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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  May 29, 2016 12:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i'm speaking to the people watching to divert libertarian this year for a freer washington manner for your united they. -- united states. get out there and get the buildup for the libertarian candidate in your area. if there is not one, get on the ballot you can. feynman to support. thank you very much. i'm running to represent all of the washington where i lived for 20 years. this is our year. this is our moment. we have an unprecedented chance to seize this country in the name of liberty. for everyone here, for everyone at home. the 48running in districts in washington. iran in 2014 and got 37% of the vote in a sling district.
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i'm now running because i'm going to be the first female libertarian elected to a state position in the nation that is my goal. i've been on track since ron paul. the good news, i just scared a gop possible out of water, so i'm on my way to the general. i support -- excuse me i appreciate your support. i want the whole country talking about my campaign and the campaigns of these fine gentlemen up here. ,e need to take to the streets the bell of liberty rang this weekend. but the vibrations reverberate throughout this country. this is our time. this is our hour. we are patriots of the new age. for liberty, love and logic. thank you so much. thank you so much. [applause]
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microphone 1. one second. i want to announce that the oh the secretary fanning grizzly bear and i want to announce the candidates that are eligible for the next round. i'm not compared to get, but i want you to know who you are eligible to vote in gary johnson. john mcafee, austin peterson, darrell parry, mark alan feldman . the only candidate who will be dropped from this ballot is kevin mccormick. microphone 1. >> mr. chairman. from virginia. this is a point of information. >> go ahead. thes a matter of tradition,
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libertarian party has always recognition of a vote for none of the above and all public and internal libertarian party elections. so if you would care to cast a vote for none of the above, it is a valid choice at all times in libertarian party elections. nobodymember, a vote for means nobody is going to make demands on your time, nobody donations,u for nobody will be asking you for petitioning help. >> thank you. is there anyone else seeking to recognize? >> gym full of from michigan. point of information. world, shouldur be not allow kevin cramer some time to speak to the body? >> it is not the rules.
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we have occasionally asked for suspension of the rules in order to allow someone who has dropped to adjust the body. is there such a request? >> i so move. >> for how long? >> for two minutes. an objection to having kevin mccormick and just the body for two minutes? all in favor for line mr. mccormack, please abide by saying i've. at those say no. can mr. mccormack approaches stage right so that he may come up and adjust the body. allie is already on stage left. kevin mccormick. >[applause] you guys are making me emotional again. thank you everyone for your support. thank you for my nine votes. i greatly appreciated. i got into this race to spread
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the message of liberty. understandus all to that once as voting is done today, we may have multiple runs ahead of us, that we only to come together. you may have not heard of such a thing as a black swan event. it is those events that are outside of standard deviations. better out there and their possible. this year has shown the world that we have experienced multiple black swan event. it is thosei am a black swan stn right now. i jumped in this race 100 days ago. and just received nine votes. we are dealing with a situation out his country where our presidential nominee can win this election by just gaining 60 electoral votes. we can change the world this year. i want everyone to understand whoever wins, we must get behind our candidate. and do our grassroots operation, and bring this party forward. we can win this election this year everyone. all we need is 60 electoral
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votes to send it to the house and prevent that fraud trump and the prisoner hillary clinton from being the next president of the united states. [applause] thank you. i recognize microphone 2. mr. chair. i would like to make a motion to move that we suspend the role to allow tokens that were cast for president to be automatically cast vice president for those candidates wishing to run for that office. there is a motion to suspend the rules for the purpose of considering the presidential tokens cast for president to be the same as tokens counted for who presidents for people may have run for president who wish to be placed in nomination for vice president wants to pick a nominee.
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is that your motion? >> that is correct. after a nominees been chosen. >> is their second for that suspension of the rules? is our objections. thein favor of suspending role in that manner to cap presidential tokens as vice presidential dragons for those candidates who wish to seek the vice presidential nomination, please say i. opposed please say no. now everybody's going to have to do something different. all in favor of that suspension of the rules, please raise your hand. all opposed to that suspension of the rules -- i do not think that that is two thirds. so that suspension of the rules will fail at this time. just as a point of information for the body.
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you will figure out what it all means soon enough. is there anyone else seeking to be recognized at a microphone? can we put -- are the ballots ready madam secretary? the ballots are ready. state delegation chairs sketch about said that gasquet state delegations start voting. we're going to get this done. now mr. mccluskey. first off i would like to thank everyone for being here today. i'm running for u.s. congress in the fourth congressional district of mississippi. i would like to thank a few people real quick.
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also my over driver who got me here quickly on last-second notice. as many of you know, we are at a watershed moment for the libertarian party. i think we all agree on that. look around you. look at this. take it in. you've never seen before. every major news network is here. is unbelievable. hard work dedication, and perseverance is finally paying off. now we turn on the tv every day we see one of our presidential candidates speaking. , i can feel it. times of changes and seeing those are found comfort in the two-party system are painfully going to fill in. we never close to the pinnacle.
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the possibility debits significant impact on american politics lies directly in front of us and is incumbent of the leaders of the party and the members of the activist to go forth and capitalize on this historic opportunity. an opportunity that each one of us are blessed beyond comprehension to witness. now the time to take it to the next level. it is happening at my three ladies and gentlemen. we must be ready for the increasing spotlight and increasing's responsibility. americans are finally growing weary of the failures, broken promises, and incompetence of the two major parties. [applause] they look at both democrats and republicans and they realized they are cut from the same self-serving fabric that resembles nothing our founders envisioned. the ideas and principles that were present in the spirit of this nation's founding or long gone and even the remnants at the risk of the station. extinction.ion --
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we look to washington dc we see a government dictating every aspect of our personal lives. democrats are speeding to a fiscal cliff at 100 miles brower while republicans boast about going to the same 90 miles an hour. at some point, someone has to slam on the brakes. the libertarian party appears to be the credible option and finally many are starting to realize that. with all this said, we cannot accomplish a single thing if we do not grow in numbers as a party. our collective principles and so -- something that most americans will accept on some level. unlike the other two major parties from all principles bind us together versus a mere party name which is essentially nothing more than a team jersey that is no credibility of the player wearing it is void of it can dictate set of convictions. as the stars align, we see the next him in the impossible task.
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the question now for us, how do we make this possibility a reality? best way i can explain this is simply tell you my journey. gop lie ank-and-file list to becoming a libertarian candidate for the u.s. congress. in my eyes, it had a lot to do with my life expenses and people involved my personal enlightenment. the most important, the framing of a message. i was fresh off a four-year tour in the united states marine corps which included a deployment in iraq and i was a proud 22-year-old man that knew we had the world figured out. it's the political world. i began my freshman at university of southern mississippi as a political science major. it was by chance that i encountered a man that at the time seemed a little bit crazy. he kept rattling off these ideas and -- that i somewhat agree
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with, but certainly they were not related. he is now the audience actually. stand up. please give them a round of applause. [applause] danny is a former party chair nearest congressional candidate. he frequently traveled to stay speaking what the true meanings of freedom and liberty. whatever's travels brought to my hometown of hattiesburg mississippi, i received a phone call asking, had you want to go snag a bite to eat. the conversations that we had planted the seeds that would eventually grow into my understanding of what it means to truly be free. it is guaranteed that after each of these encounters that would give -- get my car, watched any driveway, then the conversation with myself would begin. i would tell myself he is wrong. he ist know quite how wrong, but damage he has to be wrong. damnit, he has to be wrong.
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i had to know more about these radical notion that he gets speaking about. delve into the readings that danny would suggest. these are my quintessential "ah-ha" moments. it was the method in which he framed the message. both in words and delivery. who may not be familiar, framing a message is a political science term that refers to the matter in which you convey their intended points to others so they can understand at a generally good -- agreeable discourse. i compared this to witnessing the gospel. thatike francis i found those were most effective in bringing someone to the word of god are those who do not constantly be at others over the head of the bible. but instead, they simply highlight the wonders of the
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idea that are present. this causes intrigue. it they need to know more. me just a little of a liberty oriented ideas to make me want more. i have no doubt that if you aggressively force that in i would've pushed back. later, i brought this up to danny. if you force honey down a child's throat, the child will go to hate it. if you just simply put a little on at a level that at a time. he will grow to love it. this is exactly are you spread the message of freedom and liberty. we are so far removed from the ideas of freedom that it might seem for an unrealistic to people. the process of getting them to open up to be very difficult. but if done the right way, it can be possible. i sometimes encounter those that may be at odds with on a few issues.
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this may involve parameters -- many of my affiliate mississippi is identified conservatives. i use the term the purest form. tone for what can turn out to be a very interesting conversation especially on social issues. you can see the personal dilemma in a congress of dissidents begin in their minds as they realized that using the government to control some as personal habits is not conservative, yet is liberal. what we refer to as status. the main one is the one that i'm sure we all have and it pertains to the nonaggressive principle. i thought extending a recent interview i was asked by the interviewer did you support the ideas of allowing individuals to make their own decisions, where does the individual drug ?
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line?he we allow the government to make the decisions for us, where will the government to all the line? -- draw the line? most people they are honest with themselves, but understand how that scenarios. regardless of their ideology, regardless of the parties, it is not something there come to the way street at that moment, you found the common ground. don't friend of libertarian message property, we run them risk of falling into the same trap as the two major parties for emotions guide their beliefs and set of reason and logic. all -- on the surface are message might not appeal to everyone. point, we might not be speaking a different mileage. our intent has been lost in translation for those of you freedom and liberty.
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that is why something as simple as how you weren't a sentence could be the determining factor in any political discourse about libertarian politics. this can be thought provoking for you as well. it will force you to approach issues from different angles. but also provide you with a different -- deeper understanding of the topic at hand. was again as many of you know, these exciting times in american politics especially for the libertarian party. it is also very troubling times millions of americans are fleeing the parties in search of natural something fresh and new, but something that may actually work. as they are leaving their parties, let us make sure that we do not really wall around our own. a wall that a certain mr. trump would probably be proud of. instead, let us embrace the fact the libertarian party can be a
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fantastic position to receive that feel so disenfranchised by the democratic and republican parties. this will only increase our strength. just remember what a great american hero once said as he defeated an evil soviet status and a highly contested epic battle. at the end of the movie rocky four, rockies stands in the middle of the ring and he tells the crowd this. change, change, you can we all can change. [applause] and yes i just quoted rocky balboa. i don't think it gets more american than that. if we all can make the necessary change the libertarian -- libertarian party will charge for three chat-us ever seen before. but most important portly, we
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serve a chance to serve the public. and resurrect the idea of the freedom and liberty. for that, i do believe, history will judge us with an undeniable sense of honor. thank you. [applause] >> thank you mr. mccluskey. i'm vice chairman for libertarian national committee. i'll be taking over temporarily. in case anybody is forgotten, he want to learn more about the libertarian party. please go to if you want to get involved with the party, please go to -800-elect-us. mark please come to the stage.
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credentials committees, please go to the registration desk right now. ya'lle got to say howdy from texas. i'm running for the most important regulatory agency in the united states that nobody knows anything about the texas railroad commission. surprised, might be wait a minute, you are libertarians. human not be surprised. to find out that the texas railroad commission has nothing to do with railroads. believe it or not, the texas railroad commission regulates our state's most important
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industry, oil and gas. it is not regulated air railroads for several decades. to also might be surprised, find out that our legislature will change the name. won't change the name. they like it to be obscure agency. like it's to be an agency whose commissioners go elected by the people, continue to insist that they can have a dual role of both the oil and gas industries champion as well as its regulator. those of us that know about regulatory capture, that is an open and mission of regulatory capture. publicly. also be surprised, no you are libertarians, you would not be surprised, to find out
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that the texas railroad commission once controlled the price of oil and the world. they did it by restricting oil and gas production in texas. some have even suggested they did that in order to transfer a well from the consuming state to texas a producing state. there is another reason that i'm running. one of the main reasons i'm ensure is texas needs to ballot access for 2018. the way beget ballot access in 2018 without a petition drive is to get 5% in a statewide race. my race is the only executive position on the ballot this fall. although we do have six judicial races, all with libertarians in them. so we are working very hard to avoid a petition drive that
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might cost a quarter million winning of these 5% in one of these races. should knows however, 5% is not enough. 5% is on the floor. 10%, they will quit ignoring us. 15%, maybe we just become the second-largest party and taxes. they have one party will there, not to. if any of your son climb, please join us in taxes in our fight to get ballot access for 2018. thank you. thank you candidate miller. as a reminder for the body, let's please maintain order and respect while the speakers are speaking. forgotten, anyone is
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to learn more about the party, please go to the number one thing you can do to help the movement is to run for office. do with dr. miller's doing. run for office as a libertarian, get all the free media coverage, help advance liberty. microphone 1. >> mr. chair, a point of personal privilege. it is kind of hard to walk to the aisles at this point because there certainly people standing in the aisles. we please ask people if they are having conversations to move them into the rose. -- rows. >> there is a point of privilege and are a make a point of order. but the group in the middle of over there please maintain order during these proceedings. if you want to shut, please do that outside of the convention hall. in an are currently aisle, you are making it
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difficult for people to go through the aisle. please return to your seats. or if you wish of conversation, there is an entire beautiful hotel lobby and you can talk about anything you'd like for as long as you like. now that i've a couple moments i want to remind everyone if you have a cell phone, you have access to facebook. you can be using this time right now to be spreading the libertarian message among your friends. you can brad, you can share the live stream of this event. you can thank c-span and all the other media who are here right now for covering this event. so, lookve not done around, there are many people from the media were looking to interview libertarians. understand why we want to cut government. why do we want to advance 70? microphone 1. go ahead. >> point of information.
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top 20 subjects happening twitter,, trending on three of them are the libertarians in this convention . [applause] >> i want to take a quick moment to thank you for that. in addition to twitter covering us, i want to thank the following media for finally realizing that there is a party that wants us government and more freedom and set up more government and more status appeared i would like to thank right now the new york times. he washington post, the wall street journal, the l.a. times, cnn, politico, abc, cbs, and nbc. fox, msnbc, c-span, and the huffington post. thank you so much for the excellent coverage are giving this convention and helping make less freedom -- less government and more freedom and increasing political reality in america.
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you guys have seen that media coverage runs candidates. like most of you, i'm also not a lawyer. i don't have a degree in political science. many of these people love run for office, they are not lawyers, they don't degrees in political science. i promise, if you are dedicated to cutting government, the number one thing you can do is to run for office. when you run for office, you will get thousands of dollars of free media coverage. even if it is at a time like this. even if you run out of time and no one is paying attention, you will get coverage for the cause of liberty. this is your chance to tell everyone why we need to and the department of education. why we need to end the fed. if you run for office, that message will be heard. go ahead microphone 1.
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one of the founders of the delegation of michigan in michigan's libertarian party. someone new is at the denver convention who has run for office every two years since. up, james?nd currently running for the board of regents for the university of michigan. thank you mr. chairman. is there a point of information to order? guys in the back of the room, if you can please give it down during the proceedings. if you want to make a point, you can make a quietly can make it outside. maintain order at all times here. nolong as there is objection, like to invite to the podium a candidate for u.s. senate from new york one of the most active people in social media. who has done so much to spread the libertarian message, please
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welcome alex merced. whatmetimes no matter people think about the roles of government, when i tell them
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they can do something today, they could do something now, it opens up their mind. they look at it differently. i talk about liberty because i'm tired. when people asked me when i sit there and say, it is time to shrink the government, they ask me, what is your argument? casehould i have to make a . why should i do make a case for my freedom. freedom should be the assumption. we have a lot of great candidates this year and it not only my running percent, -- for senate. we have michael mcdermott running for congress. we going to have an exciting year. it takes all of us to get that message across. we should all be spreading the name of all our candidates.
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we want people to sit there and remember the names of libertarian candidates across the country. people to encourage go out and be part of the communities across the country. most of the probably know me more from social media. i've started facebook pages, groups and what not to have candidates get the message out so that we can all channel that message. if you are a candidate, please get in touch so i can help give you access to facebook pages. also anyone needs a website, i more too glad to help them with that. again, thank you guys for listening to me today. thes about you, it is about message. thank you very much. have a great day. [applause] will the delegation chair from mississippi please come to the front.
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i'm going to ask in the body in question. does anybody have an objection to me asking the sergeant of arms or move anybody engaging in disruptive behavior? there's quite a bit of objections. i will ask politely first. please make sure that people can hear these leakers who are your candidates, were fighting for your freedoms, who are trying to get their message out to you and to your fellow man that our family members. it also interferes with the toweling which makes this with racistallying process longer need to be. most of your interaction with with thenment is not federal government. most of it is with your state and local government. right now i would like to welcome to the stage aaron adams
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here choose running for a state level position and she will tell you now she is going to make the lives of you, your family, your friends, and strangers, better. thank you. >> hi everyone. i'm a candidate for state legislature in oklahoma. thank you. aboutre to talk to you growing our party. the message of liberty is a powerful one. it has inspired people since ancient times. i believe we need to tap into that inspiration now. is a uniquen opportunity handed to us by the republicans and the democrats. both of those parties and nominating unabashed big government status. leaving us as the sole voice for liberty in this election.
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the main way we can capitalize on this is by reaching out to the disaffected voters of both parties and in order to reach out, we need to pull together. this means you need to have less infighting. we are the original big tent party. because we don't care what you or your with your life money. as long as you don't take from someone else by force or fraud. we can and do disagree on many things. but our takeaway has always been and will always be advancing liberty. candidate, iian
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feel that it is important to show others that not only can we work together within our own nonpartisann true fashion with others as well. this is my new name of liberty the been working with libertarian party to help them gain access and my great state of obama. -- state of oklahoma. we did not get into this mess overnight and it is unlikely that we will get out of it overnight. so should we talk about our ideals? absolutely. should be immediately propose jumping straight to that ideal? maybe not. sometimes it turns people off. but we do need to start looking in the right direction. the momentum of the last hundred years has been towards bigger and more clouded government.
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too often libertarians focus on the goal without thinking about how to get there. which is also going to drink a bluff and ladies and gentlemen we need to start looking at how to bring people in, not only feature below. -- not ways to turn people off. not everyone starts off a libertarian. as we need to be just welcoming of those who come to our viewpoint later in life as we are to some of our early members. glenn beck for instance is talked about the house till it is he encountered as he converted to the libertarian viewpoint. thosey instantly embrace who claim to have converted, clearly we should not. however, we should be linked to talk to discuss, to listen to their concerns, and especially to answer them respectfully.
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we should be happy that someone is taking steps towards the -- supporting liberty and not dismissive of someone who is not in full agreement with our own views. theve a different view of role of government from others in this party. this does not make me any less a libertarian. this does not make any of you any less a libertarian. longdering that there is a way to go until we get to a practical disagreement, and every instance, we should be working together to choose liberty. thank you. [applause] oklahoma people cannot even vote libertarian. and now we have people who are running for office as libertarians. if you are in a state where you
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can run for office, please strongly consider doing so. there's a few announcements first. as many been of this new logo was designed in georgia by will carroll are -- well taylor who did such great work. if you want one, please go to the table. if there is no objections, i will invite emily salva as to give the credential committee, report. >> thank you researcher. good afternoon. -- mr. chair. good afternoon. at 12:20, we had 920 delegates and 86 votes registered in attendance are eligible. people as06 alternates and delegates in this room. congratulations.
