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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 7, 2016 2:44am-3:18am EDT

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we're going to take our country back for everyone. we're going to take it back for african-american youth who have a 59% unemployment rate, by the way, 59%. we're going to take it back for african-american youth who have a 59% unemployment rate and have no chance. they have no chance in our society. you know who i just spoke to, big don king. big don king. just spoke to him. don, i would love you to speak at the convention, because you know what. you beat the system. and he's a friend of mine. big don, biggest boxing promoter of all time. in fact, somebody said and mike tyson endorsed me as you know and don king endorsed me. you know what don king does. he owns a newspaper. he endorsed donald trump for president, bernie sanders for vice president, and how do you
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like that? he put a big ad in the paper, his paper. he wants bernie sanders for vice president. i said that's a new one. big don king. >> [crowd chanting "newt"] >> i like that, too. we like newt, and i'll tell you what. newt has been my friend for a long time. i'm not saying anything and i'm not telling newt anything, one form or another, newt gingrich will be involved with our government, ok? he's smart. he's tough. he gets it. and he says i'm the biggest thing he's ever seen in the history of politics. now, newt's going to be involved
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if i can get approval from his wife. that may be tough, but that's ok. and, you know, i have somebody else very special here. so i have wonderful children and and i'm lucky they were smart. they were born smart. they were smart, and god was good and they went to great schools and they did well and they are in business and they do well and they feel so strongly about what i'm doing. they don't even like it in terms of doing it themselves. they love what they are doing. my one boy is here. eric trump, eric. and i'm very proud of eric. he's done a great job in the real estate business and knew i threw him into this political business and he's doing a good job and he loves the real estate. let me tell you a little story. i love this crowd. isn't it nice when you don't
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read from a speech? ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for being here or hillary with the teleprompters every single time. and whether you go north and south or east and west donald trump is a bad person. donald trump made a lot of money in atlantic city and she hurt the little people. calls it the little people. didn't. made a lot of money and government, what they did, i'll tell you, did you see that sham? i left seven years ago. but she goes and after a little while, ever notice after 12 minutes, people start leaving. we can't do that. the nice part is let me tell you. i go to scotland and i know i'm going to get killed if i go to scotland because the press is so dishonest. and i went there to make sure that my boy, i bought turnberry four or five years ago and doing a massive renovation just like we're opening the old post
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office in october. we're a year ahead of schedule. i could open it sooner but i wanted to get it as close to the election. i was going to open in auction, -- august, i'm delaying it, the hotel is going to open sooner. but i want to say we're more than a year ahead of schedule and we're under budget and the product is even better than i said it was going to be, right? maybe i'll open it on november 7th, the day before the big day, and we're going to have and the press will be there. they will be there by the hundreds, but they don't say we're under budget. they won't say we're ahead of schedule. people know, but what happened is we have children. we have children and i want to support my children and i want to support my children. so i put eric trump, ivanka has been great and don has been great, and tiffany is just starting now, she's just graduating from college. baron has great potential but he's 10, you know.
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but he has great potential and i put my children as they grow a little bit older in charge of different jobs and i put eric in charge of the great turnberry resort in scotland, the home of the british open which now they call the open championship, and eric spent the last year going back and forth. he'd spend two days over there and go back and fight with contractors and he got great contractors and they did an unbelievable job and i've been hearing about it and if i go over there these dishonest horrible human beings trump went over to play golf in the middle of a campaign. i can't do that, but i have to support my children, right? so i said, you know what. i want to fly over and i'm going to fly back and i want to support my son. so what happened -- but just to show you -- no, no. just to show you how dishonest hillary clinton is and the press, so i go out and we have the bagpipes, we have everything. we have a ribbon cutting on the
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ninth tee, on the beautiful ninth tee overlooking the ocean, and -- and the beautiful lighthouse. one of the greatest courses anywhere in the world. we rebuilt the course and everything. we rebuilt the hotel. it's great, and -- and that was the day that europe had the big turn where the uk left, right? they left. and i said, not brag being, but i have a pulse. we need somebody with touch. we have horrible people. they have no touch. no brain. no nothing. so obama says if that happens they will go to the back of the line. i would say that -- i think obama might have been the reason that they broke away, ok? he said that the uk is going to the back of the line. not a nice statement. not a nice statement. can you imagine if i said that? the back.
