think we're all ready to see the next president of the united states, aren't we? i want to thank you all for being here tonight. i want to thank you for being supportive of me and mary pat. we're thrilled to have three of our four children. andrew, and patrick and bridget and sara sends her best as well. i'm glad to have all of you here. it's a great crowd and a great tribute to what the republican party has done here in new jersey. and ooh how we're going to help elect a republican president this november. [applause] more than -- more than any time in recent history, more than any
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time in recent history, america needs strong leadership again both here at home and around the world. and i'm confident that clip be provided by just one man, donald trump. you see events going on around the world that scare us. we know that there are people out there that want to hurt america and americans. we need a strong president who will fight back and defend america first. and i'm confident that that erson is donald trump. >> we need an economy once again that's growing jobs that could help you to support your family. we need a government that understands he needs to get off your back and out of your pocket. we need a government that has created jobs and met a payroll and that man is donald trump. [applause] and as i look out at this crowd,
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you see the thing that he has brought to every enterprise he's ever led in his life. he's brought greattons every enterprise he's ever lead. it your hat and he cease too. and i am confident that he will make america great again. [applause] and i know that new jersey on june 7th on primary day with our jotes and our -- votes and our delegates are going to be the people who officially put him over the top as the republican nominee as the president of the united states. [applause] and i want to thank you. and i want to thank you for being here tonight to help to support us. you know, in the end donald and i ran against each other for a little while. and after new hampshire when we left the race, mary patton and i
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sat down and had a serious talk. do we want to stay out of the presidential race from there forward just let nature take its course, whatever happens, happens? or did we want to do sthag will make a difference? >> we've been friends with donald trump for 14 years. we know him well. and said to mary pat, we never ever make a mistake by standing with your friend. and donald trump is my friend. [applause] so nearly -- so nearly three months ago he and i walk into a room together in fort worth, texas and shocked the world. i announced my endorsement for him for president and there were all the screptics and the critics at the time who criticized my decision. well, they can come and meet the next president of the united states with me. [applause]
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and new jersey republicans are once again proving if you want the republican nomination get the support of the new jersey republican party and donald trump has it. we are thrilled to be supporting our friends. we've got just a little bit less than six months until we change america by electing a new president. getting rid of barack obama and hillary clinton. [applause] i could tell you this as someone who's been on a few debate stages in my life. that i know that hillary clinton's worse nightmare is going to climb on that debate stage this september and look across at donald trump.
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[applause] we don't need -- we don't need more washington d.c. insiders messing up this country. and we sure as heck don't need hillary and bill clinton back in the white house. we do not need the same type of ineffective foreign policy that she brought us as secretary of state. we don't want america to be weak and disrespected. we want america to be strong and respected and donald trump will make that happen. and we certainly -- and we certainly don't want someone in the white house who's going to be more worried about being charged by her attorney general than by protecting the people of this country. we need a president -- we need a
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president who is going to put america first one more time. so ladies and gentlemen -- ladies and gentlemen, you have aited more than long enough. [cheers] on behalf of mary patton, the children, on bhoof the republicans in new jersey, let me bring you the next president of the united states, donald trump. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: thank you very
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much. boy. >> [crowd chanting "trump"] mr. trump: you know, chris paid off his entire campaign debt onight, his entire debt. chris, you cannot even give him a table and a seat. errible. a great guy and a great governor. i love you too. look at this guy. mr. trump: i wanted to know a little bit. he has been my friend a long time and done a great job. i said, let's be specific. we are going to be specific. i said, give me some information, and boy, do i look forward to debating hillary. won't that be fun?
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i said, let's be specific. governor christie, your governor, balanced the budget six times without raising taxes. ot easy to do. enacted a $2.3 billion job creating tax cut. that is a lot of stuff. $2.3 billion, not easy in new jersey, i can tell you. he shrank the state government by 6,500 jobs. governor christie, there is no such thing as bipartisan anymore. it's a beautiful thing, ctually. economic opportunity act will create 27,000 jobs, 22,000 in the construction industry. a lot of my friends are here tonight. we are all in the construction industry. governor christie contributed more to the pension system than any other governor in new jersey state history.
