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tv   Convention Events Coverage  CSPAN  July 19, 2016 1:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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11:00, i was told it went very smoothly last night, take the brown 29 is our bus to get back here to the sheraton suites. and then lastly, very last announcement from the cruise director for the day, we will be passing out shirts for everybody to wear on the floor today. thank you to our finance chairman, bill pafrfit. bill. [applause] so that every delegate, alternate from michigan, everybody knows exactly who we are. it's very nice of him to help sponsor those. we appreciate it. and i think that's all i have for the day. so with that said i will turn it back over to chairman mcdaniel. [applause]
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chairman mcdaniel: okay this time i will be really short introducing our next speaker. david nicholson, for those of you who don't know him, please go and introduce yourself to david. david is such a great leader in our state. he is so involved in many philanthropic charities throughout the state. he does so much to help elect republicans. he is a kind of behind the scenes guy. always one of those people you can pick up the phone and call, say, hey, can you help me with this? >> what is his number? >> i will give you his number in a minute. except for jeff. jeff isn't allowed to have his [laughter] number. he has been a real friend to me since i've been chair. i just so appreciate his leadership in michigan. he also serves for our party on the wayne state board of governors. we're very happy to have republicans on any education
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board. let's clap for that. [applause] and with that being said i would like to introduce david nicholson. [applause] david: ronna that was incredibly nice. the truth is i'm one of your numerous speakers but i have an important job to introduce someone important but my day job, i'm a group ceo of pbs chemicals and we've been a michigan-based company the past 75 years. we employ a couple hundred people in the state. we're very proud of being mesh ganders, and. i'm on wayne state university -- and being involved in the community. i'm on wayne state university i'm on wayne state university board representing with governor diane tanascas, who taught me a lot and i appreciate her
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guidance. i'm finance co-chair for kasich for president. i shared that responsibility with mr. john holezen here today and that brought me to today's eventual louse me to introduce senate majority leader arlen mikoff. he endorsed governor kasich early on. he was one of the first people in michigan when he endorsed in september 2015. despite the ups and downs of the kasich campaign, arlen stood by the governor the until the campaign ended in may. he is a man you want on your team.
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we don't have enough time or patience to cover all of the breadth of arlen's public service but i would like to mention a few items. senator mikoff served two terms in the michigan house of representatives. now he is in his second term in the senate representing the 30th district and i think he received one of the highest honors being selected by his peers to be their senate majority leader. i know him as dedicated family man as so clear by the devotion to his latest grandchild. he is avid outdoors man, he is a great shot. yesterday showed us he can throw a great party. with that i would like to introduce senate majority allen minkof. allen: well, good morning, michigan! come on, break it up. let's go! i have only a few minutes to talk to you to go over a few things. i have the opportunity and the great pleasure to introduce governor kasich when he gets here. he will be here shortly in just a few minutes. thanks for attending our event yesterday. did everybody have a great time? wasn't that great? [applause] i honestly had nothing to do with it. i wanted corvettes there. yay to my staff that took care of all that stuff. it was amazing. i want to say thank you for what you're doing.
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taking time out of your schedule, out of your family time to come down here because it is that important. you are invested. you want america to be great again as our nominee says. you want to be part of that. i'm grateful for you being here and spending your time here. i want to talk a little bit about republican leadership. those of you who lived in michigan a long time you understand this. i mean we had a lost decade where we floundered. we're on the bottom of every list you wanted not to be on the bottom of that list or the top of the good list. we're at the wrong end of those lists. under republican leadership, republican house, senate, and governor, just look at the benefits. our unemployment under 5%. when is the last time you could talk to one of your kids about unemployment being under 5% in michigan. ottawa county, where i represent, 2.9%. they can't find people to do the work.
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we're turning the state around. it takes a lot of effort and a lot of time and republican leadership. the state gained more private sector jobs than any other great lakes state, over 400,000. that is not what, we don't create jobs. we just set the atmosphere in taxation and regulation so people are encouraged to risk their capital, get return on their investment. they see that in michigan. that's a great place to do it. [applause] and i can tell you, i know you believe it too, america will be greater under republican leadership, right? isn't that right? [applause] so it is our responsibility as a michigan delegation to spread that love and information our other delegate friends here. ohio, similar, michigan, similar under a comeback. -- on the come back. all of things we're doing under republican leadership to make that so. we need to spread that we're encouraging the rest of the delegation. so it is important to support the republicans. let me stop for just a minute and come back and talk about the
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state of michigan. i want you to keep this phrase in your head, six teen, equals 18, equals 20. okay. in 2016, you have 25 house members that are up, seats are up. we need your help making sure we have republicans to come back and we have majorities in 2018, 19 out of the 27 senators are term limited. we have to make sure we keep the michigan senate. if we keep the governorship in the 2020, we get to draw the lines again next decade. that is why it is important. we have to retain those majorities to have the opportunities to draw the lines, to keep progress going for michigan. you all will be invested, lock -- knock the doors, make the phone call, write the check, put up the yard sign, all the stuff you need to do to make sure we retain republican majorities. i know you're up for the task. so a decade of recession or more has put us in this spot. the gains have been great and dramatic and i mentioned some of
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them but how many of you actually feel it for your family? almost everybody you know has a job. right? maybe not the one they want but they have a job. as opposed to number of years ago, our kids and grandkids and our friends were going to other states because opportunity was greater. we're creating opportunity and having a great time doing it. i started to talk about what else i wanted to talk to you about this morning, what is heavy in our minds is safety and security of our country. as we think about that we're concerned for our families and concerned for ourselves and concerned for our country. before i go on and make a couple comments before the governor comes here and i thought i would pause and pray for a minute. let's ask god's blessing on the country and our state. remember a number of years ago when we were struggling, we were
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in a small group bible study, representative fulton sheen stopped the group said, you know what? we need to pray for god's mercy on michigan. i think we need to stop and pray for god's mercy on the united states. if you would pray for me for a few minutes. our great heavily father, we're concerned as a country, concerned as leaders within our party and our family that this country is under attack, spirit allly, physically, emotionally. we ask for your guidance, ask for your care. we ask for your comfort. and as we're pausing today, we ask that for our families as well. we love this country. we know that if we turn our face to you, you will bless this country. so please do that. and as we're walking through our day, as we're going on, going out to take on the convention, i want you to walk alongside of us, to befriend us, walk behind us, to encourage us. be above us, to watch over us, beneath to us carry us when we're having a difficult time.
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most importantly to be inside of us so that we reflect your love as we go out on to a sinful and broken world and try to encourage your love for other folks. all these things we ask in jesus's name, amen. all right. don't see that the governor's arrived yet. didn't get the high sign. so i get a few more minutes, all right? they're turning cameras on now. now it's bad. normally i would have in my pocket, and i forgot it this morning, i take the folder out the governor has and unfold it of the 1000 things we've done in michigan to make it better. that list is now up to almost 1800 different things. we have a number of folks that have served as representatives and are serving as representatives and senators in this room and they all took those very, very courageous
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votes to make michigan a better place. i want to thank them for their hard work. you don't get to be the leader of a caucus without folks that want to put you there and help them make decisions and encourage you. i want to thank them for doing that. a number are in the room today. we have a great opportunity for this state to show what a state on turnaround does. gave kasich has done that here in ohio as well. how many of you remember when we were talking about the $1.8 billion in deficit? yeah? we now have many are 3/4 of a billion dollars in our piggybank. that is the stuff we do, right? [applause] pay our bills, pay our bills, prioritize our spending and make sure that we're investing in things that are going to make michigan that great state where people want to come, want to invest and put their time and effort in. ron will take a picture. you want me to stop to take a picture. >> [inaudible] david: >> thanks.
