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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  June 23, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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and marching in the pride parade was also a celebratory experience. and then to wake up sunday morning to initial news reports of 20 people being shot dead, and then as the morning wore on, the death toll and it became more apparent to me that this was an attack on may -- made me even more concerned that as it events unfolded and became clear who committed this crime was a , whodisturbed individual got connection to an assault -styled weapon. concerned ofre
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about republican messaging, that was all about talking points to distract through messaging -- through terrorist talking points, glossing over the hate crime nature against lgbt people. one thing that the president said that stuck with me is that those of us that have felt the sting of discrimination cannot use that, cannot used to not fight against discrimination of all. and then using that discrimination to then discriminate against a whole class of people, the muslims. i want to wrap this up because i want to yield the floor to my
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leader. thank you that the time i have this morning. >> i repeat -- i appreciate his remarks. i started wearing this bracelet and sundayption, when we heard this terrible news of orlando, people said to me but i was wearing it before orlando. the juxtaposition inc. was so high as well.
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it is the dawn of a new day in terms of how america looks at this issue. this morning brings again a new for gun safety. our members are inspired by john with the instruction of clark,- and katherine plotting and planning and then orchestrated by john weston, this whole city in started and made it a success. it is a success s because of the leadership and the determination of our colleagues to make a change, with just having one
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when we had another example of carnage. but not a substitute for action. not a suits to for action. that is really what i think drove our members to a place where we will not stop until our job is done. and that job will not be done we honor our old of office that we take to protect the american people. that means until we have a for sensible gun legislation. not ifus has been on
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left to fly on a plane you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. on sensibles been background checks. both of these have the support of 85-90% of the american people, democrats and republicans. ,un owners, independents everybody supports this. it isbipartisan, nonpartisan. the legislation that we have here in the house is i partisan in authorship and in sponsorship. yet the speaker will not give us the vote. thatis really something has changed in the last 24 hours. it has changed, i have so much hope. some of that hope springs from the up-eggs i have been reading -- our beds i have been reading during the night.
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we have this new thought of interest and you have an technology which enables us to reach out. lewises --ise john and all of our members, the outside mobilization has been part of this success. electrifybeen able to because there that are in touct are many people who want to do something about this, but they have no path. and now they do. the visibility has increased that people know all they have to do is call their congressman. nothing is more eloquent than of his or her
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constituents. as lincoln said, public sentiment is everything. public sentiment is there. but people have to convey to their member of congress their thoughts on the subject. technology -- [indiscernible] , whole other generations of congress. off theger turn microphone, we raise our voice. and the public could see what has happened here. they wanted to shut down the have a and continue to
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discussion that has been heard around the world. while they want to leave in the dark of night, ignoring the public safety issues that we sensible guns, legislation, no flight know by --no buy. they may leave in the dark of night, but we will continue to shed a light on what our possibilities are. jerseyleagues from new no republican action. but here's another reason why i am hopeful. anduse of all this sadness parents have been turning their grief into action for such a while now. now we have expanded the
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universe of people who are interested. this is my poster from my office. we have beautiful pictures of the shunt people at one time or victims of have been gun violence, and most recently in orlando. john, and evan, leader of freedom to marry, they came together, this coalition and this is what they said. first, there was an african-american church in early a year ago. then it was a women's health clinic last fall. inn it was a gay nightclub
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the middle of pride month. each is a symbol of america's long march to freedom and now tragically, it is a place where americans can be targeted, shot and killed. the american people are united , andurning and in anger the first responders who rushed in to save lives. that thoseviction first responders and the people they served, we the people all deserve better. violence inondemns all its forms together we are calling for action from those policymakers for too long have as the terror, bloodshed
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cost of freedom. another source of hope for me is d, his was titled, home should not be a war zone. like so his reaction many of my fellow americans, to learn about the horrors that unfolded early sunday morning on -- in orlando. us who were in the military were trained in the effective firearms. we were taught about the responsibility, as special thousands we receive of hours of firearms training. today, some of our politicians in some who back them seem to remote a culture of gun ownership that does not conform
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to what i learned in the military. us are home, many of saddened by the abused. then a known or suspected terrorists can go to a federally licensed firearms dealer and pass a background check legally purchase a firearm and walk away. why i am hopeful. now, veterans are speaking up. last friday, two days before the orlando tragedy, the veterans ledition for common sense by captain mike kelly and his come frome who served every branch of the military. he says as a soldier and citizen i have seen time again that in
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action has dire consequences. in this case, one consequence of felons,ers in action as domestic abuse and suspected terrorists, purchased of firearms. thatwill continue to argue dangerous people will obtain guns in our country no matter what. that is poor logic and leadership. deaths high rates of gun that make us stand out in the worst way. we should not feel like a war zone and we can start by doing more to keep guns out of the hands of those who cannot be trusted to handle them responsibly. that must be stopped.
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we have to recognize what the realities are. --prayerfule freer we have to be passionate about what to care about. from them and from our country. but we must be dispassionate and -- ourfeel about colleagues were willing to walk away in the dark of night, shut down the congress by passing a terrible visa bill where they neglected their responsibility to public health and public safety. to shed antinue bright light on the urgency of stopping these crimes.
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these will add a spark and a thrust to the advocacy. we can't really get anything great accomplished without some outside mobilization. out in the rain and have been out there all night. doing that we are will be outside urging you on. echo chamber back and forth across america through the magic of technology. what are we saying? gun shape --nk our no-fly,ty task force, no buy. if you are in the no-fly list, you cannot buy a gun.
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bipartisan 85% to 95%. we will not stop unless we pass that legislation. bill, noy we say no quit.we are not taking a break from this effort . we will carry on throughout the break. breakl not break until we -- bring gun safety legislation to the floor and for the american people. again john lewis, katherine clark, john larson, to all of ,he colleagues thank you all and of course, our technicians.
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to all of our colleagues north and south, thank you. applause] i want to thank goal of you for working the night shift. waters, thank you. when the republicans cut and run in the dead of night, i've say we should stay here until sunrise. i don't know if you have noticed but ever since the republicans left, all of the hot hair has left. left. hair has
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we all receive e-mails and tweets, constituents and activists, talking about staying out all night. i don't think there is anything extraordinary about it all, to work all night. we get to take a nap, and wake up. america, there will be too many people who will not make it until tomorrow, who don't make it until tonight. that is what this is about. i want to share with you words that are more eloquent than any of us can ever speak, because the people who understand the impact of this are those who have lost someone to gun violence. weiss, whof bob wrote this article in 2016
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entitled using my voice to make a change. i made 23rd, 2014 i had one of those reflective moments in which i thought to myself, my life is really good. i am not the kind of person who has those kind of thoughts for a often. i don't sit back and contemplate how good everything is. but it was a friday afternoon heading into a three-day weekend. i had a good week at work. it was a beautiful day and the office manager closed the office down early. my wife and i spent the afternoon together. we had plans for the long weekend. we were going to pick up our daughter veronica -- brown a couple following day. we had a quiet evening at home. we fell asleep watching baseball in the living room. at 9:45 a girl from veronica's were to call. there had been an incident at school and the campus was on lockdown. they were checking on every member of the sorority.
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they have not been able to get in touch with veronica, which is why they call us at home. eventually she revealed there was a shooter on campus and that some people might have been shot. i didn't think it was a big deal at first he and i figured everything would be ok, that veronica had probably just broken her phone. we tried calling her but could not reach her. eventually, we went online and saw some stories about the shootings. we sat in our living room for about a half hour trying to decide what we should do. around 11 of -- 11:00 p.m. we decide to drive to the campus. my wife admitted she knew something bad had happened but i was in complete denial the whole time. hospital, butto a they had no information. we went to another hospital, and then to the sheriff's office. we met dead and at both places. we went to the original hospital and they said they would make calls for us. thes watching her out of
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corner of her i when she started crying on the phone. that's when i realize that this may be bad. she got a touch with the sheriff's office who wanted us to wait at the hospital. after 30 minutes of waiting we decided to drive where the had taken place. when i asked for more information about our daughter, he said he did not have any yet and wanted us to wait in a parking lot nearby to avoid the media. we pulled into the parking lot around 1 a.m.. a deputy came along and stewed by our car. my wife was still trying to find using a tracking application. at first the phone appeared to be in the middle of a crime scene but all of a sudden it started moving. we now believe this was her body being moved to the more. more. veronica was dead.
