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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business  CSPAN  June 23, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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of you including my good friend greg meeks have been here for 24 hours. greg, you are in the same suit as you came in yesterday. this is not a publicity stunt. . we have heard for hours the stories of loved ones in communities across our country that have been gunned down in senseless acts of violence. in mass shootings in south carolina, in connecticut, in [no audio] colorado , in many of our cities and districts across the country, including my overwhelm in wilmington, delaware, and we mourn those killed and our hearts go out to the families
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nd loved ones left behind. mr. carney: this is not a publicity stunt. this is an effort to reach out, to call out to our friends on the other side of the aisle to do what the vast majority of 90% nstituents, 80%, support the legislation that we're here advocating for. i am a very strong supporter and proponent of bipartisanship. the only way that we're going to get something done, the only way that we're going to pass legislation to address the issue that is so important to the people that we all represent is by working with our friends on the other side of the aisle. and i'm convinced there are members on that side who are willing to show the courage that they need to stand up to those organizations who don't want to see anything done and
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do the right thing. i have not ever been more proud to be part of this congress, to be part of the democratic caucus as we have responded to what we heard from our constituents across the country. now is the time to act. now is the time to come together as americans and do the right thing for the people that we serve. [applause] >> good morning, everyone. it's so good to be here with you all. ms. plaskett: two days ago when john larson pulled me off of the floor and told me, come on up to john lewis' office, we're planning something, it's going to be good, i thought, john larson's involved and john lewis' office is in it, i'm in there. as a freshman you don't get many opportunities to do something like that so i said i'm going to be about what they're about. and when i heard what they were
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going to do, what the subject was, to bring a vote to the floor i said more than anything i'm going to be there. for so many reasons. never mind the fact that it's the right thing to do, and we as members of congress are doing things not just for our own districts but for all the people of the united states of america and i want to be part of what's right for all americans and i know that the republicans want to do the same. but on a more personal level, i'm a mother of five children. i have four sons. as a black woman in america with four sons, three in their 20's, i hold my breath every time they go outside wondering what is going to happen to them. will the sons i raised that are gentlemen be gunned down by some foolishness and senseless violence? that's a personal reason. but so often you find other
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reasons as well. on the island in the u.s. virgin islands we have an unprecedented gun homicide. guns have taken over. the violence have taken over the islands. children wrote in a project that i have some middle schools and this little boy said, from the blue waters to the green treetops, it's a place we dream of, mr. president obama, and we welcome you here. we love your presence. you should come to inspire us. it's gotten out of hand. every weekend there is a shooting. my parents are afraid to walk to the a.t.m. at night. not too long ago there was a shooting in a housing community across from my school. mothers were pulling their children inside while they were playing. it's quite a year to experience these issues. i was really traumatized about the shooting in my school.
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at a christian junior high school, one says, i'm an honor student at alana christian junior high school on the island of st. croix. i'm writing this letter to you, mr. president, so you can go to a -- this is a sixth grader right here. plaguing off our islands and be aware of the awesome things we are proud of. crime rate has been escalating on our island. almost every day there are reports of shootings, fighting and burglaries. crime is going on way too much. a st. thomas man was killed in the macdonald's parking lot on may 23. these are only a couple of the incidents. can you come to the virgin islands to help us? mr. speaker, can you come to our communities to help us? can we vote and do the right thing by all the children,
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sixth graders, middle schoolers, adults, all our males, all our children that are plagued by this? and i ask that we still stand together, democrats, still stand together even though there's a recess until this happens here on this floor. thank you, all, so much. thank you, mr. israel, for the opportunity to speak before my colleagues and before those people in the gallery who are here supporting us and i look forward to hearing the rest of whatever everyone else has to say. [applause] ms. castor: good morning. i'm kathy castor. i represent tampa and st. petersburg here in the people's house and a little more than 24 hours ago when i sat down right here, my friends and family down the road in orlando were still weighing very heavy upon
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my heart. they're our family, our friends, our neighbors, but unfortunately they're not unlike many other families across this great country that have suffered a terrible tragedy at the hands of a mass shooting, a high capacity military-style weapon. so we came to the floor to press for action, action that is worthy of their lives. but the republicans took the microphones away. they turned the cameras off and then they quit in the middle of the night. that certainly isn't worthy of the victims of this tragedy in orlando or any other in this great country. quiting is not a plan of action, and we're not going to stand for it. we're going to work for folks like christopher who died in the pulse nightclub.
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his parents came from the 1960's. christopher worked at a bank and they said he was the most positive person you would ever meet. america, follow our lead. we're just getting started here. just like john lewis led a movement across the bridge, we started here, we started something here on the floor of the house that cannot be stopped but we need your help. we can do anything in this great country if we come together. we can make progress. we can do good trouble and necessary trouble but we can only do it if you're with us. thank you, my colleagues, for starting, for lighting this fire and now it will never be extinguished. [applause]
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ms. hahn: thank you. again, they say we've never had a prouder moment or a prouder 24 hours than to be here with the democrats who are standing for something, who are sitting for something. you know, i had a story, as everyone's telling their stories, that happened to me ecently and it involved autumn johnson. autumn is 1 years old and she was struck by a single bullet to her head. he was lying in her crib sleeping in the converted . rage where she lived
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her family's home was in compton. two sheriff's deputies on the scene didn't think they could wait for the paramedics so they rushed little autumn in her father's arms to the hospital in their squad car. she was declared dead at the hospital. one of the saddest funerals i ever attended. my heart broke into a million pieces when i walked into the church in compton and saw utumn in her little lavender caskets, and before she was buried her young father put her pink teddy bear beside her. it was interesting at the funeral because several elected officials came, those who represented compton. i was there as a member of
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congress. we had the state senator. we had the state assembly member. we had members of the compton city council and the school board and the parents didn't really want the elected officials there. they really didn't want us to get up and say anything. you know why? [no audio] because they were mad at us because they said we have moments of silence and they blamed us, and rightly so. they blamed us for little autumn's death. and i have always wanted to do something to end gun violence as long as i can remember. but this funeral really made it so much more urgent to me, and i'm so proud of us for what we have done the last 24, 25 hours
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and i'm so ashamed of our colleagues who will not even let us vote on two very commonsense pieces of legislation that just might, that just might prevent the next massacre in this country. you know, our americans can't wait any longer. we must act because autumn's life matters. the lives of the children at sandy hook matter. the lives of the 49 people killed in orlando matter. the lives of 32 people killed at virginia tech matter. and the lives of the nine parishioners in charleston matter. and -- and i'm finishing -- and the lives of the 89 americans shot and and killed since we matter. his sit-in
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thank you. [applause] kaptur: hello. i'm marcy kaptur. i represent the ninth district of ohio that extends in lorraine and sandusky and toledo. i say to speaker ryan, i wish you were here. this is not a publicity stunt. this is the largest mass execution in american history, i am proud to join with fellow democrats coming from the word the greek word of the people, for the people, by the people, that is why we are here today. enough is enough. that's what the cleveland plain dealer said last october when four young children were shot in cleveland in a month. one of them 5 months old, avia
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wakefield. she was shot in the chest and she was in the car with her mother and her grandmother. ohio is one of 21 states where more people die from guns than die in motor vehicle accidents. 17,476 of in ohio our citizens have died from guns. one every eight hours. and i looked at the statistics from cleveland, toledo, what is disembowing is to see the age of those getting killed is getting younger with each decade. the numbers start going up and those who are killed are younger and younger. we need congress to fix this.
