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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  July 20, 2016 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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>> it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over-the-top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates. [applause] host: it is official. donald trump is no longer presumptive, he is the republican nominee. good morning, everyone. "washington journal" continues live from cleveland with your reaction to yesterday's announcement. republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. you can also join the conversation on twitter or go to
7:01 am we are live from the skylight cleveland.roup in it is day three of the republican national convention. start filing in. give us your thoughts about how this is all going here in cleveland. first, back to washington and peter slen. >> this is how last night's nomination of donald trump is playing across the country. dispatch"he columbus from the capital of ohio. .rump is the choice also, the cincinnati enquirer. 2016.fficial: trump for a jubilant celebration places
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trump atop the ticket. "the new york post" has nothing related. they are on the roger ailes story. withwall street journal" "trump wins gop nomination." there are his kids with the new york delegation. today." is "usa "it's official: the outsider is in." below that, more ink on the melania trump plagiarism story. here is "the washington post" this morning. they also have the roger ale story right below that and they also have a story about hillary clinton. kaine seen as top running mates for clinton.
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here is the new york times. you can see a picture of the trump kids putting their dad over-the-top. the lead story is on millennia trump. have run it trump sent speech bearing off course. that's how melania trump sent courseveering off finally, the new york daily news. full steam ahead. it is official. crazyl aboard trump train. we want to share one more article with you. milwaukee county sheriff spoke and senator ron johnson spoke. paul ryan is the chairman. congressman sean duffy and his
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wife spoke and governor scott walker last night delivered wisconsin's votes for donald trump. this article is about paul ryan at the helm when gop makes donald trump the nominee. the man who presided over the gop convention that nominated has criticized his tone and rhetoric and personifies for many an entirely different republican style and vision. house speaker paul ryan was not only on board, he was at the helm when the party made it's unlikely standardbearer. that is from "the milwaukee journal sentinel." tat: let's get our viewers' k. e. jerry in detroit, michigan. democrat.
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caller: greetings from motown. i wanted to bring up one of the speakers at the first night, the sheriff from milwaukee county. i heard him on the number of occasions on a lot of the talk president and the the black lives matter movement. --on't know if anyone speaking as a 51 your black men, i can honestly say -- 51-year-old black man, i can , when he speaks to his white audiences about all the police shootings, he does that the way a lot of the white conservatives have, by using some false equivalency between police shootings and black on
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black crime. i'm hoping the next week in philadelphia at the democratic convention, one of the speakers to counter the sheriff ought to son.ton sterling's and philandro catile girlfriende's girlfriend. host: we will be in philadelphia next week. c-span coverage continues for the democratic national convention. as republicans are in the home stretch of theirs here in cleveland. tonight, it gets underway around 7:00 p.m. eastern time. i had at that, we will be taking
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more of your phone calls. -- ahead of that. or c-span radio app to listen. you have tweeted that outcome of that it has been a good source for you to follow the convention minute by minute. ian in new york. a democrat. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. actually voted for bernie sanders and i was watching the andention last night frankly did not know who i was going to vote for because i do not like the policy proposals of trump or clinton. sanders is the only one that will actually institute the
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policies we need, like regulating wall street, to prevent another recession. i will probably end up voting for gary johnson or jill stein. will be the best at doing that. host: what about donald trump's position on free trade agreements? they seem to align with bernie sanders. we heard from some democrats over the campaign so far that some democrats say i might switch to donald trump because of his position on trade. the you feel the same -- do you feel the same? caller: i could. when he is talking about trade with china and mexico, i think
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hing good that may come out of that. to see who i cited with, i took ded more with gary johnson. host: christopher in new york. a republican. good morning. you are next. i'm completely disappointed as a republican and a christian to see the republican convention last night and all the people stand up and thanked god at the end and bless carson,, especially ben who is supposed to be a religious guy. says if you do not
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repent, you will perish. donald trump has said openly he has never repented. what kind of example does that send to the youth of this country that the leader has never repented and will perish? nobody is even talking about that. they make that a big christian issue. christians of support donald trump. that is so sad. i encourage people to read luke 3:13. host: we will be happy to post that, this headline about dr. ben carson's speech last night. out at thes a shout republican national convention.
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let us know if, you think about the republican national convention so far. june, a democrat. caller: all i heard was hate. that's all i hear with any of the republicans' talk. how much they hate everybody. these people that are voting for bernie sanders, if you think donald trump is just like bernie sanders on trade, this man is nothing like bernie sanders. this man is a hypocrite and he lies every time he speaks. to him, hei listen is lying about something and the media lets them get away with it . that's why he gets all this free time on tv. listening to the
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hate that comes out of his mouth. he is a racist. listent sit there and and let him have his way. we've had plenty of guests on that have been critics of donald trump and have certainly expressed the opinion you have. if you were watching a survey and watching throughout the week, we have talked to inegates, even here cleveland, who don't believe donald trump tells the truth, they are not excited about him becoming the nominee, which he did last night, it became official. we have plenty of voices on. if you would like, go to and you can watch what we have been doing here on "washington journal" throughout this weekend before. more of your thoughts coming up here. donald trump is officially the republican nominee. let's go back to washington and peter slen. >> a couple of callers have brought up the issue of trade.
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"wall street journal" looks at the gop in 2016 and 2012 and their positions on trade. international trade is crucial for all sectors of america's economy. -- gop platform reads in 2012, the platform read --
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here is some twitter reaction to our question this morning come out topic this morning, the donald trump has officially become the gop nominee. carol says -- --ally, this tweet by steve host: the republican nominee donald trump did make an appearance via video last night to the convention goers cannot talk to his supporters from new york. talked toion goers, his supporters from new york.
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[video clip] donald trump: we had such a great time last night and an unbelievable evening. very has been a very, special day, watching my children put me over the top what we did getting the party's nomination, i will never forget it. it is something i will never, ever forget. a little over one year ago, i announced my candidacy for president and with your vote today, this stage of the presidential prices has come to a close. together, we have achieved historic results with the largest vote total in the history of the republican party. this is a movement. but, we have to go all the way. i'm so proud to be your nominee for president of the united states. i look forward to sharing my thoughts with you on thursday night on how we build a brighter
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and more hopeful future for all americans. it is an honor to run on a ticket with governor mike pence, who is an incredible man and he will make a great, great vice president. i will be with him in cleveland tomorrow night and we will be together again on thursday night and, by the way, we are going to and also,ate of ohio of course, we are going to win the presidency and bring real change in leadership -- and leadership back to washington. host: donald trump addressing the convention after he officially got the nomination last night from new york. typically, the nominee does not come to the convention until the last night. he has done so twice. as donald trump mentioned, mike
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pence will be addressing supporters tonight at the convention. prove himself to the boss? the candidate seems to prefer other prospective running mates. have dualappears to tasks. brian in colorado springs. a republican. what are your thoughts so far on your party's convention? caller: the convention is going well so far. a lot of talking points have been brought up. my main comment is concerning the republican party.
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over the last two or three election cycles we've had, we've been given mitt romney and mccain. whenported rick santorum romney became the nominee. but, i still supported romney. this coming next four years will determine the direction the united states goes in. if we choose to vote for a third-party candidate, that will be a vote for hillary. i'm sorry. i feel the direction the last eight years have taken the united states has been a downward spiral. look at the morale of the country, the various attacks from isis andld we don't even have a government that will actually address the other than we are
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taking back territory, but what they don't realize is it is not a territorial fight. fight. an ideological but they can get on the internet and spread their hate menem, it will spread anywhere in the world. we need a leader that will be decisive and take the fight to the enemy. venom.ead their hate it seems our enemies are domestic and i think we need strong guidance now and i think donald trump is the candidate to do that. republican and you believe in the constitution, donald trump is the way to go. host: what did you make of his
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choice for vice president, indiana governor mike pence? i've heard his name thrown around on a couple of occasions. now that i'm looking more into mike pence, i think he was a good choice. hopefully him choosing mike pence as his running mate, as the vice president, it will bring a certain amount of temperance into the office and into the executive portion of our government. host: you think donald trump needs temperance? um -- basically, kind of, yeah. he will say things that may come or may come off as a hateful statement, it really isn't. when he says to build the wall, i don't think it will be a 20 along ourt wall
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border, but we do have the technology to be able to monitor our borders. we don't have any opium fields in the united states. it's all coming from somewhere. in order to take care of our internal issues, we have to think of closing up our borders and not to allow other things to come in. inittle bit of temperance what he is saying and how to say it from a good, christian may help him get his point across a little bit more clear and not come up as a bigot . he's not a politician. ,ost: you might be interested you club 30, we will -- might be interested, coming up ,t 8:30 on "washington journal
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that conversation -- sharon in ohio. democrat. caller: i think it means they have a race on their hands. they really do. the republican party needed somebody like trump to shake to get down to the people, like he has done. i don't think people have faith and hillary. i don't. i would not vote for her p i would just not vote rather than give her a vote. that i would not vote for her. -- i don't. i would not vote for her. vote rather not than give her a vote.
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the more i'm watching, i think this will be a good move -- after all, the president has staff with him. he has advisors for all those things, people with a lot of experience. to help him learn his job, as we all do. i think he will do fine. i don't think pence is probably the best choice for him at this time. the racist feelings there, they went back 30 years. you are a democrat. did you vote for barack obama in 2008 and 2012? caller: no, i voted republican. host: when is the last time you
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voted for a democrat? caller: this past spring. host: ok. christina in illinois. independent caller. good morning to you. what are your thoughts on the republican convention? caller: i think it is a joke. i don't likego, either one of them. i don't think trump is the right president for us. i don't think he will lead us where we want to go. he is brainwashing everyone and he is more into -- he is getting are on theple who that seems to be the people that are voting for him.
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i had to vote for the president i liked, so i had to vote democrat, but i am an independent. i vote for the president that i like, that i think will be the best president for us based on everything i have learned or found out from the beginning to now. i still think bernie should get it. i think he would be the best option for us. we are going to put ourselves in worse turmoil if we have trump or hillary. host: those are christina's thoughts. let's hear from bonnie in missouri. he democrat. -- a democrat. caller: good morning. i am a longtime democrat.
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democrat, voted for mr. obama the first time around. i did not vote for him the second time around. for the first time in my life, i will be voting republican. i cannot support hillary clinton after all we've known over the last 30 years and especially with her deceiving the american people, it is just disgraceful. i will be supporting donald trump. the clinton camp is picking apart mrs. trump's speech shows how weak the clinton campaign is. mike in texas. republican. caller: good morning. i like to excoriate mr. ryan for wasting his platform. he is just the speaker of the house. he is supposed to tell the delegates, ok, the presidential
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nomination is over. go home and put conservatives in city hall. send me some conservatives. some conservatives in the senate so we can keep the right justices in the court and stop filibusters. the job is not done yet. to thenot say presidential nominee, ok, you've got the water bucket, now put out the fire. there is still plenty of work to be done. host: you were disappointed in what paul ryan had to say last night? caller: he was spending his time on the wrong topic. he is just a speaker of the house. he's in charge of the policy and steering committee, he is in appropriations, the iys and means committee -- grew up in chicago.
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then was on the ways and means committee for 32 years and he was sent to congress 20 consecutive terms. there is more power in the house and this bigtives or of the house is truly the most powerful man in the federal government. -- and the speaker of the house is truly the most powerful man in the federal government. host: if you missed paul ryan speech, go to we go to washington with more from peter slen. todaylcoming ceremony where nominee trump will welcome mike pence to cleveland. that will be live on c-span at 2:00 p.m. three,edule for night make america first again is the theme. ingram.hear from laura
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eileen collins, who captained a space shuttle mission. you will also hear from darrell scott, an african-american pastor in the cleveland area. he will speak, as will scott walker and marco rubio. cruz is one of the istured speakers tonight, as newt gingrich and indiana governor mike pence, when he is nominated to be vice president. host: peter was just reading about what speakers there will be tonight. last night, many of you probably saw the speech by new jersey governor chris christie. -- with the headline
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his a look at a bit of speech and how the crowd reacted to it. [video clip] chris christie: i want to talk to all of you at home in your living rooms, sitting there tonight that you are the ones who will decide this election. we have an alternative. we have a man who is not afraid, we have a man who wants to lead us, we have a man who understands the frustrations and aspirations of our fellow citizens. people a man who judges based on their performance, regardless of your gender, race, ethnic background. we do not need- to settle for less in this election, we cannot reward incompetence and deceit.
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we need to demand more than what hillary clinton offers for america. we know what four years of hillary clinton will bring. all the feelers of the obama years but with less charm and more lies -- all the failures of the obama years but with less charm and more lies. getting your comments this morning about the convention as they head into day three here. it will start around 7:00 p.m. eastern time. the delegates will descend on downtown cleveland, some having to stay miles, 30 minutes outside of cleveland, getting ussed into the downtown area to get into that building.
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of course, you've got all the signs in the quicken loans arena and the media, 50,000 credentialed media inside the --cken loans arena as well 15,000 credentialed media. you can see what it is like to be down on the floor during these speeches. housekeeping business they've been doing as well. you can watch it uninterrupted here on c-span. no one talking over the top of it. have c-span tv, you can go to or get the c-span radio app. milton in athens, georgia. republican. what do you think of your party, donald trump officially becoming the nominee. caller: thank you for taking my call.
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if mickey mouse was running for the republican presidential nominee, i would vote for him over hillary clinton. my conscious would never allow me to vote for someone who has committed such atrocity as she has -- i'm very proud to have him as our nominee. i have supported him all the way from the very beginning. when he first made his announcements. however, last night seal the deal and gave me total peace that i had been making the right decision all along when i heard his son speak. the fruit is not fall far from the tree. -- does not fall far from the tree. mr. trump has had a lot of issues thrown at him, but a lot of it is because people cannot separate him from the tv show as an entertainer versus the
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businessman and a solid politician he has become. at the very beginning, all the way through, because i was listening for what he was saying, his substance committee issues that are important to me, securing the border, keeping us safe from terrorism, as well as increasing job opportunity. that is important to me. if you do not have jobs and job growth, you do not have the resources to take care of what we need to in america and to america first. it is time we put our nation first so we can continue to be a benevolent nation. income --not have the ithes, 10% of nothing is nothing. we are going bankrupt.
