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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Morning Hour  CSPAN  July 13, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm EDT

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should only deal with facts of law. they were a good idea to appoint were in life when they the infancy of this country but now we have many learned people that they should be a lot it officials. host: the u.s. house is coming into session. back at me and to finish up work on that. tanks for all your calls and comments. we are back tomorrow morning at 7:00 eastern. now we take you live to the house floor here on c-span. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order o of the the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. july 13, 2016. i hereby appoint the honorable ileana ros-lehtinen to act as speaker pro tempore on this
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day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 5, 2016, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate . the chair will learnt recognition between the parties with each party limited to one hour and each member other than the majority and minority leaders and minority whip limited to five minutes, but in no event shall debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m. the chair recognizes the gentleman from illinois, mr. gutierrez, for five minutes. mr. speaker, i will not be on vacation or traveling on junket to far off lands during the next six or eight weeks that congress is in recess because i'm going to be involved in a campaign to free
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oscar lopez from incarceration. he is regarded as the last political prisoner from puerto rico that is still being held in a federal penitentiary. oscar's a friend and mentor and at 73 he is not beaten or broken or sad, as you can see by the smile on his face. even after spending 35 years in jail, nearly half of his life, he is a hero to many people in work -- in puerto rico. it warms my heart that people from every walk of life understand the 35 years oscar has served for crimes that were not violent is too long to be in jail. that there is a groundswell of support to tell president obama that after 35 years it's time to let oscar come home to his family, island, and community. 35 years is enough. and this comes from people of every political background, conservatives and liberals, statehooders, democrats, republicans, and those who
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believe in independence like i do. every generation from the youngest hippest kids to old people like me, from the the st to the poorest, puerto rican people are united if our call to free oscar lopez rivera. internationally dishom desmond tutu is with us. with a long list of nobel peace prize winners. world communities and community leaders and average people across europe, will thin america, and the world. he's a decorated vietnam war veteran, a father, teacher, mentor, and friend, yet he has languished in federal prison in terre haute, indiana, for 3 1/2 decades. president obama has less than 200 days left as president and the course of supporters for the freedom of oscar will continue to call on the president every day to rae lease our brother back to our community so he can live out his days and peace and with his family. and commutation is the only
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option. the only option. it will be a minimum of 10 years before oscar can talk. that's just talk, to a parole board. it is now or never and president obama holds all the cards. we cannot allow oscar to die in jail. obama must come mute his sentence -- commute his sentence. a coalition has reformed with lawyers and uneoon leaders, elected officials, community leaders, sit accidents from every walk of life if puerto rico and wherever puerto ricans live in the united states. and it coalition just announced a unity event, a gathering in lafayette square across the street from the white house on october 9, 2016. mr. speaker, when the congress leaves this week for six weeks or more, i'm not going to go on vacation, i'm going to go work to build awareness about oscar lopez and awareness about october 9 right here in washington, d.c., at lafayette square. we all have to show up and show our support for oscar and his
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family. i'll be in low rain, ohio, this saturday, and new jersey later this month. i'll be in puerto rico, california, wherever i go i'll tell people to come to washington to show support for oscar on october 9, 2016. you live in new york? about 3 1/2 hour drive to d.c. oscar has been in jail for 3 1/2 decades. i don't want to hear any excuses. october 9 is a sunday. so if you live anywhere up and down the eastern seaboard you can go to sunrise service at your church and still make it in time to show your solidarity with oscar. you live in chicago, orlando, ok. going to take you longer. might even have to play for a hotel, airplane ticket. but we need you to represent. i ask everyone who is watching today who sees my remarks on line to commit yourself to joining me and others in lafayette square on october 9 in washington, d.c. it's up to us, it's up to you. president obama has done so much to address injustice, to
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address unfair prison sentences for nonviolent offenses to address the inherent injustice that all too often characterizes our system of justice. i thank him and praise him for that. in this case with the elder statesman of the puerto rican diaspora, nonviolent exemplary inmate, for this father and war hero, for oscar lopez rivera, we respectfully say, free oscar lopez rivera. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from new york, mr. katko, for five minutes. mr. katko: madam speaker, i rise today to recognize the 26th anniversary of the signing of the americans with disabilities act. 26 years ago this month this landmark legislation was put into effect to eliminate discrimination against individuals with disabilities. this month organizations and advocacy groups across my
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district in central new york are coordinating events to recognize this milestone and significance of the a.d.a. to so many in our community. in my district, arise, the designated independent living center is vital to our local efforts to ensure people of all abilities live fully integrated and self-directed lives. they provide an array of service, including my brother-in-law, with disabilities and help ensure our local communities are inclusive for peoples of all abilities. while the a.d.a. has been in law for 26 years, our work in congress continues today. i'm a proud co-sponsor of the idea full funding act to help remove barriers for children with disabilities and to expand special education services. i'll continue to be supportive of efforts in the house to ensure people with all abilities with provided opportunities and independence. thank you, madam speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the
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gentlewoman from massachusetts, s. clarke, for five minutes. ms. clarke: thank - -- miss clarke: thank you, madam speaker. americans carried around their televisions, computers, and phones and rooted for this congress to do the right thing. across the country families demanded that this body take up two commonsense measures to reduce our country's epidemic of gun violence. phones in our offices throughout capitol hill were ringing off the hook. thousands of americans, students, teachers, grieving parents, strangers to the political process saw something that inspired and excited them. and they picked up the phone because they had hope.
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their message? thank you for fighting for us. make sure something is done. what did this congress do with that hope? instead much allowing a vote to expand background checks to keep americans safe, instead of allowing a vote to close the terrorist gun loopholes, instead of even having a debate on gun safety, the speaker turned his back on the american people and sent the house home early. since orlando, hundreds have died from gun violence. just in the streets of chicago more than 300 people have been hurt or killed by guns in the last month. an average of 91 americans are killed every day by guns. there was a time when unthinkable violence and mass shootings shook our nation to its core, and our elected leaders would find a way to
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bring us together like the bipartisan calls we heard for unity in dallas yesterday. they would struggle to get it right, but ultimately they would and save lives. it happened 8 years ago with the new deal for crime. it happened 48 years ago with major gun violence reforms. and it happened 23 years ago when americans stood up to the powerful gun lobby and passed the brady handgun violence program. each time a frustrated grieving but determined nation took a stand together to say, enough is enough. it's been 23 years since our country passed any meaningful gun violence legislation. since then, gun related crimes have claimed more american lives than age, war, and illegal drug overdoses combined. since newtown, tens of
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thousands of lives have been lost to this deadly crisis. but the number of bills that have been debated and passed by this congress to prevent these deaths remains at zero. this republican congress may find comfort in remaining silent, in doing the bidding of the n.r.a. and turning its back on our people, but our inaction disservices our constituents and the tens of thousands of families who have lost loved ones to gun violence. millions more worry that they and their families are not safe. and if mothers can't sleep at night knowing their children are safe from harm, neither should this congress. i challenge my colleagues who have been silent on gun violence to engage their communities when they go home. to try and find a way to reject the gun lobby's heavy hand and bring the will of the american people to this body and to help
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us reduce gun fatalities. the number of americans who are resolved to taking steps to reduce gun violence is growing. i ask my colleagues to take stock of their solemn duty to keep families safe from harm. i ask them to take stock of hisry. -- history. do not bet against the american people. stand with us. to end congress' deadly silence. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from west virginia, mr. mooney, for five minutes. mr. mooney: thank you, madam speaker. last year i spoke on the house floor about my serious concerns regarding the export-import bank's interference of energy companies and the country of australia. in 2013, the export-import bank approved a loan of $640 million in financing for u.s. equipment to develop an open pit iron ore mine in australia.