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we have many ideas but the one idea we could pass in the wake if the speaker would bring the bill up in view of what happened in orlando, if you are on the terrorist watch list and you can't fly on an airplane because you are suspect of doing something horrible, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun in this country. 2,477 individuals on that watch list, guess what. 91% of them have bought firearms. 2,265 gun-related transactions. that is going in the wrong direction. mr. speaker, this is the time of reckoning. bring up the no fly-no buy bill the minute we return. the minute we return and have the ability to vote on this floor. i thank my dear colleague, becca and mark, for filming. i want to thank john lewis for
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his moral leadership throughout. steve israel. kathryn clark. all those who have made this important -- katherine clark. all those who have made this important time possible. i am proud to serve with all of you. thank you. [applause] mr. bera: you know, when i talked to my daughter last night she said, dad, where are you? and i said, honey, i'm sitting with mr. john lewis and we're going to change the trajectory of our country. we're going to change the trajectory of our nation. we're going to save that next flight. it may not be easy but when morality calls, you answer that morality and we have the moral high ground. and when i was talking to my media back home and talking to the reporters, aren't you going to be tired? isn't it going to be uncomfortable staying up all night? what i said was, that isn't
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discomfort. what is discomfort is listening to the agony of that mother who is never going to see their son or daughter. that is discomfort. listening to that son or daughter that is never going to see their father or mother again, that is discomfort. that is what this is all about. and i can't go back and save those 49 sons and daughters that we lost in orlando or the thousands of others. we just don't have that power, but we do have the power is to save that next life, to turn this around, to prevent the next tragedy. let's do this, mr. speaker. democracy is called into action. let's do what we're elected to do and save that next life. let's have a vote. let's have a conversation. let's have a debate. thank you. [applause]
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>> this is latest round of our struggle, the republicans are in full retreat. mr. doggett: they've abandoned the bill [inaudible] they've abandoned their bills and that -- has headed quickly out of washington. it is a move they prohibited all debate on every major appropriations bills as they rush out of town. more importantly, they failed to address this question of gun safety. i would just say this. the republicans can cut off our microphones as they have. they can cut and run from this hall as they have. they can cut our sessions short, but too many lives have been cut short by gun violence and that's why we cannot cut our resolve. our fight didn't begin yesterday. t didn't begin with a sitdown. it began with a standing up year after year trying to seek commonsense gun safety legislation like denying those who are on a terrorist no-fly
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list from being able to buy a gun. this empty chair that we have up here, empty in responding to our concerns is symbolic not just of the lack of leadership. this empty chair is symbolic of all the empty chairs that will be with families next week as we celebrate independence day. those who have lost their loved ones who will not be there to ill a chair. the empty chair where the mother or father was lost to gun violence and no one will be there next week or at thanksgiving. the empty chair at the high school or college graduation that will no longer be there because their daughter's life was cut short. example after example across this country of victims, that's why we are here. but what will be so important
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during the next week is not just that someone speaks from this place but that we have a national week of action, that we involve the hundreds that stood through the rain last night. those who are following on social media around the country, reaching out, working together, demanding action, knowing that our resolve will not end until we achieve the justice that america and these victims deserve. thank you. [applause] ms. norton: i have just had a press conference with the mayor of the district of columbia and the police chief of the district of columbia. it was not by accident they held this press conference today. they had on display guns that had been collected in the
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streets of the district of columbia, every last one of them came from outside of the district of columbia because the district has strict and good gun laws. are the bills that we saying must be passed is the ackground check law. [inaudible] people can buy a gun no matter how good their own gun laws are -- [inaudible] and i speak for cities all around the united states who suffer in this way. just this week in the wake, in the shock of orlando, i had to go to the rules committee to ask that three bills, three amendments not be made in order and it is only because of orlando i succeeded.
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those bills would have undermined the gun laws of the district of columbia. one would have allowed you to carry openly or concealed in the nation's capitol a gun, a long gun or a handgun here in the nation's capitol where we have global figures who are controversial from around the world in our public places and on our streets. another would have said that the district must repeal the enhanced penalties for having a gun in a school or around kids. just want to read you what one of the authors -- what the author of one of those amendments said in introducing hese bills to undermine laws in my district passed by people who are unaccountable to him and who we cannot get if thighs
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laws were passed and he said, "i introduce these amendments to reduce the likelihood of a tragedy similar to orlando in the district of columbia. " i say to mr. massie of kentucky, tend to your own business. we will tend to ours. we want to keep our cities safe. we will keep our own country safe. pass the bill. [applause] inaudible] mr. israel: we owe you and you are our heroes and the purist examples of committed and statesmen for humanity, signed,
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louisia mcbath, the mother of gordon davis, who was killed in jacksonville, florida, in 2012. with that i recognize from new york carolyn maloney. thank you.y: i want to really thank steve israel for the strong [no audio] most successful television network, c-span! it was the help of the use of our own social media to live stream history and it was brought to us by our colleagues in congress, representative peters, takano and maloney from the maloney caucus. and this was a member-driven effort when they turned off the microphones, we turned them on. and streamed. i'd like to thank my constituents who have been
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calling in in droves thanks the democrats for speaking up for sensible gun safety. they're all saying enough is enough. no more silence. let's have action to protect the american people. and thanks to one of my real-life heroes, our colleague and friend, representative john lewis whose entire life's work teaches us to speak out. and it is the height of irony that the majority has left, leaving the unfinished business of gun safety behind them to go home and celebrate the fourth of july. that special holiday when we celebrate the birth of representative democracy. because it is clear beyond any doubt that the american people want to see commonsense gun safety measures to protect them
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put in place. the voice of the people call for the no fly-no buy law to be put in place. the majority of the american people want to see universal background checks put in place. and, yes, the majority, the leadership will not permit debate. they will not permit a vote. they will not remove the ban on the study of gun safety, of public health issues that take the lives of 32,000 americans each and every year and over 90 since we started this debate. our colleagues across the aisle [inaudible] in the constitution. but the u.s. supreme court left in place gun safety laws in my home state of new york and connecticut that bans military-style assault weapons that are used just to kill
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people, not animals or self-defense, but military-style to mow people down. they were used in orlando last week and a movie theater in aurora and the elementary chool in sandy hook, new port, san bernardino. the supreme court decided that an assault weapons ban is constitutional, and it is the supreme court, not the gun lobby, that should decide and decide what is constitutional and what is not. and if guns made us safer, i got to make this point, if guns made us safer, we would be the safest people in the world but we are far from it and since 1968, more people have died from gun violence than from all the wars this nation has ever fought combined. ur common sense should command us to pass sensible gun safety laws.
