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tv   The Communicators  CSPAN  July 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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global competitiveness interests." >> the proponent has one minute to introduce. quite simply,ent, puts forward a national commission on digital security and encryption, which will help us better develop a balance between the need to protect individuals' personal information as well as providing law enforcement the necessary information they need. >> either 15 seconds? there are 15 seconds. is anyone intending to speak in opposition? with your permission, we will go directly to a vote. >> you are going to speak in opposition? ok. you may spend up to five minutes speaking in favor or any portion thereof. >> thank you, mr. chair. to explain why we are asking for your vote, let us take a brief
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moment and explain the balance this amendment achieves. encryption technologies are critical tools for protecting privacy and the individuals' personal information. at the same time, law enforcement and intelligence professionals need access to information to keep our country safe. as well as a parent the apple versus the fbi case, encryption, in that case of a device addressed, and in the context of data in motion, can be an impediment to law enforcement obtaining the information it needs. and we recognize this is a difficult balance, in the middle of a conversation we're having among ourselves, including in this room. and we believe, as this amendment suggests, the best way forward is through a commission on digital security that brings together law enforcement, security personnel, experts in
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technology from silicon valley, to weigh the best way forward. this commission would propose solutions that both protect very important individual private also givingwhile law enforcement and intelligence agencies the critical tools they need to protect our communities. lastly, the solution should not undermine the very purpose of and corruption itself, such as exposing our networks to hacking. this is a very important debate in our community, and it deserves a commission to give all sides the appropriate balance, and i are john members to support it. thank you. >> anyone else -- and i urge our members to support it. >> thank you. anyone else wishing to express their support? >> the problem for me with this,
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it sounds very similar to a lot of language that was used to justify the nsa. [applause] and until there is clearer, more precise language, i cannot in good conscience support this, and i don't think anyone on should. after what we have learned about the nsa. let's not go there again. after what we learned about the we, through mr. snowden, should not be going there again without absolute guarantees. >> could you please identify yourself? i am from alaska. >> from wisconsin. i am not an expert in this issue needsbut this commission a lot further explanation. it looks like the gang up on apple commission, on the encryption issue, where i know there's a lot of sophisticated analysis on both sides, so i want to say, i'm very dubious. thank you. >> anyone else want to be heard
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in opposition? one other person. >> yes, thank you. stephen woodruff, from the northern mariana islands. i would just say, i agree with the other persons who are opposing this, that the language andoo vague and ambiguous, the only way i would support a commission like this is if we also have language calling for amnesty for mr. snowden. [applause] >> all right. anyone else? all those in favor of the amendment, please raise your white card. ayes haveppear the it. all those in opposition? we will do a 32nd clock. please do not vote until i ask you to.
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we will get that one day. go. two seconds. 15 seconds. five seconds. the amendment passes. can you read the next amendment, please? >> amendment number 198 has been withdrawn. amendment number 225 has been withdrawn. mr. chair, there are no more amendments in this section. >> thank you. i'm going to ask my cochair to
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valuesce protect our with a statement. advocating for educational opportunities for women and girls and an end to human trafficking, to nurturing of young leaders and protecting refugees, democrats know we must protect our values to ensure a more secure, stable, and peaceful world. of values of inclusion and tolerance, and our belief that all people are created equal, inspire us to call for protections for religious minorities, universal rights, and the decriminalization of hiv and aids loss. > -- laws. >> amendment number 165, on page 31, line seven. the proposed amendment is to add the following.
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"democrats believe that lgbt oures our human -- rights human rights, and american foreign-policy should advance the ability of all persons to live with dignity, security, and respect regardless of who they are over they love. we applaud president obama's foundational memorandum to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons globally, which combats criminalization, protects refugees, provides for an assistant, responds quickly to abuses, and engages international organizations on these rights. we will continue to stand with lgbt people around the world, including combating efforts by any nation to infringe on lgbt rights or ignore abuse." >> the proponent has one minute to introduce. >> thank you, mr. chairman.
