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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  July 24, 2016 1:51pm-3:52pm EDT

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joining us here, a bernie sanders delegate who was very critical of the way that things have been unfolding so far. thank you for being with us. >> pleasure. is senator tim kaine progressive enough for you? >> you can define progressive any number of ways. there's an insurance company that calls itself progressive. tim kaine has been a high jump apparently over her low standards of what it means to be progressive. when you vote as he did, one of only a dozen democratic senators the year to fast-track corporate friendly tpp. when you want to loosen the restrictions on banks and further deregulate sizable
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banks, and you support coal-fired pay -- plants time of national and global emergency in terms of climate and on and on, we have got a major problem here area i want to stress at the outset, as the coordinator of the independent bernie delegates network, i have not spoken to any of the delegates -- and i spoken to hundreds of them getting ready for the formal start of this convention, i haven't spoken to any who want to see donald trump as president. as a matter of fact, all of the bernie delegates understand that by far the worst presidential candidate on the ballot in november will be donald trump. we understand it would be a catastrophe of donald trump were elected president. that's one of the reasons we are so set by the selection of tim kaine. we believe that in her interest muchparently triangulate
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the 45% ofct from voters who voted for bernie sanders, what hillary clinton has done is gone ahead and put in this vice presidential slot somebody who will be a good again forbroad target donald trump. from his faults, flow suppose it at the -- economic -- faux economic populism. donald trump, claiming to be against wall street and the big boys, and in a way this lies hillary clinton a place into that. when i hear the talk from the hillary clinton campaign -- apparently it's time for unity? i want to say, and i think is coming from many bernie delegates -- where is your interest in unity when you put
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who is acket a senator thumb in the eye for bernie sanders delegates. you say you want to reach out to the 45% of voters who voted for him in the primaries and caucuses, but you have reached out to put your thumb in our eyes and that is a bad side fall campaign and beyond. steve: will there be any challenge? we are hearing rumblings that some are calling for a vote on the tim kaine nomination. what are you hearing? norman: the bernie sanders delegates work, independents, we have two thirds of the bernie sanders delegates at this convention in our network. we reflect, we don't direct. in that goal we did a survey 10
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when we asked of the bernie sanders delegates whether they felt that tim kaine would be acceptable or unacceptable in the vice presidential slot, 88% of them set unacceptable. only 3% of them said unacceptable. here we are confronted with this choice by hillary clinton and there is much discussion going on amongst sanders delegates, independent of the sanders campaign of whether we should directly contest the choice of tim kaine on the convention floor. steve: let me ask you about the chair of the party, debbie wasserman schultz. bernie sanders today calling on her to step down. what will you be doing in the days ahead on that issue? norman: she's always been part
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of the dominant wing of the party. information,ular the e-mails, i think it earnings what correct. we were not surprised by what he was saying six months ago. the entire democratic national committee under debbie wasserman schultz was biased and unfair and they were supposed to be's and forward. the same pundits who were doing those accusations that he was correctly making six months ago are largely the same pundits who are saying now that the democratic already is unified behind hillary clinton and they are applauding the tim kaine choice. i've got to say, many pundits -- a couple of examples, david in recentmark shields days, saying that this will be a unified convention. i would be surprised if they spoke with 20 bernie delegates.
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if you have your ears open to people, there is a lot of disappointment and outrage at hillary clinton's call for unity ande she turns around speights unity with this selection. steve: the clinton campaign, according to the polls, saying that the sanders campaign folks the convention, peeling off those moderate republicans, doing what's needed to win in november. i have heard that that is wishful thinking. there is tremendous sentiment against wall street and corporate deals, which in a demagogue a quay, donald trump is trying to exploit and drive a wedge between democrats and democratic leaning independent
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voters. rather than make it more difficult for trump to pull the wool over people's eyes, hillary clinton did not select for the ticket. they did not select to choose secretary perez from labor to go onto the ticket and give some thatto to the wobbly claim somehow hillary clinton has seen the light and is against corporate trade deals. as a matter of fact, she's on the opposite. i think that is an alienating factor for a lot of the elusive white males they are told they have to get. recent polling has just come out that the data cited, 85% of those delegates will vote -- rather bernie supporters nationwide will vote for hillary clinton. butshould not be enough,
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the latest polling shows that the numbers are dropping precipitously. i would argue in part that that is because of hillary clinton's recent choices. if hillary clinton wants unity, she's finding a very odd way to express it. toentially sending a message particularlys, not delegates only, but supporters nationwide, that your time has come and gone. our time is always. we will in economic and social justice, in challenging the oligarchy. we believe it's time to get a definite government policy against wall street determining your economic policies. i think that just as we were told a week or two ago that this was going to be a unified convention, we are also being's run by the clinton campaign that bernie supporters don't matter,
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i think that's quite incorrect. steve: norman solomon joins us wellshe floor of the fargo center. we will be checking in with you during the course of the week, along with your colleagues. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. norman: thank you. steve: by the way, the news conference he was at earlier today is on our website. the speeches as well. my colleague, peter, is on the floor with a familiar face to those who have covered democratic party conventions. peter? peter: as you mentioned, this is a face and name that people know. if you have worked in the media or at a convention, maybe you haven't watched by convention. what has been your role at the democratic convention's? >> in the past i have served as a media logistics planner.
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planning for 15,000 of my closest friends to come here. they all want the best seats in the house, the best camera angle, and by the way, their competitors should get nothing. it's always been a balance of getting everybody to say a little bit of yes to everyone. on the planning for this round, but when i come done, isavor a job well know how much thought had to go into each of those decisions that were made. for those platforms in the media , it was well done, they get to savor that and enjoy it. and i will tell you, it's fun to come in here. i have been working on tv history, i've been working at the museum of broadcast indication. -- broadcast communication. i get to see television today
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coming in other media to capture what is an important historical event. it makes working on conventions so much fun and satisfying, knowing you are part of something bigger, something special. one of my favorite moments was back in 2008, doing all the changes that had to be done at the last minute to go from one stadium to another location overnight. that was great. it seemed like all the forces had aligned. was as though we were in the best air-conditioned, best staged then you you could have imagined. my other favorite me his 1984. what did the logistics person behind the scenes do? they keep people from going after each other over the space. the camera people and reverse
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podium shot people were about to kill each other. unless someone came up there. all right, i will come up there. i spent the whole thing during the mondale's making sure that everyone behave themselves. from that vantage point, as the podium sees it, i looked out at the route and said that this is an amazing experience. this is what the nominee sees. this is why they get charged up to go onto the campaign trail. you could feel the energy out there. as a matter of fact, i was also so relieved that we did such a good job planning that event. if there was an emergency, there were a lot of people to get out in a short amount of time, but everything worked perfectly. are thesepeter: stories in your book?
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walter: those and many more. essentially a divine asked if i could come to help. -- a friend of mine asked if i could come to help. yes, i was about 12 years old when i started, as i chuckle with people. i love organization. more important, i love the purpose of this, which is to get the word out. these are people who work hard to be delegates. out.have a message to get part of the reason for the message is that it needs to be transmitted in every available. now it's any medium you can come up with. peter: when we look at these skyboxes, what goes into the construction and logistic? walter: skybox?
