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tv   Democratic National Convention  CSPAN  July 27, 2016 6:30pm-8:31pm EDT

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that shea commitment would work for a leadfree america. that is why i am with her. join with flint to get behind hillary clinton to raise our voices for hillary clinton and to make her the next president of the united states. and god blesst america. [applause] >> please welcome members of the black cost -- caucus.
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representative butterfield and carson. in representative gregory meeks from new york.
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[applause] rep. butterfield: fellow democrats, i am from north carolina. in my community you judge a man's heart by his words and deeds. donald trump your words have been bigoted and you have used every opportunity to talk about your well. qualified to serve as president of the united states.
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you use your celebrity status to paint a picture of gloom and doom. alienateour status to african-americans and other groups. you would use the offices of president to take our nation in the wrong direction. you want to know your polling numbers are so dismal among we know youicans, have gotten rich through your business but we also know your well has come at the expense of other people. we know you have no plans to address issues that are affecting african-americans communities such as gun violence and historically black colleges -- read our black form and
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compare it to the republican platform. give us this chance to lead our great country. >> fellow democrats. my name is andre carson and i stand here today not just as a representative of the great youngof indiana but as a african-american muslim and former police officer.
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millions of loyal, good hearted people have watched the deep-seated hatred of the past once again become mainstream. together we have been singled out in the national spotlight as threats to be dealt with and not a part of american families. way,onald trump has their this slide into hatred and bigotry will only get worse. now i am from indiana. i've seen mike pence's terrible judgment of -- up close. he is against same-sex couples having equal rights. -- for years he has fought
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to defund planned parenthood both in indiana and across this country. (boos) let the terrible judgment of mike pence and donald trump impact our civil rights. that is why we need hillary clinton! she believes that if every uniform makes you feel this suspicion. you deserve compassion and understanding. hillary clinton is undaunted. she stands with us and we need you to stand with her. >> fellow democrats, i am from
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california. democrats, we have 100 and three days to show the nation that there is a better path or our country. 103 days to ensure our nation will not slide backwards to the bigotry of our past. 103 days to stop our country from giving in to the incoherent range which trump has taken advantage of to declare war on common sense. take pride in the outright ignorance. when you dismiss officers -- officer-involved shooting's. , youyou degrade women unite us.
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we are democrats and we embrace the full diversity of the american rainbow. the diversity in this room reflects all of america, not part of america. my fellow democrats, i challenge you to take all of his hateful energy and turn it into the you will we need to take back the house. to take back the senate. secretarye madam madam president. thank you. i am hakeem jeffries from new york. today standing on the soldiers of giants.
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so many others. it makes it possible for kids like me to serve in the united states congress. in america a face of clear choice. it is a choice between a commander in chief and a bankrupt or in chief. it is a choice between the secretary of state and the secretary of hate. -- hillary believes that america is a better place today because of the presidency of barack obama. we should provide for the poor and work for working families
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and stand up for senior citizens. she will revitalize rural she will increase andomic opportunity -- eradicate police brutality once and for all. she believes whether you are black or white, latino or asian, muslim, catholic or protestant, gay or straight, young or old, every single american deserves equal protection under the law and that is like together we are going to elect hillary rodham clinton as the next resident of the united states of america. god bless you. [applause] >> my fellow democrats.
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were you can graduate from without crowd -- crushing debt. where manufacturing jobs are on the rise again, where women are paid equally and seniors live with the dignity and comfort thanks to a strong, social security system. where we stand united with the conviction. we cannot get there with the serial divider donald trump. a spineless vegetal.
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we can get there with hillary rodham clinton, a leader with experience and statement ship. -- i am congresswoman yvette from oakland it, new york. -- brooklyn, new york. was the first caribbean born american woman to be elected to the new york city council. i know a great leader when i see her. hillary rodham clinton is our and our next
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president of the united states of america. congressman gregory meeks. i am honored to unite around our and my good friend hillary rodham clinton. i've seen the two candidates up close and personal. let me tell you hillary offers everything that donald trump cannot. she fights for american workers. she plans to make college debt-free for all. the creates as m university to exploit others. a donald says i'm always right.
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the truth is, he is wrong. he is wrong for our families and our communities. he is wrong for our country. clinton is going to tackle income inequality and provide opportunities for the poor. is going to invest in communities that have been neglected for far too long. americans, it is time for us to band together. us to as fire. it is time for us to build a strong future for our kids and our country. that by electing her to the white house this november. [applause]
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♪ >> please welcome the president stephanie sist,
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chriok. ms. schriock: 100 years ago this november a social worker from my home state of montana became the first woman elected ever to congress. the first, but not the last. once that barrier fell there was no turning back. list hasears, emily's elected hundreds of more women into the house and the senate and every other office on the ballot. except one. hillary clinton be our first woman president. she will not be our last. falls, it willer
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never be put back up. the women we have elected have not just brought new voices to newdebate they have brought momentum to the progressive movement. womendon't just fight for . they fight for families, they fight for fairness, inclusion and justice. leadersr republican oppose equal pay for women and refuse to stand up for working mothers to -- trying to balance career and family. they let your boss fire you for using birth control and force us to undergo invasive transvaginal ultrasounds. they don't respect women. they don't trust women. they want to control women. they are afraid of the change we bring, the progress we make when
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we get a chance to lead. they are terrified of hillary clinton. no matter what they throw at her, they have never been able to stop her. beijing, sheock to fought for fairness, for inclusion, for justice. she has one. won. they are making their last to thosefor all of us for who have tried to make progress in america. they are desperate, that means theyare dangerous -- nominated a man who said women should be punished for having an abortion. -- who has called us fat
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cakes and animals. he picked a running mate who led the fight to destroy planned parenthood and try to redefine rape and suggest that mothers stump the emotional growth of their kids by putting them in day care. if they win, they will need every ounce of progress we have dared to make. we have come too far to let that happened. more democratic women of and down the ballot. , moreomen in the house women in the senate. i'm not to take the majority. let's decide right here and now to break through that last barrier.
