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tv   Democratic National Convention  CSPAN  July 26, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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are resilient. just look at them, america. [applause] they are brilliant. [applause] and full of promise. and we start every day with the poem, the same poem that strengthen the resolve of the imprisoned nelson mandela when he recited it each day so young men of the eagle academy. >> black as the pit from pole to pole, i think with the gods may e from my soul
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[cheers and applause] >> thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you.
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>> that was amazing and i'm very proud parent of two amazing boys as you just heard, she is winning fight for kids all upr the country, opening opportunities they cannot even imagine. far from the spotlight and over her entire career, when hillary clinton sees a problem, she fights to fix it. like our justice system letting down to many americans. hillary clinton believes that no matter where you come from, where you live, or the cover -- color of your skin, you deserve the full freedoms and protections of our laws.
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this is the fight of hillary clinton's life, social justice. >> she learned to do all the good you can in all the ways you can for all the people you care. -- can. that is what has guided hillary clinton's whole life. she stood up for teenagers thrown in jail was fully grown adults, for migrant workers deprived of decent housing and sanitation and four children who were targets of segregation and excluded from schools. she fought toor, end racial profiling and unfair sentencing. their principles to live by. >> people are crying out for criminal justice reform. families are being torn apart by excessive incarceration.
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>> they are things you try to change. >> there is too much violence, too much hate, too much senseless killing, too many people dead who shouldn't be. >> pain isn't something you bear , it is something you try to heal. >> we or children better than this, ourselves better than this. >> justice is it something you tolerate, it's something you fight. >> ending the systemic racism that plagues our country and rebuilding our communities where the police and citizens all see themselves as being on the same side will require contribution from all of us. looking to find justice, demand a leader who knows what it needs.
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"lete scripture tells us us not grow weary in doing good, we shall reap if we do not lose heart and may the memory of those we have lost light our way towards a future our children and grandchildren deserve." >> please give a warm welcome to the 82nd attorney general of the united states, eric holder. ♪ >> thank you. thank you. i have known hillary clinton for almost 25 years as a friend, a
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colleague, and a leader of courage and conviction and today, i'm proud to say i stand with her. [cheers] she has thethat skills to serve as commander in chief and the strength to lead our already great nation in this hour of challenge. did you hear what i just said ? already great nation. donald, did you hear me? nation." great at a time when the bonds of law-enforcement and communities of colors have frayed. when peaceful citizens have to question whether black light truly matter, and they do. [applause] a president who
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understands the reality i saw in my travels across the country as our nation's 82nd attorney general, that there should be no tension in protecting those who risk their lives to serve and ensuring everyone is treated fairly by the police. as the brother of a retired police officer, i am profoundly aware that an attack on a police officer anywhere is an attack on our entire society. [applause] it is not enough, it is not enough for us to praise law-enforcement officers after they are killed. we must protect them, value them, and equip them with the right tools, tactics, training while they are still alive. [applause] must also come to realize
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that keeping our officers safe is not inconsistent with ensuring those in law enforcement treat the people they are sworn to serve with dignity, respect, and fairness. we must commit ourselves to both those. hillary understands that the goals we share are the same. safer communities with less crime, where all of our loved ones -- police and community residents -- get the chance to come home at night. she will continue the work that needs to be done to rebuild west because she knows that are stronger together. [applause] but let us the honest, at a time when our justice system is out of balance, when one and three black men will be incarcerated in their lifetimes, and when black defendants in the justice
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system with sentences 20% longer , we needr white peers a president who will end this policy of over incarceration. [applause] as attorney general, i launched sweeping reforms of our federal criminal justice system and reduced its reliance on mandatory minimum sentences. as a result, we cut the federal prison population and the crime rate together for the first time in more than 40 years. that's right. that's right. [applause] and the feariction mongering you have heard from the other party's nominee, violent crime has gone down since president obama took office. as president, hillary will go even further. she fought as a senator against sentencing disparities and racial profiling. -- first majorce
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speech as a candidate to roll out a bold vision for criminal justice reform. she has talked about systemic racism in a way no one else has and she will help our nation summoned the courage to confront racial injustice and face down the legacies of our darkest past. time whent a republicans brazenly assault the most fundamental rights of our -- where, lost to people get the documents they need to vote, we need a president sensitive to the echo of jim crow. [applause]
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my fellow americans, hillary clinton will be that president. she will set a new standard for early voting. she will champion universal automatic registration. you turn 18, you are registered to vote. , she knows,knows and everybody in this arena has to know this, the best way to defend the right to vote is by exercising it. [applause] throughout history, too many people have sacrificed too much, wars for, -- fight this generation to sit on the sidelines. sever forget that we are heir to a revolution that began just five miles from where we gather
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this weekend it's a choice we face in this pivotal election is about more than politics, it is we are on as a nation, the composition of our character as a people, and the ideals of equality, opportunity, justice that have always made america great. these are the ideals for which hillary clinton has fought her entire life. this is the fight she will continue when we make history by electing her the 45th president of the united states of america. thank you. [applause] >> please welcome police chief cclay from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. ♪ greetings, greetings.
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country, myhis brothers and sisters in blue are doing what i argue is potentially the hardest to job in this nation today. shift,start of every they go to work never knowing for sure what dangers they might face. and there is a crisis, especially in the eyes of many of the communities we serve, particularly with our communities of color. there is a crisis of trust in the police and the criminal justice system. ironically, crime rates have been falling for decades that research shows the public trust is eroding and far too many places. dr. martin luther king said it beautifully "true peace is not the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice."
