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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2016 6:01pm-8:00pm EDT

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sitting around a table with the lgbt community. team. of the s.w.a.t. a county commissioner and a muslim who has been embracing the lgbt community. [ cheers and applause ] i was so proud. was so proud. well, but i'm proud of everybody this country who gets up every day and makes a and does your part! and what the folks in orlando me was so touching. have to stand against hatred, no matter who it's against." hatred, religious hatred,
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homophobia, xenophobia, all of that affect the souls. againstave to stand violence. everywhere. includes standing up for common sense gun safety measures! [ cheers and applause ] now i want to say something else. because this is serious to me. i am so grateful for all the opportunities and blessings i've had. by them so humbled prospect of being nominated next
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philadelphia. but here's what i want you to hear. do everything i can to make life better for hardworking americans. i will do everything i can to bring people together. will do everything i can to keep us safe, and i know a that. bit about [ cheers and applause ] can't put this -- you know, you can't really put this law, is what i'm about to say. but we need more love and this [ cheers and applause ] we need more respect between and our fellow americans. toneed to be listening more each other.
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[ cheers and applause ] need arething we leaders who try to divide us are.more than we we should be working to reach out to those who are different from us. our differences which make up diversity, makes the united strongest, bes best-positioned country in the the 21st century. [ cheers and applause ] [crowd chanting:usa! . >> i am proud to be an american,
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and i want to be sure that our our grandchildren samethe same pride and the opportunity to have the access to the american dream that so many of us have had so that they enjoy the fruits of freedom and liberty, justice and opportunity! [ cheers and applause ] now look. i understand there is a constituency for the fear and last week.hat we saw i know there are people who are insecure and anxious lives.heir about their futures. they worry that maybe they're high ang to have as standard of living as their
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parents or grandparents or as they themselves hoped. i know that there's a lot of about all the changes that are happening in the world. globalization. i understand all that. have respect those who legitimist concerns and questions. i've never known america to quit on ourselves. never known us to give up challenges.of tough basically known us to retreat into the kind of isolationism that was being advertised at their convention. that is not who we are. are not the values that made this a great country. and don't ever forget, we are a country already!
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[cheers and applause] now can we do better? of course we can! can we be fairer? we provide more ladders of opportunity? yes, we can! exactly what i intend greatif i'm given the privilege of being your president. day --work every single [cheers and applause] to make your dreams come true. make you believe that america's future can be even our past.n we are a forward-looking nation, we?'t [cheers and applause] set ourow that if we goals and we work to achieve them, we will. always been
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this country has always for the american people. we've had some challenging times. we've taken some detours. a long time for some people to be given the same everybody else. we know that. [cheers and applause] is no place on earth that historically has continued to move forward toward that more-perfect union. the last thing we need is somebody running for president trash about america. [cheers and applause] thishope you know that campaign is really going to take work.of
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i hope you will join us. yourope you will take phones out and text "join" 47246. or go to my website, to get involved. this,want to tell you especially the young and young at heart. applause]d we are hiring organizers right here in florida! [cheers and applause] if you would like to apply, go website. energetic, very most enthusiastic people because our success in the i-4 corridor is winning. to our [cheers and applause] about thisited
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campaign. because i believe that when it's said and done, all of the speeches with all the side , people havever stopped yelling at us at the top their lungs like they did all week. [ laughter ] that we will choose to be stronger together. [cheers and applause] that's what i'm counting on. that's what i, in my heart, is the right course for our country. the only course, the only withe that leads us confidence and optimism into the
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future. and i know that we are up to the task. i know we are. and particularly to all the people who are here today -- [cheers and applause] is always about the future. this election is truly about your future. [cheers and applause] askeday in orlando when i table whatround the needed,ted, what they said, we need
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people to understand what we've gone through. there for us, for the long term. help all those who all theected in families. and we need to stand up against divisiveness. [cheers and applause] can sum upt way i what i hope this election will to, the conclusion we will together in november, and for the nextill do four years. [cheers and applause] -- [cheers and applause]
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beit really is great to among so many optimistic people. [ laughter ] want you towhat i remember. my last thought for you today. just remember "love trumps hate! " [cheers and applause] ♪[ music ] [my fight song playing] ♪[ music ] no power's burned up ♪ ♪ i'll be strong i'll sing my fight song ♪ don't really care if for me ♪obody else ♪ i've still got a lot of fight me ♪in ♪ a lot of fight left in me
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3600 supporters of hillary clinton in tampa, florida late this afternoon. from the fire marshal there. hillary clinton campaigning in florida today and tomorrow.
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we'd like to get your thoughts now on what you heard democratic presidential candidate, the presumptive nominee in tampa. your screen. on we welcome our c-span radio listeners. if you're a republican number, number (202)748-8921. all otherse and (202)867-8922. a lot of speculation that would name her vice presidential running mate. still hasn't happened. of course the day is not over. and we'll be with hillary clinton again tomorrow in miami at noon eastern time here on c-span. and we may have a vice presidential running mate at that point. calls.o right to your first up is jeff in florida, in lucie on the line for
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democrats. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> i want to let you know every for officecrat runs the republicans seem to find dirt on them. they don't stick -- the republicans do not stick the issues, the democrat does. now why? democrats are for the working people and not for the wealthy people. the republicans all for the wealthy. democrat doesa good for the working people, if dirt, theyfind create dirt. >> thanks jeff. we'll see what a republican has to stay. monroe, michigan. you're on the air. >> i am a republican. veteran. i am disabled. listening to hillary, half the stuff that she's done in her past, i've had to take people to for that. now how can the democrats lower
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standards to hire a thief and a liar. i'm sorry. >> thank you for your call. patty you're up next in on the independence line. >> yes. i try to vote for the best candidate. gone both democratic and republican. hillary. voting for i've been observing all the candidates, but what was with regard tome donald trump was his demeanor his his family and children. they seem very rigid. structured. it's just a personal observation. i hope bernie sanders toporters will come over hillary's camp. so please continue to do allllent reporting on candidates. thank you for listening. >> thanks for calling. going to birmingham, alabama on for democrats, grant joining us now.
