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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  July 31, 2016 12:30pm-2:31pm EDT

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provided me. for the life that he's provided my family and the life that he's provided all of our employees around the world. i want to thank my father for the life that he's enabled me to provide to my future children, as my beautiful wife laura and i start thinking about that amazing chapter of our lives. to that end, i often think about the legacy i wish to leave my children. that to me, there are a few things that i hold closer to my heart than charity. for me, it's the essence of who we are as human beings. it's the barometer by which we will be measured for our time here on earth. as martin luther king jr. once said, life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others? when i was 22 years old, i founded the eric trump foundation to benefit st. jude's children's research hospital, an
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incredible, incredible organization. i run my foundation based on the principles my father taught me, honesty, integrity and values. i expect other charities to be run by the same moral code, not serve as conduit for personal enrichment, not become a beacon of corruption and scandal. to who much is given, much will be required. this is the very belief that compelled my father to make this great sacrifice. to run for the most powerful, yet unforgiving office in the world, there is no greater calling, there is no more selfless act. to the unemployed voter sitting at home watching me right now, wondering how you're going to make your next mortgage payment or rent payment, my father is running for you. to the veteran,
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tuning into this speech from his or her hospital, who has been ignored and disrespected by an ungrateful system for far too long, my father is running for you. to the school teacher, forced to walk through metal detectors each and every day into an under funded school, my father is running for you. to the laborer, watching me right now, forced out of a job by undocumented workers, illegal immigrants, my father is running for you. to the oil and gas industry worker denied a job because of radical regulations from a radical epa, my father is
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running for you. the single mothers, the families of special needs children, the middle class families who can no longer afford medical benefits sufficient to cover their everyday needs, my father is running for you. this november, i ask you to be true to yourself and vote for the candidate who you know is running for the right reasons. vote for the candidate who has never been a politician. vote for the candidate who has never received a paycheck from our government. vote for the candidate who can't be bought, sold, purchased, bribed, coerced, intimidated, or steered from the path that is
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right and just and true. and quite frankly friends, vote for the one candidate who does not need this job. never have i been more proud to be a trump. never have i been more proud to be my father's son. i'm incredibly honored to be part of this journey in which he's invited me, donnie, ivanka, tiffany, melania, my beautiful wife laura, our entire family to play such an integral part. dad you have once again taught us by example. you are my hero. you are my best friend. you are the next president of the united states. god bless america. [applause]
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>> please welcome the speaker of the house paul ryan. speaker ryan: hello my fellow republicans. proud of oure more .ice presidential nominee [applause] i served in the house of representatives. we became very good friends. i have watched this man up close. i have seen what he is made of. let me tell you something about mike pence.
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this is a man of solid character. who sees public service as a calling, not a career. he has served honorably with great dignity. the results are impressive. charge a man who led the -- and congress and he won that fight. governor of indiana, he passed the largest income tax cut in state history. [applause] he balanced the state budget. [applause] this man is a reagan conservative through and through. pro-life, pro-strong defense. importantly, he is the father of three beautiful children. my goal, charlotte, and audrey.
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he calls his wife karen the best part of my life. republicans, the man that you have nominated as a man of faith. he is a man of conviction. he is a man you can trust. from the heart of the conservative movement and from the heart of america. send him anded to donald trump straight to the white house. [applause] there is no doubt in my mind that he will bring real change to washington. i have every confidence that he will do as all proud. gentlemen, itand is my honor to introduce to you the next vice president of the united dates, governor mike pence. [applause]
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governor pence: mr. chairman, delegates, friends and my fellow americans, thank you from the bottom of my heart. i am deeply humbled by your confidence. and on behalf of my family, here and
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gone, i accept your nomination to run and serve as vice president of the united states of america. [applause] and let me thank speaker paul ryan for that gracious welcome. paul, you're a true friend and a great american leader. but paul knows me well, and he knows the introduction i prefer is just a little bit shorter: i'm a christian, a conservative and a republican, in that order. you know, i'm new to this campaign and honestly i never thought i'd
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be standing here. i thought i'd be spending this evening with all my friends from the great state of indiana. yet, there i was, a few days ago in new york city with the man who won 37 states, who faced 16 talented opponents and outlasted every one of them and along the way brought millions of new voters into the republican party. you know, he's a man known for a larger personality, a colorful style and lots of charisma. and so, i guess he was just looking for some balance on the ticket. well, for those of you who don't
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know me, which is most of you i grew up on the front row of the american dream. my grandfather immigrated to this country. i was raised in a small town in southern indiana, in a big family with a cornfield in the backyard. although we weren't really a political family, the heroes of my youth were president john f. kennedy and the reverend dr. martin luther king, jr. when i was young, i watched my mom and dad build everything that matters: a family, a business and a good name. i was raised to believe in hard work, in faith and family. my dad, ed pence, was a combat veteran in korea. dad ran gas stations in our small town and he was a great father. if dad
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were with us today, i have a feeling he'd enjoy this moment and probably be pretty surprised. but it's such a joy for me to tell you that my mother is here. would you join me in welcoming the light of my life, my mom, nancy. you know, growing up i actually started in politics in the other party until i heard the voice and the ideals of the 40th president and
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i said on for the reagan revolution. but the best thing that ever happened to me, even counting tonight, was that 31 years ago i married the girl of my dreams, a school teacher and artist. she is everything to me. would you welcome my wonderful wife, karen pence. and regardless of any title i'll ever hold, the most important job i'll ever have is spelled
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d-a-d. karen and i are blessed. karen and i are blessed to be the parents of the three greatest kids in the world: a writer named charlotte, a college student named audrey and a second lieutenant in the united states marine corps michael j. pence. i'm so proud of you guys. now, if you know anything about hoosiers, you know we love to suit up and compete. we play to win. that's why i joined this campaign in a heartbeat. you have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down, a fighter, a winner. until now,