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oh, would i be killed for that statement. going to the back of the line. bottom line, they asked me a lot of times. i think they are going to break away. i think they want their independence. i think they are going to break away. break away. i see what's happening where countries are being forced against their will to take these people and they don't want them and instead of building these wonderful places where they can ultimately go back to their homeland where they want to be anyway, they are just being forced so germany is a disaster right now. sweden, parts of sweden. i mean, things are really bad, so i said i think they are going to -- by the way, the odds were 20% that i would be right. 20, because they said it's not going to happen. they are going to abrief and that's going to be the end of that. i was right. they broke away. they broke away. i was right. and then the next day oh, they said trump was right, the same thing could happen in the united states. let me tell you. we're going to right a second time and we're tired of incompetent people and hillary clinton, i said bad judgment.
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she's incompetent, ok? she's incompetent. the only good thing she's ever done is get out of trouble when anybody else would have been in jail by now. that's the only thing that i've ever seen her do that was a great job. i've got to give her credit. i got to give her credit. i've got to give bill clinton credit for going to that plane and saying for 39 minutes he talked about his grandchildren and he talked about golf. there's no way you can do that. i told you. two minutes for the grandchildren, two minutes for golf. we've got 35 or 36 minutes left. what are we going to talk about? let's talk about hillary. and hillary then talks about i think i'd reappoint the attorney general and you're waiting for a decision by the attorney general and you're saying you're going to give her a job. you're not allowed to do that. that's bribery, folks, and then the attorney general comes out
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as newt said, but the attorney general comes out and the attorney general says no charges. that's bribery, wouldn't you say that's bribery? she said she's going to reappoint the attorney general and the attorney general is waiting to make a determination as to whether or not she's guilty and boy was that a fast determination, wow. could have at least waited a little bit longer. don't just come out with one or two sentences. talk about it a little bit. so, look, again, again, trouble. here's what happens. so i go to scotland, beautiful. the weather was beautiful and the waves are crashing up on the rocks. we're opening the course and getting ready to cut a rib bonn. we have so many press. we had over 400, the legendary, how many, 400. 450.
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it was unbelievable because they are all there for brexit and they were all there to see what was going to happen. will the uk break away and now that's about six hours old so they are bored and they want the next story and the next story is trump so i go there and all of a sudden i start hearing what's trump doing in scotland? well, he's playing golf. so i have a news conference. even newt said that was a great news conference. even i did a good job. i did a good job, newt? when newt says i did a good job. he's a very critical guy. he sometimes says i don't like what he's saying and so let me just tell you. any questions. any questions? and the place goes crazy, the cameras. i'm telling you, we had as big a group of media as you've ever seen. they all drove up, you know, from london, different places. everybody just converged on turnberry and i'm taking questions, and one of the questions was mr. trump if the pound goes down, how will turnberry do?
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so i say i didn't bring this up. i said, look, here's what happens. if the pound goes down, turnberry will do very well because a lot of people are going to travel to the uk, they will come to scotland. turnberry is going to do very well if the pound goes down, period, next day it's in an ad by crooked hillary clinton and i'm all over the place and they don't show the question. here's the thing. did you hear donald trump? all he talked about was his resort and they show me. they don't show the question. if the pound goes down, turnberry's going to do very well. ok. then they gave me a golf club. i said i don't want to touch it. i don't want to touch golf. i don't -- i'm leaving. i inspected the hotel. i inspected the course. i said eric trump, you did a great job. i'm getting the hell out of here now because i want to be back campaigning. i'm going to get out. congratulations, my boy, i love you. come up, eric, come up, eric.
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i love you, my boy. i love you. i said -- that's my 6'6" boy but he's always going to be my boy, right? so i said, eric, i'm out of here. i'm going, i'm leaving, i've got to go, but they said, mr. trump, would you like to hit the first ball? no, i don't want to touch a club because i know if i touch a club these horrible, horrible human beings plus the hillary clinton 1,000-people staff that she has, right, will come up with a clip of me holding a golf club so i don't want to touch it. we cut the ribbon, i inspected the property and i'm very proud of the job he did, unbelievable job, and i went around and i got out of there, i was in scotland one night. that's not easy. it's a long trip, right? i was there one night and i was out of there. so here's what happens. the next day the news comes on. donald trump who went to scotland in the middle.
