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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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marriage equality. do the math and good luck. you have a party and it is determined as i've been saying to the republican party was moving beyond social conservative and i thought this was a positive thing and that i'm so tired of political correctness. when i grew up, i thought it was just treating people with respect. that is it. now suddenly there is nothing more than --
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anybody heard trump speak ately? it is up to the panelists if they are willing to go one more. ne more.
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>> i served in the army for several years. i was an interrogator. them, they did not appreciate it when the american government was perceived as attacking them as a general whole. from what i've seen in statements made from donald trump, this is what is happening , it is we're going to build a wall, they will pay for it, that to me is what is going to turn more people against us. i sat across the table from them, i've been attacked by them come i ultimately made connections with people who hate women, who hate everything about , i'm getting there.
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is, how are you asng to defend comments such groups of people together and say that he is going to keep the country safer? in my experience he will not. i know there is a strong impulse, interrogators have said, i would have to do is give the muslim members a cookie and it fills everything. another is that argument. argument donald trump makes his bold. even letting in 2 million of them since 9/11. why we going to keep letting them and after orlando, at the san bernardino? we are continuing to let them in and hoping that some of the want
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to come in will help us. how about stopping terrorists in. donald trump does not want to start wars. i'm happy that we are getting back to the republican initiative. the position of the rest of my party other than outcome. the democratic party, instead of doing something hard like not bringing terrorists and, let's do something easy like an day the entire middle east. these democracies all over the world. how about we just don't let them in and assimilate the ones who are already here. that is the argument that makes us safer. [applause] trumpsaid, donald attracts david duke and is the ku klux klan that approached -- proposed the initial immigration policy. the immigration policy of the
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united states as we have had it in the 20th century was proposed and put forth by the clan. people -- as you got darker, you became less desirable. the point is not whether or not it happens to be true. >> it has nothing to do with trump! >> it has everything to do with someone putting forth on the kkk. you are not the only expert on the kkk. ideas that aret going to force us to defend the indefensible. interest thene's two, it is not in anybody else's
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best interest. it is going to create international strife. >> you have to believe us. you can just caught -- talk to counterterrorism experts. will create more enemies. that is it. and john mccain did not occur without -- with that interrogation. i'm going to buy you all a trick later. -- drink later. that,important to know first of all, might ancestors came to this country with her work immigration laws. they told the girls. we do not have rules. because they were not different. they look by what we think americans should look like. i think that is wrong. noting, that one
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into terrorist plots in this country have been foiled by tips from the muslim community. muslims, we are doing a disservice. we have a sears problem of white men taking guns and shooting up places, but we don't think the profile them. recommend we to stop letting them come into the country. donald trump -- >> recommend we stop letting them come into the country. 1920's, 1955, was the most prosperous time in american history. we were not bringing in workers. until we bring more jobs. he would not have muslim problems if you are not bringing in muslim immigrants. some of them will help us.
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when you are limiting the wages of women, when you are forcing people of color into the meeting situations that you don't have to pay them for, for whom? [applause] i want to ask everyone -- we should have a vote remotely discussed. the kkk has come up, black lives matter, in 2002, i published a book with cambridge press called the new white nationalism that challenge integration. in that book i talked about the situations that were diverted to create a group of racial unrest. there are people that are white and black, and the white
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community and the black unity that would love to see a race war in america. i think black lives matter in the tactics of that group are contributing to an unstable environment. i think race relations have never been worse and that if you want to include race relations in america, you have to move away from the identity politics and try to go back to american national ideals and the things that unite us rather than divide us. [applause] >> i think we need to wrap it up. it has been a lot of fun and interesting. ery provocative remarks made. i don't roughly resolved the question of whether conservatism hostile to women.
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decided some of the audience members are. >> we did learn that women are not at all alike. ,hey don't just sit in circles they do care a lot about the issues that matter to all of us. what a healthy worldly event, and cut through it and when we can have these different ideas. i do think anyone is going to get shot tonight for those ideas. who will win the election? the bar is pretty low these days . guys,t know about you, who will win?