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us now.en joining >> good evening. i am fired up and ready to go. hillary.roud of she gave such an inspirational rally just now. this.e let me say alabama.ack woman from born in the '40's. came up through civil rights, segregation, never went to a mixed school, always went to all-black. me tell you something. america is the greatest country in the world. one, donald trump, that light he painted last night. america.t we love america. this country has did so much for us. everybody needs to get along. let's work together. we need to come together like and work we are stronger together. this is the greatest country in the world. nobody tell you that. this is a black woman, born in '40's, came up in alabama.
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and through segregation, america is a beautiful country. this country gave us a lot. to talkrump, you need about another country, because it's not america. have a great day. campaigninglinton in tampa, florida. she'll be in miami tomorrow. coveringthere as well that live at noontime here on c-span as our road to the white house coverage continues. three days away from the democratic national convention in philadelphia. our live coverage of that starting monday afternoon at 3:00 eastern time. continuing to take your calls linn joining us on the republican line from glen allen, virginia. hi, linn. >> hi. buta registered republican, i listen to all candidates. am very, very, very disappointed with the republican year.this both by their candidate and their stance on guns and the environment. and as much as i've never ever supporter, iillary
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definitely think she's a much better candidate than donald trump. calling. for to daryl in maryland, an caller.ent >> hey. that trumpnteresting is always criticized for not how he'secifics on going to resolve things. well, just listening -- i've hillary on many occasions as well. that she wants things for america. she wants us all to be together i don't hear specifics from her. i hear she wishes things and wants certain things, but i how -- what her plans are to do that. i'm kind of frustrated by that, hearing how -- what the plans are, what the toicies are that are going change the way things are. especially for inner cities and
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where people aren't doing as well in this country. ofi'd like to hear more that. >> do you feel like you've heard that from the republican side, ticket? trump >> i don't think i have heard it honestly.r side i feel like -- it's frustrating on both sides, but i feel like the criticism only goes on one side. i've seen it on both sides. know, i don't know if they're trying to just be in have an like let's inspiring message to try to get people fired up, but not get specifics? if it's just a personality contest as opposed to what concrete things would actually make things better. i'm looking for more of the concrete things, not just the good or the popular thing to say. you know? >> all right. calling, bill. let's go to lolitta next in mobile, alabama. democratic caller. >> how are you doing?
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>> great. >> caller: i'm calling to see how we're going to start fighting for hillary here. old.9 years i know the folks. clinton.illary we want to know how we can here. some campaign going on. >> all right. calling.r to another florida caller. bill joining us on the independence line. >> caller: hello. thanks for taking my call. the been watching both ,epublican and the democrat through the whole thing. and i'm leaning strongly for trump, because he's more sense on jobs and .ringing the economy back
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and to make america whole again. the last administration -- you know, i've seen more in my 60 years of age, i've seen more country withn our the democrats than i've ever seen since the '60's. guns think grabbing the and all this would just cause more problems, because it's going to be thugs. and we need to create jobs to don't have to grab a gun or sell drugs or something to make a living. we need to get america back to work again. >> thank you. in new hartford new york joining us next on the republican line. >> caller: i'm thoroughly disgusted.
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hillary andned to had to turn her off. she is nothing but a liar. blatantly lied to the .merican people and that's what he endured the his life,e hours of steven, and she had the audacity talk to the tv and american people and say it was a video, it was this and that. the families and lie. how can you believe a world this woman says? e-mails are disgraceful, and she's got three more e-mails investigation started, that charges had to be brought against her. cannot understand why she's even allowed to run. and not to mention what she did in new york state. it's totally- disgraceful. and thank god we have someone like donald trump running. okay? thank you. >> hillary clinton to accept the
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thenation next week at democratic national convention in philadelphia. that begins on monday. the democratic question here on c-span. you can listen on the c-span and get video on to mary in willard, north carolina. another republican caller. thoughts about the hillary clinton rally in tampa today? it's disgusting. i am a republican. i'm 68 years old. have never seen any woman murderuld get by with a other than hillary clinton and not have to pay the price. somebody inn't get the white house besides that lying woman, we're going to be trouble. and i'm going to tell you what. donald trump is going to get the america. he is going to make us great
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again. that greatot really right now, because we don't really have our freedoms. to the to listen bureaucrats in washington to know what we can do. think it's a crying shame that the world has gone down down since obama office. in >> let's get another call from north carolina. this time a democratic caller. with us -- cindy is with us. >> i just want to say i'm very, very proud of hillary clinton. an amazing job. trump.initely trumped today i was feeling depressed after hearing donald trump. he put the fear in people and he puts the fear in kids. he's rude. he's cruel. he's like the joker on batman. on disabled people. we're all for hillary. all for hillary. in there.eed a joker my 12-year-old wants to speak
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about this. >> thanks for calling. jersey. to new bellford, new jersey. michael on the independence line. michael. >> good afternoon and thank you for taking my call. a 71-year-old independent. a true independent. and democrat.ican i might have wanted to vote this time around if my guy waysic and rubio -- and rubio were on the ticket. i think that would be the only compete, note, necessarily win, but compete against hillary clinton with the elecatorial votes from ohio and florida which the republicans will need to win. i'm happy to see what's happening with the republican chickens have the come home to roost. they have been spewing this separation and population since obama became president.
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they had their opportunities on the election floor on the primary. when donald trump said that a hero, heot insulted not only everybody who a day in hotel -- he was in trump hotel. and these guys suffered in the hilton. and the shame if you think about and thed war ii soldiers that had to surrender, heroes?e not and when the republicans on that stage didn't call trump out for slanderous statement was a disgrace. how any veteran can vote for is beyond me. so the chickens have come home the republican party. and i'm very glad to see it. now they've made their bed with and they're going to have to sleep in it. come november, the republicans to find out what it really looks like when the
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catches up actually to the speeding car. it's not going to be pretty. look at the prettiness in this clinton. hillary i'm impressed as a 71-year-old person to see so many young so when they say that theary hasn't attracted young audience, they don't need a poll to show me. just take a look at this audience. it's the future of this country. yourhe people that call station who say they're 71 years ashamed ofo be themselves. "the trouble with born sole is they were long ago. they just don't look to the future." for taking my >> thanks for the call. hillary clinton continuing to be in tampa.upporters the state fairgrounds there. in tampa,ainment hall florida. she will continue her two-day today. florida earlier
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she was in orlando. we heard her refer to that part trip. and miami tomorrow at noon eastern time. another rally coming up. we'll have that for you live here on c-span. time for a few more calls here. to the west coast. beaumont, california and sonja joining us on the republican line. >> hello. thank you for taking my call. i've been a democrat all my life. i'm 77 years old and i'm voting for a republican, donald trump. i'm disgusted with what happened benghazi and when i hear the wampseal speak and when i the 48 hours with the other seals that and when he was on the top of the roof, and he had to throw the roof of that place. it's a disgrace what the clintons have done to this country, taking in all these refugees. and we have to support them?