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later we were back at home, still trying to process the events. that afternoon the media had started gathering and ring our doorbell. i refused to speak with anybody at first but then something changed. i spoke with one woman from the new york post and from that moment i spoke to everyone i could. i decided that by using my voice i could do something, i could help. over time, the media he came my way of honoring veronica, as well as a way to fight back. and screamingng in agony over my child who was taken from me. i have met a lot of incredible people through this work, who like me, have had their lives jolted by senseless gun violence. we are truly a community. not only do we understand the pain, anger and loneliness caused by gun violence, we are
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doing something about it. we are fighting every day, using our voices to make change. i still accept any media that comes my way. i will keep doing it until gun violence has been eradicated. this is the voice of a father who lost his daughter. this is a voice of the republican majority in this house of representatives turned a deaf in to this week. we will continue to speak out for those whose voices have not been listened to by the majority until we pass a bill. until we pass a bill, there should be no bright. i think my colleagues. [applause] good morning everybody. at 7:25, we are into the
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19th or 20th hour if my math is correct. steve shared a story of a family loved one. i was reminded of a newswire , it reads likes this. the it was all over and first of the responders made ,heir way to the nightclub sweeping over the bloody bodies sprawled all around, they called out, if you are alive, raise your hand. the victim cell phones chirped incessantly. for three hours as the gunmen took hostages, they crouched in
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a dressing room or in the air conditioning vents. one person hid in the bathroom and said she survived by covering herself with bodies. helpless, trapped, shocked and scared they texted their loved ones pleading for help. accountant sought shelter in the bathroom when he tested his mother. mom, i love you. bathroom, called police, i am going to die. himmother tried to reassure that she called 911 and help was coming. are you still there? answer your phone. call me, call me. , call themlied
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mommy, now. i am still in the bathroom. he is coming. i am going to die. he then went silent. he was among the 49 that did not make it. that's why we are here today. tot is why we are here break."bill, no for time in make a voice the voiceless. assure the american people we will be here day in and day out. the reason we are here today and that this is streaming is --ause thousand publicans republicans have those cameras turned off and shut down the microphones.
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that's why we are asking you to ,all the numbers and follow us call speaker paul ryan and tell him to read the bill of for a vote. no bill, no break. i yield back. [applause] >> good morning. a special thank you to all of you for bringing coffee. an incredible several hours. i have learned so much about in the past 22 hours about all of us.
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that john lewis does not say no. he has such a generous heart. all i had to do was ask and he helped. and all of you came with him. helping us out. -- two who sat for hours to make sure his presence was heard. your incredible talent and passing -- passion and resolve in this issue. i've learned so much. some of it has been heartbreaking.
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me that of mine wrote her brother had been killed by a gunshot when she was young. and her family has never been the same. i also -- at the emd, the cameraman came forward with said i amis eyes and a grieving parent. son james have been killed by gun violence. sample.ust a small there are some estimates that five people are killed in this country while he was here. eight more have been injured by gunshots. we also see an incredible
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outpouring of support. i know that all of you have had the experience i have had that our twitter feeds, our ace book and our texts. it is amazing. especially the crowds outside the capital they came here spontaneously. >> are they still there? >> giving voice that this is something americans crave and we need to stand up and continue the fight. as the republicans were laying departure,for their on their way out, they took all of them, the power, the emotion, the stories that we have seen
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and called a political stunt. you can look how t at these pictures or share the howies, and i don't know you can watch john lewis, is watch himching ist -- sit on the floor on the house, m ake the decision to double down on cynicism. that is what they did, by not having this debate, not having this vote. this should be the beginning of action. a continuation on inaction. pain, tospeak to this
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finding solutions. we know there is not one easy way to curb gun violence in this country, but we have to try. we've been able to cull our collective energy, that we can children and our our neighborhood, that we can do better for ourselves. i know that we are going to get there. congressought this to gather and showed that we can stand up, we will ssttand up. we are going to keep going, demanding to have these debates.
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it is our moral responsiblilty. thank you for everything you have done. make these stories of our situations come to life -- our constituents come to life. thank you all and i yield back. [applause] [cheers] >> good morning, brothers and sisters. >> good morning. emotionalin an n night for me in many ways. listening to the personal storie s. signrday i was handed this by somebody.
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i didn't know who steven was. to look upa chance who steve was. atve was the youngest active columbine --youngest victim. they believe he was probably the second person killed, shot in the neck. larry.her is named his mother is named nancy. i couldn't help but think of them all night. tears.a lot of will happen if it was my rosa, my helen? if you have children, if you substitute the name for your own
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is hard not to get emotional. you, i with all of ghts of theall the ni parents that did not sleep. i thought of all of the uncles, the aunts, the grandparents. to the name -- substitute the name of the victim. we have a chance to do something. is something that virtually all americans agree with, excel for some of my colleague. professionalsce in law enforcement say this person is too dangerous to get on a plane because we think he will try to bloiw it up.
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our professionals make that decision. you cannot get on a plane but he can get a machine gun. he can buy a machine gun. the law allows in to do that. that is wrong. why we cannot have a bill -- have the courage to defend that position. come down and tell us why it person is so dangerous he is not allowed to get on a plane, but it is ok to buy a machine gun. so many of us have heard about the nightclub pulse. if you heard the sound, the bullets, so quickly. it is amazing. how can you a person that wants
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to kill americans has sworn allegiance to isis. that person deserves a gun like that? doesn't make sense to me. on ally about 9:30 thursday morning -- pray with my colleagues. we have rectors at 8:00 -- we have breakfast at 8:00. i love my brothers and sisters on the republican side. very good people. wonderful people. i would hope they wouldn't to be their hearts parents and all the other parents, and especially for
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those parents that have children and willalive today not be tomorrow or the next day. we can make a difference bypassing some bills, by studying gun violence. they do not allow was to do that. allow our professionals to find out this epidemic of gun violence. i ask my brothers and sisters, my republican brothers and sisters, do not harden your he nancy. larry and think about your own children. --stitute the names steve name for steve's
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one of your own child. pray about that. many of us do find prayer meaningful. i do. have the courage to allow a vote. i think it would pass. i really do. i thank you for allowing me to be here. i appreciate all of you stay with us tonight. it has been a very emotional night. distress to think about the primal scream of a mother. i study to be a priest and i worked in some critical wards as as a chaplain. it is something i never heard before. the comes from a place so deep in the person, what you do here it when a child is taken. let's not allow more children to be taken by gun violence.
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thank you. morning. >> good morning. >> i am so proud to be with you .his morning, yesterday because this has experience.moving the tears flow. night solizing last far my time in congress came with joe crowley in 1999, we were sworn in. in of my first speeches was
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april about columbine, the first naieve that was so i thought this is the tipping point. of course we are going to do something now. how could this body not take deeply,seriously, so that we would do something? 7 yearsis -- that was 1 ago, 1999. and then one gabby was shot, gabby giffords, our colleague. i thought, this is it. all of my colleagues have every weekend, congressman on your corner. they are going out into the community.
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on a sunny day, going into a parking lot in front of a grocery store, or neighborhood, and talking to constituents and welcoming them. it is a joyful experience to have them talk to us. of course we are going to do something. and here we are. nothing has happened. to myweeks ago i went granddaughters graduation from high school. a stunning experience. who can believe you have a grandchild graduating from high school? now i saw your children yesterday. hard to believe how they grow up. have some of them grew up and some of them do not grow up. j.j. coleman did not have a
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chance to grow up. thatraduates dedicated graduation to a model kid. popular. a good athlete. wild kid. basketball team. not everybody was able to go on that stage and get their diploma . this is it. we own it in a big way now. when we go home, there will be a lot of issues. i am telling you, before i came sometimes there is a grateful issue where people come up to you at the grocery store
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and at the gym and at the farmers market, and everywhere you go in the neighborhood and what people are saying, do something about guns. some of you may remember after what are those moments of moments one of the 27 of silence we had been the one four sandy hook and the one for orlando. you may remember there was a voice that shouted out -- that was my voice. and then of course, the gavel came down and they were on to the next thing, just like they were yesterday. i wonder how he really look. i am anxious to find out. here we are demanding action. no bill, no break.
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pictures. horror stories. and they were completely the north -- ignored. i got stepped on. i didn't get an apology or "excuse me." nothing. i wonder how that looked. they can turn their backs on this. we own this issue. this is our issue. we should be saying, we are coming come. now we're going to do action, activity. we're going to do things about this gun violence. we are going to call out names from those who have been killed in our district.
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i guarantee there is not a district in this country, not a member from this chamber who ton't had someone lost unnecessary gun violence. we know -- i see interviews on tv where the interviewer says, ,ell, if this no-fly, no-buy people on the watch list couldn't get guns, that would not have solved the problem. if there had been a background check, that would not have solved this incident. we know that. but this is our beginning. this is our start. in chicago, universal background checks would make a difference.
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40% of the gun violence in areago comes from guns that shows legally at guns right next door to indiana. just a few minutes away, really. maybekelly's district, half an hour to get across the border. they are gun shows every weekend in indiana. to of those guns are used ravage some of our community, maybe to kill j.j. coleman, come from the loophole, the huge loophole that tallows for no background checks. it would make a difference.
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just having the no-fly, no-buy would make a difference for future disasters that are waiting to happen. mobilize me time to whomillions of p[eople agree with us. 90% ofu get 80%, americans, we are talking about a movement waiting to be mobilized. it is an unstoppable movement. we will win this site. -- thitss fight. i want to thank you. we've all called her tireless. she is absolutely tireless.
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i don't know how she does it. she looks fresh. she is always ready to continue. all of you who have stayed on the floor, not have gone into the cloak room. we were here. the so proud to be part of democratic caucus. he caucus that recognizes to see these people. i have always wondered how they could close their eyes and not hearly see these people, eha these stories. we are going to make it possible. thank you, my beloved community. my colleagues. thank you. [applause] >> thank you.