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and at long last put a woman in the white house. hillary clinton our first women president. not our last. >> in the deaths of the 2008 crisis, i got a call at home in the evening. saidvery soft-spoken man he would slip me $20. he knew i was cheap. he said, go shine your shoes. everyone knows who's talked reid,ntly -- to harry
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it totally changed my life. >> he is relentless. i have some pride fights. >> senator harry reid is telling republicans to back off of social security. >> what he did with president obama is to cross the finish line. he did it with no votes to spare. i think of health care, i think of my mom and my dad.
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my mom not being able to go to the doctor. my mother had no teeth. producing they were gone. he had stood up to the powers that be by taking on the big money and trust that have so much influence in our country. >> harry has always joined with me to make sure we were fighting for the economic empowerment of women. magister -- master legislator. >> i worked all one summer. i got my mother some teeth.
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a personal level, it is how he interacts with the children. uswhat harry reid has taught -- >> harry, we have had a good run. you have to stand up, even if you know you're not going to win. please welcome the senate democratic leader harry read from nevada.
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[applause] thank you everybody. winky. -- thank you. thank you very much. (chanting) i spent a lot of time in the
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republican senate. it is nice to be in a room that respects reason and fact. i appreciate this tribute. i really do. anything i've accomplished in senateate, my democratic caucus, nancy pelosi in the house. president barack obama. vice president joe biden. i get a never ending tribute to hillary clinton. we have fought that affordable health care is a right, not a privilege.
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we fought for the idea that you shouldn't get the bill for wall street's babette. team, we fought for the promise that your hard earned social security is a sacred trust. pence wantp and mike to put insurance companies back in charge of your health. donald trump and mike pence want to let big banks were -- run wild again. with yourto gamble retirement benefits in the stock market. republicans want to tear down the killers of middle-class security. we won't let that happen. [applause] i have never seen anything more craven than mitch mcconnell and what he has done to our democracy.
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his republican party decided hard-workinger to dreams is to slander our african-american president. to stoke fear of muslims, to and ofatred of latinos course wage war against women. in other words, the only thing republicans like mitch mcconnell have accomplished is setting the stage for a hateful con man, donald trump. when donald trump decided to run for president, he probably said himself, i'm an egomaniac. i believe in science. i think women are inferior. where would i feel at home? we know where that is. parents, you are right to fear
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what comes out of his mouth. republicans, you should have been careful also. he learned it from watching you. they say they believe in country first. what a joke. publicans that won't stand up to trump believe in one thing only. first and this year, they have gone even further. nominating the poster child of me first. trump knew that hateful rhetoric is the way to win in today's gop. that is not how you win in america and that is not how america wins in the world. we win with an economy that works for everybody , with a strong and smart that does notity
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invite a cyber attack on our country. we know that winning is the work of the team. with hillary and the white house and a majority in the senate, forcrats will keep fighting immigration reform that keeps america true. assume -- a and supreme court that keeps america just. and background checks for gun violators and an assault weapons ban that keeps america safe. [applause] since my days, i have fought my share of fights. also realized a leader is actually a corner man, someone
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that stands on your side and has your back in a fight. middle-class life. democrats stand in your corner. americans fighting for equality and respect, we are in your corner. new americans risking everything to get here and fighting to make it here, we are in your corner. you are the ones fighting the hardest fight. you are the ones who need leaders in your corner. leaders like my forever friend bernie sanders. leaders like -- use fund help democrats take back the senate. leaders to never back down and oh, do we love kim. we really do.
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leaders who have had your back their whole lives, like hillary clinton. the most qualified candidate in the history of america. in a few months, i will be stepping out of the rain -- ring one last time. but democrats will always be in your corner. together but keep fighting. fighting the good fight. thank you very much. [cheers] [chanting] >> harry, harry. >> please welcome california's
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lieutenant governor gavin newsom. [cheers] ♪ lieutenant governor news some" i'm a proud democrat from the great state of california. [cheers] i am proud because today's california, today's california is strong and getting stronger. the jet propelled engine of job creation, home quarter creativity around the world. we have done it not just through innovation, but we have done it through inclusion. we are pro-immigrant, proenvironment, pro-women, pro-workers, and probably pro-gay, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender. [applause] we are not the golden state
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despite our values. we are the golden state because of them. at our best we don't tolerate our diversity. at our best we celebrate it. those values of liberty, diversity, and opportunity. those are fundamentally american values. those values are under attack not just by enemies abroad, but by a gop that has moved its fear mongering french to center stage -- fringe to center stage. what donald trump presented last week was not political discourse. it wasn't even clinical incorrectness. what trump presented with the fetus and -- defeatist and retreatist. never has a speech been so long was so little substance, science, humanity, humor or so little hope. his hostile takeover of the american dream is built on two fundamental lies.
