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tv   The Anti- Defamation League Holds its National Leadership Summit  CSPAN  May 21, 2016 4:35pm-5:24pm EDT

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launched rebellions. host: we only have a few minutes left, do you have a specific question? caller: i want puerto rico to be free. they are caught in something called free association, an orwellian lie. they cannot do anything about anything at the callers are raising because fundamentally to have no sovereignty. guest: it is an accident of history, really, this fiscal crisis that we are seeing. you have the violence, which is part of the u.s., but in some ways, historically and culturally distinct. the fate is tied up with the distinctions of members of the u.s. congress from utah, in particular, and all other states that are far away.
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i guess the one point that i would make is in 2012, 60% of ae residents voted to become u.s. state. they are u.s. citizens and have the rights and obligations of all other citizens, except they do not vote for president. that is no different than the people here in the district of columbia. they do fight in the military and the members of congress to care about them, the same with the care about other u.s. citizens. host: >> coming up, daniel lipman for politico will join us. blank will be on to talk
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about the delays and long lines , and thet security impact on the travel season. in dan duluth will talk about president obama becoming the third u.s. president to the is -- toto visit the anon visit vietnam. be sure to watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern sunday morning. join the discussion. >> this sunday night vanity fair columnist and slate magazine founder talks about his new book old age, a beginner's guide on living with parkinson's disease. brain disease. that is a nonsensical question. but what i really meant isn'tsly was thinking
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going to affect my thinking. -- earn ai learn living. asked the neurologist what is going to happen? and he says he was trying to tell me it wasn't such a big deal. edge.d you may lose your as if that was just nothing. i thought my edge is how i earn a living. it's why i have my friends. maybe why i have my wife. 4 the israeli ambassador to the u.s. was in washington dc where he addressed the antidefamation league at their leadership summit. he talked about speaking out against anti-semitism. his remarks were followed by
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charles ramsey who talked about the criminal justice system and the role of police. this is 15 minutes. i'm pleased and honored to have with us today israel's ambassador to the united states. he was raised in miami beach florida where his father and brother served as mayor. you can consult the summit with his dirty from miami to be appointed as israel's ambassador in 2013. he is one of israel's most trusted advisers. he has been israel's emissary to the united states during a consequential time for israel and the jewish people. we are grateful to be with us today. mr. ambassador it is great to have at our podium please join
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me to welcome him. [applause] >> i hear the clinking of the plates. bon appetit. it is a pleasure to have an opportunity to speak at this conference that brings in leaders from across the country and it gives me on behalf of israel the opportunity to thank it -- thank jonathan. where is he? ok. it still gives me an opportunity. [laughter]
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advance israel's interest in washington and strengthen the relationship between israel and america. fulfilling that mission has included focusing on ways to combat iran's aggression and terror, working on efforts to support these negotiations between israelis and palestinians and to oppose one-sided anti-israel initiatives in the international arena, to forge a new memorandum of understanding with the obama administration regarding military assistance which i hope we will be able to conclude soon. but today i want to use my very limited time to talk not about
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my mission but your mission over one century ago with a defamation of the jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment for all. this organization can take great pride in the work it has done over the last century to advance that mission. the adl has been an internationally respected voice in the fight against anti-semitism and in the broader .truggle for som human rights it is always recognize when the rights of one group is in danger the rights are all are in danger. of what someder seem to have forgotten. that the defamation of the jewish people preceded the birth
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of the jewish state. the adl opened its first office in 1913 a year before the outbreak of world war i. two decades before the rise of before the35 years birth of israel. the adl was founded to stop the defamation of the jews and its people in this room know very well the defamation of the jews was not unique to the 20th century. it is a problem that has been unique for more than 20 centuries. it has plagued backwards and progressive societies. it has transcended time and space, faith and coulters. i've mentioned this banal point because too many have forgotten it. too many believe today the jewish state is because of the
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defamation of the jewish people. that israel is the cause of anti-semitism across the world. they believe the shameful questioning of a student at ucla or the statements of politicians in london, or the murderous actions of killers in paris are sometimes a byproduct of israel's policy. israelome today believe is the cause of anti-semitism, the adl first opened its doors in 1913 some believed israel was the cure for anti-semitism. some of the greatest zionist thinkers believed hatred for jews was primarily a function of being a minority everywhere and the majority nowhere. they believed if only the jewish people had a state like all the nations they would be treated
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like all the nations. at the beginning of the 20th century they believed the cause of anti-semitism was a did not have a state. at the beginning of the 21st century some believe the cause of anti-semitism is the jews do have a state. the truth is the establishment is neither the cause of nor the cure for anti-semitism. what the establishment of israel did do was it gave the jewish people the power to defend themselves against anti-semitism and enabled the jewish state to defend itself militarily when that hatred spilled over into physical attacks and by restoring to the jewish people a sovereign voice among the nations it enabled us to defend ourselves against the defamation that often precedes physical attacks.
