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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 22, 2016 10:50am-11:20am EDT

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kelley. these people are all here. you don't have to come up and speak. beth mooney. where's brian jack? boy, brian. brian. what a job you did, brian. ok. that's all. now you can leave. go to the next location, brian. go to the next location. and hillary is trying to pick her vice president as fast as possible because she wants to take away a little of the success that we had at this convention. this convention has been a tremendous success. you know people -- if you turn on the television, you turn on some of the dishonest media, you'll see that oh, wow, now this happened and that happened. what happened? you know, somebody got booed the hell out of a place by thousands and thousands of people. there wasn't one person in the room. [applause] not one. and then they said there may not be unity.
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unity. there wasn't one person in the room including the texas delegation. right? honestly, he may have ruined his political career. i feel so badly. i feel so badly. and you know, he'll come and endorse over the next little while just because he has no choice. but i don't want to endorse. what difference does it make? i don't want his endorsement. just, ted, stay home, relax, enjoy yourself. just a couple of things. i knew his speech. they gave me his speech. i saw exactly what his speech was because when you go up to speak, you have to give your speak. we don't want surprises, right? so they gave it. they came to me. they said it's a boring speech, mr. trump. he's congratulates you on the victory. and here's the speech. when he got up, the first two sentences he added a sentence. in other words, he got up, and he added a sentence, which could
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have been viewed as a nasty thing in terms of what he said. because he was implying something which is wrong but that's ok. so he took his speech and you're bound by that speech just like you're bound by the pledge. right? you're bound by the pledge. so ted cruz toque his speech that was done, was on the teleprompter, said hello and then made a statement that wasn't on the each and then went back to his speech. see to me, that's dishonorable. to me, not signing a pledge is dishonorable. ok? it's dishonorable. not a nice thing to do. i talk this way because we're all together. we created one of the most successful conventions in the history of conventions. [applause] donald trump: and the television ratings for this convention were through the roof. i get a kick out of cnn. i don't know if this is a successful convention. i don't know. in the meantime, all they talk
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about is trump and the convention, right? and i have to tell you, melania did a great job. what a great speech. what a great speech. [applause] donald trump: what a great speech. and the presentation is still being talked about. what a beautiful speech. ivanka last night, unbelievable. unbelievable. unbelievable. to have that kind of an introduction. and tiffany, who's never done it, the biggest group she's ever been in front of is probably 22 people in the classroom. tiff thy was amazing and eric and don. [applause] i just don't want them running for political office because somebody's got to stay bin and run the business. we can't go crazy. but i get a kick because the ratings on television are through the roof. and nobody's going to want -- look, this has nothing to do with politics but maybe it has a
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little to do -- nobody's going to watch this next convention coming. who's going to -- i'm going to have a hard time watching her final speech. number one, i know her too well. number two, boring. boring. very boring. how about that final speech? and our final speech, our final speech -- [cheers and applause] donald trump: now it wasn't my fault, but i think it went like an hour and 25 minutes. and the networks didn't know what to do because they had all of their programming, big programs, the local news is a very big factor on television. you never ever move your local news. they all moved it. they said to heck with the local news, mike. they said we're moving it. and kimmel and fallon and the show, they all went back a long way because they aren't going to miss this convention. i love that, you know. i love it. i knew. i said i'm supposed to be up but
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it wasn't my fault. what happened is the applause were so long and so crazy -- [cheers and applause] donald trump: it really was. if you look, the speech was fine but the applause were longer than the speech. so it was amazing. there was great love in that room. honestly, that was all about unity. and we may be missing a couple of people. we may be missing just a couple of people. two other things. two other things. just to finish with ted because i like ted. he's fine. i don't want his endorsement. if he gives it, i will not accept it, just so you understand. i will not accept it. won't matter. honestly, he should have done it. because nobody cares. and he would have been in better shape for four years from now. i don't see him winning anyway, frankly. but if he did, it's fine. although maybe i'll set up a super pac-10 if he decides to
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run. are you allowed to set up a super pac, mike, if you are the president to fight somebody? but there were two things that he said yesterday were lice. ready? i didn't start anything with the wife. a pac which he's very friendly with released a cover story on my wife who is a tremendously successful and elegant model. and she was on the cover of "gq" magazine. i think it was "gq," right? a "gq" magazine is not exactly penthouse. but she was on the cover of "gq" magazine, an artsy picture but she was a model. really successful. she didn't need to marry me. she was making a lot of money, believe me. i had to work hard to get her to marry me. it wasn't that easy. it's true. you think i'm kidding.
