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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  July 29, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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my llary clinton: so, friends, it is with humility and boundless promise that i your nomination for president of the united states! host: with that, hillary becomes the first woman to become the presidential nominee of a major political party. she addressed national security and drawing distinct differences between her and donald trump . in our first hour, we'd like to hear from you about hillary linton accepting the nomination. we can talk about the speech, he themes weighed out in the
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speech, what will go on in november. all those things are up for consideration. to get to the phones, 202-748-8000, our line democrats. republicans. for and 202-748-8002 for independents. social media available to you this morning. if you want to post on twitter, @cspanwj. that, for facebook. the headlines this morning reflect themes from last night. also, the historical significance as made point by this shington times morning. clinton seizes history is how they choose their headline. journal goes with clinton makes her pitch and the washington post this morning, upbeat vision is what they use for a headline this morning. pages go to the editorial of the new york times this morning, here's the case made by the editors.
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title: hillary clinton makes history. one paragraph. beenclinton's rise has not smooth or particularly graceful. from a position seeming more of expediency than conviction. she can be secretive and defensive. failure to hold an open news her rence for months shows she does not -- -- on her merits and ideas rather than her gender or's again, for this first hour of the program this morning, we want to hear from you about the nomination by he hillary clinton last night. portions of the speech. full speech on c-span and phones 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002.
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shawn is first up this morning from providence, rhode island, democrats.or shawn, good morning. what do you think? caller: good morning to you. to make this quick. first of all, i thought her done and rather well well received. i have a proposal for c-span, you should set up a 1-800-hillary. terms of ut nicely in items in the call. 1-800-hillary, and the caller ould have posed any question regarding the election, where to vote, when to vote, since it's i'm sure, sing mess, and more over, the system that wouldbe set up by hillary offer free transportation to anybody who needs help getting that was the one thing. and also, the question could be asked of the caller if he or she
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suggestion that might enhance her trust worthiness. that how would you answer question for yourself? caller: well, the thing i her openness and indicating -- my strategy as recommended would be to say, i here for all americans, if you're a republican or democrat, whatever, you can call 1-800-hillary and we will help ou get to the voting booth because participation is critical for all americans. host: do you think she addressed trust last night in her speech? what was the take-away from the speech? what did you gain from it. it's a fair question. i have watched it mostly this morning. i say? ld i think the take-away was a omewhat bold and forthright opposition to her opponent, trump. in terms of her issues with onesty, i think a strategy would be, if i was consulting with hillary, would be to
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fact that she seems to impress people untrust worthy. got to be based on data. all the stuff she's done over any years makes people feel like they can't trust her. i would say what she did, think competence of the course of my political career rather than my trustworthiness. shawn in rhode island, first call this morning. omeone who's up early, tom, california, republican line. hi, there. caller: hey, good morning. fast-learningbe a thing. hillary has a problem with truthfulness, and head ing to, i think, the of the fbi, she might be an not icted criminal, i'm sure. to have a positive effect, tea e's people and the party want to change. they want to change from the old place, and run the she has no credibility.
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bit peech last night was a of a fantasy. host: how so? caller: well, basically, things fixed, well, be they caused the problems, and these things could have been fixed. the problems didn't have to exist. someone that is different and trump is different. think he's the better of the two candidates for the country, and hillary, you've seen her in and you've seen her husband in action, and a couple can't be trusted and want the best. primarily, i listened to people listened to the speaking, and there was a tremendous lack of honesty at events. and i want to thank c-span. guys. you so very much, host: wendall from bowie,
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line, good epublican morning. caller: i'm actually calling on but i justdent line, want to say that i think, you know, that donald trump would the office, and i only that hillary is the candida candidate, you know, in the race that will maintain the respect have for the office and that the rest of the world has for the office. host: yes, as far as the speech last night, what was the -- is section of the speech that stood out more than others, in your mind? for me, i thought starting with the whole tone about national security, allies, nato, and also the part about, you know, working disabilities, th that was a very -- even in my
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ocial media newsfeed, that was a very important part of the speech. i think, you know, she's cool-headed. perfect, but i think as sure , you know, making that america maintains our quality of life, she would be do the job. on to host: the washington post this morning takes a look at some of and lements of her speech the fact-checker section by glenn kessler this morning. headline, shaky claims about income, guns and healthcare. income, she to made the claim more than 90% of ains have gone to the top one percent. that's where the money is. and glenn kessler writing that is claiming the wealthiest one percent get 98 income.of the but evidence proves that income improved in recent years. nearly 15 million new private sector jobs.
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candidate clinton speaking about the economy under president obama. adding that the conomy has added 14.8 million jobs since 2010. he gain in private sector jobs since the start of president obama's presidency. in fact, the gain in total jobs presidency is 10 .1 a lion, mainly because of drop in government employment. that was made in the speech by fact kessler under the checker. you can check it out at glenncove, new york. go ahead. caller: good morning. i enjoyed certainly the speeches. clinton's speech was especially good. but as an independent, i'm still at the fact that some voices have really been shut out of the process. of several as one million voters in new york who was not allowed to participate
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primaries. to see i'd really like is in the upcoming presidential debates, i'd like to be able to from all of the nominees, not only the republican and the rat, but also libertarian nominee and the green party nominee. recall four years ago when jill stein won her party's nomination for the presidency and she went to the debates, she was arrested because she wasn't allowed to be there. we're not allowed to hear from the green party or libertarian party. republicans s and count. so it really seems to a lot of that what these two parties, the republicans and democrats do best, and what really, to be honest, primarily concerned with, is hoarding political power for while denying access to everyone else. host: jonathan, why were you out of the process, you said? caller: because in new york
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in order to vote in the democratic primary, i would have registered as a least a month before last year's election. so long before anybody knew who the candidates were going to be year, i would have had to be a democrat and i was not a democrat because at the time i happy with the candidates that democrats had been offering. once i realized that bernie in the race, i was really excited, and i was kind f disappointed that elizabeth warren was not in the race but i had no option to support bernie sanders. host: frank up next. and frank lives in fort lauderdale, florida. line. ican caller: good morning, pedro, thank you. watched both conventions, and i enjoyed most of the as well, but what really disturbed me was the at the on children democratic convention and how
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theytant they are and then also mentioned the inclusiveness f men and women and all different groups and children. but yet hillary clinton political career has advocated abortion, allowing arents to kill their unborn children. and to me, this represents a big inconsistency. discrimination. indicates -- it just is. a hypocrite she a lot of she's had experience in government, but she has demonstrated poor judgment throughout her career. the war in iraq. nafta. for then she was against nafta. she destroyed the pacific trade agreement when she defensed it. private server which jeopardized our national
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the fbi 110 times, director said. and this also reminds me of a teresa, who ther when she came to america said, people not to l commit certain crimes when a allowed parents to kill their children. host: that's frank in florida, twitter. this is monty saying, hillary's cceptance speech was a summary of the party's platform, the plan of actions to accomplish objectives. also on twitter last night, donald trump responding to elements of the speech posting couple of posts: no one has worst judgment than hillary clinton. corruption and devastation follows her wherever she goes. in the middlewars east have unleashed destruction, terrorism and isis across the world. and hillary will never reform wall street. she is owned by wall street. clinton, t, hillary part of her speech addressed donald trump, specifically his
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slogan, make america great, and that on. here's a bit of the speech. a lary clinton: but trump is businessman. he must know something about the economy. booing] hillary clinton: well, let's shall we.ser look, in atlantic city, 60 miles from here, you will find contractors and small businesses who lost everything, because donald trump refused to pay his bills. crowd booing] now, remember what the president don't "boo", t, vote. [cheering and applause] but think of this. eople who did the work and needed the money, not because he couldn't pay them, but because wouldn't pay them. stiffed and you know that sales pitch
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he's making to be president, put your faith in him and you'll win the same sales pitch he made to all those small businesses, when trump walked away and left working people holding the bag. game about ed a big putting america first. part please explain what of america first leads him to china, not ties in colorado, trump soup in mexico, trump furniture in picture ot ohio, trump frames in india, not wisconsin. he wants to says make america great again. well, he could start by actually making things in america again. ost: remember that whole speech, the whole event last night gavel-to-gavel available our web site at not only watch her speech, her
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aughter's, other speeches from last night, other speeches from the whole week. hat's available, again, on our web site at rick in florida, democrat's line. good morning. caller: good morning, sir. the point i wanted to make was, you watched both political conventions, you saw night and day. when the republican convention you heard was fear mongering, and you didn't hear a that. solution to nd when you listen to the democratic convention, there ere answers to what the problems were. doom i heard nothing but and gloom in the republican convention, there was at least in the democratic convention. host: so rick, from the events f this week, what problem was laid out and what was the answer?