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peter: out of my mouth, i knew. [laughter] walter: you have to protect all of the facility you will be -- you will be going over with your television equipment and then restore it. then you have to make sure that the set fits. making sure it's the shot that you wanted. thishat's for the skyboxes goes back to the early 1980's. they don't involve quite as much cost for the organization. you simply remove the seat and sometimes you don't even but a platform there. are in the midst of the action right there. fact thatud of the the local stations didn't have
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the budget to do the skybox rehab. a lot of people watched gavel to gavel on c-span. into localople tuned news. theirs look at the convention leading up to the speech. walter, with a decades of american television in his book. thank you. friend of this network as well over the years, covering conventions as 1984. we are in one of the skyboxes, the suites. we will have all of it unfold -- unfiltered. the gavel will come down at 4:00 eastern. we are on c-span radio with a c-span radio app. sharing with you a new app that came out from the republican
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party taking aim at hillary clinton. let's watch. [video clip] >> welcome to the philadelphia international air. you will find your baggage at carousel number two. the local time is 7:31 p.m. enjoy your day in philadelphia. that advertisement is called hillary's baggage. it is kind of quiet right now. is your earlier and expected to get more busy over the next 24 hours as the delegates continue to arrive. directorrgrove is the at the democratic national convention and has been a busy person over the last element we. thank you for being with us. teresa: thank you for having me. steve: walk us through the week. the key speeches and the themes
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you hope to a competent the days ahead. one thing that is important to stress is the theme, we the people. ons important that we focus all of the communities that make our party strong. that's what we hope to accomplish through this convention. throughout the convention we will have strong leaders in , really taking our party strong. you can hear the band there in were herself behind us. for all of this to come together , was happening behind the scenes for you and your colleagues? there are a lot of moving
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pieces that come together that make this a successful convention, i guess. operationsuccessful that went into getting this ready was very impressive. at the wall -- wells fargo , we had really transformed this venue. we have removed over 2000 seats to build the stage. right now we have about 1300 -- seats in the floor. and reallyned over remodel the boxes to accommodate media. we have a variant on a strong security presence. pieces,e many moving many pieces we have together to make this a successful convention.
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steve: this is different in terms of the number of delegates. 4700, twice the size of what we saw in. in terms of where you are putting the delegates, you certainly had to move to the area where it be the bold seating to make room for all the delegates and alternates, correct? we did.- lisa: the delegate seating went from the floor to the lower levels of seat here in order to accommodate all the states. we wanted to make sure that every delegate had a place on the floor. a place where they could see and be a part of the process. we wanted to be as accommodating course --e steve: of possible. steve: of course, thursday evening, the traditional loon and confetti drop. happening?hould be lisa: we have some nice
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surprises planned for the end of the convention. we want to be able to celebrate what we hope is a very successful convention. i don't want to reveal all the but we have some nice things planned throughout the week. steve: what is your job this week? this week it is important for my team to get out credentials for all the delegate, all the participants. we are doing something different this year than we have in past years. we are delivering the credentials to the delegates in advance of the start of the convention. the delegates are able to receive their credentials a day before, so that they are able to plan any of the meetings that need to happen. at the start of the convention
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we want to be very secret of the time so that we could sure that the -- thees be with word we need them to be. band iso far the cooperating. this next question is an easy one, your own background. how did you get involved? your first convention and will you have a role in the campaign? lisa: i apologize, i missed part of that, but what i did here was -- did i get involved? my first convention was 2004, i was able to do training in boston. i also worked in denver in 2008. in 2012,in charlotte managing some of the events for the caucuses. this year i managed the process. you asked if i had a role in the upcoming campaign? at this point i don't have
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anything planned in that campaign. i don't have a role. , with thea hargrove democratic national convention. thank you very much for being with us. we appreciate it. lisa: thank you. steve: the band is warming up, rehearsals are going underway throughout the evening. outside the wells fargo center, the final banners are being put up. the convention will get formally underway tomorrow. let's go through the schedule again. some of the headlight -- thelights will include first lady, michelle obama, with a speech by bernie sanders, with 1900 delegates in the wells fargo center. tuesday we will hear from bill clinton. wednesday will be the evening for vice president joe biden and senator tim kaine. from presidentar barack obama, coming in
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wednesday evening. and then chelsea clinton will introduce her mother, hillary clinton, who formally at depths the democratic nomination, the first woman to ever receive a major party nomination. check it all out here with us. thank you for being with us. we are back tomorrow morning with complete coverage here in philadelphia. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> this live coverage is brought to you as a public service by your cable or satellite provider. andnc chair reince priebus the donald trump campaign chair are in philadelphia, at an event that is expected to get underway at 6:00 eastern.
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more on the reaction from tim the announcement at tim kaine as hillary clinton's running mate. put this together, a video taking a look at the latest nickname put out there by donald trump, this time for senator tim kaine. [video clip] ted, crookedlying hillary, corrupt kaine. the gop nominee has been bashing .he virginia senator to hide thetried gifts, they have been disclosed for years and most of it was travel or some sort of campaign event, there are other gifts like $5,500 in clothing and free lodging in the caribbean from another friend, all of this was
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completely legal because of virginia has lax gift laws and there was no exchange of favors. they are trying to distance successor, but the supreme court overturned the conviction of his predecessor in june. ofre were real accusations quid pro quo in this case. really have a national profile, so defining him early is the best way to go fits nicely inne the narrative push, they are convinced that clinton is a crooked criminal that should be in jail. the new nickname is not based in fact, but that is definitely not going to stop the truck campaign from using it for the next three months. from newsy, i am eugene daniels. host: back at the national
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constitution center near independence hall. former governor ed rendell, is that a fair video you'd listened to? tim kaine gets the issue. he has disclosed, voluntarily, it was not illegal in pennsylvania. oneisclosed there never was talk that any gift was connected to any official action. i think it is the usual effort by the trump campaign to distort acts and to cast people in negative light. what i did not like about donald than it wasch other angry and dark and painted a horrible picture of the country, what i do not like about it is that he consistently did not tell the truth.
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he said he was going to take care of violent crime in america, i am a former district attorney and former mayor and federal government has very little to do with violent crime. it is the mayors that control the police forces. if you are going to do something , tell us that,on but do not say, i am going to take care of crime on my first day. he said on the first day, it ends, it does not end and you have not told us one idea how you will do it. he lied about hillary clinton being against the second amendment. he did not tell the truth and he did not substantiate anything he said with fact that he is lying about tim kaine, and is a prize. host: before we get too far into
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politics on that degree, what did you think of the supreme court decision regarding former governor bob mcdonald? think it does have to be a clear quid pro quo before you can take a public official and charge them with a crime. if a public official does things that are inappropriate and almost everything that governor mcdonnell was charged with, i would say and you would probably say it was inappropriate. the remedy for that is disclosure and the voters are the ultimate remedy, they vote him out of office as a have done with other officials that have been accused of like things. to convict someone of a crime and there was no quid pro quo wrong. i think is i think the supreme court may have gone a little too far and i think they basically got it right. host: last time there was a political convention in philadelphia, you were the
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mayor. guest: i was the mayor and we had more republicans and we put on a great show. republicans used the historic sites to create a feeling of background and patriotism and an upbeat convention. the george w bush convention was upbeat, he was a passionate conservative. wasrepublican convention dark and angry and ben carson said that hillary clinton talks to lucifer. paul manna for attacked the republican governor of ohio. it was strange, ted cruz delivered a major speech and essentially said, vote your conscience, which is a way of saying, i am not voting for this guy, our nominee or it it was the most is our thing i have seen a donald trump shouts his speech for 74 minutes. i thought it was stunning.
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i preface that by saying, every time i made a prediction over the last two years, i have been wrong. in 2000at was your role as the mayor of philadelphia? i was responsible for winning the bid of the organization i put together. then i was involved in the planning of all of the logistics, transportation, hotels, delegate entertainment, , a unique thing here in philadelphia. in 1990 nine, president clinton asked me in november to be chair of the democratic party and i accepted. from that moment on, i was recused from doing anything for the republican convention. guest: what is your -- host: what is your role in this convention? guest: i am chairman of the host committee which has given me the task of raising $64 million.
