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tv   Senator Jeff Sessions Delivers Commencement Address at University of Alabama  CSPAN  May 30, 2016 10:28pm-10:47pm EDT

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graduates of berkeley political science class of 2016. go bears. [applause] fabulous. congratulations. [applause] announcer: alabama republican senator jeff sessions spoke at the university of alabama in huntsville. he talked about the school's growth in recent years and its reputation as an engineering institution. he also shared some of the struggles he encountered after graduating from college and offered advice about what to do in order to be successful. his remarks are 15 minutes. [applause] sen. sessions: thank you very much. i am excited to be here today.
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thank you for your exceptional leadership for five years to this university. i will talk about it a little bit because i think it is an extraordinary, exceptional thing occurring. and congratulations to the class of 2016. today is your day of celebration. you have earned it. congratulations to your family and friends who helped to make the day possible. it is an honor for me, truly to , be able to deliver your commencement address. you have earned your diploma in a special environment. the intellectual talent in this university and the greater area is matched by very few places on this earth. i would like to talk about it a little bit. a quote from a man of influence on the university and in huntsville and our planet. and maybe what revolves around our planet.
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that is dr. warner bron brown the father of the american space , program. he was voted as the second most influential person in aviation and aerospace history recently according to aviation week magazine. only the wright brothers got more votes. dr. von braun was a visionary. the products of his vision can be seen everywhere. in his colleagues helped create the huntsville symphony orchestra, the space and rocket center, the space camp. in his address, he explained the importance of a university to american space program. "opportunity goes where the best people go and the best people go where education goes, to make eyes more attractive to technical and scientific able across the country and further develop the people we have here, through academic research in alabama must be improved."
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at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the research institute, he envisioned, dr. von braun stated, "if our state could produce the number one football team in the nation, we could just as surely establish the nation's is number one education center for space and rocket technology if we put our mind to it." well, uah is not number one quite yet but the campus is fifth in federally funded in nautical engineering. when compared to similar sized universities, we're the number one research expenditure in the nation.
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a tier one university, ranking it among the top 4% of public universities in the nation. several sources, including the brookings institution, have pointed out that you a age graduates on average are the best paid graduates of any alabama university and among the top in the nation. good news indeed, graduates. the enrollment growth is really outstanding. it got my attention. i enjoy watching higher education over a number of years. i doubt there is a single major university in the country that can match what the team is doing. the fall class last year set a record for enrollment with a 45% increase in the freshman class. a 33% increase next year's expected. this is surely one of the best
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growth records. if not the best of any university in america. let's say it loud and clear. the chargers are charging. great days lie ahead. think of how a good education benefits students here and we fail to appreciate the positive impact universities have on our communities. students live here and bring money with them. mommy sends money, so does daddy. then there is the salary of faculty and staff and the leadership faculty provides throughout the region, in art and sciences, public schools, churches, health care, businesses, it enriches the entire community, as do thousands of graduates who live in the region, now more professional and more able than they were before they had the
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good degree here. certainly, the greater huntsville area workforce is indeed exceptional. huntsville is one of the highest concentration of phd's and forbes magazine calls huntsville one of the top 10 smartest cities in the world. not a bad complement. an analysis released just yesterday, huntsville was named the number one place in the country for stem graduates. stem graduates, i know you are glad to hear that. science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. all they do, the technology that is so embedded in the u.s. army, redstone, and the space and missile defense system, all here, the advanced companies, world-class companies here in large numbers, excellent local political and governmental leaders.
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you can be sure that senator shelby and i, congressman brooks, and the entire delegation understand just how important you are to the region, the state, and our nation. the word is getting out about uah. perhaps not enough. business insider recently named uah as the second most -- seventh most underrated college in the area. rapidly being known as a dramatic increase. it will not remain underappreciated any longer. all of this is done in the face of tight budgets in alabama. if we set funding priorities in the future, we need to remember a good university, and particularly a good research university, has the potential to lift the state in ways that may not ever be done another way.
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we need to make sure we adequately fund alabama's hydrogen nations as some, which i think is fabulous in so many ways. the tradition is to say a few things to graduates before they leave. to those of you who do not have a job, let me give you comfort and encouragement when i was graduating, from huntington college, sometime around march or april i realized i did not have a job. i had no idea what i was going to do. i was majoring in history. i was engaged to be married. my wife had a job teaching, but it just hit me. i had not done my preparation very well. things were so bizarre, i thought somehow i could stay in the dorm.
