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tv   Singapore Prime Minister Lee Uses Arrival Ceremony to Urge Passage of TPP  CSPAN  August 2, 2016 9:02pm-9:36pm EDT

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>> the headline at real capturing some of the political tone on that news conference with prime minister lee and president obama. the headline saying -- presidentite that the implored republicans do on endorse donald trump. trump meanwhile today laid out some specifics on
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policy. in this case, infrastructure. the headline in the wall street journal, donald trump proposes 500 $50 billion in new government debt. today, he promised to take on a lot more dead on behalf of the american people. mr. trump told fox business network he would spend double the amount hillary clinton has proposed to rebuild u.s. infrastructure and would finance that spending with debt. >> we will make a phenomenal interest ratesow and we will have to rebuild our infrastructure. the wallton writes street journal has promised $225 billion in infrastructure spending this year. congress is set to turn their attention to when they return. a lot of members calling on zikaess to return over the funding issue. in particular after the outbreak reported in miami this week and the cdc telling folks not to
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travel to portions of miami. here is a tweet from the republican representing the 27th district in miami and her tweet about zika virus. cdctold miami it pathetic only allocated $720,000 to fight is the gift. also from senator marco rubio running for his seat after failing at his presidential bid, his tweet later day agreeing with a number of democrats saying that doesn't excuse congress. people in both parties have played games with the zika. the schedule we know of, no word on any return of congress. we do know they will be back tuesday. live coverage of the house on c-span. we don't get much of a chance to show you baseball or any sports
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here but unless there is a member of congress involved, in this case, senator joe donnelly. involved in the senate for the fort wayne tin hats getting to set up the batters box there for this evening. >> center joe donnelly in the white in their, the fort wayne tin hats playing the lansing lug nuts in the a league and the tin hats had for three. one more thing going on this evening, a number of members tweeting about it. a national awareness on crime prevention.
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representative alone of new jersey tweeting thanks to first responders with -- house, thee singapore prime minister toasting at the white house. here is what that it looked like. seriouslyknow how people in singapore take their food. and singapore, even the street vendors earn michelin stars. which creates some pressure this evening. we have a lot to live up to. we were tempted to offer each of you a singapore sling or some chili crab. for those of you who know it's unmistakable scent, you understand why we are not serving the fruit in the white house. [laughter]
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we areis visit, celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between our nations. yet even as we mark this anniversary of our formal ties, we honor bonds that stretched back 180 years. the first american representative to singapore was a planter named joseph, whose name lives on in one of singapore's neighborhoods. wife lives on a beautiful church bell that once signaled the evening curfew which now rests in singapore's national museum. reminder that as we pursue a more peaceful and prosperous corridor, our partnership is rooted in more , by family,terests
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by friendship. and it's the leadership of a son , a trusted partner to the united states. were sworn inyou last year, you spoke of the shared purpose that animates the people of singapore. each of us giving our best united by our shared ideals, our fate in this nation, and our belief that here, we can build something special together. so as singapore prepares to , iebrate its national day propose a toast.
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to the friendship and peoples.ip between our let's continue to build something special together. onward, singapore. onward, america. cheers. >> mr. president, mrs. obama, ladies and gentlemen, i would like to thank president obama for his very kind words. i am delighted to be here and i'm touched by your warm
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welcome. we especially appreciate mrs. obama's efforts to personally oversee the splendid arrangement for the state dinner. when you address to the u.n. in 2014, you said that when nations find common ground not simply based on power but on principle, then we can make an promise progress. i'm glad to say that tonight on the fifth anniversary of our relations, our countries share much common ground and have made great progress together with shared principles and mutual respect. i remember my first meeting with in may 2007.nate you were in the midst of a hard-fought presidential campaign and not yet the front
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runner for the democratic nomination. [laughter] but i was struck by your focus and your desire to cement america's role. going up in indonesia gave your direct experience. inpresident, your leadership position to rebalance to asia as one america new friends and strengthened partnerships, including with singapore. over half a century working together on multiple issues, americans have made many enduring and close personal friendships. i'm happy to see many of singapore's old friends here tonight.
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[applause] clerks which shows what can be done even during lame duck. singapore admires america's vibrancy and capacity for self or new. these qualities attract the best and brightest from around the world. thousands study in the u.s., attracted not just by the , but the egosemic of your society. this is something singapore hopes to emulate as we seek to tap into this entrepreneurship. the national university of singapore has held colleges in
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silicon valley and new york so maketudents can in turn high-tech startups. we are also launching 50th anniversary scholarship to promote greater exchanges and understanding between our young people. at this years international mathematics olympiad, the u.s. team came in top, beating singapore. you invited students from other countries in the u.s. to trade with you, including two singaporeans who benefited from the next larger. -- from the exposure. it's what globalization means, to compete and to operate and learn.
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singapore's olympic hopefuls have come to trade with america's best athletes. we hope you will do well in rio. have taken part together in international operations in afghanistan and the middle east. alongside each other on professional courses and joint exercises. and havewas a soldier personally experienced the dedication, competence, and warmth of our hosts. i made good friends and still keep in touch after many decades. this includes my military sponsors.
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they are here tonight. [applause] >> america is a great nation not just because of your power and wealth but because of your high ideals, openness, generosity of spirit. you seek to build a world where countries can prosper together. that is why 70 years after the second world war, america is still a welcome power in asia. we hope these strengths and qualities will be emulated by engageand enable you to in our region for many more years. ofmark the 50th anniversary our relations, singapore has named an orchid hybrid in honor
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of president and mrs. obama. this is a hybrid of read committed to singapore. the presidentere was born, most of us believe. [applause] [laughter] we think it's a fitting tribute to america's specific president and a beautiful some bull of the flourishing ties between our countries. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a toast to the health and success of the president of the united states. to the president. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> this morning, president obama and first lady michelle obama welcomed prime minister lee and his wife to the white house for an official visit.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. michelle obama. ♪
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president obama: good morning, everybody. today, we welcome our friends from singapore.
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[applause] president obama: we have some singapore weather. you can appreciate that. singapore is one nation with four official languages. let me just say, good morning. [speaking foreign languages] president obama: i am honored to welcome prime minister lee and mrs. lee to the united states.


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