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so they released this picture, which was, you know, to the people of the state of utah. i love utah. i love the people of utah. but that's not where you want to necessarily send a risque picture. everybody in utah got a picture. and i don't think they showed that it was "gq." i don't even think they showed. they took the "gq" off. they cut all the stuff off. they didn't say it was a magazine cover from a reasonably respected magazine and it was more -- i'm saying it just to clear it up. i didn't do anything. then when i saw somebody pleaded a picture of melania and a picture of heidi -- i think by the way is a very nice woman and a very beautiful woman. i think heidi cruz is a great person. i think it's the best thing he's got going and his kids if you want to know the truth. [applause] donald trump: in a certain way, although he's got good intellect
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but he doesn't know how to use it. debater but heod didn't go well in the debate against me. according to every poll. i mean, every poll, this great debater except he lost in every single debate. so that takes care of the heidi thing. because heidi is a terrific woman. he said that was a pack. we had nothing to do. a lot of us are shrill people. we're not babies. his people were on the pack. so he said we have nothing to do. we had -- now, probably you could traits down with e-mails but probably it's just phone calls. but, look, it was a pack with many of his friends. it was a cruz super pac. i think he even said it wasn't meant for us. it was a cruz pack. it was his people. ok. so they sent out the first picture. please remember that. number two, his father. i don't know his father. i met him once. i think he's a lovely guy. i think he's a lovely guy.
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all i did is point out the fact that on the cover of the "national inquirer," there's a cture of him and crazy lee harvey oswald having breakfast. now, ted never denied it was his father. instead, he said donald trump, i have nothing to do with it. this was a magazine that frankly in many respects, should be very respected. they got o.j. they got edwards. they got this. i mean, if that was the "new york times," they would have gotten pulitzer prizes for their reporting. i've always said, why didn't the "national inquirer" get the pulitzer prize for edwards and o.j. sim on and all of these things? but anyway, they have an old picture, having breakfast with lee harvey oswald. i'm not saying anything. they said -- and here's how the press takes that story. so except i might have pointed it
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out but it had nothing to do with me. i had no control over anything. donald trump quintet with his conspiracy theories and said that his father assassinated [indiscernible] at this two points he said about the endorsement and i had it cleared up. one, anything you understand
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if i have kids that like me, how bad can i be? right? they like their daddy. they like their father. i have smart children and good children. i think they were the start of the convention. mike, i think they saved us. to finish, this was an amazing period of time.
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this was an amazing convention. i just heard -- come up for a second. a few of you may have seen them is a facebook twitter junkie. that was the first time i have seen him look up in seven months. nobodybook, twitter and that stuff better than dan. why do you give us a quick report because i had the numbers are astronomical? we are dealing in the modern age. a lot of people saying, what is this book and we are dealing in the modern age, do you want to hear this? wait until you hear the numbers. you will not believe them. >> thank you, president trump. [applause] i have to tell you -- #trumptrain, all here, right? [applause] this is surreal for everybody
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part of the campaign. exploded,st night facebook exploded, instagram exploded, did everybody see the videos on mr. trumps twitter, facebook and instagram account? tens and millions of views. just those videos in a four day to five day time frame, almost half a million new followers on facebook and mr. trumpet 10 million followers on twitter -- 10 million. [applause] again.ll never be done it is impossible to be done again. it is impossible with the platforms, a total of 22.5 millionfollowers, 22 and a half. i did not know how you do this every day. this is insane.
