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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  July 19, 2016 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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rowland, darrell reviews the first day of the >> point of order.iews tonight' vote,lcall vote, rollcall rollcall vote. rollcall vote. not goingy sorry, i'm to do this year. i'm not going to do this. ♪ host: good morning. protests breaking out on the convention floor of the first day of the gop convention yesterday, with some of the
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so-called renegade delegates promising more chaos today when the party officially called the vote for donald j trump to be the nominee. we begin live this morning from cleveland with republicans only, and get your reaction to the efforts by some to gum up the works. if you support donald trump, dial-in at call (202) 748-8000. if you are opposed, call (202) 748-8001. you can join us as well on twitter, if you go to @cspanwj, or you can go to we will get your calls in just a minute. this is republicans only, with your thoughts on what happened , yesterday afternoon, when the convention kicked off at 1:00 p.m. eastern. the so-called never trump
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movement, a variety of different groups, decided to try to force a rollcall vote on the rules package. and what happened after that was chaos, as some described it. senator mike lee was talking about all they wanted was a rollcall vote. what was wrong with that? and then also, you saw the former attorney general talking -- this was not about trump, he just wanted a rollcall vote, they wanted their voices to be heard. there was a voice vote that happened and the presiding aye's hadere said the it, even though if you are down on the floor, it sounded like a divided chamber. republicans only, what are your thoughts on what happened yesterday afternoon?
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we will spend the first 30 minutes talking about that this morning. we will get your thoughts about it. also, if you want to go to twitter, @cspanwj or go to -- this is republicans only. if you are supporting donald call (202) 748-8000. if you are opposed, call (202) 748-8001. chris in dover, what do you think? caller: hi, i really didn't see that much of the convention in the beginning, when there was a lot of problems. , or whatever.l i'm really talking about last night at the convention. i thought it was great. i love donald trump. i think our country needs him badly. really badly.
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tubes, andg down the as soon as the first -- i saw him the very first time when he walked through the escalator from trump tower -- excuse me, and a little nervous. he is a true leader, and these people who called a racist or a , it makes you mad to say the least. he is a good person with a good heart. you --hris, let me ask given what happened the floor yesterday, there are some supports -- supporters who supported challengers to donald trump saying they want to be able to vote their conscience. even though millions voted for donald trump, he didn't get majority in many of the states. they want to be able to vote their conscience. some say it is effort to embarrass the present of
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nominee. m media --e lamestrea 20 47, donald trump gets me is wrong or sneeze a certain way, and would carry him on it 20 47 for a month. -- 24 host: 24/7 a month. thing is atrump stupid thing. jeb bush should be ashamed of himself. won fair and square. the people want him, they trust him, they know that we need him and his leadership, and his strength. the never trump people who supported cruise -- supported ted cruz -- it is stupid. peoplel in line with the
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who voted for the candidate, fair and square. if there were shenanigans going on, he would be different. donald trump won fair and square. 24/7, he was laughed at and called every name, i could go on and on. host: all right, chris. coming up in the "washington journal," we talked to four delegates who were on the floor their perspective on what was like to be down there. let's go to claudia enclosures bill, texas -- in planters , texas. caller: i think they did right, they did all the right to protest and all the rights to go forward with what they want. goal saysh your first the donald trump won fair and
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square, it's a fact that 12 million democrats vote in our primary. it's a sad thing, with these , togates who want to change make a closed election, only for republicans. fair, and it'st not square. that is right, that was part of the effort last week in the rules committee by the former attorney general from , toinia, ken cuccinelli change the rules going forward so that there are closed primaries. that only republicans would get to vote the next time around. in portland, tennessee. you were on the air. go ahead. caller: i just think their -- there are protests at every convention. i think the media chooses to focus on this one because donald
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trump has been in the spotlight the entire time. he has been an outsider, there is this never trump movement. you may not have gotten the majority in every state, but you have to think about the fact that there were 17 contenders when the primary started. out at theted cruz, end, he would not have gotten the majority either. as because of people that were being voted for. until heed ted cruz exited the race. do you think, there would have been visual signs of protest on the floor? no. the people who are protesting are afraid of donald trump wins the presidency, their status quo and their daily operation is going to change. that should send a message to every american that he is the right person, because if there are people entrenched in washington that don't want them there, that are on the same side
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of the ticket that he is -- when we see with the opposition is in hillary clinton, we should be very afraid of what truly makes of washington. he represents us. you --ayne, let me ask what do you want to hear from senator ted cruz when he speaks of the convention? do you want to hear him endorse donald trump? what impact do you think that would have? caller: i do want to hear him support donald trump, and i think that will happen otherwise, he wouldn't be in the convention. the time to vote your conviction is during the primary. that is what i did. the time to vote for the person you think is best suited to lead the country's once we get down to the two people who are going to represent the two major parties in the country. andow have donald trump hillary clinton. it is a clear choice. if people disagree with donald trump, they should have voted
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that way up to this point. obviously, enough people did not disagree with him because he is standing there is our nominee. if people don't support him, they can protest all they want to. the bottom line is that he is moving forward to november. if we don't with the support behind him, we will end up with hillary clinton. everyone should know what that is going to give us. host: all right, wayne. cruz contemplates the unthinkable, still starting from his loss in the primary, ted cruz says he will use his convention speech to outlined his own vision of the republican party's future. endorse? -- will he endorse? politico, kyle cheney, what were these so-called renegade delegates trying to call bush by forcing a rollcall vote of the rules package? guest: what people don't realize hugeme sense, there was a
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contingent of anti-trump delegates to a joint forces with conservatives who are advocating for close primaries and other conservative changes to the party. -- hoping toed force a rollcall, not because they believed they could win, but to disrupt and slow the proceedings of the convention as tacticsof heavy-handed in conjunction with the trunk campaign to silence them. trump campaign to silence them. host: what was required for a was a majority of delegates from nine states. these delegates who wanted to force this vote said they have those signatures that they needed. what happened? threshold is in the majority of seven states, and they submitted nine. what happened was -- there was a frenetic, frantic effort to get
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these signatures. you saw them running all over the arena trying to get every delegate they can find to sign it. what happened was after that, the rnc and trump campaign engaged in the same tactics that these guys were very upset about. they leaned on delegates and their allies, and urge them to withdraw their signatures from these forms. eventually, by the end of it, three of the states where rebels that initially succeeded ended up being withdrawn completely, they failed to get the vote. host: what will happen today, kyle cheney? will they try again, when there is the vote officially for making donald trump nominee? guest: there's a chance. was ams like yesterday last chance. there is things they can do during the rollcall vote while donald trump is officially
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nominate it. if they want to try and disrupt, they may get overruled. but the chance to cause a scene and a spectacle as yesterday's proceedings became -- there are at least a few signaling they're going to do that. host: we will be watching to see what happens. kyle cheney, thank you for joining us on the phone. we appreciate it. guest: thank you. time foray, the start day two of the convention is 5:30 p.m. eastern. make sure you tune in before that, we will take your phone calls ahead of the kickoff today. and then there will be some housekeeping, including that vote to make donald trump officially the nominee. that is what he will lose the word presumptive, here today in cleveland at the republican national convention. more of your calls on what happened yesterday on the floor. judy inherit his part,
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pennsylvania, and independent. judy, good morning. what do you think about what happened? you said i'm independence, i'm currently a registered republican. if donald trump gets the nomination officially, i will go down the very next day and change my voter registration, probably to libertarian. host: tell us why. caller: because he is an absolute disaster. i see no difference between him and hillary clinton, except for her hair is better. that is about it. he is just a complete disaster. he would be a complete disaster as president. if that is whether public and party has become, that i'm no longer a republican. i didn't leave the party, my party left me. i don't really like gary johnson, but i think the libertarian -- they don't have the one-party system that is currently operating in washington, d.c.
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he is a true outsider, and he will be far better than either of the alternatives. and i do believe he can win. i have people telling me that is just a protest vote. it is not a protest vote. , believe gary johnson can win if enough people who have left the democratic party and the republican party say i do not want a criminal, i do not want -- i don't even know how to describe him, but he is certainly not a president. viewersdy, for those who are interested in learning more about the libertarian candidate, go to we've covered many events and speeches that he is given, and the nominating convention for the libertarians. elizabeth in nevada, go ahead. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i highly disagree with the last
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woman who was speaking. she is to open her ears and open her eyes as she can't tell the difference between all trump and hillary clinton. trump and hillary clinton. hillary clinton has lied to the faces of the benghazi people and everyone else in congress. at this point, what difference does it make? is that the kind of president that we want? getting back to your question, as to what went on this morning -- that is very typical for the business end of the convention, to have something like that go on. it's not always as forceful. but it has been forceful because this whole campaign has been forceful. trump is not a politician. he will be rough. i was not in favor of him until this afternoon, when i saw the -- women for trump vote. and they convinced me. and then this evening, watching
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general flynn -- if that didn't convince you, and watching their giuliani didn't convince you that trump is the only one that can get this country back on course and get rid of the politicians that are in washington, that are there for -- that isurpose what secretary clinton is wanting to do. is to be in washington for her own purpose. for her own -- she doesn't want to be there for the american people. donald trump wants to be there for the american people. .t is very obvious she is out there every other day saying the immigrants, you can all be citizens. whose side is she on? we don't have enough jobs for americans. host: all right, that is elizabeth. .ecky in texas what is your thought about this
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disruption on the floor yesterday by some delegates here , and want to be able to vote their conscience and change party rules going forward? caller: i believe that they should have let the rollcall vote take place. i believe that those delegates were elected, and some of them, possibly appointed by the people in their counties and their states. i believe that the republican party has missed a great opportunity to at least let those folks be heard. this delegate voices be heard. donald trump as -- host: go ahead. caller: donald trump has the nomination. he has enough votes, enough delegates to vote for him to get this nomination. i believe that eventually all republicans will unite behind him. but they missed a huge opportunity to let all republicans voices be heard
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yesterday. that was my comments. host: ok, becky. thanks for that. more of your comments coming up, but let's go to washington and peter flynn. peter: washington times leads with what happened on the floor yesterday. party leaders quiet dissent on the floor. from conservative review, they write trump supporters should be thanking senators likely intend to generally. lee and kenors mike cuccinelli. if there's one thing that the mainstream media has failed in the run-up to the 2016 convention, it's covering proposed rule to be changes to the relevant party. time and time again, the media conflate that any rules change is anti-trump and she warns the narrative incident ever trump narrative. the unfortunate result is that scores and scores of trump supporters by the narrative and are mistakenly upset with conservative stalwarts senator
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mike lee and ken cuccinelli. anyone who is concerned about the lack of transparency in the report and party or the ever-increasing centralization of power that is used to favor one candidate over another or thwart conservatives was a debt of gratitude to these men. the rules changes conservatives sought today or yesterday were not anti-trump. in fact, they were pro-trump's message of not encouraging a rigged system, and trump supporters should be livid. the rules adopted today increase the power of the chairman of the republican national committee, lessen the voice of grassroots republicans, and further allow the establishment to rig the system. that is from conservative review this morning. host: calls this morning. charles and bella vista, arkansas. charles, we're talking about what happened on the first day of the republican convention here in cleveland. there were protests and chaos during the housekeeping, which typically goes smoothly.
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the republican national committee wanted to go smoothly. what do you think? caller: i am millions of people, voted for mr. trump. concerned, kendra cuccinelli and ted cruz, are, as far as i have concerns -- they have to take my vote away. they can say with a want. why did colorado walk out it wasn't a vote against trump? as far as i'm concerned, mrs. words from mye father and mother. your word is your bond, and they are saying that mrs. trump stole those words from her. as far as i'm concerned, mrs. obama stole them from my folks. they told me the same things. host: ok.
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charles making the point that a common phrase referring to melania trump's speech last night, she gave the primetime speech traduced by her husband, and some are saying that the first spouse of donald trump plagiarized a speech from what michelle obama gave at the 2008 convention. that is what that caller is referencing. in old greenwich, connecticut. good morning, go ahead. -- michael in old greenwich, connecticut. caller: thank you for having me on. i'm listening to this this morning, and not even normally up this time, it is kind of like and god wink. i have known donald trump personally from us 30 years. the american people, that 30 seconds that he came on last night -- i felt so proud to be
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an american. i love this country. there are so many beautiful things that this country represents. we are a great country, but we will become great again, and better than ever. host: ok. michael, what about what happened on the house floor? are you dismissing it? not a big deal? caller: it's not even about dismissing it, it's absolutely ludicrous. at this point, the people have spoken, and everybody should people have who the spoken, in terms of choice. and if they don't have anything positive to say, they should just quietly slipped out the back door. do you think it appears that the party can come together? do you think the healing can happen? caller: i absolutely do.
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you were certain watching last night, if you just felt that 30 seconds of introduction, when donald trump came out, it was just absolutely amazing. it was a feeling that this country hasn't had in years. this is a man that will change, that will make things happen. hillary clinton is absolutely no choice whatsoever. she just isn't. and we need to rally around the man who can effectively change very people and talk about the came back.on they want to focus on it his father give him ask amount of ammount of x dollars. most people when they are that far in debt, they blow their brains out. this man came back bigger and better than ever, and he will do the same if not better for this country, and bring the pride back. michael, what if these two
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sides don't come together? we heard from regina thompson yesterday, delegate who, -- from colorado, who supported ted cruz. she said she just can't do it, she will love over donald trump in november. caller: i will be honest for you, there will be no if. you just keep watching donald trump. i personally never change the point of view, he will be the next president. everybody needs to get used to it, rally behind him. if not, get out of his way. because he is going to change this country and bring it to where it needs to be. ok, adam in burlington, vermont. you are next. caller: yes, i think the party is in a tough place right now. i think it is because of donald trump. won.usly, he there were 17 other people starting, but i'm not even looking at it as a republican democrat, and looking at it as a
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concerned american, as far as world war iii type of the thing. you throw in this cowboy, and all he does is draw lines in the sand and hurts people's feelings across the world. i mean, we have some major players in this world. we have china, we have russia, and then this whole platform of keep america safe -- it's like everybody for like extreme radical terrorism. orare not in the 1800s 1600s, where fighting a war and its summary across the other side. it's not like that. we are fighting a global war, and most of these people are lone wolves that are crazy. they are just insane. you think we will vote donald trump in, and the whole world would get better.