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that america is a dark and desperate place, and that he has the kind of plan to make it better. the sunnyngled us, optimism of ronald reagan and replaced "tear down that wall" with the bigotry of "bill that will." malice towards different views and different hues. those are disqualifications from any office, let alone the highest office in the land. [applause] democrats, while it was refreshing to finally see an openly gay man speak at a republican convention, it does not remove the stain of selecting mike pence, america's most anti-lgbt governor. [applause]
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pence supported overt discrimination. he advocated for diverting taxpayer dollars to so-called conversion therapy. mistake. conversion therapy is not about praying a way to get a. -- away the gay. it's a torture against our most innocent citizens, our children. live theyem that to must apply -- lie about who they are and who they love. that is fundamentally un-american. choice has never been more clear. we can live our fears, all we can live our dreams. hillary clinton is dedicated her entire life to putting the american dream within reach. she believes in diversity over division. the hard work of pluralism over the illusion of differences
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and as a father of four i want to say this. i want to say something to all the children who were watching, all the children that are listening at home. when you hear people say that you and your family don't matter because of who you are or where you come from or what you look like or you love, i want you to know one thing. the people in this room, the people all across this country believe you matter. hillary clinton believes you matter. we believe that you belong here. we need you here. we believe you can be whoever you are and become wtever you want to be. we will fight for you. we will fight for you not just over the next 100 days, but over the next 100 years. no matter how -- what people tell you, that is what america
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is all about. that is what makes america great. [cheers]. thank you. >> i've raised almost $6 million for veterans, including putting up $1 million of my own money. >> he raised and donated $6 million for veterans groups. the washington post reports that donald trump has not in fact done that. >> it turns out trump never make good on that donation. >> he has never cared about veterans before he decided to run for president. he is trying behind -- to hide behind veterans. it wasn't until after he was exposed that he decided to write this check. >> it took the press to push you to release that money of saying he had already done it. >> more than a month after this event. we can only account for $800,000
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of the suppose it $6 million raised. >> we saw he does not like to be reminded about what he said before. >> he said he was going to pitch in $1 million. we don't know without $1 million is right now. you -- war hero because he was captured. >> the remarks for so crude, ignorant, personal, and completely unnecessary. >> here are some of the terms his opponents used to describe trump's comments. and even theic, national committee is suggesting there is no place in the party for his kind of talk. >> governor perry said it disqualified trump to be commander-in-chief. do you agree? >> i do agree. representativeme of ♪
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rep. gallego: thank you, thank you. these days some people, congressman. the proudest title i've ever had is that it united states marine. iraq, and the legendary lima company out of ohio. deploy behind -- besides me were the sons of native americans, african americans, midwestern white boys, and muslim americans as well. [applause] while we were looking for insurgents in iraq we do not care about each other's race or religion. we fought together. we laughed together and we mourned together. patriotism, service, and sacrifice. keeping your word.
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those are the values of united states marine corps. those over american values. those are not donald trump's values. whold trump is a man questions the loyalty of those who serve our country without ever himself serving. that is not patriotic. service and sacrifice? donald trump says about senator mccain, "lots of people were not captured." as a marine, as an american, i am offended. when it comes to honoring the hasice of our troops, trump inspired the miss work because of their duty. that is not just illegal, it is immoral. and set of keeping his word to veterans, he has used us as an excuse to back out of debates then failed for months to deliver on the donation he promised to veterans. one of my fellow marines called trump university a complete con.
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i say that about donald trump himself. [cheers] donald trump is a scam artist. he is trying to pull off the ultimate scam, pretending he cares about veterans. hillary clinton is the real deal. she fought for the post-9/11 g.i. bill and the senate to send our veterans a college. she extended health insurance to america's reservists, and she has a real plan to combat veterans homelessness. sawwhile, when trump disabled veterans legally selling merchandise in front of his properties he said there work was downgrading the area. let me tell you something, donald, our veterans don't downgrade your real estate. they upgrade our country. [cheers] donald praises dictators of insult our allies. his foreign policy be based on
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false bravado and bluster. i know the importance of a commander-in-chief who makes thoughtful decisions with the most important will -- power they have. to send our men and women into battle. who honorsresident the service of our troops abroad and he respects their sacrifice when they come home. a leader who provides steady leadership and protects american values. we need hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. thank you. [cheers] ♪ >> if i had to describe pat in one word, it would be loving.
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we grew up and got married and we were 21. he was a family man. time he was able to spend with us, he was there. whatever he can do to help them protect, that is what he wanted to do. it's one of the reasons i fell in love with him. he realized he could do that and fly if he joined the army. he took the job very seriously. any time he was home he answered to that little girl. we were his world. patrick was in iraq in two dozen for. his unit was called out to do a search and rescue. patrick crashed trying to save the lives of others. that was the kind of person he was. i was numb. i lost my husband, my best friend, and my daughter lost her dad.
