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tv   British Prime Minister Theresa May Fields Questions in Parliament  CSPAN  July 24, 2016 8:59pm-9:40pm EDT

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national convention in philadelphia. coming up monday morning, national political reporter for pittsburgh tribune review gives us a preview of the democratic national convention including speakers and themes for the day. sanders2016 bernie delegate of washington state shares her efforts to cover her expenses to be at this convention including turning to social media to raise funds. clinton2016 dnc hillary delegate and ohio state representative on the clinton candidacy. the party's, urban and minority issues and what the democrats hope to accomplish at the convention. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live from the democratic national committee beginning at 7:00 eastern monday morning. join the discussion. >> british prime mr. theresa may answer questions from members of parliament in her first question times is becoming prime minister. she talked about the u.k. future relationship with europe
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following the brexit decision and national security concerns after the attacks in nice, france. this is almost 40 minutes. >> i'm sure the whole house will with -- which to join me in welcoming today's enjoyment figures showing employment at another record high. unemployment rate in the lowest point in a decade and wages rising. i had meetings with colleagues and its into my duties with the house, i have -- shall have for the meetings later today. i will travel to berlin to meet chancellor merkel to discuss how we can implement the decision
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that the british people took in the referendum backed by free will also cover a large number of other issues and tomorrow i will visit paris with similar discussions. >> warmly welcome the prime minister. can i have the prime mr., given her unwavering commitment to deliver economic stability and national security, in our united that she welcomed monday synthetic boat in the house for the success of programs and the economic stability and national security remain dining principles for her premiership. >> can i join him and enthusiastically welcoming the
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boat that was taken in this house to renew our deterrence. that vote shows the commitment of this house, so that we have not only committed to our own national security, but also consider the security of our european and nato allies. we can get on with the essential job of renewing our nuclear deterrent and can i think those 140 labor members of parliament who put the national interest first and voted to renew the nuclear deterrent? . >> thank you, mr. speaker. can i welcome the member to her fights prime minister question time and to graduate her on her appointed. be a great with me and that they should be opportunity to debate series are the issues that face our country.
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on the steps of balance 32 talked eloquently about fighting burning injustice. to shut the act was all grooving inquiry into the ground. the general toward -- told the that if announced any action to set off an inquiry or other investigation relating to her brief, it would have an impact on the hill investigation. it just use that account. -- disputes the account. will the prime minister proceed with a full public inquiry into the terrible events that operate -- at augrive? >> can i say to him that he refers to me as the second one prime minister, in my years here, i've long heard the labour party asking what the conservative party does for women. [laughter]
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just keep making us prime minister. i welcome the comments he has made. we do debate series issues and promise or questions. i welcome and look forward to the exchange as we will have and i hope we will be having those exchanges over this box for many years to come. i think the shadow secretary has an urgent question on that this afternoon which will be responding to. >> the new prime minister also said on the steps of down a street if you are young, you will find a harder than ever before to own your own home. than half of working households were people age 1534 binder homes. 25% and theigure is
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revelation foundation suggests this will fall to 10% in the next nine years. one figure has the promise or set for homeownership among young people? >> the timeline your first two, he might have forgotten that during that period we had 13 years of a labor government. that had a very bad record in terms of housebuilding. this is a government that is going to change that. we will put more into building more homes to ensure that young people to have a better opportunity to get on the housing ladder. that is why we are government that will be governing for everyone in this country. put at labour government decent home standard in place and every part of this country. a -- homes athat
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forpounds -- 450,000 pounds people earning less than their parents generation is a very good prospect for people owning their own homes. the promise or is rightly concerned that if you are black, you are treated more harshly if you are white. before appointed her new secretary, did she discussed with him his description of pick people as enemies -- -a-ninnies. the right honorable gentleman started his question by making reference to the issue of starter homes and the upper limit in london. i sat on these benches and hurt him say that with my honorable friends. can i just a claim this to the leader of the opposition? if you look at house prices across the country, they bear. liverpool, average prices