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too much shine on there from the thing? okay? all right. great. so the governor has not quite here yet. i'm okay to take a couple questions. how about that? anybody got a question or two? yes, sir. >> we all have to go back to our districts go over the activity what is happening in lansing, tell us how we address the question of -- spending far more than the previous administration, growing the government, acting more like democrats, how can we get people encourage renewing the vote the representatives that are supposed to be reducing government. david: sure. let's start with when you actually pay down debt, it comes on the expense side. when our expenses go up, is because we're paying down debt. we paid almost a billion dollars of debt. >> taxes are going up too. they have changed. they have changed, no doubt, no
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doubt. we had to make some really difficult decisions because of the previous administration. i'm not casting blame. the governor doesn't either but, spending and prioritizing, make sure education, public safety. we put more cops, state police back in these very, very dangerous areas. we had on the fbi list the most dangerous cities, michigan had five, five cities in the top 10, most dangerous. we put a lot of effort into public safety, all of those things. and do i like doing the things that we had to do? absolutely not. absolutely not. but they're necessary. you do them in your family. you prioritize your spending f you need to do something, maybe can't afford the cadillac but you buy the chrysler 200. you do the things you need to do to make sure it works well. now as we continue to do these things and put money away in
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savings, do those types of things, we'll have ability to look attacks structure, regulatory structure. one of my goals is to get us out of the pension system. we don't do well in the pension system. i point out to you when they changed that for representatives senators, most state employees, we saved nearly $3 billion. that debt would be on top of what we're talking about today. so we prioritize the spending and we do it the correct way. don't spend into oblivion or use the credit card to make house payments. that is a good question, by the way. it is difficult. it is difficult. leading is difficult. it is challenging. you don't get everything you want. you don't get it perfectly. if it was, you would run, sir and you would want to do that. >> we voted for tax reduction on roads and we didn't get it. here is the other thing. [light applause] the opportunity probably eluded us 20 years ago when they did the taxation difference on gasoline, they didn't include inflation escalator.
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if they had done that, we would have that 900 to a billion dollars. so a policy decision further back didn't work out very well. now we put that inflation factor in there. we're going to invest because we need to make sure goods and services travel on our roads safely and get to the right place so we have ability to do all of those things so. yes, sir. >> all the -- unemployment is still low, because there are more people on welfare now and entitlements and things like that? david: >> no. actually, we are one of the states now that put the limits on for your welfare benefits. you're able-bodied gone through the system, after four years you no longer get benefits. we've been saving that money using that too to put in education. nationally can i say that? i don't know. but in michigan i know that has gone down dramatically, dramatically and i think -- joe, are you in here? joe, this is your bill, right?
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this is fourth year it has taken effect. we have some of the lowest people, lowest welfare rates in the great lakes states right now. john? >> [inaudible] you and your group down in lansing. what issues do you look forward to tackling and do you view as biggest issues on your agenda. david: the questions what are issues we will be tackling when we get back? what i think michigan needs to be, beacon obviously in the in the midwest and states. we have new technologies coming forward, autonomous vehicles, all other things, new and different economy what we've been doing before. we have to be able to have infrastructure to do some of those things. those are cool new jobs, if you're figuring out autonomous vehicles and other services
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around that, keep the brains of that here, more likely to keep auto industry and manufacturing here which is a big part of michigan. so forward-thinking things. so we look inviting to companies and tech companies switch, you know. icloud in michigan. grand rapids, michigan, things like that. we're looking very heavily at pension reform to get the rest of the pensions out and put them on defined contribution which i think is terrific, the way we should go. there are a couple of things. we have a fair amount of things to do around auto no fault. we have some of the highest auto insurance rates. we don't agree how to get that done yet but a lot of work to do around that. david? >> question, how do you justify medicaid expansion and what is that going to cost the state in future. david: i don't have those numbers with me, david, but, i
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think the governor undercalculated how many people would take advantage of it. what i do know in the future, when people are healthier, they're not going to access going to emergency care and things like that. so i don't know the numbers. whether they're healthier they will not go to the emergency room which is the highest cost care that we have. >> how do you justify passing obamacare and medicaid expansion. arlan: we passed medicaid expansion because it is part of medicare. we wouldn't say it is part of obamacare but i understand your point. one more. >> yes, senator. the state committee passed a resolution couple of months back to put a halt to refugee resettlement coming into michigan and i'm wondering where is the legislation on this and what are you guys doing to put a halt to this, and stop inflow of all of these folks coming in.
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>> well the governor sat down with the leadership, said look, they don't have a good way to vet those folks coming in. we'll do as much as we can to make sure we don't get a flood of them. so there is a few coming in. i don't know we legislated anything but as the executive has said we'll not bring in people we can't vet. he has that working through colonel of the state police and other folks and i can't say exactly what it is he is doing to do that but i know he is very, very concerned about it and doesn't want to be overrun by folks in this state. so he is very, very concerned about - >> [inaudible] arlan: i don't know when they are going to lead. -- leave. my time is up. appreciate so much you're here. thanks for what you're doing for michigan. appreciate it so much. thank you. [applause] >> okay.
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so i think we've learned one thing from our dellgation meetings. that governors really can't get to places on time. what do you think? governor christie, governor kasich, where are they? so how many of you loved arlan's party yesterday? [applause] well that is not good enough for the type of party. how many of you loved arlan's party yesterday? [applause] when i, i love that beatles fan, are i in of you beatles fans? [applause] i thought i would share a little beatle's story in my life. i'm not old enough to really been around during the beatle's mania, my grandpa george romney, do i in of you remember george -- do any of you remember george romney? one thing he did, each grandchildren turned 12, he had about 26 grandchildren, maybe 23 -- i might be getting that
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wrong -- as a group, any grandchildren were turning 12 he would take us on a month-long trip around this country to show us his love his love for america. i went with my two cousins, tag and met romney, and my brother, george. i was pretty much tortured the whole time. however we traveled from washington, d.c., to banf, to yellowstone, to yosemite, across the nation in a van eating egg salad sandwiches with pickles in them. he really wanted to instill in in us the profound love for this country. how the beatles tie in, my grandfather only brought one tape for the car, is was mormon tabernacle choir. [laughter] we poor kids were dying. we were like, we can not listen to the mormon tabernacle choir one more time. so when we got to utah, we had this aunt, aunt ruth think.
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and i didn't know her very well. but as we were leaving, she passed us a tape and it was the beatles. she said -- just beg him. i bet he will let you play it. and we just, barda, that is what we called george romney. you have to let us listen to the beatles. we listened to the beatles the whole rest of that trip. yesterday, whenever i go to events where i hear the beatles i think of that trip. i think also about the love that all of us have in our families for this country. we all grew up with those types of stories. something that we remember when we decided, or we came to that profound love for this great, unique, special, nation. and, we, i know you all have it. because you wouldn't be here if you didn't. you wouldn't go knock doors and make calls and talk to random strangers and give your time if you didn't care so much about this country. and our state.
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and i certainly have that too. it was such a great experience for me. and i wanted to just thank arlan for letting me relive that a little bit yesterday. the other thing he did he sped a lot. do any of you speed? i don't know. he was a very scary person to drive with. you never want to drive with him. but everywhere we got pulled over, if we ever got pulled over, which we did, he would say, yes, i'm governor george romney from the state of michigan. most of the times it got him out of the ticket. but not every time. another thing, i'm stretching. you know i did this yesterday. ,i'm stretching. the other thing is, he was given at one point in his life a little flimsy piece of paper that gave him a lifelong pass to mcdonald's to get a drink, a hamburger and fries, okay? only my grandpa would go laminate that pass, okay?
