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tv   Spike Lee Delivers Commencement Address at John Hopkins University  CSPAN  May 31, 2016 4:59am-5:13am EDT

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spike: hello. that is weak. hello. >> hello. spike: thank you. my thanks to president daniels, the board of trustees, the faculty, administration, and the graduating class of 2016. again, we must acknowledge the people who made this possible, the parents. [applause] as the great philosopher and poet mr. p.r. nelson once said, dearly beloved, we gather here today to get to this thing called life. but on this occasion, the graduation of a class in the year of
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our lord 2016, john hopkins university, i've been blessed to do what i want and what i love. i love what i do. and what i do is i make films. i'm a film maker, a story teller. and there are two words that are almost in all of my 23 feature films to date. these two words are wake up. wake up from the sleep. wake up from being comatose. wake up from the slumber that keeps your eyes shut to the inequalities and injustices in this often evil, crazy, and insane world we live in. let's move our minds back to the front to a conscious state and wake up.
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let's leave our lofty ivory towers and institutions and get down to the people. as sisters and brothers say on the block, get woke. let's be alert, open minded, get woke. let's wake up. like the knuckle rings worn by the late ray rahim, let's truly know the difference between love and hate. as malcolm x said, we've been took. hood winked. led astray. run amok. and bam boozled. people, we're at a very crucial
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moment in history of these united states of america and the way i'm looking at it today, to tell you the truth, things are looking dicey. it can go either way. i don't know about you but i'm worried. i worry for the graduating class here at john hopkins university. they told me about the "s." i got educated. they didn't know. in addition to the graduating classes all over god's planet, i wish to be graduating into a world of peace, light, and love. that's not the case. we all live in a fairy tale. but i guess the 1% does. after you leave here today, it's going to be real life. and real life is no joke. it's real out here for the other 99% for sure. now it's up to you, this new
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generation, to make it fairer, a just world. it is up to the graduating class of 2016 to make a better world, the 99% being hornswoggled, scorned, incarcerated, profiled, starved, used goes abused, even shot down on our streets. graduates, please leave here on the straight and narrow. and, please, don't go the way of skullduggery. i got that word from mike tyson. want to say the word. skullduggery. united states of america is a very diverse nation. this is one of the many things that makes us great despite the legacy of the genocide of the native people and slavery.
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the united states census bureau and not spike lee says five years from now white children will be a minority. and by 2049 white folk will be wholly out numbered by nonwhites. this is happening, people. here and now. i feel it's time to start embracing it. not fight it. no matter how one might wish it would be otherwise, we are not making america great again by going back to eisenhower, jim crow, fire houses, german shepherds, eisenhower, and leave it to beaver. [applause] not happening. now is the time to seize the day, take advantage of the unique moment in history, and build bridges amongst us, talking about gender, race, religion, and nations. not walls.
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let us build bridges of love versus walls of hate. side bar number one. standing here, i'm amongst some of the greatest minds in the world here at john hopkins university. people a lot smarter than me. so i ask, can somebody please educate me, me, somebody from the public school education, and the public of brooklyn, new york, can somebody please explain to me how you can tell mexico to build a 25-foot wall on the border on top of that and have the audacity to tell them, mexico, you foot the bill, too. w.t.f. [applause]
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side bar two. -- dos. at a time my lovely wife who is here and i gave a fundraiser for president barack hussein obama during his first term in office. i don't know about you. i'm going to miss him. he will be on the right side of history. but anywho, i heard of this football. it looks like a brief case. when triggered, when activated it can trigger a nuclear attack. it's always close to the president. it was in our home. -- it wasn't in our home but in
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the vehicle parked outside. i stand before you testifying it is not a myth. this football is for real. i was scared just to catch a glimpse of it. fast forward today. now i have recurring nightmares. i toss and turn because of my nightmare. donald trump has become the 45th president of the united states of america and he has the nuclear code to the football. he gets mad at somebody and we're all going to go. boom. more boom. boom, boom. dear god. save us. we got to get woke. got to wake up. to bring it to a close here i'd like to go back once again to my friend, the philosopher, the
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poet, and the great humanitarian mr. p.r. nelson. you might know him also as the artist prince. can we get some love to prince, please? [applause] prince is a true, great american. and he wrote a song entitled "baltimore." don't worry. i'm not going to sing it. but here it is. baltimore, nobody got nobody's way. i guess you say it was a good day. at least a little bit better than the day in baltimore.
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does anybody hear us pray? for mike brown or freddie gray? peace is more than absence of war. absence of war. are we going to see another bloody day? we're tired of the crying and people are dying. let us all take the guns away. absence of war. you or me may finally say, enough is enough. it's time for love. it's time to hear. it's time to hear the guitar play. guitar play. baltimore ever more. and there ain't no justice and ain't no peace. if there ain't no justice there ain't no peace. if there ain't no justice there ain't no peace. and there ain't no justice there
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ain't no peace. baltimore. are we going to see another bloody day? we're tired of crying and people are dying. let's take all the guns away. there ain't no justice, there ain't gonna be no peace. baltimore, there ain't no justice there can be no peace. thank you. go with god. black lives matter. [applause] >> you have been watching commencement speeches from colleges and universities around the country. with the presidential election later this year, we have heard
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several speakers mentioned the candidates and also share their thoughts on the current political climate. next, we will hear from those who know the campaign process well. candidate,idential dr. ben carson. janet brown. and former president bill clinton. first, dr. ben carson at southeastern university where he talks about his time on the campaign trail and his experiences as a neurosurgeon at john hopkins university. this is 15 minutes. [applause] dr. carson: thank you so much. thank you. thank you. thank you so much.
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i feel like i am at a political rally. [laughter] i want to congratulate the students, parents, relatives, faculty. thank you for this kind invitation to celebrate this occasion with you. my wife and i have the highest esteem for this university. i'm very happy to be a part of this. i have been fortunate enough to travel to 58 countries. i'm always happy to give back to this country and to recognize how incredibly blessed we are to be in this nation.


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