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those alternates and delegates can cast a hundred 46 votes. cast 946 words. -- votes. all in favor of that list, say i've. opposed say no. it passes. >> thank you. also on behalf of the credentials committee, i would like to move that these names be added to the role of those eligible to register to vote at this convention. jesper cabal. diane chalmers. lly.e li
12:41 pm
with the chairman, mr. chairman. number two.e >> mr. chairman of the not voting in slow motions are not allowed? >> you copy. you are correct. the point of order as well taken. we will resend the results of the previous verse. the credentials committee chairwoman's same recommendation as soon as the boat is over. -- vote is over. thank you sir. i want to make an announcement. someone found a samsung tablet in the smoking area. tablet,ave lost that please check registration desk number two.
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the press conference was well, by the way. microphone number two. >> a point of parliamentary inquiry. what would be the appropriate motion to make at this time to not have each date you like it total rent out a loud? going to rule that it would be absolutely 100% in order for someone to make a motion right now to suspend the for the announcement by state of the vote for the second ballot. >> is there any objection to that motion? all in favor of suspending with reading out loud all 50 states the vote totals and assuring them on the screen, please say i've. .
12:43 pm
we will just project the screen. thank you sir. >> i would love to get your attention. from need the ballots kansas and washington state. but those delegation tears turning the verse so that we can pick the next president of the united states. microphone 2. i just want to remind everybody that out right as having our biannual meeting at 6:00 p.m. in room 2456. it's actually 15 minutes after we adjourned.
12:44 pm
>> by the way mr. shipley, i like the color you picked. parliamentary inquiry. >> says the ballot counting is still going, is that previous motion not out of order? >> which motion? >> the motion to flash the results onscreen and that of having the state three days -- read those? >> the chair has ruled that it is in order. do you care to speak to a? it? favor to suspend the order please say i.
12:45 pm
all those who wish to overturn the ruling of the chair, please say no. the ruling of the chair stands. microphone number two. >> mr. chairman, this is my 10th national convention. i am reminded of a certain custom that the chair used to participate in and which he raised his hands and when he did "1-800-elect-us." it seems to me it be an interesting and pass the time. >> let's try. to raise my i like that. let's see if we can update it
12:46 pm
for the modern age. maybe if i raise my hands, org".one can say "lp. these hands are magical. thank you. microphone number two. + point of inquiry. i'm looking at the libertarian if a page. -- facebook page. my question is, is that accurate but that is 205 more than it was at the beginning of the last ballot? i believe so. thank you. else to beas seeking recognized at this time? probably receive ballots from allstate? -- all states. they are all in. we have everybody.
12:47 pm
voting is over. all their business is in order. mills wascognize ms. approaching. if your state delegation chair has turned in your ballot, i'm going to ask the secretary, is that sentiment allowed to cast his vote that he is holding? we will resolve that. that i willing recognize ms. mills at microphone number two because i think she has a motion to suspend the rules. . >> a point of order. >> is it not voluntary procedure that about is not complete until our announced? not shock
12:48 pm
>> please state your motion. motion to suspend the rule for considering of a resolution. for five minutes. >> could you read the resolution? for jointly guaranteeing an unprecedented wave of interest and political alternative, for arguably doing more to disentangle voters from deeply held long-standing political them he ever could on own. for opening lines, for new ideas of government, the libertarian party awards jointly donald andp and hillary clinton liberty outreach award. [applause] think about it.
12:49 pm
>> all in favor of suspending minutes toor five consider adopting this resolution please say i. >> opposed please say no. approach thes secretary's assistance desk to provide that motion in writing. i think, are we ready to move to a vote on this resolution? would anyone like to debate this resolution? ms. mills of you can get it right estimates i can read of the 40,000. can read it before we pass it. for jointly guaranteeing an unprecedented wave of engines forpolitical alternatives, arguably doing more to disentangle voters from deeply held long-standing political loyalties and we have ever could on her own. to seek outminds
12:50 pm
new ideas of governance, the libertarian party awards jointly donald trump and hillary clinton and liberty outreach award. [applause] favor of bassinet resolution please say i've. . oppose. i believe that that passes. let's see these hands work again. it was still set for their website. let's try the phone number. thank you. i will recognize microphone number one. >> i'm it to suspend the rules to introduce a resolution that says the following. the delegates of the libertarian party 2016 convention wish to thank vicki kirkland for her efforts to bring this convention to orlando florida. we wish her a speedy and full
12:51 pm
recovery from her recent illness. >> is there any objection to suspending double for that matter? >> i hear no objection. i there any objection -- actually want to vote on this because i want to hear you. all in favor of passing the resolution, please read again a lot of proud. thehe delegates at libertarian party, 2016 convention wish to thank vicki kirkland for your efforts to bring this convention to orlando, florida. we wish her a speedy and full recovery from her recent illness. favor of that resolution, please say i. oppose. it passes unanimously. [applause]
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[indiscernible] >> mr. chairman. a point of inquiry. >> just a moment. go ahead. time, and i think your indulgence in the indulgence of this party. i write down information you gave me. i handed out to somebody out there and hotel. mecould you just please tell if i want to find out more information about the libertarian party, how much i do that. -- how might i do that? >> well, first i want to show you what the phone numbers. then i want to make sure you know what the web's right is -- website is. mr. chairman, i'm a little hard of hearing, a little --
12:53 pm
just one more time for me please . >> the phone number. and the website. >> thank you mr. chairman. >> thank you mr. starr. i am informed that we have the results of the second presidential ballot. >> mr. chairman, point of a great. >> there is a point of entry. >> delegate from georgia. in between the two ballots, the secretary of state announced a new number for the number of delegates, my question is, what is the baseline number for the votes that should be cast on the second ballot given that the chair rolled out of order changes their tune. >> she did not have any of the changes. i can assure you that. >> what is the baseline number them for the bill cassidy second ballot? >> what is the maximum valid second recount? maximum ballots that could
12:54 pm
become. >> i believe it is in the nine 's.-- hold on. i see on your screen an guest: as thet 94 number of delegates for the ballot. 928 of them are cast. you guys are doing good work. i want to announce that after i announce the results of the presidential nomination. after we announced who will be the next president of the united states, there will be a media availability in ballroom a 10 minutes after the vote is announced. so any press who wishes to talk to the chair, political director, anyone like that, i will be holding a press conference over there.
12:55 pm
now, are we ready? all right. i ask the secretary to pull up the summary results of this ballot. all right. what we are going to do first. we are going to make sure we get this right. the secretary is going to, if we can put the secretaries greener. the secretaries going to scroll through her spreadsheet. i want each state chair, each state delegation chair to look carefully at the screen. andre starting with the a's make sure that there's vote totals match what you turn it. if you see anything that is incorrect, please raise a hand we are fast. -- real fast. go ahead and start scrolling. back up acouple --
12:56 pm
couple. this is delaware through kentucky. next one. go to the indiana through mississippi. up one. >> back up one. if illinois satisfied? all right. keep going in. hen.eep going t all right, that is through new jersey. go ahead. that is through rhode island. everybody good on this one? all right, let's keep going. just don't go too far. [applause] [laughter]
12:57 pm
pennsylvania through washington. all right. now that we have reviewed all of the ballots cast, who is ready to hear who are nominee for the next president of the united states will be? him secretary, please display the results of the election. [applause] [applause] >>gary gary., >> if you could all sit down for a moment. hasgoing to ask if everyone seen the results, i'm going to ask the secretary to take those off the screen and ask the av
12:58 pm
people to play the johnson video. >> an independent documentary about gary johnson. [video clip] >> as governor i was named the
12:59 pm
most dangerous politician in america. the term limits were in effect, politicians would do the right thing as opposed to whatever it takes to get reelected. lessig government is better. -- less government is better. we continue to spend more money than me taken. itin.n we take and
1:00 pm
as a business owner i look to the future of employees. everyone should become their own entrepreneur. >> you've got to love the track. you've got to love what you are doing. if you do that, then good things happen. i believe the biggest issue facing the country right now is government is too big, tries to do too much, and spends too much. way,government paves the they are taking away my ability to spend my money the way i want to spend my money.
1:01 pm
irs.ocate abolishing the use this as a template for a national consumption tax. if illuminating the corporate limited and the corporate tax does not give us millions of jobs in this country, i do not know what will. [indiscernible] i tell the truth. -- tos really hard to do find someone willing to tell the truth regardless of the consequences. the libertarian party will be on the ballot in all 58. -- in all 50 states.
1:02 pm
[cheers and applause] chair sarwark: microphone number one? mr. chairman, on behalf of the gary johnson campaign, we would like to ask for a 15-minute recess at the appropriate time. a 15-minutek: recess for what purpose? >> just to give us a breather. chair sarwark: let's bring everyone up to speed on where i think we are -- my understanding -- i was about to invite governor johnson up to accept the nomination. but before i do -- before i do -- what i would like to do is reschedule the press availability. we will be available 10 minutes adjourn for a lunch
1:03 pm
break. i think that there might be a motion to suspend the rules to amend the agenda to add a 45-minute press brake immediately after the acceptance speech of governor johnson. >> so moved. >> is there any objection to a 45-minute recess after the acceptance speech of governor johnson? there is no objection. all in favor, please say aye. all opposed? >> point of information -- chair sarwark: point of information, mr. gold think west mark >> at what point will we reconvene? aftersarwark: 45 minutes the end of this speech. and the token deadline by the secretary's watch will be 20 p.m. fourter 12:56
1:04 pm
presidential tokens. they would need to be turned in no later than 1:16 p.m. microphone two? i would like to amend with a motion to submit tokens for vice als if they wish. chair sarwark: what i am hearing the gentleman say is he is -- ng a motion for any >> point of order, mr. chairman? chair sarwark: point of order where? >> microphone three. chair sarwark: microphone three. >> we just voted down that motion. is it appropriate to raise it a second time? toir sarwark: i am going
1:05 pm
rule it is an order at this time for two. reasons. i will explain myself. differentll, we have information. the first attempt was during the balloting, which is not a good time for those things. there is areason is long history and our party we do this, so i'm going to ask -- all in favor of suspending the rules to allow anyone nominated -- >> point of order, mr. chairman. chair sarwark: point of order where? >> mr. chairman, would it be in order to have people cast into the votes for that role? that is happening now by switching these tokens? chair sarwark: i have already rolled it will be in order. so, there we go. now we move to a vote. all in favor of suspending the rules in that manner, please say aye. opposed please say no. all in favor, please stand up.
1:06 pm
please sit down. up.opposed, please stand it does fail. the rules will not be suspended in that way. right now, anye presidential candidate who wishes to have their name placed ford nomination for vice president will need to turn in the vice presidential nominating .m.ens no later than 1:16 p is the governor around? if the governor could be around pretty soon -- we will do the credentials report pretty fast. come on, ms. salvette. ms. salvette: thank you. it should go fast because we 1006already heard it areas in the room.
1:07 pm
they can cast 946 votes. i will combine the reports at this time. there were eight people asking to be added to the role of people who can register and become in attendance on this floor -- jessica bell, diane wyoming alternate, alice lily, california alternate, donald mine house and, new york delicate, christina -- fred, california alternate, new york delicate, alternate.akota i'm sure i pronounced each name differently this time. , thee the revised rule voting members of the convention. chair sarwark: all in favor, say aye. opposed say no. ms. salvette: thank you, mr.
1:08 pm
chair. just but mr. chairman? chair sarwark: yes, microphone number one. waiting for the presidential nominee, i would like to make a motion to suspend the rules regarding for them. chair sarwark: go ahead, make your motion. -- >> and thatd i would like to speak -- chair sarwark: for how long? >> five minutes. chair sarwark: go ahead, make your motion. >> to elect officers, lnc members, judicial committee members, the normal quorum requirement is waived. >> point of order, mr. chairman. chair sarwark: point out -- >> point of order, mr. chairman. chair sarwark: i have gotten them from three different directions right now.
1:09 pm
i'm informed that motion to suspend the rules is out of order since it attempts to suspended by law and that is not something this body can do. i'm sorry. >> let me explain the problem we have. chair sarwark: this would be a point of information. >> point of information. the secretary of our party told the credentials committee two months ago it was against terms of order to sign out people from the convention. so, therefore, we have not staffed our committee in order to have people at the signout desk. so, it's going to be a problem. people to know, if you want business to continue, you are going to have to come to be registration desk and sign out and if there is a lineup, it is because we were told that there would not be a staff function. chairman?f order, mr.
1:10 pm
chair sarwark: microphone number three. >> one of the rule change was to change the quorum so it would be 30% by the time we get to election of officers peered if somebody wants to ring that backup, that might be appropriate. i'm not suggesting we do that,. , but it might the helpful. chair sarwark: thank you. are there other privileged motions? microphone number one. >> i'm not sure if this is for the chair or point of information. chair sarwark: go ahead. >> the libertarian party's twitter feed has been getting more than 500 followers a day during the convention. chair sarwark: thank you. [applause] chair sarwark: i am going to inquire whether or not governor johnson wishes to make an acceptance speech at this time for five minutes? if i don't -- [cheers and applause] chair sarwark: is governor
1:11 pm
johnson here? everyone please stand and give a of applause to the nominee for president of the united states, governor gary johnson. [cheers and applause] governor johnson: thank you very much. you have no idea what just happened means to me. i have always said that it is your hard work, every one of your work over the years that has gotten us to this point, and i recognize that.
1:12 pm
and i will work as hard as i can to represent everybody in this room. look, for those who were not supportive, i want to reiterate a couple of things. i tell the truth. i am not a liar. applause]d governor johnson: and i make plenty of mistakes, but what i say at this convention is what i say everywhere, wherever i go, and i believe it is a really libertarian message wherever i go. and right now, leaving this convention, i think that millions of people are going to trying to understand what it is to be a libertarian and it's
1:13 pm
going to be my voice describing that to the best of my ability. realize thee -- i confidence that you put in me to be that spokesperson and i am very, very grateful of that. [applause] governor johnson: now that said, we are going to the vice president, and i understand you get to choose the vice president , but i just want you to know, weld, i's not bill don't think we have the opportunity of being elected president of the united states, and that is not to take anything away from any of the candidates here on stage. in 2012 did not make one national media appearance, and don't think we didn't try to have jim gray be on the national
1:14 pm
media. announced he is seeking the vice presidential nomination, i would say at a 25 nationalhas made media appearances, and going -- [applause] and not tohnson: take anything away from any of the candidates. nothing away from any of the candidates, but bill weld was my role model. bill weld was libertarian republican. bill weld was denied the nomination by jesse helms to be ambassador to mexico because jes described him as pro-gay, pro-choice, and pro-medical marijuana at a time when nobody else was talking about this. [applause] governor johnson: it's your
1:15 pm
choice. we can go out there and we can make -- you kind of sort of made a choice here already, and that the opportunity to reach millions and millions of americans. talk about fund-raising. funds sinceount of i of been in politics, that i have raised is probably about $8 million. if you make that comparison with bill weld, the number is closer to a quarter of a billion dollars. a reality. it is a reality, and i'm asking you all to recognize that reality, and i'm asking you to recognize that you did nominate me for president. and i'm hopefully going to get
1:16 pm
elected president of the united states. the first -- [applause] the firstohnson: consideration that people are going to look at when they look at a vice president, the first consideration, may the only consideration is, can that person step in and be vice president of the united states? i'm going to ask you to make decision. i trust all of you, moving forward -- i hope you can see the wisdom of this libertarian party exploding at a minimum -- at a minimum, i think we are in the presidential debates. [cheers and applause] if it is not bill weld, than i
1:17 pm
do not think that happens. if it is bill weld, and not to take anything away from anybody else that is on this stage, but is a is bill weld, there real possibility we can achieve major party status in this country, and who would have dreamed that was possible for years ago? 4 yearswas possible ago? in 2012, people would ask, gee, did you never catch on? i have caught on big. when they do not poll you, when they do not recognize you go votes,ro to 1,300,000 it's hard to make that pitch. at 10% of the vote, that is 18 million people being represented right now.
1:18 pm
understand the opportunity. please. [applause] i am laying it in your hands, and i know that you are going to make -- i know you're going to make the right decision. they get to all of you. you have no -- hard, everyked so worked so of you has hard, and so much money has been many years for valid access, and here we are. -- did anybody get involved with the libertarian party hoping that this might someday happen? was it going to be perfect? no, it was not going to be perfect, but it is here and it is now. [applause]
1:19 pm
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. ♪ for just a millisecond ♪ chair sarwark: i know you guys have been loud, but one more round of applause for the next nominee for the next president of the united states of america, governor gary johnson! [applause] chair sarwark: it is now 20 minutes after 1:00. the deadline has passed for vice presidential signature tokens to
1:20 pm
be turned in. they will not be accepted after this time. there will be a press conference in ballroom a in 10 minutes. so, at 1:30 p.m. we will resume business 40 five minutes after now, which by my lawyer math is five minutes after 2:00. 2:05, we will resume and we will have nominations for the office of vice president. thank you. [indiscernible] we can goohnson: forward without taking our best /in my estimation, that is bill weld. [indiscernible] he brings attention.
1:21 pm
credibility.ings >> [inaudible] >> [indiscernible] it is not just the libertarian party. if every party. americans right now have no idea what libertarianism is. no idea. [indiscernible] and now it is here. me --et let me -- [indiscernible] you're not going to hear a negative word from me.
1:22 pm
concernsly have regarding their policies. but congratulations to all of them. questions? anyway, thankon: you, thank you, thank you. >> [indiscernible] governor johnson: yes. yes. >> here we go! [laughter] this is the,son: nation of a lot of hard work, and that hard work really started in 2012 -- this is the culmination of a lot of hard work, and that hard work really started in 2012. i continue to try to go to party, and i continue to do that. consider, this is 1000 people working really hard to build the party. and there it is. i do get another crack at this.
1:23 pm
we did not arrive here by mistake. an appetitereally for something different. and something different, really .he best of what it is >> [indiscernible] i will tellnson: the truth. i've always told the truth. lifenk the unforgivable in is hypocrisy. >> [indiscernible] great.r johnson: thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. >> gary johnson right here. so, if you all do not know this, 2012, michigan booted us off the ballot.
1:24 pm
was on libertarian party the ballot, so gary e. johnson, hnson,bstituted gary e. jo austin, texas on the ballot, which i thought was a stroke of genius. [indiscernible] [cheers and applause] thank you.hnson: thank you. >> gary! whoo! gary! [indistinct chanting]
1:25 pm
>> everybody wants weld! everybody wants weld! vote weld! vote weld!
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
>> [indiscernible] >> i was afraid -- you think we are the best of the party. we've got to get that today. go! [laughter] >> there is something you can do about it. [indistinct conversations]
1:28 pm
>> so, as we have seen, the libertarian party is choosing former new mexico governor gary johnson as the presidential nominee for the second time in a row. we are now waiting for him to review can see him come into the room to address the media while the convention takes a break. still to come for the convention, the business of nominating a vice residential candidate. we expect that to get underway in about 45 minutes or so. we have complete coverage from orlando, florida, part of our road to the white house coverage.
