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tv   Convention Events Coverage  CSPAN  July 19, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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the colors i have been listening to have a problem with yesterdays motion, there seems to be more democrats making complaints than republicans and i thought the republican party was supposed to be for the people. they say the delegates make up the majority of who gets to be host: one more call, kenneth in norman, oklahoma. caller: i would like to say of trump is going to shut down the toders, he ought to be able stop what is going out of our country. we have children stolen every day that are exported and stolen from families here. this man has his children up here presenting him. when has hillary said anything about her children, any of that. if we can control our borders and stop what comes in to our borders, we can prevent what is
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going out of our borders and keep our children here at home and love them and take care of them. host: go ahead. trump. trump it up, mr. we need you. childrene of the trump will be speaking, including tonight. we will say goodbye for now from the skylight financial group. we will be back tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. eastern time with more of your phone calls and commentary. thank you for watching. we will see you then. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> c-span -- created by america's cable-television companies. i live coverage of every minute of the republican and democratic national conventions is provided you -- provided to you by your cable or satellite provider. day two of the republican national convention starts at 5:30 eastern. we have a preview program that gets underway at 4:00. among the speakers today, paul ryan, senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, governor chris christie, as well as dr. ben carson and donald trump's children, tiffany and donald trump junior. get video on demand at donald trump's wife gave her speech last night and while the associated press says the speech
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was well received, it drew controversy over some of her remarks. passages of-- two her address match nearly word for word michelle obama's speech from the 2008 convention. we will show you miss trump's entire 17 minute speech. she's introduced by her husband, donald trump. ♪ we are the champions, we , no time forions losers because we are the champions of the world ♪ [applause]
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mr. trump: thank you, everybody. we love you. we are going to win. we are going to win so big. thank you very much. very thank you. we are going to win so big. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to win so big. ladies and gentlemen, it is my next honor to present the first lady of the united states,
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my wife, and amazing mother, an trump.ble woman, melania [applause] ms. trump: thank you very much. you have all been very kind to donald and me, to our young son barron, and to our whole family. t's a very nice welcome and we're excited to be with you at this historic convention.
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i am so proud of your choice for president of the united states, my husband, donald j. trump. [applause] and i can assure you, he is moved by this great honor. the 2016 republican primaries were fierce and started with many candidates, 17 to be exact, and i know that donald agrees with me when i mention how talented all of them are. they deserve respect and gratitude from all of us. [applause] however, when it comes to my husband, i will say that i am
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definitely biased, and for good reason.i have been with donald for 18 years and i have been aware of his love for this country since we first met. he never had a hidden agenda when it comes to his patriotism, because, like me, he loves this country so much.i was born in slovenia, a small, beautiful and then communist country in central europe. my sister ines, who is an incredible woman and a friend, and i were raised by my wonderful parents. my elegant and hard-working mother amalia introduced me to fashion and beauty. my father viktor instilled in me a passion for business and travel. their integrity, compassion and
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intelligence reflect to this day on me and for my love of family and america. [applause] from a young age, my parents impressed on me the values that you work hard for what you want in life: that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise; that you treat people with respect. they taught and showed me values and morals in their daily life. that is a lesson that i continue to pass along to our son, and we need to pass those lessons on to the many generation to follow. [applause]
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because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. [applause] my heritagete for and where it brought me today. i travelled the world while working hard in the incredible arena of fashion. after living and working in milan and paris, i arrived in new york city twenty years ago, and i saw both the joys and the hardships of daily life. on july 28th, 2006, i was very proud to become a citizen of the united states -- the greatest privilege on planet earth. [applause]
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i cannot, or will not, take the freedoms this country offers for granted. but these freedoms have come with a price so many times. the sacrifices made by our veterans are reminders to us of this. i would like to take this moment to recognize an amazing veteran, the great senator bob dole. [applause] and let us thank all of our veterans in the arena today, and those across our great country.
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[applause] we are all truly blessed to be here. that will never change. i can tell you with certainty that my husband has been concerned about our country for as long as i have known him. with all of my heart, i know that he will make a great and lasting difference. donald has a deep and unbounding determination and a never-give-up attitude. i have seen him fight for years to get a project done or even started and he does not give up! if you want someone to fight for you and your country, i can assure you, he is the 'guy'.
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[applause] he will never, ever, give up. and, most importantly, he will never, ever, let you down. donald is, and always has been, an amazing leader. now, he will go to work for you. [applause] his achievements speak for themselves, and his performance throughout the primary campaign proved that he knows how to win. he also knows how to remain focused on improving our country on keeping it safe and secure. [applause] he is tough when he has to be but he is also kind and fair and
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caring. this kindness is not always noted, but it is there for all to see. that is one reason i fell in love with him to begin with. [applause] donald is intensely loyal. to family, friends, employees, country. he has the utmost respect for his parents, mary and fred, to his sisters maryanne and elizabeth, to his brother robert and to the memory of his late brother fred. his children have been cared for and mentored to the extent that even his adversaries admit they are an amazing testament to who he is as a man and a father. [applause] there is a great deal of love in the trump family.
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that is our bond, and that is our strength. yes, donald thinks big, which is especially important when considering the presidency of the united states. no room for small thinking. no room for small results. donald gets things done. [applause] our country is underperforming and needs new leadership. leadership is also what the world needs. donald wants our country to move forward in the most positive of ways. everyone wants change. donald is the only one that can deliver it. we should not be satisfied with stagnation. donald wants prosperity for all americans. [applause]
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we need new programs to help the poor and opportunities to challenge the young. there has to be a plan for growth only then will fairness result. my husband's experience exemplifies growth and the successful passage of opportunity to the next generation. his success indicates inclusion rather than division. my husband offers a new direction, welcoming change, prosperity and greater cooperation among peoples and nations. donald intends to represent all the people, not just some of the people. [applause] that includes christians and jews and muslims, it includes hispanics and african-americans and asians, and the poor and the
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middle class. [applause] throughout his career, donald has successfully worked with people of many faiths and with many nations. like no one else, i have seen the talent, the energy, the tenacity, the resourceful mind and the simple goodness of heart that god gave donald trump. now is the time to use those gifts as never before, for purposes far greater than ever before. and he will do this better than anyone else can... and it won't even be close. [applause]
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everything depends on it, for our cause and for our country. people are counting on him all the millions of you who have touched us so much with your kindness and your confidence. you have turned this unlikely campaign into a movement that is still gaining in strength and number. [applause] the primary season, and its toughness, is behind us. let's all come together in a national campaign like no other! [applause] the race will be hard-fought, all the way to november. there will be good times and hard times and unexpected turns it would not be a trump contest without excitement and drama.
