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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  June 28, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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they began setting up satellite communities. weekend watch the city store saturday at noon eastern. sunday afternoon at two on american history tv. .-span city store tonight, the house benghazi committee talks about their final report on the 2012 attack in libya. then house democrats hold a reason to introduce gun legislation. donald trump gives a speech on trade in the economy. next, house in gaza committee
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republicans speak to reporters on their investigation into the 2012 attack in libya that killed four americans. this is the final report of the committee. this briefing is about an hour. >> i want to begin by expecting our expressive gratitude. their families and loved one for their service and ultimately the sacrifice that they made on behalf of of our country.
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saved other lives. sacrifice truly represents the best of what our country has to offer. after more than a hundred and tens ofrviews thousands of pages of documents. this is the single greatest impression that we are left with. how it can inspire others to serve in dangerous places under dangerous circumstances. i will respectively ask my citizens to do this, read the report. read the report and if you do, i will manifest to
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the image on one hand of what was happening on benghazi and the other hand of the decisions made and not made in washington during that same time. . shownll see the urgency by the grs agents at the annex as they went to the mission compound to try and save american diplomatic security agents lives. as will see the frantic miss which they entered and reentered burning buildings in an attempt to locate and save sean smith and ambassador stevens. you will also see the ingenuity of the team in tripoli who deployed themselves from tripoli to benghazi.
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see the firefights at the compound and you will learn about the ambush from the compound to the annex. there are only three assets that ever made it to benghazi. that camed drones from tripoli who deployed themselves. but weren't order to go they deployed themselves. glenn was on that claim. he not only fleet from tripoli but negotiated at the airport with libyans who were supposed to be our friends. that heo the annex could help defend that facility and he got there just in time to sealhis fellow navy minutes before they both died. it is been said that nothing could've reached benghazi.
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what is missing and that is pretty straightforward to those who have been investigating it for the last two years. nothing to reach benghazi because nothing was ever headed to benghazi. despite the order of the secretary of defense. at 7:00 at night. washington had access to real-time information. somehow they thought these fighters were going to evacuate even without the remains. electrician supposed to be investigated? get to you supposed to
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the annex? who is supposed to take you? and withoutn belief asking the fundamental question of how you are supposed to effectuate this evacuation? washington had access to real-time information. real-time information -- .fter he nothing shows the contrast between what was happening in the document and what was happening in washington than that two our meeting. for some reason the readouts that came from it.
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it is true nothing would've reached them because nothing -- was ever going towards them. that statement would be true if they attack had taken place at at lunchtime on not12th because at the time turnede wheel had even towards libya. our report starts with the and there is a section on pre-attack decisions made. it is always better to be the first committee to investigate
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and to an event. our committee did not have the luxury of either one of those. we began a year and a half after the incidents. collectively and individually, all seven of us believe that --re were more questions more answers and more documents to access and this report validates that believe. it should fundamentally change the way how you view what happened in benghazi. i want to thank the house of representatives for giving us the honor of investigating four of our brave and those that were
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injured and fought so gallantly. i want to thanks the six members who took on this assignment. they did so out of a singular motivation of honoring for .eople i want to thank my fellow citizens for bearing with our committee as we went through the process of in covering new information and accessing witnesses and documents. i hope my fellow citizens will read this report.
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those nameless faceless americans who saved american lives that night. i hope you'll read the report with them in mind and i would that you can read this report and less time than are fellow americans were under attack in benghazi. this is a fairly small investment. i would recognize the gentleman from georgia. i too want to thank the committee members here. it has been a lot of hard work but we need to recognize the staff that we have it's not easy working for seven members.
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staff withthe benghazi. what we have done is produced new evidence take all the different pieces and investigation and tie those things together. one of the problems that we had is that in the house of lanesentatives, these were continually getting confused about who had the authority to interview room. that is what we have done. i think if you will read the thatt that you will see what was going on in washington at 10:08 when the secretary made her first comment, we had men on
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the roof at the annex. in the newe done facts that we have discovered is that we have allowed people to take those new facts with the old fax and some of those old andhave been reevaluated determined that they were not actually good. to take this new information that we have got to put together. there is enough new evidence that people will be able to put together for themselves of what led up to this attack and what went on during the attack and then the post attack where there was so much misinformation that
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was being repeated by this administration. with that i will take it back over. he mentioned that before the there was aned, political spin. still on theoods annex, secretary clinton issues this statement. to justifyhought we know that, statement was misleading because an hour later she told her daughter that terrorist killed two of our people today. she tells the egyptian prime minister that the film had nothing to do with it. it was a planned attack, not a protest. contrastic-private
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continues for four days. example was on the 14th, the same day he issued his talking points. we had him at a press conference saying this, no information to suggest benghazi was a preplanned and tack. -- attack. this time he says this, it was a well-planned attack. you could not have a starker contrast between those two statements. it is important to remember this. don't forget the context. libya was supposed to be the crowning jewel of the state department foreign policy administration foreign-policy. this is their example of how it works. dictator, healthy arab spring. no boots on the ground.
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leadership and ownership of this policy from start to finish. this is something hillary clinton push for and got done. the better one is the e-mail from cindy blumenthal. two days after gadhafi gets says you should do a press event. he says you are vindicated, don't wait. help leo now. cleo is the goddess of history. they were committed to this. this was it. this was how it was close to work in their state department and administration. it didn't matter that one diplomatic security agent went to benghazi and data service and came back.
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he said it was a suicide mission. everybody there is going to die. that two weeksr before the attack, beth jones sent a memo to secretary clinton talks about the uptick in violence and urgency and lawlessness. that didn't matter because they were committed to this policy. and then it happens. then it happened. attack onerrorist september 11, 2012. days before vice president-has said that bin laden is dead and that the narrative was al qaeda was on the run. to mislead the american people because it is 56 days before an election. their legacy is on the line and she has the goddess of history looking over her shoulder. so they mislead the american people.
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a reportii and i put the report.ents it is important to know what happened but also the wide. -- why .mr. toner: a couple of convinced because it happened because of political concerns this administration had. why did we stay in benghazi? mislead the american people? why did they take so long -- why weren't they talking about americans military going in civilian close. it was political concerns that drove this. that is what we outlined in our report. i would encourage you all to read both because it tells that and that should not happen in a country as great as ours.
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citizens tosks its go to dangerous places and to do difficult things. these are people who were in the military and clandestine services. they go willingly and they know acknowledging that there are a risk. ,f they end up in harms way historically they arrest assurance assured that their country will do everything it can do to rescue them. theyis not guarantee and know there is an inherent risk and the understanding is that their nation will move heaven and earth to save them. that did not happen.
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four people were murdered. that is the scandal of benghazi. the thing that i take away and it is been mentioned by previous speakers is this contrast between the ingenuity and heroism that was taking place at benghazi. you can read his communications and understand the urgency of what they were dealing with an this overwhelming sense of responsibility to rescue fellow americans. ocean, a, across the disposition of fecklessness. the summary of this white house meeting that took place at 7:30, half of the discussion and readouts suggested that they were talking about the video. when you read this information you come to the conclusion that about whetherrned they are going to be offending
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the libyan government by how it is that this rescue is going to take place than whether it is actually successful. marinate in that for a second. they are worried about approvals and how this will come off. they were worried about pulling back from benghazi because an early exit would have done what? it would have been upset to libyans. that is outrageous. goes and lands with no diplomatic immunity. he is on his own. it was a white house policy of no boots on the ground that does -- deprived him of military support that was previously going to accompany him. he goes in alone. it is a foreshadowing of things to come. we need to look at this notion of responsibility.