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governor christie brought the insolvent -- and this was important -- the insolvent new jersey unemployment trust fund back to solvency. i can tell you it was done at least two years ahead of schedule. that is a pretty good track record, and that is just a few of the things. that is just a few. we have had an interesting time. you know, it all started, and chris was out there, i was out there, and one of the more interesting parts was i was watching the debate. i had one debate i was interested. i was watching. i like marco very much. chris was over here. i was standing there, i watched it happen. he looked like perry mason that evening. it was a rough evening for marco. marco will admit it. that was a rough, rough evening. so this began -- [laughter]
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[shouting] mr. trump: there is nothing like new jersey. mr. trump: there is nothing like new jersey. so many wiseguys. if you can make it in new jersey, you can do just about anything you want in life. great people. on june 7, will you do me a favor? go out and vote, please. go out and vote. boy, are we going to go out in november. une 7. on june 16 -- we will build that wall. the wall is going to be built. we want the wall. hillary -- you talk about bernie sanders. bernie. i love this crowd. this is great. [applause] my people. this is my people.
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but bernie sanders said that hillary really is, essentially, not fit to be president. she's not qualified to be president. you know why? he said because she suffers from bad judgment. so today, she made this statement. she will not use the term "radical islamic terrorism." ou know why she won't? because her president won't use it, that is why. by the way, is she being nice to him? she could not stand him, her husband could not stand him. bill could not stand him, and she could not stand him. i wonder why she is being so nice. can you figure it out? did not like him one little bit, now anything he says, my president said, my president aid.
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if you think about it, look at it, he said "unqualified," and she suffers from bad judgment. nd she does. today, we had a terrible tragedy, and she came up and said that donald trump talked about radical islamic terrorism. she used a different term because she does not want to use that term. she refuses to use that erm. it is a terrible thing. he essentially should not be unning for office. he does not have the right to run for office. i said to myself, what just happened 12 hours ago? a plane got blown out of the sky. if you do not think it was blown out of the sky, you are 100% wrong. and it's getting worse. i was watching one of the networks. they had this great guy from the
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fbi on, talking about what happened with the plane. never saw him before on television. he is going back and forth about how bad it is getting, how we are losing control. at the end, he says, let me tell you something. the person that knows what is going on, the person that understands what is happening, is a guy named donald trump. [applause] hat was a great honor. [crowd chanting "wea want -- we want trump." ] thank you. thank you. if you're sitting at home and watching television, you have a man who is an expert on terrorism, that, to me, is a reat compliment. on june 16, i came down that beautiful escalator at trump tower.
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this is nice, but it does not remind me of this one. it was a big day. i just said, we have to do it. there are some things we can do to make america great again. we are never going to do it. if hillary clinton gets in, i do not know if our country can ever recover. yesterday, i named a large number of judges, and i will be adding to that, that are highly respected judges. they come out of heritage, different groups that have recommended very strongly. they really recommended strongly. these are great judges. we will be adding additional ones, chris. it is outstanding. one of the most important things, always security first, right? one of the most important things we will be doing, whoever the next president is, is naming judges. probably naming the justices of the united states supreme court.