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[applause] but through it all, my husband will remain focused on only one thing: this beautiful country, that he loves so much. [applause] if i am honored to serve as first lady, i will use that wonderful privilege to try to help people in our country who need it the most. one of the many causes dear to my heart is helping children and judge a society by how it treats its citizens. we must do our best to ensure that every child can live in comfort and security, with the best possible education. [applause]
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as citizens of this great nation, it is kindness, love and compassion for each other that will bring us together and keep us together. [applause] these are the values donald and i will bring to the white house. my husband is ready to lead this great nation. he is ready to fight, every day, to give our children the better future they deserve. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, donald j. trump is ready to serve and lead this country as the next president of the united states.
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[applause] thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. [applause] ♪ we are the champions, we are the champions ♪ ♪ no time for losers because we are the champions of the world ♪ ♪
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"role call" reports that the speech has shaken up the convention because of lines lifted from michelle obama's speech. a senior trump advisor has dismissed the criticism as just absurd. this is what he told reporters this morning. >> this afternoon at around 7:30 will be the culmination of a one-year campaign by mr. trump, a campaign that as far as we are
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concerned the fight a lot of expectations of local pundits and the political class that has caused the problem of gridlock in washington. it was an outsider campaign and today around 7:30, mr. trump will officially be the nominee of the republican party. we are excited about that and he is excited that his quest will finally come to an and. all of you who'd doubted he could be nominated will not be able to say yes but it won't happen. that will be something that will be an important moment as far as this campaign is concerned. is makeing, the theme america work again. again, the theme of failed leadership will be emphasized and as noted in the presentation
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, we will use ordinary americans who have an infected by the tosis caused by washington talk about their personal experiences and we will have leaders of the party talking about their messages and the theme of the subset that deals with mr. trump reporting in, senator mcconnell and mr. ryan will focus on the party working inether and being unified how we expect to have a republican president and republican congress working together in 2017. those are the main messages of the night. i will open up for questions in a few minutes. of the about fragments speech being used -- would you acknowledge that mistakes were made and you reviewed the speech
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and will anyone be fired? thinkst of all, we melania trump's speech was a great speech. it talked about her coming to america, about the story that vocus is on immigration and the right way to do it, her love of country, the love of her husband and how it developed and family and family values. these are themes that are personal to her and personal to a lot of people depending on the lives. obviously feels similar sentiments toward her family. the fact that the speech itself is being focused on -- somebody words says there were 50 -- it's totally ignoring the fact of the speech itself. it was a poignant speech and well-received. we do not believe there is
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anything in that speech that does not reflect her thinking. we are comfortable the words she used our words that were personal to her. the fact that there are things like care and respect and compassion, those are not extraordinary words and when you talk about family, they are normal words. she did know that she was speaking before 40 million people and that her speech would be noticed by a lot of people. to think she would be doing anything that would go unnoticed is absurd. she knew the american people her wordsattention to and you are focusing on trying to distort that message in some respect. tent, there is a political to this issue and we have noted the clinton camp was the first to get it out there and say there was something untoward
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about the speech. it's just another example that when hillary clinton is threatened by a female, the first thing she does is try to destroy that person. politics and we recognize that we are just going to move on. we are focused on the message that she gave last night. any questions on different topics? you struck down comments on your youtube channel, was that ecause of the proliferation -- not goodmy english is enough, but it was word by word. words inwere over 1400 that speech. any other topics because i don't want to keep going over that
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issue? sessions willf put his name into nomination tonight. he had been key to advising mr. trump and had become a very close friend and advisor. seconding speech will be given by senator chris collins who is from new york state. the second seconding speech will be given by lieutenant governor henry mcmaster. he was an early supporter and in the victoryl in south carolina, which was an important part of his victory. utahything about a delegate being threatened in the bathroom? >> i think i have a good sense of what is going on, but i have not gotten into the bathrooms yet. [laughter] >> [inaudible]
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stating your people were influencing the trump delegates ukraineiding weapons to [indiscernible] invention is being watched in ukraine and eastern europe. should people there be concerned ,f trump becomes president russia will be allowed to run amok? >> as far as the first question, i don't understand that weston. the platform results are the ones reflected. people of the world should
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be concerned about what is going on in washington today because we believe the crisis in the world today is a result of the united states not participating in a vibrant way and letting the world move leader leslie. to all of those enemies of democracy, strong leadership by the united states is something they should fear and mr. trump will be a strong leader. you think she is being unfairly criticized? >> absolutely. she did a tremendous job last night. this is a woman who does not speak in public often. speak, she asked to asked to speak. she said that they only see her partners personality, seeing him on the campaign trail and she said it was important to her
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personally that they understand the human side of donald trump and the man who has spent all the time as she has known him making a difference in their lives. she communicated that beautifully last night and -- they are trying to destroy those words through political allegations and her speech was one of the highlights , if not the highlight of the convention. we will see you tomorrow. >> in reaction to the controversy over mrs. trump's speech last night, the former said he shouldr
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resign if he signed off on the speech. the republican national committee chair said he would probably fire whoever included in the speechotes and cnn reporting the trump campaigns is as no plans to fire anybody over melania trump's speech last night. you can see michelle obama and melania trump's speech on >> we are here with one of the official caterers for the republican national convention and former defensive end for the cleveland browns. how did you get into barbecue? >> i did not get into barbecue, i was born into a barbecue family. , barbecue ismy job my passion. >> what is your specialty? >> we are the only people in the
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bones.hat remove the it's not compressed meet, it's an actual slab of ribs. now and you retail can get it shipped right to your house. >> special sauce? the secret sauce? >> no. to me, a good rib should not have to be slammed in sauce. it should be a complement to it. would, my uncle said, it ain't no good. we use a combination of wood, oak and hickory, and we use either cherry or icon for our chicken. become a caterer for the republican national convention?
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it when iured into heard the word competition. they said you will have to come down and compete and i was like i'm in. my children and my wife know that. i did not have any political aspirations whatsoever. was to be one that would complete -- to compete. the rnc did not take the caterers. they just eliminated the ones. we are in the media building and it's up to you to decide whether or not you want our fanfare. like it was a process in my life that was going to come around once. there for years ago. so i probably won't see this
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.gain i think that's what life is about. it comes around once, if it's not harmful, do it. >> what was the process like forgetting your food cleared? fda, they called on the health department -- they are well within how we operate, but they are a little more stringent . there are things we would normally have to do for the health department, but i get it. my thinking is to my friends and hate to make-- i somebody from the media sick. that's not where you want to go with your brand.
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and i wasxperience swept for moms come a dogs have been in my truck. i've never seen that in america. i've been to israel and i've seen it, but to have that feeling and to know i haven't done anything wrong, i'm scared. it's an experience i will never ever forget. even coming in the gate to my wanted to domebody a check point. , thenk the lesson to us is thing i will say is thank god you are an american because you cannot drive from kansas to cleveland without it check point. keep that in mind.