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as israelst 68 years has raised that sovereign voice the adl has time and again raised its powerful voice as israeld for that all of is profoundly grateful. [applause] ladies and gentlemen the defamer's today against whom we must raise our voice together are the proponents of the movement to boycott, divest from an sanction israel. a movement that seeks to cast israel as an apartheid state, as the perpetrator as genocide, as an evil that must be destroyed. movementanti-somatic and should be exposed as such. -- it is notugh enough to simply pen a scarlet
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letter on the chest of the movement. ismust first explain why it an anti-somatic movement. that is not difficult to do. one of the hallmarks is the attempt to judge jews by a different standard than other peoples. that is why the intent to judge this -- israel is simply an old hatred in a new form. orn a christian church group an academic society wishes to divest from israel or boycott, the question we should be asking is simple. 51st, 91st or hundred 31st country on their list of boycotted countries. if it is we should not accuse the members of that organization
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of anti-semitism. we should assume they are misinformed. somethis organization has principle by which it is judging countries and applied that to all countries in the world, and israel has for some reason been wrongly included. engage should then be to this organization and dialogue, to get them the facts and ensure they know the truth. we should make sure they know about israel's open society, our independent courts, commitment to protect the rights of women, minorities, gays and all citizens. and to protect the sacred sites of jews, christians and all faiths. i would put the recent decision of freedom house to list israel 's press as only partially free in the category of the misinformed.
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anyone with the slightest familiarity with the is larry dailey -- israeli press knows this is an absurd decision. if freedom of the press is defined as having the ability to hold the powerful to account, israel's press is one of the freest in the world. their decisionl and anti-semitic decision. they have included so many other countries in that category. i would say it is a misguided decision and the answer is more dialogue to get the facts straight. when we hear that a methodist church group has decided to divest church funds from israel or that an american academic society has called for boycotting israeli academics, and we find out the only country
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being targeted by these organizations is israel, we should assume this is anti-semitism. ancientiddle east were christian communities are being this and mated and decapitated, the one country being targeted is the only country in the region where christians are free and safe only makes the anti-semitism that much more disgraceful. in a world in which academics in dozens of countries are shot or imprisoned for their belief, the one country academics are boycotting is where they can say what they want and research what they want only makes the anti-semitism that much more obscene. the important thing to remember is the answer here is not to engage. the answer is to ostracize.
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the burden of proof should not be placed on the jewish state or the jewish people to explain why the anti-semites are wrong but why rather on the anti-semites to explain why they are right. they must be asked a simple question. by what principle has israel been singled out alone among the nations of the world for boycott , divestment, and sanctions. other than principle anti-semitism. that is why here the answer is not to inform the uninformed. theto delegitimize delegitimize her's. ladies and gentlemen, one of the biggest fallacies when it comes to anti-semitism is to believe that it is a disease that information and education alone
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can eradicate. posted believe this should learn the history of the jewish people. they should learn anti-semitism has afflicted both the ignorant educated. they should learn the legacy of this ancient hatred is not only , bute pitchforks and clubs .n the poison minds and pens they should read a book called the devil and the jews that tries to make sense of that. here is a passage we should all be wise to keep in mind in the years ahead. all the statistics and arguments have not been
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effective in abolishing a single one of them. the factve despite that they can be and are so easily exploded. historians and sociologists and economists and anthropologists and all the arrests -- the rest can argue blue in the face but those who believe those fables go on believing and acting as though they were true. ?hy in heaven's name is this there can be but one answer. people believe such things because they want to believe them. accepte predisposed to any and all accusations irrespective of objective merit that fit into their preconceived .otion of the jew
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the specific charges are nothing more than rationalizations of it under nine -- underlying animus. they need be superficially plausible to be embraced as gospel truth. can andnd gentlemen, we we must state the facts clearly. we can and we must spread the truth unapologetically. the facts and the truth do matter. they also matter to people of goodwill and open minds everywhere. we must recognize that old habits die hard and the oldest habits die hardest. we once recognize there are some people that who always want to believe the worst about the jews