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of the campaign to play golf, but here's what's worse, they took my statement on the pound, if the pound goes down, turnberry's going to do great. they don't know i'm answering a question, so everyone thinks i'm brag and i want the pound to go down, but here's the worst. so that crooked, crooked, disgusting group that works for hillary clinton, now, remember, i never touched a club. i never -- they show me hitting a ball. donald trump playing golf in scotland during the, you know, troubles and everything else of the world and they put it in an ad, but the picture was from two years before at a different course! the only good thing -- no, it's true, and they said playing golf at turnberry. two good things happened out of it. number one, the head of turnberry said, sir, did you take an ad because we're being
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swamped with business, really? that's good, right, that's good, and the other thing is the swing looked good. they didn't put one of my bad swings. i have them. the swing looks very good. hillary, thank you very much. how dishonest is the that? so they show me playing golf at turnberry and i didn't play golf. the picture was two years old or more. in fact, it was more! you know how i can tell it was was more? i was even thinner. i said, man, i like that -- i never -- i love the swing and i looked thin, well, relatively thin. i just want to say that this young guy, my daughter, my other son don, my wife who puts up with a lot with all of that going on. i mean, this is big stuff. this is big stuff. but my family has been so -- my sister, who is incredible, my sister who is a federal judge, court of appeals.
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my other sister, elizabeth. my brother robert who is a great guy. i have one brother who passed away, but i have great children. tiffany has been so amazing. my kids, my family have been so unbelievable, and this is not easy for them. they go out. mostly people love it, but some people don't. you know, the one thing that's interesting, and i told this to eric on the plane, my wife said, you know, when you go out, you never -- everybody loved you. now most people love you, but there's people that don't. you never had those people before. i said but we have to make america great again and ultimately, hopefully, my biggest dream is to have those people love me, too, not because of me, but because we're going to do such a great job, does that make sense, right? so i'll introduce eric trump. rarick trump did an unbelievable job. he's doing an unbelievable job, and he was pushed into the world of politics not because he
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wanted it, but because i said good luck on television tonight, you're doing the show. so eric trump, everybody. >> well, thank you. we have some good fans over there. and my father is just the greatest and i truly say this from the bottom of my heart. i love him to death. as a family we love him and thank you for loving him. as a family we are so proud of him. you know, he is going to win this. we are going to win this. he is going to make america great again. we are going to beat crooked hillary clinton. there's no question about it. we're going to bring this country back and thank you guys so much for all the support from the entire family. thank you, we love you, ohio. [applause] >> thank you, eric, thank you. thank you to your brothers and sisters and thank you, everybody, and family has just
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been incredible. so when i was getting off the plane i just wanted to tell you a couple of good things and a couple of bad things about the country and what's going on. terrorism is at a -- just at a horrible, horrible level. people don't feel safe. polls are coming out people feel more unsafe right now than they have at any time for many, many years. we're going to make feel safe again. you're going to feel safe again. i'm very, very proud of the fact in a when we ran that in the history of the republican party, you've got the most votes ever by a lot. almost 14 million votes. more than anybody that's ever run and i'm very proud of that fact. and maybe more important, and i want to thank the rnc and reince priebus. he's been great. i have to tell you reince has been great, and i mean that 100%. he's been so amazing. he works hard. he'll fly if there's an event in california. he will fly on that plane and he'll be there. i'll say weren't you just in
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washington? yes, i flew to be at the event. the guy is really terrific, but it was just announced that the republicans in terms of the primary voters, final count, final count, 62% up from four years ago. it's unheard of. that's unheard of numbers. [applause] >> that is an unheard of -- did you know, that newt? that is an unheard of number. the democrats. there was a mosquito. i don't want mosquitos around me. i don't like mosquitos. i don't like those mosquitos, i never did. speaking of mosquitos, hello, hillary, how are you doing? [applause] >> so the democrats -- the democrats were down, with all the bernie sanders stuff and everything you hear and all this and by the way, our crowds are so much bigger than his, it's not even close, but with all of the things you hear the
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democrats are down 21% from four years ago. there's no real enthusiasm. if they had enthusiasm for bernie and bernie was outflanked by the establishment. he was really outflanked. he never had a chance and frankly i wouldn't have had a chance except we were winning by such large numbers. if we didn't win, florida a 21-point victory, won 66 of 67 counties. new york, pennsylvania, connecticut. you look at all of these different places, rhode island, maryland, delaware. we had a group where we won every single county in every single state. in california i got 78% of the vote, and there were still lots of names on there, and you know when you have the largest number of votes in the history of the republican party and we had 17 people running, folks. that's a big difference as opposed to two or three or four. we had 17 people so it's impossible to win that number when you have 17 people, and we
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won easily, more than ronald reagan who we love. more than richard nixon, more than the bushes, more than dwight d. eisenhower who did have a lot to do with the second world war victory in all fairness. that's a great thing. the bad part is this. in coming off the plane i heard that our trade numbers are a disaster, a disaster. getting worse than ever before. we're losing so much money. we have trade deficits that are so massive. not only with china, not only with mexico, which is massive. i give -- i take my hats off to the leadership of mexico for the job they have done on us. they treat us like we're babies. they treat us at the border and with trade. you ever see the companies that are moving to mexico? i think i won indiana largely because carrier air conditioning company -- i love indiana and i also won because of the great bobby knight, right, bobby knight.