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that's the kind of thing i have been reminding myself. to me. growth i think i will be more appreciative going from state to .tate if you think about it, it is pretty intimidating. it intimidated me. >> thank you very much for talking to c-span. rowou will have a front seat to every minute of the republican and democratic national conventions on watch live streams of the convention proceedings without commentary or commercials. own clips of your favorite convention moments and share them on social media. read twitter feeds from delegates and reporters. our special convention pages have everything you need to get the most from c-span's gavel to
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gavel coverage. national convention for up dated information to see what is happening during each session. every speech will be on demand for viewing on your desktop, lap top, tablet and smartphone. our special convention pages are a public service of your cable and satellite provider. if you are a c-span watcher, check it out on the web at fightterday, a floor broke out over the convention rules. tension exploded into a high profile fight between the republican national committee leadership and delegates from the never trump movement. washington journal talked to a delegate who was there. thank you very much for being here. what did you and others hope to accomplish yesterday by trying
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to force a vote? guest: we knew that if we didn't try and force a vote, that they would just call for a day and and nay, and whatever was said would pass. we had to get enough states that the majority of states to call for the rollcall. we have nine. 11 they refused to take the last two. so we had nine with plenty of signatures. and that would allow us to have a rollcall vote. it's pretty simple. it's normal, in the rules. that's what we can do. host: some say it was an effort to embarrass donald trump in other public and party. guest: for what reason? to vote? to let every delegate vote? why would that be an embarrassment?
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guest: -- host: what would you have accomplished? was the wayeason they jammed through the rules from previously, we were wanting to discuss the rules. they did the same thing in the rules -- they had a five hour delay for printer jam. ok, they gave them time to work on the delegates to get what they wanted out of it. they didn't pass anything of the grassroots that they wanted. they denied all of them. we want a discussion on it. that's pretty simple. host: you did not want to stop donald trump from becoming the nominee? guest: that was not the purpose of this rollcall vote. it was the rules. to go over the rules -- there were rules and their that centralized power more than they already have.
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we wanted to disperse it back down to the delegates more. steve womack, the presiding officer, came out after the first voice vote went through. did a second voice vote, and then when a point of order was called said they didn't have the signatures that you said you had. , a said you had nine majority of delegates from nine states, you said three had rescinded their signatures. do know what happened? guest: i know exactly what happened. there was a lot of music being played during that time. .hat was to stall that was a stall tactic. we were pulling the delegates -- they have all the names of these delegates. ,hey pulled him off the floor threatened, intimidated, whatever they do to them. they did that in order for them to remove their names off of those. i know specifically was done to
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iowa. iowa is the one that got the state pulled off, because three delegates remove their names from the list. host: did you talk to those delegates? when you mean by threats and intimidating, specifically, what were they threatening? guest: i will give you an example. committeeman has told everybody, all the time, that in order for iowa to keep their first in the nation status, we need to reelect him. he is friends with all these committeemen, he's the one that will keep us first in the nation. the threat is that if you say unitying wrong, or not in , that's when you look bad on iowa. they're going to take away our first in the nation status. and i guarantee you, that is one of the threats that was made. you leave your name on here, and
11:42 am
it's going to cause i want to look bad. to look bad. we will lose our first in the nation status. host: you think that worked? guest: absolutely it worked. host: after this all took place, what did you do? guest: after they completely bypassed and would not allow us to have the motion, i walked out. i walked out. . went out to the lobby my voice was a little horse, but i was getting calls from reporters and so forth. i probably spent an hour or two talking with people. and eventually, i just left. host: you didn't go back? guest: i did not go back. host: do you plan to go back?
11:43 am
guest: i will not go back to the floor. host: can the republican party replace you with an alternate delegate that is in town? guest: of course, that is wild winter there. it's common, you can leave the floor, and alternate will take your place. that's common. that is probably what will happen. host: will there be another effort by you and these other groups today, when the vote is put before the entire delegation for officially nominating donald trump -- will it happen again today? guest: i don't know. i will be part of it. -- i won't be part of it. i didn't quit the republican party, the republican party quit me. i've had my fill of it. , anday they did yesterday during the rules committee just proves that they are not for the
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delegates. they are for tightly controlling just a few people, so they can control the whole thing. part of it,n't be but are their efforts underway to try and make more noise on the floor today? guest: i haven't talked to anybody about it. i will be truthful, i haven't. i suspect that i will, but i have not at this point. still early. to calls, michael is a first in clarksville, tennessee. go ahead. caller: hello, thank you for having me on. reasonr concern in the expressalled was to that i'm a express that i'm a veteran. the other thing is that this seems to me like almost -- there is a minor group inside the a rankcan party that has
11:45 am
system of who becomes president. so it doesn't matter who you are, as long as you don't fall into that system, you will become president of the united states. and it doesn't matter how much it hurts us as a nation, they will still -- you cannot tell it with a straight face, knowing what is at stake during this election, that somehow, the fighting donald trump and fracturing the republican party is somehow better than hillary clinton election. that's what really is at stake here. host: let's take that point. look, i have invested a studying whon donald trump is, and what i believe that he would do to the party, and to the nation. i believe that hillary clinton will beat him, and that is one
11:46 am
of the reasons that early on, i want to try and stop him at the convention. i believe he is a disaster. i believe he is a pathological liar. , he loves the attention, he's a reality tv star. but will he make a good president? absolutely not. dottie in bushnell, illinois. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead with your question or comment for our guests on what happened yesterday at the first day of the republican convention. caller: i was disgusted by the people on the floor. and the lack of common sense, the lack of common courtesy for the people that came to that convention. i'm just disgusted people act that way. . am very pro-trump
11:47 am
the people who are against trump are going to lead this country into ruin. hillary clinton is another obama. whoever wins will be able to put the supreme court justices into place. that's going to affect this nation for many years to come. we need to make sure that we have mr. trump they are -- there --utting those a delegates new judges into place, because hillary will lead us down the path to run. , whatcecil steinmetz about her argument, and what will you do in november? guest: i said from the beginning, i put an op-ed in iowa paper the first of june that i would not support or vote for donald trump. on not looking at this early
11:48 am
as somehow trying to save the relevant party. i was doing that to help save the country. because i believe that is so important. i cannot vote for donald trump. host: will you vote for hillary clinton? guest: of course i am not voting for hillary clinton. neither one of them should be in the white house. absolutely not. but i'm not going to lower myself to vote for donald trump. i'm not. you worked in iowa for senator ted cruz. you were behind stage with him, you are up close and saw him operating in the state of iowa. would you think he will say here this week in cleveland? guest: i don't know. host: will he endorsed donald trump? city? -- should he? guest: he should not.