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donald trump? [cheering] hillary clinton? [cheering] [slightly louder cheering] >> that was awesome. we are fine. good night, everybody. thank you for coming. [applause] >> g.o.p convention senior another visor mike miller gives c-span a tour of the quicken
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loans arena and explains how it is going to be set up for next week's convention. we're outside the quicken loans arena. this is where the republican convention is going to take place. a re in one of the suites, hospitality suite. on this level, there are some suites for guests but also about 30 broadcast media suites. i was involved in the early infighting you might say to get these suites for the media to to get our share. it is about normal. it is what we normally do. the delegates will be seated
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facing -- facing all of them facing the stage, which we call the podium. we call it the podium complex. while that seating chart has not been announced, it usually is a fan shape. they move inwarsd towards the complex. we have the center aisle and i'd aisle so people can move -- side aisle so peek can move. we'll see that next week when the plan comes out and when the seats come out and it will show where all the states will be and you'll really get a view of it. there are a number of standup broadcast positions. some of them are at floor level on each end, on the end zones.
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they opted for those positions. they cost more to build obviously than the others. three others, fox, abc and cbs are a level up in what were handicapped seating areas and we have other handicapped seating elsewhere of course in taking those positions. so you have the broadcasters up here that are -- we call them nonnetwork. that means they are not one of those five. they may be affiliates from some of those. in other words, then we have those same groupings with stand up positions on the floor and some up on the level in handicapped broadcasting areas too. so they are everywhere. down on the floor, if you can see them, there are two major side camera stands and those will have a television pool camera on the front tier and still photographers on the upper
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tiers. there will be two pool camera -- television cameras and our house production camera on the front tier and the upper tiers will be still photographers. the press seats are in. they are fixed positions, the with tables, electrical and internet capability built in and they are decorated with red, white and blue and the stars. the stage reflects a trend that started in 1996 in san diego with steps in the front. those steps were put in and p the podium that we call the stage was lowered somewhat to give more feeling of openness, not like a 10-foot high battleship approach where you look down on the delegates and that has endured. we had steps in every design since then this design was
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brought to us by an executive producer and his company and the designer joe stuart from los angeles and another designer from new york. they have done this for us before and are experts at it. you can see it has large screens and lighted steps. what we are not seeing today are is the tremendous way we can vary the look of this with lights. not just on the steps but everything. the light consist change to many colors throughout the stage. people will enter interest one side and make their speech and then exit from the other side. there is a small bandstand to one side where a house band will keep the flavor and there could some other entertainment. we mentioned the lighting grid and other things a hang. i think the lighting itself is 140,000 pounds which reminds me
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of when went into the houston astrodome in 1992. it had been built very rapidly. there were no records to show what the ceiling would hold and the most they had ever hung there was 40,000 to 50,000 pounds and we were going to hang at least 125,000 pounds. we had to do all of these major studies to see that it would hold our weight and we did. it was also an acoustical disaster for a convention type thing. because it wasn't built for spoken word. there was an echo in there. if you said something loud, it seconds. oed for 17 we had to deal with that too. and that brings us to the fact that you know, these sports arenas are more modern. this one is more modern. we had some acoustical
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improvements to make here for our particular sounds from floor level and they are going to work fine. i think this is our fifth straight convention in a sports arena approximately this size. prior to that, we were in two dome stadiums. the super dome in new orleans in 1988 and the astrodome in houston in 1992. for now at least this has become the standard of what you see. we are in what is going to be known as media row. it is an extension in variation in what has traditionally been known as radio talk show row. this time it was the idea of our communications director to vary it and enhance it and make it more than just radio talk shows and it will have broadcast positions in here and also the digital media, the new angle of this is the digital age and that will all be in here. there will be defined spaces of different variations.
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we have quite a scenic design will be in here to spruce this place up. you can see a few of the initial panels. they just started on the design today. this is the very beginning of that. it will be a very popular hub of activity during the convention. with inters going constantly all the time, it is a good place to come by and see and be involved involved in. >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, "washington post" reporter ed o'keefe will join us to discussion the republican national convention and donald rutch's vp pick mike pence and then greg coleman will be on to talk about how the political parties are funded.