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it is owned by the wealthiest woman in australia. not an appropriate use of u.s. taxpayer dollars. according to unions, public officials, and the iron mining association, these subsidies threaten to displace nearly 600 million worth of u.s. iron ore exports and cause a reduction of 1.2 million in domestic sales. today injustice towards u.s. companies in australia has been continued regarding a florida company, a.p.r. a.p.r. constructed an $80 million power plant in western australia to help the people and businesses of western australia. once the power generation facility was almost built, an australian bank, anz bank, seized the power plant even though it had no legal title or ownership interest in the plant. it claimed an ownership interest in the plant based on an unfair law in australia, which is unique to that country. this incredibly unfair australian legislation allows
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u.s. companies and u.s. banks to lose their title or lien interests to their own assets, even he though the australian companies and banks are expressly barred from doing so by contracts they sign with u.s. companies. a.p.r. lost its $80 million power plant, lost the use of equipment and ability to generate electricity for western australians, and lost the revenue associated with the plant. that power plant and revenue was wrongfully taken by the bank. australia legislates that u.s. companies that lease assets in australia are at peril of losing their assets based on this unfair and inequitable law. this law is called the personal property securities act, and it's contrary to the basic right to own and possess private property guaranteed under the u.s. constitution and the fundamental right to due process and equal he protection also guaranteed under the u.s. constitution. this law has the demonstrated ability such as with a.p.r. and the potential to seriously harm
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many other u.s. businesses and u.s. interests in australia and must be immediately addressed. last night i conducted a telephone town hall meeting in my district and was asked by a constituent about the status of the transpacific partnership legislation. this matter is important and topical for us because of the pending transpacific partnership agreement with the obama administration -- which the obama administration is supporting and many in congress are pushing for a vote on soon, such as this year. laws like the australian personal properties securities act should make it very difficult for any member of congress to vote for the transpacific partnership. . there must be a level playing field for all parties involved. u.s. companies cannot be at a disadvantage when they do business in australia or any other country. i strongly encourage our u.s. trade representative to address the situation so inequity caused to a.p.r. and the potential inequities presented
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for other u.s. companies be corrected before a vote is called on the trans-pacific partnership. thank you, madam speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. ratcliffe, for five minutes. madam speaker, to protect and serve isn't just a slogan on the side of police cars all across the country, it's a promise, a promise that our men and women in blue keep every day as they serve to uphold the law and order in our cities and our towns. without their bravery and sacrifice, our communities would be lawless and our families, our friends and our loved ones will be in constant danger. i can't adequately express the sadness i felt last week when five dallas police officers were targeted as victims in a horrific ambush simply for choosing to put on their uniform and to protect their community.
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among the lives whose lives was taken was brent thompson, who was a resident of royce district, in my home district. it just breaks my heart that this brave man's life was mercilessly and needlessly cut short at 43 years of age just because he reported for duty imply wanting to do his job. so i join the greater dallas community, the fourth district, in joining the country in mourning the loss of officer thompson as we remember him for his selfless commitment to our country. his family remains in our prayers and will be forever grateful for him for his service. officer thompson, you will not be forgotten. your memory will continue to inspire us to stand up to those who stand up to us because violence targeted towards our
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police officers is unacceptable, it's outrageous and it needs to stop. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, for five minutes. ms. ros-lehtinen: mr. speaker, every month should be alzheimer's and brain awareness month, and i rise today to share my efforts to help alzheimer's patients and their families. having lost my mother due to complications from alzheimer's, i am all too familiar with how it impacts the patient and their loved ones. i continue to push for more n.i.h. research funding because it represents our best chance to save lives and restore hope to millions of families. 'm a co-sponsor of congressman eliot engel's care and hospice education and training act, a bill to make sure that
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alzheimer's patients receive the care and the compassion they deserve and they need. i am also a co-sponsor of congressman chris smith's hope for alzheimer's act, to help families and caregivers plan for the costs and complications of alzheimer's. i urge all of my colleagues and the public to join together with the alzheimer's association in supporting these efforts to fight this tragic disease. mr. speaker, i rise to highlight the efforts that the one nonprofit organization that is based in my south florida district is making on behalf of young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. nature links for lifelong learning is forging a valuable -- is forming a valuable national model of education and inclusion for south florida. for far too long, many young adults with an autism spectrum disorder, asperger's or
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downsyndrome have been forgotten as they were released into the world following their time in the public school system, but nature links has exceptional skill-based educational training which works to identify the character of each individual's unique identity and takes the time to tap into each student's potential, to develop civicically engaged, job-ready and fully functioning adults. i congratulate nature links on its contributions to our south florida community, and i urge everyone to learn more by isiting their website at mr. speaker, i rise in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the completion of the main house on the shores of biscayne bay in my fabulous south florida congressional district. since 1916, it has served as a south florida landmark and a
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symbol of old world elegance and cultural influence. unfortunately, james diering, the former vice president of international harvester and the visionary founder of it, died in 1925 before his plans for the estate were completed in full. now, as part of the miami-dade park system, the museum and gardens preserves some of south florida's early history among significant collections of orchid specimens and european artwork. with plans to continue historic preservation and the creation of an attractive new open space for public enjoyment to be known as viscaya village, the future beyond 100 is indeed very bright for viscaya. mr. speaker, i rise to recognize the outstanding contributions that the university of miami researchers are making to america's health care in becoming one of the leading research universities
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in the country over the last decade. the university of miami has developed a pool of world-class talent and advanced infrastructure that is helping lead the science and tech boom that is shaping south florida's future for the better. among the exciting research breakthrough taking place in coral gables is the work of the lab at miller school of medicine. this is where dr. lampadis and associates have found when given in combination with a common cholesterol medication, nontoxic, 2-gt therapy, effectively kills tumors without the harsh of conventional chemotherapy drugs. mr. speaker, i congratulate dr. lampidis and everyone at the university of miami for their efforts to improve our community, our nation and the world. thank you, mr. speaker, for the time. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the
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gentlelady yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from south carolina, mr. clyburn, for five minutes. mr. clyburn: thank you very much, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i come today to draw attention to the fact that tomorrow evening we are going on the sting a speakout west front of the capitol, the west lawn, and we are going to be highlighting three pieces of legislation. , h.r. 1076, h.r. 3051 and h.r. 4603. i'm particularly interested 3051. n h.r. that is the legislation that
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seeks to close what has become known as the charleston loophole. the reason i'm particularly interested in it today is because on yesterday, the government accountability . fice issued a 57-page report w, that report is so voluminous, i won't ask that it be entered in the speaker, but i do ask that the one-page summary be entered into the record. and here's what you're going to find in this report. this report says that the general accounting office has found that between the years 89,000 people
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have been blocked from purchasing weapons who were not eligible to purchase weapons because of their records, but e report says that 6,800 others were able to purchase firearms because the three-day limit expired before they had the chance to complete the background checks. that is what happened to those nine souls at emanuel a.m.e. church when the gentleman, if i might call him that, who purchased the weapon and murdered those nine people was not eligible to purchase a weapon. he is joined by 6,800 others.
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now, we have heard from people who tell us -- and this report says that this is the biggest contributor to domestic violence. 6,800 people who have been convicted of domestic violence were able to go and purchase guns simply because of this loophole. now, we have been asking for years now that the center for disease control be authorized to go and study this issue to help better inform us on the impact of gun violence. but this house has passed prohibitive legislation that will not allow funds to be used to do that study. i don't quite understand. why is it not proper for the
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members of the united states congress to be equipped with information that will allow us to make better decisions about how to protect the american people, people who are guilty of domestic violence and have been proven in the courts to be allowed ught not to be to go on the internet and purchase a weapon? and we have case after case where niece weapons were then almost -- where these weapons were then almost immediately used to injure, maim and otherwise kill wives, spouses and children because of this loophole. would hope that after june 17 of last year that we would come to our senses in this body and close this loophole.
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but tomorrow evening we are going to once again draw attention to this loophole because the american people are deserving of being protected by those of us who are elected to protect them, secure them and to make sure that they can live out their lives in security. thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman's request is granted, and the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from north carolina, ms. foxx, for five minutes. ms. foxx: thank you, mr. speaker. for far too long there's been a discrepancy in what students are learning in the classroom and what plorse say they need in the work -- employers say they need in the workplace. the bipartisan of the innovative and opportunity act in 2014 was an important step for the millions of americans who are looking for work and for the employers who have job
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opportunities that remain unfilled due to the skills gap. however, great jobs are still going unfilled. americans are still missing out on rewarding careers and many businesses are still suffering. the carl d. perkins career and technical education act has provided federal support to state and local career and technical education programs for more than 30 years. h.r. 5587, the strengthening career in technical education for the 21st century act, updates the law to reflect today's economic needs and the challenges that students and workers currently face. in particular, i'm pleased that the bill streamlines the number of performance measures for postsecondary programs and aligns them with the performance measures. retaining that law's precedent setting accountability standards that lets taxpayers and lawmakers see clearly which programs work and which programs don't. this bipartisan bill goes a
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long way toward ensuring that individuals who pursue a technical education have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. however, i believe it's time we acknowledge that all education is career education and stop dividing the path to a high school degree into two tracks. students pursue education to develop the necessary skills to find a job, preferably a career in a chosen field. it's the same objective whether the student is pursuing a medical degree at an ivy league university or taking automotive performance courses at the local community college. unfortunately, there's an unnecessary stigma attached to career and technical education. it's too often referred to as the other track. with the incorrect implication it's the path veds take if they won't be able to handle the rigors of college.
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in reality students who pursue c.t.e. complete a diverse curriculum where they learn important skills for succeeding in the workplace such as problem solving, research, time management, and critical thinking. they are more engaged, perform better, and graduate at a higher rate than their college-bound counterparts. we should be celebrating that success and studying how we can translate it across the board. as long as we have two educational tracks, we have a problem in the way people perceive those who choose career and technical education. we need to shift our perspective away from the ideas that every student must attend an expanse -- an expensive four-year program to succeed in the work force. educational success is about more than julling-u just a degree. it's about quantifiable skills that employers need in their employees.