1:29 pm
ms. salvette: ladies and gentlemen -- >> ladies in german, this has been one exciting libertarian nominating convention. it is my pleasure to welcome the chair of our nominating committee nicholas sarwark. chair sarwark: good afternoon. on our second ballot, gary johnson received 55.8 percent of
1:30 pm
the vote. that is majority. he is our nominee for president of the united states. i'm ready to take questions. yes, ma'am. >> [indiscernible] chair sarwark: we are going to do everything we can to operate with the johnson campaign. we are going to get together, strategize, move forward to present our agenda to the american people. >> separate ballot for vice president? >> i think the founding of the party 45 years ago. it is our tradition and it is a bylaws rule. know the like to candidates for vice president for theubmitted a token nomination arm. all right. and they areow, still tabulating, mr. will coley of tennessee, mr. white's --
1:31 pm
york, -- from new weld, currently a massachusetts residents. massachusetts or you nor -- or new york. rnrek, and alicia dern -- dea i believe of california. about whattalk happened? >> i am happy to. historically, you have had to to replace the nomination. it has traditionally been our practice to suspend the rules to count presidential tokens turned in by a presidential candidate as vice presidential tokens for
1:32 pm
nominations for anyone who had run for president. in motion was made to suspend the rules in that manner so the only candidates who will be eligible to be nominated for the office of vice president are those able to submit vice presidential tokens by the deadline of 1:16 p.m. [inaudible] at present, that is the case. those tokens are being turned in but still being tabulated. someone may cross the 30 token threshold in the interim. in the back. what is the question? vice presidential tokens? vice presidential is what we are talking about. how many were
1:33 pm
outstanding or how many delegates did not turn them in at all. at this time, the names i listed are the only ones who met the threshold. >> the party and the johnson campaign will be collaborated on? if we seems to be assured are understanding correctly in all 50 states and what actions does the libertarian party take in regards to the debate, how will coordination take place between the party and the johnson campaign? >> it will take place according to whatever between the party and the campaign. hope we have that finished very soon. we have our lawyer present at the convention to make that happen. the map, weee on are on in 32 of them and we andcipate teeing in all 50 we will be cooperating on fundraising, messaging, making sure most people in the country here the positive vision of a
1:34 pm
party that stands for the idea that every american has the right to pursue happiness long as they do not hurt people or take their stuff. a positive, good alternative to two of the most hated candidates of modern politics that the tea does old parties have tried to stick the american people with. >> early targets of what you will need to get the message across in the campaign? come up: we have not with hard targets and probably would not share them with you anyway because it is hard strategy. next question. there is that channel to suggest to the koch brothers that the return on the investment would be a lot higher in libertarian move -- party, and we align better with their values than the republican party were donors collectively, through a hundred $66 million into a hole and lit it on fire to nominate jeb bush.
1:35 pm
[inaudible] nicholas: i am and where the koch brothers issued a denial that they had been in talks funding governor johnson's run, but that was a pre-domination denial and unrelated to whether or not the parties reached out to them. >> do you expect him to respond favorably now? >> i would hope so. if they want to advance libertarian and's, in 1983, they strategy and went to fund the republican party to fix it. it is not fixable. they have not gotten with a wanted out of it. any party that could encompass donald trump to rand paul stands for nothing. think being successful businessmen, that they understand the nature of return on investment and i think it is time for them to come home. >> [inaudible]
1:36 pm
nicholas: there are back channel to mitigation to try to reach out for them. or would youns like to speak to governor johnson? >> are there other major super pac's out there being formed? besides the koch brothers, because there are a lot of them nicholas: any others out there? talkeds:nicholas: i have to three others currently lacking candidates to support. i will not name them. i will name one because it is matt, is here and they dressed the delegates on stage and does not have a candidate to atport with the super pac this time.
1:37 pm
any other questions before we turn it over to governor johnson? we will give you 10 minutes. thank you very much. >> you keep playing the hamilton musical. you said yesterday you signed legislation to end it. a mixed metaphor here. gary: you caught me on that one. nothing to do with it. even if i did, i would not like the music. that is libertarian. lighten up a little bit. discussing that the super pac's in the last few years change to the political landscape out there. a different kind of campaign, seeking your support from organizations and you did in 2012? johnson: the problem is you do not have any control over
1:38 pm
it whatsoever. super pac's were behind me in two the stuff they put out, my brother calls me up and he says, what are you doing and what are you thinking? five minutes later he calls back and says, was that a super pac? i said yes, it is a super pac. >> get support from the tea party? i know a lot of people are ready -- tea party members who will not vote for donald trump. mr. johnson: i identified mise as a tea party, about being fiscally conservative. i think the tea party has been co-opted by republicans. is now a social conservative organization further to the right. based on what i witnessing, hopefully those tea party members who are still about smaller government, yes.
1:39 pm
there is a home. >> seeking more support from hillary clinton then donald trump. [inaudible] mr. johnson: i have been in three national polls. since i have been, there have probably been 40 other polls without my name and it. key for us is to be in these polls. look. this is another voice at the table, combining the best of being a democrat and a republican, neither of which do well at what they are supposed to be good at, coming out of the convention. that mostt to people people are fiscally conservative, socially liberal, tolerant, and then the interventions. how about some skeptics at the table when it comes to these
1:40 pm
military interventions? how about involving congress? we have 69 treaties with foreign that have been presidentially authorized, and we have to defend their borders. is not involved in any of those treaties and it does not seem right. >> [inaudible] mr. johnson: we will have to cross the road when it comes but if bill is notat my candidate, i do not think i will be elected president. that is not to take away from any of the other candidates, but don't we all look at the vice president first and foremost, can this the a person who would take thend actually role of vice president it something actually happened to the president? covers that inld
1:41 pm
spades. disaffected republicans are really smaller government and weld and -- bill myself are republican guys who served in heavily democrat states. we both got elected. we carehat because about the social side of life and we care about people's freedom and liberty and the ellet he or people to make their own decisions in their own lives as long as those decisions do not adversely affect others. >> reach out to the lgbt community? it has never been my tax to reach out to anybody. the message i have is the same no matter whom i am addressing. the most effective reach out is the things that
1:42 pm
should be said and that community should embrace what we are saying. >> [inaudible] amerco will go back to isolationism? about ason: i am not salacious as him at all. i cannot think of an example where any of our military interventions, boots on the ground, flying drones that kill cannotds of people, i think of any of those things that one make anything better. >> why is this year different? mr. johnson: it is different. i have been asked this repeatedly. you never really caught on in 2012. going from zero in 2012 cycle, 1.3 million votes, the trajectory really has not stopped since.
1:43 pm
in any pull in 2012. none. the media would say, he is not showing an interest whatsoever. when i was in polls, much lesser polls, there was quite a level of interest. convention, if bill is the vice presidential nominee, i find it difficult to be excluded from the polls. i ask all of you to report on that fact. i can see the presidential debate in the fall saying, they were not pulling that well, when the reality is we were not in the poll. that is the rates nature of the game. the commission is made up of republicans and democrats. they have no interest whatsoever to see anybody else on page. 50% of americans are registering themselves as independents. voters are
1:44 pm
registering themselves as independents. where is the representation? i have a to think most people in the country are libertarian. it is that they do not know it. here is the great opportunity leaving her today. >> you said you did not want to comment on trumps but went on to list a number of things you think are wrong. can we expect from you in terms of taking him on? mr. johnson: taking him on the fact he wants to deport 11 million immigrants, taking him on when he says mexicans are murderers and rapists, it is that 50% of the population of new mexico that he is talking about, hispanic mexicans in this way, when the absolute opposite is true. out on whatcall him is really racist. it is just racist.
1:45 pm
think what you think of the idea of the commission to host the debate, what is -- are some of the challenges -- mr. johnson: the challenge is the democrats and republicans , agreeing ahead of time that they will debate no one other than a democrat or a republican. they will have no part of a third party unless it is decreed by the presidential debate commission. there is a legitimate fee to having my name in the polls. i will have the only third-party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states. no one else will lake -- lay claim to that or come close. >> one-on-one, would you challenge them to a debate? mr. johnson: that is a possibility.
1:46 pm
i really -- i will reiterate, there is no advantage to him to do that and i would not expect him to. the commission, they signed documents that they will only debate democrats and republicans. that would be terrific and we will throw those bombs, but libertarians have been throwing those for ever since the start of the party. nothing has resulted. why would it change this time? really, this is a big alternative here and we are arguably talking about but most polarizing figures in american politics. this is our choice for president. i will say it again. my tax is not reaching out to anybody. if ted cruz people want to reach
1:47 pm
out to me, and they have every reason to, every group has a reason to reach out to us, i think we are representative of every group, that is the effective way to have support, as opposed to going on bended knee, because there is nothing bended knee about it. >> you said you would not reject anybody, but what about martinez? governor of new mexico, she took me on and made a name for herself on my proposal to legalize marijuana for chin a -- made a name for herself being anti-marijuana and does so to this day. quite thank you. mr. johnson: thank you all very much. nicholas: we will likely have another availability tamez after the vice presidential nominee is and after we take a recess at that time. i will announce that in the
1:48 pm
hall. it will be 10 minutes after we are able to stop. we will resume business in the hall at 2:05 and go through balloting. if it is first ballot, it will go as long as one ballot. there will be 11 nominee speeches for each contender. correct. >> ok, thank you. >> you're welcome.
1:49 pm
announcer: so we heard from libertarian party presidential nominee gary johnson, the vice presidential nomination process scheduled to get underway at 2:05, about 15 minutes from now. johnson, the second time in a row for governor johnson and the vice presidential candidate will be elected in the next round of balloting. here is a discussion from this morning's washington journal. >> now is jeremy butler, a senior military fellow with iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. about the challenges that veterans of those wars are facing. jeremy butler is also a graduate of the u.s. naval war college where he received a masters and is a surfeit -- by masters in strategic studies.
1:50 pm
jeremy butler is joining us from new york area thanks for being here. guest: thank you. host: start by telling us what you hear from veterans. what is the number one challenge you hear veterans tell you they are facing? guest: if you don't mind i will give you more than one. we at iraq and afghanistan veterans of america we do a member survey. we try to survey them to get firsthand sponsors from them on just exactly responses to your questions. what are some of the primary issues they are dealing with? what we found in our seventh annual survey is that the top three issues they are noting our access to mental health care, housing and the third is employment. employment is probably the number one issue their dealing with today. ,hen they join the military
1:51 pm
more often than not the primary thing they're looking to do is serve a bigger purpose than themselves. when they come out of the military they are looking to continue to be able to do that just at a different point. they are not just looking for a job come other looking for a career. they're finding it is hard to find that same level of fulfillment that they found in the military and the civilian world. i would say that employment is number one. host: is that something that is unique to veterans of the iraq and afghanistan war or is that something you hear as a struggle for veterans from all wars? guest: i think it is a struggle for everyone from the factual standpoint. one of the things i can say is it does seem to be a bigger struggle for post-9/11 veterans. rate forloyment veterans has dropped. it was at a peak several years ago and has continued to drop for a number of positive reasons . but we do find that while the overall employment rate --
1:52 pm
unemployment rate for veterans is now below the national unemployment rate, the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans is actually still above the national average. i think there are some unique challenges that post 9/11 veterans face when it comes to employment.ful host: you also mention access to mental health care. tell us about what they are struggling with on that front. guest: i think one of the biggest issues is finding the right people to talk to. veterans more often than not come back from the struggles. they were in very tightknit, cohesive military units. -- 24/7, around people who knew the struggles they faced and the issues they were having and when the come off active duty and go home they find that they just don't have that same sort of support system easily accessible. less than 1% of our country has served in the post-9/11 military so when you come back and you
1:53 pm
may be go back to your hometown or go to a new town to find a new job all of a sudden you've lost all of those connections you had to people who really understood what you been through and could talk to. replacesomeone that can a cohesive structure that you had when you were on active duty. host: do you think there is growing awareness or acceptance of mental health disorders within the military community? guest: i think there is. it's been changing over the last few years. there is more of an acceptance. more of an understanding that this is a normal thing. to go through the trauma that is involved in combat deployments, that's not unusual. what is the bigger issue is when the trauma cannot be resolved after a year or two. that's when it is getting to be a bigger issue. a normal reaction to the stress of combat or any other thing that may be a traumatic event in your life is to deal with
1:54 pm
post-traumatic stress issues. the problem is when they don't go away or they are not able to be handled. getting that access to people that understand what you're going through and understand there is a normal healing process to this reaction. that is a challenge. host: we are talking to jeremy butler of the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. here are the phone lines for you to call in. (202) 748-8000 is the line for those who are iraq and afghanistan veterans. all of us can dial in at (202) 748-8001. also taking tweets. wj.handle is at c-span jeremy butler. veterans affairs secretary has been receiving criticism lately over his comparison of wait times at va hospitals to the wait times at disney world.
1:55 pm
guest: i don't think anyone is going to defend the remark in and of itself. it was not the smartest remark. that said it is a small remark and there's little comparison to the good that we have seen secretary mcdonald do throughout the years of his being secretary of the veterans affairs administration. day in day out we do feel he is making positive changes. fighting against a very difficult was that he has here. there has been a lot of fallout from his comment that we think it is a little disingenuous. this is a man that has been doing really hard work. he listens very closely. i've been there firsthand when he's been in a room full of veterans, all who have issues with the treatment they received at the various be a hospitals and he is in there taking notes. his staff is taking notes, following up on all of the complaint they hear. if this is a man that listens
1:56 pm
more than he talks which is not something i think you get out of a lot of leaders and it's very refreshing. i think the focus on this one comment is missing the forest for the trees. he's done a lot of good. that's a lot more to be outraged about than this one comment. host: here's the statement from mcdonald. it was never to suggest that i don't take the mission seriously. improving access to care is my number one priority i've set for the department. the last two years the huge majority of va employees have improve theessly to benefits and care we provide to veterans. our first caller will be todd from chicago, illinois. caller: good morning. i wanted to ask improve the benefits and about the v.a. issue when it comes to waiting times. i understand that to improve the public reception regarding
1:57 pm
waiting times for veterans particularly for mental health that instead of fixing the problem they changed the measurement criteria and that is instead of measuring from the time a veteran requests care that they began the clock when the v.a. calls them to schedule care thereby giving the impression that they are actually reducing waiting times area i wanted to see if that is correct and if so if they should be more upfront about it. guest: thanks for the call. i could not answer specifically on the measurement of wait times but i think what i could say is they are trying to improve the situation. i think this a lot of misinformation that gets put out about the process by which changes are trying to be put in place. sometimes things are done with good intentions don't pan out quite the way they did.
1:58 pm
you see that with the choice program congress implemented a ton to try and allow access veterans that don't have easy access to the va hospital to go to something closer to where they live. while that was done with the best intentions it was to be rushed out a timeframe that did not quite work. more often than not what you're seeing is good intentioned programs that may be don't quite work it off the bat and there are changes that need to be made in those changes usually are being made. it's a trial by fire sort of thing. you see what works and what doesn't work and continue to make changes. i think it overall is good people try to make changes and we need to continue to find what works better. host: jim is on the line spartanburg, north carolina. chuck fromng on to auburn hills, michigan. you're on the air. caller: good morning.
1:59 pm
can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: i finished disabled veteran for the most half a year. a combat veteran from vietnam. the v.a. employees, i go va.ann arbor be a lot of them confided in me, you get a handout. nothing.omething for it's not like you are paying for insurances to go to beaumont or henry ford or something in the detroit area. as a general attitude like your something for nothing. i have yet to see people look into that attitude and work at .a.t level at the v one of the going to get down to the personal level of the va
2:00 pm
and the veterans? guest: thank you for your call and your surface. service. iraq and afghanistan veterans of america was built on the backs of the struggles of our vietnam veterans facing when the came home. that is something we as a country -- we as a country realized that was wrong in so many ways and we want to make sure that does not happen again. is open to military members and supporters and family members of any conflict that any american is taken part in. thank you again for your service iava can helpyway you -- i think there has been an attempt to look into that. i think what you find is more often than not most va employees are trying to do the best i can.
2:01 pm
hopefully direct interactions you have had have been positive for the most part. -- i believebers we have a hotline. v.a.u do have issues with th hospital employees is the line q and afghanistan veterans. the line for all others is (202) 748-8001. we are also going to read your tweets and our total -- our guest is jeremy butler. you guys have taken a stance on some changes to the debt proposed changes to the g.i. bill. guest: the g.i. bill is one of
2:02 pm
the most successful veterans support programs that has ever been implemented by the u.s. congress. it has resulted in the building of the american middle class, yet world war ii and continues to be not only an extremely popular benefit to all service members that frankly is a very .ood recruiting tool this is something if any of your listeners are not aware, great program, you put in a little bit of money when you first join and after more or less four years of service you are able to use those benefits to go back school full-time, part-time, the traditional route, vocational schools. a lot of options you can take and this is hands down one of the most popular benefits service members know about. i joined the navy 16 years ago knowing very little about the military. i just was looking forward to some adventure. the one thing i did know about was the g.i. bill and i knew as
2:03 pm
soon as i joined one of the best things i could do was sign up for the g.i. bill.
2:04 pm
this would cut across the board, everyone who uses the g.i. bill, it would cut their housing allowance, frankly something that service members rely on an veterans rely on when they are choosing to go to school. if you want to go to a top rank to school in the large city, this could be the difference between whether or not that is affordable to you as a veteran. host: p are now, william from arkansas, a veteran. go ahead.
2:05 pm
>> can you hear me? i turned on the tv and wanted you to start discussing these veterans. 100% disabled veteran and despite scheduling problems, they have been fair on the up and up. i wanted to make a comment about the terror that occurred event that cardiac occurred. they pushed me to a regional hospital in the same area. i had to go through so many loopholes. they would not do the refills. it was not automatically in the system. i had to go to the emergency room to see another doctor to get my prescriptions refilled. to stoodhe government up for me now.
2:06 pm
guest: thank you for the call. that is something overlooked. it very strong region to region and hospital to hospital. hadsatisfaction they have with that care and i appreciate you calling in and making the comment because positive stories get overlooked. recognize the gentleman at microphone number one, mr. carson, you are reckoned sized. carson: hello. i am the campaign manager for austin peterson. to propose a motion to suspend the rules. bear with me. i would like to offer the presidential candidates two minutes each confession speeches. >> there is a motion.
2:07 pm
secondeden moved and to suspend the rules to allow presidential candidates who did not receive the nomination to each address the body for two minutes. there an objection to this suspension of the rules? only the ones who are nominated, no write-ins. there is objection so we will proceed to the vote. a yes vote will be to suspend the rules to allow each presidential candidate who did not win to a dress the body for two minutes each. , but theyt have to would be allowed the opportunity. all in favor, please raise your hand. that two thirds. we will have those speeches. [applause]
2:08 pm
i believe i heard a call, for division, is that correct? we will proceed to a rising vote . i will ask the delegates who are moving into the hall to quickly get into their delegations so we can have the vote and move on. favor of allowing to does minutes for each candidate who has not been nominated for president to address the body. please indicate by rising. stand up. >> get up. >> thank you. thank you. icu. all opposed, please stand up. >> come on now. >> i am calling it two thirds again. [applause] >> thank you, and.
2:09 pm
>> if the presidential candidates who wish to address -- i will call them in first-come, first serve, honestly. seeking to be recognized at this time? microsoft -- microphone number three? point of inquiry? go ahead. taxation is theft. [applause] >> point of information. member two. >> are there any other points of information who hear from candidates and do not win the nomination? microphone for, then microphone to. microphone for, go ahead. that weng at the video see on the screen, i believe there may be a whole in your screen. can you raise your arms to see?