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he's had to do it all by himself against all odds, but this week, with this united party, he's got backup. and on november 8th, i know we will elect donald trump to be the 45th president of the united states of america! now, we'll win because we're running on the issues facing this country and because we're leveling with the american people about the stakes and the choice. you know, the american people are tired of being told. they're tired of being told that this is as good as it gets. they're tired of hearing politicians in both parties tell us that we'll get to that tomorrow while we pile a mountain range of debt on our children and our grandchildren. and as ronald reagan used to
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say, they're tired of being told that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives better for us than we can plan them for ourselves. in the end, this election comes down to just two names on the ballot, so let's resolve here and now that hillary clinton will never become president of the united states of america. now, hillary clinton essentially offers a third obama term. and the role is perfect for her. she championed "obamacare" because years earlier she had all but
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invented it. the national debt has nearly doubled in these eight years and her only answer is to keep borrowing and spending. and like the president, she thinks the path to a growing economy is more taxes, more regulation and more government (audience jeers) now, they tell us this economy is the best that we can do. it's nowhere near the best that we could do, it's just the best that they can do. now, let me tell you, i know firsthand it doesn't have to be like this. in my home state of indiana we prove every day that you can build a growing economy on balanced budgets, low taxes, even while making record investments in education and roads and health care. you know, indiana is a state that works
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because conservative principles work every time you put them into practice. now, today, while the nation suffers under the weight of $19 trillion in a national debt, we in indiana have a $2 billion surplus, the highest credit rating in the nation, even though we've cut taxes every year since i became governor four years ago. we have fewer state employees than when i took office, and businesses large and small have created nearly 150,000 new jobs, and there's more hoosiers going to work than
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ever before. that's what you can do with common sense republican leadership and that's exactly what the no-nonsense leadership of donald trump will bring to the white house. you know, donald trump gets it, he's the genuine article. he's a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers. and when donald trump does his talking, he doesn't tiptoe around the thousand new rules of political correctness. he's his own man, distinctly american. and where else would an independent spirit like his find a following than in the land of the free and the home of
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the brave. ou know, the funny thing is the party in power seems helpless to figure out our nominee. the media has the same problem they all keep telling each other that the usual methods will work against him. they keep thinking they've done him in, only to wake up the next morning and find that donald trump is still standing and running stronger than ever before. the man just
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doesn't quit. he's tough. he perseveres. he's gone about as far as you can go in business, but he's never turned his back on the working men and women who make this country grow. and donald trump will never turn his back on those who serve and protect us at home and abroad. you know, it's been a heartbreaking time for the women and men in our law enforcement community. and in this time of great testing for them, let's let them know here and now, all across this country, we will always stand with those who stand on the thin blue line of law enforcement in america. now,
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you know, while donald trump was taking my measure as a possible running mate, i did some observing myself. i've seen the way he deals with people who work for him at every level. and i've seen the way they feel about working for him. now, i'll grant you he can be a little rough with politicians on the stage, and i'll be we see that again. but i've seen this good man up close, his utter lack of pretense, his respect for the
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people who work for him and his devotion to his family. and if you still doubt what i'm saying, remember, as we say back home, you can't fake good kids. how about his amazing children, aren't they something? these are the true measures of our nominee, chosen by the voters as the right man for these times. this is the outsider, my running mate, who turned a long-shot campaign into a movement. now, over in the other party, you know, if the idea was to present the exact opposite of a political outsider, the exact opposite of an uncalculating
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truth-teller, then on that score you've got to hand it to the democratic establishment, they outdid themselves this time! i mean, at the very moment when america is crying out for something new and different, the other party has answered with a stale agenda and the most predictable of names. people in both parties are restless for change, ready to break free of old patterns in washington. and democrats are about to anoint someone who represents everything this country is tired of. you know, hillary clinton wants a better title and i would, too, if i was already america's secretary of the status quo.
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you know, the choice couldn't be more clear. americans can elect someone who literally personifies the failed establishment in washington, d.c. or we can choose a leader who will fight every day to make america great again. it's change versus status quo. and my fellow republicans, when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america, the change will be huge. [applause] you know, for years we've had fundamental problems in america that get talked to death in washington, d.c., but they never get solved and they even get
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worse. we've seen entire stretches of our country written off by bad economic policies in ways that are deeply unfair to american workers. we've seen relentless mandates from the executive branch. it seems like no aspect of our lives is too small for the present administration to supervise and no provision of the constitution is too large for them to ignore. meanwhile, we've seen borders that go unrespected, a military that's been diminished, and promise after ringing promise to our veterans, promptly forgotten. then donald trump came along and started saying what practically everybody was thinking anyway, that our leaders need to be stronger. under donald trump, our deals will be smarter, our soldiers will have what they need and our veterans will have what they earned. we will secure our borders, protect our nation. in all this, we will be more
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serious. and when we do, this nation will start winning again. [applause] you know, that's the message that men and women in both parties have been longing to hear. but none of us should think for one second that this will be easy. the outcome of this election depends on us and how we contend with an incredible onslaught that's coming our way. you know, this won't be america's first glimpse of the clinton machine in action, as bernie sanders can tell you. and this time around, she'll have the press doing half
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her work for her. the good news is it won't be nearly enough, not against a candidate who's captured the attention of the country the way donald trump has. on issue by issue, he and i will take our case to the voters, pointing out the failures of the obama/clinton agenda and showing a better way. we will win the hearts and minds of the american people with an agenda for a stronger and more prosperous america. now, the establishment the establishment in washington dc thinks it is only a narrow race to voters who are giving donald trump a serious look. i can tell you firsthand, there are a lot of americans out there
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who feel like democratic politicians have taken them for granted. it is union members who don't want a president who promises to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. those miners want an american energy policy, and they know donald trump digs coal. [applause] it is african-americans who remember generations of hollow promises about safe streets, better school, and they know donald trump will fight for equal opportunity, and he loves educational choice.