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give me an example. well, as far as the people are allowed to change their minds on what their it, and i believe -- you have to see all the facts before you decision, and a fact can pop up whenever and you change your mind, and i believe, too, that every one of these so-called roblems that hillary clinton has ever had -- if you do your fact-checking,our you will see that each and every were completely ispelled before they ever amounted to anything. it's just the fact that if you
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say something bad about somebody times, it sticks, because people aren't going to fact-check. just going to just go by then ord of mouth is, and take what they will from that. ost: bernie is up next in howard beach, new york, republican line. caller: good morning. host: hi. comes down to is for me, sadly, is that we are candidates, th two two very flawed candidates from very different points of view. to me, we should be going back getting rid of primaries. he would have never gotten where to the it was up leadership of the republican party. disaster. i'm a republican. i could never vote for this with a clear conscience. a disaster. i mean, where does she -- she's
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ever been qualified for secretary of state. what credentials did she have? credentials that she settled with barack obama and he gave her a political gift. as a not qualified secretary of state, except for embassy.tea at an host: so bernie, with those two choices then, where do you go as ar as your voting is concerned this november? me, i'm hat's why, for probably not going to vote. host: would that be the first that or have you done before? caller: the first time. going to vote for anyone, it would be, in this hillary would be for clinton. her. all my distaste for but i could not -- voting for for s like voting
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musselini. so get rid of primaries, bring the cigar-filled rooms. host: mark is in bowie, line.nd, democrats good morning, mark, hello. caller: good morning. to be on. thank you so much. it's interesting listening to the calls. but i just wanted to comment on and i really don't have a question but i want to comment. first on the republican national convention. anyone who's been following these conventions and campaigns of these various candidates what not be surprised came out of either one. trump,ow, clearly, donald mike pence, the republican party right now is in disarray. as a on't want trump candidate. no one with any intelligence wants this man as a candidate he's not helping himself by getting up and making remarks from the hip all the time. he's an intelligent man, let's ive him credit for that, but he's not willing to learn and understand that this is not usiness and you lead with an autocratic style. host: from last night's speech,
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what did you get from hillary acceptance speech. caller: hillary is hillary. we've heard her speak a thousand times. been in public service for 40 years. i thought what she said was the right thing. anything.surprised by i was not disappointed by anything. but i think the real issue here will hopefully come out when they debate each other, is that the country is in great shape. our banking system -- anyone that understands the banking system and international commerce understands that the banks are in better shape than any other banks in the world. our economy is doing well. unemployment overall is good is hovering around 2%. the issue are a couple of things, immigration, the gun you read the second amendment, it says by militia, everyone buying a.r. 15s and multiweapons of destruction. i think this second amendment is out of proportion. what we need to do is get down
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to making sure that our we ation system, that educate our kids, that we get and all arter schools these silly ideas that don't really help our country grow. in : let's go to melinda virginia, democrat's line. this is melinda, i wanted to comment on education. i have worked in four states as a teacher. i've been a special-ed teacher over 20 years, and i can tell special-ed students many times are not given books, or anything.s and that includes the state of virginia where i have worked for years now. so melinda -- caller: and i am retired and i hillary illary because is there for everybody. instead of making fun of people, she's there to support them and show that they can be a good part of our contribute to our society. host: what do you think pecifically she's going to do
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for special education. caller: i think she's going to et into the education system and make sure that the teachers are paid right and i think that she's going to make sure that at and ets are looked that the budget doesn't go to for the ndwiches teachers so that they can have a tocheon, but the budget goes buying pencils for the classroom. next, tennessee, don is up on our independent line. don, hello. from tennessee, hello. wanda.ove on to springfield, ohio, democrat's hi. , caller: hi. i just -- i haven't always been supporter. of the grace, her lifetime service, and the fact that she a heart to for theng that she does people. it's just such a contrast to
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onald trump and his loud-mouth attitude. i'm seriously just -- i have that een appalled, things he says are things that people in the '60s would have said drunk or high with their friends. they certainly wouldn't have taken it to the streets, and shameful, everything that he's done and said, and i don't see how we could do other than elect hillary to be the next -- host: were you always a hillary wanda? er, caller: no, i was not. o, and it's just because i thought it was such -- women smooth things out, and that's good. men come with a quiet confidence, if they are a gentleman, they come with a quiet confidence and they're able to accomplish things. haven't always been behind her, but i certainly am now. so who did you support before hillary clinton? caller: well, i have been
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independent, and i have voted i thought i should vote for at the time. republican. i have voted democrat, but i had to turn around, and this year, i i was a ate that democrat. host: okay. that's wanda in springfield, ohio. ay lewis off of twitter says this: although she is flawed as of this i felt proud long overdue land mark in the nation's history. rox.power politico this morning, a story about hillary clinton and how with supporters of bernie sanders, how clinton quelled an insurgency. some of the elements from that story saying former secretary planners convention met with the planners team at helped the hotel and insurgency. they created a joint whip operation to keep the floor control. each state delegation was talk ed an official to down the dissenters.
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campaign scheduled sanders to take the stage at 9 p.m., not only before the 10:00 p.m. hour but as a warm-up act for elizabeth warren paulichelle obama and even simon. sanders wasn't having it according to sources inside his camp. after giving a full tlavrted endorsement of a rival, he knew unfair advantage of a party establishment working the evers in her favor, he wanted the primo speaking slot. more of that from that story in clinton quelled an insurgency. site.that on the web from ohio, nancy on the republican line. aller: yes, good morning, pedro, i am 100% behind donald trump. i wasn't in the beginning. i was behind kasich. but since he's not going to be candidate, i am behind donald trump.
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hillary clinton backed the war iraq. she caused the rioting in libya, which now the terrorists have taken over. he was behind that, all right, the rioting that started in libya. she was behind it. was president obama. deleted over 33,000 e-mails she her private server, and said it was because they were personal things in regard to her friends, nothing in regard to national security. to trytrump asked russia to retrieve those e-mails, if at all possible. and now they're saying, well, that's a national security threat. well, it's not a national security threat. he said that they were all personal, nothing in regard to national security. our ng in regard to government.
