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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 28, 2016 4:00am-6:01am EDT

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were built from the 1960's and early 70's. on the software side of the house, windows 10. they do not match up and that is why we get hacked all the time. if we can relay the whole america infrastructure, we cannot export jobs. they will be here. we fix education by putting schools on internet and all schools follow the curriculum. as far as health care, get everybody in. host: before we get through that whole list, let's get a response from mr. buckley. guest: larry, thank you, and you are up there early in california. i agree with you. there's a lot to be said for could we make the government someefficient than using of that surplus in terms of rebuilding the infrastructure. there is a whole laundry list that you provided and the way back would involve a whole laundry list. i will tell you one thing about all this and that as i would
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never ever bet against the home team. making predictions about the future is a chump's game, but i would never bet against america. , "uniteda subchapter states of crime," you wrote about a general name christer everson. guest: he was a gentleman who is thought up by some apes gear of secure role by the environment of protection association and ended up in the criminal justice system for years for a crime of which he ,as, i will not say innocent but ignorant is the better terms. . we have an almost uncountable number of federal crimes that are crimes that do not require a guilty mind. why is a guilty mind so important? there's this thing called a conscience, right?
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if you do something bad, your conscience will acquit you. doese crime in question not require a guilty mind, you will not know that you are doing it. there are so many of these offenses that you could do it all the time. there's a book called "three felonies a day," where he said if an ordinary businessman committed all these crimes, we wouldn't know it. this is a barrier to entrepreneurs in particular. it is not a barrier if you are established and surrounded by lawyers. it is a barrier if you are the new guy. it discriminates against the up-and-coming, the guy without connections, the guy who does not make political contributions. i am on their side on this one. host: lakeland, florida, please go ahead with your question for frank buckley. "the way back" is the name of the book. caller: praise be for c-span and
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what it's doing for america. all the other media is concentrating on emotional considerations for the present election, but c-span tries to get the intellectual part of the brain of citizens involved and has discussion on books like mr. buckley's and rick shankman's book about how politicians strike of anger. i want to recruit the professor in asking the presidential candidates 5-10 books that citizen should read so that we understand the most serious problems facing the united states from an intellectual standpoint. your book, i hope, is a on the list on one of the candidates. on book tv, let's have a discussion for the intellectual instead of the emotional. i've asked the bipartisan working group in congress to perhaps use george mason , aversity as a place to meet
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venue for your conflict resolution school. is that possible? guest: i'm sure it is. my book would be number 1, 2, and three. [laughter] about the book that was making quite a buzz around here last year? guest: you pronounce that correctly. it was a french fellow who wrote a book about how capitalism will self-destruct as all the wealth will be concentrated in the rich and everyone will be impoverished. i do not want to spend too much time on that, so i answered that in the appendix. he does not have america's number. he just does not get it. we are not like that. there are a number of reasons why. one reason is his analysis works
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if the rich just reinvest the money, but they spend it, you know? they spend it and they go through messy divorces and they spend it on baubles. the footballer george best said with all his money, he spent 90% -- 10% on wine, women, and song, and the rest he wasted. we are on the side of in the col anna nicole smith. host: steve champion tweets into you, "i would rather go forward instead of going way back." say, there were things in the 60's that were not perfect, and we are better off in many respects with respect to african, women, and a whole bunch of things. i agree with that. we do not want to go back to 1950's. i would argue that we would want
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to recapture one part of the 1950's, which is the spirit and reality that we all can and move up with industry and drive. that is the part of the 1950's i like. host: darlene in nevada. please go ahead. caller: good morning, mr. buckley. listening to you talk is an absolute breath of fresh air. i was wondering as you have worked in many countries, how many have the corporate congress that we do? if we want to find our way back, money out of politics and special interest groups would be a huge, huge help. we do not always have. forget corporate welfare, but the corporate contributions to get things done for these. guest: excellent question. here's my answer. you asked how many countries have our network of i guess crony capitalist in congress and the like. the answer is none, nobody matches us.
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the people who are surprised by trump should have seen it coming because they should have looked at where we are with respect to the problem that you mentioned. they should've recognized that we have been there before. 1776 when thein framers, the founders of this country, looked at england. they looked at a country that was as free as they were, but they also looked at a country that was really corrupt. they had a sense of republican virtue that would be better than all that. what we are doing right now is rediscovering that sense of a need for a special kind of virtue that washes away everything that you just talked about, all the cronyism, all the special deals. it is a hard thing to do. there are barriers in constitutional law that we would not want to entrench on. i think there are things we can do and we will have to explore the. m. host: you write about this in
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"the wayn back." government loan guarantees and winners and losers -- can't be successful? uest: in the sense that a a broken clock is right to times in the day, but -- host: why do we keep doing it? guest: because of that patronage i'm describing. if you want something done, you need allies. that arethe solyndra's terrible at their business but wonderful and making connections in this town. is thatg about solyndra it was costing them more to produce their product than they were selling it for. wherelike the old joke the guy in the clock trade would tell us we are losing money with every coat we sell.
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the father says, it's easy and we make it up in overhead. the overhead here is sticking the bill to congress. solyndra was about a $500 million loan guarantee. the government should not be picking winners and losers. they do not have skin in the game, but what they have is influence. jim is in royal oak, michigan. caller: thank you for taking my call. be referred back to the 1950's. bought me a book of the front page of "the new york times" going back 100 years. there was a small article on the page of that one saying that our high school education was only doing something if you are going to college. otherwise, it wasn't doing anything for the rest.
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now -- they go to high school and they are not qualified for another job. in germany, when you get out of high school, your qualified for a technical job. we have been wasting billions and billions and billions of of dollars on high school education and it has not been doing anything for most of our people. i like your comment on that. thank you. guest: i agree with that. i'm not able to micromanage how things should be taught in school, but we seem obviously to have moved away from teaching basic skills in math and english. you are absolutely right about the need to teach work-related skills as they do in countries like germany. what we have is an educational bureaucracy, which resembles a
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soviet department store, which is organized around how do we make life good for the department clerks not for the customers. if you ask what the problem is, i think one problem is exactly that. clout of nea, the teachers union, is a great cause of the problem. i described in my book a new class a kind of aristocracy at the top of the heap. these are people who are ordinarily not in favor of educational reform. some of them are, but in general, they aren't. they vote against it when given the chance to do so. it is no skin off their nose because they will send their kids to private school. isyou are an aristocrat, precisely the case that you do not want other people to rise. it should be shocking because even the bird of prey knows not to plow its own nest.