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i believe in the platform he and mike pence are bringing to the party. i'm supporting them and encouraging all my friends to support donald j. trump for president. what do you want to hear from governor pence tonight? how should he frame his speech? it is going to be important for him to assure the american people that we are as not only in republican party but to be unified as a nation. there is so much divisiveness in our country. nation shalls a rise against nation and that points to internal disorder and we need to bring order to our nation and unity. i feel like governor pence should address the fact -- beginning with the republicans and our nation to bring order and unity and the common goals security,, safety,
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alluding to trump possibility that trump's -- alluding to ability to make decisions. governor pence has done a great job increasing the resources in his state. that needs to be brought out. that's what people are looking for. america must get out of this ideology of just been a democrat or republican or independent. we must come together and make it isons this year -- critical that the right person goes into office because personally, i don't think we can take a more -- four more years of the obama administration. it has brought the vision, destruction -- division, destruction, it has caused human errors thatas made
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has cost human life. i'm 61 years old. supporting the election financially, but this election, i've given more because i cannot celebrate that which costs me nothing. i want to encourage your listeners to make generous donations to the trump campaign. it there sol leave i can get in some other voices. been in phoenix, arizona. independent. ben in phoenix, arizona. caller: ask donald trump if he has ever illegally bribed. i believe it at that. has he ever bribed anybody illegally? host: tammy in daytona beach,
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florida. democrat. listening to some of these trump supporters that have been calling in, especially the aller,fore the last c trump knew who his base would be. on 2004 when george w. bush w timesnd term, "the london ," the headline said how could 54 million people be so dumb? what is really obscene to me is worshipthe evangelicals the golden calf thinking trump will make them all prosperous when all he cares about is how to rip people off, how to rip off his business partners and then file for bankruptcy and brag about it. i'm not a fan of hillary
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clinton. believe me. i will vote for dr. jill stein of the green party. she has been on c-span. on is articulate, right point and she doesn't have to play the victim card to get attention. john in massachusetts. republican. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. idea that iopose an think will unify the country very much. that is that basically we have two economies. economy and we have a government economy where people have lifetime jobs. jobs in the public , it would beyears
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a tremendous leveling in the economy. thing, the average term an employee in a lifetime job is 30 or 40 years. you would have three or four people benefiting with 10 year term. the term that a person serves, the retirement benefits would be much, much lower. which would be closer to what the average person is getting on social security retirement. it is a great leveler. jesse in sacramento, california. democrat.
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good morning to you. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i'm visiting in washington and i watch your show constantly. when did we become so dumb? i look at the republican convention and i cannot believe what i'm hearing. i hear people claiming to be preachingf god, amen -- following a man preaching racism. dumb?id america become so it is sad that we blame president barack obama for what george bush and his buddy did. do you think it takes eight years to undo the damage they did? all the people that lost their lives because of what they did.
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says righteousness exalts the nation. ,he people backing trump now it's apparent that they don't know god because you know a tree by the fruit it bears. when you hear what these people are talking about, their fan base -- i've never seen people who seem to be so knowledgeable and godly acting like this. this shows the innate racism that our country has. that's why our country cannot become the great country it is supposed to be. because we hate each other. we are not winning together. the cops are killing black people. , youre watching this on tv
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are seeing this evidence. are you going to believe me or your lying eyes? soldier in vietnam, i know what it's like to go to war. these people are pushing an -- and then we blame the president. look at the congress he's got. they responded, by saying they will not do anything to help this man get anything a compass. they want what they want. they represent the rich. see the my heart to spaces them. -- this racism. tilly in maryland. republican. caller: i'm really excited for trump to be our nominee.
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i am a christian. i do agree with the previous caller who said to trump is not a well-versed man -- we all have our strengths and weaknesses. that, unfortunately, is one of his weaknesses. trump, i like about believe in america of great choices and opportunities and i believe that comes through the constitution. i know he supports that with his trade agreements, building the wall with mexico -- these are all great things. he has america's best interest at heart. can i askyou -- host: you a question? caller: yes. host: do you think donald trump
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is a christian and when did he become your choice? was he your choice all along? caller: no, i liked cars and. .- carson i don't believe donald trump is christian, but that does not sway me. i believe our president should believe in god, but i believe god instituted the constitution, so i will support person who supports that. host: david in georgia. independent. caller: thank you for c-span. i had a couple of issues i wanted to talk about. i listened to all this christian talk and i'm a born again christian -- it is a false narrative that conservative christians are overwhelmingly
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supporting donald trump. for the first time in my life, i will go to the ballots and i will vote for my local state representatives, but i will not vote for president. i will leave that presidential slot blank. christians are not overwhelmingly supporting donald trump. they're just fearful of hillary clinton. made, the mrs. trump so-called plagiarism -- i was elected to local office if years ago -- a few years ago. i was expected to speak at the end of it. i said virtually word for word everything she said. these are the same talking have been spoken by a government leaders, religious leaders, boy scout troop leaders
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, everywhere. the same talking points. oft who do we accuse plagiarism? host: peter slen in washington has more details. >> politico caught up with sheldon adelson who arrived in cleveland yesterday. ignoredvegas mega-donor questions about his support for the presumptive gop nominee. he may give ast much as $100 million to super whiteupporting trump's house bid. withis video catching up sheldon adelson. [video clip]
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>> [indiscernible] >> when will you send a check to donald trump? what did you think of the star of david used by the trump in the tweet?ger twee mr. adelson? >> that was at an event held by the jewish republican coalition in cleveland. >> what did you think of the melania speech and the plagiarism controversy? >> controversy is spread by the news media. >> what about sheldon? the think he is getting cold feet? does he support trump? >> compared to hillary?
7:49 am
100%. >> do you think he was offended by the star of david controversy? >> no. host: politico catching up with newt gingrich. newt gingrich will be speaking tonight, day three in the rock 'n roll city. cleveland, ohio. donald trump will be the final speaker on thursday night when those 125,000 balloons will drop. last night, his son, donald jr. gave a speech. son."father, like here is a bit of that speech. [video clip] >> the other party also tells us they believe in american dream.
7:50 am
-- the american dream. that it wasell you their policies that caused the problem and it was their policies that have no accountability. [applause] they gave us the worst immigration system in the world. one that imports immobility and unemployment and wages for hispanic americans and african americans and everyone. and immigration system that favors illegal over those trying to go through the process illegally. it was bernie sanders himself who warned that a large tide of new workers keeps wages low and poverty high. give us public schools that far too often failed our students, especially those who have no option. growing up, my siblings and i
7:51 am
were truly fortunate to have choices and options that others do not have. we want all americans to have those same opportunities. [applause] >> our schools used to be elevators to the middle class. now, they are stalled on the ground floor. there like department stores that are run for the benefit of the clerks, and other customers. -- not the customers. other countries let parents choose where to send their own children to school. that is called competition. it is called the free market. it is what the other party fears. dodd frank was 1000 pages long and it has already spun off 22,000 pages and regulations. imagine trying to digest all that before you even open your doors for business. that does not help consumers.
7:52 am
it destroys small business in favor of big businesses who can afford the lawyers and accountants needed to comply. dodd frank is consumer protection for billionaires. host: followed by that speech last night, the associated press reported that the campaign faced new questions about plagiarism for a second day. the writer behind the original work for that speech said the campaign did nothing wrong. similarities between two lines in the convention address and an article in "the american conservative." aboutssage you heard soviet era department stores run for the benefit of the clerks, not the customers. he was a speechwriter for the address, so it is not an issue.
7:53 am
aurora, republican. what do you think about your party and your nominee? -- my: i am so proud parents are puerto rican, i was raised in new york. i was brought up not looking at race and color. we were just a melting pot. it was so wonderful. i'm in florida now. i cannot be more prouder right now. people talk about christianity -- i have a pastor. i'm very happy in my church. i do whatever i can to support my community, i volunteer, belong to the chamber of commerce. i'm not looking for a preacher. if i need a preacher, i go to my church. i'm looking for someone that will defend the constitution of
7:54 am
the united states of america. all this talk about plagiarism have you ever looked at a lot of obama speeches? the hypocrisy is mega. the media -- i can't even with the media these days. they don't belong to the people, it is not honest. there is so much evil in that. yes, we all have our differences. since obama has been in office for eight years, i've never -- i feel like i'm living in the 1960's. i saw it. being in new york, we do not see as much racism, but my husband was military retired, he is a retired federal, so we got to travel. we went to europe, germany, everywhere. racismver seen so much since obama. yes, we are blaming this on inma because when you are
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charge of something come everything falls on your shoulders. knowing big companies, i that if something went wrong, i was to blame. uniter.a i feel like donald trump is the man of the hour who will unite us. stop looking for preachers. go to your church. host: you think donald trump can unite, even though some groups have said they have been offended by his remarks when it comes to immigrants, muslims, etc.? you still think you can unite people? caller: he can. i know a lot of diversity groups. i hear them and they are supporting donald trump. of being called a legal and there's a thing of
7:56 am
going to the process. i'm involved in a lot of communities and a lot of women's groups, i hear from diverse differentm backgrounds and the majority that wants to fight for the constitution that wants to live here good, yes, donald trump made some mistakes. he did. we are brutal people sometimes we speak before we think. i am hispanic, puerto rican descent. ,speak german, spanish english. i have just a high school diploma, but when the teachers told me i had dyslexia and i could do anything, i have done great things that i myself am amazed. i/o that to the principles that my parents gave me when i was growing up. that to the principles.
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the executive director of the national diversity coalition for trump come also a georgia delegate, he will be joined by the vice chairwoman for the california republican party. she also yesterday at the convention opened up with a prayer in punjabi and english. she was born in india, moved to america when she was two. they will both be at our table this morning. covington, georgia. democrat. caller: my name is sweetie. i am an african american, living in the state of georgia now. i have in the past always
7:58 am
supported president because presidents should be coming to the table with a passion for the , intelligence and a vision for what america should have. liar, donaldis a with messed up new jersey the casinos. he's got a vision with the businesses, but then he takes his money and he runs. behind --ver stand talking about building walls in this time in america. america needs to see what is really going on. if i hear one more negative thing about barack obama -- for a black man to be able to be in office and take all that this , but barack obama is not
7:59 am
heined by the disrespect -- is living his passion, respecting his family, respecting america, but the house of representatives refuses to do their job. i did 27 years in the corporate world. i would have been fired if i did not do my job. i'm getting so sick of america but i'm definitely not blindsided. watching, but god does not go and just devastate everything he has created because of one little idiot. he deals with people on an individual basis. host: gary in alabama. independent. good morning. you're on the air. i would like to say that
8:00 am
i have been with donald trump since the beginning, and newsning to all of the about donald trump and -- regular american people are just sick and tired of the same old same old. it is like they don't understand that we don't want what we have had. trump is notonald political at all. that was gary's thoughts in alabama as we continue in cleveland on day three of the republican national convention. more of your calls, next. asked trumput and
8:01 am
supporters what they thought of his wife's speech. >> absolutely non-scandal, a slow news night. she was probably the greatest speaker i have ever heard. obama does not have an exclusive ownership to the way she was raised. lots of us can say we had those exact same moments with our parents. to say that is plagiarism is a little far shot. i understand there are similarities but at the end of the day, i think we would all be saying the same thing. >> i think she was fantastic. i can see why she would have the same view. she is a mom and michelle is a mom. i like to quote famous quotes myself.
8:02 am
when i hear something good, i like to memorize it and pass it on. >> a tiny speaker 20 minutes, you're going to have a identical words with someone else. >> i think it is quite silly. if you look back on the other speeches, i'm pretty sure that all of them said nice things about their husbands. were they very similar phrasing? absolutely. i'm sure everybody says he is a great father and will be a great leader of the country. i think some media outlets are trying to make it a thing because they cannot find much fault in it. it is a misleading clinton behind the scenes broadcasting that is trying to do face the real meaning of why she was there, and i thought she could not speak any better. >> it makes me wonder who the speechwriter was, that maybe
8:03 am
they should look into getting another one. if it was word for word. stick in a different word, then it is not plagiarism. >> a matter what she said, they would find something negative. >> i can't believe that is all they talked about on the news. >> at the end of the day, it is a speech, it is not even trump, it is his wife. >> she was perfection to the umpth degree, last night. host: some reaction from around the convention to the news coverage of the lumia trumps --ech -- the lumia trumps trump's speech. the state of ohio has held a convention for republicans four times.
8:04 am
the first time in cincinnati in 1876. 1936, both times in cleveland. 1924, they were in a auditorium that sat around 11,000 people. this time, the quicken loans arena seats over 20,000. they converted that possible arena -- basketball arena into the convention you see in four weeks. that is the fastest they have had to do it that is because the cavaliers game six, being in the nba finals, shortened their time. we are taking your calls at the top of the hour on the washington journal. we will continue with your thoughts about donald trump becoming, officially, the nominee, no longer being called presumptive. he will speak before his supporters and convention goers
8:05 am
tonight. michael in illinois, republican. are you there? caller: yes. say thank you for your coverage. i was born and raised in news hereand all the does is talk about -- badmouthing and plagiarism. [inaudible] as far as jobs and everything, -- [inaudible] donald trump is a uniter and not a divider and everything like that. i just want to say thank you. cindy in ohio, independent.
8:06 am
caller: hello and good morning. i'm not really polished on speeches or anything. american trying to get by like everyone else. we are out here hanging on. people are so tired of not being listened to or counted. election is a statement to all the politicians that we want someone who is not business as usual. that is the change we need because the water is getting stagnant. i thank you for your time. that is cindy in ohio. janet in florida, a democrat. caller: good morning.
8:07 am
i want to talk about donald trump. i think that people need to wake up and really listen and hear what he said. if he was to ever run for president, he would run as a republican and his exact words were the reason he would run republican is because republicans are ignorant and stupid and they will fall for anything anyone says and he proved his point with that. said thatalled in and they would vote for bernie sanders because of the trade deal and your response was, wooden -- what about donald trump? he treats it like the same as bernie sanders. donald trump's trade deal is not the same because he specifically
8:08 am
said that he took advantage of the trade deal, he is a businessman and that is what they do. he be not for the trade deal when out of his own mouth, he said that he took advantage of taking his business overseas. host: donald trump has been critical of the trade agreements and he says that he would rip up the transpacific partnership that the obama administration is trying to work on. my question to him has been there have been democrats who called in to this program who said that they like the way andld trump talks on trade, they are bernie sanders supporters, some of them saying that they believe the two of bullies --the same about trade and
8:09 am
they could see themselves voting for donald trump. debbie in pennsylvania, republican. i want to puter: a point on people calling the cops killers. ifthe cops pull people over, they would not shoot right away -- if you want cops, you see how dumb everybody is, but the problem is people think they are a color, not a human being. they keep saying donald trump is lying. what about clinton? she has been proven a liar multiple times. look at their past, they are killers and murderers. i want a woman for president, but not her. people are confused on who to vote for.