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we have only 14 paid employees with us from the beginning and about a third of them were in charlotte and denver. we put together, i think, a great plan and we have every agency accounted for. having said that, i guarantee there will not be some problems, especially with security because of demonstrators. i think we are ready for every contingency. host: have the donors been disclosed? donorsthe law says the are disclosed 60 days after the convention. people say, you have to be more transparent. why do we have transparency about who gives, so voters can make up their mind of that influences their vote. 60 days after the convention
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leaves at least five weeks before the presidential election, so any voter interested in reading press accounts can go on the website and see who donated to our convention and they can assess whether any of those donors were such that they might not want to vote for the party in question, either us or republicans. that is why transparency exists, so voters can make a judgment about who we are raising money from. host: did you ever consider running for president? guest: the timing was not good for me, if hillary a clinton -- hillary clinton announced for a five user that she was not going to run, i may have considered loveg it a shot, but i hillary and i headed up her campaign in pennsylvania in 2008 . it was a great moment for me and she goes over the top tuesday night. all we want can say negatively about donald trump, but we would be fools not to realize that some of the message
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is right. he is right about china, but hillary has said she wants to crack down on some of china's abuses as well. donald said in a way that resonates with people who are out of work or people working in jobs that are paying them half of what they used to make and it resonates. it is an easy answer, not the right answer, trade is not what destroyed american manufacturing. the bigger factor was technology. ira member going down to the naval shipyard as a kid and there must've been about 100 welders with blowtorches and mallets, today you still have a very good functioning shipyard and you see four welders at a computer operating robotic arms and it has nothing to do with trade. a simple andrs direct message which is easy to
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understand and which sets off a button of frustration and anger and it is very effective and we would be mistaken if we think that is not a message that resonates with some working-class democrats. host: is he someone you know? guest: i know donald very well and he probably does not believe me when i say i like him as a person. he is charming and he has come at times, a very good heart and i have seen him do nice things for people. a conservative, by the way, donald trump is almost as progressive as i am, truth be told. i just do not like the way he has campaigned and i do not like the name-calling. iran for office 17 elections and i never called my opponent a name. when i ran for governor, every candidate iran against -- i ran against, either work for me or
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endorsed me. running for office is hard, holding office is hard, you should not demean people. terrific, he is a public server, hillary clinton has given her life. hillary clinton graduated from be a law school, she could made unlimited amount of money by going to one of the big wall street law firms, what did she choose to do? she spent several years of her life working for the children's defense fund. she is a terrific person and she is not cricket. -- crooked. she probably made a mistake, but she is not crooked. -- put out a tweet that hillary clinton chose a good man that has good instincts and is a fine united states senator. i assume tim kaine will work hard for the republican -- for the ticket in arizona.
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is a decent guy, i like cam and i think he wants to do the right thing. i think his views are screwed up, but i will not say he is a bad guy. and on theing this inside of this convention, i have said publicly on the airwaves, let's spend no more than 25% of our time telling people what is wrong with donald trump. let's spend 75% of our time telling people what is right with hillary clinton and tim kaine and be specific about answers to problems, specific details so the public can say, you know, that is right. , itce community relations is a question of training. task forcebama's says the main thing we need to do is train our police better on how to interact with the public
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and hillary clinton said she would put $1 billion in federal money for a fund that police the access that money for training. to train about community relations and timidity policing and how to interact in difficult situations. that is a concrete proposal that means something. host: let's take some calls, richard in oakland on a democrat line. -- i am awould like longtime democrat all my life. i think hillary clinton hands-down is the most qualified -- one of the most qualified nominees to be president we have ever had. there has been a right wing targeting of her ever since she was in the white house with bill because basically, they are afraid of hillary. she knows how to get things done and she is proactive and stands up for her values. she does not take groep from anybody. as far as the -- she does not
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take crap from anybody. the democratic party is the party of the people. people who are disadvantaged, republicans are actually anti-all of those things. the republican convention was an absolute disgrace. i have never seen such angry hatred fear mongering speeches. it reminded me of a lynch mob. host: you got a lot on the table. ed rendell. -- i agreeonly thing with everything richard said. when hillary clinton was in the senate, she a lot -- got along terrifically. republicans,th
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mitch mcconnell said, i have no problem working with hillary .linton as president lindsey graham said he would have no problem working with .illary clinton as president hillary reaches out and listens and tries to find common ground, it is not her way or the highway. you do not have to take her word -- that, she had six years eight years as a senator to prove that. host: diane is going from reston, virginia. on the independent line. caller: i just wanted to ask the former governor about, how does he think that hillary is going to overcome this aura of distressed around her? i think that when i ask people, what did she do? there is benghazi, the e-mails, what happened there? they cannot really answer those questions. i was curious to know what you think is going to happen at the
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convention to help that and one more thing. -- guest: go ahead. host: she is gone. guest: diane asked a good question, i think we have to reintroduce hillary clinton to the american people. how do you do that with someone that is well-known? there if you -- very few people know that she turned down wall street law offices to work with the children's fund. i think we have to reintroduce her and point out that benghazi, there were six congressional committees all controlled by republicans and one independent committee, all of which found nothinglary clinton did wrong, including the last committee that had her on the witness stand for 13 hours. they issued a report in the dark of night about a week ago which said she did nothing wrong. republicans said she did nothing wrong after investigation after investigation.
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directormails, the fbi cleared it up the second day and ironically went before the republican committee. none of the e-mails that were sent out or received was classified at the time. ones that the director said were classified, he corrected the next day and said, they were classified, but after the fact. the same thing happened to: powell and condoleezza rice. they sent out e-mails from private accounts that were later found to be classified, but were not classified at the time. reintroduceave to her and tell people all of the great things she has done in her career and all the right choices she made. and at the same time, explains the things that have been most damning. will that take away years of
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negative commercials? not entirely, but it is hard. debuted at the 2000 republican convention, it is in the convention center and 6 different museums and it is for people who love politics and government, to them, it is like fanfest at the baseball all-star game. you can comment here great speeches, it is amazing. delegates, unless they are in their 60's or 70's never heard mlk's speech at the national mall, harry truman's speech where he said, i just tell the truth and it feels like hell. we have speeches, we play games and you can sign up to play political feud and we do political trivia and a media contest.
2:34 pm
they compete to see who knows the most political trivia. that is monday at the constitution center. we have a fuselage of air force one, the exact replica of the one lbj used, it was jfk's plane, he flew back with president kennedy's body on it. we have a replica of ronald reagan's oval office with pictures that reagan had on the back of his desk. you can take pictures coming off the plane waving like you are the president and it is fun stuff, particularly for kids and .e have the c-span boards
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c-span has a board that tells the mena competence and problems that everyone of our 44 former president had during their administration and we have the c-span bus which will be outside the constitution center. if you are a political junkie, it is wonderful and c-span -- it is right up there. electoral given us college boards to explain to everyone, particularly young people, how the electoral college works. if you are a parent and you have kids that you want them to learn about government and get involved, go to politicalfest. you can get a ticket online at dnc/politicalfest. host: mark, go ahead with your question or comment. caller: what is hillary clinton going to do for the veterans at -- of this country?