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be sure to watch c-span's washington journal beginning live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump has announced mike pence will be his vice presidentable running mate. he is in his first term as governor. last year he was the keynote speaker at the ronald reagan dinner hosted by the conservative political action conference. he discussed the upcoming presidential campaign. his is about 25 minutes. [applause]
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>> thank you. thank you, john. thank you for the warm introduction. good evening to you all. it is an honor to be with you among such a large group of so many americans. men and women who represent the bulwark of the leadership of the conservative movement in the united states of america. i appreciate the kind introduction, but the introduction i prefer is a little shorter. i'm a christian, a conservative and republican. in that order. [applause] there's an old saying that when you see a box turtle on a fence post, you know one thing for sure. he did not get there on his own. that is true of my life. other than my faith, my family, my beloved wife who is with me today and my fellow hoosiers, i rise tonight to pay a debt of gratitude to all of you.
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to this uch to cpac, movement, the namesake of this dinner for the inspiration and opportunities i have been given. it is good to be back at cpac. the premier conservative gathering in the united states of america. [applause] we gather in 2015 in a challenging time in this nation. an administration paralyzed by ideology and incompetence has weakened america's place in the world. stifled our nation's economy. while the challenges we face are daunting, but choices we make to meet them are not. 50 years ago, ronald reagan held -- helped to birth our movement with an iconic time for choosing speech. today, i believe we have come to another time for choosing. you either choose to view america as a shining city on a
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hill that inspires the best in all mankind, or you don't. you either want america to stand by her friends and stand up to her enemies or you don't. you either are for limiting the power of the federal government or you're not. you're either for protecting the unborn and the religious liberty of every american or you aren't. [applause] well, i say tonight after winning both houses of congress, more statehouses than ever before and electing 31 republican governors in states like maryland and massachusetts and illinois, the american people have made their choice and we are on the verge of a great american comeback. [applause] i believe that because i believe in this movement. my grandfather immigrated to this country from island.
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my dad build a gas station business in a small town in southern indiana. while i actually started in politics as a democrat, when i heard the voice of the 40th president of united states, it all changed for me. i live the dream of becoming a congressman from a small town now i serve as governor of the great state of indiana. [applause] i served 12 years in the congress and i love to say, if i only had 12 years left to live, i would like to live as a member of congress. that was the longest 12 years of my life. [laughter] the truth is we have not had a government as good as her people in washington d c and some time. it is worse today than ever before. at home the heirs of this dministration are almost too
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numerous to recount. but it is the government takeover of health care or the nternet, the president nconstitutional war on coal, our prosperity. you cannot improve health care by ordering every american to order health care. that the internet to drive based on warranted and unjustifiable regulation. you cannot change the law of this land by executive fiat. you cannot build an energy policy by raising the cost of electricity on working americans. it should go without saying that obama care be repealed, the fcc must be reversed and the president executive action rescinded and the epa's war on american energy must and. -- end. [applause]
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tonight, allow me to offer some advice. some advice to the rising generation of leaders. gathered here looking on from across the country, how we might confront the challenges we face with renewed focus at home and broad. first, let me submit that 2015 could be the first for policy national election since 980. and sadly, this administration has reduced our army to its smallest size since 1940. he navy has fewer ships and at any time since 1916. our air force has its smallest technical fighter force in history. history teaches that you cannot reduce our military strength without provoking our enemies. weakness arouses evil. as we speak, isis is setting up franchises across the middle
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east sand on the offensive across the arab world. the president says jobs are the answer to violent jihad. mr. president, jihadi john does not want a job. he wants to see paradise and i think we should help him get there as quickly as possible. [applause] with the growing threat of homegrown terror, is important to remember that our first line of defense is the right of self-defense. now more than ever, the right to keep and bear arms must not be infringed on the american people. [applause] but violent jihad is not the only threat. asia, china is massively expanding its military. just last month the pentagon admitted the chinese satellite and ballistic technology are rapidly approaching parity with our own.