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160,000 pounds. london, average prices 676 thousand pounds. that is why we have a higher limit for the starter home ticker been london. if the object to that, he needs to tell his constituents why he is against them having opportunities. madefers to the remarks i and if correct, if you are black, he will be treated more harshly. secretary i home dealt with the issue of stop and search. in dementia that nobody should be stopped and searched on the streets of this country because of the color of their skin. i did that as a conservative. 13 years of labor did nothing. >> my question was about the language used by the foreign secretary. the new chancellor abandoned the
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government's budget target. as labor has long called for. her government is already missing is target on debt, deficit, welfare cap and objectivity. six years of government next 30 has failed. the long-term economic plan is clearly dead. >> the long-term economic plan has delivered the record of employment. theaps i could just court right honorable gentlemen straight. we have not abandoned the attention, what i have said is that we will not be targeting that at the end of this parliament. he uses the language of austerity. can i say this to him. he talks about austerity, i call it living within our means. he talks about austerity, but it
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is about not settling our children and grandchildren with that. -- debt. it is ensuring that we have an economy that works for everyone. jobless clint have risen for the fourth month in a row. welfare claims have risen as well to austerity means people cutg poor, services being and local facilities being closed. it has breached on the steps of downing street. an insecure workers and you have a job, but you don't always have job security. for those people that are worried about their work, i'm work -- in talking about people that sent us here to serve them. does that mean she is proposing theseap the implement
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orban zero our contracts as much than a dozen european nations have done? that would help to give greater job security too many there weren't people in this country. i did say that on the streets of downing street. i think it is important that us here in the house, we consider not only what might be called the more obvious injustices, but consider the lives for those people who are in work but struggling to make ends meet. it is essential that one of the things the government has done is raised the threshold to which people start paying income taxed. it is also about making sure we have more well-paid jobs in the country which is also what the government is doing. refers to the situation to some workers who might have job -- iity and potentially
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suspect there are many members on the bench as might be unfamiliar. i make it is not listen to his workers. i bought to require some of his workers to double their workload. [laughter] maybe even a boss to exploit the rules to further his own career. you of anybody? [laughter] >> we are here to represent people and there are many people in this quest -- in here struggling with jobs. i don't suppose, i do not
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suppose to many conservative mps should go to a bank to supplement the family table every week. and i think we should reflect on those tings. highlights the failures of the predecessor of social justice and homeownership and education and the cost of living. that she too was responsible for that as a cabinet minister but she emphasizes working people when she says that they are working around the clock, i know you are doing your best, i know that sometimes i can be a struggle. yesterday, the fiscal studies found that two thirds of children living in poverty and britain have at least one parent in work. new war worthless he offer -- what other than warm words will she offered to those children? isn't it our duty to offer some hope and security to them?
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>> yes it is. we are concerned about those people. answer iscertain -- not the labour party's answer. the answer to people who are in work and who are struggling, the answer to those people who want to get into work is to have a strong economy and an economy that delivers jobs and delivers well-paid jobs and that is why i can assure the gentleman that on this point, we are focused on building a country that works for everyone. an economy that ensures that everyone can benefit from a nation's wealth and society where everyone gets the opportunity and a democracy that everyone can have faith in. say, thentleman i labour party may be about fighting and terrifying apart -- turn it apart, the conservative part of those months bring the country together. -- party will spend those months
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bring in the country together. bringing the country together. >> there will be more. edward lee. >> i agree with the prime minister. [laughter] we are leaving the eu and we're going to make a success of it. will the prime minister make my day special by saying she is prepared to reject staying in the single regulated market and offering, instead to our front in europe, a free-trade deal very much in their interest. let's take back control. >> after that, i will sit down and enjoy that for the rest of the day.