2:10 pm
>> there might be. size toll?website does everyone want to check? i wonder if i might have an 800 number sized hole. am i good? thank you. microphone number two. >> a request to know whether this set of delegates in the vice presidential round can be selecting not only a vice president, but a vp to be in the instance of a vice president resigning, and i happen to be one -- >> no. any other points of information? >> thank you anyway. >> i request to suspend the rules?
2:11 pm
for what purpose? >> to be displayed on both screens. >> a link to what website? that i requested. >> i will rule that out of order. is anyone else rising for a point of information or a point of order or a point of personal privilege? microphone number one? >> the motion that was just past. >> you have to identify yourself. >> omar from florida. thank you, mr. chairman. a point of information is, how long do each candidate have? >> each will have two minutes. i assume a lineup first-come, first serve. i hope they did because i was not paying attention. i believe the first one near the stairs is dr. mark allen feldman. [applause]
2:12 pm
please give him to just from when he starts his speech. >> i am worn out. i wanted to say that people who know me know that i have never been a democrat or a republican. i was a confirmed and well educated and engaged and , politically interested nonvoter until i was 15 years old because i thought they all sucked. [applause] i think the most wonderful --
2:13 pm
without holding our nose. people ask me, you are so unknown, what makes you think you might have a chance of the nomination? said, michael won the nomination because there was no one else who could get a majority. the second choice for as many people as possible. whot nominations for people got second choice. majority,could get a i would be available. people could be voting for somebody they fell in couple with. gary johnson was able to get a majority, and i think it is fantastic.
2:14 pm
i want to give you all and -- a round of applause and tell you how great it has been an thank the people who gave me the token and got me in the debates. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. austint candidate, mr. peterson. [applause] >> thank you. i'm coming home. looking forward to some time with my family and my beautiful network. -- family. you wherever you are, thank very much. i got into the race because i thought to myself, is asked if
2:15 pm
there was not going to be somebody who would get out there and be aggressive and go after horribleump and that hillary clinton. if they would not do it with more fire and passion than i have, than i would go and fight the battle for us. [applause] thank you. i knew my chances were slim the whole time because i knew i would going up against someone their tower for and who i greatly respect, governor gary johnson. congratulations, governor. [applause] i have fought for the principles we all share. parties tend to be secondary to me, though i have in a libertarian for 10 years, because i always supported those who i believe share the principles i share. that is why i decided to stay in the libertarian party, because i know it overwhelming majority of the evil here are not here for
2:16 pm
opportunism. run aswant opportunism, a republican or a democrat. that is not why we are here. we are here because we believe in liberty. [applause] i am not a perfect messenger, good think i am a damn one. i like to use good judgment. this is a replica of our first president pistol. as a symbol of party unity, i wish to say that governor gary johnson, you have my full support and my respect. [applause]
2:17 pm
thank you, governor johnson. allow me say one final thing, my friends. stand onthat i principle, but you also know i am sometimes a bit of a troublemaker. those whos are always serve the interests of the state. not individual liberty. that is why i cannot endorse ill for vice president. for vice president. and i will bought stay and fight in this party because i have worked too hard to build it. you, libertarians, and i wish you luck, governor johnson, but i support alicia
2:18 pm
dearn for vice president. [applause] >> thank you, mr. peterson. before we have the next candidate address the body, i to announce the order in which the nominating speeches will be given. first will be governor william -- grayson, will be fourth will be alicia dearn, fifth will be larry shop -- larry sharp, and sixth will be will coley. mr. john mcafee. [applause]
2:19 pm
>> i love this. when i first joined the libertarian party, two things stood out. 75% of your men. number two, 99.8% of you are white. shame on you. shame on you. me for never having mentioned it before. nowi have the opportunity to put what little support of grayson, who is
2:20 pm
a constitutionalist. if you think he does not thenstand what freedom is, you have no idea what it is like to live in this country and black skin. i do not know personally what that is but my wife knows extremely well. by being with her in situations in this world, this country, and story,rs, hearing her watching her family, hearing conversations between various there is lessr, freedom in the skin even today than the skin that most of you occupy.
2:21 pm
shame on you. [applause] color is not the only quality that mr. grayson has. he is a man of honor, a man of >> time has, expired. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mcafee. next up, mr. darrell. [applause] >> the libertarian party is at a crossroads. one path is clean and clear and goes to the horizon. path, there are
2:22 pm
potholes and trees and logs in the road. we have to work to clear the path. that path is the difficult path. the pilgrims who came here for hundred years ago had a difficult path. the western settlers who traveled west on roads that did not exist had a difficult path. we are trying to go down that path, if we stay true to liberty. or we could go down the path that looks clear but what appears to be the end of the horizon, it is a cliff. i come with a warning because i have seen the future, because i have seen the past. in 1996, the reform party preached a percent. in 2000, they received a federal welfare check. there are some in the party who want libertarians to his -- take a federal welfare check. i do not want that to happen because it killed the reform party.
2:23 pm
in 2012, the reform party had valid access in three states. ast 12 years after getting federal welfare check. if we nominate two republican governors and we compromise what we believe to take federal hands out -- handouts, this party will die. i don't want that. the vice presidential nominee, so we actually have a nominee on the ticket in november, elect will coley or sharp. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, mr. perry. at this point, for the information of the delegates, we will show the token numbers for the vice presidential counts. off here at 192
2:24 pm
for william wells. 160 14 larry sharp, 104 for alicia dern, 61 for will coley, 46 for judd white, and 33 for derek grayson. all other candidates receive less than the 30 required and are not eligible to be placed in the nomination. privilegede are any motions, at this time, we would move to vice presidential nominating speeches, the order again, in case anyone forgot is weiss,o be mr. weld, mr. rn, grayson, ms. dern, -- dea mr. sharp, and ms. coley -- mr. coley. just so everyone is aware, same rules reply -- apply as far as
2:25 pm
these nominations, as did for presidential and are there any privileged motions before i welcome the speakers in favor of the nomination of governor weld to the stage? . none, governor weld. [applause] 11 minutes. we need 11 minutes on the clock. how i feel about what is going on in washington now for so many decades with regard to gridlock and the extra tax is an anti-liberty. as hell and i am not going to take it anymore. how do you feel? this phenomenon, trump has the anger vote here let
2:26 pm
me tell you, anger is not a strategy. fortunately, in your wisdom, we have helped on the way. we have governor gary johnson as the libertarian candidate for president of the united states of america. my name is judge jim gray and i can tell you deeply i was proud to be your nominee for vice president in 2012 along with governor johnson and i worked hard for you. yes, there was some talk of my seeking that nomination again and in fact, i was very enthusiastic and anxious to have it happen. gary from the very outset, if he could find someone better suited to get the message out, more access, more attention, more exposure, go with him or her.
2:27 pm
i thought i was safe. he found the man, and it is fromnor bill weld massachusetts. the governor has a background, has the ability and look, i know there are some flaws. there are flaws in me. libertarian by your actions and not your labels. really important. he reduced the size of government and lowered taxes and the rest of that. backay not be aware that in the 1990's, he stood up and was a champion for the game lesbian community when not only it was not popular, but it was really controversial. he showed his libertarianism. he is a man with libertarian
2:28 pm
values of responsibility. he is prosecuted, public and private corruption, this is a man who we will have, and i really request you support him, governor gary johnson has his gary, i want to help you while we get on the presidential debates, while we get into washington, to turn this country yet around and back to liberty. this will happen more than anyone else can. again,use your wisdom will coley and nominate --and onlyate bill weld, not those remaining in the election but those who have been involved whatsoever. my fellow americans, hear my words. this is really not politics. it is above politics.
2:29 pm
america needs what we will do. america is counting on us. it is fate, it is destiny, and i nominate for vice president of the united states, governor bill weld. >> outnumbered, out planned. ♪ >> hello. me to do this. i told him if he did, i would tell him the truth. there is a lot of truth to tell, and a lot of it is not good. but i want to tell you why i am standing and nominating governor bill weld. because people know, a few weeks
2:30 pm
ago i was a nobody and i am still in nobody. no one tells the truth. i will start by telling something about you guys. it is not good. and it's not good. ok? there are some in this audience -- not many, more of our brave members who are not here who seem to have a certain philosophy where they say -- on the one hand i really love liberty. on the other hand, i really like to sit on my ass. is there a way that i can have liberty ends will sit on my ass? no. not term limits, not fair tax, abolishing the fed, whatever you do you will need to be engaged in vigilant. that means knowing what's going on. i want to say that if gary johnson was not the nominee caps on going to say that it will slow up my list, he would not be .n my vp list
2:31 pm
he's in very close with governor kasich in ohio. johnson, aovernor republican governor, that's the only thing he has in common with governor johnson. yorkerstand that in new that he may have had selectivity that intentionally got libertarians off the ballot. [booing] i will tell you -- i missing anything else? i heard that he endorsed george bush that time. and he might want to take some guns from people. if i covered it all, but i didn't get a chance to see the website. now, what are the positives? one thing, a lot of people work for freedom. a lot of people are in the liberty movement.
2:32 pm
i spelled libertarian with a capital l. [applause] is not justll weld a life member of the libertarian party. hiss an honor for me to put name in nomination for vice president of the united states. [applause] >> that was quite the endorsement. thank you, doctor. days since ien 14 joineda member of and the libertarian party. and i feel the better for it. [applause] honestly, i thought it was a libertarian through and through because i always called myself
2:33 pm
that, but it has been a learning experience and every day i think i become a better educated libertarian. i appreciate the advice i have received, both elsewhere in here in the last four days and i remain suggestions. one of them was to read and study the party platform, which i have now done. by the way, it's excellent. it's not like the republican and attic parties, appeasing 950 interest group. it's like five pages long and it's beautiful. it's almost like the declaration of independence. we should all read it. [applause] financially i have joined the libertarian national party as a life member. if you are nothing else from me , i pledge tohis you that i will stay with the libertarian party for life.
2:34 pm
[applause] frankly, it's a relief not to have to carry the republican party's anti-choice, anti-marriage equality, antisocial freedom positions around on my back. as i have had to do for the last 30 years. feelis how we should all -- praise be at last. [applause] now, if gary johnson and i are fortunate enough to be able to run together in the fall, we look forward -- this is about the party as a whole, to helping down ballot candidates for senate, for u.s. house, for statewide and they legislative races in campaigning and refunds for ballot access. we have already raised $80,000 for that purpose.
2:35 pm
i pledge to you that we will $100,000 to another help governor johnson and me get on the ballot in pennsylvania, delaware, and ohio. we will have saturation coverage. i would also hope that there would be both downed market streaming and of market streaming from the local races in terms of votes. if we all hang together, we will do better and it will help to have a strong libertarian ticket at the top. obviously the better for us at the top as well. [applause] so, as i look around the political landscape, nationally not a pretty picture. oversized government. two calcified parties off --
2:36 pm
locked in a duopoly. kind of a death spiral embrace where they seem to be assessed with out slandering each other rather than doing the people's business. gary and i are going to have to take strong positions and stick with them. it's what i've done all my life, when i was in the justice department and as governor, the gay and lesbian issues, i was a pioneer. there are others as well. i hope that when you get to know me better you will understand that i am an impact player like gary johnson and we will deliver for you not as republican light, the libertarian heavyweights. >> ♪ here comes the general proud of mount vernon outgunned and outmanned outnumbered out planned got a make an all-out stand ♪
2:37 pm
>> thank you, governor. the next candidate to be placed in nomination, mr. judd weiss. [applause] >> well, guys, this was a learning experience, being in politics. i've never had political ambition before. i've been totally aligned with john mcabee this whole campaign and they've said that if he doesn't win, i doubt. and i'm out. but it running for vp, would like to endorse someone else and what we're trying to do with this campaign. like politics is stale, stifling, and it sucks. it is lame, we need to reimagine something better. so, while most political campaigns that you see are using similar language to each other, similar communications style, our logo is from the year 3000, our videos are from a different
2:38 pm
galaxy and i think they resonate with a lot of people. [applause] if the way things are is working and great, will cool, but if it's stale and stumbling i have little regard for it. i'm not the greatest or later. i'm a new, as far as political campaigning and speaking. powerful a lot of messages. it's more about votes than winning hearts and minds. i have learned so much about the political plot -- process, but more important was my platform for my voice. my voice was about sales. i feel that the libertarian movement outside of and within the party is a bunch of engineers dominating the sales department. [applause] we are all substance and no sales and we have very little to show for ourselves.
2:39 pm
my background is in sales. the sign of a good engineers that they can't sleep at night if the numbers don't add up. without good engineering, we're like the republicans. donald trump is all sales but no substance. i want to show that i'm with the radicals in the sense that they are both. i love that they want to sell the liberty message, but they are focused on being right and that high-level knit ticking detail has very little to do with introducing people to these ideas. is sellant to do liberty. i want to sell what we are about. powerful product. republicans and democrats are already on the market. there are few options for spreads of cream cheese or butter. offering a third option is not
2:40 pm
going to sell. i think that's what a lot of people are trying to do these days. thank you guys. what we need to do. strawberry jam. hollis poppa not. try offering something else. the psychopath salesman is someone who goes back to the need to stay-- we this product. it's powerful and we need to make it lame, less interesting, less spicy so that more people can be comfortable with it. that's just killing the enthusiasm. we don't want to blend in. those products already exist. a lot of the radicals and the moderates, they are focused on sales. i love that they are focused on sales. but if they are trying to blend in with others, if they trying to reduce what we have got, then we are just sacrificing our , sacrificing what we are about, and we are not selling liberty.
2:41 pm
look, liberty is awesome. it's an amazing product. what we are really pushing here is force leading to bad consequences at all times. we are trying to achieve a society where we remove force from human interaction is much as possible. that's beautiful. that's a more voluntary society. can we sell that to people? how can we make that cool? i'm focused on presentation. the videos you have seen, our logos, or slogan, let life live -- three words, no word more than three letters. i want to keep this digestible to people. i want people to just generally feel this. the mcafee campaign, i came on board and i wanted to turn this whole thing around, coming in with a new image, new direction, new slogan, logos, and videos.
2:42 pm
we have a really amazing campaign manager, tiffany madison. you will all have to remember her name. she is going to change politics by bringing in that high-level of efficiency into the world of politics. get to know her, she is absolutely amazing. within just a few short weeks we were able to build up a massive team with her organizing and we both started these different initiatives and mcafee is still going to stay involved in the party to promote. the different initiative supports down ticket candidates. ultimately what i'm trying to do is generate x -- generate excitement and activity and interest. if we could have support for the down ticket candidates we could start having popcorn.
2:43 pm
but seeing these republicans switching to libertarian. we can see popcorn popping all over the place. that's what i want to see and we need to support them. excitement, protection, and tools. then we could be effective. i'm not interested in delusion or the fantasy of the white house in our pocket. i am interested in moving this protest needle further than before. [applause] who here has seen those videos that we put out? [applause] i've never made videos of my life. influence on the scene, i'm a commercial real estate broker in sales. i got pretty good with a camera and i started taking pictures of people because why not catch the ones laying down the foundations of liberty beautifully? these people are pushing for a more beautiful future for us. why not capture it with dignity
2:44 pm
insist -- dignity and sophistication? it with my camera. i want to raise the standard of our image and profile. with the video, i saw political messaging as the campaign -- some candidates speak to the camera and their three top issues and that's just boring. people were criticizing me -- things in the policy these issues? well, i'm speaking to the people who are not us and didn't want to put down in engineering spec sheet that no one else could understand for few people to care about. [applause] what i wanted to do was create very firstce, and at video was very introductory. let life live. there was one policy position at the end of that video, let life live.
2:45 pm
that's what we are all about here. the second video, here's a crazy ones. the once were crazy enough to change the world other ones that do. it was basically a cover song of the here's to the crazy ones steve jobs think different ads from apple. i thought that that was a great sales pitch, the seas jut that steve jobs pitch for mcafee with mcafee reading those words as a sales pitch for the liberty movement. more importantly, instead of debating with people and arguing , why are you throwing the vote away to the lesser evil, don't throw the vote away, screw that, i decided to talk about those doing things differently are not the ones to be disregarded. those are not the weird ones. those are the heroes in the leaders leading us to a better place. i did not want to debate.
2:46 pm
i just wanted to create an experience and glorify moving forward. maybe you can join us, the leaders in the heroes, doing something different here that we are all upset about. we are nauseated. >> [inaudible] >> i got to announce left. -- i got two announcements left. >> [inaudible] >> i went balls to the wall and pulled no punches without one. as edgy as i could go. i broke as many rules as i possibly could in one campaign at. that one will take. that was in forbes magazine. i wanted to get that message from -- across. the political process is not the way forward for humanity. technology is the way forward. our vision for a better life is the way forward. i'm just glad that i left these so that other people could
2:47 pm
see that they could -- i'm in the was with a machete trying to blaze a new trail and i hope that other people can see that you can message differently and sell liberty without diluting it and get people excited about it, sharing it, loving it. that's what i wanted to do. people were proud to share those videos. they blew up. today i am going to endorse another candidate in my place but i am really impressed with. will holy. [applause] will -- will is a man after my heart. he's such a great communicator. he so much fun, relatable, hard-core as well but really comfortable and enjoyable to be around. i love how he speaks. i got for you did, that he's going to go up soon. another thing is i set i'm only
2:48 pm
going to run if mcafee is the presidential nominee, but the truth is that if will was the presidential nominee iv happy to run with him as well. he's just such a fun guy, i love what he's about and it would be so cool if an outright muslim and ethnic jew were on the same ticket. i think that would be a great message. anyways, guys, this is been a fun run. i hope you have enjoyed it. i've been in this movement from the mid-90's. i hope to see more of you around to. [applause] >> thank you, mr. weiss. i'm interpreting that as a withdrawal from the nomination. ballot papers will be printed that do not include his name. he will not be on the list. i recognize microphone number three for a point of order. >> i'm's dam sloan -- i'm sam sloan.
2:49 pm
i thought we were here to listen to speeches from candidates for vice president. we had 50 minutes of our time wasted at the outset by someone who said they met a candidate. someone who isn't on the stage should be allowed to stand. >> what are you rising for, sir? is is a privileged motion? >> i do have a question about the man on the left. >> is it a point of order? price point of personal privilege in point of order. the man on the left is -- on the not, m carlin, he's officially in the party that we know of, you goes from state to state, we don't know where he lives or his real name. we do know that every time there's a meeting is there. >> the gentleman will refrain from personal attacks in making his point of order. what is the point of order,
2:50 pm
distinctly? >> who is he and wife the on the stage? let's is he objecting to him on the stage? like i am objecting. >> i will ask the body, all in favor of allowing mr. carlin to sit on the stage, please say i. >> aye. all of those opposed -- >> all those opposed, please say no. ayes have it. you are no longer recognize sir. if there are more than a more privileged notions, we will move on to derek grayson. [applause]
2:51 pm
>> the veterans deserve a voice. the disadvantaged deserve a voice. small businesses deserve a voice. our children and future leaders deserve that voice. they are our future. the time is now. the time is now to demand it. derek grayson represents that only my interest, but the the interestsl, of the constitution of the united states of america. [applause] without further do, the minister of truth, derek grayson. [applause] >> i think you all had enough of the freedom yell yesterday, so i will dispense with that. i want to tell you a brief story
2:52 pm
, something that took place yesterday down in the all room. a reporter came up to me and said that you know, i want to ask you a question. they seem to be a little lit up. i don't begrudge anybody there whose or their duties. -- you know, somebody asked a question yesterday at the convention, when you introduce mr. mcafee. that was that mr. mcafee has doubled the african-american population here at the libertarian convention. and i said -- african-american, can you do find that for me? he said -- well, you know that we. no, i don't know what you mean. well -- i'm just trying to be -- were you talking to me? i did a robert de niro. you talk to me? he had no answer.