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protect our people. enough is enough! thank you. [applause] mr. israel: we are on the 26th hour. norma torres from california. mrs. torres: thank you so much, colleagues. first of all, i want to thank every single one of you for the lessons learned yesterday. when i first got here it was 11:45 a.m. we sat through the entire night sharing stories about victims of gun violence, people in our communities and how that violence has impacted them. i shared a very personal story about a little girl, an 11-year-old girl whose crime unfolded in my ears as a 911
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dispatcher working in the city of los angeles. imagine that -- i have to repeat that story because i think it is so important for people to hear why we are so passionate about this very issue, why we want to talk about the people that have lost their lives to gun violence. this -- when i heard the call come in, all i can hear were screams and thumping. ater that night i learned that thumping noise was her head being bashed against the wall. the five shots that i had to count one by one because i knew i would be her only witness to this crime. five shots fired point blank, .09 millimeter handgun. her last words what i thought were screams, just screams were, uncle, please don't kill
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me. it's not my fault. she deserves to have a voice, and since that incident, i have turned from being the soccer mom next door with three young sons to an activist to a member of the city council and eventually 14 years later here to congress. never did i think as a legislator sent here to our nation's capital would i have to go back to be that activist, to have to stand here before you with the cameras off, with the mikes off to talk about his very personal story to give a voice to the 11-year-old girl murdered at the hands of her uncle.
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now, we know that we are not going to agree on every single issue and that our republican colleagues have a calling from the national rifle association. we understand that. we simply want an opportunity to be a voice to the thousands of people in our communities that have been murdered at the hands of violent people, homegrown terrorists, homegrown terrorists. i'm very afraid of our local gangs in my community. those are the people that are impacting my community every single day that brings violence. so i ask my republican colleagues, don't sit in the back of the room and whisper underneath your breath. don't be upset about what we're trying to do. you have tried to silence us, but we -- the silence has turned worldwide to you. the world is watching.
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america is watching. and they want you to act. let us have a voice. let us have a debate. let's talk about this issue. [applause] mr. cohen: yesterday about 11:00 i started the day about two dozen other people. i started it right here. john lewis on my left. and an angel of the congress. an angel of humanity. what a great opportunity for democrats to come together and show unity on an issue of such importance to saving lives and keeping america from more mass murders. we started with the low-hanging fruit. really, we should be working on assault rifles and high capacity magazines but the low-hanging fruit was simply people on the terrorist list not getting guns. second graders figured out.
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they didn't. they didn't. because they know they'd lose ecause they're -- by the n.r.a. and far right supporters who think they need the weapons to defend themselves from our country. i do a lot of social media and i look at the people and see the crazy, looney tweets and see where they're coming from. a lot of people want the guns to depend themselves from our country. they're survivalists. they're nuts. they run that side and they are the linchpin. the second was a study by the c.d.c. what's wrong with studies? huh. they don't believe in global warming. they think the c.d.c. should do a study? absolutely not. what we wanted was better background checks on internet purchases and gun shows and they wouldn't go for that. we tried. this was a great day for america. john lewis, good trouble.
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let us. you see why the democratic caucus is america's hope and why i am so proud to be part of it. thank god for the democratic caucus. we will continue. and someday always brains win. thank you. [applause] mr. israel: senator franken. mr. veasey. mr. veasey: thank you, representative israel. and so great to be down here with my colleagues. [no audio] to shed light on this issue. the fact that really bad guys, guys that are on the no-fly list can go into a gun store and legally purchase weapons. and a lot has been focused on the type of weapons, ar-15's,
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but i got to tell you, if you are on a no-fly list, you shouldn't go and buy a six shooter because a gun is a dangerous weapon no matter what type of caliber or type it may happen to be. and when you think about some of the people that are on this list, some of the people that have expressed a commitment to want to harm americans, people that have expressed a commitment to want to hurt us as individuals and change our way of life and the fact that republicans won't work with us to simply pass a no fly-no buy deal that will keep individuals like i just described from ever legally owning a handgun. and all the crazy excuses that you hear out there, especially one that you're seeing on acebook now [no audio] makes no sense at all. we ought to be outraged, we should be ashamed that
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individuals like this can go into any store and purchase this type of weaponry without any sort of problem at all. and let me tell you, it's something most americans think is a bad idea. 90% of republicans in this country don't believe that terrorists should be able to buy a gun. republicans believe in no fly-no buy. republicans believe in no fly-no buy. independents and republicans believe in background checks, to make sure people buying guns are not criminals, are not bad guys, they're not people that are mentally unstable. those ought to be the simple things that we should be able to come together on and there are a lot of different sagreements about guns and what types but no fly-no buy. that ought to be easy.
