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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  June 4, 2016 2:00am-4:01am EDT

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is it growing. is it getting less. who is getting interested, who is getting hurt. in this 15 minutes i don't know how i'm going to do that but first let me give it a try. first, let me speak from the koran. >> speaking a foreign language. >> in the holy book of koran. the same thing that we hear in the torah. the same thing that he has said in the bible. the koran, different cookies but the same dough. the same sources. so that said, whoever killed an innocent person like he or she kills the whole humanity. and whoever saves the human being is like he has saved the whole humanity. so here we have a global goal,
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christian, jewish, muslim. we have to unite against terrorism. because terrorism has no faith nor religion against all the hue -- all the humanity. and we are not here as a shia fighting sunni. actually, half of my family are sunni, and half of my family shia. i'm from iraq, baghdad, there's about 40% of the baghdad this -- 40% are integrated, sunni and shia. the problem is not religion, it's not faith. the problem is that there is evil. there is an enemy of god, enemy of humanity. it's named isis. theyhis kind of germ,
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re-create themselves. some kind of hollywood movie. you kill them, they come back again. they used to be al qaeda. then they become isis, and then al-nusra. then what's going on? so first of all, we are in a global mission and it's not only an islamic, it's not only shia. it is peace against evil. second point, we have to have a plan. from a religious point of view,, there is a wholly plan. -- there is a holy plan. there is christianity and judaism here. the children of isaac and muslim and there is a good similarity between them. i am not going to spend too much time. come visit us.
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we have a history museum. so here we go there's a similarity. 12 disciples. 12 sons of jacob. 12 leaders. 12 imam. there is a john the baptist, there is a hussein. there is a savior on the site his name is jesus. , we are waiting for him to come fill the earth in peace and justice. i am a muslim and i believe in that. he is the son of mary. waiting for him. it is not normal to say that but that's what we believe in. we cannot deny one messenger we cannot deny one, jesus or abraham. or we will not go to heaven. this is what islam means -- peace. there is a holy plan. and then they're going to come and meet. they will appear in mecca. jesus will come to jerusalem.
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they will pray together and fill the earth with peace and justice. the problem is there is the deniers of this holy plan of god. they're united. so the believers of jesus and mohammed the children of abraham , should unite against evil and terrorism. and there's a time limit. see, there is the goal and there is the plan, and there is a timing. we cannot wait. you waited a little bit for saddam. look what he has done to my people. i have lost so many people and friends and family members. why did we wait that long? is it because of interest? well, we should not prefer interests against the goal or against the value. so there is a timing.
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if you don't do it now, if you don't unite with the iraqi people to terminate isis, they will grow up in belgium, in france, in california, in iraq, in lebanon, in syria, in pakistan in india. , all around the world. why did you wait that long? and if you wait a little bit more, by the way, there is something called a super bug that i worry about. this super bug has a strong immunity. and by the way, 30% of the antibiotic is not helping and they stop using it. why? because there is a bacteria that is used to the antibiotic. now, isis is getting used to. they're getting to europe, they're getting to america. come on. help us to stop this bacteria. otherwise it will kill us all. so there are 3,400 terrorists, isis, come and go from europe,
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through turkey, to syria, to iraq. come on. there's going to be an ideology. there's going to be fairness. there's going to be justice. turkey sends to us killers. isis. saudi arabia is supporting them with money. and the west gibson weapons -- west gives them weapons. and israel and al-nusra, injured people. now how can we win that battle? you cannot say to the world we are anti-isis but you help them. you have to mean what you say and to say what you mean. this is what religious and faith and god is teaching us. you cannot only worry about yourself, you cannot only worry about your people. you've got to worry about what god wants for you. why, there is one person getting killed in europe by
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terrorists, so many people are getting worried. what about iraqi people? a couple of weeks ago 300 people got killed and injured and wounded and i swear to god you cannot figure out whose hands and legs and head are from whom. where is the world? why is if there's one person getting killed in europe, people get worried? is the blood a different color? we are all human beings. all the human beings are one nation. we cannot play a double standard dividing iraq but uniting , the world. we cannot do that. if they want to create a country in the north in iraq, kurdish, and and sunni in the west and shia in the south.
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loose, thenbe that we won't have a united states of america. every state will go on their own. there has to be justice and the justice has to be its own value. you cannot have justice in the court without value. so the law should be based on value and that value should be justice. so you should not only be concerned about interests. you have to worry about justice. the united nation, here they are. i mean, how do you want us to fight unknown enemies? you knowam,, the thug, that's why they picked him up from the hole like a mouse. but isis. they wear masks. how do you want us to find them? and when they kill us, which country you should sue? which government should you sue? where to go?
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it is a wild enemy, wild creation. we should help the united -- the united nations should help us. why have you been waiting? fu waited for saddam's regime or 40 years until he destroyed millions of people. now we see isis destroying iraq and syria and the rest of the world. how much do you want us to lose? if there is no peace in one spot, there will be no peace in the others. no justice, no peace. so there is a new world order that has to be applied in this world. world order based on spiritual power. we have in iraq we have popular , mobilization forces. the same iraqi soldier fighting in the iraqi army when he moves to the
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popular mobilization forces, he fights better, stronger. why? because there's an energy, there is a spiritual energy. we have to use that energy. there is a nuclear energy and there is a chemical energy and electrical energy and there is a spiritual energy. we have to use that energy because a politician without faith or without god is unfairness. and finally the world is going to nonconventional politics. my time is over, but i have minute. trump is not republican. sanders i voted for, not democratic. so in the philippines they chose a president from the people. so there is a people power. and that's why we have the popular mobilization forces coming from the people for the people to serve the people. god bless you all. thank you for listening.
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[applause] >> thank you imam. i forgot to show you a picture of my city baghdad. every time they have an explosion they put a red dot on the place when they have it. that was in 2012. ok? and right now there are more dots. so all of baghdad is red. and i chose baghdad for two reasons. 20,000 suicides in one city, and the people are still alive, running, without being terrorized. i tell you again and again. to make baghdad symbolic for the city and the world for fighting isis and al qaeda. it has a lot of meaning in this picture. i'm going to talk more about it.