2:53 pm
i said that look, i'm not an african-american. i wasn't born in africa. i've lost nothing in africa. i was born right here in the united eights. i am a black man. you address me as either an american or a black man. he apologized and rightfully so, because it was wrong. i corrected him even more and less of you know what surprises me about the media -- and yes you are part of the media because that is how you identified yourself when you walked up with your order. you got your facts wrong. mcafee's wife, lovely lady, is black. you have another vp that's black. his wife, black. his son, works a job, black.
2:54 pm
at least get your facts straight before you come up and say double. quadrupled? so the like that. at any rate, when i walked in the door, i didn't see race. [applause] you know you all are killing my time, right? [laughter] i see people who love liberty. 2014, because the guys i ran against didn't agree to val and oath to obey 100% of the constitution 100% of the time, as a republican i say it on page
2:55 pm
, you will not get my vote. publicly i voted for amanda swofford. i don't know if she's here or not. i voted for davis kensington. i hold no allegiance to a libertarian or a republican. no party whatsoever. my allegiance is to the constitution. constitution, 100% of the time. now, i'm not going to spend any pick ofding up the vp mr. johnson. i respect him. but i'm going to pull no punches on this one, i'm going to do the ugly work. i know what it is to go up against a machine, to go up against the establishment.
2:56 pm
and when you allow other people choose for you. you have an opportunity today to do something different and what you need in this country, you -- you need a trump factor. trump exposed to the republican party for their corruption. nobody liked them. they don't want him. but he did something good by exposing the corruption. is somebody who will call out the corruption. mr. johnson plaza be -- i researched him before i got on the stage. supported kasich, mitt romney. i told you, i'm 100% of the constitution 100% of the time. there are only two things to consider when considering any candidate. office,s never been in what does he say he stands for? consider that carefully and
2:57 pm
compare it against the constitutional test constitution. ask yourself if that is constitutional or not. if it is not constitutional, i'm compromising by voting for him. consider the voting records of those who have been in office. see, i'm one of those kinds of guys. you don't run for office, vote against the constitution and when you get called on it, then i understand what the constitution meant? that's backwards for me. [applause] you understand the constitution of front. when you understand the constitution up on, you say it in words. you don't worry about what people say. i have never given a single speech where i have pandered to people's vote. if they ask me where i stand on life?
2:58 pm
i am pro-life. if you don't like it, that's your cross to bear. where do i stand on the second amendment? i opened up my jacket and show them the peace that i carry on my side. mr. grayson, where do you stand on obamacare? repeal and i close my mouth. i don't want to replace it. that's not one of the 18 enumerated powers of orting to the constitution. again, i'm going to say this one more time because maybe you didn't hear me. your process is different from that of the democrats and republicans, where they pick the vp for you. you people have an opportunity to do something different. you have an opportunity to choose yourselves whom you will have to serve you.
2:59 pm
[applause] stage sellings myself to be your leader. as a matter of fact, if it wasn't for bad [indiscernible] i would not be here. i would still be resting. but wherever there is a fight for liberty and i can help? i will step up to the line and do my part, but you guys have got to do your part. i will vote if you send me, but if not it will be on you. like i said everyone else, you get the government you deserve. we have a battle that is not like any other to overcome, the media. is the biggest enemy of this country. [applause]
3:00 pm
we have politicians that we elect time and time again to go to washington, d.c. and will talk about the problems but they name no names. take outou going to the trash if you don't know who the trash is? [applause] so, volatile will be up in about a minute and a half, but i want you to remember this one thing i have said two times already. to dove an opportunity something different. i know it is a cliche at this you literally don't have vp. not the guy who is the presidentially the. -- vp.
3:01 pm
you can choose him. if you choose him, consider what he stands for. i'm going to tell you something. candidate, toe get people to the establishment. -- 128,000 people to reject the establishment. if you want to give republicans a choice as well -- forget about the democrats. if you want to give them a choice as well you had better pick somebody that is not a wish wash kind of guy. endorse ady who will mitt romney or an obama one day that will gun grab for you on another day. i'm just keeping it real. you had better get somebody that .ill present yourselves
3:02 pm
one last thing, put up the flag. it's nothing offensive. put up the flag. [applause], mr. microphone number one. >> clarification, please. >> yes, go ahead. >> i am with the ohio delegation. i pulled up the ballot page. the previous candidate was listed as a republican. did he join the libertarian party? >> it is my understanding that the candidate did. >> can we get clarification? toi will -- i will ask staff
3:03 pm
confirm membership kerry's sustaining member at the time we will vote, his name is eligible for nomination. >> [inaudible] >> this gentleman is indicating that he did in fact make sure. >> can we have verification? >> i can pull it up. >> i will get a point of from the staff and verify before we moved to voting. does that answer the question? >> will we also have the date as nothen he joined? >> i have been releasing any information about membership status other than the act that they are sustaining members and eligible for the nomination. i will not do so. he would like the information you can ask the panel -- the candidate himself. >> thank you. >> nate vincent, colorado.
3:04 pm
i would like to know the same question about weld. [applause] >> i will respond to the gentleman's point of information in the same way. governor weld is asserting delegate and you can find him and ask him yourself. >> all right, thank you. >> any other points of information? announce.hing to we all know how to save the website, right? >> [inaudible] i was pretty sure we have that down. and we all know the phone number, right? let's [inaudible] -- >> [inaudible] but do we all know -- how many of you have been on social media at all during this convention. please raise your hands. oh, look, it's everyone. how do we say the of f
3:05 pm
?fficial h -- official hashtag >> [inaudible] >> not everyone got that right. i didn't we can do it better, try one more time >> legalize freedom. we are is exactly what going to do. microphone one? >> point of personal privilege. judd's wife to meet me at the hotel desk. >> that would be the registration desk. assume that someone will get that message to him. without any further delay, the to be placed in nomination is miss alicia dern. [applause]
3:06 pm
>> good afternoon. i had a speech written. but i didn't bring it up. because words cannot express how much i love this party. [applause] this is a banner year for the libertarian party. we have tyrants be nominated in the other two parties. the only thing that stands tyrants and the constitution is the libertarian party. [applause] thank all theto people who have supported me and got me onto the state today. thank you to mr. peterson for his endorsement a few minutes
3:07 pm
ago. [applause] represents the next generation of this party and i think we can be very proud. [applause] i want to thank mr. mcafee, who i met with last night. and his kind words of encouragement and his taking the on creating technology to help and support the downline candidate. grassroots is what we need to grow this party. [applause] i want to thank governor johnson for his selfless work running for president not once, but twice to represent this party. [applause] as any candidate knows, matt and many of you have been ended its, it is hard work, a call of civic
3:08 pm
duty and should not be underestimated. [applause] i happen to have a personal relationship with governor johnson and i can tell you that he's a good man. what we need in the white house is a good man. more importantly, we need a libertarian. [applause] so, i want to take this time to call for party unity. i have been somewhat distracted by the fractious nature of the primary season in this party. ultimately at the end of the day we are all libertarians, making us better than every republican endemic rat out there. because of the importance of this election i asked every and
3:09 pm
-- to get behind her candidate now. [applause] i want to tell you a little story. a week and a half ago i went to salt lake city and visit governor johnson. i have never seen him so fired up. i would like him to put to us today that he's going to hit the trail with that same fire. [applause] that is what we need to. really make it, every year we fight for valid -- ballot access , debate time, and we get nothing.
3:10 pm
this is our year to break through and we need activity throughout the parties so,orting governor johnson i asked them to consider unity and the purpose of getting behind our president and presidential nominee that will hopefully be the president. ultimately, this is not about any individual person, but this party moving forward. same concerns about governor weld has many of you. i am very protective of the already. over the last five years i have led yellow. -- bled yellow. [applause] access,rk doing ballot
3:11 pm
i have noticed it is always the republican to sue us. [applause] so, i do not apologize for being the -- protective of this party. i don't think any of us should. [applause] governor wells if he is not going to be this party's nominee, if you will stand appear and swear to the body that he will not the tray us and is not a republican. [laughter] -- [applause] governor wells is available, i would like to ask him to come up in right now. thank you. ok, good. [applause]
3:12 pm
will you look every libertarian here in the eye who has top -- fought for this party for years, fought for our rights, and tell us that you will not betray us? so much for having the appear. to work withehicle governor johnson and you over the next five months. on the business of getting us selected not only in the white house, but down ticket, and the
3:13 pm
business of governing in which will need a lot of help. thank you. [applause] >> i couldn't quite hear. is, for clarity -- for the signal clarity not going back to another party. >> is that clear enough? [lots of angry yelling]
3:14 pm
>> if rejoining the republican party means betraying the libertarian party, no, i will not do that. yelling]ry >> excuse me. we will stop the clock it two minutes and 30 seconds and we will have order. >> look, i think that it's important that we have gary fired up.
3:15 pm
i want him to be excited and have full resources that can have behind this already. liberty is so important. more and than any of us here. the constitution is more than in any of us here. i want you to vote your heart. i'm going to vote my heart and i'm not even sure what that is yet. somebody came up to me right after governor johnson one. someone i respect. he said to me -- we need to have unity in this party and i might be the person who can bring it. i don't know if that's true or not. wellst know if governor any of your fears. >> no. yelling]angry >> i ask you to consider his wishes as you consider your
3:16 pm
heart and your principles. willu call me to serve i stand up and serve. but as i said it, the libertarian party and liberty means more to me than anything else, as i want what's best for this party. [applause] thank you. [applause] >> thank you. [yelling] replaceext candidate to in nomination for the office of vice president of the united states, mr. larry sharp.
3:17 pm
[applause] >> hello, libertarians. lane's stephen nielsen, from the great state of washington. former chairman of the libertarian party of washington. i gladly and enthusiastically dominate the libertarian from new york, larry sharp. [applause] >> the current state chair of the libertarian party of texas, i wish to echo that nomination and throw my support behind larry sharp. play the video. >> as a kid i was an optimist. my birth mother was white. my father was black he was in
3:18 pm
the navy. my father in her not -- father [inaudible] came out by the book. her and another name, -- another man adopted me. they were together for two years and then they divorced. my mother did not love the man -- was my actual father, who she died but i was 11. got cancer. never forget that. still in my head. that the day
3:19 pm
itself was erased from my memory. and i need this in -- and this in an odd way. when myould ask me father died. i couldn't remember. it wasn't that i was trying to hide it. i can look at his grave site and the day and then forget a minute later. it took me about 10 years to remember that they. i remember after that time, my mother had no family, because her family was in germany. she 18, 9. it was just me and her. my mother couldn't handle it. i just wanted to escape. i have become an older teen. iran right up to the moment i
3:20 pm
was 17. happy to get out of the house and be a man. i was searching for possible male role models in my life. my mother couldn't handle that at all. her -- it went to illegal drugs. i helped her. i helped her to go back up. i took the money i had and at saved. i saw how hard it was for her to get around it. she paid for that mistake and that self-medication. she always got turned away at jobs. always had people join sure. people going -- you are a felon, you are fired. the system didn't give a second chance. i had to force it.
3:21 pm
again beginning to realize that the system wasn't made for me in her. it wasn't made for orchid. an immigrant, a felon, it wasn't made for us. i've not really way to make money was to sell stocks. but i didn't know how. i have no idea how to build a business. all i had was a desire. and that didn't go well. i first sales job i hated. and whatalk to people i am found was that i was better at was helping others. that was what i was good at. my mother went off and started her own business. i laughed and started my own business. that was my mba.
3:22 pm
i got my college degree in the marine corps. i got my mba for my first business. i did ok. i sold that off after two years. money.t lose my i didn't make any. wife. back and married my then what happened? i married my wife, itself a good story. i met my wife in high school. 17, 16, i thought she was the greatest thing in the world. . thought she was great wouldn't go out with me. we were friends but that was it. she was smart, she went to college. i'm into the marine corps and was sending her gifts. she finally sent me a letter. letter and it is
3:23 pm
-- i'm in the with some guy in college. i thought, all right, it's over. we don't communicate for 11 or 12 years. 11 years later we have a mutual friend who sends me an e-mail joe to everybody. yes, aol. she sends the note to me -- is this larry from high school? and i responded yes, what are we going up? one week later, we went out. we've been together for 14 years now. [applause] we have two beautiful girls. i business took off. very fast, i learned my lessons. i knew how to run a business. i know how to move the business forward.
3:24 pm
it took off. i was training, coaching. sales, marketing. small business growth. new york city, park avenue, 3rd avenue. i had my own facility. employees. big bank customers. i was not great for the crash. should i quit this town? happened,e time that i didn't believe it to be that bad. i thought, how long will this last? a couple of months? i thought i will get past it. that was the answer. a year later i was devastated. on top of that, we had our second child.
3:25 pm
we have our second child in my second child almost died. she had open heart surgery. i thought i would lose her. on top of that, my mother was july cancer.h smoking for over 40 years. make money or keep my family together. not to lose my family, my wife, my business, my daughter. it was time to fix. with ay mother would sick child. she was in the hospital. i'm a single data overnight. somehow i came back from that to rebuild my business. to change what i did.
3:26 pm
change my relationships. i can build this backup. but now i have to take off and actually be a candidate. i can do that now. . believe in second chance is for myself, however, my daughters. for you, for everyone. we are a nation. against me at every step of the way. you were most of us it is against us to. we've got to change that. no more. the only party that even has any idea about that the libertarian party. [applause]
3:27 pm
thank you, my brothers and sisters. you might wonder, why would i show you that? i'mshowing you that because going to ask you to trust me and if i do that, i have to open myself up. you have already seen me speak. see me debate. most of you have talked to me one-on-one, online or on the phone. i have shown you what i believe and what i stand for. i wanted to show you what i was in why i care. let me know tell you why you should vote for me. i have led people. as a marine, as a small business owner, and large national corporations. i have consulted with change. changing organizations. government large and small. i have coached, i have trained executives on four continents, the personalities that we need. i have taught in the ivy league at the management level, the graduate level. what does that mean?
3:28 pm
it means i have been successful at training, supporting, leading, communicating for over 30 years. who better to support gary johnson? [applause] better -- who better to help him challenge the military-industrial complex than a marine? [applause] who better to help him challenge the prison industrial complex than someone who's family has been destroyed by it? [applause] who better to help him challenge the wealth cap and someone who has come back from poverty and from total financial destruction? [applause] who better to challenge immigration than a son and husband of immigrants, born in an immigrant city, in a city what i wouldrants.
3:29 pm
ask you is to remember. you know me, you've seen me. you know that i'm a true believer. that i care in that i'm fearless. what i will ask you finally to do is think -- who better to make us win coming up in november? [applause] >> thank you. the last name to be placed in nomination -- actually, i just wanted to double check. my website, is there anything under there? what about my phone number? >> [inaudible] tag?ler about the hash
3:30 pm
-- >> what about the hash tag? [inaudible] >> thank you. the last name to be placed in contention, mr. will coley. ♪ >> my name is karen man carlos and you have heard mayor -- heard from a before. i was asked if i would be willing to speak for will coley and i said sure. this is not going to be nearly as prepared as last time and i'm certainly not as professionally dressed as before but i think this reflects on us as libertarians can be both formal and informal. i don't think our party is about
3:31 pm
respectability politics, so i don't mind that i'm up here in jeans and a t-shirt. would like to say is even though i had endorsed someone else, we all need to get behind governor johnson. he's our nominee and we need to move this party forward. [applause] and i would like to say something about governor johnson which i have respected extraordinarily much. he has conducted his campaign with class and that is something i greatly respect. [applause] gary spoke before and unfortunately, i might have to say some things that are critical not necessarily of governor johnson but are -- of things that are of great concern to me. forpoke to us all and asked us to choose his particular vice presidential nominee. as libertarians, we select these separately and we don't have to take his choice.
3:32 pm
he said he wanted to represent us all, but i respectfully say his choice does not represent us all and is going to exclude some of us. [applause] what i ask of all of you and i would say the person who would accomplish this most is will coley. i ask of all of you do not split us the way trump and hillary have lit their parties. if you are going to select a vice presidential candidate, that that person will represent the rest of us that maybe are not necessarily feeling represented. have a wide variety and diversity of views here. i make no bones about it, but i come from the libertarian wing of the libertarian party and i want to see us represented here. i think governor johnson will do some marvelous things and presents the more pragmatic side
3:33 pm
but i would ask you not split the party activist base. [applause] as far as some of my criticisms, mean this not with incredible disrespect but out of the love i have for this party, who hehnson's nominee or would like to be our vice presidential nominee just joined this party. i haven't been with this party a great deal of time but when i was first joined, i was asked to do things for the libertarian party of colorado and i declined. i said i had not yet paid my dues. i do not yet know the culture of this party and we are talking about someone who just read our plant. i had, for myself, a minimum of one year and doing outreach boots and volunteer efforts and put in my dues before i would
3:34 pm
ask for people to give me some kind of position. [applause] and i don't think we should be doing this for one of our ishest offices and this coming across with respect and out of passion and love. spoke about we are trusting him to get the message out. there will be two people to do this. let's allen's this out with someone who will know some of the other aspects of our messages and that we can really trust both of them. media attention and spoke about the problems where judge gray that one time did not get the media attention. i think will coley can do this. he represents and under represented section of our community. you can reach the muslim
3:35 pm
community and i think this would be phenomenal for our party. about therespoke being a lack of women and minorities. i believe will coley can reach some underrepresented areas. i asked you yesterday for daryl to stick close to principles and i recited our party statements of principles and i ask that you bring that to mind and stick close to principles and to run with governor johnson, that you would pick somebody who really sticks close to principles and keep our party base. roots. in our i'm sorry this was not as polished as my other one but i hope it spoke from my heart and that will represent us all in our choices. i ask that you choose will coley who has dedicated the
3:36 pm
time to this party and did not just read our platform two weeks ago. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm the chairman of the staten island libertarian party from the empire state. [applause] directorcting national of muslims for liberty, the first muslims for liberty organization in the world. thank you. [applause] i am here to nominate my good friends rather and mentor in liberty, william coley, to become the next vice president of the united states. imagine how many stereotypes we would shattered just by having a
3:37 pm
muslim respond to trump or hillary or a muslim this or a muslim that -- this is a aaron teed coverage, every single time or camera is on trump hillary, we have this chance to libertarian on the every time. i urge you to think about this and support will coley. to me, after ron paul who sheght us both to liberty, is mr. liberty. will coley. [applause] >> ladies and german, i'm with the pennsylvania delegation. resent in this room rep the largest group of
3:38 pm
libertarians to assemble in the history of the party. give yourself a round of applause. , on. --, on. -- come on. [applause] we are sitting here in a position to create history. we have three candidates for vice president to are all good. we have three candidates for vice president who live and breathe the libertarian philosophy. endorse will coley. [applause] read hisy -- i have message, i have read his story. it is an amazing story. will coley is going to bring his story to the national forefront. libertarians have always been at the head of the class when it comes to bringing things to the forefront -- gay marriage, we have been talking about gay
3:39 pm
marriage since 1971. when did it happen? last week? ok. we as libertarians have a real chance right now to create history. in 2016 and history vote for will coley. [applause] ♪ ["he's trained" playing -- "peace train" playing. have seen the come up here and speak in many of you have seen me ring fire and as the media put it, brimstone to inspire audiences here with the libertarian party. you hear my voice is a little bit strained, but i want to bring to you something true. we are arguing and fighting over
3:40 pm
40% of the electorate with donald trump and hillary clinton. but those are not the real numbers we should be focusing on. there is 60% of this country that feels unrepresented and unacknowledged. they are sitting at home on their couches. my own mother is one of those people who says when politicians speak, i don't believe what they say because you can hear the they don't believe what they say in their voice and in their rhetoric. i believe what i say and i believe my beliefs. that's why you want to believe like i want to believe. i want the opportunity to take my voice, to take my passion and touched the lives of that 60% of the american public laying on their couches. some of them watching this very debate and looking for someone to inspire them and electrify them and to bring them something different, something they have
3:41 pm
never heard before. i want to be the one to bring that message. 2016 is an amazing year and then awesome opportunity. the protest vote is larger than it ever has been in history. say that americans they are ready for something new. who is 14 years old cam pull 10% of the vote because hillary and trump or the other options. that means 10% of the public wants a new voice. can want something they believe in and something they can feel. [applause] things, iout doing talk about action. i don't discuss ideas come i do things in my daily life. who better to discuss foreign policy than someone who has shown the libertarian position
3:42 pm
-- that you get further spreading liberty with good ideas and good examples than you do by dropping hellfire missiles on children at weddings. [applause] i have spent my life in activism and work trying to prove this very simple point -- you get further spreading liberty with a pen than with a sword. please, allow me the opportunity to bring that message to the public. like to livet's through our immigration system. thank you for your time this afternoon. i ask in the name of party unity , and the name of keeping our base together that you vote for then the first, the second,
3:43 pm
third and all the ballots. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, mr. fully -- mr. coley. nominations for the candidacy of the vice presidency of the united states are now closed. according to our bylaws come our presidential nominee will now have five minutes to address the delegation. minutes on the clock and please join me in welcoming governor gary johnson. [applause] governor johnson: thank you. [applause] do you know what it is like to hear two minutes before you're going to speak for five minutes that you have five minutes to speak? i was not aware that this opportunity was going to present
3:44 pm
itself. you have trusted me with the nomination here. i'm asking you to give me the tools needed to actually win. to actually take the presidency. [applause] i know that there are so many of you here that just don't believe that can happen or will happen, that it is just going to be a thing that will repeat itself over and over again that will be out there but won't result in victory. but that's not me. that was not me in 2012 and i learned from that. i learned from that in a big way. it is the way you deal with setbacks that ultimately determine your success. wildest dreams, bill wells is the running mate i would love for you to choose.
