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tv   Democratic Ticket Holds Campaign Rally in Columbus Ohio  CSPAN  August 1, 2016 5:19am-6:01am EDT

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time i saw it today. there's a nonpartisan independent commission that sets up the debates. right? and i was told they set up a schedule last fall. and neither campaign -- because we didn't know who the nominees were going to be -- >> were involved. i'm going to be there. >> now, a rally with hillary clinton and tim kaine. this is the final stop in their bus tour. it's 40 minutes. ♪
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mr. kaine: hello, columbus. wow. man. we have had an intense week and we roll up here tired as could be, and you just gave us a shot of energy. mr. kaine: this is so cool. this is so cool. mr. kaine: hey, let me do a ouple thank you's. i want to thank roger peters, proud vietnam vet. i think one thing we showed this week in philadelphia is what a patriotic, upbeat, optimistic, pro-america party we are in the democratic party. mr. kaine: and you guys show us the great beauty of our country. was in philadelphia so different from that dark, twisted convention that the republicans put on the week efore? mr. kaine: i know we have the
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mayor and congressman strickland will be a fantastic senator. give them a round of pplause. mr. kaine: i really mean that, what we said about philadelphia. we felt the hospitality there was great, that the spirit of our democratic family was great, and it was such a contrast with the kind of dark, twisted vision that donald trump said is america, but really it is just a tour through his head, and folks, that is a scary place to be, a scary place to be. but we have had a great three-day bus tour. we get on the ticket, did the convention, hop on the bus tour through pennsylvania and ohio talking about job creation, talking about hillary clinton's plans and what we will do in her administration. this is the last stop on the tour, and it is great to finish strong and columbus.
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mr. kaine: i want to introduce you to my wife, who is my wife of 32 years. we are proud parents of three. she was secretary of education in virginia until last monday, after i was asked by secretary clinton to be her running mate and walked in and said, i want to campaign full-time to this ticket and she stepped out from her position, and having her on the road with me makes me a very happy warrior. she is a great public servant. and then we also have the great benefit up until the event this morning of having another travel buddy, president bill clinton. now that is pretty cool. that is pretty cool. i said yesterday that i have been in politics for 22 years, mr. mayor, city council member and mayor before i was a
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governor and senator, started at the local level. i thought i knew something about politics after 22 years, but spending about 15 minutes on a bus with bill clinton, you realize, man, there is a guy that knows some things about politics. it was really exciting for me that i could be on this our. thank you. thank you. mr. kaine: but i will also say, i am just so proud to be on this ticket. i am proud hillary clinton, out of the number of spectacular people that could have been her running mate asked, 10, would you do this with me? i am so humbled about it, excited to work with somebody hat president obama said has got to be the best qualified person to be a nominee for president of the united states in a very long time. mr. kaine: i am proud and we are having fun, but i will go one more reason i am excited
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about this. one more reason. there are a couple things about the race and our opponent and then i will introduce hillary clinton. this is a historic election. this is a historic nomination. i was standing, i was standing on the podium thursday night after hillary did her acceptance speech in the balloons started falling. my 81-year-old mother and my wife were standing there with me. my mom, kathy, put her arm on my shoulders and said, "this is the happiest moment of my life." there was a lot of reasons, a lot of reasons she was saying that, but i will to you one of the reasons, we were making history not just by nominating the best qualified major party nominee in a very long time, if ever, but we were also nominating the first woman to be president ever.
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mr. kaine: here is what i thought of. here is what i thought of. how many strong women have helped me in 22 years in politics, been campaign managers for me, campaign staffers, volunteers, member of my cabinet, supporting me so i could have a great political career. my wife supporting me so i could have a great political career just like i supported her in her public service career, but if you look at that whole arch of american history, how many strong women have stood behind strong men leaders? i think it is time for the men to stand up and support a strong woman president of this ountry, of this country. r. kaine: now --
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mr. kaine: can i be honest i just tell you the one bad thing about this week? i have to be honest. before i was on the ticket, donald trump did not have any reason to call me a name. when i got on the ticket, he had to figure out how to call me a name. the morning after i became the nominee, he did a press conference and he took a mic and he said, "tim kaine was a really lousy governor of new jersey." mr. kaine: i am a sensitive guy. i do not like criticism, so i kind of felt bad until i realized, wait, i was never governor of new jersey. i have never even lived in new jersey. look, give donald a break. he is new to this. mr. kaine: the basic civics, there are 50 states. i am sure that is in the
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briefing book, a few pages later. he is not there yet. look, we are on this tour and we having fun but it is about something really serious, about the american economy and how to grow it because hillary clinton and donald trump have very different plans. i like to make things simple, so i am going to make it simple. would you rather have a "you are fire president" or a "you re hired president?" mr. kaine: i thought so. i predict this. after donald trump loses this race and after everybody has forgotten virtually everything about his candidacy, the one thing people will remember about donald trump is two ords, "you are fired." hillary will be a "you are hired president." she will talk about what we have been talking about in learning about on the trail.