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[laughter] and he laminated it and tucked it in his wallet. everywhere we went around the country, we went to mcdonald's. there was no other eating option. it was always mcdonald's. and he made sure he got his free drink and his free fries and his free hamburger. almost every time the manager, the person at the window would look at it, and then we would have the manager come to the window, and they would look at it, finally they would give in because they had never seen anything like it. i think my dad, that is the one thing we asked for when he laminatedere is the mcdonald's card? that is the only thing we wanted. i don't know where it is. i think my brother george has that. i will just share george romney stories because he was a profound influence in my life. also when he turned 80 -- he was not a flashy guy.
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there was nothing flashy about him. he had a watch he kept together with bind every -- binder clip, okay. he never wore fancy clothes. you would never think this was the former governor of michigan. at one point we did a barda fashion show. all the grandchildren put on shirts he had been wearing for 40 years. he didn't think that was very funny but we thought it was funny. one of them is framed in our cottage in canada. it is faded but we call it barda wear. he did when he was 80 years old he took us all to washington, d.c. but it was an amazing formative experience for us. so just as we are here today and we are here this week, and it's
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fun to party and have fun. i know some of us are in a healing face. i know we are not all there yet . my grandpa was so horrified. it was an amazing, formative experience for us. so just as we are here today and we are here this week, and it's fun to party and have fun. i know some of us are in a healing face. i know we are not all there yet and that's okay. that's okay. but i know something that we all have in common. we care about this country. what we are doing is a profound privilege. think about what we are doing. we are nominating the next president of the united states. in a time when our country is in profound turmoil. hope we have a leader has taken
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-- who has taken us down a treacherous path. we are the people who are going to right the ship. [applause] this is a privilege. it is an honor. i feel so grateful to be here with all of you. i feel this special mantle that we all have on us. so as we are coming together and as we are working together, i know we are not all there. but how do we get the people there who are not there yet? isn't my point in the face and screaming at them? not. we've got to give them hugs, right? i don't mean that but talking about it and being respectful. because i know that once we see that first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump, and he talks to her about
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where she's going to lead this nation and the failures in her record, that we saw highlighted so eloquently last night with that mother from benghazi, the mother of sean smith. could you believe what she said? she said i'm a grandma. i'm a mother, and this was my son. and you won't give me the truth. that is wrong. and if you can't give me the truth, you did not deserve to be the leader of our country. [applause] so we're going to get everybody around the unaware not all there yet but i appreciate all of you being here and getting so much about our state and our country. and i stalled long enough. and here he is. let's give him a warm michigan welcome. [applause] tell you what --
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thank you. i left, it took us well over an hour to give you. -- an hour to get here. but maybe what we should have done is just let you come from ann arbor. it would've been closer than it -- then this is. i hope you're enjoying yourself, all of you. i have to tell you that yesterday i had a great opportunity to meet the michigan troopers. you know, they were dressed in their blue and i told him, i said, i talk to urban meyer since the game is in columbus this year, we will spot you three points beginning of the game. but they are just such incredible -- >> we are going to win. gov. kasich: i got you. i'm not going to forget michigan state either because i've such a great time. [applause] we have michigan and michigan state back to back. but listen, i wanted to tell you, the troopers, a number of
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them, in fact i saw the colonel in charge and it was really great to see him. and then i went out on the street and all of the troopers, part of the motorcycle, motorcycle court was out there was outycle corps there and they all got off their motorcycles and we took some pictures and it was just great. and, of course, there isn't anything that grinds more or saddens us more to see, think about this, have the police show up to try to save us, protect us from something and somebody is there with a gun, a sniper to shoot and kill our police officers. it's amazing to me. of course of being part of this state and the security and
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everything i've had an opportunity to speak to a number of the troopers, not just ours, but we have an unprecedented number of troopers that if come from all over, all over the country. in fact, even california has come and that was to a degree a little bit difficult because they are some of the best, and they were concerned in california about what if something happens in california and we have our best in ohio. but apparently ahead of the -- the head of the troopers in california said i gave my word and they're coming and they are here. what i believe is that if you spend your life or you commit a big chunk of your life to protecting and serving another individual, then i believe that the scripture holds true, that for those who work in service of another, the reward will be enormous.
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and i've had an opportunity to tell a lot of law enforcement that in the last couple weeks. i get to meet once again with families who lose somebody in more. and i meet one on one with the families. and it's really tough but it is an assignment that i think is really important. i lost my mother and father in 1987 to a drunk driver. and i went through a long, long process of grieving, finding my faith, and recovering. so i feel to some degree that when i see people who go through this terrible black tunnel, and i know there are people here who have experienced this, one little pin prick of light when tragedy hit your family. i feel that when i'm in a room
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with his family, and maybe even -- those families, and maybe even when i talk to the troopers or whatever, i'm absolutely convinced that the lord will give them a big crown for what they do. i just happen to believe it. [applause] so anyway, it's been a real honor to be able to meet these folks come and particular your folks in michigan. i want to tell you that, i want to be here today because i had such a great time being in michigan. it started, i do remember if it -- don't remember if it was a shopping center in detroit. i remember walking in the place was absolutely jampacked. everybody was so nice. there's that thing, what is it,
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michigan nice maybe is what they say. i kind of knew a little bit about michigan, but i never really spent a lot of time in michigan. and i just have absolutely fallen in love with your communities and with your folks. i ask them, you know, i was in, was it grand valley, pete? this, with all those students come and unbelievable experience -- students, it was an unbelievable experience at grand valley. and then i went to lansing, and we had the most incredible group of young people. and look, i just want you all to understand something, particularly when i'm with the young people. folks, i don't want anything. i've had an unbelievable career. when i finish my next couple years, i will have held public
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office for 30 years. i was - i just want to tell you -- [applause] it so remarkable i was elected to the state senate. i was 26. my mother and father, they came from pittsburgh over when i won on election night. my dad carried mail, and i'm a 26 year old ohio state senate, the youngest in the history of the state. served four years, went to congress and got to spend a lot of time with my dear friend pete. and it was a great experience. i spent 18 years there, and most of you know we built a team. we balanced the budget. we reform the pentagon. unbelievable. totally unbelievable. and a lot of time, folks, there's no surprise here, i
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fight with a lot of people. but you don't know what it was like to try to balance the budget. you don't know how much truth to power needed to be said when you reform the military. it ain't easy, so you either, thank god i had a mother that raised, when several model for -- was a role model for me and say what shele to thought always going to say the -- always able to say what she thought and be a role model for me. then i went on for 10 years and had a great time and never thought i would get back into politics. and then to be and get elected governor. i was telling some people the other day that i used to look through the door at the governor's office what i was just a little aid in the legislature and i look through, and now i am the governor. and then i finish his term and the state is doing really well. so going to places like grand
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valley going to places like , lansing, and i never made it to ann arbor because i couldn't get out the morning i was supposed to go. i just love talking to young people about finding a purpose. it's, it was so great to be able to do it. and some of the other places, traverse city. i remember that. i woke up, they have those chocolate cherries. is that what they have there? and i carried these boxes around forever. they all melted in my little suitcase, but i remember that morning because it was, the place was just jammed again and people were so hopeful and i thought we had so much fun. and i thought i was in the uk, , ok?p i didn't know what it was. [laughter] and then we flew up to marquette, okay? here's the thing. when we got up there and everybody is on their devices
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the time and everybody has got their own devices and i told everybody, turn them off. look at where we are. and it was like a winter wonderland. i could not believe how beautiful it was. and then we went to the little restaurant there in marquette, had some sandwiches, and they -- there were so many people there who were there with their kids for the hockey that was being played that we can. -- that weekend. and then we will walk to the place where we were to our townhall and it was absolutely jammed and the people were lovely. and then one of the other things that happened, one of the emotional things that happen. -- happened. we went, don't know if it was the slovenian hall. where was that we went to? the ethical. i wanted perot he's, -- p wrote but it didn'ts, happen. i was disappointed. [laughter] we had a beautiful, a beautiful event.