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and as we gather here tonight, a new iron curtain is descending own the spine of europe. russia is expanded. unlike the former soviet union that respected the strength of -- west, putin's russian russia ignores talk of sanctions, claims land and support rebels in ukraine. if we do not know enough about the threat we face from i. -- iran. by far the most significant security challenge facing the united states and its allies and interests in the middle east. in a few days, the leader of our most cherished ally will come to washington dc to warn congress and the american people of the gathering storm he believes will strike his country and present
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hours if we allow the world's most dangerous regime to obtain the world's most dangerous regime do it in the world was dangerous weapons. traveling to israel last december, i met with the premise to and his private quarters in on the very day the palestinian authorities try to force a settlement on israel through the nited nations. it would have compromised israel's security. i saw firsthand the result from a courageous leader. in times often alone of great peril. speaker boehner was right, to invite the prime minister netanyahu to address the congress at such a time as this, israel's causes our cause. israel's enemies are our enemies. if the world does nothing else, let it know this, america stands with israel. [applause]
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the truth is you cannot command the respect of the world when you spend years apologizing to our enemies and abandoneding our friends. lecturing the american people about the crew says while refusing to call islamic extremism by name is an abdication of leadership. -- is roviding for the the chief responsibility of our national government. with everything happening in the world, i believe, my fellow conservatives. i believe it is imperative that conservatives again embrace america's role as the leader of the free world and the arsenal of democracy. i believe the time has come to dramatically increase defense spending to confront the knowible and unknowible threats
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of this still-new century. without rebuilding our military, no strategy will be stoust protect the american people and the sovereignty of the united states. among other measures, we could revive the future cam bat of the military and produce the most advanced fighter in the world the f-22. a safer and more -- america is a stronger and more prosperous america. [applause] of course, our strength begins at home. and our families, our communities, our businesses and in our states. so second, let me suggest that our movement also put the promise of federalism and state-based reform back at the center of the conservative agenda in the 21st century. [applause]
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as president regan said, it's important to be reminded, and i quote, the federal government did not create the states, the states created the federal government. our states are not territoryal outposts of the federal government, they are a wellspring or our vitalety and reform. i should know. i come from a state that works. [applause] >> in indiana we balance budgets and have a triple-a bond rating. that's a lot better than washington, d.c. we passed the largest state tax cut in indiana history, we have the largest educational soucher program in america and i'm proud that indiana was the first state to yaw from common core and amidst the shifts sands of contemporary kul chir and law, we have stood without apology for the sanctity of life, the importance of marriage and the freedom of
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religion. [applause] and it's working. our first two years in office unemployment has dropped from over 8% to 5.5%. we have seen 100,000 new private sector jobs created and last year we thread nation in manufacturing jobs created. graduation rates are up, test scores are up and life is winning in indiana. abortion is in decline in the great state of indiana for the fifth straight year in a row. [applause] now, i didn't come theory brag on indiana. well, i didn't just come here to brag about indiana. i came troll encourage you. encourage each of you here today with the progress that's being made in indiana and in other republican-led states, and to urge you as leaders and
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activists in this movement to take encouragement from the successful results and conservative policies are achieving in states across the country. after 12 years in congress and two years as governor, i am more convinced that the cure for what ails in country will come more from our nation's state capitals than it ever will from your nation's capital. so let's put state-based reform back at the center of our ational agenda and look at the -- for the most intractable problems facing our nation. that includes getting federal spending under control. you know, when it comes to most public assistance programs states are better to manage in a fiscal responsible way, because states can't print money. during my years in congress i
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never remember anyone focusing on revenue forecasts when we passed a spending bill but this year's budget will only be completed when we get the final revenue to make sure the income meets the outgo and states are better equipped to innovate and reform those antiquated programs and in indiana we ended medicaid for all able-bodied results and replaced it with health savings accounts. we expanded health care not through government mandatory dates and taxes but through forms grounded in personal responsibility and self reliance on education because we believe all honest work is honorible today indiana is crafting plans to be the first state to make career indy 500 invow indication a priority in our states again. so let's edge power the states with renewed flexibility to,