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with that, mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. the chair recognizes the -- from oregon, mr. defazio, for ive minutes. here we are cog so-called important hour debate after a very late evening here in the house doing a pretend bill. militude viding the of a representative congress having a series of votes on a bill going nowhere in the appropriations process because the senate isn't doing appropriation bills. everyone knows there will be some gigantic omnibus or continuing resolution year-end deal. to make it look like we are doing something instead of taking up issues as mentioned by mr. clyburn earlier, we are holding endless votes series. and then debate late at night. at 1:45 a.m. the gentleman from
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washington introduced an amendment to remove all protections for wolves in the united states of america. now, of course wolves only occupy a tiny fraction of their range. he did this under strong urging from the cattlemen and some hunting groups. now, there's only one thing wrong with what he's doing. it's actually going to have a counter effect. the wolf predays on cattle is unbelievably insignificant. 7.% of the losses of cattle are ue to disease, weather, some better husbandry would help a lot. and 2.7% is due to other predators. principally, the animal damage control wildlife services people have been trying to extricate for 70 years. 70 years after they tried to eliminate all the coyotes,
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there are many more, much more wildly disbursed across the country, and there are huge packs in the west which do attack cattle. why is that a problem if they want to kill wolves? wolves eat and kill coyotes. so let's take away -- here's a predator that does not prefer cattle. prefers wild game. in fact, wolves do help also with wild game. he they aren't trophy hunters. they aren't going after the 50 point elk. they are going after the slowest and weakest elk out there or caribou up in he alaska. they actually improve the health of the herd. the hunters say they are killing some of our cattle. we should be killing them elk. but the hunters are going after the trophies. the wolves aren't. you are doing the wrong stupid thing here. i think a majority of the american people as indicated by the 1.2 million comments against the listing -- delisting the wolf submitted to
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fish and wildlife would agree that we want to restore echo system and make -- ecosystems and make them more healthy. look at yellowstone, since the wolves have come back, the park has changed dramatically for the better. the elk herds don't just all hang around down in the rivers. and eat all of the vegetation and ruin the water quality. they got to act more like elk. and hide out in the forest because if they make themselves into targets, they are going to get eaten. so the health of the park has improved unbelievably due to the presence of wolves. this is a keystone species in a natural order. and because of this horrible depp pri days that .9% loss due to wolves compared to almost 10 times that do to bad husbandry practice, the answer is kill the wolves. we have 2.7% laws due to coyotes and predators are targeted by wolves.
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the answer is kell the wolves. this is stupid. irrational. unscientific. in fact, there is a study from the university of washington that found killing wolves actually increased livestock losses. but the gentleman from washington wants to persist in the myth that somehow by eliminating wolves it will help the livestock industry. it's just yet another misbegotten amendment on a feak bill that isn't going anywhere. i would still urge my colleagues to vote against it. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from illinois, mr. roskam, for five minutes. thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the joint comprehensive plan of action, the so-called iran nuclear deal. president obama made a series of promises to the american
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people. one was that iran would cease its illicit nuclear activity. yet last week, mr. speaker, germany reported that iran has increased its illegal proliferation of nuclear technology. president obama also promised that the nuclear deal would moderate iran. in other words, there was a gentle nice iran that just was waiting to come out if only we would be more understanding. but in the past year the islamic republic has launched nuclear ballistic missiles in violation of u.n. security resolutions. kidnapped u.s. sailors. shot rockets within 1,500 yards of u.s. navy ships. and increased their support for terror regimes and groups and they remain the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. the president also stated that the u.s. sanctions regime would stay in place against iran's terror activity while it was being lifted against the nuclear activity, but instead of u.s. -- the u.s. has become iran's negotiator in chief on
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the world stage and rewarding companies that continue to support the iranian national guard corps in devising ways to give iran access to the u.s. financial system. one year after the president agreed to a dangerous nuclear deal, iran continues to be a major adversary. so congress needs to highlight and spotlight iran's malevolent activity. the good news is congress is doing just that, mr. speaker. i'm encouraged the house will take up three very important pieces of legislation today. it will deal with the heavy water bill. think about this. iran gets caught manufacturing heavy water and rather than calling out the iranian regime, in clear vie racial of the -- violation of the ukelar deal, what does the administration do? the administration says we are going to help iran comply with the deal they just violated by using united states taxpayer money to buy heavy water from iran. you can't make this up it is so
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absurd. we are only giving excuses and we have to focus in on what else is happening on this issue. now, boeing and airbus have failed to understand the deep risks that come from doing business with iran. these aren't necessarily risks for their bottom line because they are very willing to sell to a terrorist regime, but their risks to freedom loving people around the world because both airbus and boeing want to do what? they want to sell a product that can be used for terrorism. they can use airlines for the purpose of moving things into illicit areas. we both know -- we all know that iran air was sanctioned for ferrying weapons and troupes to rogue regimes and terrorist groups. we know that the iran air was implicated in north korea's ballistic missile tests. we also know that iran systemically uses their commercial aircraft to transport weapons, troops,
10:40 am
missiles, cash, and other supplies to terror groups. mr. speaker, on my left is a display, this is a computer printout that shows a light from tehran to damascus last eek. think about this. this is hubris of the iranian regime, the iranian heirs air force belying a boeing 747 in the middle of the night over from tehran to damascus. do we think that this is for commercial purposes? of course not. do we think this is for tourism? of course not. do he we think that they are flying -- do we think that they are flying baby formula or textbooks? of course not. what they are doing is a bad act. we ought not be complicit in this. mr. speaker, one week ago this house passed on a bipartisan basis limitations to the financial services appropriations bill that would
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prevent this sale. we did it by voice vote. what a voice vote is that means nobody substantively rise in opposition. why? because there is no real reason to rise in opposition because more and more people are recognizing these types of sales should not go through. in response, the c.e.o. of boeing said this, he essentially said, look, us selling to iran, it's a good business opportunity to the iranians. to do business with the iranians. and then he also said, well, if boeing can't sell then nobody else should be able to sell. did you notice something, mr. speaker? in those two comments. he didn't say look, we've got this under control. he didn't say we're positive that nothing is going to be used for terrorism. he didn't say that this couldn't jeopardize national security. he just said if we can't do it, nobody should be able to to do it. i agree, if boeing can't do it,
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nobody should be able to do it. it's well-known that all of boeing's competitors, that is airbus from france, bombardier of can if a da, n.b. air from brazil, each of these companies have sources of at least 10% of their components to the united states and they require the same license that boeing does. that's not the point. what we need are companies, iconic american companies, following the lead of companies like lockheed martin that said they won't pursue this. northup grumman, and others that haven't sullied their reputation. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from tennessee, mr. duncan, for five minutes. mr. duncan: unanimous consent to address the house. revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. duncan: tomorrow might in my hometown of knoxville, tennessee, the 24,000 seat thompson bowling arena will be filled with people to celebrate the life of coach pat head summit. coach summit was buried last
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week in the little farming community of henrietta, tennessee, where she grew up. as most people know she was diagnosed with alzheimer's at the age of 58 six years ago o. she fought this disease with such courage that about five years ago i had the privilege of sitting with coach summit as she received the top award presented by the national alzheimer's association. this was the sergeant and eunice shriver profiles in dignity award and presented by their well-known daughter, maria. no one could have been more he deserving of this award than coach summit. she made the decision to go both go public with this diagnosis and continue coaching her beloved lady vols. later she decided to give up her coaching job after 38 years to help lead the fight against alzheimer's. she and her son have established the pat head summit foundation to carry on this battle that is and will be so very, very important to millions of people. coach summit became head coach of the u.t. lady vols at the
10:44 am
very young age of 22 really because nobody else was interested in the job. at that time only the players and their parents attended the games. thanks largely in part to pat head summit, women's basketball became a major support drawing crowds of 20,000 and more. she certainly was the most respected woman in tennessee and my most famous constituent and a long time friend. i was honored on two occasions to be her honorary assistant coach. the first time was on her 25th anniversary as a coach. the second time was a few -- several years later in a game against vanderbilt on the last home game of the season. before that game we were given a scouting report that tennessee had beaten vanderbilt and nashville by 30 points. it was accurate to say the team was fairly confident about this game. however at halftime the game was almost tied and the lady
10:45 am
vols came into the locker room with their head down. that is when i saw coach summit go into action. she got into each woman's face like a baseball manager arguing with an umpire. they were told in a drill art gent's voice she was going through a pity party out there and she would have no part of it. and giving her two minutes to make her presence known or yang her out so fast it would make her head spin. the first thing that happened that theresa stole the ball, took it downcourt for a lay-up, and her first two points of the game. the lady vols went on a 20-0 run and vanderbilt called a time-out. a spectator in the stands whom i had not seen because there were 20,000 people there, sent his card down to me on the back he had written, jimmy, great halftime coaching. come again. it was not me. it was coach summitt, in fact when she was staring each one of her players in the face at halftime in an intensely angry,
10:46 am
very loud voice i was glad i was not one of those players. she was the winningest coach in basketball history with 1,098 victories. her teams won 16 southeastern conference championships and eight national championships. . she coached in 18 final fours. but to me her most impressive statistic was a 100% graduation rate by her players and she did not allow her players to take easy courses because she wanted them to be prepared for life after basketball. almost all of her players have been successful after leaving the university of tennessee. on top of this, she never had a question raised about her recruiting or any ncaa violation. she showed through the years that you did not have to cheat in sports to win and be very successful. she succeeded at her most important job, being a mother, and raising her son, tyler. coach summitt was conducted into the women's basketball
10:47 am
hall of fame and was ncaa coach of the year an unprecedented seven times. in 2000 she was named naismith coach of the year. pat summitt was a woman of great honor and integrity. she was a great, great success because her very hard work, dedication, determination and discipline. most of her success she credited to her hardworking parents and lessons she learned on her family's tennessee farm. mr. speaker, this nation is a better place today because of coach pat summitt and her work with young people and the inspiring example that she set for all of us. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from texas, mr. farenthold, is recognized for five minutes. mr. farenthold: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to speak about the fallen heroes memorial in nueces county, texas. after being first proposed in 2011, it will be opened in early august. this memorial honors local
10:48 am
emergency responders who have sacrificed their lives for our community going back to 1860. instead of fading into history, these men and women will be remembered each time someone visits the memorial. the project has been a community-driven effort ints its inception. i'd like to -- effort since its inception. it was mike who noticed a defunct and overbudget water fountain in front of the county courthouse and decided to take action. the knew assess county fallen hero memorial is possibly because of his leadership. leadership everyone in the public sector should aspire to. men and women who go above and beyond their duties to imagine and create solutions to problems in the community. while it was his vision that got the balling rolling on this, it was the finance support of the dorell county.