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it is hispanic americans who respect the law, want jobs and opportunities for their families, they know that donald trump will uphold the law and get this economy moving for every american. [applause] you know, the party of lincoln was founded upon equality of opportunity. during these difficult days, it will be our party and our agenda that opens the doors for every american to succeed and prosper in this land. in so many ways, the democratic party has abandoned those it used to protect. maybe they have become too entrenched in power. so comfortable at times that
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they lose patience at the normal legislative process. it is so much simpler to impose their values by executive order or court action. make no doubt about it, hillary clinton has some ideas along those lines too. as this election approaches, every american should know that, while we are filling the presidency for the next four years, this election will define the supreme court for the next 40. we all had better think very carefully about what this means for our constitution and limited government. elect hillary clinton and you had better be used to being subject to unelected judges using unaccountable power to take unconstitutional actions.
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for the sake of the rule of law, for the sake of the sanctity of life, for the sake of our second amendment, and for the sake of all our other god-given liberties, we must ensure that the next president appointing justices to the supreme court is donald trump. [applause] and, hillary clinton's record on foreign affairs gets even worse. with hillary clinton, we had to undo all of the gains of the troop surge, a staggering failure of judgment that set isis on the loose. it is clinton who negotiated the
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disastrous agreement with the radical mullahs in iran. and it was hillary clinton who left americans in harm's way in benghazi and after four americans fell said, "what difference does it make?" [chanting lock her up] as the proud father of a united states marine, let me say from my heart, anyone who said that, anyone who did that should be unqualified from ever serving as commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the united states of america. [applause]
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seven and a half years of barack obama and hillary clinton's policies have weakened america's place in the world. terrorist attacks at home and abroad, graham and heartbreaking scenes in france just a few days ago, and the attempted coup in turkey all attest to a world spinning apart. history teaches us that weakness arouses evil. hillary clinton and barack obama's foreign policy of leading from behind, moving redlines feigning resets with , russia, and the rise of isis, testament to this truth of
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history. we cannot have four more years apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends. [applause] america needs to be strong for the world to be safe, and on the world stage, donald trump will lead from strength. donald trump will rebuild our military and stand with our allies. donald trump will confront radical islamic terrorism at its source and destroy the enemies of our freedom. and, if the world knows nothing else, it will know this. america stands with israel. [applause]
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you know, if you look at the calendar this morning, you might have noticed, the presidency of barack obama ends exactly six months from today. [applause] mike]ing we like
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this much is certain of the obama years. they are not ending well. there seems to be so many things that divide us, so few great purposes that unite us as they once did. it is at moments like this, moments when politics fail that i believe we do well to remember that what unites us far exceeds anything that sets us apart in america. that we are, as we have always been, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [applause]
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should i have the awesome privilege to serve as your vice president, i promise to keep faith with that conviction, to pray daily for a wise and discerning heart, for who is able to govern these great people of yours, god. my fellow americans, i believe we have come to another rendezvous of destiny. i have faith in the boundless capacity of the american people and faith that god can still heal our land. [applause] [cheering and chanting we like mike]
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we have a choice to make. this is another time for choosing. if you want a president who will protect this nation, confront radical islamic terrorism and rid the world devices. -- rid the world of isis. if you want a president who will restore law and order to this country and give law enforcement the support and resources they deserve. if you want a president who will cut taxes, grow our economy, and squeeze every nickel out of the federal bureaucracy, if you want a president who will build strong borders and enforce our laws, and if you want a president who will upend the status quo in washington, d.c.