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so how can it be a national threat to retrieve those e-mails that she deleted. james, germantown, tennessee, democrats line, hello. caller: yes. is james. host: you're on. go ahead. tragedy think it's a time we're going to have two candidates that are so the people e that are more likely to choose the but date -- the winner, going to the poll to make sure get doesn't it's tragic. hillary clinton and bill have een a career criminal team for 30 years. when he was leaving office, got millions of dollars pardoning people that were
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criminals.nal when hillary was secretary of state, bill suddenly made of dollars for speeches when he hadn't made that kind of got out of the white house, because he was eddling influence and laundering the money through his speeches. host: james, did you vote for bill clinton back in the day? no, i didn't. host: who did you vote for? actually, at that time, i voted for reagan, i think. host: you're on the democrats line. i want to make sure that that was consistent. is that it? voted for obama, it was the problem, and then i found out that he was no better them, that he of basically flip-flopped as soon elected. host: who did you want to see as a candidate for the party. well, that's a problem. i hadn't seen anyone that i a good arly thought was
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candidate. host: not even bernie sanders. aller: the problem is that politicians have totally lost their honor. criminals.l become that the most successful criminal organization in history was the u.s. congress. he's right. still. joining us next, bee from los angeles, california, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, pedro. are you doing this morning. host: fine. you're up really early. i'm a "washington journal" feign, okay. host: we appreciate it, go ahead. aller: yeah, and i appreciate you, and all of my fellow americans who participate. think that we're voting not for the best for our country, but for the less of the evils. that within itself is sad.
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the hen to think during time that the whole country was going broke, that the clintons for beingg $2 billion public servants. just ithin itself should be a bad taste in everybody's mouth. a person now, this is that started wars all over the , libya, syria, ukraine, honduras. in that. participant they can't never tell you about all the things that she accomplished. just say she accomplished stuff, but what did she do as of state? ry we're in a world of trouble. you better go with somebody two. e of these caller: and who would that be in your mind? host: i happen to like jill stein. she's very solid in her speech, saying, she s stands behind.
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and if any woman would be as women, they their would go with somebody that's not so much luggage and somebody actually is honest. ost: dee in los angeles, california, asking about the accomplishments of hillary clinton. hose questions posed by the editors of the wall street journal this morning. change.hout what genuine achievements can she point to? voted for the iraq war in 2003, tried to prevent it when the political tide ran out. of state, she helped lead obama's global retreat which has left the world dangerous than any time since the cold war ended. flyer on thetook a iset and says vladimir putin an essential foe. her plan to defeat isis amounts has a ssertion that she plan to defeat isis. she advocating invading libya on he covert advice of her long time plumber sydney blumenthal ,
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who had been banned from the by president obama, sid will be back as a hillary counselor. of thoughts by the editors the wall street journal in this morning's edition. liberty, maine, democrats line. hello. caller: good morning. host: how are you. good.r: i'm first of all i want to comment on what you just read from the street journal. to me, they have become an mur dock complex. the wall street journal have anti-hillary forever. the demonization of hillary clinton has taken many, many years and this idea of her untrustworthiness to me is just result of repetitive demonization. to make a i'd like comment to the bernie sanders reject rs who still hillary. i really don't understand that. two options in this
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election. your vote away or an alternative nominee candidate really is giving a vote for trump. and i would appeal to them to give a lot of consideration to that vote away on a third-party candidate, who voting on may be principle, but it truly turns out to be a vote that's going to appeal to so i would them to reconsider. host: hillary clinton making the appeal to not only those in the audience last night in philadelphia, but those watching nationwide about this idea of coming together, america coming together. thats a bit of that speech you can see full on c-span, but here's a bit of it from last night. my friends, we've come to philadelphia, the birth place of nation, because what years d in this city 240
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ago still has something to teach today. we all know the story. how it sually focus on turned out, and not enough on story came to written at all. when representatives from 13 met just down the road from here, some wanted king, and somethe to the it [laughter] t: the revolution somehow,he balance and they began listening to each finding mpromising, common purpose. nd by the time they left philadelphia, they had begun to one as that's what made it possible to
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king. up to a that took courage. they had courage. founders embraced the we are truth that stronger together. [cheering and applause] hillary clinton: now, america a moment of n, at reckoning. threatening es are to pull us apart. are of trust and respect fraying. founders, with our there are no guarantees. to us.y is up we have to decide whether we all work together so we can together. host: by the way, her speech and
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other speeches from the emocratic national convention this week, the featured speeches, will be broadcast saturday night. that at 8:00. hillary clinton and tim kaine in a live rally today at noon. you can see it on c-span. listen for it on our other part of our well as road to the white house coverage. hillary clinton and senator tim kaine, her running mate, will be in philadelphia. the hill has a story this taking a look at some of the things going on on the floor during hillary clinton's speech night. writing: as the democratic presidential nominee began, a protesters began to shooshers ttracting from clinton supporters. the protests were barely audible television. unveiled signs protesting trade that the revelations democratic national committee officials discussed working against sanders campaign. of the members california designation holding
7:38 am
up signs reading walk the walk, urned their bax to clinton as she spoke. and elsewhere, some sanders delegates held up signs for jill stein, the green party nominee, protesting war or calling for a hydraulic fracking. that's from the hill newspaper this morning. twitter, there's no need for hillary to debate trump. this is not a circus. for hillary to discuss her plans and how -- let me read how much needs to be spent. i apologize. and then this is marie saying that our country is a mess after eight years of democratic spending and failed policies. path. not continue this rob from california. a lot of california callers this orning on our republican line, go ahead. caller: well, we're kind of upset, to tell you the truth. but good morning, pedro. doing a good job. it's about facts now, real facts. but easy to talk the talk, it's now, it's walk the walk. and number 1, let's go back in history. first of all, pull up the united
7:39 am
states debt clock and see how trillion dollars we're in debt since mr. obama has been in hillary clinton was his secretary. if you look at the debt clock trillion in $19 debt, we can't even begin to do what hillary is saying she wants to do. back and check out the warning, which is on -- you google, it up on brooksley born, was stepped on like a cigarette. of the commodities future trading commission that bill clinton and hillary put in, her.hey burned she came out and was honestly rying to warn america for the down fall of the stock market and they stepped on her like a cigarette. example of how she protects her women and friends and everything, and she couldn't even talk about her record as secretary of state. just children.t democrats line.
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caller: yes, hi. i just wanted to let you guys i was a hardened bernie out, and since he came i've been watching the debates watching the been onvention and ever since california, i've really been on the hillary train. part of me still wanted bernie, he didn't zed that there, e points to get and i've been reading more on illary, and i am in agreement with her policies and the things veterans, oes for the and for the troops that are still viting. iraqi war,ran of the times, with the united
7:41 am
states marine corps. after what i saw i am more ention behind hillary. host: frank from new castle, pennsylvania, the independent line. caller: yes, i was a life-long second term l this of obama and after watching this onvention and everything that happened between the e-mails a way ok the election from bernie sanders to the first convention, there were no american flags on the never and the fact that had any of the fallen officers' that they had nd officers not allowed to wear their uniforms inside the convention, and people yelling black lives matter during the of silence for the fallen officers, and the ones that
7:42 am
backs p and turned their to the medal of honor recipient that was speaking, i just -- i that party has gone, but i'm glad i'm an independent now and i will be trump, becauseald he tells it like it is, and people don't like it when he it like it is. host: when you say he tells it like it is, what do you mean? caller: well, i mean the correctness has gotten way out of hand. know, every time something happens, like someone is shot, black person is shot by an officer and everything else, hits the air waves, and it how about know, and all the 33 officers this year that died already, and they how many white lives have been taken by police officers for the -- like in the same situations. -- you know, there were too many of these so-called
7:43 am
myself and nts for my liking. 'm definitely a trump supporter. host: eric from santa fe, new mexico. ahead. ts, go caller: hey, pedro, how are you doing this morning. host: fine, go ahead. hey, you know, i think our choice is basically between insane, you the know. we've got a woman who really knows her stuff, been done it, been there, done that. a guy that should be you d up in a rubber room, know. --i mean, bipolar. just out of his freaking mind. we had a caller, eric, earlier who asked about hillary clinton, what was her major accomplishments. how would you answer that? what has been the significant clinton?hments of mrs.