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lgbt rights are human rights, so secretary clinton declared in 2011 before the united nations human rights council, telling world leaders that gay rights are human rights, and henceforth this would be the foreign policy of the united states of america. [applause] means our foreign-policy should promote human rights of lgbt people around the world. it means that we should work to advance the ability of all people to live with dignity, security, and respect, regardless of who they are, who they love, or where they live. thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you. are there 15 seconds? there are 15 seconds. is there anybody who wishes to be heard in opposition?
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--the absence of opposition go ahead. >> i would like to offer a friendly amendment to this. btq is actually how we identify ourselves. this whole document is lacking the q for queer. we will take that up as a technical issue, to the technical review process. i assume it will be acted on, but there is not an amendment process that will allow it. i don't think anyone's going to use one of the remaining amendments, but i will refer it for technical review. withut understanding respect to technical review, all those in favor raise your cards. anyone wishing to be recorded in
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the negative? it passes nearly unanimously. thank you. [applause] are there any additional? >> there are no more amendments in this section. >> that means we have completed that one. we're back to the secretary of state of rhode island, to introduce "a leader in the world." >> thank you, mr. chairman. believes firmly american leadership is essential to keeping us safe and our economy growing in the years ahead. nomineey's presidential will guide us in deepening alliances with asia-pacific countries, securing common democratic values in the middle east, strengthening partnerships with african nations, and protecting the global economy. >> great.
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thank you. do we have amendments to this section? >> we do, mr. chair. >> where you read the first? >> amendment 98, sponsored by maia barry. afteroposed amendment is thewords "provide palestinians with," add the following, an end to occupation --"illegal settlement [applause] he proponent has one minute -- of the proponent has one minute to introduce. >> thank you, mr. chairman. colleagues, we have been very patient with each other. i think this one doesn't have to be a difficult one.
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the occupation of palestinian territories must and for israel hes and palate -- israelis and palestinians to live amo. the united states must be a credible peace broker. this language simply adds the following to the sentence -- we will continue to work towards a two state solution to israeli and palestinian conflict, to recognize borders that provide the palestinians with an end to occupation and illegal settlements so they may live in independent sovereignty and dignity. >> do we have 15 seconders? hold them up. know peoplegive, i will speak in opposition. i will open the five-minute clock. at this point, because this may be a contentious issue, does everyone have their clicker? all right.
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are there any clickers, are there any seats where people you know have left permanently, where there is a clicker? because if there is, i will ask that that be picked up. do we have a clerk? all right. will you grab that? are there any others -- just check. if there are seats where there is a clicker, where you know the person has left, raise your hand. ok. final provision i want to make. there are individuals who have votes, but they are fractional votes. if it is a particularly close vote, we will have to determine with respect to those individuals, and they represent territories, what percentage their vote counts. you understand what i'm saying? i think you do. i will say it again. i will say it again, and i will try to do a better job. there are territorial representatives who have fractional votes, so when the
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vote comes up, if it happens to be close, and i don't know whether it will, but if it happens to be close, before i will declare a winner or a loser on that question, we will have to determine if, how those fractional voters cast their votes, which we will do electronically. it will just take us a few moments to review. that would probably come into question if it is a one or two -vote issue. i want to say that upfront, so there's no misunderstanding at the end of any voting process. does everyone understand now? thank you very much. you have your five minutes begin. >> i'm going to respectfully acknowledge again, this does not have to be a controversial, contentious amendment. we are simply stating a matter of fact. there is an occupation. more than 4 million people live under occupation. i would suggest to you the following. a two stateians,
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solution would mean an independent and viable and sovereign state of their own, freedom to travel, do business, and governed themselves, and palestinians would have the right to chart their own destiny at last. the indignity of occupation would and, and a new -- end, and a new era of justice would begin. that is a statement made by our third female secretary of state and first female nominee for president, hillary rodham clinton. that was in 2010. in case you think the secretary changed her mind, i offer the following. in the west bank, i got my first glance of life under occupation by palestinians, denied the self-determination americans take for granted. secretary clinton, in 2014. this is not something that warns us picking each other apart on. this is a simple addition to the language in st. louis,, which i find many foss with but that's not the point -- many flaws