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my friend has made my day. can i make his day i was in him a very happy birthday today. -- by wishing him a very happy birthday. as a look at the results of the referendum, i'm very clear that he means brexit. we will make a success of it. what we need to do in negotiating the deal is to ensure that we listen to our people and what they have said. dealso negotiate the right of fair trade of goods and services for the british people. >> robertson! by extendingbegin correctly since. -- congratulations. as has artie confirmed how scotland is able to remain in the european union. did prime minister discuss this when she met with nicholas
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surgeon when she was in edinburgh and will she do everything to ensure that remain means remain for scotland? >> can i thank him for his judgment and the, that he made. the recognition that he shows us he supports my husband philip. we all rely on support from those around us to do our job and we should never forget that. i did discuss the arrangement in relation to the negotiation for the united kingdom pleading -- leaving the eu. i was pleased that my first trip to scotland and i was able to do that so early in my premiership as i have been clear, the union is very important to me. i'm also clear with the first minister that i think there is some ideas put forth that are impractical but i'm waiting to hear the options and we will be engaging fully with all the involved administrations. >> germany has the highest level
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of support of any continent for scotland remaining. minister thank chancellor merkel and the members of our government and members of the bundesliga, their interest in having scotland remaining in the you and will she ensure the chancellor and other heads of state and government that we in scotland will do everything, everything necessary for us to remain in the eu? >> i have to say to the gentleman, this is a line we have been taking for some time, i do find it a little confusing given that only two years ago and the scottish referendum that scottish national party was campaign for scotland to leave the united kingdom which would have meant that leaving the united -- european union.
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>> daniel! >> we all stand with the people of france and nice following the terrorist act there last week. will the promise to update the house on how the security collaboration between our two countries can help prevent such attacks in the future and reassure the french people that although we are leaving the european union, the close link between our countries will remain steadfast? my honorable friend raises an important topic. our thoughts are with all the people of france on the appalling attack that took place. we continue to work with the french authorities both in the aftermath of the attack. my old friend is right, we need to continue our security operation. we will not be, by terrorists. we both faced the same threat
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and we need to work together to defeat the threats. i can absolutely say that the kingdom will leave the european union come up with the night kingdom is not leaving europe and our cooperation will continue. can i wish her well in healing the country and months to come? she and her colleagues are so bitterly divided. can i think her too for her wholehearted support and endorsement for the official labor policy? such a refreshing change to hear that from the dispatch box. [laughter] as a type one diabetic and a farmer and uncle to children with diabetes, on behalf of
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500,000 people, 30,000 of them children, connecticut preminger for the exhibitors showing to those people and devastating -- demonstrated that it is a hold us back anyway. there is no doubt that the prime minister's previous efforts left us in a worse condition than he found us. give my prime minister constituency a hospital and to stop her government [indiscernible] >> prime minister! >> thank you, mr. speaker. the judgment makes a reference to divisions on the conservative party benches. i have to say, which is the party that took three weeks to decide which to be the unity candidate? the labour party. can i thank him for his remarks on type one diabetes?
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from tiny tossed a teenagers living with type one diabetes and i think it is important to give the message to them that their future is not limited. they can do whatever they want. in the first person and promise or question to buy me to the constituency. i will look closely at all invitations that i receive an promise or questions. i think it is important that decisions about the construct of local nhs services are taken out of the local level. i would remind him that he made the point about the agreement between conservative party and labour party official party. where we do disagree, it was a conservative party that agreed that we would put the money necessary into the nhs in the labour party refused to commit that. >> thank you, mr. speaker. from the atrocity and nice and balance murder -- balance murder.