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losing pat shook our foundation. it was like, ok, what do we do next? clinton released some of the financial stress. y -- it allowed me to focus on me and my daughter, to heal, to give her a stable home. what hillary has done for our family and other military families, words can't even describe it. she understands what our country needs. 12 years ago she understood what our family needed. she have the gumption to get things done. that is exactly what you want and our president. -- in our president. --lease welcome jam >> please welcome jamie dorff
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from leander, texas. ♪ dorff: thank you, thank you. i will never forget the moment i heard that patrick's helicopter did not return. in an instant the life i knew was destroyed. the partner i loved dawn. -- gone. my daughter's father taken away forever. i never felt more scared or alone than i did then. i wondered what christmas and birthdays with look like. half the country away, a united states senator was looking out for me and countless others like me. her name was hillary clinton. family'sllary, the received $12,000. yet when you need to bury your best friend, when you need to
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raise a child under own, when you need to rebuild your life from rubble, $12,000 does not go far. hillary understood so she did something about it. without fuss or fanfare, she worked across party lines. she led congress to increase survivor benefits to $100,000. it made all the difference in the world. [applause] looking back on it, i didn't even realize it was responsible. when i did learn about hillary's work, i didn't see her as a democrat or a republican. i simply saw fighter for people like us, for families like mine. she stood up for the principles that a family's personal tragedy was not be a financial tragedy as well. today my daughter is finishing high school. degree,ompleting her
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i'm completing my degree in emergency crisis management. committed to serving my country in the best way i can. [applause] and our family is making it. step-by-step, day by day. hillary clinton has fought for families like mine each and every day of her career. this is a woman who i have never met whose life's been not be any more different from my own, but who has to with my family and me over and over again. hillary has always been with me and bad times and that is why i'm with her. thank you. [cheers] >> please welcome the mayor of detroit, mike duggan. ♪
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mayor duggan: evening till it up yet. thank you -- good evening, philadelphia. thank you for the extraordinaire hospitality you have shown us all week. to my friends in michigan, thank you for that reception. i was born in detroit and for decades i watched our city lose tens of thousands of jobs. i am 58 years old and the population of detroit has declined every single year i have been alive. but that is changing now. as our city's recovery is fueled by a renewed spirit of unity and a commitment to creating a come back that includes all detroiters.
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us, is the idea that drives and it drives hillary clinton because when she looks at detroit and every other city in america, she sees the opportunity to create an economy in which everyone benefits. that is the strong, steady leadership america needs. when i ran for mayor of detroit i ran on a message that said we are going to end our historic division. year iight for an entire finished every event by saying this, we are going to build a detroit where it no longer matters if you are black, brown or white, where it no longer matters if you are christian, jewish, or muslim. -- no longerwater matters if you're gay, straight, an immigrant, born in detroit, everybody will be equally valued and everyone will have real opportunity.
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partners at the detroit city council, and council president brenda jones, that is the city starting to emerge. detroit is 18 months out of bankruptcy. something donald trump knows a little bit about. detroit isld trump, only going to see bankruptcy wants. -- once. thanks to a great partnership with president obama, vice president biden, and the extraordinary's economic record of creating 14 million new jobs, jobs are returning to detroit. new auto plants and businesses are opening. in detroit unemployment rates have been cut in half. people are moving back to our city in huge numbers. but detroit's true test is the
7:21 pm
same test facing the next president. are we creating an economy that works for everyone or just for those at the top? in four nights in cleveland did you hear a single idea on how to do that? did you hear any plan to protect working families? no. you heard insult and fear mongering. you hurt angry, irrational rhetoric parroting a slogan on hats. compare that to what you heard and what you're going to hear from hillary clinton. byating good paying jobs investing in infrastructure and clean energy, offering tax credits to companies that create real job training for apprenticeship. he wants to make college debt-free and she wants to make -- reward companies that were share profits with their employees because hillary clinton knows the best way to bring our cities back is to get
7:22 pm
our citizens are real chance at good paying jobs. that is why i want to help her become the next president of the united states. [cheers] mayor because the power of people getting engaged, and no matter where you live you can impact the selection every day by downloading the hillary app. 27246app" to volunteer and this november please cast your vote for hillary clinton. thank you. [cheers] [applause] ♪ good at i am really good at war. i love more than a certain way.
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♪ welcome martin o'malley from maryland. ♪ martin o'malley: thank you. [cheers] americans. my fellow americans, president of the united states is the toughest job in the world. manme here before you as a who knows hillary clinton well. her andorked alongside
7:24 pm
i have competed against her, and i'm here to tell you hillary clinton is as tough as they come. [cheers] she will stand up to isis. she will stand up to the russians. and with tim kaine at her side she will never stop fighting for our children and our families because hillary clinton knows when our families are strong, america is strong. [cheers] trump, he's a different story. he will not fight for us. he feeds off of economic fears and failures. stars of false divisions and ancient hate. turns anger into a political weapon. but my friends, anger never fed a hungry child, did it?
7:25 pm
anchor never protected a family's home or send a kid to college. anger never built a great republic. witt trump's nightmare. we believe in the american dream. we believe, as hillary clinton believes, that no american family who works hard should have to raise their children in poverty. donald trump on the other hand has actually said, "wages are too high." wages are too high? really, donald? i will tell you what is too high. college tuition is too high. [cheers] i will tell you what is too high. the cost of childcare, that is too high. [cheers]
7:26 pm
the number of american children who live in poverty, that is too high. donald trump's opinion of himself -- [laughter] that is way too high. [cheers] actually donald, american wages in fact are too low. our economy isn't money, did his people. it is all of our people. and hillary clinton in tim kaine will fight to make sure that every family who is willing to work hard can actually get ahead again in america. [cheers] on climate change, like you and me, and in fact like our children and grandchildren, hillary clinton believes in science.