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and appoint justices to the supreme court who will uphold the constitution, we have but one choice, and that man is ready, this team is ready, our party is ready, and when we elect donald trump the 45th president of the united states together, we will make america great again. [applause] thank you and god bless you. god bless the united states of america. >> today, democratic
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presidential and vice president nominees hillary clinton and tim kaine will speak at a campaign rally in columbus, ohio. our live coverage begins at 2:45 p.m. eastern on c-span. the c-span radio app makes it easy to continue to follow 2016 election wherever you are. it is free to download from the apple app store or google play. get up-to-the-minute schedule educate -- schedule information, plus podcast times for our pop -- popular public affairs look and history program. stay up-to-date on all the election coverage. c-span's radio at means you always have c-span on the go --
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app means you always have c-span on the go. among the speakers was paypal , the firsteter thiel openly gay person to address the public and convention. the culmination was the acceptance speech of donald trump. he was introduced by his daughter, ivanka. >> please welcome the cofounder of paypal and first investor in facebook, entrepreneur peter t hiel. >> good evening. i build company spirit i support people building things. i'm not a politician. but neither is donald trump. he is a builder and it is time to rebuild america. [cheering] where i work in silicon valley, it is hard to see where america
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has gone wrong. my industry has made a lot of progress in computers, software and of course it has made a lot of money. but silicon valley is a small place. drive out to sacramento or even across the bridge to oakland and you will not see the same prosperity. that is just how small it is. across the country, wages are flat. americans get paid less today than 10 years ago. but health care and college tuition costs more every year. meanwhile, wall street bankers inflate bubbles in everything from government bonds hillary clinton speaking fees. [cheering] our economy is broken. if you are watching me right now, you understand this at her than any politician in washington dc. and you know this is not the
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dream we look forward to. back when my parents came to america looking for that dream, they found it right here in cleveland. [cheering] here as aht me one-year-old and this is where i became an american. opportunity was everywhere. my data studied engineering at case western reserve university. just down the road from where we are now. 1968, the world high-tech capital was not just one city, all of america was high-tech. remember this, but our government was once high-tech too.when i moved it cleveland, defense research was laying the foundations for the internet. the apollo program was just about to put a man on the moon. and it was the armstrong from right here in ohio -- neil
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armstrong from right here in ohio. today our government is broken. usenuclear bases still floppy disks. our newest fighter jet can't even fly in the ring. -- rain and it would be. kindest in the government software works poorly because much of the time it does not even work at all. decline foraggering the country that completed the manhattan project. we don't accept such incompetence in silicon valley and we must not accept it from our government. [cheering] instead of going to mars, we have invaded the middle east. we don't need to see heller clinton deleted e-mails, her competence is in plain sight.
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incompetence is in plain sight. [cheering] she pushed for a war in libya and today it is a training ground for isis. on this most important issue, donald trump is right. to end the era of stupid wars and rebuild our country. [cheering] great was a kid, the debate was about how to defeat the soviet union. and we won. are told that the great debate is about who gets to use which bathroom. this is a distraction from our real problems. who cares? [cheering] of course, every american has a
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unique identity. i am proud to be gay. i'm proud to be a republican. [cheering] most of all, i'm proud to be an american. [cheering] i don't pretend to agree with every plank in our party platform, but state culture wars only distract us from our economic decline. nobody in this race is being honest about it except donald trump. [cheering] while it is fitting to talk about who we are, today it is more important to remember where
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we came from. for me that it's cleveland. the bright future as promised. when donald trump asks us to make america great again, he is not suggesting a return to the past. he is running to lead us back to the bright future. tonight, i urge all of my fellow americans to stand up and vote for donald trump. [cheering] thank you. ladies and gentlemen, please give a very warm welcome to ivanka trump. [cheering] >> good evening.
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[cheering] thank you. one year ago i entered is my father when he declared his candidacy. in his own way answer his own sheer force of will, he sacrificed greatly to enter the political arena as an outsider. and he prevailed against a field of 16 very talented competitors. [cheering] year, donald a trump has been the people's champion. and tonight, he is the people's nominee. [cheering] like many of my fellow millennials, i do not consider myself categorically republican or democrat. one than party, i vote based
1:22 pm
what i believe is right for my family and my country. sometimes it is a tough choice. that is not the case this time. a proud daughter of your nominee, i'm here to tell you that this is a moment and donald trump is the person to make america great again. [cheering] real change, the kindly in a decades is only going to come from outside the system and it is only going to come from a man who is spent his entire life doing what others said cannot be done. my father is a fighter. when the primaries got tough, and they were top, he did what any great leader does, he dug deeper, worked harder, got
1:23 pm
better and became stronger. [cheering] him fight for his family. i have seen him fight for his employees. i have seen him fight for his company and now i am seeing him fight for our country. [cheering] it is the story of his life and more recently, the spirit of his campaign. it is also a prelude to reaching the goal that unites us all. when -- this party and better still this country knows what it is like to win again. [cheering] possible to be famous and not well known, that describes the father who raised me. in the same office of truck tire trump tower where we work together, replay and on the for next my father's desk
1:24 pm
constructing miniature buildings with legos while he did the same with concrete, steel and glass. my father taught my siblings and importance of positive values in a strong ethical compass. he showed us how to be resilient, how to deal with challenges and how to strive for excellence in all that we do. he taught us that there is nothing we cannot accomplish if we married vision and passion with an enduring work ethic. [cheering] one of my father's greatest talents is his ability to see potential in people before they seated himself -- themselves. he taught us that potential managers into nothing without effort. and that like him, we each had a responsibility to work not just for ourselves, but for the betterment of the world around us. [cheering] over the years, on too many
1:25 pm
occasions to come, i saw my father care stories out of the newspaper about people and he had never met were facing injustice or hardship. wrote a note to his assistant and a signature pen and requested that the person be found and invited to come power to meet with him. he would talk to them and draw a pound -- upon his extensive networking on them a job or get a break. they would leave his office as people so often do after having been with donald trump feeling that life could be great again. throughout my entire life, eyewitnesses empathy and generosity towards other, especially those who are suffering. it is just his way of being in your corner when you are down. father not only has the strength and ability necessary
1:26 pm
to be the next president, but also the kindness and compassion that will enable him to be the leader that this country needs. [cheering] my father has a sense of fairness that touches every conviction he holds. for morealongside him than a decade now at the trump organization i have seen how he operates as a leader making important decisions that shape careers and change lives. i have learned a lot about the world from walking construction jobs down by his side. when run properly, construction sites are true meritocracy. competence in the building trade is easy to spot and incompetence is impossible to hide. [cheering] these sites are also incredible melting pots gathering people from all walks of life and uniting them to work towards a single mission.