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you look at this party, and what has happened is, it is totally split, just in the convention. imagine what is going to do to this country, what is going to do this world. those are adam's thoughts. more coming up. let's go back to washington and peter flynn. peter: you referenced the melania trump speech. and the controversy around that. this is a tweet the donald trump set out last night. an honor to introduce my life melania. her speech and demeanor were absolutely incredible. very proud. here's the front page of this morning's "new york daily news." donald trump is on the front , as a thanks, mrs. obama the headline. melania trumpet 2:28 a.m., sent out this tweet -- statement on melania trump speech. --
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peter: of course, c-span has michelle obama's original speech from 2008. you can go to war website, -- , towebsite, watch it yourself. host: viewers can watch those two speeches in their entirety, and that of seeing are being put out. anchorage to to all go to -- i encourage you all to go to think about do you the chaos that broke out yesterday on the first day of the republican convention? caller: i was totally shocked. if allht they behaved as those punk protesters outside -- they weren't any better than
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those protesters outside. i was ashamed of them for behaving that way. it was ridiculous. thato wanted to say s speech, she was so poised and so graceful. across this beautifully. i was so proud of her. i wanted to say that rudy giuliani, oh my gosh. he had a magnificent speech. he is such a motivator. it was just awesome. sharon, rudy giuliani's speech is getting a lot of attention today as well. for those that missed it last to watch to it. suzanne in somerset, massachusetts. suzanne, what do you think about this effort? we are going to be talking to a couple of delegates who were part of a yesterday, who believe that they should be able to vote
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their conscience, what they want to change the party rules. we will talk to them coming up on "washington journal," which means all you get to call in with your questions and comments for them as well. for now, suzanne, tell us what you think. caller: you know, outside of the convention room, i just thought that people should behave once they got in there. i do understand that their voices needed to be heard. i think that should have taken place prior to the convention. if they were unable to get enough votes to make happen what they want to happen -- it was just too late. it was not the time and place for it, in my opinion. i don't know. host: charles, what do you think in florida? what do you think? not the time and place is what suzanne says? caller: i couldn't hear you at the end. host: i was repeating our last
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caller, suzanne said she was ashamed of what happened on the floor, she said it wasn't the time or the place. disturbed over the fact that i tried to find kendall yun rose affiliation, according to christ, and i couldn't find it. i found out representative lee is a mormon. i found out some 80% of the disruptors on the floor yesterday are affiliated with a mormon cult out in utah. host: where did you read that? caller: that was alarming to me. that put up red flags. i'm a christian, a believer in jesus christ. host: where did you read that? caller: it's on the internet. i couldn't find kindle on rose affiliation, but some 80% of the disruptors on the floor are all affiliated in some way with the mormon cult and sully city. host: -- in salt lake city.
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sure that 80%ot of them are mormon or affiliated with the mormon religion. we do know that many of them were supporters of senator ted cruz, who is a christian. we will hear from dan next in florida, getting your thoughts about what happened on the first day of the convention. dan, good morning. caller: good morning. sour grapes. that's all it is. host: that's what you think it is? caller: you can see it on ted cruz's face, you can see it on lee's face. they look clever, clever. let's see if we get in there and disrupt. that's what they are doing. and sour grapes. it's as simple as that. you win, you win, you lose, you lose. there is no in between. giuliani hit it out of the park. fan, he's a yankees
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fan, so we will have a disagreement there. needll in all, i think we a real big change on the granite and marble floors. time, been around a long and i grew up in chicago. during the and all of them, harold washington, all the rest of them . i look at chicago -- i have worked in some of those places, i was a plumber, welder for 25 years. i really have got to think that with clinton, he was the beneficiary of something that reagan put in place, and anybody knows that. -- i just say they
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are billary. we can have this again. i was driving to a nuke, we were doing the shutdown. that was years ago. -- andheard on the news listen to the radio, because it took me an hour and a half to get to work. bill, he's all up in an uproar, or he has the country in an uproar over some stuff he did. we are going to get the same thing. dan, i'm going to leave it there. we keep the conversation rolling about what happened on the convention floor yesterday. we talk with the delegate from iowa, and he is part of some of those groups that want to hear a roll call vote on the rules package. we talk to him, coming up.
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first, let's go back to washington and more from peter flynn. of the convention kicks off this evening, the overall theme of the convention is make america great again. last night, it was make america safe again. tonight, it's a chimerical work again. tomorrow night, make america first again. and then thursday night is make america one again. here the speakers you will hear from tonight at the republican convention. sharon day is the cochair of the public and national committee, dana white is the president of ultimate fighting championship, the ufc. she will be speaking as well. governor asa hutchinson of arkansas, along with leslie rutledge, the arkansas attorney general. former attorney general mike and mukasey. -- michael ron johnson, the senator from wisconsin. , the executive
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director of the national rifle association institute for listed in action. the reactive urine washington, d.c. -- they are very active here in washington, d.c. and u.s. senator majority leader and paul ryan,, and house majority leader kevin mccarthy will be three of the politicians who are speaking, as will governor chris christie. some of the non-politicians include tiffany trump, the argus -- ther of donald trump youngest daughter of donald trump. trumpe general manager at winery. donald trump junior will be speaking, as well as shelley moore capito of west virginia. dr. ben carson, and kimberlin , who start on the young and the restless and the bold and the beautiful.
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has antreet journal," interesting chart, showing the number of speakers who are not politicians, and how this has changed over the years. democrats coming 2008, you can see here the 98% -- 98 of their speakers were politicians. in 2012, it dropped to 67 speakers. the republicans dropped considerably this year. you can see from 44 and 2012 to 28 fisher. candidates speaking -- just one for the republicans, that was last night, darryl glenn of colorado. and then others, activists. who areembers or people supporters. that has grown from democrats and grown substantially this time for the republicans. peter, at our table here
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in cleveland, we have one of the delegates that was part of the effort yesterday to demand a roll call vote on the rules. thank you very much for being here. what did you and others hope to accomplish yesterday by trying to force a vote? guest: we knew that if we didn't try and force a vote, that they would just call for a day and and nay, and whatever was said would pass. we had to get enough states that the majority of states to call for the rollcall. we have nine. 11 they refused to take the last two. so we had nine with plenty of signatures. and that would allow us to have a rollcall vote. it's pretty simple. it's normal, in the rules.
7:39 am
that's what we can do. host: some say it was an effort to embarrass donald trump in other public and party. guest: for what reason? to vote? to let every delegate vote? why would that be an embarrassment? guest: -- host: what would you have accomplished? was the wayeason they jammed through the rules from previously, we were wanting to discuss the rules. they did the same thing in the rules -- they had a five hour delay for printer jam. ok, they gave them time to work on the delegates to get what they wanted out of it. they didn't pass anything of the grassroots that they wanted. they denied all of them. we want a discussion on it. that's pretty simple. host: you did not want to stop
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donald trump from becoming the nominee? guest: that was not the purpose of this rollcall vote. it was the rules. to go over the rules -- there were rules and their that centralized power more than they already have. we wanted to disperse it back down to the delegates more. steve womack, the presiding officer, came out after the first voice vote went through. did a second voice vote, and then when a point of order was called said they didn't have the signatures that you said you had. , a said you had nine majority of delegates from nine states, you said three had rescinded their signatures. do know what happened? guest: i know exactly what happened. there was a lot of music being played during that time. .hat was to stall that was a stall tactic. we were pulling the delegates --
7:41 am
they have all the names of these delegates. ,hey pulled him off the floor threatened, intimidated, whatever they do to them. they did that in order for them to remove their names off of those. i know specifically was done to iowa. iowa is the one that got the state pulled off, because three delegates remove their names from the list. host: did you talk to those delegates? when you mean by threats and intimidating, specifically, what were they threatening? guest: i will give you an example. committeeman has told everybody, all the time, that in order for iowa to keep their first in the nation status, we need to reelect him. he is friends with all these committeemen, he's the one that will keep us first in the nation. the threat is that if you say
7:42 am
unitying wrong, or not in , that's when you look bad on iowa. they're going to take away our first in the nation status. and i guarantee you, that is one of the threats that was made. you leave your name on here, and it's going to cause i want to look bad. to look bad. we will lose our first in the nation status. host: you think that worked? guest: absolutely it worked. host: after this all took place, what did you do? guest: after they completely bypassed and would not allow us to have the motion, i walked out. i walked out. . went out to the lobby my voice was a little horse, but i was getting calls from reporters and so forth. i probably spent an hour or two
7:43 am
talking with people. and eventually, i just left. host: you didn't go back? guest: i did not go back. host: do you plan to go back? guest: i will not go back to the floor. host: can the republican party replace you with an alternate delegate that is in town? guest: of course, that is wild winter there. it's common, you can leave the floor, and alternate will take your place. that's common. that is probably what will happen. host: will there be another effort by you and these other groups today, when the vote is put before the entire delegation for officially nominating donald trump -- will it happen again today? guest: i don't know. i will be part of it.
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-- i won't be part of it. i didn't quit the republican party, the republican party quit me. i've had my fill of it. , anday they did yesterday during the rules committee just proves that they are not for the delegates. they are for tightly controlling just a few people, so they can control the whole thing. part of it,n't be but are their efforts underway to try and make more noise on the floor today? guest: i haven't talked to anybody about it. i will be truthful, i haven't. i suspect that i will, but i have not at this point. still early. to calls, michael is a first in clarksville, tennessee. go ahead. caller: hello, thank you for having me on. reasonr concern in the
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expressalled was to that i'm a express that i'm a veteran. the other thing is that this seems to me like almost -- there is a minor group inside the a rankcan party that has system of who becomes president. so it doesn't matter who you are, as long as you don't fall into that system, you will become president of the united states. and it doesn't matter how much it hurts us as a nation, they will still -- you cannot tell it with a straight face, knowing what is at stake during this election, that somehow, the fighting donald trump and fracturing the republican party is somehow better than hillary clinton election. that's what really is at stake here. host: let's take that point. look, i have invested a
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studying whon donald trump is, and what i believe that he would do to the party, and to the nation. i believe that hillary clinton will beat him, and that is one of the reasons that early on, i want to try and stop him at the convention. i believe he is a disaster. i believe he is a pathological liar. , he loves the attention, he's a reality tv star. but will he make a good president? absolutely not. dottie in bushnell, illinois. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead with your question or comment for our guests on what happened yesterday at the first day of the republican convention. caller: i was disgusted by the
7:47 am
people on the floor. and the lack of common sense, the lack of common courtesy for the people that came to that convention. i'm just disgusted people act that way. . am very pro-trump the people who are against trump are going to lead this country into ruin. hillary clinton is another obama. whoever wins will be able to put the supreme court justices into place. that's going to affect this nation for many years to come. we need to make sure that we have mr. trump they are -- there --utting those a delegates new judges into place, because hillary will lead us down the path to run. , whatcecil steinmetz about her argument, and what will you do in november? guest: i said from the
7:48 am
beginning, i put an op-ed in iowa paper the first of june that i would not support or vote for donald trump. on not looking at this early as somehow trying to save the relevant party. i was doing that to help save the country. because i believe that is so important. i cannot vote for donald trump. host: will you vote for hillary clinton? guest: of course i am not voting for hillary clinton. neither one of them should be in the white house. absolutely not. but i'm not going to lower myself to vote for donald trump. i'm not. you worked in iowa for senator ted cruz. you were behind stage with him, you are up close and saw him operating in the state of iowa. would you think he will say here this week in cleveland?
7:49 am
guest: i don't know. host: will he endorsed donald trump? city? -- should he? guest: he should not. if he does, i don't know ted cruz. host: dave, henderson, nevada. you are next. i ask a call in about the last segment. host: you are still talking about it. go ahead. my opinion is that the house and senate are completely broken. i think most people would agree to that. know, we elect a president under what he's going to do, his campaign promises mainly. life, it has been executive orders or the house and senate would let me do that. my attitude is, if you get some electronic -- somebody like
7:50 am
trump in, that would point out specific congas minute senators, the girls of what party, are basically preventing the american people from getting what we voted for the president to do, and call them out and have us all go and stand on their lawn, at their lobbyist, at their barbershop, at the grocery store and tell them they are hurting america. if we don't get this -- get our jobs back into this country, the advent of self driving cars and trucks will take away all of the rest of any decent jobs we have. we have to be bringing back into our country jobs that you and i will buy the toilet paper, the teaspoons, knives, forks trade that sort of thing. if we don't get those jobs back, we are basically doomed. host: dave making the argument that all trump could shake up
7:51 am
washington, and also bring our economy back, make us stronger. and we are saying that because of what he has done in the past? his whole life has been a democrat. he started making public and noises when he started running for the republican office. what he isoing by going to do, what he says he's going to do, how about looking in the past to what he has done? it hasn't been conservative values and morals and those kind of things. it's not. it doesn't take that much to look what he's done in the past. james is next in missouri, democrat. question or comment here? caller: a comment in regards to donald trump. in his character. to say a person's reputation precedes them.
7:52 am
you have to take into account what his past is. as old as he is, donald trump is not about to change. on theoing to stand negative grounds, he has plenty of court cases, we know this. they talk about a daily, but even still, they try and sweep these things under the rug. constantly are just throwing benghazi up. they know if you keep talking about something long enough, it will stick. hillary just needs to elaborate more on what she's been through and what donald trump has been. and move on from there. has soald trump still many things, it put that kind of baggage into the white house, just don't see how people would permit it. host: cecil steinmetz, what do you think?