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there's been a lot of discussion of secretary clinton. learnednd of august we that she approved a $20 million grant to who? the libyans. this was the same state department that basically stiffed armed one request after another request. cumulative requests for security and more support that were essentially rejected, ignored, put somewhere else. here is what is in it for us. here is what we have to recognize. if we're going to ask americans to put themselves at risk in the future, we have to remedy this. america needs to have a reputation who are serving america and that america will follow its end of the bargain.
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they failed us miserably. days. you cannot begin to understand and place all the facts of this committee has worked diligently for a year and a half without understanding that this took before a contested political election for president of the united states. whether it was the failure to put accurate security on the ground or the dithering while americans were at risk that night. where the continued story despite evidence of the contrary about a youtube video. it all takes place against the political backdrop. you can read the e-mails themselves. before it falls, they are talking about politics. as they are debating to whether or not to send additional security, the concerns are about the libyan government, not about
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the americans who are on the ground that night. i sat on the senate intelligence committee. on thatead what it was night, it is uniform and uncontroverted. this was an attack but radical islamic terrorists on an american facility. there was no fog of war. the evidence was very clear. go and read what secretary clinton herself said. .o read the words it wasn't about a youtube video. when secretary clinton said, what difference does it make? whatn now tell you difference it makes. it makes a difference and how you do -- respond to an attack. whether you think these were a bunch of folks walking around or
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a five-day assault on america. washington, d.c. viewed this as somehow ended once they were evacuated to the annex. i can assure you when you read the timeline of events, the men on the ground that night understood that this was not over. terror was still upon them. the risk to their lies continued. we debated things in washington dc whether or not we had aircraft in route to the top -- benghazi, libya. you cannot begin to exercise leadership if you do not know what is happening on the ground. choose to put political expediency and politics ahead of the men and women on the ground, you have to answer to yourself. i find this morally and if it was your son or daughter who was on the ground, you will watch the actions and you would have every right to be disgusted from the senior american leaders.
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i hope the recommendations that this committee resents will make sure nothing like this ever happens again. start a saying i am so proud of this report. i am so proud of the work that and iommittee has done want to thank our chairman gowdy for the way in which this investigation was handled and for his leadership as our chairman. uncoveredtigation has a time of new information which leads to our understanding before, during and after. washington was moving at a snail's pace.
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the administration was more concerned about diplomatic sensitivity with the libyans and promoting its policy as successful then about the american safety that they sent to benghazi. at the end of the day, no military assets were ever moving towards benghazi. the bottom line is that washington failed to have our guys back when they needed it. , thishat perspective incompetence, indifference or both. the unexpected response of gaddafi's underground militia. have been an even greater loss of life that night.
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i believe the government failed the people and lied to the public in the aftermath. god willing, it will prevent this from ever happening again. >> i want to thank martha again. this has been an incredible task to take. we have worked day in and day out. i have been focused on issues prior to the attack. the things that we learned from benghazi, there were many new things that we learned. and theall admitted security was inadequate.
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that theydn't know is made a conscious decision to keep the benghazi compound all -- off the radar. none of the facilities met any of the security requirements required by the state department and law. when chris stevens was sent to minute,, at the last that military support was cold. -- pulled. he had a mission and he had a mission to ensure that benghazi became a permanent post at some point. the individuals and benghazi them to topple
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gadhafi. they wanted to show benghazi how important they work. the wanted to show that americans would not leave. we learned during this investigation that it was in october of 2012 that the secretary had a planned trip to benghazi. she had planned the trip to libya in order to show the libyans that the americans had been there for them and under her leadership had led the charge. this was failed american foreign-policy. it was failed american foreign-policy from the beginning. did wast thing that we not planning for the day after. that he did not plan for the day after gadhafi fell. we sent people, american
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tolomats, to benghazi, libya a failed state. what they were most concerned about was it wasn't a failed state. and what is it today? a terrorist safe haven. isis, al qaeda. other militias are there controlling the resources of oil. in other places in libya. it is failed policy. we failed the american people. but i want to close by making sure that people realize that we said we would try to make sure this didn't happen in the future. so not only did this committee work hard to uncover the facts and truths and to put light on the truth, but we have pages of recommendations. many pages of recommendations. and i would encourage you to please look at the recommendations. just a couple recommendations that are so critical is that our
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government agencies and the leaders of those government agencies had not planned for an attack like this. cia, defense department, state department -- had not been prepared and had no plans were in place to execute something like this on of all days -- september 11, even though the president had called a meeting of top government officials asking if we were ready for september 11. and while leaders said we were ready, we were not ready. we were not prepared to respond. we also learned that political operatives got involved in messaging after this incident occurred. that should not be happening. internal and public government communications about terrorist attacks should not be taking place. the government should be telling the people the truth, not trying to put political spin. so we have have many
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recommendations that we hope and will encourage members of congress as well as administrations to look at, to change their policies, to change their laws, to find more funding mechanisms to make sure that our people are protected in the future. and with that, i yield back. >> if you have questions, please identify yourself, the entity with whom you work and who the question is directed to. >> the democrats on your committee say that you put out a lot of new details, but that they don't really change the fundamental understanding of what happened. themesot of the broad that you discussed have been known for years. at the end of the day, was this the best use of taxpayer dollars and your time? >> it is difficult for me to begin with where i begin with the foundation of your question. who says that stuff was new?
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nobody has ever reported that nothing was headed to benghazi. nobody has ever reported that that not a single wheel was headed towards libya. god knows nobody has ever reported who actually evacuated our folks. you may have reported that secretary clinton was headed back in october but you did not have the corroboration of the e-mails. all, you didn't know about any of the e-mails from ambassador stevens or the e-mails from sidney blumenthal. to whomever he was e-mailing. you didn't know that a single u.s. military asset did not meet a a single designated timeline. think about that. the world's most powerful singley did not meet a solitary self-imposed timeline. so, all of that is new. and as for the democrats, color me shocked that they are critical of our report. all five of them voted not to form the committee.