7:44 am
caller: name one. name i'm asking you to one. caller: the lady has been world as face to the our secretary of state. respect of rned the the entire world, you know. slandered and, you she has done the job as a senator, has taken care of folks life.ole you know, and i'm amazed she's it, with all the flack she's gotten. toughness.t's host: daytona beach, florida, republican line. this is fay. caller: hi, this is fay. air, go 're on the ahead. caller: okay. i don't see anything that she's done. she never mentions all the
7:45 am
screw-ups, d all the and all the other stuff she's done. she doesn't talk about that. nicer y talks about the things she's done, like kids and for the black es community, which is nothing. we don'ts poor people, even count for anything. she's never done anything for me. and i don't know anybody else that she's done anything for. there is no way -- i don't for how anybody can vote omebody that's as corrupt and lies as much as she does. she has a different outlook on life. she is better than everybody else. to her.s do not apply it doesn't matter what she does, don't she could go out there and shoot
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wouldn't be one thing with her. and that's what i think of clinton, and i thank you for taking my call. host: that's fay. this is donna off of twitter saying: her speeches are the same as always, they do nothing for me, she has vote. she is better than trump. again, you can post on our @cspanwj or on 15 minutes to go, we're talking specifically about hillary clinton accepting the nomination last night in philadelphia. need your thoughts on that and what phases her as she goes on to november. mechanicsville, virginia, independent line, go ahead. caller: good morning. host: hi. i couldn't agree more with the gentleman from pennsylvania. i totally agree with him and he said.g e made a couple of my points, turning the back on the speaker
7:47 am
during the moment of silence. i mean, it was really disturbing to me. don't get me wrong, i mean, i great hink we have a choice this year. we've got a choice between what seems to be a loose cannon at a crook, and she is a crook. out, n, that will come because she did perjure herself in front of congress. i realize the fbi did not swear her in when she gave her testimony. she irector even said that was not sworn in, but she did swear in in front of congress perjured herself. there should be repercussions because of that and how anyone for president her really disturbs me. host: who are you going to vote for? i hope he taps it down a little bit, and i'll hold my nose and vote for trump. i think i y, but will. host: one of the things that got a lot of attention from last ight's presentation in philadelphia was the father of a
7:48 am
lain muslim-american war hero giving a speech last night. that was kazir kahn saying that emotional speech before hillary clinton accepted in nomination, he was killed iraq, while saving lives, bronze star and purple heart post humousily. and the father of a deceased soldier..s. here's a bit of that speech last night. >> donald trump, you're asking americans to trust you with their future. let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? [cheering and applause] my copy.adly lend you
7:49 am
[cheering continues] this document, look for the words -- look for the words "liberty" and "equal protection of law." [cheering and applause] been to arlington cemetery? of brave the graves patriots who died defending of america.s all faiths, genders, and ethnicities. [cheering and applause] sacrificed nothing. no one -- we cannot solve -- we cannot solve our building walls.
7:50 am
sewing division. we are stronger together. host: from last night, again, of that available to you at hen it comes to the statements ine by the father, addressed donald trump's campaign rally in colorado, at 9:00 this evening. see it live on c-span. listen for it on c-span radio. at beverly from new york. democrats line, hi. caller: hi, how are you? host: i'm well, thanks. caller: good. i don't know why so many people crook.lling hillary a you know, she's a wonderful woman. she's been through a lot. mistakes. i've made mistakes. we've all made mistakes, all she's a real patriot, and i'm voting for her and like that gentleman said, it is a between the sane and the
7:51 am
insane. vote for who want to trump, you go right ahead. i'll hold your hand and i'll wipe your tears after maybe two or three months of his presidency, because you will be crying, all right. but i implore people to give it another thought. said she's a you real patriot. what makes her so, in your opinion? i mean, from the in probably when she was high school, she made up her mind that she was going to help people of the united states who needed help. encompasses everyone, the oor, especially children, and famili families. thinks the proper way. she's made her mistakes, i know mistakes, we all make and i'm telling you, you want to
7:52 am
vote for trump, you go right a ad, but it's going to be sorry few months and i can okay, because he is not the right person for presidency. not even a businessman. but hillary, i like hillary. first choice. i voted for obama twice. him again, you know, but she is the better choice, the much, much better choice than trump. nd i don't understand how people can't see that and all the vile things that they say like bernie too. i like bernie, you know, but i hillary.d host: 56 minutes, 19 seconds, the speech from last night from hillary clinton. c-span providing also a comparison. 2012, barack obama's speech clocked in at 38 minutes, 12 seconds. in 2008, candidate obama, 42
7:53 am
minutes, 28 seconds. kerry, 45 minutes 26 seconds and al gore back in 26 seconds.utes and even going back to 1996, bill annton, a speech that lasted hour and four minutes and 44 seconds. spring, maryland, louise, republican line, hi. louise, from silver spring? hello. hello, i'm sorry. i didn't quite hear you. what you so much pedro for do you and giving us an opportunity to voice our concerns here. lady from new e york that was talking about and i want to say more about that, because i for vote what i want to say is i am just running at people are around calling hillary clinton a when everything that we has as a fact, that trump cheated and mistreated people
7:54 am
career.out his business this man has no scruples, and he comes right out and says that he because that's what you do as a businessman. and yet he calls her a crook. sake, what's wrong with our people? host: louise, just to be clear, you've identified yourself as a republican. that's the case, right? caller: no, i'm an independent. that's what i said. okay, sorry, you are calling in on a republican line. move on to constance from fort worth, texas, democrat's line, hi. hello. host: hi, you're on. caller: yes, thank you. always erson who has watched the tv and everything i could find, i have gone through it and i found out the are doing a lot of dirty stuff, as usual, to lay hillary and they're talking about benghazi being her fault. her fault?
7:55 am
she was gone all the way around the world. that were he ones over there at that time and they're going to try to lay it on hillary, you know, that set up. she wasn't thinking about that hen she used her e-mails because she knew that she thought that it was safe there. she wasn't thinking about that because, hey, she was -- she knows that it was safe to use, thought, hey, they didn't do nothing to nobody else about it. hy are they doing so much to hillary, you know? that's because the republicans are that way. play games with everybody, okay. the fbi director had issues with hillary's e-mail there.ust to put that out caller: yes, he did, the ones hat they had set up for her, okay. it, you know. say? what you they had erased it.
7:56 am
host: ralph from staten island, york, republican line, good morning. caller: hi. thanks for taking my call. registered republican, you know, basically all my political life. old, and i've been a conservative. i've been watching the and, you ns on c-span know, trying to keep as up-to-date as i can on i'mlopments in the news and just extremely disconcerted of choice for any reasonable candidate that we i don't think that donald trump would have won nomination if it weren't for the all or nothing states. i think that the republican party is much more divided than based on the r primary results but the bottom line is, you know, i think there's values in standing up counted by voting for
7:57 am
a third party. the effect ld have of applying pressure to the two high s but the stakes are in this election. the bottom line is, for practical purposes, we have a not a ty system, multi-party system. host: so you wouldn't be voting johnson or jill stein? caller: no, i wouldn't. i'm saying if it weren't for the stakes are so high in this election, i would, because i think it would be aluable to stand up and be counted among people who are disconcerted with the two party is, as a ut my concern republican conservative, that donald trump who purports to be really not ve, is one. in fact, he's not much of idealogically. he's been all over the political and economic spectrum. obama pported, you know, policies, you know, over time. his businessman, bankruptcies speak for
7:58 am
themselves. he has no experience in government. he's ot see anything that said, you know, being substantiated. him to caller likened musselini. i've noticed that there's a very rise of rallel in his popularity, and the basis for it, with the rise of popularity of, you know, a paper hanger who name to adolph hitter in preworld war ii germany. frightens me to the point i, you know, i'm opposed to the democratic party's approach to government in general and have been for a with the you know, south on of some soured conservatives in the past. it's just putting our hands in the leadership of someone who what you have,
7:59 am
who apparently doesn't understand the constitution ased on some of the things he said. i think i saw in a news article ago. oo long host: ralph, sorry to interrupt. you like among the republicans that were out there. caller: some of them unfortunately eliminated very early, among my favorites, governor christie, bush. on, the group, you know, windled down, i was hoping for kasich. just, you know, people are fed up with the tatus quo, and they're fed up with the existing political ystem to the point where trump was able to gather momentum fear and on divisiveness, and like i said, you know, you don't know what you have with him. e's openly stated that he can change from being any point of
8:00 am
view to any other point of view at any time and he has no that.m with so even for people who actually ideas that he's put forth, and they're just no plan here's really for anything that he wants to do, but even if you believe in do, you gs he wants to don't know what you're getting anyway. host: from norcross, georgia, independent line. to go through a few things about the accusations against hillary clinton. they came from a certain newspaper. the whitewater scandal and others were investigated by can .tart -- ken starr from thest a noted
8:01 am
presidency of the college he was president of. as far as the vote for the iraq war, bush and the republicans in congress stampeded this vote before the election, if you recall. meanwhile, raising the homeland security terrorism alert. senators were afraid not to vote for it because they had an election coming up. as far as leaving iraq prematurely, this was an agreement that was negotiated by the bush administration. ,he hangup was that u.s. troops the pentagon refuses to leave havee where they don't immunity from local prosecution and the iraqis would not give that. who would after abdel grabe. ? abu graib?
