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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  June 4, 2016 5:51am-6:01am EDT

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mr. trump: this is amazing. redding, we love redding. thank you very much. i think it's 104 degrees. is everybody ok? if anyone not feeling well, come up here, we have plenty of water to share. this is hot out. i want to thank you all. they got some very bad news, the worst jobs report in 6 1/2 years ok. i don't know if you saw that.
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it is going the wrong way. they are playing games. it's going the wrong way. they had a labor participation rate, it fell to 62.6%, which is one of the worst in many, many, many years. so we know what we're doing. we are going to turn it around and make america great again, bring back our jobs, bring back our jobs and bring it back fast. so you remember the 1237 and they said, maybe at the convention and i said we are going to reach it easy. who would have thought we reached it before hillary clinton. she can't close the deal. she can't close it. she's working hard and can't close it with bernie. good old bernie. we love our bernie. i tell you what, what a mess she's in. and the people with bernie don't want to vote for her and they want to vote for trump. you saw that poll.
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because whether you like bernie or not, he's right about one thing, trade is a disaster for our country. one thing he is right about. the trade deals that our country makes are an absolute disaster. hello. look at all those people over there. this is crazy. wow. i wish these camera guys would spin it around. they are so dishonest, 100 something degrees out here to have this number of people. are we happy to be here? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: on june 7, you have to get out and vote, because you know, we are setting records. we have already broken the record, in all fairness. i like that cap. he has the same cap i have on. hunters, the n.r.a., they gave me the endorsement. you saw that. great, great people.
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wayne and chris, they are great people. they gave me the earliest endorsement i think they have ever given to anybody. national rifle association. we are going to protect your 2nd amendment. we will protect your 2nd amendment. i love you, too. nice guy over there. big strong guy. i love you. so, look, we have had an incredible period of time june 16 we started and it's been an amazing ride. all over the world they are talking about it, it's a movement. they said they have never seen anything like it. the biggest crowds of anybody by far. the other night, bernie had 3,000 and i had 17,000. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and they talked about me, donald trump made a speech, never mentioned the number of people and bernie has had a massive crowd of 3,000 people. i tell you what, the press is so
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biased against us, but i believe we have the numbers. i really believe it. you know, they used to call it the silent majority, now i think we are going to call it the noisy majority. we are not silent. last night, in san jose, we had an amazing crowd. it was packed and it was incredible and at the basketball game on, which is that area, the san francisco game, and we had some crowd. it was absolutely incredible. and it was a love fest inside, no problems whatsoever. we went on and spoke and had a good time for an hour and i said i want to get you guys so you could see the san francisco team, the warriors, who won. but i wanted to get them out and i said we don't want to get out. we had an amazing time.
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that was it and we wrapped up and everybody was cheering forever and they walked out and they get accosted by a bunch of thugs burning the american flag, burning the american flag. you know what they are? they're thugs. build that wall. you're right. [crowd chanting "build that wall"] mr. trump: we are going to build the wall, folks. don't even think about it. you saw -- i have a lot of endorsements and paul ryan just endorsed me and mitch mcconnell, but we have tremendous support. when you think that in the history of our party, more votes than anybody that has ever done this before. think of it. more than dwight eisenhower. i mean he won the second world
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war, more than ronald reagan who we all love, more than anybody and we have a lot of endorsements and very popular within the party and polls are coming out showing we are doing well and winning. the fox poll came out a few days are winning by three points. we are beating hillary. [applause] mr. trump: did you see that phony speech she made yesterday. and people think, oh, did she speak well. she has a teleprompter here and there. do you notice, donald trump is a bad man. donald trump has a bad tone. we need a tough tone in this country. we don't need this kind of stuff anymore. she said, i don't like the tone of donald trump, that was a while ago. she said i don't like his tone. and i'm saying to myself, they are chopping off people's heads and killing us at the border. our country's a mess. we have the worst jobs report in
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6 1/2 years. our labor participation rate, you are talking about decades of a disaster. people are making less money now than they made 18 years ago and working harder. and i'm supposed to have a nice tone. hello, everybody. how's everything. we are going to bring back our jobs. we are going to take our country back. we are going to run it properly, folks. and you are going to be proud of your country again. [applause] mr. trump: and you know they do research. u.s.a. u.s.a. u.s.a. i like that. i like that. so california, good place. i'm going to play heavy in california. i think we can win it. i mean we get crowds like this all over the place and didn't give you a hangar. they don't give hangars anymore.
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but it's amazing the kind of reception that we have. and every magazine and every newspaper whether they like us or not and i say folks, i'm a messenger. am i doing a good job? [cheers and applause]