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>> thank you so very much. going to take a while to warm up here. it may be soon judging by the temperature in this room. we are a hearty bunch. it is almost 8:00. that would be almost 18 hours. wow. a little more. almost 20 hours. we do not intend to lead any time soon. itre going to stay with because it is important for 49 reasons. in victims of the massacre orlando. last evening when the republicans returned to the work of the floor after hours sitting
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out on the sideline not even on the floor. one of our colleagues from texas, as we were discussing the issues of the massacre in orlando, came rushing down to gun.loor and said, a that killed islam these people. i thought about it as he was shouting and screaming his at thepitath. i think it was an assault rifle that killed these people. whatever the fellow may have called himself and his allegiance to bank daddy -- bagh
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daddi, it was an assault rifle the killing these people. 50 whohem in another suffered injuries, many of whom are ill on the critical list. it was an assault rifle that killed the fine children at the cleveland school in 1989. children.ted those and the other 20 that were injured. the fellow didn't profess radical islam. at theseas angry refugees on the campus that day. i was outside with the crowd, a
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gentleman came up to me, introduce himself and he said that his mother-in-law was the teacher at cleveland school in 1989. she was there. she was there as those kids were shot down. are redundant across america. chicago, the children of chicago that has been killed not by random violence but by direct assault in their communities. , here, too.o san bernardino. we read the list, we were at the names of the backgrounds of the
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people killed in orlando, san bernardino, chicago. names,ld read 32,000 men, women, children killed by firearms. we could also read the newspapers today. interesting, i suspect, perhaps these articles are a result of what is going on around here. , with then article listine "most on watch cannot already buy guns." that's because those are the majority, the great majority of the people on the list are not citizens and not in the united states legally and therefore
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they cannot buy guns. , they used further these words. 5,000 people will be directly affected. people on the no-fly list. should we have the sanity to pass the law that would let the people on the note my list -- e he no-fly list from purchasing guns. -- we have the courage would speaker, if you allow us to vote, it would only affect 5,000. maybe my colleague who have spent the night before notice about me five minutes ago, the
7:56 am
capitol police joined us on the floor. they brought their dogs, their bomb sniffing dogs, and they went through each and every aisle on the floor looking for explosives. i will tell you within my next time. they might look at the terror watch list. there are 5,000 potential people on that list that can buy a gun and can buy explosives. not that place to start looking. our republican colleagues won't allow us to in limine -- eliminate 5,000 people that are thought to be terrorists that have a clear indication that they are somehow connected to terrorism and are placed on a no-fly list.
7:57 am
if only our republican colleagues would allow us to vote, we could eliminate 5,000 potential problems. wethe capitol police think are important enough to other dogs down the aisle searching for explosives not just today by every day, standard operating procedure. wouldn't it be good to eliminate 5000 potential problems? goodpeaker, wouldn't it be -- i supposed it would. do gun safety laws make a difference? today'se an article in
7:58 am
"sacramento bee," pilfered from "the washington post." i suppose the word is purchased from "the washington post." "australlianle, law may offer u.s. a lesson." "the senate failed to pass four bills to shore up background checks support around 90%. the status quo is deeply unpopular, but remains the law. america's mass shooting experience, which tends to follow a predictable cycle of tragedy, outreach,
7:59 am
finger-pointing, in action stands in sharp contrast to what happened in australia in 1996. a horrified country came together and passed sweeping gun reform package after a man using an assault rifle murdered 35 people and wounded 19 others. no one here is suggesting that we do what australia did. no one. it is interesting to note that following the implementation of not law, there have been mass shootings in australia. australia hasn't had a single mass shooting since the gun buyback. we're not suggesting that.
8:00 am
we are suggesting that we be able to to eliminate one of the great loopholes in. our colleagues in chicago just spoke to this a moment ago. 40% of the guns on the streets of chicago come from lawana, where there is no onuiring background checks guns that are sold at gun shows. want is to eliminate that loophole. all we want is to end the of someone on the
8:01 am
no-fly list that can actually buy explosives. just one more fact here. let me see if i can find it quickly. it's got to be here somewhere. yes. in australia, there were 13 mass shootings in the 17 years higher to the -- prior to the passage of it and in the united states, there has been 11 in just this year. there have been 11 mass dead,ngs, five or more this year alone. 33 since 2014.
8:02 am
i am not suggesting we do what australia has done. we are suggesting two important steps towards gun safety. no-fly, no by. and universal background checks. i yield back. [applause] preach. times on spoken a few the house floor over the past 19 hours or so. i raised my voice a lot. i tried to get my republican colleagues to join us. they shouted me down. i talked about what we are looking for, which is the most
8:03 am
basic, the most common sense stance to keep americans safe. making sure that if you are on the terror watch list, you can't get on a plane, you shouldn't be will to buy a weapon. it is so logical and there is so much support for it. if you have to have a background check when you buy a gun and a course.e, then of it goes without saying, you should have to have a background check when you buy a gun at a gun show or online. common sense. i talked about that. i screamed about that. my colleagues have spoken so eloquently, hour after hour about these basic steps we can take to keep
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americans safe. decided ite speaker is better to flee. it is better to close up shop and leave town and do nothing to honor the memory of 49 of my fellow for radians who were nasa cute just a week and a half ago -- who were massacred just a week and a half ago. the same question was asked several times this morning by reporters. they expressed cynicism, they is hard for us to think that things are going to be different. it looks like you get out there and stand up and speak out and then there is not a vote or maybe there is a vote and it won't pass. how do we know things are going to be different?
8:05 am
how do he know something is actually going to happen? " i am going to tell you why that is the case. i talked about this earlier. it has always been assumed that there is not real intensity for us, for our side, for the overwhelming majority of americans, but somehow there is greater intensity on the part of the gun lobby. i want to read one of the hundreds of messages that i have received, the thousands of messages that my colleagues have received. just a simple facebook message. "huge support and some hugs being sent from me. what you are doing -- all of us here -- what you are doing is standing up to the will of the people in the purest and most
8:06 am
genuine way i have ever seen in my lifetime. i am proud of our democratic process today. i am honored to stand strongly behind all of you who are so resolute in this fight. we shall overcome." that is what is different this time. that is the intensity that i am talking about. the leader of the republican party may have chosen to flee but they can't run forever. when they return, when we return , it will justfth be all of us coming to the house floor again. it will be all of those members returning to washington after hearing messages like that from their constituents. it will be impossible for them to hide. make no mistake.
8:07 am
the only reason there has not how a vote is they know terrible it would be to have to side with the extreme fringes of the gun lobby and take their position. that is why there hasn't been a vote. i want to close with this. we've been on the floor for a long time. i am tired. i am cold. and i am hungry. and let me remind everyone who is watching this how privileged tired and cold and hungry. i am tired. you know who it never had a chance to be tired? the 12 people who went to a midnight showing in aurora and were slaughtered.
8:08 am
, ifhey had left that movie they had left that showing they would have been tired. they never had that opportunity. it is a privilege to be tired. i am hungry. everyone of these victims of the pulse shooting, everyone of these victims of this heinous attack on the lgbt community, they were out dancing. they were enjoying life. had it not been for the massacre at the polls -- the pulse nightclub, that was committed with an ar-15, had it not been for the massacre, these 49 individuals, these beautiful faces, when they left my guess is they might have gone to get something to eat because they
8:09 am
would have been hungry. they never had that chance. it is a privilege to have that feeling. finally, i am cold. >> we are here with you ted. you got your back. >> and i am a father. there every parent knows, -- there is nothing like tending to the needs of your children. or ahen a six-year-old
8:10 am
tiredyear-old is cold and , we comfort them. we pulled a blanket over them. we kiss them. 20 six and seven ural babies were slaughtered in newtown -- and seven year old abies were slaughtered in newtown. this has nothing since then. so i am cold and tired and , but these are feelings that i am so privileged to have because so many will never feel that again. we have talked a lot about the lives that have been taken in mass shootings.
8:11 am
the lives that have been taken by guns and gunshots. by i want to finish just saying to everyone of the family impactedhat has been -- because for every one of these lives that was taken, for every one of those kids from sandy hook whose lives were taken from the moviegoers in aurora and from the thousands of lives that are taken by guns every year, every single one of them comes from a family with a .roup of friends and community and what we are doing here today isn't just reflecting the will of the american people. what we are doing here today hole thates that
8:12 am
exists in the lives of every person that these individuals touched. hole that whatever legislation we pass will never ever be filled. causet is not enough to the speaker of the house to do something, then nothing can be. i have heard a lot of things today that i question. but worst of all was the suggestion by the speaker of the house of representatives that this is a publicity stunt. colleagues that i share this experience with, i join you in standing not to help
8:13 am
fill those holes. we can do it. but to provide just a little bit of comfort. a little bit of comfort to those families and those communities ache.ight -- that is why we are going to prevail and that is why i am so proud to be a part of this with all of you. thank you. [applause] >> usually, we come to the floor and want to be very poignant and very precise and want our colleagues to know that our vocabulary is extensive. we don't really share our human feelings.