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for the new class, it is not their nest but the nest of the others. host: what do you teach at george mason? guest: i teach a course on the framers. these are the guys who assembled in philadelphia. what was great about them is that they were not the orists. they were good, smart, practical politicians. we nearly split apart and became three countries. there were british spies there. there were french spies. it was a deal made by guys we have never heard of. james madison really had a very minor role. everything he proposed was shot down pretty much. it is a wonderful story. i teach a course on contracts, which is real nice because the way i teach it really has not changed in 50 years. rist: who is the most theo of the founding fathers? guest: the biggest theorist
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would be either hamilton or madison, but that explains why they got nowhere. madison was someone who dug in his heels and he is someone who would've wanted a walkout at one point. he did not get his way and it was a breakfast meeting on the morning of july 17. if you read his notes, he probably wanted the whole thing to collapse at that point. it did not because of more prudent people like gouverneur morris. that is why july 17 is the most important day in american history. host: the next call for frank buckley. a few minutes left in our program with them. diane and the duke on the republican line. you are on the air. please go ahead. caller: thank you, mr. buckley. i'm going to buy your book and read that. i am a retired public school teacher.
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i started in a one-room school with no running water and outdoor toilets. i came through the system. i graduated college. i have four degrees. i will tell you that the public education system is a total mess. doesn't get people where they need to be. you are right. it is run by theorists and not practical people. build a hotel and get rid of the department of education and turn it back to the parents. make them start to be responsible for what is going on in the classroom with their children. offer them more programs because i'm telling you -- not everyone is bound for college like they tell you. they just don't have it. guest: i cannot agree more. i've nothing much to add except
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for one thing. there was this book that appeared a couple years back and every member of the new class of our aristocracy read it with a guilty pleasure because she was outing us. she was talking about all the things that we do because we recognize that school is not enough. we were doing all sorts of afterschool activities. we were doing things that people in other parts of the country would not know how to do. we were giving our kids that kind of advantage. it is in short a society where , then yourplug-in kids are going to do rather well. it is not equal in that sense. we are not going to change that. if we make our ordinary schools a lot better, we minimize the effect of that. host: bill in humble, texas. caller: good morning. i want to say that in my opinion, the american dream has ruined america.
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when i mean by that is the thought that everyone needs to own a house, so you get a mortgage. you factor in the amortization of the mortgage and property taxes that you pay, you do not start to build any equity for about 15 years. everyone is stuck paying off a mortgage. both parents have the and cannot spend any time with their children. the american dream has ruined america. guest: a quick answer to that. ofgree with your criticism the a macon home finance system. -- american home finance system. i do not see the point of a 30 year mortgage or mortgaged about --to affect ability. deductibility. in canada, they have neither and have greater homeownership. in america, homeownership doesn't work, so i entirely agree.
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we have talked about the american dream. my hero in all this is abraham lincoln. forget the 1950's. i go back to abraham lincoln, who was a guy at his core all head. getting a he wanted everyone to have the same kind of chance that he did to rise from one year of schooling to become one of the best educated president in american history. process, more than anyone, invented the american dream. if you look at his speeches, that is what he kept talking about. i think that is a noble dream. host: frank buckley writes that there are also several reasons why we never expect to see perfect income mobility between generations. first, it always helps to have a head start that wealthy parents get 1 -- better schools, better networks, better first jobs.
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that's why countries with high levels of income inequality are also countries with low levels of income mobility. from rich parents, rich kids. second, and relatedly, the environment in which children are raised matters. children raised by wealthy parents are less likely to come from broken homes and will learn by example to value education. compared to poor children, they are exposed to a much higher social and cultural environment. in addition, there's a developing empirical literature suggesting that the personal phenotypes for the geneticist -- that are correlated with economic success are hereditary. guest: those kinds of explanations can get you into trouble and they did when people try to make it racial. host: charles murray coul. right.
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if lady gaga was born that way, why not the rich? i'm talking about things like impulse control and bourgeois virtues and the willingness to invest in education and the like. to some extent, that is arguably inherited. there. are people working on this it is simply -- there are people working on this/ . the phenomenon of being born on third base and thinking that you hit a triple. they were right about george w. bush in that respect. the home quality -- here's what i would say about that. these things matter more now than they did in the past as a consequence of the destruction of our public schools and related phenomenon. it was not the case i think 100 years back that if you are poor and he went to school that you
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are going to get a worse education then you would get at andover or a prep school. i like that. i like giving people from the bottom those kinds of chances. it does not happen so much. who is stopping it? all the people who want to keep things the way they are in terms of our education. anne is in blackstone, virginia. caller: excuse me. good morning, c-span. i've been sitting here listening to mr. buckley speaking about education. real ruralin a country in virginia. i went to public school and we had good teachers. they were concerned about the children's education.
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labor immigrants -- we were immigrants of slavery. they had to to just english -- to teach us english. they taught us how to be good citizens and they were concerned about us. and our leadership. theyow, one thing w forgot to teach us -- civics. my father bought civics books, but they were never taught to us. that is why the black people do not know too much about civics because they were not taught in the schools. i think the black people have come a long, long way from slavery. they hader thing -- chapter one where they would have have the blacks and lower income children out, but they wouldn't use it correctly.
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school with no running water come outside toilets, and so forth, but we were happy. we were happy because we were producing children of the future. like doesn't anyone care about the children. , i know you have called him before and we love hearing from you. can you tell everybody how old you are? caller: i am 86 years old. school.o the public they had very good public schools. host: were you in the segregated public schools? caller: yes, and i taught at integrated schools. host: thank you for calling in and thanks for watching. guest: let me just say something.