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with, but that's not the point. this is making a factual correction so we can ignore knowledge the occupation and -- we can acknowledge the occupation. thank you. cornell west, new jersey. i love you, too. i come from people who have been terrorized and stigmatized for 400 years, and i was raised in a baptist church which taught me to tell the truth. the condition of truth is to always allow suffering to speak. we ought to have a love for our precious jewish brothers and sisters, and a love for our precious palestinian brothers and sisters. that's not a contradiction. that's not a contradiction. both groups have been terrorized and traumatized and stigmatized, but when you talk about occupation, if there was a
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palestinian occupation of jewish brothers and sisters, we would be morally outraged. if there is an israeli occupation of palestinian brothers and sisters, we ought to be morally outraged. this is an issue of our time. it has spiritual and moral implications. not just about politics or the next election. and for the younger generation, is more and more becoming what vietnam was for the 1960's and thei south africa was for 1980's. we must never tolerate one iota of anti-jewish hatred, and never one iota of anti- palestinian or anti-arab or anti-muslim hatred. can we walk that line? democratic party, you have been in denial for too long. palestinians ought to be free. >> two minutes remaining. you better use it. two minutes.
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>> i want to add one additional voice before i turn it over to another colleague. the mayor of tel aviv recently made this statement. israelis understand what is happening in their day-to-day lives. "we are the only ones in the world with another people living among us under our occupation, denying the many civil rights. this is not a controversial position. it is a statement of fact, acknowledged by people, including israelis who themselves acknowledge there is an occupation. >> one minute. >> i am from oregon, and i would just like to add the remark. i tried to write an amendment about this. this is how it strikes me. palestinians have a right, just like israelis, to independence, self-determination, sovereignty,
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peace, and dignity in their own land, with recognized borders in their own viable state. palestinians everywhere have an immediate human right to food, water, adequate sanitation, and ready access to medical care. they further have a human right viasas, -- right to permanent school, and the right tradeage in marketing and and not live under conditions of confinement or siege. israelis and palestinians alike deserve security, recognition, and a normal life free from terror and incitement. >> thank you, thank you. that concludes that side. those opposed to the amendment have five minutes. please. >> thank you, mr. chairman.
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with the hillary campaign, from florida. as he distinguished dr. west said, we must find a way to lock the line and help the israelis and the palestinians achieve dignity, justice, democracy, and independence, and this draft does exactly that. this was painstakingly negotiated, over many months, without drafting committee. i asked my colleagues to read what is in there, in the current draft. palestinian should be free to govern themselves in their own viable state in peace and indignity. this is the most progressive platform, the most balanced platform in the history of the democratic party, and we should be proud of this. we have painstakingly done this. the only way we will secure peace, dignity, and justice for the palestinian people, along with security for israel, is through negotiations, and those
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negotiations have to be led by the united states. this proposed amendment undermines the ability -- >> we can't talk about tolerance if we will interrupt the speaker. please. >> this amendment would undermine the ability of the next president of the united states, hillary clinton, to lead the effort to negotiate an end to this conflict and independent states for both, so i asked my colleagues to vote no. >> additional speakers? please. >> thank you, mr. chairman. steve benjamin. we should be proud of this draft platform. we step into new territory, the very first time that we have put our party on record in support of two states, a palestinian state, one with independence, sovereignty, and dignity, and a
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free and democratic jewish state of israel. there are many difficult issues. i have been to the middle east. israel.een to there are many difficult issues to be negotiated. borders, security, jerusalem, refugees. they are difficult issues, and they all affect each other. ultimately, it's up to the palestinian and israeli leadership to make the tough choices that must be made. we cannot and we should not over the others. we cannot prescribe this -- specific outcomes. to realize peace and support a fair two state solution, we must defeat this amendment and support the base text of the platform. we should be proud that our platform, the democratic party platform, for the very first time supports the only path to two states, bilateral
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negotiations between israel and palestine. thank you. >> any further comments? i want to thank the speakers for their presentations, and the respect they have shown for each other. with that, we will go immediately to electronic vote, and we will leave it up for 60 seconds, and we will record the vote. can we get it up, please? don't vote until such time as i ask you to. you may vote. respectful. be respectful, please.