10:49 am
along with the coastal bend foundation, the dorell's family helped. they are a prime example of what community driven accomplishments -- can accomplish. i want to thank those first responders who have given their lives in service to their community and country. here are a few of the first responders this memorial honors. lieutenant stuart j. alexander. in 2009, lieutenant alexander was intentionally struck and killed by a suspect fleeing police. officer matthew d. fibo. in 2008, the officer was killed in an automobile accident while responding to assault in progress call. was ant juan rincon pitro struck and killed by a truck. the memorial remembers these and 28 other first responders who have fallen in service to knew assess county over the years, all leaving behind friends and loved ones.
10:50 am
police officers, members of the sheriff's department, constables, firefighters and other first responders, these are the men and women who put their lives on the line every day for our community. they keep the law, they keep the peace and they keep us safe. the memorial will be opened at a celebration attended by members of the community, including state representative raya.unter and abel her nelda martinez. i look forward -- herrera. and also mayor nelda martinez. i look forward to attending and remembering those who died in the line of duty. mr. speaker, i'd like to take a moment today to congratulate my friend and mentor, texas radio icon jim lago, for his induction into the texas radio hall of fame. he and i have been on the radio together now for more than 15 years. he is a 30-year radio veteran and got his start when the crew he was working on in the oil fields pressured him to take a
10:51 am
part-time deejay job in longview, texas. over just four years through determination and talent he moved his way up to doing mornings in beaumont and afternoons in houston. he also spent some time in oklahoma city where he covered the oklahoma city bombings after feeling the buildings rock from the nearby explosion. he was also live on the air in corpus christi when the 9/11 attacks occurred. in 1991, he was working at keys in corpus christi where he got his start in talk radio. in 2005, he and i moved 1360 kktx to host his popular morning talk show, lago in the morning, where i'm almost on every morning. his success comes from his never giving up attitude. jim isn't afraid to discuss tough topics. he isn't afraid to speak his mind and take full ownership of his beliefs. in his words, jim is on the air to let people know that there are people with similar beliefs out there and they shouldn't be afraid to speak up. it's clear lago is doing just
10:52 am
that and doing what he was born to do. i'd like to congratulate my good friend, jim, his wife, pamela and his family on this well-deserved and in my opinion long overdue induction into the radio hall of fame in texas. i yield back the remainder of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. rothfus, is recognized for five minutes. mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize the city of pittsburgh, which this year is celebrating the 200th anniversary of its incorporation as a city. for two centuries, pittsburgh has embodied the very best of the american spirit. waves of immigrants, the tired, poor and huddled masses from distant lands as well as americans from other parts of the country found opportunity in pittsburgh for themselves and their descendents and the neighborhoods they settled still reflect that diversity.
10:53 am
together, these individuals built a city out of coal, steel and hard-honest work that epitomized the industrial character of our nation. and while the vast furnaces that once lined the three rivers are a shadow of their past, the perseverance of pittsburgh citizens have allowed the city to become a world leader in medicine, education and technology with world-class universities, hospitals and research centers. it is a success story no one could have predicted, and the story is far from over. the past 200 years have firmly cemented pittsburgh's place in the history books, leaving future generations of pittsburghers with vital roles to play in the coming years. happy birthday to america's most livable city, the city of champions. any happy returns. mr. speaker, i rise today to highlight the work of an institution that improves the lives of the blind, visually impaired, physically handicapped or reading disabled by providing them free access
10:54 am
to books in braille or auto format mailed directly to recipient ors instantly downloadable. n.l.s. was established by an act of congress in 1931 and falls under the jurisdiction of the library of congress. it started out as a network of only 19 libraries in 1931 and it has grown to 56 regional and 65 subregional libraries throughout the united states. these libraries provide audio described d.v.d.'s, books and magazines as well as large print and braille books. i was honored to do an audio recording of myself reading a children's book via the carnegie library of pittsburgh. the book i read was "uncle randy's cat," the nephew of pittsburgh's native son, pop artist, andy warhol. it will be available for children. i encourage others to do the same. i thank the speaker and i yield
10:55 am
back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from texas, mr. babin, is recognized for five minutes. mr. speaker, our nation's top law enforcement officials took a very dangerous turn last week when they essentially rewrote the law for the well-connected and privileged in america. this should be deeply troubling to all ordinary americans, both on the left and the right. for those of us who work hard every day, play by the rules and live by the law, when we cross the line, it's the law that holds us accountable. but that standard of law does not seem to apply to the clintons. john adams warned during the formation of our constitution that we must be a nation of laws, not a nation of men. undermining this founding principle for the privileged
10:56 am
not only demonstrates poor judgment and further erodes our trust in the institutions of government. and so it is left for us to now a what we've come to is nation of laws or is it a government of the rich and powerful? do we have a department of justice or a department of just us? f.b.i. director james comey testified before congress to the many laws that former secretary of state clinton broke, acknowledging extreme carelessness while denying gross negligence which by definition are one in the same. then, incredibly, mr. comey said that there was no need for prosecution. therefore, the choice not to apply the law equally to hillary clinton is not only a major blow to public confidence in the rule of law and equal
10:57 am
treatment under the law, it also suggests that the rule of law has become nothing more than a word game. it confirms everything that we hate about the current state of politics in our country. the f.b.i. basically just wasted millions of dollars to confirm that everything secretary clinton has been telling the american people is nothing but a bunch of lies and it doesn't matter. however, it has mattered greatly to far less powerful americans in similar circumstances who have had their careers and their lives destroyed. public servants and military service members who are not in positions to hold private meetings with the attorney general, as mrs. clinton's husband did just days before this decision, have been jailed, fined and lost their jobs and their security clearances. we may never know just how much damage was caused by clinton's
10:58 am
calous disregard for the law and -- callous disregard for the law where informants were killed, lost or compromised due to her negligence. the foreign intelligence services now retain tens of thousands of emails from her private, unsecured servers that can now be used against the united states or against her to the detriment of the united states of america. we have an absolute duty to find out. thank you and i yield back, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair would remind members to refrain from engaging in personalities toward presumptive nominees for the office of the president. the chair recognizes the gentleman from florida, mr. curbelo, for five minutes. mr. curbelo: mr. speaker, i rise today with a strong sense of urgency for this congress to pass legislation that will fund zika response efforts. it's been 20 days since this
10:59 am
house adopted the conference report to include $1.1 billion of funding to combat the zika virus. while i still fully support the administration's request for $1.9 billion, this house passed measures for a step in the right direction. i implore my colleagues in the senate to unite and provide funding to eradicate a disease that could devastate our communities, especially young mothers and their infants. mr. speaker, i'm honored to represent the southernmost district in the united states that spans from miami to key west. we have a vibrant community, an economy based on trade and tourism, but we're also ground zero for the zika virus. with over 239 cases in florida, 75 of those being in miami-dade county. just yesterday, the florida department of health announced six new travel-related cases of
11:00 am
zika. i have consistently advocated for full funding at the administration's request to stop the spread of zika and will continue to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to get this done. but in the meantime, i strongly encourage the senate to adopt the zika conference report and provide our health care officials with the resources they need to fight this dangerous virus. mr. speaker, the issue of trade has been much discussed in the current political season. candidates all across the political spectrum are twisting the facts and telling half truths in an effort to confuse the american people. the reality is that trade has afforded american workers and businesses the opportunity to sell the products they make all over o the world, and it has reduced the cost of goods for all american consumers. trade has lifted millions out of poverty and has contributed
11:01 am
to the proliferation of american values and the advancement of our interests. south florida being the gateway to americas our community knows the many benefits of robust trade policies. however, free throws must also be fair -- free trade must also be fair trade. american workers and companies should not be at an unfair disadvantage. many citizens have contacted my office complaining about chinese practices that do not allow americans to compete. but even strong u.s. allies are guilt i -- guilty of such practices. an alexander is australia permanent property act. u.s. companies at that lease assets in australia are at peril of losing them. this notion is contrary to the elemental right to own and conduct international business, as well as the fundamental right to the due process and equal treatment. both of which are key principles of justice in virtually all nations in the
11:02 am
western world. at least one florida company has been aggrieved by this law and it's important we discuss these issues while we finalize trade negotiation. those of us who believe the transpacific partnership has the he potential to be a powerful policy -- has the potential to be a powerful policy for america's economy and increase our influence in the world also hope it will level the playing field for american workers and entrepreneurs and address the policies and practices that give trade a bad name. i look forward to following this issue very closely as negotiations continue. with that, mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until noon today.