3:45 pm
we have an opportunity here to actually take and when the presidency, to determine america upon destiny for decades. it is a possibility. it is a possibility. [applause] say anythingant to negative about any of the other candidates, but please, just look at this and actively. wells, there is an opportunity to actually take the white house. [applause] to have to be debating my vice presidential candidate in this election going forward. i don't want there to be any disparity. wells resigned his law firm to what will be a five month, 24/7 unpaid job going forward. commitmentcredible
3:46 pm
and, as i have said before, jim tried to get on the national media. we tried desperately to get him on national media. not one national media hit. but since bill wells announced he was seeking the vice presidential nomination, he has appeared on more national media hit than any declared libertarian in the history of the libertarian party. it is just a fact. [applause] come to me with this nomination and so many of you in 2012 said don't give up. don't give up in 2012. take the experience and grow on this experience. beyond my wildest dreams, i have a vice residential candidate
3:47 pm
that will do this for us. it is your decision whether or not we want to grow this party. tens of millions of americans want to find out what the libertarian party is all about. wells and i me bill will give you the best effort i possibly can going forward. effort we asest libertarians can accomplish. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, governor johnson. at this time, the chairperson of the credentials committee.
3:48 pm
>> at 3:46, we had 898 delegates, 86 alternates, for a total of 1928 votes. quorum is 372. two thirds, 619. you -- there are several changes to the list i would like to recommend. zachary know is a florida alternate and would like to move to the kentucky delegation as an alternate. like to beren would added to the indiana delegation. on behalf of the credentials i would like to move these be the delegates at this
3:49 pm
convention. >> all point of information -- to ask if it is appropriate at this time for us to get mr. bill welsh's opinion on a second amendment. >> that would be out of order at this time. to a vote.move all in favor of adopting the role as stated by the credentials committee, please say aye. it passes. is that a microphone number three? >> timothy perkins, california delegation. i would like to move that ballot of the second the presidential voting process that the vote simply be dis-laid on the screen and each state
3:50 pm
does not go up to our only announce the results. >> that a suspension of the rules. all in favor? anyone opposed? it passes. microphone number four? no? ok. seeing no further people at microphones, we will now move to a vote on the vice presidential nomination. pleaseelegation chairs, approach the secretary's desk to my left and retrieve your ballots. information. could you please read the list of nominees? >> if the secretary will put it up on a screen, i will read it.
3:51 pm
i already know them. i don't need the secretary for this. wells,inees are mr. bill mr. derek grayson, miss alicia sharp, and mr. will coley. mr. weiss withdrew his nomination after being nominated. microphone number one. >> point of order, mr. chair. today, i believe we just had a motion to suspend the rules and the vote was taken to suspend the rules. is it not appropriate that we then vote on the motion? tovoted to suspend the rules
3:52 pm
consider the motion. >> i was taking them as a block. i would take it to do a suspension of the rules. >> i have no objection. >> we are in order. people seeking to be recognized for points of information or points of order? on twitter. 20 trends onp twitter right now, seven are either our candidates, the libertarian party, or this convention. [applause] >> only seven? [laughter] you are voting, everybody get out your phones and what is ?he hash tag legalize freedom.
3:53 pm
if you are interested in what the libertarian party has to offer you, you can visit our website or call us. microphone number one. >> since the libertarian party stands for inclusion, i wanted to reiterate that for the spanish audience full of -- spanish audience. [speaking spanish] elect us. gracias. anyone else seeking to be recognized? -- once we have a nominee, the next order of nominations for the office of national committee
3:54 pm
chair and then vice chair -- >> which one comes first? >> treasure, then secretary, then at large. during the nominations and elections for chair and vice chair, i will be asking a previous national committee chair to assume the gavel. is there any objection to that procedure? hearing no objection, that will be how we proceed. goes,ing on how balloting if it appears we will have multiple ballots for vice presidents, then i would entertain motions to suspend the to suspendke not -- the nominations and do the nominating speeches for chair
3:55 pm
and vice chair after the first alec. i will take them at that time, not at this time. at this point, i would ask if it is ok with the body that i can hand the gavel off to the vice chair so that i can prepare to be nominated. thank you. >> before we do anything else, i want to remind everyone that if you are not already a fan of our facebook page, there are 600 something thousand people at are there any points of order or information right now? our website is
3:56 pm
as long as there is no objection, we are going to bring up a former legislator, current and in west virginia, and john buckley. [applause] >> thank you very much. theuld not turn down opportunity to say something because we libertarians when we are candidates in our home state are not given the opportunity to purchase a paid and get exposure. i'm running for secretary of state in west virginia, and, like secretaries of state in tot states, one job is preside over elections. if i am successful, i will use the office not only to administer fair elections according to the statutes of west virginia, but to use the office as a bully pulpit to
3:57 pm
speak out for a greater aspect of fairness, which is inclusion of all the candidates to the benefit of the public to hear what everyone has to say because it makes for a more important public and that her election results. chair of the libertarian party in virginia and secretary of the party in west virginia. iran two years ago for united states senate and got a whopping 1.6%. i'm hoping to do better than that this year. i think we will do better because for the first time in west virginia for any political party other than republicans and democrats, we libertarians are running a full slate of candidates for all six statewide offices. it is the first time any party other than the republicans and democrats. i have then in politics since i was 14. it has been a long, long time.
3:58 pm
i have enjoyed the references to the songs and i want to make a reference to some of the song lyrics because it has to do with my candidacy and interest and involvement in the libertarian party. there's that song, imagine all the people -- that's a different song. aux is from "la cage am, is" -- i am what i need no excuses, i deal my own deck, sometimes the ace, sometimes the deuces. there's no life and no return and no deposit. one life, so time to open up your closet. i started as a republican in the house of delegates for virginia in one term. in 1991, i came out of the closet. my partner will enjoy this door
3:59 pm
a. i'm used to saying partner -- i guess, my spouse. proud of me if you are here. he's a natural but not political libertarian. i decided i am a libertarian. republican just does not cut it anymore. i would like to say something to my erstwhile republican friends and that former life of mine -- trumpet does not speak for you. trump does not hold the values that you hold. get out of that life and come out of the closet. the libertarian party is a welcome, oh and home where you can speak out for your principles with no shame and no embarrassment. for secretaryrun of state. i hope there's someone from west virginia running because we are going to make a difference in
4:00 pm
west virginia. we are going to make a difference in the united states of america this year and i am proud to be a libertarian candidate. [applause] >> thank you, mr. buckley. >> the next speaker, with the indulgence of the body is red smith. you you run for congress, ring so much attention to the cause of liberty. what he is doing is something all of you should consider doing and listen carefully to what he has to say about why he is joining and about his experiences. [applause]
4:01 pm
>> thank you, my fellow libertarians. i am appear for one reason. libertarian party for one reason and i want to share that with you. expressed by the first amendment of the bill of rights, congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. think about it. think about who we are, what we in doing and what happened 1791 -- the most powerful political event in the history of the world. the adoption of the bill of rights. that is what empowers us.
4:02 pm
in the united states and 80 that is what it meant to me. thank you, veterans, thank you all of our veterans. thank you for supporting libertarian ideals and principles. so now, i leave that with you. as we move forward, i am on the board of americans united for separation of church and state. you to lookone of up that organization. it's a national organization. warm that organization your state, get involved and help us continue the cause of liberty around the world. thank you.
4:03 pm
>> thank you, mr. smith. what he has to say has a lot of merit. i think we all realize that there needs to be a separation between a lot of things. i think we can do with a separation between medicine and state, a separation for quite a few things and that is why i encourage all of you to run for office. i know there's something you want to see separated from state, whether you are in an arco capitalists, whether you are just coming over from the democrats or republicans, there is something you want to see separated from state and you know it is going to make that thing better. see --go to and is there a point of
4:04 pm
information somewhere? [inaudible] let me ask by a show of hands how to people in this room are involved in some kind of his? how many people in this room are
4:05 pm
involved in some kind of is this, big or small that would elimination by the of one law or regulation? [applause] want all of you to do is tell at least one youlibertarian friend how would be able to provide more if that regulation was gone. disagree, but we have convinced each other what we need to convince each other of. even when they disagree with you, they are going to hear that message. if you ask three times, people listen. it's not the first time you bring up that discussion, it might be the 10th time. of personal privilege at
4:06 pm
microphone one? like to note that dan coming, from our group, it is his birthday today. >> happy birthday.
4:07 pm
there is a motion at microphone number four. >> i have a point of information. minnesotation from would like to know what we are allowed to put into our own bodies? >> anything that you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. >> thank you, vice chair.
4:08 pm
>> i want you to remember three sures -- first thing, make you are tallying your ballots correctly. once it ise sure filled out, you have to bring it over here to the secretary. the third thing i want everybody to remember is that taxation is best. matt has done an amazing amount of work on the national facebook page. if you see him, thank you. all the growth we have seen would not have done even close
4:09 pm
to possible without the amazing work to has done. >> can i make a point of information? number four. goes question is, if this to a second vote, when would be the proper time to make a motion to alter the normal course of events and set a time limit on how long it should take the next alex to be returned to the secretary? the motion to be out of order right now.
4:10 pm
theoretically, you could make that motion now, but i suspect it would be pointless. you can also make it after this vote and before the next vote and that might be a better time for it. question at microphone one? >> our twitter followers -- i found out donald trump is attacking governor johnson. [applause]
4:11 pm
>> i believe the assaying -- the saying is then they attack you, and then you win. what he said was, at this point, success we'reing having here and a great coverage we are getting from the regular media comics from has finally started attacking gary johnson. [applause] would the nevada delegation chair these come to the secretary assistant table?
4:12 pm
that will begin. -- that will be good. i would like to welcome to the stage will rick perkins. in the state of texas, district 49. yeah! my lions of liberty. i found my tribe. tell me how many folks came to the karaoke party last night. three: 30 in the morning -- i'm too old for that kind of stuff.
4:13 pm
i'm running in a very unusual race in austin. it has been occupied for 32 years, blue, lou, blue -- texas is read and austin is lou and in theblue district money area of austan. they are more than anxious to phone bank and knock on the doors -- the gay and lesbian alliances, it's a tiny district districtch out -- this is now empty. no republican step up, no democrat step up, why would that happen? because the chairman of the democratic party of the state of texas is walking his little princess through the front doors of the capital and there's one libertarian standing in the doorway saying we are not letting one more lawyer with a
4:14 pm
pocket full of lobbyists walked into the texas house. no. power of the thousand of my best trends behind me. is not the face of the future. i will come to every one of your counties. here's the face of the future -- 15-year-old girl from georgia county. delegate from georgia. i am one of the youngest delegates and i hope to start a aung libertarians club and young libertarians caucus at the college i am enrolled at. [applause]
4:15 pm
of the is the future libertarian party. we have reached across the aisle. your future. you hear me out there in the world? the world is watching. we are not alone. we are not the third-party. we are both parties trying to form a third party. they don't want hillary and they don't want that mop headed tyrant. first partyme the of the new american revolution. it begins now. [applause] i've got to get over this shyness thing and then i want to come visit every one of you, every one of your counties. you, brother.
4:16 pm
now, i am going to attempt to reach out to folks who are listening. [speaking spanish] a vote for me is money well spent. thank you for your time. [applause] >> we have one announcement. there are now more seats available for the presidential banquet. if you would like a presidential banquet ticket, go to the
4:17 pm
registration desk and you can get one there. if you look at the nation builders, it is probably the best. i don't want to interrupt the secretary while they are getting this thing done. every single cent at that presidential anklet is going to advance liberty, to get the department of education out of your way so you can raise your children better, to use the drugs that you want and to end the ad so you can use the money you prefer. it is going to a good cause. if you have the money, please consider the presidential banquet.
4:18 pm
show of hands -- how many people have run for office at least twice? [applause] all of those of you who have look --n for office, there nothing that special about these guys. you've argued with them on everything and disagreed with them on every minor point. you have yelled at them for petty things. if they can do it, you can do it. there is a link to run for office and the staff will help you get involved and the facebook team will help you get promoted. you do not have to be a political science major. when you run for office, you will get tens of thousands of
4:19 pm
dollars of free media coverage. let's say you don't have money for that presidential banquet today. i get that -- not everybody has money for everything. you cannot donate already thousand dollars by running for office, you will bring $30,000 or more of free media coverage to the cause of liberty. is a donation. you might be able to donate more media coverage than you are legally allowed to donate to the libertarian party. hall tog to invite sean the stage and he can tell you about getting free media by running for office. [applause]
4:20 pm
>> howdy. i'm sean hall, libertarian for u.s. senate. i had to come up her because mr. arvin is singing my song. you don't know what i do for a living. i'm a pizza delivery man. that is what i do for a living. i love it. i like it but why i have been preaching this song that we need more average working people to step up and run for office. he is exactly right. i'm nothing special. i'm just a pizza delivery guy. drive, i had a need to speak out, i had an opportunity to put down $1740 and run for the united states senate. instead of just seeing a guy
4:21 pm
from durham, i'm the libertarian nominee for the united states senate. beggingns instead of me the media and newspapers to cover libertarian ideas, now they call me up. now, they put the cameras on me and they ask what's your opinion about this, that or the other thing. i tell them and they print it. i have been able in this age of social media to make youtube videos -- i have asked you to check out my youtube videos on twitter and facebook. spend $13,000 to in theost 4% of the vote senate race which may not sound the a lot but it's up from 2% are candidates have done before. the margin of difference between the democrat and republican's and my race was less than half of that.
4:22 pm
1.75%. i was able to keep the republican winner under 50% stop he did not get a majority. now, i've got more media calling me up. you are important, you are a player, what is your opinion about this, that, the other thing. i tell them the libertarian opinion and they put it in their newspapers. roll call,ideo made made newsmax, as well as a lot of state and local media. it is not hard. i can do this, you can do this. any libertarian has a natural advantage because we have tentacles. it is easy for us to explain our principles on every single issue. the way we can do it with the loudest voice is to run for
4:23 pm
office. big you have that, it is a microphone to be able to tell the world what you think and tell the world your ideas and have your influence on public policy. the more people who get up and run for office for this party, the louder the libertarian voice is going to be and the faster we are going to be the predominant voice in american politics today. everyone who has run before, thank you. everyone who is going to run in the future, thank you. i appreciate it. [applause] phone,ou have your cell take a moment to look at his video. it is incredible to see the way he fights for your beliefs and your values. the next speaker needs very little introduction. governor and is running for supreme court
4:24 pm
justice, kathy glass from texas. [applause] >> howdy y'all. when i ran for governor of texas, we turned all 254 countiesin texas, so that had never heard the name libertarian got to see it on the bus. they got to learn more about our party. texas has more counties and any in the union. my native state of georgia is a close second. after that grueling but very rewarding experience, thought i would take a break. we had this ballot come up and now i'm running for the supreme court of texas. i am a practicing trial lawyer. don't hold that against me. lead balanced status and the only way we can get is in sixth additional races. only one executive and that would be the railroad
4:25 pm
commission. and my othermyself welow judicial candidates, are running for statewide slots on the texas supreme court and texas court of criminal appeals. we try to market ourselves as a group because that is different when you run as a judge. should texans vote for libertarians for judge? a free people need a functioning legal system. ayn rand said the three basic pieces of government are the police, defense and the court system. functioningve a court system. the cronies have corrupted it just like they have crept it education and every other aspect of our lives. we need libertarians, we need
4:26 pm
all these people. they are fine and respected trial attorneys. there is not a dullard in the bunch. not a slacker in the bunch. they would make very good judges, but they are not a republican and they are not a crony. we are dedicated to providing liberty and justice for all texans, not just the rich and powerful. [applause] i love being a trial lawyer. and i'm pretty good at it. i love jury trials, but it is not that fun anymore because the outcome is predictable. the big guys win. you may win a jury verdict, but they will take it away from you on appeal. the texas supreme court is a quart of discretionary review, which means they don't have to take your case if they don't
4:27 pm
want to and they don't have to tell you why. you get a jury verdict, you get a court of appeal, they will overturn you and usually will not tell you why. you go to the supreme court and they don't tell you why. this is not healthy for a free society. people need to have a place to go where they can seek redress of grievances. otherwise, they are left to their own devices. damages for when they have been harmed by the actions of others. i know our texans will be out there pushing for it, but for our friends and neighbors in louisiana, arkansas, oklahoma, new mexico, you know people who live in texas. you do and you don't want to admit it. come and look us up and vote for
4:28 pm
us. we have to get it through petitions. who here has gone through a petition process? not very many and that is good. we want to keep it that way. -- when he wasi in harvard business school, he could have had some other jobs, but he chose to be sometimes a volunteer and sometimes a paid addition or to get other states on the ballot. he has done it before and i guess we can do it again, but we need to be at the level where we have a ballot status. --ten to the magnificat magnificent six or magnificent seven once we get mark miller. they can leave more for others
4:29 pm
who need it. thank you very much. [applause] >> that is one of the most effective strategies. when you run as a group, it creates a much more powerful impact and people know they can cut government by voting for you. microphone one. >> i have a point of information. -- do youa delegation have an idea or does the party have an idea of what general attendance has been like this weekend? >> can you say that one more time? >> does the party have an idea of what the general attendance has been like this weekend for this particular event? do you have an idea of what the general attendance has been for this event this weekend?