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they will take us in a certain direction, either down the tubes, or through the roof. i will tell you, through the oof. the judges, the justices, some of them are currently judges, all of them are currently judges, the justices of the united states supreme court, it could be three, could be five, probably going to be three, most likely three, four, could even be five, that is a massive number of justices. whoever wins, hillary has gotten totally embroiled in this. how bad a judgment is the e-mail scandal? for what reason did she do that? i know the reason. i know the reason. it is always the same with her. it is always the same with them. but -- i have used that one already. i cannot use it. i might use it again. we will go crooked hillary, ok? crooked may be more accurate, maybe. she is probably going to get out because, i mean, you know -- what she has done is so much worse than what anybody else running ever, ever, has done. if you look at all these people, general petraeus, they have done ruined. what she has done, what she has one, for her to be able to
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how bad a judgment is the e-mail scandal? for what reason did she do that? i know the reason. i know the reason. it is always the same with her. it is always the same with them. but -- i have used that one already. i cannot use it. i might use it again. we will go crooked hillary, ok? crooked may be more accurate, maybe. she is probably going to get out because, i mean, you know -- what she has done is so much worse than what anybody else running ever, ever, has done. if you look at all these people, general petraeus, they have done a tiny fraction of what she has done. their lives have been destroyed. heir lives have been ruined. what she has done, what she has done, for her to be able to continue to run is an absolute disgrace, in my opinion, to this country. absolute disgrace. on top of that, you know, it is an amazing thing. every time i watch the race, bernie sanders wins. he keeps winning. then they have the
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roundtable. well, hillary clinton will win. it is a rigged deal. i started using the word rigged." nobody used the word "rigged" and now everybody is calling it rigged. i want to have that phrase coined. i used the word four or five months ago. the republican deal was rigged, 100%. what did i do? you have to win by massive numbers. boy, did we get massive numbers. we did well. you know, i had, by far, the ost delegates. i came into new york, and the people of new york, they love me. you know me as well as they know me. i am paying so many people. have so many employees in new jersey. i hate to think about it, i have
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to be honest. i am taking care of more education and more salaries and more health care than anybody, probably, in new jersey. honestly, i am happy to do it. e have great people. new jersey, let me tell you, new jersey is a great state. it is a state where we have truly, truly great people. came into new york. and we did not win by a little bit. we won in a massive landslide. we won everything. the nice part is they know me the best. if you go into a community and you do not do well, that is not a good sign. they have known me for so many years, they are probably sick of me. i got 62%. we just knocked them, and it was great. i go to pennsylvania, great place.
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connecticut. we will do great in pennsylvania. we have our chairman from pennsylvania. we go to pennsylvania, connecticut, delaware, maryland nd rhode island. we won every single subsection of every single state. we won every county of every state, and we won everything by massive numbers. and don't forget i got 66% and 67%. don't forget i have three people running. when these guys on television, the most dishonest human beings -- they are the worst. [booing] mr. trump: donald trump, we got seven or eight people, nine people running. donald trump did not get 50%. how do you get 50%? sometimes i have -- you know, we started off with 17 people. and actually about two or three weeks because i won new hampshire which is amasting.
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>> they have senior a drug problem that you wouldn't believe. they have heroin pulling over the wall. we're going to have real protection, believe many. where we're really doing it. the people of new hampshire, i mean, it's incredible. it's incredible. what happened is, and what is happening in new jersey, the drugs are pouring across. illegal immigration, illegal immigrants are coming through. we are going to stop it. we are going to build that wall. it is going to be a real wall. we are going to have people come into our country, but they will come in to our country legally. mr. trump: so i went through the next week. i win new york in a landslide. then i win five states.
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then i am watching and i am hearing that i got something, a little less, saying i should have done better. then i go to indiana. that was going to be the firewall. we went there, and we won indiana so big, everybody just gave up. we had a little help. it was a man named bobby knight. we love bobby. we had a lot of people. we had a great coach from urdue. we had a lot of people that really supported. when bobby knight, who won 900 games, three championships, last undefeated team in college championships, almost two, he was a great coach. s a great coach. he looks better than ever. he came out, and i want to tell you that state went crazy. that was good.
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if ever there was an endorsement that was good, we won indiana in a landslide. we are going to have an amazing convention. we are going to make great trade deals. we are going to stop with this onsense. we are going to make great trade deals, you know, with china. we had a trade deficit with china of $505 billion a year. how stupid can we be? obama does nothing about it, hillary knows nothing about it, has absolutely no idea. she is taken care of by the people putting up her money. even if she did, she would say, i cannot do that. i cannot hurt these people. they gave me millions of dollars. we are going to make the great trade deals out of absolute disgusting, the absolute worst ever negotiated by any country n the world. that is how bad they are.