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to come in the right way from mexico too, like in.ybody else comes they're sending all these others which if mexico's -- the of -- if is so proud the people are proud of being in then why are they trying to come over here? if they're that proud to stay there. so that's all i have to say. i'm just tired of paying my taxes and supporting all these illegals. call.nk you for your linda in dublin, texas. you're up next. line for independents. >> that's right. linda.head, >> all right. i want to tell you i am the proud mother of a marine. i do not -- a united states marine. listened to four days answers nd gloom and no
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answers. clinton,ng for hillary and i am proud of it. oh, unless someone here is you are the mother-in-law of a united states air forceman. so this is one proud family that now is smiling. gloom. doom and >> all right, linda. thank you very much. lucille in tennessee on the democrats line. looks like you'll get the last word in lucille. go ahead. >> thanks. i'm a 72-year-old woman. mye been a democrat all life. and i'm proud to say that i like what the clintons did. for some of the mistakes they've made, but there hasn't been one person in that before kennedy that hasn't made some sort of a mistake. of these people that are voting for president have
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president -- that have been president have made mistakes. turmoil, notis in in trouble, but in turmoil, because of one person. talks about, he jobs and bringing jobs and all this. he can't even find [ indiscernible ] from this country. so i'm pretty fed up with him. i would tellway, everyone in this country to vote for hillary. god bless her and thank you for taking my call. >> and thank you lucille for calling. the white house coverage continues here on atpan, tomorrow saturday, noon eastern time. another hillary clinton rally. this time in miami. be live there. and we may or may not see a vice running mate at her side. the reports today that hillary clinton would make that selection today, and then potentially have that person with her tomorrow. just have to wait and see how that will turn out. but we'll have live coverage
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c-span. and then of course the democratic national convention gets underway monday afternoon at 3:00 eastern time. live from philadelphia. onare with it all week long c-span. also on the c-span radio app. video atmand every minute of both conventions on c-span. if you didn't get a chance to see it. we're going to show you the clinton campaign rally that just ended a short time ago in tampa.
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>> is florida hillary country? [cheers and applause] i know you all have been waiting a long time. i'm going to make some very short remarks. about want you to think what is at stake for not only this country, but for planet earth. [cheers and applause] a contrast is always of candidates, and this election more clearly defined in that contrast. ready. someone who is we have someone who is ready, president, but to be commander in chief. applause]d
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we have someone who has the compassion to know how people are hurting and what to do for them. someone who understands the future of this country is ability to educate our people and train our people for global competition. [cheers and applause] knows have someone who how to bring us together. [cheers and applause] when i flew in space and i looked out the window of that spacecraft 30 years ago. and ied back at earth didn't see political divisions. see ethnict
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divisions. i didn't see racial divisions. i saw is that we are all in this together. applause]d and if we can remember that as getting ready to go to the voting booth. to tell yourmember need is tot what we get along together, we'd be a better off. [cheers and applause] and so hillary will not only be commander in chief as president, unifier inl be the chief, and that is what we so desperately need. [cheers and applause]
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i'm traveling with hillary around the states. this statell over trying to help her as you will. you for what you are doing. [cheers and applause] say god bless you and when we elect hillary as america., god bless [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please dicaprio.
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>> good afternoon tampa! ." [cheers and applause] native.ampa [cheers and applause] i am also a wife and a mother of a 14-year-old son named conner. morning i wake up thinking about conner and about the future we're building for him. i've been an educator in this community for the past 20 years. [cheers and applause] teacher,s a classroom and now as an elementary school principal. applause]d i was fortunate to be raised by and verycaring hard-working parents. cateringtheir own business. my mother who is also named spanish and cuban descent, and also a tampa
6:45 pm
native. her mother, velia, was a cigar ibor city, and later her and my grandfather, i don't opened -- jose opened a shop in west tampa that specialized in making cuban bread. i remember as a child going to the bakery every day, and i would love to listen to the people that would gather and politics. over cuban bread and cafe con leche. [cheers and applause] isfather, tony dicaprio who no longer with us. of italian descent. korean war veteran who served with the united states air force and was stationed here in tampa. instilled ine that me the importance of voting. means to be a democrat.
6:46 pm
[cheers and applause] priority every year since i was 18 years old to vote. first vote in my 1992 was for bill clinton. applause]d but it wasn't until just a few decidednths ago that i it was time to be active and show my support for the values that this very campaign is defending. buildingan any that works -- economy that works for everyone. not just for those that are on top. neighborhoods and our communities and our country safe. [cheers and applause] most importantly, respecting each other. applause]d and bringing people from all backgrounds together to make a difference and create solutions. an all-girls school
6:47 pm
growing up here in tampa, and taught me the belief that women are strong. [cheers and applause] wante can do whatever we if we put our minds to it. work every day trying to make a difference in my lives, and in the hard-working lives of my teachers. that our children's futures are bright and safe, and that we do everything we can to prepare them to be productive citizens. that's why i feel that leadership is a calling. and hillary clinton is the leader to bring us together to nextthis happen as the president of our united states! i believe what hillary believes. we are stronger together.