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and in that event a lady stood up and had a picture of her son who taken his own life. and we have talked about the issue of mental illness and that we need to reach out. another one of those poignant moments that changed me throughout the campaign. i mentioned pete hoekstra. david nicholson. i mean, i talked him into raising money for me. i think his father, i don't know if he wanted to kill david or if he wanted to kill me or maybe both of us. david nicholson, he's just fantastic. and, of course, arlan meekhof, he's just great. tom leonard, brian. these are people that i got to spend time with and get to be close to. i don't know where our path will ever cross with ohio and michigan, but i will tell you. i'm down there in columbus. if you need anything, you just need to let us know, let me know. i will never forget the wonderful experience that i had in your great state. i so enjoyed the rivalries.
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it's so deep and its so cherished. [laughter] i think it's just fantastic. the last thing i would say to all of you is, i wish i had some statistics. i didn't put them together this morning but when i was getting ready i was thinking about the changing demographics of our country. i am not somebody who believes you tell people what they want to hear in order to get their vote. i've never thought that was leadership. i've always felt, i'm not like big on polls. i just don't like polls. it's too boring to me. i don't believe that leadership, as i find it was the table once, and i shop and tell you what you want to hear. i happen to believe the leadership is telling you what i think having gathered information and talk to people, lots of people. i liked a lot of people around when they make decisions, but to try to convince you of what i think will lead to a better
1:41 pm
tomorrow. so when i look at the demographics and i see a significant increase in asian americans, when they see the significant increase in hispanics. when i take a look at a republican parties always drive -- driving effort to try to convert young people and i have to tell you that i was at ohio state when ronald reagan, i was with ronald reagan. we went to st. john's arena in columbus. and when i walked into the arena there was something seems that -- some scene that i will never forget. they had put up these barricades up to keep the kids are coming up on stage. ronald reagan got up on that stage and it was like he was the greatest superstar these young people had ever seen. they could not get close or press close enough to her ronald reagan was. and why?
1:42 pm
why do a million people show up in vatican city to see a hundred -year-old pope. pope john paul, i don't know. you know what? young people gravitate to where they feel there is somebody who has the strength and is a leader. and has ideals and can get them to believe that having big dreams can work out, where that big dreams can come true. our party has to be in the long-term and in the medium and the short term a unifying, a lifting, and a hopeful party. it's going to be the great challenge between republicans and democrats. this third party stuff will never work because of the cell -- because there's no infrastructure to it. but that party that can enunciate, enunciate the hopes and dreams and the unity is the party that's going to do well. and with changing demographics. we can't keep talking to the same old people because that's
1:43 pm
-- there's not enough of us to talk to. it just will not work. for me throughout this election season i'm going to spend an enormous amount of time with senate and house members either challenges, i'm headed to philadelphia on friday to up one of the biggest congressional races. i'm going to be traveling the country helping the senate, senators get reelected. i know mark kirk in illinois. i'm looking forward to helping kelly ayotte in new hampshire. kelly by the what is a huge star and the republican party. we need more women to have these leadership roles. look at our chairperson here in michigan. how about her, she's great. [applause] and so, you know, maybe one of the things that i could do it -- could do, if it could be helpful to you i'll come to , michigan and we can, if i can
1:44 pm
show up and we can race among all i can come up and up some -- come help some candidates and i will be more than glad to do it, okay? but listen, i hope you will have a great rest of the convention. and i just again from the bottom of my heart want to say that i love michigan. i love being there. i love so many of you. and let's just deepened this bond and these relationships and i'm here to serve you. thank you all very much. [applause]
1:45 pm
>> [inaudible conversations] >> my wife and i, our anniversary is tomorrow. 31 years. gov. kasich: well, happy anniversary. >> thank you. gov. kasich: take care of our children and build our country. i would like to see cleveland
1:46 pm
has been awesome. >> thank you.inaudibl [inaudible conversation] [no audio]
1:47 pm
>> ok, smile. >> yeah, yeah, give me your phones. did you get me? >> major decisions, later. >> 1, 2, 3, look at me. gov. kasich: i will be back. i love it. >> three, got it. governor, i'm the president of [indiscernible] >> let me get this. nice. gov. kasich: thank you. >> i will get whatever pictures. [laughter]
1:48 pm
gov. kasich: where are you, marquette? >> [indiscernible] course.ich: sandy, of >> all right, thank you, hold on, let me get it. gov. kasich: i campaigned for sandy and joe. >> many times. >> 1, 2, three. [indiscernible] convention? >> governor, i'm senator margaret o'brien. ,y governor -- my household he's great.
1:49 pm
he's wonderful. that given: i think another week, i would have one up there. >> it was amazing. i'm in a 53% democrat state and i won. gov. kasich: fantastic, that's great. gov. kasich: how is the governor doing? >> great. [inaudible conversations] >> push it anywhere on the square. see how it's changing? [laughter] >> do you mind if we get a photo? it. thank you so much.
1:50 pm
>> let me take it right here. gov. kasich: there it is. >> old-fashioned camera. >> thank you so much. gov. kasich: thank you. [inaudible conversations] to drag you going behind me, so. -- >> i'm going to drag you behind me, so area -- so. >> thank you. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations]
1:51 pm
gov. kasich: great, thank you. yeah, of course. >> this is my sister. gov. kasich: my goodness. romney's everywhere the look. [indiscernible] >> this is better. [indiscernible] gov. kasich: tell my wife that. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] bba?y, what's the your example that was past couple of years ago in michigan? gov. kasich: very, very close.
1:52 pm
>> this time next year or bust. we've got to give them an excuse to say no. i should have been talking about that a little bit more. >> can i get a picture here? 1, 2, 3. [inaudible conversations] >> we've got time for one more picture, and then we've got to go. one more. ok, got you. we've got to go, folks. [indiscernible]
1:53 pm
[inaudible conversations] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> john kasich continues to be a busy man at events in and around the convention. "e headline this afternoon, the ohio governor plotted plans to help house republicans in the fall election. john kasich is taking a lot of flack from the trunk campaign for the decision to skip his own convention, but the governor is not staying away entirely.
1:54 pm
he made a guest appearance tuesday at the cleveland botanical gardens, a 15 minute conventionthe festivities. this came after the trunk campaign accused john kasich of embarrassing the party in ohio by refusing to endorse trump and attend the convention in his own state." that's from politico. coverage, to gavel with a whole list of speakers, including the speaker himself and chairman of the convention, paul ryan. senator mitch mcconnell, donald trump's daughter, tiffany trump, and one of his sons, donald trump junior, and one of his former rivals, dr. ben carson. you can watch it all live beginning at 5:30 p.m. eastern here on c-span, the c-span app, and allegations of wagers and continue to be a topic of
1:55 pm
discussion. outside the convention too. here's a tweet from the chat program at fox. "mike pence departs the acu session and doesn't respond to questions about melania trump's speech last night." there was a response just a short while ago at the white house. here's what he have to say -- they had to say. herirst of all, we thought speech was a great speech. it talked about her coming to america. focusing on immigration and the right way to do it. it talks about her country, how it developed. him and howlove for it developed. these themes are personal to her , but they are personal to a lot of people. obviously michelle obama feels similar sentiments towards her
1:56 pm
family. the fact that the speech itself -- someonecused on at cbs said that 50 words of it include and, the, thing like that, totally ignoring the poignant speech itself. it was well received by the american people. we don't believe this anything in the speech that doesn't reflect her thinking. we are comfortable that the words that she used were words that were personal to her. the fact that there are things ,ike care, respect, compassion those are not extraordinary words. note that she noted she spoke before 40 million people yesterday and letters beach would be noticed by a lot of people and to think that she that be doing anything would be unnoticed is absurd.