7:27 pm
understands that climate change is not only a real threat, it is also the greatest job creation opportunity to come to the united states in 100 years. now donald trump on the other hand does not believe in science. he says, and again i quote, "the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese." i will tell you what. if the chinese were really capable of designing some kind of diabolical farce to hurt america, they were not invent global warming. they would invent donald trump. [cheers] this much we know for sure, donald trump has been a bully
7:28 pm
his whole life. here is what i learned in elementary school on the playground. bullies are really just cowards in disguise. the america we love does not engage in torture. the america we love does not build walls and shameful for-profit prisons. the america we love does not lock up women and children in disgraceful immigrant detention camps. [cheers] unlike that immigrant-bashing carnival barker donald trump, hillary clinton understands the enduring symbol of united states of america is not of our wire fence, it is the statue of liberty. [cheers] and so my fellow democrats,
7:29 pm
anger and fear had their moment last week. but now it is our time. time to stand up for each other, stand up for our shared promise, stand up for the goodness and the hope in every american heart. it is time to put a bully racist in his place and a tough woman in hers. the white house. hillary clinton. tim kaine. stronger together. the country we carry in our hearts is waiting. [cheers] >> please welcome sigourney weaver. ♪
7:30 pm
sigourney weaver: wow. you guys are a dazzling site. i am here tonight, like you, because of my passionate commitment to our amazing democracy. [cheers] american, i'm also deeply concerned about my family's future. about our shared future as a nation. because that future is at risk. you see, when we talk about greenhouse gases and warming even morees, destructive storms, what we are talking about is people. the people we are going to see in a few moments, people whose
7:31 pm
lives are affected by climate change right here in america, right now. like a rancher in texas who is losing his herd of cattle because there is no grass for them to eat. or a farmer in kansas whose crops are dying because there is no rain. yorkers, and new mom in new york city who lost her young daughter and a flood made far worse by rising two levels. but these trump people in the eyes and tell them climate change is a hoax? and that there is nothing we can do? and he does not care about their pain.
7:32 pm
moment when we as a whether we to decide will ignore the facts and allow people to continue to suffer, or whether we will come together to do what is right because as we all know, when americans come together, there is nothing we can't accomplish. [cheers] hillary clinton, she gets it. she cares. she is committed. she understands that taking a stand against climate change is not about politics, it is about our moral obligation to one another, and to our children. and to the generations that will one day inherit this beautiful
7:33 pm
earth. [cheers] >> we all know it is happening. it is real. it is happening now. the drought, the storms, the fire, record heatwave, this is not something we have seen before.
7:34 pm is a wake-up there is a reality that we have been blinded to. >> this break my heart. >> we should not go through this. it is not our fault. thought we would be out of it, but the morning after. someone put this switch. -- flipped a switch. click training good got warmer. stayed that way. raining, got warmer. stayed that way. >> communities are threatened. our children are at risk. worst wildfire season on record with more than 10 million acres burned. >> because of mobile margin -- global warming, with that
7:35 pm
happens, the ground dries up. >> you can't deny the fact that it is getting warmer and drier. >> over the last century, and extra foot of sea level as a result of climate change. >> hold me, i'm scared. and it wave came up. i felt the water rising. we went under. i knew i lost her. >> i'm a christian. i'm conservative in many ways. and i also believe that climate change is real. a thermometer is not republican. a thermometer is not democrat. underwater, is just a matter of when. >> the sea level rise in miami will not be here when it rises. >> there is no doubt that climate change is a threat to our national security. >> we all know that human activities are changing the andsphere and unexpected
7:36 pm
unprecedented ways. >> if i may use a strong word, i would say that we are pursuing that. painful reality of a world radically altered by climate change. it is not reality tv. make no mistake. trumps reckless denial of climate change is dangerous. a threat to your livelihood, and safety, your children the prosperity of this nation. >> all this with global warming, it is a hoax. >> no doubt my mind that the damage from sandy was worse because of global warming which caught the sea level to be higher. >> i'm not a believer in climate change. cancel the paris client -- climate agreement. >> people believe in times when they take a pill. >> going into an unknown future.
7:37 pm
speaking of global warming, we need some global warming. it is freezing. we're the first generation to feel the sting of climate change. and we are the last generation that can do something about it. as americans, we face challenges head on. our country is ready to tackle this challenge of climate change. can be the clean energy superpower. >> beautiful because of what they civilized. >> what they represent. the ability to generate electricity. homes, --rally not can run our homes and businesses on power. clean power. solar powers across the country. renewable energy to power every
7:38 pm
home in america. within the next 10. i'm not going to let anyone take us backwards. future orlean energy hid our children a dangerous world destabilized by climate change. together, we can do this. for our future, for our children. [cheers] please welcome governor jerry brown from california. [cheers] >> thank you. [cheers] thank you.