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and the worst about the jewish state. we must appreciate israel is no more responsible for the thatous hatred directed jews are responsible for the venomous hatred directed against them across the ages. a century ago, this organization stopout on a mission to the defamation of the jews. certainly worth pursuing. i'm just not sure any force on earth can fully achieve it. if we cannot stop the defamation , we can certainly fight the defamation. we can expose the hypocrisy. thean delegitimize
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delegitimizers and do it knowing each and every battle counts and the actions of each and every soldier can make a difference. adlou, the soldiers of the i say thank you. thank you for continuing to be israel steadfast partner in defending the jewish people and the jewish state. [applause]
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and now jonathan comes in. >> i think they said i was going to take a couple of questions which i'm happy to do now. no questions? yes. >> is there a difference between anti-semitism and anti-zionism? .hat i would say is no i will explain why. there is a difference between anti-semitism and criticism of israel. ago i number of years worked with one of my mentors on coming up with a way of telling the difference. we called it the 3-d test. to show the difference between legitimate criticism that can be
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tough and criticism that spills over into anti-semitism. demonization of israel, a double standard, and the denial of israel's right to exist. who don't know, the reason why i chose them is the image was on you watch a 3-d movie everything is blurred if you are not wearing the glasses. if you put it on it pops up at you. when i said that, why don't we call it a 3-d test, he had never seen a 3-d movie. andppose growing up spending nine years of your adult life in the gulags limits your 3-d watching possibilities. that was supposed to show the difference. you could argue before the birth of israel if you were against zionism you are not necessarily
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an anti-semite. the fact that jews believe something doesn't preclude the possibility of anti-semitism. their anti-somatic jews as well. that is not an answer. once you have a sovereign jewish date you have a living breathing state that is 68 years old. what are the anti-zionist saying? the jewish people who have a state do not have a right of self-determination, alone among nations of the world? to have that position and to argue you believe the palestinians should have a state, that makes it all the more outrageous. they traced back their history to the 1950's. the jewish people face -- trace our collective identity as a , when the palestinians
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refer to themselves as palestinians, we have been a jewish people for 4000 years. you are going to be against the right of the jewish people to a state of their wrong? that is what zionism is. the definition, the right of jewish people to self-determination in the land of israel. you can argue about the borders of the state and what the land of israel should be, but if you are arguing against the self-determination of the jewish people and you are denying the right of the jews to say to their own, unless you don't .elieve and peoples have rights if you are somebody who believes that there should be any nations states in the world, then i suppose you can be an anti-zionists without being an anti-semi.
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there are any nations in the world that deserve the right to a state which is to deny the jewish people the right to a state that is anti-semitism. >> [indiscernible] the question was, what is the position of israel to the rising anti-semitism in europe and jews living in and coming to israel. we believe that all governments should protect their citizens. regardless of their faith. if jews want to stay in france, they should be protected from anti-semitism in france. what they should now is that they only have the right to come to israel and live there. that is a right that it everyone
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who is a supporter of israel should never take for granted. it is a right that we did not have as a people for many centuries. land,e kicked out of one then we were looking for some other king or president to take us in. all is interesting is with of the problems of the problems with the jews in europe, one question that no one is asking is where are those jews going to go? israel is anecause answer. it may not be the answer for the jews, but it is an answer. refuge for jews in danger anywhere around the world. be a personal observation from somebody who lives in jerusalem, i see it as a direct connection between anti-semitism and france and the quality of restaurants in jerusalem.
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[laughter] the worse it gets there the better the easy -- beating in jerusalem. -- the better the eating and jerusalem. seems to me a lot of the --ng jews are exercising >> i make a distinction -- the jews are holding themselves to a higher standard than a lot of the jews who were involved are considered -- continuing the tradition. here i would make the addendum to what i say. specifically mention church groups and i specifically mention academic groups. those are national organizations or international organizations. if you single out israel as a national or international organization, alone among
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nations of the world, or a bouquet -- boycott i think an anti-semi. of same thing cannot be said palestinians who are engaged in the bbs movement. the fact that they are more interested in israel then north korea or serial -- syria, maybe they feel a connection. i would not call them anti-semites. they might be but i don't know it by the nature of the movement. i would call immoral idiots. which is different. who haveeen many jews stood with the enemies of the jewish people. whoughout our history thought they were doing it for the best of reasons and who didn't intend to bring harm to the jewish people but ultimately they brought to power forces that cause great harm to the jewish people.