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[cheers and applause] but i know this mission goes beyond me. one person.nd just we can only do this if we stick community and as a country. nationat and diverse needs a leader who understands makesur diversity is what us so strong. and who understands that we need other up and not tear each other down. [cheers and applause] leader.ary is just that [cheers and applause] ladies and gentlemen. [cheers and applause] the nextn welcoming !resident of the united states !illary clinton
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katy perry playing] [cheers and applause]
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"]rowd chanting "hillary thank you clinton: tampa. thank you all. thank you so much! [cheers and applause] whoa! win anready to go election in november? [cheers and applause] well, i think after the last week what we saw in cleveland, better be ready to go win an election in november. [cheers and applause] want to thank delia for those wonderful words about her life tampa and here in strong endorsement. my long timenk
6:51 pm
friend and colleague from the bille, your senator, nelson. i also want to thank your great bobr, mayor i also have a few others to thank because i'm thrilled to have so many strong florida leaders here with us today. commissioner les miller. soon to bernor and congressman charlie crist! [cheers and applause] friedman.or sandy and we have a great group of state representatives council and so many more. i'm grateful to each and every us.of you who are here with i got to tell you. did any of you watch that cleveland?in
6:52 pm
[booing] well, you know, it was kind of flattering. [ laughter ] it's hard to believe they spent talking about me and no time talking about jobs healthcare! or now no matter what your political leanings, i think we all agree that never in the o -- of conventions think even- but i more broadly, have we moved pointingogether by fingers and scapegoating and blaming people, instead of sleeves, getting a plan together and then working to achieve it. [cheers and applause] i mean something has gone terribly wrong when one speaker
6:53 pm
conscience" and gets booed. [cheers and applause] never thought i would say these words, but ted cruz was right. [ laughter ] [ applause ] in this election, do the right your conscience. vote for your future. vote for a united states of america! [cheers and applause] "hillary!nting . >> look, you know, i think many us felt that those speakers,
6:54 pm
including of course their nominee, were not talking about the country we know and love. about the't talking work people do every day, the try to seize.we neighbors helping neighbors. of that.hear any about donaldrd divisiveark and vision. it to aht's speech took whole new level. he offered a lot of fear and anger, and resentment. about anythings that he even talked about! applause]d he didn't have a jobs program,
6:55 pm
did he. no!rowd: >> all that talk about keeping people safe, i didn't hear any he's going toat do to support our police. to make sure that we are all working together. could listen to that speech and you could think, my america ise believes in decline. say, as he said prettyst night, i was shocked. fix this."alone can [booing] now just think about that for a minute. it's really important. america is one where we americans are kind of helpless. we need to be rescued?
6:56 pm
no!rowd: >> hillary clinton: i can't really imagine him on a white horse. ]laughter but that seems to be what he's telling us. can fix it. understand that americans, we americans, we are big-hearted, results-oriented, generous america! [cheers and applause] i've spent a lot of time, a lot of wonderful times traveling across our country. and i've seen people fixing all things. i've met educators like delia, anding with teachers parents to turn around schools and give kids a better chance. [cheers and applause]
6:57 pm
businesses and entrepreneurs who get up every day and work really hard. know when they make a contract for their goods or expect toices, they be paid. [cheers and applause] i've met so many wonderful men and women who serve in our military. they know their job, the great responsibility that they fulfill. and they get up every day and they do their best. but i've never heard one of them alone." i can fix it [cheers and applause] i was in orlando before i came here to tampa. [cheers and applause]
6:58 pm
and i had the great honor of sitting and talking with some of residents of that beautiful city. are doingg what they together, to deal with the the worst mass shooting in american history. mayor spoke with great pride his city had responded responded. captain in charge of the s.w.a.t. team talked with conviction about how when , the policerrived in orlando were ready. they had trained. supported each other. they were ready. cancaptain didn't say "i fix it alone." a said "i'm a member of
6:59 pm
team." the best team that anybody could have. applause]d i met some of the hospital and medical personnel who were there the wounded, and worked heroically to save lives. everyone of them doing his or her part. nursing. doing everything. i didn't meet any one of them it said "hey, i can fix alone." [cheers and applause] i've never heard of an american someone whot least wants to be an american leader, all we need. he's democracy, my
7:00 pm
friends. a revolutionwe had to make sure we didn't have iteone who said "i can fix !lone" the other thing he said that really shocked me -- it is hard to know where to start, isn't it? well, last night donald told us, i am your voice. [booing] mrs. clinton: well, i don't think he speaks for most americans, do you? he doesn't speak for small businesses like the ones he has consistently stiffed and driven
7:01 pm
into bankruptcy and financial peril. he doesn't speak for the work men that he has employed on his various projects and then refuse to pay them. he doesn't speak for the housekeepers and the cooks and everybody working at a hotel in las vegas that he owns that have voted to have a union and he refuses to even talk to them. [booing] mrs. clinton: he doesn't speak for immigrants. he only speaks against immigrants. he doesn't speak for people with disabilities. he doesn't speak for our military, which he has insulted
7:02 pm
consistently, and in in particular, prisoners of war who sacrificed much of their life because they serve us. and contrary to what they tried to say at their convention, i don't think he speaks for women. >> no! mrs. clinton: i don't think he speaks for working families who would be devastated by his reckless economic policies. he doesn't speak for anyone who thinks our country should be standing together, not splintering apart. he sure doesn't speak for me, because i know we are stronger together, and that's what we are going to be next year! [cheers and applause]
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>> hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! mrs. clinton: now, starting on monday in philadelphia, we will offer a very different vision. it's about building bridges, not walls between people. it's about making the economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. it's about embracing our diverse city that does make our country great. i have to tell you, in orlando to people listening
7:04 pm
who had been there that night, meeting a mother whose son had died from meeting others who barely escaped after hiding from that killer, sitting around a table with leaders at the lgbt community, leader of the swat team, a county commissioner, and imam, who has been embracing the lb gc community -- , i was soommunity proud, but i am proud of everybody in this country who gets up every day and makes a contribution and does your part.
7:05 pm
and what the folks in orlando said to me was so touching. to stand, we have against hatred, no matter who it is against. hates, that inse , and we have to stand against violence everywhere. and that is includes standing up for common sense gun safety measures! [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: now, i want to say something else. i really do. because this is serious to me. i love this country.
7:06 pm
i am so grateful for all the opportunities and blessings i've had. and i am so humbled by the prospect of being nominated next week in philadelphia. but here's what i want you to hear. i will do everything i can to make life better for hardworking americans. i will do everything i can to bring people together. i will do everything i can to keep us safe, and i know a little bit about that. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: now you can't put this -- you know, you can't really put this into law, is what i'm about to say. but we need more love and kindness in this country.
7:07 pm
[cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: we need more respect between and among our fellow americans. we need to be listening more to each other. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: the last thing we need are leaders who try to divide us even more than we are. we should be working to reach out to those who are different from us. our differences, which make up our diversity, makes the united states the strongest, best-positioned country in the world for the 21st century. [cheers and applause] >> usa! >> usa! usa!