1:27 pm
there have always been men of all backgrounds and ethnicities on my father's job sites and long before it was commonplace he also saw women. [cheering] talent.r values he recognizes real knowledge and skill when he finds it. he is colorblind and gender-neutral. [cheering] he has the best person for the job. . words and promises, the matter how visionary they sound will only get you so far. in our vision, you are not a builder unless you have a building to show for it. or in my father's case, city skyline's. [cheering] most people strive their entire lives to achieve great success in a single industry. my father has succeeded in many
1:28 pm
on the highest level and on a global scale. one of the reasons he strives as an entrepreneur is because he listens to everyone. billionaire executives don't usually ask the people doing the work for their opinions of the work. my father is an exception. on every one of his projects you will see him talking to the super, the painter, the electrician, he will ask them for their feedback. if they think something should be done differently or could be done better. one donald trump is in charge him all that counts his ability, effort and excellence. [cheering] this has long been the philosophy of the trump organization. my father's company, there are more female than male executives. women are paid equally for the work that we do and when a woman becomes a mother she is
1:29 pm
supported, not shut out. [cheering] women represent 46% of the total u.s. labor force and 40% of american households have female primary breadwinners. made $.83 for every dollar earned by a man. single women without children earned $.94 whereas married mothers made only $.77. as researchers have noted, gender is no longer a factor creating the greatest wage discrepancy, motherhood is. president, my father will change the labor laws that were
1:30 pm
put in place at a time when women were up a significant portion of the workforce. he will focus on making quality child care affordable and accessible for all. [cheering] as a mother myself of three young children, i know how hard it is to work while raising a family. i also know that i'm far more fortunate than most. american families needed relief. policies that allow women with children to thrive should not be novelties, they should be the norm. talk about wage equality, but my father has made it a practice at his company throughout his entire career. [cheering] pay,ll fight for equal equal work and i will fight for this right alongside of him. [cheering]
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>> trump, trump, trump! americans today need an economy that permits people to rise again. turn theresidency will economy around and restore the great american tradition of giving each new generation hope for brighter opportunities and those of the generation that came before. and donald trump, you have a candidate who knows the difference between wanting something done and making it happen. [cheering] when my father says that he will build a tower, keep an eye on the skyline. 4 x 4, a soaring structure will appear, usually record setting and iconic in its design. real people are hired to do real work. vision becomes reality. father said that he will make america great again, he will deliver. [cheering]
1:32 pm
we have a chance this year to reclaim our heritage of the country that carries big and makes the impossible happened. trump isly, donald incapable of thinking small. when i was a child, my father always told me, if you're going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big. president, my father will take on the bold and worthy fight. he will be unafraid to set lofty goals and he will be relentless in his determination to achieve them. to people all over america, i said, when you have my father and your corner, you will never again have to worry about being let down. he will fight for you all the time, all the way, every time. [cheering]
1:33 pm
maybe it is the developer and him, but donald trump cannot stand to see empty main street and boarded up factories. he can't bear the injustice of college graduates who are crippled by student debt and mothers who can't afford the cost of childcare, required to return to work. [cheering] others see the hardships of the unfairness and say they feel for you. only my father will say, i will fight for you. [cheering] the hard-working men and women of this country identify with my father. he is tough and his persevering. his honest and real. he is an optimist and he is a relentless believer in america
1:34 pm
and all of her potential. he loves his family and he loves his country with his heart and his soul. to be judged by their promises, not the results, i ask you to judge my father by his results. judges bodies by those he has instilled in his children. judges competency by the powers he has built. the companies he founded and the tens of thousands of jobs he has created. he is the single most qualified person to serve as chief executive of an trillion dollar economy. $18 trillion economy. my father will call upon the best and brightest people from and bothes of industry sides of the aisle. a new set of thinkers to face our country's existing and future problems with fresh perspective and brave, new solutions. come january 17, all things will
1:35 pm
be possible again. we can hope and dream and think big again. no one has more faith in the american people been my father. he will be your greatest, truest, most loyal champion. [cheering] this is the fighter, the viewer you have chosen as your nominee in ways no one expected. this moment in the life of our country has defined the mission and given it to extort a man. he is ready to see it all -- extraordinary man. ready to see it all the way through. speak every man and every woman of every background in every part of this country. to earn your trust and your boat. that and much more from the a long time ago, i have loved and respected him my entire life and i could not be more proud
1:36 pm
tonight to present to you and to all of america my father and our next president, donald j trump. [cheering]
1:37 pm
>> thank you. [cheering] thank you much. friends, delegates and fellow americans: i humbly and
1:38 pm
gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. [cheering] usa! usa! usa! usa! thato would have believed
1:39 pm
what we started this journey on june 16, last year, we and i say we because we are a team. [cheering] would have received almost 14 million votes, the most in the history of the republican party. and that the republican party would get 60% more votes than it received eight years ago. who would have believed it? [cheering] hand,mocrats on the other received 20% fewer votes than they got four years ago, not so good. [cheering] together, we will lead our party back to the white house, and we will lead our country back to safety, prosperity, and
1:40 pm