1:57 pm
she knew that people would be paying a lot of attention to her words and a lot of people were paying attention to her message. tint, there is a political to this whole issue. the clinton camp was the first get it out of there area -- there. it's just another example as far as we're concerned, when hillary clinton is threatened by a female, the first thing she knows is to try to destroy the female. know that.ics, we we will be moving on at focusing on the message given by melania trump last night and we are pleased with it. >> there were a couple of items that sounded similar to the speech from mrs. obama. the white house view the event? who incidents?
1:58 pm
this sincerest form of flattery? does it does so far as >> there has been a lot of color commentary about convention. i will let others weigh in on their view either variety of -- asns founded by to weigh in on that and try to learn more about how exactly it was rendered. that 2008,say is when mrs. obama spoke at the democratic convention, she received an enthusiastic reviewsn and strong because of her words, her life , and the values that she and her husband deeply believe
1:59 pm
in and try to in still in their kids. these are american values that we all strive for. i will add that they are the same values that president obama expects from the people at the white house. these are the kinds of values that have animated to terms president -- as president. isimately what katter's most setting a foot forward to inance the values mid-november the american people will get to decide who is best suited to do that. >> speeches tonight to focus on the theme of making america work again. we will hear from house speaker paul ryan and senator ron johnson in there. governor chris christie, another former rival. all of that getting underway
2:00 pm
live, 5:30 eastern on c-span. if you missed any of the speeches, including last night's, it is all available for you at any time on demand on [inaudible conversations] -- talking about making -- making america safe again. texas delegation this morning, and was joined by house speaker paul ryan. [applause] >> thank you. what a night we had last night. texanso proud to be a
2:01 pm
last night, a fourth-generation texan, but when i spoke and saw all of those texas t-shirts -- yes, you should wear them again, because i love it. a great evening. time to come together as a party, and time to defeat hillary clinton in this election. as tom mentioned, and by the way, he is doing an outstanding job as chairman of the rpt -- tom? [applause] statee republicans of any delegation, and we hold more chairmanships. i think lamarr -- lamarr has a chairman as well -- the most in the history of congress. we will work on the leadership thing. we are all part of leadership. we make decisions at the table,
2:02 pm
as it should be. i want to comment, if you think about last night, first of all, it was an honor to speak in a prime role, the asked by the campaign to do so, and we heard by -- from the victims of illegal immigration, and what this administration has done to facilitate that, and as i mentioned last night, we need to end sanctuary cities. [applause] and keep dangerous people out of this country. day is what i do day in, out, working with the fbi, homeland security, the intelligence community -- keeping bad guys and bad things outside of the united states, but we can do a better job under a new administration. finally, once and for all -- and we know our nominee will do this -- we need to secure that a, and
2:03 pm
get it done. [applause] rep. mccaul: you know, and then men who werem the there at benghazi, thank you see the mother -- her son was killed disrespect, and the that hillary clinton showed to her to not even acknowledge her as immediate family. that shows you the type of person, you know, that she really is. i have been tasked to be on the national security team moving forward, and i am going to be talking about hillary clinton quite a bit. my role is going to be one of the attack dogs to make the case as a prosecutor. i used to be against her. [applause] rep. mccaul: they talk about how has led us into
2:04 pm
danger, and that is exactly what she has done. she was the architect of the failed foreign policy of the obama administration. she is responsible for benghazi and the death of our ambassador and three americans. isis.s responsible for i know that is a strong statement to make, but let me make the case for it. baghdad one day, three hours -- to me, as a top diplomat, not to meet with the prime minister of a country that you know is not stable, and then to withdraw forces, to not have agreement, itrces imploded, and al qaeda in iraq turned into isis, and reared its
2:05 pm
ugly head. i believe there is an indictment to be made, and if the fbi director won't make an indictment, we can make a political indictment against her going into this election. [applause] know, iaul: and, you talked about last night -- we talk about this a lot -- i remember reagan was the first president i had the opportunity, great honor to vote for, and he made the case -- this is what won the election for him -- a you better off and you were four years ago, and i think the question for today is are you safer than you were eight years ago? [applause] and, everywhere i go about this, the answer is obviously no. almost on a weekly basis we see a terrorist attack overseas, and unfortunately we see more and in the homelands in the united
2:06 pm
states. i will go through the litany of cities where we see this. now, lately, i -- we are saying police officers under attack by what i would argue our terrorists -- are terrorists. [applause] know, they sayu black lives matter. said every governor life matters. i will give you this one, cops lives matter as well. [applause] rep. mccaul: and i had an african-american guy on the street just last night say that to me, "sir, thank you, because matter."s and they do, because they are the last line of defense protecting us. chiefd a commander in restore the greatness of america, and as i said last night, the islamist terrorists
2:07 pm
fired the first shot, but we will certainly, rest assured, fire the last. [applause] is my great now it honor -- and i do think -- one last point -- because this administration won't call it what it is, the basic military principle is you have to define your enemy to defeat them, and i have been saying. put our head in the sand and call it whatever -- the enemy is radical islam, and we defeat identify them to them, and we need to say that. [applause] so, it is -- rep. mccaul: so, it is my honor to introduce the speaker of the house, paul ryan, who is here today. i consider him to be a very good friend and colleague. paul came in, a vice presidential candidate, chairman
2:08 pm
of the budget committee, chairman of the powerful ways and means committee, which determines all the tax policies. paul is very happy being the chairman of a very important policy committee, and then a funny thing happened on the way to the speaker's office. mr. boehner left, and our conference basically drafted him, and it is very -- you know, you used to see george washington and others be drafted to run for president. you don't see that very often these days in washington. people like power too much, i fork, but paul did not ask the job. he was drafted by our conference to serve in that position. i'm very proud of the work he has done to bring together all the factions within the republican party, which we all know exist, but he sits down and
2:09 pm
listens. he is a consensus builder. he has been to texas, i will say, four times, in the very short time that he has been speaker of the house, and one thing you may not know about him, when our delegation went to him, and we said, you know, ban on, we have had a crude oil, since, really, the carter administration, and if we're going to lift the ban from iran in the iran deal, why and the world are we not lifting the crude oil energy b that hurts texasan? [applause] and paul listen to us, and paul ryan, the speaker got that done, we signed into law, and it is going to be one of the greatest things for the texas economy we have seen in a long time. so, with that, let me just turn
2:10 pm
it over to the speaker of the house, paul ryan. [applause] rep. mccaul: thanks, buddy. [applause] moremccaul: let me say one thing -- he is from wisconsin, him,n't hold that against but he has put a better way -- isd agenda that he has going to talk about, and i am proud to have been part of that team. paul put me on the national security team. thanks very much. speaker ryan: appreciate it. good morning. you know, this looks just like the wisconsin breakfast, only the crowd would be about 1/6 the size, and all of those cowboy hats would be replaced with
2:11 pm
cheeseheads, and you would be wearing green and gold, but other than that, it is just like a wisconsin breakfast. [laughter] first of all, good morning. are you excited to be here? conventions can be pretty darn exciting sometimes, and here's what i want to say -- you have really been problems in this country, and in our party we have had, let's just say a really big family discussion. mean, you go to texas, and people do this, and they do this. aggies, torn frogs, -- horns -- ok aggies longhorns -- wisconsin badgers -- -- you have all these teams you are into, and
2:12 pm
those rivalries are tough, especially when the big 12 was the big 12. you guys were at each other's throats. it is rough. i hate to tell you this, i will probably get booed off the stage, i'm a big hunter, i have two bird dogs, and their names boomeromer and sooner -- and sooner. we go to the so-called neutral territory in dallas. when one of the teams advances to a big bowl game, or the national champ egypt, don't you -- championship, don't you root for the aggies if you are a longhorn, a longhorn if you are an aggie? you don't? this whole riff was not worth it. [laughter] speaker ryan: my entire premise
2:13 pm