7:08 pm
usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! mrs. clinton: i am proud to be an american, and i want to be sure that our children and our grandchildren have the same pride and the same opportunity to have the access to the american dream that so many of us have had so that they too can enjoy the fruits of freedom and liberty, justice and equality and opportunity! [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: now, look, i understand there is a constituency for the fear and the anger that we saw last week. i know there are people who are feeling insecure and anxious
7:09 pm
about their lives, about their futures. they worry that maybe they're not going to have as high a standard of living as their parents or grandparents or as they themselves hoped. i know that there's a lot of angst about all the changes that are happening in the world. technology, globalization. i understand all that. and i respect those who have legitimist concerns and questions. but i've never known america to quit on ourselves. i've never known us to give up in the face of tough challenges. i've never known us to basically retreat into the kind of isolationism that was being advertised at their convention. that is not who we are. those are not the values that
7:10 pm
made this a great country. and don't ever forget, we are a great country already! [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: now, can we do better? of course we can! can we be fairer? can we provide more ladders of opportunity? yes, we can! and that's exactly what i intend to do if i'm given the great privilege of being your president. i will work every single day -- [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: to make your dreams come true. to make you believe that america's future can be even better than our past. we are a forward-looking nation, aren't we? [cheers and applause]
7:11 pm
mrs. clinton: and i know that if we set our goals and we work to achieve them, we will. it has always been thus. this country has always delivered for the american people. now, we've had some challenging times. we've taken some detours. it took a long time for some people to be given the same rights as everybody else. we know that. but there is no place on earth that historically has continued to move forward toward that more-perfect union. the last thing we need is somebody running for president who talks trash about america. [cheers and applause]
7:12 pm
mrs. clinton: so i hope you know that this campaign is really going to take a lot of work. i hope you will join us. you hope you will take your phones out and text "join" 47246. or go to my website,, to get involved. and i want to tell you this, especially the young and young at heart -- we are hiring organizers right here in florida! if you would like to apply, go to that website. we want the very most energetic, enthusiastic people, because our
7:13 pm
success in the i-4 corridor is essential to our winning. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: and i'm excited about this campaign. because i believe that when it's all said and done, all of the scary speeches with all the side effects are over, people have stopped yelling at us at the top of their lungs like they did all week -- that we will choose to be stronger together. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: that's what i'm counting on. that's what i, in my heart,
7:14 pm
believe is the right course for our country. it is the only course, the only course that leads us with confidence and optimism into the future. and i know that we are up to the task. i know we are. and particularly to all the young people who are here today -- [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: every election is always about the future. this election is truly about your future. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: so today in orlando, when i asked everybody
7:15 pm
around the table what they wanted, what they needed, they basically said, we need people to understand what we've gone through, to be there for us, for the long term, to help us help all those who were affected in all the families, and we need to stand up against hate and divisiveness. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: and the best way i can sum up what i hope this election will lead to, the conclusion we will reach together in november, and the work we will do for the next four years --
7:16 pm
[cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: is -- [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: it really is great to be among so many optimistic people. but here is what i want you to remember. my last thought for you today. just remember love trumps hate! [cheers and applause] ♪
7:17 pm
clintonard hillary talking about the republican national convention. president obama also spoke about it. here is what he said about
7:18 pm
donald trump convention speech. : some of thema some fears that were talked about last week do not jive with the facts. when it comes to crime, the violent crime rate in america has been lower during my presidency than any time in the last three or four decades. and although it is true that we have seen an uptick in murders and violent crime in some cities this year, the fact of the matter is that the murder rate today, the violence rate today is far lower than it was when ronald reagan was president and lower than when i took office.
7:19 pm
we have just gone through a tragic period where we saw both tragedy in minnesota and baton rouge, and then the insanity and viciousness of people targeting police officers. and we are all heartbroken by that and we are all troubled by how we can rebuild trust, support law enforcement, and make sure communities feel that they are being fairly policed. but the fact is that the rate of intentional killings of police officers is also significantly lower than it was when ronald reagan was president. those are facts. that's the data. when it comes to immigration, i think americans expect that
7:20 pm
our immigration process is orderly and it is legal. and we have put unprecedented resources at our border. well, it turns out that the rate of illegal migration into the united states today is lower by 2/3 than it was when ronald reagan was president. we have far fewer undocumented workers crossing the border today than we did in the 1980's, or the 1990's, or when george bush was president. that is a fact. >> hillary clinton has a campaign rally tomorrow at noon at miami. she is planning to announce for running mate at that event.
7:21 pm
you can see live on c-span. monday, the democratic national convention from philadelphia, 3:00 p.m. eastern time. every minute is live on c-span, c-span radio, and with video demand at tom cotton was in cleveland this week for the republican national convention. he sat down with a reporter to talk about the presidential race and this year's senate elections. this is 40 minutes. >> good afternoon, and welcome to the convention headquarters. we are happy to see you here. live,resident of atlantic and this is our first atlantic exchange at the convention, a conversation with tom cotton. a couple of notes. we are on twitter,
7:22 pm
#theatlanticrnc. for yourave time questions, so you can think what you want to ask, and on to our special guest. sen. cotton: is 39, the oldest person in the senate, a rising star. he has a law degree from harvard. a household name when he led the opposition to administration's agreement with iran, and now he r senate committee, and he is here today to talk about politics as. the floor is yours.
7:23 pm
>> i noticed the coolest part of his profile is he grew up on his family's farm in arkansas. were they don't count your beef cows? he said beef. if he ever had been as pets. i wanted to show how definitive you were. there is a friendly side of your pet heritage. you are vice chair of the national republican senatorial committee, which means you are responsible for what comes next in terms of the republicans in the senate. what would you consider to be a success? what would you get fired for?
7:24 pm
when we have election, committee seats do you think you will have one? ator cotton: we want to hold the senate. we will need to lose no fewer than three or four, depending on who wins the presidency. where ourd about incumbent senators and candidates are position. we have known this would be a top republican cycle. we had 24 senators running for reelection. the democrats will have 10. most of the competitive races are taking place in purple or blue states, but we have a lot of great senators, ron johnson, ayotte, who kelly are very good politicians in addition to being good senators. i am confident they will win,
7:25 pm
and we had a lot of good candidate running in other states as well, like a brigadier general who served in the army reserves, who is running to take harry reid's place. we know the races will be closer that i am pleased with the slate of candidates we have. >> right now you feel good. when you come in at 49 or 50 to --l that feel like that was that a mandate was carried by the other side, or was it more structural? cotton: i would be disappointed. if clinton were to win the white house, i would not be disappointed because so many people have known and with whom i have served who are think our picture of americans incapable senators would have lost their races. i am confident that will not be the case that we will hold our own.