8:14 am
those of us who joined our ,olleagues and stayed all night we saw a rather tall gentleman cry. i believe he had a moment where he was speaking of his children and other children. we saw a colleague from florida have a sense of emotion. we saw our colleagues speak of personal feelings and what confronted her. members don't might to share these personal feelings. no one likes to come to the floor and say they are cold or hungry. because we want everyone to say they are on the ball. and i a lot of emotions
8:15 am
don't hesitate to say that we come from many different faiths. and i respect all of the face. hs.the fait i think it is important to know that in the christian faith, we are taught that at heroes of the dherers of the word ought to be doers. our republican colleagues cut and run. they turned the lights off. i don't know what they were thinking. i am not sure if they were immersed in their own language. i don't know if they came over here and asked the distinguished congresswoman from connecticut that represents newtown and sandy hook to say "what are you
8:16 am
feeling? " is this political for you? john lewis, is this political for you? beaten nearly to death? pelosi, -- nancy pelosi, is this political for you? is it political for those of us that were blessed in the last year to have our first grandchildren? i,colleague joe laughlin and both of us had new grandbaby twins. i just want to spend a moment, as i listen to the beautiful testimony of a parent who would not have wanted to give that testimony who lost their child. i want to just say these few
8:17 am
things. we have had our personal experiences. i have the community college's flying home to houston because of the lockdown. or shootings at my high school in my congressional district. guns that were gotten from who knows where. does anybody remember that columbine -- those two young men got their guns from a gun show? back then the loophole was huge. the tenor gun show is named in reports. gun show isr named in reports. i would like to thank john lewis and kathryn as i thank for remailer -- former mayor .icilline, who knows
8:18 am
i want to say a moment how grateful i am for the three gentlemen from scott peters to eric, to beto, to my native sons from texas, how they came together and said to the world that there are some people on the floor of the house that are different. as one, prayed that i hoped there hearts are not hardened. i have friends and colleagues that work together in the distant -- district. we passed on criminal justice reform but right now there is a piercing wound in my heart and soul. so i just want to remind you of a couple of points. my husband who texted me and said "are you on the floor? "
8:19 am
what an emotional challenge or devastation to hear. or my son jason or my daughter erica for our husband -- for my husband and my many family members across the country. again, my grandbabies. i want to say to my republican friends who cut us off in the dark of night that you should actually know what happened. there were missed you drill -- there were procedural manipulations. we don't vote in the dark of night with no debate. the council said they couldn't take it anymore, that the american people were not deserving of a debate or to understand what we are passing. i want you to know, i have to say it again, cut and run. it reminds me of what we are doing and what dr. martin luther king said in his engagement during the montgomery bus
8:20 am
when he passed an elderly woman who was walking tired. ok?"ked her, "are you tired butmy feet are my soul is rested." she was rested because she was doing the right thing. i want the democrats on the floor to know that you are doing the right thing. 65, i was a1964 and second-class citizen. i had to ride in the back of the bus. i had to remember riding in the color people's -- the colored south tocar going visit my other grandmother with a bag of food because i could not go into the eating car.
8:21 am
if it had not been for people who were willing to bust the filibuster and overcome the obstruction of senators from mississippi and south carolina and other places, if a southerner by the name of lyndon baines johnson had not said "we ," thenng to do this there would be no civil rights act of 1964. there would be no voting rights act of 1965. i want to turn my attention in concluding to our -- to articulate the simplicity of what we are asking for. it is not in any way complicated. it is not in any way diminishing the second amendment. it is the complete opposite of
8:22 am
the charge that democrats are undermining the second amendment. if anybody would read the constitution they would know the second amendment says you have the right to bear arms, the right to form a militia. those to protect beginnings against the british. so we want to do two things. that tracksll expanded background checks that says the attorney general can be involved. it has civil liberties protection. you can challenge the list by going into the court. expanded background checks. course, the "no-fly, no buy."
8:23 am
i conclude with a tribute to my -- to this lady. i spoke of her before. we don't know her personally. we know that she lost a child at -- had a good time at the pulse nightclub. mother's day was not too far for this time. in early june, we celebrated mother's day and this is a mother of 11 children. cool -- brenda marquez mccool. she had 11 sons and daughters. at her funeral, her sons introduced themselves by number as they stood monday behind her flower draped coffin.
8:24 am
he says he thought his mom was beautiful. he could speak at the funeral service only because her mother helped her overcome china -- -- overcome shyness. number a warrior, said five. at first united methodist church of orlando, during the funeral for the victim, her son and daughters step forward one after another. the orlando woman was fatally shot. we know that. henderson, 21, who she stepped in front of to save his life. he said i never thought a life would be ended in front of my eyes. his brothers on either side were supporting him. aboutf them came to talk
8:25 am
the quality of this former proud brooklynite. we can do no less than to honor her. so listen to the attitudes. my closing words. blessed are they who mourn. we are on this floor to comfort and to act. we will comfort them with our actions. and blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. to the american people and my colleagues, i did not come to this place to sit down and do nothing. i did not come to this place to not be merciful and to give comfort by action. actll stay to listen and but we will listen and act. we will do what is right for the american people. >> [applause]
8:26 am
>> i think it was well over two decades ago that i began to work , when i was a state senator, with a group that calls themselves parents for children. being in that group, a group that none of us ever wanted to imagine that we would be part of. and theyppened approached me and i got to know them. i spoke with them at length. one thing i think people who have been here through the night understand so well is that when you see a name in the paper, it is not a name. it is a person.
8:27 am
that is why we have these pictures here. when i spoke to these parents, decades ago, these faces became real though i have never met them. because they talked about their birth. they talked about what their future held for them. they talked about birthdays. they talked about the fact that there would never be another birthday. that their son or daughter would be frozen in time but never a part. i admire these parents and grandparents. these are the most remarkable, most courageous people i've ever met in my life. how can you keep going on after such a loss? but they did. many of them had enormous faith.
8:28 am
i listened to them talk about their faith, their god, and i said i wish i had that kind of faith. that kept them going. others had other siblings and grandchildren and children to make them go forward, to bring them forward. the other thing that was remarkable was the fact that they never asked for any sympathy. they never felt sorry for themselves. and they never asked for much. they came to me because they had only one request. they wanted to change some laws. becausethemselves, nothing that we could do, changing laws, could ever bring back those children. but they kept saying to me "if
8:29 am
you could do one thing, do something so that another family never has to go through what we have gone through again. that is why i am here. that is what i have. " when i became district attorney later on, i work with other families that had the same loss. this time, at the point where that awful tragedy was actually occurring, where i had descriptions before, i shared terrible experiences with those parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and sisters and brothers and loved ones. but the same issue came forward. they were there in the courts,
8:30 am
they were talking to me, but feeling wasthe same the primary feeling that them, i want you to bring this person to justice so another person never has to go through what we have gone through again. same thing. selfless, top courageous. stand looking back of his experiences and finding frompportunity to learn and befriend some of the most remarkable people i have met in my life. i have the privilege to be in this congress. something.eflect on every day i come here, every day
8:31 am
you come here and we just walk right by without even noticing it. for some reason i am drawn to it. as we are coming into the capital i look up at the dome over the last several months and i see those workers out there. it is remarkable. they are up there at such heights working on that don't end -- dome in cold weather, snow, wind. i look at them in marvel at the way they work, the way they show up, the way they are there, the linear getting the job done. and the pride they must have that i share as a lookup at that dome that can be seen from miles away. something that ever since i first came to the city when i was younger i would look at and feel hope and feeling purpose and feel a direction.
8:32 am
and in the evening i would look andt the kubla -- copala see the light that is there and that is a beacon, a direction that our country is moving towards. something that is been there and will be there after i am gone and something that should inspire. and so i walked into this building, looking up, and i walk inside the building and i ask how can we cany, do on the inside of this building with those people are doing on the outside of this building? work,n we can't come to get the job done, do what has to be done to move our country forward? workers that are
8:33 am
proud of their work and they can do it on the outside. plus hours i had a great feeling because of all of you. here under tough conditions. daywere here all for the pouringay in the night, your hearts and souls and stories out. we got to see the best of us. pride of alle same was happening inside the building as i do every time i look at the work being done on the outside of the building. i want to leave you with this one thought. as i look at them work on that dome, there is no doubt in my mind that they will finish the job. they will get it done. we will be proud and people can
8:34 am
come here to the city, our capital city, they will be proud of what they see. yesterday, last night and this morning, we will bring back their pride to america. they will see inside this building, people did their job. people performed their duty. people answered the call. i am so proud of all of you. proud to serve if you. [applause] next up we of bobby scott and the joe crowley. >> thank you, and i want to thank all the democrats for continuing and letting people know there without be business as usual anymore. it has been business as usual when you have virginia tech. a moment of silence and then business as usual. andyou had aurora, colorado
8:35 am
charleston, s.c.. a moment of silence in business as usual. just mention the name of the city and you know what happened. san bernardino, california. business as usual. we thought something was going to happen after newtown, connecticut. elementary school students. bodies riddled with assault weapon bullets. a moment of silence. business as usual. orlando, florida. many people killed. a moment of silence. business as usual. we know we don't have to put up with this anymore. we know there are things we can do. after newtown, lisa democrats put together a committee, a gun safety task force to show what can be done to do something about it. we came up with a long list agenda that shows their arson things we can do.
