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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  June 25, 2016 1:34pm-1:56pm EDT

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if you would submit for the record areas that the committee could emphasize in our legislative efforts. lt. gen. lengyel: yes, senator. finally,ccain: general, i want to say it's pretty obvious the apple did not tree.ery far from the your father and my other comrades that had the honor of serving have a very close and warm and loving relationship, as you know. i hope you will give my best to your father and thank him for his service, and i know this is a very proud moment for him, to have you assuming this position of great responsibility. so, please give him my best regards. sir, i. lengyel: yes, will. and he passes you his. senator mccain: thank you.
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we will try to move -- there may be questions for the record, for example what i just said, but we will try to move the nominations as quickly as possible so we cannot go through the july recess without acting on your nominations. er, i want toaus thank you for your candor before the committee. we look forward to working with you. i think senator graham's questions clearly indicated, at least as far as isis is concerned, africa is their next target of opportunity, and i think you are going to need a lot of help. so, we will look forward to working closely with you as you assume these added responsibilities. this hearing is adjourned.
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american history tv on c-span3 -- tonight at 8 p.m., lectures and history. >> by the end of the 1880's, you have a dramatic upsurge, a ofmendous upsurge organizations, veterans members associations, and the statutes they create.
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>> university of georgia professor scott nesbitt discuss southern confederate war monuments and memorials. and then sunday at 10:00 on "road to the white house rewinds" -- president reagan: mr. carter said trust me and a lot of people did. and now a lot of those people are out of work. president carter: the alternative is the biggest tax giveaway in history. a free lunch americans cannot afford. ronald reagan becoming the gop nominee and president jimmy carter accepting the democratic nomination. the smithsonian's air and space museum will commemorate its 40th anniversary and sunday on
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"american artifacts" -- in 1976, we'll wrapping up a golden age of human exploration weh the apollo mission, and were wrapping up with the missions to mars and the outer planets. we are now in another golden age of planetary exploration, particularly on mars. tour -- we tour with natalie o'neill. , author james rosebush of the book "true reagan: what made ronald reagan great and why it matters." see that -- this
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relates to president nixon -- a great leader of character is a toson who has the ability observe the future and lead people to it and threw it -- through it. for the full schedule, go to britain'siscussion on decision to leave the european union. from this morning's "washington journal," this is 40 minutes. host: our guest is daniel griswold. program on the american economy and globalization where he served as codirector. thank you so much for joining us today. guest: i'm very glad to be with you. host: we are trained the conversation to brexit. we want to talk about the economic impact of the brexit here in the united states. we already saw the markets react
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tumultuously.e -- what might we see in the days and weeks to come? guest: i think the markets have settled down. after all, not much is going to happen. it could be a two-year process for britain to negotiate the exit from the european union. this will play out over time. i think the impact here in the united states will be pretty limited. there are longer-term effects which i'm sure we will talk about. host: as we returned to the discussion of brexit, we remind viewers that you can call in. democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents, (202) 745-8002. we do have a special light for international viewers, (202) 748-8003. in the christian science
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monitor, there is a piece that calls the victory for brexit at the affiant protest against globalization. is that how you see it? guest: i don't. i understand the frustrations of the british people with the unaccountable bureaucracy in brussels. this really is a leap into the dark. i think it was the frustration over bureaucracy and not globalization. britain has a trading tradition. it was really about and french impoverishment from brussels. unprecedented. we have never seen anything like this before. economy in thest myropean union withdrawing -- fear is that our british friends will come to regret this
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decision. president obama talked about this at the global object numeral should -- entrepreneural conference. [video clip] shrunk.orld has it. of you are accelerating evokeschallenges and concerns and fears. part of why the summit has been so close to my heart, something i have been committed to because i think you represent the outside of an interconnected world. all of the optimism, the hope, and the opportunity that the interconnected world represents.