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we need to be able to come together and work on that. thank you very much, representative israel. [applause] >> first of all, i want to thank representative israel for all his leadership and for manning this post around the clock over the last 24 hours. mr. schiff: we're grateful for all your good work. several years ago a rookie police officer in my district in burbank, california, named matthew were gunned down. someone that goes to a gun store that may be turned down ecause they were a felon -- no audio] then go to a straw purchaser who can buy a weapon because they don't have a criminal record, they'll buy mass quantity weapons and then they will sell [inaudible]
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sought justice in the courts. he wanted to demonstrate that this gun seller acted with negligence, acted without due care for who the gun seller was selling weapons to, people buying vast quantity its of weapons clearly not for their personal use. but matthew's family never got access to justice. they never got their day in the court because of a law that n.r.a. passed in this body, something with the orwellian sound of name, placa. this bill was an astounding request by the n.r.a. faced with cities that were rising up against irresponsible sellers that were selling saturday night specials to gang members and increasing violence in our communities. they came to congress and they asked for an immunity from liability, something no other industry in america enjoys. and you know what, they got it. they got it. because this body under this
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leadership will give the n.r.a. anything that it wants. and so here we are today, an industry that is immunized from responsibility. here we are today with a request of being able to do background checks on people when they purchase weapons, to deprive people on the no-fly list to get a gun and what do our friends in the opposition say? no, that will violate the due process of suspected terrorists. really? our colleagues in the g.o.p. are not concerned about the due process of suspected terrorists, are they? well, they're not so concerned about the due process of suspected terrorists to keep them off the plane. they're not so concerned about due process of suspected terrorists when they go to trial, but when they go to get a weapon, well, that is something different because sacrosanct, hing
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for a suspected terrorist to acquire any weapon they wish. we're gathered here to demand a vote. let's have a vote. approximate they can vote it down, let them vote it down but let them have the courage of their conviction. let them answer their constituents. let's have some responsibility. i thank you and yield back. [applause] inaudible] their remarks to a minute to a minute and a half. >> i thank chairman israel for all of his valiant efforts in this cause and it's an honor for me to raise my voice and join this courageous band of my brothers and sisters in the
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house who are raising our voices about this gun tragedy in this country. we had a lot of silence in this room. we had a moment of silence after columbine. we had a moment of silence after aurora. mr. cartwright: we had a moment of silence after newtown, connecticut. we had a moment of silence after virginia tech. we had a moment of silence 11 r the horror of orlando, days ago, but then after the silence, nothing happened. no action. nothing but silence. and i'm here to say, it's time for the silence to stop. we must raise our voices. if i sound a little bit hoarse to the members of the chamber this morning it's because we were not silent for the last 26
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hours. we raised our voices. we joined john lewis and jim clyburn and all of the democratic leadership to raise our voices and make ourselves heard. doing nothing is not an option, and remaining silent is unacceptable. and so i say, let us take this protest out into the street. let us go down the front steps of the capitol and join those who are raising their voices outside in this moment us important cause to -- momentus, important cause to our nation. thank you very much. mr. israel: senator cooper who has joined us today. [applause] ms. velazquez: thank you, steve. i stood on this floor a week ago and read the names of the victims who were slaughtered in orlando. they were members of our lgbt
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community. they were predominantly young people and many, many of them were puerto ricans. when i read their names, i made a commitment. i said that we will never forget them but also that their memory will inspire us to act and fight for change and that is exactly what we're doing here today and tomorrow, next week, until we get it done. today we stand united, ott only s democrats, but we, the american people, enough is enough. silence no more. and make no mistake. the american people stand with us. there are commonsense reforms we could take that will move the needle. we used to have an assault
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weapons ban until republicans let it expire. 90% of the american people support banning this instrument of death. the american people overwhelmingly support universal background checks by wide margins. that is a simple step this house could take to help end this cycle of death and bloodshed. and it makes -- someone is prohibited from flying on a plane but can still go and buy a gun. alk about protecting our homeland. we need a no fly-no buy policy, and we need the american people to [inaudible] calling members of congress, visiting their congressional district offices, telling them
12:45 pm
that you are not only their constituents but you are a voter. and come out and vote in big numbers. send a strong message that we will take this no more. [applause] mr. israel: senator chris murphy of connecticut who began this debate. [applause] mr. israel: and now the assistant leader, jim clyburn. i will now yield to the gentlewoman from florida, ms. brown, followed by the assistant leader, mr. clyburn. ms. brown: well, i can be brief. in the house of representatives we have what we call one minutes and i can just on behalf of a very grateful community, orlando, where 49 people were killed by a
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homegrown terrorist. i brought this picture that was in the paper the next day where the president of the united states and the vice president went and laid wreaths on these young dynamic people with such a positive future ahead of them. this has been a tragedy for the orlando community, but we have come together, and this has been an awakening for the united states congress. can tell you, we had not traditional one minutes, but the bible says, to whom god has given much, much is expressed and i am so grateful to the members of the united states congress and how they have stood up for the people of orlando, florida, and stood up for the people of this country. no more! we are going to move forward. so thank you, thank you, thank
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you on behalf of the people of orlando and the people of this country. thank you! [applause] inaudible] mr. clyburn: monday of last ek, i came to this floor and sought to raise a parliamentary inquiry. to ted to ask the speaker give us [no audio]
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s to what he could expect. four pieces of legislation. fly-no buy. , universal background checks. r. 3051, closing the charleston loophole. , to prevent people accused of hate crimes from getting a weapon. 25 or 26 e past a rs, we have seen
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coalescing of democrats around these issues and the american people have been responding in ys none of us suspected that they would. cause is one is that the american people are very much interested in hearing some debate and having some resolution. ere are -- so many of us may recall from our studies that humanists, victor hugo who wrote, nothing is more powerful n all the world than an idea whose time has come.
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i believe that the time has laws or commonsense gun that will make it impossible for people on a no-fly list to purchase a firearm. i believe that the time has come, for us to keep guns out of the hands of people accused of hate crimes. i believe the time has come for purchasers and see whether they have been accused of domestic violence. i think the time has come for brave nor these nine souls who i heard one say just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. let me tell you something.