8:36 am
one is the assault weapons ban. we don't need assault weapons in our streets. they are designed only to kill a lot of people quickly. that is what they are for. if you can limit the size of the magazine, you know you can limit the number of people that die before you have to reload. reloading is an opportunity to intervene. when you limit the size of the magazines. we know that background checks work. we have intensive background checks and the murder rate goes down. it has been researched. close the gun show loophole where people go with no background check, private sales, internet. and you know you don't with the guns to get in the wrong hands. when know that mental health services can make a difference. many people, in fact all of them, have untreated mental health problems. treat the mental health problems and you can reduce the incidence
8:37 am
of murders. finally, crime prevention in general. get people on the right track and keep them on the right track so they are not buying guns to begin with. that can reduce the incidents of firearms. we can do something. it has been business as usual. we have not done anything. at least let us vote on something. how about no-fly, no buy. it is popular across the country. let's at least do that. we are taking a stand. we are not putting up with anymore. it will not be business as usual. we have to vote on something. the republicans can cut and run, canceling the work we are supposed to do today, canceling the work on friday. when they come back it will not be business as usual. we will deal with these mass murders that it become so regular it's not even newsworthy. several of month. mass murders. we can do something about it and we will.
8:38 am
i want to thank all my democratic colleagues for taking a stand. [applause] >> i know the microphone doesn't work but only use the podium to lean on. it has been a long day, along night -- a long night. correct,ollection is according to john larson who helped begin this action on the house floor, it began at 9:30 yesterday morning. it is now almost 20 minutes to 9:00 on the following day. a little over 23 hours the democrats have been on the floor speaking out on the fact our republican colleagues have not bills to- not just any deal with the issues of gun violence in the united states.
8:39 am
the day of the shooting in orlando was a sunday. ever might -- i remember my wife saying to me, when a you going to do something about this? i am standing there. here is my wife saying to me, what are you going to do? no, when are you going to do something about this? no, when are -- you going to do something about this? she met all of us. she did not just mean me. she met all of us. what are you all, when are we going to do something about this? that is why i have been so inspired by what is taking place over the last 24 hours. because we're trying to do something about it. it may be inadequate.
8:40 am
it may fall short. we are trying to do something about it. tonight you have heard that my friends, and i mean that sincerely, paul ryan and i were elected together the same year and i hold him in high esteem. i don't agree with him on everything. he surely doesn't agree with me on everything but i respect him. i respect him. he has called that we are doing a gimmick. that is something you do when you try to be dismissive. whenis something you say you aren't comfortable about what is taking place and you want to put it aside and ridicule it. best person to ridicule in america today is donald trump. he is a con man. he is a snake oil salesman. maybe paul has learned a little bit of his tactics and tried to
8:41 am
use a little bit of that today. that is unfortunate. this is not a gimmick. we are talking about people's lives. we are trying to save lives and that is why we are here. i will not get too hokey, but it want to point out the preamble of our constitution says, "we the people of the united states, in order to form a more perfect union establish justice, and insure domestic tranquility." for the life of me, i have a copy here. we don't see it say in sure domestic tranquility, but not for children in a classroom. it does not say this in the preamble. i will take my glasses off because of nearsighted. i'm sure it does not say, "insure domestic tranquility
8:42 am
except for gay people." lgbt members. it is not in there. say insure does not domestic tranquility, except for people in a nightclub after 2:00 a.m. in the morning. it does not say that. i am positive it does not say that. common --r the promote the general welfare, secure the blessings of liberty. it does not say promote the general welfare except for children in a classroom. when a person walks in with automatic weapons and opens fire and starts killing innocent beings.
8:43 am
say promote the for al welfare, except radicalized man, a demented person who has been able to buy wipe out,lly and murder 49liminate, people on a dance floor. it does not say that in our constitution. not in the preamble. nowhere in the constitution. in many respects we have lost our way. the founding fathers talked about more than anything else in the preamble is peace, welfare, the general welfare.
8:44 am
and every day that we don't address the general welfare and ,he tranquility of our country we are not living up to the principles of our founding fathers. it is as simple as that. i know we have the second amendment. i respect the second amendment. a well regulated militia being -- this 30o secure of our free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms some not be infringed." do we think the founding fathers meant that it shall not be infringed for terrorists? do we think the founding fathers said, you know what?
8:45 am
it shall not be infringed for the mentally impaired. do we think the founding fathers said it will not be in france for criminals? that infringed for criminals? that is the extent of the statement today. is commonve proposed sense language. it is not difficult. it is not hard. the american people understand it. 70% of gun owners and members of the nra believe we should bring up no-fly, no buy because it makes sense. it's a no-brainer. it is a no-brainer. because you are suspected of being a terrorist, you cannot buy.
8:46 am
listen. if you think you are being wronged, we have procedures. go to court. explain your situation. it's a free country. it's called a process. we asked our colleagues to pass issue bill to address the of background checks. have say you can't weapons, although i personally would like to reinstate the assault weapons ban, but then we have real reform it comes to the issue of background checks. enforcement, our police
8:47 am
officers, those who are there to serve and protect, they want that. they want the ability to go back and check and make sure that , those who may be mentally impaired, those who are radicalized and are terrorists and want to do us harm, that they not be given access to these weapons. it makes sense. this is not rocket science. it is a no-brainer. it has been a long almost 24 hours. we've done a lot of talking. the american people are looking for action. they are looking for action. folks,mick here,
8:48 am
beginning here -- the gimmick here is our republican colleagues -- you can check the schedule. we were working today. we were going to be here all day, working here on the floor. supposedly passing legislation. and friday. i am not making this up. the gimmick is that they suspended all legislative business today and tomorrow because they are uncomfortable. they are uncomfortable because we are debating the issues that the american people sent us here to debate. to enact we debate, commonsense laws that address the needs of the american people. the need of the american people is to secure and to know their children are as safe as we can make them. nothing full proof, nothing
8:49 am
perfect, but we are doing something. we are doing something. we are taking some action to help the innocents of our country. and yet they still continue to do nothing. doing nothing can be a sin as well. when people of good will do nothing, that is a sin. i am not going to be a part of doing nothing. i am so proud of the people i have served with and were here with us today and have been with us for 24 hours. i want us to respect our constitution, our preamble. domestic tranquility and welfare for all. not for some. domestic tranquility for our children, domestic tranquility for the most vulnerable in our
8:50 am
society. get these guns out of the hands of criminals, out of the hands of terrorists, out of the hands of those that would do us harm. with that, yield back the balance of my time. [applause] >> i was not with you yesterday. i was so proud of each of every one of you. room sitting in a hospital with my very courageous brother. he is fighting cancer. there, i thought about all the other families across this country who yesterday and
8:51 am
today and tomorrow will be sitting in hospital rooms with family members fighting to live. thinking of all the family members sobbing in their homes because their loved ones were lying in morgues and mortuaries around the country. myself,ought to finally, finally we are going to do something. as i watched each and every one of you yesterday i felt like we were growing real spines. while on the other side was spineless. words at --on those
8:52 am
"in god wee us, trust." it does that say "in the nra we trust." it says "in god we trust." grown mustne we have compel us to continue what we are doing here right now. orlando,ves lost in the greatest mass shooting in , andistory of our country that is not enough? 20 children in newtown and six adults. the 32 with virginia tech. the 14 in san bernardino. the 13 in columbine. the 13 at ft. hood. that fall at aurora. the nine in charleston.
8:53 am
what will it take? i was at church on sunday. about guns anded gun violence. that is not something that normally happens in a catholic church. at the end of his homily everyone in the church applauded. up tochurch, people came me as they would come up to you. what do we do? the people of this country recognize that this cannot go on. we cannot fear going to the grocery store or the movie theater or the dance club or school. fear of there in use of guns.
8:54 am
today so ime back flew all night. because i wanted to be with you. realized i can really do something. iran in left the house my bedroom and i keep this in a tour. i have never had it out in public before. is a plastic sleeve. on the top it says "evidence, federal bureau of investigation." this was taken from my body. the five bullets ripped through
8:55 am
my body. i can't begin to tell you what that was like. i can't begin to tell you what it is like to live with a disfigured body. i can tell you that this in my disfigured body are things that remind me each and every day that what we do here now is so important. we cannot continue with business as usual. the american people do not understand why it is we cannot have rational, commonsense legislation on this issue. we over to them. oweo into every american --
8:56 am
it to every american that once the satisfaction of going to the theater, going to the school, going to the dance hall. if we do nothing else but sit on this floor and speak truth to power, we will change all of this. in god we trust. and we have got to trust in expectation,t the that somehow begin our rate has this kind of clout is not true. the american people have the clout. and the american people are speaking to us. we heard incredible stories out of orlando. i think the final message to his mother should be a constant reminder to us.
8:57 am
mommy, i love you. he is coming. i am going to die. let anothert american feel like i am going to die. we can do this. it. with you because i know [applause] >> i wanted to talk for a minute about the other victims of gun violence. the survivors. the first responders. the spiritual advisors.
