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tv   1980 Carter Acceptance Speech  CSPAN  July 9, 2016 9:58pm-10:51pm EDT

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the ayes have it unanimously. next amendment. been withnt 179 has john. a minute 181 has been withdrawn. a minute when 82 has been withdrawn. amendment 183 sponsored by jeff , theon page 20, line 15 proposed amendment is at this section read as follows, democrats will work to expand the amount of renewable energy production on federal lands and waters tenfold within the next 10 years, from wind and wyoming to solar in nevada. >> thank you. it's somebody prepared is be to this amendment? >> thank you, madam chairman. my name is jeff hess. again, from idaho. i have been working in solar
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energy for over 40 years. as a matter of fact, i was one of the first licensed general contractors to hold a solar license in california in the early 1970's. that we have ay huge resource in our federal public lands for clean energy, and it is important that we allow this to happen in order to meet our clean energy goals that we have set in this platform, so i would urge approval of this amendment. >> thank you. are there those speaking in opposition? a second? seconds? those speaking in favor? those in opposition? go right ahead. >> i am christine kramer from the state of nevada. i want to thank the amendment writer for including my state of nevada that we have an unlimited supply of solar, 365 days he, and let's make it happen in
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nevada. thank you. >> thank you. are we ready for the vote? go right ahead. >> i would like to look at the technical amendment rather than the from, such as wind and wordng, and insert the "and" because it is not just these two states. >> ok. thank you. are we ready for the vote? all in favor indicate with your cards. all in favor. all opposed. s have it. are there any objections? no. no amendment plays. >> amendment 189 has been withdrawn. amendment 200 has been withdrawn. 208 -- amendment 208 has been withdrawn. amendment to 13 has been withdrawn. madam chair, there are no more amendments.
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>> thank you. congratulations. [applause] next section we will take up is ensure health and safety of all americans. greg. >> thank you, mr. chair. the democratic party believes accessible, affordable, high-quality health care is part of the american promise, that americans should have the security that comes with good health care and that no one should go bro because they get sick. areal security and medicare solemn generational promises that we have made to our seniors. america's success depends on continued innovation to fight disease and treating men and women with respect and dignity when it comes to their health and their health choices. we need no more reminder than
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this week's event that there is no place in our society for violence, regardless of who it is directed against or by what means. but especially violence against women and senseless gun violence. mr. chair. >> thank you. are there amendment? come on, courtney. >> ok. amendment 78 has been withdrawn. byndment 90 sponsored 34, theon page 22, line proposed amendment is to insert after the words public option the following, the best way to achieve this goal is through a medicare for all health care system that builds upon the aca and gives everyone in this country the freedom to get the medical care they need when they need i [applause] >> one minute of introduction.
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might bek this crowd familiar with the issue of medicare for all. this has been the legacy of the democratic party since frank and eleanor roosevelt. i rise in behalf of the national citizens united from the great state of california, leader pelosi supports medicare for all. gavinnant governor newsom, i have a clinton delegate, has signed a letter supporting medicare for all. the members of every union in this whole support medicare for all, including the afl-cio. >> do we have 15 second ers? >> i take it you want to use your five minutes. >> i do. >> we will let you use your five minutes per just remember you have a lot of people behind you. would you identify yourself. >> michael from the great state of california.