peace. [cheering] we will be a country of generosity and warmth. but we will also be a country of law and order. [cheering] our convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation. the attacks on our police, and the terrorism in our cities, threaten our very way of life. any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country. [cheering]
1:41 pm
americans watching this address tonight have seen the recent images of violence in our streets and the chaos in our communities. many have witnessed this violence personally, some have even been its victims. i have a message for all of you: the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon, and i mean very soon come to an end. [cheering] beginning on january 20th 2017, safety will be restored. [cheering]
1:42 pm
the most basic duty of government is to defend the lives of its citizens. any government that fails to do so is a government unworthy to lead. it is finally time for a straightforward assessment of the state of our nation. [cheering] i will present the facts plainly and honestly. we cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore. [cheering]
1:43 pm
so if you want to hear the corporate spin, the carefully-crafted lies, and the media myths, the democrats are holding their convention next week. go there. but here, at our convention, there will be no lies. we will honor the american people with the truth, and nothing else. [cheering] >> usa. usa. usa. >> these are the facts: decades of progress made in
1:44 pm
bringing down crime are now being reversed by this administration's rollback of criminal enforcement. homicides last year increased by 17% in america's fifty largest cities. that's the largest increase in 25 years. boo! in our nation's capital, killings have risen by 50%. they are up nearly 60% in nearby baltimore. in the president's hometown of chicago, more than 2,000 have been the victims of shootings this year alone. 4000 have been killed in the chicago area since he took office. >> boo! >> the number of police officers
1:45 pm
killed in the line of duty has risen by almost 50% compared to this point last year. nearly 180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records, ordered deported from our country, are tonight roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens. the number of new illegal immigrant families who have crossed the border so far this year already exceeds the entire total of 2015. they are being released by the tens of thousands into our communities with no regard for the impact on public safety or resources.
1:46 pm
>> build the wall! >> one such border-crosser was released and made his way to nebraska. there, he ended the life of an innocent young girl named sarah route. -- root. she was 21 years old and was killed the day after graduating from college with a 4.0 grade point average. the one in her class. her killer was then released a second time, and he is now a fugitive from the law. i've met sarah's beautiful family. but to this administration, their amazing daughter was just
1:47 pm
one more american life that wasn't worth protecting. no more. one more child to sacrifice on the altar of open borders. what about our economy? again, i will tell you the plain facts that have been edited out of your nightly news and your morning newspaper: nearly four in 10 african-american children are living in poverty, while 58% of african-american youth are now not employed. 2 million more latinos are in poverty today than when the president took his oath of office eight years ago. another 14 million people have left the workforce entirely.
1:48 pm
household incomes are down more than $4,000 since the year 2000. that is 16 years ago. our trade deficit in goods reached, think of this, our it hundredit is billion dollars. think of that. $800 billion last year alone. we will fix that. [cheering] the budget is no better. president obama has doubled our doubled our national debt to more than $19 trillion, and growing. yet, what do we have to show for
1:49 pm
it? our roads and bridges are falling apart, our airports are in third world condition, and 43 million americans are on food stamps. now let us consider the state of affairs abroad. not only have our citizens endured domestic disaster, but they have lived through one international humiliation after another. one after another. we all remember the images of our sailors being forced to their knees by their iranian captors at gunpoint. >> boo! >> this was just prior to the signing of the iran deal, which gave back to iran $150 billion and gave us absolutely nothing. >> boo!
1:50 pm
>> it will go down in history as one of the worst deals ever negotiated. another humiliation came when president obama drew a red line in syria and the whole world knew it meant absolutely nothing. libya, our consulate, the symbol of american prestige around the globe was brought down in flames. america is far less safe and the world is far less stable than when obama made the decision to put hillary clinton in charge of america's foreign policy. >> boo! >lock her up!
1:51 pm
lock her up! lock her up! led to defeat her in november. [cheering] i am certain it is a decision he truly regrets. her bad instincts and her bad judgment, something pointed out by bernie sanders are what caused the disasters unfolding today.
1:52 pm
let's review the record. in 2009, pre-hillary, isis was not even on the map. libya was stable. each of was peaceful. a big production and violence. iran was being choked by sanctions. serial was somewhat under control. after four years of hillary clinton, what do we have? isis has spread across the region and the entire world. libya is in ruins, and our ambassador and his staff were left helpless to die at the hands of savage killers. egypt was turned over to the radical muslim brotherhood,
1:53 pm
forcing the military to retake control. iraq is in chaos. iran is on the path to nuclear weapons. syria is engulfed in a civil war and a refugee crisis that now threatens the west. after 15 years of wars in the middle east, after trillions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost, the situation is worse than it has ever been before. this is the legacy of hillary clinton: death, destruction and terrorism and weakness. >> boo! >> but hillary clinton's legacy does not have to be america's
1:54 pm
legacy. the problems we face now, poverty and violence at home, war and destruction abroad, will last only as long as we continue relying on the same politicians who created them. a change in leadership is required to produce a change in outcomes. [cheering] tonight, i will share with you for action for america. the most important difference between our plan and that of our opponents, is that our plan will put america first. [cheering]
1:55 pm
americanism, not globalism, will be our credo. [cheering] as long as we are led by politicians who will not put america first, then we can be assured that other nations will not treat america with respect. the respect that we deserve. [cheering] the american people will come once again.