8:58 am
i want to talk about people i have gotten to know. white, fatherrt bob as he is now to everyone. father bob is a minute incredible faith, incredible heart, and incredible love. has six of the newtown first-graders who are preparing for the first communion. funerals ofover six six and seven-year-old. six funerals of children. he will never be the same. his congregation will never be the same. popes been invited by the to talk about faith in these challenging times. he has been invited to inspire young people of how to hold on
8:59 am
to what is good and right. father bob does not want this assignment. resilient. houthi to be resilient enough not to be changed? -- not to be tattered and worn and tormented by seeing the worst of what is possible? that me tell you about the firehouse where we gathered. where families were waiting to hear news of their loved ones. the firehouse is at the end of the street where the sandy hook elementary school stood. if a small, tightknit community. those volunteer firefighters were the first on the scene, running to the school which their children attended. walking into a scene of carnage.
9:00 am
stepping over the bodies of children who were their children's friends. imagine that. imagine you as a police officer, a firefighter, a doctor, and seeing the children of your community. blood splattered in the hall the school dedicated to learning and uplifting. these people will never be the same. it was not their children, but it is our children. it is america's children who were being slaughtered. and the inaction in this house and in this congress is shameful and it is wrong. and it can change. and i think it will change. we can feel it in this room. we can feel it on the internet.
9:01 am
we can feel it in the phone calls coming into our offices. we can feel it with the hundreds of people gathered last night outside the capital. lending their support in the middle of the night. people bringing their young children to come in the witnesses to history. witnesses to the power of democracy. that is what we are fighting for, because the victims are not only the families. it is everyone who knew and loved them. everyone is part of that community. everyone who cares about a brighter future. that is the price we pay now, but that is the gift we get when we take action. we get the gift of knowing that if you look at these beautiful children, these young people in the prime of their lives, and who knows which one of these young people might've found a cure for cancer.
9:02 am
who might've negotiated middle east peace. we will never know. if we act in this house, take this as our charge, we may yet save a life or two or three or 10 or a hundred or thousand or 100,000 you will go want to make the world a better place. that is what is at stake. and that is what motivates me every day to get up and to never give up on this charge. we will sit and we will stand and we will speak, whether the mics are on or off for the cameras are on or off because democracy does not stop. [applause] >> thank you, elizabeth. thank you for your leadership. thank you for your kind words and for your wisdom and for your compassion.
9:03 am
that is what the american people want from us. they want honesty and compassion , and they desperately want this body, the u.s. house of representatives to have this debate about how to keep our community safe. i said earlier i come from a rural district. people live with their guns. they get their food with their guns. they protect their families with their guns. hours, ihe past 22 have had in the back of my mind a story that happened in new hampshire early in my legal career. when i became an attorney in new hampshire 30 years ago we did not have very many women in the new hampshire bar. we knew each other very, very well i had a colleague in the new hampshire bar named vicki.
9:04 am
vicki became a judge. they were incredibly proud of her. she was in a small town. this to my colleagues on the mets in border. this is about as far as you can get from that. a little town called full brooke. we are on the border of canada. it has 2000 people. vicki was a great judge. cared about her people. our office looked out on the town square. a big glass window, so that everyone could see her and she can see everybody. the thing about a small-town is that sometimes people get upset. .here was a man about apset with vicki topic that causes a lot of people to the upset in new hampshire, property taxes.
9:05 am
vicki had gotten involved in a case that involved him about the payment of property taxes. -- and i will read from "the new york times." this is august 20, 1997. "witnesses said the man began the violence this afternoon at a supermarket an account of about 2000 people on the vermont border near canada. him asts described militantly antigovernment. that is what we are here about. background checks. it is simple. think of all the things in our license --e need a to drive a car, to get married. we can do background checks for this. armed with a semi automatic
9:06 am
he shot a state trooper at the supermarket. inspectord a highway in a nearby field. and set off in a stolen police cruiser to the office of the local newspapers. the newspaper shared its building with vicki, a lawyer, judge, who had angered him with a property tax ruling. much thatared him so she had carried a handgun and kept her dog with her at all -- office. vicki's office had huge windows overlooking the park. she saw him coming. officesinto our
9:07 am
screaming "it is carl. he has got a gun. get out." but she was not fast enough to save herself. though sheaid even and others had run out the back door, he shot her in the back from about 30 feet away. when a senior editor at the him and him tackle him against the car, he was killed as well. the police car had its windows blown out and he drove the vermont. he shot a fishing game officer in the arm while breaking through a police checkpoint. he was chased back into new hampshire and disappeared into the woods. heavily armed officers from vermont and new hampshire state and shortlywed him,
9:08 am
after seven at 5 p.m. he died in a shootout -- 7:00 p.m. he died in a shootout on the connecticut river. i united states border patrol agent and to new hampshire troopers were also wounded in the chase. neighbor said his house in columbia, southwest that had burned to the ground. violence that tore through this small town. and we lost a stater per, a highway inspector, and an 11 judge. beloved judge.- i asked my colleagues on the , have ane of the aisle
9:09 am
objection to our background check -- let's discuss it. i am bipartisan. i come from a bipartisan district. and i represent republicans, democrats, independents and undeclared voters. let's have a debate. let's have a hearing. that is what the american people want. let's talk about this bill. and let's bring it to the floor for a vote. that is what we are talking about. keeping our community safe. i carried out today in my heart. one a small town in my district of 2000 people was racked with terror. a note antigovernment militants, a deranged man. we need to protect our community. we need to protect our families. runspeaker, do not cut and
9:10 am
in the middle of the night with a 3:00 am adjournment. mr. speaker, we need a vote. vote.erican people need a this is the people's house and i've never been prouder to serve with all of you. thank you. i yield back. [applause] >> i would like to begin by again thanking our colleague an american icon john lewis, who has not only inspired our entire nation but been such an extraordinary leader in the civil rights movement and the conscience of the house and brought that same passion to our effort to protect the american people from the ravages of gun violence. i also did take my colleague,
9:11 am
john clerk -- in the night watchman from the great state of new york for his work in the most difficult, late hours of the night. 22 hours, approaching 23 hours. many of us have been here all throughout the night. what this effort has done is ignited the passions of our caucus, the passions of our country, and really i think renewed our spirit to work together, to work relentlessly to address the issue of gun violence in this country. tired ofll grown very moments of silence. >> you and i took a moment to go outside and speak to those
9:12 am
individuals from across the country who have showed up and stayed overnight in the rain. what did you hear from them only went out there? >> what do the individuals who have joined this effort on the grounds of the capital and the numbers have grown, and other is a group out there in the pouring rain, and they said we will be in this fight with you. we are here because we believe this is a very important issue for our country. we believe in the plight of undertaken. we stand with you. don't give up. keep fighting. >> we talked to someone from newtown, a constituent. and you have to imagine the hope that person can finally have after years of seeing so much in action, with hundreds of other people. andy c over 100 members of our caucus have the courage to finally sit down because the
9:13 am
republicans will not stand up. >> absolutely. i think one of the things you hear from the folks rallying outside, people calling our offices, people have begun to wonder if our government actually functions anymore. overwhelmingly they support universal background check. they support the idea present -- preventing terrorism having access to firearms. despite that overwhelming public support, we cannot yet congress to move. is anybody in this building fighting for us? fighting on this very important issue? i think that we demonstrated tonight is that we recognize the urgency of this issue and we are prepared to use every maneuver and tactic and strategy to press on our republican colleagues to enact commonsense. >> that is right. what our constituents have told
9:14 am
us outside of last night in the gallery and over social media is in theu are the most -- most powerful place in the free world. yet for the last two years you have been powerless. and that changes today. this is a new day. if this is a new day. -- ourondering republican colleagues. i counted them 20 steps away from this podium. others invited them down. just tell us why you don't believe that someone on the terrorist watch list should be prevented from buying a firearm. no one took that walk.
9:15 am
i got good advice from vice president biden when i first got elected. he had dinner with a few members and he said, never questioned another person's motives. but you are always allowed to question their judgment. there is a lot of evidence about to nottivates members get behind this legislation. we talk a lot about the influence of the nra. reasonther that is the or not the reason, we can question their judgment. an leadership is defined by what you do at moments like this. whether you came down to the well and stood up with a gun violence victims. rather, you set over there and read the newspaper or heckled us. it is about your judgment and
9:16 am
history's judgment. and history will look kindly upon those who stood up for the 30,000 victims a year. will look poorly upon those that said nothing. i am wondering how you feel when you saw so few, and i mean zero, come forward. >> it was stunning to hear you think our republican colleagues, -- beg our republican colleagues to come forward and tell us. he guns out of the hands of criminals, suspected terrorists, domestic abusers. what is your argument not to make sure every single sailor begun a to background check? explain to us why you think it is ok that an individual on the suspected terrorist list, go into a gun store and buy a gun? thousands have already done it.