8:02 am
host: a low hub. laloha. host: what did you think of the speech last night? speech veryked the much by hillary. i am totally democrat all the way. i have been a democrat since i was 18 years old, old enough to vote. host: what do you like most about her? both the watched republican and the democrats. , that shee about her is more down to earth and she talked about just more things in reality about life, about helping people, not about and donald trump is a womanizer and i can vouch for that. i loved everything about her.
8:03 am
carry in hawaii on our line for democrats. two hours to go in this program but no guests today. it will be just your phone calls. we will switch topics. this is what we are after -- for the next hour, we want to get from you have watched both conventions, the republican and the democratic conventions, what did you learn from the conventions that you can relate this to something you heard in a speech or watching the conventions overall or relate to how they were presented? did you it is, what learn from watching the convention over the last two weeks? this is how you can call us again, for the next hour, what
8:04 am
did you learn from watching the conventions? we will take those phone calls momentarily and during the course of the hour of the last hour of our show, we will talk the key swing states and what happens in those states for donald trump and hillary clinton. we will get the perspective of several reporters. on newsmakers, virginia governor terry mcauliffe at the democratic national convention talks about the states in play now including his. he will also talk about what that means for hillary clinton and donald trump -- trump and the full interview airs at 10:00 sunday morning. we could see more states in play than we have seen a long time. you have heard satan senator mccain is in it -- you have heard senator mccain say he is in a tough race.
8:05 am
you look at georgia as a huge opportunity. more states in play this year but can the democrats win if they lose pennsylvania and ohio? it makes the map much more difficult and that's what the donald trump campaign is trying to figure out as they look at the electoral college map. virginia is very solid right now and the numbers in north carolina have been consistently up there and florida, type but in our favor. put ohio and pennsylvania -- that's the only hope that donald trump has and they are to look at those numbers. they are trying to bring them to their side to make them angry. comeo get them excited to out and vote for them. that's what they want to do but -- i was with the governor of pennsylvania yesterday and i asked him that
8:06 am
question and he said trust me, we will win the commonwealth of pennsylvania. the only hope donald trump has is to take a couple of those states away from eyes. we will work very hard in those states. the governor of the commonwealth of virginia joining us on newsmakers. he will talk about those topics and other things and you can see that program this coming sunday at 10:00 in the morning and catch that at 6:00 p.m. or on and c-span radio and watch it on c-span. for the next hour, what did you learn from watching the republican and democratic conventions? let's start with ron from kentucky, republican line -- what did you learn? caller: thank you for taking my call. i would like to answer your
8:07 am
question. i would like to make a comment and i will try to make it brief. what i learned from the republican convention was that donald trump appears to be someone that will listen to people around him. speech in hist acceptance speech. he was very coherent and he stayed on track. he did not fall into any traps and he did not go off into left field. i do support him. donald duck for before i vote for hillary clinton. watching the democratic i did notice the first night that they did not have any american flags to speak
8:08 am
of. i guess they got hit for that and all at once, they started appearing. clinton, it hillary was pretty much the same thing that she says all the time. heried to look beyond negative delivery which she admits she is bad at herself when speaking. , any grouphe content she picked out, who wants to be queen for a day -- she is trying to pander to all the different groups. i just don't trust her because of everything that has been happening. cynthia, richmond, virginia, democrats line, what did you learn from the convention? caller: hi, i want to say that i
8:09 am
really enjoy c-span. my concern is with the bernie sanders voters who are holding out. i want them to think about it for real. officewant somebody in that the world cannot risk of that. hillary clinton may not be on every issue of their concern but she has compromised and she has listened and going forward in this nation, they should consider not to stop their movement but move forward. think they should support the other independent
8:10 am
who have said we have gained ground but let's move forward and let's not put somebody in there that will go backwards. host: we will learn about the role that virginia has as a swing state, particularly as the conventions are over and the candidates will campaign there. dispatch"ond times looks at the clinton speech last night. joining us on the phone is jeff schapiro, the politics columnist for that newspaper. good morning. guest: good morning and thank you for having me. host: can you briefly tell us what hillary clinton and donald trump mean to the commonwealth? [no audio] think we may have lost the connection. are you there? we will try that back. let's go to skip in valley springs, california, independent line, high.
8:11 am
. [no audio] skip, in california. are you there? caller: yes. host: go ahead. caller: i watched both conventions. contrast a huge between the republicans and the democrats. it's been that way for several conventions. this year was just the biggest contrast. the fact that the republican convention is so negative and full of hatred and full of unbelievable stuff. [no audio] the democrats are so positive especially this year. it was the same last year.
8:12 am
and the same the year before that. this year was just over the top. thelt like i was watching munich rally in 1933. rally, like a mussolini just unbelievable what's going on in this country. people will start looking at this with more of an open mind. republicans are all closed. on the phone with us is jeff schapiro from "the richmond times dispatch." them and the commonwealth of virginia as they campaign there? [no audio] are you there? are having a connection problem so we will see if we can
8:13 am
connect with him later in the program. let's continue your calls -- what did you learn from the conventions as you watch them play out over the last two weeks? dorothy in cleveland, ohio, the site of the republican national convention. she is from our democrats line. good morning. caller: hi, i watched both conventions and what i saw at the republican convention was a hate andded spirit of watchednation when i the democratic convention, i saw unity, i saw what america looks like. reallyn thing that i the man whosedes
8:14 am
son died in iraq, was the preacher. he preached that sermon and he told it like it is, we need a shock. what's going on in this country and the divisions and everything and like hillary clinton, she has her flaws. i'm sick and tired of hearing about the e-mails and her server. all the secretary of states have used their personal servers and she came out with what she would try to do for the country. that's more than i can say for donald trump. to pit one race against another race and in the fog of november, i pray to god. another thing i took from the democratic convention is the general who knows what he is talking about.
8:15 am
i don't think he would have stood up at the convention and give her the nod over donald trump. host: bill from norfolk, connecticut, what did you learn from the conventions such ? caller: what got me mad is when they asked, the police officer astrodome in of silence during the foreign -- during the fallen officers, people were yelling out black lives matter. i come from a proud military family. i feel a vote for hillary clinton is a slap in the face to who commit suicide at the rate of 22 per day. force and first responders -- i believe our military now is very demoralized.