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i told you that story where bobby called up and he said, sir. you've got to run for president. that a year before i did it. you're going to run for president. i said is this really bobby knight. i didn't know bobby knight and then when i ran and i got to indiana, somebody said you think you could ever get bobby knight? and i said i think so and i had his paper and i had his number, and he picks up the phone and he goes i've been waiting for you to call. he's a cool dude. he won 900 games. he won three championships for indiana. he won the olympics. he won the pan-am games. he had the last undefeated season in college basketball. he's a winner. jack nicklaus and jack, you know, when ohio, to me having his endorsement is so great and jack and bobby, we have so many unbelievable champs endorsing, so many unbelievable champs and here's the story, folks. we're going to turn it around. we're going to bring our jobs back to this country, and we're
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going to bring them back big league. we're not going to let companies leave our country without there being consequences, consequences. as an example. when carrier left and they left 1,400 people and those 1,400 people, many of them followed me all over indiana. they love trump because i'm the only one that spoke their language. they were fired like dogs. they were fired by a mid-level management guy. they had jocks, some of them for 30 years. they were fired viciously like you never saw anything like it, and fortunately somebody had the cell phone and we never -- i probably wouldn't be talking about it right now and it was all over the news, and it made a big impact, and i've been talking about it long before i went to indiana. the other guys just started talking about it when they arrived to try and win because that was going to be the fire wall. remember, the fire wall. trump is going to win new york, but trump is going to win also
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pennsylvania and these other states, connecticut. we're doing great in connecticut, too, by the way, but trump's going to win all these states but when we get to indiana, that's the fire wall. trump's not going to win the firewall. and we won the firewall in a landslide. that was a big, big, and then everybody just said, you know what they said? we just can't take it anymore. we're leaving, gone and that was the end of that, right? but we've had an amazing period of time, but what i would have told carrier air conditioning, and i would if i can get there in time. i would have said enjoy your plant, hot weather. pretty hot up here, too, by the way. hot weather. i said enjoy your plant and make lots of air conditioners, but when you start selling air conditioners through a very strong border and we have a very strong border and i want people
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to come in. i want people to come into the country. they are going to come in by the thousands, but they are going to come into the country legally, right? legally. so i'm going to say myself or my rep, and i always say to my wife but i want to call carrier. you're the president of the united states, you're not supposed to be calling but it's so much fun. i'll get carl icahn to call, so many people endorsing us. and we call carrier and say enjoy your new plant and i hope you have great success but every single time you make a beautiful air conditioner and you want to sell it to the united states, there's going to be a 35% tax on that air conditioner coming into this country. [applause] >> ok? now a lot of conservatives, you know, these characters that have been fighting me never trump, never trump, never trump. oh, these are people -- here's a
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guy, you talk about a great conservative but he gets it. some of these people don't go it. never trump. never trump is disappearing rapidly. you heard about the 51 million, anybody? 51? raised $51 million, right? $51 million. [applause] >> even newt couldn't believe that, right, newt? $51 million raised. ok. so here's what's going to happen and i just started really -- listen. sounds like a football game. newt, newt, newt. i don't know, newt, are they booing or are they saying newt? it's one of those names, right? no, they love newt. they do love newt. we all love newt. newt gets it. i'll tell you one thing, folks. i'm not saying it's newt, but if it's newt, nobody's going to be beating him in those debates, that's for sure, right? nobody.