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honor killing. there were 11,000 incidents of these honor crimes over the last five years. the premise to agree that such crimes are in fact acts of terror and honor in which he therefore director new government to any use of honor to describe these lilacs -- vile acts to stop the ideas that women are the property of men? >> my friend has raised an important issue. an issue that i think resonates across this house. she is right. extremism does take many forms. is why in our counter extreme is impulsive we are looking for strategies across issues of looking at tackling ofit causes -- root causes this. i agree with her, there is absolutely no honor in so-called honor based violence. it is violence and a criminal
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act. in simple. -- plain and simple. >> i would welcome the promise her to her first question time. i would like to ask her if she people of myto the constituency. they tell me that the recent unprecedented changes in primary has lead to negative impacts on the learning outcomes of the children. will she urged the new secretary of state to take the concerns forward and make some useful changes? >> i think the honorable lady for her welcome to me. i think it education right is crucial if we are to ensure that the people can take up the opportunities that they deserve and also have the aspirations to take up his opportunities. my honorable friend, the new education secretary for be looking across the board at the education provisions put in place.
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we have made some important changes already over the last six years that are improving the quality of education that and more children are getting the whole team education they need and there is more for us to do and we will be looking at that. aerospace is of vital importance. rolls-royce and over a thousand people. important to us, it is important to the u.k. economy. with a promise or congratulate all the companies on the deals they signed and were nearly 100 billion pounds of trade deals and so separate industry much open for business. britain is open for business. >> i know the important role the aerospace industry plays for him. and other constituencies across the country. and the importance of the airshow. tony what a great airshow it was.
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to government committed provide a new 355 million pound fund research and enrollment to ensure that we retain our leading position in the sector. as he says, there's a significant number of trade deals shown that encourages other companies to go out there. i like tuition the honorable lady to her place. best in britain. the good news, they are waiting for it decision on extension period --. given the decision without delays. come ii say to the lady have some fond memories of the airport from the time i stood in the constituency some years ago. it changed and founded everton. the decision has not changed.
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some for the work has been done in relation to questions of air quality around the various proposals put forth in the cabinet and government will be taking a decision on this in the proper way. thank you, mr. speaker. the survey of the children 16-17y, estimated 113 girls in my mr. c -- constituency have experienced sexual of ends. given the progress made in tackling child sexual explication, could my honorable friend outline if government has plans to strengthen the protections to this particular honorable age group. ulnerable age group. >> we saw the appalling circumstances of child explication.
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-- exploitation. the government has been working with all agencies to ensure that we the greater support in place throughout the next 7 million a funding to potential victims of sexual abuse. launch the help line to help authorities spotting habits of behavior. and made child sexual abuse and expedition a threat. -- explication a threat. -- exploitation a threat. we are all appalled by sexual abuse and we need to make sure we take it seriously. in her first statement on the steps of down to street, the prime minister stated that she would lead a government that would work for everyone of us. since she became prime mister, i have tried unsuccessfully to get
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assurances on the continuation of the northern school strategy along with the 18 million that was set aside for the northern schools. would you give me that commitment so that children in blackford and the north can have the same kansas as those in london and the south -- london -- chances as those in london and the south? >> their view that has taken place which was marked, it does making recommendations to address this issue. what i can assure the judgment of them i read right honorable friend, the education secretary will be very carefully at the results and will make the position in which the government is good to take in response to those recommendations. andrew!rt >> mr. speaker, growing up, it
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was tough coming out as a conservative. [laughter] as difficult as it was i understood then as i do now that it is only a conservative government that has delivered social mobility. does my friend agree with me that it is the job of this government to aspire to such opportunities for the people of britain. too busy fighting each other. >> my friend puts it well, if you look at the conservative benches, we have members of parliament up and couple the house appeared conservative numbers of parliament brought up by single pearman -- parent families. this party is looking at opportunities for all and that certainly, very clear that the government i need will be driven
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not by the interest of the privileged few but by the interest of everyone of this country. extending opportunity to all. >> donaldson! politics, oneur cannot help be inspired by the image from last week of the female prime minister of the u.k. meeting the female first minister of scotland. an message that goes everywhere that they can achieve anything they want and nothing should be off-limits to them. that the promised agreed that to do this, girls and women should be able to live free from gender-based violence and domestic abuse and will she commit supporting a bill and ratify the convention? >>, for say that i think it is important symbol for girls and women to see women in positions of prime minister and i respect that minister of scotland.