11:03 am
>> completion of work on the 2017 interior department spending bill. some congressional news, we are just learning that texas republican congressman ted poe has cancer. in a statement he says today during the congressional recess i'll be spending time in texas focusing on my health. i have been diagnosed with leukemia. he goes on to say the good lord will fix this i believe. and that's just the way it is. watch live coverage of the house when members return here on c-span. prime minister david cameron stepped down today leaving parliament following his 182nd and final question time with the house of commons and proceeding to buckingham palace to tender his resignation with the queen. "the guardian" writing the prime minister used his final prime minister questions to praise his fellow m.p.'s and mock jeremy corbin suggesting his office was
11:04 am
so ineffective a voter had urged him to keep him in his job. his successor should try to keep the u.k. as close to the european union as possible. here is more from that final question time. >> final, mr. kenneth clark. >> mr. speaker, can i join all of those in thanking the prime minister for the statesmanlike leadership he's given to our party and to the country. for six years. and particularly on this occasion for debating eloquence but also the wit and the humor that he's always brought to prime minister questions on wednesday. can i ask he will have some plans for slightly more enjoyable and relaxed wednesday morning and lunch time, nevertheless he will still be an active participant in this house
11:05 am
as he faces a large number of problems over the next few years. as no two people know what brexit means at the moment, we need his advice and statesmanship as much as we ever have. >> i thank my friend for his very kind remarks. i remember one of the toughest conversations hi in politics was actually when i was leader of the opposition and trying to get him to join from the bench. he was on a bird watching holiday in patagonia. it was almost impossible to persuade him to come back. i'm very proud of the fact that one of my first acts was to a point him to my cabinet and the coalition government. i know then deputy prime minister will join me in saying that he provided great wisdom, great thoughtfulness, great balance at a time of national
11:06 am
difficulty in the advice that he gave us. he's not always the easiest person to get a hold off. we can't get tim clark to carry a mobile feen. he did have one but he said people keep ringing me on it. we had to move, i remember, in opposition, we had to move our morning meeting to accommodate his 9:00 cigar. i will watch these exchanges from the back benches. i will miss the roar of the crowd. i will miss the barbs from the opposition. but i will be willing you on. when i say willing you on i don't mean the new prime minister or indeed just winning on the front bench defending the manifesto i helped put together but all of you on because people come here with huge passion for the issues they care about. they come here with great love for the constituencies that they represent. and also willing on this place because, yes, we can be pretty
11:07 am
tough and test and challenge our leaders, perhaps more than some other countries, but that is something we should be proud of and we should keep at it. i hope you would all keep at it. i will will you on as you do. the last thing i'd say is that you can achieve a lot of things in politics. you can get a lot of things done. that in the end the public service, national interest, that is what it's all about. nothing is really impossible if you put your mind to it. after all, as i once said, i was the future once. [applause] >> as you can see mr. cameron's final question time in our library, also this sunday here
11:08 am
on c-span. live now on c-span3, members of parliament are debating the report, the seven-year inquiry of the british decision to follow the u.s. into the invasion of iraq. again that's live on our companion network c-span3. a few days ago utah man came b became the first person to die from the zika virus in the u.s. coming up later this afternoon centers for disease control and prevention tom frieden testified before a subcommittee on the zika virus. he'll outline preparations in the u.s. for the mosquito-borne disease that causes birth defects. that will be live at 2:30 eastern on c-span3. up next, indiana governor mike pence and republican presidential candidate, donald trump, at a campaign rally in westfield, indiana. they had breakfast this morning with governor pens who is on the short list as a potential running mate for mr. trump and announced the pick could come as soon as this friday ahead of next week's republican convention in cleveland.
11:09 am
mr. pence: my fellow hoosiers, we are 119 days away from a great victory in the united states of america. when indiana becomes the first state on the board to make donald trump the 45th president of the united states of america. re in indiana we know that strong republican leadership works. different from our neighbors in illinois, we have balanced budgets. we cut taxes. we made record investments in education and roads. and today there are more hoosiers going to work than ever before in the 200-year history of the great state of indiana. that's what republican leadership gets you. and that's exactly the kind of no nonsense leadership that donald trump is going to bring to the white house this november.
11:10 am
after 7 1/2 years with a failed policies of barack obama, that have weakened america's place in the world and stifled our nation's economy, we are ready for a change in this state. we are ready to put a fighter, a builder, and a patriot in the oval office of the united states of america. we are ready for donald trump to be our next president. donald trump understands the frustrations and the hopes of the american people. like no other american leader in my lifetime since ronald reagan. the american people are tired. they are tired of being told. they are tired of being told this is as good as it gets. we are tired of hearing politicians in both political parties tell them that we'll get to it tomorrow while we pile a mountain range of debt on our children and grandchildren. and as ronald reagan said so eloquently so many years ago, we
11:11 am
are tired of being fold that -- told that a little intellectual elite in a far distant capital can plan our lives better for us than we can plan them for ourselves. donald trump gets it. donald trump hears the voice of the american people. he's been successful on wall street, but he's never turned his back on main street. he's never forgotten or forsaken the people who work with their hands, who grow the food, build our roads and bridges, tend to our sick, teach our kids, and protect our lives and our property. donald trump knows that the boundless potential of the american people awaits and we can make america great again. [cheers and applause] so we must come together and elect this goodman as our next president. we must elect this strong leader for one more reason because hillary clinton must never
11:12 am
become president of the united states of america. [ches and applause] governor pence: i heard bernie sanders endorse hillary clinton today. i actually served in congress with bernie sanders, and let me tell you, he's the nicest socialist i ever served with in washington, d.c. illary and her party have been flying so far of bernie's left agenda it's hard to keep track of it. i just have to tell you from my heart after looking at the direction that their party has gone, farther and farther to the left, to paraphrase the director of the f.b.i., i think it would be extremely careless to elect hillary clinton as the next resident of the united states. we don't need a president who sees obamacare as just a good
11:13 am
start. we don't need a president who promises to put coal miners out of work and raise the utilityity rates of hardworking -- utility rates of hardworking americans. as a proud father of a united states marine, let me say from my heart, we don't need a president who took 13 hours to send help to americans under fire and after four brave americans fell. what difference at this point does it make? anyone who said that, anyone who did that should be disqualified from ever being commander in chief of the armed forces of the united states of america. so let me say for the sake of our troops who deserve a commander in chief who will have their back, for the sake of hardworking americans and businesses who deserve a president who will get washington, d.c., off their
11:14 am
back, and for the sake of a supreme court that will never turn its back on the god-given liberties of the american people, let us resolve here and now that from this day forward we will unite, we will stand together, we will not rest, we will not relent until we make this good man our next president, my fellow hoosiers, i give you the next president of the united states of america, donald trum j. trump. - donald j. trump. cheers and applause]
11:15 am
mr. trump: wow, wow. whoa. a lot of people. that's a lot of people. thank you, everybody. thank you. all right. let's turn that music down. we want to get to business, right? get to business. how is your governor doing by the way, good? i think so. i just want to thank all of the people of indiana. we had a great victory here not so long ago and indiana was the state that put me over the top, thank you, folks. thank you. we have a lot of things to discuss, but we had some very bad news a few days ago. you saw what happened. a lot of bad things are happening. and i was going to go through a whole litany of that, but we don't want to. we want to be upbeat. we want to be positive.