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they threatened not to participate and for the most part, they did not. they been serial leakers of information and they missed a good opportunity -- i don't know if you have had a chance to read the report but if you do, their report mentions her name far more times than our report does. our report does not mention the hornettive republican for president because he was not involved in benghazi. you can direct those questions to elijah and the rest of them. i am proud of what we found. >> are you saying the military could have saved those people and done more? >> clearly you couldn't have saved two of them because they were dead within 15 minutes of the fire being started. there were three assets that made it there. the group from tripoli that deployed itself, an unarmed drone that was elsewhere in position over the facility, and
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drone, andr on armed let's just say the evidence is split on whether or not it could have been armed. it got there before the mortar attack. so -- i don't know. i'm not going to make a reckless allegation that their lives could have been saved. what i am going to tell you is that if it had happened at 7:15 or 9:15, the result would have been the same. nothing was ever coming to benghazi. i think that is a fundamentally important question to ask. there is an e-mail that sticks out in my mind right now that is a takeout from the white house meeting, which, which if you knew about it, no one reported on it. so for the democrats to claim there is no new information i have not heard about that meeting until our report was issued. one of the takeouts from that, to our white house meeting, in addition to the five action items on the video -- consider
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this. the video had been out for a while. it wasn't new. cairo had happened. cairo happened before benghazi. so, if you were concerned about this video, you have done absolutely nothing after you receive notice that the video was going to be disseminated. you have done absolutely nothing after cairo happened. you with me? cairo happened and you have not changed one iota of military posture. attack inen the benghazi happens, which is unconnected with the video, 50% of your action items coming out of the civics related to the video. >> 56 days before the election. when we have talked to members of the committee and read through the report, there are different lanes that deal with secretary clinton, the defense and so on. there are folks who read this
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and say this is a ploy to get hillary clinton 130 days before the election and 27 days before the convention. how do you, regardless of what is in the report, how do you reflect that? some of you have said this demonstrates incompetence at the highest level. how do not get that perceived as -- >> read the report for yourself. if you can read this report and you believe on the last page of the report that it is about one person instead of four people than i have nothing to say that can disabuse you of that. that is just what you believe. there is no amount of fact that will dissuade you from your previous conviction. the democrat's mantra all along is that there was no new information. so now their position is -- it doesn't fundamentally change the way we view benghazi.
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if who evacuated your folks does not change how you you you --benghazi, if the fact that no asset was ever headed towards the place that had a crisis, this e-mail that we need to plan in case a crisis emerges, this is what came out of the civics. we need to have a plan in case a crisis expands and a real threat emerges. on inhe hell was going benghazi? was that not a real crisis? was that not a real threat that emerged? i can't do anything to this a fuse what elijah thinks. he is not my audience. my audience is reasonable americans who want to know what happened to their fellow citizens. >> you said -- quoting hillary clinton -- what difference does it make that you cannot be a leader if you do not well -- do
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not know what is going on on the ground and then saying she was morally reprehensible for the leadership -- how is that -- >> i don't think you will see any of that in the report. >> but you are promoting that right now. >> you are going to write a story about your take away from the report. i stand on my report. how you read the report, what store you do on the report -- you read the report, you will not see any of that. >> can you address that? is hillary clinton's leadership morally reprehensible? >> yes. it is. absolutely. let me be clear about what we were doing and what we did. none of us volunteered for this assignment, i can assure you. we were asked to undertake this mission and it was clear. i remember it like it was yesterday. i remember it like it was yesterday. we looked each other in the eye and we said this day would come and what we want to be able to tell each other is that we worked hard, worked our tails off to develop every fact we could.
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to tell the american people everything we could possibly glean. we have been obstructed every step along the way in that effort. including by the democrats. go read the transcripts. look who asked the questions. this is not the first congressional inquiry in the history of america. i dare you to find another congressional inquiry where one party behaved in a way that was so deeply instructive to getting the american people the facts that the needed. with respect to my statements about secretary clinton, i believe them in my heart. the reason we chose to write a separate report is that we felt that we had delivered an important work in the committee's tally of the information that was available. we also are asking everyone of you to develop your conclusions about what took place. i have been knee-deep in this for over two years. so has representative jordan. we feel like it is incredibly important to highlight the conclusions that we draw from the facts. read the facts, read the report. i think you will see that the
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conclusions we draw are real and accurate and fair. >> the flip side of that could be that, because you chose not to draw the conclusions, does that suggest that you do not have the goods on placing any blame on the administration? specifically the woman who wants to be the president of the united states? >> shockingly, that was not what the house asked me to do. look at the resolution. the resolution doesn't mention secretary clinton. speaker boehner or speaker ryan have never asked me to do anything about 2016 presidential politics. they asked me to find out what happened to our fellow citizens and i believe that is what i have done. you are welcome to read the report, i hope you will, i know you will. if you at the end of the report that you can conclude it is about one person said about four people, i will be shocked. >> i'm asking the opposite question. you believe that after doing this for two years and spending
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all of your time and millions of dollars, the believed that based on this, the american people should look at this and see that the woman who wants to be president has a responsibility? >> i was with you until the close of your statement. i believe the american people should look at it. they ought to look at it because fellow americans died and americans went to heroic lengths to save other americans. what conclusions a draw after reading it is up to them. >> do disagree with pompeo? >> i wrote the report that i think is centered in the facts. i have a background of who, what, when, where. i don't have a background on the why. i don't. my job is to report facts and that is what i have done. you could try whatever conclusions you want to drop. >> who was tapping the brakes on the military response? and my second question is what did you learn about the covert weapons operation?
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>> we asked questions about a covert weapons operations and we made some progress. the lawyers intervened when we were beginning to make a lot of progress. and among the questions i asked the president included that one specifically. i have not heard back from him yet. i have heard from his lawyer and i am not holding my breath that i am going to get an answer for that. i think it is important because the house asked us to examine policies that could have led to the attack. it is important to ask that question but that is not the focus of our committee. >> who was tapping the brakes on the military response? a tapping the brakes is pejorative response. >> i remember when we said we were going to interview -- i remember a lot of raise eyebrows. why are you going to be talking to him again, as if all the right questions i been asked the first time. i think military leaders would
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tell you what i said in my opening. they believed an evacuation was imminent. when you question why they believed an evacuation was imminent, the answers do not withstand even the mildest level of scrutiny. real lives, witnesses who can tell you what is going on. if you think the fighting has subsided, i don't you talk to the witnesses who are being shot at? if you really believe an evacuation is imminent, at some level, you are going to have to ask, how will that evacuation be effectuated? because you don't have the proper vehicles to take them from the annex to the airport. and the only plane that you have is one that is privately commissioned. it is not even a u.s. aircraft and you have no idea whether it will hold everybody. so how are you going to evacuate in the midst of a firefight? general ham did not even know our guys were ambushed from the compound to the annex.
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he didn't even know about it. so for everyone who wanted to know why we wanted to talk to him again, we thought it would be nice for the general to have all of the facts because he didn't have any night he made decisions. >> some have described this as a perfect storm of bureaucratic inertia. obviously your report places blame on many levels. is there one entity or person to whom you lay most of the blame after the analysis? >> that is in the eyes of the fellow citizens. i'm not in the business of apportioning culpability. i think there is enough to go around, just like there is enough urgency and ingenuity and a valor. that really is my take away. and maybe it is because i have talked to the families of the four. in the last couple of days. but when you do what i used to do for a living, you ask the families what is it that you would like to see done? and i am at peace that we did exactly what the families that we said we would do.
