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tv   Governor Mike Pence Delivers Commencement Address at Indiana Wesleyan...  CSPAN  May 30, 2016 10:46pm-11:06pm EDT

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currently serving in their first term. we begin with indiana republican governor mike pence, who spoke to the graduates at indiana wesleyan university. in this speech, he congratulated that the students and he thanked the faculty for their work at the school. this is 20 minutes. governor pants: -- pence: the board of trustees at indiana wesley and university, to the faculty, to the parents, proud and relieved family members, who are gathered here today, and to the outstanding men and women of the class of 2016. [applause] gov. pence: i am truly honored
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to address the 2016 graduating class and i am humbled by it. a class of 514, truly exemplary young men and women, research, academic achievement, athletics, men's and women's national basketball champions are among us. choral members we just heard , musicians who just toward it through the united states and europe, students who have served, and classrooms and churches and hospitals, studied and served abroad. we have among us a princess of the indy 500 festivals, and a graduate submitted a photo soon adorn our bicentennial stamp. this is a class of extraordinary accomplishment. i believe the 2016 graduating class of indiana wesleyan university represents a generation of promise and i
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congratulate you all. [applause] gov. pence: today is all about you and it should be fun. you are all winners. and, the prize is waiting right up here. and the winners have fun. i am here as your governor, but it is not the highest office that i hold. the highest office i hold is actually d-a-d. it is and it will always be. [applause] gov. pence: moms and dads, we have sat in those chairs and we are hoping to a few more times. we understand the sacrifices your families have made to see you through. the way they encouraged you to
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reach this education, through those anxious days, throughout your college career. they probably wrote a few checks along the way. and they prayed earnestly that you would see this day. so before we start talking about you and what we all might have learned, would the graduating class of 2016 mind is standing, turning around, turning your eyes to the moms and dads and the grandmas and the grandpas, the brothers and the sisters, the mentors and friends who are got you through. give them a round of applause. [applause] gov. pence: i remember this day like it was yesterday. it was 35 years ago for me. 1981. it was a day in which i was
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filled with conflicting emotions. i was excited to have reached my goal, i was a little sad to be saying goodbye to some of the best friends that i would ever have in my life. i was filled with hopes but also anxious and afraid. of whether those hopes would ever come about. i had grown up with a heart for public service and i had gone to a college not dissimilar to this one. in southern indiana. a solid, christian, liberal arts education. i studied american history and tried to prepare my mind for what i hoped was before me. but i was not sure. i can tell you i changed in college. in fact, for most, college changes us. i will never forget the first time i saw our son, who graduated and is now in the
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service. the first time he came home from school, we looked at him and you have changed. change happens. it is good. you moms and dads in the room know what i'm talking about. i want to talk to you about ways i changed and the ways that i hope in the course of your life, you stay changed. you take from this place the best. i learned the value of hard work, perseverance, and persistence in pursuing my goals. true confessions. i was not a totally great student in high school. truly, i will never forget the day. i was senior class president and the day they posted the top 10 students in the class, a friend
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of mine came up because i was so active on campus and said, did you just miss it? [laughter] gov. pence: i said, not really. [laughter] gov. pence: college changed that for me mostly because of people like those back here. professors who saw in me something in a classroom, more than i saw in myself. a professor who is now about 90 years young and is still a mentor to me, dr. curtis. i will never forget, he threw me a paper back and said that is a c. i said it is not different than his and he got a b. he said, for him that is a b, "c."ou that's a
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i know how grateful you all are pourhe professors who themselves into your lives. join me in thanking all of the professors and all of the faculty who changed your life. thank you. [applause] gov. pence: another way i was changed is i learned the value of true friendship, real friendship through thick and thin. there is something about when you go away from home and how quickly you huddle with just a few people. i will bet you were talking this morning, putting on the cap and gown with people you might have just met on the first day.
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there is a bond and use each other through the challenges. i know while today is hello to your future for many of you, you are worried it is goodbye to your very best friends. well, i promise you it is not. karen and i were just at a wedding a couple of short weeks ago with a college friend of mine. i was surrounded by all of the crazy friends i made in college. we are all a little more high mileage right now but we turned on earth wind and fire and turned it loose on his daughter's wedding. [laughter] gov. pence: you can hold onto to these friends. make no mistake about it. i also learned i changed in college because i learned the importance of having the courage of your convictions.