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[applause] ironically, our communities are arguably safer than ever before. less crime in your neighborhood is at best a hollow victory. the controversial officer-involved shooting's that have occurred since ferguson have created a level of tension between police in our communities while at the same time, there has been a great deal of work going on to improve those relationships. in pittsburgh, we are doing this important work. we recognize our interdependency and we are working closely together to reduce the violence and make sure that our residents feel both safe and respected. [applause] but things are fragile.
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two controversial police shootings in two consecutive days in minnesota and left many outrage. the assassination of eight police officers in 10 days have left many of us in the law-enforcement community under siege. both of these concerns are very, very real. without question, the criminal an impactstem has had on our communities of color. and yet society is asking at the same time far more of our police officers than ever before. declining economic opportunities , disinvestment in mental health, and the absence of effective drug treatment options for those addicted.
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a police officer who has served more than 30 years, let -- we can respect and support our police officers while at the same time pushing for these important criminal justice reforms. [applause] we can do both and we will do both. i promise you there are many, many more police leaders just like me who are fully convinced and fully committed that we need but we cannot succeed unless we come together with the communities we serve. we must each as human beings fight our natural tendency to hide inside our own narrow work of you. instead, we must seek common ground with the objective of
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creating an america that truly is and truly provides a source of liberty and justice for all. i thank you. [applause] >> delegates and guests, please give a warm welcome to tony goldman. ♪ >> hillary clinton has spoken of watching nelson mandela and embrace his former jailers because he didn't want to be imprisoned twice, once by
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stealing concrete, once by anger and bitterness. with therked for years innocence project, the extraordinary organization that fights to exonerate the wrongfully convicted and i have exonerate, a single many of home has spent decades in prison for crimes they did not commit, i have never heard them speak of anger or outrage, only of their desire to reform the system so that others might be spared their suffering. [applause] i am proud tonight to introduce a group of women profoundly impacted by injustice and violence who have turned their pain into power and their outrage into action. they are the mothers of the movement. [applause] understand that we must
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reach out to each other because of our diversity, because we are stronger together. says we can't hide from these hard truths about race and justice in america. we have to name them and own them and then change them. that is what she will do as president and the mothers of the movement crew take one life at a time, one mother at a time, we can change the world. thank you. ♪ we were informed you only had half an hour but once she got
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there, hillary sat there and listened to each and every one of us. empathy.d respect, we have seen the loving mother part of her. it wasn't about politics. >> to 30 minute meeting turned into two hours because she listened to us. >> it seems like people are just getting away with it. >> what can we do? think you can continue to speak out, but you will be more effective if you do somehow band together so that it is a constant drumbeat as to say we are citizens, we are mothers, we lost children, this is not only
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wrong, it is unacceptable and here are the things that need to happen to try to prevent this from ever happening again. >> it is all of us. we have tried to keep our kids memory alive, their name alive and i need to speak so her voice can remain. thiscannot help trayvon at time but there are others i can help. that heieve in my heart was the seed planted so me and these different mothers could be our loved ones voices, to give real change. our ancestors fought and fought and wehas been 400 years just want to love one another. i want people to stop hating one another, sat taking from each other --, stop taking from each other. >> would you mind giving us a prayer before we go out? i would so appreciate it.
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these are among some of the people i treasure and admire so much. ♪ [cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause] >> hello. hello. hello. [cheers and applause] i need you all to hear me tonight. me too moments to tell you how good god is. hallelujah.
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mmm. give me a moment to say thank you. we are not standing here because he's not good, we are standing here because he's great. [applause] ago yesterday, i lived the worst nightmare anyone could imagine. or -- as my my. daughter, sandra bland, was lowered into the ground in a coffin. she was my fourth of five daughters and she was gone. no, not on administrative leave but on permanent leave from this earth. found hanging in a jail cell
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after an unlawful traffic stop and an unlawful arrest. six of the women have died in custody that same month. kendra chatman, alexis mcgovern, sera lee. jones, joyce kernell. so many of our children are gone but they are not forgotten. i am here with hillary clinton tonight. [applause] she is a leader and a mother who will say our children's names. [applause] she knows that when a young,
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black life is cut short, it's not just a loss, it's a personal loss, a national loss, it's a loss that diminishes all of us. what a blessing tonight to be standing here so that sandy can ama.l speak through her m [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> and what a blessing it is for all of us that we have the , if we see it, we have got to seize it, to cast
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our votes. [applause] president -- for a president who will help lead us down the path toward restoration and change. [applause] whenon't stop being a mom your child dies, you don't stop being a parent. i am still jordan davis's mother. [applause] his life ended the day he was shot and killed for playing loud music, but my job as his mother didn't. i still wake up every day thinking about how to parent him , how to protect him and his legacy, how to ensure his death doesn't overshadow his life.
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here is what you don't know about my son. when jordan was little, he would eat a popsicle unless he had enough to bring out to his friends. jokes, heractical liked having these conversations with me about our love for god and how god could allow such pain and suffering. i lived in fear that my son would die like this. i even warned him that because he was a young, black man, he would meet people who didn't value him or his life. that is a conversation that no parent should ever have with their child. [applause] isn't afraid to
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say that black lives matter. [applause] she isn't afraid to sit at a table with grieving mothers and their the full force of our english. -- anguish. she doesn't build walls around her heart. not only did to listen to our problems, she invited us to become a part of the solutions. and that is what we are going to do. [applause] we are going to keep telling our children's stories and we are urging you to say their names. we are going to keep building a future where police officers and communities of color work together in mutual respect to keep children like jordan safe. the majority of police officers are good people doing a good job.