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monthsions on twitter per over one billion impressions on twitter. [applause] and similar -- the numbers will come out to facebook and they will probably be in the billions. of, so when mr. trump wants to get a message out, we get the videos out and when things are not working out with cnn or somebody, "it on his platform and get more views on one of his social media platforms he has. real donald trump on instagram and our next vice president of the united states is @mike_pence. he has been governor account but he is still the governor of indiana, so let's try to follow them there, give him engagements. we will be pushing out messages in the campaign.
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it is not only me, but brad, justin, whole team. we love you. this is awesome to come out and rain, let's #trumpt make america great again. thank you. [applause] are my reallywhat good choices in life, although i will confirm that in about 2.5 months from now, but i believe truly it will be one of my really great decisions, taking mike pence to run along with me. i would like to ask governor pence from the great state of indiana and we love indiana and bobby knight, who i love, and people fromul perdue, a lot of coaches out great but these guys are people and they loved mike, and
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maybe mike can say a few words. to write. [applause] -- thank you. [applause] mike pence: we are so humbled and grateful to all of you, the volunteers, the people wearing the blue shirts, the people that brought about the most exciting political convention of my entire lifetime. thank you for your extraordinary hours, to tireless all of those that did the setup, that are doing the tear down, thank you so much for creating a place where we can celebrate, the kind of leadership that america is embracing more and more every hour as we move toward the november elections. i just wanted to express the word of appreciation to all of you, all of you who came here, who came alongside this good man and his family from early on in
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this campaign. we are so excited to be a part of this team. my wonderful wife is with us today and rear hitting the campaign trail. [applause] are hitting the campaign trail together. [applause] having spent time with this man and his family, having seen his ability to connect and speak for the american people, i say with absolute confidence, if we work with all of our hearts for every day between now and election day, we will make donald trump the 45th president of the united states of america and we will make america great again. thank you and god bless you and let's get it done. [applause] >> trump, trump, trump, trump.
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donald trump: thank you. one thing i wanted to leave it, supreme court justices. no matter how much you like or dislike, no matter what your feelings, whether you are the governor of ohio, a senator from texas -- [laughter] or any of the other people that badly --easily and so that i beat so easily and so that the coming have no choice, you have to go for trump. clinton gets it, she is going to replace, and last night, i called him a beloved justice scalia. and he will get somebody as close to him in his abuse and
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philosophy as possible, conservative, all the things you want and the things we stand for as a party. i promise you that. that is why i issued 11 names because being an outsider, they said, we do not know, suppose a liberal judge. we have a lot of ideas that people do not normally have, right? i did not know it they believed me, we don't know, what happens if we elect him and then he puts up a liberal judge. our conservative republican presidents have not done so well with the judges, have they? we have obamacare and it should have been knocked out twice because of the appointment. [applause] much better. that is what i put out the list of 11 judges, but no matter what you think of donald trump, as a republican, if that is what you you are a is, if
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great, great believer in the constitution, you have no choice. i hate to say it. ter orr you are a ha lover, and last night, i do not think there was one hater. that was packed. no seats and those seats were selling for a lot of money on ebay. you're going for big numbers. i was thinking about taking 10 tickets or 12 tickets and saying, let's go. they were selling for a lot of money. amazing. just remember, supreme court justices. i want to finish, we have had some incredible support because when i started, everyone said, they now say, you can do that, these were the same people that said, he will run but he will not run and i ran, and they
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said, oh, and then they said, but he will not win, and then i started off at 6%, which is high because i was there for two days. people forgot. to 12, 18, andt every week, i said, that is the ceiling and he cannot do more than that. we go from six, and i saw them in the audience, and we go from six to 12 to 18 and then, they go, that is the ceiling. run, and if he runs, he will just the doing it for .un this is a lot of work, folks. i did not need this, this was not exactly the schedule. i saw how badly our country is doing and how easy it will be to aloneback trade deals will make an impact like you will not believe. money will come in, and then you