7:26 pm
>> many of us have on my veland is how many gop out there. you have said this in your support of donald trump, but how big is that bandwidth to bring the people alone, and what are the issues that matter most as you talk to the american public? we are a diverse country. 320 5 million americans. arkansas is very different from maine. senator collins represents the maine. she is one of my closest friends in the senate. she is a good fit for her state.
7:27 pm
but in the end, whether you are a mainer or a new hampshireite, you share the basic concerns. most people have not seen a pay raise in the last eight years. they have seen the cost of living go up. families are struggling to make nc. they're worried about the chaos we see on the streets, around the country today whether it is racist killers assassinating police officers or the threat of islamic terrorism, the shootings we have seen in san bernardino and orlando or the kind of awful attack we saw last week in nice. when you look around the country, although we have root theyople, at have the same kind concerns everywhere you go. >> you were at and ideas festival that the aspen institute organized for another
7:28 pm
person there was caitlyn jenner, and she came out, said donald trump is the person she wants and that donald trump would be great for the trans community in america. does that bandwidth work for you? cotton: we want to appeal to all americans. it is true we do not always appeal to republicans, like, saying california. we want to be a party of all americans. the democrats over the last decade have been a party is a very eclectic and diverse group of voters, some of whom do not share the same common themes, that they find to win elections. we republicans want to appeal to americans as an american, be they old or young, black or white, hispanic, man or woman, we want to appeal to americans across a common set of concerns, gay, straight, or trans.
7:29 pm
a platformthat element was just about the ability of united states to sell ukraine weapons, offensive weapons, weapons in part to defend themselves against russian aggression. the fact that this has been taken out of the gop platform is one that i would find to be somewhat at odds with a lot of people who worry about the national security equities in the country right now. how do you square that? i have that conversation in a smart way with your caucus? if i could imagine if that have happened in the democratic caucus, and i do not know what is in their platform -- not haveotton: they do any democrats proposing. >> it would be interesting that you would raise big red flags. do you have similar concerns about your own party?
7:30 pm
senator cotton: the words have not been i think we should have long ago provided the crying with some weapons and additional intelligence they need to stand their own. i mentioned, the democratic party as well, early last year, most members of the senate armed services committee called for that. many members we now know from reporting of the obama administration of -- called for that early on. president obama has continued to resist that. my concert platform on foreign veryy, i think being specific and detailed is not called for just because the world is so dynamic and we don't know necessarily what will it look like him to her 20th as compared to the summer. that is the case every four
7:31 pm
years. i think i'm for policy and national security, when applied from should to do is announce the basic principles have is a party, how we handle a particular situation when there is a new president and congress, and prodigal judgment. -- practical judgment. i would hope ukraine decided new weapons and taylor. i hope that with -- russia has withdrawn all support. in the house sovereign territory. >> you worry a lot about national security. what do you worry about most? hardthink it is hard -- not to feel the worry that other leaders have about american withdrawal. >> a lot of worries. when it comes to national security. the most immediate, most urgent attacks,reat of terror including the threat of mass terror attacks. we had almost 50 americans killed in orlando and in nice,
7:32 pm
france, there were 84 killed. lord knows what the islamic state or al qaeda would do if they could get their hands on even more deadly weapons. more broadly, looking around the world at other adversaries like russia, like china, rogue states like iran and north korea, i worry about the loss of american deterrence and ability. deterrence was lost is a hard thing to read it. forceyour ability to use in your willingness. the point of having a credible deterrent is not to have to use force. one of the reasons we have the world's strongest military is so we don't have to use the military to begin with. our adversaries know nothing challenge us. unfortunately, over the last eight years, we have seen in a russian in our capabilities -- erosion in our capability. as a cuts over a trillion dollars. we're doing everything we can't just to keep our soldiers on the
7:33 pm
front lines properly trained and equipped. also, we have seen a loss of credible, the credibility of our threats. in the famous redline in syria through ack obama redline and did not enforce the redline. as you travel, you know and go to different security systems and they have different issues. they all have in common is the united states. specifically, united states credibility. when you go to security systems as of middle east, how many leaders will specifically cite the redline as a concern of theirs and what it means for the security. >> if the redline have been triggered and we had taken , butn and attacked assad it had led to some escalation with russia and led to that this
7:34 pm
person of loss or control of chemical weapons, with those have been tolerable costs to have had versus taking action on redline? >> i would take issue with the premise of the question. i would not say it led to an escalation with russia. andia escalated in syria saw the nonsense was not willing to defend interest in the interest of the allies. what we ended up cutting with a only a massive loss of credible deter did not enter -- syria from using weapons against their own people. been sarin gas there. i think the practical applications of that failure and additional and the broader security system around the world. >> when you were a soldier, we all want to thank you, you're a soldier and returning and i'm sure you're in touch with many of the people you thought with,
7:35 pm
i registered and soldiers that returns back and may not have gotten on the senator techrepublic track -- public service track. nany have come back to a economy that has been rough. i know a lot of relatives i have an oklahoma and texas and kansas, many of them support donald trump have been frustrated that they have gone out to sacrifice for the country and when they come home there are no jobs. have your colleagues and associates in the military felt that? have you felt that a deal was brokered by america somewhere? >> i have friends who have struggled to find work suited to their experiences and skill sets. people i thought with, people i trained with. i think it is probably the result of a lot of businesses not appreciating the skill sets and attributes you gain in the military. you learnfantrymen,
7:36 pm
in tangible skills that are valuable to any company. leadership, mission focused, discipline, teamwork and so forth. take walmart for instance. it does a great job of hiring veterans from my state. walmart can train anyone to operate a supply chain. they can teach people to run their inventory system. they can teach what we learned youombat and i think there see more companies in the world like walmart to appreciate not just attentional skills, some of them are during the -- transferable like in a palette in the air force. three --and therefore in the air force. ,he intangible skills they get they can get training. the second thing, just in general, as he said, our military is disproportionately represented by states like
7:37 pm