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and we are asking -- and we are also going to keep using our to supportour votes leaders like hillary clinton, who will help us protect one another so that this club of heartbroken mothers stops growing. [applause] >> first of all, i would like to say that it's an honor to be here and stand with these and be with you. i am an unwilling participant in this movement. up for not have signed this or any other mother standing with me today, but i am here today for my son, trayvon , who is in heaven.
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and also for his brother, who is still here on earth. i did not want the spotlight. cani will do everything i to focus some of this light on of a path out of the darkness. hillary clinton has the compassion and understanding to mothers.rieving she has the courage to lead the fight for common sense gun legislation. [applause] -- tos a plan to devise
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address the divide that so often law enforcement in the community they serve. this isn't about being politically correct. this is about saving our children. that is why we are here tonight with hillary clinton, and that is why, in memory of our children, we are imploring you, all of you, to vote this election day. hillary is one mother who can ensure our movement will succeed. i want to thank you for standing , andus and supporting us we would like to leave with you what god has given us, strength,
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love, and peace. thank you. >> please give a warm welcome to andrew day, accompanied by united percussion.
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living life on the merry-go-round, you can find a say to you, that we can work it out. we can work it out ♪ i know, our eyes are not , and i know ♪
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when it feels like it's getting hard to breathe, and you feel like dying, i promise, we , mountains,e world mountains ♪,
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we will rise ♪
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♪ i will rise a thousand times again ♪ , rise likell rise up , and we willse up do it a thousand times again ♪
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>> give it up for them one more time. i have been backstage ugly crying. right, are there any women in the audience tonight?
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[cheers] yeah, no duh. the population. and we matter. hillary clinton knows this. a point she has made consistently because she feels it, like i do, in her bones, because how can we not? because we still don't have equal pay for equal work. we are still struggling to keep our right to choose, and when a strong woman speaks up and heirs to have an opinion, we are still told to stop -- dares to have an opinion, we are still told to stop shouting. we are still told to speak softly. or we are told that we are not allowed to drink mai tais in an
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ikea and then called to apologize which, in the case of that last example, is the only correct thing to do. doesn't makelinton mistakes like that, and she is never going to apologize for speaking up and fighting so that women and girls can have their voices heard. should a woman be punished for having an abortion? there should be some form of punishment. >> a person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.
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presidentwelcome the of planned parenthood action fund, cecile richards. parenthood was founded 100 years ago. needg women the care they to live their lives and chase their dreams, no limits, no ceilings. a century later, an enormous feeling is coming down -- an enormous feeling is coming down. but this year is not just about electing the first woman president, it's about electing this woman president.
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each year, millions of people trust planned parenthood, and the planned parenthood action hillary clinton. as first lady, hillary clinton declared to the world that women's rights are human rights. she worked with republicans and democrats to help create the children's health insurance program, which now covers 8 million kids. as secretary of state, she was a champion to women and girls around the globe, and she will always stand up for the rights of every woman to access a full range of reproductive health care, including abortion, no matter her reproductive status. over the last year, hillary has traveled across our country listening to young activists,
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working to end campus sexual assault. she has listened to fathers who want their daughters to be paid equally to their sons. and to parents who need paid leave and affordable childcare. and she has made their fight her own. and she has chosen as a running mate senator tim kaine. man who has been a champion for women and families his entire lifetime. hillary has always been an planned parenthood's corner because she knows women deserve someone who is in theirs. women like dana, a mom in dallas who was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. , and, dana is cancer free she says she could not have done it without vivian, the planned parenthood clinician who stuck with her all the way through
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treatment. so, when donald trump and mike pence say they will defund planned parenthood, they are talking about cutting women like dana off of life-saving care. make no doubt about it, women's health and lives are on the line and on the ballot this election. you may have heard that the supreme court ruled that the taxes laws that forced abortion providers to close to bear -- close their doors are dangerous and unconstitutional. but the fight is not over. donald has pledged to appoint who will overturn roe wade and undo decades of progress. donald trump has called women
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fat pigs and dogs. forants to punish women having abortions. calls pregnancy a for women'sce" employers. well, mr. trump, come this november, women are going to be a lot more than an inconvenience. women are going to be the reason you're not elected president. when my great-grandmother was growing up, women could not vote, under texas law. just two generations later, her richards, my, and mother, was elected governor of the state of texas.
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tonight, we are closer than ever to putting a woman in the white house. i can almost hear mom saying, "well, it sure took you a long enough." so, what do you say? are you ready to make history? let's go win this election. thank you. >> please give a warm welcome to and america ferrera. dunham, and lena according to donald trump, my body is probably like a two. craig's and i'm america ferrera, and a court --
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and i'm america ferrera, and according to donald trump, i am probably a racist. >> but you are not mexican. >> and president obama isn't canyon, but that doesn't seem to matter. kenyan, but that doesn't seem to matter to donald trump. >> this man would have you believe that our differences are more important than what unites us. >> when we know that the truth is that this country was founded on the believe that what sets us apart, race, language, religion, sexual orientation, should not dissolve what binds us. >> which is why we are proud to say -- >> we are with hillary.
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>> i am the proud child of honduran immigrants. i am profoundly grateful for the opportunities it exist in this extraordinary nation. i was educated in public schools. occasionally, i needed a free meal to get through the school day. not everybody looks up to millions of people like me, children born to immigrant families, children born to immigrant parents, children who are immigrants themselves. not everybody looks at them in season investment, but hillary has spent the last 30 years proving what she sees in us.