8:10 am
you do not have to vote a party. if you want to write somebody in, write them in. i have voted multiple parties across the board. independent,, whoever i seem to like, not necessarily a party. donald trump has brought himself up from the bootstraps, that's the type of person we need. i agree with what cindy from ohio said, she really hit it on the nose about him, that he is really going to stir it up, and i hope that he does. were you watching last night when he clinched the nomination, the newer delegation led by his son put him over the top of the magic number that he needed? caller: i thought that was wonderful, that pennsylvania did say we will give it to him.
8:11 am
host: an exciting time. caller: very, my heart is still pounding from it. i believe clinton is guilty, she needs to be put away, and i really needed to say that. the: do you like all speeches making the case against hillary clinton? caller: i actually learned some things. of theot realize a lot stuff, i had been so focused on the benghazi. i remember when that happened, i saw it, and it just kills me. we've got people in different countries and they are being protected. we've got our guys over there being killed for no reason, doing the wrong thing. they need to come here and protect our borders. host: there have been some
8:12 am
republicans who said that -- over the -- was over the top last night. he said i think we can win the white house about jumping the shark. -- without jumping the shark. to a lot of people, that is doing the dirty politics, slamming people, but it is the truth. it is not something being made up, it is a fact. a director of the fbi saying she was lying about all of it, and who in their right mind would take your cpu home, but it in the basement when it is obvious that something is classified are not. host: those were debbie's thoughts in pennsylvania. more calls are coming up, but first, i want to show you a tour
8:13 am
that c-span was given at the convention. ,adio shows, live broadcasts all at the quicken loans area, in a garage where media row has been set up. >> a couple of weeks ago, this was a parking garage. the deputy to medications director for the republican convention, how did you transfer or it -- transform this facility into media row? >> a lot of help. people thought we could not transform it, but we actually brought in a couple of different companies. contractor, a construction company who built the drywall and put down the carpet and lights. we brought in specialty design teams who actually built out everything else, so it took a lot of people to design this.
8:14 am
>> this is the second level of the parking garage. why do you have this? why here? interesting thing that has never happened before and with the influx of digital media, a lot of people like snapchat, they don't have a place to operate, so in 2012, they did not even exist. now, they are utilized by millennials to get the majority of their news, so we went to give them a spot where they could broadcast and do interviews. we have made this space our main surrogates hub. because a little bumpy it is a parking garage and will become a parking garage again. give us a sense of who is here. >> everyone is here. 160 different outlets. cnn, google, youtube creators, and traditional media. all the radio stations, about 75
8:15 am
different stations. fox radio. along with some of your smaller , people who are up and coming. bloggers, digital, social, tv and radio. >> what is different is how different this place is from inside the q. space to havethe a different flow to it and part of that is to create energy and excitement because that is what it is. when you think of digital outlets, think of fun. to first-timeng voters. >> what was the thinking behind this approach? it was going away from what we have seen as a trade show or what you see typically in the past, something that looks a bit
8:16 am
more innovative, and it is camera ready know matter where you turn, and you can do stand up, full aside, we wanted it to be organic. some of it is organized, but we want it to be innovative for the regeneration and also be helpful to some of the traditional outlets as well. >> i want to ask you about your role in this because most recently lived in virginia, you moved here in march and joined the republican national committee, so how did that all come together and how did this city transform itself? >> i have been here since march, and i have seen transformations along the way. i did all the debates and the presidential primary. i got a lot of experience and got picked to do one of the largest events of the year, to help out with the dictation steam. -- the communications team. >> what is happening here? >> we are bringing all of our
8:17 am
vips and surrogates to this space to be paraded around, so they have the opportunity to matter where they want to hit a radio or digital platform, to hit tv or any online bloggers. everyonegically placed so that not all radios are in one section, not all tvs in one section, but rather so that everyone kind of gets the love. to mix it around so that when people go to different places, they have to walk past all these other smaller outlets they may not only get the opportunity to interview some of our vips. >> you are part of the campaign in 2012. can you give some perspective as to how it has changed? on the digital front, i think of google in 2012, who now has youtube. they were not even considered media in 2012, and now we see them as one of the hard hitters
8:18 am
industry-leading news -- in districting news. -- distributing news. havepeople are saying you set the bar so high, we have to do this moving forward. >> if you did not know, you would not know this is a parking garage. >> that was our goal. werewe told people they going to be in a parking garage, i think they were wondering what are you doing? >> as we take a walk around the corner, how long did it take to transform this place into media row? >> about a week for the design elements, so four weeks altogether. it will take about four days to take it all down. >> thank you for your time.
8:19 am
host: a look at media row, which quickengarage next to loans arena, about a mile from where we are, and that is where the delegates in the media convention goers, staff, political operatives and -- have all been gathering in cleveland. we are taking your phone calls this morning about yesterday and looking forward to day three of the convention. in louisiana, a democrat, good morning. caller: i have two questions. to is that, to go back -- ld trump's tax returns, that the reason why
8:20 am
he won't present his tax returns is because all of his money is invested overseas and that is why he does not want to show his tax returns. when obama got in office, nobody wanted the job. when -- wasjob going bankrupt and after the first four years, everything was fine. -- when is going to him for help, the told him they were going to give him no help. based on that fact, now they and to bring them down getting -- in miami, republican, good
8:21 am
morning. caller: good morning. foul trump is not a movement, it is a can or at sea -- it is a donald trump is a conspiracy. what happened with his wife materialt is another to use against him at the debate. you watch the debate and you see how hillary clinton is going to sweep the floor with him and he will not be able to do anything. you are republican, let me ask you, why not supporting donald trump? what don't you like about him compared to your past provincial nominees? caller: he's not conservative.
8:22 am
he is a big-time friend of the clintons. nothing good can be expected from them. not to mention he has donated money to hillary, back in 2008. he is not to be trusted. even if he were to get elected, the man is -- whatever he says goes, what is going to happen with congress when they say go to whatever he wants to accomplish? quit androbably probably won't last a year and a half because he is not in the business of running for president, he is in the business of getting hillary elected. host: gregory is next, michigan, independent. caller: hello. host: high.
8:23 am
. , iler: i just wanted to know want to make a statement. donald trump's son. i listened to him quite a bit on talk shows and i could not comprehend what he was saying. at the convention, when he talked, he was very clear, , it was a good thing. when you talk, you have to be understood, or else you are better off keeping your mouth shut. that is my comment. i want to show our viewers what it is like to be at the quicken loans arena and trying to walk around the facility.
8:24 am
this gives you a little bit of an idea of what it is like to be a delegate and try to make your way to the floor or to the media suites. it is a lot of people. they are expecting like 50,000 people descending on cleveland. florida,ked to jim in a republican, this will give you an idea of what it's like. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. i have tried many times to call be --o what i say may not fit in with what you are covering right now. it really galls me when everybody, even stephanopoulos said this morning, they misquoted donald trump regarding the muslim been. -- ban. they totally ignored his main point, and that is they are banned until our leaders figure
8:25 am
out what is going on. our leaders do not know what is going on, so they should be banned from coming into the united states until our leaders figure it out. clinton washillary skating on the distraction and falsification of documents, federal documents. she told them to destroy or burn her schedule that was the official one so she could put in one that was falsified so that she would not be covered under the freedom of information act. she did not want her schedule to show the people she was meeting with regarding their -- theutions to her
8:26 am
clinton foundation. ,ost: can i jump in and ask you what you are laying out for our viewers, this is some of the arguments that republicans are making in cleveland. have gotten delegates while the and excited about this general election and taking on hillary clinton. do you think, or should this trump, talk more about the case against hillary clinton, or more about his credentials for being president? caller: right now, i think he should talk about his credentials for being president. he needs their support, he needs work at the roots
8:27 am
local level to win the election and we definitely have to win this election, there is no way we can put someone like hillary clinton in office, who just e-mails.ay 36,000 -- state, andetary of she destroyed them, and she falsified her schedule to show that -- to eliminate the people that were coming to visit her who paid her money through the foundation, millions of dollars, when she was broke when she came out of the white house, and now she is worth millions because of her access that she was selling to the people who want her to do things for them if she becomes president. host: that was jim in florida. willie is next in florida, a
8:28 am
democrat. i just want to say that it is a lot of people that don't understand. host: we are listening. they don't understand why the country in the world is so divided. you have a whole lot of people that love the creature, and you have a lot of people that love god. host: all right. david in new york, another democrat. caller: earlier this morning, a woman called and was somewhat critical of your coverage or not asking questions or challenging certain fact. when in thense me next 30 days, you allow us the opportunity to speak, and i
8:29 am
appreciate it, it is a rare occurrence in the media to ever have anyone listen to you on top devour the mountains of newspaper articles that you must have to go through each day. how to match you don't get much sleep,, nor to any other people. all the producers, the people on the cameras, the websites you give us, it is a remarkable gift you give to the american people and for those people to be ungrateful to you folks who give us such a stupendous production value and education, never known or copied on cable or television in any way. if you look at what is on the other channels, it is disgraceful, yet you provide two channels of uninterrupted education and inquiry, everything you can imagine, and when i want you now, this kabuki
8:30 am
theater of bush versus clinton is any gear as well as c-span, and there are a lot of other topics i wish you were covering, but whenever is -- whatever anybody's critical of you guys, i am insulted because you give so much back to us. must have tot you go through and take our calls on top of it. i'm going to say thank you on behalf of all of people, because you are right, it is not just the person that is doing work, it is actually a lot of work and a lot of works here at c-span that have come out to cleveland weeks ahead of time, scouting out the sites, getting all the technology here, the logistics of it alone, not just for c-span but for a lot of the media, but i want to say thank you on behalf of all the c-span
8:31 am
ners who have done a lot of work to give you the coverage and we hope you are -- we are bringing you the kind of coverage you want to see, to let you decide what you think about what you are seeing here from cleveland and when we go to philly, next week. john in california, independent. good morning. caller: good morning and thank you for having me. i appreciate your coverage as well, and all the hard work, and i thank you for that. touch on a few of the things that i have heard this morning. that washe gentleman talking about conspiracy theories. think -- i think that might be a bit far-fetched, as far as a business owner, i am a small business owner, and i have 25 employees, and i can say
8:32 am
from my small business that anyone that -- just the burden of what we have to go through as a business versus a w-2, you have a tremendous amount of paperwork, and there is a lot of reasons that you might file late, and these conspiracy theories just drive me nuts because it is usually a person that is not have that experience of running a business that would create this kind of a scenario in their mind, but i also wanted to say as an independent, i vote on either side of the aisle, i vote party, necessarily for and i have voted on both sides many times, but i am voting for donald trump this year.
8:33 am
i am really excited about him, and on the get go, i have really liked what he has had to say. i am discouraged by the fact that we are continually told that he is racist when that is absolutely not the point that he is trying to make, and he is not a racist. i feel like -- i have a communications major, right away from university of utah, worked at several tv stations, and i understand that the media is in fact liberal, and very much that way, but i feel like -- they frame the conversation before -- so that the pundits are typically trying to defend themselves rather than tell what they would like to say, and i -- ilike this conversation also wanted to say how excited i
8:34 am
was about donald trump jr. and his speech last night. it was a really great speech, and i think that it is what we need to hear and we need to hear more about his abilities, his father's abilities to move the us,try forward, and unite in lots of different ways. host: we will leave it at that. more of your calls are coming up on the washington journal as we continue from cleveland until 11:00 eastern. we will be talking with stephen yates, a delegate from idaho and also the i digress -- idaho republican committee chair. we will talk about day three of the republican convention and also national security issues. first, we go to washington. >> one of the things we like to
8:35 am
do is share delegate tweets and postings online. there are 1200 events going on during the republican convention, and the delegates are out and about. island richards from wyoming posted this. toby keith was there, performing. reginald c grant is another delegate from texas. he is one of 18 african-american delegates at this convention. he was at the event with entertainer cowboy troy. is a delegate from nevada and was with jeff denham fromnger is a delegate georgia, and she said georgia , and helled to see newt
8:36 am
is down on the floor and there is ginger howard. peter is the national committeeman from florida. he enjoyed, as a lot of people have said this morning, donald trump jr. had rocked the rnc. that was his posting on twitter. delegate and is a he will be on the program a little bit later and will be able to talk with callers. he posted this picture of himself with abc anchor david muir. a what to share this article from the cleveland plain dealer. earlier this week, we talked about the fact that -- sister is voting for donald trump. the former mayor and as they described him liberal darling is happy to welcome the gop to his home turf. here is the video shot by the cleveland plain dealer.
8:37 am
>> cleveland has had national conventions in its history, but to have one here and now at this time and place is very special. the sun keeps getting brighter for cleveland and cleveland is getting appreciated in a way it should have been in years because it has always been a great amenity. people around the world are aware, but it is something to be excited about. >> have you been inside the convention hall? >> yes. >> what are you doing tonight? >> i just came back from doing a couple of interviews. i was there when they were calling the roles. it is a really exciting period. when they go one state after another, like massachusetts, michigan, ohio. you hear the name of the state
8:38 am
and you know that people have come together to join in this great process for the president of the indicted states. -- united states. >> what is it like to have the republicans here in blue country? america is a country of different parties, races, colors and creeds. we celebrate our diversity as a city. cleveland has over 100 different nationalities. it makes sense that a city like cleveland would welcome republicans because basically, this is about america. we are all americans and whether you are democrat or republican or whatever, we are all american and we should never lose sight of that. in partisan battles they go on, we forget that we are all americans. it as athink of
8:39 am
different division and constituent elements. what i found my own experience of running for president is that ,here is an america that exists an undivided whole that you can see and i have had a blessing to see in a couple of times, to see an america where people are united around basic principles. sometimes, political divisions miss that. >> what do you hope cleveland takes away from this convention? >> cleveland in the spotlight chose the whole country what a great city this is. been, and have particularly people in the media, they are really impressed by cleveland and a lot of those shots of the lakefront, people say wow, this is the city of the future.