7:53 am
guest: i agree, donald trump is not going to change. i agree with that aspect. that is why i'm so against him. he can say whatever he wants to say, but he's not going to change from what he has been his whole life. i don't know. i don't understand why people don't get that or understand it. host: what do you make of the republican party's allegiance to him? the republican national committee has made with the donald trump campaign? thet: i sell reports where rnc was using their people for whips for trump. their combined like they are one. they give every delegates phone numbers and contacts to donald trump. they didn't give it to anybody else. host: what do you mean anybody
7:54 am
else -- in previous years? guest: this year. of any other organizations that were trying to find the contact information, you had to dig on the internet or try and find it the other ways. to give our opinions to these delegates, of what we felt like they should do. we didn't have those names and numbers. but the rnc gave them to donald trump. guest: -- host: did you hear from the donald trump campaign about your opposition? guest: no, i didn't. there are people who got calls from them, but i am pretty sure that they knew where i stood, and they were going to waste their time on me. host: do you know what the tenor of their phone calls were? this is yesterday, i assume? guest: this was even before the
7:55 am
for the different states. the whips were trying to call delegates, even before the convention. during the convention, like i say, yeah. those people were there, i even heard that the trump people removed all the media from the floor. so they couldn't record all the construction -- these destruction. host: yesterday? we saw cameras. guest: were they down on the floor all the time? host: i think c-span had their cameras there all the time. i don't know. when i left, don't know what happened after that. that's just what i heard. host: ok. olivia, lancaster, ohio. a republican. good morning. caller: good morning.
7:56 am
lifent an entire day of my , from 8:00 a.m. to midnight watching c-span, so that i could see the entire rules committee meeting. grapest i saw was sour from the ted cruz delegates, which are very few, trying to negate the millions of votes that us people went out and placed for who we wanted the nominee to be. they just need to get over it, because the people have spoken. how hard is that to understand? host: cecil steinmetz? guest: when you say that people have spoken, i ask people, she's talking about the primaries. in the caucuses. i ask how many people were democrats that voted in their
7:57 am
public in primary? there are reports that there were millions of them. and it is because we have open primaries in several states. , why would is republicans let democrats cross over and help elect were nominated a republican nominee? it makes no sense. host: doesn't that make him a stronger election candidate if you can get support from the other side? guest: if i was a republican and i could cross over and vote for a democrat, don't you think i would maybe cross over and vote for the worst candidate, and then in the general, i would vote for my guy? i would do that. host: all those democrats? of them,don't know all but doesn't it make a little bit of sense that that's what they would do?
7:58 am
do not like hillary clinton? so they cross over and vote for donald because they think donald can beat hillary clinton? i don't buy that. bob is next in philadelphia, and independent. good morning. thank you for taking my call. billy thing i have to say this gentleman is you are totally ignoring the will of the people. donald trump has gotten more votes, more people into the party then mccain and romney put together. isis, syria,into or turkey, as you are an example of a dictator. you are a spoiled little boy who didn't get his way. isn't that a shame? what's wrong with you? you are totally ignoring the will of the people. there a lot of times i did get my way. host: he has a question. guest: was a delegate for --
7:59 am
what is a delegate for? you know what the responsibility of a delegate is? caller: you are not a dictator. host: you didn't answer my question. what is a delegate for? caller: you are a delegate the follows the will of the people. guest: he doesn't know, and most of the time, people do not know. ,f a delegate has no choice then whatever happened to the primary, happened. there he is. but that wasn't the process. a delegate takes into consideration the primary, that's true. a lot of can happen from the primary to the convention. that is why the republican conv, that is why the republican party in 1856, set it up where you have delegates that are able to -- and you vote for you think would be best to be the nominee.
8:00 am
it has gotten out to where arele feel like delegates rubberstamped and that is not how it is set up. it is going to be that way, the way they jammed through the rules that binds these delegates, so there is no need and a convention and i say if that is how they are going to do it, then have the primary elect the nominee. it is silly to have this process of having a delegate go there, if it is decided back in the primary. what are the delegates for? it makes no sense. you can do one or the other, but don't do both. host: do you plan to stay in the -- stay in cleveland for the week? guest: i have not decided. host: do you think others will
8:01 am
go home? guest: i don't know. host: has there been any discussion? i have had very little time to talk to any of them, so i do not know. host: we go to richard in arkansas, republican. caller: i appreciate being on tv because i know that people got out of line speaking. to me, there is only one thing that separates a good american from a bad american, and that is the ability to get something done and having the vote is getting something done. if you've got choice a and b, you have to make choice a and b. if you don't make those choices, you are not part of the country. if you cannot decide either way, then what is the use? from my side of it, when it
8:02 am
comes down to choice, that is how we build our country. i appreciate you being on here. host: how do you respond? dilemma,understand the but i also know that there are two nominees right now that are probably the worst that we could possibly have. how it comes down to a hillary clinton and donald trump being the two choices that we have, there is a problem. we have a problem in this country, we either have voters that are unwilling or do not candidates, and guidellow this tv reality to come on and use the media every day. he was on the media every single
8:03 am
day. something is wrong with the system when we have these two people that are nominated. we have to fix it. host: have you thought about quitting the republican party? quit, but thet republican party quit me and it was very obvious yesterday, when they would not even allow a motion to be made, and stalled long enough for their thugs to try to with these people off of hip thesets -- w people off of these lists. we should allow delegates to vote on things. there is no reason not to. if you are going to go to the convention and sinker by, and everybody that believes a
8:04 am
different way like on the rules, and the convention is nothing. people say we are down there demonstrating, this and that, all we were doing is asking for the rollcall, with the states that we had on there. have they not stalled for 30 or 40 minutes and got these people off the floor and started yammering at them, we probably could have got it, and we may have lost the rollcall vote. we may have, but at least we could have voted. host: because of yesterday, you are no longer a republican. i will not be part of a party that does this to its own members. i will not. host: how will you vote in november? guest: i will probably write in
8:05 am
another candidate. host: nevada, democrat. caller: thank you for taking my call. i was watching when they were doing the rollcall, and i was devastated -- not devastated, but shocked at how biased the guy at the podium was on the yays and nays. they should have had the vote. you could tell overwhelmingly who was louder, and they just went note, and then he walked off the stage. they should allow them to have their vote. i'm looking at the process. donald trump,to and his followers, and everybody who loves him, he has lied every day that he has been on tv from the moment he started this
8:06 am
campaign, lying about the thousands of muslims cheering at 911 in new jersey, make it -- mexican rapists, coming over the borders, everything that he has said has been a lie and even when it is on tv or audio, he press, thethe reporters, saying that it is a witchhunt, that they are out to get him. every fact that he says has been scrutinized and come out to be a lie. you have had nine investigations with hillary clinton on benghazi, each and every one of them had come out with the same resolution, that she was not the cause. defundeddefended -- security to 2000 diplomatic
8:07 am
facilities. agents, 23 different automatic facilities, and it all came out to four people in benghazi, which is a loss, and they are holding her accountable, but yet we are not holding anyone accountable for those 23 other facilities. host: we heard your point. do you have some thoughts? democratbelieve this was intellectually honest in what he said about donald trump. benghazi, i'mo not even going to get into that, but he is factually -- it is factually true what he said. donald trump lies all the time. i guess it does not matter because the next day is a
8:08 am
different line, so we just move on -- different lie, so we just move on. host: don in california, republican. knowr: i want to let you what happened yesterday, on the floor at the convention was, they stopped corruption. people in the party that call themselves conservatives, and they are not conservative. what they have done if they have taken conservatism and turned it into a quasi-religion. ever ready to excommunicate people for imagined heresies, they learned to strong-arm the caucuses and in the state of colorado, the even elected themselves. they did not go with the vote of the people, they shut them out
8:09 am
they try to import that strong-arm corruption into the floor of the convention, with their little voices, that thought they were going to take over the convention and when it looked in their faces, your guest are like, oh i am not a republican anymore. i'm sorry, sir, you never were a republican. host: let's leave it there. guest: i have been a republican or 40 years. i voted for ronald reagan the first time i was able to vote. i believe ronald reagan demonstrated what a republican party should be, and we are nowhere close to that now. he brought up the colorado thing, and that is so bogus. those people out there had a vote, they did not vote for themselves. they had to run at least five times and it is just silly.
8:10 am
i am tired of trying to work within the party. i have done it for 40 years. i have health candidates, i have volunteered hours and hours, and i just don't see that it is feasible. yesterday was the last straw. refused toimply allow a simple rollcall vote, which is in the rules, which would allow us to do it, and then to intimidate and get the names pulled back off of those thes that we had, it is not republican party that i could be anywhere close to. host: and for use -- four years,
8:11 am
if senator ted cruz runs, are you back in? if there is a republican party in four years, i'm not sure if there will be. we used to have a wig party, and it went away. this party is tearing up. it's like they don't even want people to be part of it unless you are in this little controlled group that they can tell you what to think, how to act, how to vote. we want to thank you for coming on the washington journal this morning, having this conversation with our viewers. we appreciate your time. coming up, we talk with another delegate from the district of columbia, she also served on the republican national committee
8:12 am
2016 platform committee. we will talk to her about that work and what happened on the floor, yesterday. we will get to that after more from washington. >> if you have been watching c-span, you know that we are gavel to gavel in cleveland. it opens again tonight at 5:30 p.m. eastern time our pregame show will begin at 4:00. you will have a chance to hear from people on the floor of the convention, and dissipate in the program yourself, just as you do here in the washington journal. i want to share some delegate video and delegate tweets that have been sent out. this is darren wattles, state chairman of the arkansas college and he posted on his instagram, this video. he says there i was minding my business on the floor going to the other side of the arena when
8:13 am
i got caught by the press and this happened. view ofa delegates donald trump coming out last night before he introduced his wife. romney is alsott the chair of the michigan gop. she posted on instagram last , great day for the michigan delegation. wanted to share that. yesterday, watching who was the young singer performing the national anthem at the convention? the young lady who opened it up, marlana vahouse.
8:14 am
she returned to quicken loans arena on monday night to sing the star-spangled banner on the opening night of the public and national convention. , sheding to the website -- discovered to be blind within weeks of her birth. of two, she was diagnosed with mild sleeper -- cerebral palsy. she lives in johnson county, kentucky. that was showneo last night live on c-span, you can go to our website and can watch any part of last night at , aservative review publication online, posted a
8:15 am
video. some of the speakers, last night are all african-americans. they spoke last night at the convention. conservative review put together a video of some of the reaction. host: we are back in cleveland,
8:16 am
talking about what happened on the floor, yesterday on day one of the republican national convention. it is the second day, so we will talk about that as well. rachel is joining us, a d.c. delegate and a member of the platform. what is the platform committee and how do you get on it? guest: the platform committee is a group of representatives, two from each state that every four years, gather in advance convention to draft a new republican party platform. it simply lays out the principles and policies that the party supports. are anhis year, you openly gay member of the platform committee. you offered two amendments, tell our viewers what those were. guest: a first amendment i offered had to do with the discussion about marriage.
8:17 am
the draft that came to us out of the subcommittee works included what i considered to be some divisive, harmful language on marriage. advocating that we go back to a situation where same-sex couples are denied the right to marry. i offered an amendment to strike about three paragraphs of language that had to do with marriage and replace it with language that simply calls for a conversation about marriage within the party acknowledges that there is a diversity of views within the republican party and respected that. the second amendment i offered at to do with a deluging that the lgbtq minute he victim of the orlando terrorist attack, that it was targeted against gay -- lesbian americans and both amendments failed, we did a vote by show of hands on the marriage feast and that received
8:18 am
-- st a quarter the other failed by voice vote. why do you think that -- those failed? guest: 60% of young republicans now support marriage equality. within the party as a whole, that number is not yet a majority, but it is increasing and i have no doubt that it will be a majority, soon. the platform committee in certain ways is lagging behind. certainly the country on these issues, but even our own party. it is a tough conversation to have. there are serious views on both sides of this issue and i have friends on the committee who are not able to support my amendments, i do not doubt that they are just doing what they
8:19 am
inc. is best for the party and the country. i do think that members of the committee are out of step with the country and increasingly, our own party. host: not only was there discussion about your amendments, but the entire platform committee hearings, discussion about who can visit which bathroom. which -- what person can visit what bathroom. what message do you think that discussion sent to americans who might be thinking about joining the republican party or are undecided in this election? the platform, which is now online for american to read -- americans to read, talked about issues of not just marriage, but gay adoption, issues of therapy, conversion therapy for young lgbt individuals, it sends a really
8:20 am
harmful message. number one, to the lgbt community which is a minority of america, but it sends the message broadly to an increasing number of americans, 61% of americans who support lgbt writes, that we are not interested as a party and reflecting their views. i don't understand that as an electoral strategy, especially when the demographic realities are that you americans and young republicans specifically are way ahead of us. guest: is that why you signed along with other delegates from signature on an effort to force a rollcall vote on the rules package? guest: the roles package is separate from the platform. the reason why i put my name on the roll call vote was simply because i think the delegates should be able to play a role in the process of nominating the next president.
8:21 am
i don't like the idea that this convention is just pre-scripted and predetermined. i like the idea that we come for thebe the voice vote from our individual state or district who elected us to be here to represent their views. ,ost: some people from d.c. delegates, rescinded their signatures. do you know why? guest: we were one of the states and broke majority support not all of us took our names off of the petition, but there were some that did. there was a lot of pressure to be,o, from the powers that the rnc, trump. there were good arguments made for why that was not a good idea, and i consider those arguments myself. in the end, i kept my signature
8:22 am
on, that there were people who were persuaded by good arguments as to why it was not a good idea to open a debate on the floor for the rules. host: let's get to some calls. first is bill, independent in georgia. caller: good morning. my call was originally about the floor fight. host: that's ok, go ahead. caller: i was wondering why it ,as not publicize when we voted the delegates were not bound by our vote, and if he wanted to change things, why not change the rules before anybody voted? that is part of it i did not quite understand. guest: i am not an expert on the rnc rules. the next guest really is so perhaps a better question for him. the rules about finding delegates very by state. in washington, d.c., we elected
8:23 am
marco rubio delegates -- marco rubio and john kasich delegates, we did not elect any donald trump delegates. the roles package for the convention was written specifically last week for this particular convention, so part of the struggle of all of this is when we meet up during the primary process, to the convention, there is a lot of discussion about the rules. the reality is the rules that were in place prior to last week with a 2012 convention roles and they were meant only to cover the 2012 convention. all the rules for this convention were written last week and approved yesterday on the floor. host: we will hear from one each to -- juanita, next. do -- hello.