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who can say being in your church's bible study is the wrong place? and what time you can study scriptures? these people were not in the wrong place nor was it the wrong time. they were exactly where they should have been, rededicating themselves to their faith and studying what was required of them to demonstrate that faith. charleston is the loophole. his sacred sanctuary was inveigheded by a young man -- invaded by a young man who was not eligible to purchase a rearm but because our laws
12:52 pm
allowed the three-day waiting to a to be subjected , says the purchase can be consummated. they found out five days after the purchase that the wrong information had been entered. did he give them the wrong information intentionally? we don't know. what we do know is that it took them more than three days to find the error. ut by that time he had the gun , he had his plan and he went inveighed rleston to
12:53 pm
this sankedweart to -- invade this sanctuary to carry out this plan. i wish some of you would read hat he said. just before mowing these nine people down. he said, i got to do this. you are raping our women and you're taking our rights away. i got to do this. and he said that his intention was to start a race war. had nothing to do with isis, and for people to tell us that we should only focus on so much when there's hate being carried out at the to avoid the is
12:54 pm
real issues. madam leader, i want to thank you. mr. whip. i want to thank you and i want to thank my longtime friend, john lewis. out this started journey october, 1960, seeking the right to vote. here we are today -- for the right to vote. [applause] that's all we want. we want the right to vote. we will bring to conclusion stay in inutes our this hall, but we're going back
12:55 pm
to our congressional districts. we are going to engage our constituents on the subject and to ll not allow this body ever feel as comfort as they have been in the past, silencing our voices. [applause] e time will come on july 5 when we will return to this hallowed hall, and at that time under a operating ew sense of purpose. [no audio] [no audio] y to all , i want to tuents
12:56 pm
say to the american people, was listening. [no audio] [applause] you know, on the floor of this house we offer refer to each other as my good friend and quite frankly most of the time we don't mean it. [laughter] but when i refer to john lewis my good friend, i really do mean it. john lewis and i, as i said, t the weekend of october 13,
12:57 pm
14, 15, 1960. we night around 10:00 p.m. martin luther king jr. sat with him until 4:00, 4:30 the next morning. john had already had his introduction to dr. king, but it was that night, that morning [no audio] when i refer to john lewis as my good friend, i really do mean it. john lewis and i, as i said, met the weekend of october 13, 14, 15, 1960. that night around 10:00 p.m., luther king martin
12:58 pm
jr. sat with him until 4:00, 4:30 the next morning. john had already had his introduction to dr. king, but audio]that night [no at morning when i walked out f that room at more house -- at morehouse college in atlanta, georgia, i was a different person and i have never been the same since. that i odies everything would ever want to see anybody to ever say nybody hat this issue and his
12:59 pm
dedication to it [inaudible] [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [cheers and applause] >> this is where it started. his is what it's about. katherine. katherine. katherine.
1:00 pm
[applause] >> good job, chris murphy. , jim wis: thank you
1:01 pm
clyburn, thank you for those inds of -- kind words of introduction. . ader pelosi, steny hoyer mr. lewis: this isn't a struggle that lasts for one day, one week, one year. it's a struggle and we are going to win this struggle. [applause] mr. lewis: we are going to win big and go home, as jim
1:02 pm
leaders and others have suggested. and going to organize mobilize. ur people are with us -- [no audio] mr. lewis: people all over america and around the world. the social media told the story. and i just want to thank you guys, really gotn the way. but we must never ever give up or give in. we keep the faith and we must
1:03 pm
ome back here on july 5 more determined than ever before. [cheers and applause]hat it but by sitting in, you are is to sit in. standing up. dr. king said, we have a right o protest for what is right. t's in our constitution. i remember one occasion when i and we continued to sit in, we may be arrested and go to jail. i got arrested and i went to
1:04 pm
jail. but even in jail, i felt free. i tell you, you young sisters nd brothers and our leadership are just so beautiful and so wonderful. i just want to thank you. we are going to leave here and we are going out down the steps. the american people are with us and people around the world are with us. o thank you very much. cheers and applause] >> congressman john lewis of
1:05 pm
georgia who began the sit-in with remarks on the floor of the house yesterday, over 25 hours go, wraps up the sit-in by house democrats who have been demanding a vote on a no fly-no buy gun bill in the wake of the mass shootings recently in orlando, florida. we are going to go back to the capitol shortly. democrats plan to go outside and meet with supporters on the east side of the capitol. we plan to bring that to you ive. some of the democrats wrap up their sit-in. the house is adjourned now until
1:06 pm
july 5. the house came in late last night, did pass the zika funding and then adjourned. not wrapping up the legislative work that they had planned to do for this week, going ahead and moving forward with the july 4th holiday break. some pictures there with john lewis on the right and some of the house members. barbara -- maxine waters and others in the well of the house. again, the house did adjourn but the democrats rolled on about 25 1/2 hours since beginning this sit-in yesterday. and we have had to watch it through technology that we haven't typically seen on c-span, facebook feeds by a couple of members. when the house is out or in
1:07 pm
recess, the cameras are operated and controlled by house staff are turned off. ortunately representatives o'rourke and swalwell doing some work. so we were able to bring you the speeches as the democrats' sit-in continued on the house floor. this tweet from c-span that paul ryan comments a short while ago when paul ryan held his weekly riefing. his remarks about the sit-in. go to your calls. several of you have been waiting on hold. deborah in florida on the independents line. yes.r:
1:08 pm
hello. host: we have you deborah. what do you think of what the democrats have been doing and what it may have accomplished? caller: thank for broadcasting. it was an important and historical moment. i have been watching on and off since yesterday and i can't turn off my tv. contrary to what paul ryan said earlier, i don't see this as a publicity stunt and this is a protest that needs to happen because the republicans are not listening to the american people. why bills fail like this in committee, the g.o.p. is beholden to the n.r.a. it's time, paul ryan, for congress to act. we need commonsense gun
1:09 pm
legislation. you have to do your job. i never thought i would see democrats risking themselves politically like this to do the right thing. and we need to vote republicans out. it seems that they have come down to that. we need commonsense gun legislation. host: thanks so much for hanging in there for so long and get your comments out. a few more calls. others who have been waiting for quite a while. jonathan joining us from california on the democrats' line. what do you think? how long have you been watching the sit-in? caller: i have been watching when it started. maybe 35, 40 minutes of sleep. i was trying -- this is a historical moment and call out paul ryan for a second. he accused the democrats as
1:10 pm
using this as a fundraising stunt. i get hundreds of emails all day i haveaybe too much, but ot gotten a single email about fundraising. it's completely bogus. of ryan should be ashamed himself and the way he has conducted himself. it's common sense. what is common sense in this country? doing the right thing. gun reform is what we need. i applaud the democrats and give representative brownley. i have been calling her office and trying to make sure our voices are being heard and that's what the democrats are showing us, they want to work with us but the republicans refuse to and what the young lady said we have to get the
1:11 pm
republicans out of the house, period. host: before we move on to more calls, quick update we understand from politico that congressman fattah has announced he will resign immediately. the story yesterday that he had been convicted earlier and had offered to resign, but not until this fall when he is sentenced and he got a lot of pushback from leadership in the house and apparently we are hearing according to politico that he has now resigned effective immediately. taking your calls until we go outside the house to see the house democrats who have wrapped up their sit-in meet with their supporters outside the capitol. we are joined by keith in north carolina on the republican line. caller: i would like to disagree with everything in the past two
1:12 pm
callers are saying. show. a big political hat's all it is is a show.