11:49 am
if he does, i don't know ted cruz. host: dave, henderson, nevada. you are next. i ask a call in about the last segment. host: you are still talking about it. go ahead. my opinion is that the house and senate are completely broken. i think most people would agree to that. know, we elect a president under what he's going to do, his campaign promises mainly. life, it has been executive orders or the house and senate would let me do that. my attitude is, if you get some electronic -- somebody like trump in, that would point out specific congas minute senators, the girls of what party, are basically preventing the american people from getting what we voted for the president to do, and call them out and
11:50 am
have us all go and stand on their lawn, at their lobbyist, at their barbershop, at the grocery store and tell them they are hurting america. if we don't get this -- get our jobs back into this country, the advent of self driving cars and trucks will take away all of the rest of any decent jobs we have. we have to be bringing back into our country jobs that you and i will buy the toilet paper, the teaspoons, knives, forks trade that sort of thing. if we don't get those jobs back, we are basically doomed. host: dave making the argument that all trump could shake up washington, and also bring our economy back, make us stronger. and we are saying that because of what he has done in the past? his whole life has been a democrat. he started making public and
11:51 am
noises when he started running for the republican office. what he isoing by going to do, what he says he's going to do, how about looking in the past to what he has done? it hasn't been conservative values and morals and those kind of things. it's not. it doesn't take that much to look what he's done in the past. james is next in missouri, democrat. question or comment here? caller: a comment in regards to donald trump. in his character. to say a person's reputation precedes them. you have to take into account what his past is. as old as he is, donald trump is not about to change. on theoing to stand negative grounds, he has plenty
11:52 am
of court cases, we know this. they talk about a daily, but even still, they try and sweep these things under the rug. constantly are just throwing benghazi up. they know if you keep talking about something long enough, it will stick. hillary just needs to elaborate more on what she's been through and what donald trump has been. and move on from there. has soald trump still many things, it put that kind of baggage into the white house, just don't see how people would permit it. host: cecil steinmetz, what do you think? guest: i agree, donald trump is not going to change. i agree with that aspect. that is why i'm so against him. he can say whatever he wants to say, but he's not going to change from what he has been his whole life.
11:53 am
i don't know. i don't understand why people don't get that or understand it. host: what do you make of the republican party's allegiance to him? the republican national committee has made with the donald trump campaign? thet: i sell reports where rnc was using their people for whips for trump. their combined like they are one. they give every delegates phone numbers and contacts to donald trump. they didn't give it to anybody else. host: what do you mean anybody else -- in previous years? guest: this year. of any other organizations that were trying to find the contact information, you had to dig on the internet or try and find it the other ways.
11:54 am
to give our opinions to these delegates, of what we felt like they should do. we didn't have those names and numbers. but the rnc gave them to donald trump. guest: -- host: did you hear from the donald trump campaign about your opposition? guest: no, i didn't. there are people who got calls from them, but i am pretty sure that they knew where i stood, and they were going to waste their time on me. host: do you know what the tenor of their phone calls were? this is yesterday, i assume? guest: this was even before the for the different states. the whips were trying to call delegates, even before the convention. during the convention, like i say, yeah.
11:55 am
those people were there, i even heard that the trump people removed all the media from the floor. so they couldn't record all the construction -- these destruction. host: yesterday? we saw cameras. guest: were they down on the floor all the time? host: i think c-span had their cameras there all the time. i don't know. when i left, don't know what happened after that. that's just what i heard. host: ok. olivia, lancaster, ohio. a republican. good morning. caller: good morning. lifent an entire day of my , from 8:00 a.m. to midnight watching c-span, so that i could see the entire rules committee meeting.
11:56 am
grapest i saw was sour from the ted cruz delegates, which are very few, trying to negate the millions of votes that us people went out and placed for who we wanted the nominee to be. they just need to get over it, because the people have spoken. how hard is that to understand? host: cecil steinmetz? guest: when you say that people have spoken, i ask people, she's talking about the primaries. in the caucuses. i ask how many people were democrats that voted in their public in primary? there are reports that there were millions of them. and it is because we have open primaries in several states. , why would is
11:57 am
republicans let democrats cross over and help elect were nominated a republican nominee? it makes no sense. host: doesn't that make him a stronger election candidate if you can get support from the other side? guest: if i was a republican and i could cross over and vote for a democrat, don't you think i would maybe cross over and vote for the worst candidate, and then in the general, i would vote for my guy? i would do that. host: all those democrats? of them,don't know all but doesn't it make a little bit of sense that that's what they would do? do not like hillary clinton? so they cross over and vote for donald because they think donald can beat hillary clinton? i don't buy that. bob is next in philadelphia, and independent.
11:58 am
good morning. thank you for taking my call. billy thing i have to say this gentleman is you are totally ignoring the will of the people. donald trump has gotten more votes, more people into the party then mccain and romney put together. isis, syria,into or turkey, as you are an example of a dictator. you are a spoiled little boy who didn't get his way. isn't that a shame? what's wrong with you? you are totally ignoring the will of the people. there a lot of times i did get my way. host: he has a question. guest: was a delegate for -- what is a delegate for? you know what the responsibility of a delegate is? caller: you are not a dictator. host: you didn't answer my question. what is a delegate for?
11:59 am
caller: you are a delegate the follows the will of the people. guest: he doesn't know, and most of the time, people do not know. ,f a delegate has no choice then whatever happened to the primary, happened. there he is. but that wasn't the process. a delegate takes into consideration the primary, that's true. a lot of can happen from the primary to the convention. that is why the republican conv, that is why the republican party in 1856, set it up where you have delegates that are able to -- and you vote for you think would be best to be the nominee. it has gotten out to where arele feel like delegates rubberstamped and that is not how it is set up. it is going to be that way, the
12:00 pm
way they jammed through the rules that binds these delegates, so there is no need and a convention and i say if that is how they are going to do it, then have the primary elect the nominee. it is silly to have this process of having a delegate go there, if it is decided back in the primary. what are the delegates for? it makes no sense. you can do one or the other, but don't do both. host: do you plan to stay in the -- stay in cleveland for the week? guest: i have not decided. host: do you think others will go home? guest: i don't know. host: has there been any discussion? i have had very little time to talk to any of them, so i do not know.
12:01 pm
host: we go to richard in arkansas, republican. caller: i appreciate being on tv because i know that people got out of line speaking. to me, there is only one thing that separates a good american from a bad american, and that is the ability to get something done and having the vote is getting something done. if you've got choice a and b, you have to make choice a and b. if you don't make those choices, you are not part of the country. if you cannot decide either way, then what is the use? from my side of it, when it comes down to choice, that is how we build our country. i appreciate you being on here. host: how do you respond? dilemma,understand the but i also know that there are
12:02 pm
two nominees right now that are probably the worst that we could possibly have. how it comes down to a hillary clinton and donald trump being the two choices that we have, there is a problem. we have a problem in this country, we either have voters that are unwilling or do not candidates, and guidellow this tv reality to come on and use the media every day. he was on the media every single day. something is wrong with the system when we have these two people that are nominated. we have to fix it. host: have you thought about quitting the republican party?