8:24 am
the van that was talking just a few minutes ago, he was a very angry person and bitter. i do not understand why he does stand game. when the democrats voted, and they voted republican in the primaries, they were asked, many of them were asked, and they were reagan democrats and they intend to vote for donald trump and i think he was ignoring that. host: ok. of the things one that donald trump deserves credit for is bringing a lot of new people into the republican primary process. a lot of states have open primaries and some have close primaries, but in states with open primaries, mr. trump brought in a lot of reagan democrats as you say, independents, in record numbers and he certainly does deserve
8:25 am
credit for that. host: do you plan to vote for him in november? guest: i don't. his rhetoric, his policies, they are not in line with my own. there are issues we agree on, leadership that he has indicated that he would exercise as president is a form of divisive leadership that in my view would not bring our country together. , talkingare coming up to two donald trump supporters and as rachel said, an expert on the rules for the republican convention this week, so we would talk to him, he is the counsel for the roles -- for the rules committee. not going to vote for donald trump in november, are you going against the party, or are you helping democrats?
8:26 am
guest: i get that question a lot and i understand where it comes from. the reality is, i have been a republican or 18 years. -- for 15 years. i never voted for a democrat. i don't think that i will in november. the party is useful to the degree to which it advances my beliefs, and my principles. up until now, the party and our presidential nominee has seemed to see that -- seemed to do that. this year, the presumptive nominee is out of step with my core beliefs, so if he is the by virtue of being the nominee does not necessarily mean that i would feel compelled to vote for him. the reality is, the party is useful to the degree it advances my needs.
8:27 am
it does not help democrats. it is too early to tell what percentage of support libertarians will get or a independent third-party. i heard you ask the last guest as well about right in candidates. it will be interesting to see if the right in vote is any bigger this year. our caller comes from iowa, independent. caller: i was calling about the guy you had on earlier. i was listening to what he was saying about the convention, yesterday and i sat back and watched it. mutiny atit was first, the way they were trying to wrestle the nomination from donald trump. the rules were that if you
8:28 am
gained such and such amount of delegates, in if you wanted to stop this man, they had a chance to stop it, but when they did that divide and conquer stuff, and then all of a sudden, they botched that, so they brought that on themselves. host: what do you think? guest: that is a reasonable approach, that donald trump based on the states that he won, received the delegates necessary to win on the convention floor. the other side of that argument is that as delegates, in accordance with the rules, we should be able to vote in accordance with our own conscious. if donald trump has majority support, within the convention delegation, then he would win. if he truly won the delegates from the states and convinced a majority of the floor that he
8:29 am
was best qualified or most capable of beating hillary clinton, then there is nothing to worry about by unbinding the delegates. host: you are part of that effort as well? guest: in spirit. i was not a leader in the movement, but i was definitely a supporter and attached my name to a couple of the initiatives. it was a coalition effort, and i was proud to be a part of it. charles, good morning. caller: i had some general comments. i am disappointed in c-span in that the number of colors that are calling in seem to be almost all trump. you have support and oppose. i did not hear any -- delineation. maybe i have heard two people speak out against mr. trump. i am very disappointed.
8:30 am
also in the educational state of our nation. the ignorance that is being displayed by these callers is incredible. i was a republican delegate in florida, and i will tell you, i stopped being one. the amount of arm-twisting that goes on is very much like the mafia. you could see that on the screen, yesterday. if you are a trump supporter, you will be a supporter regardless. look at the ad hominem's that were flying on your calls about the people that went to do the job they were elected to do. these people that are calling in really don't know what the delegate situation is all about. you want to go to a populist vote, so be it, but i will tell you, neither one of these candidates is fit to be a leader of this nation and the people will learn that. they will learn that.
8:31 am
i don't want them to learn it, but they will and the sad thing is that myself and my family will be subjected to what they voted for. rachel, what was alike to be on the floor, yesterday and this was happening? he and another person said it looked like mutiny, like the mafia. guest: no. whoelt to me like americans want to change our country for the better making their voices heard or at least trying to. people who felt strongly about the republican party speaking in opposition to the leadership, but calling for better, calling for a better republican party,: for a nominee they could be proud of or at the very least, because the notion was simply to vote by rollcall
8:32 am
tothe rules package, just have their voices heard, and to play a role in the process of nominating the presidential candidate. were you at the convention four years ago? guest: i was. host: how was it different? guest: knight and day. -- night and day. i supported mitt romney from day one. there was a candidate that i could support. even though that primary was peoplee, they all are, were really ready to come together and unite around the nominee. you hear that rhetoric from the podium a lot, it is time to unite, but it is not happening. to a certain extent, i don't
8:33 am
know that it should. unity is not what our party stands for, it is doing what's right. host: whose fault is it that the party is not uniting? guest: that is a hard question. a lot of people would blame people like me and i get that , but i think in the end, it comes down to leadership, and you have to lay it at the feet of mr. trump. be the nominee of this party, it is his job to demonstrate a kind of leadership that people can get behind. florida, independent, patty, good morning. caller: you guys are too much for me. everybody knows it, so let me ask, exactly what is a delegate? what -- o me
8:34 am
host: what is your answer? delegates are elected from the several states, and the washington -- the district of columbia and the six territories to come to a convention every four years to represent the voices of the voters in their state and nominate the president shall candidate for their party. host: are you still there? i am still here because i watched the rules convention and for them to get up and make a scene like that was ridiculous. i do not know who i am voting for, but if you guys pull out a democrat, if you work it out, i definitely won't vote for him because of your actions. the guy on before this lady, igits --
8:35 am
host: a reminder to you and others, you have to listen through your phone, you have to turn the tv down so we don't get that feedback which is causing confusion. we are talking with rachel, a member of the d.c. platform committee. covered it all, hours of amendments that were offered and debate. you can go to to watch it. coming up, we will speak to two delegates who are supporting donald trump. special counsel for the rnc thes committee, as well as maricopa county sheriff in arizona. as we continue our conversation at the skylight financial group in cleveland, we are about a mile away from the quicken loans
8:36 am
arena, right over my left shoulder with the flag on it, and that is where republicans will gather, around 5:30 eastern time to kick off day two. will you be there? guest: i will. procedural votes can go the way i want or not, but the voters of washington, d.c. voted for myself and my colleagues to be extent to which we are allowed to do that, we will be here. host: are you disappointed that governor john kasich is not going to be here? senator marco rubio not going to be here? that is how d.c. voted. decision,is a tough especially for current elected officials, whether to be here implicitly support this
8:37 am
presumptive nominee. -- folks that take a principled stand to not be here are worthy of admiration. host: john in chicago, republican. guy, heon the other asked the question what are delegates? i will kill you what they are, they impede the vote of the people, that is all they are for. when i voted, i voted for ted cruz. he lost in illinois. , so thate donald trump is who we support. about this or that, you guys are useless and there should not be any delegates. it should go directly to what the people voted for. the people are the ones who are
8:38 am
supposed to, in a democracy, elect who they want. host: what about that idea? -- guest: i think the color brings up a interesting point, that we could do it in a different way with a national primary were all the voters go to the polls, and they expressed their preference for presidential nominee, and then that is the nominee. a lot of countries do it that way. we do it differently, and that rule was around before i was born. is, we made it and i think part of the reason was to empower the states. we make it state-by-state where voters express presidential
8:39 am
preference but also elect delegates to go to the convention to do the work we are doing. novemberhappens in and everybody will get to go to the ballot box and vote for who they want to vote for. there are democratic aspects for democrats and republicans nominate their candidates, but we are private organizations and this is how the process has been outlined and there would be a lot of support to do it another way and that would be pretty radical change. host: republican in south carolina, good morning. caller: i want to go back to the conversation about the platform. the platform is not for ce like gambling or the lifestyles of gays as a
8:40 am
sacrament, and that is why i don't think that it belongs in the platform. we are enshrining the noblest of our ideals and not each person's personal way that they want to live their life, so i respect you and i think you are a wonderful young lady, but that should not be on the party platform. i only want to enshrine what is best in human nature, and in our country as well. all i ask is for the freedom to live my life as who i am, the freedom to love who i love and the rights and protections of the government grants to my heterosexual friends. i take some issue with referring to homosexuality as a vice. i know that is a belief of a lot of folks in our country. love,m trying to do is and i think that is a principle not should be enshrined
8:41 am
only in our platform, but in everything we do. host: how do you think your efforts on the platform committee, to offer these amendments for lgbt writes fits within the philosophy of the publican party -- republican party? guest: it is squarely in line with the foundational principles of the publican party. it was founded on principles of freedom, individual liberty, equality, justice and that is all that this fight is about. those are the principles that drive me to be republican and to support marriage equality and lgbt rights. i don't think there is anything moderate about the position that stands on principles of individual liberty, limited government and freedom.
8:42 am
-- i did for the first time last week. i have been a republican since i was 18. i never thought about leaving before now. party was against the rights of same-sex couples to marry. i have not been living under a rock for the last 12 years. it was the conversations that we spoke about earlier -- earlier, the debates that happened about referencing the lb -- lgbtq unity as the victims in orlando and supporting the committee. the conversations over and human efforts rights in the lgbtq unity and what seemed to me like a concerted effort to resist any unity in athe lgbtq positive way and our platform, it made me feel personally excluded, but this is not about
8:43 am
me and not some sort of personal agenda as some of my opponents on this issue might charge. this is about principles. , and ibout core beliefs hope that eventually, our party will evolve to catch up with the country, catch up with people in our own party and accept the ri are, that lgbt squarely in line withghts -- rights are squarely in line with republican principles. host: when we come back, we continue to talk about day to of two of the republican national convention. special counsel for the rules committee will join us, but more from washington. 2472 gop is one of delegates.
8:44 am
there are about 2000 or so alternates. you take that figure and you look at the 50,000 people who are coming to cleveland over this convention. 15,000 of them are journalists and various other people and groups coming in, family members. i want to share some of the news articles that we found and some video as well while you get ready for your next guest. this is from the hill newspaper, from fundraiser resigns in anger after florida reduction. raising money for donald trump and the rnc says he has resigned in disgust after the party muscled through a vote on the convention lord and squashed the free the delegates movement. the former north dakota gop chairman who joined the trunk rnc joint finance committee earlier this month -- the trump
8:45 am
rnc joint finance committee earlier this month immediately tendered his resignation. is a statedelegates representative in pennsylvania, and he has tweeted out a picture ernst whonator joni is addressing the pennsylvania delegate -- delegation for their breakfast. you may have noticed last night, when melania trump referred to bob dole and he might have noticed -- you might have noticed this, senator dole had a i like ike button on his tie. from the cleveland dealer is this article, cleveland sees deadliest week of 2016, despite increased police presence for the rnc.
8:46 am
friday through sunday march the deadliest weekend in 2016 despite the fact that the city and suburbs are teaming with police from all over the country as a result of the rnc. five people were killed and at least 20 were shot according to the police. the youngest victim was a two-year-old girl who was shot in the head, friday night. she remains in the hospital. that is in the -- cleveland plain dealer. the washington examiner, survey of the military puts donald trump ahead of clinton, 2 to 1. finally, we wanted to share this video. jorges fusion anchor ramos, who is attending the convention. comes to his
8:47 am
character, his convictions and his character, barack obama is still the same man i fell in love with all those years ago. an interviewuested with him, i gave him my cell i was wondering maybe he is answering my quest for an interview and not exactly. he sent me a bumper sticker, i'm not only that, but he is asking for money. >> how much? $35, $50 or even up to $1000 or more for donations. this is my message. i am a registered independent. of course i will not donate anything. mr. trump, you have my number, you have my address, and if you want to give us an interview, you know exactly where i am. >> that is an offer not to be refused. >> thank you for the letter, but
8:48 am
no thanks. host: we are back live in cleveland, day two of the republican national convention. we are at the skylight national -- skylight financial group space. at our table, we are joined by an indiana delegate and also the special counsel for the rnc rules committee. thank you for being here and your name probably sounds familiar to people, the lead lawyer in citizens united versus the fcc. let's talk about what happened on the floor, yesterday. delegates say they have enough signatures, they had the majority of delegates from nine states. they were over the threshold. the presiding officer left to the podium and between them having the signatures and the
8:49 am
presiding officer coming back, delegates took the signatures off. was that appropriate? guest: under the rules that were adopted that day, any petitions to support for instants, a rollcall vote had to be submitted in writing, and the chair was authorized to verify that there was a majority of delegates from each state. apparently that was the process that was going on. it involved talking to delegates and a number of delegates pulled off and then it did not have the requisite number of states. host: those that were behind the effort what senator mike lee, they said all they wanted was a vote, a rollcall vote, let their voices be heard. why not let that happen? i believe if the rules
8:50 am
were met, it should have been. we should not be afraid of the delegates voting at the floor on the convention. it is clear to me that the rules would have been adopted and it probably would have more accurately reflected the actual delegate count that people yelling -- than people yelling. what would've happened if the vote have been taken, there was really no practical alternative than to adopt the rules. host: those that were behind the effort that agree with you, they may have lost that rollcall vote. they also say if the rnc had taken the vote right away instead of what they say, intimidating and threatening delegates to rescind their signatures, than the roll call vote would have proceeded but instead, the rnc took delegates off the floor and these are there words, they were
8:51 am
arm-twisting, threatening, and warning them, an earlier just called them thugs. is what occurred, i am not for that. that is different than persuasion or verification. if that were the tactics that were used, that was wrong. if it was simply as others have described, replication and persuasion, well that is politics. host: part of the process. what will happen today, because this is the official presentation of donald trump as the nominee. will there be a vote and how will it work? guest: they will certainly see a significant presentation, repeating the theme of making america great again.