11:16 am
we want to be strong. and we are going to be strong. we are going to be stronger than ever before. we are going to be greater than ever before. we are going to bring our jobs back. we are going to bring our military back. it's being depleted so badly. we are going to take care of our veterans. which we have to take care of. we are going to get rid of obamacare, which is a disaster, and we place it with something terrific. we end common core, we bring our education back to the local communities like this local community where the people love to have children and they want to see their children be well educated. so important. we are going to save our second amendment. we are going to save our second amendment. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and it's under siege. i wrote a few words today and i think it's important that we go
11:17 am
through and as a group it's been a special place and you're special people. i know so many people tonight in the audience. you're all -- look at all those cameras up there, folks. look at all those cameras. they don't stop. they don't stop. but i just wanted to say, i wrote this quickly, but it means it came right from the heart. and i have to say that our whole nation grieves and mourns for the loss of five heroes in dallas law enforcement. these were great, great people. reat people. we pray for their families. we pray for their loved ones. we pray for all the wounded survivors. we pray for our country. so important. the bliss are not just part of our society.
11:18 am
our police are -- the police are not just part of our society, our police are the best of our society. remember that. we have to remember that. they represent our highest andls, our greatest values, our most noble characteristics. when our police are attacked, our entire nation is attacked. remember that. remember that. so the message must be delivered clearly for all to hear. the hostility against our police has to end. and it has to end right now. and we have to stay together and we have to be strong. we have to take care of everyone. the two people that were killed in louisiana and minnesota, it
11:19 am
was tough. it was tough to watch. for everybody here it was tough to watch. we have to figure it out. we have to figure out what's going on. was it training? was it something else? it could have been something else. we have to take care of everybody. remember that. but we have to also, we have to get to the bottom of things. we have to. ut we can never, ever forget the hundreds of thousands of great deals and great things that our police all over the country do and nobody recognizes them for what they do. and when there's a problem, as bad as these two situations were, and i personally think they were bad, i hate it. i hated watching it, but as bad as they were, they get broadcast all over the world for days and days and all of the good things
11:20 am
which are magnified thousands of times nobody talks about. so we have to remember, we have to cherish and take care of our police. if we don't, if we don't, we don't have a country anymore. we have a country in chaos. and remember this, and i say it once, and i say it with love and i say it with compassion, because i have love for our country and i have great compassion for our people and our country. but i am the law and order candidate. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we need law and order and we need strength in this country. we don't have strength in our country. we have crooked hillary clinton, as crooked as you get. when you saw that with the emails, it's a rigged system,
11:21 am
folks. it's a rigged system. just remember it. it's a rigged system. it's rigged in so many different ways we are going to straighten it out. you can't even watch what happens. we had a young man who did nothing by comparison to what she did and he warned his friends of a problem that was coming, militarily, and they came down on him with a vengeance. and they let her go. 33,000 missing emails. they let her go. lies all over the place. and they let her go. think of it. it's a disgrace. so we are going to get on to other subjects, but i have to say law enforcement has to
11:22 am
remain with us. we have to take care of our police and our law enforcement officials. we are going to do it. we are going to continue to do it. we are going to remember that they do a fabulous job. we are going to remember they do a great job. and every once in a while problems will happen and we are going to take care of those problems. and they can be bad problems. but we are going to treat our police with respect. remember that. k. i'm looking at different rates and different crimes, you see the crime rate in large portions of our country is going way up. you look at certain inner cities, look at chicago, look what's going on. since president obama became resident almost 5,000 killings
11:23 am
in chicago. nobody talks about it. we are going to start talking about it because we have to make this a safe country. you know, i would say two weeks ago, a month ago i wouldn't be saying these words. i was talking about the border. i was talking about the wall, and we will build a wall. that i can tell you. i can tell you. don't worry about it. are you ready? who is going to pay for the wall? i don't hear you. who is going to pay for the wall ? audience: mexico! mr. trump: and they will. very much, they l 100%. you know what? they'll be happy to pay for the wall. we have a trade deficit with mexico that you wouldn't believe.
11:24 am
billions and billions and billions of dollars a year we are losing on the border, we are losing on trade. and when i was in the debates and i mentioned this, people would come up that i was debating against and they used to say, donald, you're not going to really build a wall, are you? i say, absolutely. they said, but you can't build a wall. but i'm in the construction. you know how easy a wall is? a wall. we build 95 story buildings with bathrooms. that's tough construction, not a wall. walls don't have bathrooms. bathrooms are always tough. but we are going to have a very big, beautiful gate in that wall. big and beautiful. and that gate's going to be opened. it's going to be wide open for people to come into our country, but they are going to come into our country legally. they are going to come in legally.
11:25 am
and there are going to be people that love our country. they are going -- they are not going to be people that hate our country. they are not going to be people that we don't know where they come from. they are not going to be people that come from the migration that don't have paperwork. this don't have passports. that we have no idea where they are from. we have no idea what their mow tiffs are. we are going to say no. sorry. and we'll help. in syria, we'll build safe zones. and we'll get other people to put up the money because we are going to owe very soon $20 trillion, trillion with a t. nobody even knows what it means. we are going to owe -- right now, can you believe this? $21 rillion, soon going to
11:26 am
trillion. we are going to get the gulf states who have so much money, folks, so much money, and we are going to get them to put up the money and others, and we are going to take care of people and we are going to have compassion. but we can't allow them to come into our country. we have enough problems right now. you see what happened in orlando. you see what happened in san bernardino. we can't allow it to happen. so we are going to build safe zofpbletse we are going to take care of people. we are going to have other people fund these safe zones. we are going to build up our military. we should never have been in iraq. but once we went into iraq, we should have never left the way we left. we left like fools. we went in, should have never happened. i didn't want to go there the
11:27 am
beginning, and i have proof from the beginning. i didn't want iraq. i said you're going to destabilize the entire middle east, and that's exactly what happened. but then we were there. losing thousands of lives, spending trillions and trillions of dollars, probably in the middle east we are up to $4 trillion. and we are in worse shape now than we were 15 years ago before the whole deal started. far worse. not even close. far worse. far worse. so what we are going to do is we are going to start thinking smart. we are going to be smart again. we are going to make great military and by the way i said for years we've got to keep -- i -- you keep the oil. we didn't do it. we didn't do it. i said it for years. once we were in, i said when we get out, it's going to be a disaster. but when we get out, we should
11:28 am
have left some troops there. and i hate saying that, but we should have left some troops there. and it would have been better, certainly, than it is right now. can't be any worse. but i always said, keep the oil. but we didn't keep the oil. so who has the oil right now? a lot of the oil is had by isis. and we created isis. and hillary clinton through her incompetence directly and indirectly created isis. now she wants to get rid of it. she says, yes, we will fight isis. she's the one that created it with stupidity. with stupid, stupid policy. policy that's only going to get worse. she is the one that created it. and that's what's happened. and so now we have problems all over the place. we have our cities exploding. we have isis looking at us.
11:29 am
and by the way, when our enemies all over the world, including our friends all over the world, look at what's happening to our country. the other night you had 11, think of it, 11 cities potentially in a blowup stage. marches all over the united states, and tough marches, anger, hatred, hatred. started by a maniac that some people asked for a moment of silence for him. for the killer. for the killer. ok. when our enemies look at what's going on with our country, they see our deficit, they see we don't win anymore. we don't win. we don't win. we don't win in anything. i always say when i was young going to high school and going to college and people that, we never lost.
11:30 am
united states they said had never lost a war. now we never win. we don't win on trade. we don't win with our military. our military's so depleted, our military has fighter jets that are in use flown by great, great american people that are so old and they can't get parts for the fighter jets. these are people flying these jets now in combat. they can't get parts. so they go to the plane graveyards in the deserts. they go to museums where they have similar planes and they strip the planes apart to use for our fighter pilots to fly. this is what we have been reduced to. i'll tell you something. hillary clinton is incompetent, ok. the greatest single thing in my opinion that she's ever done is
11:31 am
to get out of the email problem. i think it's incredible. she did a great job on that. i think it's her greatest achievement. i think when they look back on hillary clinton, they will say the greatest achievement of hillary clinton was getting out of this problem with emails. nobody could have -- houdini couldn't have gotten out. she was so guilty. i have a list. page after page of the lies. page after page of the lies. all over. look at this. page, page. look. i don't want to read it to you. the press would say you should spend your entire speech talking about hillary clinton. and emails. i don't want to talk about it. you know what? it was all lies, folks. i don't have to go through and bore everybody. it was so horrible. it was so disgusting. it was so outrageous.