1:56 pm
first[cheering] my plan will begin with safety at home which means safe neighborhoods, secure borders, and protection from terrorism. there can be no prosperity without law and order. [cheering] on the economy, i will outline reforms to add millions of new jobs and trillions in new wealth that can be used to rebuild america. a number of these reforms that i
1:57 pm
will outline tonight will be opposed by some of our nation's most powerful special interests. that is because these interests have rigged our political and economic system for their exclusive benefit. believe me. it is further benefit. four their benefit. big business, elite media and major donors are lining up behind the campaign of my opponent because they know she will keep our rigged system in place. they are throwing money at her because they have total control over every single thing she does. she is their puppet, and they pull the strings.
1:58 pm
that is why hillary clinton's message is that things will never change. never ever. my message is that things have to change and they have to change right now. [cheering] every day i wake up determined to deliver a better life for the people all across this nation that had been ignored, neglected and abandoned. , i have visited the laid-off factory workers, and the
1:59 pm
communities crushed by our horrible and unfair trade deals. these are the forgotten men and women of our country, and they are forgotten, but they will not be forgotten long. [cheering] these are people who work hard but no longer have a voice. i am your voice. [cheering] i have embraced crying mothers who have lost their children because our politicians put their personal agendas before
2:00 pm
the national good. i have no patience for -- >> usa. usa. usa. usa.
2:01 pm
>> how great our our police and how great is cleveland? [cheering] thank you. i have no patience for injustice. no tolerance for government incompetence of which there is so much no sympathy for leaders , who feel their citizens. when innocent people suffer, because our political system lacks the will, or the courage, or the basic decency to enforce our laws, or worse still, has sold out to some corporate lobbyist for cash i am not able
2:02 pm
, to look the other way. and i won't look the other way. [cheering] and when a secretary of state illegally stores her emails on a private server, deletes 33,000 of them so the authorities can't see her crime, puts our country at risk, lies about it in every different form and faces no no consequence i know that , corruption has reached a level like never ever before in our country. [cheering]
2:03 pm
when the fbi director says that the secretary of state was "extremely careless" and "negligent," in handling our classified secrets, i also know that these terms are minor compared to what she actually did. they were just used to save her from facing justice for her terrible, terrible crimes. in fact, her single greatest accomplishment may be committing such an egregious crime and getting away with it, especially when others who have been far less have paid so dearly.
2:04 pm
when that same secretary of state rakes in millions of dollars trading access and favors to special interests and foreign powers i know the time for action has come. [cheering] i have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves. [cheering]
2:05 pm
nobody knows the system better than me, which is why i alone can fix it. [cheering] i have seen firsthand how the system is rigged against our citizens, just like it was rigged against bernie sanders. he never had a chance. but his -- >> boo! >> but his supporters will join our movement, because we will fix his biggest issue. trade deals that strip our and theof jobs distribution of wealth in the country.
2:06 pm
millions of democrats will join our movement, because we are going to fix the system so it works fairly and justly for each and every american. [cheering] in this cause, i am proud to have at my side the next vice president of the united states: governor mike pence of indiana. [cheering]
2:07 pm
and a great guide. -- guy. we will bring the same economic success to america that mike brought indiana, which is amazing. [cheering] he is a man of character and accomplishment. he is the right man for the job. the first task for our new administration will be to liberate our citizens from the crime and terrorism and lawlessness that threatens their -- our communities. america was shocked to its core when our police officers in executedre so brutally . a mediately after dallas, we have seen continued threats and violence against our law
2:08 pm
enforcement officials. law officers have been shot or killed in recent days in georgia, missouri, wisconsin, kansas, michigan and tennessee. >> boo! >> on sunday, more police were gunned down in baton rouge, louisiana. three were killed, and four were -- three were very badly injured. an attack on law enforcement is an attack on all americans. [cheering]
2:09 pm
i have a message to every last person threatening the peace on our streets and the safety of our police: when i take the oath of office next year, i will restore law and order to our country. [cheering] i will work with, and appoint, the best prosecutors and law enforcement officials in the country to get the job properly done. [cheering] in this race for the white house, i am the law and order candidate. [cheering]
2:10 pm
the irresponsible rhetoric of our president, who has used the pulpit of the presidency to divide us by race and color, has made america a more dangerous environment than frankly, i have ever seen and anybody in this room has ever watched or seeing. this administration has failed america's inner cities. remember, it has failed america's inner cities. it's failed them on education. it's failed them on jobs. it's failed them on crime. it's failed them in every way
2:11 pm
and on every single level. when i am president, i will work to ensure that all of our kids are treated equally, and protected equally. every action i take, i will ask myself: does this make life better for young americans in baltimore, chicago, detroit, who have really come in every way, have the same right to live out their dreams as any other child in america? [cheering] to make life safe in america, we must also address the growing
2:12 pm
threats from outside the country. we are going to defeat the barbarians of isis. and we are going to defeat them bad. [cheering] once again, france is the victim of brutal islamic terrorism. men, women and children viciously mowed down. lives ruined. families ripped apart. a nation in mourning. the damage and devastation that can be inflicted by islamic radicals has been proven over and over. at the world trade center, at an office party in san bernardino, at the boston marathon, and a
2:13 pm
military recruiting center in chattanooga, tennessee. and many other locations. only weeks ago, in orlando, florida, 49 wonderful americans were savagely murdered by an islamic terrorist. this time, the terrorist targeted lgbtq community. no good. and we're going to stop it. [cheering] as your president, i will do everything in my power to
2:14 pm
protect our lgbtq citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. [cheering] believe me. and i have to say as a republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering for what i just said. thank you. [cheering]
2:15 pm
to protect us from terrorism, we need to focus on three things. we must have the best best gatheringe of intelligence anywhere in the world. the best. [cheering] we must abandon the failed policy of nation- building and regime change that hillary clinton pushed in iraq, libya, in egypt, and syria. instead, we must work with all of our allies who share our goal of destroying isis and stamping out islamic terrorism and doing it now, doing it quickly. we're going to win. we're going to win fast. [cheering]
2:16 pm
this includes working with our greatest ally in the region, the state of israel. [cheering] recently i have said that nato was obsolete. because it did not properly
2:17 pm
cover terror. and also that many of the member countries were not paying their fair share. >> boo! statessual, the united has been picking up the cost. shortly thereafter, it was announced that nato will be setting up a new program in order to combat terrorism. a true step in the right traction. -- direction. [cheering] lastly, and very importantly, we must immediately suspend immigration from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism until such time as proven vetting mechanisms have been put in place.