12:03 pm
quit, but thet republican party quit me and it was very obvious yesterday, when they would not even allow a motion to be made, and stalled long enough for their thugs to try to with these people off of hip thesets -- w people off of these lists. we should allow delegates to vote on things. there is no reason not to. if you are going to go to the convention and sinker by, and everybody that believes a different way like on the rules, and the convention is nothing. people say we are down there demonstrating, this and that, all we were doing is asking for the rollcall, with the states
12:04 pm
that we had on there. have they not stalled for 30 or 40 minutes and got these people off the floor and started yammering at them, we probably could have got it, and we may have lost the rollcall vote. we may have, but at least we could have voted. host: because of yesterday, you are no longer a republican. i will not be part of a party that does this to its own members. i will not. host: how will you vote in november? guest: i will probably write in another candidate. host: nevada, democrat. caller: thank you for taking my call. i was watching when they were doing the rollcall, and i was
12:05 pm
devastated -- not devastated, but shocked at how biased the guy at the podium was on the yays and nays. they should have had the vote. you could tell overwhelmingly who was louder, and they just went note, and then he walked off the stage. they should allow them to have their vote. i'm looking at the process. donald trump,to and his followers, and everybody who loves him, he has lied every day that he has been on tv from the moment he started this campaign, lying about the thousands of muslims cheering at 911 in new jersey, make it -- mexican rapists, coming over the
12:06 pm
borders, everything that he has said has been a lie and even when it is on tv or audio, he press, thethe reporters, saying that it is a witchhunt, that they are out to get him. every fact that he says has been scrutinized and come out to be a lie. you have had nine investigations with hillary clinton on benghazi, each and every one of them had come out with the same resolution, that she was not the cause. defundeddefended -- security to 2000 diplomatic facilities. agents, 23 different automatic facilities, and it all came out to four people in benghazi, which is a loss, and
12:07 pm
they are holding her accountable, but yet we are not holding anyone accountable for those 23 other facilities. host: we heard your point. do you have some thoughts? democratbelieve this was intellectually honest in what he said about donald trump. benghazi, i'mo not even going to get into that, but he is factually -- it is factually true what he said. donald trump lies all the time. i guess it does not matter because the next day is a different line, so we just move on -- different lie, so we just move on. host: don in california, republican. knowr: i want to let you
12:08 pm
what happened yesterday, on the floor at the convention was, they stopped corruption. people in the party that call themselves conservatives, and they are not conservative. what they have done if they have taken conservatism and turned it into a quasi-religion. ever ready to excommunicate people for imagined heresies, they learned to strong-arm the caucuses and in the state of colorado, the even elected themselves. they did not go with the vote of the people, they shut them out they try to import that strong-arm corruption into the floor of the convention, with their little voices, that thought they were going to take over the convention and when it looked in their faces, your
12:09 pm
guest are like, oh i am not a republican anymore. i'm sorry, sir, you never were a republican. host: let's leave it there. guest: i have been a republican or 40 years. i voted for ronald reagan the first time i was able to vote. i believe ronald reagan demonstrated what a republican party should be, and we are nowhere close to that now. he brought up the colorado thing, and that is so bogus. those people out there had a vote, they did not vote for themselves. they had to run at least five times and it is just silly. i am tired of trying to work within the party. i have done it for 40 years.
12:10 pm
i have health candidates, i have volunteered hours and hours, and i just don't see that it is feasible. yesterday was the last straw. refused toimply allow a simple rollcall vote, which is in the rules, which would allow us to do it, and then to intimidate and get the names pulled back off of those thes that we had, it is not republican party that i could be anywhere close to. host: and for use -- four years, if senator ted cruz runs, are you back in? if there is a republican party in four years, i'm not sure if there will be. we used to have a wig party, and
12:11 pm
it went away. this party is tearing up. it's like they don't even want people to be part of it unless you are in this little controlled group that they can tell you what to think, how to act, how to vote. we want to thank you for coming on the washington journal this m click stay to of the republican national convention starts at 5:30 eastern. among the speakers today, house speaker paul ryan. we will hear from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. jersey governor chris christie and ben carson. also, donald trump's children, tiffany and donald trump, junior.
12:12 pm
you can listen on the c-span radio app and get video on -- on demand at >> the republican national convention is live from cleveland this week. watch on c-span. listen live on the c-span radio app. on-demand any time at, on your desktop, phone, or tablet, where you will find all of our convention coverage and the full convention schedule. on twittern c-span and facebook. the republican national convention all this week on c-span. and monday, watch the democratic national convention live from philadelphia. edwashington post reporter
12:13 pm
keefe is tweeting out -- california has more than 550 delegates. off buses and find other means of transportation if they are sick. -- ofct of columbia columbia delicate rachel hoff -- this is about a half-hour. a d.c. delegate and a member of the platform. what is the platform committee and how do you get on it? guest: the platform committee is a group of representatives, two from each state that every four years, gather in advance convention to draft a new republican party platform.
12:14 pm
it simply lays out the principles and policies that the party supports. are anhis year, you openly gay member of the platform committee. you offered two amendments, tell our viewers what those were. guest: a first amendment i offered had to do with the discussion about marriage. the draft that came to us out of the subcommittee works included what i considered to be some divisive, harmful language on marriage. advocating that we go back to a situation where same-sex couples are denied the right to marry. i offered an amendment to strike about three paragraphs of language that had to do with marriage and replace it with language that simply calls for a conversation about marriage within the party acknowledges that there is a diversity of views within the republican party and respected that. the second amendment i offered at to do with a deluging that
12:15 pm
the lgbtq minute he victim of the orlando terrorist attack, that it was targeted against gay -- lesbian americans and both amendments failed, we did a vote by show of hands on the marriage feast and that received -- st a quarter the other failed by voice vote. why do you think that -- those failed? guest: 60% of young republicans now support marriage equality. within the party as a whole, that number is not yet a majority, but it is increasing and i have no doubt that it will be a majority, soon. the platform committee in
12:16 pm
certain ways is lagging behind. certainly the country on these issues, but even our own party. it is a tough conversation to have. there are serious views on both sides of this issue and i have friends on the committee who are not able to support my amendments, i do not doubt that they are just doing what they inc. is best for the party and the country. i do think that members of the committee are out of step with the country and increasingly, our own party. host: not only was there discussion about your amendments, but the entire platform committee hearings, discussion about who can visit which bathroom. which -- what person can visit what bathroom. what message do you think that discussion sent to americans who might be thinking about joining the republican party or are undecided in this election? the platform, which is
12:17 pm
now online for american to read -- americans to read, talked about issues of not just marriage, but gay adoption, issues of therapy, conversion therapy for young lgbt individuals, it sends a really harmful message. number one, to the lgbt community which is a minority of america, but it sends the message broadly to an increasing number of americans, 61% of americans who support lgbt writes, that we are not interested as a party and reflecting their views. i don't understand that as an electoral strategy, especially when the demographic realities are that you americans and young republicans specifically are way ahead of us. guest: is that why you signed along with other delegates from signature on an
12:18 pm
effort to force a rollcall vote on the rules package? guest: the roles package is separate from the platform. the reason why i put my name on the roll call vote was simply because i think the delegates should be able to play a role in the process of nominating the next president. i don't like the idea that this convention is just pre-scripted and predetermined. i like the idea that we come for thebe the voice vote from our individual state or district who elected us to be here to represent their views. ,ost: some people from d.c. delegates, rescinded their signatures. do you know why? guest: we were one of the states and broke majority support not all of us took our names off of the petition, but there were some that did. there was a lot of pressure to be,o, from the powers that
12:19 pm
the rnc, trump. there were good arguments made for why that was not a good idea, and i consider those arguments myself. in the end, i kept my signature on, that there were people who were persuaded by good arguments as to why it was not a good idea to open a debate on the floor for the rules. host: let's get to some calls. first is bill, independent in georgia. caller: good morning. my call was originally about the floor fight. host: that's ok, go ahead. caller: i was wondering why it ,as not publicize when we voted the delegates were not bound by our vote, and if he wanted to change things, why not change the rules before anybody voted?
