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tv   Clinton 1992 Acceptance Speech  CSPAN  July 23, 2016 9:52pm-10:48pm EDT

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i've seen in my life, if she'll ever believe that there was a time when blacks could not drink from public water fountains, when hispanic children were punished for speaking spanish in the public schools and women couldn't vote. i think of all the political -- i want to tell lilly how far we've come. i want to tell her how lucky she is. for all of our difference,s we s, we are still the greatest nation on this good earth. [applause] our strength lies in the men and women who go to work every day,
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who struggled to balance their family and their jobs, and who should never, ever be forgotten. i just hope that, like her grandparents and her great grandparents before, lily goes on to raise her kids with the promise that echoes in homes all across america, that we can do better. and that's what this election is all about. thank you very much. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016]
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>> for the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party nomination
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. >> at the democratic national convention in philadelphia, hillary clinton becomes the first woman nominee of a major political party for president of the united states. live coverage of every minute of this historic convention begins monday on c-span. the c-span radio app, and atlary clinton's nomination the democratic national convention next week will mark the first time in u.s. history that a husband and wife have both been presidential nominees. in 1992 bill clinton received the honor as a democratic governor from arkansas. here is his acceptance speech at the democratic convention in new york city. hour.just under an [applause]
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mr. clinton: mayor dickens, our
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great host. my fellow delegates and my fellow americans, i am so proud of al gore. [applause] he said he came here tonight as he always wanted to do the warm-up for elvis. well, i ran for president this year for one reason, and one reason only. i wanted to come back to this convention and finish that speech i started four years ago. last night, mario cuomo taught us how a real nominated speech should be given.
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he also made it clear why we have to steer our state on a new course. tonight i want to talk to you about my hope for the future, my faith in the american people, and my vision of the kind of country we can build together. i salute the good men who were my campaign companions on the campaign trail. bob perry. doug wilder. brown.
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[applause] one sentence, and the platform we built says it all. the most important family
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if you are sick and tired of or the threat of it in our future. or like the great civil rights speaker betty hammer -- betty lou, you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
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join us, work with us, win with us, and we can make our country the country that it was meant to be. [applause] george bush talks a good game, but he has a game plan to win so that we can compete against the global economy. i do. take on the big insurance companies and bureaucracies to control health costs and give us a formal health costs for all americans, but i will. [applause]
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he won't even implement the recommendation of his own commission on aids, but i will. [applause] streamline the federal government and change the way it eurocrats,100,000 and put 100,000 new police officers on the streets of american cities, but i will. he has never balanced a government budget, but i have. 11 times. break the stranglehold that special interests have on
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our election, and lobbyists have on the government, but i will. he won't give mothers and fathers the simple change to take some time -- chance to take some time off of work when a baby is born, but a parent is sick, but i will. we're losing our farms at a rapid rate, and he has no commitment to keep family farms in the family, but i do. [applause] he has talked a lot about drugs, but he has not helped people on the front line to wage that war on drugs and crime, but i will.
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lead in take the protecting the environment and creating new jobs in an environmental technologies for the 21st century but i will. you know what else? he doesn't have al gore, and i do. [applause] notice,case you didn't that is gore, with an e on the end. [laughter] [applause]
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george bush won't guarantee a woman's right to choose. i will. hear me now. i am not pro-abortion, i am pro-choice.
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i believe that it is a difficult and painful decision that should be left to the women of america. privacy canight to be protected and we will never again have to discuss this issue on political platforms. i am old enough to remember what it was like before roe v. wade, and i do not want to return to the times when we make criminals of women and their doctors. jobs, education, health care.
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these are not just commitments from my lips, they are the work of my life. our priorities must be clear. we will put our people first again. priorities, without a clear plan of action, are just empty words. to turn our rhetoric into reality we have to change the way the government does business. pour we do we will billions of dollars down the drain. have you noticed that they have run this big government for a
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generation and they haven't changed a thing. you what to fix government, the still want to campaign -- they don't want to fix government, but they still went to campaign against it. that's all. my fellow democrats, it is time for us to realize we have some changes to do too. there is not a government program for every problem and if we want to use government to solve problems we have got to make it work again. committed in this convention and this platform to withg these changes we are the words ross perot spoke today , a remodel estimate credit party. revitalized democratic
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party. [applause] i am well aware that all those millions of people who rallied to ross perot's cause wanted to patriots for of change. tonight i say to them, join us and together we will revitalize america. i don't have all the answers, but i do know that the old ways don't work. economics has
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failed and big yurok receives, private and public failed too. that is why we need a new approach to government and the government that offers more empowerment and less entitlement, more choices for young people they >> and more choices for the elderly and for people with disabilities and the long-term care they receive. [cheers and applause] a government that is leaner, not meaner. a government that expands opportunity, not bureaucracy. a government that understands that jobs must come from growth in a vibrant and vital system of free enterprise. i call this approach a new covenant, a solemn agreement between the people and their government based simply not on what each of us can take, but
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what all of us must give to our nation. [applause] we offer our people a new choice based on old values. we offer opportunity. we demand responsibility. we will build an american community again. the choice we offer is not conservative or liberal. in many ways it's not even republican or democratic. it's different, it's new, and it will work. it will work because it is rooted in the vision and the values of the american people.
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of all the things george bush has ever said that i disagree with, perhaps the thing that bothers me most is how he derides and degrades the american tradition of seeing and seeking a better future. he mocks it as the vision thing. but just remember what the scripture says -- "where there is no vision, the people perish."