4:30 pm
>> i don't have that information right now. i can get it. attendees and delegates. we have a lot of people who bought packages but it's not part of the credentials report. >> i am writing a press release is why i'm asking. >> i will get you that. one questionmber mark >> point of information -- from the great state of connecticut, i wanted to mention a post about gary johnson is currently number 11 on the front page of reddit. , go toare a redditor reddit, find that post and vote it. thank you. >> i know most of your social media savvy but that is an incredible victory. let's see if we can move it up to number 10.
4:31 pm
>> [cheers and applause] >> useful scale. that's the key thing. you don't have to have people agree with you to be able to get you there, and that may be a strength to your advantage. if somebody writes a negative piece in a huge newspaper about how we need to not end the department of education, that is a huge positive step. when we get attacked on any libertarian issue, that is huge, positive step. i encourage you guys to go after ande things; bait the media
4:32 pm
other candidates -- let them attack you because when they attack we win. that is what you learned martial arts; when there is a bigger opponent, is that opponent paul strength as a weapon against the. -- against them. >> point of information. is the chair aware of any issue upon which donald trump supports limited government, smaller government? >> [applause] i don't know of any. i read his website pretty thoroughly, and i haven't seen any thing that supports smaller government. the closest i have seen is that he wants to go the berlin wall between the united states and mexico. sets about the closest. >> i didn't know, either. thank you, mr. chairman. >> the problem. >> mr. chairman? >point of information.
4:33 pm
for those people out there who are disgusted with the democrat and republican parties, could you let them know there's alternative other, the libertarian party, and how they might learn more about it? >> absolutely. those of you are watching, gore democrats and republicans, you want the same things we want. you want college tuition to be lower and you don't know how to do it, but we have good ideas to lower college tuition to improve health care and make it affordable. we have ways to protect your retirement. we have ideas that make sense. and if you want to learn more about those ideas, please go to thank you. [applause] >> microphone [laughter] 1. >> is now an acceptable time to make an announcement? >> i believe as long as there is no objection, it would be a perfectly good time for an announcement. >> thank you, mr..
4:34 pm
chair. i'd like to knows that june 5 florida, we would like to invite everyone to walk in the pride parade. sunday, june 25 and 26. there are democrats and republicans becoming libertarians on the pride street festival. 174,900 expecting about disgruntled bernie sanders supporters, 99 hillary clinton supporters, and may be one trump supporter. please help us convert these people to libertarian ideas, and have one of the best libertarian times of the year. if interested, contacted the ellis county libertarian party for facebook or find them in the libertarian party of florida
4:35 pm
delegation. -- itonally, we will have will be the biggest prize event in the south. >> thank you. microphone 3. >> this is a point of personal preference -- >> go ahead. >> i'm from delaware, ohio. i want to let the delegation know that we are in the home times,"ge of "the new york and we are exploding on google. it's very exciting. >> for those who didn't hear that, we are on the homepage of "the new york times" website. we're exploding on google. >> [cheers and applause] >> microphone 1. >> thank you. may i foffer an additional announcement? missing lp of indiana,
4:36 pm
the in the 500 for this more exciting and historic event. on june 11, indianapolis will event.r dinindy pride >> thank you. >> [applause] >> microphone 2. >> i believe this is a point of information. i'm from the libertarian party of arkansas. i was just curious -- i cannot remember the name of the award we had previously voted to give to the donald trump and hillary clinton, and i was also curious as to whether we were expecting at any time representatives from those candidates to receive their awards. >> [laughter] in a greattoday, show generosity and magnanimity, we awarded to donald trump and libertarianton the recruiters of the year award.
4:37 pm
something to that effect. the libertarian outreach award. [applause] >> we welcome representatives from either the clinton or trump campaign to please comment collect your awards. microphone 1. >> and need a billing. point of information. mr. trump has already begun attacking governors johnson and wells. >> family mr. trump is attacking governor johnson and attacking governor wells, just for good measure. microphone 4. are now the number one story on cnn's home page. >> [cheers and applause] >> we're the number one story on cnn's home page.
4:38 pm
results. are there any privileged motions that be to come before -- >> point of information. i would like to request that governor wells be allowed to make a statement, if he wishes theefutes or stance by comments he made on cnn with the last couple days that he distinguishes between the right to own guns for hunting and guns used for any other purpose. >> i'm going to roll that out of order because that was already addressed in the friday night debate. we have results. we -- you have appointed information or point of order, please address the mic. at is point, if there is no objection, we will have the
4:39 pm
information put on the street for the delegation chairs to review. that theke sure numbers you see on the screen match the numbers that you submitted. feed 2. those who are standing in the front, please stand lower so people can see the screen. there were some votes cast -- these are right in votes -- for those you are not allowed to vote for by bylaws, primarily because they were not sustaining members. if you see one of your write-ins is missing, that's why.
4:40 pm
if there are any other issues, bring it to my attention on to the attention of the secretary. please go ahead, and delegation chairs, please review the information that you see on the screens to make sure they match.
4:41 pm
i'm going to pass the gavel back. >> what happened? was that all of them? all right. so now we will have the totals for the first ballot for the nomination for vice president of the united states. william weld, 426 votes, with sharpe, 264 votes. will coley, 93 votes with 10%. derrick grayson, 48 votes. dearn, 29 votes.
4:42 pm
write-ins for daniel hogan, austin petersen, and none of the above were 6. no candidate having achieved a majority, we will have a second ballot. the candidates who will not be on the second ballot is alicia dern. >> i have a motion to make. >> i see at microphone 3 -- >> sam sloan from california. i want to know if the three votes which are in valid because they were not on the ballot -- to those votes count against the majority 50%? >> they do. are you sure > >> are you sure? >> yes. other questions. >> i would like to make a motion to suspend the rules for the second ballot so the party chairs will need to finish
4:43 pm
within 20 minutes of receiving them. >> along i didn't hear that last part. >> i would like to make a motion to suspend the rules so that during the second ballot that the party chairs will have 20 minutes to return the balance to the secretary. >> point of information. >> point of -- we can't suspend the rules. we could suspend the rules to create a deadline but it might interfere with the fairness of the voting. i will rule it is out of order. >> i asked earlier -- >> i am not going to rule it in order, sir. >> mr. chairman? i'd like -- i moved to suspend the rules. pool: you would like to drop out of the race and throw his support behind larry sharpe.
4:44 pm
>> [cheers and applause] >> wait, wait, wait. tiny, littlest bit of order. would you like to address the body, similar to the other candidates who were eliminated? >> precisely. >> we would allow that opportunity to all candidates who have not been nominated? all right. promotion is to suspend the rules to allow two minutes of the candidates who will not be perceiving, alicia duren and will coley. all in favor please raise your hand. all opposed? the rules resuspended in that manner. we will start -- >> [cheers and applause] coley,ll start with mr. because i know he wants to address the delegation. if mr. would like to do the same
4:45 pm
-- if miss dearn would like to do the same she can come on stage. police said two minutes on the clock. point of personal privilege for which microphone -- >> unfortunately i will not be here tomorrow, as i am traveling back to new hampshire, but tomorrow is memorial day, and i think it is important that we do remember the victims of war, not just and then and women that died, of the innocent civilians that are killed on the daily basis and the people that are victims of other wars -- the war on poverty in the war on drugs. there is a man in prison right now for two life sentences for having a website. he needs to be parted because he never got a fair trial. he is a victim of the war on
4:46 pm
drugs . war which ism of a a war people often do not paid attention to. >> thank you. either any other privileged motions of this time? microphone 4. >> mr. chairman, what i would suspend thes to rules to permit the nominations for chair and vice chair to advance. iile we're waiting quietly, have people shouting in my suspend would like to the rules of the nominations for chair and vice chair, and perhaps secretary and treasurer, can take place so soon as we start the secretary counts. but as the current -- i think you can't rule. >> the motion to suspend the rules? >> correct.
4:47 pm
but you are involved in it personally. >> i can ask the body if they wish to suspend the rules. there has been a motion to suspend the rules in order to allow nominations for chair and once chair during the voting fo the second ballot for the vice presidency. >> point of information. >> microphone 3. >> is the secretary ok with this? >> the secretary, as long as we have somebody else note who was nominated in the details of who nominated them, will be able to deal at this. someone else have to take those notes -- where is the next point information? >> stephen neilson.
4:48 pm
i think it's important that the delegates understand that at there is a large picture of gary johnson the headline "the voters have a third choice." >> [cheers and applause] attempt of privileged motion do you have? >> point of information. if we're going to go nomination speeches, is there a way we can have absolute quiet in the room while it happens? i want to listen to all the speeches from the candidates and i don't know how we will do that with all the commotion. >> i believe the gentleman behind you will make sure everybody stays on their best to you. -- best behavior. . than>> if i recall correctly, rules of the orders of the day given the for --
4:49 pm
amount of time that is allocated to both chair and vice chair speeches, would we want to extend the amount of time? >> i believe that at the gentleman from virginia would like to make a motion to extend, to suspend the rules to extend bee for an hour, that will in order, once i deal with the suspension of the rules we are about to vote on. i will ask the gentleman from virginia to stay at that microphone and repair to be recognized. all in favor of the nominating speeches during a tabulation of the vice president of second ballot, please say aye. all those opposed say no. that is 2/3, blue will proceed in that fashion. microphone 1. >> thank you. point of order. >> microphone 2.
4:50 pm
>> i apologize for having to do this mr. chairman, but i do have to point out that we only voted to suspend the rules, and there should be some debate about this. >> it is not debatable motion to suspend the rules, and the motion to suspend the rules specified how they would change, so i will hold that it is in order to have only one vote. is there someone else trying to make a point of order? all right, please. >> thank you. i was informed that the appropriate motion would be to amend the agenda. they would also require a two vote, to extend for one hour the time of adjournment
4:51 pm
of the session. , sir?that your motion come is there any objection? there is objection. we'll vote. all in favor say aye. all opposed, no. gavel i hand the off, i want everyone to remember that if you are interested in learning more about the libertarian party, visit, 1-800-elect-us. #legalizefreedom. point of information. would like to take umbrage with cnn; there is not a third choice, gary johnson is the
4:52 pm
first choice. >> [cheers and applause] >> thank you. doctor -- where is the point of order? >> we are in session, is that correct? >> we are in session. >> while we are in session, shouldn't the aisles be cleared as much as possible? >> i would ask people to the isles, and if you are going to have conversations, have them outside. have we distributed the ballots? ok. they are not prepared yet. -- give thee gavel gavel. >> point of information, mr.
4:53 pm
chair. pardon me, i heard a request for a point of information -- thank you. thank you, sir. please identify yourself. would the suspension of the rules allow mr. coley to speak for two minutes? was in that proceeding of these other suspensions? >> i believe that would be in order. that it was to amend the agenda so we could proceed once we get this better taking care of. the then proceed to entertain nominations for chair and vice chair. i am perfectly willing to allow the others to come up and offer their comments. >> i was just making sure that was done. >> thank you, sir. mr. coley. >> thank you, sir.
4:54 pm
>> [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon, again, ladies and gentlemen of the libertarian party national delegation. i wanted to tell you guys little about countystory, chairs for the new york republican party. a letter that was sent to a man who you are considering for your nomination to this party right now. let me read to you a short bit of this letter so that you know what you are subjecting your party to, the risks that you take. "the republican committee of new york, we are very concerned about your willingness to solicit and accept the endorsement of the libertarian party for your campaign for governor.
4:55 pm
while you may receive some short-term benefit from obtaining a second line on november's general election ballot, you potentially could create serious political problems for each and every republican candidate for years to come. should the libertarian party reach 50,000 voters and qualify as a recognized party in new york, another recognized party would force all republicans to consider obtaining the party's endorsement at election time or leave it to their opponent. this could seriously change the political landscape that republicans face in new york each year in a state where we are outnumbered 5:3." this is signed 10 different chairman for the republican committee. you can find it online. this, ladies and gentlemen, is what you subject your party to. someone who sold his soul to the gop and sold our ballot access
4:56 pm
in the state of new york city. i want someone who will stand behind our principles and stand behind our party as our vice president of candidate. i support larry sharpe, because just like me, he is a libertarian. he's a real libertarian. he brings fire. he brings electricity. he makes people want to get up out of their seats, and i want the libertarian party to be protected from those who would and the represented by those who would defend it. me,thei if you voted for vote larry sharpe and protect the libertarian party. >> [cheers and applause] [chanting "larry sharpe"]
4:57 pm
>> thank you, mr. coley. hassurprised that ms. dearn left the building, but would like to return to address the convention, and will be here at approximately 10 minutes, if i understand correctly. i think at that time we should allow for her to address the convention. >> [booing]
4:58 pm
>> pardon me, ladies and gentlemen. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i think we have an idea of how we will proceed. may we have order, please? thank you. i believe the way we will proceed is that balloting is about ready to begin evidently we do have the
4:59 pm
ballots. the state chairs can go and fetch the ballots. do is we willow open -- i realize if several things going on, may we have order in the halls, please? thank you. >> point of order. >> microphone 2. i already tried this, but i have to point out that it order to doy out of business during an election, and in a delegation of 60 delegates where i am trying to count the ballots and trying to pay attention to a business is going on on the floor, is is not a good idea. >> mr. hillebrand brings up the point, it's considered typically
5:00 pm
when a vote is underway, business is not to be conducted. however, we voted to change the agenda; we also had a vote to suspend the rules to allow this sort of thing to go on. >> mr. chair. mr. chair. point of order. >> someone is --
5:01 pm
i would like to make a motion to suspend the rules. i would like that the convention e immediately -- >> there is a motion to suspend the rules -- i'm sorry, could you repeat your motion, please? i realize that we have many things going on. may we please have order? point of order. --several times several times you have asked for order, and immediately in front of you, you get a little bit of order, of the noise is still taking place in the far corners, and i think you need to enforce your request by speaking either letter or burying the gavel, or whatever, in order to get people to sit down, clearly aisles, and
5:02 pm
start listening to the chair in the activity of the business session. >> thank you. >> point of order. >> point of order -- >> here. identify yourself. >> i'm from texas. the point of order is that when we voted to suspend the rules to have our chair and vice chair candidates, we said that would begin when the votes were being counted, not while they were being cast. us not do business while the votes are being distributed or delegates are voting. >> that is fine, thank you. >> mr. chair, microphone 3. i would like a request -- >> i apologize, i think i am -- weto have to employ
5:03 pm
have in the norma's amount of noise. you may not realize the amount to which it washes up this way, over the chair, and is very bad. h may have order in the all. >> mr. chair, i request a ruling in the chair, if it is in order, to suspend the rules to sept credentialing from anybody other than the credentials committee. mr. robinson is a wonderful person but i believe the credentials committee -- that would be my ruling. >> however --
5:04 pm
that would be my ruling, however -- objection, recognizing salvette. >> the credential committee has found frank robinson eligible to vote, and would like to move that he be added to the role of of voting members of this convention. >> thank you. it's been moved and seconded. is their objection to having mr. robinson? >> point of order. whom?nt of order from >> the georgia delegation. voting now? are the ballots out for being cast? if we are voting, is not a
5:05 pm
motion invalid? it has already been rolled away by the chair. point of information. >> point of information. >> from mark steward of the connecticut delegation. thank you. is a question about accounting for writing votes that will come in this ballot? how are writing votes accounted for? >> i'm not sure i understand the question. are written on the ballot. >> are the names displayed if h it's a write-in? is it displayed at the end of
5:06 pm
the round? secretary, we have several questions going on here. the gentleman is asking the question about write-ins. are you going to display the write-ins? i assume the spreadsheet that will be displayed -- >> exactly. >> she said she will do so. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> point of information, microphone 3. >> microphone 3. >> first and foremost, bill weld is trending number two on twitter. >> [cheers and applause] information, scott point to bring to
5:07 pm
all of us -- the world is watching. and recall bernie sanders writing, i recall trump rioting, i recall clinton supporters acting poorly, and i call out to all of us to remember that the world is watching at this moment, and it is at this moment we need to behave in the most respective characters that we all. behave, be respectful. >> thank you very much. the chair has been informed by ms.parliamentarian that salvette's report that the suspension of the rules would not apply while the vote is taking place. do i understand it correctly? that motion to access during the vote would not be in order.
5:08 pm
what we will do is we will put forth that motion once the voting concludes. all right. just a second. >> motion to suspend. i have been handed a note. that he rose ryan meet the person who contacted her about his credit card earlier today to meet her at the corner door by a v, back of the hall. thank you. me?on is there someone seeking attention of the chair? chair, some of us -- >> i cannot hear you. ladies and gentlemen, i realize we have a lot going on. it is extremely difficult for me to hear anything at this point.
5:09 pm
i realize you have any conversations. we have a vote going on. please try to keep it down as much as possible. >> mr. chair. your microphone is not projected. >> mr. chair, i was merely going to make the same point. the people that are standing in the aisles and blocking access to our engaging -- they are making it impossible for people on the floor to follow anything. people have been asked many times now to keep it down. i like to ask the chair to consider bringing in either security or are sergeant at arms to remove those individuals who cannot behave. >> [applause] >> the chair will take it under
5:10 pm
advisement. i'm sorry, my distinguished colleague is standing here, and i am going to recognize a privilege by allowing him to get my attention. the chair has graciously decided that he will take the bullets from the audience until we get into the nominations. i will be very happy to allow him to maintain order until -- thank you, thank you. yes. with my compliments. >> good afternoon, libertarians. we'll start by clearing the aisles. if you are in the island not behind a microphone, you will sit down. >> [cheers and applause] the avthen i would like
5:11 pm
people to put two minutes on the clock -- is there a privileged motion? no. ok. microphone 2? >> point of privilege of assembly. i'm tallying the ballots over there, and south dakota is still voting. please feel up to the front. >> south dakota, pick up their ballots? south dakota, please go to the secretaries assistant in together your ballots. are there any other privileged motions at this time. ms. dearn has joined us. i'll start with microphone 4, then 2. microphone 4. have a motion to suspend the rules because i want to get rid of this ballot around. one of the vice presidential candidates wants to drop out.
5:12 pm
rule to get rid of this round of balloting is not in order. they would violate our bylaws and we will not do it. thank you. 3.rophone >> scott lieberman from california. regarding the upcoming credentials vote on this delegate, does that require a 7/8 vote to pass? >> if it is a contested addition, it would require 7/8. >> thank you. under any other privileged motions at this time? none, we will hear from this alicia dearn. >> [applause] this is a true story.