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it took longer, but we did what we said we would do. i want to be able to tell the widow about the truth of the military response. seanted to be able to tell smith's mother the truth about the security leading up to it. and i am at ease that we have more information than the other committees had and we could have had more if we had cooperation from the other side. >> mr. chairman, along those lines, put aside the attack itself and what happened that particular night -- have you been able to, in some way, some abstract way, get to ambassador stevens' mind regarding the u.s. presence in libya? about the facility there in benghazi? how much he wanted the american president to not appear militarized? >> let's be very clear about
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something. chris stevens loved the people of libya and in particular, he loved the people of benghazi. and the heroism that he showed going in as the envoy and what he had to deal with as the envoy before he was ambassador is a level of valor and heroism and commitment to this country where if you don't read the report for any other reason, read it for what he endured in 2011. usb if we had an insight in his mindset -- you ask me if we had an insight into his mindset? he got there on september 10 and started meeting with intelligence officials about the state of security in libya. and he began to postpone subsequent meetings because of what he was hearing. he knew it wasn't great. he had no idea how bad it was. so he began to postpone the next meeting is ready, and here is our ambassador saying, i am not through getting my debriefing. and then he moves the off-campus
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meetings and engagements on campus. and then you see his diary entry. you see his data reentry on -- diary entry september the 11th. read his diary entry. read the e-mail that he sent to the british diplomat. no, we did not know exactly what was on his mind. benghazi had deteriorated in a way he didn't expect and security was on his mind. >> but he wanted the appearance that the united states presence there was not solidified -- >> i think he wanted to stay alive more than anything else. with all the respect. i think he wanted to stay alive. and if that means a slightly higher footprint, then at their be expertsre need to or supervisors who say, we appreciate your valor but we are going to give you the security you asked for originally. >> people have asked a version of this question in different
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ways -- >> they didn't like my answer. [laughter] >> americans who have viewed these events and all these investigations through certain lenses and will probably continue after today, despite the report, there are bumper stickers and t-shirts over this country that say "hillary clinton lied, people died." is that true? >> you don't see that t-shirt on me and you have never seen the bumper sticker on any of my vehicles and you have never heard me comment on that. >> can you shed any light on that? >> have you read it? i'm asking you to read it. i'm asking you to read it. i'm not going to tell you what to be on the lookout for. i'm going to tell you there is new information and it fundamentally changes the way i feel about what happened before, during and after. who was it, ben rose that said
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reporters literally know nothing? i don't believe that. i trust you to read the report for yourself and draw your own conclusions. >> but you are the expert, what do you think? >> that is a word you cannot use in a courtroom. i know this. i want you to contrast the information and the evidence that was available on the evening of september 11. look at the full body of evidence that was available. and then look at what was said. and then you draw your own conclusion on whether or not you made the best views of the evidence and information that was available. it is one thing to say the evidence didn't exist. it existed, we found them. we found the dsa agents. we found the grs agents. their conversations were ongoing throughout the night.
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so that argument works both ways. if there is a failure of information, she was definitive in certain statements she made two people privately. there was no ambiguity. it wasn't like, i can't answer that question mr. egyptian political leader, we don't know. she was pretty definitive. it was just in the public statements to us that it was less definitive. so you will have to decide that for yourself. >> i will pick up where the chairman was. look at the statements made privately. you decide for yourself. what the administration said privately and what they said publicly. someone said the intellieis cha. that is true. but their statement didn't. they were consistent publicly. the video inspired protests -- privately, terrorist attack. that continued. look for yourself. you can decide. but when you look at private statements versus what they told the american people, a stark contrast and a dramatic
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difference -- look for yourself. >> let me just say that this report has never been about one person. it has been about the four americans and what the other americans inside libya did to save their colleagues. the media has made this -- wants to make this about one person. the democrats want to make this about one person. that has never been our intention. but we have enough facts in the report that i think every american can make their own mind up. if you talk to tie woods' dad, he will have a different opinion reading the report from what the secretary told him and what the facts say in the report.
8:53 pm
sean smith's mother is probably going to have that same different way of looking at the report. so each american needs to look at this report. it's lengthy, but it had to be lengthy so that we could spell out what the truth is and what these new facts have given light to. but this report -- i promise you, the chairman has made it clear that each and every one of us -- this was not about one single person. in fact, the report, i think, we reached our goal when we came up with a different recommendation s that needs to be done to prevent this from happening again. and i think the detail that we went into makes these recommendations all the more important. and hopefully the speaker and other people will take them and do something with them. because i do think they lay out
8:54 pm
a means of us not getting in this same situation. i would like to comment, too, that when these americans arrived from tripoli to the airport in benghazi, they were there for about three hours. so, i don't think we knew if we had another hostage situation at the airport or not. but as it has been said by other members, not one wheel had been up, not one person headed to benghazi, and we didn't really know how those guys -- if they were going to even be allowed to leave the airport. so there were many other situations that should have been talked about at different times in washington that were never talked about. do we have another hostage situation? is the ambassador hostage? are these military guys -- are they being held hostage?
8:55 pm
we didn't see any evidence of that ever being talked about while these guys are standing there trying to talk their way off the airport to get to help their friends. >> last question. >> i haven't gotten the question yet although this last one may be about the latter part of what i called section two, the post-attack communication. second pin it for just a to the person the administration put on the five sunday talk shows. we talked to her and i appreciate her being available. i found the interview. informative. she was the third choice. i thought she was inadequately prepared and that is what happens when you are inadequately prepared. you say a series of demonstrably false things on national television. including about the fbi,
8:56 pm
including conflating the video with the demonstration, including saying that a handful of the extremists -- this is all stuff that is just made up. it would be one thing if it was in the talking points. multiple sets of talking points. it would be one thing if it were in there and they got wrong, therefore she got a wrong. it is not even in there. it is just made up whole cloth. i guess that is not the person i have been asking about. if this is the person who made most of the public pronouncements on that sunday after the attacks. one more. do you actually name in the toldt the officers who them to get off the plane? do name names? >> no, sir.
8:57 pm
do you name the details with the names? >> the actual names of people who gave orders. >> we tried to honor dod's hollow -- howhow high up you are before revealing names. across all agencies i do not think he was you the names of people. think see the title, i you will be able to get the transcript. and you'll be able to see the underlying data. that to me is what is important. fromay read an e-mail ambassador mole. you may read it differently from how i read it, i don't know how you could, but you might. i want you to be able to read the e-mail. i want you to be able to see what pat kennedy said during the firefight. i do not want you to take my word for it. but i need some help from the
8:58 pm
administration to clear the underlying data and the transcripts. i do not think this is lost on ya'll, i really don't. all the transcripts i could make publicly available are going to be made likely available. i think they ought to be made publicly available and you all look at the dead and you can decide whether or not the report barely addresses the testimony of witness acts. if you read the transcripts and you say it is in context or that is not in context, i do not want you taking my word for anything. i want you reading it for yourself. >> joe's woods has asked the president publicly if the -- do you know if the drone capture that and was sent to the white house? >> i know the drone was in place at the time of the mortar attacks. i do not know the degree of
8:59 pm
granularity and particularity that the drone video footage has. interestinge an point. when you meet with the families privately, you hear questions you would never hear in a press conference. they are incredibly personal questions. four felloware americans to us, their sons and husbands and brothers to the people we talked to at the beginning and he lost group i talked to, which are the families. the questions are very different. you know it is not in the report, i'm happy that we are also able to answer some of the intimate questions that were asked by the family of those killed. >> thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016]
9:00 pm
[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: the attack on the u.s. consulate and bend it -- inman ghazi, libya took place on september 11 2012. the house select committee on benghazi was formed in 2014 and it today released their final report. majority members there with the chairman and a speaking to reporters on the capital on unveiling their final report on the attack that killed four americans. democrats released their minority report yesterday and this evening we are interested in what you are hearing in all this, we were away from the investigation is.