8:52 am
conveying that message is one of ,he key parts of the convention to the american people, so this will be another opportunity to do that. host: do you think there will be more division on the convention floor like we saw, yesterday? guest: the remaining issue on that question is that whether or not ted cruz will in fact be nominated. we have heard repeatedly over the last several months that he does have enough states to achieve a nomination, and there may be an effort to nominate him , and thereby giving him a nominating speech. that is one issue. after all, ted cruz already has been given a speaking slot at the convention. his voice is going to be heard, and i am glad that people have agreed to that. host: how will it work, if they
8:53 am
want to -- getting thelike petitions from enough states to get the rollcall vote, it is the same process. in other words, literally a piece of paper that is circulated to do -- to the delegates in a particular state for a majority to sign and it the majority sign a nominating petition from eight states, then that candidate is entitled to be nominated. of course, those are submitted timeast an hour before the on the agenda for the nomination , and there will also be a process to confirm that those positions are properly signed and meet the rules. host: well that happen today?
8:54 am
guest: it could be today. host: what are you hearing about the republican national committee, your efforts to try to stop this or is there an effort? guest: it would not be my effort. -- this seems to be the controversy. is it simply verification and persuasion which is part of politics, or is it heavy-handed condemn?hich i that is the debate, it is kind of a he said she said situation that makes it difficult to figure out what is being said. host: before we get to calls, you are supporting donald trump, will you vote for him in november? guest: undoubtedly. i was supporting all of the candidates coming into this
8:55 am
convention and in indiana because of my position on the rules committee, there is no question that he would make america better than hillary clinton. the thing that i keep thinking about as a lawyer is, the u.s. supreme court, they have a justiceslock of four that will absolutely vote for any liberal agenda item. they alone can remake america into a socialist country, and we have to prevent that from happening. host: you have been before those justices, let's get to calls. larry in florida, independent. caller: very nice to talk to both of you. i want to complement c-span for running a truly great show. i have listened to what you said
8:56 am
and i would make a suggestion and i want to hear your comments on it. i would suggest that these private enterprises take up the same rules that the federal government takes up when two candidates try to become president. i know your rules are different. you are not electing a president, you are electing a nominee, but do we remember what happened for the 19th president, rutherford b. hayes in the government's decision? who voted for other beer -- for rutherford b. hayes? ,uest: the electoral college under our constitutional system, each state elects are makingives that up the electoral college. they vote for the president. who won?nd guest: rutherford b. hayes. caller: the house of
8:57 am
representatives photo for rutherford b. hayes. here is my point. when we get to a point where somebody has all of those votes, like donald trump had, i don't think that it's right for any delegate to change that on the first ballot. when you have three candidates, two or three that are very close and you come to -- cannot come to a decision, it is great to have delegates, that is my point. guest: i think you made several very good points. first is that under our constitutional system, if the electoral college is not able to come to a result, then it is thrown into the house of representatives. they vote one vote per state, to determine who is the president. that is a rarely used procedure, but it is a failsafe. unbinding, ion of
8:58 am
have been publicly and adamantly opposed to the idea that delegates should be able to violate state laws or state party rules and in a sense, unbind themselves. aregates to our convention in a representative capacity to our voters. they are selected to reflect the will of the people, so when you have primaries or caucuses where the voters get to decide, and thereby bind their delegates to vote, usually on the first ballot, sometimes on the second in favor of a certain person, then we should respect the will of the voters and the rule of law. these were the conditions under which these delegates were selected, in indiana, it is a state party rule that binds me to vote on the first ballot as a result of the primary.
8:59 am
republicans generally do respect the rule of law, that that is one of the issues here, so i have supported the idea that we should respect those state laws and state party rules and if you are bound, you should respect the will of the voters. guest: gail is next, in florida. caller: the reason why i called is i watched the committee meeting prior to the convention starting over the past week. brought to vote, the very thing they were trying to do yesterday, about having a close could presenty their vote. that manyly believe of our republican presidents that have been voted for in the past would not have been elected had it not been for people crossing over the party.
9:00 am
, buta registered democrat i choose to stay in the democratic party. 90% of the people that i voted for our republican. delegatesve that the or -- are designated to represent the will of the people, and the will of the people, regardless of democrat or independent or whatever, they should vote the will of the the majority of what the people in that state wants, that's the way the delegates should vote. the delegates were initially started way back when, it was because people did not have the ability to get to the polls. host: got it. guest: great to have you as a butterfly republican candidates. we believe we put out the best
9:01 am
.eople with the best philosophy there is broad support within the republican party for the concept of having a closed primary. nominaten voters republican candidates. p.e as the democrat side that does not exclude people like you from participating. if you want to participate in our primary when the state has a closed primary come all you have to do is reregister. we are a private organization. meets andlks club elects their officers, it is only a member that gets to vote
9:02 am
for that. committee else club that might be open to anybody in the general public. it is a well understood concept that the members of a private organization really are the only ones that use the leadership of the party. host: barbara is watching in michigan. republican. welcome to the conversation. guest: thank you for taking my call. first of all, i would like to say that the convention was great, all the speakers are great. i'm very disappointed in john not show uphe did in his own state when the convention was held in his own state, he did not show up there. i'm very disappointed in all the republicans like the bushe's ann
9:03 am
those whos and won't support trump. trump won in a landslide. not want hillary in the we need to make america great again. hillary is very bad for the country. that theyou agree high-profile republicans like mitt romney, jeb bush, etc., that they should be here this week? guest: i completely agree with the caller. we have a process where we select our nominee. ,e entrust that responsibility 90% of it to our republican voters in either primaries or in caucuses.
9:04 am
that is the most important concept. ought toof the voters be respected. those former leaders in our party or present leaders in our party who are not willing to respect the will of the voters need to think of the concept of democracy and the importance of respecting the voter. they should be here. our voters have spoken, trump is our nominee, we need to respect that. host: let's hear from ricky next. in michigan. are you with us? democrat in michigan? let me move on. robert in illinois. republican. go ahead. caller: yes, i'm glad that they
9:05 am
nominated trump. he was the will of the people. i was undecided for a wild between clinton and trump. while between clinton and trump. and the fbi director said she was extremely careless with her outils a lot of secrets got , i thought that is really responsible. our intelligence community cannot work well when our secrets are given out. i don't think she is capable of being president. i will vote for trump now. thank you very much. guest: that is really a terrible incident that involves clinton only thinking about herself. she wanted to have a private server so when the inevitable request for freedom of information came in for her
9:06 am
e-mails, she could have them erased, the ones she did not want people to see, the government would not be in charge of following the law, producing her e-mails. in order to accomplish that, she of many peoples around the world by revealing confidential information, easily hacked information on her private server. compromise our foreign policy come our national defense and the lives of people all around the world. all for her own personal political future, to be able to delete particular e-mails she was afraid of might reveal what she really thinks, what she was doing to protect her political future. bill in washington state.
9:07 am
democrat. good morning to you. people are not familiar, your audience is not familiar with citizens united. that opened up the floodgates of money into our politics. most everyone i talk to, republican and democrat, say we have too much money in politics and they don't even know what citizens united is. that's why the republicans are so nervous about hillary getting in because she will overturn citizens united with a different justice in the supreme court. they don't want to get their hands off that money. people ought to check the background of donald trump, the way he beats his contractors and subcontractors and all the lives he has -- wives he has. when he wears out one model, he
9:08 am
gets another model. those e-mailssaid were ever hacked. you should get honest with your audience. thank you for your time. poison byitics is those personal and ad hominem attacks that too many people engage in. wasmain issue you raised the whole idea of citizens united. that case that resulted in a very important decision in the u.s. supreme court that protects the rights of all of us to participate in our political process. protects theed rights of advocacy groups to talk about elections and who they think should become president come advocate for the election of a particular president. in the blade cp or the sierra
9:09 am
club canaacp or sierra now speak out. rich people already have the there so they can go and is no limit on their ability to uy ads and give their point of view. we have to pool our resources in a group in order to do that. i don't have the money to pay for ads. if i put my money into a group that i support like national right to life, they can pool their resources and speak for all of us. that is the right that citizens united protects. the rights of average citizens to pool their resources and be able to speak out about the election. host: politico has the headline from june in 2016.
9:10 am
another floodgate for unrestricted campaign money. tell us about this case. guest: the one thing that is from 2002 is restrictions on political parties. the traditional activities of political parties are doing things like voter registration, voter identification. general get out the vote activity. trying to get publicans to the polls. they federalize that. i was a county chairman in my town, we would do get out the vote activity because we wanted to elect a county clerksioner wright county -- or a county clerk. now, we have to create a federal path in the register with -- federal path, register with the
9:11 am
federal commission. federalizing it has quashed it. there are very few local parties anymore that do the traditional of voterivity registration, voter identification and get out the vote activity. this is the heavy hand of the federal government coming in and regulating the activities within each of our communities as if all we care about are federal politicians. we have brought suit to challenge that part of mccain-feingold. to overturn that particular aspect of the law. we will get a decision this summer. then come our next step is the u.s. supreme court. host: helen in buffalo, new
9:12 am
york. publican. -- republican. , theyational media were all giving their opinions instead of watching the convention. i wanted to hear what the people spoke from their mouths, not interpreted by somebody else. so, i turned to c-span and i got to see and hear what was really going on. that's what we want. i don't want those other people's opinions. i would like for people to good a loser phil mickelson was at a crucial time in his life. they would have meant a lot to him if he could have won the british open.
9:13 am
but, he was very gracious in losing. i think some of these people who cannot be gracious, john kasich, , they should be more gracious. they are supposed to be gentlemen. i lived in indiana for a while. pp was a pretty famous basketball player there. bopp was an award winner based on his performance in our state finals. he is from indianapolis. what you say about c-span, i agree, totally. i love to be able to get the straight scoop, exactly what being said, not run through some , through some talking
9:14 am
head telling me what i should think. and helen and others who want uninterrupted coverage of day two of the convention , it officiallynd kicks off at 5:30 p.m. today. we will be taking your phone calls, your comments about the republican convention so far. ,hen they adjourn this evening we will pick up with more of your commentary. you get to let everybody here in cleveland know what you're thinking about what's happening. edgewater, maryland. independent. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say that i used to be a registered republican. i am a registered independent now.
9:15 am
i'm very disturbed by some of the things that i do hear from politicians including mr. trump. i agree, making this country great sounds good but, you did that byyou do not do demonizing a group of people based on their religion or culture. it is disturbing to me that we have this hate speech and that people tolerate it. i grew up in germany, i'm very familiar with the german culture and german history. we have seen this before, when people start out with hate speech. 1933. it is a very serious thing. i do not think you can make the country great by saying things that are targeting a group of people based on their religion or their culture. bopp jumpll have mr.
9:16 am
in at that point. what about her point about demonizing groups of people? how does that help the republican party? guest: all of us are against demonizing anyone. it's the democrats that divide us by race, divide us by ethnicity, etc. they are always talking about those categories, they want to categorize people. it is the republican party that thinks about all americans and wants to create and restore a system where it is not the government picking winners and losers based upon your race or ethnicity. by having aucceed
9:17 am
free society, having an economy that grows. that's what republicans are all about. it is the democrats that divide us by race, always talking about subdivisions and pitting one against the other. what rv was interested in governor kasich is saying, we covering a delegate breakfast on c-span2. the campaign manager for donald trump said governor kasich is by notssing himself attending and not being part of these festivities here. guest: he really should be here. after all, it is his home state. i've been to other conventions where there are democratic governors. had democrat mayors in the city,
9:18 am
they came to the convention to welcome republicans into their community. what can donald trump say to have a united party heading into the general election? to stop focusing on the divisions within the party. welcomeslican party people regardless of their position that they are willing to join us to support our .andidates we need to refocus our attention on the general election. what would be the result of four more years of the eight years we have had with a president who has weakened us throughout the world? the terrorist attacks are now becoming a daily occurrence. economyundermined our
9:19 am
so that people are fearful they can no longer get ahead. we need to focus on the big picture now. what direction is that this country will go in after the november election? set a minor differences between republicans aside and focus -- host: stephen in new york. go ahead. caller: very simple comments. it's unfortunate they did not get a roll call vote. people have to remember that the democrats used to go to the unions and get their money to run their candidates. citizens united allows the
9:20 am
people to have a clear voice to actually combat that situation. and gives everyone the same opportunity to speak their minds. you bring up an interesting point about the unions. citizens united freed up all corporations like advocacy and unions to speak out themselves about elections and who they think should win an election. the focus since the citizens united decision has been on shutting down the speech of advocacy groups that represent the american people. they want the unions to continue citizensthe freedom united gave them. there is a partisan political agenda here. host:,.
9:21 am
a democrat. good morning. -- tommy, a democrat. good morning. i used to respect the republican party until you nominated donald trump. with all his background. women andt liking aboutties, talking mentally challenged people. ,he lady last night on benghazi the way she demonized hillary clinton that hillary clinton was not the cause of benghazi. that's all i have to say. guest: what she was talking about was hillary clinton lied to her. look her right in the eye and ofd the attack was a result a video, not the result of a terrorist attack on our ambassador and american citizens
9:22 am
in m benghazi. to look into the eye of a mother whose son had been murdered by , toorists and lied to her her face, that it was actually a video, not terrorists, that's what she was talking about. host: we want to thank you for talking to us this morning on "washington journal." come back again. wonderful to be here. thank you. host: when we come back, we will be joined by joe arpaio, the the county in arizona come also the delegate for that state. visit too show you a cleveland's politics exhibit.