8:40 am
it is very modern and futuristic. we never dismiss problems. this is a time to celebrate cleveland. people, justhese i have back from the q, run into a dozen people from congress who told me what a lovely town it is. .t is a wonderful feeling thanks a lot. we are back from cleveland live, the washington journal and day three of the republican national convention. us, an yates is joining delegate from ohio -- from idaho, also chair of the idaho republican party. here to talk about governor pence who will be speaking tonight. you are talking about the highlight of the evening. guest: it is a big
8:41 am
reintroduction of mike pence. there are a number of people who have worked with him in washington. he is a very consistent conservative. he has repeatedly reintroduced himself to the country, saying he is a cap -- interest -- christian first, a conservative second and a republican third. that is a reassuring message to a lot of republican voters. he is a well-liked man by his colleagues and has accomplished a lot over his career. now that he has been nominated to be the next vice president, people are excited to hear what he has to say. our delegation on the floor is in the back end of the floor, but the benefit of that has been, we are right next to that vip section where a lot of these people come and go. we noticed a few cameras coming nearby, so it has been exciting for our delegates to see people like governor pence. host: were you hoping that
8:42 am
donald trump would pick him? guest: mr. trump did not call me or consult me, but i think a lot of us were excited about that pic. i knew that newt gingrich was insecure -- circulation. i have a lot of respect for him. there were other names that were talked about. i don't know that the country had been thinking all along that it would be governor pence, but i think once he came out and we are hearing more from him and see him in circulation, people are impressed. host: we talk about your career and you served from 2001 to 2005. what threats do you think this next president bases, and how do you believe donald trump will tackle them if he becomes the president -- faces, and how do you think donald will tackle them if he becomes president? guest: there is a sense that he
8:43 am
gets in all of us that people just don't feel safe. they don't feel safe because of what is happening overseas and they do not all safe at home because they feel like a threat has come to our shores. -- speaking with incredible power monday night about a sense that there is a war that has come to us and he called to a new generation to serve and to meet this challenge. i think talking about securing the borders, being able to name the enemy is and getting the resources in place whether intelligence or otherwise to make our communities and homeland feel safe is priority number one. beyond that, i think he is looking at how can he bring a unique approach to balancing relationships with allies, containment and rollback of threats, but also taking an approach different from recent administrations, including the one in which i served.
8:44 am
-- vice president cheney, and with the continuing on under this administration with vice president biden, what impact can a vice president have when it comes to national security issues, and what impact should they have? guest: the vice president is a statutory member of the national security council. they are always at the table for the major deliberations that are present and conduct with his cabinet agencies that are related to national security. every vice president has a legitimacy to the table, and his role in influencing the president is really a function of their relationship, and i think that maybe is us -- underestimated from the outside, but the duties of the vice president aside from having a seat, are entirely up to a president, so it could be a deeply involved, impactful role.
8:45 am
i believe a vice -- a past vice president refer to it as a warm puddle of spit, which i think is not something anyone aspires to. with governor pence, we have someone who is committed to foreign -- foreign policy and national security issues. he knows firsthand what the homeland security response response -- responsibilities are in our state. it will come down to how much does mr. trump feel rapport with , whend does mr. trump elected, give him particular portfolios to review or basically guide and -- and administrations policy areas. the office of the vice president is not in the line management diagram over agencies and vice president cheney would remind us his sole purpose is to give the president the best possible advice. it is not out there to tell the pentagon what to do or the state
8:46 am
department what to do, that is the president's job and a good vice president will not step on the toes of what the boss wants done. host: should governor mike pence talk about national security issues tonight? guest: i think it is inevitable. i heard that speaker gingrich is going to be focusing on national security. we have a few core themes that have been a part of this campaign and part of this convention. the first part was make america safe again and yesterday was make america grow again. when it comes to the economy and national security, all of the major speakers are going to deal with some elements of this. host: what did you make of the rudy giuliani speech? guest: he has a way of getting attention. , so ied on his campaign have been interested in what he has done over the years. was reallyhe lighting up the convention hall.
8:47 am
i think his remarks that night were really booming energy in the arena, hard to know how i came across in television from the inside. i really thought it was inspiring. they filled in a gap that we have to give people. we talked -- we think about going to the polls and doing the mechanics of politics, but they gave a clear message of the why, why we are involved in why we are committed to be republicans. that energy really helped. calls, the get to first is from mark in ohio, republican. caller: good morning. i want to say how i love c-span because they are fair and balanced, they do not criticize political values at all like cnn
8:48 am
and fox news. my point is my father was a democrat most of his life until he died. he would be rolling over in his grave right now. he was a christian, a part-time preacher. god in the democratic party at all, based on their policies and stuff like this. they -- i was a supporter of ted cruz, and i did not care for the way donald trump treated him on the platform. everything that donald trump says, cnn and other media twists it. like the time he said about muslims being banned, he was
8:49 am
speaking about immigrants from syria never going to come into this country, and that is all he said. host: let's have stephen yates jumping because of his experience. did you agree when you heard donald trump say there should be a ban? -- -- they don't trust that enough is being done to keep people who want to do us harm from getting access to our communities, and the ability to hurt our communities, and i think there was an overwhelming consensus that at a minimum, we need to pause and reflect about, or their tools that we need to be using, to make sure that threats are dealt with overseas become they cut -- before they come to our shores? do we have too much slack in
8:50 am
number system in terms of people coming in having tourist visas, and of course the refugee program has gotten a lot of attention. from a national security point of view, those threats, i would system to be asa order of magnitude larger than the refugee program. both of them are things that are real programs that need review, and a ticket has been described as kind of a categorical permanent policy, but i heard it more as this is broken and this seems to be fixed and mr. trump put it in a way that everyone understands, what we are doing is not smart, we need something that makes people have confidence. we are generous and welcoming, but we do not just want to leave the door open for people who want to do us harm. host: mary, republican. caller: i appreciate your show.
8:51 am
i just want to say that monday night, rudy giuliani, pat smith ania, they were all wonderful. last night, i thought all the speakers were great. fantasticmp jr. was as everyone has said and i think everything has run pretty smooth. talking a lot about the muslim thing, donald trump has never offended me on any of those things because he is not a politician. maybe he is now, but he is not a regular one, so things like that, the media has taken them and twisted them to the point to make him the this person that he is not. i'm just saying that i think he is going to be a great president. he has a wonderful family. this is myg, and
8:52 am
main thing. and i havers old gone along in my life and believe what politicians have told me. i believed the media and he has exposed the media and particians, for the most that they don't do their job, they are just sitting around being fatcats. not all of them. host: what do you think? someone calling from utah is important on this subject. utah has been talking about the theort -- the strength of republican ticket and people in utah are finding a way to recognize the choice we a's now that mr. trump is formally face now thate mr. trump is formally nominated.
8:53 am
-- reassuring, every time you do things on the eastern time zone, you are hopeful that people are you really get a sense from the grassroots of our party, that people feel that they want more direct talk, they want to see more direct evidence of action. they deftly don't feel like they're getting a fair shake in terms of their views when it comes to me a media. host: what will -- to mainstream media. host: what the strength look like in your state? guest: the republican party has some advantages in our state. can predictway i what voter turnout and outcomes will be, but i think that idaho on the heels of the energy we have at this convention, we have a good delegation here that is going back and trying to take those messages out. we also care a lot about our down ticket races. congressional members are up for
8:54 am
reelection, so i think we will be a strongly republican state. we like to tell people we are the most public and state. at -- republican state. i hope mr. trump comes and visits our state because there are lots of people who would like to engage him. solidly red and we aim to keep it that way. host: pat in florida, independent. caller: i would like to thank you for your show. i wanted to say something. donald trump was criticized for saying that they were muslims who enjoyed seeing the world trade center come down. i live in a community with a lot of muslims and i do appreciate that i have some nice muslim neighbors, but the point is, i was sitting at a strip mall not quite a week after the world trade center came down and i was sitting in a car waiting for my
8:55 am
husband when i saw four muslim men get together and they were obviously enjoying and demonstrating how the planes went into the world trade center and how it blew up and laughing and enjoying it until he noticed i was sitting there, and then they turned around and walked away. i would just say that i did see this with my own eyes, thank you. in virginia, a democrat, hi lee. caller: thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. know -- cap's -- trump's campaign said something about making america great again. are you talking about that during the clinton administration, or are you -- i am 51ut when rightsld and civil
8:56 am
the years ofhrough areouth, and my family, so you talking about the years of the jim crow laws or back when the republicans freed the slaves in the civil war? what area are you talking about making america great again? guest: i reject any notion of any racism in the slogan of the campaign. i have an integrated family as some people would say. it has nothing whatsoever to do with that. wasake america great again used most famously by ronald reagan. i think mr. trump at the beginning of his campaign was setting himself up to be a reagan revival. if you hear a lot of the policies things that the campaign has produced, they are almost an update of some decades to some themes that ronald
8:57 am
reagan brought from the 1980 campaign, up to the 2016 context. i believe from the campaign and a party point of view, it is going back to the reagan ideas of optimism. one of the things that made me republican and committed to this -- se was the feeling just not believing that we were doing very well in the cold war contest and ronald reagan made us feel differently. he made us feel like there were reasons for optimism and i think that is what mr. trump has captain to -- has tapped into. it is taking and bottling up some of that optimism and action and seeing whether we can do it again, and do it right for the next generation. host: when did donald trump become your choice for president? guest: i am the state party chairman, so we went through a competitive primary.
8:58 am
don't know if anyone ever conceived of having a 17 way primary. i tried as best as i could that i was supportive of the process, encouraging people to be engaged. i did have a person or two that were my preference. i tried to make sure i was not putting my finger on any scales. for me, the moment someone gets through the contest and they are approaching that magic number, for me it is over. we have a duty to respect the will of the voters. the idaho voters in our primary voted in ted cruz and i had a duty to respect that outcome as well. then there are the voters of the country, that overwhelmingly voted for donald trump to be our nominee, that i have an obligation to respect that will of the voters as well. i have no problem at this point fully supporting our nominee, mr. trump as a president candidate.
8:59 am
week, therer in the were some who wanted to force a rollcall vote on the rules package, because they wanted to be able to vote for conscious as well as maybe change the rules going forward. anybody from idaho part of that effort? guest: there were people in our delegation they cared a lot about that process. we had representatives from our state on each of the major committees, including the roles committee, and there were some differing opinions among our delegation about what the right way or wrong way was to approach the process that unfolded in the early part of this week and even some feelings about the way the process ran under the rules committee. from my point of view, you go through, you have your votes and the results come in and we move on. i don't think that the people who felt strongly on one side that it did not go well are going to change their point of view right now.
9:00 am
at this point, it is clear that the numbers were not there for those measures to get a majority and it was a question of degree take more time or less time. we ended up taking more time anyway. it might have been better to have a standing vote so we could have done it quickly and seen overwhelmingly in the arena where it was but it went the way it went and we are fully engaged in taking the energy of the convention into the general election. host: a democrat, you are on the air. caller: hello, everyone, thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk. i am an african-american person. always.een open-minded what i hear from donald trump sounds racist in his undertones. the campaign has always taken the approach of skirting what he actually says. talking about his words. what do you say to people that are looking and listening and
9:01 am
have endured racial issues their whole life and when they hear him, they say that is exactly what it is, racism in america today, not direct, indirect. but i will read between the lines, why would you say african-americans should vote for donald trump? i do not speak to americans in categories and say way should take a certain about anyone whether religion, ethnicity, or what have you. i cannot live in a world of reading between the lines. we have to take people in terms of what they say at face value. when a candidate is saying people do not feel safe the way they should, i do not think it that is a black america, point america, hispanic america, we have people in our convention in in our lives that come from all different walks of life that have those feelings. when people are looking to get back to work, whether manufacturing being revived in
9:02 am
cleveland or pennsylvania, or energizing jobs in idaho, that is not a race, ethnicity, religion issue. for me, the overwhelming meat of this conversation is getting the country moving in the right direction. being proud of who we are as a people and we are a country established on ideas, we are not a country established for a church, for an ethnic group or anything weird we should be proud about that. i understand there is sensitivity but given who i am and where i come from, i think it is better for people to talk to others who are aesthetic and african-american, who have come from other walks of life who support the republican ticket and mr. trump and let them speak to it because we have those representatives among our ranks. host: we are talking about diversity and the director of the diversity coalition for
9:03 am
donald trump will be at our table and we will talk about that very issue. more about steven yates -- he was the senior advisor to rudy giuliani's presidential campaign in 2008, director of national security, staff for newt gingrich in 2012. senior policy analyst at the heritage foundation. linda in mississippi, republican. comment, thee a lady from utah, we need donald , he has ideals of ronald reagan. ronald reagan was the last person i voted for. i am glad to have somebody i can vote for. wendy in arizona,
9:04 am
republican. your question or comment. caller: good morning. my husband and i have been democrats for over 40 years and when mr. trump came in we and a lot of our friends when republican solid ticket. we love him dearly. he is the only one that has seen our borders, has really paid attention in arizona, i do not if your people know what coyotes are, people that bring across illegal aliens, leave them in the desert to die. they kill the ranchers and the horses. people are scared to death and we need that wall. a friend of mine was murdered last year by an illegal. i am devastated over this and people need to wake up and think that the dope has got to quit pouring into our country, if
9:05 am
children want to come here, come here legally, i have no problem with that but do not kill our neighbors. we heard your point. yesterday on "washington thenal" we talked with maricopa county sheriff, koji if you want to hear what he had -- go to if you want to hear what he had to say. let's go to a republican caller. caller: i used to be a republican but i reregistered as independent because i work as a production assistant in reality television and i understand the point of a reality show host's job is to fulfill the conceit of the show and the conceit of "the apprentice" is that donald trump is a good businessman although if he is spending his time trying to make a show about being a good businessman, i do not understand where or when he was focusing his attention on
9:06 am
national and global issues. i am wondering how he will be an actual viable candidate because this is only the second election i have voted and even i note that it is silly to have an actual reality show star be a candidate. host: do you have any concerns given his background about his ability to carry out foreign-policy and national security? onst: i do not have concerns that front, the clinton family has been living a reality show since their time in arkansas coming through washington and into the clinton foundation and what they have been doing recently in life. the realities of foreign policy of the last several years in the time hillary clinton was secretary of state had major problems, major failures, the failure in libya, almost any nation around the world did not have a better relationship with the united states during her tenure, we had a failed reset button with russia.