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my mother lived to age 104 and you are spring chicken. just want you to know that. host: it begins with education. a lot of calls on the. at. ben, you are the last word for frank buckley. [laughter] caller: i want to ask a question about the national debt and how education consultant national debt. i would like for him to connect a few dots there. ohio charter schools are fairly big, but to a large extent, they consist of giving the kid a computer and very little follow-up after that. if you could answer those two questions, i'd appreciate it. guest: quick answer for the first one with respect and the national debt -- this is how economist do things. they look at a whole bunch of
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countries and relate how they do in terms of test for 15 years old compared to the wealth of the country. that is where they get those figures, so it is kind of crude, but as an example, as a way of showing that we pay for bad schools, i think it is pretty effective. i'm not going to swear that is what would happen if we made things better and we wipe out the national debt. i think we would come in fact, be much more mobile and a wealthier society and a more just society. host: frank buckley is the author of this book, "the way >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, james antle, politics editor for the
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washington examiner will discuss donald trump's candidacy following an analysis that he has the support of 1238 delegates come above the threshold needed to clinch the nomination. the ongoing democratic primary contests. the impacts the libertarian party can have in this year's general election. and how speakers paul ryan on the gop presidential contest. john a professor of the hopkins school of studies will be on to talk about the killing of the leader of the taliban in afghanistan and the continued efforts by the iraq military to retake falluja. you will discuss what is next in the fight against terrorists. an environment reporter for the hill discusses the act that overhauls the nations chemical standards. the toxic substance and control act of 1976. he will discuss consumer health
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provisions in the bill and the role of the epa and the state. the bill is expected to be passed and then signed into law by president obama. be sure to watch washington journal coming up at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. announcer: now, republican presidential candidate donald trump speaks at a campaign rally in san diego. he has been touring california, in advance of the presidential primary in that state on june 7. this is about an hour and 20 minutes. ♪ mr. trump: what a crowd. this is unbelievable. unbelievable. cameras, turnover here. turnover here, cameras. they never want to show the crowds we get.
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this is a movement, folks. this is a big, beautiful movement. and no other republican would say this. but we will play for california. we will win california. you watch. nobody else can get this. i want to thank everybody. amazing. i want to thank sarah palin and all of the people that came here. and the speeches they made today. i really appreciate it. this is unbelievable. i don't know how big this room is. but this is a lot of people. thank you. [laughter] so, yesterday, we had a very big day. you saw that, right? 1237, we reached it. putked hillary cannot bernie sanders away. 17, we will go all the way. we will make america great again.
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it is going to happen. going to happen. [laughter] i want to thank you very much. i love san diego. i love the people of san diego. vets. our where are our vets? who are the vets for trump? where are these guys? can we get them up here? we love them. come on up here, fellas. good-looking guys. look at this guy. we got a lot of power here. army!
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>> usa, usa, usa, usa! mr. trump: wow! so, i got a call from darrell. he said, donald, i endorse you 100%. and those are the people i remember. i like it. darrell, thank you. where is darrell? i appreciate it. duncan, thank you very much. right from the beginning. you better vote for these guys. we are never letting them go. i will tell you why. nobody likes our vets. and we are going to cherish, take care of our vets. on tuesday, we are announcing --
4:30 am
you know, when i skipped the speech with fox -- and i like fox but he did not treat me very well -- i did a little speech. and i have been doing this before this. i said maybe we can raise the money for the vets, rihght? i said we would raise half $1 million. i said maybe we could do more. i said maybe we can do $1 million. and a couple of my friends from las vegas, carl icahn, we have so many different -- mike perlmutter. between half a million and $1 million. i said $3 million. maybe we'll get it up to $5 billion. maybe we will get up to $6 million. and we raised more than five and a half million dollars. for the vets. [laughter] and i never got such battle was
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the them i like. it is unbelievable. we give to many groups. many groups. it is pretty close to $6 million we raise. it is for our veterans. we love them. there is nobody like them. it will take care of them. we're going to build our military. by the way, bigger, better, stronger than ever before. but a big part of that is that we are going to take care of our veterans, for the first time in a long time. we love our vets. thank you very much, fellas. we appreciate it. and he is not a vet. thank you, everybody. phil, don.
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[indiscernible] vet,rump: we have a great world war ii. he looks like a young guy. point them out. he is in the front row. beautiful. thank you, thank you very much. fantastic. women pilots, that is what i like. thank you. [laughter] [laughter] this is been amazing. we just left fresno. we had a crowd that was just magnificent. really, we are going to win the state of california. because people are tired. people are tired of the hillary clintons of the worlds. it is all talk, no action.
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it is crooked hillary. same stuff. our country cannot take another four years of obama. that is what you will be getting. i tell you. i mean, just take a look at the airports, take a look at what is going on with our military, that we love. we cannot be isis. we are going to be them quickly. we're going to knock the hell out of them. we should not have been there in the first place. but we will be going, and we will have to rebuild our country. we spent $5 trillion in the middle east. and right now, we have absolutely nothing for it. if we would not have spent $.10, we would've been better off. believe me, we will rebuild our country, our military. we will take care of our needs, including our vets. and we are going to bring it back, phone.
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it is what happened quickly. and we're going to build the wall. the wall, we're going to build the wall. we're going to build the wall. latinos for trump! i love you. build the wall. >> build the wall, build the wall, build the wall! mr. trump: thank you. oh, we are going to build it. and if we do not, we will get papa to do it. he is the big guy in town. he employs a lot of people, lots of jobs, lots of education, health care. we love them. thank you. so, we have had an exciting time. onn started this journey june 16, not so long ago, almost
4:35 am
a year, hard to believe, i have to say we have been on the cover of "time" magazine. it is really about the movement. we have created a movement. it is a movement of common sense, smart, not going to be ripped off anymore. get him out of here. get them out. [booing] way,omebody said, by the why are you going to san diego? why are you going to california? you already won the primary. you don't have to go. i said, very simply, because i said i would go. i have to be here, right? [laughter] i love you, i love you. and i love san diego. i have some new friends in san diego. i love san diego. and i really like when they put up latinos for trump. we are going to do great with
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the latinos. because i am bringing back jobs the latinos, african-americans -- we are doing great with african-americans. they want jobs. we are losing our jobs to everybody. we are being taken advantage of the world. we are losing our jobs to everybody. we are going to bring back jobs like we have not seen in this country for many, many decades. and people that are not doing well, they are going to start doing very, very well. believe me. ok. june 16, i came down the escalator with my wife, malania. seen,, wow, i have never outside of the academy awards, this kind of press. but look at what we have today. mostly live cameras. some of the most dishonest people in the universe. [booing[ some of the worst people.
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[booing] don't you take those cameras and spin them around a bit. show them. take them. spin them around. they don't want to do that. that is why i love my protesters. because the only time they show how big our crowds are, the only time, is when there is a protester. that is something they think. but i love our protesters, right? [applause] escalator.down the and i made a speech. and if you noticed, that is my notes for the speech. we go free from. we don't want to prompt her'ser, right? we ought to have a law. if you're running for president,
4:38 am
you should not use teleprompters. we have a teleprompter guy, we don't need that. we don't need that. so, i started talking about illegal immigration. tremendous problem. i don't think it's a be a problem that would even be discussed, frankly, if we did not do it and put it as part of our campaign. and we talked about bad trades, really bad trades. we are losing $500 billion a year with china. we are losing $58 billion a year with mexico. we are losing over $100 billion a year with japan. and every single country, no matter what -- name a country -- we lose. we do not win anymore. we're going to start winning. with trade, military. we are going to start winning again. [applause] now, our president is right now, you are right.