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the american economy was in a freefall at the end of the bush administration and president obama has pulled it out and we are climbing again but we have a long way to go, a long way to go because we need to grow jobs and make sure that the growth is not just for a few, but that the growth is shared by all, and so to do that, hillary has a very dynamic plan about how to grow our economy and grow it strong. it involves skills training, involves major investment in advanced manufacturing, infrastructure, debt-free college so that people can get the skills they need to be successful. mr. kaine: it involves, you know, things that should be just basic like raising the federal minimum wage so you cannot work full-time and be below the poverty level. it also means making sure that women are entitled to equal pay or equal work.
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mr. kaine: now, these are the basics of the hillary clinton, you are hired plan. guess what? she is respectful enough of ya'll -- wait, do you use that in columbus -- she is respectful enough to share the details. you go on hillary, one click of the mouse and you can see how she will do it, how she will pay for it and how you will benefit. she said this the other night at the convention and i liked this line. she said, i am going to give you the details. some people criticize the details. i do not want to know about the details, but here is what she said, as it is about your kid, your family, if it is about your business, it is not a detail, it is a big deal. it is a big deal.
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she is going to share the plan. go over to the other side of the aisle. donald trump, no plans, folks. no plans. he spoke for 75 minutes of the convention criticizing hillary clinton and made a lot of big, broad claims without any substance behind them. in effect, if you ask donald a question, he will say he is going to create jobs or we are all going to get rich or beat isis or make a wall and make mexico pay for it. then you ask how and he just says believe me. believe me. believe me. here is the problem. a lot of people have believed donald trump and have gotten stiffed, gotten burnt. hillary clinton and i both grew
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p in families where our dads ran businesses. so we're used to businesses. a whole lot of small businesses have done deals with donald trump to help him build golf courses casino, only to get stiffed after the job was done. thai did the work, they were entitled to the pay. but donald and his lawyers said we're not paying you, sue us, we'll run you into the ground. they got hurt and many of them lost their businesses because they believed donald trump. retirees in florida. hundreds of them gave trump money to build them condos and they never got the condos and they never got the money. they got burned and lost part of their savings because they believed donald trump. students. i know hey look columbus is a
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big town for students. right? big town for college. so young people like people who want to advance donald trump said give me a bunch of doug and be part of my trump university and i will guarantee you will have a path paid for success and they gave him money and they ended up with a certificate that wasn't worth the paper it was written on. they got ripped off all because they believed donald trump. and so now he's just saying i'll do all these things believe me. but we are just too great a nation to believe a guy who has ripped off virtually everybody he's come in contacted with. we cannot put a nation as great as the united states in the hands of an empty promising self-promoting one-man wrecking crew. we just can't do it, folks. we just can't do it. so i want to ask you a question
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and i hope you'll ask everybody this question and that is this. when donald trump says believe me, does anybody here i mean even come close to believing this guy? do you believe even one word of what he says? that's my attitude. not one word. not one word, folks. not one word. and that's what we've got to do on this trail, convince other that is they shouldn't be so gullible to fall for trump's no details, promises, either. look, now it is my great pleasure. we've had fun on these couple of days and i hope you will keep us in your thoughts and encouragement and prayers. it's 100 days to election day. ann and i get the virtue of just joining with like 105 days left. this has been like an 18-month
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or multiyear effort on hillary clinton's side. but it's going to be tough. it is going to be challenging. but nothing important in life is meant to be eedsy. and democrats know tough, folks and ohioans know tough. so let me introduce you to a great leader, a tough leader, a compassionate leader, and the next president of the united states, my friend hillary clinton. haws cause [cheers and applause] >> i am so happy to be here his afternoon. i am so glad to be making this journey with senator tim kaine and ann holden because they
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understand what public service is all about. they are committed to doing everything they can. and tim has starting on city council, mayer, lieutenant governor, governor and now senator to give people the best chance they can to get ahead and stay ahead. so please join me again in thanking senator tim kaine. cheers and applause] and mayer we're happy to be here in your bufmente city in columbus. and i don't know how you felt but boy i thought your congresswoman really knocked it out of the park at the onvention.
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i think it might have been on the very first night she was sitting in the box with my husband sitting right next to him and all of a sudden twitter was going crazy, who is that beautiful, well-dressed elegant woman sitting next to bill clinton? and finally somebody said that's the congresswoman from ohio. and i was so proud to have her support. now, there's somebody else with , somebody very special to us. somebody special to ohio. your former governor ted trickland. i've had the great privilege of knowing ted for decades. i've seen how hard he has worked.