9:01 pm
you can also send us a tweet @c-span. you may have heard trey gowdy say several times to read report. we have made it fairly easy to do. we have linked to both the democrats report released yesterday and the majority report released today. you'll find that link on our whichge at take you to this page. we have linked right through. also the video of yesterday's democratic news conference on their report. let's hear from you. las vegas, democrats line. james, go ahead. >> high, good evening. my comment, i would say right , 10 seconds before i saw this i would not give you a plug nickel for him.
9:02 pm
now i absolutely believe this man has unimpeachable integrity. ands to him and his crew all of them working so hard to get to the truth of this. host: what changed your mind? in the middle of these political times you start drawing lines across the fence one way or the other. i am a birdie supporter. supporter because he is an honest man. i believe the people i just witness are all that same caught. i believe them -- that same cut. i believe them. i'm going to look it up even more. int: let's go to ron missouri. independence line. the benghazi committee is finished. what you think? >> it was interesting they came out the way they did. i was expecting more than him
9:03 pm
from the republicans -- more ve nom from the republicans. i'm originally from north carolina, and he did not do himself any favors during this in my opinion. is overwhelming in politics today. hillaryng to derail juston or trump or whoever based on your own political views is disgusting. the way they went after ms. clinton at the start of this was just really, really not call for and a very, very unprecedented. it turned out a little bit differently than i thought it would. mr. gowdyt believe any further than i could throw him. host: the committee finishing up its work today with this final
9:04 pm
report. here is a view on twitter from tony. something, thed republicans are too spineless to do anything. line.louisiana, democrats are you there? >> yes i am. i just have a couple comments. i just want to say that i just think there is a shady reason for this issue to be thrown out in an election year. guys who that these lost their lives are being used as political propaganda. this is just trying to confuse the people. i want to say i am a hillary supporter and the reason why is because i really believe she is very knowledgeable and i really believe she can run this country better than some others that are running.
9:05 pm
that is really all i wanted to say. host: you can read report on and we have linked to it on several places including several takeaways from the report. here is one of them. stevens wanted to make the benghazi facility permanent. he was killed along with three americans, he was in the country with an eye on making a temporary facility a permanent outpost. the military never got mold -- moving. another take away from the benghazi report. not a single one of the military forces met its deadline for deployment and none of them ever moved towards benghazi despite orders from president obama. this is judith, next up in staten island, new york on our republican line. >> good evening. thisi intend to read
9:06 pm
report and i think he and the panel did an awesome job. know, how long is this farce going to go on? she should be in jail. i cannot believe -- if this was anyone else, they would get 100 years in jail. it is disgusting. four people died. she is a thief, a liar. she even stole the white house. and her husband is a pig, a disgrace. host: that is video of hillary clinton testifying before the committee. arizona, you're on the air. are you there? ande will move on to sheila pennsylvania, republican line. >> hello.
9:07 pm
i'm a former independent. i switched to the republican party to specifically vote for donald trump. to knowletely appalled that this report was not released on cnn or any other network where the general public could be made privy to this. i am completely convinced of team hasreport and his discovered. the two believe like previous callers who said they were a supporter of hillary clinton, that this is a political tool. it is not a political tool. the general public should be allowed to hear this entire the majority of us --
9:08 pm
if i had not been watching this tonight, i would have not known. spun by the was media was completely pro-hil lary. i watched the entire report and the truth spoke for itself. he waiting be via has spun this is completely unethical. your viewers watch the movie "13 hours." that terrified to think they were left for dead by our government. host: where did you first hear about a report that came out today? where did you see or hear about it earlier today? i believe it was on cnn this morning. the abridged version of what he said. may be way it was spun
9:09 pm
believe -- made me believe that they were completely cleared. just hearing the unbiased evidence just clearly spoke to me. and like i said, the fact that the general americans do not generally watch c-span. i watch because i am an lyrically active. -- politically active. host: glad to have you out there. austin, texas, democrats line. >> i'm calling is a former democrat. i ensure you i will not be voting as a democrat in this election. it is nothing to do with politics. i'm disgusted with this administration from the -- from the day the obama administration came into office. it has been riddled with nothing but scandal and kicking the can of the road to avoid the truth about some of the things they ey stand to gain
9:10 pm
politically. i convinced that it every turn this president, this administration and hillary clinton has chosen to play political desires and commands and wants above the american people. host: we welcome your views. we do ask you to call in on the line that best reflects your current point of view. this was the statement earlier today from the republican national committee. saying in part, the new information in the report on the benghazi terratec makes clear that -- terror attack makes clear that they engaged in a politically motivated cover-up before the 2012 presidential election. independent line next. this is john, welcome.
9:11 pm
>> hello. anybody from chicago that would think the southern tip of illinois goes on the other side. i listened to the benghazi community -- commitee. i would like a copy to read it two or three times. that will be something that might rest my mind. host: like i said, you can go to our website. at the top of our website, click on that and it will take you to the report that came out today and also the democrats report that came out yesterday. north carolina, republican line. we welcome willian. >> i would like to know what hillary clinton and obama was doing the night of the attack? no one has ever said where they was. there's no reason why this woman should not be indicted and go to jail for this. something is rotten in denmark.
9:12 pm
host: i suggest you look at the report. reporty beginning of the , a republican member of the informatived an timeline of the benghazi attack and she talks specifically about where president obama was during the attack and the aftermath in relation to sending fortunes and meeting at the white house. that is all there. democrats line, chuck. sarasota, florida. >> thank you for taking the call. people just that continue to talk about this nonsense ad nauseam. same as these three supreme court justices yesterday on the abortion case.
9:13 pm
it is like they live in a parallel universe and they have no use for logic. if a horse is dead, they continue to try to make it in a worse condition. this horse is not dead. this horse left the stable years ey continue to try to make this into something. host: couple more takeaways from the report. this is kind of a synopsis. couple more here. clothesps changed four times. marines were ordered to change in and out of their uniforms for separate times. the state department appeared to be concerned about the image that would be sent by having uniformed troops marching through benghazi. another takeaway.
9:14 pm
only course of the attack, the white house convened a two-hour meeting to discuss how to convene at meeting yielded a list of 10 action items of which have related to an anti-muslim video on youtube that sparked protests and cairo. that video was ultimately proved to have not been a conjuring factor to the benghazi pilots. we go next to texas. jane is on our republican line. >> i have been watching this since 10:00 this morning in dallas. i have been listening to it several times. he has not indicated anyone was responsible. he simply gave the truth. and it says somewhere that the truth will set you free. host: thanks, jane. brandon in illinois. independent line. know, i justt
9:15 pm
cannot understand the polar opposite as far as the things between you two reports. the democrats talk about stuff that is not even matter. stuff that has nothing to do with the night -- with benghazi. i have to couple met mr. gowdy. he stood his ground on not trying to name names and implying the american people to read report is really, we need to read report. i started reading parts of it and it is very informative. not at a group -- i'm republican or democrat but if mr. gowdy was running for office he would definitely have might vote. gary johnson all the way. host: thank you. following up on a couple of tweaks. i believe gowdy. he points people to the facts. if he was a partisan hack he would have blasted her.