4:39 am
pathetic. [booing] honestly, folks, we have leadership right now in this country, especially at the top, that is grossly incompetent. they do not know what the hell they are doing. they do not know what they are doing. so i thought, this is japan, in hiroshima, and that is fine. this is long as he does not apologize, absolutely fine. who cares? but he said today that our trading partners, and countries that we have relationships with, they're rattled. and i said, so good. and a very, very powerful guy, a very great guy, i will not use his name but most of you know, i saw him last week. knows everybody. highly respected. he said donald, i have no idea
4:40 am
this would happen. but i'm being called by all of these countries, germany, japan, saudi arabia, think of it. we defend these countries. and they do not pay us what they are supposed to be doing. germany, saudi arabia, japan, south korea, many others. then you look at the nato countries -- 28 total. many of them are not living up to obligations. so, we have common sense. we have visibility. what happens is this. he said, i cannot believe it. i did not like your rhetoric. and i happen to be a nice person, folks. i would get along so great with these countries. i would get along so great. but you know what? they are our friends, allies. but they have been abusing us. they have been abusing us. 40 years ago, when they could've done whatever we wanted, we own $19 trillion. it is going up to $21 trillion
4:41 am
because of the omnibus budget, which was not so good. that is the budget that allows people to come in from syria, people across the border, fund obamacare, which we should not have done. [booing] because we will terminate obamacare and replace it, believe me, with something good. [applause] believe me. repeal and replace obamacare. so, this man said, donnell, i cannot believe it. and he is like the biggest of the big. he said i disagreed with your style. i really did. i disagreed. and yet, now all the countries are calling. how do we get along with trump? we think he is going to win. how do we do it? they are not going to take it vantage. no more, folks. we have had enough. no more. so, the press is dishonest. and what they say, and what i
4:42 am
say, is very different. i watched hillary clinton last night, which is hard to do because you the very boring speaker. say, i will not say because it is not politically correct. it is not a nice thing to say. but i will not say it. that she shouts into the microphone, and it drives everybody crazy. so, i will not say that. but i found it very hard to watch. and then she lives. es. now, i called someone a liar. i don't say that anymore. that person is now in the past. with hillary, we say cricket hillary. word,have to add another because i never thought of this for last night, she was saying armed with japan nuclear weapons. i never said. she said i love the dictator in north korea. i don't love them.
4:43 am
bad guy, ok? bad guy. she was saying all sorts of things, so bad and so false, total lies. we are not want to let her get away with it. we are not going to let her get away. watch what i do say. we do have tremendous deficits. we are losing a fortune. our jobs picture is terrible. do not believe the 5%. the real number is at least 20%. when you look for a job, and i can tell people -- raise your hands. look at the size of his room. packed to every corner. you know what? people in the polls love me on security. and there's nothing more important than national security. they love me. honestly, we would not have kraus like this -- it is everywhere we go. they're as big as the room. there are thousands of people outside the cannot get in. ok? and it is not like, you know,
4:44 am
friday afternoon. you could be doing something else, i guess? right? are these the greatest places trump rallies?li the [applause] and by the way, the safest place to be in this country is in a donald trump rally. that, i can tell you. [applause] and we are going to take care of everybody. not just the people in this room. not just what the people in this room represent, which is largely love. because it is love. we are going to take care of everybody. including people that do not know if they like the people in this room. because we are going to unify our country. we are when you take care of hispanics, get jobs, take care of the african-americans who are really suffering in this country. and hillary clinton cannot do a damn thing for them. and she never will. and guess what?
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she does not want to. ok? she could not care less. so, it has worked out beyond what we thought. july,e supposed to be, in in cleveland fighting for our lives. and i say, what you talking about? we're going to win on the first ballot, right? [applause] now, i did not know it was when to go this quickly. look at the cameras, they turned because they found a protester. look at those cameras, those bloodsuckers. they found a protester. thank you, protester. thank you, protester. thank you. get him out. get them out. get them the hell out of here. [applause] it is always funny. usually, they are just singles. you know, mom kicked them out of
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the house for a week. they are usually single. you can never hear them. but what you year are people saying get them out. my people make so much noise. it is true. so, let me just tell you, bernie sanders has been great. we like bernie. i like bernie. you know why? he does not have a chance. and what he is doing to her is incredible. because the system is rate against bernie. if you ever notice, he wins, wins. thesetch the pundits, guys, the dishonest ones. they say he cannot i have to say our system was rigged, too, except for one thing. if you win by massive landslides every week, it is no longer rigged. it is like the boxers. that is what happened. the system was not meant for me to come in as an outsider that built a great company.
4:47 am
i built a great, great company. when i filed -- in fact, papa doug knows when i filed my papers, over 100 pages in federal elections, and i filed. tremendous company, tremendous iconic assets. unbelievable cash flow. very little debt. makes a lot of money. and they were so unhappy to see it. but i say it for a different reason. i started off, by the way, with a $1 million loan and have a net worth of much more than $10 billion. i don't even want it. all i want to say is this is the kind of thinking we need to straighten out this mess they have given us in our great country. this is the thinking we need. this is what we need. so let me tell you a little bit
4:48 am
about san diego, because we are talking about a rigged system, right? i have to say this. i was told, laura said don't do that. we are going to win. but san diego is special for a lot of reasons. some of my best friends live here. you may have the best weather on earth. i have always heard it. i have always heard it. we have a couple of minutes. does everybody have a little time? [cheers and applause] so i end up with a lawsuit, and it ends up in san diego in federal court. it is a disgrace the way the federal court is acting, because it is a simple lawsuit. everybody that took the so-called course. trump university is in san diego. the trial, they wanted it to start while i am running for president. the trial is going to take place sometime in november. there should be no trial. this should have been dismissed on summary judgment easily. everybody says it, but i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater.
4:49 am
he's a hater. his name is gonzalo cuiial. and he is not doing the right thing. and i figure what the hell? why not talk about it for two minutes. should i talk about it? yes? [cheers and applause] so we should have won. i am being railroaded. here is the story. very simple story. a number of years ago, a long time ago now, i open up a little school. we called it trump university, changed the name. we had probably -- a lot of people, like 10,000 people. hugh, did you like it? she said she was there, and she liked it. here is the story. so we open up, and it really was successful from the beginning. then we get these class action lawyers. they immediately sue. my people did a good job for a couple of reasons. one of the reasons was they had everybody that took the course sign like a report card.