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not our color, gender, economic status, but our capacity to grow into thriving adults, capable of contributing great things to this country. >> i am a pro-choice, feminist, sexual assault survivor with a chronic reproductive illness. donald trump and his party think i should be punished for exercising my constitutional right. his rhetoric about women takes us back to a time when we were meant to be beautiful and silent. 22 years ago, hillary clinton declared that women's rights are human rights, and she for my fellowle
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sexual assault survivors in my home state of new york to have immediate access to care in any emergency room. hillary knows that access and opportunity are the american process, not trans-phobia, islam phobia, -- islamic xenophobia, and systemic racism. she knows we have to fight racism of all kinds and not ignited for the craven purpose of seeking power. >> donald trump is not making america great again. he is making america hate again. and the vast majority of us, we to see his vision of america come to be. luckily, we, the voters, kerry the future of this country. we don't except hatred as the
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norm in our communities, so why would we ever accept it in the oval office. everyone here tonight and out there watching at home, here is your chance to join team hillary. >> do you want equal pay for equal work? >> yes. the right to make decisions about your own body? >> yes. >> paid family leave? >> yes. >> as hillary clinton says, deal a sin. us in. 24727 six and we will make you a card-carrying 47246, of this team -- to and we will make you a
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card-carrying member of this team. in theut hillary clinton white house. >> and let's declare, love trumps hate. hillary: for many workers, staying home to take care of a sick child or aging parent means losing a paycheck, or worse yet, losing a job. , and worked so hard for it i might not be able to keep everything. >> i needed to take care of my daughter while she was in the hospital. how myrrified of
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employer is going to respond. >> that is a terrible choice we should not be forced to make, and yet american workers are forced to make it every day. policies like this are often seen as luxuries, or dismissed as family issues or women's issues, as if that somehow makes them less important. but, in fact, they are growth strategies. >> i have two full-time jobs. >> i honestly don't know how you do it. >> we have no savings. none. i don't know what i will do when my kids are older. , there: unfortunately are far too many policies and pressures that make it tougher for parents, mend and women alike -- men and women alike, to or go to school while raising a family. do so it isn'te
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quite so hard? the answer is we can do a lot, if we do it together. >> please welcome the mayor of columbia, south carolina, steve benjamin. mayor benjamin: good evening. i love south carolina. good evening to all of our friends and family here and back home in the great palmetto state of south carolina. , i am not here as a mayor, delegate, or even as a delicate -- democrat. i am here as a father with a
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promise to keep. a year ago, i had the pleasure of introducing our oldest daughter, bethany, to the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. one of my proudest moments as a father was watching bethany shake hillary's hand with the confidence that would escape most adults and announced that hillary had her full support because, and i quote, the guys had been president long enough and now it's time for a woman to take control. hillary told bethany that she was the smartest 10-year-old in the world. who was i to disagree? after that meeting, i wrote a letter to bethany, and to our youngest daughter, jordan grace, woulding my girls that i do everything in my power to elect hillary clinton, because i want my daughters to know the same opportunities i have.
8:56 pm
i want them to feel the same way i felt eight years ago when president barack obama was elected. to feel in their heart of hearts that in america, anything is possible, because it is. to know that sugar and spice are nice, but courage, intelligence, and the will to lead, that's what women are made of. that is the model my wife and mother are setting for our daughters, your daughters, and all of our children. this promise is mine to keep so that all children no, not just believe, but know that this is o.eir america to that all men are created equal does not just mean men anymore.
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my daughters and all of our children are watching. all of america is watching. can we keep that promise for them? are we ready for hillary? do you hear that, girls? i think we've got it from here. good night. sweet dreams. your daddy loves you so much. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, senator barbara boxer from california. senator boxer: you look beautiful out there.
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i have a question. the veryeady to elect first woman president of these united states of america? let me hear it. yes. i want to talk to you very , because i have known hillary clinton for more than 20 years. we are actually family. was married to her brother, so my beloved grandson is her beloved nephew. yes. so i know her. i know her as the loving aunt, who helped plan my grandson's birthday parties when he was just a little toddler. and i saw her rush over after a busy day at the state department to cheer him on at his high school football games. and she was often joined by her devoted mother, dorothy.
8:59 pm
dorothy, who overcame a painful , and taught hillary how one caring person can make a change in a child's life. letter,once wrote me a and she said this. i can't remember when hillary didn't take the long view of things. it was never instant gratification. she wrote, that strong sense of empathy for others and a great sense of humor have served her well. now, that is a mom who knew her daughter well. , hersaw hillary's heart heart, when, as first lady, she worked across party lines to
9:00 pm
bring health care to millions and millions of children. we saw her strength when, after 9/11, she's good with first with first-- stood responders and tersely fought for them. andaw her strength leadership, when, as secretary of state, hillary clinton restored america's standing in the world. , after ther that bush administration, and i heronally saw the light in eyes when she became a grandmother, and her fight for a better america became even more personal and even more urgent. now, during this campaign, we have seen something else. her toughness. and i know a little bit about toughness.
9:01 pm
now, the right-wing has thrown everything it hillary. notonly the kitchen sink, only the stove, but the refrigerator and the toasters know what?u she's still standing. everything atwn her and she's still standing. america's families need hillary in the white house, standing .ith all of us we need a president who knows it's just plain wrong that women make $.79 for every one dollar paid to a man. opponent refuses to support equal pay. he says the marketplace will make sure of it. well, it's 2016, and we're still waiting, mr. trump. we can count on hillary to fight
9:02 pm
to raise the minimum wage. her opponent says wages are too high. that's un-american. in our great country, if you work full time, you should never, ever, have to live in poverty. we can count on hillary. can count on hillary to protect our right to choose. her opponent said a woman should be punished for exercising her right to choose. and then picked a running mate who believes roe v wade belongs, to quote him, in the ash keep of history. well, i have a message for donald trump and mike pence. we are not going back to the dark ages. when women died in back alleys. we are never, ever, ever going back. never.