9:16 pm
let's get a couple more calls. on the democrats line, robert. >> yes, hello. i just want to say i'm a registered democrat and i'm really disappointed with the democrats. i do not feel they tell the truth. hillary, i do not believe a word she is saying and neither from obama. i'm disappointed with both of them. host: more tomorrow morning on "washington journal." those republican members gathered to release the report today. and we remind you can read that report online at we have a link there at the top of the homepage. the house also came in briefly today. what was supposed to be just a pro forma session but following last week's 25 our democratic citizen, there were six democratic members on the floor
9:17 pm
ready to seek recognition by the speaker. that did not happen. here is what did. >> the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house the communication from the speaker. >> the speaker room, washington, dc. june 28, 2016. i hereby appoint the honorable andy harris to act as speaker on this day. signed paul ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. >> prayer will be offered by father conroy. >> let us pray. merciful god, thank you for giving us another day. let your spirit of peace descend upon this place and those who
9:18 pm
work here. during this week, midi heat of political positions cool and a light of governing wisdom break forth. here and thosers back home in their districts and the people whom they serve. and as all americans prepare to celebrate the fourth of july, may we be forever grateful and the benefits we share as citizens of a common nation with uncommon diversity. help us to work together to build a better community as a light for the world. may all that is done be for your greater honor and glory, amen. section three of house resolution 797. the journal of the last days proceedings is approved. the chair will leave the house in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the
9:19 pm
flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it ,tands, one nation, under god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> the chair lazy for the house of your indications. before the house of communications. >> or so into the permission glad it in the rules of the u.s. house of representatives. the clerk received the following message from the secretary of the senate on june 24, 2016. that is senate passed senate 795. the senate agreed to senate resolution 39. that the senate passed without amendment hr 3114. with best wishes i am censuses -- the house stands adjourned until not a.m. on friday, july 1, 2016.
9:20 pm
>> let's get some symmetry here. good afternoon.
9:21 pm
we're here to remind the american people that congress is on break and we still do not have a bill rejecting americans from gun safety. we still do not have a no-fly go by bill -- no buy bill. despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of american people want us to pass these bills. despite that the republicans did with a have a doing consistently. they walked away from the safety and security of the american people. it turned up the microphones and cameras and continue to turn their backs on the safety of the american people. we are in washington during this break making the point that the american people deserve a break -- a vote. will be, our colleagues holding their own day of action in congressional districts across america with their constituents and we are going to continue to use every tool we have, whether it is on the floor of the house of representatives in washington or in town it-insgs and citizens -- sui
9:22 pm
throughout america to make this point that we deserve a vote. democrats, but the american people. for that i will yield to my colleague from new york. >> thank you. of last week,in when hundred 77 americans have died from gun violence. think about that. a few days, all they are doing are twiddling their thumbs. people were stopping me in the street, they were glad that democrats had staged a sit-in. they were glad democrats were bringing a gun safety. this is what people are thinking about. the polls have shown that 97% of americans want a vote. it is absolutely illogical to say that somebody who was barred from flying can go in and purchase any kind of gun they
9:23 pm
want. it does not make any sense whatsoever. democrats are going to keep the pressure up. we're not going to lay back. the american people demand reforms and so do we. the republicans may shut off the mics, they may start off -- shut sound, but they cannot shut off the american people. we're going to demand a vote and not stop until we get anything -- get one. congress cannot continue to twiddle its thumbs and passed all kinds of meaningless things we're at the same time americans are dying and we do not want anymore gun violence. where will it be next? to keep debating this in the republicans you cannot hide. buy, and background checks for people who want to get guns. and now it is my pleasure to call in my colleague from maryland. >> thanks.
9:24 pm
know, i'm really concerned and upset when i keep hearing a certain individual say we're going to make america great again. let me say this. we are the best country in the world. we have more freedoms and liberties than any other country. sure, we have problems, we have problems with jobs. one of our biggest problems is the issue of people, children, people going to church being killed i semi-automatic weapons. american people want us, the greatest country in the world, to do something about it. that is why we're here today. we are the minority. votee're asking for is one to be debated like we do every day when we are here. we debate then we vote. this is what the american people sent us here for. i'm asking the speaker to get with our leaders and come together and find a way to resolve this very serious
9:25 pm
problem that the american people want us to do. they want us to solve the of innocent people getting gunned down with automatic weapons. let me say this, too. we are not talking about taking away second amendment rights. we are talking about semiautomatic weapons. in this case, if the individual who might be sick or a terrorist, that individual did not have a semi automatic weapon, he or she might have killed a couple people, but not 49. also, what is wrong with a background check? this is what we need to do to make sure we keep our families safe. , republicansgether and democrats, and let's do this for the united states of america because we are the greatest country in the world. >> thank you all for being here. byt week we had a sit-in led john lewis.
9:26 pm
we were standing up for the american people against the intransigence of the republican majority. we're asking for a simple vote. these are not votes that are partisan, these are nonpartisan, very bipartisan. no fly, no buy and expanded background checks. i do not know about you but i hear everything will they about not only mass killings but also devastating violence that happens every single day in our communities. sometimes you do not hear about it now communities because there may be one person killed or neighborhood instead of maybe three or four with mass violence. this impacts everyone. in particular, the young people of our country. andill think about newtown what happened there and those lovely kids went to school that morning with their backpacks expected to come back home to their loving parents. , today, doents who
9:27 pm
not have those wonderful people, those young people. i think about it every time people to church and expect to be able to be there in reverence. and i think about it when young people go to the movies. wentnow, my grandson just to the movies this weekend and i got to tell you, there was a thought in my mind about all my goodness -- about, oh my goodness. i just got a letter from a substitute schoolteacher who said this is something that has to be addressed. when she goes to various schools to go sacramento, she has through a protocol because now you have to think about protecting the children in the schools because of the guns. so, where are we today? we're just asking for a vote. that is what we're asking for.
9:28 pm
not just for the american people but for all of us in the future people we have coming up. ouryoung people, who are future. i want to make sure our country is safer for them. we're not going to go away. we want a vote. thank you all for being here. last week we spent 26 hours on the floor in a sit-in to orlandot the tragedy and the need to have a vote on one simple idea. people on a terrorist watch list not to have access to guns. is that really not that hard? what are you afraid of in denying us a vote on that? i live across the river in fairfax county. nine years ago at virginia tech we had seen the worst mass gun
9:29 pm
massacre in american history until orlando. that week, my community buried five young people. theuld like to introduce speaker of the family from those young people so he can explain how what happened last week, and highlight the highlight -- the arctic and tragedy we see everyday in our country is astounding. i think even his heart might be turned if he had the opportunity to talk to the families of the victims of gun violence in america. >> thank you. time when youe a have to take a stand. we have tried regular order and we have not had any degree of success. so we have to take a stand. rosa parks took a stand by
9:30 pm
bus, and she ona ignited a spark that led to a civil rights movement and then integration. john lewis took a stand and in so doing, legislation was passed. so we democrats have decided to take a stand by taking a seat on the floor of the house of representatives. it is not our first option, it is the option we have available to us and it is an option people expect us to follow through on. took a a demand, we stand. we were not heard. we will continue to take a stand so we may be heard. gun violence, we should not allow people who cannot fly on planes to buy guns. uy, this is our
9:31 pm
human cry. >> before we open it up to questions, if speaker ryan believed for a moment we would spend 26 hours on the floor of the house and go quietly into the night, today is a site will not happen that way. if you got he can send his members home to districts, we will meet them there. if he thinks he can bring us back next week and there will be more silence, we will meet him here and we will keep doing this until we get a vote on no-fly, no-buy. >> sounds like you were throwing down the gauntlet to the speaker yesterday.