1:13 pm
caller: common sense in what they are wanting to do. host: thanks for calling. cheryl, democratic caller from washington. caller: i think what republican paul ryan remark was unprofessional in the wake of all the families that we lost here in the u.s.a. with all
1:14 pm
these assault rifles and i think all the public should not be quiet and we should speak up. i think it's time to act. i think no american citizen unless you are a police officer or in the service, armed services should have an assault rifle in their hands. background checks, i think the man's wrong. there is way too many guns that have not gone through the proper procedures and i also go along with the democrats for the no fly-no buy list. and i think it's time that we take these small steps. also was a republican for 40 years. i have switched to a democrat. i do not think these people are reasonable any more.
1:15 pm
the house democrats wrapping up their sit-in on the floor about 25 1/2 hours it started and ended with congressman john lewis. you can see it on your screen now. house democrats on the way outside planning to meet with supporters and we plan to show that to you live as well here on c-span. taking your calls now and you can also tweet us at c-span and leave a post on our facebook page. here is one of many tweets that this began. from christine. i don't understand why the republicans are not letting gun legislation go to vote. let all voices be heard. let's get a republican voice, wayne in roosevelt, utah. go ahead. caller: the democrats want to have the gun control, but they
1:16 pm
want to to do away with the due process. it's not according to the constitution, then we don't need it to be legislated. if we give up our guns, we will be like germany was before hitler took over control. that's the first thing he did was disarm the population so he could control the masses of people and that's the real issue that the government is trying to do is disarm the general public so they can control us and make us do what they want us to do. the thing is the last four major shootings of people could have been people who were armed with concealed carry weapons. they went there to attack a un-zone.
1:17 pm
ost: thanks for calling. independents line. caller: first of all, i really do believe that the people on the democrat side of the aisle there have stood firm in their belief and applaud them for doing that. and second of all i'm disappointed with both republicans and democrats because despite calls for commonsense legislation, no one is providing anything that is genuinely common sense. what i would like to personally to the imilar legislation that is present in most of the states. and with that kind of legislation or that kind of a license, you would be able to background check the individual.
1:18 pm
would not be based on the device. and there would be movement towards something that is actually practical and capable of being done and would allow us to enforce the laws. the people that violate firearms laws today manage to plead out and never serve a day in jail for using a weapon or misusing a weapon. host heast the democrats have been asking for this so-called no fly-no buy law, do you think there is value in that concept? caller: i don't think there is much value in that concept, because the no fly list is too secrettive. it never has any genuine due process capability in it and it is violating the right to travel . i do believe there are people that shouldn't be allowed to fly
1:19 pm
on airplanes but they shouldn't be allowed to be in the country. host: thanks for calling in. new to andrew in keene, hampshire on the democrats' line. caller: i want to thank john lewis and the representatives who have taken up the time and effort and given up sleep to try to bring this to the floor. it's high time that we have a movement to try and get some legislation passed that will get something done. we have had too many times now where we have had attacks. i like the no fly-no buy idea because if you are keeping you off the plane, it's worth while that they don't let you get a gun. from what i understand, the due process would be an additional layer for this where you have a
1:20 pm
chance to appeal before it's done and kicked on the list. so i applaud mr. lewis and e who has taken the time and effort to try and pass this. host: we wait to go outside the capitol. we understand that could be in moments. and there we go. we have some live video where house democrats have come outside to address supporters. .> nonviolence and love [cheers and applause] and neither do you. cheers and applause] >> that was a stunt. indiscernible]
1:21 pm
>> we started last week asking the question, when can we expect a vote. shot it down and started this week, when can we get a vote and hot it down. [indiscernible] > we will be back. >> we don't have that to say anymore. it's about whether or not what we are doing is the right thing to do. and take it other than being onfined. >> what comes next? >> whoo!
1:22 pm
ms. waters: we have to keep working.
1:23 pm
>> out of the way, please. indiscernible]
1:24 pm
>> what kind of message? andessage to our colleagues american citizens and around the .orld indiscernible] >> what happens when you come ack in july?
1:25 pm
[indiscernible] >> we're not giving up, not giving in.
