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tv   White House Briefs on State Dinner Preparation for Singapore President  CSPAN  July 31, 2016 10:47pm-11:01pm EDT

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senator tim scott giving a speech about his own interactions with the police. senator: the vast majority of time, i was pulled over for car in theew neighborhood or some other reason just as trivial. >> it also includes one family's story about an encounter with the police and washington, d.c., followed by a panel with the police chief. >> most legal get defensive if they feel you're being offenses. being very respectful, you know, in encounters and requests, those things changed the dynamics a little bit. spotlighthe issue august 6 on 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span m >> the prime minister of
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visiting the white house this week where he will be the guest of honor at a white house state dinner. it will be the 13th time the president obama has hosted a dinner for a head of state. here is a preview. >> how are you? i would like to welcome you in the press review in honor of the singapore state dinner. it is the third state dinner of 2016. in a few minutes you will get to see the decor and hear about the meals and hear from all of our includingcolleagues damage from the national security council. are far as but we represent many. -- we are five but we represent many.
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all of us could not be here. but i want to thank you to all of my colleagues here at the white house. thank you. hello, everyone jobs and welcome to the press review. everyone, and welcome to the press review. you can see behind us, the yellow, which is the inspiration , yellow inspiration symbolizes our friendship. singapore is known for its incredible orchid that are growing with much patience and care. we have used an abundance of the orchids in this arrangement. which we have showcased in the arrangement.
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both of them together, it represents the harmonious connection between both countries. we hope you enjoy the week, thank you, and i will send it to dan. you.ank good morning, everyone. how are you? i am senior director for asian affairs on the national security council. we look forward to having the prime minister for an important visit next week. state business and state dinners are an opportunity for the united states to reaffirm our ties and our friendship with america's closest partners around the world, and singapore is one of our strongest, closest, and most reliable partners. in fact when the prime minister visits the white house, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary year of one of our most important bilateral
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relationships in asia. the visit will also present an opportunity for president obama to reciprocate the hospitality the prime minister and the singapore people showed to him when he visited singapore in 2009. it will allow the president to demonstrate the close professional and personal relationship he has with the prime minister, a relationship based on mutual respect. during the visit, you will see operations across the border. for example, singapore serves as host to our military forces in the region. it has been a strong proponent of the climate agreement and home to more than 3700 u.s. companies and is a partner in and strong advocate for the transpacific partnership. now, the president and prime minister will discuss a range of issues, including law
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enforcement, cyber security, global health, and combating climate change. the leaders will discuss ways to relationshipour and foster ties between our people. our two leaders will also highlight the importance of the transpacific partnership. dvd -- tpp represents a crucial opportunity to revitalize the global economic architecture and strengthen america's influence at the center of it. tpp will eliminate more than 18,000 tariffs and ensure our partner countries follow the same standards that we follow in the united states. tpp will be good for the united states, the region, good for the world. the prime minister's visit reflects the important role that singapore plays in the rebalance
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to the asia-pacific. the united states is engaging more people 18,000 tariffs and ensure our partner countries follow the same standards that we follow in across all of southeast asia. which is absolutely central to the region's peace and prosperity. both our nations are committed to building a regional order where all nations play by the same rules. thank you very much. i will permit over to chris. it over to chris. >> good morning. my name is chris. i am the white house executive chef. the singapore state dinner is a celebration of america's bounty. all of the word from before winds of california to the chesapeake. from the shores of california to the chesapeake. incidentally, for our first course, we are serving our famous maryland crab, which is from cambridge, maryland,
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accented with an asian hybrid of citrus, a cross between lime and kumquats. it also includes root vegetables such as tar oh. -- taro. for the second course, we want to celebrate summer. we are highlighting local tomatoes from farms in ohio and we are marrying this with some wonderful asian glaziers, green papaya and green mango pickle. it is a wonderful, tropical, oriental fruit. for the main course, beef garnish with roasted yams from california and garnished with wonderful baby kale and some wondrous lemongrass demi-glace. i would like to introduce you to our executive chef.
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>> good morning everyone. my name is lucy morrison. i am the executive pastry chef. i would like to present to you today a festive gathering. in my left hand is a play to desert, a handmade creation of peach sangria cake layered with accents of coconut milk, palm sugar, and lime leaves. bright yellow peaches from california and virginia farms are marinated with a variety of american red wines. included is orange and pomegranate juices and a glaze with dried chamomile from the white house kitchen garden.
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lastly, it is garnished with honey from the white house the house made into brittle. in my right hand is a handmade creation. it is made of a caramelized almondnd moved it --lastly, it nugat -- nougat. pineapple, coconut, white chocolate truffles, passionfruit , sesame cherry tart, black cherry macaroons, and finally -- what did i forget? [laughter] layer almondiple cake. thank you very much. have a nice weekend. >> in addition to the state dinner, the prime minister has several events planned for his visit to the u.s.. he will stop at the u.s. chamber of commerce.
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we will have that live at 6:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. the c-span buses in philadelphia, pennsylvania this the to ask people about democratic convention and issues that are important to them. >> i am a superdelegate from the great city of cleveland and the state of ohio. it is great to be a part of this historic moment. my first convention was in 2008 when i got to dominate the first african-american president man looking forward to doing it again to dominate the first female president of the united states. i am excited about this opportunity. ohio. imi delegate from the san fernando valley of los angeles, california. i am supporting hillary. i could not be more excited to
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support the first female candidate for president. i think she is the most qualified candidate for president. i could not be more excited. >> my name is ryan and i am here from the ohio delegation. the important issue to me in this election is the supreme court. for me, that is the defining issue, who do we want to be shaping our laws and policies for the next generation. hello, i am a district delegate from fresno, california, congressional district 22. my delegate experience has been eye-opening. i feel like i am witnessing the death of democracy. do not feel included. i do not feel like my voices heard. and i am very concerned for the future of my country and for my daughters and granddaughters. i am brian connolly from warned county, california, and
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i'm having a great time as a delegate. i am here because of my grandmother, my mother, my wife, my daughter, and of course my baby, my grandbaby was six months old. it is so important to break the glass ceiling. voices from the road on c-span. app makes it radio easy to follow the 2016 election were everywhere. download --o election were ever you are. it is free to download. stay up-to-date on all of the election coverage. app means youio always have c-span on the go. >> tonight on c-span, q&a with journalists and author joshua kendall.
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after that, national security so-called lone wolf terrorist attacks. and later, a look back at the decision to leave the european union and other decisions in parliament over the last few months. ♪ announcer: this week on "q&a," journalist and author joshua kendall. mr. kendall discusses his book "first dads." parenting and politics from george washington to barack obama. brian: joshua kendall. "first dads." what is this book about and where did you get the idea? mr. kendall: my last book was


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