8:16 am
i think if hillary got in, unmanned drones would go awol. the second point is that socrates said, when you have a democracy which we are not really in a way, that when everything the -- everybody becomes he didn't like when people in jail -- becomes even -- heathen the society will fall apart. out a lotis passing of kool-aid to people. these are worst times than the 60's except for the vietnam war. more got killed. disappointed that there is no law and order and they let people loot. the black lives matter movement was so worried about people dying, they should volunteer in the cities and try to straighten out their youth. host: that's built from
8:17 am
connecticut. we are asking what people learn from the conventions this hour. one of the things that was pointed out in the paper this morning about twitter activity during the convention -- it says that on the third day of the democratic national convention, 12 million facebook users generated for -- 44.4 million likes, posts, comments and shares.
8:18 am
what did you learn from watching the conventions, democrat line. caller: hello. carol said she was a republican and she called on the republican line. i don't know what the deal is on that. host: you are on the air right now, go ahead. that politics were at both conventions and it is what it is and i think the democrats put on a better party because they have all of hollywood behind them. it's all of the wealthy, hollywood stars. so a lot of people are going to want to see katy perry or
8:19 am
whoever. the gop does not have that. myth to think the gop is rich in the democrats are people who have nothing. the gop does not have all the hollywood stars. concerned, i am tired of people calling everyone racists and bigots. it's all hatred. it's not hatred. if you want to see hatred, they need to look in the mirror. look at black lives matter. cops wereow that 2 shot last night in san diego? now we have another cop dead. the reason the gop, the only reason the democrats were positive and pollyanna was
8:20 am
because they have had the white house for the last 7.5 years. host: thank you. we will continue your calls about what you learn from the conventions and we will talk to reporters through the remainder of the program to talk about battleground states. new hampshire is being considered one this year. her to talk to us about it is graham bossie. the picture of new hampshire as a battleground state. what does it mean for the candidates involved? [no audio] we will try that one more time. sure,try willian brooke texas, republican line, good morning. caller: good morning. host: what did you learn from the convention? learned that donald trump
8:21 am
would be the best candidate for the united states at this time. because he is the man that has been on both sides of the fence. worked the democrats and the republicans and he has been writing checks. fordemocrats, they are not anyone but themselves, what they can keep in their pocket. how he hasng about reared and he forgot where he came from. president obama got big. for the people of the united states. he is not for the black people. the democrats are not for black people. they never have been and i never will. hillary clinton, president obama, they work together. that's my thoughts. tampa, florida, independent line, go ahead, what to do learn from the conventions? caller: thank you, there are
8:22 am
several things i learned. that i like to mention was asked the question -- i fear hillary clinton more as president and she had an opportunity to try it and i would have loved to have voted for a female president but i don't have it in me because of what has expired with these e-mails and stuff. she is an intelligent woman. is,knows with the layout you do not delete anything unless you are guilty of something. host: what did you learn from the conventions? i really did not think she came across, it looked like an act. host: how so? personally, because
8:23 am
we have seen her through the years and because people have started to recognize who she is. when there is a scandal, she will not speak to reporters. when you do, she wants a script and wants to know what is said in advance. you ask donald trump anything, he will put his foot in his mouth but he is being honest and trying to help someone out. he definitely communicates with thate that are at a level is having problems. he loves america and he is really big into history. everyone takes the little bit of history he likes and try to blow it out. my husband is just as big on history. if people do something like that, you don't even see history in the schools anymore. i have a bunch of friends who are teachers and the teachers are being pushed to vote for a
8:24 am
republican woman and a couple of them are not going to do it. they are keeping quiet about it because they don't want their friends to know that they are really for donald trump. host: mariana, from fort lauderdale, florida. caller: thank you for your beautiful program. host: what do learn from the conventions? clintonmrs. [indiscernible] both feet on the ground. i hate the people who call into the program for donald trump. i'm originally from [indiscernible] and i was confused that last night, she had everything clear. she can be the president of the united states of america.
8:25 am
people, i call on them so they can vote for her. should be working in orlando, florida in disney world. he tries to confuse the world. he tries to confuse all-americans, latin people. and all other countries. i am latin. i am from chile. i am very upset with this guy trying to confir confuse mrs. clinton. she will be president for the united states. i guarantee to you. in florida. ariana takes a look at the democratic convention in terms of donors.
8:26 am
8:27 am
pete, evansville, indiana, good morning. what did you learn from the convention? learned that ms. talking about all the money she got from overseas. have taken some businesses overseas to make money because obama has made it that way. my son still has a part-time job because of obamacare. they set that up so all the withrants can share jobs the people that don't have full-time jobs here. they got knocked down to part-time jobs. donald trump is the only person who was going to save this country.
8:28 am
that man is true. ms. clinton and bill clinton tampered with the chief justice. went and tampered with a witness for trial, i would be in jail. i'm sick of these people getting away with this. i love donald trump. "the graham boosi is with new hampshire leader." talk about the role of new hampshire. would you consider it a battleground state this time around? in 2000,solutely, back it came down to 7000 votes between george bush and al gore and the four electoral votes mattered. we are a small state but we can be won by either side. bush wanted and then lost it and barack obama won it twice. hillary clinton has run here a lot. in 2008done well here
8:29 am
winning the primary. she lost decisively to bernie sanders in february. donald trump won the new but with arimary plurality, not a majority. there are many republicans in new hampshire who will not vote for donald trump. withis unique election unique candidates, new hampshire and many other states are up for grabs. host: when it comes to donald trump, are there pockets of the state that benefit him or others that he needs to work to gain support? tryt: i think he will to tap into blue-collar votes in manchester and rochester in communities that have a lot of brick mill buildings that have not had the same kind of manufacturing jobs they have had before. that is kind of the midwestern strategy, the rest belt strategy. there are parts of new hampshire that are like that. hillary clinton will seek her appeal in the connecticut river
8:30 am
valley and she will try to tap into upscale republican towns that are doing fairly well and try to bridge what and try to coach what has traditionally been a republican vote. with these two candidates that don't quite fit the traditional model, they're going to try and steal votes from voters that went the other party last time. if elections are based on the economic conditions of the time, what is it like economically in new hampshire? what is unemployment like? could that impact people's vote? guest: the economy is doing fairly well in new hampshire. we didn't go quite as deep in the recession as a lot of the rest of the country. and we have taken a long time digging out of it. low,yment itself is very but job stability and job security is also pretty low. people generally are working, but i don't think they are as secure in their jobs as they would like to be. they don't have a lot of
8:31 am
confidence. the economy seems to be picking up a little bit. state tax revenues are doing very well after a couple of small business tax cuts. up, whichy is picking you think would favor hillary clinton. but people still don't feel good about it, which would favor donald trump. host: talk about the ground games in new hampshire. what is been established for both candidates, and who has the stronger one? guest: hillary clinton by a mile. she has a lot more democratic staff. they have had an edge in the ground game for years. they've had more staff, more knocks, and- door donald trump doesn't have a real on the ground team it. just being a celebrity and being a personality is going to take the place of a ground operation. they really don't have one in new hampshire. host: we'll probably see a lot
8:32 am
of visits by both candidates. have we seen campaign ads for either campaign in new hampshire? guest: i don't think we have seen president lance. minimum is high race in the country between kelly ayotte and mega happen. coverage withe a outside groups coming in on their behalf. we are seeing plenty of blood ads in new hampshire, but so far, it is for senate, not president. think that will probably change, assuming enhancer stays a target for both great tim kaine is going to be coming to hampshire. he will be coming to enhancer in a couple of weeks for a fundraiser. we will get our first look at him. host: as someone who lives there and reports from there, what are you looking for over the next couple of weeks? what does it indicate about how to have your fares for donald trump or hillary clinton? guest: i think the national
8:33 am
message is going to be pretty much the same as the one they are portraying in new hampshire. donald trump is going to say politicians broke everything, i'm going to fix it. hillary clinton is going to say i'm not donald trump. , joining us onse the phone to talk about hampshire. thank you for your time. guest: thanks for having me. host: back to your calls on what did you learn from the conventions. any on that independent line. they for waiting period caller: i used to be a democrat, but the things that shocked the most about the democratic convention are for totally open borders without fully understanding with them i mean your country. we're not talking about immigration, were talking about millions of millions of people who are streaming in, we don't have enough jobs already.