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we had a first meeting i was constructive. work pragmatically together. i think is important to do with the issues of gender violence and domestic violence against women and girls. has is what the government let a bounce against women strategy. that is being taken on by large honorable front of secretary. we have a good record on what we have done. protection orders. control offense. always more to do and we will be doing that. >> simon hall! >> welcome my friend to her would describe it has game, set and match to her. [laughter] can i tell a friend that last week, when i met local residents
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they understood what we are doing delivering the message. the needso withdraw of agriculture and british farmers. boston center of the discussions -- front and center of the discussions. i advised my friend to make the commitment today. the'm happy to make commitment. as a look at the position we will be taking in the negotiation, leaving the union, we will be consulting widely. i recommend that agriculture is particularly affected i can assure my friend that we will be consulting with and listening to the views of farmers and others involved in the industry of agriculture. >> can i tell the lady and congratulate her. ? the conversation we had a future when i said she was going to come to the middle and trounced the men standing for the position. i was right. [laughter]
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i should have put some money on it. i never got around to it. the odds were good at the time. i asked the premise or a question about the regeneration, millennials -- younger generation, millennials? they believe they are citizens of your. you have had the ability to travel and work and be true europeans. will she soon give them her vision of how that reality can be delivered in the present circumstances? >> i think the gentleman. conversation the where he said i would trounced amends. the conservative party cannot leave them in short list. shortlist -- shortless. [laughter] he raises an important point about the younger generation. toould say that in response
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earlier, we friend are leaving the european union but we are not leaving europe. we will be setting out on a negotiation position with the relationship of the the european union. i would also said this to the young people, we should not be limiting their opportunities and their horizons by just looking at europe. this country will make it a success of brexit because we will be out there in the world. opportunities around the globe. a warm up into the prime minister to her post. i did place a bet on her becoming the next premise appeared -- prime minister. [laughter] i apologize for having my phone off when she called me to join her government. [laughter]
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the reason why the people of yorkshire overwhelmingly voted to leave the european union was largely due to the control of immigration. can the premise or richer the people that when we do leave the european union, she will insist on keeping her original promise to get the immigration figures down to the tens of thousands? >> to my honorable friend, i'm very clear that the boat that was taken in this country on the clearf june, a very message about immigration that people want control of the movement. that is what we will ensure and get in the negotiation. that we will be undertaking. beliefremain firm in my that we need to get migration down to a sustainable level. we believe that a tens of thousands. it will take some time to get there but, of course, we have the added aspect of those
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controls that we can bring to the relations of people moving from the european union. >> you are very kind. [laughter] can i genuinely welcome the promise or to a position and reflect that she has come a long way since we were on the hosting together and she will reflect -- today, there are reports that the new brexit unit will be hiring lawyers for the cost of 5000 pounds per head per day. at the prime minister was abusing the mythical 359 pounds to pay the legal feels or that -- 350 million pounds to pay
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legal fees? >> it is right that we create a new department to focus on the work of negotiating the united kingdom leaving the european union in that department will have the expertise necessary to undertake the negotiations. that the to remember days we spent campaigning in parliament and that an election. little did the voters know that the two candidates, unsuccessful candidates and that election would become leaders of two of the country's political parties. i want to point out, my party is a little bit bigger than his it. -- is. order!
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you have been watching premise or question from the british house of commons. watch anytime on or you can find video of past prime minister questions and other edition public affair is. -- british public affair programs. is one of thety biggest issues facing the federal trade commission. communicator, chair of the federal trade commission talks about privacy and data security and how many consumers are unaware of the amount of data that is being collected about them and what the government is doing to protect them. she's interviewed by buzz feed hamza shaban.r
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, they areing data compiling information, they are placing it in the help files on virtually every american consumer in many consumers worldwide. >> watch the communicators monday night at 8:00 eastern. c-span2. generationllennial reporters discuss the 2016 presidential campaign. this is hosted by the committee of 70. an advocacy group based in pennsylvania. it is about an hour.


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