9:23 am
it features ohio's eighth political button collection and ohio's previous presidential conventions. >> my name is angie lowry come on the director of the cleveland history center. -- i am the director of the cleveland history center. over 150 euros, we have been memorabiliaolitical -- over 150 years. and the garments conventions hosted in cleveland in 1924 and 1936. over here, we have been 1924 .onvention display case it was a special time in cleveland. it was chosen because of public , the largest building
9:24 am
of its kind in the country when it opened. conventione first where women played a role. they had just secured the right to vote. it is the first presidential campaign when it was publicly available across the nation via the radio. the first broadcast convention. on the other side of the room, we have the 1936 convention hosted in cleveland. a booming time in cleveland when we were hosting the great lakes and a number of other conventions. proposalhe plan, the going to the gop from cleveland, inviting them to come. inside, it talks about the
9:25 am
eather.summer resort whethe alan hodges was the donor of that pin. we have the programs from the two conventions, tickets, huge political button collection. we see the campaign material from both sides of the aisle. back, live from cleveland inside the queue. 'su can see our camera position. level for the delegates who have arrived in cleveland. over 2000 delegates and another
9:26 am
2300 alternate delegates that are here in cleveland for day two of the republican national convention. is joetable this morning arpaio, a delegate from his state of arizona. thank you for being here. his supporter of donald trump. how many arizona delegates were involved yesterday in the effort to try to force a roll call vote on the rules? was your delegation divided? guest: not really. it was in the past, but we joined together yesterday. which was a good sign. host: what did you make of the effort by some of the delegates on the floor? this is a free society. people have a right to speak out
9:27 am
, politically or otherwise. i was not too happy with it. i supported donald trump a year .go, one of the few that did .nd stuck with him he won the primary fair and square. we should listen to the people and the people wanted him and that's the way it should be in this country. host: you were quoted in one in theearing your tie shape of a gun saying i will utilize my years of law evolt.ement to quell the rubbl guest: i don't even carry a gun. i should say that. i'm a law enforcement guy, elected. not a joke, really. sometimes you can get more done
9:28 am
talking. i think i was referring to the media, talking to the media. host: why did you d decide to support donald trump? guest: illegal immigration. .t is not just that i've been the honorary chairman for george w. bush. romney. mitt i've had many presidential candidates visit me or contact
9:29 am
me the last cycle. rick perry from texas. ofave a little knowledge presidential campaigns. i've had four presidential citiestes visit my tent that i set up. them onbe talking about my anniversary day, august 3. board and i came on introduced him last july in phoenix and something told me he was the guy. my gut told me that. i've been with him ever since. host: what does he share in common with the past presidential nominees you have been in support of? outsiders,insiders,
9:30 am
he is a businessman, very outspoken. he is a nice person. i don't like to get overdramatic , but let me just say, he had me hooked from day one. he did not have to go through my wife to get me hooked. , who was wife unfortunately diagnosed with cancer at the time, he found out about it and called my wife every five minutes. .hat shows you the heart he has , the type ofe character he has. don inirst caller is
9:31 am
virginia. a democrat. welcome. caller: thank you for having me. 'swas wondering if the sheriff gut had told anything -- i'm a highly decorated veteran. trump says he is an honest, good businessman, speaks his mind. withather was arrested in 1991, banned from casinos tied to the mafia boss. he was a highroller at trump
9:32 am
plaza. that same year, the casino was for complaints about -- he flew onavior trumped helicopter -- trump's helicopter. trump also filed bankruptcy what are times that four times. a good businessman. all, you are a veteran. thank you for your service. i joined the army when the korean war broke out. i was 18. i don't know where he's getting all this. he's talking about trumps
9:33 am
family? host: comes business practices, some have been reported on. where dealings have gone bad. what does that say about donald trump and his ability to lead as president? you are in business, as i was, too, business and sometimes is tough. you win some and lose some. he has been very successful. negotiate. that is how you get things done. i don't know where he's coming he has ahe mafia -- right to talk. too.fe is from virginia, i cannot comment on where all this stuff is coming up --
9:34 am
, do: illegal immigration you believe donald trump will build a wall? do you think it is realistic to say mexico will pay for it? i have to sometimes lay the foundation that i think i know what i'm talking about. like't just go to the wall those politicians to get their photo op. i was a regional director of mexico city, head of the federal drug enforcement in texas. i have 35 years fighting the drug problem on both sides of the border. he brought this out. a lot of people were not happy. the subject out a year ago, talking about the wall and illegal immigration. i have to thank him for that.
9:35 am
he pretty well knows what's going on. now, we continue to have the illegal immigration problem. cops. are shooting i could go on and on. the illegal immigration is a complex problem. not an easy one to solve. i've taken a lot of heat in my fight throughout since obama took office. where is hillary clinton? i was a diplomat in turkey. the most important person in the government other than the president is the secretary of state when you deal with foreign policy. how many times has hillary been to mexico? how many times has obama been to mexico? why don't they spent some time
9:36 am
in mexico dealing with their president out there in negotiating, getting things done? that's the most important country we have four drug drugicking -- for trafficking, illegal immigration. host: jeff in st. paul, minnesota. republican. a quick complement, you are one of my personal heroes, truly a patriot. my question has to come from the thatthat we have people ultimately worked against american constitutional interests. how do you think we can expand our definition of treason so we at begin to put these people
9:37 am
least off the voter rolls and hopefully behind bars or behind barbed wire? know, we have to look at our judicial system. leadership, you have to have the people behind you. someone like an outsider, for a change. when there's a lot that's on the books, you should try to enforce that law. even if there may be controversy around that law, maybe not politically correct. this is where we are right now with illegal immigration, terrorism and some other matters. at least donald trump is not afraid to speak out. sometimes he gets in trouble for what he says, but we want a guide to read a teleprompter all the time and follow a party line?
9:38 am
we need a change in this country, the greatest country in the world. i'm sure he will make that change. host: david in new jersey. independent. caller: good morning. thank you for serving our country and upholding law in order. law and order. .'m here in new jersey bush you did support romney and they are not putting their support behind donald come i was wondering, what advice would you give them? i think their actions are kind of immature.
9:39 am
they ought to get on board and vote for donald. can you give your opinion on that? would you tell these former leaders? guest: i guess they want hillary to be the president. get on board, get all the pettiness out of both sides. , let's getr nominee him into office and stop the jealousy and anger that been going on with certain elements of the republican party. a lot of these people are saying i will support the nominee. the nominee's name happens to be trump.
9:40 am
why don't they say i will endorse donald trump for president? maybe this week they will be able to say that. host: george is in florida. republican. much.: thank you very i support you very much. veteran.mbat i'm not highly decorated like the other caller. i very much support what you do. start?d all this crime they're talking about lynching and kkk -- the criminal numbers are so ridiculous among the black people. did that start in reconstruction? people come over on
9:41 am
the boat and we corrupted them? maybe the black callers could fill me in. guest: i'm a senior citizen. i could go way back -- i was born in 1932. in the 1950's, i walked the toughest beat in america in washington, d.c. , made thousands of arrests i've been assaulted many times, we never had the shootings, we never had the racial component. , you've gottoday all these black lives matter
9:42 am
committees people being shot, cops being murdered, assassinated -- we are living in a different time. we need new leadership. one thing i want to talk about about,ld trump -- talk donald trump loves our cops. someone is conning me or not, especially a politician. we have someone who is going to back up the cops and backup our veterans and military. host: why did you call if the black beat? did that mean? guest: african-american. i think i know how to walk a beat and how to relate to the black people on my beat. there were no white people there.
9:43 am
i did have contact with the black community. i had a nightstick and a blackjack and a 38. i knew everybody on my beat. arrested a lot of people but i never had a racial connotation. thater had any shootings was a tough beat. look what's happening today in america. i'm trying to equate what i did in the 1950's with what's going on today politically and otherwise. unfortunately, i think the president -- i know he sets the tempo. with the government bureaucracy and the people. i don't know if he's done the job very well in reviewing the
9:44 am
racial component, sticking his nose into local law enforcement like he did in cambridge. he went down there accusing the cop without even knowing what's going on. host: after baton rouge, the president did say there is no justification for violence against law enforcement. guest: where has he been? why now? it's a little too late, all these cops being assassinated and now he is saying it? he should have been saying it from day one. i'm not trying to go after the president, but once again, we have to get this thing balanced and settled and stop lying politics that's playing politics with our cops.
9:45 am
i see what's going on in our country, we will get this straightened out because we are still the greatest country. we go through cycles. time to get another cycle going. carl in north carolina. democrat. caller: hello, jeff. i'm 75. -- hello, joe. i'm 75. guest: young guy. the blacks being mistreated, they've been mistreated ever since they've been in this country by cops. now, they are catching it on cell phones. black people have been complaining for centuries.
9:46 am
but you all would not believe it. you,ially racists like joe. we are catching it on cell phones. and you still don't believe it. host: let's get a response from the sheriff. beingory of blacks mistreated by cops, how do you respond to that? guest: there's white being mistreated. any type of ethnic background. why do we just say blacks? sometimes cops mistreat other people, too. do you recognize the history of the relationship between black america and police officers, the marches, the civil rights, the protests, etc.?
9:47 am
a strive --'s been 35% of my organization are minorities. of the the success african american, whether its or politics or what have you. athletes ort's politics or what have you. i'm not going to blame the media, but sometimes the media are involved, they have to -- i'm not going to talk about copycats and all that. my 54 years, i notice when you have a lot of media attention -- you need the media, but some people see the media and go out and do some bad things because they see it on television. they see people talking, they see the president speaking.
9:48 am
some, especially if they are mentally unbalanced, do bad things. convinced as all the years i've been on the earth that things will straighten out. host: bob in clifton heights, pennsylvania. republican. caller: good morning. i've been following you for years and years. i am in a police officer. -- ex police officer. i'm so excited to talk to you. way you treat people should be reflected in how your boat is trumpto be cast for mr.
9:49 am
-- vote is going to be cast for mr. trump. all these other people in the republican party who are against trump, to me, it is kind of ridiculous because it is a vote for hillary. if you don't want that, vote for trump. guest: i am a little sad about that. look at trump. he says some nasty things, ok. that was the politics. and make surethat that a democrat wins because of pettiness. i've never seen this before in all the campaigns i've been involved in. i cannot understand what's going
9:50 am
on. host: you are up for reelection this fall. the daily beast reported that you have $9 million in your campaign trust. that is more than donald trump for president. what do you need an million forars for -- $10 million for a share of campaign? guest: when the white house and everybody else gangs up on you, i have to fight back. tough race. a lot of elements want to get rid of me. go to events, they follow me around -- i'm surprised we don't have anyone against me today here in cleveland. i'm a little disappointed. they scream at me, give me the finger and everything -- that's
9:51 am
the way you are able to communicate. you should do it in a nice, different venue, of course. , wee could communicate more could get a lot of things done, like they did in mexico city. we close the border and for two weeks, we did not have any drugs come in. that's how you do it. president obama doesn't invite me to the white house. year. him last host: what's the investigation
9:52 am
you have going? guest: it has something to do with a birth certificate. i took that on. i'm not finished with it yet. nothing's going to happen. not in this administration. host: what will you do when you are done? guest: that's a good question. the media does not even want to cover it. me and asked me to do it. they are my constituents per i took it on, took a little heat. kyle in new york. independent. i wanted to make a couple of corrections. i couldn't help but notice when he said obama has not made any
9:53 am
trips to mexico. there's only one country he has visited more and that was france. had,er misconception he obama never said anything about bad shooting cops -- i've listened to him talk countless times on these subjects. he's always handled it with dignity. check airbe i should force one to see how many times he flew to mexico. to talk with the president and other high officials. border andround the involved in this in the last eight years since he's been president. where was he all the time when a white cop was killed?
9:54 am
how many times has he gone to visit the family and so on? start talking statistics and see what the real story is. host: henry in michigan. democrat. joe, you are a disgrace to the uniform, you are a disgrace to this country. guest: which one, my military or police uniform? the sheriff uniform, not the military uniform, is that what you're saying? host: henry, are you there? guest: he disappeared. host: henry, are you there in michigan? ron in pennsylvania. republican. caller: i would just like to
9:55 am
make a comment on what the judge says about the video and all every racef stuff -- has good and bad in it. if you watch the videos, they all the knockout game, these other things they post on video, but that's ok. if one of them robs a bank or a hurt, all of a sudden the criminal is the victim. you bring up a good point. .verybody is wearing cameras it is a tough position with the cops. when they see a video, right off the bat, they fired the police
9:56 am
chief, they call the department of justice, they don't even know the whole story at. -- the whole story yet. it is very difficult being a cop today. with the cameras and politics and the department of justice, the white house, i could go on and on. , i'veis a war on cops been saying it for three years. recently, i had a white guy, 53 years old, shoot one of my deputies over a traffic ticket. i had a hispanic shoot up my substation with a semi automatic weapon as the deputy was walking into the station. or is a war on cops. -- there is a war on cops. emma in california. democrat. go ahead. caller: good morning.
9:57 am
black lives matter because it is our children being killed by rogue policeman. the rogue policeman are making out and trycops go to protect the community. the bad cops, everyone knows who they are. you've had some interaction to know that person's personality. don't just blame it on black people and saying it's a war on cops. yet to clean house. -- you have to clean house. kills af a white cop white person, they want to call him a rogue cop -- why aren't you making a big complaint about
9:58 am
that? i don't see anybody even care. because someone happens to be black, it is in a different dimension? i'm not even going to say every life matters. what matters is to enforce the law. if anybody violates the law, you take action. it it doesn't matter what they ared therefrom -- from. we have to treat everyone equally and fairly. host: tell our viewers about the tie pin you wear. guest: i'm a cop. you want me to wear a flower? host: you don't carry a gun, right? guest: no. gun --look at the
9:59 am
believe it or not come everybody looks at the gun instead of my face. we are selling the guns and the pink underwear i make the chain ear.s wher all our training, all our rehabilitation, all our drug prevention programs, nobody talks about that because it's nice. anybody that wants to toward the ents -- i had the t tents's wife tour the last month. she was chastised. why not? i let anybody come talk to the inmates. i've got nothing to hide. ann in tennessee.