12:20 pm
that is part of it i did not quite understand. guest: i am not an expert on the rnc rules. the next guest really is so perhaps a better question for him. the rules about finding delegates very by state. in washington, d.c., we elected marco rubio delegates -- marco rubio and john kasich delegates, we did not elect any donald trump delegates. the roles package for the convention was written specifically last week for this particular convention, so part of the struggle of all of this is when we meet up during the primary process, to the convention, there is a lot of discussion about the rules. the reality is the rules that were in place prior to last week with a 2012 convention roles and they were meant only to cover the 2012 convention.
12:21 pm
all the rules for this convention were written last week and approved yesterday on the floor. host: we will hear from one each to -- juanita, next. do -- hello. the van that was talking just a few minutes ago, he was a very angry person and bitter. i do not understand why he does stand game. when the democrats voted, and they voted republican in the primaries, they were asked, many of them were asked, and they were reagan democrats and they intend to vote for donald trump and i think he was ignoring that. host: ok. of the things one that donald trump deserves credit for is bringing a lot of
12:22 pm
new people into the republican primary process. a lot of states have open primaries and some have close primaries, but in states with open primaries, mr. trump brought in a lot of reagan democrats as you say, independents, in record numbers and he certainly does deserve credit for that. host: do you plan to vote for him in november? guest: i don't. his rhetoric, his policies, they are not in line with my own. there are issues we agree on, leadership that he has indicated that he would exercise as president is a form of divisive leadership that in my view would not bring our country together. , talkingare coming up to two donald trump supporters and as rachel said, an expert on the rules for the republican
12:23 pm
convention this week, so we would talk to him, he is the counsel for the roles -- for the rules committee. not going to vote for donald trump in november, are you going against the party, or are you helping democrats? guest: i get that question a lot and i understand where it comes from. the reality is, i have been a republican or 18 years. -- for 15 years. i never voted for a democrat. i don't think that i will in november. the party is useful to the degree to which it advances my beliefs, and my principles. up until now, the party and our presidential nominee has seemed to see that -- seemed to do that.
12:24 pm
this year, the presumptive nominee is out of step with my core beliefs, so if he is the by virtue of being the nominee does not necessarily mean that i would feel compelled to vote for him. the reality is, the party is useful to the degree it advances my needs. it does not help democrats. it is too early to tell what percentage of support libertarians will get or a independent third-party. i heard you ask the last guest as well about right in candidates. it will be interesting to see if the right in vote is any bigger this year. our caller comes from iowa, independent. caller: i was calling about the guy you had on earlier.
12:25 pm
i was listening to what he was saying about the convention, yesterday and i sat back and watched it. mutiny atit was first, the way they were trying to wrestle the nomination from donald trump. the rules were that if you gained such and such amount of delegates, in if you wanted to stop this man, they had a chance to stop it, but when they did that divide and conquer stuff, and then all of a sudden, they botched that, so they brought that on themselves. host: what do you think? guest: that is a reasonable approach, that donald trump based on the states that he won, received the delegates necessary to win on the convention floor. the other side of that argument
12:26 pm
is that as delegates, in accordance with the rules, we should be able to vote in accordance with our own conscious. if donald trump has majority support, within the convention delegation, then he would win. if he truly won the delegates from the states and convinced a majority of the floor that he was best qualified or most capable of beating hillary clinton, then there is nothing to worry about by unbinding the delegates. host: you are part of that effort as well? guest: in spirit. i was not a leader in the movement, but i was definitely a supporter and attached my name to a couple of the initiatives. it was a coalition effort, and i was proud to be a part of it. charles, good morning. caller: i had some general comments. i am disappointed in c-span in
12:27 pm
that the number of colors that are calling in seem to be almost all trump. you have support and oppose. i did not hear any -- delineation. maybe i have heard two people speak out against mr. trump. i am very disappointed. also in the educational state of our nation. the ignorance that is being displayed by these callers is incredible. i was a republican delegate in florida, and i will tell you, i stopped being one. the amount of arm-twisting that goes on is very much like the mafia. you could see that on the screen, yesterday. if you are a trump supporter, you will be a supporter regardless. look at the ad hominem's that were flying on your calls about
12:28 pm
the people that went to do the job they were elected to do. these people that are calling in really don't know what the delegate situation is all about. you want to go to a populist vote, so be it, but i will tell you, neither one of these candidates is fit to be a leader of this nation and the people will learn that. they will learn that. i don't want them to learn it, but they will and the sad thing is that myself and my family will be subjected to what they voted for. rachel, what was alike to be on the floor, yesterday and this was happening? he and another person said it looked like mutiny, like the mafia. guest: no. whoelt to me like americans want to change our country for the better making their voices heard or at least trying to.
12:29 pm
people who felt strongly about the republican party speaking in opposition to the leadership, but calling for better, calling for a better republican party,: for a nominee they could be proud of or at the very least, because the notion was simply to vote by rollcall tothe rules package, just have their voices heard, and to play a role in the process of nominating the presidential candidate. were you at the convention four years ago? guest: i was. host: how was it different? guest: knight and day. -- night and day. i supported mitt romney from day one. there was a candidate that i could support. even though that primary was
12:30 pm
peoplee, they all are, were really ready to come together and unite around the nominee. you hear that rhetoric from the podium a lot, it is time to unite, but it is not happening. to a certain extent, i don't know that it should. unity is not what our party stands for, it is doing what's right. host: whose fault is it that the party is not uniting? guest: that is a hard question. a lot of people would blame people like me and i get that , but i think in the end, it comes down to leadership, and you have to lay it at the feet of mr. trump. be the nominee of this party, it is his job to demonstrate a kind of leadership that people can get behind.