arkansas and missouri and oklahoma and other states. many of the states, the economy has not been doing as well as we might like. most voters are concerned about the well-being of family. in which thenomy bottom 80% of the households, the working poor of the middle class, have not seen a real pay increase or spirit economic growth. it will be hard for folks in those areas to get jobs in it happens that there disproportionally supplying the new recruits for our military. >> when you hear donald trump speaking to that community, i do come i listen to him and say i understand, i have about 102nd cousins and 97 of them support donald trump the other three are looking and say we don't get each other, tested with this inability to get a job. what is that like inside the
7:38 pm
republican caucus? this seems to be a new current. how deep is that when you say you support donald trump, you support your nominee, he will be dominated this week. are all the republican leaders jumping on? >> on the veterans issue, yes, donald trump has been a very strong advocate for veterans. lay down an important set of policy reform. some is built upon what we in the cars did two years ago 50 be did two act -- congress years ago with the va choice act. some is about the economy getting moving so everyone can find a job. no one will agree with everyone all the time. lots ofhat -- disagreements with my colleagues. i have some disagreements with donald trump as well. i think america will be safer and more prosperous with a republican president and a
7:39 pm
republican congress than with a democratic president. our agenda is better. >> have you hung out with donald trump? have you sat down with him? >> he said washington and met with senators. you have said that when he finally reached the intel that you read, he will think different way. as he acknowledged that? >> most recently, when donald was in washington visiting with senators, as are suggested to him back in march, our military needs a substantial increase in its budget. that will have to start early next year with an emergency supplemental spending didn'bill. you can debate about the money. the department can only assume so much money. we need in the first 100 days to have an emergency military
7:40 pm
increase and then build upon that in the next annual budget to get something back to what we would have been if we do not see the drastic cuts. i think donald trump strongly supports that and said he strongly supports increasing our defense budget. not so we can fight and win the war that we might be facing, but so we can stop the war from happening. what would you advise them to do on something like iran? some are saying it is a mixed record. one hand you have central cores and centrifuges taken apart. a of measurable points of success and we have not had a response in relation, donald trump says he would not rip up the deal. he would keep video. ted cruz says he would rip up the deal. what would you revise him -- advice and to do? >> iran is not following the
7:41 pm
deal and it is not international interest rate i would suggest walking away from it. this is one of those instances where you don't know what the world will look like in six months. a couple weeks ago, chancellor merkel and the german health service outlined some ways in which iran has been treating. maybe they will cheat in other ways and consensus amongst western countries and washington that we do need to walk away from the deal. the deal in the long term does not serve u.s. interests. ,ot just the nuclear elements that is largely what the german intelligence service reported on a couple weeks ago, but also their conventional congressional around the -- aggression around the region. the president promised that the nuclear deal, get the nuclear issue off the table, which i think it did not, it would allow the united states to confront iranian aggression. it has done the opposite as semi-people predicted at the time.
7:42 pm
it has empowered the iran to be more aggressive during the president to take a chance of confronting them and then walking away from the deal. ayatollahs know the united states wants it more than they do. they can continue their reign of terror. they can even cheat on the deal itself in the that sits will not call them on it. >> you and michael he jumped out right away that we should negotiate a separate trade deal with britain. we need to hug britain grow quickly. are you more tilting towards the united kingdom and little bit away from europe? have you look at the triangulation of the relationship? >> it is natural that united states and united kingdom will have a special relationship. >> why not with france? rthed out ofot bi the u.k.. we are part of the british tradition along with countries
7:43 pm
like canada and new zealand and australia. withch as we may be allied confidential nations -- continental nations, it is natural that we have a closer relationship and with any -- than with any country the world as with great britain. it is regrettable the way president obama and some the european leaders were trying to intimidate the british people in the middle of the vote. not just a pressing their opinion -- expressing their opinion, but implying that there would be punitive consequences as well. barack obama said that the u.k. would have to get to the back of the queue. readers in brussels and other capital said there would be serious consequences and punitive action taken against the u.k.. since the campaign ended, campaign rhetoric can get their heated when it is over a referendum or two candidates running. cooler heads usually prevail.
7:44 pm
it is in the interest of the u.k. and the eu to have amicable relationship just like it is for the unsafe and u.k. as well. i think we should come at the deal that mike and i introduced would sibley preserve the status quo. -- simply preserve the status quo. we have bilateral trade relationships with other countries. we can have it with the world's fifth-largest economy in the u.s. security council permanent number in one of our closest nato allies. ,> when you look at your party ,he strategic helm of the party what do you think the blind spots of the republic of party are? >> we have not had an agenda that focuses on the anxieties and concerns of working class americans. i think that something to it donald trump has tapped. take -- >> were you shocked how will he
7:45 pm
did? >> i was not. i was when the lead opponents in the house of representatives of the gang of eight and the our voters for a long time have wanted less immigration. immigrants are by and large very good people. they come to america because they want to provide better for themselves and families. we are all children of immigrants. our immigration policy should be focused on a single objective, what is in the best interest of the american people that is true whether you took citizenship last week or your parents came over on the mayflower. so many times, over and over 2014, a bill2007, like the gang of eight that would increase in the grecian at a time -- immigration at a time when people are struggling and only got stopped because the popular uprising. i think too many of our party leaders interpreted wrong to signals that the voters were set
7:46 pm
into the leaders. in the same way that european leaders have been interpreting signals incorrectly. cap -- tapped into a sentiment that washington was not working for them. the economy is moving too slowly, it is a dual track economy. the policy that were not going to serve the best interest of the american people. but it was increasing levels of legal immigration or increasing debts or piling more regulations on businesses. >> let me put you on the spot. a lot of people think there is a good chance at 2020, 20 24th that you might be a candidate or have a big party. i'm really interested, one of the big issues we see in this country is a racial tension. likewise matter -- black lives matter. black people.
7:47 pm
we have now had ambushes. as you look forward in the party, as you look forward in your own personal career, what do you have to get right to be with the racial issue? what is the party and what does tom cotton need to move the needle with on race? >> the first thing we have to do is make it clear that any attack importantofficers is and an attack on civil society and the rule of law. we as a people, as civilians who live under the protection of police officers, and we as political leaders admire, respect, and love police s.ficer they put their lives on the line. there are wives and children now who will not have their husbands come home.