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>> start the five minutes. [applause] >> we need to start thinking big, not small. thinken we think big, we outside of the status quo and ask ourselves are very simple question, how can every other industrialized country on earth guarantee health care for all of our citizens and the u.s. has not? the affordable care act has done some very good things, no pre-existing conditions, 20 , medicaidre covered expanded in 32 states. these are congressmen, but there are 30 million people uninsured. yes, they have, health insurance, but do you get the care that you need when you need it? has expandedrs access through community clinics. secretary clinton has adopted that approach with her latest health care proposal. it is good, but it is not
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enough. a quarter of all americans report that they or their family not filled a prescriptive because of health care costs. in the richest country in the world, we can make sure every american enjoys health care as a right. this is supported by 58% of americans. it is supported by 81% of democrats. if this is controversial in this room, it is the only room of democrats in which it is controversial. [applause] [cheers] 185,000 registered nurses will not give on their patients. they will not give up until we guarantee health care for all. they will not give up until we have medicare for all. we ask you to join is in the legacy of what this party represents. it is our time. it is our responsibility. it is our moral calling to deliver the care that patients need when they need it without
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interference from insurance companies. >> thank you. [applause] brother michael riley speaks eloquently because he understands that there is a moral right to health care. it is not market-driven. [applause] in a capitalist system, you can have sick markets and those are markets that do not deliver, and we are concerned about each and every citizen no matter how old or young or what color, gender, sexual orientation, and that is what the parties campaign was all about, how do we elevate rights as opposed to privileges. that is why we are still fighting for this issue. there is too much greed in the pharmaceutical companies. there is too much greed in the insurance companies. there is too much greed in the health industry. we want all of our citizens to
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be able to work, but not at the and evenf the weak, given the breakthrough of president obama with the affordable health care, we still have 29 million citizens who don't have access. that is what would we are talking about. >> i am a lifelong democrat and a physician. live,sicians like nurses eat, and sleep health care. we know that our patients need our help, and we want to be there. as a lifelong democrat, it is time for the democratic party becomes the party of humanity. human right,s a just like everything else we've heard, we need to have health care as a human right, and this is the way we can get it. [applause] [cheers] my name is terry tucker. we have a wonderful initiative in colorado called amendment 69. we need to try this, let us try it. [applause] >> one minute.
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>> i am from chicago. if not having health care is bad, in communities of color for women, it is a tragedy. the leading cause of death for black women between the ages of 25-35 is hiv-aids. black women predominantly live in the states of the old confederacy, who all opted out of the health care act. we need health care. it is a condition for us to have life, liberty, and to pursue happiness. [applause] >> thank you all very much. five minutes is up. 30 seconds. go ahead. vens.rly step i can go to the primary care doctor, but cannot get test because i cannot afford them. my aunt lives in canada and she
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goes to the doctor when she is started a business because she could afford to leave her job because her health care is guaranteed. i believe that every single human being has an comparable --th, and medicare for wall all shows that we believe that, too. >> thank you. and you very much. can we clear the area? in opposition. >> thank you, mr. chair. dave coulter for michigan. i actually have good news for my fellow democrats. the health care that was released just today by secretary clinton, which was negotiated gives ustor sanders, another opportunity for a unified position on a critical issue. the newly announced health care agenda, which includes the medicare by and older, includes expanded insurance ask for undocumented americans, includes
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measures to lower out-of-pocket costs, and importantly, provides $40 billion in new fundings for community health centers over the next 10 years. was health care agenda called today by senator sanders a significant step forward to get us closer to the day when in this country has access to quality, affordable health care. therefore, i request that we vote down this particular amendment so that we as democrats can remain united in our goal that we have all fought for for generations, which is universal health care as a right for every american. thank you. >> are you coming up? governor. governor. >> yes, in opposition. ladies and gentlemen, my name is steve bashir.
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for the last eight years i have served as governor for the commonwealth of kentucky. [applause] there is a basic difference as we in this room know between the democratic party and the republican party when it comes to health care for every american. we believe that every single american deserves at affordable, quality, accessible health care. they don't. they don't. they believe that if you can afford it or you are too poor, you don't deserve it. when wewhat happened passed the affordable care act in every southern state with a republican governor. they turn their back on their people. they joined a race back to the 19th century, but not the commonwealth of kentucky. [applause] >> what did we do?