has been blown apart. good grief. i come from big ten country, and we fight like hack against ohio state or michigan, and when they go to the rose bowl or the national temperature, we root for them because we are in the same conference. start thinking that way, ok? [laughter] speaker ryan: good grief. holy moly. this explains everything right now. this breakfast. [laughter] geez.r ryan: all right, so the point i was trying to make, my wife went to high school in texas. we were down in huntington, texas, picking up our daughter from camp down there just a few weeks ago, and the one thing i really appreciate, marrying an okie, getting into texas culture, texas friends -- great hunting, by the way -- is you have an appreciation for
2:14 pm
freedom. [applause] speaker ryan: you really do. and i don't know that you know it as well. almost take it for granted. -- you almost take it for granted. you need to appreciate just how good you are at it, and how much it is in your system, and in your culture -- liberty and freedom in texas. it is inspiring, i have to tell you, because not every other place in america is like that. [laughter] have you been to san francisco lately? [laughter] speaker ryan: sorry. we are in the struggle, and we as conservatives all hold beer -- all hold dear to the same principles, and sometimes we have a different idea on the right tactics to advance those principles, but at the end other day, we are
2:15 pm
advancing pretzels, and maybe the tactic we chose -- whether it is the wishbone, the west coast offense, the 4-3 defense, we may not agree with that, but at the end of the day, we want to win the game, don't we? [applause] speaker ryan: so, at the beginning of this year in congress, as mike mentioned, i took this job without much notice -- really six days notice. it was not the plan. i felt like the dog that caught the car that was never chasing it in the first place. but we decided, ok, wait -- this country is really going in the wrong direction. we were elected by our constituents to go fix that, and we will not fix it if we are divided among ourselves. we will only fix this country's problems if we unify, and the real -- [applause]
2:16 pm
and the best, the is to moral way to unify do it around sound principles. [applause] and the vision of these principles is well we all, ast of, loosely described the american ideal -- something you really know well and appreciate in texas. the condition of your birth does not determine the outcome of your life. we are a free society. self-determination, self-government, government by consent, free enterprise, liberty, freedom -- you know it. so, at the beginning of the year, we said ok, we all agree on these principles. let's come together and work on an agenda that actually advances those principles. if mitt romney were sitting here next to me, he along with me would tell you i wish we may 2012 more of a battle of ideas
2:17 pm
-- more of a crisper contrast on the direction of the country. [applause] speaker ryan: so, that is what we set out to do. so, in january, we decided -- and this is when 17 people were running for president. we decided we would get an agenda, put it together -- roll it out at the beginning of the summer and take it to the country. we're going to take it to the country and say here is your choice -- here is a better way -- a kind of election we have to have if we're going to have to kind of election that gives us the ability to fix this country's problems is a mandate election -- and affirming election -- not an election where we win by default, out last and beat up the other side, but an election where we say if you do not like the direction the country is going, which, by the way, seven out of 10 americans don't, then we have a system to put it together, so to
2:18 pm
that point we set up a game plan at the beginning of the year. we chose our offense, and you have guys like mike mccall, who is in charge of writing our border security plan. this guy knows what that looks like. you have people -- you have so many chairman in texas -- we have a huge upgrade in the ways can -- ways and means committee, when we put kevin brady in charge of the ways and means committee over there -- i see the people in this room -- john carter, judge carter knows what he is doing. s in ourne of our yoda conference. lamar smith is here. chairman of the judiciary committee, the science committee -- he is one of those guys going after the obama administration, one of those guys that is a leader in our congress and obviously in your delegation. we have this new young guy, this former u.s. attorney, he just
2:19 pm
paste a major bill off the -- passed a major bill off the floor -- the chevron case -- stop giving unelected judges all this room to rewrite our laws is basically what we are doing. [applause] and obviously, john cornyn, one of the best four,rs we could ever ask and that is over there in the senate. [applause] speaker ryan: so, here is what we set out to do -- decide what were the issues we have to fix and fix fast, and then let's do it bottom-up, all of us work together, listening sessions, consult with the people we like, no, and trust in these areas, put it together, and take it to the country. number one, we have to look at the fact there are tens and tens of millions of people in this country, able-bodied, slipping through the >>. if you look at the welfare laws we have in america today, they are basically designed to
2:20 pm
replace work, not to encourage work. [applause] speaker ryan: so, that is not working. we need to move people from welfare to work. we don't want to pay people not to work. in 1996 -- welfare it worked great. it lowered child poverty, got single moms into the workforce, a great idea. it was one program. there are dozens and dozens of others from the federal government that have not been reforms. we have shown what a better way of fighting poverty looks like, going at root causes of poverty, instead of treating symptoms of poverty and perpetuating poverty. we have to take on the status quo, and as conservatives, we can have the moral high ground and show what true upward mobility looks like. give me bottom-up upward mobility, over the bernie sanders-hillary clinton, class warfare, social redistribution policy any day of the week.
2:21 pm
we will take that. [applause] speaker ryan: then we decided what we have right now is not national security -- there is not a national security strategy being employed in america today. what we have is an administration adding the pile for the next administration. caul,e have people like mc all these people who know what they are doing, like mac thornberry, chair of the armed services committee, and we put together a conference of national security strategy. gop to seeo better. it. how do you do it -- what does an option that goes on offense against isis actually look like? how do we secure our country? number 3 -- these regulatory states -- we are a regulatory leviathan coming out of the federal government, micromanaging our businesses, micromanaging our lives, killing
2:22 pm
our economy and we have a wholesale redo of regulations like dodd frank, and everything else plaguing our economy, which brings me to number four and guys like john ratcliffe. the bigger problem is we are losing self-government, self-determination. that is the founding principle of the country. when you have a country founded on natural rights, and equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes, we have to take on this real elephant in the room -- no pun intended -- [laughter] speaker ryan: this fourth branch of unelected bureaucrats are running our laws, and those of us mentioned in congress, we do not even vote on these things. we have to take back that we write our laws through our house of representatives. [applause] speaker ryan: all these rules and regulations have to come back to congress for final approval before they go into effect. how many of you are against obamacare? [applause]
2:23 pm
many of you: how know we agree? [applause] speaker ryan: we, for the first time in six years have gotten consensus on what we would replace it with -- what it actually looks like. then, number six, we have to scrap this tax code. the irs is just way too intrusive. [applause] speaker ryan: and we show you what postcard-sized tax reform looks like -- what pro-growth tax reform looks like. the point is, we are laying it on the line, putting it out there -- putting out a specific agenda, taken our principles, applying it to the problems of the day, offering a better way. we want to take this to the it, get a taxate on it, defend it so that if and when we went, we can do it. [applause] speaker ryan: guess what.
2:24 pm
hillary clinton isn't going to do one of these things. she isn't going to do a darn thing. she is against all of these things. she is against these principles we believe in. this is a binary choice. it is either donald trump or hillary clinton. if you are not for donald trump -- if you're not voting, if you're not showing up, you are helping hillary clinton. [applause] it is pretty much that clear. [applause] speaker ryan: i want to close with this -- i mentioned how texans really understand freedom, but i don't think you quite fully realized it until a couple of years ago. you see, where my wife is from, which is on the north side of like tex oma, for decades and decades, you have been able to go hillbilly hand fishing or , and catching a catfish with
2:25 pm
your bare hands. it is an exhilarating sport. it was not legalized in texas until two years ago. now you can noodle catfish on both sides of like tex oma. congratulations on fully realizing your freedoms, texas. [laughter] [applause] speaker ryan: thank you very much. remember we have to unify, remember what this is about, taking our country in the right direction. thank you very much. go get them. appreciate it. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> c-span, created by america's cable television companies. our live coverage of every minute of the republican and democratic national conventions is brought to as a public service by your cable or satellite provider.