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guest: one thing she is going to do is not cut the veterans budget. it was cut significantly and guess who cut it? .he republican party hillary clinton will put resources into improving the va, medical system is a disaster and that we should privatize it. 85% of veterans say they do not .ant the va privatized hillary will improve it and put more resources and it and we will certainly not cut the budget. paul on the independent line, you are on with former governor, former chair, ed rendell. caller: it seems that you are -- both republicans and democrats are out of touch. when people are getting gifts, like a $14,000 trip to the caribbean, that does not sound like -- nobody that i know or
2:37 pm
anybody watching this right now is familiar with people getting lavish gifts, simply because they are nice people. usually people expect something for them. the fact is, you can talk about messaging and historical sense of philadelphia and what have you, but the average person really has not been served that well by either party and when people are getting gifts and sweetheart business deals, it reeks of finality. the idea that, there is no specific quid pro quo and therefore, it is ok, i do not think the majority of americans are buying that anymore at all. host: all right, i think we got the point. guest: i think paul raises a good question and that is the reason we should not take gifts. the trip to the caribbean was a personal friend who paid for it because tim kaine on a government salary could not afford it. and pennsylvania, that would not is.egal, in virginia, it
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voters and citizens make the mistake thinking that politicians necessarily react to .ifts or campaign contributions the largest contract i gave out as mayor of philadelphia was to redo the terminals at the airport. it was hundreds of millions of dollars and there were three bidders. two were philadelphia groups that were headed by people that had given me and raised over $100,000 and the third was the boston group teaming up with a local aftercare -- african-american business that would have given me $1000. boston people i had never met never gave me a dime, i picked them because they had the best. did i regret i cannot help my guys, yourtold them, bid is not competitive financially and the boston group
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has done some airport around the country and it had gotten rave reviews, so we picked them because they were the best. we have to take money the way the system is, we have to raise money and you like to help your contributors, but if you are decent,nd -- honest and i think most politicians -- all,c officials are, not you do what is right in the end for the people you serve. number two, the government did not do anything for people. what was the cause -- caller saying? do you get social security? medicare? d that basically gives you almost free prescription drugs? do you get va benefits if you served in the army? the government doesn't do anything for you? not even close. you record was 17
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elections, are you 17-0? 15-2. no, that was the baseball player, i'd be worth $18 million a year. host: how do you survive the politics? guest: my wife says the greatest tribute to me is that on the town that turns on everybody eventually, i have been a public official for 35 years and still well-liked. i think the reason is because i say what i think and i do not hold back. it gets me in trouble at times, think peoplebut i respect that. even people who do not agree with me say, i like you because you tell the truth as you see it -ing not b.s. if i was going to advise people running for the first time, i would say, be yourself. oryou are not a great greater, do not try to be a great greater, get a low heat context approach and respect the
2:41 pm
voters. they are more intelligent than most politicians think they are and thirdly, tell the truth readable get you in trouble every once in a while, but most often, it is the best, only an fairest answer and the answer that the people you serve deserve. host: what do you wish you had gone done this year that you did not? guest: i wish it could have done more for education in philadelphia. we have very little resources that we can devote to education other than part of our property tax, and we did a liquor by the drink tax, 100% goes to education. i said in 2000 that media corps would help these education systems because of the liquor tax, but i wish i had done more. the good news is that as governor, i was able to raise education funding around the state by $4.2 billion. we were the only state in the union that increased education spending, even during the two recession years.
2:42 pm
in philadelphia, you have .oughly $600 million a year unfortunately, some of was -- that was cut by my successor but it is any build back up. host: a call from paul, republican in lancaster, pennsylvania. caller: i want to ask you if hillary and margolis have in common? well, marjorie is a relative, marjorie's son married chelsea clinton. host: what is she doing these days? guest: she is at the university of pennsylvania. one other thing -- host: former representatives. guest: former representatives and paul asked a good question, marjorie cast the deciding vote on bill clinton's budget, and as she cast that vote, republicans were yelling -- "one term,
2:43 pm
waving goodbye. she did lose reelection based on the boat, but every time i going into montgomery county and talk to montgomery county audiences, i say, for all those republicans who voted against marjorie because she voted to raise your taxes by a couple thousand dollars a year, in a networth increased during the clinton years by about $8 million to nine lane dollars, so marjorie made a lot of money with that vote because it gave us a balanced budget and we had a budget surplus in the last four years that president clinton was president and that led to the blue economy. marjorie margolis gets the credit for that understanding. host: john in virginia, democrat. you are the last call. caller: good morning, governor perry do you look great, as usual. -- governor. you look great as usual. i watched that "60 minutes"
2:44 pm
interview and i thought sad about my country. the reason i am calling, governor, is we're forgetting one thing. bernie sanders picked young people. 10 people graduated college today, they cannot get a job. the reason they don't get a job, we are importing employees overseas to take those jobs. you are from pennsylvania. these i.t. issues, they can retrain our young people to get the job's done of the employees to bring overseas. we need to be realistic. there are so many things the technology today. guest: let me interrupt you for a second because you are bright on and i want -- rights on and on to say while have time. the caller could not be more correct. i am all for immigration. it is something called the h1v government goes and does a we cannot find in the qualified americans to build these jobs. they're mostly computer software, high-tech jobs and
2:45 pm
they come from bangladesh, india , pakistan and places like that and all over the world. they take jobs that americans should be doing, but the problem a faults but1v vis the american education system fault because our kids are not educated enough in philadelphia, chicago, detroit, dallas, places like that. our kids cannot fill those jobs. with a better educational system, they could and we would not need to import. they pay $50,000 a year at benefits. people in this city, 21-year-olds would love to $50,000 a year with benefits. same with nursing. we have a program that recruits all over the world to recruit nurses. tooodness can make $50,000
2:46 pm
100 thousand dollars, depending on overtime, with health benefits, and we do not train all of our kids well enough to fill those jobs, so you are about immigrants coming in and taking those jobs, but the reason they are taking the jobs is because our our educational system has failed. of ourhe answer to all problems, crime, economy, it rests with improving educational systems in america. donald trump,nd will do nothing to improve it. hillary clinton is found in determined to make it better. 15-2,former governor, with his elections. we appreciate you coming over to c-span and good luck this week. i'm sure we will s ♪ washington journal live from the democratic national convention in philadelphia. coming up, national politico
2:47 pm
preview ofves us a the democratic national convention including speakers and themes for the day. 2016 bernie sanders delegate from washington state shares her efforts to cover her expenses to be at the convention, including turning to social media to raise funds. also, 20 16 dnc hillary clinton delegate and representative on the clinton candidacy. the party's message, urban and minority issues and what the democrats hope to accomplish at the convention. be sure to watch live from the democratic national convention beginning at 7:00 eastern on monday morning. join the discussion. >> he will have a front row seat to every minute of the democratic national convention on watch live streams of the convention proceedings without commentary or commercials. use our video clipping tool to create your own clips of your favorite convention moments and
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share them on social media. also, read twitter feeds from delegates and reporters in philadelphia. our convention pages have everything you need to give you the most c-span gavel to gavel coverage. go to for updated scheduling. every speech will be developed -- will be available on demand anytime you want on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. all ofvention pages and are a public service from your cable and satellite provider. if you are a c-span watcher, check it out on the web at >> supporters of senator bernie sanders held a news conference today voicing their disappointed with hillary clinton''s of tim kaine as a running mate. we also heard them talk about party rules and the possibility of a floor fight between delegates at this week's convention.