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there is also another picture i would like to get, but i couldn't at this time. isis burned a big family from 3 years old to 12 and 13 years old with the mother and father. they put them in the cage and they burned them alive. they burned them. when i saw that picture i couldn't bring it because i become very emotional. i cannot see it. i could not see it. but i have the passion since i was tortured in saddam's prison i feel the pain of the people. , i feel all the time the shoes of the child who is being burned by isis and al qaeda. that hurts me. and that is why i say i cannot deliver a more powerful message than the unity of the whole world. today it is a pleasure to have a unique person, a man with a
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character. he is the one representative in iraq, the mass popular forces fighting isis and al qaeda, and daily dropping, daily they fight and they die to protect the christians, the sunni, and everyone on the behalf of the whole world, on behalf of the globe. and also he is going to tell you, he is a person that served three prime ministers as a senior adviser. he's the only one that they kept because of his character. because of his style. he is a doer. he is the one in charge of putting saddam on trial.
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and all the big missions, the impossible missions. mission impossible. he was in it. it has been a pleasure, an honor for us to have him here today. do give him a hand. [applause] >> thank you. in the name of god the most compassionate. i'm going to talk today about the popular mobilization. everybody's been talking about this new phenomena that started in iraq. after the collapse of the city of mosul back almost a couple of years ago, what was it june 10, 2014? when one of the third largest cities in iraq was occupied by vicious al qaeda and called today isis. the p.m.u.'s or proper mobilization forces unit, was
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established-- what happened, the issue of fatwa. not for the shia. but for all the iraqis to participate with the pmu's what they call a nonmandatory. this means a voluntary basis for this fatwa to be part of to protect your city, to protect your homeland, iraq. and this fatwa was only a couple of days later, june 15, the fatwa was issued on june 13th, 2014. only a couple days later, june 15th, 2014, it was backed up by ann iraqi government console. they backed it up with a law. this law complemented the technicality of the implementation of these forces. i'm going to just talk a little bit for an average volunteer basis to go to the war to fight,
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to receive the training, all the coordination was done with the ministry of defense. we paid about for an individual $700 to fight. you will receive a training, with coordinating with the ministry of defense. some of these volunteers work for the ministry. they have an every day job. we usually give them 90 days contract. then we pay them $300 only a month. they leave their job go on assignment, finish, go take care of business. they fight to be part of this global mission, this noble mission. as a result of that, a lot of people ask me what are we talking about here? what's the number? the number fluctuates. it got up to like 200,000, all the way to 260,000. today, the pmu's we have about 185 on payroll.
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something very, very important. a lot of people think this is an iranian influence, this is backed up by iranian help. that's not true. this is only shia dominated. and i'm going to talk about fallujaha with what's happening and the mobilization. how they take place in the battlefield. we have january 15th, 2016, the prime minister issued 40,000 from the provinces of anbar and fallujaha and tikrit, these cities, the sunni cities. we recruited -- and i was in charge of the payroll by the way at that time. we recruited 40,000 individuals from the sunni cities and we had about others from the christians-- in other words, this fatwa was not only for the shia dominated or the shia -- a lot of shia, yes. a lot came just to protect their city and homeland.
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but a lot of these p.m.u.'s from the sunnis and the christian sectors. something very important that we need to talk about. the p.m.u.'s, it's really honestly i'm going to be very frank about this to the media. i'm really sick and tired every time i google the word p.m.u. and it's going to show you shia militia. it is not. i just made my case very clear. these are iraqi fighting force to free the city of iraq. mosul is a sunni city kind of but the shia are fighting to free it. for who? for their own people of mosul. the same thing with fallujaha. we salute the armies who are fighting today and making great progress in the city of fallujaha. we just liberated a couple important bridges and a couple of other bridges coming from the main street and hopefully the next couple days or maybe three or four days hopefully we'll have the news that fallujaha will be free of isis.
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a lot of people asked me just last night when we get some report the battlefield has been slowed down just a little bit because we let the civilians get out. we've been making an announcements left and right with the helicopters telling the civilians to get out and there's protection next door in tikrit to have protection for the families and children. a lot of people wish to stay just to help isis to be honest. hopefully these folks will get out and the battle will slow for the last 24 hours or so just because that way it will give them a chance to get out. people ask me, what is our organization? we are dominated by individuals, different brigades. each and every of these people maybe belong to the iraqi party that's ok that's the case. a lot of them belong to iraqi political parties in the iraqi parliament.
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that's ok as long as they receive the training they go to the war with a good cause. i've got to mention, 1200 people about ten days ago, 1200 from the sunni city of fallujaha participated in the war to free their own cities. today 300,000 individuals joined the pmu. keep in mind falluja is about 326 individuals. when you have 3,000 from their own cities participate in the war fighting it's a great number. the enemy is one. as al qaeda yesterday called september 11th and today isis or islamic state -- we have to be united to fight isis. isis is not something that is going to go away. it's like a snowball to keep rolling.
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the number keeps getting greater and greater and bigger and bigger every day. we have them in the backyard here in d.c. and los angeles. it happened yesterday. you know? san bernardino, california. where do these thugs come from? if we don't stop them. and i'm upset about the media that's been promoting isis when they're called the islamic state. these are not islamic. they do not represent islam. it's a cult and we have to stop it. the way we stop it, we have to be united to terminate isis. in only one way. if you don't have the power, the military. but you have the power. media, the social network. we have to fight them. it's very easy to target them and fight them. they're all over. they're coming from europe. they were in belgium and france and san bernardino. pretty soon they will be here. i don't think this administration welcomed them.
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what did they do about it? not a whole lot, honestly. we gain a lot of help from surrounding countries. and the american administration is honestly giving us great protection. hopefully when we get to mosul hopefully we'll get more aid and more protection militarywise from the american administration. there's been a great deal of hate and sentiment towards the americans unfortunately. this is a fact. why? because we have not done a great job. i'm an american. i go back and i travel a lot. i go to dubai and flash my american passport, they don't like this. a great deal of sentiment and hate towards the americans nowadays than ever. do you know why? i'm going to be very frank and very honest. a lot of these folks in the middle east, they believe isis is an american creation and quote
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me on this. they believe in the middle east that isis is an american creation. it's not. right? do you agree? it's not an american creation. right? this administration needs to prove me otherwise. if this is not an american creation, what is it? who are they? where do they come from? they receive training in 2014. i think was it a west point report i read, about 3,000 to 4,000 chinese trained in istanbul. they moved to mosul to fight with isis. do you believe this? from russia, from europe. a few thousand people from this country moved to mosul to fight with isis. did we notice? have we done anything about it? we need to pay attention to this. we are not going to gain the hearts and the minds of the iraqi people by helping the iraqi army that way.