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[cheers and applause] i hope nobody in this great hall tonight or in our beloved country has to go through tomorrow without a vision. i hope no one ever tries to raise a child without a vision. i hope nobody ever starts a business or plants a crop in the ground without a vision, for where there is no vision, the people perish. we have so many children in so much trouble in so many places in this nation and the reason is because they have seen so little opportunity, so little responsibility, so little loving, caring communities that they literally cannot imagine the life we are calling them to lead. [applause] and so i say to them, where there is no vision, america will perish. what is the vision of our new
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covenant? an america with millions of new jobs and dozens of new industries moving confidently toward the 21st century. an america that says to entrepreneurs and business people, we will give you more incentives and more opportunity than ever before to develop the skills of your workers and to create american jobs and american wealth in the new global economy. [cheers and applause] but you must do your part. you must be responsible. american companies must act like american companies again exporting product, not jobs.
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that's what this new covenant is all about, an america in which the doors of college are thrown open once again to the sons and daughters of stenographers and steelworkers. we'll say everybody can borrow the money to go to college, but you must do your part -- you must pay it back from your paychecks, or better yet by going back home and serving your communities. [cheers and applause] just think of it. millions of energetic young men and women serving their country by policing the streets or teaching the children or caring for the sick or working with the elderly and people with disabilities, or helping young people to stay off drugs and out of gangs, giving us all a sense of new hope and limitless possibilities.
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that's what this new covenant is all about. the [cheers and applause] an america in which health care is a right, not a privilege. in which we say to all of our people, your government has the courage finally to take on the health care profiteers and make health care affordable for every family. [applause] but you must do your part -- preventative care, prenatal care, childhood immunization, saving lives, saving money, saving families from heartbreak.
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that's what the new covenant is all about. an america in which middle-class incomes, not middle-class taxes, are going up. an america, yes, in which the wealthiest few, those making over $200,000 a year, are asked to pay their fair share. [cheers and applause] an america in which the rich are not soaked, but the middle class is not drowned either. [cheers and applause] responsibility starts at the top. that's what the new covenant is all about, an america where we end welfare as we know it.
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we will say to those on welfare, you will have and you deserve the opportunity through training and education, through child care and medical coverage, to liberate yourself. [applause] but then when you can, you must work, because welfare should be a second chance, not a way of life. that's what the new covenant is all about. an america where the world's strongest defense is ready, and willing to use force when necessary, an america at the forefront of the global effort to preserve and protect our common environment and promoting global growth, an america that will not coddle tyrants from bag
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-- baghdad to beijing. \[cheers and applause] an america that champions the cause of freedom and democracy from eastern europe to southern africa and in our own hemisphere in haiti and cuba. [applause] the end of the cold war permits us to reduce defense spending while still maintaining the strongest defense in the world. but we must plow back every dollar of defense cuts into building american jobs right hero at home. i know well that the world needs a strong america, but we have learned that strength begins at home.
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[applause] the new covenant is about more than opportunities and responsibilities for you and your families. it's also about our common communities. tonight every one of you knows deep in your heart that we are too divided. it is time to heal america. [cheers and applause] and so we must say to every american, look beyond the stereotypes that bind us. we need each other.
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all of us, we need each other. we don't have a person to waste, and yet for too long politicians have polled the most of us that are doing all right that what's really wrong with america is the rest of us, them, them the minorities, them the liberals, them the poor, them the homeless, them the people with disabilities, them the gays. we've gotten to where we've nearly them'd ourselves to death, them and them and them. [cheers and applause] but in america there is no them, there is only us.
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one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all! [cheers and applause] that is our pledge of allegiance and that's what the new covenant is all about. [applause]
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how do i know we can come together and make change happen? because i have seen it in my own state. in arkansas we are working together and we're making progress. no, there's no arkansas miracle, but there are a lot of miraculous people. and because of them our schools are better, our wages are higher, our factories are busier, our water is cleaner, and our budget is balanced. we're moving ahead.
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[applause] i wish -- i wish i could say the same thing about america under the incumbent president. he took the richest country in the world and brought it down. we took one of the poorest states in america and lifted it up. and so i say to all of those in this campaign season who had criticized arkansas, come on down. it's special.
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especially if you're from washington, come on down. sure, you'll see us struggling against some of the problems we haven't solved yet, but you'll also see a lot of great people doing amazing things, and you might even learn a thing or two. in the end, my fellow americans, this new covenant simply asks us all to be americans again. old-fashioned americans for a new time. opportunity, responsibility, community. when we pull together, america will pull ahead. throughout the whole history of this condition we have seen time and time and time again when we are united we are unstoppable. [cheers and applause] we can seize this moment, make it exciting and energizing and heroic to be american again.
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we can renew our faith in each other and in ourselves. we can restore our sense of unity and community. as the scripture says, our eyes have not yet seen nor our ears heard nor our minds imagined what we can build. [cheers and applause] but i can't do this alone. no president can. we must do it together. it won't be easy and it won't be quick. we didn't get into this mess overnight and we won't get out of it overnight, but we can do it with commitment, creativity, diversity and drive! [cheers and applause] we can do it! [cheers and applause] we can do it!
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we can do it! we can do it! we can do it! we can do it! we can do it! [crowd chanting "we can do it!] >> i want every person in this hall and every person in this land to reach out and join us in a great new adventure, to chart a bold new future. as a teenager i heard john kennedy's summons to citizenship, and then as a student at georgetown i heard that call clarified by a professor named carol quigley, who said to us that america was the greatest nation in history because our people have always believed in two things -- that tomorrow can be better than today and that every one of us has a personal, moral responsibility to make it so.


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