9:03 pm
you know, there is a lot of talk about what makes america great. i will tell you this. it's not when we insult each other. it's not when we tear each other down. it's when we stand together. it's when we work together. it's when we build together. it's when we fight together. and that's what makes america great. and that's what hillary clinton will do. and that is why i'm telling you tonight, hillary clinton will be our next president of the united states of america. thank you, california. thank you, america. thank you.
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elizabeth banks: in august of 2001, i moved to california from my home in new york city. the greatest and strongest city in the world, and one month later, on september 11, we all saw that city attacked, and immediately, new to hersenator rushed side. hillary clinton fought for her city, her state, relentlessly. so new yorkor funds could recover and so victims could have what they need to rebuild. she fought for health care and benefits for everyone who worked at ground zero.
9:05 pm
no new yorker will forget where they were that day. is my pleasure to introduce a good friend and a great
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as far as we can tell. hillary clinton: i stood on that street, and it was as close to hell as i have ever seen. out of this dust and debris were coming a lot of the rescue workers. >> hillary was the first one to stand up and say we owe it to these guys to make it right. >> the government did not tell these people the truth. they told him the air was safe. it wasn't safe. >> hillary clinton persuaded the president of a different party needed to the funds
9:09 pm
help the city rebuild, and fought year after year to make sure some of our greatest heroes they >> she got the hospital on board. >> one of the firefighters said to me, senator, please, please, don't let anyone forget what happened here, and don't let them forget us. >> she had our back, and we knew that, and that's what you want in a president. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, joe sweeney from new york. >> my name is joe sweeney, and i served as an nypd officer and
9:10 pm
detective for 21 years. i am proud of every day that i have served my city and my country, but i am especially worstthat i served on our morning. firefighters,s, iron workers, machine operators, neighbors, and friends, all joined together to help. didad a job to do and we our best. at the time, the epa assured us that the air at ground zero was safe to breathe. that information was dead wrong. thousands of my friends and brothers and sisters in blue were exposed to terrible toxins that have caused lifelong health
9:11 pm
problems. and when we needed someone to speak for us, to stand with us, to fight on our behalf, hillary clinton was there a free step of the way. was there every step of the way. within 48 hours of the towers falling, hillary introduced a bill signed into law that helped first responders get the benefits they had earned. then she pressured the epa to launch a new task force and led congressional hearings until the epa admitted that the air had not been safe. a lot of people moved on. they thought everything was fine. but hillary clinton kept in touch and kept out it. 10 years later -- kept at it. 10 years later, hillary clinton was still our toughest champion, making sure we got our health benefits. i am at this podium tonight
9:12 pm
because, like first responders across america, senator clinton has devoted her career to a simple creed, protect and serve. time and again, secretary promises,s kept her including to the extraordinary lauren manning. >> my name is lauren manning. when i arrived at the world trade center on september 11, 2001, i was a partner at cantor
9:13 pm
fitzgerald. i was a wife and a mother. a moment later, i was in the midst of the worst peacetime attack in this nation's history. i was catastrophically burned over 82% of my body. i chances of survival to zero. i battled for months to live and for years to recover. [applause] thank you. i thought in tribute to my friends and colleagues at cantor that day, that i lost and all the 2990 six people who were killed. i fought to honored our troops who were fighting and continue to fight on the front lines for
9:14 pm
each and every one of us around the world. and i fought to return to my young son, 10 months old at the time. i father as hard as i could so that the terrorist would not get one more. [applause] -- i fought as hard as i could so that the terrorists would not get one more. hillary clinton stood with me through that fight, and in the and in thedays, hardest of times, the people who show up in your life are the ones that mean everything. hillary showed up. she walked into my hospital room and she took my bandaged hand into her own.
9:15 pm
our connection wasn't between a senator and a constituent, it was person to person, and does a woman working in business for years, i know -- and as a woman working in business for years, i know how to be tough, and in that woman is a hell of a tough person. years she visited, called, and continues to check in, because hillary cares. when i needed her, she was there. responders needed her, she was there. when new york needed her, she was there. i trusted her when my life was on the line, and she came through, not for the cameras, not because anyone was watching, but because that's who she is, kind, caring, loyal.
9:16 pm
she had my back. this is the hillary clinton i want you to know. she was there for me and that is why i'm with her. [applause] >> please welcome to the podium, representative joseph crowley from new york. craig it was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, it was just after 9:00 a.m. and i was waiting on the runway at laguardia to fly back to washington. then i got the news.
9:17 pm
two planes had crashed into the world trade center. i raced out of the terminal. my two cousins, both members of the new york city fire department. we had grown up together in working-class queens, new york. off were supposed to be duty that day, but then the call came in. both brothers responded. only one came home. on september 12, i stood at what had been the world trade center. all that remained was smoke and ash. battalion chief john moran, was listed among the missing, but deep down, i knew he wasn't coming home. other 300 42the
9:18 pm
missing firefighters. the weight of the loss was heavy. but there by my side was hillary clinton. hillary clinton, the new york senator. hillary clinton, my friend. she understood the pain my family, our city, our nation or under. she fought to help our city rebuilt, and she delivered. people forget, but the assistance package that was first proposed didn't have a dime, not a dime for new york. around,helped turn that securing $20 billion we needed to help get new york going again. but she didn't stop there. indreds worked on the pile the days after 9/11. first, they came to find
9:19 pm
survivors, but eventually searched for remains. worry about their own health. they were told the air was fine, but it wasn't. and when health issues emerged wass later, hillary clinton still by their side. she brought families and first responders to washington. she took them door to door, never letting her colleagues forget the consequences of that terrible day. for almost a decade, hillary never gave up, and she was there for us when the 9/11 health and compensation act was finally passed. [applause] but let me ask you something. trump -- whereld was donald trump in the days, and months, and years after 9/11?