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we need more support and more help than ever. the blood of james foley, got a lot of media folks today, will not go in vain. we need to protect our media individuals to protect the rights of these individuals to fight. a lot of the media got killed from isis. you know, they were beheaded? who distorted this? it was them. al qaeda, today called isis. last but not least, we salute the iraqi army who have been fighting bravely today freeing one of the major cities of fallujaha. and the bad news was that the report a couple of days ago, the end of may they issue that report, about 2300 people in iraq were killed as the victims of isis. that's a great number by the way. obviously the iraqi official number, about 1800. it's always different. 2300 people were killed in iraq in may 2016.
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that is a big number. if we get a couple of these people get killed in the backyard the whole world will , turn upside down. the use of what will not go in vain. -- use of blood will not go in vain. we will keep continue fighting until we reach the victory. hopefully we will never. we will never be victorious until we are united. thank you. [applause] >> thank you so much. thank you all of you to be here today. everyone knows how things are complicated. when it comes to the battle in iraq to fight isis, it's clear cut. thank you mr. obama.
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i do say it on behalf, thank you america for standing with the iraqi people, with the kurdish people. for fighting isis and al qaeda. today we have an american soldier on the ground training the iraqi army. we salute them. we love them. they are the heroes. and that is an echo to our soldiers. united with stand to terminate isis. when i see the american soldier next to the iraqi soldier together, training them we love , it. that's what we are heading for. thank you, mr. president. i love president obama. as a republican, by the way. i'm a republican. i love george bush who went to iraq to liberate and knock down saddam hussein and i voted twice for him but also i voted twice for president obama. he is a character. i know how politics go in this country. i wish he would go for the third term and i would vote for him as
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a republican. the real issue which i believe i received hundreds of calls, this doctor. there is a story about him. where is isis today? in iraq? or in syria? it's ok. we're going to talk about syria. how are we going to know what's going on in syria? it's such a complicated situation in syria. family livingve a in the same house. the aunt, the sister, the nephew, the niece. the mother against the grandpa, this against that. so complicated. i could write a big book about it. i cannot see, what is the puzzle of that book. when it comes to syria, so complicated. u.s. foreign policy is so clear,
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terminating isis and al qaeda. we salute president obama and i love him. the conditions about the syrian opposition. is 95% ofur proposal areforces underground al-nusra. they are al qaeda, the people of 9/11. the question was the subsite. isis and al-nusra have to be terminated. we love you mr. president. we as americans, we love democracy. we stand for democracy. that is the principle and essence of our nation. that is why we love america.
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it is 100% her view, not to do either about the immam. i don't know that much about her. i wanted this biography about her. after that, she is going to give a speech. and after that, question and answer. okay? please give the introduction. >> good morning. this is the part where you guys respond. good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you. it's our honor to present the and politicaldia
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advisor to the syrian residency. an example to w >> he is an example to women all around the world. he is the noble peace, a reputable author and professor at the damascus university. , doctor.urther do a q&a afterwards. a live q&a.
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thank tome first to join you at the international press club in this important endeavor of a global alliance against isis and allow me to making the best to make this event take place. >> i would like to question with you to of the most important technologies that has been circulated for the last five years in corporate media. before we start our discussion terms areic, the two
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moderate opposition. youuld like to ask all of is did you ever hear of an arms opposition in any country in the world. to my knowledge, operatives -- opposition is political opposition. perpetrated and massacres are being done. it is no longer an opposition. movement thatist kills and destroys. this leads me to question the false narrative that has been worldated all over the but particularly in western countries about events in syria. 2011 al jazeera and
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another network has been the major source of information although they would treat their correspondence right from the very first two months of the war in syria and they started to rely on what they call eyewitnesses. to humanthing applies rights which has also been a major source for western media. person who lives in coventry, england who was providing all this information about syria. say is thatying to weatherern media
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adversely or deliberately truly ignored what is happening in syria. regional outlets who are its essential in targeting syria. narrativet the force has been viewed by our adversaries in order to andnform western audiences therefore how can western people know what is going on in syria and how can they question their governments about the stance toward syria. through the thick and thin of what is happening in syria the last five years and going through all the problems and pain we have reached a few important to conclusions which i
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would like to share with you this morning. a few important conclusions .bout combating terrorism >> we discovered that terrorism that is not pulled from space. terrorism is adopted by a certain countries are certain parties. terrorist in syria have support of countries in the region. there are country speaking out against terrorism that in facilitatingare the arrival of terrorists and providing money for these terrorists.
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although there are security council which call for combating and from undermining terrorism, these have not been implemented. it still lacks a clear definition and that is why i want to remind all of you that syria has been struck by terrorism before in 1979 and 1982. in the aftermath of that very difficult. . to call upont to make an alliance of international power against terrorism. there were no listening ears to
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what we are saying. afterewed the invitation the events of 9/11. the international community to define terrorism and make one strong stand against terrorism but we were not able to do it. 17 2015, the security council reached a to call on countries to stop financing terrorism. within 24 hours, it reached which callslution for a political solution in syria. resolution was taken .nder chapter seven
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a political solution cannot be addressed which are terrorist elements led by isis. cooperative with all international efforts. in order to reach a political solution. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, -- they cannot put an end to the
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financing and arming of terrorism into syria. if you imagine syria without the 860, the border -- columnar border, it would have been impossible to have a war in syria. all of them came through the turkish border. unfortunately, they did not want it to be implemented and the united states was not able to restrain its parts in the region from financing and facilitating reserves into syria.
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turkeyrabia, qatar and destroyed the geneva talks. the groups like to turkey and also injectedey over 8000 terrorists into the northern part of syria in the last two months and there werely massacres there. between now and then we hear statements from western officials such as what joe biden in 2014, the turks, the
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saudis and the emirates, what were they doing? they were so determined to take down bush are al-assad that there was a proxy. what did they do? they put hundreds of millions of would fileo anyone against a thought. turkey admitted that it led to many foreign fighters across its borders into syria. helpinglitics ended up and ultimately isis. course afterwards the vice president apologized for saying that. but he said the truth of what happened in syria. i don't think we would like american officials to wait for the truth.