9:07 am
do try a question of something new or different or do go with what is old and you know does not work? what i look at what mr. trump is doing to pull together a team of advisers, i have seen this before, presidents do not do everything themselves. set the strategic direction that a team needs to go and then they hold their team accountable if they are to be successful. broad direction that mr. trump has pointed to are ones that are super majority in our country, they will have interest in, do people believe that we want to take an aggressive approach over -- overseas. he since people feel more cautious -- he is recalibrating his foreign-policy preference a greater anxiety about homeland security, i think there is, he is emphasizing immigration and the things that things need to be revisited in terms of homeland security. there will be people who recognize that change in
9:08 am
direction and that bring experience and skill who will want to serve in the most important thing i think he is bringing back a sense of pride in who we are as americans and getting people a sense of service. that marcus luttrell speech was a call to service, that kind of spirit is what we want to be inviting people to join. host: the new york times has a story, a painful moment for the bush family network, the trump convention, not only is the former president not going to be here, his brother jeb bush will not attend. condoleezza rice will not be here. the new york times is no former cabinet officials or member of the white house senior staff, is that disappointing to you? guest: what is disappointing is that people that know and respect -- i know and respect have not been able to come to the judgment that i and millions of other voters have, that our choice is not between the person that we love most or the person for whom we are the greatest fans.
9:09 am
democrat here it is donald trump versus hillary clinton. -- and a democrat. it is donald trump versus hillary clinton appeared donald trump has run an unconventional campaign and what we are seeing is not like yesterday campaign and conventions. we have different kinds of people speaking, reaching a different kind of audience. that is kind of his point. some people in america would be happy not to have stodgy replace of political speeches of the past and to have something different. the dice werole of have going this time in terms of the kind of speakers and the kind of participants. but i believe people who have benefited from being appointed by elected officials in the party would respect the process of the party and picking a nominee and come in and support. host: joel in texas, democrat. caller: how are you this morning? host: doing well, a question or
9:10 am
comment? caller: a little bit of both. i want to know if this gentleman is a veteran? guest: i am not come i served in the intelligent community -- i am not, i served in the intelligence community. guest: that is the answer i would expect, you have all these men running for president, none of them are veterans, you say we have to fight for this country, where the heck words marco rubio, ted cruz, chris christie, all these republican candidates and their sons, how come they have not joined and where was donald trump and his sons? his sons could have fought for this country, they have protected the trump towers. cowards and they want the working class to fight for the dam country and none can belly up and fight for it. stephen yates?
9:11 am
guest: where were hillary clinton the night people died in the ghazi -- benghazi? you cannot hold one side to one standard and give the other side ipass. i admire anyone who serves our country in any possible way, military, give me to the service, anything people are doing to help heal our communities, grow our economies and basically improve the quality of our country, i can respect people of any political persuasion serving in that way. think we have a lot of people who make major contributions, develop leadership, we have a former general that is advising mr. trump that used to run the defense intelligence agency. he is only supportive. -- isveryone else then everyone else a better judge at
9:12 am
telling mr. trump went to use force? i understand the emotion and passion behind the question, but i do not see the connection to mr. trump and his current campaign. final theyou read the gaza report put out by the select committee? guest: i have familiar. host: do you blame david petraeus and the defense department for what went wrong? guest: a lot of blame to go around. i have never heard of a situation where a crisis is developing and we have americans in harms way, whether in and him busy or military or intelligence , where the automatic order is not to go and rescue or recovery. especially when there are supposed to be classified documents that need to be secured. the fact it took so long, not only was there no effort to rescue and recover by the
9:13 am
facility was left compromise for a long time. i think there was command orders all the way around where there is responsibility that need to be had on be famous line from a democrat president is, the buck thes here, that has to be case come at the tops of agencies and the head of government and that is a standard that is applied to republicans and democrats. wayne in raleigh, north carolina, a republican. caller: good morning c-span, god bless america, i am an evangelical question and a believer in jesus christ. i want to give mr. gates an anortunity to -- yates opportunity to convince me of what i believe is a man who has been lifted up as the republican nominee who talks about lying on the other side, which there is, but lies, a problem with trump university, major fraud cases in new york and california.
9:14 am
there is a case now in the manhattan court, manhattan federal court that is accusing him of sexual misconduct and crimes against a minor who was 13 years old. this katie johnson thing. my moral compass cannot go either way. so disappointing to me, i have voted in every election and i know so many christians across the country, there are christians are supporting donald trump but there are many christians across this nation who cannot vote for hillary clinton or donald trump. to trygive him a chance to convince me somehow, how can i direct my moral compass toward donald trump with all of these bankruptcies, with telling us about hiring americans when he
9:15 am
in hismmigrants businesses in florida. hiring and not paying these workers. it would take too long to go through -- she knows them all -- how do you convince me in north carolina, it will be the battleground state. host: let's get a response. guest: i appreciate the question and where he started the question in talking about faith, the role of fate in his own life and his faith journey, and incredibly part of american life and an important part of the campaign. i would simply look at it in the somewhat different way. when i am looking at a leader, i am not necessarily looking at that leader to be exactly like me, i cannot know the particulars of what mr. trump's life, business, although those details, i know the beat is going all over those details, that will be out there for people to way for themselves and
9:16 am
the campaign is answering a lot of those questions. for me, i hear from a lot of americans, they want a leader that is protecting religious liberty. -- i am not much necessarily looking for someone to have faith in his life the way i have faith in my life as much as i am looking for a leader that makes america safer religious liberty. much more important than millions of americans are free to express their religious ourefs, to live the way traditions have allowed them to live, maintaining respect for others with a different point of view, but a lot of people in faith communities that feel like the government and the dominant culture in our media have been kicking them in the teeth with regards to fundamental freedoms and they see donald trump as someone who can protect that right and push back a little bit. to me, that is part of my moral compass, it leaves me very comfortable that he will lead in a way that gives my believes in my community more space to go
9:17 am
about our business. host: let's hear from nathan in connecticut, a democrat. caller: good morning and thank you very much. getting wonderful calls this morning. first of all, thank you c-span. i do not know how you wonderful moderators sit there and give your opinions, i think it is terrific and i am glad you are getting complements this morning. , -- i'm excited to have a republican expert feel these questions, i see mr. trump the next in a series of mccain and romney who are unable to bring together different factions of the party. to be president -- to get to be president, you have to appeal to moderates on both sides, that is how president obama and president reagan got elected.
9:18 am
i would like the guest who knows the republican party to tell me why mr. trump would be any more successful than its predecessors, seeing that there are more democrats and republican and more moderates, i do not see any reason why women or minorities would want to vote for mr. trump. how do you see that? guest: we have a number of women and minorities in our parties, at our convention come in our lives that are engaged, we are not necessarily born into a political party. there are two parts of a campaign and mr. trump is engaged in both parts, we just had a party platform that has come to the national convention, adopted by the party, the trunk campaign was actively involved in that conversation. the campaign has been comfortable with most of the elements if not all of the elements of that platform. on the one hand, we have the
9:19 am
party and the candidate running with the platform, a lot us taking it back to our states. on the other hand, he is talking about economic issues, community, jobs and opportunities in parts of our country that have been seen as blue states. he is aiming to go into these immunities and engaged voters and put them into play. -- these communities and engaged voters and put them into play. say a campaign is ideological and you have to appeal to moderates but mr. trump seems to be taking a different approach, saying i support conservative platform for the party and inviting the party to support him and his efforts through his campaign but also saying that the key is -- what will i do? one of the results we shall see in the country, the high pillars of priority are the border safety, and then also jobs and economic opportunity. those are things that cross barriers of gender, race,
9:20 am
ethnicityethnicity, any of thesr questions and it comes down to -- do you believe hillary clinton who has never had a private actor job will know how to do some of these things? people can quibble with the experience of mr. trump, he has had conversations with more people in real business than any of the democrat candidates have probably in their lifetimes. i would rather be taking my thes with changing electoral map and going out and talking about what we do and focus on economic development and bringing jobs and manufacturing activity united astes as the way we appeal, opposed to thinking ideologically, we need to come from ice on the principles and values that have made our party great. the: we believe conversation there, thank you for talking to our viewers this morning we appreciate your time. guest: thank you, wonderful to be here. host: we will continue on day three of the republican national convention with more of your phone calls. when republicans gather tonight
9:21 am
they will hear from the vice president running mate, governor -- indiana governor mike pence. more of your calls coming up on that but first peter from washington. the onlypan is not source to watch the republican national convention or the democratic national convention, just a few minutes ago, the ohio gop on their facebook page paul ryanlive speaking to them at their breakfast and right now on periscope, dollar trump junior is visiting -- donald trump junior is visiting with the wall street journal. this is the periscope page of the wall street journal. >> he has been a republican, independent. [indiscernible]
9:22 am
host: that is live coverage from cleveland, we wanted to demonstrate that online it is a different world than it was tham in 2012 when it comes to media, media sources and how to get access to this convention. another way to get access is through twitter and facebook and instagram. want to show you more tweets that the delegates have been sending out. this is a couple of tweets, ronald reagan is a state senator in north carolina. he posted this from last night. he and his wife picking up their credentials at the hotel. from the floor of the quicken loans arena, here he is with senator thom tillis of north carolina. chairman ofis the
9:23 am
the lubbock county republican party in texas. he caught up with frank luntz at the marriott downtown in cleveland and he posted that picture. also want to share some of the international reaction to donald trump becoming the official nominee of the republican party. column inm stanley's the daily telegraph from the u.k., donald trump is the nominee the republicans have nominated the blues family -- blurth -- bluth family.
9:24 am
host: a little bit of the international reaction to donald trump becoming the nominee. host: we will go back to calls. donald trump capture the nomination on tuesday in cleveland and his running mate, governor pence will be speaking tonight, the washington post says that governor pence is expected to speak, reassuring gop stalwarts that the unpredictable off-the-cuff businessman is not the exclusive base of a party that is no longer fully recognized. let's hear from a republican, from pennsylvania, what do you think? caller: i had -- i love c-span
9:25 am
yesterday, was with you today and will be with you today and thursday but i do have comments. , i knowleman from texas someone who lost his life for this country from texas. the woman from south carolina that said about donald trump being on television, hello, nancy reagan and ronald reagan were movie stars, your ignorance is your own. , that is ap junior young man to watch. i thank you so very much and have a wonderful day. host: she is referring to donald trump junior's speech last night at the convention, go to to watch all of the speeches in their entirety. jack in florida, republican. us in lakeland, florida? caller: i am with you, i will try to be brief. can you hear me?
9:26 am
host: we can. caller: thank you for taking my call, i will try to be brief, it is about the right to vote, i am aregistered to -- i'm registered republican, tried to remember the ones who sacrificed our lives -- their lives to give us this privilege, my dad was a let your heart beat with every ripple of the flag and thank you for your time. host: richard in missouri, a democrat. caller: good morning. i have been listening to this other gentlemen -- the republicans have had control of the house and senate for the last six years and they have done nothing i know of. ten people think they did a good job, what will they do, what will donald trump do besides build a wall and make america great?
9:27 am
what are people on this health care going to do if they throw them off? a serious situation we are in. we are vulnerable to other countries. we need to know what they are going to do for us. host: brad in vermont, an independent. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. i believe in a strong two-party system, that is what makes the debate in american democracy great. no one faction has their own way. that actually a travesty someone this unqualified would make it this far. theasked before about convention, the republican emptytion and it was
9:28 am
seats and the speeches were uninspired and disingenuous. two months ago, most of these very smart republican leaders could actually say that the baby was ugly but now they cannot. is worriedent bush that he will be the last standing republican president. this is very concerning run a state of these people are now the -- these republican leaders are choosing party over country. i think that is very much a travesty. host: you are an independent, are you supporting hillary clinton? caller: i am now, yes. host: because of the republican nominee? yes, before it is bernie sanders and now it is hillary. host: because of donald trump?
9:29 am
caller: yes. donald trump is -- host: we got it, apologies for jumping in and talking over you. john in jersey city, new jersey, a republican. you are on. caller: good morning. host: good morning. you have to -- i am going to put you on hold, you have to turn down the tv, we have a delay so it will cause confusion if you are not listening through your phone. david in louisiana, independent, hello. caller: good morning. c-span is doing a great job covering the convention. i looked at a couple of other channels and you have your regular talking heads putting their spin on what is happening, not really what is being said. i think donald trump is great.
9:30 am
there is supposed to be a movie coming out soon, "hillary's america" and this will open up people's eyes to what the democrats are doing and what their pushes. -- push is. donald trump will win in a landslide. host: some delegates in cleveland were able to get a sneak preview of that movie that you are talking about. ahead of its release which is later this month in july. we hope that you continue to watch c-span's coverage of the republican national convention, the third day today and he gets underway around 7:00 p.m. eastern time, at 6:00 p.m. we will begin our coverage on c-span and you can tune in, give us more of your phone calls, you can send tweets and e-mail your thoughts about what you are seeing this week as it develops minute by minute.
9:31 am
you have seen the floor action uninterrupted on c-span. have a tv, go to, if you do not have either of those, did you radio app so you can listen. larry in tennessee, a democrat, good morning. caller: how are you? host: good, what do you think about what the republicans are doing? caller: very interesting. substance outny of what they had to say. basically, it was just talking points. but no real substance was given about what they plan to do. and -- host: do you think you will hear that from democrats next week in philadelphia? certainly hope so, i hope they do not just focus on talking about donald trump, i would rather hear what their
9:32 am
objectives and their goals are. ok, you will hear it on c-span if you're watching next week in philadelphia because we will go from cleveland to philadelphia, many of the people here and some folks in washington will be making that trip to give you gavel to gavel coverage on c-span. your gym florida, republican. -- george in florida, republicans. caller: good morning. the word sovereignty, it means that your border is respected. even banana republics put soldiers at the border to protect the border from invaders. thugseral would admit invading their house. number two, myself and most of the people i know have failed to raise their children half as good as donald trump. , start with -- isis
9:33 am
a letter i which stands for islam, you have to be a fool to deny the fact that if you call yourself a islamic state you want to force other people to call you not islamic. if you are calling yourself -- this liberal movement in this country is just crazy. just borderline nuts. host: you mentioned the donald trump children, last night we heard from donald trump junior and tonight eric trop was began on thursday night, a blocker trump will be speaking -- ivanka trump will be speaking with her brother. a democrat now. caller: good morning. democratmerican and a and i voted republican all my the -- hello?