9:20 pm
he didn't stand at the pile. he didn't lobby congress for help. he didn't fight for the first responders. nope. collecting 100 $50,000 in federal funds intended to help small businesses recover, even though days after the attack, trump said his properties were not affected. hillary sought those funds to shops get mom and pop back on their feet. donald trump saw it as a payday for his empire. it was one of our nation's darkest days, but for trump, it was just another chance to make a quick buck. hillary has never and will never forget the reality of that day, and that is why she will never give up on making us a better and stronger nation.
9:21 pm
my cousin john carried with him a quote from teddy roosevelt. reads in part, it is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled or have a good deeds could have been done better. the credit belongs to the man who was in the arena, who strived valiantly. is the hillarys clinton i know, the doer of deeds, who i stood, and worked, and fought alongside. this is the hillary clinton i believe in, the proven fighter who has devoted herself to helping american families, american workers, cops, firefighters, helping all americans. and this is the hillary clinton i support, the one who has been
9:22 pm
in the arena, who knows what it will take to keep america safe, to defeat and destroy isis, and who has demonstrated the leadership and the determination we need in our next resident. my fellow democrats, my fellow americans, -- our next president. democrats, my fellow americans, i'm with her, i'm with hillary, because hillary has always been with us. elizabeth banks: when i first started my acting career, i was the typical waitress. and i'm not talking about when i played a waitress on "all my children." i ate a lot of bagels for brunch
9:23 pm
because i could not afford both breakfast and lunch. also, i didn't have health insurance. my doctor was at planned parenthood were they let me pay on a sliding scale and where they understood my lady bits. a major illness, i was out of luck, and i know millions of people have a similar story. but i also know this. has fought for affordable health care for decades. children's health insurance -- hillary clinton. lower prescription costs -- hillary clinton. fornded health coverage people who need it most -- hillary clinton. do you see a pattern? let's hear more. >> it was an epic battle that played out in big cities and
9:24 pm
small towns across our country. when hillary clinton was first lady, she made getting health care for every american her fight. >> you as an american should be entitled to health care as you're right. >> and no one fought harder, but greed and gridlock won the day. hanging her head in defeat, she looked up and asked what was possible. children's health care became her mission. gets thery child health care they deserve to have. >> those who were watching called her a one-woman army. for hillary, helping children has never been about politics. today, the children's health insurance program is the law of the land, covering 8 million children.
9:25 pm
the senate, her work to expand health care coverage continued, this time, for american veterans. clinton: health care for our veterans is not an option. it is a fundamental obligation. >> she would again bring democrats and republicans together to get our veterans the health care they deserved and to deal with the lingering effects of ptsd. today, her fight continues, to bring down health care costs, stand up to drug companies, defend women's health care, and finish what she started all those years ago. >> we are going to ensure that everyone in america has access to quality, affordable health care.
9:26 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, erika alexander. >> before i was a comic book creator, or cousin pam, or maxine on tv, i was just a girl by way of flagstaff arizona. my mother was a teacher, my father was a preacher. they worked multiple jobs to feed their six kids. we were the working poor. we had our ally on the .uture -- our eye on the future
9:27 pm
my family's struggle is familiar to millions of american families today. no one will fight harder for these families, for us all, then hillary clinton. now, i have seen hillary at work for nearly a decade. i have witnessed a kindness and a grace that indoors, even when endures,d doers -- even when you know she must be a million miles of tired and a long from home. hillary defies gravity. president, she will inspire us all to rise. you are about to meet a young man named ryan moore who has felt that inspiration. his friendship was forged with hillary over their shared commitment to health care and their willingness to keep fighting for change, striving for progress, and defying
9:28 pm
gravity. please welcome ryan moore. >> my name is ryan moore, from nebraska. my family began our friendship with hillary over 20 years ago. back then, she was first lady, fighting for health care reform. as a person with a rare form of dwarfism, my family knew my life would be filled with surgery and hospital visits. grateful when
9:29 pm
hillary asked to hear our story. for me, quality, affordable health care was more than a privilege, and even more than a right. it was an absolute necessity. i am thankful that she has kept up the fight over the years, and i am honored to call her my friend. can tell you from my years knowing hillary clinton. she is compassionate. i see hillary, she remembers meaningful details about my life, sometimes from years earlier. when i first met her, i was seven years old and wearing a back brace. two years later when i saw her again, she patted my back and , you don't have a back brace anymore. i could not believe that she
9:30 pm
remembered that. people would not have. a lot of people would not have, but she did. every time i had a big operation coming up, i always receive a note from hillary of encouragement and kindness. she lifts my spirits. believe that everything is going to be all right. most of all, she is genuine. happened -- happens when you meet hillary. no matter how busy she is, i'm pretty sure she's always really busy, she makes you feel like the most important person in her day. she blocks everything else out and just focuses on me, how my job is going, how i'm feeling. she really cares.
9:31 pm
[applause] know so many who have met hers say the exact same thing. she always looks out for the little guy, no pun intended. that's why i'm so proud to support hillary clinton as our next president. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome howard dean ♪. ♪
9:32 pm
>> thank you. thank you. democrats, independents, and the millions of republicans who don't recognize the party they saw and heard in cleveland and cannot support their party's nominee for president and vice president. 25 years ago, i got to know hillary clinton when she worked to achieve a goal that was a goal a century ago, a goal of harry truman's to give us all universal health care. of harryhe aspirations truman and the accomplishment of barack obama, there was hillary, poised and persistent.