7:48 pm
in some ways it is harder than what children have the patriots. we went overseas, my family was worried about a but i got back into things would be fine. when you are a police officer, every single day is like that. you leave and you don't know what the next stop will hold. your look once done note if you will walk to the door or another police officer will not commit or. the first thing we have to do is make it clear that we support the police and we will give them the benefit of the doubt. anytime there is a use of force by police officer to include a shooting, there is an investigation, i think it is particularly important that we not jump to conclusions. i would do nothing to fan the flames of racial tension until we know the facts. you just saw today, the fourth straight acquittal of officers in baltimore, a city torn apart with violence just after. ratencrease of its murder
7:49 pm
over the last year. the murder rate that is particularly hitting black communities. i think it is important that local leaders show their support for law enforcement and do everything we can not to plan the flames -- family claims of racial tension and let the investigation proceed, find the facts and support law enforcement where they might -- may right decision and if they do not do it right, hold them accountable assuming soldiers were. way soldiers were. >> i bet someone of who acknowledged himself he has been spot for -- stop for no reason. what do we need to do this sort of rebuild trust over racial divides? >> i think a lot of political leaders need to stop planning -- fanning the flames.
7:50 pm
because there is a police shooting does not mean the police are racist or that police officer did anything wrong. you cannot know that until on.investigation without title basis, to have police officers exonerated or a judge or jury to find the shooting was justified, does nothing to promote racial harmony. 2020, 2024, how are they looking? >> a long way off. >> but to open up to questions. -- let us open up to questions. >> thank you. speaking here, the associated press just broke, they sent a secret document about the iran deal shows that restrictions will be lifted in less than 10 years, actually ha
7:51 pm
the amount of time it could take to build a new weapon, i'm cares about the reaction and that iran has tested their fourth ballistic missile. the u.s. -- u.n. has condemned the action. i'm cares your thoughts about that? >> i can't comment on a breaking report. it would not be surprising to me at all to see those restrictions on a serious note, i would to
7:52 pm
congratulate you again as retaining your title as the fastest man in congress. >> being from arkansas, what do see as the clintons because liability? -- biggest liability? >> no one trusts her. she's been in the public offer to years and has repeatedly lied to the american people. look at what director, said. not a legal conclusion with which lawyers can debate, but thelight that he put in
7:53 pm
clintons assertions, she is using a device for convenience. e-mailssend or receive with classified information. we now know that she did in fact do so over 10o of them. she said to turn over all work-related e-mails. we know that is not the case either. many deleted how e-mails. the statehat department authorized to do we know that is not the case me she said there is no chance of a breach of her server hostile power which was laughable at the time. he even said that she took her personal computer devices overseas to the territories of hostile powers. i don't have to tell you what countries that means come but i will tell you that i would do not take a single electronic device overseas, not even to canada. thatse of the sensitivity high-ranking government officials have to consider the
7:54 pm
threat of information security by foreign intelligence services. you give an equal print on the other side of it, when many journalists like myself have gone back to look at some of mr. trump's comments, equation or the liberty issue. -- validity issue. when you have a question that there is no doubt that that is an issue for clicks into, but it is to be a big issue for donald trump. how would you handicap that? >> you see this from, and express. we know about it in arkansas. you also see in the polling. the american people simply do not trust hillary clinton to about the truth. i know a lot of people quibble with donald trump and some of his assertions and he has still if you fact checking test. that factggest
7:55 pm
checkers are liberal. facts liket checking i just laid out about likely to come up there making arguments about matters of opinions. alex, earlier this year you give an address in which he say u.s. has an under incarceration problem. the u.s. has the highest per capita incarceration rate of any country in the world, including north korea. my question is, do our allies need to lock more people up or is there a compelling reason why the u.s. needs a higher incarceration rate? >> specifically referring to a method that we have an over cartridge a problem and that we to let thousands of pilot felons back out on the street. if you look at race of offense ursus risk imprisonment, it is something like my to have exact numbers, left than half of violent crime committed in this
7:56 pm
country ends up with someone behind bars. i think less than a fifth of property crime and so with someone behind bars. i don't see how you can pick about those numbers and think that 4/5 of all the victims of property crimes and over half of the victims of violent crimes get no justice from our criminal justice system and think that we are imprisoning too many people and that we should be letting those people out. that is one reason where i think people feel unsafe on the streets because we have seen crime rise. i would suggest is not coincidental that it has been the last two years when we have had some the worst kind of anti-police propaganda has the put out. >> any little room and therefore you? another koch brothers have been working hard with the colleagues to find some compromise on incarceration. >> added events of the last two weeks, americans want -- i
7:57 pm
should clarify about the federal prison. state prison system, i can't account for all 50 system. i personally do not think that first-timeonviolent offenders, drug users, drug addicts to be put in prison or jailed. we should always try to find ways to divert them into juvenile justice camps and drug treatments. that is the case in the federal prison system. less than one half of one percent of federal prisoners are in prison for any kind of offense like drug possession. believe me, most of those pleaded down. the at our prison system, you'll -- are all certainly a repeat offender. i don't think we should put low-level drug offenders or drug users and i don't think that is the best thing for them. i don't think that is best for the society. arkansas does not do that. i can't speak for 49 state street in the federal system, if you are in federal prison, you're probably about person.
7:58 pm
one of your republican strategist and a comment about saying in some areas of the country, donald trump cells works and other there is to dislike being stranded in the middle of the ocean holding onto a boat with donald trump pulling you down. >> people feel that way about hillary clinton two. happen?is to is the party going to come together? deep you like the plate and tonics are converging? >> i hope so. our unity is not enough. we can't just be a unified party. we have to be a growing party and we have to reach new voters in new places that have not voted for us in recent election. let's face the facts. we lost two straight presidential elections are we have not won the popular vote in five out of six. we're not a majority of americans. the good news is that democrats are not a majority either. it is not enough.
7:59 pm
party and grow our rich voters have not been voting for us. hope that what you will hear from the convention this week is not something that is just going to help ring or public is together, but help bring millions of independents and democrats to our side who want an america that will be safer and more prosperous. >> to be due, he had a baby the next day. a week ago, he would announce that you and your wife are about to have another child. final question, have you picked out names? >> no. do you have any bright ideas? steve are -- or barack? >> we will have a baby around christmas eve. >> tom cotton. thank you. [applause] >> next


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