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tv   Ohio Democrats Legacy Dinner  CSPAN  June 5, 2016 10:41pm-11:01pm EDT

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convention. i think a lot of it depends on what donald trump does. the hardest thing for anyone watching is predicting what donald trump will do. >> with that background, chris cillizza, his work available online, thank you very much for being with us. in march, senator sherrod brown introducing hillary clinton. we will show you his remarks in how he referenced the democratic candidate. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, u.s. senator sherrod brown. [applause]
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sen. brown: thank you, ohio democrats. thank you, joyce, cedric, and sheila. thank you for joining us from the congressional black caucus. special shout out to the stokes family. lou was a mentor to so many of us that came to congress and we always will remember the tone he set and the gentleness that he brought to his job, always the commitment to justice. i like these dinners because i got to sit with my wife, connie, and my daughter, columbus city councilwoman elizabeth brown. elizabeth showed me pictures of
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our 5-month-old granddaughter. the reason i bring that up is, she doesn't really send pictures very often to their daughter's grandfather. maybe she will start doing that more since i'm saying it in front of 3000 people. to ted strickland -- i know something about this, because i know what the forces of darkness did in 2012 when they spent $40 million, setting a record of any senate race in the country in negative ads. they've already spent $10 million, the koch brothers and their allies, against ted strickland, yet he still leads in the polls over rob portman, which tells us everything. and to my friends and our democratic candidates, hillary clinton and bernie, welcome to the most important state in the union this tuesday and the most important state in the union in the first tuesday after the first monday of november. some years ago, a guy from
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connecticut said to me, we are sick and tired of every four years there's a race for the president of ohio. so there is, and again, ohio will win for democrats in november. thank you to bernie and hillary for running a race that makes democrats proud, a race about issues, a race about principles, of course -- much the republican grade school fight and then watch the two adults talk issues and about the future of the country. also look at the difference, while republicans are busy trying to disown their front runner, or actually disown their two front runners, democrats are proud of both of ours. thank you to david pepper. i saw his mother here, who i know is so proud of her son.
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thank you for putting in front of us those volunteers and employees. i know how hard they work. i see them a lot. i know what they did in 2012 and 2014. it is incredible, the energy these young and sometimes not so young staff and volunteers bring to the table. and special thanks to the wait staff. [applause] sen. brown: as progressive democrats, we always honor hourly wage earners, especially when waitstaff is paid so much less than they should be. if you visit my office in washington, you will see a sign under my name. you will see a sign that says,
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the senate office was occupied by barack obama from 2005 to 2008. all these people come by and i'd like to think they came by to take a picture of my sign, but i think they didn't. but it is a privilege to serve in the office of the senator from illinois in those years. it is also such an honor to serve with the first african-american president of the united states. [applause] sen. brown: now you've watched these republican debates. it is a little bit like watching a car accident. you kind of rubber neck and watch these debates and can't believe you are really wasting your time doing it, but just listen to the tone. think about where we were in january 2009. our economy was in freefall.
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the day barack obama put his right hand up, we lost 800,000 jobs that month. in the next month, it wasn't much better. the auto industry was on the verge of collapse. the zip code my wife and i live in in cleveland, that's it code in 2000 seven -- that zip code in 2007 had more foreclosures than anywhere. after the auto rescue and the recovery act and as we did. dodd frank and the affordable care act, we've had 72 straight months of private-sector job growth, 14 million new private sector jobs. [applause]
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sen. brown: gas prices are at a historic low. more than 600,000 ohioans have health insurance now, many of them for the first time in their lives. [applause] brown: and, as we saw in the video, jim, now marriage equality is the law of the land. god bless america. and don't forget the auto industry. republicans told us to live the auto industry go bankrupt. republicans called it un-american. as ted strickland said, some republicans called it a lousy deal. a current republican presidential candidate, the one that is 0-22 in states, happens to be from ohio, he said this is throwing good money after bad. we rescued the auto industry this past year. 17 million new cars sold in the united states.
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i would add, connie and i and will drove down 71 today in our jeep cherokee, made in toledo, and our other car in the driveway in cleveland is a chevy cruz made in youngstown. i speak from personal experience when i tell you, you can't drive a better car anywhere in the world than ones made it here in ohio. [applause] sen. brown: of course we have a long way to go. i'm not going to do a litany of the problems we still have. hard-working americans still struggle. retirement, security, i met with a group of teamsters today, with a group of auto workers who are scared to death that their pensions will suffer major cuts if congress doesn't do the right thing.