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the above officials to say the truth to their people of what is happening in our country because covering the truth has caused enough lives. this is what's costing us. it is not an easy matter. what the united states decided to bring was the coalition of 60 countries. this happened about two years ago. unfortunately, the united states or was able to strike not willing. when terrorist drove over 200 kilometers in order to destroy the city of palmyra. we cannot believe that american
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satellites did not see these terrorists. when the russian planes came and the trucks that transferred oil to turkey into europe, they discovered where terrorists are .nd they stop them why does the united states refused to cooperate with russia in helping terrorism in syria # --? ,f they mean to fight terrorism and russia is certainly fighting terrorism, why doesn't the
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united states except to join hands with the russian federation and fight terrorism. this is what you call al qaeda in syria. the spokesperson of the pentagon flatly refused this effort by the russians. they brought in 500 soldiers to the north eastern part. whicher to liberate --
2:46 am
means in an effort to partition syria. we've been living in this country for tens of thousands of years. we never talk about these issues and that is why they should not be allowed to happen in syria. unfortunately, what we hear from the united states is there was an agreement on two points. the one point is to separate what they call moderate opposition. the second point is to close the turkish border. the united states refused to cooperate on any of these points and i can give you my analysis because there is no such thing as moderate opposition.
2:47 am
they are all killing people and all destroying our industries and cities and villages. it is very difficult for the united states. this is not a realistic objective. we must target all of those terrorist who are exercising terrorism all over. who is the moderate and who is not a moderate is an issue that i think exists in the media and the minds of some people in the united states. reports that the united states is reporting and financing and giving missiles to some groups in syria.
2:48 am
they spoke about two points. the station of hostilities, as i said at the beginning the implementation of this is a 2254.uisite for without fighting this terrorism and undermining it how can you bring peace about and how can you extort syria to be a peaceful and good country? i would like to tell the respectable audience that syria is not very happy with the humanitarian assistance. syrian people are used to eating
2:49 am
thats and fresh festivals they themselves grow in syria. since the 1970's, the syrian people raised the most. we eat from what we grow. most produces the and has thegetables best start of sheep all over the world. notsyrian people are able but theyeed themselves need peace and security. when the armies are fighting terrorism they are fighting a cancer that will suppress the region and the world if we do not initiate.
2:50 am
it is from this perspective that to talk about this commendable effort. we have a great experience now over six years of corporate war withr people to join hands those who would truly like to fight terrorism and not just contain isis but to undermine and get rid of isis. what the united states is doing is trying to contain isis and by the way, the suffering of the syrian people is the same is the enemynemy
2:51 am
for all of us. we would love to join hands with the international community with western people in order to get rid of this horrid disease. one thing is needed and we will definitely prevail to be honest to fighthing, terrorism and not to take it as a cover for geopolitical purposes and interest for some countries. i thank you again for inviting and i hope to see you in syria a peaceful and secure and free of all terrorism. [applause] >> we are going to have a session for q&a. take yoursion i will questions.
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this is an opportunity to talk via skype to ask any questions. you can ask the question and have the answer. i would like to see if anybody has any question to our guests. go ahead. call to notmade a call islamic terrorism but you are still using isis. danish -- e term daesh.
2:53 am
, we do not call them that. you guys do. i'm starting -- i'm tired of you always calling this. we do not call them islamic. they have been called islam in the immediate left and right. we need changes. we want to make this a new concept. tose people are not muslim begin with. the media calls them islamic state and i'll see her call them islamic state. they've been calling -- coming from all over the country killing people in iraq in syria.
2:54 am
we do not call them islamic, they do not represent islam whatsoever. the name has got to change. >> just a few seconds. islam means peace. so a cult who destroys children, women and men and do not care or age cannot be called islam. our beloved prophet mohammed and his family and followers, they have a clear shiny face. show us their ugly face.
2:55 am
we have a lot of question for you. >> i will give the first question. >> hello i am from the daily telegraph. i want to know whether the syrian government is going to give the u.n. permission to give aid drops to besieged areas and in syria given that the syrian government will not allow access to these areas. separately, i wanted to know
2:56 am
there is a man called a meal -- to become at on senior member of isis. how does releasing people from prison who have been gone on to join isis, how does that to see isis? >> sorry, we have technical problems. she got your question. there was an investigative piece by abc today released today that
2:57 am
said that the mobilization forces have committed atrocities in falluja and there was a big fear by so many organizations that there will be more atrocities committed in falluja by these forces. how do you respond to these investigative report? beheadings, torture. clearade myself very about these beheadings. started -- they started this. >> by abc and with the help of humanities organizations, that these were committed by the mobilization fortis -- forces.
2:58 am
cracks there was a movie called three kings in 1998. there are always going to be some bad apples. these people lost their lives. i have talked about 20 cases and we never had enough , we don't have enough evidence. the media established by isis that goes on the internet saying
2:59 am
that the pm you did those things. these imagesting on facebook. it is going to happen here and there. >> just want to make sure skype is running good. >> yes, we can hear you. >> i would like to participate in this panel.
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picture, wee your fixed the sound. keep going. you can answer the first question. yes, the lady from "the daily telegraph" asked me about the syrian government. those are our people in syria, and we are trying with the u.n. .o do the best way heree way, the u.n. envoy was the one discussing with our officials that it was impossible drop important medicines from the air. it is very costly and dangerous and not secure. sore is no need for that long as all of us tried to reach
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every single syrian citizen. it is all targeting the syrian government and whatever it does and the syrian people. and for what you asked me about the prison, i have no knowledge of this case. but i can tell you, children from this war, there were many to allowssued in order other people to get out of prison or to reach reconciliation with the syrian people and the syrian government. someone goes out to become a terrorist surgeon -- they say, i am killing people in cartoons -- in kunduz. this is the only logical question to ask.