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look at the military where it is so depleted and we are taking care of other nations and i went to continue but they have to pay us. they have to pay us. [applause] i remember years ago, i said, i never quite understood it because they said, the united states spends 10 times the money on its military than anybody else in the world. surprising, but i was building buildings and things and never gave it that much thought, and then i realized and i remember that we spent so much are protecting everybody in the world, all these nations and these are rich nations and great nations, japan, they send their cars, make a fortune and do not pay us. i do not want to make a profit, pay it went it costs and maybe
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we cannot get it. you have to be prepared to walk. you have two. hillary clinton came out when she heard what i said about japan, a rich nation and they are rich because of us if you think about it. angelesrs, ego to los and you see massive ships and it looks like nascar. by the way, thank you the owner of nascar, he endorsed donald trump. i love nascar. richard petty endorsed me, a lot of the great drivers, but it is like these -- it is like richard petty driving and coming out of these massive ships but they do not pay us. and the general gets up and the general says, mr. trump is wrong . doesn't he understand that japan pays us 50% of the cost of defending that? great. they say, mr. trump, can we have a comment?
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yes, why don't they pay 100%? [laughter] [applause] , and south korea, 28,000 soldiers and think of this, saudi arabia, saudi arabia would not be there for one week if we pulled out. they have nothing but money, nothing but money, so much money that they do not know what to do with it. who is making the deals for us? what do you like that has a massive impact on our budgets, economics as a country? we are up to $19 trillion and nobody even knows -- i could take the great harold hand and say, tell me what $1 trillion is, and although he is worth almost one training, so he may know. most people do not know what that is. so much. they would not know how to find it, so here is the story. we are going to do something special and our message caught
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on. when i started this, we had all these pundits saying it would not happen and i had a little staff. corey was great. i have to tell you. [applause] he has been very loyal and he has been on cnn and the has really been fighting for me, which is nice. i respect that a lot. hope, where is hope? get up your, hope. the legendary hope, come on up. she is shy, get her out here. come on. we had a small but tough team. here is hope. not lifting over that barricade properly. she is shy, a very shy person but great person. she has done an amazing job. we had a staff of between george -- where is george?
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get over here. stand up over here. i got hope up but she cannot get ,o the secret service people and what happens, so we had a small staff and i got criticized that says, so and so -- i will not use names because i don't want to embarrass anybody -- so and so has spent much more than trump and then i win. we don't get any credit. you are supposed to get credit if you have smaller stop and small payroll, but in politics, you don't get credit. i want to thank my entire group. we beefed it up because we are in the final stretch. 3.5 months. paul has done an amazing job. where is paul? [applause] good, you made it. -- ands done a fantastic all of paul's people. we really do have a great staff
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of talented people, great staff and most of them are right here. john, everybody, my man right here, michael. michael, get up in, michael. get a little tv time. i do not know if he will be hired for hollywood, i tend to doubt it, but you never know. come on up. we have a great group of people. people thatup of really wants to win and i think knows how to win. we have been winning all the lives. this group of people in front of me, i know so many of you. we have been winning all our lives. we have exactly three months and three weeks. i am going to be working so hard. not like last time whether disappeared for the last 1.5 months, where is everyone and what happened? and give obama credit, he was all over the place, but we will not disappear.
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we have a really great chance of taking our country back, change, and of getting great supreme court justices. [applause] everybody.hank i love you, folks. this has been an incredible movement. i love you. i know so many of you. we are going to go all the way, and i will tell you what -- when we get there, we will make america great again. i love you. thank you, everybody. thank you. [applause] ♪
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♪ afters than one day accepting the republican party nomination, donald trump speaking to supporters at the westin hotel in cleveland, joined by his running mate mike pence