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sorry, you do not get to stay in the dorm through the summer. i did not have a job of any kind. somebody got me into the idea of selling soap products door to door. i was going to make some money doing that for a while. that turned out to be a bust. i stayed at my friend's, a methodist minister-to-be. get this, intercourse, alabama, and i got to stay because he was not using it very much. that is kind of the way the summer was for me. things sort of work out. they had a shortage of teachers in montgomery. i was not properly trained to teach but i got a job teaching the sixth grade in montgomery, alabama. it enriched me. all african-american school, i think it was an
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important part of my development. my wife taught, and we got by some way to for those of you who are not quite there he and do not know where you are heading, do not does their but remember, get busy, start asking, go see any successful people you know. use the career services center, do not give up, do not panic, and it will all work out. very few of us ever start down the road we end up on in the course of life. as i think about it, my political career, i never ran for office until i was 49. i really never planned these things out. they just help you and come to you as time goes by. about the only thing we can control is how we live, our attitudes, character, integrity, and work ethic. the goal should be about making the enterprise you work for successful, being a good team player, people who have good
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integrity and good work ethic will always end up on the short list of people who need to be hired. a couple of things i will close with. the american governmental system is a true wonder here at having the opportunity to travel the world and some of the worst places in the world, what we do here cannot be easily translated into another culture. it is difficult. need to understand how blessed we are to have a legal system we basically inherited from the british. we need to protect it, students, graduates, and extended into the future. you cannot have a sophisticated, highly developed economy without
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the ability to sign complex contracts and have those be enforced fairly around the country. further, always improve, get better. a lot of people start out nervous and work really hard, they learn the basics of the work they are undertaking, and then they get comfortable. and begin to plateau, to coast. do not coast. a strong message from me to you is that learning never ends. subscribe to the best journals in the profession you are seeking. keep reading about it and attend the seminars. get better at whatever you do and you will never regret it. finally, savings. i'm a member of the budget committee. we look at our debt. but wet very helpful really need to be sure that more of our american citizens save regularly.
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if your company has a matching savings plan, be sure to match 100% and take advantage of it. if not, set aside your own money. a person at median income who works a full career can almost be certain to retire a millionaire in america today, but you have to set aside that money every week and the sooner you start, the sooner you get used to not getting it, the better off you will be. to go back to some of the experiences and lessons i've learned, you cannot always land atplan out your career graduation. things work out if you work hard and operate with integrity, stay confident in your character, your beliefs, never stop working for what you believe in, and people with truth on their side usually when, but not always, but you can always be confident that when you do not prevail, you did what you believe is right. congratulations on your achievement. celebrate the great day and all of the accomplishments you have,
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but continue to be your best and get even better every day. i wish you all the best on your next great adventure. thank you and god bless. [applause] >> thank you, senator. and now i would like to ask senator sessions to come to centers age to be honored. be honored.age to the board of trustees of the university of alabama is awarded to senator jeff's sessions the lettersf dr. of humane with all the rights, privileges, and honors thereunto appertain. and testimony whereof this diploma is issued with dcl of
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the board and the signatures authorized by the trustees. university ofhe alabama in huntsville on this first day of may 2016. i am pleased to confer on senator jeff sessions the honorary degree, dr. of humane letters with all the rights and privileges pertaining to that degree. [applause] announcer: on our next washington journal, whether
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nutrition labels make a difference in changing people's eating habits. richard williams will join us. then a conversation with a writer on his recent sony and magazine article about future of line cars. -- flying cars. securedry johnson, who the libertarian party nomination over the weekend will speak about his campaign. watch washington journal live every day of 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> senators have got to see that voicevote matters, there matters, and whether they cannot spare a single cent to help a person running for office or right a big check. their concerns, their struggles, will be listened to and followed up on. announcer: is sunday night on talk.
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baldwin will speak about her career. >> a senators were not up rented by the legislature, but demanded elections. -- i do nothose know it was the first at the idea that it would be the party bosses who made it the decision of who the nominees were in smoke-filled back rooms but rather the people who were going to get a chance to vote in free and fair elections. 8:00ncer: sunday night at p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. >> this memorial day, our look at commencement addresses continues now.
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all of these governors are currently serving in their first term. we begin with indiana republican governor mike pence, who spoke to the graduates at indiana wesleyan university. in this speech, he congratulated that the students and he thanked the faculty for their work at the school. this is 20 minutes. governor pants: -- pence: the board of trustees at indiana wesley and university, to the faculty, to the parents, proud and relieved family members, who are gathered here today, and to the outstanding men and women of the class of 2016. [applause] gov. pence: i am truly honored


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