3:02 am
there should be no doubt in your mind that the syrian government is the one, the syrian arab army, the syrian people are fighting isis, fighting terrorism. this has set syria 100 years back. schools, itour destroys our land. we are strongly against this terrorism that is hitting syria. ahmad: thank you. we have another question -- there will be a lot of questions . we have one hour. we will get to everybody. dr. shaaban: i'm ready. shabaan, in a syrian citizen. i am the director of politics for the tony blair foundation. syrian government
3:03 am
willing to do in geneva to recover from the turmoil that syrians are feeling? what is the political solution? when you look at tunisia, there were concessions from both sides to come into a solion. so, please -- ahmad: thank you. thank you. shaaban. dr. shaaban: you should have known that it was the other andgation that withdrew refused to meet with the syrian delegation and they left without these syrian government's delegation and our delegation stayed in geneva and talked into the very end. we are very positive. saying concessions is the wrong word because there are not
3:04 am
concessions being asked. it is to make our country a better place for all of the syrian. the only concession was by turkey to leave geneva. those, i think, syria is not the first priority. how they get the orders that are given to them from outside and outside syria, first. thank you. ahmad: thank you. next question. please introduce yourself. >> hello. my name is iliana. syrian front to combat terrorism, or is it a resistance? dr. shaaban: [indiscernible] to uproot terrorism? >> is there a plan to combat
3:05 am
terrorism? dr. shaaban: if you mean by and iraq --llah, this is all that they are doing -- they are combating terrorism. but as we see, there are many complicated issues in the region. financing, powering. we have a problem. , if the international community were able to close the syrian-turkish border today, i have the terrorists -- half the terrorists would be gone in no time. we need a global alliance against terrorism.
3:06 am
others are feeding into this terrorism of the time. thank you. ahmad: next one. ok, we will go to this one and then -- turkey -- agency. there are reports that oil used exchange for in electricity and other utilities are returned to isis read i was wondering, what is your position on that. the bestan: i think question to ask that question two is the turkish government. ahmad: excuse me. the turkish government was buying oil from the terrorists in syria. they were making billions of dollars. also making billions of dollars blackmailing europe about
3:07 am
refugees. it was turkey that started the problem with refugees. i will stop that now. thank you. ahmad: you ask too many questions. the next one. go after. then we maybe go to you again. we will come to you after. go ahead, next. >> i'm from the tower. ahmad: from where? >> the tower. tower. >> the tower. this would be a follow-up question. the u.s. treasury department said in december that isis is selling a great deal of oil to the assad regime and secretary of state john kerry said that assad had his own deal with isis. buys oil, they sell oil. how can they defeat isis when the government seems to be assisting the group?
3:08 am
ahmad: ok. dr. shaaban: i did not understand the question. ahmad: repeat the question. excuse me. say it loud. >> the u.s. treasury department said in december that isis is of oil a great deal to the assad regime. secretary of state john kerry said in november that assad has his own deal with isis. he buys oil, they sell oil. they are symbiotic. how can a side defeat isis when his government seems to be assisting the group? dr. shaaban: there is no question that the syrian government never buys oil or sends oil to the terrorists. the syrian army, these syrian people are engaged and we have hundreds of thousands of martyrs against of this terrorism. unchallengedmany
3:09 am
views expressed in the media. you do not have to believe all of them. thank you. ahmad: next. it is past time she asked. we are listening to you discuss your views. as media we did not boycott the for the said -- free syrian government. you just said that all terrorists -- and i am quoting you, all terrorists -- came from the turkish border, inside syria. heard,mples we have just one who was killed inside syria, covered extensively by the media, he wased discussed as a big terrorist leader by your own media. prisoninside a syrian and he was let go in 2011 by the syrian government. did you not know about his past?
3:10 am
did not allhat they come through the turkish -- ahmad: thank you so much. please try to make your questions shorts. dr. shaaban: you are insinuating that we could possibly know that someone is going to turn terrorists when we let him out of prison. he was taken to court and then he was released, just as any prisoner would be released based on the time that he has to spend in prison. i meant all of the terrorists who came from without syria. i should have said most of them, because some of them came across the jordanian border. there is the explosion in and it kills 70 children. a friend not mean that
3:11 am
of the american government would kill children in oklahoma. thank you. ahmad: ok. i spot you, ok. >> hello. i have a question here to clarify because i'm really confused. about iraq andg saying most of the terrorists came from syria and all of them are coming from outside syria -- let me finish. let me finish. .hat is my first question as a coming from syria or outside syria or both? elaborate. shaaban, you say the syrian people are like, you know, not receiving human aid. not receiving food. they received birth control
3:12 am
and some covers from mosquitoes. what about the food? we need to clarify that. ahmad: thank you. yes -- before it came from turkey. i am from syria. they came to iraq. , i justy invaded mosul came from syria. that is a fact. that is a fact. what i am saying -- when i am saying all of the terrorists come from turkey to syria to iraq, that is facts. dr. shaaban: i would like to him that the americans who were killed, their passports were stamped in turkey and that was it.
3:13 am
even americans have been radicalized of the over 8000 people coming through turkey. international community word to close the turkish border tomorrow, you would see what if theappen -- international community were to close the turkish border tomorrow, you would see what would happen. the issue is not where they come from. the issue is how to end terrorism. one livingm the here. they arel you, producing beans and food and that is enough for the entire syria. nobody is starting in that area. the persons trying to get into that area -- the children's vaccinations, and that's what these citizens in that area are asking for.
3:14 am
i wish you would be a little bit more humble. we are the ones who live in syria. it is our country being hit, not yours. ank you. ahmad: thank you. >> hello, my name is kimberly help get from out to zero. , you were called a propaganda mouthpiece. you have appeared via skype in violation of u.s. sanctions, that is the u.s. treasury department. any waythis be viewed other than a syrian push for legitimacy? dr. shaaban: [indiscernible] the >> i guess that would be for the treasury department to determine. let me rephrase the question. there are, as you are aware, sanctions preventing you from traveling to the united states. excuse me.:
3:15 am
when the decision was made against me, it was made -- [indiscernible] me.olleague, he was with so, i don't have any legal decision to prevent me from traveling to the united states. then? are you not here dr. shaaban: i have no assets in the united states. upok, to very quickly follow -- is this a push for legitimacy? is this an opportune time? participate ino order to give an insight into what is truly happening in syria. all of us will be victims of terrorism if we will not fight terrorism united. thank you. >> hello, everyone.