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that was the case with the bolshevik movement. with jews that wanted to join the nazi party. people don't know the spirit they supported, until about 1935. in the case of the bbs movement all of the non-jewish supporters of the bbs movement all want to see the destruction of israel. maybe you can find one or two people. they don't support to states for two people. they don't support piece --peace. they support the dismantling of israel. for jews to join those groups who are enemies of the jewish people. they intend to bring harm. your adversaries are those who disagree with you on the best way to achieve the common objective. your enemies are those who try to do harm.
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people who are leading the bbs movement want to cause harm to the state and to the jewish people. that is whack all those jews who i call immoral idiots. -- that is why i call all those jews. we have a new tradition over the last 68 years. the stories of jews siding with ,he enemy of the jewish people and full siding with the enemies, that's an old story. the new story is that there is a sovereign jewish state, ready to defend the jews on the battlefield and the people in the courts of public opinion. thank you very much.
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>> welcome jonathan greenblatt. good afternoon. started, and we begin the presentation can i remarked upon what a pleasure it was to have the ambassador here with us today. thank you for his cogent and forceful conversation and his description of anti-zionism and anti-semitism and the linkage is something we should take to heart. legitimacyestion the in a way that nobody else does, that's a problem.
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that is anti-semitism. many years ago before terrorism was a concern for all of us and before the horrors of 9/11, our friend and longtime supporter, alan gary, had the foresight to provide expertise to law enforcement so they could do a better job of attacking all of us. -- alan and the adl, the materials and information that we have been able to -- supply law enforcement have proved to be toortant to the work they do protect us. every person in this room owes gratitude to those men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line every day to keep all of us safe and secure. [applause]
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we are extraordinarily proud that our service award is being printed -- presented to many law enforcement professionals that the fbi, cia, u.s. customs services among others. the list of prior -- this is in impressive roster. today we have the opportunity to honor another distinguished member of the law enforcement community and a national leader on the issues. on december 18, 2014, four months after the immense of ferguson, missouri, racial, subject of national election the president signed an executive order establishing the task force. it is charged with making recommendations on matters ranging from deadly force to police training. but it's goal was to act as a catalyst for rebuilding the
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trust between the people and the guardians who serve them. the present presidents twice to lead this initiative is cochair is a mansk force recognized inside and outside of enforcement, charles ramsey. [applause] in a career spanning more than four decades, charles ramsey earned the distinction of having led three of the nation's largest police departments, chicago, washington, dc and philadelphia. he served as president of two of the nations most prominent law enforcement organizations, the major cities chiefs association and the police executive research forum. commissioner ramsey is widely respected for his expertise in combating terrorism and is a
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visionary police leader in the area of civil rights and police community relations. he grew up in the south side of chicago and in rolled in the city's police cadet program to help pay for his college tuition. chief ramsey quickly rose through the ranks to become the chicago's police department youngest. by the time he was employed by debit as deputy lieutenant he developed a reputation, in this area of building trust. he was selected to serve as chief of police of washington dc's metro police department, transforming an agency that had been weakened by legit cuts and low morale. he literally transformed it into one of the finest in the nation. in 2007 he left washington to become commissioner in philadelphia's police
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department. in january he retired after eight years of commissioner. believedy has always that a law enforcement leader must also be an educator and mentor, and a role model. commissioner ramsey has said director wasonal the first community leader that he met when he came here to washington. after they met david and chief ramsey visited the holocaust museum together. that experience affected cheap ramsey so profoundly that he could create a training program for his police recruits. would use the history of the holocaust as a springboard to increase law enforcement's understanding of its relationship to the people that it serves. in its role as protector of the constitution and as a guardian of our individual rights. he wanted something different from other trainings. one that would connect his
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recruits, not just intellectually but emotionally. we will not change behavior if hedo not change attitudes, later wrote and you will not change attitudes, if you do not change a person's heart. we need to effect a way in which officers see themselves as a role in society and change what is inside them and help them see things differently. the new program that resulted from cheap ramsey's inspiration, we call it law enforcement in society was launched and expanded from training recruits to training all 3500 sworn officers in the department. then fbi director louis freeh heard about the everyng and mandated that new fbi agent must go through l, this ad they have train 10,000 law
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fromcement and leaders four countries. it is now a required component in the fbi's major training program for u.s. and international law enforcement. last year, the bureau redesigned its new agent curriculum and it around al the program is now a core component of commissioner polices own elite executive institute. above all lc says our role as police officers is to protect and preserve the rights of the people and defending these rights for all people all of the time defines us as police officers. for more than four decades, charles ramsey has devoted his life to fulfilling that role. in a time when our political season is so charged, so much rhetoric that pushes people apart, it is an honor and privilege that we today have the opportunity to celebrate chief ramsey, whose entire career is