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and let's give each other room as a movement. to try new ideas and innovate without rejecting policies that break new ground. in fact, let's wean ourselves off the washington-centered notion that every problem must find its answer in our nation's capital. now some say the next nominee of our party should be a governor and i'm certainly sympathetic to our view. but all kidding aside. what i can tell you that i'm looking for is not somebody who says send me to washington d.c. nd i'll run our capital. if you -- "washington journal" is not a state literally or figuratively. i'm listen for someone who says send me to "washington journal" to running my state will be run
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with more flexibility. so when we win back the white house and re-elect a republican congress let's make it our aim to permanently truce size and scope of the federal government by restoring the states, freedom, flexibility and resources that is theirs under constitution of the united states of america. [applause] and finally, finally as we strive be the party of solutions at home and abroad, let's le be relentlessly positive. i've said for years and but i'm not in a bad mood about it. we need to be chief partisans, happy warriors. i was reminded of that not long ago at the indiana state fair and a man walked up to me, a great conservative, an older gentleman, with sad eyes and a weary look about him. he approached me to say he supported everything i stood
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for and then he asked with a trembling lip, he said, governor, do you think the country's going to make it? he had all the telltale signs of excessive cable television viewing. [laughter] i put my hand on his shoulder, and i said, of course we're going to make it. we're americans. we always make it. we always find a way. [applause] but you know that man and millions like him are worried. understandably, about our country, and our future because of the failings of our national government. our national government does have all kinds of problems and flaws and weakness. but let's remember, america is not the american government. let's stop confusing the american government with the american people. ronald regan said it best. we are a people with a government, not other way round.
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you know, i learned that lesson a long time ago back when napalitano was hosting all the living recipients of the medal of honor. we were dedicating our memorial to all those great men throughout history. i was a talk radio show host at the time and had the pleasure of honoring one man named jack lucas born in 1928 in north carolina and enlisted in the marine corps in august of 1992 at the age of 14. and p.f.c. lucas was so determined to join combat he owed away on the uss to join the fifth division. jack turned 17 at sea just a few days before landing at iwo jima. the day before landing he was climbing through a ravine when two enemy hand grenades landed nearby. the teenager used his own body
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to cover both hand grenades and saved his fellow marines despite suffering horrible injuries. and in october of 1945 he was awarded the medal of honor by president harry trueman. [applause] i had him on my radio show, and during the interview, we talked about his experiences and exchanged pleasant tris. he spoke with remarkable humility about his extraordinary courage, and then i asked him a question. i said, jack, you're part of the greatest generation. so you're probably really worried about this country when you see young people these days. well, in that moment, jack's countenance changed. and that old soldier looked at me and said, son, you obviously don't have the first idea what
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you're talking about. i laughed nervously, i mean, this was live radio. but i said, why don't you enlighten me. and he did. jack said, let me tell you something. he said growing up back in the 1930's, he said we didn't have any more sense than kids do these days. he said we wasted just as much time and partied just as much, but when the time came, we stepped up, because we're americans, and kids these days will do just the same thing. [applause] as we say, i've been told. i didn't know how right jack was until a few years later. on a sunny morning. in september. of 2001. that day i found myself in my first term as a member of congress. on critical.
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-- on capitol hill. sirens blaring in every direction. columns of mud brown smoke billowing from the pentagon. and the next day, there were lines outside every recruiting station in every city and town across this nation. and jack was right. [applause] in the years that followed, in my trips down range to visit our soldiers in afghanistan and iraq, i saw the sacrifices of the new greatest generation. and just like jack said, stepped up and did what needed to be done. so i say with conviction tonight. the american people today, despite all the failings of our national government, the american people today are every bit as strong and patriotic and generous and self-less and resilient and freedom-loving as
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they have ever been throughout great history of this great nation. [applause] and our nation deserves leaders of our party in this movement who believe in the american people with an unshakeable faith. and faith is my final point, because we are not in this alone. the bible says where the spirit of the lord is, there's liberty. and when we told banner of liberty high, when we take up the cause of freedom at home and abroad, i believe with all of my heart we make his cause on this earth our very own. and we do not fight alone. so my fellow conservatives, let's be confident. and let's have faith. faith in america's unique responsibility in the world and in the founders vision of limited and constitutional government. faith in the boundless capacity
6:44 am
of the american people, especially in our states to craft solutions to the complex problems that are facing us. and nate him who sthet miracle of democracy on these wilderness shores that he will fulfill this this promise for his last best hope on earth. we have come to a time of choosing and i believe in all my heart with your help and with god's help, once again, america will choose freedom. [applause] >> thank you, and god bless you.