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to findso important ways in which we are expanding and broadening the benefits of the connection. host: do you believe that the presents challenges? guest: let's take the immigration -- issue. that was central in the debate in britain. i was there for two weeks. about mass immigration. it is about freedom of citizens within the european union to move. accepting other union.from the european
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britain is doing quite well. the top three countries sending immigrants to great britain are poland, ireland, and germany. there is a reciprocal ankle. there are 1.2 million british citizens working and living in other eu countries under the terms of the european union. the status will be in jeopardy as well. aspect ofrticular globalization, i believe that despite the rhetoric, written will lose out eventually. host: on the issue of
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immigration, speaking here in the united states, in this presidential year, the gop candidate, donald trump, has said that what happened in the u.k. is happening here about things like immigration. you agree with that? guest: i think that is some truth to that. i think if you examine it those fears are largely unfounded. -- because ofates immigration in the flow of ideas and human capital. arguablyhy london is the financial help. people have come from all parts of the world to work there and live. i think well that will not change dramatically, i think london will be relatively less attractive as a global hub for
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economic activity. host: on the independent line, we have william calling in from illinois. you are on with daniel griswold. caller: yes. here, immigration thing, america is made up of immigrants . we haven't immigrant chine to thefor president right now, .onald trump here he is, a rich, scottish man going all over the country not concerned with the people. host: do you have a specific question for daniel griswold? caller: on the immigration
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thing, how can we label immigrants that were born on the mexican-american? makes i think the caller a valid point. it is ironic that donald trump was over in scotland, mentioning his mother's scottish roots. this is a similarity between the united states and great britain. we are two countries open to the world in terms of trade, and relatively open in terms of integration and two countries economically.ll compared to the rest of the world, the united states and great britain are among the economy.the global i think trade and immigration, openness to capital, ideas, that is part of the success story. i would hate to see that put into jeopardy in britain or the united states because of some type of nationalistic backlash.
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host: we are talking about globalization of the economy, what has been a big driver of the globalization in recent years? guest: governments have gotten out of the way so that people can trade more freely. technology, the fact that we can trade freely around the world. isn't it wonderful? travel is becoming more affordable. we celebrate technological advances that make it easier for people to communicate, travel, trade, do this is with each ,ther, and yet, our politicians at least some of them, want to make it more difficult to engage in that. i think you saw that in some of the brexit debate. host: up next, we have larry. you are on with daniel griswold. good morning. caller: i would like to know what your opinion is on how shortselling on wall street affected yesterday's drop.
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it seems that at some point you stock before you sell it. i think it is time to put an end to it. it is simple. if you do not own the stock, you should not be able to sell it. guest: i'm not an expert in financial transaction. i think the volatility, there's volatility, there's not a problem there. the book is in london had 90% odds that they would remain, get, they were proven wrong. there is a shock factor. it will settle down. it will be a two-year extended process as britain disentangled itself from this relationship. i have no problem with how the markets react. to me, the problem is the
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longer-term consequences for great britain of removing themselves from the european union. there will be some affect the united states and the european union itself and the global economy. i think we will see those ripple affects unfold over the next 2-3 years. host: yesterday, when paul ryan was speaking, he talked a little about concerns about the economic uncertainty of the brexit. let's take a look at what he said. [video clip] >> obviously, the market is when information like this occurs. i think they will eventually stabilize. point number two, all the more reason for america to lead. the world wants america to lead your with a tax reform plan, reading.ill clearly be in the ways and means committee, they had to make a decision.
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to stick with the current system or do we have a plan that leapfrogs and leads the rest of the world? this is a plan that leads the rest of the world. in all of these moments of possible uncertainty, having strong american economic the ship is in need. this does that. host: do you agree it is up to american leaders to play a leadership role in the post brexit world? guest: i agree with speaker ryan. let's talk about the trade aspects. half of britain's trade is with the continental of europe. right now, they enjoy the benefits of being inside the european union, having duty-free access to the whole european market. this is going to be put in jeopardy. you are already think u.s. companies like j.p. morgan chase
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saying they want to transfer thousands of jobs to the continent. negotiate a trade agreement with the european union. i don't know if you saw the quote yesterday from the president of the european commission. he basically says he wants to start negotiations right away. he says this will not be an divorce. once britain is out of the european union, we should negotiate a free trade agreement
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. i think negotiations would go well. we have negotiations going on right now. partnershiplantic -- we should negotiate one with great britain. that would be the best thing we can do. one other affect the united states is i think the european union will be a more inckly negotiating process the future. they are already difficult to deal with and they will not have moreating influence of a european union.
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host: up next, we have connie. caller: good morning. i think the brits were right to exit. they were strong. we will be there for them. i think the people have no business determining what everybody else does. i'm tired of people coming into our country with no background. they come over here and get on the unemployment line and get all the social networks that they can to live here. guest: i agree with the caller to the extent that the world is not going to come to an end. i think the british will do fine. they are the trading nation and .he have an important place


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