2:18 pm
we don't want them in our country. [cheering] my opponent has called for a 550% increase, think of this, this is not believable, but this is what is happening, a 550% increase in syrian refugees on top of existing massive refugee flows coming into our country already under the leadership of president obama. >> boo!
2:19 pm
>> she proposes this despite the fact that there's no way to screen these refugees in order to find out who they are or where they come from. i only want to admit individuals into our country who will support our values and love our people. [cheering] anyone who endorses violence, hatred or oppression is not welcome in our country and never ever will be. [cheering]
2:20 pm
decades of record immigration have produced lower wages and higher unemployment for our citizens, especially for african-american and latino workers. we are going to have an immigration system that works, but one that works for the american people. [cheering] on monday, we heard from three parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants mary ann mendoza, sabine durden, and my friend jamiel shaw. they are just three brave representatives of many thousands who have suffered so
2:21 pm
greatly. of all my travels in this country, nothing has affected me more, nothing even close than the time i have spent with the mothers and fathers who have lost their children to violence spilling across our borders, which we can solve. we have to solve it. [cheering] these families have no special interests to represent them. there are no demonstrators to protect them and none too protest on their behalf. my opponent will never meet with them, or share in their pain.
2:22 pm
believe me. instead, my opponent wants things were cities. >> boo! but where was sanctuary for kate steinle? where was sanctuary for the children of mary ann, sabine and jamiel? is so sad to even be talking about this. we can solve it so quickly. where was sanctuary for all the other americans who have been so brutally murdered, and who have suffered so horribly? these wounded american families have been alone. but they are not alone any longer. [cheering]
2:23 pm
tonight, this candidate and this whole nation stand in their corner to support them, to send them our love, and to pledge in their honor that we will save countless more families from suffering the same awful date. [cheering] -- fate. [cheering] we are going to build a great border wall to stop illegal immigration, to stop the gangs and the violence, and to stop the drugs from pouring into our communities. [cheering]
2:24 pm
i have been honored to receive the endorsement of america's border patrol agents, and will work directly with them to protect the integrity of our lawful, lawful, immigration system. by ending catch-and-release on the border, we will stop the cycle of human smuggling and violence. illegal border crossings will go down. we will stop it. it will not be happening very much anymore. believe me.
2:25 pm
[cheering] peace will be restored by enforcing the rules for the millions who overstay their visas, our laws will finally receive the respect they deserve. [cheering] tonight, i want every american whose demands for immigration security have been denied and every politician who has denied them to listen very closely to the words i am about to say. on on january 20 of 2017, the day i ,ake the oath of office
2:26 pm
americans will finally wake up in a country where the laws of the united states are enforced. [cheering] we are going to be considerate and compassionate to everyone. but my greatest compassion will be for our own struggling citizens. [cheering] >> usa. usa. usa. >> usa. usa.
2:27 pm
usa. my plan is the exact opposite of the radical and dangerous immigration policy of hillary clinton. americans want relief from uncontrolled immigration. which is what we have now. communities want relief. yet hillary clinton is proposing mass amnesty, mass immigration, and mass lawlessness. >> boo! >> her plan will overwhelm your schools and hospitals, further reduce your jobs and wages, and make it harder for recent immigrants to escape from the tremendous cycle of poverty they are going through right now and make it almost impossible
2:28 pm
for them to join the middle class. [cheering] i have a different vision for our workers. it begins with a new, fair trade policy that protects our jobs and stands up to countries that cheat. of which there are many. it's been a signature message of my campaign from day one, and it will be a signature feature of my presidency from the moment i take the oath of office. [cheering] i have made billions of dollars in business making deals. now i'm going to make our country rich again.
2:29 pm
using the greatest business people of the world, i'm going to turn our bad trade agreements into great trade agreements. america has lost nearly-one third of its manufacturing jobs since 1997, following the enactment of disastrous trade deals supported by bill and hillary clinton. remember, it was bill clinton who signed nafta, one of the worst economic deals ever made by our country. or frankly, any other country. never ever again. [cheering]
2:30 pm
i am going to bring our jobs back our jobs to ohio and pennsylvania and new york and michigan and all of america and i am not going to let companies move to other countries, firing their employees along the way, without consequences. not going to happen anymore. [cheering] my opponent, on the other hand, has supported virtually every trade agreement that has been destroying our middle class. she supported nafta, and she supported china's entrance into the world trade organization. another one of her husband's


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