8:34 am
around enough jobs to go , not enough hospitals -- hispanics are already supposed to be come the majority in this but like 3 million, they've been saying that for years. millions more coming across the border, it's about numbers. you see things like black lives matter, the really concerned about this overpopulation. borders, -- open host: from the perspective you have of what was said about immigration, how did you learn that from the convention? what should you that? -- showed you that? caller: i knew they were for that, but the extent of it, couldn't believe hillary clinton talking about "her's and making every citizen's.
8:35 am
there's lots of americans who don't have jobs, and you just want to bring in more and more and more. what did i think it's going to happen eventually? it truly is an racist, it's about numbers. coming in from one area, is not immigration from all over the world, it's from one area. also they interviewed people on the street, what people cheered for. they interviewed people on the street who totally were for open borders. i think any concept of what that's going to eventually mean. host: that speech of hillary clinton are among the featured speakers package you can see saturday on c-span. you can listen at hillary clinton, vice president biden, resident obama, and michelle obama. that is saturday night at 8:00. obama and michelle obama. that is saturday night at 8:00. philip, go ahead. caller: good morning.
8:36 am
host: did you learn anything specific from the convention? caller: i did, but it ties into the bigger primary process. i think both the conventions in the process itself does it reform. that was pointed out to the bernie sanders campaign movement after the anomaly that is the donald trump phenomenon. between -- i am between mr. trump and gary johnson. the way the delegates are bounded, the openness and closed nature of primaries, both sides of the aisle could definitely be changed. come november, people are not stuck with an option of i am voting for this person because i don't want to see this person or vice versa. the lesser of two evils, that whole thing that's what's should be debated moving forward through the next election.
8:37 am
host: republicans, you can see selective speeches coming this morning. trump, hear from donald his vp candidate governor mike pence indiana, senator ted cruz. you can remember the speech he gave and the response a got. it's all available sunday at 10:30 a.m., watch for it on c-span. if you go to our other platforms as well in syria. tim in virginia. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i guess what i learned from these conventions, watching a little bit of both of them -- i am still a democrat. the republicans seem to be still hung up on greedy-ism. democrats seem to be more about patriotism. am blown away that we have a president running with it will
8:38 am
release his tax returns. host: how did you learn that from the campaign? caller: probably the supreme court, when they opened up the doors for millionaires and billionaires to buy the presidency of the united states. now they see what they're getting. host: forgive me, how did you learn that from the convention? caller: well, if you look at the way the country went last two years. i have been for all my life, but 99% of the country's poor and middle class, we to get this country back to that. we need to fix things, election of the banks down in the cayman islands and stop these people from hiding their money. it is enough money sitting there to pay off the national debt. bring it back. i just think we don't have a lot to choose from. but i'm going to have to stay with democrats to try and get the country with no more wars. we don't need to be the world's
8:39 am
policeman, we need to take care of this country. and we do need to put troops on our border. if we don't, were going to have something bad happened. it will be a few thousand people, it will be several hundred thousand people. everyone is going to be asking why didn't you stop at? we do need to have troops on the border. i hope that's one the comes out of this convention. in virginia. tim we would get campaign styles that we can expect from here on to november. this morning, an analysis piece, donald trump is gotten where he is the reasonable media warfare. he has foregone traditional media tactics.
8:40 am
host: beverly in beech grove, indiana. the independent line, asking people about what they learned from watching the campaigns. go ahead. trump: i watched all of 's, he didn't say anything about what he had planned to do. all he did was sit there and make faces and act like he didn't even know why he was there. and hillary, hope to get then, because i think she knows what she is doing. but trump, i don't like him.
8:41 am
he doesn't have anything nice to say about anybody. the only reason i like the democrats is because they need to pass stricter gun laws. if they pass stricter gun laws, they would have less killings around here, i guess. from south florida. on the republican line. good morning, diane. caller: hi. that alearned, sadly, is majority of black people are probably going to continue to fall for the lie that abortion is good for them. the history of planned parenthood goes back to 1916, when margaret sanger was a friend of adolf hitler. her agenda was to eradicate the negro race. and black people don't seem to notice that planned parenthood clinics are set up conveniently in their neighborhood. how are they supposed to vote when they don't even have a life?
8:42 am
clinton will also continue to allow our public schools to cheap black people as funding go to the corrupt administrators. hand,will, on the other open up competition for schools, arehat the better schools actually attended more. people will be able to go to the school of their choice, without having to pay tons and tons of to a big pit in the ground for education funds. host: lisa in lufkin, texas, independent line. hello. caller: good morning. democrat party last night. it was love, it was inspirational, it gave america
8:43 am
hope. that is something we need. i watched the republican party horrorur in my heart -- in my heart. i was afraid for my children and grandchildren in the country that we live in. feeling like there was a dark cloud. i'm amazed, because i watched all three panels, and depending on which channel you watched to what coverage you get, i'm just shocked that people tend to close their eyes about a man that would speak directly to russia, are you kidding? ,e have plenty of problems don't give us another one, please. texas,isa was in lufkin, on the independent line. again, if you're just joining us in this hour, we are taking a you learned from
8:44 am
watching the republican and democratic national conventions. our hope is that once you watch it, if you want should both, maybe you saw it online or on c-span, you can tell us some thing gained from the speeches or anything else. so continue on that. if you are calling into the line, do so. you are on the line currently, stay on the line. we're going to take a few minutes to talk about florida as a battleground state. joining us is tim nickens from the tampa bay times. good morning. aorida is consistently battleground state. what changes now the cycle, than what we saw four years ago? guest: i think we still have the same challenges that we had four years ago. this is still a closely divided state. it's going to come down to the same issues always comes down to, and that is who can turn out the most voters and have the best ground game? how would you say the candidates are doing when it comes to ground game in the sunshine state?
8:45 am
guest: in most other states, the democrats are way ahead. the democrats are more organized, donald trump only recently brought in someone new to florida to get situated. he does have gov. rick scott as part of his team, and the attorney general. we will see how much they are able to mobilize folks for him. host: as far as the demographics of the state, who does it benefit at this stage? guest: it benefits increasing the democrats. states are becoming more diverse and more hispanic. a lot of hispanics are no longer the conservative cubans in south florida, a lot of the growth is in central florida in the orlando area, among puerto ricans and other hispanics who tend to vote democratic and set of republican. host: we have heard something over the last few cycles called the i-four corridor. if you wouldn't mind expanding what that is, and why it's important, especially to see where florida goes this time around.