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please. 15 seconds. amendment is defeated. do we have additional amendments? you are guests. please take your seats. ok. >> amendment number 100, sponsored by maya barry. >> can we get it up?
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please read the amendment. >> thank you, mr. chair. >> you might have to do it loud. >> amendment number 100 on page 34, line two. aftered amendment states, the words "peace and dignity," add the following -- "we call for an international effort to rebuild gaza, which the u.n. warns could be uninhabitable by 2020, and where poverty and hopelessness undermine peace and security for both palestinians and israelis." >> i will ask you to read it a second time. >> amendment number 100, on page 34, line two. the proposed amendment states after the words "peace and dignity," add the following -- "we also call for an international effort to rebuild gaza, which the u.n. warns could
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be uninhabitable by 2020, and where poverty and hopelessness undermine peace and security for both palestinians and israelis." >> the speaker has one minute to introduce. mr. chairman. as the clerk read -- >> please identify yourself. barry, originally from michigan and now from maryland. we call to rebuild gaza, which the united nations warns could be uninhabitable by 2020, and where poverty and hopelessness undermine peace and security for palestinians and israelis. >> are the 15 seconders? there are. will anyone be speaking in opposition? there will be an opposition. five minutes are granted to the proponents of the amendment. >> thank you, mr. chairman.
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i want to start by noting, we made the point about final status items need to not be in our platform. our platform is full of final status items with regards to palestine and israel, and that is problematic. this is simply language addressing the humanitarian crisis in gaza. it is incumbent on a party to support the international effort to rebuild gaza. efforts have been insufficient and slow, and we owe it to israelis and palestinians alike to make this a priority. we will undermine the security of palestinians and israelis if we cannot provide a vehicle for palestinians to live a dignified, free life. 60% has 43% unemployment, youth unemployment. gaza faces a humanitarian crisis. according to the u.n., 95% of gaza's water is not safe to drink.
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oxfam estimates it will take more than 100 years to rebuild after the recent conflict. of the 1.8 million people living in gaza, 100,000 still are homeless, as a result of the 19,000 homes that were destroyed. this is a city, sorry, this is a territory twice the size of d.c. this is a humanitarian plea to do the right thing. it does not impact the other language, does not impact the conversations in st. louis. it merely suggests that we have a heart and compassion, and we are capable of applying it to both palestinians and israelis. [applause] >> one of the great figures of the 20 century, abraham joshua eschel, said that indifference to evil is more evil than evil itself. talking about any slice of
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humanity. when you are talking about gaza, you are talking about a level of such incredible misery and unbelievable suffering. during the attacks just a few years ago, 2000 were killed. 500 babies were killed. and not a word for many of our political elites. what is going on in this country? what's going on among our elites? are we so paralyzed, so debilitated by the money flowing or the indifference in our hearts? i would hope not. that's what the legacy of martin luther king junior and so many others are all about. if this party has an even orientation, we will always say, you have to be equally concerned about our jewish brothers and sisters who have to deal with the crimes coming out of hamas, yes, hamas has to take responsibility, killing innocent
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people is a crime against humanity, but so is the is really defense forces when they kill innocent folk on the other side. if we are not able to deal with that, we are in the same position this party was in 80 years ago when he didn't want to deal with jim crow, didn't want to deal with lynching, in a state of denial, saying, somehow these negro >> thank you doctor. half minutesnd a remaining. [applause] nancy jacobson, florida. it is a humanitarian crisis and this is when it is at its best when we help


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