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we fully and braced the affordable care act. -- embraced the affordable care act. we created an award-winning state health benefits expenses of the gold standard, and we expanded medicated fully and insured 500,000 more kentuckians. [applause] thatam proud to say today for the first time in our history, every single kentuckian has access to affordable health care. every one of them. ways, and are lots of countries all over this world have created universal health care for their people in and some of them may be better than others. i'm no expert in it, but i do know this. a democratic congress and the president of the united states gave us the affordable care act,
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and thank god they did. tools that will enable us eventually to ensure every single american with affordable health care. now is it perfect? no. does it need work? yes. as the german before me just , justjust this morning this morning, secretary clinton announced further plans, including providing a public option under the aca, including expanding medicare down to age 55, including more money for community health centers, and senator sanders and she word through this and he praised her for that. i will finish up. he praised her for that effort. but let's don't take our eye off the ball. let's build on the affordable care act. let's get every single american
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if we want tohen look it something else to do, we can, but we have got the tools we need to make this happen, and so i would urge you to vote against this amendment. >> senator, when minute. >> one minute. thank you, mr. chairman. i am mark pryor from arkansas. let me just say that medicare for all is not building on the affordable care act. that is a different approach to health care reform. i understand the appeal of the single-payer system, i really do. a lot of economists think that is the best way to go. a lot of health care people think that is the best way to go , but this platform is about politics. i want to be personal for just one minute. that is that when you look at in theesident obama has affordable care act, it was the single greatest legislative a congressman in a generation. [applause]
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[cheers] saysd what this amendment is that great a congressman just is not good enough. , ande going to reject that the democratic party wants to do something else. i don't want to do that to our president. i do not want to do that to our president. i think that we need to stand by the president, and i think the language in the draft is very strong. it is the strongest we have ever seen in a democratic platform. i encourage people to vote against this amendment. >> that instant debate. i'm going to call the question -- >> a rollcall vote, mr. chair. >> we will do a 30-second vote if you can set that up. please do not vote until i ask for the vote.
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please vote. >> single-payer now. single payer now. single-payer now. single-payer now. >> five seconds. >> single-payer now. >> it failed. no amendment, please. 14 sponsored by eleanor holmes norton, page 22, the proposed amendment on page 22, line 35 after the word "coverage" insert the following, we will oppose republican plans to in medicare as we know it by converting it into a voucher program and block granting medicaid and snap to slash their
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funding and are millions of americans. icier. -- i see her. we can wait for that great lady. [applause] [cheers] >> you have a minute to explain. surely i am preaching to the choir on this one. this is about privatizing snapare and block granting and medicaid. this is all associated with house speaker ryan, who of course ran for vice president on this and seldom talks about it anymore because it is exactly what republicans and democrats do not need. >> you don't need to say
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anymore. seconders?15 is there anybody who plans and speaking against this? >> i want to remind everybody thatthere is no program change the structure of our benefits that has ever been produced by the republican party. and what they are trying to do who invented everything from so security to the affordable health care act, they are now trying to either cut it, and do that by block granting it , or they are trying to privatize it, which is what they're trying to do to medicare. all i can say is that i'm surprised this wasn't already in the platform. i am ready for a vote. >> all in favor of the amendment, raise your card. thank you.
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anyone wishing to be registered any other way? it passes unanimously. an amendment. 160mendment number sponsored by lee saunders on page 22, line 43, the proposed amendment is on page 22, line 43 after the word "households" at the following, we will repeal on high-costx health care insurance and find revenue to offset it because we need to contain the long-term growth of health care costs, but should not risk passing on to much of the burden to workers. >> representing the proponent, you have one moment to explain. >> my name is deborah from the commonwealth of pennsylvania, on behalf of the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection i very much look forward to our coming together and joining are very powerful voices and forces to take the next historic step
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in the city and which our nation the firsty nominating woman candidate for president of the united states of america. [applause] [cheers] i speak on behalf of secretary clinton in support of amendment number 160. i have the honor and privilege of representing labor unions throughout the mid-atlantic, the south, and illinois, and i continue as someone who on a daily basis represents workers in health care and pension funds , the so-called high cost health insurance tax also known as the cadillac tax has forced upon middle-class working people the hobson's choice of cutting your benefit or paying an annual tax. while i support the affordable care act, this is a fatal flaw and we should support the elimination of the cadillac tax. >> thank you. do we have 15 seconders.
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is there anyone who plans on speaking in opposition. there is. ok. youran use any portion of time to speak on behalf of this or complete your statement. you want to go. randy. i think i done need to give you my name again. so, mike union and i myself have negotiated countless agreements. what we have seen in the last few years since the aca was adopted with this misnomer is that employers constantly come to the table and say, we need to cut benefits because of this tax. the do not say as proponents of the tax said that
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we need to increase wages expenses inave cut health care. they say that we need to shift the cost of health care to you because of this tax. a lose-lose situation. what the cadillac tax does is it squeezes middle-class families. what it does is it stymies innovation. what it does is it shifts the cost on to the middle-class families, and that is why we are against the cadillac tax and we ask that this amendment be adopted. >> thank you. in opposition. yes, we just voted down
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medicare for all because it undermines the concept of the affordable care act. there is a certain inconsistency . we have all been inconsistent tonight at one point or the other. let's votere saying down the catlike tax, which in fact is not a good tax. we are saying that because it does not work well for medicare for all or for obamacare. ok to goying it is into obamacare and be critical of it in this case, but not in terms of saying we are not going far enough with this remarkable innovation our president has gotten us. >> this is not a debate. >> the point is, i will actually say that ramsey is absolutely correct. this is a problem, but i also appealed to colleagues here to recognize our own inconsistencies because in fact we just said we can't vote for medicare for all because it does not show respect to obamacare.