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>> republican presidential candidate donald trump holds a news conference today with mike pence of indiana. we will have that live here on -span at 11:00 a.m. eastern. >> c-span makes it easy for you to keep up with all the latest convention developments with the c-span radio app available as a free download with the apple arp store or on google play. get every minute of the convention as well as scheduled information about important speeches and events. get c-span on the go with the c-span radio app. >> in remarks at the white house, president obama called the terror attack in nice, france, sickening and said the united states stands with the french people during the
6:46 am
difficult time and although no group has claimed responsibility for the incident, the president says iciss will be defeated and the president spoke with members of the diplomatic core. his is about 10 minutes. [applause] president obama: good afternoon everyone. i just had that opportunity to greet each of you in person. and we welcome all of you. each year the diplomatic corps comes so we can say thank you for the partnership between our nations and our peoples and re-affirm our shared commitment to promoting security and peace and human dignity around the world. viously, we come here with heavier hearts than normal. overnight in nice, we witnessed
6:47 am
another tragic and appalling attack on the freedom and the peace that we cherish. today our hearts are with the people of france. and with all the innocent men, women and so many children who were hurt or killed in this sickening attack. this includes americans that we know of. a family from texas. a father and young son just 11 years old who were there on vacation. their family, like so many others are devastated. they are grieving. they need all the love and support of our american family as they grapple with an unimaginable loss. and try to get through what are going to be very difficult
6:48 am
days. and so onbehalf of all of us, i think, i want to welcome our friends, ambassador from france and i had a chance to meet with him right before i came out, so that he knew it's not just the united states of america, but the entire world that stands in solidarity with the people of france during this difficult time. i spoke to the president earlier today and in addition to conveying deep condolences, i reminded him that france is america's oldest ally and one of our strongest. we owe our freedom to each other. americans and french have stood together for two centuries, and i told the president of france that we will stand united now. in our grief. in our praying for the many who are injured, many of whom are still fighting for their lives, and we pledge to stand with our
6:49 am
french friends as we defend our nations against this scurge of terrorism and violence. and this is a threat to all of us. we do not know all the details, but what we know is the capacity of even a single individual to do extraordinary harm to our people, to our way of life. a lot of nations represented here today have been impacted this year and in previous years. in recent weeks we have seen heinous attacks inspired or directed by isle here in the united states and in turkey and iraq and bangladesh and saudi arabia. these terrorists are targeting and killing 234e7b9 people of all backgrounds and faiths including muslims. i know i speak for all of us when i say that these 1rids and networks are an affront to all of our humanity.
6:50 am
many of the nations that are represented here are part of isle ited front against and i want to take this opportunity to say once again, we will not be deterred. we will not relent and we will keep taking out isle leaders d pushing isle back in syria and iraq and stand with our leaders in afghanistan and we are going to destroy this vile organization and in contrast to these who only know how the destroying, we are going to win by building and never giving up on diplomacy and ending the syrian civil war and working with communities around the world including muslim compluents that destroy islam, a religion that teaches peace
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and compassion. we will defeat these ideologies people, ng -- so especially young people have more hope and opportunity and are less susceptible to extremism and violence in the first place, and we will continue to promote democracy so citizens have a say in their future. and we will win this fight by staying true to our values. values of pluralism and rule of law and diversity and freedoms. like the freedom of religion. freedom of speech and assembly. the very freedoms that the people of nice were celebrating last night on bastile day. in the wake of last night's attacks. we have heard more suggestions that all muslims in america be targeted, tested for their beliefs. some deported or jailed.