7:39 pm
as we just saw -- [cheers] i only have five minutes. i have to get going. as we just saw, climate change is unlike any other threat. it is overarching. affect the entire earth and all living things. it is slow. can recent irreversible tipping point and the vast unknown spirit combating climate change, the existential threat of our time will take a road efforts on the part of many people in many nations. make no mistake, climate change is real. the vast majority of world leaders and climate scientists, like those at nasa and the department of defense, and
7:40 pm
become all most anyone who chooses to think, believe in the science climate change and see the moral imperative to take action. [cheers] it byu would not know listening to donald trump. lastly, at the republican convention, for 76 long and painful minutes, trump conjured up a host of dark threats, but never once mentioned the word climate change or global warming. what do you expect? donald trump represented party with officials who have banned state employees from even using those words in florida and who else knows where else. donald trump says global warming is a hoax. i said, trump is a fraud. [cheers]
7:41 pm
trump says there is no -- california. i said donald trump lies. [cheers] it is not surprising that donald trump chose as his running mate a man who denies there is such a thing as evolution. really? have twoan history, parties to burst so profoundly. even the know nothings, anti-immigrant party of the aging hundreds -- 1850's did not stray as far into sheer ignorance and dark fantasy as have the republican and a leader donald trump. [cheers] clintonidate, hillary could not be more different. while trump talks and talks and hillary just upgraded she bites for us on the big issues. as secretary of state, she paved
7:42 pm
the way for the historic paris climate agreement, an agreement with 200 nations, including china and india enthusiastically embracing it. says the worldhe be damned. i'm turned it up. hillary is the one who launched the climate and clean air coalition. taking actionions to reduce black carbon and other super climate pollutants which caused severe heart and lung damage. and for her birthday in office, president hillary clinton will combat is needed to climate change and lead the clean energy revolution. and yes, we do need a revolution. [cheers] and we will get one. e know something about that in california. [cheers]
7:43 pm
we caps on panels, clean omissions, and attacks are common. we're proven with the toughest climate laws on the country, our economy is growing faster than almost any nation in the whole world. [cheers] mr. trump, and those who lived in climate denial say otherwise. they tell us we have to choose between the economy and saving the planet. donald trump and the climate deniers are dead wrong. dangerously wrong. what america needs today are not deniers, that leaders. not the vision, a common purpose. not bombast, but bold action. that is why we need hillary. that is why the american people who choose her as the next president of the united states. thank you. [cheers]
7:44 pm
>> please welcome lee daniels. [cheers] ♪ >> i'm here because the next president of the united states invited me. [cheers] i was scared at first. i wondered if hillary really new highlight was -- who i was. not just the work at entertainment, but who i really am. who is leading else? -- lee
7:45 pm
daniels? does she know that my sisters under house arrest? does she know that my brother is in jail? nephew isnow that my in jail. but my cousins are in and out of jail? that my father was a police officer shot and murdered right here in philadelphia when i was 15? this even know that i've been to jail? that at the america i know. rise.ill i [cheers] it hit me like a brick. hillary does it. couragewhat gave me the y'come and speak in front of
7:46 pm
all tonight. hillary has done with families who have stood with people due to gun violence. she helped turn their heart aching to action. me whene was around for my dad died. -- she was around for me when my dad died. hillary understand our right to bear guns, but was to stop guns from cutting into the wrong hands. wrongm getting into the hands. [cheers] each yearricans die from gun violence. that is 90 people a day. enough. [cheers]
7:47 pm
we need to take action. and we need to take action now. there is only one candidate the gun lobbye on and keep our families safe. [cheers] i'm bad at this teleprompter stuff. millennials, who come from where i come from, who doesn't think that you have a voice, you do. 't no choice. this is the most important election of our lifetime. come november, vote for her. hillarybless you, clinton.
7:48 pm
and godless america. america.ess [cheers] >> it takes about five minutes for church bells to ring 49 times. know this because last month, my son christopher and his boyfriend juan and 47 others were murdered at a club in orlando.
7:49 pm
child.pher was my only he couldn't be better than perfect. [cheers] he had so many friends, two of whom are you tonight representing hundreds and hundreds more. people life he brought together. in high school, he won the anne frank humanitarian award for starting the gay straight alliance. [cheers] christopher is grandparents met and fell in love in a japanese
7:50 pm
internment camp. it was in his dna that love always trumps hate. [cheers] christopher was a big hillary supporter. that is why i'm here. so that i can tell you about the day he was born. at the time, i was a michigan
7:51 pm
state trooper. [cheers] labor, the into hospital for my off-duty got in a say. i do not argue. policiesmmonsense gun stabilize. [cheers] -- save lives. [cheers] the weapon that murdered my son, fired 30 rounds in one minute. orlando city commissioner pointed out the terrible math. one minute for a gun to fire some a shot, five minutes for bells to honor some allies. -- so many lives.
7:52 pm
commonsense gun policy was in place the day he was born. but where was that common sense the day he died? [cheers] i never want you to ask the question about your child. that is why i support hillary clinton. [cheers]
7:53 pm
>> please welcome senator chris murphy from connecticut. [cheers] >> thank you very much. thank you. days when i wish i had not been there. there are moments when i dreaded to forget the things i saw, the things i heard that soul crushing morning and sandy cook -- sandy hook connecticut. the mind altering paralyzing sorry that comes with losing a child to get violence. it is fundamental.