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i think obamacare is a marvelous step forward, but i think there are things that need to be fixed, and this is a fine example of what needs to be fixed, as is moving towards medicare for all. >> thank you. .ith that we are going to call all in favor, please signify by raising your white card. all opposed. please signify by raising your white card. there are relatively few, about five, it passes. please read the next amendment. >> an 23 has been withdrawn. amendment 32 sponsored by lena thompson on page 24, line two, the proposed amendment is on page 24, line two, replace the word "can" with the word "will" followsentence reads as
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democrats were also fight to make sure that medicare will negotiate lower prices with drug manufacturers. [applause] >> do have one moment to explain? >> lena thompson, detroit michigan, this one should be a no-brainer. debateld not have to this one at all because it is a grammatical error. these two words can and will are called auxiliary words, can means that you have a sense of ability, but no future tense. and will means you have future tense and also indicates certainty. >> i think we get that. >> that is all i have to say. seconders?e 15 is there anyone you desires to be heard in opposition? there is. ok. if there is no one design to be
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heard in opposition, i will call the question. all in favor of the amendment please raise your cards. anyone wishing to register and negative vote. it appears to have passed unanimously. thank you. amendment please. >> amendment to 20 has been withdrawn. sponsored201 has been on page 24, line 15, the proposed amendment is on page 24, line 15 at the end of the insert the following, the democratic party is committed to assisting the estimated 20 million people struggling with addiction and this country to find and sustain healthy lives, encouraging full recovery and integration into society while working to remove common barriers to gain them -- gainful employment, housing, and education. we will continue to fight to expand access to care for addiction services and ensure
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that insurance coverage is equal to that or any other health condition. we think it is time for the department of health and human services, the department of labor, and state regulatory agencies to fully implement the protections of the mental health. he and addictions equity act of 2008, which means that american thecal insurers, including federal government, will need to disclose how they make their medical management decisions. [applause] >> are you speaking? you have one minute to explain. lisa from the great state of michigan, michigan state university. for aas been a problem in terms of members mental health parity, and we need to fix the problem now and stop letting states be able to get away from having to have parity on the specific issue. seconders?ve 15
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based on the description and reading is anyone going to wish to be heard in opposition? there being no indication of opposition, i will call the question. all those in favor signify by holding your white card. anyone wishing to register in opposition. it appears to pass unanimously. thank you. next amendment. >> and one has been withdrawn. an amendment 56 sponsored by vicki breitbart on page 24, line 40, the proposed amendment shall read as follows, we condemn and will come back any acts of violence, harassment, and intimidation of reproductive health providers and patients, and staff. [applause] >> you have one minute to explain. >> we deftly have a right to if we aree, but
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afraid to enter the facility, we cannot exercise that right. ever since roe versus wade was passed, there has been escalating violence against reproductive health providers. the patients and staff. the first provider for reproductive health who performed abortions was killed in 1993. since then, there have been 11 murders, 26 attempted murders, and countless death threats. the severe violence such as blockades, physical violence, gunfire, arson, and death threats. me just ask. 15-seconders? we have 15-seconders. why don't you complete your sentence and then i will ask questions. >> recently there is major
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mattock increase in violence and threats. the number of threats reported increased from leslie and 10 in 2014 to 94 and 2015. reproductive health care providers continue to face a barrage of harassment at work lace, homes, communities, and online. no one should be made to live in fear from accessing care that critically need the care and basic reproductive care. the next administration needs to address the serious threat to women and their health care providers. >> opposition? if no one wishes to be heard, i will call the question with your permission. i will lead. president of neighborhood choice america. we have one million member activists and the majority of
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americans to stand opposed to the daily harassment and clinice directed at directors and the women who walk in. we are in strong support of the amendment, we appreciate the woman who brought it forward, and we ask you all to vote unequivocally yes and put forward every day we need to keep our doctors and clinic workers safe from terror, harassment, and violence. >> all who wish to vote in the affirmative raise your right card. -- itister a vote against passes unanimously. congratulations. amendment one 37 withdrawn. a amendment 95 sponsored by victoria on page 25 line 14. the proposed amendment has a section reading as follows. to further that end, the will continuety to oppose republican attempts to cut public health service and