9:34 am
host: you are on the air. republicansted for until w. then he lied. republicans talk out tough they are, ronald reagan ran from iran and 1983. americans -- the ambassador barely got out the door. my marine brothers were slaughtered by iran and ronald reagan ran like a coward. that if wei believe rolled into iran at that time, we would not have this problem. second-most one-day casualties sustained by the united states marine corps in history. and ronald reagan did nothing. he gave three of the top bombers
9:35 am
that were caught back to iran for nothing. host: let me leave it at that onause we will focus in another area coming up, we will take a quick break and when we come back, turn our attention to diversity in the republican party. bikersay we spoke with for donald trump who have come to cleveland to support their candidate, take a look at what their founder had to say. the founder of bikers for donald trump, what are you doing in cleveland? for a victoryere lap, a celebration, we thought we would be here protesting the result of the establishment trying to steal this nomination from donald trump. after john kasich and ted cruz dropped out, we thought we would be here for a victory dance and a celebration. only in the last couple of weeks we had to change our narrative,
9:36 am
still open season on police officers, we are here to stand with the police department, not only in cleveland but across the country. we are strong believers in the police force and we will -- we are prepared to stand with the citizens of cleveland, regardless of their political and tory -- orientation, we are here to protect the citizens of this country. we are not looking to just stand with republicans. we do not necessarily see it as republican-democrat, we see them as american citizens. >> how many bikers are in the cleveland area? we will notnown, put all her eggs in one basket. it is important we do not agitate the agitators, we are not here to add fuel to the fire, we are here to be a
9:37 am
calming factor. we have a lot of eyes on the situation and in the event, we have guys monitoring police scanners, when we see something, we were reported to the police. the first line of defense is diplomacy and dialogue. not working, we want to stall the situation until law enforcement can get there. under no circumstances will we take our law into our own hands, the local police chief has asked citizens visiting cleveland to we had allrry, intentions on open carry but we the request ofh the cleveland police department. have one person and they are retired law enforcement with a permit. they have a lot of training and experience. our first line of defense is dialogue and diplomacy. our main weapon is courage.
9:38 am
-- we are here to send a message across the country that there are many more americans that stand with the police then against them and you will never see a biker lighting a police car on fire or jumping up and down on one, never saluting a pharmacy, never see a biker calling for the destruction of private property, never see a biker calling for the death of a police officer. that is how we distinguish ourselves away from some of the other groups that are here. at the finish of the convention, they will say, who would we rather be a never with -- black lives matter with the anarchists , with the black panthers or group, or a neighbor with the biker for trump. >> an area called settlers landing not far from the q. from where did these bikers come from, the ones here and around cleveland?
9:39 am
a large concentration from arizona, some from california, florida,, connecticut, of south i am out carolina, guys from all over the country, yesterday we had somebody representing just about every state in the country, including alaska. we will be here through the remaining part of the convention. what role we play remains to be seen in week -- what role we play remains to be seen. we have citizens from all walks of life, the images of america of a biker is a renegade outlaw which has been painted by hollywood, bikers are blue-collar, white-collar, in many cases they have reached the top of their field and we are patriots to represent across the country, here for the working man, for the middle ours, for the blue-collar,
9:40 am
guys have to work, not a lot of guys can just take off work, they have to take a vacation day, call in sick, get here one way or another, the protesters are coming in here without jobs, collecting unemployment, paid by the hour. >> thank you. >> yes, ma'am. host: we are back live from cleveland, "washington journal" continues on the third day of the republican national convention. at our table this morning, harmeet dhillon vice chairwoman for the california republican party and bruce levell, a delegate from georgia. they are to talk about that very issue. i want to begin with harmeet dhillon, this question is for both of you, you first, tell us how and when you became a republican? guest: as soon as i could register to vote.
9:41 am
i grew up in a household where all of us came from india, my parents came here to give us a better life and i was born in india. as my dad was a rural doctor, it he began to pay taxes and deal ,ith excessive lawsuits liability issues that drove up insurance for doctors and things like that, we talked about these issues at the table and my mom was a volunteer republican poll watcher in rule north carolina and the republican party in north carolina was the party that protected minority rights. the democratic party was the enforceat wanted to segregation in the 1970's when i was growing up, as soon as i registered to vote, i richard and i have been a republican all my life. guest: since i was 18 years old. i was honored to volunteer for ronald reagan stuffing envelopes. when i was in high school. aboutttracted me the most
9:42 am
it was the message that ronald reagan had and the on capitalism as it relates to free enterprise and business, i am a self-made, i own my business, that was appealing to me as a young person. that inspired me. i am 52 years old. i know i do not look it. i have been there ever since. i am a lifer. host: when did you decide to support donald trump? >> i am an officer of a party in california. i did not take a public position, as part of our party rolls, when it became clear he would be the nominee, i could be a public supporter of his but from the beginning of this cycle i have said that i would have picked any one of the 17 candidates, they are all better than hillary, i am an enthusiastic supporter and my husband is also an immigrant from india, he has been a supporter of donald trump for most of this election cycle.
9:43 am
host: from day one, correct? guest: interesting she said that, i was a party chairman in georgia and when you take a gate,ship role, ethyl respectfully, you are not supposed to take a side in a republican primary. if you do it creates chaos. from day one, when he came out, i was in full steam ahead. host: you have taken on executive director for the national diversity coalition for donald trump, what is that? ,uest: if you go to our website -- cohen is aoe senior special advisor to donald trump, he was the founder. along with pastor darrell scott, myself, and we got together last year, we have all these
9:44 am
beautiful people around the country from different ethnic to dispel these rumors and accusations about mr. trump being a racist. we are like -- where is this coming from? we got folks together and went through all these names. minorities, we are diversity. we put this together and our whole goal was to touch every single ethnic group that was supporting donald trump in the nation, all gary and's, bulgarians,cans -- korean-americans. you saw muslim americans for donald trump. african-american pastors for donald trump will be speaking thursday night.
9:45 am
filipinos for trump. the list goes on. hundreds of thousands of sign-ups from all over the country who represent that group and we want that voice from those groups. forkey thing is looking independent thinkers, no one is being paid, we want grassroots initiatives as to what is going on, justice reform, jobs, whatever is going on in that community, we take the pulse and give it to the campaign and give it to the staff to let them know what we found on the grassroots efforts. that has been tremendous. host: how do you respond to people that say they think donald trump is a racist or a bigot? how have you responded to people like that? guest: the first thing i would say is -- i would not be supporting him as a person of a minority religion, my
9:46 am
culture, which is important to me, if i thought he was a racist, i have too much integrity for that. , they usuallyhem go off bumper stickers or a clip on msnbc, they do not have the whole picture, they are not a professional like i am, i have been watching the minutia, to me, i feel deeply in my over 30 years in politics that the politics of division in the democratic party is putting people in little boxes and pitting us against each other has resulted in the violence we are seeing in the last few weeks in america between the police and minority groups. the politics of division is the politics of the past and i see donald trump as somebody who talks about excellence and the rule of law. and a level playing field for all americans and that is very appealing. host: what is your religion and you were asked to give the prayer for the opening session yesterday, how did that come about? guest: a member of the sikh
9:47 am
faith. in california, where i come from, there are several hundred thousand of us. i am the new national committeewoman for the rnc from california and have gotten to know the chairman of the party. he asked me to do this prayer. a great honor for me. sikhrtened version of the prayer. amazing to introduce what we pray every day, our normal prayer. english andng in you also saying, that part of the prayer -- you also sang. guest: we said god we are coming before you to seek your blessings and please put your hand upon us, and invocation prayer where we are directly addressing god and seeking his guidance, a prayer that seeks to
9:48 am
-- we do it every morning and every evening, and birthdays, starting a new job, asking god for his blessings and his hand upon you, appropriate prayer for this particular occasion. host: let's get our viewers involved, tommy in florida, a democrat. caller: good morning. i got a few points i would like to make and i will make them as quick as i can. ok? all of these candidates lie. from george washington all the way up. all of them lie. hillary lie. all of them lie. says wages are too high. he does not need to raise the minimum wage.
9:49 am
his mind changed just like the wind changed. he says that he never asked god for forgiveness for anything, why would i want to get a president that don't talk to god and don't pray for forgiveness? host: let me to quit up your comments. -- split up your comments. wages are too high. tommy, in terms of that question you had, mr. trump believes in the free market and that businesses should drive the wage, not the government, i am a businessman, i create jobs and higher -- hire. you always want the free enterprise capital market to drive a wage, you never want a
9:50 am
government because the government does not know what the small government books look like so how could they regulate or mandate something on a balance sheet they do not know anything about. ? that's what drives me to the republican party, you want free enterprise, never want a government to come in because they overreach into the private sector and it creates catastrophic results. that is the message that mr. trump has. host: is asking for forgiveness and essential part of the sikh religion thank you -- and could you address what the caller had to say? we believe god is the higher power and are humble and's to god and humility is part of my religion and we are asking for forgiveness, i ask for forgiveness in my prayer yesterday, anything people did wrong or to offend god at the event, please forgive us for that.
9:51 am
that is part of my faith but faith is personal and everyone experiences god and their fate in their own way so i am not god to judge -- oh i am not here to judge others. america,a, we came to our forefathers to escape religious orthodox that preach to american settlers, how they were supposed to experience and pray to god. i think freedom of religion is very important, one of the values i cherish as an american, a republican, a lawyer who protects that in the courts. i am comfortable as a person of faith and how donald trump has raised his children, that shows a kind of obedience to a higher power can i will let his relationship with god be something personal to him. host: an independent, sharon. somebody madeeve a remark that all lives matter.
9:52 am
that meant so much to me because it is not black lives, white lives, any other nationality, i cannot -- god created us all. we all matter. trump wek to donald all matter, no matter where we came from but he does believe that the united states deserves better than what it has got. yes, i am for donald trump and i pray that he is the right person for us. have both of our guests talk about that. black lives matter, all lives matter. have had 7.5 years of racial division, you would have thought that, we are all proud to see an african-american in the white house, even though i
9:53 am
am a republican, i thought it was a great thing for america but we have not seen racial this country, we have seen racial division because of the democratic party and their practices of putting people in boxes. when a president comes out and blames the police off the bat when there is a shooting, that creates more division. i do not think he knew what he was talking about in some of these cases. sheriff clarkhat had to say about this issue, all lives matter, mayor giuliani's comments were on point about how the police do not ask you what your races when 911 is answered and they come to your house, they just save you. we have all needed the police and particularly minority see theies, i do not democrats talking about the shootings that take place several times a day in chicago. it is a civil rights crisis in this country that we do not have the appropriate attention paid
9:54 am
to the crime going on in our inner cities. often black on black violence. i do not think describing things in racial terms helps, i think we need to solve the problems and donald trump is the right guy to do that. guest: i have been asked that also, that is why i really like and enjoy national diversity coalition for trump, by putting all of these ethnic groups from all over the world, we have had several meetings in one room and it is interesting because a lot of our jewish americans for trump said in the same room with muslim americans and christian americans for trump and a lot of folks interacting and learning about each other's culture. mr. trump, i have been in meetings where he has been would evangelical asters, i try to get a polls of what is going on, one thing i admire about donald trump, he makes is safe and
9:55 am
having a vision to make it safe for all americans where they can practice their release and their religions. most of all, challenging other faiths and religions to get outside that box and go meet and greet other cultures that you are not accustomed to, take the time and learn about your neighbors, learn about your other coat -- other cultures that you do not know about. i think that is more of a community and a faith-based initiative, when we have these conversations, government cannot fix that, it has to come from the heart. as a christian, one of the biggest things i have faith then is christ, christ is the king -- eight -- with his heart and love for all people, to take the time to get to know someone, our japanese-americans we have, go learn to read the sushi -- eat
9:56 am
the sushi. take time to break bread. that is the most powerful way to reconcile amongst communities and not try to have government force policies. we know when government gets involved, it is catastrophic. that is why i support donald trump, i have heard this come out of his mouth to defend all relations -- religions and cultures. me, avery appealing to great subject. corona delmar, california, a republican. host: a wonderful -- caller: a wonderful job you are doing, we are proud of you. three fundamental questions for donald trump to answer and for also.y
9:57 am
also. there are three things that will change this country, the first thing is to reinstate the draft. everybody that comes into the country, whether they live your, are born here, or come here should serve in the military or in special services for two years. offer two, they should take and demand all big pharma ads are removed from television. that is causing major problems with our health care system. number three, mandatory drug firearmfor every new made in this firearm made in this country. you put those three things together and guess what will happen -- fundamental change in this country. whatever political party decides to step across the trail and actually make those changes will be this country. we have to start with fundamental change, that starts with a draft, goes to big pharma taking off adds, then mandatory drug testing for anybody that wants to buy a firearm or by ammunition in this country.
9:58 am
host: both of our guests taking notes. to respectfully disagree, we have not had any dialogue as far as reinstating ae draft but being a child of retired command sergeant major and my wife's father was in the air force. knowing a lot of military people currently, i do not think america has had trouble attracting really great men and women to want to serve the country. wartime, things change and there might be some need for that and that is why we have selective service. i have always been a strong advocate of people who have a servants heart, who want to serve as opposed to forcing someone to serve. i think the american people are so passionate about their country, i have never heard that
9:59 am
the u.s. military had a shortage of servicemen and women. guest: i would agree and disagree with the caller because all three points involve the government forcing something on the people and that is fundamentally not something i agree with although some of the outcomes might be desirable, i think it is better to have natural incentives. we do not seem to have a problem with the volunteer armed services. themeople, i respect tremendously, those who serve. we are not treating our veterans right when they come back home and that is something donald trump talks about, we have to change that, easy fixes, they should get the same medical care as the rest of us and have easy access to it. a tragedy we do not do that. at, adds, my own doctor is now just doing
10:00 am
cosmetics only. obamacare is not paying for drugs. the market will take care of that. marketenerics and a --ven thing from my i do not think we have a rash of drug i don't think we have a rash of drug abusers. that is not the issue. we have law-enforcement gaps that need to be addressed. the government is not the solution to that problem. from the next call comes daniel, elizabeth, pennsylvania. democrat. i don't think you are going to be successful attracting african-americans or hispanics to donald trump's election. it is so complicated.
10:01 am
the poor whites and the poor blacks have a -- actually fallen into a trap. they are both falling for it. morning, i was collecting my recyclables and i heard a news program where the moderator shooters,g about the the police officers, how they and there wastary no proof they were in combat, and he gave some psychological term. see,ink of what police maybe not on a daily basis, but accidents, orcar the crime scenes where just, brutal things, it has to have on their psyche.
10:02 am
to demonize the police constantly, and another tank that is like totally unreported, like this knockout game, where blacks are punching out old people and the black on white crime is totally out of proportion, it is, you know, i can understand, you know, the end of slavery and difficulties and stuff, what is never mentioned is escape percent of slavery was left on the continent of africa. those who resisted were killed. the handicap were made more handicapped. host: we heard your voice. have ato have our guest chance to respond. want to take your call. guest: thank you for your questions.