2:26 pm
showing you house speaker paul ryan a moment ago -- the headline in "the wall street journal," kristina peterson with a piece headlined "paul ryan takes is balancing the two gop convention." "tuesday speech is expected to focus on house republicans agenda, not donald trump." paul ryan is one of a full lineup of speakers with live coverage beginning at 5:30 p.m. on c-span. mitch mcconnell, two of donald trump's children, his daughter tiffany trump, and his son, donald trump junior, will be speaking. again, all of that will be getting underway at 5:30 p.m. eastern here on c-span, the app, and you can at it is not all business on the floor of the convention center, the quicken loans arena there in cleveland. we are talking to some of the people that are making it
2:27 pm
happen, providing some of the food that delegates are enjoying. greta: we are here with al, bubba baker, former defensive end for the cleveland browns. how did you get into barbecue? mr. baker: i did not get into barbecue -- i was born in a barbecue family. i tell people football was my job, but barbecue is my passion. greta: what kind of barbecued you make -- what is your specialty? we barker: -- mr. baker: remove the bone. i do not know if you know this, my partner from "shark tank" has endorsed it. it is in retail now and you can get it shipped to your house. greta: special sauce -- secret sauce? mr. baker: no. to me, a good rib should not have to be swam in sauce.
2:28 pm
it should be an accompaniment. i grew up around -- if there said it wood, my uncle ain't no good. we use different one, and milder, either cherry or pecan for chicken. we take our smoking seriously. greta: how did you become a caterer for the republican national convention -- what did you have to do to be one of the official ones? mr. baker: i was lured into it when i heard the word competition -- they said you have to come down and compete. i was like "i am in." and my children and my wife, they know that. i didn't have any political aspirations whatsoever -- it was our food, and the challenge was in order to qualify to be one that would compete, because the
2:29 pm
rnc did not pick the caterers -- they just eliminated the ones, and then we are in the media building, and it is up to you guys to decide. that is how that works. processlt like it was a , in my life, that was going to come around once. i do business out of tampa. i do work and some grocery stores there. and it was there four years ago, so in the lifetime of mine, i probably won't see this again in the towns that i operate out of, or in my lifetime, so i think that is what life is about. when something comes at you once, if it is not harmful, and do it. greta: what has the security process been like for getting cleared? mr. baker: they have done a really good job. they have been to the restaurant. who is they? mr. baker: the fda -- they called on the health department.
2:30 pm
the rules are well within how we anywhere, but they are a little more stringent, and they have asked us to do some things that we would normally have to do under the health department or the usda, but i get it, and what my thinking is to my friends and families -- they are no, i don't want to make someone from the media sick. that is not where you would want to dog jumped in my truck, you know? the doors were open. they event up under the hood. i've never seen that. in america. i've been to israel and i saw that. to that have feeling and to know that i'm scared. i haven't done anything wrong, i'm scared. it's an experience that i will never, ever, ever forget. i mean, coming into the gate to
2:31 pm
my own grill, somebody wanted to, you know, check it. like i said, i've been to countries. i think the lesson for us, the people on my staff, the thing i'll say when this is over and i'll say thank god you're american because you go to other countries, you cannot drive from kansas to cleveland without a checkpoint. or you cannot drive from bethlehem to nashville without a checkpoint. keep that in mind. and that's the kind of thing i've been reminding myself. so the process that i'm going through, it's one that i'm grown. it's a growth for me. i think i'll be more appreciative of flying in the airport, going from state to state, because i will not have o have a dog sniff my vehicle. i mean, if you think about it, that's pretty intimidating. it intimidated me. greta: thank you very much for talking to c-span. mr. baker: thank you very much.
2:32 pm
>> so you have about three hours to get your barbecue and your favorite beverage, whatever together, for a full evening of convention speeches tonight at the republican national convention with their focus make america work again. it will feature a couple of donald trump's former rivals. new jersey governor chris christy and also dr. ben carson. three ways to follow it live here on c-span, also on the c-span radio app, and online at all starting at 5:30 eastern. and on demand also at one of the things you can't find is our conversation from this morning with the sheriff from arizona. from a chief police officer. heckled by protesters amid media crush while being escorted to the convention in cleveland. this was later in the day. we talked to sheriff joe who is also a delicate from arizona.
2:33 pm
we talked to him this morning on washington journal. is joe at our tag arpaio, a delegate from his state of arizona. thank you for being here. his supporter of donald trump. how many arizona delegates were involved yesterday in the effort to try to force a roll call vote on the rules? was your delegation divided? guest: not really. it was in the past, but we joined together yesterday. which was a good sign. host: what did you make of the effort by some of the delegates on the floor? this is a free society. people have a right to speak out , politically or otherwise. i was not too happy with it. i supported donald trump a year .go, one of the few that did
2:34 pm
.nd stuck with him he won the primary fair and square. we should listen to the people and the people wanted him and that's the way it should be in this country. host: you were quoted in one in theearing your tie shape of a gun saying i will utilize my years of law evolt.ement to quell the rubbl guest: i don't even carry a gun. i should say that. i'm a law enforcement guy, elected. not a joke, really. sometimes you can get more done talking. i think i was referring to the media, talking to the media.
2:35 pm
host: why did you d decide to support donald trump? guest: illegal immigration. .t is not just that i've been the honorary chairman for george w. bush. romney. mitt i've had many presidential candidates visit me or contact me the last cycle. rick perry from texas. ofave a little knowledge
2:36 pm
presidential campaigns. i've had four presidential citiestes visit my tent that i set up. them onbe talking about my anniversary day, august 3. board and i came on introduced him last july in phoenix and something told me he was the guy. my gut told me that. i've been with him ever since. host: what does he share in common with the past presidential nominees you have been in support of? outsiders,insiders, he is a businessman, very outspoken.
2:37 pm
he is a nice person. i don't like to get overdramatic , but let me just say, he had me hooked from day one. he did not have to go through my wife to get me hooked. , who was wife unfortunately diagnosed with cancer at the time, he found out about it and called my wife every five minutes. .hat shows you the heart he has , the type ofe character he has. don inirst caller is virginia. a democrat. welcome. caller: thank you for having me.
2:38 pm
'swas wondering if the sheriff gut had told anything -- i'm a highly decorated veteran. trump says he is an honest, good businessman, speaks his mind. withather was arrested in 1991, banned from casinos tied to the mafia boss. he was a highroller at trump plaza. that same year, the casino was for complaints about
2:39 pm
-- he flew onavior trumped helicopter -- trump's helicopter. trump also filed bankruptcy what are times that four times. a good businessman. all, you are a veteran. thank you for your service. i joined the army when the korean war broke out. i was 18. i don't know where he's getting all this. he's talking about trumps family? host: comes business practices, some have been reported on. where dealings have gone bad.
2:40 pm
what does that say about donald trump and his ability to lead as president? you are in business, as i was, too, business and sometimes is tough. you win some and lose some. he has been very successful. negotiate. that is how you get things done. i don't know where he's coming he has ahe mafia -- right to talk. too.fe is from virginia, i cannot comment on where all this stuff is coming up -- , do: illegal immigration you believe donald trump will build a wall? do you think it is realistic to say mexico will pay for it?