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he got dealt a bad hand being governor during the republican generated great recession and doing everything he could to try to help ohioance get through that. well, now he's running to represent you in the senate. i think your other great senator shared brown deserves a partner. every time sher odd stands up and fights for you, he needs a partner to do the same and not have his vote canceled out. so do everything you can to send ted strickland to the enate in november. tim's right, we've had a great time. how many of you watched the
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convention? i was so proud to see democrats standing up and speaking about what we can do together to make sure the economy works for everyone. not just those at the top. taking on the special interests that have benefited from a system that is rigged in their favor. so when we finish those four days i was thrilled to get on that bus in philadelphia and hode out across pennsylvania and into ohio. nd along the way we stopped at factories where hard-working americans are still making things. we stopped at a factry in johnstown, pennsylvania where business and management works with the steel workers who are
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there represented by their union fighting hard to have more good jobs. they told me how they are bringing jobs back from china, how they are creating more opportunity. that is the american story that we are going to be telling during this campaign, during these last 100 days. i have specific plans about how we're going to get the economy working for everybody. we are going to make the biggest investment in new jobs since world war ii. and put millions of americans to work. and here's how we're going to do it. we're going to invest in infrastructure. our roads, our brudges, our tunnels, our ports, our airports, our water systems. but not just what you can
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physically see. we need a new electric grid to be able to take and distribute all the clean renewable energy we're going to be producing. and we need to finish the job of connecting every home and business in america to high-speed broadband internet access. i talk a lot about building our economy, getting jobs for everyone. well, it's a little heartbreaking to learn as i did when i was talking to some teachers a few days ago -- and i love teachers. and the teachers told me they had just had a national survey done and learned that 70% of the teachers in america
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assigned homework to their students that required kids to go on the internet. now, that makes sense. we're living in the information age. we want more people, particularly young people to help create that future so we have even more opportunities. but here's the problem. 5 million kids in america don't have access at home to high-speed internet. so already they're being left behind. so we've got to build america's competition, build america's opportunities. and the plans that we've laid out will do just that. i also believe we need to do more for small business. 98% of the businesses in ohio re small businesses. let's have greater access to credit. let's be sure we cut through and eliminate any of the red
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tape and the other obstacles you heard tim say his dad ran a small business. so did mine. my father ran a plant where fabrics were printed with designs for draperies. i was there helping him. but i know how hard he worked. and i am personally sickened when i hear the stories about donald trump refusing to pay plumbers and painters and marble installers and glass installers and small businesses who have done the work. i think about my dad. he worked hard. what would have happened if the customers he had after he printed those drapery fabrics made them into the draperies loaded them into his car, delivered them, helped to install them, and somebody like
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donald trump said we're not paying you. my dad would have said what do you mean? i did what i was contracted to do. but to person after person and business after business donald trump said i don't care. it's not because he couldn't pay. he wouldn't pay them. he drove businesses into bankruptcy. in addition to taking bankruptcy himself six times. my friends, that's not how we do business in america. if you do the work, you deserve the pay. and we're going to stand up and make that case against donald trump. the other thing about trump -- you've heard him. he says america first. that's great.
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doesn't it? as if we wouldn't put america first. that's sure what i believe. he says it. but then everything he makes he makes somewhere else. he makes dress shirts in china, not brooklyn, new york. he makes furniture in turkey, not cleveland, ohio. slovenia, ware in not jackson, ohio. and he goes around saying he wants to put america first and america workers first. and then just today we learned, once again, he's asked for visas to employ foreign workers at his country clubs because he says he can't find any american workers. shame on you, donald trump.
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shame on you. let's cut through all of the hype and the rhetoric and understand that we're dealing with somebody who has a history of stiffing people, making hings somewhere else besides america, and whenever possible hiring foreign workers. i don't think that adds up in any way to making american. i think it adds up to making donald trump more money. hat's what it's all about. so we're not only going to grow the economy and create more jobs for american workers. we are going to make the economy fairer. we are going to raise the minimum wage so that nobody who works full time will be in poverty.