2:49 pm
this is an hour. >> good morning. i would like to welcome everyone to this first conference of network -- of the network. we now have about 700,000 active members online. -- of thek is ongoing network. in very active partnership with progressive democrats of america. this morning, we will hear from the executive director inside the democratic party, major player in terms of aggressive activism, organizing work, progressive democrats america,
2:50 pm
smith. i would like to open by giving background on how the bernie delegates network got to now and where we anticipate it will be going in the next few days. one thing that i think needs to isemphatically emphasized that the bernie delegates network is independent. we are entirely independent of the democratic national committee and the party. we are entirely independent of the bernie sanders official campaign. we have no working direct or indirect relationship or communications with bernie sanders or the campaign apparatus. from the outset, we have been independent. that is where we are now and that is where we continue to be. at this point, we have 1250 sanders delegates in the delegates network. in other words, two thirds of
2:51 pm
all of the delegates are in our network. something else i want to emphasize is the bernie delegate network reflects, it does not direct. anybody, we do not try to instruct any delegates in what to do or what not to do, other than our commitment to nonviolence. what does the bernie delegates network reflect today? we reflect disappointment. and we reflect anger. we reflect a progressive commitment to continuing as bernie said the night of the california primary. continuing with the understanding the struggle continues. as he said that night in california, that struggle, that campaign for a political revolution that is meaningful and based on economic
2:52 pm
progressive populism and social justice, it should and must continue through this convention. something that not only bernie sanders but millions of supporters have been clear about is that every meaningful measure of social change in our country has come from the bottom up. it is not come from the top down. the hundreds and hundreds of active bernie delegates who you will be talking with and hearing from every day here at the convention in one way or another totally grasp and embrace that principle. we are not waiting for elites to tell us what to do. we are not even waiting for our progressive or favorite politicians to tell us what to do. we are self organized. we believe democracy comes from the bottom up if it's going to be meaningful for social change. we understand this historic moment out of necessity the
2:53 pm
bernie sanders campaign is contracting. the campaign has had a shed many, many hundreds and hundreds of staff members. by the very nature of the situation, the bernie sanders campaign per se is melting into something you might say a bit more general in terms of the campaign. something else i think needs to be greatly emphasized is that virtually every delegate in the bernie delegate network has conveyed us and surely, deeply understands that by far, by far, by far the worst candidate on the presidential ballot is named donald trump. there is a deep and abiding desire and fervent belief that the defeat of donald trump, to
2:54 pm
keep him out of the white house is absolutely essential for the future of our country and the world. you may have heard the latest poll numbers are very troubling about the number of bernie supporters around the country who are inclined not to support the democratic nominee. and it is troubling not because we are wild about hillary clinton, we are not, but because in swing states that is very dangerous. i have to say there has been an enormous amount of media spin coming from the clinton campaign, echoed by all too many members of the punditocracy, but
2:55 pm
85% of bernie supporters are going to vote for hillary clinton in the fall. that is contradicted by the latest polls. the latest polls show far, far fewer are committed to doing so. it might dawn on some of the smartest guys and gals in the room at the dnc and the clinton headquarters that this precipitous dip in inclination to support hillary clinton in the fall among bernie supporters might be related to the ways in which in recent days in particular hillary clinton -- we don't know what is on her mind. we don't know what her internals are. but we know her actions and behavior are. this falloff in support is plausibly related to her demonstrable contempt for the progressive wing of his party in selection of tim kaine on the ticket.
2:56 pm
one of the many, many reasons i think it's among the profamily -- profoundly widespread reasons that bernie's delegates here reflecting supporters around the country are so upset about the kaine pick. not only is the one thing that hillary clinton can't go back on later on. she is locked into her pick, but also that we believe from only understand on the ground coming from all over this country that the selection of kaine will make defeating donald trump that much more difficult. this is an assault on the progressive base of the democratic party that has in the numbers of 13 million voters flocked to supporting bernie sanders.
2:57 pm
and so those smartest triangulators in the room, that tell us the old formulas prevailed a couple of decades ago at the top of the democratic party will work again, they seem clueless about our current political environment. you have a handout with some documented information about just some of the issues that are such great concern. abortion rights, coal-fired plants, so-called right to work laws that senator kaine has supported, the viciously anti-labor position, tax rates for the wealthy that he does not want to increase, voting -- one of a dozen senators to vote for fast-track for the tpp. what kind of message is that? after all, well above 45% of
2:58 pm
democratic primary voters went for bernie. what is the message here? we want you and the party. don't let the door hit you on the way out. we want you in the room, but here is your hat. what's your hurry? what is this message coming from the top of the party? 10 days ago at the bernie delegates network did a systematic sample survey poll of bernie delegates. you have the results on paper. we released this data eight days ago. not a surprise, not unknown to the clinton campaign.
2:59 pm
what is it mean when 88% of the surveyed bernie delegates said they found senator kaine "unacceptable." only three saying they would find him "acceptable." this is a barometer of where we are today. before you hear from donna smith, executive director of progressive democrats of america, i want to elude to looking ahead to what we can expect in days ahead. we don't know what exactly to expect. it's certainly true of the bernie sanders network delegates. we will convey what the prevailing sentiment and
3:00 pm
planning is from bernie delegates that took the direction of we will share information among delegates and help delegates to coalesce what most of them want to do. looking ahead, most specifically, there are very serious discussions going on about a challenge on the floor to the vice presidential pick of hillary clinton's. tomorrow as part of the daily briefings we expect that more information for you. this is part of a challenge to
3:01 pm
the corporate ties democratic party under hillary clinton. in early june as an elected bernie delegate to the national convention living in california i went to downtown square in oakland where 25,000 people, mostly young, certainly multicultural, multiracial, huge crowd, unprecedented heard bernie speak. there was a sign that stood out for me ever since. it was hand-lettered. "i refuse to accept a dystopian future." that is really what this struggle is about inside the democratic party and inside the country. whether we will accept a dystopian future that gives only lip service to challenging human caused climate change. whether we will give more than lip service to confronting the threat of nuclear holocaust when there is a $1 trillion budget
3:02 pm
plan from the obama administration for so-called modernization of nuclear weapons. and more broad-based -- perpetuating a situation of massive oligarchy dominance of our economy and politics and the middle class falling to the floor and rampant poverty as well. note to a dystopian future. we have got to defeat donald trump. we have got to challenge the corporate powers in the democratic party, represented by hillary clinton today. and at this point i would like to introduce to you the executive director of progressive democrats of america, donna smith. ms. smith: good morning. if we had needed a bigger room
3:03 pm
we would have moved today. but we did not. my name is donna smith, executive director progressive democrats of america. we have chapters throughout the country. we are proud to say here at the convention more than 220 delegates identified themselves as progressive democrats of america. we like to say we are the insurgency in the democratic party, not an official part of the democratic party. when we came here -- i think it's important to mention most of our delegates, many had to raise significant some of the money to arrive here at the dnc. they did so not because they expected to come in the foot soldiers for anyone who espouse views over not there's in terms of what they heard from bernie sanders that drove them so fervently to support him over the last two and half years. progressive democrats of america
3:04 pm
in late 2013 issued a petition where he asked people to sign if they wanted to urge bernie sanders to run as a democrat for the presidency of the united states. we gathered thousands of signatures that were presented to senator sanders on her 10 year anniversary in may of 2014. there were many people who urged him and influenced him to make the decision to run for president. progressive democrats of america has never before endorsed a presidential candidate. the reason is simple. we are a federal pac and we support candidates that are in line with issues that are important to achieve for the democratic party.
3:05 pm
some of those are once hillary clinton assured she does not share with us. it is very difficult for us at this point to imagine we will make a smooth transition of any kind. we likely will not be able to endorse hillary clinton has president. that is not the say people in progressive democrats of america what donald trump to be president. i want to be clear about that. we will shift our work to working for the down ballot races and congressional races where we really feel we can make a difference and give a more progressive congress to whomever ends up being the president, whether that has to be in opposition to a republican president which sounds pretty awful to us, or whether that be to push a president who is not progressive to be more progressive. as an example, we will take one issue. the single-payer health care medicare for all. the reality is not too long before the convention hillary clinton assured people that single-payer would never come to pass in united states. that's a difficult thing to swallow for pretty delegates to look at the situation happening at our health care industry today. what is happening today to millions of americans who cannot afford their own health care. they may be paying exorbitant health insurance premiums but they are not achieving access to health care. that is one of our primary issues. we heard over and over again the platform committee of the dnc has passed the most progressive
3:06 pm
platform in the history of the party. while that may well be true, that it's more progressive than previous platforms have been, it is still leading a long distance between what bernie espoused on the campaign trail and what is in that platform. those of you who were in orlando or watched the orlando hearings, a platform committee hearing, you know how hard-fought they were. sometimes we can feel as bernie delegates as if unless we are to just toe the line and be quiet and go along with what the clinton campaign wanted, we will not be included in the conversation. we feel that here at the democratic national convention it's absolutely the appropriate place for us to argue out these issues in a democracy. that is what a democracy is all about. it is not inappropriate or disrespectful. it is not disunifying for us to figure out with the best ticket up of four to this country is to tell people this is the direction democrats feel the country should go.
3:07 pm
that is why the vice presidential pick was extremely upsetting to many bernie delegates. it wasn't just that it was senator kaine. and in most part is not directed personally at senator kaine. it is choosing someone who is so far away from where we stand progressively says that all of us who has worked so hard on bernie sanders's campaign over the last two and half years. giving up months and months of their lives in volunteer support. many people, thousands of dollars. i note bernie was very fond of talking about the $27 contributions. for many families that was a lot of money to put out every month. they didn't lovingly and they did it because they were committed. not just of bernie the person, but the ideals of progressive change in this country. that included protecting our climate.