5:13 pm
i of stained, along with my husband, from voting this first round. so who says your vote doesn't matter? in the a few minutes after i of messagesa daily from people outside the party who saw my speech on c-span. people were saying that they wanted to join the party because they saw we were a party of principles that was going to get behind the ticket that could bring us back to constitutional values. >> [applause] got hundreds of friend request on facebook. [laughter] so i'm going to vote this time, in i asked that if anybody is wavering, and to the people who kindly voted for me after i left, to please vote for governor wells -- >> [cheers and applause]
5:14 pm
>> it's time to unify behind a ticket. donald trump is already making fun of us. >> [booing] ime to unify the ticket and support governor johnson. thank you. >> [cheers and applause] >> thank you, ms. dearn. i have been informed -- order, please. i know your ballots authority then passed out and printed, but i am informed that mr. grayson would like to withdraw from the .ace would ask that we hear from mr. grayson. >> [applause] >> please put two minutes on the clock when he begins to speak.
5:15 pm
>> i really needed to hear me and not applaud, because this is very important. to help,wn here because i believe in the fight for liberty. and i care about your party, about your race, that any of that. i have five daughters who are very important to me and i know your children are important to you. but i researched your vp. ien i saw the valid results researched him. i have been a member of the republican party for the last 20 years. i know with the establishment looks like. i know what it feels like to be betrayed. i know what a kool-aid drinker is. i have a man come to me it's a great speech -- does that mean you will support me? no, i have to go with mr. johnson. razor. a kool-aid's
5:16 pm
i know it's ugly. but i am telling you, i am telling you, when you go with individuals that have violated the constitution razor. in any form or fashion, you sell your soul to them. you over to yourself to do something different. if you don't send me -- don't send that other guy back. to his already been there. opportunity to prove himself, and he failed. >> [cheers and applause] out.ok, i'm dropping i was drafted. i showed up on friday because i believe in liberty, because i love liberty and freedom.
5:17 pm
but when somebody violates me, i am telling you, do something different. vote for sharpe. anybody that voted for me, vote for sharpe. [chanting "sharpe"] >> thank you, mr. grayson. continue tabulating the ballots and voting. microphone 2. >> thank you. thank you, chairman. >> for what are you being recognized? >> point privilege. >> for the personal privilege, please identify yourself. smith,ame is rhett delegate from texas. i'm from shauna stirling.
5:18 pm
i just got her message. you're going for a republican trying to get money, you will lose the same way the tea party did. "there's nothing more we can do." >> microphone 1. microphone 1. >> testing. ok. i just -- point of privilege? >> or the privilege. i'm wondering why the libertarian party will fight for everybody's freedom in a relationship, and then settle our nominee with a relationship and when i work out.
5:19 pm
-- that might not work out. >> all right. i'm going to clarify. speeches and statements about the voting we are currently doing is out of order. slide, and the body allows candidates who are no longer in the race to slide, but there will be no more of this. is that understood? >> [applause] >> microphone 3. >> i may not be able to say what i was going to say. >> thank you. microphone 4. >> por point of parliamentary inquiry. mindful that my delegation has already voted and turned in the -- i have not kept track of who has withdrawn or not. will all the votes be valid even if one or more candidates for whom votes were cast has
5:20 pm
withdrawn? >> yes, all votes will be counted and considered valid for anyone who was on the ballot at time of printing. microphone 2. >> pointed information. -- point of information. i received to communication from the libertarians a foregone who wish to communicate to the convention that they are watching with great excitement, and wish me to communicate as a matter of providing assistance to the convention in response to the chair's request that anyone could show to accept the outreach award on behalf of the donald trump campaign, that richard burke is available to do it. >> [laughter] >> thank you for the point of information. microphone 1. >> point of personal privilege. the chairman of the biggest little party in the united states, i object to being kept
5:21 pm
from that podium. i am no kool-aid drinker. because i choose to support a candidate and have conducted ourselves as an organization in a responsible matter -- >> [booing] >> mr. ford,. your point of privileges will taken thank you, sir. are there any other privileged motions at this time? we are in a bit of a quandary. the reason is this. we have, or at least i think we know, who was going to run for the position of chair. technically, no one has placed anyone in nomination yet. so i don't know for sure that we have the whole list. that we already have a randomized order for people to the. -- to speak. i don't know what the body would like to do. it is not technically in order to suspend the rules and nominate people, but it might be in order for people who wish to
5:22 pm
nominate people to approach a microphone with a point of information about who they wish to nominate for chair so we can make a list of people who are likely to be nominated. doesn't that sound like a good idea? would recognize anyone who like to raise a point of information in that manner. >> point of information. washington delegate stephen neilson. sir, i would like to nominate you. >> thank you. >> [cheers and applause] >> point of information. my name is tim mcguire from indiana. i would like to nominate mark rutherford. >> thank you comes or. point of information. i would like to suspend the rule --
5:23 pm
i am going to take that as a point of information, thank you. microphone 4. is that point of information -- >> point of information. roger young from the california delegation, to nominate james sweet of the pennsylvania delegation. >> thank you. are there any other points of information for people who think they will nominate somebody for chair? microphone 2. >> point of information. the governor candidate last year that got an amazing 1.45% in a state that never gets over 1%. i would like to set the nomination of nick for chair. >> thank you, sir. point of information. >> thank you.
5:24 pm
is a second required? >> there is not. we are not technically nominating. it is a magical time. >> i would like to magically support you -- >> the quicker we do this, the better. anyonene else aware of else who seeks to run for chair? -- if you want to approach microphone to? identify yourself. i will say that i would like to nominate both -- else --ere anyone >> point of information. order for those
5:25 pm
candidates who have had information laid out about them to come to a microphone and provide some information as to whether or not they would accept nominations? order --at is not in >> i'm going to ask the gentle it, do you know if he would accept the nomination? >> mr. peterson? >> do you know if you would accept the nomination? -- probably >> i candids of the question --
5:26 pm
>> order, please. does somebody know if you would accept -- oh, he -- all i need to know -- he is coming to the microphone to answer for himself. i'm austinrman, peterson. thank you for the kind support. i respectfully decline the nomination. >> thank you, mr. peterson. >> mr. robinson. what it of information, -- >> we will do that the end of balloting that we will proceed to speeches at this time for the four candidates that i have heard are intending to place the nomination. those of the myself, mr. rutherford, mr. bejunes, and mr. weeks. if dr. lark is still around -- he is right behind me.
5:27 pm
i would like to confirm, there are still some state ballots that have not been turned in. his there any objection to proceed with the speeches at this time? any objection at all? i hear objection, so all in favor of proceeding at this time say aye. all those opposed police say no. i think we will proceed with speeches at this time. if mr. katz can give me the random order, i will say what order they will come in.
5:28 pm
the secretary has rolled the 20 sided die that determines everything in this party, and the order for the speeches will mr. sarwark, mr. rutherford. thank you. >> thank you, mr. chairman. candidate to be placed in nomination, the nomination speeches are allowed up to 10 minutes in total. ask that those people who are serving as nominators for the various candidates assemble. do we have these people assembled? hopefully they will shake a leg and assemble quickly.
5:29 pm
do youicular, mr. weeks, have your nominators assembled, sir? so. do believe >> i -- you're --e wildly if again, the chair will request -- i see mr. weeks. >> the first candidate -- mr. james weeks. mr. weeks, you and your nominators may approach. >> how much time -- >> point of information. how much time will each
5:30 pm
candidate have for their speech? total, each candidate will have up to 10 minutes. the candidate may allocate in whatever manner they choose. weeks? you and your colleagues are welcome. >> well, after all the fun we have had today, we could use a little bit of fun. the a/vorry, would
5:31 pm
people start the clock? >> ♪
5:32 pm
>> [booing]
5:33 pm
>> i'm going to go ahead and drop out. [laughter] >> did the gentleman leave his mobile phone?
5:34 pm
>> mr. chairman, is there an ophthalmologist in the house? next candidate for nomination. ad people stop -- thank you. start it once it begins. >> zach foster, thank you for being here everybody. spanish] in
5:35 pm
in a language that the trump campaign does not enjoy hearing, it means that we libertarians are the party of the people. i speak on behalf of a man who once upon a time used to jump out of airplanes with a rifle. he decides that he loves his country enough to do something about it and he became a libertarian. they bring together unlikely allies like penn gillette, rick beckpawn stars, and glenn to promote the libertarian party on national tv. brothers and sisters, i ask you to elect the man who will shame debbie wasserman schultz and reince priebus on a daily basis. one last thing.
5:36 pm
taxes are theft. [applause] >> hello, my name is dana moxley cummings. i am a former chairman of the state of florida. seems thew, florida perfect place to have political history. i think we are pretty famous by now. brett became chairman, became chairman of nevada at around the same time and like most able in this room, we like to take risks, we have great ideas, and we think we know everything. what i learned from brett is that he and i are a lot alike. we have the same ideas and we like to take the same risks. i have followed him and watched him through my chairmanship and
5:37 pm
he made it happen. he came through. he brought what he said he was going to do and he continues to do it to this day. i have never seen him say he would go after something, or go after a goal that he did not go 100% toward. lte.s what we need in the we need someone who will deliver and that is brett. please consider him. thank you. i am the former vice chairman of the libertarian party of florida, the current chairman of the libertarian pac. i hope you all had fun yesterday on my roof. [laughter] [applause] i am up here today because i believe the direction of this party needs to be adjusted and pushed forward in a way in which the national party provides the customer service that is
5:38 pm
required to the state affiliates along with the tools that they need in order to grow themselves. there is no national party that will grow you, but they can provide you the tools and the environment to make it possible. itt is why i fully support for the chair of this party. i believe he has given you the track record already in nevada that makes this an easy selection. data is going to be key. i believe that and his team will be focused on that. i ask for your vote for brett for chairrett pojunis of the libertarian party. >> there is such a thing as too much transparency in government. ago when i decided to join the party had been voting
5:39 pm
i was electede, councilman. that is a big deal and our former california chair flew down from northern california to meet and talk me into doing what i should do. he put me on the phone with this crazy voice from las vegas, nevada. i said that guy is on too much caffeine. about 10 months later i met him at our first joint xcom meeting. i met brett ponjunis and i said, who is this guy? what planet did he come from? i hung with him for 24 hours straight. partying, meeting all caps of people in that event alleged -- all kinds of people and meeting the nevada legislature and all that. ponjunis hasrett
5:40 pm
been my biggest supporter. he would give me his last time if he were out on the street. he's not only a crazy dreamer, but he is a visionary. would havebrothers never got off the ground answer edmund hillary would have never climbed everest unless they were libertarian. barnum withis is pt a conscience. if you want to take this party to the next level regardless of how our candidates do on the national stage, choose brett genus as your next national chair. how are you doing today? a little bit more than that. how are you doing? i am up here to talk to you about that but eunice -- brett ponjunis.
5:41 pm
i want to talk to you about activism. the idea of liberty and self this is an engine built with candidates and administrators and activists. the town were having a get together and he sends a van full of people from vegas to los angeles. supportthe kind of would like to see from our national chairman and the type of culture he is building. please support brett pojunis. >> high-energy time. i'm kind of shy, but he campaigned all over this country and he built 14 coalitions in vegas. he took a business model to it. he is not afraid to ask for money.
5:42 pm
there's money all around us. there ain't no shortage of it. 14 coalitions. union workers. the blacks. he has his own office, paid staff. 240 volunteers at the ready to put boots on the ground within teamnutes and a media that will shout -- when mr. trump wants to make a comment, he will come back at you with everything he has got. please welcome the chair of the nevada state party and your next theional chairman for ,ational libertarian party brett pojunis! pojunis: this is really an honor, thank you for endorsing me. yes i am a high-energy guy and i
5:43 pm
should have known my audience better. when i am out speaking, which is getthe time, i need to people enthusiastic about what we are doing in the party. that's one of the main reasons why the libertarian party is growing so much. because we are excited. we are doing things that nobody else does and we are trying new ideas and that is what we need. we have such an amazing opportunity right now. to the election and beyond, we can become a major party but we have to think outside of the box and we have to try new things. most of you guys do not know this, and i hate talking -- i had a great life before i got involved with politics. had a nice house, nice car, nice condo across country, a second apartment. i give up everything. i rent a room from a buddy and i borrow my friend's honda.
5:44 pm
i have given up everything for this party. i'm the only person who will be your full-time chairman. the only one who will give you the full-time effort at this party needs to get to the next level. please, vote for me. i really want this. give me the opportunity and i will take it home. vote at that eunice -- vote brett pojunis. [applause] >> i am informed that the vote totals for the previous vote should be available. is that correct? point of personal privilege -- identify yourself. >> i am charles, i was a candidate for this race. one thing i noticed when i joined this was, i want in the
5:45 pm
libertarian party to be taken seriously, but being taken seriously, we can have fun doing that. when the gentleman got up and did a little dance, it was wrong, but i played along. the fact he was able to stand up for five minutes in his underwear was the most ridiculous thing ever. i fred 100 books on this ideology and i have donated a lot of my money. and when everybody here to say it was a joke -- and i want everybody here to say it was a joke. >> for what reason do you rise, man? 'am? >> point of personal privilege. i concur with what charles just said. i found that really offensive. but does not represent me. it does not represent the majority of people in this room. i do not want the world to think that is what libertarians are. we are not that.
5:46 pm
>> first of all, the chair will observe that the point has been made. this gentleman was seeking recognition. anyone at the microphone seeking a point of personal privilege regarding this particular point? >> i would like to speak on a point of personal privilege. i have been a party member since 1993. i have spent tens of thousands of dollars and a large investment of many hours. offensive, its so was a violation of the nonaggression pledge. >> thank you, sir. the chair will request a point of personal privilege. i think that there seems to be
5:47 pm
some sentiment -- that but weop cannot stop this? >> sir you have not been recognized. >> point of order. >> the gentleman at microphone number one. >> that gentleman defrauded us. i propose a resolution that goes directly with this, if i may. >> it would require a two thirds -- suspension of the rules to entertain a resolution. >> i would like to read it plays. ease. >> will the body -- the chair will entertain a motion to suspend the rules -- >> point of order. >> yes, sir? >> you recognize this gentleman for point of order and then erroneously went to another
5:48 pm
microphone. please allow him to make another point of order. i'm sorry, he left. >> mr. chairman, is this a point of order? >> i'm not sure what you call it. i move to vote to suspend the rules for the purpose of revoking the membership. >> i don't think that would be in order. the chair will rule that is out of order. >> point of order. i'm sorry? the gentleman here? microphone one? gentleman will identify himself. >> my name is erin stark, from california -- aaron stark, from california. >> the chair will request order, please. the noise from the back is very loud. please, quiet down. the gentleman at microphone one has been recognized. minutesld ask for a few
5:49 pm
to consider the following resolution that is one second long. >> first, we need to suspend -- >> if i can read it then you can decide -- >> is there objection to hearing his motion before suspending? >> there is objection. we will need to move to suspend the rules, it will require a two-thirds vote. all in favor of entertaining the rules for suspending the motion, please signify by saying aye. those opposed say, nay. [many] aye. [many] nay. >> it fails. please identify yourself. you made arman,
5:50 pm
parliamentary ruling a few moments ago and believe you are an error. right of an 73, assembly to eject a member is totally specific that are entitled to eject the member. hopefully my numbering agrees with yours. inquire ofleman will the parliamentarian. is there a motion the gentleman wished to have put forward -- is there a difference between -- dr. phillies, the parliamentarian is informing me you are correct. that evidently the motion would be in order. thank you for the correction. >> therefore we go back to the motion. >> there was a gentleman who sought to make the motion. i requested comes back to make
5:51 pm
the motion. my apologies to the body. i believe it was mr. kerry. please come to the microphone. mr. kerry, my apologies. please, my apologies to mr.. , sir. >> i moved to suspend the rules -- >> before you speak, let us have orders to the gentleman can be heard. >> i moved to suspend the rules for the purpose of considering -- i don't know whether you want to say eject, suspend his membership, kick him out, whatever. >> i think that we need to be specific. for how long do you seek the suspension. >> at least for the remainder of the convention. >> i did not make myself clear. for how long do you seek to suspend the rules for consideration of your motion? five minutes or 10 minutes? >> think five minutes should be sufficient.
5:52 pm
>> you seek to revoke his membership, to remove him from the convention? what are you seeking to do? >> personally i would like to -- >> i'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, please. >> dr. lark, the point of personal privilege. >> we will wait until we have quiet seems to be arriving through spontaneous order. may i interrupt you, the gentleman is making a point of order. >> point of her voyage. -- privilege. mr. chairman. i have been so proud of this .ody for the last three days i am still proud of this body, but i would ask is a point of privilege, if we could explore -- display device presidential
5:53 pm
andlts, dispense with this, move on with the business of libertarian party. [applause] >> sir, how would you like to respond? >> i honor his request. i would like to do the same thing. let's proceed. >> without objection, we will proceed mr. scher. is there anyone else who seeks to be recognized for a privileged motion? hearing none, may we proceed to the vote totals? the chair will thank the assembled delegates.
5:54 pm
my apologies they did not recognize the gentleman properly. [applause] is this correct? thank you. may we advance the slide please? may we advance the slide,
5:55 pm
please? thank you. chairs thaty state wish to offer a correction to the spreadsheet that has been displayed? none, -- 1 -- miss mattson says we are good, and damn, we are. [applause]
5:56 pm
thank you, ladies and gentlemen. is there a desire on the part of the body to suspend the rules to hear from the vice presidential candidate? wish to make such a motion? >> so moved. >> this gentleman has been recognized. it has been moved and seconded. is there objection? there is objection. we will move to suspend the rules, to hear for five minutes -- is that the gentleman's attention? five minutes from the vice presidential candidate. all in favor for suspension of the rules. please signify by saying aye.
5:57 pm
>> aye! >> opposed, nay. >> nay. >> i believe me ayes have it. is the vice presidential candidate available? >> ladies and gentlemen, if i may have order. -- i haverecognize been asked to announce. >> point of information. is there an intention of this body to vote on the chair after we hear from the speeches? that wenticipation was would have the speeches, whether we wish to proceed -- we have set and established the time to adjourn at 6:30. i think that we should ask the body whether they wish to go
5:58 pm
ahead. the suspension was specifically tailored to entertain the nomination speeches. it would be appropriate to go back to the body to see if they wish to go ahead and take on the voting. >> i would make that motion if we get past the body. may we have order please? >> point of information from whom? >> daniel hayes. louisiana. members need to keep in mind that tallying takes a long time. if we have this phone now -- >> we can deal with that at the appropriate moment. >> we have a hard stop for this room for 12:00. the rigging needs to be taken down so we have a limited time. be in a bad issue if we do not get business done. i encourage people to move forward. >> you may wish to bring that
5:59 pm
point up again when the issue is raised. >> point of personal privilege. >> from whom? >> timothy perkins from the california delegation. >> please go ahead. >> as a point of personal privilege i asked the body that we not follow the example of the republican and democrat convention at which there have been violations of the nap in response to not achieving political goals. >> are you seeking recognition and for what purpose? >> i have a question for the chair. >> point of information, yes sir. >> i'm from new hampshire. would it be appropriate, if not now, when, to ask the body for mr. sharp to address the delegation? >> i think it would be appropriate, but with the indulgence of the body, i would like to offer an announcement
6:00 pm
concerning an event that has been rescheduled because of the proceedings here. we would recognize the vice presidential candidate who seems to be waiting patiently here and we can proceed to other matters including the possibility of recognizing mr. sharp. point of order. my name is michelle gregory with the michigan lp. i want to know if there is a way since grayson dropped out, is there a way to do a recount? >> i do not believe there is any way to do such a recount. i do not believe that is the case. followingo offer the announcement, i've been told the debate has been delayed for five minutes after the proceedings here end. >> point of information. >> from w


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