7:54 pm
only those who live it know it. of 21stwn, families graders and their sick teachers -- six teachers live with it every minute of every day. across the country, unbelievably, 90 families joined them. my older son is the same age at those kids in sandy hook. she just finished first grade. my wife and i are the same age as the parents. i am furious. rious that in-- fu years, three years of almost daily bloodshed in the cities, the republican congress has done absolutely nothing to prevent the next massacre. >> boo! >> a sense of outrage that i've never felt before. drove me to is what
7:55 pm
stand on the floor of the united states senate to demand change for 15 hours. [cheers] today because i want a president who shares that same sense of outrage. outrage that the gun lobby fights to keep open glaring loopholes that 90% of americans want closed. suspectedy -- terrorist can walk into a gun store and walk out with a military style semiautomatic weapon, hillary clinton not have to make fighting to balance a centerpiece of her campaign, i'm sure people told her it was not worth the political risk, but she held firm. she stood up to the nra and hillary clinton pledged to take washington back from the gun lobby. [cheers]
7:56 pm
donald trump, when he sees gun violence devastating our communities, it is just like everything else. he sees it as an opportunity. another opportunity to convince americans that they should fear one another. another opportunity to do the baiting of the gun lobby. 90% of americans want the background check system expanded to cover more gun sales so dangerous weapons don't fall into the wrong hands. but donald trump says in his first hour in the oval office, he will rollback safeguards we already have an even more sinister, he said by the end of his first day in office, he will mandate that every school in america allows guns in the classroom. think about that for a moment. of all the things that donald trump in a promised to do on his first day of office, he chose weakening background checks and putting guns in elementary
7:57 pm
school. this is a fate we cannot accept. my friends, there is no reason to feel helpless about the horrifying trajectory cascading massacres. we can change this. smart gun policy like background checks come it can make this country safer. i stood on the floor of the united states senate for 15 hours because i had had enough. enough of children dying in our classrooms. [cheers] enough of the nightly bloodshed on the city streets. enough of police officers being outgunned, ambushed and cut down in the line of duty. i've had enough. [cheers] time to takeit is washington back from the gun lobby. [cheers] and i know just how to do it. i want you to start, i want you
7:58 pm
to start by texting the word law. you will turn yourself into an activist and then, you will go and elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. she is a leader who have the empathy and the guts to declare with every fiber in her being that we have had enough. [cheers] thank you. [cheers] >> my wedding was on the left think that plan with my mom. it was a very bittersweet day. one big reminder of the giant hole where she used to be.
7:59 pm
my mom was a best friend. she was the type of principal who knew the name of every child in her school. she knew the siblings, could probably take how many dogs and what breed they were. of december 14, i got an emergency alert that said there is a shooting at sandy h ook. got myed my purse and i kids and went storming to the car. i kept thinking, this isn't real. i knew i was going to wake up from about. -- a bad dream. we waited and waited. they told us if you are in this room, it is because your family member is not coming out. it wasn't until the first time i 47, female,ng, age
8:00 pm
deceased. cause of death, multiple gunshot wounds. i realize my mom did not die, she was murdered. and that made me angry. that made me act. hillary clinton is the only candidate that has what it takes to take on the gun lobby. no one is biting harder t -- f reform theder to laws. reminds me of my mother. i believe in her. millions of other americans believe her. there is finally someone who can change things. [cheers] please welcome erica
8:01 pm
smegielski from prospect, connecticut. [cheers] ♪ >> i should not be here tonight. i don't want to be here tonight. , like so manyme americans watching on tv with my ominate the first woman to be president of the united states. [cheers] but, my mom was murdered. so i'm here. i'm here for the mothers and daughters who are planning weddings so that you get to watch your daughters walked down the aisle. i'm here for those lives cut short in a school, and a movie theater, and a church, at work, in the neighborhood or homes,
8:02 pm
because the voices should never be silent. [cheers] i'm here alone without my mother. powerny politicians behind the gun lobby instead of standing with americans. [cheers] another charleston or san bernardino or dallas or countless other acts of everyday gun violence that don't make the gun violence headlines. we don't need our teachers and kids was going to work in fear. mother need is another who is willing to do what is right. [cheers] whose bravery can live up in equal measure to my moms. elect hillarys to clinton at the 45th president of the united states amateur so
8:03 pm
that no other daughter has to say i would give every single day that i have left for just one more day with my mom. [cheers] charlese welcome ramsey. [cheers] [cheers] > when i was build up his i was commissioner, -- philadelphia's please 8mmissioner, we mourned police officers killed in the line of duty. after the attacks on police and
8:04 pm
police -- in dallas and baton rouge, the entire nation mourned it more. more. after 47 years in law enforcement and chicago, washington, dc and philadelphia, i've mourned far too many officers killed by guns. ned fartion, we've mour too many innocent people that have fallen victim to gun violence. we need moreay than greeting to protect our law enforcement officers. memory of those heroes who have followed. we need commonsense measures to reduce gun violence. [cheers]
8:05 pm
police need these commonsense measures and a leader who will fight for them. the englewood neighborhood on the south side of chicago. [cheers] the haze of gun violence hangs heavy there. my mother's -- brother's best friend was murdered not 50 feet from our house. he had refused to join a gang. a few years later, in that same location, a chicago police officer was shot dead in almost the same spot. he had been filling out the report and was murdered by three gang members. gun violence is not unique. it continues to visit neighborhoods across the united states.
8:06 pm
in policing, i s, i've seene crime the grieving families including families of police officers. i've seen the cost of gun violence. ever, we need a strong leader to stop the bloodshed. [cheers] a leader that will protect our officers from being outgunned by weapons of four. rebuild the bond between police and communities. [cheers] that is why i'm with hillary clinton. [cheers]
8:07 pm
hillary clinton is a strong leader. to protect our cops and committee from gun violence. she has stood with our first responders when we needed her most in the days after 9/11 to make sure they got the benefit they had earned and today, she supports comprehensive background checks and the assault weapons bans. [cheers] those who aim to do harm should not get a handgun, let alone an assault rifle. [cheers] hillary clinton is the study leader to shepherd us through this critical time. the bonds between law enforcement and communities are afraid. -- frayed. we need to champion our greatest hopes. hillary will.