3:08 pm
we have an emergency, a climate emergency in this country. unfortunately senator kaine has exhibited a great fondness for the oil and gas industry and for fossil fuels that makes it issuing a comfortable. unless we join together in mobilized to deal with the climate emergency this issue is going to consume so many of us going over and damage the lives of future generations forever. there is no turning back from some of the climate emergency. i've heard russell green, a number of progressive democrats of america offer a sweeping climate emergency amendment at the platform committee. he believes there is a 10-year
3:09 pm
window for us to take action. if senator kaine is the vice president and he is advising secretary clinton or president clinton on what she might want to do, we are very concerned about what will happen with climate. climate, health care, the stand on peace and war. very difficult. this is a very difficult choice. there were two tangible ways that the clinton campaign and the dnc could show bernie delegates and bernie voters across the country -- 13 million of them, that they cared about where they stood. those two ways for platform and the choice of vice president. in both cases having disdain for those positions held a party delegates does not bode well for the future of either the ticket or the democratic party long-term. we have heard about the millions and millions of young people who came up to vote for bernie. so true. they were inspired not only about his talks or college debt and free public education, they were inspired by seeing a world for you did not have the
3:10 pm
billionaire class and the millionaire class ruling over the rest of us and telling the rest of us what to do. they were inspired by something that gave them hope for the future. and the choices we are making out at the dnc, they are also sending a very strong message to those millions and millions of young people. many of whom have already said that is it. i am done with the democratic party. for the clinton camp and the dnc to disregard those comments from those young people is done at their peril in all of our perils if indeed what we are doing is empowering donald trump to be the president of the united states. with that i want to thank you all. i think we will take questions. >> very briefly, i left work when i mentioned senator kaine had voted against tpp fasttrack.
3:11 pm
i left out the word democratic. he was one of a dozen democratic senators to vote in favor of fast-track to expedite the tpp last year. and to note we are getting a tremendous number of questions about protest prospects on the convention floor. we want to emphasize there are reasons why there is such a likelihood of protests by bernie delegates on the convention floor. and because of the live broadcasts involved today i will repeat your questions before donna and i endeavor to respond to them. yes? >> how many members of this coalition challenge the new vice presidential nominee and how far you in forcing that on the floor? protests were stopped by the person with the gavel at the rnc. >> how many in the bernie delegates network are attuned to
3:12 pm
protesting the vp choice? when we surveyed 10 days ago to bernie network elegant numbers about potential vp choices, and we included senator kaine at the time, one of the questions towards the end of the survey said if the vice presidental pick is either kaine for some of the others we listed or other political outlook, would you seriously consider vocally announcing the pick and/or as we called it nonviolently and emphatically protesting during the acceptance speech of secretary clinton on the convention floor? the vast majority chose and/or. either said one or the other or both. the other part of the question, what do we plan now? we will be quickly doing yet another straw poll. it is done so every delegate has
3:13 pm
a unique url and can only vote once. we will be surveying within the next 24 hours exactly what plans the delegates might get behind in terms of responding. >> the procedure for doing this? do you know the procedure for doing this? how many votes the unique? >> officially? we have read the rules and we would hope the rules would be followed. what is theoretical, the neutrality of the dnc which was theoretically in existence drop the campaign we now know to the e-mail leaks that was a total fiction. i say that the caveat, but when
3:14 pm
you read the rules of the dnc in this convention, if we gather 300 signatures with no more than 50 for any particular state we can place a name of a vice presidential potential nominee. then we would go through that entire process. donna, did you want to add something? >> [indiscernible] >> if bernie should ask you to stop your protest, would you? >> if bernie sanders would ask us to step down and not protest for the vp pick, would we? the answer is very much bound up in my explanation at the beginning. the network is totally independent of bernie sanders and the campaign.
3:15 pm
let me make it clear that is the quarter of the bernie delegates network and every other delegate i have talked to who is a party delegate, none of us have ever heard from bernie sanders or any the official campaign that they want us to protest or they don't want us to protest. if we get the message directly or indirectly, i'm sure we will take it under advisement as we take all advice and opinions advertisement. no more, no less. donna? >> in terms of ferguson democrats of america, i am not speaking for the bernie delegate network, but the progressive democrats of america have no intention of standing down at this point. we brought bernie sanders did this party so to speak, and we intend to be there. i think bernie was very serious when he used the #notmeus. we take that seriously. this is about building movement. for those that may have been there, we had a fabulous people
3:16 pm
summit in chicago in which we have thousands of people come together for just the purpose of movement building. we had a fantastic sponsorship by national nurses united and 190,000 registered nurses who came together to say it's not about bernie sanders the person, it's about it movement and justice and making sure we achieve the progressive change we want to have. bernie has been a tremendous vehicle to bring that agenda to the american public. the american public has embraced it, really embraced it. we always stayed that way for progressive democrats of america. we intend to continue. to answer more specifically, there has in an outreach to individuals about a willingness or a not willingness to put themselves in that light. imagine there is often fear of retribution and i think our is very real in
3:17 pm
political system today. we see the most egregious examples of that with donald trump when he very directly threatens people, the press and will happen if they do not sing the tune he wants song. the dnc may have its own ways as we found out through wikileaks and so. there may be here on the part of some people but rest assured, there are people who are unafraid. thank you. >> briefly on the know. this prefigures the future. if there's a president clinton and hillary clinton administration, there is not a nanosecond of honeymoon because principles don't take enough. they don't go on holiday. this prefigures what we anticipate the future. >> if he could talk a little bit about what a floor protest would look like, what are some of the options? >> the question is talking about a floor protest, what some of the options are. we have heard many possibilities discussed by delegates.
3:18 pm
our delegate network is reflecting a lot of that discourse going on. there is talk about walking out of the vice presidential acceptance fees. there is talk about a total silence. remaining seated. turning backs. it's all a quest to galvanize and walk in the footsteps of the long tradition of nonviolent protest for social justice in this country. i would like to mention that in 1964 at the democratic convention in atlantic city. the democratic administration in the white house tried very hard to suppress the voice of somebody who had suffered from social justice. the rationale was that that would hurt the party and helped to elect barry goldwater, just as we hearing similar rationale today about we should sit down shut up because that would help donald trump it on the contrary
3:19 pm
to help donald trump is coming from hillary clinton and choosing someone who is actually backing up the wall street support from the democratic party but such a target for trunk. back in 9064 in atlantic city the dimension, we look today at the voice of sanity live hamer who said on behalf of mississippi freedom democratic party, we did not come all this way for two seats when the races -- delegation of the regular mississippi party was to retain all of their dozens of seats. very few of our delegates have suffered the terrible abuse that sandy live hamer did at the time of the civil rights activists in the deep south. but there's an understanding that you have to sacrifice and sometimes when the top of the party tells you to be quiet, it's important to let your light shine.