11:32 am
you look at general petraeus, look what happened to him for a tiny fraction of what crooked hillary did. you look at other people for a tiny fraction, look what happened to them. so i just tell you this. we have a candidate on the other gets o, if she ever elected, it will be four more disgusting years of obama. it will be four more years of weakness. it will be four more years of civil unrest. it will be four more years of not winning with our military and not winning against isis. think don't have a clue out to beat isis. they don't have a clue. ut it will be four more years. -- years of owe obama and obamacare and all these things that don't work, except i think
11:33 am
actually it will be worse. today i see bernie sanders gave her this very sort of strange endorsement. i want to tell you, a lot of bernie sanders' people are so upset about it they are going to be voting for trump. i really believe that. they are going to be voting for trump. they are going to be voting for trump because the one thing that bernie sanders and i have in common was trade. now, he can't do anything about it. he just knew it was bad. i know how to fix it. because i am in favor of free trade. a lot of people say i'm an isolationist. when you're losing $800 billion a year on trade deficits, maybe that's not the worst thing. we are going to straighten it out. i believe in open borders for trade. i believe in free trade. the problem we have is that virtually every single country that deals with us are far sharper and far better.
11:34 am
they have their best negotiators , we have people that are political hacks negotiating for us. we have people that don't know what they are doing. i have the greatest businessmen in the world that have endorsed carl, great businessman. we have some of the greatest noshors in the world we don't use them. we use political hacks. we have people in there that got in for politics. you can look at the biggest companies in the world and it's small potatoes. it's peanuts compared to some of these massive trade deals. and we have people that should never be negotiating trade deals. just like we have secretary of state kerry negotiating with iran and what they did to him and you because he has no idea what the hell he was doing, and what he gave away, israel is in
11:35 am
serious jeopardy. frankly, we're in serious jeopardy, and we made a power out of iran. we made a power. number one, we should have never gone in and negotiated that deal until we got our hostages back, ever. ever. we should have never, ever gone in. and what you say is, folks, we have to get them back. and if you don't want to give them back, you leave the meeting. you leave the meeting and you double up your sanctions, you would have had them back within 24 hours. i guarantee you that. but we didn't do it. we never left the meeting. i kept waiting for the whole delegation, i kept waiting for them to leave. to get up and leave. i used to say get up and leave! perfect. get up. we didn't win anything. the only time that kerry left was at 73 to go into a bicycle
11:36 am
race where he went and broke his leg. i always tell people i promise you, i will never enter a bicycle race when i'm in the midst of an important nuclear negotiation, i promise. i promise. but when you look at it, number one we should have gotten them back. the other thing we should have never given them back the $150 billion. i would have said very nicely -- my father used to think i was a little bit rough. he used to go, easy, son. son, make it nice and easy. you have to take the lumps out. he had an expression. good father. we all have great fathers, i hope. i had a good father. but i learned a lot. he said, he would go like this with his hand. take the lumps out. easy. nice and easy. take the lumps out. you're a little too rough. what do you mean, pop?
11:37 am
you're a little too rough. over the years i think i learned that. made great deals. great company. took advantage of every single thing you can because you're working for yourself, your family, your employees, you're working for -- took advantage of every law. some of these are the dumbest laws i have ever seen. some of these laws are so stupid, you take advantage of them. you're like a businessperson, right? got to take advantage of them. because you're really representing your employees, your company, your family. my father would say take the lumps out. here's what i would have said on the 150. in the old days when i was younger i would say we're not paying you back the $150 billion. you're not getting it! and there would be a lot of hard feeling in the room. take a while, they would still come back. don't worry about it. because they need us. they need us. and then i would have left and go to sanctions. hostages before we start, uttering the first word. number two, how long were those
11:38 am
hostages there? negotiation took forever. we didn't win a point. we lost everything. they are going to be a nuclear power. they are rich. they are powerful. how about yemen? they are fighting on the other side of yemen. we are fighting. they are fighting. i said why didn't they make the deal to get out of yemen? and kerry said because he didn't want to complicate the negotiations. give me a break. can you believe? we are fighting each other. we are talking about one thing. they don't want to bring something else that's too complicated. these are amateurs. my father would say take the lumps out. so, here's what i would have said. number one, we'd now be negotiating because our prisoners would have been back years ago. i would said, fellows, here's the storery, we have a problem. our country's flat broke. we know $19 trillion, going to be 20 now with the omnibus budget going to be $21 trillion very soon. i want to give you the money back. i really do. we don't have it, i'm soarry.
11:39 am
they would have gone nuts. they would have said, what do you mean -- no, no. we want to. we don't have it. i want to so badly. we love you. you're such great people. such nice people. so kind. take a look at what they do to their hostages, prisoners, great negotiators. persians, great negotiators. i would have said, remember, nice and easy, i would have rather done it my way, but i respected my father. i would have said, we don't have the money. can't do it. they would have left. we would have left. been back in two weeks. $150 billion. those two things. we would have had our hostages back. we would have saved $150 billion. now they are so rich they are buying airliners, they are buying everything. they are buying probably nuclear weapons we just don't know about it, ok. we are worried about them making nuclear weapons.
11:40 am
they'll buy them. they have the money. they made such fools out of us. folks, those days are over. they are over. they are over. i called obama the five for one president. we have a traitor named ergeantberg dal. -- certificate gantt bergdahl, they have a wonderful way of life. one day he leaves. we lose five and maybe six, but five at least, people looking for him. they were killed. they were killed by the enemy. they go out there looking for him. they knew he left. everybody with him knew he left. because he was all whacked out. and a believer in death. so they knew he left. so knowing that, in fact they
11:41 am
had a colonel, i believe a general, talking to the people that knew him. they told the colonel and the general that he left. he desserted -- deserted, remember the old days? desserter, what happened? bang. 20 years ago it was bang but slowly. 10 years ago it was long prison. today, they are probably talking about nothing. that's where we have come. but i call him the five for one. bergdahl,erg hall-get right? a traitor. they get five of the most vicious killers they have that they have been after for nine years to get them out, and they bring them back on the battlefield trying to kill everybody, including us. this stuff going to stop, folks. and gtmo, we are not closing gtmo. we are going to fill it up. we are not closing gtmo. we are not closing gtmo.
11:42 am
i see hillary clinton said, i do ot like donald trump's tone. look, here's the story. i think i have a great temperament. she uses the word temperament. i loved when she used the word tone. i do not like donald trum's tone. the chopping off heads of christians and anybody else that gets in their way. we haven't seen that since medieval times, right? you read the history books. they chopped off heads. they are chopping off heads. they are drowning people in steel cages by the dozens at a time. she says, we don't like his tone. let me tell you, folks, it's time for a tough tone. we've had enough. we've had enough. e've had enough. we've had enough.
11:43 am
so we are going to do things the smoort way. i remember doing -- smart way. i remember during the debate they asked one of the folks from the debate stage who is becoming friendlier and friendlier by the day with me, some of the people are recovering. i tell you what, they say it was the nastiest primary that anybody has seen. they say nastiest in recorded history. who knew what went on before recorded. but it was pretty nasty. and some of the folks, i saw one yesterday i will not mention names because i want to be friends with everybody, right? except for the real enemy. but they'll sign a document, right? called a pledge. i pledge, i pledge. i swear. i pledge. that if i don't make it i'm going to support the nominee of the party. it doesn't say subject to
11:44 am
change. subject to the weather. subject to the sun doesn't come up. no. it said i pledge. and for that pledge they got access to millions of dollars worth of material from the republican national committee. the r.n.c. great guy, doing a great job. and if he wasn't, i would tell you. if he doesn't over the next four or five weeks i'll tell you. but he is. a good man. and his whole staff is doing a great job. but they got access. so they signed a pledge. -- pledge that they will support. i don't want their support. won't mean one vote other than perhaps their family. doesn't mean anything. but i signed the pledge, too. and everybody wanted to sign the pledge. the reason they signed the pledge was to get me to sign it. i signed it. i would have honored it. i just said people should honor
11:45 am
pledges. people should honor documents when they sign them. not a big deal. but they should honor thefment here's the story, folks. we are losing our country. we're like a piece of swiss cheese at the borders. that's going to end. you know, the border patrol agents, 16,500 first time in history that they did this, they have never done this before, 16,500 border patrol agents have endorsed donald trump. they know better than anybody what's going on at the border. and by the way, if and when we win, it's we, i'm just a messenger, folks, i'm telling a message of common sense. i'm telling a message of strength. i'm your messenger. i'm doing a good job as your messenger, all fairness.