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about bringing people together. dl is proud to present our service award to commissioner charles h. ramsey. [applause] as chief ramsey takes the award, i would like to read the inscription to everyone. there proud to present institute service award to charles ramsey and recognition of your distinguished career in public service for preserving and defending our democratic values. is dedicated to
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providing the law enforcement community with educational materials and helping the public. ramsey, we would like to think alan garrick thank you so much. [applause] thank you very much. you took a lot of what i was going to say into your -- in your introduction. i want to thank you. to -- annded the war friedman, a man that means very much to me. i handed him that a war because without david i would not be standing here now. it all started in 1998. i was a brand-new police chief in washington dc. jonathan, i'm not certain if he
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was the very first person i met but among the first. over as first take police chief, you get a lot of letters and invitations. everyone wants to meet you. i came from chicago. i was in from washington, so i had no history with anyone. whether it was community organizations, business groups, it didn't matter. everyone wanted to know who the new guy was in town. one of those letters came from david friedman. i never met david before. findd the letter and said that sounds interesting. holocausto visit the memorial museum with him. it was put on my schedule. to be honest with you, there was absolutely nothing more one thing on my schedule. you start the day and you look
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to see what you have to do. the family was still in chicago. every other week, i was flying back to chicago and that afternoon i was scheduled to fly back to chicago area --. i would leave and go to the airport and now the it. i go to the museum and i meet david. individual,nother irene weiss, a survivor. it was a fairly large group of people, some members from adl, the museum itself and of course irene and her daughter. as we are walking through the museum, i am walking alongside of irene. she is telling me her story as we walk through the museum. i am 66 years old. thent to high school in 1960's.
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i have to admit, history was not my favorite subject. i don't recall learning an awful it about the holocaust when went through school. it was glossed over. probably to a large extent is still not dealt with the way it ought to be dealt with in school . in the 1960's, i guarantee you, it was not really talked about, at least not in the chicago school that i went to. i knew a little bit about it, and so forth, but i didn't really understand everything that took place. going through the museum, it was an incredibly powerful experience. it was haunting because after i left, i couldn't get the images out of my mind and i felt troubled that i did not know why. when you go on a two or you are moving quickly and read everything. you have to keep it moving.
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remember one very powerful moment when i was irene and we get to the one part of the museum where you go to a box car that was used to transport jews to the concentration caps. she said this is very much like the car that my family and i were placed in and taken to shein's -- also it's very pointed to an area in the car where there was a bucket to relieve herself. then there is a huge photograph that you see as you step out of the car and she points to it and she said that's me right there. moment in time, someone snapped a photograph and she explained exactly what it is she was doing at that moment a she was wearing a scarf and had on a coat. she was turning around to try to get a glimpse of her mother and younger sister, because she said
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she got out of the car and they were being divided into two different lines. one would be executed immediately and the other to work. the soldier looked at her for a moment and his a tate it because he didn't know what to do. part mother and a sister -- her mother and her sister went to execution and she was sent to work. she turned around to get one glimpse of them. she did not know what was going to happen. that's when the photograph was snapped. it sent chills down my spine to see that. when i left the museum, i was thinking about it and i knew i needed to go back. a few back unannounced days later because i wanted to take my time i go through the museum. it wasn't long before i saw what was it bothered me. one of the first four graphs you see is one of a police officer, soldier, with this german shepherd with a crazed look in
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his eye. i never understood the role of the lease -- of police in the holocaust. i never thought about the police. as i went through and i saw more -- thought more and more about how police are involved it made me stop and it made me think about the role of police and a democratic society, which germany was. how could people who took an old similar to mine allows something like this to happen. we have been struggling with racial issues and all kinds of tensions for a long time in policing. we were taking an approach which i was part of it, but to put officers through something called sensitivity training, which is a terrible title. implies everyone is insensitive.
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wake up someone side and black and latino on the other one and it is a waste of time. you are automatically accusing or havingbeing racist some kind of bias that is out of control. that this as an example isn't the issue, the issue is the role of police in a democratic society. the ambassador said it in his remarks. a country has a right and an obligation to protect all of its citizens. and not allow any group to be singled out for any kind of different or special treatment. the holocaust being an event that is very real and happened at a point in history before the officer sitting in the classroom were even alive during it doesn't carry the same kind of emotional baggage that it would when you start talking about current race relations, but it has similar issues that we were discussing. a's almost


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