3:20 pm
it's important to speak up and speak out and in the light of history that is upheld. >> the question is are we also considering floor fights in terms of rules to the platform. >> late yesterday the rules committee after a wild of deliberation seems to have come up with a quote unquote compromise which might remove the need for a fight that remains to be seen her around superdelegates. in terms of platform, there is no minority report as far as i'm aware that has been formally put forward. at the same time, there are efforts under way. i don't know if you want to adjust that as well donna but on climate issues and so forth. in terms of what a floor fight
3:21 pm
might entail. we are committed to nonviolence, we are committed to the long tradition of activism that speaks up for social justice. that remains to be seen. were going to continue to poland survey our members. -- paul and survey. >> i think the other thing that's important to say is if the protest that the bath outside the rules committee yesterday is any example of how gurneys elegance will be handled during this convention, the dnc has some work to do. they are talking about unity, they're talking about wanting us to be a part of what they want to do moving forward. and yet the delegates for those of you who are there may know the delegates -- bernie's delegates at least seem to be isolated and they said the room is full and the room is indeed crowded. it is hard to imagine when you have hillary clinton supporters in line who appear to have gotten preferential treatment and getting into the room. then you have 150 people outside the room who are predominantly bernie sanders delegates and supporters just wanting to be in the room to observe events of
3:22 pm
superdelegates and do some really considered and careful work in consideration of this party's rules and those people are not only help there, but there was a growing police and security presence. no one was being violent at all. they were making noise, they were chanting. there are wanting to make it clear that they wanted to be in the room. they wanted to be moved to a bigger room. we made it clear that shame on the dnc for not having provisions for disabled and elderly people. you better be walking your talks during this convention. and that was not a good showing yesterday in terms of how they handled the rules committee. so where we have action from the floor, i think there will be probably some. if not, i want to stress what norman said. it's not up to the brain delegates network to tell anybody what to do. certainly we will poll and find out what people are thinking. >> debbie wasserman schultz will not be speaking at the
3:23 pm
convention. -- would you like the removal -- >> i think it i said yesterday. the question is about whether debbie wasserman schultz should be removed as the chair of the party. i think i said it yesterday and a couple interviews that if we just look at our own professionalize, -- professional lives and you have a situation which you have written e-mails like that in your professional life about people with whom you were supposed to show impartiality and deal with professionally, you might imagine that would have severe consequences to you professionally. my understanding this morning is debbie wasserman schultz will gavel open and close the convention, but she will not have a speaking role. know that is not an up. -- enough.
3:24 pm
to my thinking, it's not just debbie wasserman schultz that was involved in this situation. it appears there were several staff members of the dnc who were involved in saying some very inappropriate things, very partial to hillary clinton saying about bernie sanders and there needs to be accountability for that in the party. it's important. this is a democracy, this is not a production show. this is the seeds of our democracy here in philadelphia. it's a wonderful place for us to really exhibit that. but it won't be if we are squelched and we are silenced. >> and the situation at this historic moment, the party unity is on higher hillary clinton. it's a -- bit much to be told really exhibit that. that you bernie sell it -- delegates have better snap to it for party unity will me have the -- got the shaft by her going to her right away from the principles of the brady campaign. and filling the price -- my presidential slot. -- vice presidential slot.
3:25 pm
>> secretary clinton brand yourself as a progressive. issue -- is she? >> it depends on the definition. if being an exponent of the basic policies and preferences of wall street makes your progressive. if being endorsed by robert kagan, one of the leaning lights of the neoconservative foreign policies. saying that she is a neocon, but of course her followers will call that. if that makes your progressive. if somebody who has stood for -- firm against the necessity for producing and concrete policy terms the gap between the rich and the poor and on and on. if were going to move the goalposts to that extent that hillary clinton is a progressive, then the whole game is down the rabbit hole.
3:26 pm
>> what is a response as to the wiki leak that the dnc plans to question bernie sanders jewishness and -- >> the question is what is a reaction to the wikileaks revelations of the dnc e-mails about planning to use bernie sanders religion and asserted atheism against him. sadly it speaks for itself. this is the progressive democratic national committee. it is just shameful. i think she is clearly damaged party unity to a large extent i her choice of cain and particular.
3:27 pm
-- in particular. what she could do now is to open up the convention to actual debate over platform issues. the survey that we did among bernie delegates really tracked with the weaknesses that she has had in her purported progressive politics and her fidelity to wall street. we have by far the top number, some are not 69% of the delegates responding to survey and this is close to 300 of them in an overnight poll said that the transpacific partnership is a most important issue to bring to the floor. yet hillary clinton, even though she claims to be cap turned against it tpp did everything in upper power to successfully block that provision to challenge and condemn it tpp from coming to fruition. she should reverse that. she should allow there to be an actual of -- debate over tpp. on the convention floor there should be a debate and vote on platform provisions.
3:28 pm
after talking about concerns uneconomic justice international trade, that is why we oppose the tpp. that was voted down on orders of hillary clinton and her forces. so not only tpp issue should be allowed by hillary clinton get to the floor, but two other issues which rank very high among our delegates in the survey, single-payer medicare for all. that should be brought to the floor. there are so many delegates who have been struggling and fighting to bring it to the floor. hillary clinton is trying to block it. she should reverse course on that. the third one that rank very high was an all-out government mobilization on climate change. to recognize the global national security by any real definition threat that climate change is to humanity.
3:29 pm
and again, the clinton forces should reverse course and allow that platform fight to come to the floor. >> one more issue that i've heard talked about in choosing senator kaine is a running mate was that perhaps her with some deference being given to making sure the white male vote did not go to donald trump more so than it might go to the democrats. i found that remark remarkably ill-informed about many of the white man that i know about what they believe in what they would like to see happen with this country. i also -- there is a certain sort of sexism in that. i also would like to say, and i know i've heard many women bernie delegates say this and i want to say this emphatically. i would like to see a woman president in my lifetime to. -- too.
3:30 pm
very much would like to see a woman president. and i had hoped that would mean president in my lifetime, too. very much would like to see a woman president. and i had hoped that would mean that we would bring a different kind of dynamic to politics. perhaps. a different kind of more open thought process, more progressive, more peace oriented. more oriented to true change for our futures are that our children have used to look forward to and so that we had some things in this country that felt very hopeful and terms of direction. it hurts, it really hurts me to be standing and feeling like i can't really support the first woman who is likely to be a candidate for president. i would like to be able to do that. but boy are they making it hard. they are making it very difficult for me and millions of other women to do the same. >> what would you say to the argument that hillary folks are saying that -- that she is their
3:31 pm
candidate and that she gets the right to pick a vp and that their voices are not being heard by you folks. >> i've heard it said over and over again that hillary clinton won this fair and square. we could go on for another hour about whether or not that is really true. or not. it is frustrating, it's difficult, it's angering, it's we have also some issues about election integrity to clear up in this country. one of the things that bothered me most about the dnc through this primary process was that they did not protect the rights of every democratic voter to cast a vote. and they did not protect the right of us to have our votes counted properly. so as i said, we could argue whether or not there were whole -- whether or not every california but was counted appropriately. or whether not some of our friends in the media, i don't do think that anybody out, but released information not only about a primary in california but release information about who is going to win the day before.
3:32 pm
these are things that signal that that fight was not fair. the wikileaks document and the e-mails that are coming out reinforce that. i want to say, these are not things that bernie delegates were conspiring to come up with that the clinton campaign ideas they were doing. these are just confirming what we saw on the ground as volunteers, as workers, as poll watchers in states all across the country. where we tried so hard not to trip -- show favoritism. we do in one burning to get favoritism, we just wanted every vote counted in every person to be able to build. the dnc should have protected that right for every democratic voter. i don't think we know. perhaps they did. perhaps they did. for me, if i were a candidate, it would be a very how they -- how the victory indeed to win it
3:33 pm
with that question. about how that win was achieved. i believe that hillary clinton is it an extremely tell woman. i have no doubt about that. i would not argue about her intelligence or her capability to run this country. what i argue about them but i am concerned about is how we are being treated as fellow democrats who are trying to have an open party that really embraces that we have 45% of democratic voters. this is not a small percentage. 45% of democratic voters voted for that is a significant number of people read braced that agenda and that wave moving the party forward. -- forward. >> tim kaine will be shifting
3:34 pm
his vote or his position on tpp to be more and alliance with what hillary clinton has said. have you had any indication of this what to be done. >> the question is the clinton campaign has been emphasizing in recent days that senator kaine may eminently be shifting his position indicating a shift in his position on the tpp. i'm reminded of a thing as mark twain is that it's easy to quit smoking, done at hundreds of times. in this case, we have concrete actions to go on. we are so encouraged by this spinmeisters to do this existential interpretation of what some of his motivation of future plans may or may not be this -- based on pledges or otherwise. but let's be empirical. what did he do?