10:00 am
republican. you there? caller: good morning. .'m calling in indiana hello? i'm calling from indiana. i called 35 times to get through. sheriffatched the share of many times on tv. he is a good man. god bless them. thank you for being there. i am not going into my family for security reasons but let me say they are all different types. they call me a racist.
10:01 am
they throw the race card out when they can't get you on anything else. it doesn't bother me. host: thank you for sitting at our table and talking. , we are going to turn our attention today to of the republican national convention. you heard from mrs. trump last night in her speech. you can talk about what happened on the floor yesterday afternoon and also the week ahead. p.m., when they start, they will begin the process of officially making donald trump the nominee. we want to hear from you about that as we head into today's day to of the republican national convention. we will get your calls in a minute but let's go to washington. sheriffentioned that arpaio does not carry a weapon,
10:02 am
but he could in ohio and cleveland. defend theirocates right to bear arms at the rnc. here is vice news is video. the peoplen it in who have shown me and my family -- teachers in a near bankrupt school district without to keep teaching without pay. when peopleit become heroes at a moments notice, diving into harms way to save others, flying across the country to put out a fire, driving for hours to a allowed. and i have seen it. >> unfortunately there is a problem with the audio there but you could see those are scenes from cleveland of the minutemen walking around the city with their weapons.
10:03 am
i want to share some delicate -- delegate tweets as well. 1200 events around these days are happening in cleveland. here are some of the tweets the delegates are sending. here is dane county wisconsin. david clark of milwaukee spoke at their breakfast. sheriff clark on an issue to defend law officers. , delegatem paulk in from texas. almost apologetic about having to support trump, talks about disappointment. assume he was for jeb bush originally. here is another delegate from texas. ran into a dear friend, rafael cruz, father of ted cruz. that is outside the queue.
10:04 am
boyne. adriana there is speaker paul ryan. a tweet that she sent out. and another texan, reginald c grant junior. former governor rick perry, one of the coolest guys you could know. the texas delegation, you probably saw this. the texas delegation often wears the lone star. ben carson spoke at the florida breakfast, this is by evan power. and adam astor is also at the breakfast. lost his tweet. host: a little bit of what is happening this morning on day
10:05 am
two of the republican national convention, there are delegate breakfasts that happen every day. a lot of partying happens at night and you have got the speeches. the chaos that took place when there were some delegates from different states who were demanding a rollcall vote on the rules package. it was voice voted. but that did not sit well with many of those delegates. they demanded, they yelled, they insisted they get a rollcall vote. they needed the majority of delegates from seven states and they said they turned in nine unfold,e watched it all the presiding officer came to the microphone and said that in fromnd, the delegates three of those states actually withdrew their signatures and they did not have enough to go
10:06 am
forward with the rollcall vote. will the republicans gather at 5:30 p.m. eastern time and there will be the official nomination of donald trump to become their nominee. you can tune into c-span and watch it all uninterrupted, all unfolding. you can also watch on and if you don't have a tv or computer screen, hit the c-span radio app because then you can listen to it minute by minute on the floor of the q. we are about a mile away in cleveland. just right over my shoulder and inside of the quicken loans arena is where you will find the signs, ae many 1800 lighting grid that weighs 140,000 pounds and holds 836 and there have been 300
10:07 am
staff every day working to convert that space from the basketball arena into the convention site. what are your thoughts? how has this convention unfolded and what are you expecting for the rest of the week? nancy in california, republican. caller: hi. i did used to be a democrat but now i am voting for trump basically because of the illegal immigration situation. as far as black lives matter, these people have a real issue and it is true. blacks do get treated unfairly. how many illegal immigrants do you see being shot by police or how many whites? host: let me ask you, to put your comments into context of the republican party.
10:08 am
i'm asking you, who do you think can do a better job on the issues that you are talking about? on the race relations in this country. caller: i think trump can. donese all that obama has is and are illegal immigrants. cops aren't even allowed to do anything to them. picked i really do think there is a problem with that. there have been people, republicans as well, who are concerned about what donald trump has said about certain groups of people. should he address that when he gives his speech in cleveland on thursday night? caller: yes.
10:09 am
i think he should address it. host: and why? one of the biggest problems that we have -- the illegal immigrants are taking and democrats say they don't. but since 2000 15 obama has put out $20 million to streamline and expedite naturalization for illegal immigrants so they can vote and now he is saying they are going to be taking away .heir wire meant for english the don't have to say pledge like every other immigrant has done. ok.: i'm going to leave it there so i can get other voices. cell is in independent nevada,
10:10 am
hi. caller: good morning. yes, thank you very much. i have been watching and waiting for the ability to get through and in a question to joe a pio you asked him as -- you asked him a specific question and he never answered. -- question caller: are you still there? host: i think we moved on. roxanne in indiana, republican. with the primary, donald trump is going to take the candidates and he was voted, he won the primary for the republicans so i don't understand why there is still
10:11 am
argument about that and they are trying to put in another candidate. i don't think that has ever been done in our history. i am just saying that i am pro-trump. he will make this country great again. he will build that wall. and we need to stop the illegal immigration. suzanne in nevada, republican. your turn. caller: i actually called about "ruckus" on the republican convention floor. i believe that his order because that is how things are handled. you put your vote on the floor, and then it is decided. it was exciting but that is order. if you saw the 2012 dnc, they
10:12 am
had a lot of excitement when they three times voted out of the convention. there is all this excitement on the floor but i think it was order and not chaos. do you think it was a good thing for the party? caller: i think we need to be more unified but i actually believe that is the way things are done. a voter calls to the floor and people vote gay ornate -- vote nay.r i want to thank c-span for putting this lie without commentary because all the other news channels promised that and they didn't do it. i want to thank my whole family for c-span so they can watch it. host: we appreciate that. if you are not near a tv you can
10:13 am
go to we have a website, a special page setup where you can get more detailed information about what is happening in cleveland. you can get the c-span radio app which allows you to listen minute by minute and the republicans will be inside quicken loans arena this afternoon's darting at 5:30 p.m. eastern time. ahead ofnt to call in that start time, we will pick up ,ur coverage an hour before take your calls, get your thoughts on how this is playing out so far for the party. donald trump in town last night to introduce his wife, melania trump. there has been a lot of commentary about the words that she used and how they match the words used in the phrases used obama back in 2008.
10:14 am
a lot of folks also taking attention to what rudy giuliani had to say in his speech last night. if you want to tell us what you think about that please do so as well. all the speeches uninterrupted but we will do that again this evening. throughout the week, wednesday and thursday, we will be back here on the washington journal with more of your phone calls and commentary. patricia in tennessee, independent. you are on the air. >> i will be voting donald trump this year. for various reasons. he is a strong competitor. he is strong in supporting the people of america in what we need. speech lastlani's night, it was wonderful. she was talking about her husband and putting him in the
10:15 am
limelight. lee -- they were a disgrace. he threw his card you don't on the floor like a child in a tantrum and i am disappointed with my president, president bush for saying he is not going to vote trump. i backed him both times and i am ashamed i did now and that is how i feel. host: judy is next, oklahoma, republican. how do you feel about it? caller: i watched all of the program last night. the thing that got me upset was the interaction with the delegates that were trying to change their vote. i feel like if they are representing us they should vote the way they said they were going to before they got down there.
10:16 am
host: what do you say to their donald trump did not get the majority of voters in many states and therefore they should be able to serve in their role of delegate and vote their conscience? i don't think that is what the role is. ok.: that is judy with thoughts in oklahoma, a republican. talking to republicans, democrats, independents this morning. we are going to continue through 11:00 a.m. eastern time. let's go back to washington in the meantime. republican convention kicks off at 5:30 p.m. eastern time, c-span will be live beginning at 4:00 p.m.. tonight's theme, make america work again.
10:17 am
day is the cochair of the national committee along with reince priebus. of the the president ultimate fighting championship group. hutchinsonvernor asa will be speaking as well leslie rutledge. under the bush administration will also be speaking, ron johnson, republican senator from wisconsin, as does chris cox of the nra. natalie golda's, professional golfer on the lpga will be speaking. majority leader mcconnell, speaker ryan, and kevin mccarthy and governor chris christie. you will hear from tiffany comes tonight -- tiffany trump tonight
10:18 am
and dr. ben carson. those are some of the speakers tonight. melanie in maryland, independent, melanie, good morning to you. we are about to start the second day. how is it going? caller: i loved it last night. it was exciting. but i used torian be a republican, used to be a democrat. i left both parties because of the progressives. i love trump. he reminds me of short washington -- george washington if you look at his height and the way he holds himself and the way that he talks. democrat orring any anybody going for hillary to watch hillary's america. it opens him a 22nd of july.
10:19 am
it is the true history of the democratic party and it will blow your mind. host: many of the delegates here many of them are able to watch it here in cleveland. republican delegates gathered for that earlier. in lincoln town north carolina, virginia, republican. i think the convention is wonderful and i just want to say that melania was wonderful. i hate that people are comparing the speech to mrs. obama because she is nothing like her. she will prove to be a great first lady. wonderful.g was he says he is angry like the rest of us and i think we are all for trump. whether trump is a republican or
10:20 am
a democrat, nobody cares about his past. he has got heart and compassion and i think he will get the best people to do the best jobs to run this country. if they think he is all about andelf, that will make him all of our great president because he won't let himself not be great. can i ask you what you are angry about? caller: i am just angry about everything. politicians, everything. trump is speaking to everybody. my number one thing is illegal immigrants. they need to stop getting all the welfare and freebies and put it back into our country, our people that want to live here. let them coming legally. i think we will have a wall. it is wonderful if we have a wall. let them come in legal. to pay fors going
10:21 am
it, they are going to pay for it. i hope the republican party backs him 100%. hillary has so much backing and she is a criminal. she belongs in jail. yet, the media is down on everything they do. i don't hear anything about hillary and her past and taking money from countries that kill gays are hate women. -- kill gays or hate women. people shut it off when they want to talk about it. msnbc, i am tired of cnn and i am tired of some of the people on fox. at least with your show you get people who can voice their opinion and you are not cutting them off. let me show our viewers and you a little different part
10:22 am
of melania trump's speech last night. you have probably seen the video comparing what she had to say to what michelle obama said that -- but she talked about her husband representing all, not some people. >> my husband offers a new , welcoming change, prosperity, and greater cooperation among peoples and nations. donald intends to present all the people, not just some of the people. includes christians, jews, hispanics, african, asians, and the poor and the middle last. -- the middle class. [applause] throughout his career, donald
10:23 am
has successfully worked with people of many faiths and with many nations. i have seenelse, the talent, the energy, the tenacity, the resourceful mind, and the simple goodness of the heart that god gave to donald trump. if you missed melania trump's speech last night or rudy giuliani's or the others that spoke before the republicans, you can go to and watch them there. andrew in texas, democrat. what do you think about the convention? ofler: i think it is a lot rhetoric and i am thinking a lot of republicans are starting to wake up. that is why they were trying to nominate donald trump because if they think that mexico is going to build a wall, think again.
10:24 am
unfinished fence that they have started on and they have stopped. so i could feel where people are coming from about the e-mail scandal and the benghazi scandal , but donald trump has scandals of his own. university, he has filed for bankruptcy on most of his businesses, to try and make money off of taxpayers. i'm going to vote with a clean conscience. if people don't like either trump or clinton, i would suggest they vote libertarian. fred, in maine, independent. good morning to you. caller: hi. short story here, i am 70 years old.
10:25 am
died inas 13, my father a va hospital. when i was 15, i was a troubled kid. opener, and a can electric can opener for my mother and i got caught. she had arthritis really bad. inot sentenced to six months a youth service center in massachusetts. i was there for six months. that was my first experience with any racism with the law. i have never had any problems with any black people ever in my life. that was my first experience. that is where racism for me started and i didn't see anybody there that was spending this amount of time for stealing a can opener. so that's one thing. host: what does that have to do
10:26 am
with the convention? caller: that has to do with the reason why i am an independent. all the politicians, they try to steal everything. i think that donald trump is the has gone and-- he stole the party but they have been trying to steal everybody else's forever. in wanda, newet york, republican. your turn. caller: i agree with virginia. it is unconscionable to think that the delegates would elect anyone other than donald trump. of our to take care legal citizens, not the influx of illegal aliens. that would because in all types of disruption.
10:27 am
earning the american flag. -- burning the american flag. my america was based on legal citizens who stood in line to get into this country. for some reason we have fallen short of the constitution, the current administration is trying to rip it apart. i am sick and tired of people talking about donald trump creating problems with his businesses and going bankrupt. if that is the worst thing they have to say about him, shame on them for not opening your eyes. host: ok. theyepublicans today, when are in session for the second day of the national convention, they will be officially offering the name donald trump to be their nominee. this is the fourth time republicans have held their convention in ohio, the first
10:28 am
time in cincinnati in 1876 and in cleveland in 1924 and 1936. as you know, political conventions attract commerce and they attract souvenir hunters and they attract souvenir sellers. of -- as. has a bit video story about capitalism live and well. >> donald trump condoms. give them here. >> the republican national convention is not just about politics. it is about capitalism and the ability to sell merchandise. so we have nicknamed this place hustle alley because it is lined with people selling hats,
10:29 am
t-shirts, stuffed animals, anything you can think of to -- quick buck.ok >> i sell political prophylactics. it got bernie sanders and hillary clinton and at the bottom it says -- >> donald trump's is think of the trump. .e shall overcomb for some salesng of some hats. everything is going for a fair price. this crowd is about a $30 crowd. sanders remembers when
10:30 am
57 -- $.50 was a penny. >> donald trump condom? host: we are back, live here in cleveland at the skylight financial group about a mile , which is over my left shoulder. that is where republicans will be gathering for their second day of the convention. we are taking your thoughts on it. denise is a democrat in michigan. good morning. i think in my world grandchildren,ng i am scared. i've seen people having a conversation that start yelling at each other. i watched the convention
10:31 am
yesterday, and the way that people talked, i felt really bad for the mother of the guy from benghazi but i don't believe the all thes will have parents of all the kids in all of our soldiers. my father was a vet. i don't believe we will have all apparent standing on stage talking about how the republicans have sent our kids and soldiers to iraq and all the ones who came back with posttraumatic stress disorder. they talk about the veterans and how we are not serving them. we just got innovative with people who have been hurt. i think the republicans need to think about what they are saying. mr. trump has been married three times.