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they are taking our jobs, taking our money, our everything. to me, the most interesting, i love new york. but i really toured this state like i never did before. i went to albany, syracuse, rome, new york, the real ome. i went to suffolk. we did so great. i looked at factories and i looked at buildings that were absolutely terrible to look at. they were crumbling. you could see 20 years ago, 25 years ago, you could see vibrance. today, you can buy them for two dollars. i went to pennsylvania and i looked at places -- by the way, in pennsylvania, a week before, e have hillary saying she is going to put the miners and coal mines out of business, ok? mr. trump: when i won new york, it was interesting, i said, we
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will put the miners back to work. a few weeks later, i went to west virginia. i had really good numbers in west virginia. i did not say it for that reason, but we are going to put people back to work. we are going to use our power of taxation. when a company moves to mexico and they think they are going to drop out like carrier, like ford, nabisco, they think they are going to fire our people, move to mexico, make their air conditioners and sell them across the border, no tax, no nothing, guess what, folks? not going to work that way anymore. [applause] mr. trump: now, i am a free trader. i am only a free trader if we make good deals. these very conservative ideologues say, donald trump is not a free trader.
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how about jeb bush? donald trump is not a conservative. i am a conservative, but who cares? somebody asked me yesterday, are you a free trader? here is what i am. it was sean hannity last night. nice guy. do we love sean? mr. trump: here is my trade deal. i said, here is what we are going to do. my trade deal is very simple. here is what it is. i am going to make great deals for our country. very simple. we are going to make great deals for our country. call it free trade, whatever you want to call it, we are going to
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make great deals for our country. i can tell you this -- when carrier and ford and nabisco are leaving chicago -- they are leaving their plant and moving to mexico. i am not eating oreos. neither is chris. no oreos for either of us. i will tell you what, folks. there has to be onsequences. when they move, there has got to be consequences. i watched for six years as the united states government, on a federal basis, worked very ard. they wanted to loan money to companies, give them low interest loans. some companies took the money and moved anyway. they want to come up with ideas. here is my idea. so simple. they worked on it for six years. meantime, look at new york, new jersey, by the way, look at different parts of the country, what nafta has done to us, signed by bill clinton by the way, signed by bill clinton, the first trade deal, in my opinion,
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in the history of the country, one of the worst ever. and it is going to be repealed, believe me. it is going to be changed or totally renegotiated, probably repealed. probably repealed, probably. here is what we are doing. carrier moves. we are saying, hi, carrier, how are you doing? chris, as president of the united states, am i allowed to call theresident of an air-conditioning company? he said, only one time. only takes one call. my wife would say, do not do that. you are the president. but it is so much fun for e. i would call these companies and ay, you have let go of thousands of people and left indiana, chicago, all the different places, michigan. i will win michigan. e will win illinois. we will win these things. i have been talking about it for
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years. these other guys talk about it, and it will not work out so well. we are going to win michigan big, watch what happens. i say, you want to move your plant? enjoy mexico. beautiful place, beautiful weather, 120 degrees, wonderful. but every unit you make and sell to the united states, you are going to pay a 35% tax, ok? mr. trump: very simple. here is what is going to happen. some conservatives will say, that is not free market. we are losing our shirts, folks. we do not have a choice. if i saw carrier before they move, i want to get in quickly, before they move, i would say, ou move, enjoy yourself. you will pay a 35% tax. they are not moving. very simple. they are not moving. if it is too late, i am charging these companies a tax. you know what?
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we are getting killed. we are losing all of our jobs, our everything. at least the united states will make a hell of a lot of money. these dummies say it is a trade war. we are losing $500 billion in trade with china. who the hell cares? $500 billion, and they are telling me about a trade war. two things are going to happen. china devalues their currency. they are behaving very badly. on top of that, they are building fortresses in the south china sea. they are doing things. china will behave. china will be our friend. we will do better with china under me and we will also do better economically under me. they will respect our country once again. i was told yesterday by an important person that china is
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concerned about donald trump being elected. because you know why? they are going to have to pay up. they are going to have to do something. mr. trump: look, a lot of you do not know the world of economics, and you should not even bother. leave it to me. just go and enjoy your life. but china is killing us, and so are other countries, with the devaluation of their currency. they are making it impossible for our companies to compete. they are doing it more than ever, worse than ever. nine months ago, they did a devaluation they were not supposed to do, the biggest devaluation in 20 years, two decades. not going to happen anymore, folks. they make it impossible for s. t is not going to happen anymore.