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and you've heard it before but i'll say it again, the fastest way to raise incomes in america is to pay women equal pay for he work we do. now, this is not just a woman's issue. this is a family issue. if you've got a working mother, wife, sister, or daughter, it's your issue. and we are going to enforce the laws and finally make it absolutely clear. no more discrimination against women who work in the workplace. so i know we're up against some powerful forces. and here's what i want you to know as you talk to your friends, your neighbors about
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this election. everything i proposed -- and you can go to hillary and read all about it. i've told you how i will pay for it. how will i pay for it? i will pay for everything i've proposed by making the wealthy corporations and wall street finally pay their fair share of taxes. somebody asked me, well, why are you doing that? do you resent success? no, i don't resent success. i do resent people taking advantage of other people to try to become successful. but the reason we're going to give the wealthy to pay is that's where the money is. of have earned 90% of all
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the income gained since the recession. that's the top 1%. and i just think, like that old movie says, you've got to follow the money. and the money is with the super wealthy. now, we're also going to do more for education, starting with preschool education. we're going to support our teachers in order to give them what they need to do the job we're asking them to do. we're going to make four-year ollege affordable by making it debt free. and we're going to help those
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of you who have student debt pay it back at a lower interest .ate and a faster timetable and if you do, public service like teaching, policing, firefighting, social work, we ill forgive your debt. his seems to me also to be fair. donald trump gets to refinance and forgive his debt. well, what about the families and students of america who get to have some help with their debts? so if you vote for us, that's exactly what we're going to do next year. so there's a big agenda. and i watched what's happened
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over the last two weeks. a lot of the rhetoric that came from trump and his convention as so dark, so pessimistic, so anything toif. i know we've got problems and challenges. i'm not taking a position that we don't have work to do. in fact, i'm telling you what work we can do together. but at the end of the day, we americans are better when we roll up our sleeves, we set some goals, and we work together. because yes we are stronger ogether. and i'm very excited about what we can do. you see, i view this campaign as a giant job interview. i am here telling you what i wanted to achieve asking for
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your vote. and asking you also to hold me accountable. i want you not just to vote for me in november but help me be the best president i can be for all americans. i want to be the president for very american. and that's why today tim and i and ann are here because we are kicking off this campaign in ohio. and yes we have a lot of other issues that we are concerned about. -- some of the teach t-shirts and the signs. we will defend planned parenthood from these outrageous attacks. we will defend and improve enefits under social security.
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we will take on the gun lobby for comprehensive gun safety reforms. we will take on the real challenges that confront america, not pick fights with people, not act as though some folks are better than others. not insult and finger point. we're going to stand up for americans' rights, for womens' rights and gay rights and voting rights and workers rights. but we can't do any of this without your help. and i'm asking for it. we need you to get involved in
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the campaign. and right now if you will text go to oin, at 47246 or hillary you can find out how to get involved. and by the way, we are hiring organizers in ohio if you are interested in being part of our campaign staff. because at the end of this election i want people to have made an informed choice. i don't want folks to be misled, to listen to the rhetoric and the demagoguery. i personally think that donald rump poses a serious threat to our democracy. and it's going to be up to all us to repudiate the
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hatefulness, attacks on distinguished military leaders like general john allen who came to the democratic convention because he loves a croint that he served for more than 40 years and wanted to be clear about what he thought was best for our national security. ily of a ng the fam fallen soldier, captain kahn, an american muslim who sacrificed his life to protect his unit and other soldiers as the taxi raced towards the gates of a base containing a bomb. when his father spoke at the convention and pulled out a
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. py of the constitution it was so fitting that happened in philadelphia where our country started 240 years ago. they enshrined in our constitution the principle of religious liberty. they understood that america would be includeing and attracting people from all over the world. george washington, thomas jefferson, they addressed different religions including islam that were present in america way back at our beginning. and i want us always to stand for freedom and equality and justice and opportunity, now
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and forever. help us. go out and win an election. that will keep our democracy strong. our economy growing. and give every american a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. thank you so much.
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>> the c-span radio app makes it easy 20 continue to follow the 2016 election wherever you are. it's free to download. get audio coverage and up to the minute schedule information for c-span radio and c-span television plus podcast times for our public affairs book and history program. stay up to date on all the election coverage. you always have c-span on the go. >> at a recent conference in st. louis, a group of supporters for bernie sanders spoke about the political movement that the vermont senator created while running for president and efforts to continue that movement in local elections. you can watch tonight here on c-span. here's a preview. >> every step of the way people have underestimated me. a lot of people thought i would
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never win the primary. i won by a 19% margin. it's because i had a -- [applause] 19% outspent four to one and you won because you speak the truth. >> the issues resonated with voters. mike lee has a million dollars which actually isn't a lot for a senate race but a lot of people don't think that it's not competitive so there's no donations coming in. but i think with tension a lot of people are realizing, the bernie sanders movement the next step is we have to start supporting candidates down in the ballots. like the senator from utah has just as much power over your lives the senator from texas, florida, vermont. if we really want to change our dialogue, we need to get more progressives to get more selective throughout the country, no matter where they are from, because the more progressives you have in
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congress, the easier it is to support a progressive agenda and start fighting for the policies that bernie sanders talked about. we want to have affordable college, we want more progressives in congress and it does not matter which state. every victory you get is another vote and that is the lesson we need to learn. >> you can see the rest of that discussion from the net roots nation conference tonight on c-span. >> coming up next, q&a with author and journalist joshua , kendall. then at 7:00, washington journal is live with your calls and headlines.


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