3:16 am
great questions by the media. they want to know how you can on how to getm forum for how to get rid of isis and al qaeda? it was openly stated by your organization that you support his he, when hezbollah is on the u.s. terrorist list. what i wanted to mention, she talked about -- how can you have an armed opposition? we only talk about political oppositions. you will have an armed opposition when people go out into the streets, peacefully, and protest asking for democracy side ishe same time as is rounding regime
3:17 am
up these peaceful protesters, throws them in prison, and daughters,es slashes their throats, and yet to stand them without opposition? dr. shaaban: do you accept in opposition that destroys your factories and hospitals in the they wanttes and says to change the government? do you accept that? does any country in the world except that question mark is wrapped better now after the american occupation them before? have you established human rights in iraq? living inaqi people heaven after the american population -- american occupation?
3:18 am
look at our countries and see what we are suffering from. we are rooted in islam. we are not going to go anywhere. we want to make our countries better. intervention, with every terrorist intervention, our countries are not 100 years that. whodid not see the man killed his mother because he is a terrorist. you do not see that. take what you read with a great pinch of salt. ahmad: thank you very much. stop. ok. i want to answer you, ok? gafta, we look at politics. we got to a forces. people like you -- hold on a when we -- ok.
3:19 am
when we look at the geopolitics of the region, i'm an analyst. i calculate forces. people like you by promoting that way, more suffering to the syrian people, i want to tell you something. the war has become a proxy war. and -- i do not need to say. you agree with me. on that fact, the status quo is going to stay for another 10 years, and who is suffering, the syrian people and the iraqi people, suffering from people like you. people like you. you promote the status quo without giving an alternative solution. i am here not to support or offere any regime, but to like a lake and all of the rivers come to this like to open channels in a civilized way. i give the opportunity to view
3:20 am
-- to you to give a question. would never dream about it. we would like to hear voices. we give an opportunity for anybody to ask any question you like. dr. shaaban: would you allow me problem ifhat is the you hear a voice from the syrian thousand voices of agents only interested in pleasing their masters? talking to you through satellite. i love my country. i am the beneficiary of the american educational system. i did my phd in england.
3:21 am
but i am a syrian. war is veryhat this reflective on my country, and i know western people should learn they cannot go on this way, destroying countries and destroying our people because they are misled or they have illusions about what is happening in syria. at least they should let the ambassador know what is truly happening in syria. ahmad: thank you. ok, we have one and then after you, and after we come to you. from voice of america, virginia from network. my first question is for dr. shaaban.
3:22 am
you mentioned it is dangerous to let food aid drop in the area where these people are starving? are you afraid that the boxes might kill starving people? and my second question is to mr. theam al hussaini -- ayatollah issued a fast walk people whoor the resist isis, but now issued for the people who are going to free fallujah. if there is such consent with the leadership of the shia leadership, how can -- even if sunnis is freed, how can
3:23 am
and shia live together in peace? what are the leaders going to do about after -- ahmad: we got the message. i think the time is limited. dr. shaaban: i did not say it was a danger to drop food. is dangerous to drop the vaccines and medicines. this is not what i said. this is what they are talking to the syrian government about. i do not think you should take things as such face value, you know? you should not be so accusatory in your questions. i did not say food. i said medicine. i am only repeating. your second know
3:24 am
question is not directed to me, but i can tell you sunni and shia are not only living in syria, and in [indiscernible] and by the way, my husband is from the iraqi region. we are all arabs. we speak the semi which. we have the same problems. we have lived here for tens of thousands of years without any , sectarian problems. it's only the western agenda creating these problems among our people. thank you. mr. al hussaini: the second part of the question -- some of you this witharlier about the army itself. atwa, wanted to f
3:25 am
make sure they did not kill the people of falluja, hurt them. s that hurt the pmu' or abuse the women. guess what? when we got a hold of these women, they were isis dressed as a woman. i concur. we heard that type of woman only. >> yes, my name is paul shankman. i am with "u.s. news and world "world report." can willay whether the u.s. allow a you and aid drop? and there have been explosions -- do you have details on that? journalist that remains
3:26 am
missing, i wonder if you have information, and can you say declaratively he is not within the syrian government authority -- dr. shaaban: what was the last one? journalist.ce, the he went missing in 2012. can you say he is not kept by .he syrian government authority dr. shaaban: you're not mentioning what the terrorists -- to the days ago, killing two days ago, killing 200. this is between the u.n. and the syrian government. the most important thing is to uproot terrorism. the syrian people -- by the way, used to food baskets
3:27 am
arrive, the syrian people with the cry never accept any food basket, because they've never accepted aid from anybody. syria has never taken aid. it has never taken a loan from other countries. the syrian people are very proud. this does not mean we are not trying our best, but as westerners, i would love for you to be more interested in fighting terrorism and encouraging your governments to take a stand against terrorism, because this is what will ring a toting peace, not only syria, but the entire region. [indiscernible] contacted.n if we knew anything about him, we would tell. we have made the americans
3:28 am
return to the u.s. although they were siding with the terrorists. this is how forgiving we are. imv bureau chief of orient tv and washington. --iss syrian american areas i am a syrian american. anyonet endangering anyway, but i am from a family that joined the revolution in the beginning as a syrian you. i say went to ask -- when you you have no legal implications a lebaneseear, takingent member was
3:29 am
bonds to bomb christian areas in lebanon. to you andvisor bishara al-assad and he was in your office all the time. and you verify your relationship with this guy who has an in prison -- [all talking at once] rumorsaban: to circulate that tell your prejudices. i said that at the beginning of to zero was a out major tool in initiating this war against syria. expect any do not contribution from you. thank you. i need everyone to ask one question. we have so many people to ask. we only have one half-hour left. this gives everybody a chance to ask. go ahead.
3:30 am
bernstein, with sputnik international news. i've a question about the peace process and under the u.n. security council resolution -- i just forgot the number. the roadmap, the timeline set august as a deadline for a new constitution, transitional government, bodies to be formed. do you think you can meet that , and given the number is aayers in the country, unified syria a foregone conclusion at this time. i think the question should be addressed to -- whether there is a deadline. the syrian government position has been absolutely cooperative on every step.
3:31 am
many players in the region of the world, but it is 10,000 years old. it is the oldest continuously worldd city in the because the syrian people are resilient. syrian -- syria will again be the pride of the world. ahmad: thank you. >> yes, born and raised in lebanon. i can tell that you know what i am talking about. as said, the lebanese government found him guilty and charged him with four years in prison. we have the phone calls. there is no houses zero, no phone cover.