2:41 pm
i have to sometimes lay the foundation that i think i know what i'm talking about. like't just go to the wall those politicians to get their photo op. i was a regional director of mexico city, head of the federal drug enforcement in texas. i have 35 years fighting the drug problem on both sides of the border. he brought this out. a lot of people were not happy. the subject out a year ago, talking about the wall and illegal immigration. i have to thank him for that. he pretty well knows what's going on. now, we continue to have the illegal immigration problem.
2:42 pm
cops. are shooting i could go on and on. the illegal immigration is a complex problem. not an easy one to solve. i've taken a lot of heat in my fight throughout since obama took office. where is hillary clinton? i was a diplomat in turkey. the most important person in the government other than the president is the secretary of state when you deal with foreign policy. how many times has hillary been to mexico? how many times has obama been to mexico? why don't they spent some time in mexico dealing with their president out there in negotiating, getting things done? that's the most important
2:43 pm
country we have four drug drugicking -- for trafficking, illegal immigration. host: jeff in st. paul, minnesota. republican. a quick complement, you are one of my personal heroes, truly a patriot. my question has to come from the thatthat we have people ultimately worked against american constitutional interests. how do you think we can expand our definition of treason so we at begin to put these people least off the voter rolls and hopefully behind bars or behind barbed wire? know, we have to look
2:44 pm
at our judicial system. leadership, you have to have the people behind you. someone like an outsider, for a change. when there's a lot that's on the books, you should try to enforce that law. even if there may be controversy around that law, maybe not politically correct. this is where we are right now with illegal immigration, terrorism and some other matters. at least donald trump is not afraid to speak out. sometimes he gets in trouble for what he says, but we want a guide to read a teleprompter all the time and follow a party line? we need a change in this country, the greatest country in the world.
2:45 pm
i'm sure he will make that change. host: david in new jersey. independent. caller: good morning. thank you for serving our country and upholding law in order. law and order. .'m here in new jersey bush you did support romney and they are not putting their support behind donald come i was wondering, what advice would you give them? i think their actions are kind of immature. they ought to get on board and vote for donald. can you give your opinion on that?
2:46 pm
would you tell these former leaders? guest: i guess they want hillary to be the president. get on board, get all the pettiness out of both sides. , let's getr nominee him into office and stop the jealousy and anger that been going on with certain elements of the republican party. a lot of these people are saying i will support the nominee. the nominee's name happens to be trump. why don't they say i will endorse donald trump for president? maybe this week they will be able to say that. host: george is in florida.
2:47 pm
republican. much.: thank you very i support you very much. veteran.mbat i'm not highly decorated like the other caller. i very much support what you do. start?d all this crime they're talking about lynching and kkk -- the criminal numbers are so ridiculous among the black people. did that start in reconstruction? people come over on the boat and we corrupted them? maybe the black callers could fill me in. guest: i'm a senior citizen.
2:48 pm
i could go way back -- i was born in 1932. in the 1950's, i walked the toughest beat in america in washington, d.c. , made thousands of arrests i've been assaulted many times, we never had the shootings, we never had the racial component. , you've gottoday all these black lives matter committees people being shot, cops being murdered, assassinated -- we are living in a different time. we need new leadership.
2:49 pm
one thing i want to talk about about,ld trump -- talk donald trump loves our cops. someone is conning me or not, especially a politician. we have someone who is going to back up the cops and backup our veterans and military. host: why did you call if the black beat? did that mean? guest: african-american. i think i know how to walk a beat and how to relate to the black people on my beat. there were no white people there. i did have contact with the black community. i had a nightstick and a
2:50 pm
blackjack and a 38. i knew everybody on my beat. arrested a lot of people but i never had a racial connotation. thater had any shootings was a tough beat. look what's happening today in america. i'm trying to equate what i did in the 1950's with what's going on today politically and otherwise. unfortunately, i think the president -- i know he sets the tempo. with the government bureaucracy and the people. i don't know if he's done the job very well in reviewing the racial component, sticking his nose into local law enforcement like he did in cambridge.
2:51 pm
he went down there accusing the cop without even knowing what's going on. host: after baton rouge, the president did say there is no justification for violence against law enforcement. guest: where has he been? why now? it's a little too late, all these cops being assassinated and now he is saying it? he should have been saying it from day one. i'm not trying to go after the president, but once again, we have to get this thing balanced and settled and stop lying politics that's playing politics with our cops. i see what's going on in our country, we will get this straightened out because we are still the greatest country.
2:52 pm
we go through cycles. time to get another cycle going. carl in north carolina. democrat. caller: hello, jeff. i'm 75. -- hello, joe. i'm 75. guest: young guy. the blacks being mistreated, they've been mistreated ever since they've been in this country by cops. now, they are catching it on cell phones. black people have been complaining for centuries. but you all would not believe it. you,ially racists like
2:53 pm
joe. we are catching it on cell phones. and you still don't believe it. host: let's get a response from the sheriff. beingory of blacks mistreated by cops, how do you respond to that? guest: there's white being mistreated. any type of ethnic background. why do we just say blacks? sometimes cops mistreat other people, too. do you recognize the history of the relationship between black america and police officers, the marches, the civil rights, the protests, etc.? a strive --'s been 35% of my organization are minorities.
2:54 pm
of the the success african american, whether its or politics or what have you. athletes ort's politics or what have you. i'm not going to blame the media, but sometimes the media are involved, they have to -- i'm not going to talk about copycats and all that. my 54 years, i notice when you have a lot of media attention -- you need the media, but some people see the media and go out and do some bad things because they see it on television. they see people talking, they see the president speaking. some, especially if they are mentally unbalanced, do bad things. convinced as all the years
2:55 pm
i've been on the earth that things will straighten out. host: bob in clifton heights, pennsylvania. republican. caller: good morning. i've been following you for years and years. i am in a police officer. -- ex police officer. i'm so excited to talk to you. way you treat people should be reflected in how your boat is trumpto be cast for mr. -- vote is going to be cast for mr. trump. all these other people in the
2:56 pm
republican party who are against trump, to me, it is kind of ridiculous because it is a vote for hillary. if you don't want that, vote for trump. guest: i am a little sad about that. look at trump. he says some nasty things, ok. that was the politics. and make surethat that a democrat wins because of pettiness. i've never seen this before in all the campaigns i've been involved in. i cannot understand what's going on. host: you are up for reelection this fall. the daily beast reported that you have $9 million in your campaign trust.
2:57 pm
that is more than donald trump for president. what do you need an million forars for -- $10 million for a share of campaign? guest: when the white house and everybody else gangs up on you, i have to fight back. tough race. a lot of elements want to get rid of me. go to events, they follow me around -- i'm surprised we don't have anyone against me today here in cleveland. i'm a little disappointed. they scream at me, give me the finger and everything -- that's the way you are able to communicate. you should do it in a nice,
2:58 pm
different venue, of course. , wee could communicate more could get a lot of things done, like they did in mexico city. we close the border and for two weeks, we did not have any drugs come in. that's how you do it. president obama doesn't invite me to the white house. year. him last host: what's the investigation you have going? guest: it has something to do with a birth certificate. i took that on.
2:59 pm
i'm not finished with it yet. nothing's going to happen. not in this administration. host: what will you do when you are done? guest: that's a good question. the media does not even want to cover it. me and asked me to do it. they are my constituents per i took it on, took a little heat. kyle in new york. independent. i wanted to make a couple of corrections. i couldn't help but notice when he said obama has not made any trips to mexico. there's only one country he has visited more and that was france. had,er misconception he
3:00 pm
obama never said anything about bad shooting cops -- i've listened to him talk countless times on these subjects. he's always handled it with dignity. check airbe i should force one to see how many times he flew to mexico. to talk with the president and other high officials. border andround the involved in this in the last eight years since he's been president. where was he all the time when a white cop was killed? how many times has he gone to visit the family and so on? start talking statistics and see what the real story


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