9:17 am
explain to us why you oppose these commonsense proposals that will improve the safety of our community and protect our constituents. it, letith us, debate the american people see it. vote on it. let's have a vigorous debate and we can understand your argument. courage to walk to that podium and began to articulate. you know why? their arguments are indefensible. there are no arguments. what do they do? while the american people slept, at about 2:30 in the morning, they used a very clever procedural maneuver and the adjourned. >> they went home. >> they walked out on all of these victims and thousands of other victims of gun violence. refusedt home and they
9:18 am
to discuss the issue, to bring the bill to the floor for a vote, to do anything to address the epidemic of gun violence in this country. i can think of nothing more disrespectful to the people they serve and the people of this country. theou and i and some of other newer members, we talk about working in a bipartisan way. sometimes people say you are being 90's. this place can't -- you are being naive. when steve talked about being on the capitol steps after september 11, it took me back to when i was a 20-year-old here as an intern. and seeing republicans and democrats together on those steps. taking action to uphold our highest responsibility,
9:19 am
protecting the american people. newtown and aurora and after san bernardino and after orlando, so many in between, you wonder why aren't we standing together? tragedies call upon republicans and democrats, just as we did after september 11 to come together. and what we have put out there is not to go out and collect everyone's guns. we just leave it was dangerous people should be denied the most dangerous weapons. and if you are on a terror watchlist and you can't get on a plane, you should not be able to buy a gun. >> i would love to hear your thoughts on this. i really wonder. shotw a colleague of ours
9:20 am
and 21st-graders. -- 20 first-graders. this will be the moment our colleagues will find the courage to come together in stem this violence. and then orlando. 49 young people in a nightclub dancing and enjoying a sense of community slaughtered by assault weapons. and you wonder what will it take? what will it take to cause our republican colleagues to work with us, to find common ground? we have two proposals. they are simple answers. universal background checks. keep individuals on the terrorist watch list, too dangerous to get on a plane, let's start with the easy ones. last 23 andht, the some hours will be a called action for our country because we need that outside mobilization that we are seeing
9:21 am
through social media,, outside the capital to really keep the pressure on this body to do the right thing. >> how proud of you of our caucus? >> incredibly proud. what has struck me in this debate is the passion and the integrity and the intellect and the experience of all of our colleagues who have talked about this issue and felt it deeply, spoken about it so passionately for the past full day. unifiedwe have remained not only with what we think we , but unified and are very deep commitment to stay in this fight until we get it done. >> i yield back.
9:22 am
>> let me first thank you i have of this bodyouder as we stand for what democracy truly means. when i go outside in the pouring rain, in the pouring rain. there are individuals in the pouring rain. there are individuals that are still standing and sang as long as we are here, they are there. that johneat reminder
9:23 am
lewis reminded us all up last night of what took place in the civil rights struggle. some of that was in the rain. talking.s america it was a waking up of america. it was bringing people together. bringing people together so america to move forward and make sure we were better than we had been before the march. that is where we are at right now. now?ed why why did we do what we did? that is stay on this floor for over 23 hours. it is because it is the right thing to do?
9:24 am
you have to ask yourself at times, what is the right thing to do? the right thing to do is to that we vote on something that is important not just to some americans, but to all americans. it is important to all americans. on this one, it is so important issue.even a partisan except one place. the only place for it is a partisan issue is here on the floor of the people's house, the house of representatives. in this instance, those who represent the republican party are not even listening to their people give it -- people. if they did listen to their people, listened to the individuals that they service, there is no question that they
9:25 am
would put a bill on the floor of the house that we can vote. generally, there is compromise. you work together to try to get something for the greater good of all? . im isis what e pluris un all about. from many, one. bill that i think should be on the floor is david's bill. for me, if i was going to continue, and i think we should. ll is the bill we should be voting on. why do i say david's bill?
9:26 am
not just because he is my friend and colleague. believe that nobody, and the quartet concurred that the second amendment is that absolute right, but no one should have a weapon of mass distraction. and yes, that is what an assault weapon is. it is a weapon of mass distraction? it is a weapon that was invented period people in a short of time. named weapons of mass destruction, and everyone who invented it, who said that and should beit utilized only in war. war. so it seems to me only feasible
9:27 am
, if somebody is in the military, or somebody is on law enforcement. there is no right. spirit of the democracy in which we live -- i come from new york. we have got some of the strictest and best gun laws in this nation. it is somewhat overcome because of the i-95 corridor were you can go down to virginia and pick up one of these weapons of mass destruction. york thatgun into new a background check and be utilized there. compromise,pirit of in the spirit of trying to make sure we get something done for the benefit of all the american people, what we came up with
9:28 am
agree to put up a bipartisan bill. democrats, buty a bill also written by republicans. that is a compromise. nowsure you are for it by -- we say they willnocontinue oe floor.
9:29 am
you get tired of being sick and tired. i think about my three daughters. taught medaughter about social media, as it my youngest daughter. i looked at her facebook page. it is been a long time. i thought something was wrong. the reason why i bring this up as i want to make sure we are .eaving together weriend,
9:30 am
will continue to make this nation great. nowy, as i sign off for because you will hear all of our collective voices the rest of the day, tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that.
9:31 am
9:32 am
i think people who saw the proceedings last night saw the had one vote, to votes, they lasted 15 minutes. that tells the american people how long it would take us to have a vote on each of these commonsense measures. 15 minutes to vote. vote on universal criminal background checks. we can have the vote in half an hour. instead of holding a vote on those two issues, republicans decided in the middle of the night to run home to their districts. canceling today's of work -- two days of work in the united states congress. rather than spend 30 minutes of voting on these two common sense measures, they decided to pack their bags and read -- start their vacations early.
9:33 am
as our colleague, mr. israel has pointed out, when they go to the airports they are going to be assured that the people on the terrorist watch list, the no-fly list, will not be allowed to board with them. here, they are allowing the same people who might pose a risk to them when they get on the airplane to go home, though same people can run down the road in by a semi automatic assault weapon or another gun and wreak terror. as i was coming in today, it was being reported on cnn that a delta airline flight from los angeles to san antonio had been diverted to tucson because there was a report on the airplane of a disturbance and two f-16s
9:34 am
intercepted that airplane to divert it to tucson. i don't know all the facts in that case and we will learn them weer today, but the point is tried to have a system in place to make sure people who pose a risk to the public getting on airplanes cannot get on the airplane's. we take extraordinary measures to try to address those issues when they happen. including the deployment of two f-16s. nothing in this body when it comes to making sure that americans in their nightclubs, in the malls, and other places around the country and neighborhoods, nothing to make sure they are at least a little bit safer from the devastation
9:35 am
of gun violence. these members who left in the middle of the night, they can run but they are not going to be able to hide from this issue. we are going to be here in the weeks and months ahead making sure that at every opportunity we call upon them to take these simple measures. --have got to ask ourselves the american public should ask themselves this question. what we are asking for is a vote on two measures. we believe they will save lives. the -- yourself while why they refuse in the light of day to even vote on those measures. as many voted out, they have not been here on the floor defending their opposition to those measures. they have not been down here telling the american people it
9:36 am
is ok if you're on the terrorist watch list to be able to go buy a gun. that is an indefensible position. vote? haven't we had a they all want to vote obviously. they don't want to tell their constituents with a stand on this issue. that is because although 90% of the american people support these commonsense measures, the gun lobby is opposed to these measures. the nra is opposed to these measures. and these republican colleagues would rather risk the possibility of another massacre and risk the wrath of the gun lobby and the nra. publicand the american are going to call them on it, and we will keep calling them on it until we have a vote.
9:37 am
they should come down here in the light of day and explain to the american people why they don't support the common sense measures that 90% of the american public say are needed. no one is under any illusions that these two measures are going to end all gun violence. but they will save lives. let me tell you a story. when i was in the maryland legislature i met him on named carol price. carol price lost her young son john when he went next door to play at the neighbor's house. there was a gun around. and he was accidentally shot. like so many of the moms and dads and brothers and sisters that event converging on the capital -- that have been
9:38 am
converging on the capital today and we are hearing from around the country that lost their loved ones a gun violence, carol price have the courage to say she wanted to work hard and turn that pain into something positive in the sense of making sure others did not experience that tragedy. wethe maryland legislature became the first state in the country to require that guns sold in maryland have built-in trigger locks, safety locks, to try to at least reduce accidental gun deaths. and we passed that bill. but guess what? guess he was opposed to that simple, commonsense measure? build in safety locks to prevent the shooting deaths of kids. the gun lobby lobby against it. the nra lobby against it. we got it done. it has saved lives in maryland.
9:39 am
and the commonsense measures we are talking about today can save lives as well. so i asked my republican colleagues to at least have the here and acome back hold a vote. we call ourselves the people's house. we refuse to hold a vote on something where we know 50% of the american public, democrats, republicans, simple made measures. and we are asking our republican colleagues to put the american public in front, so put them before the nra. as many of my colleagues have said, you can respect the second amendment and still have common sense gun measures.