11:46 am
16,500 border patrol agents endorsed donald trump. if they d. their jobs would be much easier. what they do now stand there, beautiful equipment, great people, people walk right by them. that's an easy job. they can't stand it. because they don't like what's coming into our country. they want to do their jobs. with me they are going to be working really hard. i said to them when they called me to tell me about the endorsement. never done it before. they never endorse add presidential candidate before. 16,500 great, great people. i said to them, let me tell you, i want to ask you this question, how important is the wall? they said, mr. trump, the wall is vital. i don't know what i would have done if they said it's not important. i respect these. they know better than anybody. they know a hell of a lot bert
11:47 am
than the consultants and these people making millions of dollars that don't have a clue. who's better at that? i said how important is the wall? mr. trump, never forget the answer, the wall is vital. vital. very important. very important. they actually said it's a tool toward real security. an important tool. sheriff i spoke with joe from arizona and he called me out of the blue and i've read about sheriff joe. i mean he knows borders, right? amazing guy. tough guy but an amazing guy. and he said, mr. trump, i just want you to know that i'm endorsing you because you know more about this stuff, more about this stuff than people doing it for 25 years. you get it. you know what's happening. i'm endorsing him. and he's actually a quality person. he's a tough guy. but he's a quality person. he gets the job done.
11:48 am
anaysing. -- amazing. so i know about that. when it was coming time for the wall, i'll never forget, vicente fox, your former president on one of the major networks used the f-bomb. remember, i told the story a couple times. he said we will not pay for the f-bomb wall. i said, can you imagine it's going to be headlines tomorrow. he said that on live television. i feel so badly for the guy. one way i was happy. because he used to say, we'll never build a wall. now he's saying we'll never pay for the wall. we made a lot of progress. he seemed like a nice guy, but he got a little bit rough. we will never pay for the f-bomb wall. i said, poor guy. he's going to get killed tomorrow in the papers. nobody mentioned it. can you imagine if i threw out
11:49 am
the f-bomb? i think it would be the electric chair, right? would it be electric chair? the press i have to tell you those people back there, i will tell you this, not all of them, but many of them, are the most dishonest human beings on earth. they are the most dishonest human beings on earth. i've had days that are so good and you wake up the next morning and you say man did they take that. i won't even say what things -- i could go one after another. and we don't make a lot of mistakes, all of us. we don't make mistakes. what they do is they'll take a sentence and make it much different than what you said much different from what you meant. and all of a sudden they'll say donald trumpp had a bad week because he said something perfect. perfect. ok. perfect. i'm telling you, folks, and i tell it all the time, because as
11:50 am
a republican and as a republican conservative we are at a tremendous disadvantage. you look at the way they treat crooked hillary, take a look at this compared to the way they treat other people, or the way they treat me, they are some of the worst human beings on earth, i really mean it. i really mean it. you know, where are my protesters? i want some protesters? you know, look at this room. the governor just said he's never seen a room like this in indiana with this many people. he's never seen anything like this. look at this thing. this is where your football team -- look at the ceiling. everything's nice. i always talk about the wall will be real high. that's really high up there. that's a big one. but they don't see crowds like
11:51 am
this. we have crowds like this everywhere no matter where we go. every time i go home my wife said how was the crowd? i always say, they keep those cameras on my face, they never take the cameras off my face. because they don't want people -- i wish they would turn those cameras over here. take a look at this crowd. take a look at this crowd. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: the cameras aren't moving. they are really dishonest. i really mean this. they are so dishonest. that's why i love my protesters. because the only time they move the cameras are when we have a protester. if somebody were up there screaming or shouting, the cameras, which i used to think were in a fixed position, i said maybe mechanically they can't move. but when we have a protest here they turn -- they are like a pretzel.
11:52 am
through the camera man's legs, up around his ankles. you never saw cameras move like this. the fact is you have to know what you're getting. and the system is wonderful in many ways, but really bad in others. and one of the worst aspects of our system is the dishonest press. the dishonest media is one of the worst things. i really mean it. they write and say things that are disgraceful. i like to say, you know what, when people see things or read things or hear things, they'll say, ail tell you what, one of the most incredible -- people said what have you learned? i said you know what i've learned? how smart the people are. because their rating is so low, they are so -- thought of so badly it's like how smart the people were. i'll say this, various anchors,
11:53 am
some of whom truly dislike donald trump have said, what's happened to us, to us, i'm messenger, you're the important ones in this whole thing, but what happened to us is one of the greatest political phenomenons they have ever seen in this country, history of the country. i didn't even know that. i didn't even know that. bill o'reilly, of course, i'm on his show tonight so if you get home you'll see the next edition. but bill o'reilly said the single greatest political bomba that he's seen in his lifetime. smart guy. tough. tough. but the single greatest political phenomenon he's seen in his lifetime is donald trump and all of us. the whole thing. we have been on the cover of "time" magazine. wreef' been on the--we've been on the cover of "time" magazine
11:54 am
so much it becomes routine. but they just told me, mr. trump, sir, you're on the cover of "time" magazine again this week. i said all right. the old days i would say that's a big deal. now it's like, really? that's good. that's all right. you're on the cover of "time" magazine. i'm not on the cover of "time" magazine. you're on the cover. just remember that. so we have a lot of things that are taking place. we have a bad enemy. we have an enemy that's dishonest. we have a press that's dishonest. we have a group of people that want to get elected who have a rigged system and have really rigged the system to a large extent. they have really rigged the system. say what you want about bernie sanders, sews superdelegates. that was worse than what happened with us. frankly the only reason i could win is we won in such landslides all over the place, including indiana. what a landslide that was.
11:55 am
and we love bobby knight. do we love bobby knight? oh, that bobby knight. i love that bobby knight. we had so many coaches, gene, and bobby, we had so many coaches, lou, lieu holtz, so many coaches. i do well with coaches, i'll tell you. the coaches like me. but bobby was out here working really hard. i could see right at the beginning. this was going to be the watershed. but bobby came out and i came out and we went to arenas you'd never seen so many people. a lot of you were at those arenas. but it's been amazing. here's the story, folks. we've got to stop four more years of obama. we've got to stop hillary clinton who is as crooked as they come. we've got to bring our country
11:56 am
back. we have to make great trade deals again. we are going to make deals that bring our jobs back. and we are going to get along great with these countries. we are going to trade with these countries. i am not an isolationist, i'm a free trader. but i'm a free trader to make great deals not horrible deals. one of the people standing right there said to me, mr. trump, are you an isolationist? and mr. trump -- i said, no. mr. trump, what's your definition of trade? very simple. very simple. i know free. i know every form of trade known to mankind. ok. here's my definition of trade. my definition of trade is that i want to make great deals for the american people. you can call it whatever the hell you want. ok. we're going to. we are going to bring our jobs back. we are going to bring our manufacturing back. you look at what's happened to
11:57 am
the manufacturing since bill clinton signed, probably the worst deal economically in the history of our country, nafta, that deal was signed by bill clinton. you look at areas even from here, but you look at places, you look at places like new england and new york state and pennsylvania, great state, we are leading in pennsylvania by the way. just came out. i hear we are leading in florida. i hear we are leading in ohio. i hear we are leading all over the place. and the rassmusian pole came out -- rassmusian poll came out. we are dealing with a dishonest system, crooked system, a rigged system. we have a long way to go, folks. we don't want anybody to take it away from us . when this person said to me by the way what you have done has
11:58 am
never been done before, congratulations. it doesn't even matter if you win or lose the election. what you have done as never been done before. winning all the primaries. beating great professionals, they are very talented people. it's never been done before. you'll go down in the history books, mr. trump. i said do me a favor. don't even tell me about it. because if i don't win the next one, i will consider a big fat waste of time and $55 million i put up, and i'm still putting up a lot more. and we raised $51 million last month and we started toward the middle of the month. everyone was shocked. much of that money came in small donations like $71 average or something like that. and i put up millions. but i did it like i want people to realize i'm raising money for the republican party. and the r.n.c. that's what we want to do.
11:59 am
because we want to keep our majority. we want to deep our -- keep our house. we want to keep our senate. i'll tell you what, if we can do that, and we have trump as president, we are going to be able to do things that are going to be so great for our country. going to be amazing. we are one of the highest tax nations in the world. and yet in goingards to meeting with people -- going around to meeting with people, small businesspeople, if they had their chance and choice, they would rather get rid of rules and regular -- we have the worst regulations anywhere in the world. they actually would rather pay more tax, which is surprising, and get rid of these regulations that are choking everybody. people can't run their business. so we are going to turn things around -- >> you can watch all this road to the white house event at we leave it now as the house is about to return for a busy day of legislative work.
12:00 pm
members should be debating rules for two bills, one dealing with discrimination against health care providers who will not provide abortions, another bill dealing with g.m.o. food labeling. later, a bill barring the u.s. from buying heavy water from iran and completion today on the 2017 interior department spending bill. the eaker: the house will be in order. the prey prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, the reverend malcolm j. bird, jackson memorial a.m.e. zion church, hem steady, new york. the chaplain: let us pray. o god, thou in whom we live and move and have our being, god of our weary ears and god of our silent tears, thou who have spangled the heavens with thy glory, descend now we pray upon the united states of america


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