6:52 am
and the very suggestion is repug informant and an affront to everything we stand for as americans. we cannot give in to fear or turn on each other or sacrifice our way of life. we cannot let ourselves be divided by religion, because that's exactly what the terrorists want. we should never do their work for them. and here in the united states, our freedoms including freedom of religion help keep us strong and safe, and we have to be vigilant and protect our scurets and freedoms. and all our 2345eugses, whatever nations we represent here, i think i have to step back and reflect on what we are doing to eliminate this kind of chronic violence. it has been a difficult several weeks here in the united divides that
6:53 am
exist is not between races and ethnicities and religions. it is between people who recognize the common humanity of all people and are willing to build institutions that promote that common humanity, and those who do not. those who would suggest that somebody is less than them because of their tribe or ethnicity or faith or color. and those impulses exist in all our countries. and those impulses, when we do not speak out against them and build strong institutions to protect people from those impulses, they can take over. they can be unleashed. so that all of us have responsibilities.
6:54 am
not just a few. i want to say that even as we are relentless against terrorists, it's also worthy for us to recognize that our nations have worked together for security and peace and human dignity around the world. i want to thank so many of our countries for the partnerships hat they have afforded and securing vulnerable nuclear materials and a conference hencive deal to prevent reason for obtain agnew clear weapon and helping stop the spread of bola, in paris the most agreeible agreement to help climate change and promote health and education and equality for all people, including women.
6:55 am
and through the efforts of many of you, we have continued to try to move beyond old conflicts, supporting the transition to democracy in burma. support agnew partnership in vietnam and deepening our engagement with the cuban people and helping to support the efforts in colombia to ends a decades long conflict. that's what's possible when our nations work together in the spirit of mutual respect. and what a contrast for the depth and -- death and anihilism terrorists offer and progress and opportunity and hope that we can advance when as nations and as peoples and individuals we refuse to be defined by our differences alone. and we remember that we are all part of one human race.
6:56 am
even on difficult days like this, that's what gives me hope, and that's what should give us all hope, because on this planet of more than 7 billion people, the hatred and violence of a few ultimately is no match for the love and of ncy and hard work people with goodwill and compassion, so long as we stand up for those values. and so long as we answer those who would undermine those alues. i'm very proud of the work that we have done over these last 7 1/2 years in partnership with your countries and so long as i have the privilege of being the president of the united states i will continue to stand alongside you to continue to promote those values all across the world. thank you very much, everybody. [applause]
6:57 am
>> next, live, your calls and "washington journal." then donald trump and his choice for a running mate in indiana governor pence. and then nancy pelosi discusses he summer meeting. >> watch c-span's live coverage of the republican national
6:58 am
convention beginning next monday in cleveland and tonight at 8:00 eastern we will take a look at past republican conventions including the 1996 contentious one starting with the rules debate where it would require gerald ford select his running mate prior to the balloting process. and ford and regan. >> we have just heard a call to arms based on that platform, and a call to us to really be successful in communicating and reveal to the american people difference between this platform and the platform of the opposing party which is nothing but a re-vamp and re-issue and a running of a late, late show of the thing we have been hearing from them for the last 40 years. >> the 1942 convention with dwight eisenhower. >> you have summoned me on behalf of millions of your fellow americans to lead a
6:59 am
great crusade for freedom in america and freedom in the world. i know something of the solemn responsibility of leading a crusade. i have led one. >> known for his military career rather than his political expertise, he was selected as the republican nominee and later won the 1952 election and the 19 -- with former senator bob dole. past national conventions tonight at 8:00 eastern on -span. >> this morning "washington post" reporter ed o'keefe previews next week's republican national convention in cleveland. the selection of indiana governor mike pence as donald trump's running mate and unbehind from voting for mr. trump as the nominee. and later craig holman looks at
7:00 am
the influence of lobbyists and corporations. as always, we will take your calls and "washington journal" is next. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] guest: well, the white house has been watching big overnight developments. iciss has claimed responsibility for the crisis in france and by faction of the turk irk military a coup and donald trump this morning formally introduces his running mate, indiana governor, mike pence. we will be live from new york with that announcement. what is the reaction to the indiana govern as his running mate?


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