1:26 pm
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] host: number of democrats outside the capitol after wrapping up their sit-in for 25 /2 hours starting at 11:25 eastern time yesterday. democrats demanding a vote on gun legislation on the no fly-no buy bill that they have been supporting, talking about for the last day or so as they held the floor for much of that time. the house itself doing a bit of legislative work late last night
1:27 pm
and early this morning passing in particular the zika funding legislation. but most of that time the house was in recess and now is adjourned until july 5th. the were relying on members facebook feeds. so that technology working for us for the last day or so because we do not have cameras in the house. we are subject to just taking the feed that the house staff provides through their cameras. when the house goes in recess or adjourns, those cameras are turned off and we typically cannot bring you anything from the floor at the time. hence reliance on the social media feeds. taking your calls for a bit now. we are going to show you shortly the beginning of that sit-in, the remarks by congressman john
1:28 pm
lewis when everything began yesterday. until then, your thoughts on the last day or so, what the house democrats have been up to. dede is with us from louisiana on the independents line. caller: how who are you? host: good. caller: i watched bits and pieces of this sit-in as well as today and representative clyburn and forgive me if i mispronounced my mind and that quite of us have been thinking for white a while. he mentioned that the g.o.p. was wanting due process for terrorists. that's not true. w i'm a former g.o.p. member and have switched to the constitution party. and what we want for the due process for is for the innocent american citizens being put on this list with no evidence
1:29 pm
whatsoever. no one can be convicted in this country without evidence to prove their guilt or to prove what they are being accused of. and being put on a no fly list with no due process violates the constitution. even the fifth amendment says that you cannot have property or anything else taken without due process. putting us on the no fly list without due process is a violation of the fifth amendment. now, a gentleman yesterday also spoke about -- he made the comment that no one needs a semi-automatic weapon to defend his family. i beg to differ. if someone has broken into my home and is trying to do my family harm, i don't have time o put one bullet in at a time. i do have need for that semi-automatic weapon and my
1:30 pm
.380 is a semi-automatic pistol. t does not go off by itself or repeatedly. each shot is one pull to the trigger. there's a lot of ignorance when it comes to guns in this country and people need to be educated about that. the ignorance is why things are not getting done in this country and it needs to stop. host: thanks for calling. matthew in jacksonville, north carolina, republican caller. your thoughts on the democratic sit-in. caller: i respect the democrats for firmly stating their points, but i'm trying to wrap my head around the whole idea of this legislation. they aren't talking about what's going to be in this amendment, but just describing facts and stating opinions about what's happened surrounding gun
1:31 pm
incidents. and honestly, you want to try gun owners and people who are amassing order nants, why don't you just track that and make it stricker to purchase and arm yourself with bullets? that's all. ost: judy, in lake port, california. democratic caller. caller: i would like to say bravo, bravo, bravo. today i'm so proud of being a democrat and are taking a stand and i hope the whole country realizes that the republican party are turning their backs on the american people. they are showing no empathy, no compassion for the families that have lost people to gun violence. and i wish the democrats that are initiating this could look
1:32 pm
at the possibility now of recalling paul ryan, because he is showing such incompetent leadership in this crisis. i don't know how long he can just try to block this movement because it isn't going to end. i would like to mention that all the people that are in favor of donald trump, they are part of another movement that is just like a malig nancy which is going to hurt our country and in closing, we have to go to the top and look at our own government's foreign policy. as long as president obama continues his drone warfare, he is going to keep recruiting isis people, killing women and children unfairly. if this isn't terrorism, then what is. and we have to move towards a
1:33 pm
more peaceful government. we have to be an example for the rest of the world, not policemen. host: as we continue to take some calls, we have some video outside the capitol as some of the democrats who participated in the sit-in over the last day, 25 hours-plus talk to some of the supporters there. we'll continue to take your calls for a little while. lisa in oklahoma, an independent caller. go ahead. caller: my husband and i served in the united states navy. we protect the second amendment for the american people. we think the democrats are just
1:34 pm
out of their minds. ooked like the 1960's. like that one senator was saying his feet were hurting and cold and hungry, how would he like to work around jets washing airplanes all night long. i would like to say this was terrorism. the guy had a g license to get a gun. he worked for the department of homeland security and that's where he got his g license from. and for the terrorism -- for the flight, homeland whatever you want to call it, the fly list, in 9/11, they said they had bombs on the airplanes that went into the towers and the pentagon
1:35 pm
. they flew the jets into the buildings and i would never forget that morning. i thought it was some sort of movie and my husband came home and told me what happened. and when i turned on the tv on that beautiful morning in new york, i thought there was something wrong with one of the jets that flew into the building. host: thanks for calling. we go to pennsylvania next and thomas on the republican line. caller: first i would like to start out by saying quoting the united states constitution and second amendment. this is necessary for the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. i have been watching this stuff
1:36 pm
on tv and the democrats say we have our gun rights in order to protect our family. that is false. the second amendment was given to us by our forefathers in order to protect our sovereignty and protect ourselves against the government, home invaders or bad people. when they want to take our guns, semi-automatic firearms away they are rendering us useless as far as protecting our rights against the government of the i would like to mention that this no fly list is unconstitutional. i have heard a few people mention that you get put on the no fly list you lose your right to due process. that is true. if there are this many bad people in this country, why aren't we prosecuting them and putting them on trial and putting them in front of a judge
1:37 pm
and jury and taking their rights away. host: we are continuing to watch the scenes outside the u.s. capitol following the conclusion of the democrats' sit-in. a number of those who poorpted meeting with supporters, talking to reporters outside the capitol. we'll continue to watch that and take your calls and holly in washington on the line for democrats. caller: i'm so proud to live in country where c-span exists, thank you all so much broadcasting for historic event. i couldn't believe my eyes. we are seeing the magic that bernie started in the hearts and mind of people. so easy to misunderstand request like this for disarmament of these assault weapons, which have no place in the streets of america, no place in the hands
1:38 pm
of civilians, no hands to protect your home. for heavens sake, let's talk about fear. i think so many people who are understanding this issue realize that this demonstration -- thank you democrats -- this demonstration has shown us the light, spark, enlightment that brought these people to the house that called them into public service has lit the country now by showing us that we can stand up to basically what has amounted to traitor behavior by the republicans in the entire obama administration and the entire time of his service in office have been obstructed by republicans. it is at a point now where hate speech could cause a civil war in this country. i'mfor one am not armed and
1:39 pm
not afraid. it's a good day to die if you are working for something worth while. i wrote, here's the spark enlivened in the house, relit the spirit of hope that brought them to public service in the first place and today these people remember who they are and why they are there for us, for love and for life. i think also it was wonderful when john lewis said, we may have come to this country on different ships but we're all in the same boat now. caller: let's listen in to congressman takano outside the capitol. >> do you know how many people were watching? -- i can : as views tell you the reach.
1:40 pm
. ople who actually saw it indiscernible] mr. takano: the republicans were scoffing that you are breaking the rules and that sort of thing. e leader was acknowledging about the four -- five to get the word out to groups. people themselves were -- people ho were watching us, they were all very grateful. thank you so much.
1:41 pm
indiscernible] yes.'rourke: >> would bernie sanders be popular? in terms would he be helpful in the fall, campaigning for him? mr. o'rourke: it's hard to say he would be more helpful in any of the places i know because i think he would be helpful anywhere because the intensity of his supporters are so much greater. so if there is any way for him to convert that energy into
1:42 pm
hillary clinton's campaign, it would be very, very effective. the open question is whether he can do that. el paso -- in the vote. terms of incoming calls and mails, 3-1 bernie. [indiscernible] mr. o'rourke: there are places like hawaii where he's very popular and won the popular vote. in texas, again, i think he could get some of those folks who don't traditionally vote, out. study i'm sure you are
1:43 pm
the few houses he got in. yeah. eah. i haven't spoken to him. i'm looking forward to that. >> weren't you writing a book? mr. o'rourke: let me know. cool. i really want to read that. cool. we'll see you. >> congressman, do you have any reaction to -- [indiscernible] >> how tired are you? mr. o'rourke: i'm not tired right now considering i haven't slept. in the last 24 hours i ate two op tarts and two chocolate doughnuts and i feel invigorated by this and all the people involved and the people that i met this morning at 6:00 a.m.