3:32 am
the lebanese government was right up by the syrian refugees. what do have to say about that? dr. shaaban: you know, i wish you could be constructive. there here to talk about global alliance against isis and al qaeda and al nusra. you're bringing up something that you think is embarrassing to me, but nothing is embarrassing to me, but is something irrelevant to me. thank you. excuse me. security. security. no, no. do not interrupt. just a second. no, no. you cannot interrupt. you have to respect -- just stop. stop. you have to respect -- >> i do. no, no.o, >> can i say something please?
3:33 am
.> good morning, dr. shaaban i am paul would. i covered syria for a number of years for the bbc. that syria does not want the international community from macaroni and 10 fruit. dr. shaaban: i'm sorry? regime's policy to surrender or starve? i said the syrian people have always lived on fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in the best thing we can do is to help them to feed terrorism so we can go back and grow our products and eat from our products. we are grateful to what the u.n. is giving our people now who are in need, not only in terrorist areas, but in other areas where there is a lot of poverty after five years of war. but i think you need to take
3:34 am
that as i meant it and as we said it. we want these people to come back to syria so we do not have to talk about humanitarian assistance and that will go to people who need that more than the syrian people. please try to be positive in understanding what i am laying, because i am saying it with a very positive -- to what i am saying because i'm saying it was a very positive attitude. thank you. >> thank you. please present yourself. >> i am with hispanic media. briefly, this meeting, as you stated, if they try to unify forces against terrorism, which involves the sylvian -- the civilian government, how useful is it to have the united states involved when the ultimate goal of the united states is to
3:35 am
overthrow bashar al-assad? nowshaaban: i don't think they had protests during the crisis and i do not think now the aim of the united states is to overthrow bashar al-assad. i think the problem is the before syriat is and iraq in the region. a greatas developed deal from their attitude at the beginning of the crisis, because they can see what is happening in syria is very dangerous to the security of iraq, of the region, and therefore, we are with our russian partners and our russian partners are cooperating with the united states and talking to the united states, hoping to find a solution to undermine terrorism and bring peace and
3:36 am
security to iraq, god willing. thank you. >> thank you. ok, i have this gentleman and afterward we will come to you. please introduce yourself. o syria.s is happening in >> all of this is happening in syria because people came out on the streets demanding regime change in that led to the situation, where hundreds of thousands of syrians are now out of the country. have you ever, the regime there, regretted being in power that led to this position? thank you. dr. shaaban: thank you. i think the diagnosis you gave is the wrong one. if the syrian people -- again, the government not to stay for ,ix years, i would remind you
3:37 am
the syrian government put guns on the syrian-turkish border weeks before any civilians crossed the border. i don't for a moment regret being part of the syrian government because we are standing for people. we are standing against terrorism and standing for the future of syria. i would beg millions of dollars to save the syrian government. because we believe in our country, because we hate treason and because we hate to be subject to any power in the world. thank you. >> hello.
3:38 am
from "the washington post." there has been discussion of a from it on truce. does the government have any interest in that? could that stop the fighting, at least temporarily? certainly from the outside there have a lot of accusations against the government for its use of barrel bombs, in n indiscriminate has killed a lot of civilians. does the government think it might be a good idea to start that use of that particular weapon? ahmad: thank you. dr. shaaban: you know, honestly, i do not want to give up, but you are forcing me to do so because i am amazed at how the questions are coming from completely distorted perspectives.
3:39 am
they do not want to negotiate during ramadan because they are all islamists. the true islam is islam that fights for the people every day, every night because the lives of people are more important than anything else. the accusation for my government, you did not pay it any accusations of all of these being droppedombs on the people of aleppo. you did not say about the .orrible explosions that no one has done any terrorist act. i invite all of you in this room to read think what you have been
3:40 am
questioning, to rethink what you search foraying, and the right information. we need your voices against terrorism. it is not syria and iraq. thank you. >> if i can follow-up, actually we did write quite a bit about the attacks and let's talk you and we have talked quite a bit about what you call gas bottles. i'm asking a specific question about the government's actions and whether the government believes there is any advantage in stopping the use of this particular weapon. thank you. the government believes in stopping this war in syria. is all what we are working for and this is what we live
3:41 am
for. thank you. , i am one of the speakers. i want to ask questions. countries, aor 60 coalition. could they prevent transferring a terrorist? that is a question, and the ofond -- we hear that some the drop from the coalition went to isis, and they claim it was because of the wind or something like that. can you tell us about that, if you please. dr. shaaban: i do not think the coalition is interested in stopping the terrorists from
3:42 am
mosul to rock or otherwise. at aqq orm muscle to r otherwise. i think that we should fight it together. they cannot why join hands. this would be the best way. if everybody honestly believes terrorism. the problem i face and the and now itall face, is told to me by the questions of the respectable audience, the re is no honesty and handling this issue. there are a lot of rumors. unfortunately, investigative
3:43 am
journalism is no longer here and i can see that rumors are making up the minds of so many journalists, which is a shame. >> thank you. next question please. introduce yourself. >> i'm from d.o.a.. a couple questions. you mentioned the abilities the insians brought to syria terms of finding the terrorists. given those russian abilities, why are there so many reports of airstrikes, car bombs hitting hospitals and schools where innocent people would presumably be? why haven't those russian capabilities been used to avoid that? my second question -- and number of years -- weeks ago, the russians pulled out air power. they said the reason they did that was they were upset and not satisfied with some of the things that president assad was .aying
3:44 am
what is the relationship between syria and russia right now to what more is syria asking from russia to improve the situation. i did not get the second 1 -- can i sum up the second 1 -- what is syria asking russia to do? >> given that russia was unhappy assad,atements made by yes, what more is being asked by russia? ok.shaaban: before the russian army came, we do not have the russian air force. we do not have the sophisticated weapons. we do not have the air force capability the russian population has. it seems like we did nothing
3:45 am
before. when the russians came to help , we were able to liberate a huge amount of land in syria. reports that the russians know,happy -- you president aside here is that every day and i think you can judge those who are not happy with the russian-syrian relationships are always circulating rumors that russia is not happy with the syrian government or iran is not happy with the cooperation with russia. i can assure you the russian syrian relations are excellent. the cooperation is fantastic. and by the way, the russian historian -- the russian
3:46 am
historic relationship has been great. the russians are a people we can rely on and we can trust completely. it is a relationship of clarity and respect between us. ahmad: please introduce yourself. fromllo, my name is yara reuters. that there isort about to be an attack on isis held area, and what is your reaction to the latest u.s. military operation? dr. shaaban: i'm sorry. i'm not a military officer. i have no clue. thank you.