8:08 pm
she will bring police and communities closer together. she will support those who feel forgotten. areas like chicago and southeast dcn north philadelphia. she will support dedicated police officers working to improve their communities. important as ever, hillary clinton will build bridges between communities and police. and ladies and gentlemen, that is better than building walls. [cheers] hillary clinton is the right person to become the 45th president of united states of america. [cheers] she will work to strengthen the bonds of trump and police in the community they serve. that is why she has my vote.
8:09 pm
[cheers] bless all of you, may god bless the men and women of law enforcement and may god bless the united states of america. [cheers] thank you. [cheers] >> please welcome angela bassett. [cheers] >> thank you. gathered to pray. , an outsider, a stranger and they welcomed him. then, he opened fire. he stole their lives.
8:10 pm
says -- taiwan sanders. susie jackson. daniel simmons. middleton. say their names. that is not enough. >> no! >> since the massacre at charleston church, more lives have been destroyed by gun violence. and hatred still threatens to tear us apart. after charleston, hillary clinton challenged all of us to turn our grief into action and we have to do that. there are days when it feels like our bodies and our minds are under too much pressure. then i remember that we have -- i think god that our souls are on fire. i visited charleston this year.
8:11 pm
i can tell you that that city's soul is on fire. that soul burns with resilience. it fuels the resistance. it brought down the confederate flag -- [cheers] and it brings the trusting community together closer everyday. we are honored to have charleston survivors, felicia sanders and paul shepherd here with us tonight. please join me in welcoming them. [cheers] ♪
8:12 pm
>> good evening. we mean you no harm, the last words. my hero. gave -- two days later i forget the shooter. late hate destroy me -- let hate destroy me. [cheers] asked, how was he able to purchase the gun he used to kill so many? after that day, hillary clinton called on lawmakers to close the charleston loophole. [cheers] shooter even though the
8:13 pm
had an arrest record, as the days passed, he could still buy the gun. no one should feel what i have seen. feel how we feel. how we suffered. pray and tells us that turn from our wicked ways. god will forgive us and heal our land. he'd god's word and in turn, may god heal our nation. [cheers] amen. to heal we must forgive. charleston had hate in is hot. the shooter and heart -- orlando
8:14 pm
had hate in his heart. the shooter in dallas did too. so much hate. too much. love never fails. in this election, i choose hillary clinton. [cheers] hillary was in south carolina the day before the shooting and the date that followed, she talked about the hatred in our nation, the racism, the adjustment. we can't hide from the shootings. she calls on us to name them and to change them. together, we can fight for that change. together, we can heal. together we can love. thank you. [cheers]
8:15 pm
>> please welcome u.s. navy captain mark kelly. [cheers] ♪ >> thank you. and you, everyone. [cheers] it is so great to be here in the great city of philadelphia. i speak you tonight as a proud son of two new jersey police officers. [cheers] veteran of 39, missions during operation desert storm, and of 25 years in the united states navy -- [cheers] astronaut whosa
8:16 pm
, my for missions into space decades as a pilot a military aficer and astronaut gave me unique perspective on our world. best.our country at its i also saw it, humanity, at its worst. from the cockpit of my basics -6 intruder, i saw america lead the international coalition that defeated saddam hussein. saw the devastating effects of war itself. planet as, i saw our a perfect blue marble just loading in the blackness of space. in the blackness of
8:17 pm
space. i also saw a receding glaciers and shrinking rainforests. at war and space, i saw the awesome extent of american power and capability. but it was so frustrating to return home and see how we struggle to address some of our greatest challenges. hillary is prepared to do the isis, advance our values, and protect our freedoms, hillary is ready to take on one of our countries greatest moral failures here at home, and that is the gun violence that is tearing so many of our communities apart. [cheers] we have to do better. and hillary knows we can.
8:18 pm
hillary knows that we can save lives by doing more to keep guns out of the wrong hands. and we know that as president, she will do what is right for our nation, not what is politically correct -- politically expedient. [cheers] she was dead up to the washington gun lobby that works to protect the shameful status quo. if we want to leave our kids and grandkids a country with less gun violence, not more, then we need to make sure that hillary clinton is our next president. [cheers] now, i want to introduce you to who is working to do
8:19 pm
just that. somebody who has taught me each and every day to deny they sentence of failure, somebody who does not give up and somebody who believes, like hillary does that we are stronger together. wife the awesome congresswoman debbie giffords. giffords. [cheers] ♪
8:20 pm
[cheers] >> hello fellow democrats! [cheers] what a crowd. [cheers] i'm honored to be here today. we have important work ahead of us. work that will determine the future of our country. are you ready? [cheers] are you ready? [cheers] are you ready? [cheers] i'm ready. congress i learned a powerful
8:21 pm
lesson. strong women get things done. [cheers] hillary is tough. hillary is courageous. she will fight to make our families safer. in the white house, she will stand up to the gun lobby, that is why i am voting for hillary. [cheers] come january, i want to say these two words, madam
8:22 pm
president. [cheers] thank you very much. [cheers]
8:23 pm
8:24 pm
>> please welcome the brightest voices of broadly to sing in lost to gunhe lives
8:25 pm
violence. a live performance of the song what the world needs now is love. ♪ ♪
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>> the toughest part of the president job is to make decisions. there is no job like this on the face of the earth. the power here, and the responsibility and difficulty of the decision. 60 gop national security experts sign


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