4:50 am
we had 10 people. -- 10,000 people. almost that many signed a report card. and the report cards are unbelievable. without that, it is their word versus these people or me. but i am getting railroaded by a legal system, and frankly they should be ashamed. i will be here in november. hey, if i win as president, it is a civil case. i could have settled this case numerous times. but i don't want to settle cases when we are right. i don't believe in it. when you start settling cases, do you know what happens? everybody sues you because you get known as a settler. one thing about me, i am not known as the settler. and people understand with this whole thing, with this whole deal with the lawyers, class action lawyers are the worst. it is a scam. here is what happens. we are in front of a very hostile judge.
4:51 am
the judge was appointed by barak obama. he should recuse himself. he has given us ruling after ruling, negative. i have a top laura who said he has never seen anything like this before. so what happens is we get sued. we have a magistrate named william gallo who truly hates us. the good news is it is a jair trial. but we can even get a full jury. we are entitled to a jury, and we want a jury of 12 peer. first of all, it should be dismissed. watch how we when it because i have been treated unfairly. very much like with the veterans, where i raised all that money, but on tuesday i am announcing all of the groups we have given almost $6 million to. you turn things around. here is the story. we have a law firm named robin
4:52 am
skeller. it is the spin-off of two law firms. two of those partners went to jail for an extended period of time for doing very bad things legally. this same group is the lawyers against. what happens is the judge, who happens to be mexican, which is great. i think that is fine. i think the mexicans are going to end up loving donald trump when i give all these jobs. i think they are going to love . i think they are going to love me. here is what happens. we get sued by a woman, and she turns out to be a disaster for them. her name is tarla markov. she rated on the report card, it is 1-5. five being excellent, the highest mark. she gave me a five across the board, all fives.
4:53 am
she then did a video saying it was fantastic, the most glowing video you have ever seen. she then sued me because they she wanted her money back. she was such a disaster that this judge -- it was her against us. she was such a disaster that this judge allowed her to get out of the case. but we want her to be in the case. the lawyer said your honor, we want her to be in the case. he said she is out of the case. so now we have others. we say dismiss the case. she is out of the case. no, we won't dismiss it. so we have 10,000 servers from former students given trump university rave reviews. it is called, so we have makov giving us these great numbers. then we have another one. bob. they used him.
4:54 am
jeb bush, low energy. we have these guys making commercials. in all fairness, it hasn't hurt me much. every once in a while, you have one. we are going to win. but if i don't win, and even if i do win, we want to -- my kids will open it up again, because it was a terrific school. it was good. so we have a guy named bob. he appeared in a tv attack adam. they used him on ads against me? i had 66,000 negative ads, over $100 million in florida alone during the big primary, which i won in a landslide. we had 15,000 negative ads, and i won. i almost wonder what do ads mean? bob appeared in tv attack ads even though he rated the programs a five, meaning excellent, the top mark across the board. his primary complaint was he
4:55 am
would have liked to have more comfortable chairs. unbelievable. then we have a guy named art. and he was late to file. so he signed a survey in which he rated the program either a four or a five. i will tell you this. how smart was it to ask everybody that took the course to sign a report card? now you know what the lawyers are saying? the lawyers are saying but they were forced. 10,000 people were forced. we actually have videotapes of people. they weren't forced. a professor said would you sign? how do you like it? that is it. so he signed all fives and fours out of a possible five. and he indicated his only complaint was a lack of nice lunch sandwiches. think of it. so he was late. so they went to the judge, and the judge said he is late.
4:56 am
why didn't you file under rico? organized crime? we have all been sued in business for rico. even papa john probably. but they ended it pretty much. i get sued. here is a guy that gives me all good marks. he is late. so they are starting a new lawsuit. this law firm gave a lot of money to the attorney general of new york, who is a total lightweight. his name is attorney general eric snyderman. he accepts their money, goes to meet with president obama when in syracuse and in the next day or two files a lawsuit against me because in my opinion they gave them a contribution and then goes to see obama. you see how the system works, folks? it is a bad system, let me tell you. so obama meets with this dopey
4:57 am
eric snyderman, who hates or ur governor and wants to run for governor, but i don't think it is going to happen. they go up to syracuse, meets with obama, and he files a lawsuit. so bottom line is this. people said you can settle. a lot of people said before you run you should settle. i said i don't care. the people understand it. and they use it. so when i have 10,000 people, and when we have mostly unbelievable reviews, how do you settle? and in fact, when the case started originally, i said how can i settle when i have a review like this? now i should have settled, but i am glad i didn't. i will be seeing you in november either as president. and i will say this. i have all these great reviews, but i will say this. i think the judge should be ashamed of himself. i think it is a disgrace he is doing this. and i look forward to going
4:58 am
before a jury, not this judge, and we will win that trial. we will win that trial. check it out. check it out, folks. november 28, i think it is scheduled for. it should not be a trial. it should be a summary judgment dismissal. one of the great lawyers said how do you get sued under rico for a guy that took the course, loved the course, said great things about the course, and then you get sued under rico? it is a disgrace. it is a rigged system. i had a rigged system, except we won by so much. this court system, the judges in this court system, federal court. they ought to look into that judge because what he is doing is a total disgrace. ok? but we will come back in november. wouldn't that be wild if i am president and come back and do a
4:59 am
civil case? everybody likes it. ok. this is called life, folks. here is what we are going to do. we are going to run this country properly with heart, with passion. we are going to save social security. we are going to save, without cuts, save social security. we are going to bring back and save our medicare, which people want to cut. we're going to knock out -- remember this, knock out common core. our educational system is a mess. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to knock out common core. we are going to bring our education to a local level, and we are going to do great. repeal and replace obama care. we are going to save our second amendment. [applause] mr. trump: remember, remember.
5:00 am
crooked hillary wants to abolish our second amendment. the n.r.a. last week gave me their full endorsement. the first time in the history of the n.r.a., the earliest endorsement they have ever given. and i am honored. and by the way, they are great people. they are incredible people. they are great people. we are going to start very soon. we are going to renegotiate our trade deals that are killing our country. we are going to renegotiate with china. we are going to have better relationships than we have right now. we are going to renegotiate our deals. we are going to renegotiate everything. everything is up for grabs. wait until you see the incredible potential this country has, when we are not run by people with no common sense, with no business ability.