3:47 am
again, dr. shaaban. telegraph."e daily we do not want you to feel that this questioning is unfair and we have been doing reporting from both sides. it is great to get your responses to some of the questions we have been asking. ofre are in-depth studies bombing patterns by both syria and the regime -- sorry, the syrian regime and its russian allies -- could you save the syrian government? it is a government like this government. >> ok. the syrian government. 90% of airstrikes are not
3:48 am
touching isis. 90% of this airstrikes were targeting smaller, less known groups that do not have the same reputation for extremism. i would like your response to that. ahmad: thank you. dr. shaaban: this is an absolutely unfounded report. spokespersonw, the of the department said it was very difficult for us to separate groups and say who is an extremist and who is not. i would like to remind you that when the russians and the truce or agreed on the the cessation of hostilities, john kerry himself said anyone who does not abide by this heardion is going to be very strongly by us, the americans and the russians.
3:49 am
they did not do that. i think you have to be on the people areee how being stolen, including the two christian clergyman. they ended up with very different groups. where the man's land terrorists are. it's very difficult. or largel you, isis issues. they are definitely all terrorist groups. destroyingting, institutions. i would like to make one clarification. these people at nothing to do with islam. i am a muslim woman. major objective of this terrorism is to destroy the image of islam in the eyes of western people. islam like christianity like judaism is a religion of love.
3:50 am
even the prophet muhammad was not given the authority to punish anybody for being -- for not being muslim. thank you. ahmad: thank you. yes? shana from voice of america persian tv. syrian government has enjoyed the support of its ally, the iranian government, for a long time, despite opposition. but they have suffered a lot of losses and the reigning government is sending ordinary army troops to help president assad. has there been any discussion regarding future support of the military support from iran?
3:51 am
dr. shaaban: if you will allow correct one more -- they are not fighting opposition. they are fighting terrorists. they are fighting terrorists on the ground. again, a relation with iran is an historic relation. i would like to remind you also -- when the war was started by saddam hussein, syria was the only country, the only arab country and the only country, when saddam hussein had weapons and armaments from the united states of america and the baltic states, we knew that was wrong. so, our relation with iran is oned on a principle,
3:52 am
and they are supporting us also. thank you. listen to use of again. chest it working? i'm from al jazeera. werewas the less time you here in the united states? have you been in the united states since 2011? and how old is your organization? ahmad: very good. the last time i was in the united states is a good question. thank you for it. 2005. i arrived as a minister.
3:53 am
it was two hours. i was in the room without knowing what i should do. received -- i was not ready to be humiliated. ahmad: i wonder as the last question, dr. shaaban, tell us about your nobel prize. tell us about it. of 1000ban: i was one women nominated for the nobel peace prize in 2005 read a very proud. we went a long way. we had over 50 arab women. and many years they were in pursuit.
3:54 am
this was the contradiction --ween the european union that they could consider me as a peace advocate. have been and always will be and i hope we will work -- we will live in a world where it is. i would like to thank you for allowing me this opportunity. this is the least thing that we should do, to communicate with one another. we can reach the truth. ahmad: thank you so much, dr. shaaban, and have a good night. the last comment from -- mr. al hussaini: let me make an official statement. asill be making a statement
3:55 am
an american official. please give us your name, your title, so that way you can be headed to our team. the team will be a small committee to be in negotiation what will be the next step of terrorism in the middle east and here. thank you. >> and the last question -- in 2014 and i think it happened the same day that martin luther king was assassinated. thank you so much. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
3:56 am
marked 30 years of senate coverage on c-span2. weevil area special program going back to the first televised session. we will also have insider analysis from donald richie and senate parliamentarian alan freeman. here's a look. centuryenate is a 21st
3:57 am
institution can saved in the 18th century. it is trying to make the best use of the technology in the 21st century to remain true to its 18th-century conception. it is a difficult thing to do to forge compromise. everybody has to give a little when you forge compromise and that is not photogenic. so, to a certain extent, the cameras both reveal the greatness of the senate but also conceal it by not being able to show these kinds of discussions taking place. >> this indeed is a humbling moment for me. i'm honored to serve as majority leader, but i also recognize the majority is slim. this is still one of the most closely divided senate's in all of history. we have just witnessed something that has never before happened
3:58 am
in all of senate history. ae change of power during session of congress. >> a look at 30 years of gavel-to-gavel senate or coverage tonight on c-span. >> now a discussion on food production and safety and the future of genetically modified foods. the former heads of the fda, health and human services and the agriculture department took part. this is about one hour and a half. mr. westmoreland: good morning. my name is tim westmoreland, senior scholar at the o'neil on health law.
3:59 am
i'm sorry to say th atdean trainer has just this morning been calling for a family issue and so i'm happy to say that probably makes me dean for the day if there's anything that people want from the law school. [laughter] but, i'm welcoming you here today for the o'neil institute which was founded about 10 years ago because law is and will be a tool to solve health problems locally, nationally and globally. and for almost a decade, o'neil has worked with all parties, private sector to develop law as a means to arrive at innovative answers. o'neil is holding conference on food to help us understand how it can be improved. it is obviously one of the most basic parts of our lives. food is one of the biggest personal expenditures, and
4:00 am
biggest parts of the economy and one of the biggest sources of jobs in america and increasingly recognized as one of the biggest components of public and personal health. many americans have food insecurity during the year. the use of antibiotics in livestock contributes to antibiotic resistance and obesity is one of the pressing concerns for individuals in the nation. we hope today's meeting to creation of bipartisan indeed, nonpartisan attention to these and other problems. as a new president and new congress come to power, it's important to ensure that food problems are on the table. and it's important that we present not only the problems but also the legal and the policy solutions to be considered. fortunately we have a who's who of policy expert.


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