12:31 pm
florida, independent, patty, good morning. caller: you guys are too much for me. everybody knows it, so let me ask, exactly what is a delegate? what -- o me host: what is your answer? delegates are elected from the several states, and the washington -- the district of columbia and the six territories to come to a convention every four years to represent the voices of the voters in their state and nominate the president shall candidate for their party. host: are you still there? i am still here because i watched the rules convention and for them to get up and make a scene like that was ridiculous. i do not know who i am voting for, but if you guys pull out a
12:32 pm
democrat, if you work it out, i definitely won't vote for him because of your actions. the guy on before this lady, igits -- host: a reminder to you and others, you have to listen through your phone, you have to turn the tv down so we don't get that feedback which is causing confusion. we are talking with rachel, a member of the d.c. platform committee. covered it all, hours of amendments that were offered and debate. you can go to to watch it. coming up, we will speak to two delegates who are supporting donald trump.
12:33 pm
special counsel for the rnc thes committee, as well as maricopa county sheriff in arizona. as we continue our conversation at the skylight financial group in cleveland, we are about a mile away from the quicken loans arena, right over my left shoulder with the flag on it, and that is where republicans will gather, around 5:30 eastern time to kick off day two. will you be there? guest: i will. procedural votes can go the way i want or not, but the voters of washington, d.c. voted for myself and my colleagues to be extent to which we are allowed to do that, we will be here. host: are you disappointed that governor john kasich is not going to be here?
12:34 pm
senator marco rubio not going to be here? that is how d.c. voted. decision,is a tough especially for current elected officials, whether to be here implicitly support this presumptive nominee. -- folks that take a principled stand to not be here are worthy of admiration. host: john in chicago, republican. guy, heon the other asked the question what are delegates? i will kill you what they are, they impede the vote of the people, that is all they are for. when i voted, i voted for ted cruz. he lost in illinois.
12:35 pm
, so thate donald trump is who we support. about this or that, you guys are useless and there should not be any delegates. it should go directly to what the people voted for. the people are the ones who are supposed to, in a democracy, elect who they want. host: what about that idea? -- guest: i think the color brings up a interesting point, that we could do it in a different way with a national primary were all the voters go to the polls, and they expressed their preference for presidential nominee, and then that is the nominee. a lot of countries do it that way.
12:36 pm
we do it differently, and that rule was around before i was born. is, we made it and i think part of the reason was to empower the states. we make it state-by-state where voters express presidential preference but also elect delegates to go to the convention to do the work we are doing. novemberhappens in and everybody will get to go to the ballot box and vote for who they want to vote for. there are democratic aspects for democrats and republicans nominate their candidates, but we are private organizations and this is how the process has been outlined and there would be a lot of support to do it another way and that would be pretty radical change. host: republican in south carolina, good morning. caller: i want to go back to the
12:37 pm
conversation about the platform. the platform is not for ce like gambling or the lifestyles of gays as a sacrament, and that is why i don't think that it belongs in the platform. we are enshrining the noblest of our ideals and not each person's personal way that they want to live their life, so i respect you and i think you are a wonderful young lady, but that should not be on the party platform. i only want to enshrine what is best in human nature, and in our country as well. all i ask is for the freedom to live my life as who i am, the freedom to love who i love and the rights and protections of
12:38 pm
the government grants to my heterosexual friends. i take some issue with referring to homosexuality as a vice. i know that is a belief of a lot of folks in our country. love,m trying to do is and i think that is a principle not should be enshrined only in our platform, but in everything we do. host: how do you think your efforts on the platform committee, to offer these amendments for lgbt writes fits within the philosophy of the publican party -- republican party? guest: it is squarely in line with the foundational principles of the publican party. it was founded on principles of freedom, individual liberty, equality, justice and that is all that this fight is about. those are the principles that drive me to be republican and to support marriage equality and
12:39 pm
lgbt rights. i don't think there is anything moderate about the position that stands on principles of individual liberty, limited government and freedom. -- i did for the first time last week. i have been a republican since i was 18. i never thought about leaving before now. party was against the rights of same-sex couples to marry. i have not been living under a rock for the last 12 years. it was the conversations that we spoke about earlier -- earlier, the debates that happened about referencing the lb -- lgbtq unity as the victims in orlando and supporting the committee. the conversations over and human efforts
12:40 pm
rights in the lgbtq unity and what seemed to me like a concerted effort to resist any unity in athe lgbtq positive way and our platform, it made me feel personally excluded, but this is not about me and not some sort of personal agenda as some of my opponents on this issue might charge. this is about principles. , and ibout core beliefs hope that eventually, our party will evolve to catch up with the country, catch up with people in our own party and accept the ri are, that lgbt squarely in line withghts --
12:41 pm
>> c-span, created by american television come -- companies. every minute of the republican national conventions brought to you by your local television provider. >> we have a preview program at .:00 among the speakers tonight, house speaker paul ryan, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, new jersey governor chris , and ben carson. also, donald trump's children. every minute from the convention, you can watch on c-span and listen on the c-span radio app and get video-on-demand at he's >> obviously, it is really exciting how we are innovating digital into all aspects of this convention.
12:42 pm
we are making sure there is -- we are make sure trying to capture content behind the scenes, and have things set up to it we will be doing a live stream, which we are excited about it we will innovate -- integrate facebook. will help bring information about the proceedings directly into the palm of your hand. actually be able to livestream it as well. we will have experience built in for folks actually coming to cleveland. the information about transportation there, there will
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cleveland,ion around .o we are really excited it gives you more access. there is always that access, more than sitting in front of your tv screen. that is what it really does. it makes everything connected. important. our engagement with people we want to reach. are going to be using that platform that we make is important, to be able to reach give a unique insight into the platform and we are excited. facebook will have some space here. getting content from our speakers instagram -- instagram. we are excited about that. well, they will also
12:44 pm
.ave some stay elsewhere we also have google, the official livestream and digital video provider. gavel-to-gavel on the youtube channel. it is interesting the company has a physical and not just an online presence. she is our little mascot here. campaignd a content around her. we have been sharing it with state parties and delegations and sharing it online as well. you heard everybody keep the lookout for her. definitely more on the convention. we are really working hard and comei think about several
12:45 pm
to help us support our application. we appreciate that. it still takes a lot of work. i imagine i will be running around everywhere. we have content trying to come from thee content events going around in the convention. we want to tell those stories are also supporting the live stream making sure the videos are from the convention, automatically archived. it is really about making sure everything is amplified. bringing the convention online, making it accessible online and try to create opportunities for people beyond just the speeches. it is exciting and we're going in this direction to make sure you're able to be engaging.