5:01 am
frankly, with no heart. they have zero heart, and people that are incompetent. wait until you see what we are able to do in a fairly quick time. we won new york big. we won everything but we won new york big. new hampshire was my first victory, so i love new hampshire. you look at the streams, the beautiful trees, and the rivers. i love you, too. thank you. it was my first victory. we won new hampshire. that was supposed to be bush, and he spent many more times than me. wouldn't it be nice to hear as a president i have spent less money on this campaign than anybody else by far and have had the best results by far? isn't that nice? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: but isn't that what you want for your president? aren't we tired of this horrible stuff that we witness?
5:02 am
every single thing we do, over budget, way behind schedule. we are going to change it. i'm building a hotel on pennsylvania avenue between the white house and the capitol building. the old post office. it is two years, but i like to say one year. we are opening in september a hotel at least 1.5 years ahead of schedule. under budget, and yet it is a higher-quality hotel than anybody ever saw before. i think it will end up being one of the great hotels of the world. we are ahead of schedule, under budget. and yet, we have increased the scope of the hotel. and it is going to be something our country is proud of. i made the deal with the gsa, government services. one of the most competitive deals in the history of government services. they made it for two reasons. number one, they wanted to make sure it gets done. they looked at my balance sheet
5:03 am
and almost fell off their chairs. they said it will get done. they don't want a half built hotel. the other thing, they wanted a great concept. wait until you see this. i love opening it on september 15. maybe i should wait until around november 2 or 3, because that is going to be a great opening. the problem with you guys is you tend to forget we have like a two-week-span, we have a two-week memory span. i will open up later and still be so far. but it is going to be fantastic. that is what should be doing for our country. see our roads coming in so far above budget. we don't build bridges for the most part. in the old days, we used to build bridges. you go to china, bridges all over the place. it makes our bridges look like toys. beautiful airports. you go to middle eastern countries, they have airports
5:04 am
the likes of which you have never seen. the most incredible structures, the most incredible buildings. and then we fly home and land at laguardia with potholes all over the runway. it is true. or kennedy, newark, or l.a.x. and it is a disgrace. we have become a third world country, folks. and it is not going to happen any longer. not going to happen any longer. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: so what happened in indiana was amazing. we win all the states. new york, pennsylvania, rhode island, delaware, connecticut, maryland. and by the way, won every county in every state. it has never happened before. won by landslides, where even the slime sitting over there -- they cannot say it anymore because now we are getting 78%.
5:05 am
they used to say, "donald trump has not cracked 50%. yes, he has won, but he has not cracked 50%." boy are we cracking 50% now. more importantly, in the history of the republican party, we have received more votes than anybody by far. by millions. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and we have 10 states left to go. 10 states. and they will never say that. they don't say that, so i might as will tell you. you know the expression, if you don't toot your own horn, you better do it because nobody else is going to do it for you? this slime is never going to do it. i just read a story by a woman named parker and a woman named paperman in the "new york times." instead of saying donald trump
5:06 am
won the republican primary, they say, "his style of negotiation and the way he runs and the fact he did this and that." they say, "the republican party -- " the republican party is coming together quickly. you just saw darrell issa, duncan, all these people. these are the best. it is really coming together quickly. we are up to over 90% in terms of approval rates. last time, we had this clown named mitt romney that let us all down. i backed him and worked for him. john mccain lost. mitt romney lost. i said this time we are going to do it ourselves. we are going to win. we are going to win. and we are going to win.
5:07 am
don't even think about it. before we forget, we have won the nomination big, by numbers you can't believe. you have got to go out and vote in two weeks anyway because we want the mandate. we have to have the mandate. the state of reporters, wiseguys -- these two reporters, wiseguys, not talented people. they say donald trump is having a hard time bringing the republican party together. why don't they say i win the nomination? i give the vets almost $6 million. i don't have to give them anything. i give a speech, and i say, let's raise money for the vets. i was thinking maybe we would get $1 million. we are giving a full list on tuesday. but i got these guys.
5:08 am
i take something where nobody even thinks about it. you raise this fantastic amount of money. i give it to all these organizations. instead of praise, they knock you. these two reporters, and they always pretend like they are your friend. i call it the failing new york times. it is a disgrace. by the way, the washington post is not much better. they have 22 people on me right now. i will tell you why. i have always heard if you are a very successful person, you cannot run for office. you especially cannot run for president. the "washington post" has 22 people on me now, 22 reporters. that is because the person that owns the "washington post" also has a big thing in amazon, which is a much more important thing.
5:09 am
so he uses the "washington pos"" for power and he thinks he will get the politicians to do what he wants, and he probably will. but me, i could not care less. he does not want to pay tax on the internet. he will use that so they will not tax amazon on the internet. meanwhile, department stores are going out of business because it is unfair competition. now he has a threat in terms of monopoly. he knows i am the only one that says it. the politicians are afraid to say it because he owns the "washington post." the other day, i get a call. they had 22 guys slopping all the stuff together, and they are doing a book that comes out in august. make sure he is ok. make sure he is perfect. are you ok? make sure. we love these people. may have been standing here for six hours. [applause]
5:10 am
mr. trump: that is my great world war ii vet. the people looking at him don't realize he is tougher than all of us in this room. that i can say. [applause] mr. trump: i love to call these institutions out. no politician is going to do that because they care too much. i care too, but i care about doing the right thing. the "new york times" last week made a fool of themselves. they did a story on the front page on sunday. a massive picture of me standing with beauty pageant contestants. then they interviewed 50 or 60 people. most of them said good things. the few of them revolted, they said that is not what we said or implied. we like donald trump.
5:11 am
we love donald trump. donald trump treated us with respect. one of them got married. i said, isn't that terrible, that story? they wrote it very disrespectfully. not very serious charges, in all fairness. they wrote it very disrespectfully. i saw her on television. i saw her again on television. she was saying it was incorrect what they said. what they said was meant maliciously, and i like and respect donald trump and he always treated me great and you should not write like that. and then i had a very fantastic young woman who was a very successful member of the beauty pageants. i see carrie is here right now. we love carrie. she married a great athlete. they are standing together. they are a great couple. carrie told him what was going
5:12 am
on, and they mischaracterized her. they said they spoke to her and never spoke to her and they wrote false stuff. they wrote about another one. that was false. they wrote about a construction woman that worked for me. i gave her the break of a lifetime. i let her build a major building in new york city where she was the construction manager. probably never happened to a woman before. i gave a woman a break. my father said donald, don't do that. he is from the old school. i said it will be good. he said you are making a mistake, don't do it. i said it will be fine. he said whatever you want, to let her do it. i gave her the break of her lifetime.