8:46 am
-- sitting at the western guest: i'm sitting at the edge r corridorerstate fou that runs the tampa bay area of the coast of daytona beach. this is the area where traditionally, swing voters decide elections. ,hey have strong turnouts here for rural voters. they are not particularly liberal. and they are not necessarily tea party folks either on the other side. they're sort of centrist voters from both parties, and they tend to decide elections in florida. host: donald trump has a presence in florida, hillary clinton made her vp announcement in florida. how often are we going to see visits for both of these candidates, and what's in the near schedule ? guest: donald trump had two fundraisers privately, one intent of a, one in south florida. i expect to hillary clinton to
8:47 am
be back often as well. i think a lot of it will depend on the other states in the rust belt that donald trump is counting on, ohio, pennsylvania, to see how that works. but they're never going to ignore florida. i think it will both be down here a lot. retirees, what is their presence in the state, and how does it play out for either of these candidates? guest: retirees are still important part of the florida electorate. they tend to be the most loyal, reliable voters. and often, they tend to be a little more conservative. page,from the editorial the editor for the cab of a times joining us on skype this morning to talk about florida. mr. dickens, anything you want to share with the audience, things you are watching for personally from either candidate? guest: in florida, we are looking to see how hillary clinton can mobilize folks, particularly younger voters, to
8:48 am
get them out to the polls. we are seeing whether donald trump who won the florida primary against the florida senator marco rubio, whether he can maintain that support among a lot of skittish republicans. turnout,e looking at and whether clinton can basically replicate what president obama did in 2008, with a huge turnout among south florida democrats. host: our guest on skype is tim nickens, the editorial page editor for the "new york times." thank you for your time. back to your calls, tyrone in california. independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. watching both the primaries, it reminded me of something my father said years ago. he said he would much rather have a fox in the henhouse than a mad dog loose on the world. trump is very
8:49 am
scary. he is and isolationism, into taking care of his own kind. a reference to reagan. at least reagan joined the military and served his country. i only see trump serving himself. host: you learned all that from the conventions? caller: yes, i did. host: specifically, how? caller: i watched hillary from the time she was in the white house as first lady. she has a good and bad points. a lot of good things that she has done. but she is still a politician. trumpt look at trump -- is not a politician. he's never really done anything publicly for anybody other than for trump. he ripped the students off from trump u. i'm a student and a veteran, i still have my student loans to pay. in my school closed and i still got stuck with the payments for my school. he left a lot of people hanging.
8:50 am
that's a thing that scares me. what is he going to do as far as the world is concerned? host: tyrone in redlands, california. where you up so early -- why are you up so early? caller: i get up and walk my dog for two and a half miles every day. matthew myself it, mentally and physically. -- i have to keep myself mentally and physically fit. democrats, call (202) 748-8000, republicans, call (202) 748-8001, independents call (202) 748-8002. mr. miller writes the national intelligence director james clapper indicated that mr. trump and ms. clinton are eligible to receive these briefings within days of the conclusion of the
8:51 am
dnc convention. he also went on to say that the white house in coming days will contact both the trump and clinton campaigns, offering ,airly generic overviews including the threat posed by the islamic state and other terror groups. beginning aill detailed briefing of the most sensitive u.s. secrets. code,rex from walnut north carolina. independent line. when did you learn from the last two weeks of the conventions? there's a lotned more in those e-mails that what they are letting on. all of a sudden the god-awful word about that.
8:52 am
be a permission or out about bernie told me a lot about bernie sanders. i think you got railroaded. doing trump wasn't anything, but they all nervous. that tells me there is something out there. the they don't want out. indian trail,ert north carolina, republican line. you are next. caller: i appreciate the covers on c-span. did westion was what learn from the conventions? i watched most of them. i'm not a trump supporter, or i haven't been. cruz/fiorina supporter for a while. if they wanted to get all this stuff done, hasn't obama been president for almost eight years?
8:53 am
haven't -- hasn't hillary clinton been involved? mentioned during the democratic convention, i choice of by trump's mike pence for vp. the one thing you will get from him is he's going to surround himself with people that help them a good decisions. we know what we've got with the dyed in the wool politicians that we've had for the past two the answer to your question was i learned of the democratic convention that if and partynough glitz going on, you don't have to pay attention to the bad news. i think that the characterization that the republicans were dark, i think big knowledge that there are some major problems in this country right now. timerelations are at all bad level. worse than we have seen in 20 or 30 years. i thought we were going to be all pulled together because we had our first black president. host: that's robert indian
8:54 am
trail, north carolina. a small blurb in the wall street journal takes a look at the candidates running for libertarian party, and what they are doing in trying to get to the debates, saying for massachusetts governor william his ticket remains focused on qualifying for the general election debates, politically, where we stand is we have to get to the presidential debates to really stand a chance. a poll released earlier this month said the gary johnson, the 11%, theinee poling at commission on presidential debates requires candidates to have an average of 15% in national polls, to get to the libertarian campaign is launching a 15 the 15th campaign, hoping to hit the number by august 15. host: aaron lives in alexandria,
8:55 am
virginia. democrat line. caller: good morning. ready for me to answer the question? host: sure. caller: one message that was a contractor between messages that were sent by the democratic party and the republican party -- it seems as though the report look party is focused more on removing hillary clinton first, making her the focal point, instead of focusing on the issues that are domestic. then focusing on issues that are abroad and not necessarily relevant at the time of. while the republicans -- while the democrats were more focused on some of the homegrown issues. aboutrse, there was talk donald trump and his capabilities, as far as being a leader. and also, one thing that stood out as well is that people are banking the donald trump can hire the best people to give him knowledge, instead of having a first-hand knowledge. it was itching to see that play out. also, tuning into the different stations and watching their spin
8:56 am
on what each party had, as far as a message. that's the main thing that stood out, was the contrast in what people are banking on from the selection. we we created these two monsters host:. as far as watching the convention, did you watch gavel-to-gavel or in portions? caller: i made sure i watch all of it. think it is for the technology of dvr. i'm a native philadelphian, i was quite interested in watching the democratic one. i also know how things play other public and party. it was interesting to watch. i am a democrat, but i vote for the best person for the job. inope that someone can get and fix my problems when they have no experience, i wouldn't trust that was someone putting in drywall, it wouldn't trust that with someone being my leader. talkedn earlier caller
8:57 am
about the stars that were represented, the celebrity that was represented. do think that communicates some thing to an audience? do think that is something of a message that being said by the democratic party? don't necessarily care who they put on the platform, whether it's an entertainer and what have you. are all given these opportunities of americans to either pursue our dreams, whether the entertainment or the medical field, whether it be the studies or what have you. all of these opportunities we are presented by being an american and having a choice to go in the direction of where your heart lead you. who is up on the stage really doesn't sway me. i know he does sway some people to say look, this person supports this candidate, and i like that person. whether it's entertainment, music, film, or what have you. it doesn't necessarily sway me. i would hope that people are more intelligent, not to place a product that someone creates with a political message.
8:58 am
host: from utica, michigan. don. joining us on the line for republicans. good morning, go ahead. caller: good morning, thank you. i would like to make a couple statements here, if i could. the one thing that you are seeing in this convention is you are seeing the difference between somebody that has millions and millions and millions of dollars, that she has gotten from other people, that's what money can buy you. and then you got the other side, here's a gentleman that once again, we have to remember one thing here people. guantanamo bay right now costs $300 million a year to take care of, and they don't even advertise anything. we've got a problem in this country, and it's called trusting. if anyone thinks that hillary clinton would be the one that you would choose to take care of your kids, i feel sorry for all
8:59 am
of you. because think of the families in benghazi. they had kids too. and hillary clinton, but we cannot go back to the 90's. you want bill clinton back in the white house? really? let's be serious here. the only thing the donald trump has in common with mitt romney is he doesn't drink, and he doesn't smoke. yet we keep on calling them stupid. i wonder how many people in the country can say that? how many people in the country can say they don't drink and they don't smoke? and yet, we turned around during this eight years, and we don't even protect our own citizens. we've got something going on right now -- for instance, black lives matter. i wish that people -- everybody knows -- i'm a white person, i care about black people. i care about all people. but my question is to all of
9:00 am
those that are african-american -- when are you going to stop killing each other? utica,hat is don in michigan. he mentioned to mitt romney, in the news over the past couple of days, talking in connection with an endorsement of gary johnson. not that this happened, but the et news saying if romney endorsed gary johnson, saying you talk it become a swing state. he has had conversations with mitt romney, but the former massachusetts governor is considering endorsing the libertarian and his running mate in the election. host:


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