12:46 pm
>> ohio governor john kasich made remarks about donald trump. bloomberg politics tweeted out that governor casey cares doubts that donald trump could carry the state of ohio. when he spoke to members of michigan's delegation this morning and reminisced about his connections to michigan, he encouraged delegates to remain active in the political process and help solicit donations for republican candidates. beforehand, leaders talked about the convention process and took questions about attendees. >> good morning, everybody. and getoing to go ahead started. i am sorry to most of you who already heard me say this. to make sure we have the message
12:47 pm
out there, governor kasich is set to speak roughly around 9:00 this morning. is done speaking, he will mingle with any of our has tentatively planned out there behind you in the area there. we ask that you please be respectful with our delegate's ask with the governor and your questions and anything like that. anyone who gets the chance to spend some time with governor kasich. if there are questions, i will be around. feel free to ask me and we will go ahead and get started this morning with our chairman mcdaniel. [applause] >> good morning, everyone.
12:48 pm
little more a tired. good morning, everyone. did you have a great time last night? wasn't that just wonderful? i thought the whole program was amazing. melania trump was elegant and outstanding and she talks about her love of this country and her love of her family, and boy do i wish the media would focus on that. if only they gave the same attention to hillary's e-mails that they gave to melania's speech last night, our world would be a better place. [applause] i would like to offer the pledge of allegiance -- the pledge of allegiance. [indiscernible] [laughter] we will be doing pictures after.
12:49 pm
please stand for the pledge. thank you. pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the united states of america. and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, individual -- indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> please remain standing. >> he should know this routine by now. >> centering down. a matter oft you in seconds, try to find that your virtual center within that place of speech -- centering down. same thing as silence.
12:50 pm
o god of unity, we ask you to help us see the dangers in our country's division. this morning, it is our fervent prayer that you take away all hatred and press -- and prejudice and whatever else would hinder us in this united country, united by a loving and begiving god, so we may all -- one heart and one soul, united in one bond, truth and , made with one mind and one mouth, speak to one another with respect and with love. out of compassion and your gentleness, guide us. in your power, strengthen us. in your loneliness, strip us from our selfish pride, which
12:51 pm
only destroys us. up,our greatness, lift us that we might aspire to greater things. as a shepherd, call us to tenderly feed and tend your flock. days aretients, these really long and the meetings are areess and the speakers numerous. what is ahead,rd we ask you to give us more patients, and we would like you to hurry. left, andny days yesterday, we used up a whole week's worth of patients. wait inpatience as we long lines, remind us to be kind and gentle, to the one who serves us the wrong order that still took 25 minutes to prepare
12:52 pm
, help us to enjoy this moment. make us more like job, willing to wait and rest and trust. of privilege, these are your people. you know they are passionate, focused, energized, and out to save the country. i know some of them are hurting, some are grieving, some are needing. i lift them all up to you today. carings the burden of for those with dementia, the recent divorce, some battling of thosehe sadness leaving home and friends and family leaving -- dealing with life decisions. grant healing and peace and hope
12:53 pm
, strength to everyone here bearing a burden and the need of your uplifting presence and spirit. be with us, lord, put spot -- smiles on our faces, and together, we say, amen. [applause] >> i will be briefed this morning because you have heard a lot from me, but just in terms of the order of business today on the convention floor, we will be doing our state rollcall, where we share our delegation vote, and i have the great honor to talk about michigan, but i would like to propose an auction. if any of you would like your names mentioned in my remarks, i will auction it off here at i am just kidding. come on, guys.
12:54 pm
[laughter] the sense of humor? ok. i thought that would be funny. we will show our michigan strength and pride and talk about our come back today and i am so excited. there ifke sure to be you are a delicate. alternates, stay in your seat so throughoutate people the day. we have the governor of ohio coming later today. [applause] done aveland has really remarkable job on this convention. [applause] set on the committee for arrangements with the rnc and to see the progression in a short timeframe to certain -- to turn
12:55 pm
this around, and all the chatter about security, they have done such a nice job. everywhere you go, people say thank you for this nice city. the governor and all of the people in this state have done everything they could to make wonderful.nce let's show you our hospitality today. are you with me? [applause] thank you. i will bring stephen up. [applause] >> all right. thank you, everybody. foremost, to make
12:56 pm
america work again. barack obama over the last eight years has put forth job killing policy after job doing policy, and donald trump will end that and bring jobs back to america. [applause] we will hear from donald trump junior as well as ben carson and numerous other speakers throughout the day. the most important thing that will be happening today is we will officially nominate donald trump. said, i want to make sure, and i apologize for not saying this yesterday, if you are a delegate, and you are leaving the floor for any reason and any length of time, i will be on the floor all day today. can getet me know so i
12:57 pm
your credentials from you and elevate an alternate in your place. it is something we did not do yesterday. andant to get everyone here as many guests as possible the opportunity to be on the floor. it is really exciting and an opportunity than a lot of people have the opportunity to have. give everybody the full delegate experience as possible as we can. if you are a delegate and you will leave the floor, please come see me and i'm usually hanging out by the michigan sign and i will work with a few alternates and make sure we're alternating and elevating people as necessary and as appropriate. yes, sir. >> [indiscernible] ven: i have got a cell phone
12:58 pm
number so i will text people. folks to be other captains for me. i will text them and they will pull people out. i will also be running back-and-forth if necessary, from the alternate section to the delegate section. all right. any more questions about that? ok. as far as the fun stuff for the day, speaker can't or is hosting isevent -- speaker cotter hosting an event this morning. immediately after breakfast ends at 10:00 a.m. 2:00.vent ends at about there will be buses to get back to the hotel, at least 45 minutes before the gop -- a
12:59 pm
scheduled to come to the suite. if you want, after that event, if you want to come back to the time forere will be you to come back and freshen up for a little bit and then head back down and take the gop express directly into the convention security perimeter. additionally, there will be a few buses that leave from speaker -- the speaker's's event and then go downtown. please keep in mind though if you do take the buses downtown, they will drop off at the committee job off point. you will do a little bit of a walk to get into the convention center itself. again, your two options are take the bus back to the hotel and , and doup a little bit a little more walking. as always, after the session 11:00, i was about
1:00 pm
told it went very smoothly last night, take the brown 29 is our bus to get back here to the sheraton suites. and then lastly, very last announcement from the cruise director for the day, we will be passing out shirts for everybody to wear on the floor today. thank you to our finance chairman, bill pafrfit. bill. [applause] so that every delegate, alternate from michigan, everybody knows exactly who we are. it's very nice of him to help sponsor those. we appreciate it. and i think that's all i have for the day. so with that said i will turn it back over to chairman mcdaniel. [applause]


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