9:32 pm
mr. green excited civil disobedience. he will into stand up to security officials here. what are you willing to do? none of that, would be necessary if speaker ryan just brought to the floor of the house these bills. we wouldn't have to be talking about violations of the quorum and security. all is the speaker agreeing to give us a vote. republicans can vote yes, no. give us a vote. secondly, i don't think any of us enjoy violating rules of the koran. -- decorum. but there is a violation going on that everyone who walks into a restaurant, movie theater, restaurant feels when they feel the possibility of being wounded or killed. mentioned that the
9:33 pm
speaker has spoken to security. it would be judicious for the speaker to speak to our leadership. a conversation with our leadership would not necessitate any further action. this can be resolved in an amicable fashion but it requires people do something that we have not done enough of and that is have collegiality, conversations . this can be negotiated. it does not require demonstration. negotiation is the best way out. of theimportance american experience of civil disobedience but the idea that some people say these are some pretty egregious violations of 5 and those4 and types of things, regardless of what the grievance might be, couldn't play out in the house. of congressbers
9:34 pm
livestream proceedings on the floor of the house because republicans cut off the cameras and the microphones. there were degrees of outrage in the world. >> i want to share this thought with you. we are not the first. our colleagues across the aisle were the first to violate house iv. they did so and my question would be where was the speaker's voice? since wee have died were here last. that is worthy of our continuing what we are doing but let us not for, a member of the congress of the united states of america, doing her duty as a congressperson, was shot. it is only by the grace of god she is still with us. what we did not do then we must do now. >> may i just say this -- i am not usually the one who would
9:35 pm
sit on the house floor but it's important. quite frankly, we need to do something. congress, irs of think it is our duty to represent our constituents. we hear this an awful lot -- what are you going to be doing? we have no recourse. we sat down. who we know isis our moral leader when it comes to things like this. i would do this again and frankly, it doesn't have to happen again. i believe we could have a conversation here because i believe that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle feel the same way. we can all win on this thing. when for the american people and that is why we are here. to take issue with your question, the premise of your question. the issue here isn't protocol or
9:36 pm
decorum or even technical violation of the house rules. we are elected members of congress representing people. we want a simple vote. we didn't ask for a complete rewrite of public gun laws in america. we ask for one simple safety measure and an opportunity to vote and lose or win fair and square. we wanted our voice to be heard. we didn't turn not the cameras, turn off the microphones, provoking the democratic side of the aisle. if you want to ask a question about the quorum, but that question to the speaker. why aren't you respecting the right of members to be heard? especially when the overwhelming majority of americans agree with then on this right to vote on this issue. is one of the most
9:37 pm
important issues in our country and people are talking about it and for us not to be able to have a vote on the floor of the house of representatives on a very important issue is just really a disgrace. the congress is not doing its duty. senate, they the have means available, the filibuster. we don't have that here. we need to make clear to the leadership that we demand a vote. that is all we are asking for. the vote could be voted down. it was voted down in the senate but to not have a vote is the opinion of arrogance towards the american people. forget about us, we are roaming representatives. -- only representatives. it is a spit in the face to the american people to say on this very important issue that people in america are talking about is definitely an issue in the presidential election that the house of representatives should be denied in right to have a vote. say the violation of the
9:38 pm
law or certainly the spirit of the law comes from the house leadership that is refusing to let us have a vote and what are they afraid of? up or down. why can't they give us a vote? they have the majority. they can outvote us if they want to. but they won't even have a vote. when we look at it was really violating law, i would look no further than the house majority leader should because i think their refusal to allow us as representatives of the american people to debate is important issue is a disgrace. >> do you want to say something? >> to answer your question, those of us who were weropriators in a hearing, didn't know about john lewis and some of our peers were on the floor. when i got back to my office, my staff said you better get to the floor there is something going on about a protest are not being able to have a vote.
9:39 pm
we went to the floor and i saw my members there and i said it's really not my style to do this but on the other hand, you have got to take a stand. i'm representing my constituents and i want to make sure they get the best representation a get and we take care of their freedom, safety, health. i felt strongly at that time i would sit down and it wasn't easy. when i was there and i watched every member in our caucus talk and what they had to say was from the heart. this was not about something tried to get press and we had to take a stand. senate, you have filibuster. the only alternative we had was to be able to call attention to this in the american public wants us to do this. look at the polling. what is stopping the speaker or advisers does he have are saying not to put this on the floor so we can do what we do everyday? we debate and vote.
9:40 pm
is it because the speaker is concerned the american public is with us on this? i don't know. i don't know what the reasoning is and i'm calling out to the speaker now to get with our leadership. thet of issues we have on floor and why americans are fairly upset with this congress is we don't sit down and talk about these issues and resolve them before we get to the situation we are in now. let's turn this around, come back, have what we need, put the bill on the floor. let's debate and let's do the rest of the people's business because we have a lot to do there also. >> one more. two more. >> [inaudible] he will have to talk to the leadership. i do know we have been organizing a series of events in districts across the country. that has been our focus.
9:41 pm
you would have to direct the question specifically to the leader. >> [inaudible] manufacturers gun raise and spend tens of millions of dollars trying to defeat members of congress for extended background checks. we don't appreciate the amount of money they are spending to defeat us and we will continue to do what we have to do until we get a vote and we will cast sensible gun safety measures. >> i'm not interested in making any kind of money off of this. i'm interested in giving the american people the right of safety and the right of sensible gun control legislation. i think any other thing that
9:42 pm
anybody else raises is just to blur the situation. we want to see a vote, sensible gun laws. you walk up and down in our districts, talk to people in both parties and they agree with us. they want to also see sensible gun control legislation. no one is trying to prevent second amendment rights. no one is saying people cannot have guns. we are just saying for someone to buy a semiautomatic gun that can mow down 49 people without changing clips is not frankly what the forefathers in this country ever imagined would happen. we don't want to take gun rights away, we want sensible gun control and the american people know what sensible gun control is and so do we. the ohmic people who seem to be tone deaf is the republican leadership. >> representative collins. i'm sorry, senator collins.
9:43 pm
she said the sit in last week -- a my response would be bipartisan bill was put forward in the senate and didn't pass. isn't -- they are -- yed we sat in so now the only reason we sat is what came first, the chicken or the egg? the only reason they sat is because they have not done anything to bring the parties together. look, there are good members in both parties, good members that want to see this happen in both parties, but not allow us to have a debate and vote on it is shameful and disgraceful. >> and she had a vote. >> i would add this -- we tried regular order, subcommittee, committee, trying to get it to the floor.