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when companies move, different situation, and they want to move to a different place, in particular mexico, which is becoming a mini version of china, we will be friendly with the mexican people. i employ thousands of hispanics. we are doing great in the polls. the hispanics that are here legally do not want their houses taken away, their jobs taken way. that is why i am doing well with the hispanics. we are doing great with the african-americans. they know i am going to create obs. i'm going to bring back jobs. we are not going to be the stupid country anymore. believe me. we are viewed as the stupid country. we are like a big, big, sloppy bully that gets punched in the face and goes down. you ever see a bully get knocked out? it is a terrible thing, unless you do the punching. we are going to change things. we are going to make great trade deals.
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we are going to have tremendous borders. we want people to come in legally. we need the wall for drugs. two weeks ago, 16,500 border patrol agents endorsed me. called them and said to them, frankly, because these are great people, they were told to stand back. they want to do the job. they are fantastic people. they can do a great job. when they endorsed me, i said, do we need the wall? you know what their answer was? mr. trump, we absolutely need the wall. just wanted to be sure. ] crowd chanting "build the wall"] mr. trump: because i said to them, i want to build a wall. who knows better than the border patrol? that is what they do. they said, mr. trump, bsolutely.
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it is another tool, and there are other things, but you absolutely need the wall. it needs to be a real wall, not the little toy wall. that ceiling is peanuts, folks. if they ever get up, they are going to say, oh, man, how do i get down? we are going to make it big. e are going to make it powerful. and we are going to rebuild our military because our military is being decimated. did anybody see the big piece on television last week where our fighter pilots are going to junkyards -- this is the united states. our fighter pilots and fighter planes are going to junkyards, where they have junkyards for the old, broken down planes. they are stripping the planes apart and putting them on our 20-year-old fighter planes.
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we are like a third world country. we are ordering planes. other countries are ordering modern planes, beautiful. we are putting junk back on our planes and putting our pilots on there and stripping other planes on the runway because they cannot get the planes to work. they are using, essentially, 60% of funding. is this the united states? is this our country? obama does not care. he cannot care. so what we are going to do is our military is being depleted at a time when we need our military probably more than ever before, right? we are going to have a military that is going to be so big, so strong, so powerful, that nobody is going to mess with us. as part of that, and to me, very important, we are going to take care of our vets. our vets are being treated badly.
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mr. trump: we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. obamacare is a disaster. we are going to terminate common core and we are going to have local education for your children. we are going to preserve the second amendment, which is under siege. and we are going to make america first -- there is an expression. we do not make america first. these negotiators, first of all, they are political hacks. they should not have the job. we have the greatest business people in the world. we are going to use the greatest business minds when we negotiate with china and all these countries that rip us off. we are going to use the greatest business people in the world. you will see a difference like you have not seen before. when we defend these countries and nato, i am all for nato, but a lot of these countries are not paying us. they are supposed to be paying us.
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in the old days, when i used to collect rent in brooklyn, the word is "delinquent." they all was a lot of rent. they owe us money. they are delinquent. we are defending them, and they are paying a fraction of what they are supposed to be paying. do you know the kind of money we are talking about? now, we defend japan. most people don't even know it. we defend japan. we defend germany. we defend saudi arabia. saudi arabia, before the oil ---- [booing] do not worry about it. they are making a lot. they were making $1 billion a day. would you like that for new jersey, chris? $1 billion a day? [applause] we get practically nothing, folks. and they would not be there. and i have so many friends that are saudis that buy my apartments, you would not believe it. they are all great. we cannot be fooled any longer, we cannot be taken advantage of any longer. we are going to maur