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college is that first time when you step out and you are no longer your mother's daughter or your father's daughter or your parents' child. you are no longer the younger brother or sister on the high school campus or the neighborhood. you are just you. this is a place where you learn to be you. about what and speak you believe, defendant in the classrooms and the lunch rooms and the late-night conversations with comfortable settings with friends. i love a john f. kennedy quote about courage. it was a quality president kennedy looked for more in people than anything else. he said, "without the belittling the courage of those who died, we should not forget those acts
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-- withge with men lived.en have man does what he must in spite of consequences and dangers and pressures and that is the basis of all human morality." cs lewis probably put it better when he said, "courage is not simply one of the virtues. it is the form of every virtue at the testing point." i want to submit to you that the foundation and education you have learned here at indiana wesleyan, the extraordinary place that has no your academic career on a foundation of centered character, scholarship, and leadership, i want to submit to you that to be a leader of that type, you must be prepared to face opposition and even criticism.
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it comes with the territory. as the old book says, in this world, you will have trouble, but take heart, overcome the world. to be strong and be courageous and to learn when to stand for who you are and what you believe, it is a way you have changed here. and will carry into the balance of your life. lastly in college, i changed in one other way. i was raised in a church home. my parents suited us up every sunday morning and got us to church. i will always be grateful for the religious foundation of my upbringing. by the time i got to high school, i had a different thought. i kind of went my own way. i decided to set aside old-fashioned ideas about religion and think for myself.
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i kept going to church but was probably one of the people who held a form of christianity that denied its power. i went off to college and set it all aside. then i began to meet some people at college. they were confident and competent, but they had something i lacked in my life. i knew in my heart of heart that they had something you call joy. in good times and in bad, there seemed to be something in their life that was beyond them. i felt the need in my life to embrace it. i will never forget one of the fellows who is now a pastor in indianapolis and who still is friend of mine, talking to me
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about matters of faith, and my resistance to that. i went up to him and said, i have decided to go ahead and pay i'm a christian and do the christian thing. i told him i want to get one of those crosses you wear. those look good. i started bothering him about it. he said he had some catalogs he could call and order a cross. i pestered him more than once and i will never forget when i said, hey man, i am going with the christian thing now, so get me that number, i want call and get that cross like yours and he turned to me and said words that impacted my life like a meteor strike. he does not even remember saying it to this day. he turned to me and he said, you have got to wear it in your heart before you wear it around your neck.
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you have got to wear it in your heart before you wear it around your neck. and he walked away. i wrestled with those words four days that followed. i knew there was truth in it. months later few 1978, heard a sermon or two at a beautiful christian music festival in kentucky. i'd always heard those words, that god so loved the world that only son.s it hit me that night, that that also meant god so loved me, that his only and overwhelmed with a heart of i gave my that night, life to jesus christ, and it's difference.
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and i said to karen this morning, it's always wonderful to say to god, i love you, but it's probably more accurate when we realize that all we can ever love you too. i because you said it first. that was the biggest way my life changed, in those days in college. so i want to say to the class of 20 2016, in whatever ways you have wonderful this faculty that poured their lives you, and this wonderful way tian university, the you have learned here, what you have learned, hold onto all days ahead. in the hold onto those you love with the people next to you, and the people in the
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gallery. hold onto these precious ment s mentors, who i promise you will love to get that e-mail you from a year or six months or or five years. eep striving, keep learning, keep persevering. one of my other favorite quotes times comes from coolidge, who n poke about the importance of persistence and perseverance. he said, quote, nothing in this orld can take the place of persistence. talent will not. common is more than -- genius will not. unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. education is not. the world is full of educated derelicts, persistence and etermination alone are omnipote omnipotent. what you've learned here in your striving, in your
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accomplishments, continue to put into practice in your life. you've the courage that learned here and build on it to integrity, women of in large ways and in small ways hroughout your life, and stay changed. stay changed in every good way that your heart and mind have been transformed, during your wesleyan at indiana university. nd so i say today, congratulations. congratulations to the in uating class of 2016 indiana wesleyan university. this is your last day at this university, but it's the first day of the rest of your life. the future beckons. .our dreams await that he who ou go,
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saw you through these days of challenge is waiting for you on of the door of this auditorium. the next through great challenges of your life, that he has a plan for you, a plan to prosper you, and not to harm you, a plan to give you a a future. god bless you. that future with faith. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much, governor words andhose searing good reminders of what matters
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change for your public service to the state of indiana, for your personal life, that's modeled by ethical standards, for the xample of your servant leadership, and for your personal christian character that is evidence to all those ho interact with you personally. bythe authority vested in me the indiana board of trustees, i the degree, ou doctor of public leadership, in pens we've vested governor with the appropriate acumen as we could, and i present this parchment of recognition. congratulations. [applause] nnouncer: louisiana governor john bel edwards spoke to the


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