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funding, ensure adequate funding of public health under -- education at residency training programming, preventive medicine, and some-specialties. >> the state of connecticut. before you, i introduced myself as a veteran, it malice and the occupational physician which is a subspecialty of preventive medicine. it is praiseworthy the platform recognizes the importance of the public health system and the serious need for investment in the system, however there is a more threatening crisis in the funding of schools and public health and residencies and health and preventive medicine. unless we have sufficient numbers of well-trained public health officials, the systems
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will continue to fail regardless of the financial support they are given. the amendment seeks to add support specifically for public health education to the democratic party policies in addition to the broad statement supportthere regarding for public health. >> to have 15-seconders? is the son of a public health nurse and school nurse i'm going to say everyone wishing to vote in the affirmative fraser white status tag, negative? congratulation, passes unanimously. amendment 202 sponsored by eleanor norton on page 35 line 30. the proposed amendment is page 25, 30. change the sentence that currently begins with "we will checks."ckground
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change it to this, "to expand on the success of the act, we will expand." >> it is important we in the clinton administration it was the brady bill. in this room are members of congress who sat in on the floor. [applause] >> one of the reason was to get back background checks. the matter how strong the latter is, it can be undercut with the gun show loophole or the charleston loophole and yet, president clinton got is the brady bill. two point 5s kept million people from getting guns. felons.n of them were
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of all the gun bills out here, this is one of the most important and in effect, everyone in this room knows how gun laws are. it is a beautifying part of the amendment. but if you are a democrat in debt understand where background checks come from, you will unanimously support. >> 15-seconders? i will call. all those in favor raise your white card. wishing to reflect negative? i see no negatives. passes unanimously. next amendment. 190 seven sponsored by maxine waters on page 35 line one, the proposed amendment is on page 25, line 31, replace "bald, irresponsible dealers and manufacturers accountable." >> arms act to revoke the
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dangerous immunity protection gun makers and sellers now enjoy." >> thank you very much. i am maxine waters, member of congress. california. we are embarked on a discussion this what is happening in country with guns and violence. has talked about what we doing in the house of apresentatives in proposing couple of bills. no-fly no-by. no-fly-nobody means that if you -- no fly nost of
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you cannot fly you should not be able to buy a gun. and universal background checks. we do not have background checks for those guns that have been cars,ut of the trunk of gun shows, and online. this particular amendment is firearms makers and dealers who break the law, must report and act responsibly and should be held accountable. >> 15-seconders? we have 15-seconders. anyone wishing to be heard in , as a governor in the only state in which this law is challenged in a trial, i'm happy to call the question. all those in favor raise your white tag. register to vote negative? anyone? no. passes unanimously. thinking. next. >> amendment 127 sponsored by
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nancy jacobson on page 25, line 32. the proposed amendment is, insert after the words of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines. section --son of the portion of the section will read "keep weapons of war such as a result weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines." >> thank you. nancy jacobson from orlando, florida. massacre here's in orlando and the other mass shootings in which a weapon similar to the one used was employed, it is clear the problem is not just assault weapons, it is also the ready availability of large capacity ammunition magazines and weapons modified for their use.
10:39 pm
if the shooter must reload more often, it provides more opportunity to take that shooter down and he can do less damage. >> to we have 15-seconders? 15-seconders? you want to complete? >> yes. thank you. the paul's massacre brought a lot to the conversation back, as several others have a about guns id what to do about them and was somewhat concerned when i realize nobody was talking about the magazines. so, anything over 10 rounds is kind of the standard definition of a large-capacity magazine. for are generally available all semi-automatic weapons, that includes semi-automatic cam, just not the adult weapon type
10:40 pm
guns that have been used in the most recent. these were012, recovered and 50% of all mass shootings. ,35% more people are shot resulting in 57% more deaths when you have the large of an capacity magazines. it is a relatively new phenomenon since the 1980's when the armed -- arms companies began mass-producing the weapons that would take these large capacity magazines. from 1980-2008, 32% went from 76% of all handguns produced work capable of taking the large capacity magazines. i think it is imperative that we also put in the discussion that they should be banned in addition to the assault weapons. >> anyone wishing to be heard in opposition?