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all of that is so important. yet we still can't convince washington republicans to simply do their jobs. they shut down the government in 2013 and they are trying to shut down the supreme court in 2016. think about that. they think barack obama was elected to a three-year term. think about this. barack obama is only the second democratic president since the civil war, only the second democratic president since the civil war to have won a majority of votes in this country twice. only franklin roosevelt and barack obama -- there is no question that he had a
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resounding mandate for a second four, not 3/5 of a term if you get the history, but a second four-year term. it reminds me of a story i've told before. i want to repeat it because i think it is so poignant in thinking about donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, the cast of walker and jindal and all these guys that have disappeared into the trash the of history. january 21, 2009. the tradition is the president goes to the national cathedral for a prayer breakfast. there's been a natural prayer breakfast after every new president inaugurated since george washington. the first woman ever to deliver
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a sermon at the service shared a piece of wisdom attributed to the cherokee nation. one evening, a grandfather was teaching his grandson about the internal battle that each of us face. there are two wolves struggling inside each of us, the old man said. one wolf is vengeance, vengeful miss and anger and resentment and self pity and fear. the other wolf inside us is compassion and faithfulness and hope and truth and love and reason. the old man stopped. the grandson said, which wolf wins? the grandfather said, the one that wins is the one you feed. now we know which wolf republicans have been feeding in
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these debates, in these rallies in chicago and kansas city and dayton. we know that republicans have wolf-whistled about race for 50 years, but now they are shocked when donald trump starts barking. sen. brown: tonight i am proud to stand with a person who says we shouldn't be building walls, we should be knocking down barriers. yesterday, i was in akron, and i was on stage with william jefferson clinton, and i looked at him -- he was in akron probably because of the ohio primary, and i turned to him and said, no offense, mr. president, but hillary clinton is the most qualified person to run for president in my lifetime. [applause]
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him sen. brown: and she is. and he smiled and laughed and clapped and i think he meant it. here's what it is about hillary. i trust hillary clinton to fight for children and families because she has done that all her life. [applause] sen. brown: from her early days with the children's defense fund, to her time in the senate, leading on the children's health insurance plan, and i trust hillary clinton to fight for human rights and voting rights and women's rights. and [applause] sen. brown: from her time in alabama as a civil rights worker when she was 25 to the work she did as our secretary of state on behalf of women all over the world and women's rights.
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and i trust hillary clinton on trade and manufacturing. i'm leading in the senate, as you know, i'm leading the opposition to the transpacific partnership and i think we're going to defeat it. a decade or so ago, i wrote a book on trade, so i don't come to this issue lightly, but i trust hillary clinton on manufacturing and trade. she has the best manufacturing policy of any candidate in this race and i know that what hillary clinton is proposing on trade, a special trade prosecutor, unprecedented in our country, tripling trade enforcement by putting on more investigators, unprecedented, by coming down hard on currency
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that china has debased and manipulated for years, and what she's doing on rules of origin and what that means for the american auto industry. i trust her because i know what she will do, fight for american jobs with a different trade policy, a different tax policy, and a different manufacturing policy. [applause] sen. brown: so it is my honor to introduce -- on monday afternoon, i usually think i will go off to washington. tomorrow, i'm going to the board of elections and i'm going to cast my vote for the next president, america's first female commander-in-chief, hillary rodham clinton. [applause]
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announcer: our live coverage continues tuesday night with live coverage. clinton: a different vision for our country than the one of democratside for prosperity, fairness, opportunity and the young the presumptive nominee on the republican side. we are going to win on education. no more common corp.. bring it down. bring it down. we want it local. we are going to win on the border. >> we have got to redefine what
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politics means in america. we need people coast-to-coast standing up, fighting back, and demanding a government which represents all of us not just the one percent. [applause] announcer: join us. we will look ahead at the fall battleground states. join us on c-span, c-span radio, and announcer: monday on the communicators, the privacy act requires the government to get a warrant to check e-mail that is months old.0 congress now wants to expand protection to those forms of personal data. the house passed the e-mail privacy act in april.
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for theslative counsel aclu and commonwealth attorney in alexandria, virginia, have different perspectives on the legislation. they are joined by the technology reporter for the morning consult. have updated since 1986. in the interim, please have to get a warrant before they get e-mails or private facebook messages. that would put this protection into the law. >> that is why to our main concern is common to make sure electronic communications are provided with the same level of protection, not an extra level of protection. announcer: watch the communicators monday night on c-span2. >> at next, q&a with wisconsin senator tammy baldwin.
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then former president bill clinton in los angeles for hillary clinton. and later, senator bernie sanders in los angeles followed a campaign rally in redding, california with donald trump. ♪ >> at this week and q&a, wisconsin senator tammy baldwin. she talks about her career. brian: senator tammy baldwin, go back to that empty apartment. convention tonight 1984 in wisconsin. what is the story?


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