1:44 pm
when it was raining here and ugly outside and the beautiful people had seen the facebook feed, jumped on a bus and came out to be supportive. and the tens of thousands of people who were on the facebook feed who commented who supported what we were doing, but even those opposed but were engaged. that's my deem of how congress s going to be in 3 1/2 years in. >> do you think there will be a legislative impact or political impact or neither? mr. o'rourke: i certainly hope both. i think this proves something that we have been seeing develop over the past year that the hirke arcy of the parties, of r government, the status quo means less and less when people
1:45 pm
are able to connect with each her in an ad hoc sit-in that didn't have a defined plan that through the leadership of some amazing people like john lewis and it became much bigger than anyone expected and has created a momentum and a force that now has to go somewhere. i think that has to go somewhere legislatively and that will press itself politically. exactly how, i don't know, but i think that's a very important thing. there were batteries and constantly coming and changing out batteries. we were facebook and going through a 90-minute window and had to reset the screen. he would give me a fresh battery and i would assume the position for another 90 minutes.
1:46 pm
my hand wants to do this now so i have to force it to go back. >> carpal tunnel. mr. o'rourke: i'm happy about our country and the people i work with, the people who have me out physically and on the internet. it's a beautiful moment. don't take my word for it, i have only been here for 3 1/2 years, but john conyers who has been a long time, he called this the most profound moment in his congressional career. this is really saying something. jim clyburn, highly respected person, he said this was his proudest moment. means something. and for someone like john lewis
1:47 pm
to stay up all night with all of us words can't describe how significant a change this represents and that makes me happy that we are capable of doing this. >> are the republicans being cut out for anything like that? mr. o'rourke: i'm not and i may be optimistic about all this, but democrats and republicans and independents all of us heard the american people really loud and really clear. what happened last night, yesterday and this morning and even right now was not a much of democratic members, but it was a country. we wouldn't have stayed this long if people were not urging us to do it or demanding us saying i want you to be on the floor. do something for us. nd so, yeah, this is something that i think is going to be --
1:48 pm
we are going to look back and remember this as a really good oment. indiscernible] mr. o'rourke: some of the specific proposed legislation like removing the block on c.d.c. investigating gun deaths and provide information to congress to make more informed policies in legislation and universal background, something that may not be universally in our caucus but the majority feels like we should look into it. and simple direct one which is if you are in a no fly list, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. those are four legislative
1:49 pm
proposals that i would like to to david ust talked jolly, republican from florida and says i'm with you where you want to get but the no fly-no buy and i think there is a way we can bridge a gap. easy for david jolly, relatively new member of congress and retiring and represents a republican and not a single republican yesterday, last night or this morning. i take hope that we can find -- think that represents something. and i think politically speaker ryan and his conference has to figure out how they are going to respond not to our demands. they haven't acted on our demands. but the demands of the electorate which really came out last night loud and clear and i don't think they can ignore
1:50 pm
that. i think the challenge and the ball is in his court right now. i for one and many others feel the same way are very happy to work with him. d it's not going to work exactly the way i described and a compromise, i will do my best to get behind that. thank you all for coming out. > kipe it going -- keep it going. mr. o'rourke: thanks for coming out.
1:51 pm
mr. o'rourke: 10,000 comments. some people saying stay the night. claim the floor, fight for us. other people saying that's crazy, we need more guns not fewer. they were debating, something that congress until last night wouldn't even consider. background] mr. o'rourke: thank you all for being here. everyone connecting through media whether through our media. we are grateful. >> thank you for doing this. mr. o'rourke: thank you for
1:52 pm
being here. i don't want to leave. i wish -- yeah. let's just camp out. you have to kick us out. i'm able we were able to do this and each of us back in our home districts does what we did here, but all throughout the country. inl paso and austin with lloyd doggett, i was talking to kathleen wright. this could be the start of something really big. thank you all. thanks for coming out. >> california. >> minnesota, texas.
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
1:55 pm
[indiscernible] host: watching outside the u.s. capitol following the wrapup of house democrats and their sit-in for over 25 hours on the house floor demanding a vote on the no fly-no buy gun legislation and we heard for a few minutes there from beto o'rourke from texas who was one of several members -- congress and providing a facebook live stream some of which we saw on c-span since our cameras were not permitted in the chamber. those cameras are run and controlled by the house staff. same is true in the senate, by the way. those cameras are run by senate staff. we simply get a feed for the
1:56 pm
house on c-span and let's listen in to james clyburn talking to support others outside the capitol. mr. clyburn: you have already received -- i'm thinking about it. oh, ok. [indiscernible] mr. clyburn: from here? oh, good, walter reed. hat's my grandson. indiscernible]
1:57 pm
>> south carolina state. mr. clyburn: oh, good. he got one of those scholarships. >> this is my grandson. he's in politics. mr. clyburn: he is? >> that's my grandson. indiscernible] mr. clyburn: tell me which one. ok. good. ood.
1:58 pm
mr. clyburn: we have to get the photographer back. hese are media people. >> the police said we can do it on the steps. mr. clyburn: we are going to come over here. mr. clyburn: everybody line up. ok. host: as we watch the assistant minority leader jim clyburn set
1:59 pm
up a picture outside the u.s. capitol, we'll go back to your phone calls for a few minutes following the wrapup of the house democrats' sit-in on the house floor, a couple of callers have been waiting patiently. let's go to matthew in louisville on the independents line. your thoughts about the sit-in and the issue itself, matthew. caller: yeah. i would like to begin addressing the matter of whether this is some sort of show, grandstanding. the senate decided the same sort of bills that weren't being discussed in the house of representatives were not going to pass. whatever was going to happen in the house of representatives was never going to become law. that's just a matter of fact. secondly, i guess it was yesterday you had the congressman from texas discussing the whole notion of the instruments that helped gain civil rights insofar as the
2:00 pm
sit-ins being deployed today, how the democrats were using the sit-ins to deprive other people of their civil rights. the sit-in has to be put in their proper context. hat did the sit-ins accomplish for civil rights, which brought about the civil rights in the south. and because of that legislation, what brought about civil rights is that mississippi, alabama, other southern states didn't comply with the law and the f.b.i. would use force to make sure they obeyed the law according the law. so i think about what a sit-in is supposed to do. this sit-in was being conducted in the first house of representatives elected subsequent to the sandy hook massacre. the american


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