10:41 pm
he no one who wish and we are now position i will call the question. everne in favor raise your white card. anyone wishing to register a different vote? passes at unanimously. [applause] 193 withdrawn. amendment 232 withdrawn. mr. chair, no more amendments in this election. >> thank you. will give you an update. we have to go back and complete section five, which has some outstanding issues that -- of amendments we need to take up. we then have a larger catch-all amendment to approve, including thatof technical changes have previously been referenced and finally, we need to approve the platform itself.
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so, that is our work. however, before we turn to for completion, i would like to call on kathleen kennedy townsend and senator nina turner to help us recognize the individuals who were killed this week, specifically our might add, earlier today, this evening, the dallas police department was under lockdown into different outings based on threats they received. so i invite the two of you to the microphone to make that recognition. we will then turn to section five. >> thank you. hi. my name is kathleen kennedy townsend and as many of you, as does my father and uncle were both killed. i am glad somebody of you
10:43 pm
research and on guns. this week, five police officers were killed as well as two civilians and debt that all is us to remember both those who were killed as police officers and those who were killed as civilians. >> thank you, your honor. is an enforcement officer and when i thought about what happened this week, what happened in baton rouge, what happened in minnesota, what happened in dallas, it just reminded me that my son could have been all three of those. thei was in orlando when dallas police reported being --u under siege. officer for some
10:44 pm
peoples in this countryo just my son'sr very presence is a threat. in puto myselft in the, children every day. shoes -- myself in the shoes of wives and husbands and children of law enforcement officers who do the right thing every single day trying to protect us on a regular basis it is vitally important and that we unite as people who understand the conditions in america need to change. bad atves do matter but the same time, we have men and women in uniform who care about protecting and serving and doing the right thing and that we are in this together and -- [applause]
10:45 pm
>> if everyone would rise for a moment in silence for those of us -- for those who lost their lives this week. and how thankful we are for those who are first responders as well. patrick, michael, michael elton stirling. >> a moment of silence. their souls.
10:46 pm
[applause] >> we will now take up the remaining amendments in section five. if you would read the first one, courtney. beenendment to 21 has withdrawn. amendment eight has been withdrawn. amendment 51 has been withdrawn. amendment three has been withdrawn. 38, sponsored by -- amendment 67 has been withdrawn. amendment 61 has been withdrawn.
10:47 pm
ok. amendment 67, sponsored by lena line five.age 13 the proposed is on page 13 line "rent" addthe word the following. thewill also review detainment policies of undocumented transgender detentions and ice facilities as they account for 25% of all rapes that occur and are further punished with olitary confinement." >> i think there is some confusion. they didn't tell you. -- welcome to my life. [laughter] to my life. do you think this is easy? >> i think you are doing an amazing job.
10:48 pm
and also madam chairman. [applause] >> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> have resulted? >> shows. >> both campaigns have agreed to this amendment and will allow me to read my statement. i'm going to take my glasses off. this amendment is about the support of treatment of transgender women. seektransgender women asylum in the united states because they face abuse and violence in other countries. i have never committed a crime a judgedetained until can decide. while detained, these women also treatment degrading
10:49 pm
by guards and other detainees as they are often housed with men in 500 detainees get one andder he five victims of sexual assault are transgender. centergendered detainee was in texas, but the immigrant icets leaders believe that should instead work more closely with community groups that house transit women. let's transgender detainees come here seeking to is skate violence only to arrive in state sanctioned facilities with violence from ice, they can clearly not safely house these women. >> 15-seconders? do we have 15-seconders? anyone?
10:50 pm
ok. -- so, it is -- the mistake was that our failure to have communicated, field to disclose that it is in the master amendment that is being prepared. ok. thank you. and weis now withdrawn can go to the next one. >> amendment 61 has been withdrawn. has been withdrawn. amendment 123 has been withdrawn. amendment two, sponsored by on page 13 line the proposed amendment is, to strike the words "push back against"


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