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nobody's beating on newt in the debates. yeah. we raised $51 million and "the washington post" had a good story for the first time in a long time and gave a great story. $51 million. nobody can believe it, and i only started mid-june because they were beating me up. trump was down -- and i'm raising the money for the party and i'm putting up a lot of my own money, like i put up over 50 for the primaries. i'm putting up a lot of my own money, but here's what's going to happen. folks. here's what's going to happen. we're going to be so successful, and when people call me, pundits, people right up here in these platforms, look at all these people, i can't stand them, but look, look, one of them called who is here today and said mr. trump, what you've done is incredible. sir, this is a pretty liberal guy. i was surprised he called me sir actually. what you've done is absolutely incredible and honestly i said, you know, it's not so incredible. i haven't won. they said, no, no, you don't have to win.
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what you've done has never been done before in the history of politics. it's incredible. i said let me give you a little clue. if i don't winning the one person left then i've wasted a lot of time and a lot of money. that's the way i feel about it. because we're not going to be able to lower your taxes, we're not going to be able to get you good health care, we're not going to be able to save your second amendment which is under siege, by the way, and the national rifle association, the nra, endorsed me with the earliest endorsement they have ever given to a candidate, ok? and hillary clinton wants to take your guns away. she wants to effectively abolish the second amendment. that's why they gave me the early endorsement because she is unthinkable for the nra. unthinkable. but all of these things are going to happen, so let me just
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finish my saying the following. i love ohio. i love the people of ohio. go out and vote for rob portman. he's been terrific. go out and vote for rob, but i love the people of ohio, and we're going to start winning again, folks. we don't win anymore as a country. we don't win on trade. we don't win with the military. you know, when i was young, we never lost a war, all of us, a lot of you my age. when we were young, i still feel young, don't you feel young? but -- but when we were young, we never lost a war. they used to say we've never lost a war. now we never win a war. we never win a bat. we never win anything. we have these idiots that get on television saying we are going to attack isis in 48 hours and when we attack we're going to hit them from the rear and we're
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going after fallujah and that will take place in exactly two weeks and after that thanks place we're going to ramadi and we will -- now what happens is they say, oh, i mean, the only problem is they can't be anybody is so stupid to be saying all so sometimes they don't believe it and we can get away with it. can you imagine, newt, the great general george patton getting on television to say when we're leaving iraq. we are leaving on that date so the enemy goes back and they say nobody can be that stupid to say that. we don't really believe it, but you know what? just in case obama is serious, let's just pull back. hey, you know. they don't want to be killed. you know they talk about they want to be killed, trust me. they can live. they would rather live. they will have their time. but you know what? pull back, pull back. so now they pull back and he
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didn't leave anybody behind. i didn't want to go into iraq from beginning. i said you're going to destabilize the middle east, once you go in, the way he got out was unbelievable. draws the line in the sand, the line in the sand. it is a violation. the line in the sand doesn't mean anything. nothing means anything. we have a president who is terrible. we have a president who is -- who is right now what he wants to do is -- all he wants to do is campaign. he has fun campaigning. he has a good time campaigning. i want a president that's going to be focusing on knocking the hell out of isis. i want a president that's going to focus on making great trade deals so that china and us, we don't have a $505 billion a year trade deficit. i want a president that's going to create strong borders and i want a president that's going to keep criminals out of our country and people that kill us, people that are going around
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shooting people in the back. jameel shaw great, shot in the face by a person who shouldn't be in this country. kate, san francisco, shot in the back by somebody that was thrown out of the country five times and probably got forced back in. we're going to have a safe country again, folks, and we're going to start winning again. we're going to win and we're going to win so much, and i'm telling you, and i have saying this, but there's nothing fun about it because of what's going on. but we're going to win so much that the people of ohio are going to call your representatives. they are going to call matt borgess, head of the republican party, good guy, by the way. matt, you better win ohio for me, matt. they are going to call matt. they are going to call rob. you're going to call you have to see the president. we're winning too much. we're not used to winning this much. we're going to win with our military.
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we'll knock the hell out of isis. we're winning with the vets and with health care and we're winning with the border and we're winning with the wall and we're winning on our second amendment. mr. president, sir, you're winning too much. the people of ohio can't stand so much winning. we're not used to it, and you know what? i'm going to say i don't care, rob. i don't care, matt, we're going to keep winning because we are going to make america great again. thank you, everybody. i love you. thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you, ohio. thank you, cincinnati. i love cincinnati. ♪
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♪ ["you can't always gedt what you want" playing]