3:35 pm
he was one of a dozen democratic senators who voted for fast track which was intended at the time said -- to smooth the way for tpp which lets you clear as a threat to democracy. it's a threat to democracy in this country on a whole host of issues. so if it were just a matter of rhetoric, these folks might just be stupendous. if it's just about promises, then gain may be stupendous. let's remember this is a coming from a campaign headed by a former secretary of state who reiterated that the tpp was the gold standard of international agreement. now she has changed. to believe that somehow she would be incapable of changing back again, i live near the golden gate bridge. i will take bids. >> i will respond and i started to respond as well. the question is, is there concern that five protesting at this convention, inside the convention hall, it might tilt the election against secretary
3:36 pm
clinton in the fall. one of the tremendous ironies is that the real threat, both the largest threat to the election of secretary clinton rather than donald trump, we believe, there is substantial evidence is by her embrace of a corporate vice president of candidate who will be sitting duck for the phony, racist, xenophobic, nativist, populism of donald trump. who like demagogues from time immemorial is claimed to be for the little guy in the little gal while actually -- aligning
3:37 pm
with the big money and in this case fascist state interest. and mentalities. so i think that secretary clinton rather than trying to blame us for exercising our first amendment right to respond to her suppressive tactics and heard i further towards corporate wall street. she tried to interview her campaign both on the convention floor and for the next few -- [applause] sensing in so many conversations from so many
3:38 pm
delegates, there certainly was enthusiasm for putting a elizabeth warren on the ticket. there's no doubt. sherrod brown as well. secretary perez as well. there was apparently a very different set of finalists from secretary clinton. we might be just about done. other any journalists -- >> to quickly follow on that . do you need people to say yes i will accept a data putting the name of the nomination. >> the question is, do we need the consent from a potential vice presidential candidate contender before putting the name of two nomination. greeting the dnc rules, we do need a sign off from that person -- in 1968, from the convention floor, at that contentious convention, julian bond's name was placed in nomination and he
3:39 pm
emerged explaining the constitutionally he was not qualified because he was under 35 years old and whoever we choose to nominate, not only will consent, but will be over 35 years old, i can assure you that. >> since 1988, the vice presidential nomination had always been -- even though there has been several times when there were other candidates who had petitioned which would allow them to be put on the ballot. how are you going to react when they do it again this week. -- this week? >> the question is saying, since 1988, there has always been acclamation votes for the vice presidential selection of the presidential nominee if i understand your question correctly.
3:40 pm
how would we respond if that happens again? first we intend that this does go forward and you will know more tomorrow our briefing at 10:30 p.m. -- 10:30 a.m.. we intend to go through all of the rules two. all the as and cross all of the teeth of the dnc regulations and if the party could board -- or debbie wasserman schultz wants to indicate they've turned over a new leaf after the exposure of their e-mails, then they concern the follow the letter of the rules, we intend to hold into this rules. i think we are upset. i look forward to seeing you at the briefing tomorrow and thank you very much for being here. >> one last thing. i'm from colorado. i am not a delegate. i wanted to make sure you all knew that. >> despite how some of his
3:41 pm
supporters may feel, senator
3:42 pm
bernie sanders made it clear he ,upports hillary clinton regardless of the leaked e-mails from dnc staffers. senator sanders said that clinton was "a superior candidate" and called donald trump "the worst republican seen in a he has lifetime. he is scheduled to speak at the democratic convention tomorrow. and michael bloomberg will endorse hillary clinton in a primetime address and make the case for why the former secretary of state is the best choice for moderate voters. of course, mr. bloomberg, an independent, was considering a presidential run himself. ms. clinton: a major party
3:43 pm
nomination -- hillary clinton becomes the first woman major nominee of a political party for president of the united states. live coverage of every minute of this historic convention begins monday on c-span, c-span radio, and >> and a live look outside the wells fargo center in philadelphia where the democratic convention will take place. preparations are underway before started tomorrow 4:00 eastern time. earlier we heard from the mayor of philadelphia but what they are doing. this is 25 minutes. >> before we start, i would like
3:44 pm
to thank you all for coming. before we start, i would like to acknowledge the passing of gabriel lee. sad time for his family. keep him and them in their prayers. want to recognize that. thank you all for coming. we have our police commissioner, fire commissioner, our emergency management director, and our first deputy brian abernathy to answer questions. of done an incredible job over the last year of getting our city ready or the d and the. -- for the dnc. before everything kicks off, we
3:45 pm
want to give you an opportunity to speak with them. youre going to get questions quickly. first, two things. first -- a huge thank you to our city employees as well as to our local, state, and federal partners. to the people working in this room today and the next few days . we will be working long, hard shifts to keep the city operating. the second is about the extreme heat and whether we are expecting over the next couple of days. it is important to take extreme heat fiercely. we expect heat and humidity in the triple digits. there is little relief at night due to higher than normal overnight temperatures. the city has already had four deaths this year.
3:46 pm
i urge residents to drink water outdoors,, limit time and keep your windows open if you do not have air conditioning. if you seen people -- if you see people who are homeless in distress from the heat, call our outreach number. seniors or residents considered -- concerned about a senior, they should call the heat line. in the event of a thunderstorm, please take shelter. if you are demonstrating when a thunderstorm warning occurs, safety personnel will direct you to the nearest shelter area. you will be able to return to your demonstration area as soon as the safety threat has passed. demonstrators,of and bottlednts water will be available 24/7. assigned tobe
3:47 pm
marches. on the streets there will be sprinklernts brin caps. permitting camping during the d and c and demonstrators are highly encouraged not to camp in light of safety threats. with that, we will take your questions. >> [indiscernible] risk trying to give demonstrators say. >> officers are at risk when they do their job every day. we recognize that. we have done these things before. we had the rnc in 2000. the weather was similar to now, maybe it is a little hotter now. officers are prepared.
3:48 pm
they are trained. there are water stations. we are coming around to them to keep them fed it hydrated. we should be in good shape. a high temperatures -- keeping the crowd down -- >> that's just speculation. i don't really have an idea. the officers are out there. it is hot for them. i could not tell you one way or another. >> [indiscernible] operation?veland's it seems that everything went pretty smooth. we had officers dealing with what was going on. in -- i went to cleveland three or four weeks ago for the of dialoguinge
3:49 pm
with them, as much information about their rnc and our dnc. there were eight or nine chiefs who had had similar evidence in the past just trying to collaborate with as many events as possible. this was actually put on by the police executive research forum under trucks will -- under check wechsler. we had officers on the ground in cleveland. to get vital intelligence. we got a comprehensive plan, as you might imagine, and we are confident in that confident we will keep the people visiting and working here safe. >> we have a responsibility to protect the first amendment rights of everyone concerned.
3:50 pm
we are just monitoring the entire thing to keep everyone safe. not just the police officers. you have other city workers out there doing -- what will ultimately be a fabulous job. we don't doubt that. but it's going to be tough with the heat. it there is no denying that. in the wake of recent shootings targeting officers in dallas, baton rouge, one of your officers was shot last year. were you concerned? you spoke to the threat of the officers, be it from these actions are not, an opportunity officers in ae more vulnerable position? >> clearly we are always concerned about our officers. in light of what has happened the last couple weeks, clearly we would be remiss if we did not take appropriate measures. so, overall plans have not changed. we are taking additional
3:51 pm
therity measures to ensure safety of protesters, police as well as the public in general. in dallas, there were a couple who were not demonstrators. people pretty angry. >> yeah, i guess it can. but we are hopeful that people process, thishis venue. we have done a significant amount of planning, conversations with protesters in the way of managing expectations. there's and hours. we are cautiously optimistic things will go well. we are always planning for impromptu protests. we have been dealing with them for the better part of 18 months , as many big cities have. they will come as no surprise to us. >> [indiscernible]


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