10:32 am
i think that we need to stop and think about what we are saying before we put it out there. i'm really getting scared. jimmy in athens, georgia, independent. what is on your mind this morning about the republicans gathering here? caller: good morning from georgia. you are doing a fabulous job today. i would like to point out a mistake one of the previous scholars made when she compared donald trump to george washington. george washington was an isolationist which i consider a good thing for america. donald trump made fun of rand paul for being an isolationist. that is one issue. let me ask you a couple of questions. when and if the republicans will announce which three states pulled out of that provision last night.
10:33 am
is, do youuestion ever check your ratings? we don't do ratings on c-span as many of you probably know. we are a public service offered by the cable company. we don't do ratings and we don't have commercials. this is all something that is done in an effort to let you know what is happening in washington -- or in this case what is happening in cleveland. we will go to philly next week for the democrat convention there. here onour mission c-span, to bring you gavel to gavel on interrupted coverage of the proceedings that happen in washington or in cleveland. that is why we do what we do. theerday was day one of convention and we will continue to do it here on the second day of the republican gathering. on the question about the state
10:34 am
that rescinded some of the signatures, i am not sure on the specific states. the republicans said that they were not going to release he states names. i'm not sure if that has .appened or will happened john in california, democrat. good morning. i love your coverage of the convention. there was a shot you had of a woman who looked like she was up in the rafters and protesting. she had a banner and there was a gentleman in front of her that was doing a tug-of-war with that. that is her property. what was he doing, trying to steal it? police clearthese her that she is not creating any violence and allow her freedom
10:35 am
of speech. i don't disagree with everything the republican party has to say. they just throw these blanket statements of the president and i don't disagree with everything they say. , are was a guy out there black sheriff that brought up this idea of blue lives matter. i am a sign maker and i cut that out in blue and i came from the 70's. i was a drug addict and i have been sober for many years. back then we were criminals. i was beat up, maced, incarcerated, and i don't want to see the police that protect our communities. as much problems as i had back then, blue lives matter. joining us on the phone is , editor of the
10:36 am
columbus dispatch in ohio. goingtalk about what is to happen when the publicans go to the quicken loans arena this evening at 5:30 p.m.. what will we see? >> it is going to be interesting. there is an eclectic mix of speakers today. ultimate fighting championship ceo that mr. trump helped out, professional golfer that was on some ofp reality show, mr. trump's family members, and it is also a politician night if you will. don't happen for a couple weeks so we might see some balance beam competition with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. certainly, they wanted to promote the republican brand but neither one of them has been head over heels about mr. trump himself.
10:37 am
they will carry out that competition on national television in front of the delegates there. host: there will be presiding officers over a couple of presentations. what are you hearing about possible more disruptions from the delegates who have been wanting to vote their conscience or wanting to change the rules going forward? what is the latest? frankly, mostly what you hear are rumors. could some of those come true? people walking out, people doing this, that, the ohio delegation -- ohio is the one state that john kasich won. they are voting for governor kasich on the first ballot. that was -- mr. trump will
10:38 am
prevail. some thought there might be some , butto vote by acclamation i don't know if the never trump movement -- there are certainly lots of hard feelings after yesterday, dealing with the desire for a rollcall vote. former senator gordon humphrey from new hampshire was not doing that on behalf of kasich. case it was nowhere around. ohio was not one of the states to take part in wanting to issue that minority report. it would put a flaw in the ointment. the unity picture that the trump people in the arts he will recommend -- represent this week. governor kasich was
10:39 am
speaking before the michigan delegation on c-span two. what is the latest from the governor and his thoughts about this nominee and the party convention in his home state. i was at that delegation as well. they are about an hour out from the festivities. governor kasich has made it quite clear throughout the past that he hasnths open disdain for mr. trump's -- what he views as the present of nominees the, the harsh rhetoric, the condemnation of religion, things about women, all the disparaging remarks. governor kasich talks about how this country is so divided anyhow that is the last thing we need.
10:40 am
speaking, he met with a group from illinois yesterday. it was for more things today. he is not really talking about that. he is talking very generic things. of michigan was reminiscing about the places he's missed campaigning there. michigan was supposed to be a turning point for his campaign last year but finally the campaign got out of the south and back to the midwest. those with good memories remember that senator cruz actually finished second. there is no way he is going to endorse mr. trump. badmouthing if you will, yesterday, paul matter for, i guess he is in effect mr. trump campaign manager, he called the
10:41 am
governor petulant, said he was an embarrassment to the state and said that i republican --ators up for reelection our republican senators up for reelection are not happy. we checked with the campaign manager, and then we checked with senator portman himself and he also said that was totally false. fact, now, governor kasich is returning the favor for senator portman. that just angered the ohio delegation. who are not big trump supporters. as we take it into account, the delegation actually got a 55%
10:42 am
return rate and only one third said they would vote for mr. trump and work for his campaign. is to gethe big deal members of congress reelected and state legislature. that was the republican luncheon yesterday morning. mr. trump's name was not uttered from the podium. host: what does that mean for donald trump's chances of winning ohio in november? higher -- ohio is the bellwether state. the biggest adages is no republican from abraham lincoln on has ever won the white house without carrying ohio. it does seem to be a bumpy debut. our state party chairman matt borges, he has been trying to build party unity. he doesn't think much of trump
10:43 am
but to him, we can't do anything to put hillary clinton in the white house from his point of view. so you have got one choice and that is mr. trump. nominee. when he starts name-calling the governor and says he is embarrassing the state, he fired back in interviews and on twitter. several other officials did to. republican pat tiberi said it was stupid. when you talk to john weaver, governor kasich campaign strategist, he says it is a clown car show. he calls the trump people metalheads. .- knuckleheads
10:44 am
justcompetitiveness, but of stupid tactics he said not just the swing state but the host state. governoronize the city ? darrel rowland, public affairs editor, thanks for joining us. back to your phone calls. fred in ohio, independent. caller: hello. how are you. think abouto you the convention in your home state? caller: i had a few things to say. i was listening to the editor from the columbus paper while i was on hold but look. has won more votes
10:45 am
than any other republican candidate in history with a field of 17 opponents during this campaign. suppose there had only been four. how many would mr. trump have gotten? yet we have primates -- crybabies screaming. mr. trump won by a huge margin. for the record, i am a christian and a member of the church in this area and i have to tell you that i would say about at this i amt, the reports getting, the number of christians across this country that are now going to support 84%,rump are approximately which would be more than any other candidate.
10:46 am
i think that exceeds what president bush originally got. host: i have to get in more folks. democratxt, maryland, caller:. caller:thanks for taking my call. i was commenting to my husband about money is speech. makenly people that should a comment on whether it was plagiarism or who wrote the speech or who didn't write the speech is the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. she should say, nationally or -- taking parts of my speech and using them. any officer of any book or newspaper article is honored when some but their words and uses the.
10:47 am
the only thing she should have and i quote." that is what she should have said. but you use some of these words and that is a great honor and that shows that she is a woman delicacyttuned to the of the first lady of the united states. finally, all michelle obama should say is let us women stick together and elect hillary clinton. thank you very much. host: i want to follow up on an earlier caller who asked which state withdrew which delegate from states that had demanded a rollcall vote. reports it is not known which delegates change their mind.
10:48 am
the island colorado deller -- delegation hadn't been allowed earlier. but exactly which states withdrew is not yet known. we heard from the iowan republican party but that was not true. the chairperson, had some speculation that she was hiding so that she wouldn't have to force the vote but it appears she was talking to people who were withdrawing their signatures. david in north carolina, democrat. >> thank you for taking my call. say, you can't change the rules in the middle of the game. they would have to vote the way the state votes. sure when romney won the nomination there were people who didn't like him but they voted because their state voted.
10:49 am
go, mr.s the candidates trump signed that piece of paper, saying he would support the nomination. where the not supporting others? they signed that paper and they are showing their true colors because they are not honoring their word. >> in naples, florida, republican. what do you think? caller: i think the united states is lucky to have donald to do what heward needs to do or do what we need to do to make this country back on track. lynn, in xl's your, minnesota, independent. i would like to say that i was very happy.
10:50 am
i did watch on c-span. i was very happy to see some legal immigrants take the podium and speak about how proud they are to be american and how they went through a process of legal immigration. i have always thought that i would be frustrated if i were a legal immigrant that other people come over illegally and get granted the same privileges as those who work for it and love this country and want to be part of it. wantten other immigrants to take advantage of our economy and send it home. delegatesi think the who are refusing to back trump are very much part of the religious right. as a moderate conservative, i the felt alienated by republican party at times because of their position on .omen's rights
10:51 am
i had to become an independent because they were unreliable in how conservative they have become. i am thrilled to have a moderate conservatives to vote for. and he hasn't killed anyone, so there is a huge difference between donald and hillary. host: more of your phone calls coming up but first more from washington. fox news has tweeted out that all men afford -- paul maniford has announced that jeff sessions will nominate donald trump tonight. first congressman who endorsed him will second that. we want to show you the front page of the local paper. safety trump bid on opening night -- trumpeted on opening night.
10:52 am
the columbus dispatch, often running -- off and running is the headline and a picture of the protesters and delegates. guest: we've got less than 10 minutes to get in some more calls. terry in virginia beach, republican, your turn. caller: good morning. two items. i keep hearing people griping about the fact that donald trump is going to get that wall built. from what i understand there are 13 million undocumented mexicans in this country. $10 from each one of them. that would be $1.3 million. that7 of the republicans ran signed the pledge to support whoever the nominee was.
10:53 am
they did it because they were afraid trump was going to run as an independent. now a lot of them are backing out like the illustrious john kasich who is the ultimate insider and i am tired of this crab. them saying they would support the nominee. host: we will see what happens today when republicans go over to the queue here -- to the q in cleveland. jim in new jersey, democrat. have you been watching? host: have you been watching? caller: yes i have. i had a little wisdom dropped on me.
10:54 am
i made a comment to a woman about her bumper sticker and she made this comment to me that if you separate the faces and the clamor, itof basically comes down to two different philosophies. the republican philosophy is to privatize everything so business can do a better job in government and the democratic position seems to be that we -- the government is a vehicle for all people to use to serve our needs. recall that the commons. suggestould like to that when hedge fund managers see 600 million or billion dollars being spent on an education and they want to privatize schools, it is just another example of how they can make money on it. people.
10:55 am
they are just people, whether they are in business or government, people rp also what makes people think that people in business are going to do a better job than people in government? host: let's hear from ted in new jersey, independent. hi, the reason i'm calling -- good morning, by the way. is i agree that there is no jobs for americans anymore. my sons cannot find work out there. i go to the store, jersey shore, and it is all run .y spanish and is getting crazy people need to understand that most blacks are getting killed by each other and i deliver food to schools for most of my life
10:56 am
and every single black high school, there is 30-40 security guards working every corner of the school and that is not in any other schools that you have that. the cost to the american people for that has to be outstanding. host: so you are interested in jobs and the economy. that is the theme of this day, tuesday for the republicans. day two will be america works again. that is what the speeches will be about today when republicans go to the q. tune in about an hour ahead because we will take your phone calls about what you are seeing in cleveland and we will do so after the republicans adjourn in between uninterrupted coverage here on c-span over at like we have been saying, that listen if you can
10:57 am
you are not able to get to the tv or computer. surely in texas, thanks for watching, you are a democrat. caller: i would like to make a comment about building the fence between mexico and the united states. years old and that is all i have heard ever since i can remember, since i was able to vote. it will never happen. it doesn't make any difference if you build a fence. they got tunnels everywhere. there are tunnels of drugs underground not over a fence. that is a political statement by the republicans that makes -- but the republicans are the number one people that are using illegal aliens. hail storm san antonio and a lot of people came out.
10:58 am
but when you look down the block, everybody is on top of the roots -- on top of the roots were mexicans, illegal mexicans. legal oro around illegal. -- it will never happen. the republicans are the number one people that are profiting from it. host: those are shirley's comments. we will continue with a couple more if we can but first more from washington. >> hillary clinton was at the naacp annual conventions 3.5 hours south of donald trump and cleveland. she was in cincinnati. the headline, clinton crashes trumps convention. and i want to show you one more.
10:59 am
is, the website for the cleveland plain dealer. anti-muslim black lives protesters clash at rnc demonstration. what some of the police presence looks like as well. and the protesters, you can find that on host: a couple more phone calls as we wrap this morning's washington journal. amanda in montana, republican. caller: hello. host: what are your thoughts? caller: i wanted to say they are doing a good job because obama and hillary are -- it hasn't been working. trumped is not your average politician. he doesn't say things correctly but he says what he means.
11:00 am
the colors i like have been listening to have a problem with yesterdays motion, there seems to be more democrats making complaints than republicans and i thought the republican party was supposed to be for the people. they say the delegates make up the majority of who gets to be host: one more call, kenneth in norman, oklahoma. caller: i would like to say of trump is going to shut down the toders, he ought to be able stop what is going out of our country. we have children stolen every day that are exported and stolen from families here. this man has his children up here presenting him. when has hillary said anything about her children, any of that. if we can control our borders and stop what comes in to our borders, we


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