9:40 am
our courts already decided that. our federal court recently assault state ban on weapons that was challenged. in my state of maryland, we also have the band of weapons being challenged in the court because it just the other day. the maryland ban on assault weapons was [indiscernible] but maryland is not an island. none of our states are islands. we keep hearing from the nra and the gun lobby, look at the cities and states that have strict gun measures. they have strict gun measures and yet, you have gun violence. clearly, that does not work. it is nonsense. deathslook at shooting in the state of maryland, the guns are increasingly coming from out of state. from states that have not put in place common sense. the lack of common sense gun regulations for those states is that ismarylanders and
9:41 am
why the congress needs to act for the country. to have a make sense patchwork. we do what we do in the states, but we all know that the real answer here to saving some lives is to take these kind of common sense steps. yet, this place has been on lock down by the gun violence. my colleagues, i want to thank you for what you are doing here, but i know most of all we want to thank the american people for believinge faith and .n our system of democracy ultimately, their voices will prevail and that is all we are asking for. we are asking for a vote, number one, to see whether the voices of the american people will result in passing those bills,
9:42 am
those they don't, that members who vote and do not vote go back to their constituents and explain to them why they will not do that. why they will not do that. it would take us 30 minutes here vote on no-fly, nobody, and 50 minute vote on universal back projects. -- on no-fly, no by, and 15 minute votes on universal measures. the american people deserve to people exercise a little bit of democracy around here. we found time in the middle of all the debate yesterday to pass
9:43 am
, to vote on an override of the presidents regulations to protect investors. they found time to do that yesterday. they found time to pass another piece of legislation, which in my view [indiscernible] but they found time to do that. yet they did not find time to take a vote in the light of day on these two simple measures that would save lives. to keep the fires burning on this issue because the american public demands it. we are hearing from our constituents, we are hearing from lawns, dads, brothers and sisters, our own family members, when are you guys going to do something? time to do something about this. alloweads time to democracy to work its will.
9:44 am
.et's keep up the fight there is no more business as usual in the house of representatives. no more moments of silence that make people feel really good, but allow them to's gate responsibility for no action ,ecause as many of us have said silence in the face of injustice makes this by the implicit in that injustice. in refusing to at least have the debate makes this house of in thentatives complicit carnage because we know there are common sense measures we can take to save lives, but we are not taking action to do something about it. neglect, when you
9:45 am
know there is something you can do to save a life and you do not take an action that can help stop that death. that is on us. that is on the house of representatives. the right thing, let's ask these measures and for gods sakes, let's at least have a .ote on these important issues i would like to ask the american people to keep the faith because we will get this job done. if not today on the floor, and the coming days ahead. thank you. [applause] >> congressman agholor, or you join me? >> i would love to. we are both from the inland
9:46 am
empire in southern california. andpresent riverside county i used to be on the schoolteacher in the city of real and i used to drive about .0 minutes to your district why don't you explain a little bit more about this. commerce men -- congressman aguilar: i would like to thank my colleague. we both represent inland counties, but both of us not only share the same region, but we share also [indiscernible] 's tragedyr 2, when struck in san bernardino, it affected constituents in his district and in mind. i believe that both of us attended more funerals than we ever wanted to, and this is
9:47 am
because of gun violence in our communities. that is why we are here today. exactly why we are here today, to talk about two common sense measures that can be done in this house and i want to thank my colleagues for organizing this and being part of this for nearly 24 hours. we have held this floor to talk about the importance of taking .hest two steps after gentleman for maryland mentioned, two steps is all we ask, universal background checks , no-fly, no buy. you cannot board an airplane, if you are on the terrorist fly list, you should not be able to access firearms or explosives. i believe the gentleman from , i believe both of us have been in support of this. both of us attended too many funerals and their districts have been struck by tragedy as
9:48 am
well. >> i believe you have attended more funerals than i because the tragedy was mostly in your district and the city of san bernardino, and i did have two of my constituents perish in that terrible terrible massacre. i actually met with the family.s of the one was one of the people cut with his widow. she was just angry as can be at , and she is just beside herself because she is sensing that our government did not do anything. about orlando
9:49 am
happened and brought back hurt post-traumatic stress. and it was supposed rather just for her and her two daughters. her daughters have become orocates of doing something taking some sort of action, and the need to give people like helphope and action will so we like them heal, need to do something about the and background checks for all. ythese two measures are very well understood. you and i come from a region that respects the second amendment. youwe know people who have -- i
9:50 am
have been on the gun range myself and i have no desires to take away weapons that are used weapons defense and that are used in hunting, but assault-style weapons in the hands of dangers people makes no sense to the american people. a common sense measures what we need. i agree with the gentleman that comes from a community that agrees and respects the second amendment, but when we came to the house floor and started this discussion, there was an outpouring of support among folks across social media, people calling our office, trends of yours and mine reaching out to us, and i just want to share a few of those. i would like to share with the house republicans and to my colleagues the following quotes from constituents of mine. the common denominator behind
9:51 am
these three constituents is [indiscernible] you argue it is a mental health issue, then serious background checks are huge step toward stopping the needless deaths. thomas, do your job and protect my family. this is from will in california. who, by the way, owns about a dozen guns and they are locked away safe. he is a registered republican and he says, and this is a quote "what the hell is wrong with them?" background checks are good for responsible gun owners. one last one. from my hometown, where i was mayor, and nra member and gun owner. t says he cannot understand why there is a hold up on something as simple as preventing
9:52 am
suspected terrorists from buying guns. can see, common sense legislation to end gun violence is a bipartisan issue. these are bipartisan bills that we have been talking about for nearly 24 hours. bet is what we want to debated on this house floor. we are not asking for anything that does not have bipartisan support in our community and in this chamber. that is why your advocacy, your work with their families, their that thisking sure country here's their voices and coming and sharing their story means so much to people in your community -- to thell yield gentleman. in the constitution, the preamble, i am losing it and it says, we the people of the united states in order to form a
9:53 am
more perfect union establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility. i do not see where it says except for people who live in san bernardino. are you familiar? >> i am the layer with the document and i do not see that am some way with the document and do not see that. >> so [indiscernible] what we are asking of our colleagues to do is bring legislation not to make it a perfect union but a more perfect union and make it a tranquil union. would you agree? >> i would agree. >> i would go further. the constitution does not have as forption for our duty congress to work toward domestic
9:54 am
tranquility. it didn't say for except for orlando, it did not say except for charleston, s.c., or except for the hundreds of other incidents of gun violence of three or more people being killed, which counts as a spree, which did not make headline news . yieldthe gentleman will -- you are absolutely right. none of those communities that you mentioned are in the preamble and excepted from the preamble. i just wanted to point that out for the general public to understand. >> thank you so much for that. i also want to point out another thing. california, we have a step for violence prevention at the university of california at
9:55 am
davis. california has been able to collect all sorts of data on gun and my understanding is we have been able to reduce in california by 20% the incidence of gun violence. my concern about the centers for -- has control has had not been funded to do more research on people like omar mateen or dylann roof, or others who have committed egregious gun violence. holmes, there are hundreds of other assailants who have used whatever weapons they have used and killed more than three people. i am sorry to say that a lot of these incidents do not even make
9:56 am
the news because we have far more sensational news. i am sorry to say 49 people being killed. >> i want to thank the gentleman then and i appreciate discussion because these issues are two important in our communities, and when will our colleagues on the other side of the aisle, when will they bring this up? morese there will be tragedy, there will be more people in our communities that are injured because of gun violence, and we can and should do something about it. that is our responsibility here. that is our job. our job is to try to do something that can help and if the gentleman from maryland mentioned earlier, there isn't one thing that we can do, one si do that would eliminate these catastrophes, but we should try to do something. >> with the gentleman yield?
9:57 am
>> yes. >> does the gentleman believe that anyone in the families who has lost someone in our community to the shooting in san bernardino [indiscernible] was a political stunt? >> i do not. i have talked to many of those family members, as well as many of those who were wounded in san bernardino, and none of them believe this is a political stunt. they believe this is common sense legislation that we are advocating. i should one story about 18 hours ago about a man who had been shot multiple times. out her kneecap and i had been with her in the hospital after san bernardino, and she told me that she was from new hampshire and live free or die is the motto and she said, i understand that a person's right to bear arms, but we need to do something. >> congressman, i remember the
9:58 am
reception you posted. you hosted not only the families of the grieving families, but you hosted people from local emergency services, all sorts of medical personnel that were also traumatized by just the sheer numbers of people that happened to be treated for their wounds. -- i have to say it was onlyhing -- 10 of this was december 2 and only one week ago , to be hit with the news out of orlando was quite devastating. >> i want to thank my colleague for sharing some time and i want to thank all of our colleagues for participating in this. important for me, my district, all of us and i will say one last thing. the tragedies that have fit our communities, nobody teaches us as members of congress, they show us how to do casework, help our constituents, nobody shows
9:59 am
us how to look the family member in the eye who is grieving. i hope no other member of congress has to go through that. i know many of our colleagues hope nobody else does. i think the gentleman for this opportunity and appreciate his advocacy on these issues and i yield my time back. [applause] >> i yield back my time. thank you. first, i would like to think an incredible persistence over the hours this evening and keeping this incredible process moving forward. what i think is clear from the thinkand e-mails, what i is really resonating with people is just how affect the -- effective and unscripted and real this whole 22 plus hour
10:00 am
dialogue has been before the house, something which i think people have really craved. they are tired of the scripted politics of washington, and this is really sort of breaking through that suffocation that has not allowed important legislation, like the ones are discussing here this morning. 1.i wanted to really one point i really wanted to underscore is on monday the u.s. supreme court declined to hear challenges to gun safety legislation which came from the state of connecticut and the state of new york. again, i come from a state which 3 1/2 years ago suffered probably one of the most horrific mass shootings in american history when over 25 young children, 6 and 7-year-olds, were slaughtered in a schoolhouse in a town,


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