10:03 am
limitary help mr. trump will attract the african american and hispanic vote. when you talk about national security, you talk about illegal immigration and you talk about going back to renegotiate the trade agreement, that all comes back to especially the minority community to create jobs, and when you have that the tick whor pull of individuals need jobs, that in itself will attract the voters of hispanic and african-american community. numberswant to run the by you. mbc put this together. they're 18 african-american delegates attending the conventions here in cleveland. compare that to 167 for george w. bush's administration, 36 attended johnans mccain's nomination, and in 2012, there were 28 african-american delegates as mitt romney were -- was nominated. what do you make of the numbers? guest: i have been asked the question quite a bit.
10:04 am
one thing about donald trump, donald trump has resurrected a pulse and tapped into a pulse of voters, independents and democrats and people who had not been voting, and to get 15.5 million votes in the primary, and take 16 great candidates off the stage, governors and senators, you know, the deal with that is that, you know, when you are trying to become a national delegate, it is a process. in a party, gove to a caucus, go to meetings, mass meetings, there is a process. in the last several months, when donald trump, you know, announced that he would run for president, it created a new wave of people who came into the party. you have individuals who have been in there 10 years and five years, who have volunteered and and paid dues. some level of equity.
10:05 am
obviously, a person who has only been a member of the party for six months versus a person who has been there 10 years, the caucusing and their fellow colleagues and constituents will sway more toward people who have been there. i say in 2020, we will not even be having this conversation. it will be in the hundreds all across the board. the other thing, the whole focus is not so much on how many african-americans are there or hispanics. we just want a voter who believes in the vision the matter what color or wherever you are at. that is what i'm after. i will give the next call to you. roger in tennessee, a republican. caller: i was going to speak on but i was begun what you are talking about it we need to get back to the constitution. this country cannot afford anymore to keep up every country in the world.
10:06 am
it is putting america under. we have got to take america back , get the illegal immigrants out of here. what part of illegal do the democrats not understand? quit funding them. it is a waste of money. and when you give $150 billion to iran, what did you do it for? and where did the money come from? where did they get $150 billion? this has got to stop. host: ok, roger. tell us about your thoughts. guest: i agree with the caller. constitutional law is one of the areas that i do. the bill of rights is a fundamental document that our entire system of government is based upon and our rights. i agree the whole sanctuary city movement, well-intentioned in that is's and 1980's,
10:07 am
not what it is anymore. a captureve, it is and release program for criminals. people come into the country with no respect for the rule of law. they are coming here for the economic opportunities like my parent did -- parents did and there are consequences to that. people are ignoring it. if donald trump did one thing in his first hundred days, to cut off funding to all sanctuary cities who disrespect the law and let murderers like the murderer of katie steinle out to commit crimes again and again, i think you could drop the mic. a huge impact on inner cities in america, and those cities would have to reconsider their policies. in terms of the iran issue, i agree with the caller again. giving it back at the time we did without the conditions we did, when we have missing americans who are not accounted for there, we have our troops
10:08 am
being humiliated while the , iotiations are going on think our president has projected weakness abroad again and again and again and we are doing business with murderers -- the terrorists who we are now sending our resources to avoid. i think donald trump will change all of that. i take him at his work that -- at his word that he will put america first. host: arkansas, independent. caller: good morning. i have a question. you were talking previously about minimum wage. and how trump did not want to .et involved in that with obamacare, i worked 40 hours a week.
10:09 am
year --more on taxes a that is not right. i can barely make it back and forth to work. i do not see any kind of upside. it is unreal. you are paying them over their peanuts. peanuts. host: thanks for your question. we will get a response. whole visionpasses about the unbalanced trade agreement we have too much in terms ofverreach tax, let me give an example. my business, i paid 36% tax last year.
10:10 am
the federal payload tax, inventory tax, all of these things, insurance, worker's comp., all of these things are a tremendous strain on small business. are put into -- based on your debt service and what you .ave to carry that capital if we can minimize a lot of the government overreach, the spirit is epa requirements, funding all these programs, every time someone in washington comes up with this program, my payroll taxes go up. of -- effects the wages. -- this affects the wages. you hire more jobs.
10:11 am
it is a very slippery slope to put government overreach -- for , where theyttle mandated that minimum-wage. the employer will take from 40 hours and cut 20 and move things around to satisfy his debt service. play.a dangerous game we host: oakland, california, a democrat. caller: good morning. hello? host: you are on the air. go ahead. caller: yes, yes. i am calling from oakland, california. and id dnc member definitely appreciate president barack obama. i have two things this morning that i wanted to highlight here. tired ofat i am everybody mentioning the
10:12 am
constitution every chance they can get. all they doing is, they were slave owners. let's have that conversation. in addition to that, the minimum wage is too low. very too low. problem, the major problem, is the fact that , iersity, for bruce levell proximallyess is a the majority are held by caucasian counterparts. that is the issue. that is the major problem here. once we get diversity in that congress, or maybe also the senate, then everything would be in balance. everything would work out fine. your all right we heard point. guest: i think the caller is a
10:13 am
from -- is from across the bay from where i live. barbara lee, african american, who frankly does not have a great record of accomplishments in congress. i do not think your race if -- dictates what you do in congress. wage, i of minimum employ about a dozen people. for me, i do not pay minimum wage. it is the regulation i have comply with with the government to prove -- probably a whole jobs worth of money, frankly, the time i have to spend doing with complying with audits and this and that. i could have created more work. that is the real cost of these things pyramid wage was never meant to be your wage when you are 60 years old or when you gain skills. it is entry-level to prevent the exploitation of people. main thing stoll travis talking about is exploiting jobs abroad.
10:14 am
not because we failed to export our trade agreement and failed to hold other countries we do business with to the same standard, some of those jobs with toby here in america. manufacturingg jobs other future of the economic engine here but it is part of it and those other jobs that young people may be get but the work is for, minimum wage is just like bruce said, it has been raised to $15 an hour in california and phased in. the effect of that will be the loss of jobs for people in the entry-level and we saw that with obamacare when we saw a requirement that full-time employees yet paid a huge wage increase with obamacare. that type of perverse incentive will continue. one more call and we will have closing comments from bill in georgia, a democrat. caller: hello. how are you doing?
10:15 am
. have got a question matter, say all lives in oregon, the bundy family held the police off with weapons. those guys was protected not one shot was fired to resolve all of that. is saying, iftter i going to reach into my glove compartment to get my insurance card and my drivers license, which you asked me for, allow me to do that before you decide to shoot me. guns, white guys carrying not one shot fired. we saw a black guy reaching into his wallet and reaching into his to get his license and insurance card, and he got shot her that is what we mean when black lives matter. any torment -- any form of
10:16 am
stereotyping is racist. in 1987, black people was not to -- lowed how my as an independent guy going to vote for a guy like donald trump who said that stereotyping is right. if stereotyping is right, then let's say it is right but if it is wrong, let's call a spade what a spade is. host: all right. guest: thank you for calling and, bill, and thank you for your comments. let me address the stereotyping. i have never heard donald trump saying he would stereotype a particular ethnic group. however, i will say this. my dad, and my uncle, come out of a civil rights movement. my alkyl marched with dr. king.
10:17 am
one thing that stuck with me more than anything, and i have to get back earlier in the conversation, i really believe as americans, if we take the time to get to know each other and our different cultures and we come together, i still believe a lot of the things you see, it will deter any type of stereotype toward any american, if we just took the time to get to know each other and respect and just find out about each other, the division is, a lot of people have not challenged themselves to get uncomfortable. people like to be in their comfort levels because they want to stay in their own cultures and their own little groups. i challenged america to get out of that comfort level and get uncomfortable. changes coming on when you are uncomfortable because you are not in that comfort level. we will leave it there. guest: i am sorry.
10:18 am
a very passionate answer. i agree, i have not heard donald trump doing the types of stereotyping and blaming and jumping to conclusions that we hear from some politicians. i think there have been unfortunate shootings of people based on the raised by certain individual police officers and i think that is terrible. when i wasvirginia young, before i went to law school and i was driving a nice car and in virginia beach, i used to get pulled over regularly for stupid things. i am sure -- that is very fortunate -- unfortunate. on civilintiff lawyer rights and i proceed to protect people's rights and i believe in those rights. we have to have a conversation in this country and we cannot start shooting in cops -- at cops in one county because someone in oregon did something wrong. that is not american and that is stereotyping. we have got to hold individual officers who are races and not fit for service accountable and
10:19 am
take them out of service. those first of responders who protect our rights should not be put in the same category. isryone in america is due -- -- should have due process. i've heard nothing but the right words out of donald trump's mouth following the recent shootings and i am encouraged that he can bring the process of healing to the country if elected. host: we appreciate the conversation this morning. thank you for coming to cleveland here. guest: thanks for having me. guest: thanks for having me. host: we will take a break and when we come back, continuing to look ahead to day three of the republican national convention before we get to that, we went to the home of james garfield, the 20th president of the united states, from ohio, and we learned a little bit about how he began his presidential campaign in 1880. take a look.
10:20 am
hot -- inhere in ohio. james a garfield. this is the property he purchased in 1876 initially. they bought about 100 and 80 acres. we are 25 miles from downtown cleveland right now. porch from this front that james garfield ran for president in 1880 as the republican presidential candidate. he ran the nation passes first ever front porch presidential campaign from his home. when james garfield bought the property in 1876, the home was small, about nine rooms or so. they expanded at one time while james garfield was still living here. another major expansion done after his assassination as president in july of 1881. come here,en people
10:21 am
there are some parts of the inside of the home that look similar to when james garfield was alive and living here on the property. there are parts of the house that looked different because of the expansion and mrs. garfield made after her husband's death. he died at age 49 in september two881 after being shot months previously, mrs. garfield lived until 1918 and lived to be 85 years old and she did own the property for the rest of her life. on the frontanding porch of the campaign office. a unique feature. it was from this one room that he ran his entire presidential campaign. 1880, thee from republican national convention held in chicago, not seeking or expecting denomination. he was there to nominate someone else. ohio,ting john sherman of secretary of the treasury. sherman was seeking the
10:22 am
nomination in 1880 and garfield went and gave a wonderful speech for sherman. neither sherman or any of the other major candidates, including grant, the senator from the state of maine, nobody had enough votes to get the nomination. that point wasat in search of a compromise candidate and eventually settled on james garfield but did not settle on him quickly. it took 36 ballots to nominate james garfield in 1880. it was a contentious convention, a very long convention, and it ended up with a compromise candidate being the republican standardbearer in 1880. we have the republican national invention in cleveland here 2016 and there was discussion of a possible contested convention it is wonderfully ironic and great for us to have either
10:23 am
of the national parties in cleveland, especially when james garfield himself lived so close but also is the result of a rather contentious convention in 1880. host: a look at the former president garfield passes home and other places around cleveland here that the republican national committee has put a list together for convention goers, one of the spots, there are other spots as well, the cleveland history center, for republicans who have state,ed on the buckeye they expect about 50,000 people that have come here. that is the number they put out. that includes 15,000 credentialed media, operatives, and thousands of those delegates you have seen on the floor paired back again this evening starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time.
10:24 am
one of the highlights will be the son of donald trump as well indiana --nning mate vp running mate indiana governor mike pence. what are your thoughts? donald in virginia, a democrat. good morning. i want to make a point. thear as i'm concerned, republican party has to be in deep trouble when they could give up or not even vote for a candidate such as john kasich and instead, they vote for donald trump. is theypart about it
10:25 am
are trying to say that president obama is the divider in chief. know, i heard the lady of indian descent earlier this morning make a statement that , she has never seen it so polarized like it is now here the sad part about it is, you know, if you are a black american, racism has never gone anywhere. and you know, i am getting sick and tired of people trying to pretend like racism has just come up within the past eight years.
10:26 am
he is a candidate now, they , who speaks trump down on mexicans, who talks about muslims, and then when the led,t groups that were when they all support him, and then he tries to pretend like he doesn't know anything about the kkk? donald trump is older than i am. as you said, donald trump lost the word presumptive in front of the republican nominee, he lost the word presumptive last night and it became official when he captured the nomination, the new york delegation, putting him over the top, led by his son donald trump, junior.
10:27 am
don in florida, republican. caller: good morning. the reason i'm calling today is because the democrats and the media are attacking for three or on anays now mrs. trump two for supposedly copying sentences out of another person'speech. the speech given by michelle copyrightedither nor it wasn't illegal, it was not criminal, it was not sybil, it was not even immoral. jfk copied lincoln in his inauguration. it is not a crime or anything near the comparison to mrs. clinton putting 60,000 documents on a billboard in her basement. for them to put a magnifying
10:28 am
, it is like looking for a great speck of dust on a piece of lint in the corner, compared to what mrs. clinton did. they spend day after day after not mrs. trump, because they would get politically in trouble, that would not be polite, but they go after the entire party over something that was not even a whim or a speck of problem. for those who are not following, if you want to watch you cantrump's speech, go to c-span. work and also go to michelle obama's speech in 2008 and listen to both of them in their entirety on our website. on your calls, but first peter in washington, what do you have?
10:29 am
peter: the wall street journal has a seating chart. theyornia and georgia, have good seats. here is the stage appear. the best seats are right around home state of donald trump, front and center. california, georgia has really good seats. caused problems for the trunk campaign, back here a bit. a tossup state and ohio is the host state. they have pretty good seats. mike pence from indiana, his group is right there. connecticut and new jersey are also front and center. the nosebleed seats include colorado, the district of columbia, wyoming, maine, puerto rico, etc.. i want to show you the map of the seating arrangements. delegates send out tweets and post on instagram and facebook. i want to share some of the delegate tweets. this is mark from utah, a delegate.
10:30 am
we have had some disappointments on the floor. he was one of the never trump people, but the city of cleveland has blown us away with kindness and hospitality. that is what that delegate says. this is randy from colorado. withado delegate breakfast senator -- colorado was another place where mr. trump had a little bit of trouble. this is katrina from south carolina. senator tim scott spoke at their breakfast this morning. website, rerea .us. have an article, you visited the home of james garfield. presidential
10:31 am
babymaking state, they say, and they shot some video. >> is ohio the presidential babymaking state? this state currently hosting the 2016 republican national convention has also been and the mother of presidents because eight of the 44 presidents claim ohio to be their home state. hayes, harrison, garfield, mckinley, and harding, all born in ohio and elected to the presidency from the buckeye state. virginia is fighting ohio for bragging rights of ohio and it is all because of president william harrison, actually born in virginia but he claimed ohio was his home state and he was elected the ninth president of the united states while living here. what happens in the 2016 election, we know another ohio and will not take the president the. cannote goes that you win the white house without winning ohio. that is true because ohioans have sided with the losers only -- since and's 1944
10:32 am
1944. there is something definitely in the water here. ♪ back to your calls here this morning as we continue on the washington journal. we will going to 11:00 a.m. eastern time, continuing to take your phone calls. day three andt also what will happen tomorrow. the final day of the 2016 republican national convention here in cleveland. they are in their home stretch. how do you think it is unfolding so far? michelle in michigan, and independent caller. it is fantastic. i am definitely switching to republican after this convention. i have never watched what all the way through and i was so with everything.