5:13 am
when she left, she wanted to come back because the grass is always greener. she left. now all of a sudden, she loves trump. for a long time she has wanted to come back, for many years. i love e-mails. they never go away. you hear that, hillary? they never go away, hillary! [applause] mr. trump: you know, hillary is missing 30,000 e-mails. i have people that will retrieve those e-mails. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i don't think they want to find those e-mails because what hillary has done is criminal, folks. let's get back to the "new york times." i give her the break of a lifetime. she writes a book glowing about donald trump. she said some strange things. she said in the book donald trump is not sexist. who would say that? unless you have evil thoughts. is that correct, carrie? she puts in the book something to the effect that donald trump is not sexist.
5:14 am
it was a good book about me. she wants to come back, so she is e-mailing to my secretaries for years. "i want to come back, donald trump is the greatest." "he is not a sexist person, he is the greatest person." and then she is in the "new york times" saying i was a horrible person. one of my men said she had the most foul mouth of any human being i have ever seen. she used to walk into a group of men and start using the f word, and i had to bring her into my office to calm her down. she was going crazy. she writes all these letters that trump is the greatest. at least somebody will say good because i did not know carrie would say great after reading negative stuff. i did not know roanne would come
5:15 am
out and say great after reading negative stuff. then i saw this one. i say i gave her a job no other woman would be given. i was 25 years ahead of my time with women. to this day, i have women making more money for the same job as my men. and i'm happy about it. and i expect a lawsuit any day from the men. they will sue me because they are not making it, because we are living in that kind of society. my men will be suing me on monday morning because they are not making as much. i don't care because we are doing great with women. i don't believe the polls. we are doing great with women. women for trump, thank you. wow. thank you very much. i think we are doing great. by the way, the numbers with women are going up.
5:16 am
women want to see strong borders. they want to see a strong military. they want to see strength. they want to see strength. and i will tell you what, they want to see jobs. they want an economy that will boom. everybody admits that what i will do for the economy nobody else can do. so here is the end result. "the new york times" calls and they want to meet. they met. they are so embarrassed. who is with the "new york times?" where is the "new york times" reporter? i call it the failing new york times. the "new york times" wants to meet. they met with one of my guys. they had a good meeting. i think they just don't want to be sued if you want to know the truth. but these people are very dishonest. "the new york times," the "washington post."
5:17 am
most of the people. some of them are fine. not many, but some of them are fine. when somebody hits you, you have to fight back. you know what i said to this barbara? i had friends that called me and said you are not very cool. i said to barbara, maybe you should not be eating that piece of candy. [laughter] mr. trump: that is a little different than bill clinton, i think. [laughter] mr. trump: and she said -- here is a woman that used the f bomb more than any other person i ever heard. she said, "he was obviously talking about my weight." give me a break. we are so politically correct now our country is dying from within. we have to get back to business. we have to rebuild our country. we have got to rebuild our infrastructure. remember this.
5:18 am
almost $5 trillion spent in the middle east, and we don't have enough room to fix a road right outside that is in horrible shape. ok? we can't fix our highways, our tunnels. and we are going to get it going, folks. you are going to be so proud of your country once again. so here is the story. i came here, and i am leading in the polls. we are leading in almost every poll now. it is so great. i came here and said specifically -- we were in costa mesa. we had a tremendous rally. were you there? 31,000 people. nobody even showed it because there were a couple of thugs outside burning the american flag, holding other flags up in the air. they were burning and stomping on a car, a police car, stomping
5:19 am
on it. by the way, did you see when he got off the car? he broke his -- did you see that? he tried to pretend he was not hurt. that was adrenaline. he was hurt. he walked away and said that was painful. all you saw was this thug and people burning the american flag and holding up flags from other countries. these are thugs. they hardly showed the rally inside where we had the parents of young children killed by illegal immigrants, where we had the most amazing lovefest like this. even more people. we had the most amazing lovefest. a friend of mine came to me. he came to dallas. we had 21,000 people at the mavericks arena. he said, can i ask you a question? how do you do this? you're going to speak in front of all these people. a very good musicians said trump
5:20 am
is the greatest in the world without a guitar, meaning without an instrument. i have got to stand up here by myself. if i bomb, they will let us know about it. he said to me, how do you do this? this is one of the most successful people in the country, in the world. he looked at this massive audience like this today and like i had a little while ago in fresno. he looked at this massive audience and said, how can you get up there and speak? do you have notes? i say no. do you have something? i have a good head, a good memory. i have a very good memory. he said, how do you do it? i said, honestly, it is not hard because there is so much love in the room. it is unbelievable. there is love in the room. we want to take our country back.
5:21 am
we are tired of being the stupid people all over the world. we are tired of it, and we are going to end it. >> [crowd chanting: "donald"] mr. trump: thank you. i love ending this way. we are on live television. it is embarrassing because we get crazy ratings, so they take advantage of all of us. they put me on all the time. look at all of the cameras. when hillary comes, you have no cameras. nobody wants to watch. it is always difficult because you have to make different speeches. you cannot be on live television all the time and make the same speech because people say he said that this morning, he said that yesterday. the nice part is i can talk about current events.
5:22 am
i can talk about things like we mentioned before, the t.s.a., how badly it is managed. i can talk about our vets, how badly things over the last two days came down. our veterans administration is a corrupt enterprise. you ought to get the judge to look into that instead of wasting everybody's time so he can take advantage of donald trump. he should be ashamed of himself. here is the story, folks. i like to end it this way. how many ways can you end something? somebody said "make america great again" is a negative statement. i said it is a positive statement because we are going to make america great again. listen. we don't win anymore as a country. we don't win with our military, education, anything.
5:23 am
now they want to take your second amendment away? that is not going to happen. but we don't win anymore. i love saying it and we cannot do it any better. we are going to start winning again big-league. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we are going to win with our military. we are going to knock the -- out of isis. we are going to win for our great vets. they have not been treated properly. illegal immigrants get better treatment in many cases than our veterans, and that is not going to happen. so we are going to win for our vets. we are going to win on education. no more common core. bring it down. we want it local.