9:33 pm
attempt at health care did not work out, hillary could have given up. instead, she fought the way she always did. she did her homework, she persevered, she never forgot who she was fighting for and thanks to her efforts, the state children health insurance program was born and she worked a just as hard to ensure the states actually signed up. joining with republican governors to get it done. , more than 8 million children have health insurance as a result. that is 8 million children whose families don't have to choose between paying the rent and taking them to the doctor. when president obama took
9:34 pm
office, he picked up the fight and with the affordable health care act passed, we expanded insurance to 20 million more people. americans are covered and we have made so much progress. and now, we need to elect the person who will finish the job, hillary rodham clinton. [applause] has a plan to drive down health plan tot, hillary has a standard to the drug companies and lower prescription drug prices, and hillary has a plan to take up the last mile and finally, achieve health care for all americans. that is what hillary will do. too.onald trump has a plan
9:35 pm
he would rip up obama care and throw 20 million people off there health insurance. that will take us back to a time when insurance companies can deny you coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. will take you back to the time when insurance companies could charge you more just because you are a woman. what is he going to replace this with? "something so much better." that's it. that's the whole plan for health care. is noce presidential pick better. mike pence voted against expanding the children health insurance program, which hillary helped start.
9:36 pm
mike pence voted to end medicare as we know it. once said, mike pence that when both parents work, children end up facing "stunted emotional growth." [booing] i have a medical degree and let me tell you what really stunts children's growth, not having access to health care, inadequate funding for prescription programs, guns, the ultimate public health crisis. [applause] .igarettes i your governor pence missed the memo but they do in fact cause cancer, governor, and no amount of tobacco money contributions to your campaign can say that, governor. [applause] this election is clear.
9:37 pm
we need a president whose decisions are rooted in the facts. we need a president who will defend our interests around the world and who knows what it takes to defeat and destroy isis not with ignorant bluster and bombast but with a toughness and resolve. we need a president who will we play by the same rules as hard-working middle-class americans. and we need a president who will never stop fighting to ensure that universal health care is a basic human right and if that is the president we want, if that is the america we believe in, -- wait untilte november to make your voice heard. .com toillaryclinton
9:38 pm
donate right now. help make history and volunteer because this race is going to be one on the ground and it will be iowa, northround in carolina, michigan, florida, pennsylvania and then we are going to the white house. [cheers and applause] >> i directed pitch perfect two velez wente barden
9:39 pm
to the world championship so i know a thing or two about world affairs. but i still have a long way to go to catch hillary clinton. as our secretary of state, our nation's chief diplomat, she traveled to 112 countries and million miles. why did she take the job? for the fancy title? no. for the nice office? no. for the frequent flyer miles? probably. she took the job because we needed someone to fight to make america and the world safe. someone tough and smart who sit on the other side of the table from russia, from china, from canada. hillary clinton used her office to bring new focus and attention to sex trafficking, human rights
9:40 pm
of womennd the plight and girls all over the world. hillary clinton did not yell, she did not insult anyone, she went into the room with a clear and steady vision for the future and she got results. >> she is an american of tremendous stature who knows many of the world leaders and who will clearly have the ability to advance our interests around the world. >> rockets continue to fire at a gaza. explosions rocked the city. >> panic and fear in the streets of israel. broke oute fighting between the israelis and the palestinians, we were very concerned.
9:41 pm
>> she got on the plane with a small group of people. >> after intense diplomacy with israel, egypt, she did it. a cease-fire. >> a secretary really had steel in her spine and stood up. >> i truly believe it was her presence with the israelis and the egyptians which i believe brought the cease-fire to fruition. strikes was always interactions. -- strengths was always interactions. that resolve, firmness and decision making, clarity in the direction she wanted to go. >> it was a conference on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
9:42 pm
deal to cuta global greenhouse gas emissions are fading. >> may be the only way to break the impasse was to find the actors they needed to get into a room and hammer out an agreement. thee are deep into afternoon of the very last day and we can't find these people. >> we turn some corners and found a fairly nondescript room. basically surrounded by security. >> when we got there, it was very chaotic. >> this is a joint meeting. >> the president and secretary crashed the meeting and pushed their way in. it was the only way to get a real progress on climate change. u.n. atomic bomb, inspectors say iran has enough uranium to make one.
9:43 pm
>> nuclear iran is unthinkable. isthe iranian president defiant. >> secretary clinton testified to congress. >> iran has left the international community little choice but to impose a greater pressure in the face of its evocative steps. >> to use the combination of the soft power of diplomacy with the hard power of the threat of the use of force and sanctions. all the international community also having test sanctions against iran, there was no chance they would come to the table. she had to go around the world twisting arms, getting every major economy on earth on board. >> russia and china expected to back the sanctions. it wouldn't have happened without the leverage that a lawyer clinton had so
9:44 pm
systematically built up during her tenure as secretary of state. >> i saw secretary clinton go to to furthest reaches of earth visit the victims of trafficking in person and she would circle her arms around them and offer them support and love and compassion. secretaries of state don't normally do that. >> we hope this shines a light brightly on the scale of modern slavery so all governments can see where progress has made and were more is needed. >> secretary clinton was the first to recognize that human trafficking was happening not rightverseas, but also here at home. >> the secretary herself stood at the podium, holding this report, saying this is a very important issue, one that's a priority. >> she is extremely hard and
9:45 pm
firm when it's time to reach the decision. >> hillary clinton has the experience, the understanding, the toughness necessary to make the kinds of decisions this country needs to make if we are going to be a world leader. [applause] >> please welcome senator amy klobuchar from minnesota. ♪ >> hello, friends, hello, democrats. i am here to make the case for a leader who, as you just saw, is
9:46 pm
focused on security for our country, our economy, and our democracy. a leader who knows we are all more secure when women and girls have the opportunity to lead with their heads high and their stride strong. is hillary [applause] world where girls are not captured and sold, but our fearless and bold, where they wherend not follow, and when someone tells a young woman " perfight like a girl, answer is "yes i do and i'm proud to be that girl."