10:33 am
the only thing i take exception with is the jobs issue. i live in northern michigan. detroit. i have seen the poor whites and the poor blacks. in numerous times, they would turn down an offer for a job because it is so convenient, i mean, there are so many things they get from the federal government. detroit. i have seen the poor whites and the poor blacks. it does not behoove them to go off of the system. i am hoping that donald keeps that in mind. [indiscernible] ok, let's go to kate, a republican. caller: good morning. can you hear me? host: yes. good morning. sorry to have been a registered republican since i have been able to vote and i have also been out, i am gay and i came out when i was 20 years old. i just turned 50.
10:34 am
actually, toatic, marry my wife two years ago when it became legal. hispanic.o i loved seeing a candidate like who is not a typical republican. he did not come out against gay people. i felt like he was really in wash and he got it and he going to do something different and represent the party differently. pence, i ame mike extremely frustrated, as is my wife. choose someone who is so anti-gay and would like nothing more than to reverse our , he is close to losing
10:35 am
my vote or i'm ready not to vote so, that isel almost too frustrating for me. it is almost too much for me to overcome, especially with my wife. you just won't vote or would you vote for hillary clinton? no peeri hate -- hillary clinton, there is no way in the world she would get my vote. but i am frustrated. part of me that just says, you know, the reason we like him is because he did not oh anybody any favors and he is not of trade to kind of go against the norm and picking mike pence, i get it and i am smart and logical enough to know why he did that, but it still frustrates me. it seems politics as usual and that is why i am frustrated. governor pence does not
10:36 am
talk about the issues you outlined? what would that say to you? if he did not? that would definitely help. i know not every candidate agrees 100% with a platform. but you know how the media wants to play things. i knewd exactly what they would do when he chose mike pence, to harp on that. i guarantee at the democratic convention, they will harp on that. i wish the republican party would get it. there are a lot of us who are gay who are hard-working, professionals just like everyone else. we are extremely normal in law enforcement and in this type of profession, and it is that this is still an issue to people. i grew up catholic and i come from a long irish catholic family. --as never taught growing up
10:37 am
i was fortunate to be surrounded by priests who were very loving and accepting. i just wish we would move on. it is the year 2016 and i wish the republican party would just trot that here that is the part of the party that frustrates me. fiscally, i am on board 100%. that was kate in california, a republican caller. the former u.k. independent party leader, nigel, has come to cleveland. he says he was not invited by donald trump. instead, he is here to observe. a politicalwith editor this morning and here is what he had to say about the brexit vote, which he was pushing for, and donald trump. i i am not an american and have not got a vote in this election. i want to see him speak and get a feel, perhaps rather more seeing someone in the front -- in the flesh rather than television.
10:38 am
i will be very careful. foreign politicians who talk about how to vote and how to think, obama came to the united kingdom during the brexit debate and i shall always be grateful, eternally grateful to obama because he came to the country and was rude to us, told us what we should not do, and it led to a big brexit balance of several points. thank you to obama for helping us win the election. the moral of the story, i shall not say at the end of the week what people should vote for, but i would not vote for hillary if you paid me. the sense of entitlement puts me off. obama,ama has done, post it is different. issues people find a bit awkward and trump talked about those
10:39 am
things and that generated a huge level of interest. , i havevations were been called over the top once or twice. i think donald trump of his comments are pretty out there. to say that you would ban all muslims from coming into america, apart from being difficult to enforce, citizens working overseas or serving in these, yes,y over you know. i can see what he is trying to do. he is trying to get big messages out there and big wedges and who feelers frustrated, perhaps our little bit scared peer to i get what he is doing. just the style of it makes even me whence a little bit. host: that was the former leader of the independent party, talking about the effort to leave the u.k., which he was
10:40 am
behind, and also his impressions of donald trump. we will continue here live with more of your phone calls coming about day three of the republican convention. we will talk with a reporter about what to expect when republicans gather a mile from where we are for day three. peter in washington, what do you have? peter: it was one of 1200 events going on surrounding a four-day convention in cleveland, and another when is this. here is a tweet by richard, call the american unity breakfast, and caitlyn jenner was there and she says it was easy to come out as trans and it was hard to come out as a republican. the daily beast is periscope and caitlyn jenner's talk right now and this is live coverage on c-span.
10:41 am
>> not working at the time, from ilifornia community church, explained myself to my children and anybody, i would always use this to allow its a look, ok, this is how it works. god is out there making a little person or he is looking down and saying, what do we do with this one? well, let's make him intelligent , enthusiastic for life and all of this sort of stuff. let's make him athletic. you know. exactly this. really athletic. [laughter] [applause] so god is giving these wonderful qualities and he is back in his chair at the end and he goes,
10:42 am
wait a second, look at all of these wonderful qualities. , livet is caitlyn jenner coverage on periscope. a different world in 2016 that used to be as far as being able to cover a lot of events. tweet out by jake up. he was on the street of , a young man selling water for his basketball team. a young cleveland entrepreneur. there he is selling water. if you haven't been cleveland and run across the young man, give him a buck for a bottle of water. host: we are back your in cleveland this morning.
10:43 am
guest: john kasich troop the coming more excepting of the nomination and actually endorsing trump, i do not know if that will happen. ,oping to now pivot and support they came here supporting john kasich. host: they were bound to do so. guest: right. they were pledged to kasich. now, the focus of the convention is on donald trump. no more john kasich nomination in the election. we are following that closely. any rumors that governor
10:44 am
kasich may make today the day that he says, ok, i am behind the nominee? guest: no. i've heard rumors like that. some people think he is laying the groundwork for the presidency. host: is that upsetting for the delegation? know if it ist upsetting to her you asked them about it and the typical governoris that of the and he will do what he wants to do and he is his own man and we support him very much. that is the typical response you get. host: do they feel punished by the party and donald trump's campaign because of what the governor has said and how that is playing out with the seating inside the queue? -- guest: governor and he will do what he wants to do and he is his own when you gn there and fewer they are, it is not that bad here they are one group back from the stage.
10:45 am
they sat through the entire proceedings last night and most left pretty early. if they had been up front, and maybe they were looking ahead to that eventuality. to the side behind the indiana delegation. ownill hear from their delegation tonight along with republicans, governor mike pence. what do you think the state of ohio wants to your needs to hear? probably some assurance that the presidential campaign will be presidential. drop some of the divisive language and remarks about ethics -- ethnic groups. drop the tone is what i'm very from delegates. the tonech kind of set for that and that is why he has been withholding his endorsement.
10:46 am
i heard this morning from delegates, montgomery, a former he willtorney general not vote for hillary clinton. she wants to see what mike pence has to say. it is not up to mike and's. host: what do they want to hear from him thursday night? guest: they want to hear that he wants to bring the country together, i think. what is it looking like hypothetically between a general matchup in ohio? most recent polls show they are in and at about 41%. registered voters, leaving 18 to 20% undecided. assuming that 41% is solid, that is what you see, to get over 50%.
10:47 am
ohio being the critical swing a huge amount of spending and advertising trying to reach the voters, the focus will be on trade and on the economy, those are the major issues in ohio. matilda has been waiting a maryland, democrat, what is your question or comment your as we continue here on the washington journal from cleveland? thank you. i have a couple of quick comments. i believe the republican party uses veterans as a prop to express patriotism. all people have to do is look at the congressional record and see all the bills they have blocked and manipulated, including the zika virus, where they increase funding by $500 million and then cashed out when the democrats pass it.
10:48 am
where is the policy? where the issues being addressed? country, then the educational problems, the environment, why are they trying to make democracy more accessible to all citizens? i do not understand. host: i want to take up your point of policy. again, last safe night is make america work again, and tonight is make america first again. what is behind the theme? i am not exactly sure except that it is designed to sound like made america -- make america great again. the main thing you hear every night from speakers is how bad of a president hillary clinton would be. we are starting to hear that barack obama was not as bad as what is coming. the focus has all been on hillary clinton, i think, getrdless of what seem they
10:49 am
to the night. people want to see policy prescriptions and specifics from the truck team. it has not been hugely forthcoming yet. host: all right. theodore -- theodore in texas, republican. caller: good morning. i would like to say that governor kasich not participating in this convention is just -- for demonstrations. people put them in the position and are now asking them to support the people's choice. tohink it is beneath them act the way they are p finally, people who profess to be christian are acting badly. thank you.
10:50 am
host: she mentioned governor kasich. go ahead and take that. another challenger to donald trump is senator ted cruz who will be speaking. we will be interested to see what senator ted cruz has to say about donald trump at how strong of an endorsement he will give. the fact that he is speaking tonight will indicate he is in support of donald trump and will say so in the convention. know, as john kasich, you he set himself apart during the elections, or during the campaign, as a candidate who was more compassionate, more and toward the end of the campaign, he sharpened his rhetoric against donald trump and found his positions to be disturbing, positions on immigration and muslims and security in europe and on the and toward the end
10:51 am
of the campaign, what had been relatively friendly relationship , he became more strong in his opposition and he has maintained that position. endorsing the chuck candidacy, i do not know and he has given no indication that he will. david in north carolina, independent. i learned last night from the convention that las vegas is the capital of nevada. it is actually carson city for those who did not know that. i want to talk about the melania trump thing and i really do not want to drill this. i am not a hillary clinton supporter. i do not plan to vote for hillary clinton and i do not plan to vote for donald trump. the speech shows about the level of integrity that the campaigns have. i do not think hillary clinton folks have any integrity and i do not think the folks who have
10:52 am
mr. trump right to speech have any integrity also. people need to understand the level of integrity people need to deal with. i do not know if this has been talked about, but trump is going to get eaten alive during the debates. you look at all the missteps during the people need to understand the level of integrity people need to deal with. campaign and people like john kasich, i would have voted for kasich. i'm an independent now. it is people like john kasich that we needed to see running against hillary clinton. republicans want to support it and support donald trump. this will be the biggest embarrassment of 42 years old. timehas got to be in my the most embarrassing presidential election in history here and what are your thoughts? guest: melania trump'speech was a highlight of monday night and delegates loved it.
10:53 am
when they came to the breakfast on tuesday and learned about these allegations -- it is more than allegations -- it is very apparent that a couple of paragraphs were lifted word for -- word for word from the shell -- michelle obama's speech in 2008. the issue was melania trump did not write the speech and you cannot blame her for it and she is not a public official. she is a wife, a potential first lady, and was expressing what she thought about her husband and his qualifications to be president. they did not feel she should be held to the same standard. at that time, there was an assumption that speechwriters had written that in. after some reporting yesterday that i read from the new york times, i guess there is question about whether the trump family self rewrote her speech, that
10:54 am
would be placed under the category. more about senator ted cruz speaking tonight, the senator and their allies said they plan to prevent -- present the vision for the future that has little resemblance to mr. trump, likely focused on conservative orthodoxy and principles as he casts an eye toward future aspirations including a potential white house run. earlier today ahead of his speech, senator cruz plans to thank delegates and the company of reporters says at a separate event. george and alabama, a democrat. thank you for c-span and way to go, donald trump era and i have been a democrat all my life but what i am seeing, it absolutely shocks me. the overpricing on fuel choked the wages to the point that they were not usable. try to compete wages
10:55 am
with greed, you cannot do it. you cannot raise wages to compete with greed. they say that donald trump is not the muslims and the mexican spirit i have been watching a little bit of this and i am not as educated as everyone else. he wants to make sure people coming in this country are safe. for us. there is nothing wrong with that. i want to say mike pence comes to the bill and makes it level. we have got good people. john kasich and ted cruz, all them people, they are good people already in position. let's get behind donald trump and make him president and get it rolling in the right direction. host: you might be interested that donald trump will make another appearance tonight at the convention. he will be alongside mr. pence before mr. pence gives his vice presidential speech tonight. i think we have heard
10:56 am
from him every night. he came in via satellites be -- satellite feed last night. i think he feels it is important because he has to inject that trump energy into the convention, which some people have felt does not really show the energy at a political nominating convention should have. more on tonight's line-up, scott walker is also slated to speak. newt gingrich, the former house speaker, laura ingram, eric trout -- and mike pence, the indiana senator. florida, a republican. this is claudia from beautiful florida appeared i would like to make a comment about the speech that melania trump gave. just to let people know, there is nothing new under the sun.
10:57 am
all things have been said and all things have been paraphrased. job.nk she did a beautiful she is lovely. she has toys. she would make a beautiful first lady. anybody who tried to make anything out of that speech is just jealous. host: who are you looking forward to hearing from tonight? caller: mike pence. host: what do you want the governor to say? caller: i would just like to know more about him. trump picked him as his running mate, i felt it was a little bit of a push from the republican party. melooks a little area and to -- arian to me. forgive me for saying that it i have to wait and hear what he .as to say
10:58 am
thank you so much for c-span. what do you think governor mike pence's role will be for the state of ohio? very heavily industrial .nd agriculture -- agricultural. mike pence is on the ballot because he has a certain gravitas and because he is .espected on the right i think he is there to reassure --igh of voters and not just ohio voters and not just ohio voters. host: ed in arizona, a democrat. caller: i love your program.
10:59 am
yesterday, i noticed no one from arizona called in. did they block it off? his character was wonderful. of early forkind many people in arizona so that is probably why. billions of dollars in lawsuits, even with his political enemies, he goes after them, him and the district attorney. inean, you know, people die prisons and there is also 6000 child abuse cases that fell to cracks.- the he is not a saint by any means. host: darlene in kansas, a republican, we will end with you, go ahead. george w. bush wondered if there would ever be a republican president again. as a republican, i never did hee for george w. because
11:00 am
read a wall in the national guard and then later on, as the president, he started the war. he was a he thought that he would march in there and they would vote for him and be the nominee for president. pledgeed trump to sign a and jeb is not a republican. state andwon a single on the other side, clinton and obama stood on the white house lawn line their heads off about being about a video. can you imagine? lying to the people of the united states. lying to the parents of those four killed, trying to lie about the fbi. she lied to them and lied to


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