9:44 pm
it is a basic premise of the american democracy that the rights of the minority have to be respected. our rights are being disrespected. when your rights are being disrespected, you have to take action to protect the rights of those that you represent. we're not here for ourselves. we are here because there are countless american people who have voted to have us here to stand for them. finally, this -- the american people always expect us to always win, but they do expect us to always fight for what is right, and that is what we are doing. i say take the facts of truth, slanted into the tree of circumstance, and let the chips fall where they day. reporter: -- [indiscernible] mr. israel: i am not saying that. we will continue to reach into the toolbox.
9:45 pm
some will be blunt. some will be sharp. some will be blunt and share. we are putting the republicans on notice, we're not going quietly into the night. keep doing everything we can just to get a vote. speaker ryan can end the scene being my scheduling the bill for a vote. one other thing on your question, we will you speak and read that appeared senator carl -- senator may argue that a -- senator carlin's may argue that sit in the efforts, but multiple moments of silence were not working. they were not passing the bill.
9:46 pm
mr. engel: i was going to say before the one thing we're not going to do is do nothing. we're not going to fold of our tent and go home. we represent the american people and we believe we revisit the majority of the american people, and you are not going to stop these protests one way or another until we have a vote on the floor for viable gun control legislation. >> one short comment speaker -- i think the speaker has a family, wants to the right thing, but you are a leader for the united states of america first, not the democratic party or the republican party. that is what we have to come together. that is the message that hopefully the speaker will listen to to resolve this issue. the american people want this to be done. that is why we're all here to take a stand. mr. israel: stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen.
9:47 pm
thank you all.
9:48 pm
>> president obama travels to canada for a state visit with prime minister justin trudeau and mexican president enrique pena. you can see it here on c-span. later, our coverage continues as president obama addresses the canadian parliament also here on c-span. this weekend on c-span city store, along with our comcast cable partners, we explore the history and literary life of provo, utah. showcases manyer of his great finds, including brigham young's copy of the book of mormon and an original copy of "common sense."
9:49 pm
>> robert bell wanted to have this printed and wanted the the soldiersuy mittens. well, after it went through three printings, they had a falling out so thomas payne allowed anybody to print it, lowered the price and said anybody could print it. that is one reason that book is so well known. >> the latter-day saints fit kind of awkwardly in that because not only are they a religious minority but they are a religious minority who over time have figured in disproportionately visible ways in the debates about religion. >> and on american history tv, take a tour of the brigham young university museum of paleontology and see the dinosaur fossils collected by
9:50 pm
dr. jensen. the curator of the museum talks about how the fossils are gathered and how dr. jensen change the way fossils and bones are displayed. thehen you can hide armature and the steel supports, alive in alooks more sense that you get the feeling that these are bones but it brings life to these bones. an.and j spencer flum 33 mormon families establish a settlement of provo in 8049. this weekend, watch c-span's the store of -- cities tour of provo, utah. the c-span city store working with our cable affiliates and visiting eddies across --
9:51 pm
visiting cities across the country. trump call for u.s. economic independence from trade deals like nafta and the tpp in a speech on tuesday. the republican presidential candidate spoke at an industrial plant in the western pennsylvania city. this is 35 minutes. >> i have to say all of the amazing workers, they are the most important. the amazing workers. i know you have bins -- been through some very tough times but we are going to make it better. just watch.
9:52 pm
today, i will talk about how to make america wealthy again. we have to do it. with 30-miles from steel city -- it's burke played a central role in building our nation. the legacy lives in the bridges, and skyscrapers that make up our a great american landscape. our workers' loyalty was repaid, you know it better than anybody, with total betrayal. overseas.globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very, very wealthy. i used to be one of them. i hate to say it, but i used to be one.
9:53 pm
it has left millions of workers with nothing but poverty and heartache. when subsidized foreign steel is dumped into the markets, threatening our factories, the politicians have proven they do nothing. free years, they watched on the sidelines as our jobs vanished and our communities were plunged into depression-level unemployment. many of these areas have never recovered, and never will unless i become president. [applause] i was on the right side of that issue, as you know. skilled craftsmen and tradespeople and factory workers
9:54 pm
have seen the jobs they love shifted thousands and thousands of miles away. many pennsylvania towns once thriving are now in a state of disrepair. has wave of globalization middle class. it does not have to be this way. we can turn it around. we can turn it around fast. [applause] but, if we are going to deliver real change, we will have to reject the campaign of fear and intimidation reading proceed by powerful corporations, media leaks, and political dynasties. the people that rigged the system for their benefit will do and say anything to keep things exactly the way they are. the people who rigged the system
9:55 pm
are supporting hillary clinton, because they know as long as she is in charge, nothing is going to change. the innercities will remain poor. the factories will remain closed. the borders will remain open. the special interests will remain firmly in control. hillary clinton and her friends in global finance want to scare americans into thinking small. they want to scare the american people out of voting for the better future. and you have a great future. these people have given her tens of millions of dollars. my campaign has the absolute opposite message. i want you to amass a much better life for you can believe in the american dream again. right now, you can't do that.
9:56 pm
[applause] i want you to imagine how much better our future can be if we declare independence from the elites who led us from one financial and foreign policy disaster to another. our friends in britain recently voted to take back control of their economy, politics, and borders. [applause] i was on the right side of that issue, as you know. with the people. i was there. i said it was going to happen, i felt it. while hillary, as always, stood with the elites. both she and president obama predicted that one, and many others, totally wrong. now, it is time for the american people to take back their future.
9:57 pm
take it back. [applause] that is the choice that we face. we can either give into hillary clinton's campaign of fear, or we can choose to believe again in america. very sadly, we lost our way when we stopped believing in our country. america he came the world's dominant economy by becoming the world's dominant producer. you know that from right here in this plant. [applause] the wealth is created , shared broadly, creating the biggest middle-class the world has ever known.
9:58 pm
then america changed its policy from promoting development in america -- in, in, in america -- to promoting development and other nations. that is what is happening. we allowed foreign countries to subsidize their goods. the value their currencies. violate their agreements. cheat in every way imaginable. ou politicians did nothing about it. trillions of our dollars and millions of our jobs flowed overseas as a result. i visited cities and towns across the country where one third or one half of manufacturing jobs have been wiped out in the last 20 years. today, we import $800 billion more in goods than we export. we cannot continue to do that.
9:59 pm
this is not some natural disaster, it is a political and politicians made disaster. very simple. it can be corrected. we can correct it fast when we have people with the right thinking. right up here. it is the consequence -- [applause] it is the consequence of a leadership class that worships globalism over americanism. this is a direct affront to our founding fathers, who wanted this country to be strong. they wanted to be independent, free. [applause] our founding fathers understood trade much better than our current politicians, believe me. [applause]
10:00 pm
this.the first republican georgee promotion of domestic manufacturing would be among the first consequences to flow from an energetic government. alexander hamilton spoke frequently of the expediency of encouraging manufacturing in, in , in the united states. [applause] listen to this. listen to this. the first republican president, abraham lincoln, warned "the abandonment of the protective policy by the american government will produce want and ruin among our people."


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