5:24 am
we are going to win with health care. we are going to win at the border. we are going to win at trade. we are going to win so much that you people are going to be calling your president saying, "please, mr. president, we don't want to win anymore. you are winning too much. you're driving us crazy." i'm going to say i am sorry, but we are going to keep winning and make america great again! i love you. thank you. i love you, san diego. get out and vote. get out and vote. we are going to win california. get out and vote. thank you, everybody. [cheers and applause] >> ? y'all ready for this?
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on sunday, beginning at 9:45 a.m. eastern live coverage of the nomination process. delicate quotes for the candidate and victory speeches. that is on c-span. ♪ >> madam secretary. we proudly have 72 of our delegate votes to the next president of the united states. [applause] ♪
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>> this memorial day weekend, on american history tv on c-span3, today at 6:00 p.m. eastern, on the civil war. >> by the time captured atlanta in september 1864, his thoughts on the matter had fully matured. a rebel army had been defeated, and another major city had fallen and silver confederates would not get above. -- and still the confederates would not give up. he would now which war against property. general william tecumseh sherman, arguing that sherman's march to the sea campaign was hard more resident told war, and his targets were specifically selected to diminish southern result. viewing some of the oldest rooms in the capital, like the republican leader suite,
5:47 am
conference room, and private office. fortune toe good actually be here on august 20, 19 63, when martin luther king made the i have a dream speech. i could not hear a word, because i was at this end of the hall. memorial,the lincoln looking out at thousands and thousands of people. but you knew you were in the presence of something really significant. p.m., the 8:00 role of the president during the vietnam era. >> lbj anguished about that war, every single day. that is not an overstatement. , the callsody counts either to or from the situation often at two or 3:00 in the morning to see if the carrier pilots had returned. lbj and nixon
5:48 am
presencelore the foreign policies during the conflict. our five-part series on the 1975 church committee hearings, convened to investigate the cia, fbi, irs andd -- nsa. reuseare here to the major findings -- review our major findings. fbi surveillance of law-abiding citizens and groups, political intelligence, and several specific cases of unjustified intelligence operations. >> for the complete weekend schedule go to
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the president was in japan to attend the g-7 summit meeting being held. at the conclusion of those meetings, japanese prime minister sharon's out a -- shin so i'll be discussed be situation. afterward he took questions from reporters. this is about 30 minutes.
5:50 am
[speaking japanese] >> now he will give his remarks. >> i am going to start off i expressing in my capacity as japanese prime minister a heartfelt welcome to everyone who came here from around the world. abundant nature, delicious food from the sea and land. my hope is that everyone was able to fully enjoy japan's homegrown features. the shrine's solemn and pristine air always makes me feel as if my posture is more straightened. the shrine has offered prayers for a bountiful harvest, for peace, and for happiness for 2000 years. today's peace and prosperity were built based on all of these prayers given by people. it is here at that shrine where the g7 summit started this year. we come together because of shared beliefs and shared responsibilities. now, 41 years ago when faced with a global economic crisis, the oil shock, our predecessors met in france and agreed to a
5:51 am
historical policy coronation. today's peace and prosperity is the result of the belief that our predecessors had that the future can be changed, and that they can tackle challenges together. today's peace and prosperity must be handed down in tact to our children and grandchildren. in order for us to do so, those of us who are here today cannot shy away from the issues that we face. we must work together to overcome these issues. freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, these are basic values that are shared by the g7. since leading global peace and prosperity today, the g7 has a major responsibility. the world faces many issues. there is clear determination to cooperate and address these issues that we have confirmed with our g7 friends and have stated to the world here loud and clear. our biggest topic was the world
5:52 am
economy. with the decline in stock markets worldwide, in less than a year, more than 1500 trillion yen of assets have been lost. although some recovery has been made recently and there is relative stability, there is still a great deal of murkiness that is agitating global markets. the reason for that, the biggest risk comes from the fact that the emerging economies are starting to show a slowdown. in the 21st century, the global economy has been driven by the growth and vitality of these emerging markets. when the lehman others collapsed and triggered a global economic crisis, the recovery was led by steady growth in emerging economies.
5:53 am
they have served as an engine for the world economy. however, these emerging economies, over the last year, are showing a sudden slowdown.
5:54 am
steel, oil, and other materials and agricultural products, prices over the last year have fallen over 50%. this decline is comparable to what was observed in the aftermath of the lehman brothers collapse. it has been a big blow to resource rich countries and emerging economies that are
5:55 am
dependent on agricultural and materials industries. investment which drives growth is also on the decline. last year, investment growth in emerging economies fell to a new low, a level lower than when the lehman brothers collapsed. it was also the first time since the lehman shock that there was a negative influx of capital to emerging economies.
5:56 am
in addition, in china, excessive planned infrastructure and growing underperforming loans and other structural issues in the emerging economies remain unaddressed. the situation could become aggravated. against this backdrop, global economy growth last year was the worst level since the lehman shock. this year as well, global growth continues to be advised -- revised downwards. the developed economies have suffered from pervasive lack of demand over the last few years and have been hurt by
5:57 am
deflationary pressure. with the slowdown of emerging economies worldwide, demand is stagnant. the most serious concern is a contraction of the global economy. global trade started to decline since the second half of 2014. it declined by close to 20% which was a decline not seen since the lehman shock. chinese imports declined 14% last year. it felt a further 12% this year -- fell a further 12% this year which means there is risk that the decline in global demand could become prolonged. however, becoming pessimistic will not help. i made it a point to spend the most time to discuss global economic issues not to be pessimistic.
5:58 am
we must be able to objectively and accurately understand the risk we face. we must have a shared understanding of the risk, otherwise we will not be able to work together and resolve the issue. many g7 members share the recognition and the strong sense of urgency that the world economy faces the risk of falling into a crisis the on the usual cycle if we fail to respond properly. we also agreed that -- places role by coordinating monetary, fiscal, and structural policies and take three-pronged approach
5:59 am
on economics, emerging economies show a sign of weakness. abenomics must be expanded worldwide. we agree to expand the epa and other programs to the world, a free and fair economic program. including women to build a potential and the necessary steps of the international health, including emergency health responses will be a basis for world sustainable growth in order to assist growth and developing countries and worldwide, while the infrastructure -- quality infrastructure must be under general principles. as chair of this summit meeting, japan will be on the front line
6:00 am
to take these actions in order to contribute to the global economy. every policy response must be mobilized in order to further value abenomics. what should be done including whether the consumption tax rate increases, we need to consider and identify necessary measures to be taken before the upcoming elections. as we share universal values, we g7 has an important role to play to protect world peace and stability. violent extremism is a threat to all humanity. our new action plan is to ensure that terrorists will have no


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