9:47 pm
[applause] now, delegates, here is one challenge. today, millions of people in the world are held enforced labor or sexual servitude. forn trafficking hits home me. i'm a former prosecutor. a few years ago, a 12-year-old girl got a text to go to a party. a man picked her up in a parking lot and raped her. she ended up in a hotel and was pictures take explicit of herself. they were posted online and then she was sold to two more men. they got that guy. our justice department and law enforcement went after him. [applause] and last december, he was convicted by a jury. [applause]
9:48 pm
she was 12 years old, not old tough to drive a car or go her high school prom, not old enough to vote. this is happening in our own country. that is why as secretary of took thellary clinton international report on trafficking, the one nations used to prove prosecution and she made our country a accountable. she added the united states of because shehat list knows that if we are going to be a beacon for the world, we have to get our own house in order. [applause]
9:49 pm
and when hillary said human andts are women's rights ,omen's rights are human rights she named sex trafficking as a violation of those rights was that she didn't just say it anywhere, she said it in china. andcame home from beijing she supported the first trafficking law and our country. years later, she supported my bipartisan bill that is helping law enforcement crackdown on trafficking and make sure that kids are treated as the victims they are and not as criminals. [applause] delegates, human trafficking is the third biggest
9:50 pm
criminal enterprise in the world. as long as isis is selling girls for $165 and parents in nigeria are left with nothing to chase the terrorists who steal their daughters and the middle of the night, we will never have a just and good world. because when women are held back, democracy falters. when women are bound and treated as sex slaves, tyrants rule. opportunity for women is not a sign of a country's weakness, it is a sign of a nation's strength. [applause] maybe just maybe mark twain set us back. what would then be without women
9:51 pm
? scarce. elevating women across the world so they are treated with dignity whatespect, that is hillary clinton will do and if that means playing the women card, donald trump, let me tell you, there are hundreds of millions of women in this world who are ready to play that card. and in the united states of america, its called the voting card. [applause] part of how we make this better is by telling the truth, laying out the facts and sharing our story. here with us tonight is someone who has experienced the
9:52 pm
devastation of human trafficking. words the to put to horse she's faced but she has the courage to speak out. we all have a voice. this election, let's use it. we welcome you to the stage, ima . ♪ >> thank you, senators, for your work and your words. never in my wildest dreams would i have imagined i would share a space with so many leaders and visionaries. i grew up in a poor village in
9:53 pm
indonesia. old, i was17 years brought to los angeles with the promise of a job as a nanny. instead, i spent the next three years in domestic servitude teeing up used. -- abuse. when i finally had the courage to escape my traffickers, i found a home at the coalition to abolish slavery and trafficking. [applause] >> after i got the support i needed, i found the strength to organize survivors from across the country. trafficking began to capture our attention, before there were laws to identify and
9:54 pm
protect victims, even before i escaped my traffickers, hillary clinton was fighting to end slavery. [applause] throughout her career, hillary kept up the fight. human trafficking is not just happening overseas, it is happening right here in our backyard. day, i hear stories just like my own. hope. i have there is a growing awareness about the impact of human growing thethat is strength of survivors in our communities and businesses. and this growing commitment to finding a solution to make sure
9:55 pm
this generation of survivors will be the last. [applause] hope, especially that hillary clinton is becoming president, as a survivor and an advocate, i have hope that we can end human trafficking. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome former secretary of state, madeleine albright. [applause] ♪
9:56 pm
>> thank you so much. thank you. thank you so much. my fellow americans, good evening. 68 years ago during a time of grave danger, democrats gathered in philadelphia to nominate a tough, smart, experienced presidential candidate. a child in, i was europe where i lived in fear because my native czechoslovakia had been taken over by communists. within a few months, my family found that age in america and harry truman became my first american president [applause]
9:57 pm
tonight, in philadelphia, we nominated someone with truman's fighting spirit to be our next president, hillary clinton. [applause] and this fall, we must do everything we can to make sure hillary becomes our next commander in chief. [applause] because in this era with this stress, we need a leader who has the arians and judgment to keep andica strong, secure, safe. i know hillary clinton will be that president because i have known her from when a 25 years, because i've seen her fight and win.\
9:58 pm
when hillary was first lady, we the beijing women's conference and she spoke out on behalf of human rights and women rights. where i showedue her the city of my birth and check which she didn't like very much. and when hillary served as secretary of state, i watched
9:59 pm
her partner with president obama to restore our country's reputation around the world. fought terrorism, stopped the spread of nuclear weapons, and promoted diplomacy, defense, development and democracy, smart power in every corner of the world. as i travel around the world today, i'm reminded how important it is that the person who represents our nation a's trusted by our ally's. and i share a few things in common. we both went to relatively college. andre both mothers grandmothers. so i know where she got her management skills. we are both very proud of our
10:00 pm
daughters and grandsons so we must have done something right. we also know what it's like to step off that plane with the words united states of america on the. she knows safeguarding freedom and security is now like hosting a tv reality show. complex, round-the-clock job that demands not only a butdy hand and a cool head a big heart. you are not just representing yourself, you are there for all of us. hillary has displayed these qualities every job she's ever had and last week in cleveland, we were reminded that her up from it possesses none of those.


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